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What is traveler’s diarrhea?

Traveler’s diarrhea is a common medical problem for people traveling from developed, industrialized countries to developing areas of the world.

High-risk areas for traveler’s diarrhea include developing countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Low-risk areas include the developed countries of North America, Central Europe, Australia, and Japan.

What causes traveler’s diarrhea?

Traveler’s diarrhea is usually caused by a bacterial infection. Bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), Campylobacter, Shigella, or Salmonella are the most common causes. These bacteria are in water contaminated by human or animal stools. Drinking water, water used to wash food, or irrigation water may be affected. When the traveler drinks this water or eats contaminated food, he or she is likely to get diarrhea.

Common sources of bacteria that cause diarrhea are undercooked or raw foods, contaminated food, or contaminated water (including ice cubes).

What are the symptoms of traveler’s diarrhea?

Traveler’s diarrhea can be mild to severe. Most people who develop traveler’s diarrhea experience symptoms within the first 2 weeks, and often within 2 to 3 days, of arriving in a developing area. Symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Abdominal cramps.
  • Mild to severe dehydration.
  • General lack of energy, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Fever, vomiting, and stools with blood or mucus. These symptoms mean you have serious diarrhea, which is more likely to lead to problems with dehydration. Dehydration may alter the effect of any medicines being taken, such as oral contraceptives or antimalarials.

How is traveler’s diarrhea treated?

Treatment for traveler’s diarrhea includes drinking fluids to avoid dehydration, taking nonprescription medicines, and in some cases, antibiotics and intravenous (IV) fluids.

  • Let your stomach rest. Do not eat for several hours or until you are feeling better.
  • Take frequent, small sips of bottled or boiled water or a rehydration drink and small bites of salty crackers.
  • If possible, drink a solution made with World Health Organization (WHO) oral rehydration salts. Packets of the salts are available at stores and pharmacies in most developing countries. Add one packet to boiled or treated water, making sure to read the instructions regarding the proper amounts of salts and water. Drink the solution within 12 hours if kept at room temperature, or within 24 hours if refrigerated.
  • Begin eating a simple diet of bland foods, such as crackers, rice, bread, potatoes, or bananas, which usually will help slow diarrhea. After your diarrhea is gone, you may eat a regular diet again.

Children 2 years old or younger are at high risk of dehydration from diarrhea. If your child has diarrhea:

  • Give your child a solution of WHO rehydration salts in addition to his or her regular food as long as diarrhea continues. If your baby has trouble keeping the liquids down, try giving frequent sips by spoon.
  • Continue breastfeeding normally. Bottle-fed babies should continue their usual formula.
  • Feed your child starches, cereals, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Seek medical help immediately if you or your child has bloody diarrhea, fever, or persistent vomiting, and give rehydration fluids in the meantime.

Nonprescription medicines

Nonprescription medicines may help treat diarrhea. Use nonprescription antidiarrheal medicine if you do not have other signs of illness, such as fever, abdominal cramping or discomfort, or bloody stools. If you have fever, bloody stools, or vomiting, antibiotics may be needed.

Bismuth subsalicylate, or BSS (such as Pepto-Bismol or Kaopectate), has been shown to be effective in preventing and treating traveler’s diarrhea. It is usually not recommended for treatment in children younger than age 12 years. Bismuth subsalicylates may reduce the effectiveness of medicines taken to prevent malaria, should not be used for more than 3 weeks, and should not be taken by those who can’t take aspirin. They may cause you to have a black tongue or black stools. The black color is usually not serious. Brushing your teeth and tongue after taking a BSS may keep your tongue from turning black.

If your child or teen gets chickenpox or flu, do not treat the symptoms with over-the-counter medicines that contain bismuth subsalicylate or aspirin (such as Pepto-Bismol, Kaopectate, or Alka-Seltzer). If your child has taken this kind of medicine and he or she has changes in behavior with nausea and vomiting, call your doctor. These symptoms could be an early sign of Reye syndrome, a rare but serious illness.

Nonprescription medicines to slow diarrhea, such as loperamide (for example, Imodium), may be used to treat diarrhea but should not be used to prevent traveler’s diarrhea because they can cause constipation.

If you have a high-risk medical condition such as diabetes or cancer, you take prescription medicines that cause diarrhea, or you are traveling with a child 11 years old or younger, seek advice from your doctor to determine what medicines you may want to take on your trip. Be aware that dehydration caused by diarrhea may alter the effectiveness of any medicines you are taking for other medical conditions.

Can I prevent traveler’s diarrhea?

The best way to prevent traveler’s diarrhea is to avoid food or water that may be contaminated. A good rule of thumb for food safety is, “If it’s not boiled, well-cooked, or peeled, don’t eat it.” Raw seafood and milk products usually are high-risk foods for bacterial contamination. Dry foods, such as breads, or fruits that you can peel are safe to eat.

Avoid drinking local water where you are traveling. Beverages that are usually safe to drink include:

  • Tea and coffee if made with boiled water.
  • Carbonated bottled water or soda pop.
  • Bottled beer and wine.

Water also can be filtered or treated with iodine to make it safe to drink.

Also, be aware that contaminated water may be used to wash fruits and vegetables, clean utensils and plates, and make ice cubes. Brushing your teeth with untreated water also may increase your risk of infection.

Avoid eating food from street vendors where flies can transmit bacteria and poor hygiene practices are more likely to contaminate foods. If you purchase food at an outdoor market, make sure you boil it, cook it thoroughly, or peel it before you eat it.

Good hand-washing is important in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Washing with treated water or using alcohol wipes or antibacterial gels to disinfect your hands are good ways to reduce your risk of getting an infectious disease.

Talk with your doctor about antibiotics you can carry with you on your trip and instructions on when to use them just in case you should develop diarrhea.

Other information sources

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains current information on infectious diseases around the world. Local health departments can access this information to help you determine what prevention measures—such as vaccines, antimalarial medicine, or supplies to treat water—are appropriate for the area of the world you are traveling to. The CDC website (www.cdc.gov/travel/default.aspx) also updates information for travelers.

Resources for medical care in a foreign country include embassies or consulates and major hotels. For English-speaking travelers, multinational corporations or credit card companies also may have referrals for local medical care in the foreign country.

Alka-Seltzer Original Side Effects: Common, Severe, Long Term

  1. Drugs A to Z
  2. Alka-Seltzer Original
  3. Side Effects

Generic Name: aspirin / citric acid / sodium bicarbonate

Note: This document contains side effect information about aspirin / citric acid / sodium bicarbonate. Some of the dosage forms listed on this page may not apply to the brand name Alka-Seltzer Original.

Applies to aspirin / citric acid / sodium bicarbonate: oral tablet, oral tablet effervescent

Side effects requiring immediate medical attention

Along with its needed effects, aspirin / citric acid / sodium bicarbonate may cause some unwanted effects. Although the following side effects occur very rarely when 1 or 2 doses of this combination medicine is taken occasionally, they may be more likely to occur if: too much medicine is taken, the medicine is taken several times a day, or the medicine is taken for more than a few days in a row.

Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking aspirin / citric acid / sodium bicarbonate:

Signs of overdose in children

  • Changes in behavior
  • drowsiness or tiredness (severe)
  • fast or deep breathing
  • Any loss of hearing
  • bloody urine
  • confusion
  • convulsions (seizures)
  • diarrhea (severe or continuing)
  • difficulty in swallowing
  • dizziness, lightheadedness, or feeling faint (severe)
  • drowsiness (severe)
  • excitement or nervousness (severe)
  • fast or deep breathing
  • flushing, redness, or other change in skin color
  • hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there)
  • nausea or vomiting (severe or continuing)
  • shortness of breath, troubled breathing, tightness in chest, or wheezing
  • stomach pain (severe or continuing)
  • swelling of eyelids, face, or lips
  • unexplained fever
  • uncontrollable flapping movements of the hands (especially in elderly patients)
  • vision problems

Check with your doctor as soon as possible if any of the following side effects occur while taking aspirin / citric acid / sodium bicarbonate:

Less common or rare

  • Bloody or black, tarry stools
  • frequent urge to urinate
  • headache (severe or continuing)
  • increased blood pressure
  • loss of appetite (continuing)
  • mood or mental changes
  • muscle pain or twitching
  • ringing or buzzing in ears (continuing)
  • skin rash, hives, or itching
  • slow breathing
  • swelling of face, fingers, ankles, feet, or lower legs
  • unpleasant taste
  • unusual tiredness or weakness
  • vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds
  • weight gain (unusual)

Side effects not requiring immediate medical attention

Some side effects of aspirin / citric acid / sodium bicarbonate may occur that usually do not need medical attention. These side effects may go away during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine. Also, your health care professional may be able to tell you about ways to prevent or reduce some of these side effects.

Check with your health care professional if any of the following side effects continue or are bothersome or if you have any questions about them:

  • Heartburn or indigestion
  • increased thirst
  • nausea or vomiting
  • stomach pain (mild)

More about Alka-Seltzer Original (aspirin / citric acid / sodium bicarbonate)

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Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

Some side effects may not be reported. You may report them to the FDA.

Medical Disclaimer

Alka-seltzer original

What is Alka-Seltzer original used for?

  • Relieving mild to moderate pain including rheumatic and muscular pain, sprains and strains, backache, nerve pain (neuralgia), migraine, headache, toothache, sore throat, period pain.
  • Lowering a high temperature (fever).
  • Relieving symptoms of colds and flu.

    How does Alka-Seltzer original work?

    Alka-Seltzer original effervescent tablets contain three active ingredients, aspirin, sodium hydrogen carbonate and citric acid.

    Aspirin belongs to a group of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It works by blocking the action of an enzyme in the body called cyclo-oxygenase (COX).

    COX is involved in making substances in the body known as prostaglandins, in response to injury and in certain conditions. The prostaglandins cause pain, swelling and inflammation. Aspirin reduces inflammation and pain by reducing the production of these prostaglandins.

    Aspirin brings down a fever by reducing the production of prostaglandins in the brain. Fever is associated with an increase in prostaglandins in the brain, which cause the body temperature to increase.

    The sodium hydrogen carbonate and citric acid react with water to make a fizzy solution that is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

    How do I take Alka-Seltzer original?

    • Alka-Seltzer tablets should be dissolved in a glass of water before taking.
    • Adults aged 16 years and over should take two tablets every four to six hours as needed. Do not take more than eight tablets in 24 hours.
    • If symptoms persist despite treatment, get medical advice from your doctor or pharmacist.
    • Do not use Alka-Seltzer for more than three days except on medical advice.

      Who shouldn’t take Alka-Seltzer original?

      • Children and adolescents under 16 years of age, unless on the advice of a doctor.
      • People allergic to any ingredient of the medicine (always check the packet for the inactive ingredients of the medicine if you know you have specific allergies).
      • People who have ever had an allergic reaction after taking ibuprofen or other NSAIDs such as diclofenac (for example an asthma attack, itchy rash, nasal inflammation (rhinitis) or swelling of the lips, tongue and throat).
      • People with an active peptic ulcer, perforation (hole) or bleeding in the gut, or a history of these problems.
      • People with blood clotting disorders such as haemophilia.
      • Women who are breastfeeding.
      • Women in the third trimester of pregnancy.
      • People taking 15mg or more of methotrexate weekly.

        Who should get medical advice before taking Alka-Seltzer original?

        • People who suffer from asthma.
        • People with a history of disorders affecting the stomach or intestines.
        • People with kidney or liver problems.
        • People with heart disease or high blood pressure.
        • People taking anticoagulant or ‘blood thinning’ medicines.
        • People who are just about to have or have recently had surgery.
        • People who suffer from gout.
        • People on a sodium-restricted diet.
        • People with an enzyme deficiency called G6PD deficiency.

          Can I take Alka-Seltzer original while pregnant or breastfeeding?

          • Alka-Seltzer original should not be taken by women in the third trimester of pregnancy. If aspirin is used in the third trimester it may delay labour, increase the length of labour, increase the risk of bleeding in the mother and baby and cause complications in the newborn baby. Get medical advice from your doctor before taking Alka-Seltzer during any other stage of pregnancy.
          • Alka-Seltzer original should not be taken by breastfeeding mothers because aspirin passes into breast milk and may be harmful to the nursing infant. Ask your pharmacist for advice on what medicines you can take if you’re breastfeeding.

            What are the possible side effects of Alka-Seltzer original?

            Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways. The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with Alka-Seltzer. Just because a side effect is stated here doesn’t mean that all people using this medicine will experience that or any side effect.

            • Disturbances of the gut such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or abdominal pain. This can be helped by taking Alka-Seltzer with or after food.
            • Ulceration or bleeding in the stomach or intestine. Stop taking Alka-Seltzer and consult your doctor immediately if you get any sign of bleeding from your stomach or bowels while taking it, for example vomiting blood and/or passing black/tarry/bloodstained stools.
            • Changes in liver function.
            • Increased time taken to stop bleeding.
            • Allergic reactions such as skin rashes, swelling of the lips, tongue and throat (angioedema) or narrowing of the airways (bronchospasm). Get immediate medical advice if you think you’ve had an allergic reaction to Alka-Seltzer.

              Read the leaflet provided with Alka-Seltzer or consult your doctor or pharmacist if you want any more information about possible side effects. If you think you have experienced a side effect, did you know you can report this using the yellow card website?

              Can I take Alka-Seltzer original with other medicines?

              If you’re already taking any medicines it’s best to check with your pharmacist before taking Alka-Seltzer as well, to make sure that the combination is safe.

              Don’t take Alka-Seltzer with anti-inflammatory painkillers (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, diclofenac or naproxen, because this increases the chance of getting side effects on the gut. People taking selective inhibitors of COX-2 such as celecoxib or etoricoxib should avoid taking Alka-Seltzer for the same reason.

              It’s fine to take Alka-Seltzer with paracetamol. You can also take it alongside opioid-type painkillers such as codeine, co-codamol, tramadol or morphine.

              You’re more at risk of ulceration or bleeding in your gut if you take Alka-Seltzer with corticosteroids such as prednisolone. There may also be an increased risk of bleeding in the gut if you take Alka-Seltzer with other medicines that can increase the risk of bleeding, such as those below. If you’re taking one of these you shouldn’t take Alka-Seltzer unless you’ve checked with your pharmacist first:

              • anti-blood-clotting (anticoagulant) medicines such as warfarin, dabigatran, apixaban, edoxaban, rivaroxaban, heparin and low molecular weight heparins such as enoxaparin
              • antiplatelet medicines to reduce the risk of blood clots or ‘thin the blood’, eg dipyridamole, clopidogrel, prasugrel, low-dose aspirin
              • erlotinib
              • ginko biloba (a herbal remedy)
              • iloprost
              • SSRI antidepressants, eg fluoxetine, paroxetine, citalopram
              • venlafaxine.

                Don’t take Alka-Seltzer if you’re taking the medicine methotrexate, because aspirin can reduce the removal of methotrexate from the body and increase its side effects. The two should not usually be used together, unless on the advice of a doctor.

