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What to eat, and when to seek help

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Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can make it difficult to get or maintain an erection. Following certain diets or eating specific foods may be helpful.

In this article, we look at what foods people can include in their diet to help combat erectile dysfunction.

Share on PinterestFollowing a Mediterranean diet and eating foods rich in flavonoids may help people manage erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that makes a person unable either to get an erection or to keep it firm enough during sexual intercourse.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, ED affects roughly 30 million males in the United States.

Factors that can increase the chances of developing ED include:

According to 2016 research, the main cause of ED is poor vascular function. As a result, the risk factors for ED are the same as those for cardiovascular disease.

Some sources indicate that ED may be an early indicator of cardiovascular disease.

A healthful diet that includes certain foods may have the potential to improve ED.

According to an older study, cardiovascular disease and ED share underlying mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction. This dysfunction refers to the inability of the blood vessels to relax properly and widen to allow the blood to flow.

There is evidence that the Mediterranean diet reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease.

A 2017 review of four studies found that following a Mediterranean diet also helped reduce the risk of ED in males, as well as improving sexual function.

The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating that emphasizes healthful whole foods, including:

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • olive oil
  • fish
  • legumes
  • whole grains

Flavonoids are a group of plant compounds called phytonutrients that people can find in fruits and vegetables.

They may be able to improve endothelial function and blood pressure.

A 10-year prospective study of 25,096 males in middle age indicated that those who consumed the most flavonoids had a 9–11% reduced incidence of ED compared with those who consumed the least.

The authors observed that the chance of ED reduced by up to 19% in those who ate the following six flavonoid-rich foods and drinks:

  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • red wine
  • apples
  • pears
  • citrus products

Additionally, total fruit intake was associated with reducing risk by up to 14%.

L-arginine is an amino acid that people consume in protein-rich foods.

The body uses it to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a molecule that widens and relaxes blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the penis. Some research suggests that l-arginine levels are lower in males who have ED.

Foods that are good sources of l-arginine include:

  • poultry
  • red meat
  • fish
  • nuts
  • dairy products

A person can learn more about foods that are high in l-arginine here.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a plant in the Brassica family that some people claim helps improve sexual function.

A 2010 review found limited evidence for maca improving ED and concluded that more studies are necessary to establish its effectiveness and ideal dosage.

However, a 2019 study on mice suggested that maca was more effective for sexual function when researchers combined it with Chinese chive seed extract. Combining the two increased the production of nitric oxide.

People can buy maca as a powdered food supplement to sprinkle on cereals or include in smoothies or hot drinks. Maca is also available in capsule form.

People can purchase maca products online.

Nitrates are compounds in certain foods that can increase nitric oxide levels, according to a 2018 study. The research suggests that they may also reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

Foods that contain higher levels of nitrates include:

  • arugula
  • spinach
  • lettuce
  • radish
  • beetroot
  • Chinese cabbage

A person should see a doctor if they experience any of the following symptoms of ED:

  • they can get an erection sometimes, but not every time they want to have sex
  • they are not able to maintain an erection during intercourse
  • they are unable to get an erection at any time

A doctor is likely to ask the person about their medical and sexual history. They may also examine the person and carry out some tests.

If the doctor diagnoses the person with ED, they can then recommend treatments. They may also advise the person to make certain lifestyle changes that research has shown to be beneficial for sexual function. These may include doing more exercise, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, and reaching a moderate weight.

Learn more about treatment options for erectile dysfunction here.

It is also important to see a doctor so that they can rule out any other potential health issues, such as cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.

Eating certain foods and maintaining a healthful diet may help someone with ED. Doing this can be useful if someone is unable to take medication or finds that their medication is not effective.

A person should see their doctor if they have symptoms of ED. The doctor may also want to discuss any potential coexisting health issues.

People should also check with their doctor before taking any supplements or increasing the intake of certain foods, especially if they are on medication.

14 Foods That May Help ED

Medically reviewed by Kristin Hall, FNP Written by Our Editorial Team Last updated 2/02/2021

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a common condition in which you may find it difficult to develop or maintain an erection.

Although ED is often associated with age, it can affect men of all ages. In fact, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, an estimated 30 million men in the United States are affected by some level of ED.

Currently, the most effective way to treat ED is through the use of medications like sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra®) and others. 

However, making changes to your habits, lifestyle and diet can also help to improve your sexual performance and make it easier to get and keep an erection.

Below, we’ve listed foods that may help to treat erectile dysfunction by improving cardiovascular health, increasing blood flow and boosting your body’s production of sex-related hormones such as testosterone.  

We’ve also explained how making other lifestyle changes can improve your erectile health and make dealing with ED an easier process. 

Can Food Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Before we get into the specifics of using food to treat ED, it’s important to put the advice below in context.

ED can vary hugely in severity. For example, some men with ED can sometimes get hard with few or no issues, but occasionally struggle with erectile dysfunction. Others have persistent or ED that prevents them from getting an erection at any time.

If you have mild to moderate ED, making changes to your diet and lifestyle may make it easier for you to get an erection. If you couple dietary changes with improvements to your health, you may notice a lasting positive effect on your sexual performance. 

However, if you have severe or persistent ED, changing your diet isn’t likely to be as effective as proven, science-based medication. 

As such, it’s important to put the dietary side of treating ED into context. Changing your diet can and likely will help you to improve your erectile health. However, if your ED is severe, it’s best to think of it as one aspect of the treatment and improvement process. 

We’ve talked more about the other steps in the process, including medications for ED, in our full guide to erectile dysfunction symptoms, causes and treatments. 

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How Erections Work

Getting an erection seems simple. After all, when you’re sexually aroused and stimulated, it’s just something that happens naturally. 

However, behind the scenes, a complicated, multi-stage process involving your brain, vascular system and penis is involved in producing and maintaining every erection you get. 

Erections start with stimulation. This may involve physical contact with someone else or visual sexual stimuli in the form of porn.

In response to sexual stimulation, impulses from your brain and nerves cause blood to flow into the soft erectile tissue of your penis, called the corpora cavernosa. As blood flows in, pressure builds, causing your penis to increase in size and become firmer.

At the same time, the tunica albuginea — a fibrous membrane that surrounds the erectile tissue of your penis — contracts, trapping blood inside your penis and allowing you to stay hard during sex.

Since blood flow plays such a major role in the process of getting and maintaining an erection, preventing ED is all about maintaining good cardiovascular health. It’s also about avoiding any health issues that may increase your risk of developing ED.

These include being overweight or obese, smoking, not staying physically active, drinking too much alcohol, using certain types of medication or having a health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure or atherosclerosis (clogged arteries).

Foods That May Help Erectile Dysfunction

Numerous foods may help to improve erectile health and help with erectile dysfunction, either by improving blood flow or increasing testosterone production.

We’ve listed these foods below, along with more information on how each can help and how you can incorporate it into your diet. 

Spinach, Lettuce & Other Nitrate-Rich Vegetables

Spinach, lettuce and several other vegetables are rich in nitrates — natural chemical compounds that have a vasodilating effect.

Nitrates affect a process called the nitrate‐nitrite‐nitric oxide pathway, in which nitrates in some types of food are recycled in blood and tissue to produce nitric oxide, an important molecule for your vascular health and blood flow.

By promoting blood flow, the nitrates in spinach and other vegetables may increase blood flow to the penis and treat the physical side of erectile dysfunction. 

Most vegetables contain nitrates. Research shows that green, leafy vegetables such as parsley, spinach and beet leaves tend to have the highest concentration of nitrates, with root vegetables and fruit vegetables containing lower amounts.

Oysters & Other Shellfish

Oysters and other shellfish are rich in zinc — an essential mineral that’s linked to higher levels of testosterone.

As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone plays a key role in your sexual functioning as a man. When your testosterone levels are low, you may feel less interested in sex and experience issues like erectile dysfunction.

Research shows that zinc supplementation is associated with an increase in testosterone levels in men.

Zinc can be found in a wide variety of foods. Overall, oysters contain by far the highest levels of zinc of any common food. In fact, a single serving of oysters contains 673 percent of the daily reference intake for zinc.

Other foods that contain zinc include crab, lobster, beef, pork, beans, chicken, fortified breakfast cereals, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds. Zinc is also commonly available as a supplement. 

Proteins Containing L-Arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid that’s found in meat and other sources of protein. It’s used to create nitric oxide, an essential component of the smooth muscle relaxation that allows you to get and maintain an erection when you’re sexually aroused.

You can find l-arginine in most protein-rich foods, including many types of red meat, poultry and seafood. It’s also found in dairy and nuts. L-arginine is also widely available as a supplement for athletic performance and general wellbeing. 

Research, including a study published in Andrology, has noted that men with ED often have low levels of l-arginine.

Another study from 2003 found that a combination of l-arginine and pycnogenol (a type of bark from the Pinus pinaster tree) helped men affected by ED to regain normal sexual performance over the course of several months.

Cocoa, Dark Chocolate & Other Flavonoid-Rich Foods

While most of us view chocolate as a treat rather than a medicinal food, dark types of chocolate may offer benefits if you have ED.

Research has found that a higher intake of foods that are rich in flavonoids (naturally-occurring plant chemicals with antioxidant effects) is associated with a reduced risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Flavonoids are found in numerous common foods, including nuts and tea leaves. However, one of the food types with the highest flavonoid content is cocoa. Because of this, foods based on cocoa such as dark chocolate are rich, delicious sources of flavonoids.

In addition to chocolate, other flavonoid-rich foods include nuts, grains and many common fruits and vegetables. You can also find flavonoids in red wine and many types of tea. 

While eating chocolate in excess obviously isn’t a good idea for your general health, eating one or two small pieces of dark chocolate each day is unlikely to hurt, all while potentially helping to maintain healthy blood flow and erections. 

Tomatoes, Watermelon & Other Lycopene-Rich Fruits

Tomatoes, watermelon, guavas, papaya and other fruits are all great sources of lycopene — an important plant-based nutrient that has antioxidant properties.

Lycopene is associated with several health benefits, including improved vascular function and prevention of certain cardiovascular health issues.

While very little research is available on the potential effects of lycopene on sexual performance in humans, some animal research has found that lycopene may play a role in improving erectile health. 

For example, one study published in 2012 found that lycopene restored erectile function in male rats with ED.

Another animal study found that lycopene may have certain benefits for cardiovascular health — an important component of erectile function.

While these studies are interesting, it’s important to remember that findings from animal studies don’t always translate into the same effects in humans.

Many fruits and vegetables are also rich in other nutrients and compounds that may help to treat ED. For example, watermelon contains the amino acid L-citrulline, which is linked to a variety of vascular health benefits.

In a scientific review published in 2017, researchers found that L-citrulline supplementation can increase nitric oxide levels, reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow.

