ELISpot: cost-effectiveness of this solution

In a large-scale research project, typically no more than 20-30 ELISpot plates are needed to be done. Scanning and data acquisition of 20 ELISpot plates (1920 separate microcultures in 96-well plates) will cost in our Company only 1380 €. As little as 72 cents per microculture! The price of the cheapest ELISpot reader available is approx. 14,300 €. So you need to run dozens of projects (to be exact: 207 ELISpot plates = 19872 microcultures) in order to equal the price. You can clearly see that allowing us to analyse your ELISpot plates for you is a good way to rational and cost-effective management of your research budget.

The price for an a nalysis of a single 96-well PVDF plate is 69 € only! (excl. VAT). Moreover, we have discounts for long-term partners and in case of large orders.

Please note: extra charge may be added for handling broken or cut plates. We preserve the right to refuse the analysis in cases when the plate could damage the equipment.

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