                There may be an increased risk of side effects if aspirin is taken with acetazolamide.

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                When should you take Alka Seltzer?

                AlkaSeltzer tablets should be dissolved in a glass of water before taking. Adults aged 16 years and over should take two tablets every four to six hours as needed. Do not take more than eight tablets in 24 hours. If symptoms persist despite treatment, get medical advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

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                Then, can you take Alka Seltzer on an empty stomach?

                Types of antacids Sodium bicarbonate antacids, including AlkaSeltzer and Bromo Seltzer, contain baking soda. Always take your antacid with food. This allows you up to three hours of relief. When ingested on an empty stomach, an antacid leaves your stomach too quickly and can only neutralize acid for 30 to 60 minutes.

                Subsequently, question is, what is Alka Seltzer What is it used for? AlkaSeltzer. AlkaSeltzer is marketed for relief of minor aches, pains, inflammation, fever, headache, heartburn, stomachache, indigestion, acid reflux and hangovers, while neutralizing excess stomach acid. It was launched in 1931. Its sister product, AlkaSeltzer Plus, treats cold and flu symptoms.

                Also asked, should I take Alka Seltzer before or after eating?

                Use AlkaSeltzer (aspirin, citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate) as ordered by your doctor. Read all information given to you. Follow all instructions closely. Take with or without food.

                How does Alka Seltzer help an upset stomach?

                When you get heartburn, acid indigestion or upset stomach with pain, turn to AlkaSeltzer Extra Strength for fast relief. AlkaSeltzer Extra Strength gently breaks up and dissolves away your stomach symptoms and pain fast so you can get back to what’s important to you. It’s the most powerful AlkaSeltzer you can get.

                Home Remedies to Help Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

                The holidays are right around the corner and we know we all tend to overeat. We also know some remedies to treat an upset stomach: you might eat some crackers, drink a clear carbonated beverage, or even grab an Alka Seltzer to help settle your stomach. But what can you give your four-legged best friend when they’re not feeling their best?

                Here are some home remedies to help treat your dog’s upset stomach.


                It’s very important to keep your dog hydrated, especially if they’ve been vomiting or have diarrhea. Obviously, water is essential, but like humans, dogs need electrolytes and vitamins to retain fluids. Pedialyte in either liquid or powder form will help with hydration.


                Pumpkin is high in fiber, which helps regulate the dog’s digestive system. Cooked, peeled, unsalted, and unseasoned pumpkin is full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Make sure you give your pup plain unseasoned pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling, which is high in sugar and low in natural pumpkin.

                Greek Yogurt

                Plain unflavored Greek yogurt is full of probiotics which aids in your dog’s digestion. Greek yogurt is higher in protein and has less sugar than other yogurts. Don’t feed your dog yogurt that has artificial sweeteners in it, as some can be harmful to them, or yogurts with sugary fruits and toppings, as that can upset their stomach more.

                Bone Broth

                Bone broth is great for dogs even if they’re not sick. Simmer meat (on the bone) with a splash of apple cider vinegar and water to cover all the bones in a pot. Once it’s cooled you can freeze it and have it readily on hand to add to your dog’s kibble or as a food substitute when they can’t keep solids down.

                Bland Diet

                A bland diet of boiled chicken and white rice is the diet most vets recommend for an upset stomach. Chicken is easy to digest and is a good source of protein, essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Rice is easy on the stomach and a good source of fiber.

                While these home remedies can help your dog feel better, they in no way should be a substitute for veterinarian care. There are many reasons your dog could be sick, and only your vet can pinpoint the probable cause and recommend a proper course of treatment.


                3 Tips to Keep Your Boxer Safe During Pumpkin Spice Season and Halloween

                Self-Care for Digestive Health

                and been feeling as though she wants to regurgitate. She says this happens 1 or 2 times a month, typically 30 to 60 minutes after she eats, and that her symptoms are bothersome but do not interfere with her daily activities. Upon questioning, she says that she is on medications for diabetes and heart disease. She is taking aspirin 81 mg/day, metformin 1000 mg twice a day, and lisinopril 10 mg/day. What recommendations do you have for DR?

                A: DR seems to have mild, infrequent heartburn; she can use an antacid product when she experiences symptoms. Because she is taking aspirin, however, she should read the antacid product label to ensure that it does not contain aspirin. Many OTC aspirin-containing antacid products are available and marketed under various trade names, including Alka-Seltzer Original, Bromo Seltzer, Medique Medi Seltzer, Picot Plus Effervescent, Vida Mia Pain Relief, WinCo Foods Effervescent Antacid and Pain Relief, and Zee-Seltzer Antacid and Pain Reliever. They also are available in generic formulations.

                In 2016, the FDA warned consumers about the risk of serious bleeding when using nonprescription aspirin-containing antacid products. The patients at highest risk are older than 60, have a history of bleeding or ulcers, consume at least 3 alcoholic beverages every day, and are taking medications that increase the risk of bleeding.1 Because DR has 2 of these risk factors—age and medication that can cause bleeding—she should be encouraged to avoid these combination products. Therefore, she can take a regular antacid or histamine2-receptor antagonist to treat her heartburn. In addition, it is important to remind her to ask her pharmacist or health care provider if she is unsure whether her OTC medication contains aspirin.

                CASE 2 DIARRHEA

                Q: LM is a 4-month-old baby whose father comes to the pharmacy looking for something with which to treat LM’s diarrhea. He says that LM has not been feeling well for the past

                48 hours. His older sister, DM, who is 6, had the stomach flu 2 weeks ago and infected the whole family. LM’s father says that the pediatrician recommended electrolyte replacement fluid for DM. He wants to confirm that LM could use the same electrolyte replacement fluid. What recommendations do you have for LM’s father?

                A: In most cases, diarrhea can be treated at home with electrolyte replacement fluid as long as the child does not present with a fever above 102.2°F. Because LM is still younger than 6 months, he has a risk of high fluid output or mental status changes resulting from dehydration. LM, therefore, should be referred to the pediatrician to be evaluated for dehydration. The pediatrician may recommend the electrolyte replacement fluid. LM’s father should be educated regarding the signs of severe dehydration, which are no urine output in 8 hours, no tears produced when crying, and any changes in behavior.2

                CASE 3 TRAVELERS’ DIARRHEA

                Q: GR is a 38-year-old woman who comes to the pharmacy looking for something with which to prevent travelers’ diarrhea. She will be visiting her home country and reports that she has contracted travelers’ diarrhea from eating “street food” on previous visits. She has heard that taking probiotics could help prevent diarrhea. She has no other medical conditions. What recommendations do you have for her?

                A: Preventing travelers’ diarrhea can be challenging because of the risk of coming in contact with contaminated food and water. GR should be counseled to avoid food and

                water that may be contaminated, especially street food. In 2016, the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) published recommendations for the treatment and prevention of

                acute diarrhea.3 Bismuth subsalicylates (BSSs) have been shown to reduce the frequency of travelers’ diarrhea, with 60% protection at a dosage of 2.1 g/day. The ACG recommended dosage is 2 tablets 4 times per day at mealtimes and bedtime. GR should first be evaluated for contraindications, such as salicylate allergies, age, or current use of another salicylate product. With regard to her question about probiotics, they are not recommended to prevent travelers’ diarrhea. If she cannot tolerate BSSs, antibiotic chemoprophylaxis can be considered for short-term use.3 GR also should review her immunization records with her pharmacist or health care professional to ensure that she is vaccinated appropriately before her trip.

                CASE 4 ASPIRIN OVERDOSE

                Q: LG is a 3-year-old girl whose mother calls the pharmacy in a panic. She says that when she picked up her daughter from her grandmother’s house, she found an open aspirin bottle; the bottle contained regular-strength aspirin. The grandmother claims that the child had been playing where the bottle was found for the previous 30 minutes; therefore, the ingestion occurred no more than 1 hour ago. LG has not vomited and has no other symptoms. Her mother says that she has ipecac syrup at home and wants to know whether she should give it to LG or go to the emergency department. What do you recommend for LG?

                A: LG’s mother should call the poison control center immediately (800-222-1222) to determine whether self-treatment should be initiated. Self-treatment should be considered in patients in whom the ingestion of medication is accidental and the potential for toxicity is minor. If LG has exhibited any life-threatening symptoms, such as coma, convulsions, or syncope, her mother should first call 9-1-1 before the poison control center. Self-treatment should not be considered in patients who are experiencing central nervous system depression, convulsions, and poor or absent gag reflex; who are debilitated or of advanced age; in whom suicide or homicide is suspected; and in whom child, elder, or substance abuse is suspected. LG’s mother also should be educated that ipecac syrup is no longer recommended for the treatment of overdoses. The only other available option is activated charcoal.4 The poison control center can inform LG’s mother as to whether it is an appropriate option for LG.

                Dr. Mansukhani is a clinical associate professor at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University, and a transitions-of-care clinical pharmacist at Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, New Jersey.Dr. Bridgeman is a clinical associate professor at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University, and an internal medicine clinical pharmacist at Robert Wood JohnsonUniversity Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


                • FDA. FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA warns about serious bleeding risk with over-the-counter antacid products containing aspirin. www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/ucm504328.htm. Published June 6, 2016. Updated June 17, 2016. Accessed June 2, 2017.
                • Diarrhea. In: Krinsky DL, Ferreri SP, Hemstreet B, et al, eds. Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs: An Interactive Approach to Self-Care. 18th ed. Washington, DC: American Pharmacists Association; 2015.
                • Riddle MS, DuPont HL, Connor BA. ACG clinical guideline: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of acute diarrheal infections in adults. Am J Gastroenterol. 2016;111(5):602-622. doi: 10.1038/ajg.2016.126.
                • Poisoning. In: Krinsky DL, Ferreri SP, Hemstreet B, et al, eds. Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs: An Interactive Approach to Self-Care. 18th ed. Washington, DC: American Pharmacists Association; 2015.

                Alka-Seltzer Hangover Cure | Hangover Hospital Keywest

                The holidays come with drinking, and with drinking comes slow mornings. Although virtually everyone has a theory for what is the perfect remedy for a hangover, few actually have scientific backing. The Alka-Seltzer hangover cure is one of the oldest and most effective hangover remedies. In this post, we delve deeper into its functions and benefits.

                What Causes Hangovers?

                A hangover can crop from a combination of many factors. The causes could range from inflammation or dehydration to a reaction to a toxic alcohol ingredient. Regardless of the causal factor, all hangovers are characterized by any or all of the following symptoms:

                •   Headaches.
                •   Vomiting.
                •   Diarrhea.
                •   Nausea.
                •   Muscle weakness.
                •   Fatigue.
                •   Brain fog.
                •   Loss of appetite.
                •   Gastrointestinal problems.

                These symptoms can persist for more than 24 hours after the alcohol levels in your bloodstream drop back to zero. They can be frustrating and debilitating enough to keep you in bed all day.

                What Is Alka-Seltzer?

                Alka-Seltzer has been used to cure hangovers since as early as 2011. It is a fizzy medicine produced by the same company that gave us the Morning Relief formulation. The main ingredient of Alka-Seltzer is sodium bicarbonate, also called baking soda. It neutralizes stomach acid to settle a queasy stomach.

                The elixir also contains aspirin, which targets inflammation and prevents muscle pain, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

                How Does Alka-Seltzer Cure a Hangover?

                The most effective way to cure a hangover is to avoid it. If abstaining is out of the question, then a glass of Alka-Seltzer solution is the next best thing. The elixir is famous for its antacid properties. It works by reducing stomach acids and, in turn, eliminating nausea, vomiting, and heartburn.

                What’s more, it is very easy on the stomach and protects the lining from acid attacks. The aspirin ingredient in the Alka-Seltzer hangover cure should also help alleviate any muscle pains.

                However, Alka-Seltzer doesn’t address all hangover symptoms. You may wish to pair the elixir with some Advil and a lot of water, preferably coconut water.

                With this combo, you should be up and about as soon as you wake up with no trace of a hangover.

                How to Use Alka-Seltzer

                The Alka-Seltzer hangover cure is widely available in most convenient stores at an affordable price. It is also effortless to use. To make the elixir, you need two tablets, a glass, and coconut or plain water. You dissolve the pills in the glass and drink away once they dissolve.

                The elixir doesn’t have an overwhelming smell and tastes like fizzy water. Enthusiasts advise that you take Alka-Seltzer with a lot of water immediately after you stop drinking and before you go to bed.

                You can also take it with coconut water for the extra electrolytes.

                Side Effects

                On the downside, the Alka-Seltzer hangover cure contains citric acid, which may irritate some people’s stomach linings. Effects may vary from individual to individual. Nonetheless, it is a perfectly safe medicine with no major side effects.

                Hangover Relief

                Don’t let your hangover ruin your day. If you’re not sure of how to use your Alka-Seltzer hangover cure or would prefer a different option, call the Hangover Hospital in Key West. We will get rid of your hangover within the hour. Don’t worry. We will come to you. 

                CALL NOW: 305.912.4911.

                90,000 what to do if you get sick on vacation

                Even novice travelers know that they need to take a first-aid kit with them on a trip, but anything happens. Gathering in a hurry, you can forget it, and the luggage, unfortunately, can be lost. And here you are in a foreign country without a minimum set of medicines. Sucks.

                Will all passenger-and-freight flights be canceled now?

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                EURO 2020: how to get to Europe for football?

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                Now for sure: Phuket will open in July

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                What do we know about air traffic between Belarus and Europe

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                Most often, when traveling, we suffer from a variety of colds, indigestion and headaches. We tell you what to buy from these ailments in pharmacies in Europe, USA, Turkey and others.

                What medicines to buy in Europe

                On the forums they write that all medicines in Europe are sold by prescription and if you get sick, then the only method of treatment is drinking plenty of fluids and bed rest. This is not true. In European pharmacies, you will not be able to buy antibiotics or strong drugs without a prescription, the rest of the usual drugs are freely available.

                Antiviral or immunomodulating agents (such as our famous Kagocel) cannot be found in European pharmacies.Treatment will be targeted – from temperature, headache, runny nose, etc. Although something enlivening, like the usual “Teraflu”, it is quite possible to find.

                • For headaches, ask your pharmacist for Aspirin Complex. It is a powerful, versatile remedy that will help bring down the temperature.
                • For fever and inflammation, also buy Aspirin Complex and combine it with a generous warm drink.
                • Legendary Sinupret of the European company “Bioronica” is suitable for a cold.In most European countries, you can find the familiar “Snoop” (SNUP).
                • For sore throat, ask for sage or Strepsils lozenges. And also drink tea with ginger, it is in every supermarket.
                • For indigestion buy a familiar and effective Immodium. Fortunately, it is sold in every European city.