Another study found that a combination of L-citrulline and resveratrol improved erectile function in men who used PDE5 inhibitors (medications like sildenafil or tadalafil) to treat ED.


Avocados are rich in dietary fiber and healthy fats that can contribute to better cardiovascular health and blood flow.

Research has found that avocados may help to lower levels of low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, a form of cholesterol that can clog arteries and affect blood flow.

Avocados are also rich in zinc, an essential mineral that’s associated with an increased level of testosterone production in research.

Finally, avocados contain small amounts of vitamin E and selenium, both of which are linked to improvements in sperm motility, semen quality and male fertility.

While there’s no direct scientific research on avocados and erectile dysfunction, these effects could make avocados a good addition to your diet for improved fertility and sexual health.


As we’ve discussed in our full guide to caffeine and ED, there may be a link between coffee and erectile health, although research on this topic is mixed overall. 

A study published in PLoS One in 2015 analyzed the relationship between coffee drinking and erectile dysfunction. As part of the study, 3,724 men aged 20 and above were surveyed about their eating and drinking habits, as well as their erectile health.

The study found that men who consumed the least caffeine were more likely to report ED than men who consumed the equivalent of one to two cups of coffee per day.

A different study published in 2018, on the other hand, found no difference in ED risk between men who consumed the highest amount of coffee (four or more cups per day) and the lowest amount (zero cups per day).

In short, the jury is still out on whether or not coffee improves ED. While some research shows that it may have some impact on erectile health and sexual performance, other studies haven’t found a significant correlation.

The Mediterranean Diet

Although it’s not a food per se, research shows that the foods that make up the Mediterranean diet are generally a good option for improving cardiovascular wellbeing, blood flow and erectile health. 

There’s even some research showing that following the Mediterranean diet may lower your risk of developing ED. 

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. It uses olive oil as its source of fat and includes protein sources such as fish, poultry, dairy products and eggs in low to moderate amounts.

It also emphasizes limiting simple sugars, salt, refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and heavily processed or fatty meats.

Since the Mediterranean diet is ideal for reducing your risk of cardiovascular health issues, it may be a  good choice for optimizing your sexual performance and erectile health.

A review of four clinical trials published in 2017 found that adherence to a Mediterranean diet is linked to a reduced risk of developing ED.  

The researchers noted that the Mediterranean diet’s positive effects on antioxidants, lipids and glucose metabolism, as well as its effects on arginine levels may increase levels of nitric oxide in the body to protect against ED.

Other Ways to Improve Sexual Performance

Since erectile health is so closely linked to your general health, maintaining good habits and a healthy lifestyle can often help to improve your sexual performance. Try the following habits to improve your sexual performance and reduce your risk of ED:

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity and ED are closely linked with each other — in fact, research shows that having a body mass index (BMI) in the obese range triples your risk of erectile dysfunction.

    To reduce your risk of dealing with erectile dysfunction, try to maintain a healthy body weight. Although BMI is far from ideal, aiming for a BMI in the normal range is a good way to limit your risk of developing erectile health issues.

  • Exercise regularly. Research shows that aerobic exercise is linked to improvements in sexual performance. For example, a review of five studies found that men with ED who engage in regular exercise experience significant improvements in erectile health.

    Exercising regularly, along with eating a healthy diet, also plays a major role in helping you to maintain a healthy body weight. 

  • If you smoke, try to quit. Research shows that smoking is a major risk factor for ED, with the amount of tobacco you smoke closely correlated with your risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

    If you smoke, make an effort to quit. Our guide to quitting goes into more detail on your options for quitting tobacco, dealing with nicotine cravings and staying smoke-free over the long term. 

  • Limit your alcohol consumption. Research shows that chronic and persistent alcohol consumption is closely associated with sexual dysfunction, including ED.

    While it’s okay to drink every now and then, drinking large amounts of alcohol regularly isn’t good for your erectile health. Try to follow the CDC’s recommendation of no more than two drinks per day for men (or one per day for women).

Making other changes to your lifestyle, such as reducing stress and treating underlying medical issues such as high blood pressure, can also have a positive impact on your sexual health and performance.

We’ve talked more about good habits and lifestyle changes for improving your erectile health in our guide to natural ways to protect your erection. 

Science-Based Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Although making changes to your diet and lifestyle can improve your sexual performance and make ED less severe, the most effective way to treat erectile dysfunction is through the use of science-based, FDA-approved medication. Options include:

  • Sildenafil. The active ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil provides relief from ED for around four hours.
  • Tadalafil. The active ingredient in Cialis®, tadalafil is a long-lasting medication that can provide relief from ED for up to 36 hours.
  • Vardenafil. The active ingredient in Levitra®, vardenafil can provide relief from ED for slightly longer than sildenafil.
  • Avanafil. Sold at Stendra®, avanafil is a new ED medication that’s fast-acting and less likely to cause certain side effects than older medications. 

We offer many of these medications online, following a consultation with a healthcare professional who will determine if a prescription is appropriate.

You can learn more about how these ED medications work, their effects, side effects and more in our guide to the most common erectile dysfunction treatments. 

In Conclusion

If you have erectile dysfunction, adding certain foods to your diet can help to improve your heart health, promote optimal blood flow and make it easier to get an erection.  

Over the long term, improving your diet and habits can also have a huge positive impact on your life as a whole, especially if you’re currently experiencing ED due to obesity, too little exercise or another physical health issue. 

With this said, it’s important to put the effects of an erection-friendly diet in context. While eating more spinach or avocados is generally a good thing for your erectile health, improving your diet, for the most part, won’t cause your ED to immediately disappear.

If you have moderate or severe ED, it’s best to talk to a licensed healthcare provider. They’ll be able to work with you and provide information about ED medications and other techniques that you can use to treat erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual performance.

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This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

25 Foods That Help You Stay Erect

If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, or not being able to get and stay hard during sex, your diet could have something to do with it. It turns out a crappy diet can do more than wreck your waistline—it can sink your erection, too.

Think about it: Some of the smallest blood vessels and nerves in your body can be found in your penis, says Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., a urologist at Orlando Health. So if you’re slamming down junk like pizza and fries every day, your blood vessels down under may get clogged with fat and cholesterol.

This restricts blood flow to your penis, preventing you from getting hard when you’re ready for action and even putting your heart health at risk down the road. Many of these foods can increase your chances of developing high blood pressure, too.

It may sound wacky, but you should treat your penis like a luxury car, says Dr. Brahmbhatt. To keep your ride running smoothly, you need to fill it with the recommended fuel and keep up with the suggested maintenance. Well, your penis needs the same—like healthy foods and plenty of exercise—to keep it going strong, he says.

Filling up with the right foods can boost your testosterone, strengthen your sperm, and supercharge your erection. Even better, a good diet will keep your heart healthy. So, what do we recommend as premium fuel? These 25 foods are a good place to start.

Watermelon, Pumpkin, Cucumber

Westend61Getty Images

A 2011 study published in the journal Urology evaluated 24 men who took L-citrulline and placebo and rated the “hardness” of their erections. When the men took the supplement, erections were rated as harder than when they took the placebo. Foods that contain high levels of L-citrulline include watermelon, pumpkin, and cucumbers.

Turkey, Chicken, Peanuts, Soybeans

Kseniya OvchinnikovaGetty Images

A 2019 meta-analysis published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine concluded that arginine was useful to treat mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Foods high in arginine include turkey, chicken, peanuts, and soybeans.

A note on these first two sections: Keep in mind that a few watermelon slices or a handful of soybeans won’t magically transform your erection. “Most of the supplements offered in these studies for erectile dysfunction included high concentrations of L-citrulline and arginine, so it’s unlikely that eating a few cucumbers or an entire watermelon will lead to a rock-hard erection,” notes Michael Ingber, MD, a urologist and urogynecologist at Garden State Urology.

Spinach, Arugula, Celery

Westend61Getty Images

“Nitric Oxide is one of the key ingredients in developing a good erection,” Ingber says. It increases blood flow to the genitals and is essential in maintaining an erection. “Many of our currently available medical therapies focus on this.”

Foods that can increase nitric oxide include spinach, arugula, and celery.


Alexander SpatariGetty Images

Your morning coffee may improve your sex life, according to a study of more than 3,700 men from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Those who downed the equivalent of 2 to 3 cups of a coffee a day—between 170 to 375 milligrams (mg) of caffeine—were less likely to report erectile dysfunction (ED) issues than men who skipped their cup of Joe.

Why? Caffeine triggers a series of effects in your body that help the arteries in your penis relax and blood flow to increase, producing an effect similar to ED drugs like Viagra, the study authors explain.

Salmon, Egg Yolks, Fortified Milk

Karl TapalesGetty Images

Your D needs vitamin D, suggests one Austrian study—and the foods above are great sources of it.

After researchers had men take either 3,332 IU of vitamin D or a placebo per day for a year, they found that free testosterone levels—the powerhouse behind your sex drive—significantly increased in guys loading up with vitamin D.

Plus, insufficient D levels may also increase your risk for erectile dysfunction, Italian researchers found. When you don’t get enough vitamin D, you produce free radicals that decrease nitric oxide in your body, a compound that helps your blood vessels function, the researchers say.

Without it, your blood vessels can’t relax, hindering the flow of blood to your penis. That makes it difficult for you to get hard, says Larry Lipshultz, M.D., chief of male reproductive medicine and surgery at Baylor College of Medicine.

So how much D do you really need? That’s still up for debate: The National Institutes of Health recommend getting 600 IU daily, while the Endocrine Society notes that some people may need to go much higher with 1,500 to 2,000 IU a day. Talk to your doctor to find out what works best for you.

Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts

MirageCGetty Images

Need a snack? Choose nuts, researchers from Turkey suggest. After 17 men with ED ate 100 grams of pistachios for three weeks, they all reported a significant improvement in their erectile function, ability to orgasm, libido, sexual satisfaction, and overall happiness in life. As a bonus, they all had higher HDL, or “good,” cholesterol and lower LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol, too.

Pistachios contain a high amount of an amino acid that boosts nitric oxide in your body, the researchers say. And like almonds, walnuts, and most other nuts, they’re a great source of healthy fats, which are good for your heart and therefore your penis, says Dr. Brahmbhatt.

Blueberries, Oranges

Westend61Getty Images

Only 13 percent of Americans eat enough fruit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Big mistake: Eating enough of the right ones can work wonders to improve your sexual health.

In a 10-year study of more than 25,000 men, Harvard University researchers found that men who ate foods packed with certain flavonoids—anthocyanins, flavanones, and flavones—had a lower ED risk than guys who didn’t eat as much of them. The effect was particularly strong among those under 70 years old.

In fact, men who ate flavonoid-rich foods—like blueberries, strawberries, apples, and citrus fruits—a few times a week reduced their ED risk by 9 to 11 percent compared to those who ate them less frequently. The researchers speculate that flavonoids found in these foods may help improve the health of your blood vessels by relaxing your arteries.

