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Best friend for pisces: Best Friend Matches for Your Sign


Pisces Friendship & Friendship Compatibility

Pisces Friendship Compatibility

What Are Pisces Like as Friends?

A Pisces can feel like a great friend—until you consider how much you actually know about them. While Pisces are natural therapists within the Zodiac, they can be cagey about who they are, never revealing their full selves until they trust you—and sometimes, they may never reveal who they truly are. A Pisces can sometimes seem chilly and reserved to acquaintances, and it may seem hard to pull them out of their shell.

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Follow your intuition and speak to a psychic today!

Pisces are loyal, but their ultimate loyalty is to themselves. They will only give people in their lives so many chances, and they will not sacrifice their health and well-being for that of someone else. A Pisces makes their terms clear, and will always be who they are in a friendship situation. This can be maddening—for example, a Pisces won’t play nice and head to a restaurant for another friend’s birthday dinner if she hates that restaurant or feels like she’s been wronged there—but remember: It’s not personal.

A Pisces is well-liked, well-cultured, and brings a unique perspective to every interaction. Pisces likes people and likes gatherings, but may sometimes feel exhausted by large gatherings. One on one gatherings or intimate groups—even if the conversations get intense—are preferable to Pisces. A Pisces honors childhood friendships, and even if they feel they’ve grown apart from their earlier friends, will still find ways to keep in touch—as long as that friend doesn’t try to make them abandon their principles.

Best Friend Match for Pisces: Cancer

Both water signs, Cancer and Pisces are intense. They seem to have an almost psychic connection with each other, and can read the air around each other, knowing when the other needs space or when the other’s soul is dying to LOL at a comedy night. These two signs see, respect, and even admire all parts of the other—even the parts that may seem dark and twisty to others.

Pisces and Cancer have deep respect for intellectual and cultural pursuits, and love to challenge each other. Sometimes, the tightest Pisces and Cancer combinations are those who are idealistic opposites—while these two can get in intense disagreements, the respect they have for each other elevates the pair above arguments. They may never believe the other’s point of view, but they can respect it.

Pisces and Cancer understand that sometimes, the best thing you can do for a friendship is give it room to grow, and while both signs have sometimes been known to have a jealous streak, this isn’t the case when these two signs seek out other friendships. They know that you can’t hold onto a person (at least in friendship; sometimes this lesson is harder to learn when it comes to love) and that space can sometimes make you closer.

How to Make Friends with a Pisces

Respect them. Respect goes a long way for a Pisces, and even a comment made in jest can be taken personally by this sign. While this sign does have a sense of humor, it can sometimes take some time to figure out which jokes will land with a Pisces, so it’s best to be earnest until you get to know them. A Pisces is always looking for people that they can connect with on an intellectual level, so sharing a book, film, or music recommendation can be a great way to get to know a Pisces. While a Pisces may seem cagey talking about their inner self, talking about the arts is a great way to understand how a Pisces views the world.

How to Stay Friends with a Pisces

Let them be them—while you stay you. Some friendships crumble over a difference of opinion. That isn’t the case for Pisces, who like when their social circle has wildly divergent views. That said, a Pisces does not tolerate hypocrisy. Doing one thing, then saying another, is a far greater sin to a Pisces than simply doing what you’ve set out to do in the first place.

3 Reasons Why Pisces Make Great Friends

  1. They’re so tapped into culture. Whether you need the next great designer, podcast everyone’s going to be talking about, or new app, a Pisces has the best recommendations.
  2. They let you feel. How many times have you heard a friend say “it’s going to be okay,”—when you’re not sure if that’s the case? A Pisces won’t say that. Instead, they’ll let you go to the depths of despair, staying by your side the whole time. In that, they can help you realize that the worst is never the worst when you have a friend by your side.
  3. They have a unique way of seeing the world. You’ll never be bored hanging out with a Pisces. A Pisces can always come up with fun things to do—even if the two of you have zero dollars between the two of you. Even a Netflix session is made more interesting by the unique perspective Pisces brings to life.

Zodiac Best Friends: Which Signs Are BFF 4Eva?

It’s true that most of us get into astrology to see what the stars have to say about our romantic relationships. But compatibility isn’t just for lovers; in fact, it works just as well for friends! It’s not just coincidence that three of your BFF’s were all born the same week in April or that you’re always running from one birthday party to the next for the entire month of June. So how do we know who’s meant to be our zodiac best friends?

All of us—and all of our charts—are extremely complex. But one of the simplest ways to tell if you’re going to click is if your signs share an element. The zodiac is divided into four groups of three signs (what astrologers call the triplicities) based on elemental type: fire, earth, air and water. The bold fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) love to hang with the social air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). The grounded earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) get along with sensitive water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

A less-discussed bond is that between signs that share the same planetary ruler: That’s Aries and Scorpio (Mars), Taurus and Libra (Venus), Gemini and Virgo (Mercury), Sagittarius and Pisces (Jupiter) and Capricorn and Aquarius (Saturn). If you want to get hyper-personal with your zodiac best friend compatibility you can also see what sign is on the cusp of your third house (close friends/chosen family) and 11th house (social networks) in your birth chart (you can calculate it here!). Those signs usually share the same element and can tell you a lot about your personal friendship vibe. Do you like partying with fire signs or getting deep with water signs?

If all of this is getting too complicated, don’t worry, we also made a cheat sheet! Keep reading to find out zodiac best friends written in the stars.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Aries and Gemini

Aries: Aries always seem to come in pairs. And though romantic relationships between two rams usually end in disaster (the flame runs hot but burns out fast!), friendships can last forever. Who else can keep up with all that energy?

Gemini: This friendship can be simply described as the cry-laughing emoji. Between Gemini’s quick wit and Aries’ ability to see the bright side of every situation, these two are always having fun and definitely plotting something. Watch out for their pranks! 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Virgo and Cancer

Virgo: Change-averse Taurus just wants their friends to be reliable and who is more reliable than a Virgo? The opposite of a fair-weather friend, Virgos are always prepared for the stormiest of days whether that be a major breakup or a flu that keeps you out of work for a week. These two might not have the most adventurous lifestyle but they’re each other’s rock.

Cancer: Down-to-earth Taurus and homebody Cancer spend much of their friendship at home: camping out in the living room, binging a show and ordering endless take (out. These two love creature comforts and are each other’s go-to when it’s time to pick out a restaurant for a date or splurge on some new home furnishings. Taurus and Cancer always make their own party without ever having to leave the house! 

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Libra and Leo

Libra: As two air signs, Gemini and Libra are an intellectual match. These two love to see arthouse films, wander around museums and check out experimental tasting menus together. Anything that keeps their senses stimulated and the conversation flowing. Outsiders can never keep up with their rapport which is just how they like it.

Leo: Gemini and Leo are the kind of BFFs who are also secretly frenemies. Both love attention, and when they’re not competing with each other, they’re completing each other’s sentences. What keeps them together for the long haul is that neither is ever going to sugarcoat a situation. Leo always tells Gemini exactly how it is.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces: When two water signs come together, things just flow. Cancer and Pisces are both extremely empathetic and can find refuge in each other from all the emotional labor they’re constantly doing for everyone else. Their hangs can last hours but both always leave feeling nourished, never drained.

Capricorn: Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs. But as the two of the most responsible signs in the zodiac, these two make an amazing pair as friends. Cancer holds their friends to extremely high standards (it’s said that they’re only tough on those they love) and thankfully, Capricorns never disappoint. 

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Sagittarius and Libra

Sagittarius: Ruled by the sun and expansive Jupiter respectively, Leo and Sagittarius are always pumping each other up! As far as Sagittarius is concerned, there’s no reason Leo shouldn’t be following her intuition. As BFFs, these two are an unstoppable force and can also make amazing business partners who don’t let anyone stand in the way of their success.

Libra: Leo and Libra love each other for their beauty and style. These are the friends who look so good when they go out that they can’t help but make a scene. Leo appreciates that Libra is always on top of the latest fashion trends and is willing to splurge on makeup and skincare that are worth the extra money.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer: Virgos are always trying to fix everyone else’s life but who’s going to fix their life? That’s why Virgos always need a Cancer friend. Virgos hate asking for help, but Cancer is always there for them before they even have to ask.

Scorpio: Mercury-ruled Virgo and Mars-ruled Scorpio get along because they appreciate a friend who can keep a secret. Both of these signs feel especially betrayed when someone blows their spot, but they know that they can always trust the other to keep their thoughts under wraps.

Libra (September 23 – October 21)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Taurus and Aquarius

Taurus: Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus—planet of art, music and aesthetics. These two are BFFs because of their mutual amazing taste! Though Taurus is more focused on creature comforts and Libra is concerned with how things look, the two of them never run out of things to talk about whether it’s art to critique or a fancy meal to review.

Aquarius: This is the Paris Hilton (Aquarius) and Kim Kardashian (Libra) friendship. What seems like a surface-level connection is actually a deep, intellectual understanding. Both extremely popular, together they can build a social empire.

Scorpio (October 22 – November 21)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Aries and Taurus

Aries: As the two Mars-ruled signs in the zodiac, Scorpio and Aries are both extremely driven. These are the BFF’s who start off as each other’s academic or professional competition and end up bonding over mutual appreciation. Aries is always pushing Scorpio to reach her full potential.

Taurus: Scorpio and Taurus are opposites, but they’re also the most loyal signs of the zodiac. Both are sensitive and sensual and appreciate the other for their willingness to go deep no matter what. While others consider both of them quite stubborn, these BFFs appreciate each other’s consistency. 

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Pisces and Aries

Pisces: Both Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter—the planet of expansion, optimism and joy. So as BFFs, these two are each other’s good luck charm. Pisces always encourages Sagittarius to go after their dream, no matter how far-fetched or impossible it initially seems.

Aries: When Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and Mars-ruled Aries get together, things get supercharged. This is the Taylor Swift (Sagittarius) and Jack Antonoff (Aries) friendship. Did you know those two wrote the bridge to “Getaway Car” in just 28 seconds?

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Virgo and Aquarius

Virgo: As two grounded earth signs (who often get written off as “stuffy” or “obsessed with work”), Capricorn and Virgo appreciate each other’s dark side. Together, these BFFs like to shed their super responsible exterior and let their freak flags fly.

Aquarius: This is the Oprah (Aquarius) and Gayle (Capricorn) friendship: one that ages like a fine wine (or a complex French cheese). Both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn—the planet of hard work and longevity. It might take these BFFs some time to warm up to each other, but both know that connection is about the long game.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Gemini and Leo

Gemini: Aquarius and Gemini together are a match that’s almost too cool. As social air signs, both love people, culture and information and are the pair that’s always holding court at a party, making everyone in the room laugh.

Leo: Aquarius and Leo are opposite signs and are both known for being fiercely independent. They work as BFFs because they know how to simultaneously build each other up and give each other space. 

Pisces (February 19 – March 21)

Best Zodiac Friend Matches: Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio: Though many people find Scorpios intimidating, Pisces knows that deep down, their fellow sensitive water sign is a softie. Both hate small talk, so their conversations always go deep. Though Pisces usually worries about burdening other people with their problems, Scorpio knows just the right thing to say to get the fish to open up.

Capricorn: Despite being super in tune with everyone else’s emotions, Pisces are often deeply misunderstood. Many people write them off as “spaced out” or “overly sensitive.” But grounded Capricorns know that Pisces are extremely wise. Capricorns might actually be the only sign that truly “gets” Pisces which is why these two are the ultimate BFFs.

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Matching Pisces Best Friend and Enemies

Pisces zodiac sign is a mutable water sign and the individuals of Aquarius are compassionate. It is ruled by the dreamy planet, Neptune. The sensitive and emotional Pisceans do friendship intuitively and are highly supportive to your friends.

You are always keen to know about the well beings of your pal and ready to support your pal in each and every way. Your friends always see a child inside you. You are a daydreamer and love to live in fantasy. You are a selfless and careful friend and have a vulnerable heart.

Compatibility is also based on Moon signs. Get a consultation from our expert astrologers and know which moon signs can be your best friend match or worst enemies.

Let us see Pisces best match and who is the worst enemy for Pisces.

Pisces best compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn.

Best Friend match for Pisces


Factual Taurus and fantastic Pisces are indifferent from each other on the first meet. But after getting along with each other, you and your pal find a lot of things in common. You and your pal are inclined towards beauty, art, music, and harmony and at the same time, both are pleasant and relaxed. Both of you enjoy music concerts, rock shows, watching movies, and art galleries. Your pal keeps you grounded when you are highly emotional. They admire you as you understand them the best. For instance, you know when they are in a leisure mood or just feeling lazy. Both of you love to go on a picnic and hang out in a coffee cafe and restaurant dining together. The beautiful thing about your friendship is both of you overlook the shortcomings and limitations of each other and enjoy knitting together.


Cancer is the best sign for you and you would have satisfying friendship with the Crabs. You and your pal are congenial souls. Your pal understands your emotions and makes you laugh when you are on the high nod of emotions. You also equally understand your pal and hug them when they need closed ones to share their feelings and sufferings. You would support your pal to do something out of the box and your insecurities are filled with affection for your pal. Both of you love to do artistic things and collaborate on creative projects. Your love for creativity makes room for an inclination towards painting and photography. You both would also plan delightful and leisure vacations on beaches and riverside.


Pisces and Virgo signs are astrologically opposite to each other but still, you make interesting and strong friendships with Virgo individuals. The traits and habits of both are totally baffling and confusing. But you and your pal start admiring each other’s strength as you get along with each other. Both of you welcome each other advice and enjoy leisure time together. You plan vacations, outdoor games and go for a walk to enjoy the beauty of nature with your pal. Your pal supports you when you find difficulty in spotting manipulators. When naive Pisceans and discerning Virgos come together they do wonders.


Pisces and Scorpio are water signs and both make terrific and rewarding friendships. Your perspective pal understands your emotions and sentiments and you can outpour it fully with them. Your pal sees your sensitivity as one of your strength and they reveal all their secrets with you. You and your pal keep each other’s privacy and secrecy and hence both have deepest respect for each other. Your pal cares about you and you lift their spirits when they feel low. Both are highly creative and working in collaboration would offer results par excellence. In your free time, you enjoy watching movies and going to music concerts and rock shows together.


You and Capricorn individuals make excellent friends. Your pal is sensible and helps you to become responsible and make your life structured and precise. You encourage your pal to take more risks in life for better returns and make their life fancy and playfully quaint. Your pal loves and cares about you too much and also stands with you in uncertainties and emergencies. You feel confident in dealing with things in the presence of your pal. Your pal makes you enjoy their dry humor, strengths, and authorities. Your pal admires your creativity, imaginations, compassion, love, and care for your friends. You help your pal to loosen up and they make you more accountable. Both of you have many interests in common like playing golf, historical subjects, knitting and writing poems.


You would have a satisfying experience when making friends with your fellow mates. Your uncanny hunches, sensitiveness and deep emotions are understood well without any explanations by your pal. You and your pal form mutual admiration and possess strong intuitive powers. Both of you are highly creative, have a huge inclination towards art, music, spiritual pursuits, dancing, taking photographs and writing poems together. The two of you are fond of going on trips to the beach and riverside. Know more about Pisces.

Pisces worst enemy: Leo, Sagittarius

Worst enemies for Pisces


The alliance of Leo and Pisces is quite unusual. Leos are outgoing personalities whereas Pisceans are a bit introvert. Leos are bold and proud whereas you are shy and retiring. Leos get baffled with your isolated way of doing things and love for privacy. You get bored with their self-centric stories. You would not tolerate their enormous ego and Leo can’t deal with your sentiments and tearful outbursts. You find difficulty in fulfilling commitments while Lions are fierce and loyal to the given commitments.


You find little tricky in forming a friendship with Sagittarius individuals. Pisceans have mood swings that make Sagittarius individuals go crazy. Pisceans feel annoyed with the brutal honesty of Archers. Archers are highly enthusiastic whereas Pisceans are laid-back. Your taste won’t match with the Archers. Sagittarius individuals would point out the differences and both feel frustrated when together. They don’t like the ambiguity of Pisceans and feel it a soar spot. They feel your company annoying as your laid back attitude gives a break to their enthusiasm.

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The 3 Zodiac Signs That Make the Best Friends, Found

Have you ever noticed that all your friends seem to be born around the same time of year? Consider it the universe’s reminder that astrological compatibility isn’t just a matter of romantic attraction: The zodiac signs that make the best friends are basically cosmic soul mates, and there are a few ways you can use your astrological chart to find them.