                Medicines in the USA: what to buy for colds

                Pharmaceutical companies produce a huge amount of cold remedies for residents and visitors to the United States.And the beauty of these drugs is that they are combined. Unlike Europe, having caught a cold in the USA, it will be enough to buy a bottle of medicine, take the drug in accordance with the instructions, and the freshness of the cucumber will not keep you waiting too long.

                • Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu (it is better to take Day & Night) – they drink them every 4 hours, 2 capsules, but somehow manage not to drink more than 10 capsules in 24 hours.
                • Vicks Dayquil & Nyquil also works well for colds.
                • Also in America you can buy the usual Teraflu. Be sure to pay attention to the packaging: if it says nightime, then the drug causes drowsiness.

                By the way, in the USA the coupon-sticker system is better developed than that of Pyaterochka, so look for discount coupons – perhaps there will be an attractive offer for your case.

                Medicines in India

                In India, dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies are very common. When entering a pharmacy or a store, you can see a huge number of white jars with green caps.These are dietary supplements produced by Himalaya Herbals.

                If you are positive about this kind of treatment, then read the composition, it is usually presented in Russian, buy and get well.

                If you are a supporter of a more traditional treatment, then Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Aspirin will save you from colds in India. For an upset stomach, ask your pharmacist for Loperamide, Intestopan or Diarex.

                Turkey: drug analogues

                • Activated carbon – Eucarbon
                • Analogue “TeraFlu” – Tylolhot
                • Analogue “No-Shpa” (No-shpa) – Buskopan
                • For eye allergies and conjunctivitis – Dexa-sine and Visine drops
                • Strong pain reliever – Advil, Nurofen
                • Migraine – Avmigran Film Tablet
                • Wound healing – Fitokrem
                • Analogue “D-panthenol” – Bepanthen
                • Throat Antiseptics – Tantum Verde
                • Against influenza – Deflu
                • Sore throat lozenges – Strepsils
                • Diarrhea – Reflor
                • Allergy – Rynset, Cetrin

                Analogs of popular medicines that can be bought abroad

                Below is a list of active ingredients, their scope, as well as the commercial names of drugs that contain this ingredient.

                • Acetylsalicylic acid / Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory – Aspirin, Upsarin, Aspro, Disprin, Carpin, Revo, Colsprin, Algo, Empirin, Salospir.
                • Ibuprofen / Pain Relief, Antipyretic – Ibuprofen, Cuprofen, Repozal, Nurofen, Advil, Moment, Emflam.
                • Paracetamol / Analgesic, antipyretic – Acetominofen (USA), Panadol, Efferalgan, Calpol, Disprol, Neofepramol, Tylol.
                • Clemastine / Allergy – Tavegil, Antihist-1, Aller-eze.
                • Loratadine / Allergy – Clarityne, Lorfast, Allergy, Mosedon.
                • Antacids / Heartburn – Andrews, Rennie, Disodol, Maalox, Gastribien, Aludrox, Magnesia, Alu-cap, Acigon.
                • Loperamide / For diarrhea – Imodium, Lopidum, Lopamide, Lopamine, Diarlop, Normaloe.
                • Meclosine / For motion sickness – Agyrax, Sea-legs, Dramine, Antivert, Novidoxine.

                Now you are armed for any occasion. But we still advise you to take everything you need with you. Or not get sick at all.

                Trilac Plus Forte, Trilac Plus Forte, drops, 5 ml – Farmacia-world.com

                Food for special medical purposes.

                For children over 1 month old, children and adults.

                Trilac Plus Forte contains live lactic acid bacteria. It is used for the dietary treatment of gastrointestinal disorders during and after antibiotic therapy to restore normal intestinal flora. Also to support the occurrence of infectious diarrhea, traveler’s diarrhea and to support digestion by supplementing and stabilizing the intestinal flora.


                A mixture of a lyophilized strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (SP1) 50% CFU *, Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA3) 23% CFU *, Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. Lactis (BLC1) 24% CFU *, Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. Oil 3%, Bulgaricus SP96) MCT, emulsifier: fatty acids, stabilizer: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids esterified with citric acid.

                Nutritional value 100 ml 5 drops

                Energy value (kJ / kcal) 3256 kJ / 777 kcal 8 kJ / 2 kcal


                of which saturated fatty acids

                88 g

                40 g

                0.2 g

                0.1 g

                Lactobacillus rhamnosus (SP1) 1000 billion CFU * 2.5 billion CFU *

                Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA3) 465 billion CFU * 1.2 billion CFU *

                Bifidobacterium animalis ssp.Lactis (BLC1) 475 billion CFU * 1.2 billion CFU *

                Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. Bulgaricus (SP96) 60 billion CFU * 0.15 billion CFU *

                It contains negligible amounts of carbohydrates (including sugars), protein and salts.

                * CFU – colony forming unit.

                Net weight

                5 ml


                Trilac Forte Plus is a dietary food for special medical purposes that contains lactic acid bacteria. It is a product that helps to replenish the normal bacterial flora in the case of antibiotic treatment, diarrhea and intestinal flora.


                Trilac Plus Forte is for dietary management:

                gastrointestinal disorders during and after antibiotic therapy to restore physiological intestinal flora

                in the treatment of infectious diarrhea also of viral origin,

                support the proper functioning of the intestines and support (improve) the digestive process in the digestive tract,

                when the so-called traveler’s diarrhea or prophylactically prevent its occurrence through the beneficial effects and stabilization of the natural intestinal flora.


                Infants, children and adults: 5 drops daily.

                Shake well before use.

                You can consume directly or add drops to a small amount of warm liquid (boiled water, milk or yogurt) and then give it to drink.

                During antibiotic therapy, take at least 2 hours before or after taking the antibiotic.

                Contraindications and precautions

                Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

                Use under medical supervision.

                Do not exceed the recommended portion for consumption during the day.

                The product is not intended for parenteral use.

                It cannot be used as the only food source.

                Maintaining proper health requires a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

                Store at temperatures below 25 o C.

                Keep away from light.

                Keep out of reach of children.

                After first opening, the product should be used within 30 days.

                90,000 Hangover guide: how to prevent, how to treat and what to do if already

                “Afisha Daily” collected all the available knowledge about the consequences of alcohol intake, presented it in an accessible form and added the comments of a narcologist.

                Why does alcohol cause a hangover?

                There is no definite answer – there are several popular theories

                First theory

                The main intrigue is that hangover symptoms appear after alcohol and its metabolites are excreted from the body.The most popular version is based on the breakdown of ethanol in the liver. It cannot cope with the complete conversion of acetaldehyde into acetic acid, which is why it accumulates in the body. Acetaldehyde itself – a product of alcohol processing in the liver and the main enemy of an alcoholic – is 30 times more toxic than alcohol, so in the morning we feel nausea and headache. By the way, some people have a reduced ability to break down acetaldehyde – they suffer from congenital alcohol intolerance. From drinking, their skin turns red and their temperature rises.

                Second theory

                Another popular theory is the theory of congeners – compounds found in different types of alcohol that are formed during fermentation. In 2010, a group of scientists led by Professor Damaris Rosenow proved that dark drinks (bourbon, whiskey, cognac) contain more congeners than light ones (vodka, gin, white rum), and, accordingly, increase the severity of hangovers.

                Third theory

                The third theory gives the main role in the occurrence and treatment of a hangover to the immune system. In 2003, Korean scientist Dai Jin Kim and his colleagues discovered increased levels of cytokines – a group of proteins and peptides that are secreted by the immune system when it resists infections – in patients with a hangover. The appearance of headache and nausea as the most striking symptoms of a hangover is associated precisely with an increased content of cytokines. We can say that, to a certain extent, the body perceives alcohol intoxication as an infection.

                Dmitry Movchan

                Deputy Chief Physician of the Marshak Clinic, psychiatrist-narcologist

                “In general, the word” hangover “is synonymous with” withdrawal symptoms “(withdrawal syndrome) and applies only to people suffering from alcoholism. What an ordinary healthy person experiences the next morning after a feast is post-intoxication syndrome, that is, a syndrome caused by poisoning.Alcohol is inherently a neurotropic and protoplasmic poison (kills all types of cells in the body by dissolving their fatty base). If more alcohol gets into the body than it is able to quickly remove, splitting it to water and carbon dioxide, then intoxication occurs with the corresponding symptoms: headache, nausea and vomiting, weakness, fever. ”

                How does a hangover work?

                The reasons are difficult to explain, it is easier to interpret the symptoms


                © DRB Images, LLC / Gettyimages. ru

                Alcohol suppresses the production of vasopressin, a fluid-retention hormone (many people with urinary incontinence have problems with it), and it is dehydration that explains severe headaches. Due to the lack of moisture in the body, blood pressure rises, which leads to a decrease in blood flow to the brain. At the same time, the brain is slightly compressed – hence the splitting of the head.

                Movchan: “There are quite a few factors causing headaches in the morning.But the main one, in my opinion, is the pathological redistribution of fluid in the body. At the time of consumption, alcohol causes frequent urination, as the body tries to quickly remove the products of its decay. This leads to dehydration, which is accompanied by the loss of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. In addition, part of the fluid from the bloodstream passes into the tissues, causing edema, including edema of the brain tissue, which disrupts normal blood circulation, reduces oxygen access and, finally, causes headaches.


                © Rouzes / Gettyimages.ru

                Alcohol irritates the gastric mucosa, which leads to an increase in the production of gastric juice, as well as activation of the intestines and pancreas. It makes you sick, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Despite the popular belief that vomiting can relieve hangover symptoms, this is not the case: alcohol has already entered the bloodstream, so it will not be possible to remove it using two fingers.

                Movchan: “Nausea and vomiting while drinking alcohol is a natural defense reaction of the body to intoxication. Alcoholics, for example, lack this regulatory mechanism. But, unfortunately, vomiting will ease the condition only at the peak of intoxication – in the morning it is only a painful consequence of the effect of alcohol on the cells of the stomach, intestines and pancreas. ”

                Moral and physical exhaustion

                © PASIEKA / Gettyimages. ru

                Let’s move on to hangover existentialism. Once in the body, alcohol slows down the production of a natural stimulant – glutamine (which is also loved by bodybuilders). When you stop drinking, its production increases dramatically – this interferes with healthy, sound sleep. It turns out that in a hangover, we feel overwhelmed and tired, but we cannot really relax. In addition, alcohol can lower blood sugar levels, causing sweating, fatigue and mood swings.

                Movchan: “In addition to glutamine, the body also contains serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and gamma-aminobutyric acid, which are known to most by the definition of“ endorphins ”. These are hormones of happiness and pleasure. When we drink alcohol, our body releases an incredible amount of these neurotransmitters into the bloodstream, due to which we feel intoxication – euphoria, elevated mood, inclination to take risks, desire to move. When their supply is depleted, in the morning a person simply suffers from a lack of them – he feels apathy, fatigue, irritability.

                Why don’t some people have a hangover?

                Corporate events help identify these rare people

                Sally Adams from the University of Bath conducted a study on identical and non-identical twins to identify genes responsible for congenital alcohol intolerance. The identical set of genes completely coincide, while the non-identical only half. As a result, it turned out that the reaction to alcohol is due to a specific environment, not genes.

                Nevertheless, the general opinion that the natives of Asia are worse at processing alcohol is explained precisely by genes.Their body processes alcohol too quickly. A variant of the gene responsible for the breakdown of alcohol, which the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese possess, is able to convert alcohol into acetaldehyde much more efficiently, which is why a lot of toxic substances are suddenly found in the body. And it is contained in it longer – therefore the hangover is harder.

                As for the characters who, after drinking, look fresh and cheerfully hold business meetings, they most likely have a slow metabolism. By the way, it is the metabolic rate that can explain the fact that athletes get drunk faster.

                Movchan: “The entire population of the earth can be conditionally divided into 2 types – people with European and Asian types of metabolism. The main difference is in the principles of the enzyme system responsible for the breakdown of alcohol. In people with the European type, the work of alcohol dehydrogenase is poorly expressed – alcohol later becomes toxic acetaldehyde, but acetaldehyde dehydrogenase is actively working, which quickly “neutralizes” it.In people with the Asian type, the opposite is true – ethanol quickly becomes poisonous acetaldehyde and does not oxidize to water and carbon dioxide for a long time. But all this is very individual: a European can have an Asian type of alcohol metabolism. ”

                Can a hangover be prevented?

                Quick answer: no. Now long

                Method 1. Bread

                Before eating, eat some bread – it will work like a sponge, absorbing alcohol.This will not save you from getting alcohol into the blood, but it can slow down the reaction rate. Food is generally an assistant here: many advise before the holiday to eat something rich in proteins and fats. The food will block the alcohol that enters the stomach afterwards, preventing it from immediately entering the small intestine. It will enter the blood more slowly, which means that in the morning you will feel a little lighter.

                Method 2.Vitamins

                In the process of breaking down alcohol, the body uses a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Because of their lack, it will be bad. To help the liver better cope with alcohol processing, experts advise to stock up on B vitamins – B6 and B12. They can be found in tablets in any pharmacy, and in the grocery store – in the form of milk, cheese and meat.

                Method 3.Water

                When drinking, alternate vodka with water. Firstly, it will help to avoid dehydration, which, as we remember, leads to headaches and nausea. Secondly, alternating alcohol and water will help slow down the rate of consumption – at least you won’t drink glass after glass.

                Method 4. What not to do

                The well-known rule not to lower the degree, by the way, does not have any scientific basis under it – the amount of alcohol that enters your body does not change, so the sequence does not matter.Another thing is that mixing drinks with different congener content is not worth it if you do not want to feel bad the next morning.

                Again, sugary drinks can make hangovers harder, and carbonated drinks, including beer, get drunk faster. The same applies to cocktails that contain cola and any other soda. If you decide to drink mixes, it is better to choose juice – it contains relatively less sugar and is absorbed by the body longer.

                Method 5.Oil

                Residents of Mediterranean countries are advised to consume olive oil before drinking. In fact, this method is similar to just eating something fatty. If you can’t swallow a spoonful of oil, you can add it to a salad or sandwich.

                Movchan: “The advice I can give is to saturate the body with vitamins and microelements, to avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. You can drink alkaline mineral water without gas during the evening, eat sauerkraut, fatty fish, potatoes, tomatoes and eat lemon.Move more, since during muscle load, the catalase enzyme is activated, which is able to remove alcohol. Of course, catalase will take on no more than 2% of the alcohol consumed, but what if they will save you from a headache? ”

                Does smoking affect the severity of a hangover?

                Some people think it’s better to make yourself worse

                In the aforementioned study on congeners by Professor Rosenau, 113 students took part, who observed their condition during and after drinking alcohol for eight weeks.As a result, it was found that a group of non-smoking students who drank 6 cans of beer per evening suffered less hangovers than a group who smoked while consuming the same amount of alcohol. That is, the answers are: yes, it does, it will get worse. This is due to the presence of acetaldehyde in tobacco smoke.

                How to get rid of a hangover?

                Tablets, water, food and again vodka. Vodka!