Bonus points if you like to break a sweat: Men who were physically active (consider that 2 to 5 hours of brisk walking a week) and ate flavonoid-rich fruits reduced their ED risk by 21 percent.

So make sure you‘re fitting enough in your diet: The U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend consuming two cups of fruit every day. (This handy chart can help you figure out portion sizes.)

Legumes, Whole Grains, Olive Oil

fcafotodigitalGetty Images

Since the Mediterranean diet is good for your heart, it’s not exactly surprising that it may benefit your penis, too. Heart disease is actually one of the most common causes of ED. Once plaque starts to build up in your blood vessels, the ones in your penis are the first to get blocked up.

So to truly test the diet’s benefits, Italian researchers had 35 men with diagnosed with ED and metabolic syndrome—a group of factors linked to heart health problems—load up their plates with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and fish. Another 30 men with metabolic syndrome followed a control diet.

After two years, about one third of the men following the Mediterranean diet regained normal sexual functioning and saw lower levels of inflammation in their bodies.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure why the diet could help men with ED, but they believe the combination of eating more fiber-filled and antioxidant-rich foods may have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps promote healthy blood flow, the study authors say.

And you don’t have to be dealing with heart problems to notice the diet’s benefits in the bedroom. Men who eat lots of monounsaturated fats (a Mediterranean diet staple), like fish and nuts, also have the highest levels of testosterone, research suggests.

Other studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet can help you drop a few pounds, and a healthy body weight is linked to stronger erections. That’s because extra weight can harm your vascular function, which interrupts blood flow to your penis. A study of more than 7,000 adults published in The Lancet found the Mediterranean diet can help people lose weight without counting calories. It’s particularly great at reducing belly fat, which raises your risk of heart disease.

Peppers, Peaches

Kristin LeeGetty Images

Vitamin C is key for healthy sperm, according to research from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

In the study, researchers divided 75 men—all heavy smokers with poor semen quality— into three groups. One group took 200 mg of vitamin C, another took 1,000 mg, and the last group took a placebo.

After four weeks, the 200-mg group improved their sperm quality by 15 percent, meaning they not only had a higher sperm count, but their sperm were able to swim more efficiently and survive longer, too.

What’s more, the 1000-mg group more than doubled that by 40 percent. Vitamin C seems to protect your sperm’s DNA from cell-damaging free radicals, the researchers say. That’s important, since damaged sperm might mess with your ability to conceive when you’re ready to have a kid.

Aim for a minimum of 90 mg and no more than 2,000 mg of vitamin C a day, suggests the National Institutes of Health. While the participants in the study popped a supplement, you can easily get your daily dose through vitamin-C rich foods, which is always your best bet. Of course oranges are the most obvious choice, but yellow peppers, peaches, and spinach are great sources of vitamin C.

Additional reporting by Christa Sgobba

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The Best Foods to Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that some of the greatest solutions for below-the-belt problems are sitting right on top of the dinner table? Erectile Dysfunction can occur in men of all ages and with age, the likelihood of developing ED becomes greater. Diet plays an important role in maintaining a healthy sex life; It can help decrease the likelihood of erectile dysfunction and also will provide a wealth of health benefits. Here are some foods and drinks that our specialists at Corewave Therapy™ believe you should add to your daily meals.


Do you start your morning with a hot cup of coffee? If so, then you’re already on your way to combating erectile dysfunction. It is recommended that you drink up to two or three cups of coffee a day for this simple reason; Your body can use the caffeine. Caffeine is said to increase blood flow by relaxing the muscles and arteries in your body. This means easier blood flow to the genitals, resulting in stronger erections. Certain teas, like Macha, are similarly beneficial (for those of you who don’t like coffee).


Avocados have become increasingly popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why. Avocados can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, whether it’s in a salad or simply on top of toast. In addition to that, the health benefits of this fruit are amazing. Avocados are rich in zinc, which according to the American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP) has been known to increase testosterone levels. They also contain Vitamin E, which boosts your sperm count.


Spinach contains a vitamin that produces a certain kind of body acid that can benefit your sex life. Eating spinach can create folic acid for your body, which has been linked to boosts in testosterone. Your body craves the folate found in spinach and eating the appropriate amount of spinach can result in up to 66% of your daily folic acid. Much like avocados, spinach can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, which makes it easier for you to eat healthier and maintain your virility.


Of course, a healthy sex life means having a healthy life overall. It’s important that your heart is in great condition and potassium helps in fighting heart disease and other cardiac issues. Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps both your heart and your sex drive. It’s important to be aware of just how connected your major organs are to your sex life. A healthy heart means healthier blood flow, which results in a healthier sex life.


You might not think that chocolate can be healthy for you, but it has been shown to increase testosterone. Dark chocolate has been known to increase your levels of serotonin, which greatly affects your mood. In addition to that, the consumption of chocolate (like coffee) can lead to easier blood flow in the arteries, meaning healthier erections and an increased interest in sex. Sometimes a little dessert isn’t such a bad idea.

When you live a busy lifestyle, it is common to let your diet suffer, but you need to keep the food you consume in mind to benefit your overall health and prevent ED. By drinking coffee and adding foods like chocolate, spinach, bananas, avocados to your daily meals, you will literally feel the benefits. For any questions or further treatment, we are here for you.

Our expert doctors at Corewave™ will work with you to ensure that you get back to living life to the fullest. To learn more about ED and Corewave™, check out our blog.

Best Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction involves a mix of both physical and mental components. Causes can range from problems with the nervous system to stress in your relationships. Reaching and maintaining an erection can also have a lot to do with lifestyle and dietary choices. Luckily, there are plenty of natural methods for how to keep an erection without medication, from incorporating erectile dysfunction exercises into your routine to changing your diet. Have you been wondering whether your diet is helping or hurting your sexual function? Read on. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top foods for erectile dysfunction so you can know what to put (and what not to put) on your next grocery list. From spinach to shiitake mushrooms, a well-balanced and healthy diet can increase blood flow and sperm quality and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Plus, it will help to keep you fit and trim — which not only helps with erectile dysfunction — but can aid in your overall body image, too.


Spinach is rich in magnesium, which helps to decrease inflammation in blood vessels and increase blood flow. It’s also rich in folate, another key nutrient that increases blood flow to the penis. As a bonus, spinach is filled with appetite-suppressing compounds, which can help aid in weight loss.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants, which support blood flow and help to improve erectile dysfunction. Not only is a cup of pomegranate juice tasty, but it’s an easy liquid ingredient to add to your list of healthy foods that help erections.


Eggs contain choline, a natural chemical that burns fat and triggers the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, or NO, relaxes the arteries and helps with blood flow. Eggs are also high in vitamins B5 and B6, which help to balance hormones and combat stress. Although there’s not exactly a miracle list of foods to cure erectile dysfunction, eggs can certainly be part of your treatment plan.

Shiitake Mushrooms

While on the topic of choline, out of all vegetables, shiitake mushrooms have the highest levels (nearly double the amount found in egg yolk). They’re also filled with zinc and vitamin D, which help you maintain a healthy testosterone level.


The University of Texas found that men who drank two to three cups of coffee a day (85 to 170 milligrams) were 42 percent less likely to have erectile dysfunction than those who only drank seven milligrams per day. Scientists believe this is because coffee works as a stimulant, triggering various reactions in the body and also increasing blood flow.


Pistachios contain arginine, a protein that helps to relax blood flow and improve circulation. You can sprinkle them into salads, oatmeal, or eat them by the handful as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Olive oil

Olive oil is chock full of heart-healthy benefits and is one of our top foods that help erections. As a polyunsaturated fat, it is known to have certain protective effects against the heart. But the good news is, it’s not only good for the blood vessels in the heart, but for the blood vessels of the penis, too.


Oysters have long been regarded as an aphrodisiac. But due to their high levels of zinc, they’re also a large supporter of erections. Zinc also helps to build testosterone, which supports libido and sperm production. Although foods to cure erectile dysfunction aren’t exactly an option, foods with zinc can certainly be part of the solution.


Bananas are rich in potassium, which aids in heart health and circulation. Having enough potassium in your diet can also help keep your sodium and blood pressure levels under control. Add bananas to your morning bowl of oatmeal or your afternoon smoothie.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt packs a punch with B12, protein, and potassium. If you’re looking for foods that help erections and can easily be customized with berries, citrus fruits, and nuts, Greek yogurt is a great option. It will keep your heart healthy and aid in circulation, which will also help you maintain healthy erectile function.


Clams are packed with Vitamin B12, which is known to enhance erections. They’re also high in L-arginine, the amino acid that converts to nitric oxide and causes your blood vessels to relax, thus aiding in blood flow.


It’s no surprise that broccoli comes with a wide array of health benefits. But did you know it also contains vitamin C, which boosts blood circulation and has been linked to improved libido? Whether you’re having it steamed or roasted, broccoli is a good one to add to the list of foods for erectile dysfunction.


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that gives them their red color. Antioxidants are good for blood vessels in both the heart and the penis. One study found that tomatoes help improve the shape of a man’s sperm (those with high tomato intake had approximately 8-10 percent more normal sperm than those with low tomato intake).


Ginger not only aids in blood flow, but it improves your artery health as well. A study in the International Journal of Cardiology found that eating just a teaspoon a few times a week was enough to offer its heart-healthy benefits. Add ginger to your list of sweet and spicy foods for erectile dysfunction.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only delicious and a good after-dinner treat. Cacao actually increases your serotonin levels, which can lower stress levels and boost your sexual desire. It also increases blood flow through the arteries and relaxes the blood vessels (which helps to send blood to all the right parts of the body).


From cayenne peppers to chili peppers, this ingredient is one of our easy-to-incorporate suggested foods for erectile dysfunction. Peppers are a good choice, as they help to relax the blood vessels and promote better blood flow. Serrano peppers, in particular, are also packed with quercetin, a nutrient that’s been shown to boost your body’s testosterone levels.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits, especially grapefruits, are an easy one to add to the list of foods that help erections. Citrus fruits are high in fiber and help to promote weight loss. Like tomatoes, pink grapefruit is also packed with lycopene.

Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins to help boost your metabolism and eliminate free radicals, which damage the blood vessels. This elimination helps the blood flow more freely throughout the whole body.


Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent corporal Veno-occlusive dysfunction (CVOD) — a leading cause of erectile dysfunction.


Like bananas, potatoes are another one of the foods that help erectile dysfunction, thanks to their potassium levels.

Red Wine

Like some of the other foods on this list, red wine contains nitric oxide and the compound quercetin. A glass of red wine will also help ease your mental anxieties and stress, which can help with your overall performance in the bedroom. Keep in mind that excessive alcohol can have the opposite effect, so it’s important not to overdo it.


