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Best natural oils for the skin: 8 Best Natural Oils for Healthy Skin


8 Best Natural Oils for Healthy Skin

Is It Safe to Use Coconut Oil and Other Oils on Your Skin and Hair?

The use of natural oils for skin and hair care has been around for years: An article published in the Journal of Experimental Botany suggested civilizations in ancient Egypt, for example, dabbled in their use, while other research has suggested ancient Greek athletes slathered olive oil on their skin, perhaps to make their skin appear more luminous during competitions.

Rajani Katta, MD, a clinical assistant professor of medicine and board-certified dermatologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Bellaire, Texas, says that we have “centuries of experience” to show that it is uncommon for natural oils — including coconut oil, olive oil, and sunflower seed oil — to cause allergic reactions. “I think one of the reasons that natural oils have really come back into prominence is because there has been a search for moisturizers that A) don’t cause allergic reactions, B) don’t have as many of the chemicals that trigger allergic reactions, and C) are cost effective,” she says.

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That said, Dr. Katta advises making sure your regimen is suitable for your skin — especially your face. For instance, she says, if your skin is prone to acne, consider using natural oils to moisturize only your body, and talk to your dermatologist before putting any new oils on your face. Skin type, whether dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, can play a major role in how skin-care products can affect your skin, according to an article published in May–June 2016 in the Indian Journal of Dermatology.

Another factor to consider before using natural oils is how soon you intend to be in the sun after applying them. “If you are using them on the face, I would be definitely very careful,” Katta explains. “Because they are oils, it’s an intensified effect of using radiation on facial skin.”

One way to avoid sun damage when using natural oils is to apply them differently at different times of the day. In the morning, consider applying a thin layer to your skin (it should be absorbed in about 15 minutes, Katta says). At night, when you aren’t exposed to the sun, feel free to apply oil liberally. You’ll know you’ve applied too much if your skin isn’t absorbing it, Katta notes.

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How to Apply Natural Oils to Your Face and Body

“When you’re applying natural oils, you really have to make a distinction between the face and the body,” Katta says. “I don’t tend to recommend these types of oils for acne, just because oils could clog your pores and make acne worse. But for that same woman who has acne on her face, coconut oil would be a great moisturizer for her body.”

Finding out how much oil suits your needs may require a little trial and error. While there is no research regarding the amount of oil that should be used as a moisturizer, your skin will tell you when enough is enough. If it feels too greasy, that means it hasn’t all been absorbed.

Organic Oils vs. Essential Oils: Is There a Difference?

Many people have olive oil, coconut oil, or sunflower seed oil in their kitchen cabinet. But can the same oils you cook with be applied to your face? Katta confirms that organic and unrefined products are your best bet. “The kind of coconut oil that you cook with has a higher smoke point [than organic, unrefined coconut oil], so it’s a little bit better for cooking, but in order to refine it, you may be taking out some of the chemicals that may actually have beneficial properties,” she says. For that reason, Katta recommends extra-virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil for hair and skin care, versus more refined products.

On the other hand, though essential oils, such as tea tree, argan, and lemon oil, are also increasingly common ingredients in skincare products, they are more likely to produce allergic reactions than olive and coconut oil, Katta says. “Tea tree oil has developed a reputation for being a great sort of antibacterial, antifungal ingredient. It does have those properties, but you really have to use it very carefully,” she says.

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She warns that in some cases, the effects of tea tree oil on skin could be dangerous. “I would never use it on open skin, because I have seen people develop allergic reactions when they were using it on cracks in the skin from eczema, for example.”

While she would not recommend that people with very sensitive skin ever use essential oils on their skin, she says that for most people, they should be safe to use — as long as they are used properly. “You have to diffuse them quite a bit,” she says. “You might use a couple of drops in a carrier, like coconut oil, and for most people, that would probably be fine,” she says. A carrier oil acts as a neutral base for an essential oil to dilute them before application or cooking.

Katta cautions that some oils may be more likely to cause negative side effects than others. “If you have sensitive skin or eczema, I’ve seen a lot of reactions to things such as oil of cloves, oil of cinnamon, lavender oil, lemon oil. Those are some of my top concerns in terms of essential oils that can trigger allergic reactions.”

Where to Start With Natural Oils for Skin Care

Before applying any oils to the skin, it is important to receive a recommendation from your doctor. But to get you started, here are some of the most popular varieties of natural oils:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin and is known to have many health benefits, including those from vitamins E and K, as well as its antifungal and antibacterial properties. The one big exception? Along with cocoa butter, coconut oil is likely to cause breakouts. “In general, coconut oil is a great option for almost everybody, except if you have oily skin and you’re acne prone, I would not use it on the face,” Katta says. In a study published in the journal Dermatitis, researchers found coconut oil was better than olive oil at moisturizing skin when used in a carrier. Remember to look for cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil for your face or skin care.

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2. Olive Oil

Olive oil doesn’t typically trigger allergic reactions, Katta says, but for the best results, be sure to opt for the extra-virgin variety. Olive oil contains vitamins A, D, E, and K, and some research, such as a study published in October 2016 in the journal Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, offers scientific evidence of its potential as a moisturizer. With its heavy consistency, it is a great choice for an all-body application, Katta says. You may even want to try an olive oil cleanser or bar of soap for a clean that won’t dry out your skin.

3. Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower seed oil is widely available, high in vitamin E, and absorbs easily into the skin, making it an excellent choice as a natural moisturizer. One study, published in the journal Pediatrics Dermatology, found that in infants sunflower oil better protected the skin’s barrier and didn’t cause or aggravate atopic dermatitis (a form of eczema), as compared with olive oil.

4. Shea Butter

Derived from the nuts of the African shea tree, shea butter is a tallow-like substance that is commonly found in a solid form, but it melts at body temperature, and is sometimes used as a moisturizer and hair product, says Katta, adding she hasn’t seen her patients have allergic reactions to it. Unrefined, organic shea butter can also be combined with olive oil or coconut oil to create a smoother texture for application.

5. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is native to Mexico and the American Southwest, where its oils have been extracted from its seeds and used medicinally by Native American tribes. “I don’t see much in the way of allergic reactions to [jojoba], either. I haven’t seen that be as popular [as some other natural oils], so I just don’t have a lot of experience with it,” Katta says. In a review publishedin the Journal of the Italian Society of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, researchers found jojoba oil may have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects, among other skin benefits.

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6. Almond Oil

Made from pressed raw almonds, almond oil is full of health benefits, such as vitamin E, zinc, proteins, and potassium. It has a lighter texture than olive oil and shea butter, which many find appealing to use on the face. But Katta says that sweet almond oil can result in allergic responses, so she recommends avoiding it if you have sensitive skin.

7. Grapeseed Oil

Containing vitamin E and essential fatty acids, grapeseed oil is lightweight compared with other natural oils. It also offers antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, according to an article published in September 2016 in the journal Nutrition and Metabolic Insights. From her experience, Katta says grapeseed oil is less commonly used for skin than the other oils, but she’s optimistic about its potential use for this purpose. “I have not seen allergic reactions to grapeseed oil,” she says. “It definitely has a number of phytochemicals that have antioxidant benefits, too, so that’s kind of intriguing.”

8. Rose Hip Seed Oil

Extracted from the seeds of wild rose bushes, rose hip seed oil has seen a surge in popularity and is increasingly found in facial skincare products that tout moisturizing, anti-aging benefits. A review of research published in January 2018 in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences notes that the essential fatty acids and antioxidants in this oil, including provitamin A, provide “relatively high protection against inflammation” and oxidative skin damage, and that rose hip seed oil has shown promising results when used to alleviate inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema.

Additional reporting by Deborah Shapiro.

8 Essential Oils With Serious Skin Benefits

Emmanuelle Bonzami / EyeEm

Although essential oils have roots in ancient beauty rituals, their popularity continues to skyrocket—especially for those seeking natural skincare ingredients. Many come bearing bold claims, too: From soothing dry skin to reducing signs of aging, it’s easy to believe the fragrant little bottles are a skincare (and maybe even life?) cure-all.

However, in many cases, there’s good reason to be skeptical. “Don’t assume that all essential oils will help your skin,” says Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. “Stick to the tried-and-true oils that have been clinically studied, and when in doubt, ask your dermatologist before using.”

In other words: Do your homework. Many essential oils have been shown to be beneficial to skin, but it’s important to dilute them in a carrier oil such as argan oil or coconut oil so they’re safe to apply. (Or, alternatively, use only products that are pre-blended for use on skin to further decrease risk of irritation.) Read labels carefully, too. “Always look for blends created with 100 percent essential oils,” says Megan-Rose Talbot Kelly, national educator for Saje Natural Wellness. “Be cautious of unregulated terms like ‘all-natural,’ ‘therapeutic grade,’ and ‘fragrance oil.’”

Read on for the most effective essential oils for different skin concerns according to the experts, along with product recommendations.

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100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Made from the fruit of rose plants, rosehip oil contains both vitamins C and vitamin A, which can protect against signs of aging. Plus, “It’s wonderfully rich in essential fatty acids which can improve overall skin texture and hydration levels,” says Talbot Kelly. No wonder Kate Middleton is reportedly a fan.


Organic Lavender Oil

“Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils,” explains Talbot Kelly. The calming aroma has made it a bathtub staple, but don’t sleep on its other healing benefits. In addition to being antibacterial (spot it in natural hand sanitizers and acne fighters), it’s said to help soothe menstrual cramps.


Organic Frankincense Essential Oil

For anti-aging benefits, look no further than frankincense. “It’s ultra nourishing for dry and mature skin,” explains Talbot Kelly, who calls it the “fountain of youth.”


Tea Tree Oil

“Studies have shown tea tree oil to be effective in treating mild to moderate acne,” says Nazarian. “It’s naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, decreasing skin surface bacteria, fungus, and viruses. ” Because side effects such as dryness can occur, Nazarian recommends doing a patch test before treating your entire face.


Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

“Rose is high in vitamin C and E, making it a great moisturizer,” says Talbot Kelly. Try adding some to a body scrub or lotion for an extra boost of nourishment.


Peppermint Halo Cooling & Soothing Oil Blend

Peppermint oil is best used in really small doses, but it can help alleviate headaches and sore muscles


Egyptian Chamomile Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil

Known for its calming effect, chamomile also has nourishing properties. “People commonly drink it as a tea but it is incredibly beneficial when applied to the skin,” says Talbot Kelly.