                A study by Max Pittler, published in the British Medical Journal in 2005, found no evidence that any popular hangover treatment was effective. Yet, along with everyone having friends who don’t have a hangover, everyone has one anti-hangover prescription.

                The way popular among drunken drunks and young punks – to drink a little more in the morning – will definitely not work. A small dose of alcohol will only mask the symptoms of the disease, which will still appear. Aspirin and other pain relievers (nurofen, spazmalgon, citramon, etc.), by the way, act according to the same scheme – their effectiveness should not be fully counted on.Taking pain relievers before bed can reduce the effects of alcohol on the immune system, but you need to be very careful here. First, pain relievers combined with irritated stomach lining can cause internal bleeding. Secondly, for their processing, the liver will need an additional resource, which can also negatively affect the condition. Another popular drug, activated charcoal, will not help either, because alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and does not remain in the stomach.As for Alka-Seltzer, it is a combination of citric acid (vitamin C), soda (relieving inflammation of the stomach lining) and aspirin (see above).

                Any liquid, as has been said more than once, will help reduce the severity of symptoms. Still water, ginger or green tea, and chicken broth are best. In addition, you can speed up the body’s recovery with the help of a banana – it contains potassium, which the body needs at such moments. And the most effective way to deal with a hangover from the point of view of science is eggs.They contain a substance called glutathione, a key element in the breakdown of acetaldehyde. Frying bacon and eggs is the only way to deal with a hangover.

                Movchan: “The wedge-wedge principle only works for people with alcohol addiction. A healthy person will get even worse from beer in a state of post-intoxication syndrome. Remains alkaline mineral water, juices, warm sweet milk tea instead of coffee. You can take a bath with sea salt.Or at least a shower – they will raise the tone. ”

                Why is hangover worse with age?

                Though I want to drink less

                After 30 years, the concentration of enzymes necessary for the breakdown of acetaldehyde also decreases. The amount of fat that alcohol does not absorb increases and the amount of fluid in the body decreases – this also affects the ability to process alcohol. The body loses its ability to quickly regenerate cells, which is why the consequences of sports training after 30 years are more painful.The immune system is inevitably weakened.

                In 2013, the British Association of Researchers Redemption was able to determine the age at which a hangover is felt most hard – 29 years. It is at the age of 29 that people still feel young and many of their habits remain unchanged from college, and the carcass is not the same. This, of course, does not mean that at 45 you feel a hangover easier than at 29 – rather, at an older age, you will be in better control.

                Movchan: “With age, a person’s metabolism really slows down, and the metabolism of alcohol, in particular.In addition, various chronic diseases appear – gastritis, problems with the intestines and pancreas, hypertension. Cells recover worse, and alcohol has the same destructive effect on them.

                Bonus No. 1

                The chef and bartender recommend recipes for the perfect hangover soup and drink

                Soup with liver dumplings and calf brains

                © Georgy Rozov / EyeEm / Gettyimages.ru

                Oleg Kusov

                Chef Delicatessen

                “In our restaurant we always have a hangover soup on the menu. It should be fragrant to evoke appetite even in a person with a complete lack of desires. It should also contain light meat and some dense absorbent food such as rice or dough. We have this beef broth with noodles, liver dumplings and a piece of veal brains. For two days we cook beef broth from meat, veins and bones, and as a result, it almost sticks lips together due to the large amount of collagen.We cook noodles, which we make ourselves in a restaurant, just like for a lagman, but a home cook can also buy regular eggs. Put “green” beef fat in a bowl with ready-made soup for additional calorie content and flavor, as well as chili peppers and pickled onions. They help the body stay awake, which releases the hangover. So, the recipe (Billboard Daily realizes that you are unlikely to dare to repeat it in the morning after the party, so it makes sense to prepare it in advance. However, reading the recipe can have a therapeutic effect.- Approx. ed. ).

                Beef broth:

                – Water – 8 liters
                – Beef, veins and bones in equal proportions – 2 kg
                – Onions – 2 pcs., Peel and cut across
                – Carrots – 1 pc., Cut into large pieces
                – Celery stalk – 2 pieces, cut into large pieces
                – Head of garlic – 1 piece, peel off the outer husk
                – Vegetable oil – 100 g

                In a large saucepan over high heat, heat vegetable oil until smoke appears and brown bones, meat and veins on all sides. Cover with water and bring to a boil. As soon as the water boils, reduce the heat to minimum and cook for 2-3 hours, constantly skimming off the foam, otherwise the broth may turn out cloudy. Gradually reduce the liquid to a third. After that, fry the vegetables in a dry frying pan until charring, you can only on one side, and add to the broth. This will give the broth a pleasant shade of fried vegetables rather than raw boiled carrots or onions. Boil everything together for another half hour on low heat, strain, salt and pepper.The broth is ready.

                Liver dumplings:

                – Lean beef – 500 g
                – Chicken liver – 300 g
                – White onions – 400 g, peel and cut into large cubes
                – Sun-dried tomatoes – 150 g, chop randomly
                – Egg white – from one egg
                – Butter – 1 tbsp. l.
                – Sun-dried tomato oil – 1 tbsp. l.
                – salt, pepper – to taste

                Fry the tomatoes with a spoonful of your own oil with onions in butter over medium heat until the onions are soft and golden brown. Twice in a meat grinder through a fine grate beef and liver peeled from partitions together with fried onions and tomatoes. Add protein, salt and pepper to the finished mass, mix and cool for 1 hour in the refrigerator. After that, use two tablespoons to shape the dumplings into airships and cook over medium heat in salted water for 20 minutes.

                Green beef fat:

                – Processed beef fat – 100 g
                – Neutral vegetable oil – 30 g
                – Thyme – 2 sprigs
                – Rosemary – 1 sprig
                – Sage – 1 sprig
                – Parsley shoot
                – Fresh spinach leaves – 10 g

                Heat the fat with oil to a temperature of 100 degrees, place in a blender and beat with herbs.Rub through a sieve, cool.

                Pickled red onion:

                – Red onion – 1 pc.
                – Water – 150 ml
                – Salt – 1 tsp.
                – Sugar – ½ tsp.
                – Caraway seeds (whole) – ½ tsp.

                In a saucepan, mix water, salt, sugar and caraway seeds, bring to a boil, wait for the sugar and salt to dissolve, cool to room temperature. Cut the red onion into strips lengthwise or into small triangles and pour over the prepared brine, leave for two hours.


                – Beef broth – 350 g
                – Fresh noodles – 70 g
                – Veal brains – 30 g, peel off films
                – Liver dumplings – 2 pcs.
                – Pickled onions – 5 feathers
                – Red chili peppers – 3 rings
                – Green fat – ½ tsp.

                Place the broth in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add dumplings and brains, cook together for 5 minutes. Boil the noodles in salted water, put in a colander and put on a plate.Place dumplings and brains on the noodles, pour the broth. Top with pickled onions, chili rings and pour over with “green fat”.

                Orange juice cocktail with coconut water

                © stocknroll / Gettyimages. ru

                Denis Kryazhev

                Bar-manager of the Fahrenheit restaurant

                “All cocktails that can help with a hangover are conventionally divided into those that you can make at home, and those that you should go to the nearest bar for.

                Homemade cocktail requires almost no effort – you need to squeeze the juice of one orange and mix it with 330 ml of cold coconut water. Coconut water itself is sweetish, and when combined with an orange, you get an excellent balance of sour and sweet. A glass of this cocktail quenches thirst well and provides the body with the necessary vitamins.


                © Arturo Peña Romano Med / Gettyimages.ru

                Kryazhev : “If you have enough strength to get to the nearest bar, you should order a Michelada cocktail there. My recipe is: 1 part beer, ½ part grapefruit juice, 1 part Bloody Mary Mix (tomato juice, salt, pepper, tobasco, Worcestershire sauce, BBQ spices) and 300 ml Bloody Mary Mix 1 spoon olive oil and 30 ml lemon juice …

                Bonus # 2

                How to hide the traces of a hangover with makeup?

                Masha Vorslav

                Editor of Interview magazine, makeup artist

                “Make-up on any day should only be applied to well-prepared skin.In a hangover, the main ambush is that the body is dehydrated, including the skin. Therefore, ideally, you first need to make a moisturizing mask. If you don’t have time, a combo of moisturizing lotion, serum, and cream will help (a moisturizing primer might come in handy). Without this, the skin will simply absorb water from the foundation, and it will lie badly. A good tone – 80% of success in any makeup.

                In general, even in a hangover, you can paint as you like, but if your task is to disguise yesterday’s cool leisure, there are several recommendations. If your eyes are red, vasoconstrictor drops and beige kayal (white is too bright for this) will help. You can not be zealous with shadows, the exception is creamy flesh-colored shadows throughout the eyelid, which will mask redness. It is worth working over the eyelashes: fluffy and long eyelashes will visually open the eye and distract attention from the swelling. The color of the mascara can be of any color.

                In principle, this is where we can end. On the protruding parts of the face, over the usual foundation, it is good to apply a liquid highlighter without obvious glitters, so that you shine in a healthy way.If you love blush and bright lips, it is better to choose cream blush and moisturizing lipsticks or gloss: they will lie and look better. I would not be afraid of bright colors: the main thing is to be comfortable with them.

                Scarlett Johansson once said that her favorite hangover makeup is bright scarlet lipstick that draws all the attention. Awesome in its efficiency and relaxation trick, in my opinion.

                Bonus # 3

                Did you know that the hangover contributed to the second day off?

                Our usual weekly schedule of 5 working days and two days off was not like this a little over a hundred years ago.We used to have half the rest – only one day a week. The video below suggests that the second day off per week was driven by the Industrial Revolution and the need for extra time to cope with a hangover.

                “In the 19th century, the British increasingly began to use a single day off for their own pleasure, rather than going to church,” explains Trace Dominguez. The pleasure naturally included alcohol consumption, so many came to work on Monday sluggish and were not ready to work efficiently or stayed at home at all.The problem began to worry employers when the so-called Holy Monday became popular among the people – a massive absence from work on Mondays in order to clean up after a well-spent weekend. At the same time, factory owners began to conclude an agreement with their workers: in exchange for a promise to be in the ranks at the beginning of the week, the workers received half of Saturday as an additional day off.

                Her Majesty “Yes Signal” Tablet No. 8 dated 04.09.2020

                Anna Starodubtseva

                Now we are almost not afraid of pain – toothache, headache, even traumatic. What if it really happens that painkillers become scarce? That’s when the cause for frustration arises. The mask can be sewn, but you cannot prepare the pill yourself. It so happened that we cannot imagine our life without pills, and a rare person can boast that he can easily do without them. “We must take something from the head” – a well-established speech turn, the meaning of which must still be explained to a foreigner – is the first thought that arises in most people when pain pierces the temples or the back of the head.We make the same decision in the presence of other ailments and rush to the first-aid kit in search of salvation “from the stomach”, “from the joints”, “from the kidneys”, “from the heart” … Pharmacists and pharmacists are the masters of pills, who today are our companions in life, an attribute of everyday life. And what about pills in the past?

                Foremother – bitter pill

                The tablet is the most convenient and progressive of all solid dosage forms. Its history is rooted in antiquity, and the pill should be considered the progenitor of the pill.It was invented back in ancient Rome, and for the first time it was mentioned by none other than the erudite writer Pliny the Elder. To make pills, long deep grooves were carved into the stone, filled with a mixture of medicinal ingredients and a thickener. After solidification of the mass, it was removed and cut into small disks.

                The pills were difficult to prepare, plus they retained an unpleasant smell and taste, because rarely any medicinal drugs are fragrant and appetizing. These features forced scientists and practitioners to look for other forms for medicinal substances.At different times, people got acquainted with gelatin capsules, and with wafers for powders, and with drugs in the form of pills, but all of them are far from the popularity that Her Majesty the Tablet has won.

                A curious nuance : the tablet in the form that we know well, appeared in the 19th century quite by accident. William Brockdon, a British artist, writer and inventor, was looking for the optimal method of pressing lead powder for pencil leads.Once, instead of lead, he put into a metal tube the powder of potassium carbonate, which the doctor prescribed to him for stomach pains. After flattening the tube, Brockdon held the prototype of the modern tablet in his hands – a white lead, which remained to be cut into small pieces.

                Beer tablets

                The years passed, the pharmaceutical industry developed, the manufacture of tablets improved.History knows many interesting facts about this dosage form, which are sometimes difficult to believe.
                We all, for example, are aware that doctors strongly recommend drinking pills with water. If you drink a pill with milk, it will lose its effectiveness and simply will not work. However, the most amusing thing is that a couple of centuries ago in Russia and abroad the tablets were washed down exclusively with … beer. In the medical institutions of St. Petersburg, the foamy drink was even given out to patients preparing for discharge.

                Form is

                The history of the invention of instant or effervescent tablets is also very interesting. In 1925, the American pharmaceutical company Dr. Miles Laboratories created a form for such a drug, but was stumped before determining the active composition. In the midst of the flu epidemic, the head of the company, Andrew Beardsley, walked into the office of a newspaper and found all employees at their workplaces. The recipe for health turned out to be simple: the members of the editorial board systematically consumed a mixture of aspirin, soda and lemon juice.A month later, Beardsley’s subordinates created Aspir-Vess, a soluble pill, later called Alka-Seltzer, marketed as a remedy for colds, flu, headaches, the effects of overeating, pain and heaviness in the stomach. The hangover relief from taking this remedy turned out to be an unexpected bonus.

                Dispersible tablets or orally dispersible tablets can be considered the most modern tablet formulations. Their distinctive feature is the ability to quickly (in a few seconds) dissolve in the oral cavity.That is, such tablets do not require swallowing or drinking with water. This progressive form is especially relevant for drugs, the effect of which may be required at any time, anywhere (for example, for painkillers, diarrhea drugs).

                Side effect

                The history of pharmacy knows more than one case when they worked on a remedy for one disease, but received a medicine for another. Hardly in the modern world, someone has not heard of pills created for those representatives of the strong half of humanity who lack that very masculine strength.But few people are aware that initially the substance Sildenafil citrate (sildenafil citrate) was being tested as a new drug that was planned to be prescribed to patients with heart disease. The tests ended extremely unsuccessfully, the new drug did not demonstrate the intended therapeutic effect: blood circulation in the heart muscle did not noticeably improve, the pressure did not return to normal. But unexpectedly, male testers from the group receiving the new substance noted the stimulating effect of taking this drug: instead of a positive effect on cardiac blood flow, future pills “for men” helped to improve blood flow in the pelvic organs.
                Whatever one may say, but it is difficult to argue with the proverb: “You never know where you will find, where you will lose.”

                Antacid – Antacid – xcv.wiki

                This article is about medicines used to relieve heartburn. For the acid produced by ants, known in many languages ​​as “formic acid,” see Formic acid.