Walnuts are another good food source of arginine (the amino acid that helps your body make nitric oxide to help with blood flow). A sprinkle of walnuts on your Greek yogurt or a small handful as a snack will fuel you up and get the blood flowing.


Oats and oatmeal are other good sources of L-arginine. They also help lower cholesterol levels and decrease your risk for clogged arteries and poor blood flow. Whip up a big batch in the morning, then top it with other ingredients that help erectile function, like sliced bananas, a drizzle of olive oil, or a dollop of Greek yogurt. Whether you’re implementing a square of dark chocolate or a teaspoon of ginger, changing your diet can boost your overall health and contribute to better sexual function. And while you’re on the hunt for foods that help erectile dysfunction, it’s also good to know which foods to avoid. It’s a good idea to steer clear of fried food, soda, processed and red meat, too much alcohol, and anything too high in sodium. When you’re writing up your grocery list for tonight’s dinner menu, keep this in mind: a healthy heart leads to a healthy sexual life, too. You can also check out our ED products at Giddy. Backed by science and designed for comfort, Giddy offers ED treatment without the need for appointments or pills. Our ED devices are preferred to other ED treatments for a handful of reasons:

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Plus, they’re sleek and sexy. Alongside that glass of pomegranate juice or an extra serving of broccoli, Eddie by Giddy can help boost your confidence in the bedroom. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today or visit the FAQ section of our website.


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Foods For Erectile Dysfunction | LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor UK

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence is defined as the persistent inability to attain and maintain an erection enough for satisfactory sexual performance. Mr Baghdadi (Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Specialist in Infertility at BMI The Priory Hospital) explains the impact of food and diet on erectile dysfunction.

Why does erectile dysfunction happen?

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition. It is estimated that 50% of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will have it at different severities. The causes can be both physical and psychological. The former is caused by narrowing of the blood vessels leading to the penis and is most commonly linked with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, hormonal issues and injury or surgery. Psychological causes can include mental illnesses such as, anxiety and depression. Relationship problems can also affect erectile dysfunction.

Can your diet affect erectile dysfunction?

Certain dietary choices can certainly increase the risk of men getting erectile dysfunction. As erectile dysfunction is a blood flow related problem, your blood vessels need to be in good health, therefore by eating healthy foods, it reduces your risk of common vascular problems caused by high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high triglyceride levels and obesity.

Excessive alcohol consumption can also increase a man’s risk of getting erectile dysfunction and can make it worse. If you drink regularly and you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, you should try and reduce your intake or give it up to see if this helps.

Considering ED treatment?

View our ED treatments

Foods that help you stay erect

Healthy lifestyle habits such as those recommended to prevent heart disease may help prevent erectile dysfunction. Eating the recommended amount of fruit, vegetables and whole grain products are all foods that can help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. Try to limit your intake of red meat, full fat dairy, sugary food or drink and food with excessively unhealthy fats. A Mediterranean diet in particular has been associated with a lower prevalence of erectile dysfunction. Ensuring you’re getting regular exercise can also help prevent it.

After changing your diet, how long does it take to see a change?

Seeing a change after altering your diet depends entirely on the individual. The severity of erectile dysfunction prior to changing your diet and other major health problems will affect this. If you don’t see a change, perhaps consider other lifestyle factors that might also be affecting it such as, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or drug use. Make an appointment with your GP to discuss investigation and treatment. 

It’s important to note that erectile dysfunction could possibly be a sign of an underlying condition or health issue. If you continue to get erectile dysfunction after you’ve made changes to your diet, please make an appointment with your GP to discuss this or do a free ED assessment from LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor. 

To find out more from BMI Healthcare read their 10 tips to prevent male impotence, 



11 foods that reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction

Out of all the 52 foods that boost penis health, there are 10 major ones that can dramatically cut your risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) according to brand new research.

In the study—published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition—researchers collected data from more than 50,000 middle-aged men. Since 1986, the men were asked about their ability to have and maintain an erection during intercourse, their body weight, physical activity, caffeine consumption, and their smoking habits every four years.

Researchers discovered men who regularly consumed flavanoid-rich foods—especially those with anthocyanins, flavones, and flavanones—experienced a significantly reduced risk of the disorder than those who did not. Good news since the foods are already popular in American diets. Lead researcher Aedin Cassidy says, “…the top sources of anthocyanins, flavones and flavanones consumed in the U.S. are strawberries, blueberries, red wine, apples, pears and citrus products.”

Overall, men with a higher total intake of fruit saw a 14 percent reduced risk of ED, whereas men who consumed foods rich in anthocynanin, flavones, and flavanones, had a 10 percent reduced risk of ED. What’s more, consumping several servings of these foods each week is as beneficial for your manhood as briskly walking for five hours each week. But, if you really want to reap the benefits, men who exercised and consumed flavanoid-rich foods experienced a whopping 21 percent reduced risk of erectile dysfunction.

Though this disorder is more common in older men, Cassidy and her team “found that the benefits were strongest among younger men,” according to a press release. And lets’s face it, no man (or woman) wants to encounter a “failure to launch.” So, rather than going the medicinal route, stock up on these 10 powerful eats instead.

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90,000 Treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction – Online appointment in Sochi

Impotence is the inability to maintain an erection at a sufficient level for intercourse. Similar disorders occur in 52% of men. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age, however, it is more common in mature men. Violation of potency usually occurs in men aged 40 to 70 years.

When this problem arises, men have many questions: how to cope with a disorder of this nature, how to cope with psychological problems, etc.etc., the specialists of the URO-PRO clinic are ready to answer all your questions and provide effective treatment.

Features of early impotence

Many people used to think that only men over 40 years old have difficulties with potency, but now more and more doctors have to look for the causes of erectile problems and ways to restore potency in very young guys. Early impotence requires finding the necessary medications.

Even a completely healthy man may develop certain erectile dysfunctions, but if these problems recur periodically or persist, you should definitely seek the advice of a specialist.

Forms of erection dysfunction

Treatment of impotence is prescribed based on the causes of its occurrence. Impotence can be divided into three types:

  • organic;
  • psychogenic;
  • mixed.

The psychogenic form of impotence is characterized by the fact that it suppresses the central nervous system, as well as the mechanism of erection itself. Psychogenic disorders include depression, phobias, etc. Disorders associated with psychological problems are usually caused by complexes that have developed throughout a man’s life.Often, psychogenic erectile dysfunction is cumulative in nature – complexes accumulate and eventually make themselves felt.

Organic impotence is vasculogenic, hormonal and psychogenic. The vasculogenic form of ED occurs due to arterial and veno-occlusive disorders.

Against the background of organic dysfunction, psychogenic pathologies can also occur.

Symptoms of impotence

Experts generally distinguish three types of erection:

  • adequate;
  • spontaneous;
  • and masturbatory.

An adequate type of erection is an erection that occurs during intercourse. Spontaneous erection is reflex, it occurs outside of sexual intercourse, mainly in the REM sleep phase and disappears upon awakening.

Psychogenic impotence is characterized by an unexpected weakening of an adequate erection while maintaining spontaneous and masturbatory. The quality of the erectile function can be influenced by the sexual attractiveness of the partner, the form of behavior and the peculiarity of the situation.In some cases, there is a disorder of ejaculation, orgasm and desire.

Erectile disorders of a vasculogenic nature can lead to a gradual weakening of not only an adequate erection, but also spontaneous, and sometimes to absolute impotence, while maintaining sexual desire. With vascular lesions, periods are possible when a man’s erection is completely absent.

Multisystem vascular lesions can cause “steal syndrome”: during active movements, the erection weakens due to the redistribution of blood to the working muscles.An increased erection in the standing position, but weakened in the supine position may indicate vasculogenic impotence.

The onset of impotence for a neurogenic reason depends on the degree of damage to the central nervous system. Neurogenic receptors can suppress both adequate and spontaneous erection.

Erectile dysfunction, which occurs against the background of androgenic deficiency, develops gradually and is characterized by a decrease in desire.

Reasons for ED

Erectile dysfunction can appear for various reasons associated with impaired blood flow to the corpora cavernosa.Arterial changes that cause blood to drain from the penis can negatively affect erectile function.

Often, a decrease in erection occurs against the background of other diseases, for example, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus or arterial hypertension. Erectile dysfunction can appear with overexertion, depression and other depressed conditions.

However, not only diseases can cause erectile dysfunction, but also external factors:

  • radiation;
  • electromagnetic radiation;
  • unfavorable ecological situation.

For the treatment of impotence, it is necessary to take into account chronic diseases of various organs, they can negatively affect sexual function, for example, vascular diseases, disorders of the endocrine and nervous systems.

Potency can worsen due to recent injuries, as well as old enough.

One of the main factors affecting potency is age or bad habits.

More than 200 types of pharmaceutical agents are known to those skilled in the art that are capable of causing erectile dysfunction.These drugs include anesthetics, antibacterial agents, etc.

How is ED diagnosed at the Uro-PRO clinic?

In the IMC “URO-PRO” in Sochi, diagnostics is carried out based on sexological testing, with the help of which it is possible to evaluate all aspects of the work of the reproductive system. Diagnosis of the disease begins with the collection of all information about the patient’s condition. During the consultation, the sexologist pays attention to all the details of the patient’s sex life.It is important to take into account the psychological relationship in the couple, as well as the views of the sexual partner on the existing problem, thus the specialist determines the urgency of the problem and motivation.

Information required for detailed diagnostics:

  • risk factors;
  • information on acquired diseases;
  • information on injuries received;
  • information on operations on the genitourinary system;
  • on the prostate gland;
  • on the rectum.

The severity of the disease can already be determined on the basis of these data.

Our specialists use only innovative diagnostic methods:

  • Doppler ultrasonography of the vessels of the penis;
  • biothesiometry;
  • tests using vasoactive agents;
  • ultrasound.

These procedures can be completed already at the first consultation in order to identify the causes of sexual disorders and prescribe personalized treatment.

The restoration of sexual function occurs regardless of the patient’s age. Doctors-sexologists of the IMC “URO-PRO” in Sochi, thanks to proven methods, successfully treat erectile dysfunction and completely restore male potency.

ED treatment

Modern medicine knows a variety of methods for treating impotence, among them five main ones can be distinguished.

  1. Method of injection pharmacotherapy. This method is used in the treatment of all forms of ED. Tablets and injections to improve potency can be used in combination.
  2. Method of psychotherapy and sex therapy. They are used only for impotence caused by psychological problems, less often as an additional method for somatic or organic forms of impotence.
  3. Medicines to increase potency. It is used as a first-order choice at all stages of organic ED, regardless of the reasons for its occurrence.
  4. Vacuum erection therapy method. It is used to obtain or maintain an erection with the help of various modifications of vacuum erectors. Today, this type of treatment is used less and less due to the high frequency of patients refusing to use it. This is justified by the fact that an erection caused by this method, usually of poor quality, can hold the penis in this state with the help of the squeezing end for no more than 20 minutes. Also, the degree of satisfaction with intercourse among partners is quite low with this technique.
  5. Operational methods of treatment. Operations on the genital organ and falloprosthetics. The first group of interventions is divided into operations on the veins and arteries of the genital organ. Vein surgery is prescribed for certain types of erectile dysfunction, most often in conjunction with erection pills. Surgery on arteries is ineffective and rarely used. Falloprosthetics is the most effective of all types of therapy. The surgical method of treatment is usually used only in cases where the prescribed therapy did not help.