Pa + G Papaya-Geranium Hyperpigmentation Facial Serum Concentrate

A natural (but gentle) exfoliant, papaya seed oil helps fade dark spots and reveal and all-around brighter complexion.

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The 24 Best Face Oils of 2021

If the word oil throws you off, we get it. Maybe it’s because the idea of putting oil on, say, your acne-prone face seems certifiably insane (it isn’t), or maybe your skin is so sensitive you think you can’t use an oil (you can), or maybe you just think the whole concept of face oils is too confusing for your low-maintenance needs (it definitely is not).

Whatever the reason, we’re here to shout from the rooftops that face oil is the one product that can actually treat your skin issues, while giving you the bright, glowy, clear face of your dreams. And yes, every single skin type can use it (according to me, your derm, and your derm’s derm). So to prove it to you—and to give you zero further excuses to forego an oil-filled life—we broke down the very best face oils for your oily, sensitive, dry, broken-out, and, yes, even your “normal” skin ahead. Better still, celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau walks us through exactly how to use them for maximum glow.

Oily Skin

Rosdiana CiaravoloGetty Images

The Gist:

It sounds counterintuitive, but the right oil can not only act as an astringent to rid your face of excess grease, but will also help stabilize and regulate your skin’s sebum production (i.e. your natural skin oil) to make you less oily overall. And let’s get the whole texture issue out of the way: because of their different molecular weights, many oils feel more like a serum or essence so you’re not stuck feeling sebum-ridden.

Rouleau suggests sealing in moisture and using the oil as a last step, after moisturizing. “When you use a moisturizer for oily skin, it’s generally lightweight and oil-free so you want these ingredients to absorb into the skin first to avoid any potential blocking or clogging of the pores. Then, you can add a protective layer of oil over your moisturizer to prevent water loss.”

What to Use:

Jojoba Oil

Not only is jojoba an incredibly lightweight and breathable oil (making it great for combination skin that still needs some moisture), but, because jojoba actually breaks down and dissolves sebum, it’ll also help control your shine.

Grape Seed Oil

If your skin is incredibly oily—as in, you’ve never once felt a dry patch on your face—opt for grape seed oil. It’s a natural astringent (and a bit more drying than jojoba oil), so it’ll help mattify your skin.

Dry Skin

The Gist:

You’d think that any face oil would automatically be a Cupid-level match for dry skin, but, like all things in beauty, it’s not that simple. Some oils are naturally more astringent and lightweight than others (like jojoba, grape seed, and pomegranate oil), so drier types want to use a rich oil that’s high in oleic acid—a fatty acid that helps condition skin, lock in moisture, and reduce irritation from dryness.

“Mix 3-5 drops directly in with your nighttime moisturizer, and apply to both the face and neck. You can also smooth over your moisturizer to provide a protective barrier to prevent dry air from pulling moisture out from the skin,” says Rouleau.

What to Use:

Almond Oil

It’s intensely hydrating and simple and gentle enough for anyone with eczema, dermatitis, or just really, really dry skin. It’s also incredibly high in vitamin A (i.e. the stuff retinol comes from), giving it some line-smoothing and zit-fighting power when used topically over time.

Marula Oil

This oil manages to absorb into skin within a few minutes of massaging it on, yet it’s still rich enough to moisturize and calm your dry skin all day—or night—long (thanks to a heavy dose of fatty acids).

Acne-Prone Skin

Monica SchipperGetty Images

The Gist:

What if I told you the key to reducing your breakouts is to slather your face with oil? Too late—that’s exactly what I’m telling you. Most acne treatments on the market are filled with irritating ingredients that strip your skin of natural oils. When your skin is dry and inflamed, it overproduces sebum, leading to pimples and blackheads. Acne-safe face oils, however, work to nourish your skin, so your body can heal the zits you have without causing more. Kill ‘em with kindness, right?

Rouleau suggests following the same routine as for oily skin, as a last step. If you’re still terrified an oil will worsen your skin, try patch-testing one on the most acne-prone area of your face (it’ll be the most reactive spot, and therefore the most accurate) for a week to see what happens. If your skin doesn’t break out (any more than usual, anyway), massage a few drops of oil over your skin at the end of your skincare routine at night.

What to Use:

Pomegranate Oil

Not only is it naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory (so it’ll help fight zit-causing bacteria in your pores while also calming the rest of your inflamed, broken-out skin), but it’s also incredibly lightweight, so it won’t feel like a greasy mask.

Rosehip Oil

When you want to treat irritated, angry, red, zit-riddled skin, you bring in the big guns—i.e. rosehip oil. The innocuous oil deeply hydrates skin (without suffocating your pores) with fatty acids that also fade acne scars and reduce redness. (Don’t believe me? This woman went viral for clearing her acne with rosehip oil in only three weeks.)