                Antacid is a substance that neutralizes stomach acidity and is used to relieve heartburn, indigestion or indigestion.Some antacids have been used to treat constipation and diarrhea. Currently marketed antacids contain salts of aluminum, calcium, magnesium, or sodium. Some drugs contain a combination of two salts, such as magnesium carbonate and aluminum hydroxide.

                Medical use

                Antacids are available without a prescription and taken by mouth to quickly relieve episodic heartburn, a major symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease and indigestion.Treatment with antacids alone is symptomatic and justified only with mild symptoms. Alternative uses of antacids include constipation, diarrhea, hyperphosphatemia, and urinary alkalinization. Some antacids are also used as an adjunct to pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy in the treatment of pancreatic insufficiency.

                Particulate antacids (sodium citrate, magnesium trisilicate) increase the pH of gastric juice with little or no effect on stomach volume and therefore may be of limited use in preoperative procedures.For maximum effectiveness, sodium citrate should be administered within 1 hour after surgery.

                Side effects

                Preparations containing magnesium salts may cause diarrhea, while preparations containing calcium or aluminum may cause constipation. In rare cases, long-term intake of calcium carbonate can cause kidney stones. Long-term use of antacids containing aluminum may increase the risk of osteoporosis. In vitro studies have shown that acid rebound can occur due to excessive use of antacids, but the significance of this finding has been questioned.

                Mechanism of Action

                When excess acid is produced in the stomach, the natural mucous barrier that protects the stomach lining can break down, leading to pain and irritation. There is also the possibility of developing acid reflux, which can cause pain and damage to the esophagus. Antacids contain alkaline ions that chemically neutralize stomach acid, reducing damage to the lining of the stomach and esophagus, and relieving pain.Some antacids also inhibit pepsin, an enzyme that can damage the esophagus during acid reflux.

                Antacids do not directly inhibit acid secretion and thus differ from acid-lowering drugs such as H 2 receptor antagonists or proton pump inhibitors. Antacids do not kill the bacteria Helicobacter pylori , which causes most ulcers.


                Structural depiction of a tetracycline metal chelate compound where ‘M’ is a metal, such as those found in antacids.

                Antacids are known to interact with several oral medications, including fluoroquinolone and tetracycline antibiotics, iron, itraconazole, and prednisone. Metal chelation is responsible for some of these interactions (eg, fluoroquinolones, tetracyclines), which results in decreased absorption of the chelated drug. Some interactions may be associated with an increase in gastric pH following antacids, resulting in increased absorption of weak acids and decreased absorption of weak bases.Antacids also cause an increase in urine pH (alkalinization), which can cause an increase in the concentration of weak bases in the blood and an increase in the excretion of weak acids.

                A proposed method to mitigate the effects of gastric acidity and chelation on drug absorption is to split antacid administration with interacting drugs, however this method has not been well studied for drugs that are affected by urine alkalinization.

                There are concerns about interactions between delayed-release tablets and antacids, as antacids can raise the pH of the stomach to the point where the delayed-release tablet coating dissolves, resulting in drug degradation if it is pH sensitive.


                Antacids can be formulated with other active ingredients such as simethicone to control gas, or alginic acid to act as a physical acid barrier.


                There are currently several liquid antacids on the market. Common liquid preparations include milk of magnesia and magnesium / aluminum combinations. A potential advantage of a liquid formulation over a tablet is that liquids can provide faster relief, but this may coincide with a shorter duration of action.


                Chewable Tablets

                Chewable tablets are one of the most common forms of antacids and are readily available over the counter. Upon reaching the stomach, the tablet powder dissolves in stomach acid, allowing the cations to be released and neutralize excess stomach acid. Common salts available in tablet form include calcium, magnesium, aluminum and sodium salts.

                Effervescent tablets

                Effervescent tablets are tablets that dissolve in water and release carbon dioxide.Common ingredients include citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, which react on contact with water to form carbon dioxide. Effervescent antacids may also contain aspirin, sodium carbonate, or tartaric acid. Those that contain aspirin can cause further stomach irritation and ulcers due to the effects of aspirin on the stomach lining.

                Common brands include Alka-Seltzer, Gaviscon and Eno.

                See also


                Find antacid in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

                90,000 “RB” advises how to get rid of a hangover | Russian Bazaar

                Ordered to survive. Issue No. 45

                A festive feast, birthdays, parties that are unusually lively and cheerfully, accompanied by abundant libations, often end in a rather corny way – with a heavy hangover. This condition, alas, is so well known to an immigrant from the former USSR, where, as you know, the measures in the use of alcohol did not know, which has long become the property of the great Russian literature.Perhaps the best pages of our glorious literature are somehow connected with the description of the sensation of a person suffering from a hangover syndrome.

                Oh, how awful it is to wake up with such a feeling, because a hangover is a whole complex of complaints about your body that arise the next morning after a party. By all accounts, hangover is more or less a combination of headache, indigestion, thirst, aversion to food, nausea, diarrhea, tremors, fatigue and weakness, as well as an overall disgusting feeling.
                But your troubles are not limited to physical symptoms: a hangover also affects the perception of the environment. Those who suffer from this ailment have a slower reaction, it is difficult for them to concentrate and visually orient themselves in space.
                This condition is especially dangerous for a person who drives in the morning.
                It seems that such a driver does not violate any rules, by morning the alcohol in his body has burned out, and its amount is as close to zero as possible. However, in reality, not everything is so good, the reaction of such a driver is slow, his actions are often inadequate and this whole cocktail often leads to an accident.Sometimes fatal.
                In the United States, there is an accident or pedestrian collision with a drunk driver every half hour. On this list, about 10% of accidents are accounted for by such hangover motorists. It is no coincidence that in recent years, the authorities of several states, including New Jersey, have included driving in this state in the list of violations (DUI).
                So it should be remembered that you should never drive with a hangover. And until you have overcome the most active symptoms of this condition, refrain from traveling.
                There are dozens of different articles devoted to how to deal with a hangover. This problem is universal for all countries of the world, and each fight with a hangover in its own way. For example, the British propose to remove this condition with beer, while the Norwegians prefer milk. We will focus on several American recipes for getting out of this nightmare, as they are more suitable for our conditions.
                So, the fight against a hangover can be divided into three stages: before and during a binge, immediately after returning home, and the next morning.
                To avoid a hangover syndrome, many American drug therapists advise preparing for the celebration in advance, and before the start of the festive feast to eat well, preferably fatty foods. Such food supposedly envelops the walls of the stomach, and slows down the absorption of alcohol, that is, it acts as a buffer. Even ordinary buckwheat porridge richly seasoned with oil can become such a buffer. But such stuffing of the stomach with fats should not be limited only to the pre-table period; during the festival, due attention should also be paid to the snack, because alcohol on an empty stomach acts faster and stronger.
                In Russia, as I remember, it was advised for the same purposes on the eve of libation to eat a small piece of butter or swallow a couple of tablespoons of sour cream. When I was young, it was recommended to take preventively a couple of aspirin tablets, which was also supposed to alleviate the consequences of drunkenness. It should be noted that not everyone such methods have a beneficial effect. However, a couple of my colleagues in that country used them quite successfully.
                Some American experts advise the African method of preventive hangover prevention – use a small amount of peanut butter in advance, or in the form of a smoked salmon sandwich.
                Californian narcologist Max Gordin believes that such measures are ineffective, and since the main consequence of excessive alcohol consumption is dehydration of the body (known to all “dry wood”), it is much better to drink as much ordinary water as possible before, during and after drinking. “The best option,” he says, “is to drink about a liter of liquid on the eve of the party, and then before each glass or glass of wine (beer), drink about a glass of water or a drink such as Gatorade.
                And drink just before alcohol. ”
                Looking ahead, Gatorade is effective the next morning as well, as it contains everything that is so lacking in an exhausted body: minerals, sugar and water.
                Among this “dilution” of alcohol there is a rather unusual and original method that my friend uses, at the end of the party he drinks a quart (about a liter) of milk, and then aggravates it at home, drinking another quart. According to him, such a “milk diet” helps him to avoid all the unpleasant consequences of a hangover, and most importantly gives him the opportunity to calmly drive the next morning.The only thing that sometimes torments him is a short but severe headache.
                It should be noted that rarely does anyone use preventive measures for relieving hangover. Most Americans start fighting him either immediately after the party or the next morning.
                It is best to start fighting for your own health in the evening. First of all, you can help your body by drinking a large amount of liquid at home, the same water. You need to drink at least two cups.This will not only keep you dry in the morning, but it will also allow your body to flush out toxins as quickly as possible.
                You should also stock up on water at night by placing a bottle next to your bed. With too much alcohol, after three to four hours of sleep, you will wake up feeling very thirsty.
                In no case should you drink coffee or other invigorating drinks at night, an increase in caffeine levels also leads to dehydration.
                All these preventive measures will not bring cardinal success, but they are quite capable of relieving some of the symptoms and facilitating the exit from this state.
                Young people in America today use what is called the “Roman Method” to relieve hangover symptoms. At one time, this is how the Roman patricians put themselves in order after orgies in the Eternal City.
                This method is quite simple and cruel. It is necessary to try to rid the body of excess alcohol by artificial vomiting. Here everyone uses their own techniques.
                But the “course of treatment” does not end there, after that, you need to take 6-10 tablets of activated charcoal (my friend takes up to 20, claiming that it helps the body even more) plus a couple of aspirin tablets.All this should be washed down with a liter, and if possible, with plenty of liquid. Activated charcoal absorbs all the muck that is still in your body after vomiting, and aspirin thins the blood, resulting in lower blood pressure and less headache in the morning.
                This tough approach can guarantee you a relatively calm morning without any major excesses.
                And, finally, the last stage of the fight against a hangover, I would even say the last frontier, from which one cannot retreat – comes on an unkind morning when hands are shaking (this was remarkably shown by the actor Yevgeny Lebedev in the production of Shukshin’s play “And in the morning they woke up”), when head, and absolutely do not want to live.Yes, and there is no strength for this.
                Doctors note that any hangover is a temporary phenomenon and the main problem is that you need to quickly put yourself in order. It’s good if this recovery period falls on a weekend. This ensures that, if certain measures are followed and the rest continues, by noon the person suffering from a hangover may well clean up and find a second wind. But if this is not possible, then you need to energetically, as much as possible, get rid of the consequences of yesterday.
                So, the first step in treating a hangover is fighting dehydration. Your body needs water, and you owe it to it to help. Plain water, various types of sports drinks (preferably caffeine-free), juices and herbal teas (if you have the strength to brew them), and mineral water are quite suitable for this. In this case, I would recommend a liter of Georgian “Borjomi”, which very well helps to cope with such a condition.
                Orange juice with lemon and honey is also good in the morning.The recipe is something like this: for a glass (cup) of natural orange juice, one lemon and 100 grams of honey. All this should be knocked down in a mixer for about five minutes, and then drunk in one gulp.
                If desired, you can add the protein of one egg to this cocktail. Such a complex composition allows the body to compensate for the loss of sugar and minerals, and also relieves some of the symptoms.
                The Chinese method of rehydration works in the same vein – ginger tea with lemon and honey. The advantage of ginger is that it suppresses nausea, so after consuming it, it is easier to continue your treatment.Even pickled ginger is good for relieving nausea.
                The traditional way to start a hangover morning is brine. But this purely Russian and rather effective method is completely unsuitable in the United States. It is very difficult to find high-quality brine here, and the use of another special effect does not bring. Some people try to use pickle from jars of cucumbers or tomatoes instead of brine. I would not recommend using this vinegar-saturated solution.
                It’s a good idea to start such an uncomfortable morning with a Bloody Mary cocktail, but without the addition of alcohol.
                Speaking of alcohol, drug therapists advise against having a hangover in the morning, although they admit that a small amount of alcohol can improve the condition. However, such a drink often turns into a binge, and, in addition, this method is addictive, and can turn into alcoholism.
                The non-alcoholic Bloody Mary contains the same ingredients: tomato juice (preferably better quality), Worcestershire or Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper, and raw egg yolk. Never stir this mixture, but try to drink it in one gulp.Such a composition should bring relief.
                After you have partially put yourself in order, it is best to take a contrast shower (no more than 15-20 minutes), which will allow you to regain the vigor you lost overnight. …
                For those who have a hangover on the weekend, I would even recommend a bath. But here in no case should you overdo it – the steam room can greatly overextend the cardiovascular system and it is not known how this will affect the body exhausted by alcohol. It is much safer to go to the sauna.Hot and dry air relieves hangovers much more reliably than wet steam in a steam room.
                And when this stage of recovery is over, try forcing yourself to have breakfast. The body needs to be nourished, and preferably as densely as possible.
                On the issue of breakfast, American experts are strikingly disagreeing about what is best. Some, and I agree with them, advise fatty tasty food in the morning. The best option is Caucasian thick meat soup (analogue of hot jellied meat) – khash.After a plate of such a soup (always with herbs), the state of the body improves dramatically, the eyes, which have been sticking together until now, open up, and you are quite ready for work feats.
                From time to time, khash shops open in New York, which are never empty in the morning. However, if you do not find such a place, do not be discouraged, any thick rich meat soup (preferably beef) can become a palliative of this medicine. In the absence of it, you can get by with a simple chicken broth. Any meat broth can significantly improve your well-being.
                In search of fatty food, if it is not at home, Americans with a hangover go … to McDonald’s. “A hamburger can relieve a hangover in half an hour,” says my plumber neighbor, who uses this recipe quite often.
                However, I would recommend an easier solution – four eggs on bacon and cheese. Season it generously with pepper and pour over the hot tomato sauce. All this harmful but tasty dish is best washed down with pepper tomato juice.For a moderate hangover, such a dish cures quite steadily.
                Some narcologists argue that a fruit diet (kiwi, bananas, various citrus fruits, best of all grapefruit) is most suitable for a hangover, since it is they who provide the body with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins that allow it to recover. However, in my experience, such mild measures can only help with a mild hangover.
                Some of my friends advise using multivitamins or vitamin C separately to improve their condition.Although during this period the body really actively lacks any minerals and vitamins, according to doctors, this method does not bring much effect. However, if you are used to taking vitamin tablets every day, then even with a hangover, they will not bring harm.
                Those who have not been able to defeat nausea should refuse to take hot, dense food. You need to repeat the procedure with orange juice, or drink tea with ginger again.
                Most Americans use medication to relieve hangover symptoms.We have already talked about cleansing the body with activated carbon. No less popular are aspirin, its lighter version Alka-Seltzer and Advil for headache relief.
                For many years my friends have been treated in the morning by Alka-Seltzer, which helps them to get through the first unpleasant hours after waking up. And if you survive this time, then the body itself will cope with its problems. This method has never helped me.
                However, with the active use of drugs, it should be borne in mind that not all of them are suitable.For example, you should not use Tylenol and its derivatives, as this drug actively affects the liver, which is already overloaded without it.
                Those who suffer from stomach ailments should be careful when using Advil. Even one tablet of this medicine taken on an empty stomach can do more harm than good.
                Another way to improve your depression is through air. In order to put yourself in order after a slight hangover, sometimes it is enough to walk for 45 minutes – an hour.
                During a hangover, even a heavy smoker should give up his habit, each cigarette will only worsen your condition. You should also not start your tidying up with a strong cup of coffee. Caffeine combined with toxins remaining in the body can cause unwanted reactions.
                There are, of course, many more ways to deal with a hangover. And each person suits his own special one, which best fits his physical condition. However, there is one common, I would even say, fabulous way that should not be neglected.“Don’t drink, you’ll become a kid,” Alyonushka told her brother. And she was right.
                Mark of the Winds

                How to get rid of a hangover after vodka, cognac, wine, champagne, beer. The best pharmacy and folk remedies for a hangover

                Severe hangover is a complex of negative symptoms that occurs several hours after drinking alcohol. Headache, nausea and vomiting make adjustments to planned activities, reduce mental and physical performance.The hangover usually goes away during the day, but there are certain techniques that allow you to quickly restore the functional activity of all vital systems.