Detailed diagnostics helps the specialist to determine the most effective method for treating impotence.

Cure statistics

The percentage of cases of successful solution of problems in this area is high, and the effectiveness of treatment is noticeable after the first visit. Sexologists at the URO-PRO Medical Center use a systematic approach, choosing the best methods of therapy.

Doctors of the clinic “URO-PRO” will write out recommendations on the general state of health of the patient, prescribe effective treatment of impotence with injectable or tablet preparations, taking into account the characteristics of the state of the body.

A universal and effective technique for restoring potency has not yet been invented, therefore, in each case, doctors personally select methods of treating male impotence. Our doctors will select the course of therapy that is right for you, using the latest developments.

Do not self-medicate, contact highly qualified specialists at the URO-PRO clinic in the city of Sochi.

You have the opportunity to make an appointment right now by filling out the online form on our website.

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Treatment of erectile dysfunction with stem cells in Germany

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Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a disease in which it becomes impossible to achieve a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse.This pathology can have many reasons. Depending on the origin, erectile dysfunction requires a different approach to treatment. Cellular regenerative medicine has been developing in recent years. In Germany, stem cells are used to improve male potency.


  1. Types of erectile dysfunction
  2. Risk factors
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Standard ED treatment
  5. Disadvantages of standard methods
  6. Intracavernous administration of MSCT
  7. Stem cells with neurogenic ED
  8. Stem cells in case of endocrine ED Germany for treatment?

Types of erectile dysfunction

There are many classifications of erectile dysfunction.The most important is the etiological classification, which divides this disease into groups, depending on the cause of its occurrence. The approach to the treatment of the disease depends on the cause of the deterioration of erection.

Erectile dysfunction can be:

  • Psychogenic – associated with psychological factors, occurs mainly in young men
  • Organic – often develops in old age, is associated with anatomical and functional disorders in the body

In turn, organic erectile dysfunction can be:

  • Vasculogenic or vascular – caused by damage to blood vessels or deterioration of their condition due to age-related changes
  • Neurogenic – the result of damage to peripheral nerves, most often found in diabetes mellitus and in men with a removed prostate
  • Endocrine – a group of diseases that leads to a decrease in testosterone production
  • Penile – associated with diseases of the penis (the most common cause is Peyronie’s disease)

Erectile dysfunction of organic origin is rarely cured Once and for all.More often, permanent symptomatic treatment is used, which is applied on demand and can improve an erection for a short time, sufficient for intercourse. Supportive therapy is used, which slows down the further progression of the pathology. Sometimes you have to resort to surgical methods if conservative methods of treatment do not lead to success.

Risk factors

The disease is extremely common among elderly patients.An epidemiological study in Cologne showed that in the age group of men 30-80 years, the prevalence of pathology is 19.2%. However, the indicators significantly depend on age. In different categories of men, the frequency of erectile dysfunction ranged from 2.3% to 53.4%.

Thus, age is the main risk factor for pathology. Other adverse factors that increase the likelihood of developing pathology:

  • Low physical activity
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Hypercholesterolemia

The MMAS study showed that regular exercise reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction by 70% for 8 years.


For the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is important to establish the cause and mechanisms of erectile dysfunction. The main efforts of doctors who are engaged in diagnostics are aimed at this.

The doctor begins by finding out the history and examining the patient’s medical records. He clarifies all the risk factors that lead to certain types of erectile dysfunction.

Vasculogenic ED . Usually occurs against the background of arterial hypertension, obesity, smoking, diabetes mellitus.It occurs mainly in older men. Often combined with ischemic heart disease, atherosclerotic lesions of the vessels of the legs and brain.

Neurogenic ED . It happens central and peripheral. Central develops against the background of brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal hernias in the lumbar spine. Peripheral – the result of diabetes mellitus, alcoholism, polyneuropathy, surgery (usually radical prostatectomy).

Anatomical (penile) ED . It develops in patients with Peyronie’s disease, after a fracture of the penis or other injuries. The reasons may be congenital pathologies: curvature of the penis, hypospadias, epispadias, micropenis.

Endocrine ED . Any diseases and conditions that lead to a decrease in testosterone production lead to it. This can be both primary hypogonadism associated with damage to the testicles, and the result of insufficient or excessive production of other hormones that affect the secretion of androgens.Probable endocrine causes: hyperprolactinemia, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease.

Psychogenic ED . It can be generalized or situational. With generalized, a person is not capable of sexual arousal. Depression or another mental disorder could be the cause. Situational psychogenic ED can be associated with a specific partner, situation, place or time.

Medicinal erectile dysfunction is distinguished separately. This is an erectile dysfunction by various mechanisms under the influence of drugs.They can affect blood vessels, nerves, hormone production, but usually these are temporary side effects that go away after drug withdrawal. Most often, ED is provoked by narcotic substances, antiandrogens, neuroleptics, antidepressants, antiallergic (antihistamines) drugs and some drugs for the treatment of hypertension (beta-blockers and potassium-sparing diuretics).

Some diseases have already been identified in the patient at the time of the visit and recorded in his medical record.A number of pathologies can be detected by a specialist urologist or andrologist directly at the reception. The doctor sometimes reveals an enlarged prostate, anatomical abnormalities of the penis, small testicles, etc.

Basic laboratory tests aimed at elucidating the cause of erectile dysfunction:

  • Determination of total testosterone in the morning portion of blood
  • Tests for FSH, LH, prolactin, thyroid hormones – in case of low testosterone levels
  • Fasting glucose level ( cholesterol, triglycerides, lipoproteins of different classes)

Special tests:

Nocturnal tumescence and stiffness of the penis .Determines the safety of the erectile mechanism. Held for 2 nights or more. The onset of spontaneous nocturnal erections up to 60% for at least 10 minutes indicates the safety of the erectile mechanism.

Intracavernous injection test. After the introduction of antispasmodics into the penis, no more than 10 minutes later, a hard (inability to bend the penis) erection should occur, lasting from 30 minutes. If violations are identified, duplex scanning (ultrasound) of the vessels of the penis is performed.

Ultrasound of the penile arteries . The norm is considered to be blood pressure in them from 30 mm. rt. Art., and the resistance index should be more than 0.8. If the result is normal, then vasculogenic (vascular) erectile dysfunction is excluded.

Standard treatment for ED

The main directions of treatment for erectile dysfunction:

Elimination of the causes of erectile dysfunction . Perhaps in a limited number of cases, with psychogenic ED, traumatic vascular injury and some endocrine diseases.Most cases of the disease do not lend themselves to complete cure.

Elimination of risk factors . Under their influence, the disease progresses. Patients are advised to adjust their lifestyle: move more, reduce body weight, keep blood pressure at a normal level with drugs, eat healthy food. All these measures can improve the state of blood vessels, normalize metabolic processes and hormonal levels.

Symptomatic treatment .Used to achieve an erection just before intercourse. For this, various groups of drugs are used (most often type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors) and vacuum devices (negative local pressure therapy).

Usually, the treatment process is divided into three stages. Initially, 1-line therapy is used. At some point, it stops working. Then the doctors resort to 2-line treatment. When these measures also stop working, only the 3-line treatment remains, which is surgical.

1 line

Therapy depends on the type of erectile dysfunction. Psychological impotence is most common in young men. It is treated with psychotherapy, antidepressants, anxiolytics (relieve anxiety). If the reason is fatigue, health improvement in general is required, increased ability to work, normalization of weight, etc.

In case of development of endocrine erectile dysfunction, the normalization of hormonal levels is required. The patient is prescribed testosterone preparations if he develops primary hypogonadism, which is caused by damage to the testicles.Sometimes testosterone levels decrease as a result of other endocrine disorders, as many hormones regulate androgen production. In this case, other means can be used: thyroxine in case of hypothyroidism, bromocriptine in hyperprolactinemia, or hCG in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Whatever the endocrine disorders, taking hormones or their antagonists usually allows you to quickly normalize hormones and testosterone production. After that, the erection improves.But the patient is forced to receive hormone therapy all the time.

Vascular ED is the most common variant. It is treated with PDE5 inhibitors. These drugs dilate blood vessels and provide blood flow to the penis. Some products last only a few hours, others up to 2 days. These are the most common drugs for the treatment of impotence, but they only give a symptomatic effect.

In the event of an injury to the penis, the vessels may be damaged. In this case, a traumatic variant of vasculogenic ED develops.It can be treated with surgical revascularization (restoring blood flow). The efficiency of such operations is about 70%. The operation is not performed with veno-occlusive ED due to unsatisfactory efficacy, therefore, it is excluded by ultrasound before treatment.

2nd line

Other oral medications and topical drug therapy are used. Locally prescribed papaverine, nitroglycerin or minoxidin in the form of a gel. The composition usually includes a vasodilator component to improve the absorption of active substances.The effectiveness of these drugs is low – about 40%.

LOD therapy involves the use of local negative pressure. To do this, the patient needs a vacuum device, which men call a pump in conversation. The vacuum draws blood and allows you to achieve an erection even without sexual arousal. Then, latex rings are used to prevent it from flowing out, which are attached to the base of the penis.

The effectiveness of the procedure is 90%. However, after 2 years, it gradually decreases to 60%.Most men refuse LOD therapy 3 months after its start due to insufficient satisfaction with intimate life: the mechanisms of erection occurrence are effective, but not physiological. Side effects occur in 30% of patients. The ring cannot be used for more than 30 minutes in a row due to the threat of tissue death, which limits the time of intercourse.

Intracavernous injections – have an efficiency of 85%. Until 20 years ago, this was the first line therapy. Alprostadil is used.Although the technique is effective, it has side effects and is therefore not suitable for everyone. 50% of men have pain at the injection site, 5% have an excessively long erection. The risk of cicatricial changes in the penis is 2%, and the likelihood of developing priapism is 1%.

Endourethral administration of alprostadil is sometimes used. The advantage of this procedure is obvious: there is no need to inject into the penis. But there are also disadvantages: the efficiency is only 30-65%. Only high doses of the drug work, but they often cause systemic side effects.Up to 14% of patients complain of dizziness, and 5% of patients have bleeding from the urethra due to improper administration. 30-40% of men complain of pain. In addition, the resulting erection does not last long.

3rd line

Treatment of the 3rd line is a penile prosthesis. Flexible or inflatable prostheses are used. The most natural erection is achieved with a 3-piece prosthesis.