The easiest method? Look for people who have the same astrological element as you. The signs are coupled into four groups of three called the triplicities, which refer to our temperament: the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). And, as astrologer and psychic medium Rachel Lang points out, signs of similar polarity tend to relate well to each other, too.

“Air signs relate well to fire signs because they’re signs that feature more yang, outer-directed, extroverted energy,” Lang says. “Earth and water signs are yin, inner-directed, and receptive signs. They tend to relate well with one another.”

Her other pro tip? Look to whatever sign rules your 11th house of astrology. “The 11th house is the house of our social network and friendship connections,” Lang says. “If you want to know more about the types of friends you attract or what signs you might get along with, look at the sign that rules your 11th house in your natal chart.” Below, Lang outlines the three zodiac signs that make the best friends for you, according to your sign. Learn why it is that you’re cosmically likely to get along.

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The 3 zodiac signs that make the best friends for you, according to your sign.

Aries: Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius

Fire sign Aries is magnetized to fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, and vice versa. Cardinal sign Aries conveys go-getter energy, and, as the first sign of the zodiac wheel, tends to be first to charge into a project. Leo and Sagittarius keep Aries moving and motivated. “The element of fire is linked to action, passion, and enthusiasm,” says Lang. “Fire signs know how to inspire one another.”

Finally, Aquarius knows how to fan Aries embers in just the right way. Aquarius is an activist at heart, and is inspired by Aries ability to jump into action. Likewise, Aries respects that Aquarians are so forward-thinking and progressive; while Aries can be trendsetters, Aquarians already know what’s hot in the future.

Taurus: Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces have a bond related to their love of feeling. For Taurus, it’s tactile feeling and appreciation of sensations and the delights of the physical world. For Pisces, it’s intuitive feeling and being able to psychically sense the emotions of others. Sensible Taurus is able to give Pisces a major reality check, and Pisces encourages Taurus to dream bigger than ever, making a great balance.

Taurus also feels at home with Capricorn and Virgo. Aside from bonding over their practical nature, Taurus admires her Earth siblings for their work ethic (as a fixed sign, the bull tends to be a bit more slow-moving than ambitious Capricorn and perfectionist Virgo).

Gemini: Libra, Aquarius, and Aries

Air signs are intellectuals, but Gemini and Aquarius are perhaps the brainiest of the zodiac signs, in completely different ways. Gemini is a natural-born researcher who loves expressing their findings, and Aquarius is nutty genius, who considers concepts that go over everyone’s heads. But don’t discount Libra’s role when completing the air-sign clique; Libra loves analyzing both sides of the story critically, and will have great, long debates with Gemini about it.

When Gemini doesn’t feel like talking (rare, but it happens), they’ll find a good ally in Aries. Aries is as quick-acting as Gemini is quick-thinking, and both hate taking things too seriously. Their sense of playfulness keep them close.

Cancer: Scorpio, Pisces, and Taurus

Cancer loves to cook excellent meals, create cozy environments, and cultivate a comfortable little life. Taurus loves to be on the receiving end of those things. The pair can really cuddle up together while everyone else is floating about to enjoy quiet nights in, watching movies and drinking fine wine.

Likewise, Pisces and Scorpio go to Cancer for a cup of tea and a friendly ear. While all of the water signs are deep in their feelings, Cancer has the capacity to be selflessly nurturing and present.

Leo: Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra

Leo reigns as ruler of the fire signs, the Hollywood star of their circle. Aries acts like their best publicist, the Samantha Jones of the group who can make anything happen. Sagittarius is Leo’s counselor, the go-to person for wisdom. Aries and Leo might compete for the spotlight at times, and Sag might get frustrated if Leo doesn’t take their advice, but ultimately, they recognize Leo as their fierce leader, knowing the lion has great capacity for warmth and generosity.

And Libra? Libra pops in from time to time as Leo’s lawyer, ready to fight on their behalf at any point.

Virgo: Capricorn, Taurus, and Cancer

Once again, Cancer is a wonderful match for an Earth sign. When Virgo has spent a hard day working, and overanalyzing and driving themselves up a wall, Cancer can be a tremendous comfort.

And Virgo loves its Earth buddies because they can be extremely grounding force. Taurus can tell Virgo to kick off their shoes and relax, because the work will be there tomorrow. Capricorn can remind them that they’re closer to their goals than they think, and they shouldn’t get hung up on all the details.

Libra: Aquarius, Gemini, and Leo

To recap, Libra loves the fellow air signs because they can chat-chat-chat together about different ideas. Gemini and Libra relate to each other because they both care about duality. Gemini, as the twin sign, is looking to reflect others, while Libra is always seeking balance. Aquarius, on the flip side, encourages Libra to consider the big picture versus “this side or that side.”

And while Libra acts as Leo’s lawyer, Leo brings a sense of fun and glamour to Libra’s life. Libra, invested in beauty and romance, is swept away by Leo’s style and star power.

Scorpio: Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo

Scorpio values depth more than anything in the world, and its relationship with Pisces and Cancer reflects that. No small-talk is allowed here.

“They have a way of communicating and relating that goes beyond words,” says Lang. “They pick up on nonverbal signals and clues from one another. These signs become close friends because they know how to speak from the heart, and they can have deep conversations.”

Moreover, Virgo and Scorpio find each other appealing because they tease out each other’s fun side. Scorpio pushes Virgo to embrace danger and hedonism. And Virgo warns Scorpio to consider things before doing anything risky.

Sagittarius: Aries, Leo, and Libra

At the end of the day, Aries and Leo need Sagittarius more than they’ll ever admit. While the ram and the lion bicker and bring out each other’s competitive side, Sag is calm and complacent. Sag is a wonderful mediator, pleasant and beloved by their fiery companions.

And like Leo, Sagittarius really jives well with Libra. While Libra can get stuck trying to balance the things in their life endlessly, Sagittarius can solve their problems with a simple line or observation. When they both find a moment, they make excellent vacation friends and are able to explore the gorgeous world together.

Capricorn: Virgo, Taurus, and Scorpio

Capricorn and Scorpio understand each other because they share a fondness for power, with completely different approaches to it. Scorpio pursues their goals with an underground approach, being able to get what they want by understanding others on a deep, psychological level. Capricorn works just as hard to climb the career ladder with ease.

As for Taurus and Virgo, “the Earth signs relate well with one another because they understand the importance of the practical matters in life,” says Lang. “They know we’re spiritual beings, having a human experience, and they value that human experience.”

Aquarius: Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius

Again, the air signs love to float around each other and have a friendship that doesn’t constantly need to be checked in on. That is, these are the friends who might do Zoom dates, but probably have ongoing, unstructured, paragraph-length conversations with each other via text. With their love of freedom, it’s rare to get all three signs in one place.

Sagittarius understands this. As the wanderer and philosopher of the zodiac wheel, Sag relates to the sage-like aura of Aquarius. Both can get into existential dialogues for hours.

Pisces: Cancer, Scorpio, and Taurus

Pisces loves Taurus because the twin fish can feel completely divided when making decisions, and they rely on straightforward Taurus to have leveled advice. Scorpio and Pisces bond hard over their love of the occult (you’ll catch those two reading each other’s tarot cards from time to time). And Pisces and Cancer are connected by empathy, that profound understanding of knowing how someone feels. Because what is friendship if not that?

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Friendship Compatibility: Each Zodiac Sign’s Best Friends

Isn’t it funny how when we think of zodiac compatibility, we’re usually referring to romantic connections? Yet, when those relationships fail, it’s our friends we lean on for support.

Maybe it’s time we focus on zodiac friendship compatibility and show some love to our true soulmates who pick up the pieces when other signs break our hearts.  

Finding a compatible friend using insights from astrology is just as important and finding a romantic partner because friendships enrich our lives in ways that not even your true love can.

We all need people we can turn to for fun, support, and advice. And knowing the zodiac signs best friends and friendship compatibility will show us our greatest match.

Though we don’t think of friendships as something we seek out in the same way that we search for romance, taking the time to find a true best friend is a worthwhile process.

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There’s no denying that some signs are destined to be besties with someone based on their zodiac sign. The signs that are genuine BFFs include Aries and Gemini, Taurus and Virgo, Leo and Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini, Capricorn and Scorpio, and Pisces and Scorpio, just to name a few.

But zodiac elements also come into play with which zodiac signs go well together. For instance, Air sign Libra makes a great friend for Gemini, another Air sign, as well as Aries, a Fire sign. Similarly, Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn mesh well with Water sign Cancer.

Unfortunately, some pairs aren’t a match made in heaven. Which zodiac signs are enemies? There are specific pairings that are always going to clash, like Taurus and Aries, Virgo and Gemini, Scorpio and Aquarius, and Capricorn and Pisces. In fact, these zodiac signs should not be friends. Some friendships are destined to be toxic, so it’s best to listen to the laws of the Zodiac. 

Each Zodiac Sign’s Best Friend & Determined Friendship Compatibility According To Astrology:

Using astrology as a guide, it’s clear that you need to treasure and appreciate your best friend. Not everyone is lucky enough to have one. Here’s a breakdown of each Sun sign and what other zodiac signs they have successful friendships with.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Energetic Aries needs friends who can match their exuberance and excitement. They’re always on the go and aren’t ones to sit around talking about their feelings — at least, not until you get to know them.

Best friendship match for Aries: Fellow Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius can really vibe with Aries’ fiery antics.

Fire signs Aries and Leo, in particular, will bond over their love of socialization. They both enjoy putting on a show for the rest of their group, so long as they can both agree to share the spotlight.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taureans everywhere are sick of hearing this, but this bullish sign can be pretty stubborn. This means it can be hard for them to put themselves out there and make new friends; when they do, they tend to cling to them and act possessive. 

Best friendship match for Taurus: While fellow Earth signs Capricorn and Virgo are always a safe bet, Taurus can get a lot out of a friendship with Cancer and Pisces.

These signs like a one-to-one friendship and appreciate Taurus’ steadiness. Cancers, especially, share similar ideals to Taurus and love staying in just as much as the Bull.

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

As the most adaptable sign in the Zodiac, finding friendship isn’t something Gemini typically struggles with. Keeping them, on the other hand, is tiring work for the Twins who just love to try out new things, but occasionally forget about their longtime besties.

Geminis are a lot of fun and everyone around them respects their ability to seamlessly weave between different social circles. 

Best friendship match for Gemini: Aries and Gemini are like partners in crime. Their endless curiosity means they’re constantly having fun together… and causing trouble! 

Gemini and Libra are another dynamic duo, who can chat together until the Sun comes up. That’s Air signs for you! These two click instantly and share a similar outlook on the world.

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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

These sensitive crabs have a rock-solid outer shell and have a hard time opening up to reveal their soft interior. That means they need lots of support and encouragement from their friends.

Cancers do best when surrounded by people who listen to them with open minds and hearts. 

Best friendship match for Cancer: Water signs tend to swim together, so don’t be surprised to see a Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces friend group sitting together.

Cancer and Pisces share a similar level of sensitivity and never judge one another for their feelings — something Scorpio could learn a thing or two about! Taurus also has a level of dedication, trust, and security that Cancer gravitates toward. 

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Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Fiery Leos burn through a lot of friendship in their lives. They’re a lot to handle and love to be the center of attention. Leos are the friend you invite out when you’re in need of entertainment since they’ll always put on a show. 

Best friendship match for Leo: Leo’s fire crew (Sagittarius, Aries, and fellow Leos) are often by their side for the theatrics. But when it comes to quiet nights in — yes, even a Leo needs quiet nights — Aquarius is a great match.

Though they are complete opposites on the Zodiac wheel, Aquarius provides the kind of fresh insight that Leo needs to fuel their energy. This is their make-goofy-faces-and-watch-cringy-movies friend.

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

These careful, meticulous creatures can be cautious and a little judgmental when it comes to making new friends. But that’s only because Virgos know that good friendships take time, and they’re definitely worth putting in the work for. 

Best friendship match for Virgo: Virgos and their fellow Earth signs will automatically be good friends. Taurus’s steadiness is a source of comfort to Virgo, while Capricorn’s pragmatism is a trait Virgo shares. 

Scorpios are another surprising but powerful match in friendship with Virgo. These two are cautious and share an ability to think and analyze deeply. Virgo’s ability to support their friends also matches Scorpio’s intense loyalty. 

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Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Represented by the Scales, Libras need balance and aren’t ones for dramatic friendships. They like to be liked. Ruled by Venus, Libras are great communicators and their friends often lean on them for mediation during times of conflict. 

Best friendship match for Libra: Gemini and Aquarius are common friendship duos. These fellow Air signs love to chat the night away over a glass of wine, sharing intelligent conversation. 

Aries can also be a fruitful match since these two both have what each other lacks. Assertive Aries can help indecisive Libra make decisions, while Libra helps close-minded Aries see the other side in times of tension. 

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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpios have a strong presence in their friend groups. They are fierce, passionate, and loyal, making them ride or die besties. That said, they can be a little cutthroat and tend to sever friendships that aren’t serving them. 

Best friendship match for Scorpio: Earth signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — provide the steadiness and support that Scorpio craves.

Taurus tends to be a good match for Scorpio because they both share initial secrecy that can slowly develop into a friendship of late-night deep talks about the meaning of life. Fellow Water signs Pisces and Cancer are also good matches for Scorpio because they all share the same powerful intuition and emotional depth.

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius needs friends they can call at the last minute who will drop everything to go on an adventure, with no questions asked.

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This independent zodiac sign is totally fine by themselves, so their friendships have to really add something to their lives in order for it to be worth their while. 

Best friendship match for Sagittarius: Their Fire sign friends, Leo and Aries, are there for the fun times and are always down to try new things. These signs add more heat and optimism to Sagittarius’ fun-loving mentality. 

Not many realize it, but Sagittarius also has a serious side. They care a lot about social justice and politics. For these kinds of conversations, Sagittarius can get a lot of support from an Aquarius friendship, since this sign is motivated by the greater good of the world.

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) 

Straight-talking Capricorn doesn’t have time for fickle friendships. Either you stick with them until the end or you get left in the dust.

Capricorns tend to be all work and no play, so they need friends who will support their ambitions rather than distract them. 

Best friendship match for Capricorn: Virgo and Capricorn have a similar drive and pragmatic approach to accomplishing their goals. They both appreciate each other’s ability stability in friendship. 

Cancer is a friend who will always have Capricorn’s back, which is something Capricorn has a lot of respect for. Cancer, though sometimes too emotional for Capricorn, can also bring a lot of calmness to this highly-strung Earth sign.

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Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

As the humanitarian of the Zodiac, Aquarius believes in openness and equality. In their eyes, everyone is their friend and there is no such thing as rankings.

They are the unique friend, who drifts between groups and bails out on group activities last minute to go do yoga in a park alone or feed stray cats. 

Best friendship match for Aquarius: Aquarius admires Sagittarius’s optimism and ability to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Equally, Aries provides the kind of fresh energy that Aquarius needs to stay motivated.

And, of course, fellow Air elements, Libra and Gemini, are always there to talk to about what is going on in Aquarius’ hectic mind.

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Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Symbolized by fish and the ocean, Pisces is awash with emotion and needs friends who will be gentle with them and cautious about their sensitivity. Pisces loves physical affection and is the kind of friend you go to when you’re in need of a hug and some kind advice. 

Best friendship match for Pisces: Fellow Water signs Cancer and Scorpio intuitively recognize what is on Pisces’ mind without even having to say it. Cancer and Pisces are good together because Cancer is deeply sympathetic and happy to talk things through.

Scorpio and Pisces are great because Scorpio is fiercely loyal and ready to fight off anyone who hurt you. 

Capricorn also has the kind of dependability that Pisces needs and can provide structure to the scattered Fish. Pisces, on the other hand, can bring calmness to Capricorn’s work-filled life and teach them to find enjoyment in life.

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Pisces and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Pisces are the great friends of the zodiac wheel, so it should come as no surprise that Pisces and Pisces friendships are something very special.

This astrological sign is genuine and deeply cares about other people. They also know that it is the people that they spend their time with that define them, so they have the horoscope to be good friends.

But Pisces rarely receives the same kind of genuine and unconditional friendship that they themselves offer. But they will find this with another Pisces. This makes them infinitely compatible.

Here are the Pisces and Pisces friendship key areas:

Mutual Interests ★★★★★
Loyalty ★★★★★
Fun and Excitement ★★★★★
Likelihood to Last ★★★★★
Bond ★★★★★
Overall ★★★★★

Pisces and Pisces Compatible as Friends?