                Pathogenesis of hangover syndrome

                Hangover – the consequences of alcoholic intoxication of the body with ethyl alcohol. In the process of its metabolism, compounds that are toxic to internal organs and hepacites (liver cells) are formed. It is they who provoke the negative symptoms of a hangover. Their severity depends on the presence in the gastrointestinal tract of special enzymes that break down ethanol.The more there are, the better a person feels after an evening meal. The formation of alcoholic addiction also depends on the amount of these biologically active substances.

                Warning: “Deficiency of enzymes increases the likelihood of developing mental and physical dependence on ethyl alcohol, exacerbates the symptoms of a severe hangover.”

                • causes a state of euphoria;
                • increases physical activity;
                • improves mood.

                The main biological filter of the human body, the liver, is directly involved in the metabolism of ethyl alcohol.With the help of special enzymes, ethanol is broken down to acetaldehyde, a highly toxic compound. It is this that causes bad breath during a hangover. At the next stage of metabolism, acetaldehyde is hydrolyzed to acetic acid, a significant concentration of which has a negative effect on liver cells and the entire body as a whole.

                The hangover will last exactly as long as alcohol breakdown products circulate in the bloodstream. For the processing of ethanol, the liver uses all its reserves, and many of the substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body remain unbroken.Chemical reactions are slowed down, the end products of which include glucose. Due to its acute deficiency in a state of severe hangover, a person feels tired, weak, lethargic and drowsy.

                Soluble aspirin will help get rid of a headache in case of a strong hangover.

                Clinical picture

                Extremely uncomfortable condition with a strong hangover is not limited to headache and indigestion. The severity of symptoms depends on gender, age, health status of the person.In women, the body has fewer enzymes necessary for the processing of ethyl alcohol than in the stronger sex. By the way, this is becoming the main cause of intractable female alcoholism.

                While some people feel pretty good after drinking a half-liter bottle of vodka in the evening, others are tormented by a couple of glasses of dry wine. Scientists have proven the relationship between the negative symptoms of a severe hangover and the composition of alcohol. Signs of poisoning are much stronger if the composition of alcoholic beverages contains flavoring additives:

                • flavorings;
                • colorants;
                • fusel oils;
                • sugar.

                While drinking alcoholic beverages, a person empties the bladder more often. This is the result of the pathological effects of acetaldehyde on the kidneys. In a state of a hangover, people are very thirsty, but cold water or compote does not bring the desired relief. The fact is that there is plenty of fluid in the cells of the body. It’s just that it was distributed in a rather peculiar way – its deficiency is observed in the bloodstream, and in some tissues there is an obvious excess. Bags under the eyes and swelling on the legs and arms clearly testify to this injustice.

                The toxic decomposition products of ethanol have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. A few hours after drinking alcoholic beverages, a person develops signs of a severe hangover:

                • heart palpitations;
                • increased sweating, chills;
                • tremor of the upper limbs;
                • dizziness.

                Experts associate these symptoms of intoxication with the loss of magnesium – a trace element necessary for the active functioning of the heart and central nervous system.The death and damage of a significant number of neurons (brain cells) lead to a state of hangover: emotional instability, increased anxiety, nervous excitability. In especially severe cases, a person cannot remember how the party ended yesterday.

                Therapy of the effects of alcohol intoxication of the body

                How to get rid of a severe hangover know doctors of narrow specialization – narcologists. Paid clinics offer their services in the treatment of the consequences of alcohol poisoning using solutions for parenteral administration.The doctor, for a fee, will come to the patient’s home to get him out of the binge. This condition occurs in a person who prefers treatment “like like”, therefore, in a state of hangover, drinks another portion of alcohol. But most people do not practice this kind of “therapy”, but use time-tested methods of getting rid of nausea and hand tremors.

                Complex medicines

                Pharmacy counters offer a wide range of drugs to help treat severe hangovers.Manufacturers release them in the form of capsules and tablets for the preparation of solutions. The multicomponent composition of drugs allows you to quickly get rid of a whole range of negative symptoms of alcohol poisoning. The following drugs are most effective:

                • Antipohmelin. The dietary supplement contains succinic acid, a well-known adaptogen that increases the body’s performance. Antipohmelin also contains vitamin C, fumaric and glutamic acids, which have the ability to bind and remove toxic decomposition products of ethyl alcohol from the body.The drug can also be taken to prevent a hangover;
                • Alkoselzer. Effervescent tablets with a telling name consist of acetylsalicylic and citric acid, as well as sodium bicarbonate. Aspirin helps to eliminate severe headache, reduces platelet aggregation in the bloodstream (under the influence of ethanol, the blood thickens). Sodium bicarbonate, when dissolved in water, enters into a chemical reaction with citric acid. The result is a drink saturated with bubbles of carbon dioxide, which soothes the irritated mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract;
                • Zorex.The capsules and effervescent tablets contain unitol and calcium pantothenate. The drugs are used to carry out detoxification therapy for a hangover at home. Zorex is able to bind ethanol metabolism products circulating in the bloodstream – acetaldehyde, fusel oils and acetic acid and remove them from the body.

                These remedies should be used in case of severe hangover in accordance with the attached annotation. Do not increase the dosage in order to accelerate recovery.This will increase the unwanted strain on the liver, which has already been negatively affected by alcoholic beverages.

                Rehydron relieves the symptoms of a severe hangover, replenishes the supply of trace elements

                Removal of toxins from the body

                While the harmful decomposition products of ethyl alcohol circulate in the blood vessels, a person will experience all the signs of a hangover. To reduce the severity of symptoms of intoxication, gastric lavage with a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate will help.But this procedure is long, unpleasant, and its implementation is hampered by the lack of products in the digestive organs. Adsorbents and enterosorbents will come to the rescue. These pharmacological preparations have the ability to bind toxic compounds on their surface. What medicines can be used in the treatment of a severe hangover:

                • Smectu;
                • Polyphepan;
                • Polysorb.

                The undoubted advantages of these drugs include the absence of side effects.After the adsorption of toxins and toxins, they are excreted unchanged from the body at each emptying of the bladder and intestines. Adsorbents and enterosorbents not only cleanse tissues, but also relieve a person from nausea, vomiting, excessive gas formation during a hangover.

                Treatment of headache

                A very strong hangover always proceeds against a background of excruciating headache, localized mainly in the back of the head. If there is no complex drug in the home medicine cabinet for treating the effects of alcohol intoxication, then you can get by with ordinary acetylsalicylic acid.A hangover headache will be quickly eliminated by an effervescent solution (Aspirin UPSA).

                Warning: “It is impossible to abuse acetylsalicylic acid – the tablets have a negative effect on the gastric mucosa, which is in an inflamed state due to the toxic effect of ethanol.”

                Citramon quickly and effectively relieves a person from severe headache with a hangover. The tablets contain caffeine, which has a tonic effect.Cope well with headaches:

                • Spazgan;
                • Spazmalgon;
                • Ketorol;
                • Baralgin;
                • Nurofen.

                Paracetamol is undoubtedly in every medicine cabinet, but it should only be used as a last resort. This drug is intended more for lowering the temperature and has a significant number of side effects and contraindications.

                Restoration of water-salt balance in the body

                In the morning after a fun party or gatherings with friends, a person suffers from severe thirst.No less torment is experienced by cells and tissues in his body with a hangover. Together with the fluid during urination, useful trace elements and vitamins were excreted from the body. And these biologically active substances are necessary for metabolic processes. The following preparations will help to restore the water-electrolyte balance and normalize the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates:

                • Hydrovit;
                • Reosolan;
                • Trihydron.

                Powders contain mineral compounds necessary for the body and dextrose to replenish energy reserves.Alcohol abuse is often the cause of digestive upset – vomiting and diarrhea, which further exacerbate dehydration. In this case, the reception of Regidron and its analogs is vital, otherwise the condition of a person with a hangover will greatly worsen.

                Traditional medicine recommends restoring the water-salt balance with pickle from pickled cucumbers or tomatoes. It contains natural mineral compounds and sugar, has a pleasant taste and smell. Narcologists do not mind this use of pickle for a hangover, but only if vinegar was not used in the process of making homemade pickles.

                Hangover – a condition that occurs in a person after irregular consumption of alcoholic beverages. Since it does not bring much pleasure and gives a lot of discomfort, many are interested in how to quickly get rid of a hangover at home.

                Hangover goes hand in hand with red eyes, violent thirst, headache, weakness and lack of concentration. Sometimes the person who was relaxed last night will feel apathy, trembling, nausea, and lack of appetite.

                The cause of an unpleasant hangover is alcohol, which causes an increased formation of urine, which leads to dehydration, fatigue and headaches.

                Doctors say that a strong hangover is the effect on the body of the decay products of ethanol.

                Effective ways to fight a hangover

                With the effects of a hangover at home, remedies that are present in the home medicine cabinet or in the kitchen help to fight.

                • Water

                  … If you have a severe hangover, drink plenty of water. This simple trick can help combat dehydration, quench your thirst, and speed up the elimination of toxins from your body.
                • Strong tea

                  … If you experience mild nausea and discomfort, drink a strong cup of tea. A warming drink is recommended even in a state of alcoholic intoxication, as it is sobering.
                • Light food

                  … If nausea is not on the list of symptoms, load your stomach with a light meal. Eat an orange, a lemon wedge, or empty a glass of kefir. With the help of acidic products, speed up recovery, and lactic acid will accelerate the elimination of intoxication.
                • Activated carbon

                  … Hangovers are often exacerbated by nausea. Then activated carbon will come to the rescue. With the help of a sorbent, speed up the cleansing of the body. For ten kilograms of weight, take one tablet.
                • Enterosgel

                  … Coal has an alternative – enterosgel. The remedy is effective and helps to quickly relieve the symptoms of a severe hangover.
                • Glutargin

                  … The drug is aimed at restoring and cleansing the liver.The decomposition products of alcohol are concentrated in this organ, glutargin will help.
                • Citramon or Aspirin

                  … Aspirin or citramone can help cope with a severe headache. Do not forget that these tablets have a negative effect on the stomach lining. For peptic ulcers or gastritis, stop using pills.

                Stores sell special anti-hangover products. There is no special need for them, the composition of the funds includes succinic, ascorbic or acetylsalicylic acid and caffeine, and they do not exceed citramone in terms of effectiveness.

                It is recommended to fight a hangover with folk remedies. These are pickle, pickled apples and sauerkraut. Fermented foods can ease hangover symptoms. It is possible to alleviate the fate without the use of drugs. Go outside and take a walk in the fresh air. As a last resort, induce vomiting.

                Video advice

                After the fatal moment, it is not recommended to eat spicy foods, canned food and smoked meats for two days. Choose liquid and low-fat foods, rosehip broth and dried apricots.

                How to overcome a hangover at work

                Being hungover during working hours is a hell of a torment. Drowsiness, thirst, headache, nausea are an incomplete list of things that prevent you from concentrating on your duties and make you look forward to the end of the working day.

                A few tricks that will come in handy if you do not drink alcohol in a company or at corporate parties.

                • Come up with a good reason for rejection. Tell your companions that you are treating the liver and that the procedure is incompatible with alcohol consumption.
                • It is impossible to avoid a stormy feast when a respected guest is at the table. Then take the lead and lay the spill on yourself.
                • When pouring spirits, take control of the amount of alcohol in your glass. Do not empty the glass completely. Correctly and well snacking, protect yourself from strong intoxication.

                If you can not resist the temptation, the next morning will overtake a strong hangover. Everything would be fine if not for work. In such a situation, simple methods of dealing with a hangover are ineffective, since after the morning rise there is no time to use them.Listen to the following guidelines.

                1. Skip public transportation and walk to work or walk a few stops to work. A morning walk will provide access to fresh air, which will have a positive effect on blood circulation.
                2. On your way to work, run into the store and buy a lemon. At work, make tea and sip with lemon wedges. Drinking tea during working hours is not prohibited.
                3. If that doesn’t work, check your office first aid kit.Surely find drugs that will help overcome a hangover. In a glass of water, dilute a few drops of ammonia and drink quickly.
                4. Look in your medicine cabinet for aspirin. One tablet will make the blood thinner, relieve headaches and improve well-being.
                5. If you have a feast in the evening, and the next morning you have to go to work, try to take an anti-hangover before the feast. This simple action will make the morning “less cloudy”.
                6. If you have nothing at hand and your condition worsens, drink plenty of water or mineral water.By providing the body with fluid, speed up the elimination of toxins.

                If the methods are ineffective, and the state of health continues to deteriorate, call an ambulance. Perhaps alcohol poisoning is so strong that it will not be possible to overcome without professional help.

                The listed and described methods and folk methods will help to cope with the hangover syndrome. But I sincerely hope that you, being a sane person, will not reach such a state. Remember, health is the only thing that money can’t buy.

                Why does a hangover occur?

                The final part of the story will be devoted to the causes of a hangover, causing its factors and ways to avoid a hangover.

                • Poisoning

                  … When alcohol decays, poisonous substances are formed that contribute to the formation of toxins. In this regard, rums, tequila and vermouth are the most harmful to the body. By consuming such drinks, we force the liver to process alcohol and impurities.
                • Dehydration

                  …The hangover is complemented by dehydration. It is caused not by a lack of fluid, but by its incorrect distribution in the body. After the feast, bags appear under the eyes, and the face becomes swollen.
                • Impaired brain function

                  … It is caused by acetaldehyde, a decomposition product of alcohol. The next morning, after a noisy feast, the nervous system becomes highly sensitive. As a result, even a quiet sound or dim light annoys a person.

                Scientists have proven that the body uses nutrients and vitamins to fight hangovers.With their help, he restores the normal performance of systems.

                As practice shows, a sober lifestyle for society is a utopia. It is difficult to find someone who does not drink alcohol. Fortunately, there are recommendations on how to avoid a hangover.