Risk of complications:

  • Within 5 years, about 5% of prostheses break 9020
  • The risk of developing infectious complications in the best clinics is 2-3%, and when installing prostheses with antibiotics – 1%

Disadvantages of standard methods

Standard Erectile dysfunction treatment has several disadvantages.It is not always effective and often dangerous. Only a small number of cases of the disease can be cured. The rest are given only symptomatic therapy, the effectiveness of which is gradually decreasing.

Each method has its drawbacks. With prolonged use of drugs, side effects are possible. They are also caused by local therapy with a pump or drugs. Some complications are severe enough to require surgery or invasive procedures.

Surgery is the most effective method to obtain long-term results. But this method of treatment is not acceptable for all men. It carries certain risks: the aesthetic result is not always satisfactory, and the achieved erection is not associated with sexual arousal – this violates the physiology of sexual intercourse. Even in the best clinics, 2-3% of patients develop infectious complications, which require a second operation.

Cellular technologies may soon replace standard techniques.They are already in use in developed countries. Stem cells provide good results for different types of erectile dysfunction. They rebuild tissues by improving the innervation, blood circulation of the penis and the production of hormones. These methods are safe and give results that last for a long time.

Intracavernous administration of MSCT

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCT) can be obtained from adipose tissue. It contains much more of them than in the peripheral blood or bone marrow.MSCT are increasingly used to treat a wide variety of diseases: orthopedic, neurological, gynecological, urological.

MSCT injections into the corpora cavernosa of the penis can improve the blood supply to this organ and its innervation. This approach is effective for penile, vasculogenic, and neurogenic erectile dysfunction. The essence of the method:

  1. Adipose tissue is taken from the anterior abdominal wall by liposuction. The procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia.The adipose tissue is sucked off with a syringe. The volume of the tissue obtained is about 250 ml.
  2. A stromal-vascular fraction is obtained from adipose tissue. It contains a large number of mesenchymal stem cells. A variety of methods can be used to obtain the fraction. In some clinics, they are obtained manually, using enzymatic methods, in several stages. But in Germany, medical centers that deal with cell therapy are equipped with special devices. They receive the stromal-vascular fraction from adipose tissue in an automatic mode.This fraction contains many more stem cells, which allows for better results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  3. The stromal-vascular fraction is injected into the intracavernous bodies at a dose of 4 ml. This amount contains an average of 50 million mesenchymal stem cells. The dose is evenly distributed – it is usually administered at 6 different points. A tourniquet is used for 15 minutes to restrict the outflow of blood from the penis and reduce the migration of stem cells from the injection site.

Stem cells stimulate the regeneration of tissues of the penis, blood vessels and nerves. They are long-term curative, not palliative or symptomatic. Having undergone a course of therapy in Germany, the patient can expect that an erection will last for a long time. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after several years. This procedure is an alternative to surgery in situations where erectile dysfunction is not amenable to pharmacological correction or other methods of conservative treatment.

Oleg, 59 years old . After the stem cell injections, I felt a slight burning sensation for several days. Edema persisted, but there was no severe discomfort. But after a few weeks I felt a second youth! If earlier in bed it turned out at best twice a third, but now the wife is completely satisfied. Stem cell therapy made me feel like a man. Previously, I only had Viagra in my arsenal, but recently it has stopped helping.This prompted me to go to Germany for diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to Booking Health – they helped organize everything. I ended up in a good clinic and saved about 30% on the cost of medical procedures.

Stem cells in neurogenic ED

Damage and degeneration of the nerves of the pelvis and penis is one of the most common problems in older men. Most often, neurogenic erectile dysfunction develops against the background of diabetes mellitus. It also occurs after surgery to remove the prostate gland.

It is neurogenic erectile dysfunction that is the most difficult to treat. In fact, there are no effective drugs for restoring an erection for nerve damage. If Viagra or other PDE-5 inhibitors can be used for vascular erectile dysfunction, testosterone-based drugs are used for endocrine dysfunction, then doctors are powerless if nerves are damaged.

However, encouraging results are shown by stem cell injections. They are injected both directly into the corpora cavernosa and intravenously.In the second case, the effect is comparable, but much more stem cells are required. Therefore, intracavernous administration is more often used.

Clinical studies show excellent treatment results. Under the action of stem cells, a full-fledged regeneration of the cavernous nerves occurs. At the same time, the use of cellular technologies is completely safe. In clinical trials, no complications or clinically significant side effects have been identified. The treatment works well and is well tolerated by patients.

How long to wait for erection recovery:

  • Intermediate results can be felt at the end of the first month after stem cell injections
  • Significant results are achieved after a month and a half
  • The best results in most studies developed 3 months after the procedure

To evaluate erections are used on a variety of scales. After the introduction of stem cells, the average score on the IIEF-5 scale by the end of 3 months increases from 6-8 to 24-25 points.The severity of erection according to the Yunem scale increases from ER3 to ER5. On electromyograms of the corpus cavernosum of the penis, there is a positive trend.

In recent years, more and more studies have been carried out aimed at studying the effect of stem cells on a man’s erection. And more and more clinics in developed countries are introducing this technique into practical medicine. Already today, you can take advantage of advances in the field of cell therapy. To do this, it is enough to visit one of the German clinics that practice this technique for treating erectile dysfunction.

Advantages of the method:

  • Own, not donor cells are introduced, which makes the procedure safe
  • The results are long-term, and not symptomatic, as with the use of drugs
  • The method of treatment is minimally invasive and well tolerated by the patient


  • High cost in comparison with other methods of conservative treatment
  • Delayed effect – the first results need to wait 1-1.5 months, and the maximum – 3 months

The use of stem cells is usually recommended when the possibilities of standard conservative therapy have already been exhausted.At the same time, the patient wants to resume a full-fledged intimate life and at the same time wants to avoid surgery (falloprosthetics).

Valery, 35 years old . Due to diabetes mellitus, complications began to develop. The disease was detected late, so I did not receive treatment for a long time. As a result, the erection completely disappeared. For some time it was possible to maintain it with the help of drugs prescribed by the doctor. But after about 2 years they stopped working. I have no problems with finances, so I went to Germany for treatment.I was offered falloprosthetics, as tests showed that it would hardly be possible to restore an erection with drugs. I gave up the operation. Then I was offered an alternative option: stem cells. It worked! For the first time, I pleased my wife a month after the procedure. After 3 months, my “device” began to work without “failures”. It’s been 2.5 years now, and so far everything is fine with my erection.

Stem cells in endocrine ED

Endocrine erectile dysfunction is caused by a decrease in testosterone levels.The patient can receive continuous injections of this hormone. But with the help of stem cells, it is possible to achieve an increase in its endogenous formation – this method of treatment is more physiological and does not require constant drug support.

With age, a man’s production of pluripotent stem cells decreases, so the tissues are renewed less intensively. Gradually, testicular sclerosis occurs – the number of Leydig cells responsible for the production of testosterone decreases annually by 1%. The production of androgens also decreases by about 1% annually.With a lack of male hormones, libido decreases and erectile dysfunction develops.

Pluripotent stem cells can be obtained from a donor. They are administered intravenously, at intervals of 2-3 months. With the help of this procedure, in 50-60-year-old patients it is possible to dramatically increase the level of testosterone in the blood. It gradually reaches values ​​typical for young men. The results persist for a long time, since the procedure does not cause temporary hyperproduction of androgens, but an increase in the number of Leydig cells in the testes.

Constantine, 62 years old . Long ago I began to notice that my erection and desire are weakening. I went to the doctor – he gave me testosterone injections. I received this treatment for about 3 years, and it worked. I was recently examined in Germany for another disease. When it came to my problem, the doctor suggested using stem cells for a long-term solution. After several intravenous infusions, I did not feel any effect.However, I did not receive any more testosterone preparations, and the erection remains excellent, despite the fact that I have not given hormone injections for more than 2 years! Recently I was tested: the clinic said that my testosterone level is about the same as that of a 40-year-old man.

The number of people who have received stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction is in the thousands. Not a single case of severe complications was recorded. This procedure is safe, effective and gives long-lasting results by stimulating tissue regeneration.

How to travel to Germany for medical treatment?

It used to be quite difficult to go to Germany for treatment: you had to look for a clinic yourself, contact its administration, wait for an invitation for treatment, translate documentation, look for an interpreter for oral communication. It takes a person a huge amount of time, effort and money to organize a trip. But today this is no longer required: Booking Health can take over all organizational concerns.

You can use our service to find a clinic.If necessary, our specialists will help you choose the best center that specializes in stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction. There you will undergo diagnostics and therapy that will bring you the best results. In particular, many men are treated at the Clinic for Advanced Biological Medicine Frankfurt am Main. The clinic’s specialists establish the cause of erectile dysfunction and carry out all stages of stem cell therapy – stimulation to increase the number of multipotent stem cells in the body, their collection and cultivation, replantation of stem cells into the body and supportive infusion therapy.In most cases, one visit to the clinic is enough to achieve the desired result. The cost of stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction in the Department of Alternative Medicine starts from 17,100 euros.

Benefits of booking treatment through the Booking Health service:

  • We will help you choose a clinic based on statistics, equipment, specialization, experience and results of stem cell treatment.
  • The cost of medical services for you will be much lower due to the absence of allowances and coefficients for foreign patients.
  • We will reduce the waiting time for the start of treatment and will book you on a convenient date.
  • We will provide communication with the attending physician.
  • We will prepare and control the program.
  • We will control the accounts, the volume of services provided, and return all unspent funds after the end of the program.
  • Insurance against increased cost of treatment in case of complications (coverage 200,000 euros, validity period – 4 years)
  • We will buy in Germany and send drugs prescribed by a doctor.
  • If necessary, we will organize additional examination, treatment, rehabilitation in clinics in Germany.
  • We will provide communication with the medical center after the completion of the program.

We will solve all your travel arrangements, book tickets and a hotel for you, meet you at a German airport and take you to a clinic or hotel, and after the end of the course of treatment we will take you back to the airport.

Choose treatment abroad and you will undoubtedly get an excellent result!

Authors: Dr. Valeria Kruzhilina, Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova


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7 reasons to trust the rating of clinics on the Booking Health website

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Erectile dysfunction in men | Symptoms, complications, diagnosis and treatment

Approximately one in two men over the age of 50 has some form of erectile dysfunction (ED).However, age is not the only reason for erectile dysfunction.

Stress and tension were previously thought to be the main causes of ED. But medical studies have shown that often the appearance of ED is associated with chronic sluggish and low-symptom diseases, and a deterioration in erection can be an early sign of a more serious illness.

Timely diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases will allow you to enjoy good physical health and sexual activity in adulthood.

What is erectile dysfunction?
ED is defined as a condition in which it is difficult to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse.