Two Pisces together make excellent friends. A Pisces is the kind of friend that anyone would like to have as they are open, genuine, and caring.

But Pisces’ friendships can often be one-sided, because they are so giving, the other side cannot help but take. But with another Pisces they have that generosity of spirit reflected back at them, and they are both invigorated.

Pisces often feel like they need to hook their wagon to a confident friend to find the confidence that they themselves lack. But, in fact, when they receive the same love and unconditional support that they themselves offer, they tend to find this confidence within themselves.

Mutual Interests

Two Pisces will have no trouble finding plenty in common. They are creative, artistic, and eclectic in their interests. They also take the time to really listen and understand what other people are interested, and to become inspired themselves by those interests.

People born under Pisces also tend to be highly spiritual, and interested in both the religious and the supernatural. This can often be a shared source of experience that brings the two together.

But above all, Pisces are interested in other people. They love learning what makes people tick and what is important to them.


Pisces are incredibly generous, and nothing brings them more pleasure than putting a smile on another person’s face. They also hate to think of themselves as the source of someone else’s troubles. This makes them very loyal, caring, and trustworthy friends.

But, while Pisces is accustomed to being the giver in most of their relationships, with another Pisces, they will have the pleasure of receiving that same generosity. Pisces is in a better position to appreciate exactly what that means than most.

The result is a highly loyal friendship with two individual who would do anything for each other, and also appreciate just what the other person is willing to give.

Fun & Excitement

Pisces firmly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and there is nothing they enjoy more than being around people. But more than that, they have the most fun when they embark on their adventures with a partner in crime. It is hard for Pisces to find a better “wing-man” than another Pisces.

Both are spontaneous, and while they can lack confidence on their own, they can be daring when they have the security of a friend by their side.

The biggest challenge is that neither of them is good at saying no, and neither of them wants the fun to end. Many a night’s sleep will be lost as neither will want to call it a night.

Likelihood to Last

Pisces value the people that they have in their lives, and so their friendships tend to last. They also rarely fight with any of their friends, and will bend over backward to avoid upsetting someone else, so Pisces rarely have a falling out. This is doubly the case when we are talking about two Pisces together.

Pisces are the type of friends that do not feel less strongly about someone just because they do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them. But Pisces also likes to see the people that they love a lot.

So two Pisces are likely to go out of the way to make time for one another, even when life’s machinations make that increasingly challenging.


Two Pisces will have no problem forming a deep and genuine bond. They are both open and honest with their thoughts, and also excellent listeners, so there are no barriers to these two making a connection.

When they do connect, it can be one of the best bonds that they have in their lives. This is because their giving nature can encourage others to take, and they can end up with a bond that is uneven. But with another Pisces, the flow of give and take is much more even, and therefore highly fulfilling for them both.

Pisces and Pisces Potential to be More Than Just Friends

While two Pisces might not find love at first sight, when they do get involved romantically it can be very special indeed.

Pisces is often looking for something that they do not have in a partner. They want someone strong and confident who they feel can compensate for some of the insecurities.

For this reason, they are often attracted to the likes of Leo and Aries. But this doesn’t always work out.

Pisces are very giving, and do not always know how to stand up and say what they need. Assertive signs can unconsciously take advantage of this, enjoying Pisces’ generous nature, without really realizing that they are not giving Pisces what they need in return, since Pisces would never say anything.

However, when two Pisces enter a relationship, they can suddenly find their giving nature reflected back at them, and this can be invigorating. They might feel like they need someone with confidence to give them confidence.

But with another Pisces, they have someone who believes in them and supports them, which lets them find that confidence for themselves.

Two Pisces will probably never fight, as both like to be accommodating, but it does mean that making the tough decisions can be hard with neither of them willing to take a stand. But this won’t be a problem for the Pisces pair. With so much positive energy in the room, they always fall on their feet.

Know your friendship sun sign compatibility

For the ambitious Aries:
As a fiery sign, the Aries are dynamic in nature and prefer friends who are exciting and dynamic too. This means an Aries can count on having no Sagittarians or Leos in their friend circle.
On the other hand, having a Taurian by their side as a friend can help them curb their over enthusiastic nature. Virgos make great friends of Aries as they help them channel their creative side. Having a Capricorn pal will be challending for Aries as they command respect which is not easy for the Ram. But an Arian will have the best relationship with Libras – sign that is exactly opposite to them on the zodiac.
However, Cancerians and Capricorns are the ones who will share the crazy enthusiasm and spirit of Aries.
Aries and Aries Friendship
For the bullish Taurus:
A Taurus individual hates being rushed. They believe in taking all things slow yet steady and excel at it. With such an outlook in life, Virgos and Capricorns make great friends with Taurians as each of them believes in practicality.
Geminis are known to inspire Taurians with their vibrant personalities and Pisces make for best friends with Taurians as they both share the spirit of deep loyalty. Libras on the other hand make great friends of Taurians when they the bull needs to get his/her act together and work it all out.
However, Taurians are known to be people who always get away with what and how they want things to be; so they need to have a good mix of friends who not only agree with what they say but also stand upto them when required. This is where a Scorpio friend steps in to help! Taureans hold Scorpios in high esteem; they are smart and command respect too.
On the other hand, Taureans are happy being in the company of Aquarians and Leos are both these signs also believe in finish all their tasks or rather seeing something through till the end.
Taurus and Taurus Friendship –
For the vibrant Gemini:
Geminis can be whimsical; they thrive in vibrant atmosphere where there is much energy in the air. But if the interesting things stop, their interest might fizzle out as well! Libras and Aquarians make for comfortable frienship with Geminis as they keep up with their side of the bargain, i.e. to keep the Gemini interested and entertained! Aries make wonderful friends too, as Geminis are in awe of them for their leadership qualities, bravery and will happily follow them around!
Cancerians help Geminis stay grounded while Sagittarians share the same set of values. Pisces are fast friends as they are equally fun and flexible in nature!
Gemini and Gemini Friendship
For the sensitive Cancer:
Cancerians should be born with a disclaimer – handle with care! Yes, they are the most sensitive of the zodiac signs and need to be handled with much care. Scorpios and Pisces, a cancer’s fellow water signs understand this very well and hence, the trio make great friends.
But it is a Leo pal who will boost their confidence and help them assert themselves. Taureans act as stable companions and are always around when a Cancer needs them! Aries and Libra make good friends too as they help Cancerians move along and blend with different people. They also offer a new perspective to old ideas which is a welcome change.
Cancer and Cancer Friendship
For the regal Leo:
The Leo, like the Lion is strong, dynamic and literally, the king of the zodiac signs. Because they strong and resourceful, dynamic, they prefer friends who share the same qualities. And this is why Sagittarians and Arians are close friends with Leos.
Because a Leo loves to party, Geminis can be fun companions too. Leos admire capricorns for their larger than life yet practical view of life and gell well. Leos are intrigued by Aquarians who are at once gregarious but have a cool-detached personality. Leos value loyalty and stability and hence, Scorpios and Taureans rank high in their friend circle.
Leo and Leo Friendship
For the perfectionist Virgo:
Virgos are perfectly capable of looking after themselves but then everyone needs a friend in trying times, don’t they? Virgos value their friendship with Capricorns and Taureans as they supply the Virgo with emotional stability. When they need caring for, they turn to Cancerians, the super sentive sign, as they can always rely on the crab to understand their emotional outbursts. Virgos love to be around Aquarians as they always give them sound advice about the larger picture in life and Geminis bring a party with them!
Pisces being the whimsical folk, they bring with themselves the dream-like qualities that Virgos love and Sagittarians add newer perspectives in their perfect vision.
Virgo and Virgo Friendship
For the balanced Libra:
Because a Libran has an open mind and believes in balancing the good, the bad and the ugly, Aquarians, like Librans, enjoy the larger picture in life. Librans love justice and because they don’t want to cause any messy discord they take help from their Scorpios who can enigmatically solve any problem without the slightest sound.
They love the drama supplied by Leos but Arians are their best friends. This is because Librans being the exact opposite on the zodiac sign front take up the challenge to tame the headstrong beast that is an Arian!
Libra and Libra Friendship
For the intense Scorpio
Scorpios are tricky folks. They have very high expectations and if they find someone who they can bear or trust, they make very loyal friends for life. Being intuitive is a quality Scorpios’ appreciate best and therefore, fellow water signs such as Cancer and Pisces rank high on their friend list. This is also because these three are big on emotional intelligence.
Scorpios enjoy the company of Arians as they help bring out and realise the ideas a scorpion may have. They respect Leos for their charisma and leadership qualities. Scorpios and Taurus bond well as the former appreciates a reliable and stable friend. Aquarians make good companions of Scorpios because they bring out a common ground agreeable to both.
Scorprio and Scorpio Friendship
For the spirited Sagittarius
A Sagittarian is a free spirit, extremely independent and would prefer friends who think on the same lines or at least share their enthusiasm. Therefore, the vivacious Leo and the brave Aries make great friends of Sagittarius. Being friends with Virgo helps them bring about a discipline and structure to channel their abundant energy. But it a Gemini who make the ideal friend of Sagittarius. Pisces make good friends too.
Sagittarius and Sagittarius Friendship
For the confident Capricorn
A Capricorn can be very self sufficient, i.e. they want to take charge of everything and think they can manage it all. Well, don’t put pass a Capricorn as they might as well manage to do it! However, when it comes to making friends, Capricorns need level-headed, mature friends, and that’s why Virgos and Taurus are a good match. Libras, the ever just, keep the sometimes over confident Capricorn in check, i.e., they make for real friends. Because a Capricorn thinks they can do it, they neglect themselves and here steps in a Cancer to nurture them. Aries and Capricorns are a great match as they both are the initiators.
Capricorn and Capricorn Friendship
The gregarious Aquarius:
There is no one more original than an Aquarius and most of the times, people around them would be curious and equally baffled by this quality of this air sign. And because they conjure stuff out of thin air, they need friends who’d accept them for what they are! Hence, a Libra and a Gemini make good pals with Aquarians because they are patient and mature enough to accept them. But a Scorpion is great with intuition and common sense too, so they make unusual but good friends too. Cancers will pitch in as friends to nurture the the Aquarian’s broken heart or any other rants. But if they wish to find themselves in the company of people are brave and bold, Leos make great allies.
When option for logic and stability, there can be no one better than Taurus and Scorpios.
Aquarius and Aquarius Friendship
For the whimsical Pisces:
Pisces make amazing friends. They are sensitive to everyone else’s needs and feelings, and at times are hurt because they are neglected. They are known to be very intuitive just like their fellow water signs – Scorpio and Cancer. Hence, the trio are often best friends.
Pisces are known to be whimsical too, concentrating only in the ‘good’ side of everyone. Hence, they will get along superbly with Sagittarians as they too love to delve in the throes of imagination and creativity. A Piscean will always admire an Aries for their sense of adventure and a Virgo for their idealism.
90,000 Ideal best friend for every zodiac sign – Site for the soul

Your zodiac sign can tell you more about you than you think, including how good a friend or lover you are. If you are curious about what the stars say about you and what friend they recommend, this horoscope is for you:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

If you are an Aries, you probably think outside the box. Aries are thinkers full of creativity, spontaneity and emotion. Aries is also known for its ambition.However, sometimes this urge turns into impatience, which means that they may react recklessly to some questions.

Best friend: Libra

Since Aries are passionate, it is important that they find a friend who has no problem keeping them in check. Whenever you are driven by impulse or are about to overreact when you shouldn’t, your Libra best friend will keep you out of this mistake.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus are known for their stubbornness.And while their sense of purpose can be problematic when it comes to dealing with certain people, it also makes them some of the most stubborn workers out there. Purposeful Taurus are distinguished by their extraordinary willpower.

Best friend: Pisces

One of the most peaceful and least confrontational signs, Pisces are loyal, selfless friends. Due to their peaceful nature, Pisces are unlikely to fight Taurus over their irrational opinions.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini are creative, compassionate people. They can get a little cranky – partly due to the “dual” nature of their personality – but they tend to be flexible people who get away with it all.

Best friend: Aquarius

Since both of these signs are very calm, they will most likely enjoy simple things together. When a Gemini falls into one of their regular “moods”, Aquarius will back off and give them room to maneuver.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers are couch potatoes. They don’t crave everyone’s attention and usually enjoy the simple things of life like family and good friends.

Times of loneliness are extremely important for Cancers, and when they are forced to be without it for too long, they can seem angry. But this is only the result of their reserved nature.

Best friend: Sagittarius

Since Cancers tend to be introverted by nature, they will almost always enjoy the company of a Sagittarius, as he also uses introspective thinking.

Sagittarius is known to be very philosophy-oriented, which will undoubtedly give Cancer food for the mind.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo is the dominant sign of the zodiac. Like the lion, which serves as its symbol, Leo seeks to win power and respect, and is usually the dominant person among his friends.

Leo is determined, he is usually very charismatic and quick-witted in expressing his own opinion.

Best friend: Capricorn

While Leo can be very selfish and aim to be the star of the show, Capricorn is a selfless friend who will help balance Leo’s pompous nature.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos are famous for their charm and excellent communication skills. They oppose the abuse of all people, especially those who are weaker than others.

Best friend: Aries

Since Virgos are known for their passion for whimsical conversation, they undoubtedly enjoy the company of Aries, one of the most creative signs of the zodiac.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libra is a sign of balance.They value beauty and exquisite taste.

Best friend: Leo

Because of Libra’s inherent admiration for beauty, it is only natural that they will enjoy spending time with Leo, a sign prone to power and greatness.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. They are very brave, but they don’t like to show it to the world. They lead a secretive lifestyle and are very vindictive.

Best friend: Aquarius

Scorpios do not like to show their courage too often, but they like to surround themselves with courageous people.That is why they best converge with Aquarius, known for their closed, unobtrusive manner of communication.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius are known for their intensity and concentration. Usually, the goal-oriented and career-oriented Sagittarius has no time for idleness and frivolous people. He is strong and nimble, recovering quickly from setbacks, even when problems are substantial.

Best friend: Capricorn

Sagittarius will certainly get along with Capricorns, who value careful planning and the pursuit of order.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and education. He is systematic, an excellent organizer who maintains perfect order. While Capricorns tend not to take criticism to heart, they are compassionate, unselfish, and willing to tackle other people’s problems with their own.

Best friend: Sagittarius

Due to their systematic lifestyle, Capricorns will undoubtedly appreciate the high intensity rhythm of Sagittarius.Capricorns have no problem helping their friends when they are in trouble, so these two signs will benefit each other in the long run.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius is very restrained. It does not require special care or attention to remain satisfied. Aquarius has a reserved temperament. At the same time, this aspect of Aquarius’s personality is one of his shortcomings, as it provokes laziness when Aquarius has no inspiration for a long time.

Best friend: Taurus

Since Aquarius is carefree, he will most likely enjoy the company of Taurus, who, despite his tenacity, is very friendly.

Fish (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces is one of the most mysterious signs. Although they may seem simple and humble, Pisces usually carries with them a great body of wisdom. They are simple, selfless friends who can be called for help at any time of the day or night.One of their drawbacks is that their kindness and helpfulness can encourage others to use them.

Best friend: Scorpio

Although Pisces are usually calm, carefree people – the problem appears when these qualities turn into carelessness. Having made friends with Scorpio, they will maintain vigilance.

The perfect best friend for every zodiac sign

Pisces friend according to the zodiac sign

Compatibility horoscope: a friend for fish according to the sign of the zodiac – the most complete description, only proven theories based on astrological observations of several millennia.

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By virtue of their generosity, Pisces easily make friends.With receptive souls, they attract other people to themselves. But they should be intelligent enough not to let others suppress them. Pisces need to get rid of casual relationships, keeping only those that can contribute to their progress.

In general, Pisces prefer a friend who is always at their service and can cheer and comfort them. In return, they will repay friends with impartial understanding and devotion.

Positive factors. Pisces are emotionally attached to their friends and rarely notice if friends abuse this attachment.

Pisces are interested in friendship and often look for friends with such enthusiasm that they forget about the sense of proportion. They crave warmth, love, deep human relationships so passionately that they thoughtlessly trust the first person they meet, while a little more thoughtfulness and intelligibility would save them from headaches in the future. Pisces tends to treat friendship as love.

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Pisces – friendly, friendly, cheerful; they care about their friends, even if they rarely see them.Pisces always come up with some interesting things and enthusiastically participate in any artistic events.