                Not one feast is complete without alcoholic beverages. And the most frequent, but uninvited guest after big holidays is a hangover. It is accompanied by severe headache, nausea, stomach problems and other “reminders” of a great time.

                The hangover problem is getting worse every year. Liver function deteriorates due to age, health problems, ecology and other factors. It is increasingly difficult for her to cope with alcoholic toxins. Therefore, during the next feast, it is advisable to keep yourself in control and not succumb to persuasion to drink “one more”.

                The main symptoms of alcohol hangover

                The symptoms of hangover are well known. These include nausea, severe headache, thirst, dry mouth, weakness, chills, dizziness, etc.The occurrence of such symptoms is associated with alcohol intoxication of the body and the subsequent destabilization of its work.

                Sometimes the aforementioned typical syndromes of alcohol poisoning can be supplemented by a number of other problems.

                For example, a sharp increase in blood pressure and heart palpitations. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to psychological problems: depressed mood and heightened feelings of guilt.

                • Excessive alcohol consumption puts the body under extreme stress.
                • Each glass or glass is a blow to the body’s defense system.
                • At first he is ready to cope with such blows, but with each new dose of alcohol, the defense deteriorates.
                • Which leads to alcohol poisoning, resulting in a severe hangover.
                • Such poisoning leads to dehydration, disruption of acid-base and electrolyte balance, and disorders of the central nervous system.
                • Disruption of metabolic processes leads to a lack of vitamins.
                • Alcohol poisoning primarily affects the liver.
                • And the disruption of her work leads to problems of other organs.
                • As a result, in the morning after “heavy drinking”, a person develops a strong sensitivity to noise and diarrhea.

                How to get rid of an alcoholic hangover and sober up?

                • Treat Hangover
                  can and should be. As with any illness, good restorative sleep is an excellent treatment.
                • In addition, you need to replenish the body’s losses with potassium, magnesium and water
                  . mineral water is well suited for this purpose.
                • To accelerate the withdrawal of alcohol from the body, must activate the work of the stomach
                  . To do this, you can drink kefir
                  or other fermented milk products
                • Helps break down toxins from alcoholic beverages – cysteine
                  . This amino acid is found in 90,554 eggs
                  .But, you should not lean on them. Proteins take a long time to digest. And the body needs to spend energy not on this process, but on the removal of harmful substances.
                • Hot soups with beef broth
                  will help restore the stomach lining. In addition, these soups contain many beneficial vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
                • If, after a party rich in alcoholic beverages, you find jellied meat in your refrigerator
                  , then this is extraordinary luck. This unique dish contains amino acids that accelerate the breakdown of ethanol and accelerate its removal from the body.
                • Another useful product for a hangover is asparagus
                  . It not only restores the liver, but also contains substances that activate the removal of alcohol toxins from the body.
                • A very good way to get rid of a hangover is sauna
                  . It is enough to go into the steam room several times for 5 minutes in order to completely remove the decomposition products of alcohols from the body.

                Home Remedies for Alcohol Hangover

                In alcohol poisoning, the liver is the first to suffer. oats will help to restore its work

                You can prepare such a product for this.

                • RECIPE
                  : Pour a glass of oatmeal with 1.5 liters of boiling water, stir and cook for one hour. Then you need to pass the cooked broth through a sieve, add a tablespoon of honey and drink during the day. It is especially useful to use such a remedy in the first hours of a hangover.
                • RECIPE
                  : Thyme or ginger can help relieve hangover nausea.To prepare the broth, a small amount of this spice or a piece of root (2-3 cm) of ginger is poured with water (400 ml) and boiled for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is drunk in small portions throughout the day.
                • You can eliminate a hangover headache with temple massage
                  or by applying lemon slices to them. You can replace lemon with raw potatoes.
                • Honey is a good hangover aid. It contains fructose which has a beneficial effect on acetaldehyde.Honey can be eaten in a teaspoon several times a day or added to healthy decoctions.
                • To remove toxins associated with alcohol poisoning, you can prepare a solution of 0.5 liters of mineral water
                  and the juice of lemon halves.
                • RECIPE
                  : To relieve hangover symptoms at home, you can use eggs (3 quail), ketchup (1 tablespoon), salt (pinch) and vinegar (1 teaspoon) mixed in a blender. After preparation, such a cocktail should be eaten immediately.
                • RECIPE
                  : Rosehip infusion helps with a hangover. To prepare it, you need to pour 2 tablespoons of rose hips with a glass of boiling water. After the infusion has cooled, you need to drink it.

                Activated charcoal for hangover

                Considered one of the most effective remedies for alcohol hangover. This natural sorbent, getting into the stomach and then into the intestines, cleanses the body of harmful substances. The main task of activated charcoal for a hangover is to collect alcoholic toxins before they enter the bloodstream.

                The most dangerous decomposition product of alcohol is acetaldehyde
                . This toxin is itself the strongest poison. In addition, by acting on the cells of the stomach, it interferes with the digestion of food. Its undigested residues can also cause poisoning.

                In order to cleanse the body of harmful toxins, coal should be taken as early as possible. Ideally, this should be done immediately before or immediately after drinking. While taking this remedy, you need to drink as much water as possible.

                If charcoal is taken after the onset of a hangover, then to accelerate the effect, the tablets must be crushed into powder and mixed with water.

                : Do not use activated charcoal with other hangover medications. It neutralizes their effect. Hangover pills can be taken 2 hours after taking activated charcoal.

                Baking soda for a hangover

                Soda is the cheapest hangover cure.

                In case of alcohol poisoning, the acid-base balance shifts towards acids.
                It is the predominance of acids in the body that causes nausea and vomiting.
                In order to return the amount of acids to the normal level in special institutions, a solution of potassium bicarbonate, that is, ordinary soda, is administered intravenously.

                : To get rid of a hangover at home, you need to dilute 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda in a liter of water. The solution must be stirred until the soda is completely dissolved and drunk.

                IMPORTANT: You cannot relieve a hangover with soda for stomach ulcers. People with high acidity should also not use soda to solve this problem.

                Vegetable and fruit juice for hangover

                Very often the hangover syndrome is removed with tomato juice
                . This is due to the fact that this drink contains pectin, succinic and malic acid. These substances in their pure form have a beneficial effect on the body poisoned by alcohol.The above acids help alcohols to decompose faster, and the natural sorbent pectin helps to remove them from the body.

                IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, in addition to substances useful for the body, oxalic acid is a part of tomato juice. It is able to neutralize the action of succinic acid. This means that the benefits of tomato juice in the fight against hangovers are not as high as previously thought.

                • May Help With Hangovers Lemon Juice
                  . This citrus has many beneficial properties.And anti-hangover one of them. That is why lemon is often present in the composition of drugs shown for such a poisoning of the body.
                • Thanks to vitamin C, lemon juice is able to help the body break down alcohols faster. And the magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium included in its composition will restore its normal work.
                • Also Shown In Hangover Fight Pear Juice
                  . The greatest effect can be achieved if you consume 1-2 glasses of such a drink before a stormy “party”.But, even with symptoms of a hangover, pear juice will help to put yourself in order faster.
                • Pears contain enzymes that can neutralize alcohol in the body. Under the influence of pear juice, the level of acetaldehyde decreases. A toxin that has such a detrimental effect on the body.

                Acetylsalicylic acid for hangover

                Aspirin – acetylsalicylic acid
                , very often used as a hangover remedy.After alcohol poisoning in the body, or rather in its capillaries, lumps of red blood cells appear.
                These micro-clots, among other things, cause severe headaches.
                Aspirin thins the blood, thereby breaking down the micro-clots of red blood cells.

                It is due to this property of aspirin that acetylsalicylic acid is included in many drugs for hangover. For example, “Alka-Seltzer”.

                In addition, aspirin is an excellent pain reliever.What should also be used when relieving hangover syndrome.

                Hangover pills and to sober up

                The pharmaceuticals market every year “pleases” fans of fun feasts with drugs to relieve hangover syndrome. Such tablets are able to eliminate alcohol intoxication of the body.

                It is possible to accelerate the removal of toxins that led to a hangover from the body with the help of medicinal sorbents:

                • Polisorba
                • “Polyphepana”
                • Enterosgel

                After that it is tedious to normalize the work of the digestive tract.To do this, you need to accept:

                • Linex
                • “Khilak Forte”
                • “Biosporin”

                The water-salt balance can be restored with the help of the following preparations:

                • “Regidron”
                • “Hydrovit Forte”

                You can relieve a severe headache that accompanies a hangover with the help of non-steroidal analgesics:

                • “Ketorola”
                • “Ibuprofen”
                • “Citramon P”

                Very often in the pharmacy you can buy special drugs for a hangover in the form of effervescent tablets:

                • Alka-Seltzer
                  is the most popular hangover drug in the world.It has been produced for 80 years. It contains soda, acetylsalicylic and citric acid. With the help of this drug, you can suppress the production of prostaglandins and balance the acid-base balance.
                • “Zorex Morning”
                  – This medicinal product contains calcium pantothenate and unitiol. The drug enhances the oxidation and removal of alcohol from the body. It has an antioxidant effect.
                • “Antipohmelin”
                  – a drug based on glucose, ascorbic and succinic acid, and sodium glutamate.After taking the drug, it stops the action of the enzyme and removes toxins from the body.
                • “DrinkOFF”
                  – Herbal medicine for relieving hangover. The drug accelerates the breakdown of alcohol and relieves headaches.

                Folk remedies for quick relief of alcoholic hangover and to sober up

                • RECIPE
                  : You can quickly relieve hangover syndrome with a solution of ammonia (5 drops) and mineral water (100 ml).This remedy must be drunk in one gulp. Unfortunately, it has a side effect. The hangover may return in a few minutes.
                • Wormwood infusion will also help to cope well with a hangover.
                  : To do this, pour boiling water over a tablespoon of dry wormwood. You can enhance the effect if you drink such an infusion before consuming alcoholic beverages.
                • If you need to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of alcohol poisoning very quickly, then you need to buy mint and hop cones at the pharmacy.
                  : Mix them in equal quantities and pour a spoonful of the resulting collection with a glass of boiling water. You need to insist the remedy for an hour, and then drink

                A friend of mine, a doctor, advises to move less for a hangover. Sleep is ideal. It is also important to make up for the water deficit. But, drinking 1.5-2 liters of plain water can only aggravate the situation. Since it will flush out the last nutrients from the body. And that is why they drink brine with a hangover.It will help restore fluid and electrolyte balance.

                I take a hangover with hot soup. Khash works well for this. You can also cook compote. Only it needs to be made thick and drunk cold.

                Videos. 5 Ways to Get Rid of a Hangover Really Fast!

                If a person attended a party in the evening and drank too much, then in the morning such an unpleasant phenomenon as a hangover syndrome awaits him.A hangover usually occurs in the morning and has a number of extremely unpleasant symptoms. But for those for whom this process lasts only one day, it is easier, but people suffering from alcoholism are faced with severe hangover very often.

                Of course, having discovered a hangover, a person will not rush to see a doctor, but will start looking for possible methods of home treatment. How to quickly get away from a hangover at home should be known to everyone who is waiting for a corporate party or a party, because in the process of rest, very often, it is almost impossible to control the amount of alcohol consumed.

                What are the symptoms of a morning hangover

                If a person has taken too much alcohol or combined alcoholic beverages from different categories with each other, then he will definitely have a hangover syndrome. The main symptoms of a hangover syndrome include the following factors:

                • a person has a very bad headache;
                • begins to vomit in the morning, vomiting may even occur;
                • general weakness is felt;
                • chills may occur;
                • dehydration is observed, symptoms of poisoning are present.

                It will be quite difficult to defeat a set of such unpleasant symptoms. Despite this, you can get away from a hangover at home quickly enough if you choose a good technique to fix the problem.

                Our regular reader shared an effective method that saved her husband from ALCOHOLISM. It seemed that nothing would help, there were several codings, treatment at the dispensary, nothing helped. An effective method, which was recommended by Elena Malysheva, helped.WORKING METHOD

                There are many effective methods that can get rid of each of the unpleasant symptoms and drugs are not the last on this list. But if there is no medicine at hand, then you should look at home for products that can relieve hangover symptoms.

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                How our ancestors removed the hangover syndrome

                How quickly and without problems to get away from a hangover at home should be known to everyone who has to go to fun parties, and this is not to mention people who abuse alcohol.After a binge at home, our ancestors used products that they found at hand or prepared special medicinal decoctions and infusions for such a case.
                The following methods of dealing with the hangover of our ancestors were considered often used and at the same time rather bizarre:

                • After drinking alcoholic beverage, you need to eat several raw eggs;
                • to drink wine infused with eels and frogs;
                • 90,037 to drink soot-flavored cow’s milk.

                It is impossible to assert whether these methods were the most effective now, because no one has been using them for a long time.It is worth noting the fact that modern people have turned out to be no less inventive than their ancestors and have found many ways to help cope with severe hangover at home.

                Handy methods for getting rid of hangover syndrome

                Not everyone knows how to get out of a hangover quickly and without problems, and people very often suffer greatly from this. The unpleasant symptoms of such a peculiar ailment can persist throughout the day, which means that a person can neither work productively nor have a good rest.

                To get rid of such an extremely unpleasant phenomenon at home, a person should find products that have the ability to relieve nausea, relieve headaches, and remove toxic substances. It is worth noting the fact that such products can be found in almost every home and at the same time can give a really good result. To quickly and effectively remove the effects of hangover at home, a person should use the following products:

                Cucumber pickle

                • still mineral water;
                • 90,037 raw potatoes;

                • cucumber or cabbage pickle;
                • kvass, kefir or orange juice;
                • water with lemon juice and natural honey;
                • fatty chicken broth;
                • oatmeal or soda with water.

                If a person is going to drink non-carbonated mineral water, then you need to salt it a little and drink, exclusively, two liters per day. It is worth starting to drink mineral water three hours after the intake of strong or weak alcohol.
                Raw potatoes are an excellent remedy for relieving headaches. If you cut it into rather thick plates, attach it to the forehead and fix it well, then the headache will go away very quickly. Cucumber or cabbage juice has been used for quite some time.This tool will help a person to cheer up and regain vitality. Kvass, kefir or orange juice will help relieve the feeling of thirst. Water with lemon juice and natural honey will help a person get rid of toxins that have entered the body along with an alcoholic drink.

                Fatty chicken broth helps to restore vitality and bring the body into a normal working rhythm. This is an ideal snack, because when a hangover occurs, a person practically does not want to eat, and he loses strength, he gets worse.It is at such a moment that chicken broth will come to the rescue, which will be well accepted by the body and will restore its reserve of strength. Soda and water also helps to get rid of hangover, but oatmeal is an ideal breakfast for those who do not feel very well after drinking.

                What tea will help quickly relieve a hangover

                It turns out that even tea will help relieve the hangover syndrome. But do not think that raspberry or linden tea can work a miracle. Only a properly brewed drink can quickly relieve a hangover syndrome and return feelings to a person.Typically, to get rid of severe hangover symptoms at home, a person only needs to brew weak tea using the following ingredients:

                • dried or fresh Ginger;
                • Pharmacy Chamomile;
                • willow bark;
                • peppermint.