Pai Skincare Organic Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

John Masters Organics Nourish Facial Oil With Pomegranate

Leven Rose Pomegranate Seed Oil

“Normal” Skin

Mireya AciertoGetty Images

The Gist:

If you don’t really break out, you’re not super dry, definitely not too oily, probably not sensitive, and your answer to every skincare question is, “Uhh, maybe? I don’t think so. ..” Then congrats! You have perfectly average, “normal,” I-hate-you-worthy skin. Which means you can use a basic, OG face oil without having to worrying about clogged pores, irritation, or dryness.

Normal skin is less dry, so less of the oil is needed, compared to a dry skin type,” says Rouleau. Try mixing in 2-3 drops into your nighttime moisturizer. Another hot tip from the glow queen: never mix in oil with a sunscreen/moisturizer hybrid, no matter what type of skin you have. “A sunscreen moisturizer is an FDA-approved product and thoroughly tested to ensure that the SPF number listed on the bottle or jar is truly giving protection from damaging UV rays. If you alter its original formula by mixing in an oil, you cannot be confident that you’re getting adequate benefit to prevent wrinkles, brown spots and skin cancer,” she specifies.

What to Use:

Argan Oil

Meet the only face oil you’ll ever need for your perfectly chill face. It’s rich and soothing, it sinks in quickly, and it’s incredibly high in vitamin E—an antioxidant that helps prevent skin damage, dark spots, and fine lines by blocking environmental damage. Massage it on in the morning or night (or both!) as the final step of your skincare routine.

Retinol Oils

Okay, fine, this isn’t actually a type of oil, but I know how you normies are—you want to see results, or you won’t stick with the product. Welp, a gentle retinol-spiked oil will brighten your tone, clear your breakouts, smooth your bumps, and hydrate your skin, all without hardcore irritating your face.

Use one every other night after moisturizing, and if you don’t actually use a moisturizer, go get a hydrating one ASAP, since retinols can slowly dry your skin out, leading to legit skin issues.

S.T.A.R.Light Retinol Night Oil



Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil

nordstrom. com


Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Oil



Sensitive Skin

The Gist:

If you have sensitive skin, you need a face oil specifically designed to wrap your skin barrier in a soothing, nourishing, coddling hug. And that means finding a formula that’s bland, bland, bland, with absolutely zero essential oils—like lavender, peppermint, and rose—which tend to only irritate sensitive skin.

Whichever oil you choose, patch test it first (dab it below your ear near your jaw) and wait 24 hours to check for a reaction. If your skin seems happy, you can massage it on in the morning, at night, or both, as the last step of your skincare routine.

What to Use:

Moringa Oil

This overachieving oil is packed with antioxidants (to protect your skin from irritating free radicals), fatty acids (to help repair a dry, damaged skin barrier), and anti-inflammatories (to calm irritated skin). It’s also lightweight, yet still moisturizing enough for dry skin, so you can easily layer it under makeup without creating a gunky mess.

Aloe Vera Oil

Just like moringa oil, aloe oil is filled with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, but it also has the added bonus of being a natural antibacterial and astringent, making it a powerhouse for sensitive skin that’s also oily or acne-prone.

Shop more moringa oil and aloe vera:

Mo + P Moringa-Petitgrain Very Dry Skin Serum Concentrate



Organic Moringa Oil

Mother Nature Organics Superfoods for Organic Living


Aloe Vera Oil



100% Pure All Natural Cold Pressed Aloe Vera Oil

etsy. com


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7 Natural Oils for Dry Skin

Facial oils can help strike a perfect moisture balance for a parched complexion. Whereas creams often include waxes to form a layer on the skin that holds in beneficial ingredients, oils help build a resilient skin layer known as the lipid barrier as they penetrate and protect. The quick absorption of vitamins and hydrating acids in facial oils can be a saving grace when stressors like a harsh winter or travel exacerbate dryness. The right oils don’t leave your skin oily but make it smoother, moisturized and more radiant.

1. Maracuja

Loaded with linoleic acid and vitamin C, maracuja oil delivers powerful hydration to skin. This lightweight treatment derived from passion fruit absorbs well and reduces inflammation and itching—a proper choice if cold or dry weather makes your skin parched and reddened.

2. Argan

Derived from Morocco’s argan tree, this oil is now considered a skin care staple for its proven moisturizing abilities. Rich in anti-inflammatory linoleic acid and soothing vitamin E, studies have shown its ability to significantly increase elasticity in the skin, including a 2015 study in Clinical Interventions in Aging. It’s also a good choice for those who fear that a dry-skin oil might lead to breakouts, as the oleic acid within can also help calm sebum overproduction. It heals as it hydrates, helping minimize the appearance of scars and fine lines.

3. Grapeseed

Grapeseed oil packs a strong moisturizing punch in a lightweight formulation with vitamin C, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It can be used on all skin types, thus is excellent for skin that is uniformly dry or a combination complexion with dry areas. You also get anti-aging benefits with the extra hydration: Grapeseed oil has a stellar reputation for diminishing lines in areas of thinner, vulnerable skin on the neck and around the eyes.

4. Olive

Olive oil has long been hailed as a pantry cure-all for dry skin woes, thanks to its intense moisturizing ability. This non-fragrant Mediterranean food staple is chock-full of fatty acids that dry skin craves, including palmitic, linoleic and oleic acids. Olive oil is also a staple in most oil cleansers for its hydrating properties and antioxidant benefits. See your doctor if your dry skin is accompanied by red areas of dermatitis, because you may need a treatment beyond soothing moisture.

