Fine-tuning of ELISpot

In laboratories using already the ELISpot assay, sometimes some fine-tuning or an upgrade of the method is needed. Under new circumstances, modifications or assay protocols or even designing new protocols is necessary in order to face up new research or diagnostic demands. Sometimes, a "standard" methodology does not produce satisfactory results (poor technical quality or reproducibility of the results). In such situations, it is good to rely on our expertise. Together with your co-workers, our consultant will meticulously analyse step-by-step the procedures and protocols used in you laboratory, and will suggest necessary modifications and refinements.

Consulting supervisor: Radoslaw Spiewak, MD PhD, who has been involved in ELISpot research and development since 2001 in several laboratories in Germany, Netherlands, and Poland. Experienced with various ELISpot techniques and equipment.

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