Invite the lecture "Practical aspects of the ELISpot assay in daily laboratory work"

Who may be interested:

Target audience: The lecture is aimed at laboratory co-workers who will carry out ELISpot tests on a routine basis, organise the lab work, or order reagents and consumables. Also scientific co-workers, pregraduate and postgraduate students involved into ELISpot at the beginning of their research will benefit from participating in the lecture.

Aim: To explain in detail all technicalities of ELISpot, what to consider when purchasing equipment and reagents, pitfalls and tricks when working with ELISpot.

Program: Principles of the ELISpot assay, an overview of technical approaches. Reagents: antibodies, enzymes, chromogens. Consumables: PVDF plates, PE plates, membrane techniques. Small and big eqipment: ELISpot scanners/readers, what else you need in your lab. Typical mistakes of a beginner. "Tricks" and problem solving. Organising work with ELISpot. Quality assurance. Occupational health and safety issues. This program can also be adjusted to your individual needs (eg. deeper elaboration on a specific problem, omitting topics that you don't need).

Duration: from 0.5 to 4 hours, according to your needs and the scope of problems to be presented.

Form: multimedia-aided presentation, activating and engaging the audience, time for questions and discussion, handouts. The schedule and duration of breaks can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Lecturer: Radoslaw Spiewak, MD PhD, who has been involved in ELISpot research since 2001 in several laboratories in Germany, Netherlands, and Poland. Experienced with various ELISpot techniques and equipment.

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