5. Sunflower

Sunflower seed oil’s healing properties stand testament to how well it can remedy your dry skin. The linoleic acid in sunflower seed oil protects and moisturizes skin, improving hydration with essential fatty acids while improving the skin barrier. Its anti-inflammatory properties are renowned for helping soothe dermatitis, and the oil can also protect sensitive skin from irritation when blended into cleansers.

6. Jojoba

The oil of the jojoba shrub, a desert plant, has been a treasured skin care ingredient for hundreds of years thanks to how it absorbs into the skin and heals dryness. Rich in skin-nourishing fatty acids, jojoba creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin that helps keep moisture in. Because of its moisturizing ability and similarity to the natural oils on your face, it can trick the skin into producing less sebum, which helps keep dry skin from becoming excessively oily during treatment.

7. Coconut

Coconut oil is a favorite in the natural beauty world for its ability to intensely moisturize the skin and retain that moisture. It’s best for naturally dry skin and can heal extra-dry skin as it hydrates. In addition to boosting moisture levels, coconut oil also soothes skin that has felt dryness take a toll with its anti-inflammatory properties. No matter what oil you choose, always be sure to test any new product on a patch of skin, since even natural ingredients can result in an allergic reaction.


This article has been reviewed by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Matheson Harris.

7 Best Carrier Oils for Radiant Skin


A carrier oil is usually a plant-based oil extracted from a nut or a seed used to moisturize and heal the skin.   It can be used alone or in combination with other oils to find just the right formula for your skin type. High quality essential oils are often added to carrier oils to provide specific therapeutic effects for the skin.  See my list of Best Essential Oils for Your Skin Type.

These carrier oils are a wonderful way to keep your face looking healthy and hydrated because they give your skin exactly what it wants: healthy oils.  Natural oils (because they do not contain any added fillers or chemicals) absorb easily into the skin, protecting the skin’s lipid barrier and preventing moisture from evaporating out of the skin. The top layer of your skin, called the stratum corneum, is composed of dead skin cells held together by lipids (or oils.)  Keeping this layer constantly supplied with healthy oils will protect your skin from the elements and will help your skin to have a beautiful healthy, moisturized glow.

Finding the best oil combination for your skin type can help balance oil production, improve the texture of your skin, and help reduce the signs of aging. With the correct oil for your skin type, clogged pores and oily skin is not an issue.  Clogged pores are a result of synthetic oils or oils that are too heavy for your skin (comedogenic.)


1. Jojoba Oil:

The most common oil that I recommend is jojoba oil because it is healing and moisturizing for all skin types. Even though it looks and feels just like an oil, it is actually a liquid wax ester made from expeller-pressed jojoba seeds. Jojoba oil is very similar to the sebum in human skin, and the oil can dissolve sebum and carry ingredients deep into the skin. It is very light-weight absorbs quickly into the skin.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you struggle with oily skin, jojoba oil is a good option as it will help to dissolve sebum and will carry healing essential oils deep into the pores without leaving our feeling oily or greasy.

2. Rose Hip Seed Oil:

Rose Hip Seed Oil is one of my favorite carrier oils.   It is good for dry, aging skin because it is deeply nourishing and regenerating.  It is known for it’s firming properties and may improve skin elasticity. Rose hip seed oil is high in essential fatty acids and softens and smooths out the skin beautifully.  It improves the texture of your skin and calms redness and inflammation.  It can also help reduce scarring.

3. Argan Oil:

Argan oil is pressed from the nut of the fruit of the Argan Tree, which is only found in Morocco.  Because of the high levels of vitamin E /tocopherols (antioxidants) and saponins (skin-softening agents), argan oil is a wonderful oil for anti-aging.  It can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by restoring the skin`s hydro-lipid layer.  It has also been shown to have a tightening effect on the skin.  I love this oil because it absorbs so nicely into my skin and does not leave an oily residue.

4. Tamanu Oil:

Tamanu Oil is the oil I recommend for acne-prone skin.  It is rich in fatty acids and has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.   It is incredibly healing for irritated/inflamed skin, sunburns, scars, and stretchmarks.  A little of this oil goes a long way.

5. Evening Primerose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is a wonderful oil suitable for several skin types. It contains a high concentration of a fatty acid called GLA (gamma-linolenic acid.) Linoleic acid been shown to reduce clogged pores by dissolving sebum and other impurities in the pores. This makes it a good choice for oily and acne-prone skin.  The fatty acids in evening prime rose oil also contain anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce redness and irritation.

Evening prime rose oil can be used on dry aging skin as well. The gamma-linoleic acid and other nutrients in this oil are essential for cell structure and improve the elasticity of the skin. It is extremely moisturizing, reduces wrinkles and dryness, encourages regeneration of skin cells and keeps skin soft.  It has also been used to treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

6. Avocado Oil:

Avocado Oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E and can be used as a wonderful overall moisturizer.  Rich in antioxidants, it can be wonderful for soothing inflammation.  It has a high sterolin content.  Sterolins are compounds which are anti-inflammatory making avocado oil helpful in healing sun damage and age spots, as well as inflammatory skin conditions like blemishes and eczema.

7. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a no-brainer as most of us already have some in the kitchen.  I have used in many times in my face oils.  Olive oil is high in oleic acid (a monosaturated fatty acid), making it perfect for drier skin.  It is a heavier oil that dries a bit more slowly. Just be aware that 2/3 of olive oils tested in the US market were found to be adulterated.  Be sure to use only a trusted, good quality olive oil.  Kasandrinos is the only olive oil in my kitchen.  Always organic.  Never adulterated.


I recommend starting with a base of jojoba oil and adding another oil that is suited for your skin type.   For example, I have dry skin so I like to add Argan and Rose Hip Seed oils.  If you have acne-prone skin, you could create a combination of jojoba and tamanu oil.  Got combination skin?  Try jojoba and argan.  It’s all about finding what works for your skin.

It may take a bit of experimentation to find just the right combination for your personal skin type. I usually start with an 80% ratio of jojoba and 20% of another oil specific for my skin type.  You can adjust this ratio as needed.  Several carrier oils can be combined to get the perfect combination.

And quality does matter.  I recommend buying the best quality oils that you can find.  Your skin is your biggest organ, and everything you put on it absorbs directly into your bloodstream.  The best oils are cold-pressed, pure, and unrefined oil with no additives.


Essential oils boost the healing quality to your skin oils.  You can target specific skin issues by adding a few drops of 100% pure essential oil specific to your skin type.   Essential oils have been used on the skin for centuries for their regenerating and toning properties. They absorb easily into the skin, helping to improve the feel, texture, and look of the skin.  Check out Best Essential Oils for Your Skin Type.

Please note that I am only talking about good quakity essential oils. There is no standard for essential oils, and so many of the oils you find may be adulterated and can actually contain harmful ingredients.

My essential oil of choice is Young Living Essential Oils. They own their farms and they run a very tight supply chain.  I trust their essential oils above all others because they are pure and unadulterated and are manufactured for therapeutic use not just for smell.

I am a wholesale member, meaning that I save 24% on all of my essential oils.  Read more here about why I choose Young Living.

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Be sure to check out my post on 6 Tips for Naturally Healthy Skin.


7 essential oils you have to try now for healthy, glowing skin

“Essential oils are my biggest indulgence,” shared Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in an interview in 2016, and for good reason. They have a lot more to offer than just aromatherapy. Just like you can use them to treat different hair concerns like a flaky scalp or excess oil production, adding a few drops of essential oils to your skincare routine can also offer a broad spectrum of benefits. “Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile plant extracts obtained through different extraction methods. Essential oils enter the body primarily in three ways—applied to the skin, inhaled, or ingested,” says Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, founder and medical director at ISAAC Luxe, New Delhi. “It is important to pick an essential oil that’ll work for your skincare concerns and skin type. Plus they have to be diluted with carrier oils like almond oil or jojoba oil,” she confirms. 

It is important to note that some essential oils can cause irritation, so it is best to ask a dermatologist before adding them into your routine. Doctors suggest doing a patch test and testing an essential oil on your forearm for 24 hours before taking it up to your face. 

1) Lavender essential oil

The calming aroma of lavender has made it a bathtub and self-care staple, but don’t sleep on its skincare qualities. “It’s an anti-inflammatory that can reduce redness and is a natural hydrator that can repair dry skin. It also helps with different skin irritations, cuts, scrapes, burns, and can also calm down stressed skin,” says Dr Gupta. 

2) Neroli essential oil

Neroli oil is supposed to be cytophylactic and aid cell regeneration, making it a great anti-aging ingredient. “Neroli is a wonderful essential oil used to treat de-vitalised, mature, ageing, and sensitive skin types. It also has antibacterial properties and can be useful for acne treatment. Neroli’s rejuvenation properties mean that it can be used for scarring and stretch marks,” says Dr Gupta.

3) Ylang ylang essential oil

“Ylang ylang  balances sebum production and is useful for treating oily or dry skin,” says Dr Pai. Its exotic aroma can also boost your mood. “It stimulates cell growth and helps fight different signs of ageing,” says Dr Gupta.

4) Clary sage essential oil

If you suffer from acne, include a few drops of clary sage oil to your routine. “It is the go-to essential oil for controlling excess sebum. Not only can it fight the visible signs of ageing, and but it also regulates production of oil for both dry and oily skin,” says Dr Gupta.


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August 9, 2018

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

I grew up surrounded by oils. Beakers of sweet almond and safflower, gallons of olive, and tubs of coconut. Pint bottles of lavender essential oil and cups full of sandalwood. Moisture and scent was everywhere. This was my life as the daughter of an aromatherapist. My mother spoke plant as fluently as she spoke English, and she shared with me that same sense of connection to the world of flora. By the time I was a teenager working in my parents’ body care and spa product factory, I had learned how to deliver deep, lasting moisture to my skin. And it wasn’t through the latest fad in lotion or body butter.

Let’s be real: You spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on skincare products that only kinda sorta do the job. What’s more, in order to stay shelf stable, those products are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, alcohols, and petroleum products that you’d never put on your skin, if given the choice. What goes onto your skin is readily absorbed into your bloodstream, so it’s time you paid heed to what you’re slathering on your face and body.