ED can occur:

• In case of impaired blood flow and innervation of the penis.

• With prolonged nervous tension.

• As the first symptom of cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, heart failure, hypertension) and diabetes mellitus.

How does an erection occur?
During sexual arousal, the brain signals the nerves, which results in the release of special chemicals that increase blood flow to the penis. There is a rapid blood filling of the two corpora cavernosa (corpus cavernosum Fig. 1). The spongy tissue inside the corpora cavernosa relaxes and fills with blood. The blood pressure in the penis rises and causes an erection.

When a man reaches orgasm, a second impulse of nerve signals reaches the penis and causes the spongy tissue to contract.The blood leaves the corpora cavernosa and the erection goes away.

Men know that the size of the penis can change depending on the ambient temperature or stress. This is normal and reflects the volume of circulating blood entering and leaving the penis.

Although ED becomes more common with age, aging does not always cause erectile dysfunction. Some men are sexually active in their 80s.

ED risk factors

• Pelvic injury.

• Surgery for prostate, colon and rectal or bladder cancer.

• Cardiovascular diseases

• Peripheral arterial disease (narrowing of the arteries with slowing blood flow).

• Hypertension.

• Diabetes mellitus.

• Drinking alcohol.

• Drug use.

• Smoking (including vaping).

• Certain medicines

• Emotional stress due to depression, or relationship problems with a partner.

Physiological factors

• During an erection, the outflow of blood from the corpora cavernosa is not blocked. If blood does not accumulate in the penis, a man cannot achieve an erection. This problem can occur at any age.

• Nerve signals from the brain or spinal cord do not reach the penis.

• Injury to the spine or pelvic surgery can damage the nerves in the penis.

• Treatment of pelvic cancer affects erectile function.

• Surgery and / or radiation therapy for prostate cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer – can lead to ED. Approximately 6-12 months after treatment, a urologist should be consulted for sexual health issues.

• Medicines used to treat other conditions.

Some drugs have a negative effect on erection. Patients should discuss the side effects of medications with their doctors.

Emotional causes of ED

Sex requires mind and body to work together.Emotional or relationship problems can trigger or worsen ED.

Some emotional problems that can lead to ED:

• Depression.

• Conflicts in the relationship with a sexual partner.

• Stress at home or work.

• Stress due to social, cultural or religious conflicts.

• Anxiety about sexual activity.

Diagnosis of ED begins with a conversation with a urologist.Sign up for a consultation at this link. Your doctor will ask you questions about your general health and existing erection problems. He will also advise you to do the necessary analyzes and research. It is important to find the reason why you have ED so that the treatment is as effective as possible.

Be prepared to answer a series of questions. Some of these questions will be very personal and may seem uncomfortable. Honest and detailed answers will help you find the cause of the dysfunction and help you find the right treatment for you.

To begin with, your doctor will want to know about your general health and lifestyle details. It is very important to inform your doctor about any prescription or over-the-counter medications you are taking. If you smoke, tell me how much. If you drink alcohol, indicate how often. Your doctor will also ask about recent stresses in your life.

When discussing the features of ED that you have, the doctor is likely to ask the following types of questions:

• How long have you had these symptoms? How long ago and in what sequence did they appear?

• Do you have night or morning spontaneous erections?

• If you have an erection, how stable and long is it? Are there any problems with penetrating your partner?

• Do you have problems with your sex drive or arousal?

• Does your erection change at different times, such as when you insert it into your vagina, during stimulation, or when you masturbate?

• Do you have erection pains?

Questions about your emotional health may include the following:

• How often do you experience severe stress?

• What causes anxiety or depression? Do you have mental health problems?

• Are you taking any medications to improve your emotional well-being?

• How satisfied are you with your sex life? Have there been any changes lately?

• What is your relationship with your partner? Have there been any changes in them lately?

Medical check-up
A medical check-up is a way to check your general health.For ED treatment, this often begins with an examination of your genitals (penis and testicles). Depending on your age and risk factors, the exam may expand to examine the cardiovascular system. Depending on your age and family history, your doctor may do a digital rectal exam to check the condition of the prostate gland. These tests are usually safe and painless. Make an appointment with a urologist VTSERM them. A.M. Nikiforov EMERCOM of Russia for consultation and the appointment of the necessary diagnostics.

Laboratory Tests
Your healthcare professional may order additional blood and urine tests to look for other health problems that were not identified during the physical examination.

Other tests
Experts often use questionnaires to assess the severity of ED. The specialist may ask about the features of the emergence and maintenance of an erection, your assessment of sexual satisfaction.

Additional diagnostic tests.
• Blood test for testosterone and other male sex hormones.

• A blood test to measure the glucose (sugar) level in your blood.

• Ultrasound (Doppler ultrasonography of the penis) to check the quality of blood flow.

• Injection into the corpus cavernosum of a drug that stimulates blood flow to induce an erection

• Pelvic X-rays, arteriography, MRI or CT (rarely required, only if there was an injury or cancer).

Treating ED
If ED affects your quality of life or your relationship with your loved one, it should be treated. Treatment is aimed at correcting or improving erectile function and maintaining overall health. Find out more about operations performed in the Department of Urology.

Lifestyle changes
Treatment for ED begins with taking care of your heart and blood vessels. Your doctor can point out “risk factors” that can be eliminated or minimized.Recommended for you:

• Change your food intake and diet (for example, eat more plant foods and limit your intake of fatty or fried foods).

• Maintain a healthy weight.

• Stop Smoking!

• Increase your physical activity.

• Limit drug and alcohol use.

• Sleep more (ideally 7-8 hours a night).

Your doctor may advise you to change your previously prescribed medications.Please do not stop or change your prescription drugs without first talking to your doctor.

Caring for emotional health
Your attending physician can also offer a psychologist’s consultation in order to resolve relationship conflicts, everyday stress, depression.

Drug treatment

Treatment always starts with non-invasive (non-traumatic) methods.


Drugs known as PDE 5 inhibitors increase blood flow to the penis. These are drugs that are taken orally in pill form.

For best results, men with ED should take these tablets about an hour or two before sex. PDE5 inhibitors improve blood flow to create strong erections. About 7 out of 10 men benefit from treatment, while those with diabetes or cancer are less effective.

If you have a heart condition and are taking nitrates, you DO NOT take PDE5 inhibitors. Always check with your doctor before using PDE5 inhibitors.

The most common side effects of PDE5 inhibitors are mild and short-lived. Most common:

• Feeling of heat, redness of the face.

• Headache.

• Indigestion.

• Muscle pain.

• Nasal congestion.

Talk to your urologist about possible problems.

Vacuum therapy

Vacuum erectors is a plastic cylinder that is placed over the penis, firmly adhering to the skin at the base of the penis. A special pump at the end of the device evacuates air and creates a low pressure area around the penis. This leads to blood filling of the corpora cavernosa. Then an elastic ring is put on the base of the penis to block the outflow of blood.The vacuum erection device provides an erection lasting up to 30 minutes. With the right preparation, 75 out of 100 men can get an adequate erection with this device.

Food additives

Dietary Supplements (Dietary Supplements): Popular, but may not be safe. Check with your healthcare professional before taking any supplements and treating ED on your own. Supplements can include PDE5 inhibitors, sometimes in excessively high doses.They may also contain unknown ingredients.

Testosterone therapy

In the rare cases of low sex drive (libido) and low blood testosterone levels, testosterone replacement therapy may help improve libido. Also, testosterone intake can be combined with PDE-5 inhibitors.

Intracavernous injection (IUI) and intraurethral (IU) therapy

At low efficacy of tablet preparations, you can use the drug – Alprostadil.This drug is injected into the penis (Caverject) or into the urethra using a special applicator (MUSE).

Intracavernous injection

Alprostadil must be injected into the lateral surface of the penis into the corpus cavernosum. The effectiveness of treatment reaches 85%. Many men who do not respond to PDE-5 inhibitors experience confident erections that last up to 20-30 minutes.

Your doctor will teach you how to administer, how much to administer, and how to safely increase the dosage at home.It is very important to get the first injection in the urologist’s office before doing it yourself.

The most common side effect of ICI and IU therapy is a prolonged erection called priapism. Priapism is an abnormal erection that lasts more than four hours. This condition is painful and damages the cavernous tissue. If priapism develops, the patient should go to the emergency department. With late treatment and recurrence of priapism, even surgery may be required.Treatment of priapism requires the removal of stagnant blood from the penis, as well as the administration of special medications. Men should be careful, as Priapism can lead to varying degrees of damage to the tissues of the penis, up to irreversible (cavernous fibrosis). Fibrosis significantly worsens ED or causes no erection at all.

Men who have an erection lasting longer than two to four hours after ICI should immediately seek help from the emergency department.

Intraurethral (IS) therapy

In IU therapy, a tiny capsule of the drug Alprostadil is injected into the urethra to a depth of 3 cm, after which the drug is dissolved and absorbed inside the canal. The use of IU therapy allows avoiding the injection and its unpleasant consequences, but, unfortunately, has a lower efficiency than IUI. Intraurethral therapy should also be started in the doctor’s office.

The most common side effect of IU therapy is a burning sensation in the penis; less commonly, priapism may occur.

Surgical treatment
The main type of surgical treatment for ED is Penile prosthesis implantation . For men in whom drug treatment has been ineffective or is associated with severe side effects of drugs, as well as if ED occurs after cancer surgery (radical prostatectomy), penile prosthetics may be the only effective treatment.

Penile prostheses

Penile prostheses fit completely inside your body.They provide good stiffness to the penis for a long time, and this allows you to have a full sex life. Although surgery to implant a penile prosthesis (however, like any surgery) carries a risk of complications, it still has a high level of satisfaction among patients with ED. Today it is the best choice for many men.

There are two types of penile prostheses.

Semi-rigid (semi-rigid, bendable)

This simplest type of implant consists of two rods made of silicone and metal.These rods give the male penis the axial stiffness necessary for sexual penetration. The prosthesis can be bent for convenience after intercourse, when urinating.

Inflatable prosthesis

In an inflatable prosthesis, two fluid-filled cylinders are placed inside the corpora cavernosa. Special thin tubes connect the cylinders to a pump implanted under the skin of the scrotum and to a reservoir in the bladder area. When a man is pumping, fluid is pumped from the reservoir into the cylinders and strains the penis.Inflatable dentures provide a normal erection and create a natural feeling for your partner. With an inflatable prosthesis, men can control the stiffness of the penis. Inflatable prostheses allow couples to maintain a stable erection throughout the entire time of sexual intercourse.

Penile prostheses restore erections, but they cannot correct the disturbances of orgasm or ejaculation caused by previous cancer surgery.

How is the operation going?

Penile prosthesis surgery is always performed under anesthesia.Usually, one small skin incision is made under the penis at the junction with the scrotum. Blood loss is usually insignificant. The patient spends no more than 1-2 days in the hospital.