Negative factors. Pisces can be a hectic, messy people who are difficult to come to terms with. Sometimes Pisces can behave cheekily and unceremoniously. This happens temporarily and happens in moments of insecurity due to lack of self-confidence.

These people give themselves away without looking back and cannot approach their choice of friends from a standpoint of realism.They often expect incredible excellence beyond human capabilities, or refuse to put up with ordinary human failings. But if their expectations are not met and friendship ”does not rise to the level of the divine, the veil falls from their eyes, and they become gloomy and gloomy. Pisces suffer deeply from the fact that they are not able to experience the satisfaction of communicating with people for a long time. Often they do not see their own shortcomings, of which the legion, but imagine themselves to be such sufferers even in those cases when they are surrounded by comfort. Naturally, friendship based on illusions and delusions causes dubious delight.

Pisces has the strongest friendship with people born in their own period, or between June 21 and July 22, with their “main affections”, that is, those born from August 21 to September 20-27, as well as from October 21 to 20- November 27.

Zodiac signs and friends for other zodiac constellations:

Perfect Match for Fish

In the first half of your life, you will be able to build an ideal marriage only with other water signs – Cancer and Scorpio. At the same time, cancer should not constantly set up its mother as an example for its wife.With Scorpio, you will always be fun, interesting, only. scary, like on a volcano. In the second half of life, the ideal should be sought among other signs – Capricorns and Taurus. If, in addition, a Capricorn comes across with a poetic soul, Pisces will be simply at the height of bliss. And from Taurus for harmonious relationships, you only need a good sense of humor.

Best Pair for Fish

Cancer : As the compatibility horoscope promises, Pisces and Cancer will be an unusually successful combination of zodiac signs.They immediately hit it off. Pisces love Cancer’s sensitivity and the fact that together with him they will bathe in tenderness and care. Cancer is fascinated by the mystery and unusualness of Pisces. This couple manages to successfully avoid conflicts due to the similarity of characters. This novel promises to continue in a successful and happy marriage, such a forecast is given by the compatibility horoscope of Pisces Cancer.

Scorpio : According to the horoscope of compatibility, Pisces and Scorpio are exactly the ideal couple about which novels are written and films with a happy ending are made.The mysteriousness of Pisces inspires Scorpio, and he can easily take the lead in a pair. Scorpio’s jealousy not only does not bother Pisces, but even flatters: for them, this is a manifestation of deep feelings. These signs feel complete harmony in each other’s society, and this almost ideal relationship has every chance of continuing in a long and successful marriage, such a forecast gives the compatibility horoscope of Pisces Scorpio.

Capricorn : Conservative Capricorn is the best choice for romantic and dreamy Pisces, who will find in such a companion someone who can be blamed for the need to make decisions.With a soulful and hardworking soul mate like Capricorn, Pisces will feel like they are behind a stone wall. Subtle intuition allows Pisces to achieve complete understanding with the secretive Capricorn. According to the compatibility horoscope of Pisces Capricorn, this marriage is one of the most reliable.

Worst Pair for Pisces

Libra : As the compatibility horoscope promises, Libra and Pisces can become the heroes of a pleasant and harmonious romance. The fantasy and mystery of Pisces inspires Libra, and their desire for balance gives Pisces the necessary sense of confidence.The negative features of these relationships include the passivity with which they approach the embodiment of their desires. Pisces are too dreamy, and Libra is too afraid of responsibility to realize all their plans. Despite this, they sincerely enjoy each other’s company, such a forecast gives the compatibility horoscope of Pisces Libra.

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Gemini : This couple will enjoy each other’s company, but also suffer from impermanence.Gemini is attracted by the mystery of Pisces, and they like the lightness of Gemini’s character. However, after the euphoria of the first love has passed, Pisces will not understand the frivolity of their companion, and Gemini will be bothered by the emotional instability of Pisces. This relationship is doomed to failure, since this couple needs a leader, which none of these signs wants to become. Such a forecast gives the compatibility horoscope of Pisces Gemini.

Sagittarius : As the horoscope of compatibility assures, Pisces and Sagittarius can enjoy each other’s company for a short time.Problems start very quickly, and the whole romance of the novel is bursting at the seams. An active and active Sagittarius has no time to pay attention to the idle dreaminess of Pisces, and Pisces needs care and love, which is almost useless to expect from a windy and frivolous Sagittarius. This relationship will be a suitcase without a handle for both, the compatibility horoscope of Pisces Sagittarius speaks about this.


Pisces : The romance of this couple will be unusual, the horoscope of compatibility assures of this.Pisces quickly find language with representatives of their own zodiac sign. This is exactly the case when they may even be eloquently silent together. The idyll of this relationship is violated by the mutual unwillingness of Pisces to take responsibility and obligations. This pair is missing a leader. But as the horoscope of compatibility says, the Pisces man often takes the reins into his own hands.

Virgo : This couple will feel idyllic for a very short time, the horoscope of compatibility warns about this.Virgo and Pisces have too different personalities for harmonious long-term relationships. Pisces attach great importance to emotions, and this only annoys the reserved Virgo. Pisces expect tenderness and romance from their partner, and Virgo, the queen of logic, considers it all a sentimental husk. Relationships can only be saved by the increased attention of partners to each other, this is confirmed by the compatibility horoscope of Pisces Virgo.

Pisces Man with other Zodiac Signs

Pisces compatibility

Here we will consider the compatibility of the sign of Pisces with other signs of the zodiac.In this review, we will analyze ideally suitable for him, as well as less suitable, but still more or less appropriate, as well as signs that should not be paired at all. In addition, we will separately touch on the compatibility of men and women.

Pisces Aries compatibility compatibility

The prospects for such a connection cannot be called successful. They are too different, it is very difficult for them to find common ground. They have, one might say, opposite temperaments, completely different life principles and goals.Aries will shock with their pressure, thirst for action, their activity and energy. Their partner, however, will infuriate Aries with his lack of principle, indifference, unconscious behavior. Such a union can hold and exist only on some idea or purpose, the service of which will mean more for both of these signs than one’s own “I”. And if, in the name of such an idea, they both make compromises, give in and try to understand each other, then even such a seemingly inappropriate combination of signs can also get a chance for a happy life.

Pisces Taurus Compatibility

The forecast for such an alliance is very favorable. There is good understanding and harmony between them. The relationship within this couple is serious, solid and deep. They feel great together, although they have different characters and outlooks on life. Their relationship will not be replete with romance and passions, but will be smooth, calm and fairly stable. Taurus develops perfectly thanks to the creative, mysterious and mystical nature of the partner, who receive love, care and support from Taurus – exactly what he needs so much.Such a marriage contributes to the spiritual development of both partners, their improvement and promotion. Their sexual connection is also very high, which again only strengthens their agreement. The first, thanks to their sensitivity, perfectly understand the sexual needs of the second, while Taurus highly appreciates what the partner gives him, and reciprocates.

However, there are two points that can cause conflicts in such a pair. Firstly, this is the excessive mystery of Pisces, which causes a feeling of jealousy in Taurus, and secondly, it is a disagreement in understanding the material side of their life together.One is not used to counting money, they do not care at all about the financial aspect of marriage, while the other, Taurus, is quite practical, tight-fisted and economical. Such a different attitude to money can quite naturally cause certain disagreements.

Pisces Gemini Compatibility

It is quite problematic to achieve harmony here. Their relationship is quite benevolent, but very far from true love and romance. The first are sensual and vulnerable, live their own inner world based on dreams and fantasies, the second are windy and frivolous, living in events and facts.The former obey the feelings and the heart, the latter – to the mind and intellect. Some are absorbed in memories of the past or dreams of the future, while others are realists living in the present day. This list of disagreements can be continued for a long time, but it is already so clear that they do not fit together well, there is no mutual understanding or mutual attraction between them. Of course, with a mutual desire, they can find common ground and common interests (for example, nature, art, culture, etc.), but this is unlikely to be enough to create a strong family.

Pisces Cancer Compatibility

They are quite suitable for each other, but their agreement cannot be considered unconditional. They have a lot in common, but also a lot of differences that make them compromise and seek mutual understanding. The ideals of the romantic first are incomprehensible and illusory for the rational Cancer, and the practicality and sober outlook of Cancer on life does not correspond to the worldview of the first of them. However, the combination of the elements: water – water is favorable, there is also spiritual compatibility, so the chances of such a couple are not at all so bad.They have common sorrows and joys, similar habits and addictions, this is a very sensual and emotional union. Cancer here symbolizes tenderness, warmth and love, Pisces – romance, creativity and novelty. Together they build a family, a career, and social success. Physical intimacy and sexual intercourse only strengthen this union, but the financial issue can become a bone of contention in such a family. The former treat money with disdain, do not like to save and count money, Cancer is distinguished by thrift and caution in financial matters.And this, unfortunately, is not the only contradiction in such a pair. Betrayal, jealousy, passions, and resentment are possible here – a full set of very different feelings is possible that will periodically fall upon this marriage.

Pisces and Leo compatibility compatibility

These are people of different temperaments, characters and life principles. They have different elements, different views and goals in life, so both of them will have to make a lot of efforts to achieve harmony in their relationships. Leo will give such a union energy and dynamics, their partner will smooth out sharp corners and adapt to the situation.An active Leo seems too temperamental and assertive. Unpredictable Pisces for Leo seems incomprehensible and illogical. Leo in such a union will be more emotional, while his spouse will remain cold and indifferent. For Leo, the relationship will be extremely difficult, which is not to say about the other, who are able to adapt to everything and even benefit from the emerging conflict situations. The first ones always need protection and care, and this is exactly what a strong and courageous Leo can give them.Leo, in turn, can receive the recognition and admiration that he needs so much. But, all this is possible if both partners are able to adapt to each other and find a common language.

Pisces compatibility – Virgo

The marriage is controversial, but potentially very good. They complement each other perfectly, but their mutual understanding leaves much to be desired. It is difficult for a realistic and practical Virgo to understand the laziness, daydreaming and fantasies of a partner. But, on the other hand, the intuition and sensitivity of the latter are able to fill their relationship with beauty and romance.Virgo will bring stability and realism to this union, while her husband will make him romantic and sentimental. The first will learn from Virgo to live in the real world, while Virgo will dilute her strict measured life with their illusions and fantasies. Of course, for all this to happen, both need patience, but their patience will be rewarded. Soft, friendly, kind Pisces will receive the love and care of Virgo. Virgo will be a symbol of the stability and constancy of this marriage, while her partner will fill their relationship with warmth, love and tenderness.The only insoluble issue in their relationship will be the financial issue, since the financial insolvency of some cannot be combined with the practicality of the second, Virgo, but the financial issue is unlikely to play a significant role in their life.

Pisces compatibility – Libra

Perhaps this is one of the most difficult alliances with poor prospects. Libra usually dominates this pair, but it does not bring happiness to anyone. Their aspirations, desires and goals are completely different, and sometimes contradicting each other.Everyone lives in their own world, not understanding and not accepting the other. The first live by feelings and sensations, the second – by reason, they weigh everything, evaluate, analyze. Such a partner is too emotional for Libra, while Libra is too sociable for him. The first are offended by the coldness of the second, who is not so romantic. However, there is a chance in this marriage. And it lies in the intimate relationship of partners. The point is, physical intimacy is extremely important to both. And if they can fill their sex life with passion, emotions, energy and romance – who knows, maybe the contradictions in other areas of their lives will not be so strong and insurmountable.

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility compatibility

Such a marriage has a good relationship, strong and harmonious relationship. Mutual understanding between them is at the highest level, they have similar interests, outlook on life and common values. Both sincerely value home warmth and comfort, treat the past with trepidation, both are emotional and sensitive. Scorpio brings stability and practicality to this couple, his spouse brings tenderness and romance. The leader in such an alliance is usually Scorpio, who is more material and takes on the main burden of family concerns.The partner will be infinitely grateful to Scorpio for his care, loyalty and love and will always be ready to lend their shoulder as soon as Scorpio needs it. Sexual relationships also contribute to wonderful harmony in this couple, which allow them to feel like a single whole and give great satisfaction to both. Some problems may visit them when solving household or financial issues, but this is unlikely to weaken this marriage or become a stumbling block in their relationship.

Pisces & Sagittarius Compatibility

The alliance is unsuccessful, it is very difficult to achieve mutual understanding between them, if not impossible.They are too different both emotionally and psychologically, they have different values, views, characters and temperaments. The first in such a union are a symbol of conservatism, tradition, silence and tranquility. This is exactly what is completely unacceptable for the unpredictable and eccentric Sagittarius. Sagittarius, on the other hand, will annoy and confuse the partner with his idle lifestyle, desire for pleasure and fun. In addition, some are vulnerable and impressionable, and Sagittarius is so straightforward and categorical that resentments and quarrels will arise constantly, and out of the blue and for no reason.Further, one should not forget that the actions of the first are often simply devoid of any logic, meaning and reasonable explanation, but Sagittarius does not understand this, his behavior seems to him deceitful and unworthy, while this is just a property of character, habits and way of life. Sagittarius will be annoyed by the constant unreasonable changes in the mood of his partner, which he cannot explain, he will also consider Sagittarius callous and insensitive, unable to accept his vulnerable and tender nature. This list of contradictions and disagreements can be continued for a long time, but the result will be the same: these are not suitable people for each other.

Pisces Capricorn Compatibility


This is a very successful combination between people, but not because they are the same or similar to each other, but because they complement each other very harmoniously and distribute responsibilities in their marriage very comfortably for both. Their correspondence will be high if Capricorn is the head and leader of this union, while the second takes on the role of the leader in this pair. Capricorn makes this union reliable, stable and strong, and his partner – emotional, sensual and romantic.

Of course, conflicts and quarrels are possible, but Capricorn will persistently lead this couple to their intended goals, and they will yield to him and seek compromises in the name of the common good. His partner will enrich the spiritual world of Capricorn, will be a source for his personal growth and development. Capricorn will instill confidence and dedication in his partner, give him the opportunity to see reliability, protection and security in his face. Their physical attraction, their sexual conformity, also strengthens their bond.

Pisces Aquarius Compatibility

There are quite a lot of differences between them, but, despite this, harmony between them is quite possible, since they know how to understand each other and can adapt to each other. Aquarius lives by reason and actions, his spouse – by feelings and emotions. The first appreciates gentleness, benevolence and warmth, the second appreciates, loves and respects Aquarius for his independence, originality and originality. Together, they are interested and comfortable, because Aquarius seeks and finds everything new and unknown that exists around them, and half of them know how to adapt perfectly and happily follow Aquarius, no matter what crazy ideas come to his hot head.Of course, given the vulnerability of some and the love of freedom of the other, quarrels and resentments will be a constant companion of their lives, but, perhaps, no couple will cope with them faster and easier. Moreover, each of their conflicts, small or large, will surely end in hot hugs and violent love passions that will always accompany them.

Compatibility of two Pisces

This is a connection between feelings and spirit rather than mind and matter. This couple is based solely on sensations and emotions.Spiritually they are quite consistent with each other, but they lack support in life, lack the core, will and responsibility, which none of the partners wants to take on. They are dreamy and romantic, but someone has to take care of the financial situation of the family, someone has to make decisions and act. It is quite difficult for both of them to decide on this, so their marriage may be jeopardized. Excessive daydreaming and idealism, laziness and idleness will be the eternal companions of such a couple, will undermine and complicate their relationship.But, at the same time, their creative spirit, rich imagination, romanticism and sensuality will bring them closer together, increase their interconnection, enrich and develop their wide spiritual world.

In addition to the information on this page, it is also useful to find out some features about women and men of this constellation. A complete analysis of all possible combinations with consideration of the characteristics of all options can be found in the publication: compatibility of the zodiac signs is free.

Pisces (zodiac sign): what signs are suitable and not suitable for the representatives of this constellation

Each person decides for himself, according to what parameters and according to what indicators to choose his life partner.It is worth saying that most people today trust horoscopes, or at least adopt what they advise. In this article, I would like to talk about which zodiac sign is suitable for Pisces, and with whom it is better for them not to mess with.

This is not a very good combination, because Pisces are too sensitive natures that rarely withstand the fire of Aries. However, do not be alarmed, because the compatibility percentage is 48% (average), which is still not so scary. In such a tandem, Pisces will have a hard time, but if you put up with the pressure of Aries, everything can turn out very well.

