ELISpot (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot Assay) becomes widely used in modern medical research and biotechnology. ELISpot is indispensable in up-to-date research projects in immunology, allergology, bacteriology or oncology. The mission of our company is to provide this modern and powerful technique wherever and whenever needed.

Until recently, in many laboratories the high cost of introducing ELISpot was the main obstacle. Thanks to our solutions this is not a problem anymore! Now, you can try this advanced method in your lab without spending large amounts of money for the equipment. Fast and reliably we will scan and analyse your ELISpot plates and email you back the results in the form of a datasheet. We also offer you help at analysing and interpreting the obtained results.

In the initial stage, we will help you with the selection of reagents, consumables and protocols most suitable for your needs, and provide training for your laboratory personnel. When you become convinced to the usability of ELISpot in your lab, we will provide you with solutions necessary for achieving self-suficiency, so that you will be able to further develop and modify the method according to your future needs. Please check our references!

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