Recovery after penile implantation:

• Most men experience moderate pain in the early postoperative period, which requires the appointment of analgesics. Skin sutures are removed after 5-7 days.

• Discomfort, bruising and swelling after surgery may last up to 2–3 weeks.

• In the first month, men should limit physical activity. The surgeon will explain which exercises are beneficial during wound healing.

• Most men can have sex with a prosthetic penis by the eighth week after surgery. If swelling or pain persists, the use of the implant may be delayed. The surgeon will show you how to safely inflate and empty the implants before use.

The most unpleasant postoperative complications are hematoma and infection.Over time, there is a risk of device breakage. In this case, an operation to replace it may be required. If you have doubts about the need for prosthetics, it is helpful to talk to someone who has previously had the same surgery.

If an infection occurs after the operation, the prosthesis will be removed. For the most part, modern dentures are reliable. But if a mechanical failure occurs, then the prosthesis or its component will need to be replaced surgically.

Most men with penile implants and their partners say they are happy with the results.

Current therapies in clinical trials
• Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a low-intensity shock-wave effect on the cavernous tissue to help restore a natural erection.

• Intracavernous stem cell injection – promotes the restoration of cavernous tissue.

• Intracavernous administration of autologous (own) platelet-rich plasma (APOT) – to restore cavernous tissue.

These therapies are not currently included in ED treatment standards, but may be proposed in clinical trials.

Despite the effectiveness of modern treatments for ED, men should be evaluated to determine the cause of their erectile dysfunction and, with the help of specialists, deal with any medical or emotional problems that may be causing the dysfunction.

The good news is that you don’t have to give up your sex life.ED can be prevented or treated safely!

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) – Medical Center “Alone”

Data on age-related androgen deficiency.

The term impotence in urological practice is replaced by erectile dysfunction for moral and ethical reasons and as a term that fully reflects the condition of a man with erectile disorders.

This is a disease (condition) in which erectile dysfunction occurs in men, leading to the absence or deterioration of sexual activity, making it inadequate and leading to psycho-emotional disorders and a decrease in the quality of life.The question of erectile dysfunction arises when an inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse is manifested. As a diagnosis, this disease is considered when the described violations are observed in more than half of the attempts at sexual intercourse within six months and under the condition of regular sexual activity.

Risk factors for this pathology are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, high blood cholesterol levels, radiation and chemotherapy, overweight, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, the use of drugs and certain drugs and substances, somatic diseases and persons , whose work is associated with high physical and psycho-emotional stress.Men with erectile dysfunction, experiencing their condition, are prone to depression, irritability, withdrawal and anger.

A man’s erection depends on a number of mental, neurogenic, hormonal, vascular and anatomical factors. Accordingly, drawing a conclusion from the above, the causes of this disease may be as follows:
1) Mental disorders and illnesses:
Among the causes of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, there are strict upbringing, religious beliefs, fear of sexual activity, sexual perversions (perversions), depression, fear of aging, physical disabilities, a certain sexual preference of a partner, conflict with a partner, negative first sexual experience in a man, expectation of failure in contact with a partner, mental illness and some other conditions.

2) Neurogenic erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of damage to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and or peripheral nerve structures. Tumors, epilepsy, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, vascular diseases of the brain can lead to erectile dysfunction due to suppression of libido (libido) or excessive inhibition of spinal erection centers or nerve conduction disturbances at the site of the lesion that is involved in the emergence and maintenance of an erection necessary for the implementation of a full sexual intercourse.With lesions of the structures of the spine and spinal cord, such as osteochondrosis and herniated disc, tumors, multiple sclerosis, the innervation of the penis can be disrupted, which also leads to erectile dysfunction.

3) Endocrine diseases are the most widespread and often detected in patients with erectile dysfunction. Patients with diabetes mellitus are most often treated. In this case, the cause of erectile dysfunction is not so much the underlying endocrine disease as vascular problems and damage to peripheral nerves.Tumors of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland can also lead to a decrease in libido, a change in the level of hormones that are responsible for an erection. In a certain percentage of cases of thyroid gland disease, directly and indirectly affect a man’s ability to have sexual intercourse. Recently, a view on the problem of male aging has become relevant, because with age, many physiological functions of a man fade away, and many of this group of patients want and have the opportunity to live a full sexual life.One of the first terms that appeared to describe age-related changes in men is the term “male menopause”, which is currently used quite widely as a description of a complex of symptoms that develop in a man after 45-50 years and are manifested not only by a decrease in sexual desire, erection in incl. and morning and dissatisfaction in sexual life, but also depression, decreased attention and memory, increased nervousness, fatigue, decreased muscle strength, hot flashes and sweating, sleep disturbances and other symptoms.But men do not have a clear age period for a decrease in the production of sex hormones, unlike women. Therefore, the use of the term male climax (from Latin “climax” means a step, a ladder) is not correct, because in men, this condition has a blurred and gradual onset lasting for years, and in women it has a sharp and spasmodic course. Therefore, the term male menopause should be considered as age-related androgenic deficiency. In the absence of contraindications, it is possible to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to such patients to restore sexual function, erection and improve the quality of life.

4) Pathology of the arteries and veins of the small pelvis, arteries and veins that supply the penis with blood can, to a certain extent, lead to insufficient blood supply to the corpora cavernosa with the development of erectile dysfunction. Arterial pathology is most often caused by stenosis or atherosclerotic lesions of the arterial wall, as a result of which blood perfusion through the cavernous bodies of the penis decreases with the development of erectile failure. Patients with arterial insufficiency most often note an incomplete erection and difficulty in maintaining it.With pathological venous outflow, patients also note weakness and the rapidity of the disappearance of an erection soon after its onset.

5) Sometimes drugs that are recommended to a patient for another disease can lead to erectile failure. Most often it occurs in patients taking sleeping pills, sedatives, antidepressants, hormones and anabolic steroids, blood pressure lowering drugs (diuretics, beta-blockers, ACE and Ca-channel inhibitors) and other drugs.Therefore, such patients need to correct the appointment by canceling or replacing drugs together with a therapist or cardiologist (if, for example, erectile dysfunction is caused by taking antihypertensive drugs).

In the differential diagnosis of sexual dysfunctions, a detailed sexual history of the patient, as well as a thorough laboratory and visual examination, play an important role. Given that there are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, patients are prescribed without fail:

  • general analysis of blood and urine,

  • determination of fasting glucose,

  • creatinine,

  • urea,

  • testosterone,

  • prolactin and other hormones as needed.

These tests are carried out at the initial stages of the examination, further diagnosis and treatment by a urologist depends on the general condition of the patient, the desire to be treated and the patient’s financial capabilities.

90,000 place of the drug in the treatment regimen for erectile dysfunction “Medvestnik

According to preclinical studies, when administered orally to male rats under conditions of physiological (seasonal) and age-related oppression of reproductive function, the Impaza drug significantly stimulated sexual activity and increased the copulative function of animals [2] …Against the background of the introduction of Impaza, the content of intracellular levels of cGMP and NO derivatives in the tissue of the corpora cavernosa increased significantly [3].

Clinical studies of Impaza were carried out on the basis of leading medical institutions of the Russian Federation, including the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Research Institute of Urology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Moscow State Medical University named after M.V. THEM. Sechenov, North-West State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, FGBU Novosibirsk State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, VolGMU, Irkutsk State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors, etc. Over the entire period of circulation of the drug on the market, more than 30 initiative studies of Impaza were carried out, in which about 2.5 thousand people took part.human.

An active study of the drug was carried out on the basis of the Department of Urology of the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education of the Russian State Medical University of Roszdrav under the guidance of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member. RAMS E.B. Mazo. A series of studies was carried out, where the effectiveness of Impaza was demonstrated both in mono- and in combination therapy. Including a randomized blind placebo-controlled clinical trial (RCT), which included 130 patients aged 18 to 75 years with ED of various pathogenesis of mild to moderate severity. The effectiveness of therapy was assessed after 12 weeks using the ICEF questionnaire, safety was assessed by the presence and nature of adverse events, as well as changes in laboratory parameters (OAC, OAM, biochemical blood test, hormonal status).The results of the study showed the effectiveness of Impaza, significantly superior to placebo. The use of the drug for three months led to an improvement (p

In addition to RCTs, a comparative study was also conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of oral mono- and combined therapy with PDE-5 inhibitors (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil) and Impaza in patients with ED of various origins. The study included 218 men aged 21–73 years (average 58.1 ± 13.2 years) who applied for ED.The patients were divided into three groups, comparable in the number and age of patients, presumptive etiology, pathogenesis and severity of ED. The first group (n = 81) took sildenafil, the second (n = 64) – tadalafil, the third (n = 73) – Impaza for six months. The effectiveness of treatment in all groups was assessed by the increase in the “erectile function” indicator of the ICEF questionnaire. At the next stage of the study, taking into account the different mechanisms of action of PDE-5 inhibitors (sildenafil, tadalafil) and Impaza, it was decided to prescribe them in combination to patients in whom monotherapy with PDE-5 inhibitors was ineffective or severe side effects were observed.It was shown that the use of Impaza in combination with PDE-5 inhibitors made it possible to increase the effectiveness and reduce the side effects of pharmacotherapy of the latter. With long-term treatment with Impaza, together with PDE-5 inhibitors, adequate and spontaneous erections were restored, which was confirmed not only by subjective, but also by objective data. Thus, there was an increase in cavernous blood flow (data from ultrasound Doppler of the penis with audiovisual sexual stimulation) and cavernous electrical activity (data from electromyography of the penis).It became possible to reduce the minimum effective dose of the PDE-5 inhibitor and gradually abandon it with the transfer of the patient to Impaza monotherapy, and subsequently even its cancellation [5].

Thus, the drug “Impaza”, which has such advantages as sufficient efficacy, the possibility of combining with the intake of nitrates, a high safety profile, a course of therapeutic effect and a relatively low cost, has expanded the possibilities of pharmacotherapy for ED. Studies have shown that the use of Impaza, the only drug that increases the level of endogenous NO, made it possible to achieve the therapeutic effect of ED therapy, restore endothelial function, and also increase the effectiveness of oral monotherapy of ED with PDE-5 inhibitors due to their combination with Impaza.

The use of the drug in daily practice has shown that the most noticeable results were achieved in the treatment of mild to moderately mild ED.


1. Instructions for medical use of the drug Impaza LP-N (000026) – (RG-RU).

2. Borovskaya T.G., Loskutova O.P., Epshtein O.I., Zak M.S. The effect of antibodies to endothelial NO-synthase on the sexual behavior of male rats under conditions of seasonal oppression of reproductive function // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine.2001; 3: 52-53.
3. Petrov V.I., Dygay A.M., Martyushev A.V. and others. New Russian drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: Materials of the Medico-Pharmaceutical Forum.