                It should be remembered that the tea should never be too strong. Light tea will help eliminate nausea, relieve headaches, and tone the body.

                It is necessary to brew fresh tea and drink it warm.Tea will also help to quickly remove toxins from the body and return it to normal. If a person brews tea with Ginger, he will be able to restore activity and productivity to his body. If the condition of the hangover syndrome is too severe, then you still have to run to the pharmacy and save yourself with medications.

                Elimination of hangover syndrome with the help of pharmacy drugs

                How to get away from a severe hangover at home? Everyone is trying to escape the problem by using traditional medicine.Getting out of a hangover, if ineptly using home treatment methods, will take a long time. If a person needs to go to work, and he has not yet passed the hangover syndrome, then it is better for him to use pharmaceutical preparations. Medicines have a large number of clear advantages, among which it should be noted:

                • the ability to remove all unpleasant symptoms at once;
                • a fairly quick and productive effect on the human body;
                • Great variety in terms of choice in every pharmacy.

                Drugs for eliminating hangover syndrome can be bought absolutely in any pharmacy and you do not need to have a doctor’s prescription. It is enough just to drink one pill and after a short period of time you can already wait for the result. The list of pharmacy products that can relieve hangover at home include the following drugs:

                1. Enterosgel.
                2. Tavegil.
                3. Medichronal.
                4. Lignosorb.
                5. Activated carbon.
                6. Polyphenol.

                Before starting taking pills, a person should carefully read the instructions for the drug. The user manual is included in the package and should be read carefully. With the help of pills, a person will be able to get rid of a headache, relieve nausea, eliminate weakness and even remove toxic substances from the body.

                Elimination of a hangover syndrome with an enema

                A hangover occurs only if a person has taken an excessive amount of alcohol.Many people get rid of this problem at home, or more precisely, they just wait until everything goes away by itself. It is strongly discouraged to do this, because a hangover is a visible sign of alcohol poisoning. To get rid of severe hangover weakness quickly, a person can use a regular enema. This technique helps to remove a severe hangover syndrome quite well, because it can bring the following result:

                • allows the body to completely get rid of toxic substances;
                • removes alcohol in a short period of time;
                • allows you to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of a severe hangover;
                • eliminates the effects of alcohol poisoning.

                An enema should be done according to the usual scheme. It is enough to lie on your side for about 30 minutes and the hangover symptoms will disappear.

                How to avoid a hangover if a person knows he will drink alcohol

                If a person has grandiose plans for the evening, then he should not drink too much and then there will be no problems in the morning. But being in a noisy and interesting company, people for some reason completely forget about it. But still, in order not to go into a heavy binge and avoid a morning hangover, a person will have to adhere to the following simple but effective measures:

                It is imperative to have a good snack, especially if you drink strong alcohol

                • Do not mix different alcoholic beverages with each other, for example, wine with cognac;
                • drink in small doses and be sure to take rather long breaks between drinks;
                • try not to drink hard drinks with water;
                • Be sure to have a good snack, especially if a person drinks strong alcohol;
                • If a person has hangover pills with him, then drink them before the moment when he starts to feel sick and headache;
                • it is not worth risking your health and drinking low quality alcohol, or some kind of substitute.

                Such preventive measures will help to avoid all the unpleasant moments of the morning hangover and preserve your own health. If, nevertheless, home treatment is required, then the selection of methods should be treated carefully. Although home remedies work well, they should not be used inattentively. A brine or tea and lemon should always be at hand in the house, it is good if there are potatoes and activated charcoal, because it is these products that can provide emergency assistance to a person who suffers from a hangover on the second day after the party.

                How to properly get rid of a hangover at home

                There are quite a few home emergency methods that help to solve the problem of hangover in the home very quickly. All methods of removing a hangover after a binge are effective only if they are used correctly. Often, binge drinking takes a very long time, and to speed up this process, you can use home treatment methods, but in order for them to become really effective, they should be used according to a certain principle:

                • if a remedy has its own recipe, then during the preparation process you should not deviate from this recipe;
                • if the instructions for the drug indicate that it is worth drinking 1/2 tablet, then you cannot use the whole one;
                • do not do the enema too often and do not reduce the number of procedures;
                • If the symptoms of a hangover do not go away for a long time, then you should seek help from a doctor.

                You shouldn’t drink alcohol on the same day after getting out of a hangover. Hangover syndrome should be considered a very serious problem, because it occurs precisely because the body has been poisoned with alcohol. Sometimes it is quite difficult to get rid of this condition, but many people cope with the presented task at home.

                If a person walked away from a hangover without using aids to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, then he will not want to see alcohol for a long time.Of course, here we are talking about a person who has retired from corporate drinking, and for those who regularly abuse alcohol, competent treatment in a hospital is already required.

                If for a person days pass exclusively with a glass of vodka, then it will be quite difficult to get him out of the state of toxic poisoning. To eliminate such a strong hangover, a person will have to go to a hospital, where they will completely cleanse the body.

                The easiest way to get rid of a hangover syndrome is with the help of pills, but not everyone has medications at hand.That is why it is worth looking for effective means to deal with the problem at home. You should not associate an extremely severe headache with such a concept as a hangover, because this problem has many other symptoms that you will have to get rid of separately. There are many drugs that are used to relieve hangover, but they are only effective if used correctly.

                During a hangover, a person should at least have a glass of orange or tomato juice, raw potatoes or pickle on hand.It is very good when there is Ginger at home, lemon and honey. No one says that the hangover syndrome will be completely eliminated in 5 minutes, but it will still pass faster than if the person does not take any measures at all. All methods of eliminating an alcoholic hangover must be used correctly and strictly according to the instructions, because only then can you get the best possible result.

                The fact that a person with a hangover still has alcohol and its decay products in the body is the main, although not the only reason for feeling unwell.A contrast shower will help a person quickly remove a hangover at home. If you alternate streams of cold and hot water, then a person will quickly come to his normal state. But

                A hangover is a condition familiar to almost every adult. Headache, nausea, pain in the right hypochondrium, heartburn, dry mouth are symptoms that interfere with work the day after a feast. What helps with a hangover best: folk remedies or medications? We tried to answer this question in this article.

                Folk remedies for a hangover

                Treatment of a hangover at home is most often carried out by means of traditional medicine.
                Many people have their own “family” recipes for dealing with poor health after the stormy holidays.

                Below we have reviewed home remedies for a hangover, which will quickly help to improve well-being and return a person to working capacity.

                Pickle helps from a hangover in the morning. It can be a cucumber, tomato, or cabbage drink.Thanks to its composition, the brine restores the electrolyte balance in the blood, fights dehydration, and tones up.

                The composition of the brine is very simple: salt, water, spices. These substances are necessary for the body after drinking alcohol. But you shouldn’t get carried away with this drink. One glass is enough. The concentration of salt in the brine is very high, and excessive use of it will worsen the condition.

                Please note that if you have a hangover, brine that does not contain vinegar is suitable.When you have a hangover, your stomach produces a lot of hydrochloric acid, and a vinegar-based brine will cause heartburn and stomach pain.

                Alkaline mineral water

                Thirst and dry mouth – symptoms of dehydration and intoxication. They can be removed using mineral water with an alkaline pH, such as Borjomi. Before consuming it, it is better to release gases, as they can irritate the stomach lining.

                You can drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

                Chicken broth

                Chicken broth helps to improve intestinal motility, electrolyte and water balance.Due to its nutritional value, this dish provides the body with energy. Chicken broth should not be eaten in case of morning sickness and stomach pain.

                While cooking, you can add salt, pepper, grated carrots and one whole onion. It is better to eat it not hot.


                This fermented milk drink is an effective hangover remedy. It starts the digestive system, improves bile flow, regulates stool and helps restore the microflora of the large intestine.

                Rosehip decoction is an excellent drink to restore the body after a hangover. It is good to drink it cooled and sweetened. Rosehip decoction has a slight diuretic effect and will help remove toxins and alcohol breakdown products from the body, improve kidney function and relieve swelling.

                Green tea

                Natural green tea contains a lot of antioxidants – substances that regulate oxidative processes in the body. It helps to eliminate toxins, cleanses the liver and kidneys.

                Remember that it is strictly forbidden to drink coffee during a hangover. This drink increases blood pressure, which is already increased in a person after a feast, and loads the cardiovascular system. Coffee can cause increased heart rate, nausea and severe pain in the temples, heartburn.

                With the help of a contrast shower, you can finally sober up and get rid of headaches.

                But taking a hot bath with a hangover is not desirable, it can provoke nausea and loss of consciousness.


                If you don’t have to drive and drive to work, you can get drunk. The dose of alcohol should be minimal: half a glass of vodka or a glass of beer. This method will quickly relieve nausea and headaches.

                Please note that it is prohibited to combine alcohol and drugs!


                A glass of milk will help relieve the sensation of heartburn in the stomach.
                Due to its alkaline environment, it quenches hydrochloric acid and improves well-being.

                Nutritious food

                In the morning, after yesterday’s feast, you should have a hearty breakfast. Food will help start the digestive system, activate the liver and pancreas. You can eat boiled meat, cereals, eggs, cottage cheese.

                It is better to abstain from fried and spicy foods, as a weakened organism may not be able to cope with it.

                Getting rid of a hangover with drugs

                Anti-hangover medications are available over the counter without a prescription.They should be used with care. Take a look at the recommendations for self-medication that we have listed below.

                • Before taking any medicine, read the instructions for it. Pay attention to dosage, contraindications.
                • Check the date of manufacture of the drug. Expired medicines can cause poisoning.
                • Do not take drugs that you have been allergic to.
                • Do not combine medicines with alcohol intake.If you decide to get drunk, you cannot take pills.
                • Look at the integrity of the packaging of the preparations. If damaged, some medicines can go bad and become dangerous and ineffective.

                The best hangover remedies are listed below.


                These drugs remove the remnants of alcohol and toxins from the intestines. They also help with diarrhea and gas. They should be taken separately from other medications. You can use any sorbents you have in your first aid kit.
                The most common ones:

                • activated carbon;
                • white coal;
                • sorbex;
                • atoxil;
                • smecta;
                • enterosgel.


                Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of a hangover. Because of them, the patient cannot drink water to combat dehydration. Medications for nausea come in pills and injection solutions.For home use, it is best to use the tablet form. They drink once a day in the morning. The action takes place in half an hour.

                Drug names:


              1. sturgeon;
              2. cerucal;
              3. metoclopramide.
              4. Antacids

                Antacids are a group of drugs that reduce the acidity of gastric juice. They are used to treat heartburn, sour belching and stomach pain. Such symptoms often accompany hangover.

                Antacids are not suitable for the systemic treatment of heartburn.
                They are indicated for the symptomatic relief of rare episodes.


                • almagel;
                • maalox;
                • phosphalugel.


                Rehydron is the best home remedy for dehydration. This drug in its composition resembles solutions that are used to rehydrate the body and drip intravenously.

                Rehydron is produced in portions, in sachets. One such sachet should be dissolved in a liter of plain water. You can drink 2-3 liters of such a solution per day.


                Enzyme preparations are indicated for indigestion. Due to the consumption of alcohol in large doses, the pancreas suffers first of all. Enzymes help unload this organ and give it time to recover.
                They are taken with meals.


                • Creon;
                • mezim;
                • pancreatin.


                For severe headache, pain relievers from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken. You can drink them only after meals, as they irritate the stomach lining.


                • analgin;
                • ibuprofen;
                • 90,037 ketans;

                • ketorolac;
                • paracetamol;
                • aspirin;
                • acetylsalicylic acid.

                Remember that if you have a hangover, you should not take the popular drug citramone because of the caffeine in its composition.

                Complex preparations for the treatment of a hangover

                On pharmacy counters you can find complex preparations for eliminating the consequences of a feast. They are designed specifically for first aid for a hangover
                and eliminate most of the symptoms of this condition, reduce the toxic effect of alcohol on the organs and systems of the body.

                The table below shows the main anti-hangover complex remedies that you can drink in the morning (after yesterday’s alcohol consumption):

                Drug name Main components Effects on the body
                • Mate tea extract
                • Licorice
                • Ginger
                • Vitamins of group B
                • Vitamin C
                • Antioxidants
                • Reduces the effect of alcohol on the liver and nervous system
                • Cleans the liver
                • Relieves pain in the head
                • Provides energy
                • Removes alcohol residues from the body.
                • Protects the liver, helps it recover
                • Acetylsalicylic acid
                • Citric acid
                • Reduces heartburn, stomach pain
                • Relieves headache
                • Restores blood pH
                • Arginine
                • Glutargin
                • Improves brain function
                • Cleans the liver from alcohol residues
                • Eliminates headache
                • Acetylsalicylic acid
                • Glycine
                • Citric acid
                • Eliminates heartburn
                • Fights thirst
                • Improves the functioning of the central nervous system
                • Removes pain and fogging in the head
                • Glucose
                • Vitamin C
                • Amino acids
                • Cleanses the liver and kidneys
                • Improves brain activity
                • Helps to finally sober up
                • Glycine
                • Glucose
                • Restores brain function
                • Removes alcohol from the body

                When to see a doctor

                Taking large doses of alcohol is a stressful situation for any organism.It negatively affects all organs and systems. Its toxic effect is more strongly reflected in people suffering from chronic diseases of the digestive system, kidneys and liver.

                Below we have collected alarming symptoms that indicate the need for immediate medical attention.

                • Impairment of consciousness, convulsions, hallucinations, profuse diarrhea indicate alcohol poisoning. This condition is very dangerous and can cause failure of internal organs, death.
                • Decreased visual acuity, a feeling of a veil before the eyes. This is a sign of methyl poisoning. Methyl alcohol is a technical substance that is widely used in various industries and in industry. By its smell, color and taste, it is identical to vodka, but it costs much less. When counterfeiting vodka, it can be used to reduce costs. The use of methanol in small doses leads to severe poisoning and complete blindness.
                • Yellowing of the sclera, mucous membranes and skin is a sign of serious pathology in the body.This may indicate hemolysis – the breakdown of erythrocytes, which occurs when poisoning with alcohol substitutes. Also, this symptom is characteristic of acute liver failure.
                • Dark, black vomiting and diarrhea. Such symptoms mean the onset of gastrointestinal bleeding. This complication occurs in people with ulcers or chronic gastritis. Bleeding can be profuse and fatal due to large blood loss.

                There are a huge number of drugs that help with hangover.Which one to choose is up to you. Before you start taking medications, carefully read the instructions, check the release date of the medication.
                Folk remedies for dealing with a hangover can be applied by everyone. Drinking plenty of fluids, a hearty breakfast and a contrast shower help to improve your well-being after a feast. If you are not feeling well, seek medical attention for qualified treatment.