The good news: You can ditch pretty much every store-bought, pre-made, artificial (or just overly complicated) ingredient-loaded moisturizer in your cabinet and focus on the good stuff—pure, single-ingredient oils.

Here’s a breakdown of the oils I use, when, and why. As with any change in your health or skincare regimen, please consult a qualified medical practitioner to assess your skin’s specific needs and challenges.

Oil Moisturizing 101: The Team

Oil moisturizing may be counterintuitive for some, particularly if you have skin that produces an excess amount of oil, or sebum. But here’s where things get life-changing: Your skin is only oily because it’s not getting all the moisture it needs, and is over-producing oil to compensate.

The solution? Give your skin the oil it needs, and it will naturally return to a state of balance.

Nota bene: I don’t use all the oils below, just one or two at a time. These are the oils that are in regular rotation in my skincare regimen.

Sweet Almond Oil (body & face).

Great for face and body, in scrubs and moisturizers.

Raw Coconut Oil (body only).

Makes your skin feel like velvet. Also great for your lady parts. Use on the body, not on the face. A standard in Ayurvedic practice. Use what you’ve got in your kitchen.

Apricot Kernel Oil (body & face).

Similar to sweet almond oil but slightly lighter weight, I like to use apricot kernel oil when my facial skin needs a little extra moisturizing, or is feeling a bit sensitive.

Rosehip Seed Oil (body, face & hair).

Lightweight oil that’s high in beta carotene and rich in omega fatty acids. Some anecdotal evidence suggests rosehip seed oil may minimize the appearance of scars and soften scar tissue. Use on face and body, and to de-frizz hair.

Raw Sesame Oil (body & face).

Great for drenching dry or sensitive skin, particularly in colder months. A standard in Ayurvedic practice. Use on body and face.

Jojoba Oil (body & face).

A lightweight oil good for body and face, which is widely accessible in most stores. Also good for makeup removal.

Olive Oil (body & face).

Excellent for drenching dry skin in a pinch. It’s heavy weight, so should be used when deep hydration is needed. Use what you’ve got in your kitchen.

My Routine


  1. On clean skin that’s damp or dry, I apply a generous amount of oil. Massage oil into the skin.
  2. Massage time. As you apply your body oil, give yourself a massage. Always move your strokes inward toward the heart.
  3. If you intend to apply sunscreen, leave oil off these parts of the body.
  4. If I’m feeling fancy, I mix my own body oils. All you need is a base or carrier oil (like any of the oils above), and one or a few essential oils. There are several body oil recipes in Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table. You only need a few drops of essential oils per 4-8 ounces of carrier oils.

    Favorites include:
    • jasmine and juniper
    • rose and sandalwood
    • neroli


  1. I remove all makeup with oil applied to a cotton pad. You can use the same exact oil you use to moisturize your face. If your mascara is stubborn, try loosening it up with some warm water first.
  2. I wash my face with raw, unfiltered honey. That link will teach you the how and why.
  3. Optional: I use a floral spritz. Like rosewater or orange blossom water. Just because it feels good and smells even better.
  4. I moisturize with a dime-size amount of sweet almond, raw sesame, apricot kernel, or rosehip seed oil. I mix it up according to how my skin is feeling.
  5. Massage time.  As you apply your facial oil, give the delicate skin of your face a light massage, always using strokes that move up and out.
  6. If I’m feeling fancy, I mix my own facial oils. All you need is a base or carrier oil (like any of the oils above), and one or a few essential oils. There are several facial oil recipes in Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table. You only need a few drops of essential oils per 4-8 ounces of carrier oils.

    For dryer skin: I like some combination of jasmine, rose, rose geranium, and lavender essential oils in a base or carrier oil.
    For oilier skin: I like a blend of jasmine and sandalwood in a base or carrier oil.

Skincare troubleshooting.

Let your skin breathe: Stop wearing so much makeup.

I hear so many people who use makeup regularly complain about their skin. Stop. Stop complaining and stop using all that makeup. Your skin needs to breathe. Always remove makeup before bed. My go-to: Bare Minerals loose powder.

Don’t use overly complex products.

Unless you have severe skin problems (in which case you should be seeing a dermatologist), you’re just irritating your skin.

Active breakouts and pimples?

I keep pure tea tree essential oil on hand to apply directly to active breakouts and pimples. Just a few drops usually sucks the life out of them.

Where do I get essential oils?

My favorite essential oils are made by Floracopeia, but you can get essential oils at any health food store, and online. There is a guide to sourcing and using aromatics in Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table.

90,000 Choosing oil by skin type – 4fresh blog

Natural cosmetic oils obtained by cold pressing contain the whole bouquet of important and useful substances – vitamins, trace elements, phytoestrogens, phytosterols, phospholipids, amino acids.

In our article we will tell you how oils work, how to choose the right one for your skin type. And also you will learn about some new oils that you may have never used!

How do cosmetic oils work?

The epidermis consists of a lipid layer that protects our skin from harmful environmental influences and other unpleasant factors.Vegetable cosmetic oils are also composed of lipids, so they easily penetrate deep into the skin along with vitamins, trace elements and help build this lipid barrier.