If a person is Pisces (zodiac sign), what signs suit him? Here’s an important question. So, according to the temperament, this union will, at first glance, be good, because calm Pisces can get along well with the hard workers-Taurus. However, as events unfold, more and more new problems will arise. So, Taurus will constantly be upset because of the impracticality of Pisces, and Pisces will be offended by Taurus because of their stubbornness. As for the percentage of compatibility, it is quite small in such an alliance: 22%.

Gemini Pisces

If a person has a zodiac sign – Pisces, compatibility with other signs, in particular Gemini, can be quite good (in percentage terms – 75%). However, such an alliance has its own nuances. He will definitely be very passionate, but can be destructive for both sides. In this combination, Pisces will keep Gemini with their emotions, namely, tears. Until the Gemini gets tired of it, everything will be fine. However, with the slightest awareness of such a small manipulation, the union will end.

If a person is Pisces (zodiac sign), what signs are suitable for him for a long-term relationship? These are definitely representatives of the constellation Cancer. Such alliances are quite strong, people in them are in harmony with each other, almost completely getting along. Relationships can be quite passionate, but more often than not they are calm and very strong. As for compatibility, here it is almost 100%. This is one of the best Pisces alliances.

This tandem is doomed from the start.Too independent Leo will always put pressure on the emotional and weaker by nature Pisces. And if at first in the relationship everything will go smoothly at first glance, then this is only thanks to the royal patience of Lviv. However, it is quite difficult for such people to get along in the same territory, these marriages are not strong, and the chances of success are quite low, below 30%.

This union can also be strong. However, only if Virgos are very patient and will forgive Pisces for their impracticality and general inability to live.Hard workers, Virgos often do not understand the representatives of the constellation Pisces: how can you live your life so passively? As for statistics, good compatibility can be observed in about half of such unions.

So, Pisces (zodiac sign): what signs suit them? A good union can develop with representatives of Libra. This is a tandem of creative personalities. However, everything will be fine only if Pisces is not too passive. Often they are simply too simple for Libra, and representatives of such a constellation become uninteresting in marriage.The statistics here are quite optimistic – the chances of success are 75%.


If a person is Pisces (zodiac sign) what signs are ideal for him? This is definitely an alliance with Scorpio. This tandem will be ideal for Pisces. Everything will be in harmony here: everyday life, temperament, sexual component. Scorpios are ready to envelop Pisces with the amount of love and care that they desperately need. Such a union gives almost a 100% chance of success in a relationship.

Pisces Sagittarius

The relationship between Pisces and Sagittarius will be quite difficult. An evasive Sagittarius by nature will not be ready to give everything in order to please his Fish. And the daily scandals in the kitchen will tire anyone, and Sagittarius will generally run away after the first such violent quarrel.


What else can a sign like Pisces have compatibility with other signs of the zodiac? Union with Capricorn will not bring anything bad. If Pisces is ready to endure the constant absences of their Capricorn partner and frequent possible loneliness, everything will turn out fine in such a pair.Otherwise, scandals will not be avoided. Another nuance: they need to be extremely careful with money, since both partners are wasteful by nature (Capricorn is too generous, and Pisces simply does not know how to save). As for the numbers, the percentage of compatibility here is slightly above average, about 65%.


Such a union is doomed to parting. After all, the excessive emotionality of Pisces will all the time break on the external coldness and aloofness of Aquarius. In addition, the tears and tantrums of Pisces Aquarius will very quickly get bored, and the union will simply disintegrate.The percentage of compatibility here is quite low – 35%.

On the emotional side, this is the perfect match. Pisces understand each other perfectly, there is no place for scandals, love and romance are in the air. However, there is also a weakness in such a relationship: the couple will be completely unadapted to life. Therefore, they risk either living in poverty or being rejected by the majority because of their impracticality and simplicity.

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90,000 Who is the best friend for each zodiac sign? They complement each other

Friendship is largely built around our personality.When two people with opposite personalities meet, they either complement each other or compete with each other. What happens depends on which zodiac sign you have and which traits of your personality are dominant.

Our best friends are the people who follow us in our daily lives. They ensure that we are in a positive mood and help release negative emotions. Below we will talk about some of the signs of the zodiac that, according to astrology, are each other’s best friends.

Aries – Gemini’s best friend

If you see a couple of best friends doing something ridiculous or adrenaline-filled, you are probably looking at Aries and Gemini. Seeking out the unknown, these best friends make each other want to try something at least once.

In this friendship, both members truly complement each other. Gemini will appreciate Aries’ ability to make dreams come true. Aries will be happy to listen to the fascinating tales of Gemini.Especially when they talk about the adventures they went through together.

Taurus Best Friend: Cancer


When it comes to loyalty, there is no friendship more loyal than the one that exists between Taurus and Cancer. Known for their caring personalities, Cancers are happy to make sure you feel good at all times. If they have to feed you to make sure you are eating right, they will.

Taurus is naturally attracted to caring personalities coming from Cancers.If you are a Taurus, you are probably taking life by the horns. Having someone nearby who will always support you creates a truly rewarding friendship.

Gemini Best Friend: Libra

When they don’t have strong friendships with their Aries friends, Gemini often become Libra’s best friends. These two cheerful personalities echo each other on a spiritual level, laughing in the night – no matter how late.

When you are a Gemini and your best friend is Libra, you never have to worry about not having anything to talk about.That will not happen. You both can talk for hours about things like your favorite song.

Cancer’s best friend: Scorpio

When they are not cooking for their Taurus friends, Cancers can laugh with Scorpions. These two water signs are on their own journey of discovery, trying to learn everything they can about everything they love. This means that their conversations often lurk beneath the surface, touching on the intricate details of each topic.

Scorpios can be incredibly possessive, while Cancers love to take care of their loved ones.This can make them almost inextricably linked with each other, complementing each other perfectly.

Leo’s best friend: Leo

You can imagine that two Leos in a small space are too many Leos, that they will fight each other for power and domination. In fact, the opposite is true. Lions perform best in packs, behaving like lions.

If you are a Leo and are looking for someone who truly understands you emotionally, you should try to find another member of your pride.Naturally, your ego can get out of hand if it has a stronger personality than you. But both of you will understand each other’s selfish nature. When you understand the people you call your best friends, you will be ready for anything.

Virgo’s best friend: Virgo


The opposing force of a pack of lions. Two Virgos are able to cope together with any problem that they may face. Their combined analytical skills can be used to tackle even the most challenging problems.And they never have to worry about not having anything to talk to each other about.

The fact that Virgos are incredibly organized makes them great friends. They never step on each other’s heels or create a mess. If you are a Virgo and your best friend too, we would recommend getting each other out of your comfort zone. Virgos can get too familiar with their surroundings and a little push is never bad.

Libra’s best friend: Gemini

Our favorite culture vultures, the Libra-Gemini friendship is always fun, full of laughter and whimsy.If you are a Libra looking for your best friend for cultural adventure, you will find him within the walls of this couple.

Libra and Gemini make themselves at home in the crowd of festivals, niche restaurants and museums. No stage can be too big, and they don’t care who is on it. The atmosphere draws them in like a fish into water. Naturally, there are several problems with this combination, but they can all be met with happy faces.

Scorpio’s Best Friend: Pisces

The way Scorpions and Pisces interact is unique.Their friendship is much deeper than ordinary friendship, touching the very core of primal desires. When you are a Scorpio and strike up a friendship with Pisces, you never have to worry about that friendship fading over time.

Our beloved fish is capable of recognizing and respecting all of the natural defects of a scorpion, not judging by them. These best friends can participate in discussions that last for hours, often wasting time.

Sagittarius Best Friend: Aries

These energetic best friends are always ready for adventure.For other zodiac signs, the unforgiving energy shown by friends of Sagittarius and Aries may seem overbearing. But when these two friends get together, they are ready to turn the world into one giant party.

As you share a love of all that is fun and exciting, you can expect these two to dive headlong into spontaneous adventures without even thinking about them.

Capricorn’s best friend: Taurus


Capricorn, if you are now looking for a faithful best friend, you should ask the stars to point Taurus in your direction.There is no friendship more loyal than the one that develops between two hoofed animals, especially when each of them knows how to praise each other.

When you have a Taurus, you can call them anytime. It’s good to know that someone will always be there, even on the darkest days. Both of you put your career first and effortlessly build your future.

Aquarius’s best friend: Sagittarius

Aquarians and Sagittarius are known to seek the unknown. Sometimes they are willing to act completely irrationally, opening their minds and running with them as they discover new things.This is one of the many things that make them perfect best friends.

They have a natural understanding of each other. Just remember to let your natural instincts rule this paired zodiac sign as you won’t have to hide any aspect of your personality from your best friend.

Pisces Best Friend: Aquarius

It is logical that the two most prominent water signs will flow directly towards each other in search of friendship. When Pisces and Aquarius become best friends, they can solve any problem together.

Just as water shapes rocks, they shape the world around them and become an unsurpassed force of nature. Always supportive, these best friends are more than ready for anything.

90,000 Who is your real friend and who is fake by the sign of the Zodiac :: Infoniac

Incredible Facts

A true friend is practically your half, to whom you can tell everything, and on whose support you can count on.

But sometimes a person can pretend to be a best friend, but deep down they hate you or not be so sincere in their intentions.

According to astrologers, some signs of the zodiac find it much easier to find a common language with each other, while others, although they get along, their friendship often becomes false.

Friendship of which signs of the zodiac can be called real, and which is fake?

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Of course, the stars don’t give a final verdict, and we can get along with anyone if we try.After all, astrology teaches you to better understand yourself and others. The more we learn about ourselves, the easier it is for us to build a friendship with another person.

1. Aries

Aries is the most energetic and brave friend who easily fits into any company. This zodiac sign will always stand up for others and protect you from ill-wishers.

Aries gets to know each other very quickly, and he likes noisy and funny companies.He is the type of person who energizes others, becomes a leader and ringleader in all events.

Sometimes Aries can be too assertive, like to command and impose their opinion, which may not please others.

Your true friend: Libra

Aries belongs to the signs of the zodiac, which is looking for its opposite in a friend.

Aries are active, straightforward and can be very cocky, so the opposite sign of Libra will be their best complement.In such a tandem, both signs can teach each other a lot, and will find a compromise.

It can be difficult for Libra to make a decision, while Aries has full decisiveness.

At the same time, this fire sign lacks patience and tranquility in life, which any representative of the Libra sign masterfully possesses. Although sometimes discord can arise in their relationship, they will be able to balance each other and come to an agreement.

Your fake friend: Capricorn

Both of these zodiac signs are very hardworking and hungry for recognition.However, Aries likes to take risks and is used to doing everything at a very fast pace, often making rash acts, and switching from one thing to another.

At the same time, Capricorn prefers to move carefully, calculating each step in advance.

It is worth remembering that Capricorn is ready to do anything for the sake of his goals, and can use the innocence of Aries to get what he wants. Therefore, if they have something to share, the rivalry between these signs is very difficult to avoid.

2. Taurus

People born under the sign of Taurus are great friends. They are very attentive, loving and can always give good advice.

It takes them a long time to make friends with someone, but once that happens, their friend becomes practically a member of the Taurus family.

As an earth sign, Taurus is very consistent, reliable, and trustworthy.

They are open to their friends, sincerely enjoy the company of people they like, although they can be quite jealous of their best friends.And although they are very loving, sometimes they may lack sensitivity.

Your true friend: Virgo

The friendship between Taurus and Virgo is very strong. Both signs are rational, practical, organized, and it is between them that a truly sincere and benevolent relationship can develop.

We can say that the relationship between Taurus and Virgo only gets better over time. While a Taurus can take Virgo’s criticism very personally, he will appreciate her honesty and willingness to help.

In turn, Taurus will not remain in debt and will always be able to respond with kindness and gratitude to Virgo.

Your fake friend: Gemini

Gemini gives the impression of very light and carefree people, so it will be very difficult for any Taurus to trust this sign of the zodiac. Gemini is a dual sign, they can say one thing and think completely different, which is absolutely unacceptable for Taurus.

Taurus takes a long time to trust another person, and when they just start trusting Gemini, they can suddenly knock the ground out from under their feet.

Friendship with Gemini can only develop under favorable circumstances, but Taurus cannot rely on them in a difficult situation.

3. Gemini

What Gemini values ​​most in a relationship is spontaneity. They are active, they love to have fun, and you will never get bored with them. Gemini is always ready to entertain others with jokes and the latest news, possessing an enviable eloquence and wit.

However, this zodiac sign tends to embellish the truth, although not with malicious intent.On the other hand, Gemini is always open-minded, ready to help a friend and are sincere listeners.

In a friend, they value intelligence the most, so if they have nothing to talk about with a person, they are unlikely to have a good relationship.

Your true friend: Gemini

Gemini is a sign that gets along best with representatives of their own zodiac sign.

It is easy for two Gemini to find common language and interests.They prefer to spend time with the signs of their element – Aquarius or another Gemini, in order to avoid boredom and routine.

Gemini are happy when their life is fickle, filled with exciting events and impressions. In addition, intellectual stimulation is vital for them, so their best friend should be at the same intellectual level or higher with them.

Your fake friend: Pisces

Due to some similarity of these signs, Gemini can consider friendship with Pisces a real gift of fate.But this is only at first glance.

The fact is that it is vital for Gemini to talk about everything, while Pisces prefer to avoid talking, especially when it comes to difficult or painful topics.

The openness and carefree statements of Gemini Pisces will be perceived as an insult, which will become an impetus for the brewing of conflicts.

4. Cancer

Most Cancers are great friends.Once Cancer makes a friend, this choice remains with him forever, since for Cancer friends are members of their family.

Representatives of this zodiac sign will treat you with understanding, care and generously give you signs of attention. They love to protect those who are dear to them. By helping others, Cancer becomes happier.

However, Cancers are very sensitive and easily hurt, so it is very difficult to make peace with them after a conflict.

In general, this sign is quite selective in terms of choosing a friend and often waits for another person to approach him.

Your true friend: Capricorn

Cancer is another sign that is often friends with representatives of its element. Any Cancer will feel the presence of another Cancer in the group, they will appreciate and care for each other.

In addition, Cancers can develop an interesting friendship with the opposite sign – Capricorn. They both need a sense of security, stability, and value family.

These signs balance each other in the sense that Capricorn can always provide practical advice and Cancer can provide emotional support.These differences will bring them closer together, becoming the basis of a long and strong friendship.

Your fake friend: Aries

Cancer may think that in the face of Aries they have found an ideal friend – proactive, courageous and cheerful. But, the more they get to know each other, the more Cancer will begin to understand how impatient and sometimes insensitive this representative of the fiery element can be.

While Cancer needs to talk and share his feelings, Aries tends to rush a friend and, in the end, simply advise him to forget about his worries.

In addition, Aries tends to challenge others, and he will test Cancer for strength, knowing his weaknesses, in order to feel the best.

5. Lion

Leos are friendly and outgoing people. They have a bright, charismatic personality and perceive others as they are.

Leos value friendship very much and should be proud of their friends. If you’ve become a friend of Leo, prepare yourself for unconditional dedication, generosity, support, and honesty.

This zodiac sign loves to be in the spotlight, so it is unlikely to tolerate someone who will take some of the glory away from him. In a friend, Leo is looking first of all for a companion who is ready for honest criticism.

Your true friend: Sagittarius

A pair of these fire signs can become an explosive mixture, which is why they are often attracted to each other. In a pair of Leo and Sagittarius, both get along well with each other and can become best friends.

Sagittarius is arguably one of the few zodiac signs that can withstand the imperiousness and assertiveness of Leo.In addition, Leo and Sagittarius will always find something to their liking, since both are quite sociable, energetic and love new experiences.

Both signs usually have many friends and fans, and as long as they respect and admire each other, nothing will interfere with their friendship.

Your fake friend: Taurus

At the beginning of a relationship, Taurus and Leo complement each other perfectly and find understanding. However, over time, the situation may change, and when the first conflicts arise, both will show remarkable stubbornness and unwillingness to concede in anything.

Leo may find Taurus too boring if he does not express any admiration for his person.

Taurus, in turn, hardly forgets quarrels and can teach Leo a lesson for harsh remarks, showing which of them is actually in charge.

6. Virgo

Virgos become really good friends. They often give good advice, and others can always count on them when faced with a dead end.

In friendship, Virgos are known for their unconditional devotion, although it is not easy for them to make a friend because of their modesty and inherent caution.

Most often, they immediately see the essence of a person and take a long time to weigh whether it is worth making a friendship with him. However, having made up their minds, they will stay with the person for a long time.

