A hands-on ELISpot training in your laboratory

You may order a practical ELISpot training that will be tailored to specific needs of your laboratory and team. During the hands-on training, you and your co-workers will have the possibility of carrying out their first ELISpot assays. For best teaching results, a training group should not exceed 6 persons.

The training can be adjusted to specific needs and research plans of your lab (adjustment of methods and material used during the course). Depending on your specific need and the methods to be tought, the hands-on training can last 2 - 5 days. Laboratory exercises will be preceded with introductory lectures. A seminary and discussion will close each day of training. The participants will receive hand-outs and certificates.

Training co-ordinator: Radoslaw Spiewak, MD PhD, who has been involved in ELISpot research since 2001 in several laboratories in Germany, Netherlands, and Poland. Experienced with various ELISpot techniques and equipment.

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