Your true friend: Cancer

The friendship between Virgo and Cancer is very simple, but at the same time very strong. Both zodiac signs take friendship seriously and complement each other in many ways.

Virgo appreciates Cancer’s quiet but incredible inner strength, and Cancer admires honesty and a reasonable approach to everything.

They rarely become friends immediately, but the bond between them only gets stronger and better over the years.

Although Cancer can sometimes hurt a Virgo critic, if they learn not to take her to heart, they can teach each other a lot.

Your fake friend: Sagittarius

Virgo and Sagittarius very quickly become friends, and just as quickly their paths diverge.Their relationship is rarely calm, as both signs rarely agree.

Virgos are rational and very careful, while Sagittarius are lighthearted and always striving for novelty. Virgo will not understand the enthusiasm of Sagittarius, and Sagittarius will not tolerate criticism from Virgo.

When tension arises in their relationship, Sagittarius will leave without hesitation, which will disappoint his friend a lot. Although both zodiac signs can converge and diverge many times, they will ultimately take different paths.

7. Balance

Libra is a very sociable sign that feels most comfortable when surrounded by friends.

They can be called quite loyal friends, always ready to give good advice. It is Libra’s friend who is able to see the situation from all points of view and give truthful and objective information, while not hurting the feelings of others.

They make friends very easily, conquering others with their charm and friendliness.It is always easy with them in a company, they try to see only good in others and hate conflicts. All these qualities provide them with constant popularity.

Your real friend: Leo

Both of these zodiac signs are not indifferent to each other, find a common language with each other, admiring what each of them lacks.

In this pair, Leo often acts as a leader, having a more energetic and decisive character. At the same time, Libra becomes a wise and diplomatic adviser for Leo, smoothing out all the rough edges in the relationship.

Although their friendship can hardly be called very deep, they both enjoy an easy relationship. Together they can achieve a lot if they respect and support each other.

Your fake friend: Scorpio

Libras are often intrigued by Scorpios, who have an enigmatic and passionate personality.

However, these zodiac signs have completely different communication styles. Libra tries to maintain good relations with others, preferring to tell innocent lies instead of the bitter truth, while Scorpio is not ready to put up with lies in any form.

If friction has arisen in their friendship, then Libra is more inclined to resolve the conflict and keep the peace, and Scorpio is not ready to let go of the situation and will not calm down until he teaches a lesson.

8. Scorpio

This zodiac sign is very selective about who to call their friend, which is why they usually have few real friends.

Some secrets are always kept in their mysterious souls that they are ready to tell only a very close person.In return, they demand unconditional honesty, respect and loyalty.

If you become a friend of Scorpio (which is not so easy), he will surround you with care and attention, always stand up for you and give you good advice.

But if you inadvertently offend or seriously anger a Scorpio, your friendship could end forever.

Your true friend: Pisces

People born under the sign of Scorpio should know everything about their friend and take friendship very seriously.The best friend for them will be Pisces, who allow them to be themselves and teach them to let go of the situation.

These zodiac signs have many common interests, and they easily find mutual understanding with each other.

Pisces will not interfere with Scorpio’s affairs if he begins to move away, but they will always be ready to support in difficult times.

Both signs read emotions well and complement each other, creating a strong foundation for friendship.

Your fake friend: Aquarius

On the one hand, friendship with Aquarius can be very interesting and exciting.However, both signs of the zodiac are able to play on each other’s nerves. Scorpio wants to be in a one-to-one relationship, while Aquarius wants to connect with more people.

A Scorpio may be fascinated by Aquarius’ out-of-the-box thinking, but it will be very difficult for him to fully understand him. It is worth considering the rather pronounced individualism of these signs of the zodiac.

In this friendship, both of them will have to either accept each other’s differences, or break up so as not to utter hurtful words.

9. Archer

It is very easy for a sociable, charming and benevolent Sagittarius to make friends. In fact, friendship with representatives of this zodiac sign is most often filled with joy and humor.

Sagittarians are open-minded and open minded about other people, places and cultures. They are distinguished by the breadth of their souls and are ready to become a friend to everyone.

On the other hand, they can be impulsive, not inclined to hide the truth and can sometimes hurt others with it.

Your true friend: Aquarius

Sagittarius is a great lover of adventure and new impressions, and in the person of Aquarius he will find the necessary support in all his endeavors.

Friendship between Sagittarius and Aquarius is a combination of the energy of the first and the intelligence of the second. Together, they are able to become a very dynamic team in which there will be no room for boredom.

It is important for these friends to openly and sincerely share even small omissions in order to maintain an honest and long relationship.

In general, both signs of the zodiac are independent and not inclined to dramatize, so their friendship is unlikely to darken anything.

Your fake friend: Cancer

It is important for any Sagittarius to explore the world, gain new experiences, learn and meet new people. In this sense, Cancer may be the least suitable friend for this fire sign.

Cancers are accustomed to sticking to the usual, they are tightly attached to their friends and can involuntarily pull Sagittarius back.

The point is not that Cancer wants to harm Sagittarius, but that Cancer is too intrusive to offer his care, which can strangle the freedom-loving Sagittarius.

In general, it is quite difficult for both of them to understand each other. Cancer can get nervous about Sagittarius hyperactivity, and Sagittarius won’t know how to deal with Cancer’s mood swings.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns often come across as intractable people, so it can be very difficult for others to make friends with this zodiac sign.But if they make friends with someone, they will be the most devoted, kind and reliable friends.

The problem is, gaining the trust of Capricorns is not easy and can take years. As your friend, Capricorn will always protect and take your side, even in the most difficult situation.

However, having doubted the intentions of a person, he can cut off ties with everyone and withdraw into himself, not letting anyone in.

Your true friend: Cancer

Capricorns can find it difficult to get along with many people.They are in dire need of an understanding and caring person who will teach them to open up, so Cancer will be their best friend.

In this pair, Capricorn will be a rational and stable friend, and Cancer will teach him to express feelings. As a rule, deep, fruitful relationships develop between them, where each complements each other.

Capricorn will teach Cancer to be more organized, hardworking and go towards their goal, while Cancer can show Capricorn how to relax and enjoy life.

Both value safety and security in a friendship, which provides a solid foundation for a long-term friendship.

Your fake friend: Leo

Leo wants to be in the spotlight, which is unlikely to please Capricorn. Capricorn most often achieves its goal with hard work and perseverance, while Leo gets a lot easily and without much effort.

For you, Leo seems too pretentious and superficial, since you are used to looking at things soberly and not building illusions.

Capricorn will be offended by the fact that Leo does not care about his achievements and efforts, which is why real friendship may never work out.

11. Aquarius

Despite having a large number of friends, Aquarius can rarely count on anyone. Aquarians are sociable and open to others, they do not tend to condemn the behavior and values ​​of other people.

Aquarians are the type of friend who is willing to give sensible and practical advice, with a unique perspective on any situation.

They value their friends very highly, but they maintain close friendship only with smart people. For the sake of friendship, they are ready to sacrifice even their personal lives.

Your true friend: Aries

Aquarians are most likely to converge with people who can appreciate their intelligence and initiative.

In this regard, Aquarius and Aries are ideal partners. Both signs are independent, they love novelty and help to bring their plans to life.

Aquarius inspires Aries with their original ideas, and Aries helps turn plans into actions.

If none of them infringes on the freedom of the other, all other signs of the zodiac will be able to envy their friendship.

Your fake friend: Taurus

The friendship between Aquarius and Taurus has good potential, but for this they need to overcome many differences.

Their relationship often becomes tense due to the stubbornness of Taurus and the quirks of Aquarius, which does not contribute to mutual understanding.

Aquarius can find it difficult to come to terms with the traditional Taurus outlook on life, as they are used to going against the rules. Their friendship is not impossible if both work on their differences.

12. Fish

Pisces are the most sympathetic friends who will always listen, calm down and support in the most difficult situations. They are natural psychologists whom you can trust when faced with an insoluble problem.

Pisces are those who never forget their friends. Even if you have not been in touch for many years, they will always welcome you with open arms and warmly remember your friendship.

Your real friend: Taurus

Pisces has a very close relationship with Taurus. Pisces can always rely on Taurus to soothe your mood swings and emotions.

For both signs of the zodiac, beauty and art can form the basis of friendship.Taurus will create the most comfortable conditions for Pisces in which Pisces can create.

The difference in the characters of these signs of the zodiac does not interfere with them, but on the contrary is beneficial to both.

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Your fake friend: Gemini

This is an example of a fairly complex friendship that can test the patience of both.

Of course, Gemini is one of the most fun and interesting people who love to tell stories, surprise with their intelligence and humor.In turn, Gemini will admire the intuition and imagination of Pisces.

But both signs of the zodiac are too different to create a strong union.

Emotional understanding is very important to Pisces, which is so lacking in the logical and frivolous Gemini. But it will also be difficult for Gemini to cope with Pisces in times of crisis or despondency, which, in the end, will lead to discord in the relationship.

Best friends among the signs of the zodiac


The most important thing for a strong, dynamic and resourceful Leo is a matter of trust.If a friend let you down once and blurted out too much, it may take years of futile attempts to regain the former location. Aries and Sagittarius know how to keep their mouths shut, you can build a strong partnership with them. Who self-confident Leos sincerely admire is the ambitious and practical Capricorns, so they always keep such people in their close circle. And from time to time they are intrigued by Aquarians – the only ones who are not affected by the lion’s charm. Who drives the imperious Leos out of themselves are the fickle and hot-tempered Gemini.


Reliable, responsible and intelligent Virgo likes the company of emotionally stable friends such as Taurus and Capricorn. On the other hand, they are attracted by the sensitivity and romantic attitude of Cancer – these are the very people who can take care of Virgo, in those rare moments when they need it. If the heart requires a change and a change of course (love, working), it is worth listening to the advice of friends Sagittarius and Gemini – something, and they will not take courage. With their help, Virgos can easily achieve what they want.Virgos are realists by nature, they are sickened by the violent fantasy of Pisces, which often turns into a shameless lie.


With the representatives of this zodiac, without exaggeration, everyone wants to be friends. Their exceptional talent and open heart make them loyal and empathetic companions for almost any sign. If we talk about their own preferences, Libra is most comfortable next to Aquarius and Gemini. Leo, although a heavy character (he constantly strives to take patronage over you and dominate), often inspires creativity.And if life has acquired a bland shade and you want to add a reasonable spice to it, enlist the support of Aries. But the stubbornness of Capricorns and the aggression of Scorpions are difficult for even such balanced individuals as you are.


Rhetorical question: is there a person in the environment of Scorpios (and indeed on the planet) who will be 100% consistent with their idea of ​​a perfect friend? Probably not. In the absence of such an ideal, he most likely surrounds himself with Cancers and Pisces, relying solely on his own intuition in this choice.These stellar representatives seem to them the most intelligent. For his part, Scorpio respects and accepts the authority of Lions, and, one way or another, falls under the influence of their charisma. Aquarians guarantee some semblance of stability, so you accept their society favorably. Once they have eroded your trust, Gemini will lose your affection forever. Be on the lookout!

Best friends by zodiac signs

“A friend is like a second self,” said Cicero. And he was absolutely right.But finding someone like you is not an easy task. InStyle, with the help of the stars, found out how and with whom the signs of the zodiac know how to be friends (and with whom they cannot).


Representatives of this sign know how to be friends – they remain faithful and rarely betray. Aries quickly gets used to it, and if a friend leaves his life, it is extremely difficult. A close relationship in friendship does not at all mean that Aries will insist on your complete frankness – they are curious, but in moderation, and they do not intend to shake secrets out of you.Aries gets along best with Sagittarius and Virgo, together they make up an optimal friendly union, which cannot be said about communication with Cancers.


Taurus, like Aries, has a talent for building friendships, but it’s much more difficult with him. Taurus will keep an eye on you for a long time and slowly close the distance. This sign values ​​in people the ability to listen and, more importantly, the ability to hear, understand and receive. When Taurus calls someone else, this indicates the highest degree of trust – it means that you have passed all possible levels of verification and are now entering the closest circle.From those who are friends with Taurus, loyalty is required – if he convicts you of betrayal, he will instantly delete you from life. Capricorn and Aquarius will find the key to Taurus, they have every chance of becoming his friends, unlike, for example, Leo – the latter’s egocentrism is not to Taurus’s liking.


Gemini wants, but cannot – in the sense that they are ready to be friends, but it is difficult for them to take the first step towards rapprochement. If you do not take this step, then you can remain in the status of a good friend for a long time, with whom you can talk about everything and at the same time about nothing.Also, in principle, not bad, but has nothing to do with friendship. Gemini are good friends, but their hot temper can be tiring and even annoying. However, Libra can easily cope with this unpleasant quality of Gemini and, moreover, are able to muffle irritability. Who will definitely not be able to do this is the Aquarius – the potential of their friendship with Gemini formally tends to zero (although, of course, there are exceptions).


This sign knows how to be friends, but is subject to the current situation.A job change, for example, can bring him a new social circle, which Cancer will get carried away with so quickly that it is easy to forget about old friends. And if the changes do not work out and new friends for some reason disappoint or disappear, Cancer will immediately return to the old ones – without a shadow of embarrassment. Representatives of this sign remove people from their lives rather quickly, living according to the principle “only forward”. As a result, sometimes this rule turns into loneliness. Cancers get along well with Leo (and how do they do it?) And don’t get along very well with Pisces.


Leo wants to be friends with everyone, but for this he needs to work on himself and understand that friendship is not only about talking about himself. However, there will always be those who are ready to listen to them, for example, Pisces. Lions admire, however, Aquarius – for the ability not to succumb to their charms, and Taurus. True, Taurus is not very interested in friendship with Leo – Taurus generally does not want to waste time on lengthy monologues for which Leo is famous.But Cancers will gladly do it – just like Scorpios. The latter, however, will easily besiege Leo if he gets too carried away with himself.


Virgos know better than anyone how to live and how to act in certain situations. They are also adept at dealing with personal problems. Hence the conclusion – friendship for Virgo is not support or help, and even more so not crying into a vest, but simply pleasant mutual communication. Not necessarily, by the way, we are talking about empty chatter – Virgo is ready to talk on high topics.But she will most likely never call you late at night and ask you to save her. Honesty, mutual understanding, pleasure from communication – this is what this sign needs from friendship. Aries, Sagittarius are excellent candidates for the role of Virgo’s friends, unlike Scorpio and Pisces.


Friendship with Libra is like a swing. Or the same scales. On the one hand, they will always support, but they will not babysit you. They can help with anything, but they will make it so that you yourself will ultimately solve your problems.Such is the triumph of sanity and worldly balance. In addition, Libra is keen on accurate advice – you can listen to and take into account them, since the sharp mind and analytical abilities of this sign allow them to draw the right conclusions in any situation. Gemini and Capricorn will turn out to be great friends for Libra, and Leo will not be very suitable for them in this capacity.


A very devoted to friendship sign that values ​​such a relationship almost more than love. Scorpio may not part with friends for days, while sometimes keeping his distance.In friendship, this sign seeks complete mutual understanding and, as a rule, does not find it. For this reason, Scorpio has several friends, and each is “responsible” for one direction in which complete harmony reigns. Scorpio gets along badly with Cancer and Virgo, and very well with Taurus and Gemini.


Sagittarius are great. Unlike Libra, they are ready to go to the end in support of a friend, they can be with him as much as needed. Problems in your personal life? Sagittarius will console you, find the right words, and at the same time try to improve this personal life of yours – talk to your soul mate, incline towards reconciliation, for example.However, this sign expects the same degree of return from its friends. Are you capable of this? Aries, Virgo – yes, they are capable. Cancers – well … not really, usually.


These signs love to give advice and teach you how to live. This can be annoying, but the point is, Capricorn wants to genuinely help you. And by the way, it is easy to stop his preaching by saying that enough is enough. Capricorn will not be offended and will temporarily stop working as an advisor. The problem with this sign is different – he is rarely able to accept someone else’s point of view and is ready to argue until hoarse over nonsense.Which often hurts friendship. But Capricorn is surprisingly devoted to friends and will never leave them. Taurus and Libra – it is easy for Capricorn to build a friendship with them, but Leo does not need such a tedious relationship.


Aquarius is a shirt-guy (even if he is a girl): open, generous, sincere. At the same time, he has few friends, and sometimes he has no friends at all. Maybe this is due to excessive compliance? Aquarians do not like to argue, they do not like conflicts, they are ready to give in in many ways, and then torment and strain others with their dissatisfaction.They should learn to say “no” to everyone who is close to them, and maybe everything will get a little better. Aquarius has good, real friendships with Taurus and Leo, and a difficult friendship with Scorpio.


Pisces do not get along well with people to the level of real friendship, and this is not their fault – they are always ready to be friends. The point is in those around them who sometimes see in Pisces only whiners and overly reflective persons. All this is not entirely true. Yes, representatives of this sign are sensitive, but isn’t that normal? Moreover, their emotional subtlety is conducive to listening and supporting those who need it – with all their hearts.And this is a rare and valuable quality that Leos will appreciate and Cancers will not.

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90,000 Pisces – horoscope of compatibility of zodiac sign

Pisces Couples Reviews & Stories |

All reviews

September 24, 2016 at 12:46 pm |

Signs: Pisces, Cancer Compatibility:
Pisces-Cancer, Cancer-Pisces

There is one girl who to me … how to say ….In general, I checked many times, but when I hint to her that I like her not only as a person, but also as a girl, she says that there can be nothing but friendship, and I do not understand why.

The site issued the following:

General compatibility: 52%

Physical – 48% – not compatible
Emotional – 57% – intersect
Intellectual – 80% – almost coincide
Heart – 18% – not compatible
Creative – 62% – intersect
Intuitive – 74% – compatible
Supreme – 22% – not compatible

According to the sign of the Zodiac (the position of the Sun in the sign) – I am Cancer, she is Pisces (signs of one element).

Characters 3 and 3
Family 5 (with her) and 4 (with me)
Temperament 2 (with her) and 6 (with me)

So what’s the matter?

Alexander, it is very likely that there is much more sympathy on your part than on hers: on the “female” side, emotional compatibility is 57%, while on the “male” and intelligence 80% and creativity 62 %.

There is also an intuition of 74% that works very well for watermarks between you, but it is not so easy to reveal and feel it from afar, without close communication.

Of course, our current version of the In-contri script does not yet reveal many details (but we are working on it). One of these details is that women of the signs of Water, being naturally soft and vulnerable in their souls, try to choose a man of a clearly tougher character for their partners. Because of this, they, by the way, often fall on the signs of Fire and burn themselves with them.

In your case, it still plays a role that she is Pisces, which means “older brother” for your sign of Cancer.Perhaps the Scorpio girl, whose sign for Cancer is “little brother”, would look at you completely differently.

January 12, 2015 at 11:11 PM |

Signs: Pisces, Taurus Compatibility:
Pisces-Taurus, Taurus-Pisces

Please explain: I cannot understand our relationship with my husband. Older brother – Younger brother.But one thing is clear – he does not show much concern for me. I am 02/22/1983, he is 05/13/1979.

Ira, because your sign of Pisces is the “Big Brother” in relation to the sign of Taurus. Accordingly, here it should be more about your concern, if it is appropriate to talk about it in the context of this couple. Caring is more likely to fit into the parent-child relationship. Your case is, first of all, the kindred spiritual relationship of the complementary elements of Water and Earth, but with a share of mentoring from a more experienced and wise partner of the sign of Pisces.

In general, Irina, could not miss your pair, because you have an overall compatibility of 27% for the first block of chakras / biorhythms, and this is the absolute minimum that I have seen with my own eyes during all the research. It seems that you have more than one problem of caring, and it should not be put in the first place.

September 12, 2014 at 21:07 |

Signs: Pisces, Capricorn Compatibility:
Pisces-Capricorn, Capricorn-Pisces

Great, I feel my partner, but how did I calculate our compatibility with him (25.02.76 and 26.12.74), then I was shocked … .82% !!!!! And it’s really true !!!! You are great !!

Hope, you have a phenomenal result. Let’s hope that your meeting with your partner is not accidental.

August 21, 2014 at 22:26 |

Signs: Pisces, Sagittarius Compatibility:
Pisces-Sagittarius, Sagittarius-Pisces

Hello again 🙂

I wrote here in April or somewhere in that period.She was interested in Sagittarius and Taurus, and life is such an unpredictable thing that at some point everything spun with Sagittarius. Yes, it spun very seriously despite the fact that the archer is mine from another country, or rather, to be from Holland and we did not see each other so much, and then he drove off to his homeland and after that all sorts of correspondence, Skype, etc. began there. rushed love carrots. On the one hand, I am one of those who don’t really believe in long-distance relationships, but on the other hand, I know a lot of happy examples, and actually I myself was in such a situation a couple of years ago, and we successfully met with that person later (though we were just from different cities, but nevertheless).

So, all this went on with the archer for about six months. Honestly, I was surprised to the eerie because I have not met a more romantic and sensual person. Yes, and with the archers, I once had not the most positive experience, it was difficult for me with them, I, like Pisces, simply did not have time to follow them somewhere. I sometimes need peace, loneliness, so that they would not touch me for a while, but here everything is boiling, raging, try to endure. But I have matured and gained experience, and many things now look different, and people are different.In general, it was just an idyll with a Sagittarius.

But, as you noticed when you answered me then, there is a continuous roller coaster with the archers, I will not say that there were any obvious changes in attitude or feelings, but these ups and downs I always felt subtly, but knowing these shooting features I simply accepted as given, what can we do with them. and it spurred me somewhere. In general, everything was fine from time to time with the so-called emotional rollercoaster :), we were going to meet, he kept thinking how we can be together, etc.I offered all sorts of different things, and in the meantime I was getting ready and going to work in Europe for about 2 years, and if everything went well, then it would take longer, but this was delayed and I could not leave, and our communication continued. and then communication began to decline, in particular on his part, and at one wonderful moment, for no reason at all, I receive the message “i’ve fallen love with other girl”, which plunged me into a wild shock. I was shocked and couldn’t write anything intelligible, wished him happiness and disappeared from his horizon.I was told in response that he is still here for me and for communication and the moment (!) nothing has changed. oh, these archers))

five days passed and I wrote him my condolences (who needs to google, pis, know var), he thanked well, and we had a conversation. everyone seemed to find out, explained to each other, realized that I had no chances like I had any, but at the same time several times persistently wrote to me that “I care about you and you mean so much to me, but we cannot be together and blah blah And what about that girl, he is also not sure, and in general about any relationship and all that, you need to think, you need to solve pressing life problems.”This is a very typical nonsense for many archers, it’s just their tactics. and will hang the responsibility for the relationship on the partner, they are the masters. anyway. on that and decided. At some point I really felt guilty and, in general, even said that I was ready to look for ways to solve the current situation, and yes, I was wrong. although now soberly assessing the situation, I understand that we were both wrong. that’s it. a month has passed, no communication is natural, if you do not take into account his likes on Facebook)) which actually does not say anything.and then for no apparent reason a couple of days ago I suddenly received a message that actually prompted me to write here again))

asked how are you, when I was going to leave, like my summer, I could not calm down, he filled up with questions and the impression is that walked around the bush and what he wanted and did not ask, although maybe I imagined. Well, communication in the style of archers – like nothing happened)) in general, we chatted for 10 minutes and that’s all. so. my whole story is that archers need a holiday every day, and today they have one thing, tomorrow another, today you are his most beloved, and tomorrow everything, love has passed, you are to blame for everything, I leave, and then I come again)) etc.etc.

in short, those who are not able to withstand this better not even mess with them. take care of your nerves 🙂 but nevertheless there is something hellishly attractive in them. my story is clearly not over yet, let’s see what happens next 🙂 you can expect anything from them. p.s. The funny thing is that the circumstances are that for the next year I am going to Holland. here is what life is)) he does not know about it, but he would very much like to see his face)). just my story, which may be interesting to someone 🙂 well, or someone will recognize their archer, they are similar 🙂

I will be glad to comment on the above.:) if that my dr. 02/25/1994 its 01/12/1992

Anna, thanks for the feedback, as they say abroad there :)) You always pay attention with great interest to stories sent from users who have already asked for advice.

Well, Sagittarius is such a Sagittarius. His “i’ve fallen love with other girl” is in the best tradition. But you are only 22 and you are already burning at least about the second, if not the third Sagittarius in your life, as I understand it. The trend, however.It seems that you have developed a pattern after some of your first experiences in relationships that you are subconsciously drawn to this sign.

Specifically with the Sagittarius-foreigner, your compatibility cannot be called deep. Emotions 70% + cordial friendship 80% + physical attraction at the maximum, along with the proximity of temperaments 3 and 4. Such a youth relationship. Bright at first, but hazy afterwards.

Yes, the meeting of the representatives of Water and Fire is always exciting. And for the sake of these emotions, you can, at least in order to have something to remember, go to many hardships, incl.h. loss of nerves and time. But so that several times in a row is already akin to a bad habit. Maybe it’s time to get rid of? After all, there are excellent options for you to be on the same Water wave with the signs of your element, or to have, albeit not so hot, but strong and fruitful prospects with men from earth signs. Youth is not eternal. And it’s better to spend it on a positive experience.

July 7, 2014 at 23:28 |

Signs: Pisces, Leo Compatibility:
Pisces-Leo, Leo-Pisces

Good day, dear author!)) A wonderful site, which I have known for more than six months)) I often calculate compatibility for myself and for friends) everyone likes it, everything is almost accurate)
I would like to ask you about my compatibility with a young man and explain a little about my Pythagorean square)

We have been meeting for more than six months.My date of birth is 02/25/1994, and my partner is 07/30/1991. In terms of biorhythms, compatibility seems to be quite good, but as for the signs of the zodiac, it turns out we will part sooner or later .. I would like to know your opinion, because both his and my intentions are serious. And my square of Pythagoras shows that I have no luck and that I was not created for physical labor .. I would like to know what areas of my life are suitable for me. Thank you in advance! I hope you will publish me))) I would be very grateful!

I wish you success in your work.You are great!

Allie, you are already an old-time reader. If we take into account your six-month stay on the site with its age of one year and a half. Therefore, I think that you have probably read the comments about a couple of signs “Boa constrictor and Rabbit” more than once. Unfortunately, the statistics for this pair are sad – not a single positive review, alas. True, there were those who lived together for more than a dozen years, just like everyone else, who started out very beautifully, romantically and positively.To these statistics I can add another couple from my entourage, who lived together for 16 years and parted not so long ago. The most interesting thing is that in it, exactly like you, the signs were distributed: the woman-Pisces-Boa constrictor and the man-Leo-Rabbit. Only in terms of character the picture was different: 4-1 in favor of the woman. You can imagine what kind of ropes the wife wielded from her Rabbit and how carelessly she literally threw him away after a decade and a half of relationship. The position of the Boa woman in this pair is better, perhaps, only in the fact that she comes out of this sad story as an absolute winner.And the Rabbit is so trampled that he is still trying to collect the fragments of a bygone relationship and even with difficulty, at times, finds himself lately.

Your whole calculation:

Date of birth 02/25/1994 30.07.1991
Biorhythms / Chakras
Physical 45%
Emotional 79%
Intelligent 25%
Cardiac 66%
Creative 86%
Intuitive 72%
Higher 89%
Zodiac Signs Fish – Water Leo – Fire
Pythagorean Square
Nature 2 2
Family 6 1
Temperament 3 4

Sorry, this compatibility table did not fit into the phone screen, so we left it for the desktop version

As you can see, your fatal attraction is “aggravated” by the opposing elements of Water and Fire, strong chakra compatibility and characters of the same strength.We are all not children and we understand that cloudless relationships do not exist. And it is in times of crisis that these three points will manifest themselves most sharply. Especially the same characters 2, each of which is generally recommended as partners only stronger. Your role, Allie, is to end this relationship with your Boa’s will, but, most likely, you will not be able to manifest it to the last. And from experience, such a relationship is bright only at the beginning. And the further they drag on, the stronger the blow at the end.

I understand, Allie, this is not at all what you would like to read.But do not understand correctly: there can be one calculation for all couples like yours, but another for you. It is just as wrong when people approach relationships with frivolous intentions. You are approaching the relationship the right way. Only now you guessed it or not with the right pair for yourself – we have to find out.

In spite of everything, my personal belief, for example, is that the highest compatibility in a couple, achieved during the development of both partners during a relationship, can be stronger than any problematic aspects.Therefore, I wish you to adequately perceive the above comment, albeit not the most encouraging, and philosophically refer to any outcome of these relations. And, if you’re lucky, then unsubscribe someday, did the highest compatibility help you stay together.

According to Pythagoras: the strongest qualities worth paying attention to, in your square – energy 2222, self-esteem 7 and spiritual potential 6. The combination is the most powerful. You can show it anywhere. It is desirable in working with people, in public expression, maybe in politics or social activities.This is the level of energy that you need to give in order to open up. In return, you will receive even more. And extra self-esteem and spiritual potential will give the necessary positive vector of your energy.

May 18, 2014 at 0:31 |

Signs: Pisces, Sagittarius Compatibility:
Pisces-Sagittarius, Sagittarius-Pisces

Good day! Your site is amazing! Thanks for your hard work!

I (01.12.1985) was married to a man (02.19.1981), were best friends. The marriage was early (I was 19 when I got married), divorced 3.5 years after marriage. Then I got carried away with all sorts of horoscopes, tried to figure out what was wrong (after all, we are compatible in the zodiacs, and in general we got along well), because somehow we parted spontaneously. It was especially strange that we weren’t particularly worried about this, we still communicate well. Both have new halves (mine is 05/21/1986, he has 19.04.1987). And, as your calculations show, now everything is much more harmonious with us.

Why are we attracted, especially at such an early age, if we are not compatible at all in the first three chakras? Thank you in advance.

Natasha, after looking closely at the date of your partner, everything became clear. February 19 is the border date between Aquarius and Pisces. Accordingly, since “according to the Zodiacs you are compatible”, then the sign of your partner was taken by you Aquarius. And for you, born without any doubt under the fiery Sagittarius, the union with the air Aquarius promised to be crowned with success.

But the fact is that according to the dates of the signs of classical Western astrology, to which In-contri has been translated for some time now, February 19 is already considered in the territory of Pisces. And in this case, a lot changes in your couple. Now for you this is no longer an alliance with an airy Aquarius, but with an aquatic Fish. And the type of relationship between signs becomes friendly-business – “Patron and Adviser”. Here is a detailed calculation of your couple with ex-husband and current:

Date of birth 01.12.1985 02/19/1981 05/21/1986
Biorhythms / Chakras
Physical 41% 56%
Emotional 16% 97%
Intelligent 30% 69%
Cardiac 87% 2%
Creative 90% 98%
Intuitive 71% 22%
Higher 1% 44%
Zodiac Signs Sagittarius – Fire Fish – Water Gemini – Air
Pythagorean Square
Nature 3 6 3
Family 6 3 6
Temperament 4 1 3

Sorry, this compatibility table did not fit into the phone screen, so we left it for the desktop version

Seeing the full picture, it becomes easier to answer your questions:
– you and your first husband became close, indeed, because you became best friends.And friendship was facilitated by the type of relationship between your signs of Sagittarius and Pisces and, of course, a very high heart compatibility. To this we will add your “female” intuitive compatibility and “male” creative compatibility. As a result, we get a couple with interesting communication, with common spiritual moments and with relationships in general at a higher level than the relationship of your peers at the age of 19. Apparently, the fact that the relationship seemed to you quite “adult” and prompted your couple to get married.

– why they parted: in this relationship, the basic chakras of emotions and intellect were not opened, well, and, of course, the long-term union of the signs of Fire and Water, despite the common spiritual vector, pressed, maybe even unconsciously, on the nature of both.This is why the parting was so spontaneous and easy. It was as if they had dropped the heavy burden of this long-term, not entirely harmonious intimacy. And they immediately began to look for compatibility in emotions and intellect in new partners, wishing to fill the resulting deficit from the first relationship.

As a result: you do meet a favorable “airy” Gemini with an emotional maximum, with high intellectual compatibility and again a creative maximum (a pattern from your first husband?). The character of the new partner is clearly simpler and equal to yours, the family is also equal.Indeed, everything turned out quite well for you.

You probably looked at your ex-husband and you know his combination: he, in turn, also found a girl with high emotional and intellectual compatibility for himself, but probably the physical side of the relationship also served as a pattern after your relationship. His girlfriend, like you, has a temperament of 4, but at the same time, “male” physical compatibility is at the maximum. A couple of signs, by the way, are also friendly there – “The best friend and the best enemy.”Therefore, I would not yet speak unequivocally about how favorable this union will be.

Another interesting coincidence, but no more: you and your first husband, in addition to finding partners with whom you can reveal your emotional and intellectual levels, both have a general compatibility with them of 55%. In this case, it does not carry any connotation, but it just looks symbolic.

Finally, about your ongoing communication: at a friendly distance, you will be fine and there is no point in breaking this friendship.Your relationship is meant to unfold in partnership and friendship. And who knows how you will still be useful to each other in the future. The only question is how to explain this communication to the acting halves, because fair jealousy cannot be avoided.

April 6, 2014 at 20:44 |

Signs: Pisces, Taurus Compatibility:
Pisces-Taurus, Taurus-Pisces

Hello and thank you for creating such a wonderful site 🙂
I will be commonplace but I need an assessment and comment from the outside 🙂
My date of birth is 25/02/1994 /, the date of birth of a partner with whom we have mutual sympathy 01/12/1992 / , but there are a few “buts”.I am a typical Pisces, and actually I am confused by the opposition of our elements, I must admit it is felt although not critical. What are the chances of a relationship? And there may be some details about the personal qualities of the partner.
And I’m also interested in a man with a date of birth 16/05/1986 /. I have never met a more caring person. Actually, the questions are the same 🙂
Thanks again for your site: 3


Anna, have you tried to compare “head-on” compatibility with the specified partners?

Date of birth 25.02.1994 12/01/1992 05/16/1986
Biorhythms / Chakras
Physical 92% 95%
Emotional 73% 96%
Intelligent 20% 39%
Cardiac 80% 97%
Creative 15% 30%
Intuitive 4% 97%
Higher 31% 7%
Zodiac Signs Fish – Water Sagittarius – Fire Taurus – Earth
Pythagorean Square
Nature 2 3 2
Family 6 6 2
Temperament 3 4 4

Sorry, this compatibility table did not fit into the phone screen, so we left it for the desktop version

Such different, but at the same time, men so similar in terms of compatibility with you: both of you have a maximum in physical terms, temperament is 1 more and two female levels are compatible – emotions and heart.It looks like a pattern. Or you just know how to feel “your” people well.

Let’s start with Taurus. Age difference aside, it’s almost perfect for you. The combination of Earth and Water is very productive, and with this you still have all the “feminine” highs. Here is love, albeit without boiling passions, and care with spiritual comfort, inherent in Taurus men in relation to partners. Taurus also always tries to do as much as possible for his love object. But a kind of payment for this is that he seeks to completely control him.At first it really looks like support or care, and over time he is ready to tie them hand and foot to his partner. And this for you, as an independent Pisces woman, may not always please. But, perhaps, this is the only specific nuance of the relationship with Taurus, which, I think, should not be considered as an obstacle. In general, I repeat, according to your horoscope, you have an excellent, loving, interesting couple. There is, however, one point specifically with you that does not fit: this is that in a pair according to the horoscope your sign of Pisces is the “Big Brother” in relation to the sign of Taurus, whereas in your scenario it turns out that Taurus is older in age, and is equal to you in character.Therefore, the question of unambiguous leadership in a pair cannot be immediately determined. Somewhere, perhaps, you will expect more initiative and activity from Taurus, both from a man and from an elder, but they will not. And somewhere, in his desire to subordinate or control you once again, he will receive an equivalent rebuff. So in this regard, the political struggle for leadership cannot be avoided. On the other hand, it all depends on what you, Anna, expect from this relationship. If you already feel all this in a relationship and are ready to accept, then nothing will spoil your excellent forecast.Taurus is strong, responsible, constant, albeit a little boring, ready for exploits for your sake – isn’t that what you are looking for?

Relations with Sagittarius will clearly be hotter. Not to say that they are diametrically opposed to the Pisces-Taurus relationship. No wonder, according to the horoscope, Taurus and Sagittarius are the main enemies of each other – “Rabbit and Boa”. So living with Sagittarius is just like on a powder keg. He is active, always ready to break off somewhere, easily changes goals and mood … but he also expects the same from his partner.He ideally needs either the same fiery girl next to him, or the girl of the element of Air, so as not to let his Fire go out. Well, and Water, like no other, perfectly extinguishes any fire. Therefore, conflicts are inevitable. Although there are special couples of people from the representatives of Water and Fire, who eventually learned to live in conflict and even enjoy those clubs of steam that occur as a result of the meeting of their elements. The plus for Sagittarius in your calculation is that he also has an impulsive character 111 to match his sign.And this is stronger than your 2 and means that leadership is in his hands.

If you had a vote on whom to choose for your long-term partners, Anna, Taurus would certainly win by a good margin. Only now, at the age of 20, are you interested in anything long-term? 🙂 And what is “long term” for you? Surely, you would like, first of all, vivid relationships, impressions, emotions, albeit often contradictory, so that, as they say, there was something to remember later. Therefore, for such an experience, Sagittarius is a great option.But Taurus is still in a different age category, so he is most likely looking now not for impressions, but for a family. So, Anna, see for yourself what you are looking for in a man at the moment.

December 23, 2013 at 21:25 |

Signs: Pisces, Aquarius Compatibility:
Pisces-Aquarius, Aquarius-Pisces

Hello! I really like your site! So simple, understandable and most importantly, everything really coincides! Please tell me if at least one relationship has a future: she is 04.02.1987; he is 02/14/1987 or he is 03/12/1976. In the first case, he really wants to get married, but I don’t feel him and I don’t understand at all and I don’t want to associate myself with such a person, and in the second case, I am madly in love, I feel and understand the person, but he is very indecisive and I’m not sure if it’s worth it. whether to fight for this relationship or is it just worth giving up everything and waiting for something more suitable? Thank you very much in advance!

In-contri: Anna, both calculations with your partners just need to be placed in the In-Contri Chamber of Weights and Measures.Indeed, after all, everything coincides with you without any speculation and winding up the calculation results.

So, your compatibility with each partner and their qualities according to Pythagoras:

Aquarius guy, wants to get married

Your signs: “I and my mirror”

Physical – 16%

Emotional – 30%

Intellectual – 40%

Cardiac – 47%

Creative – 53%

Intuitive – 58%

Higher – 62%

Character – 2

Family – 4

Temperament – 5

The Pisces Man you are in love with

Your signs: “Best friend and best enemy”

Physical – 89%

Emotional – 91%

Intellectual – 92%

Cardiac – 93%

Creative – 27%

Intuitive – 94%

Higher – 22%

Character – 4

Family – 3

Temperament – 3

Sorry, this compatibility table did not fit into the phone screen, so we left it for the desktop version

In principle, everything is obvious, but for an example it is worth analyzing.Only, Anna, tell me (or at least to yourself) one thing: why are you women such strange creatures? 🙂 Talk about the first one yourself, that you don’t feel him, don’t understand and would not like to tie your fate with him, however, you still ask about the future of this relationship? Fallback option? Or is the third grade not a marriage? :)) It’s good that everything is clear with him – there is no compatibility. There is only a strong family on his part and an attempt to realize it with you. I think that due to the still immature attraction to the same sign and the craving of temperaments (hot to hot).Better to close the question about marriage with this young man. Neither you nor him will be happy together.

But the second option, especially with regard to biorhythms / chakras, is simply brilliant. And it is worth thinking very seriously how not to miss it. For you, the maximums for all three “female” levels are favorable here: emotions – heart – intuition. For a man, physical and intellectual highs are important. In general, it is very rare to collect 5 maximums in one calculation. And three women at once together – this is love at the maximum.And it is unlikely, Anna, you will ever meet such a partner in your life, you need to understand this. Therefore, it is worth trying to realize your feelings for him, even if it will not be easy. As a last resort, it is better to try and experience than not to try and regret the remaining days, sighing at the missed chance. Therefore, let’s consider the features of the “approach” to this subject.

So, first of all, your signs of Aquarius and Pisces are “Best friend and best enemy.” Literally in the previous commentary it is written that, according to statistics, this couple is the most popular and, perhaps, every second, if not the first, among us had a relationship with his “Best friend” or “Best enemy”.You know, I’m already thinking of classifying this pair as an intermediate option between “compatible” and “not compatible”. I would call it “you can live” or, based on statistics and comments, “you live somehow” 🙂

So, in your pair, a Pisces man is your “Best friend”. However, for him, as a backward sign, you act as the “best enemy”. Because of what, you lose the credit of trust in your personality from him almost immediately. And in general, in a relationship, such a couple is always haunted by mistrust and omissions.This is a feature of the inconsistency of the elements of Water and Air. But the fact that you are not in conflict, like Fire and Water, can already be called a plus.

Next, we see two things in Pythagoras: his character 4 and family 3. This character speaks of a calm, stable and strong self-confidence. But not demonstrative and authoritarian, as in character 5. So your man’s indecision has yet to be unraveled. Perhaps this is just distrust. Perhaps he is just looking closely for now. But do not forget about the intellectual maximum, which gives a high chance for reciprocal sympathy and, subsequently, deep interest on his part.The “impulsive” familiality adds to the above that he will not call you on the second date. And if he does it ever, then even surprisingly to himself. So do not expect marriage pressure in the spirit of the first partner here.

Perhaps the last danger that can be here, even when starting a relationship, is that a man, due to his maturity, is more focused on higher compatibility. Which for him are with you neither in creativity (masculine level), nor in the higher chakras. That is, he may consider the relationship with you just a hobby that will pass.Indeed, at its life stage, higher levels are already required. And even here, knowing quite well (as I myself think) the features of Pisces, I will say that after all, most of them are emotional and even irrational in thinking. Therefore, there is a very very high hope that this man will share the intuitive maximum with you. And in this situation, the number of pluses will outweigh all the minuses in your pair.

I want to wish you courage and good luck, Anna. I hope not too tired of the theory.

November 28, 2013 at 19:17 |

Signs: Pisces, Gemini Compatibility:
Pisces-Gemini, Gemini-Pisces

Thank you for the site, I learned a lot of new and interesting things.
I already wrote to you my review, but unfortunately it was not published after August 21.
I have a difficult relationship with a man, I am 03/18/1982, he is 06/01/1969. We do not have a lot of compatibility with him, judging by your calculation on the site, in addition, a third is wedged into the relationship, namely his ex-wife, with whom he still has established communication and meetings and with whom, as I am afraid, he may get back together … She – 01/05/1973. In this regard, the question is whether it makes sense to continue our relationship, or is it more expedient for me to finish everything with this man, and is there a danger for me that if we are still together.then he can go back to the ex? I really hope for the publication of my story. Sincerely.

In-contri: Elena, I’m sorry I didn’t find your calculation earlier. The situation is both complicated and, at the same time, the key to it, judging by the calculation, lies on the surface. So, according to the calculation, the following picture emerges: a couple considered incompatible in the horoscope, Pisces and Gemini – even and odd signs, parallel to the elements of Water and Air, however, the type of relationship is “Patron and Counselor”.It is this type that in some cases can reveal itself well, namely in business communication, in joint planning and implementation. In short, at work. On the chakras we see one single intellectual compatibility. But what – as much as 81%. This is already considered a lot. In addition, as has been said more than once, this is more of a “masculine” level and men react to women with intellectual compatibility, like a bull to a red rag. In this connection, it can be assumed that the initiator in these relations was still a man.Perhaps it was you, Elena, that hooked you: having a high family of 5 points according to Pythagoras, you became interested in a more mature man, similar to you in intelligence, who supported your views on some things and plans, and immediately presented him in the form of the head of your family … Further, communication began and in general, I think, not bad, thanks again to the type of relationship between signs and intelligence. But does it make sense to move on? Is it not for nothing that you yourself call these relationships “complicated”? Firstly, there is a real danger that, in addition to coincidence in communication and some topics, you will still be left without emotional warmth, spiritual joy and everything that women so dream about in relationships.On the other hand, this man will be interested in you for a long time. True, this interest is not endless – there is no logical continuation of the relationship in the higher chakras (not a single compatibility of the last three chakras). Where you will be able to more or less find harmony is in your high temperaments: you have 5, and he has 4. And it is clear that this is one of the strongest aspects of attraction in your couple. But again, this area cannot be fundamental. In conclusion, alas, I can confirm your fears about a serious relationship with your ex-wife and the possibility of returning to her.Your man and his ex-wife have the same inharmonious pair of signs, but the most controversial type is “Boa and Rabbit”, where the ex-wife is also “Boa” and has a character of 3 versus 2 for a man. Thus, she is a complete manipulator in relation to him. By the way, he is also very sad with her in terms of chakra compatibility and also the harmony of “hot” temperaments. Perhaps the satisfaction of temperament is for him the only value of the relationship?

November 24, 2013 at 13:59 |

Signs: Pisces, Virgo Compatibility:
Pisces-Virgo, Virgo-Pisces

I’m dating a guy from another city, he’s a virgin (08.09.1991), I am a fish (03/08/1994), we met, liked each other, and after two weeks of communication on the phone and Skype, he made me an offer, I agreed, because we live once, and he suits me almost completely, if not one “but” … Apparently, due to the fact that the distance separates us, he begins to get paranoid and take offense at me, becomes suspicious, tries to bring the situation to the point that I reveal my true face. And recently I didn’t pick up the phone, because I didn’t have time, then he didn’t pick it up himself, when I wrote to him he was rude to me and said things like “hey, stop fooling my head,” for all my attempts to find out what was going on, he was just said that he would write later, three days have passed, he does not speak to me, does not answer calls, and I don’t even know what I did, is this the end ?? How can you save the situation? Are we compatible? Did I make the right choice in favor of this man?

In-contri: Daria, I’ve already seen a lot of different calculations, three zero dissonances (0%) in one pair – this is the first time.Let’s start as usual with the horoscope. The pair of Pisces and Virgo is compatible from the point of view of the stars. These two signs are 7th for each other, if you look at their location and order on the Zodiac circle, which is why such compatibility is called “Opposites attract.” In your case, the signs represent the elements of Earth and Water, which means that their interaction with each other is positive and fruitful. However, this type of relationship between two opposite signs of the horoscope warns of inevitable crisis stages in a relationship.And whether a couple of strengths will be enough to cope with it – that is, perhaps, the main question in this alliance.

Now chakras, they are biorhythms:
Physical 0% – dissonance
Emotional 83% – almost coincide
Intellectual 0% – dissonance
Heart 88% – almost coincide
Creative 22% – not compatible
Intuitive 50% – not compatible
The highest 0% – dissonance

Here it becomes more and less clear who is more attracted to whom.Because 2 out of 3 “female” levels coincide – these are emotions and the heart, and the third, intuitive, intersects by 50%, then we can talk about a clear sympathy on the part of a woman, her strong attraction and interest in a partner, about a feeling of a kindred spirit in him … Alas, there is no such feedback from the male partner.

Note: this does not mean that the chakras of emotions-heart-intuition are purely “female” and for a woman only they are important, and for a man only he is important, and women, respectively, are not important.It is more correct to understand them as “more feminine.” Men are also prone to emotions and react to emotional compatibility, but their intellectual chakra is still “kin” to them.

For partners of your age, intellectual dissonance is especially unpleasant – this is a lack of understanding of each other in terms of intelligence, rational (and not emotional) communication. For a girl, this, as a rule, is not so critical, but for a guy, yes – after all, the male brain is arranged a little differently. Hence this paranoia, distrust, suspicion – it is he simply does not understand you rationally, is not sure of what you are saying, cannot adequately interpret your words.It is not for nothing, by the way, that intellectual dissonance is compared to the fact that partners speak different languages. And this negative aspect in yours, which is already manifested by scandals as a result of misunderstanding, will only intensify in times of crisis in the future. With age, 0% dissonance in the higher chakras will be added to it – the ideals of representing the world, relationships, goals in life and other “higher” things will diverge diametrically.

According to Pythagoras, the situation is favorable: characters 2-4 in favor of the guy, family 2-2, temperaments 3-3.Only, unfortunately, the Pythagoras chakram is not an assistant.

Daria, do not despair, but think for yourself: if relations from the very beginning jump so much like the ruble exchange rate in a crisis, then up and down, then why should they suddenly level out after the wedding? Usually, the couple gets used to scandals very much, because the constant outburst of negative emotions literally puts on themselves, like a bad habit. And, the further, the more.

upd: a logical question from your side would be why, since the guy with you does not have strong compatibility levels, he began to communicate with you and made proposals so quickly.Here your personal Pythagoras square already gives a hint. You, Daria, have “beauty and health” – 44, so you are naturally pretty. And men, of course, cannot fail to notice it. By the way, I have seen models with 444 and 4444 more than once. So the guy fell in love with your photo, as it happens in our age of the Internet, and you already felt a kindred spirit in him when you met. But “in real life”, alas, did not stick together.