Oils not only participate in nutrition, but moisturize and soften the skin, acting as emollients, fixing in the stratum corneum of the skin, form a breathable barrier. They fill the spaces between the dead cells of the dermis, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. They also activate collagen synthesis and improve local lymph flow of the skin.

A number of natural oils have a natural UV filter, which means they will protect our skin from aggressive UV rays!

Polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, or as we call omega-acids – substances of youth and health, are also contained in natural oils. And one of the factors for the lack of these acids is the deterioration of the structure of the skin and its dehydration.

The oils are close to the composition of sebum, which ensures good skin tolerance, while rarely provoking allergic reactions.A number of oils have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to normalize the functions of the sebaceous glands, which means that they can be safely used for both oily and problem skin.

Any natural cosmetic oil or oil compositions can be used either in pure form or as part of various serums, creams, masks or tonic.

You can add these oils yourself to the cream or buy a ready-made natural product, which will contain your favorite natural vegetable oil.In either case, it will work!

What oils and what are they needed for?

Before choosing the right oil, let’s first understand what functions are performed by different types of oils.

Basic cosmetic oils are divided into groups:

  • Stabilizing oils. These include – jojoba oil, marula tree seed oil, sesame seed oil and others. These oils do not cause allergic rashes, do not irritate the skin, they are stable and do not undergo oxidation, so their use in skin care cosmetics is quite universal.It is possible to use them as a basis for a mixture of oils. Suitable as emollients for and after sunburn.
  • Caring basic. These are macadamia oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and others. They restore skin regeneration, protecting it from harmful environmental factors, toxins and radicals, including the sun, therefore caring oils are one of the components of sunscreens. Due to its resistance to oxidation and excellent moisturizing and absorbing properties, it is mainly used as a base in oil compositions.
  • Active oils. Only 5-10% is added to the composition for safety reasons, they are quickly oxidized under the influence of oxygen and the sun. These include cranberry oil, little elderberry, evening primrose oil, cumin oil, and others.
  • Butters – Shea butter, cocoa and coconut butter, mango butter and others. They are hard in consistency, but when they come into contact with the skin, they melt pleasantly and penetrate into the skin. Quite fatty oils, but they perfectly protect the skin, some act on the stratum corneum, others of this group can penetrate deeper.

In accordance with the type of skin and the desired effect, compositions are made that are composed of several cosmetic oils, combining, from each group.

How to choose oil by skin type?

Now let’s get to the fun part! What oil to choose for your skin type?

90,000 20 best oils for leather

Updated: 21.02.2021 13:07:32

* Review of the best according to the editorial board of expertology.ru. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Our skin needs constant and thorough care. This is necessary not only for external beauty, but also for health in general. For this, a variety of tools are used both independently and in combination with other products. Natural oils have been used since ancient times, when their valuable properties were discovered.Today, cosmetic companies present lines of products for the face, body and universal ones to provide powerful support to the skin on a daily basis.

Oils saturate the dull, tired cover with nutrients, soften rough areas, and provide a normal level of moisture. They strengthen the lipid barrier, restore the hydrobalance, and promote deep cleansing and elimination of toxins from the body. Many products turn the care into a real beauty ritual. They help to relax, relieve stress after a hard day or physical exertion.

If you still do not know what effect to expect from the oil, but already want to purchase this beauty product, then we will tell you about the most popular of them. Our review presents products of various functionalities and different price segments. They were highly appreciated by ordinary buyers and professionals: beauticians and dermatologists.

The best body oils

Body Butter Ceramidin Dr. Jart +

Rating: 4.9

Gold medalist – South Korean product with an improved caring formula.It contains no allergens. The lightweight texture can tackle dry, rough areas and soften them instantly. The brand’s experts have created a multi-level treatment that will replace several skincare products. It effectively moisturizes, nourishes, restores, protects against external factors, and rejuvenates.

Hyaluronic acid and ceramides are responsible for moisturizing the skin. They strengthen the damaged lipid layer, prevent moisture evaporation, stimulate the synthesis of their own healing substances, reduce sensitivity, and stop the development of skin diseases.A complex of plant extracts instantly moisturizes dry skin, soothes and tones. Bergamot, patchouli, sage, moringa oils actively nourish, relieve inflammation, and accelerate regeneration.

The dispenser with a convenient pump does not clog up, does not give out too much. After application, an intense scent is created, which gradually wears off, leaving a light herbal sillage. Lovers of Asian cosmetics rated the revitalizing oil excellent. It makes the skin soft, velvety to the touch, and removes many imperfections.

  • protective complex of 5 ceramides;
  • strengthening the hydrolipid barrier;
  • fast absorption without stickiness;
  • activation of the processes of rejuvenation.

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Body Butter Caudalie Huile Divine Oil Divine

Rating: 4.eight

Further in the review – multi-effect oil. It not only helps in daily care, but also fights against skin imperfections: cellulite, stretch marks, vascular networks. The product softens rough areas, neutralizes darkening, actively participates in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The recipe saturated with useful components includes natural oils of hibiscus, sesame, grape seed, sunflower. Rosemary extract has a drainage effect, reduces the width and depth of pores, relieves inflammation.

The rejuvenating lifting effect is provided by the most valuable cold pressed argan oil. Created by the brand’s experts, grape seed polyphenol has an enhanced antioxidant effect. Released in the form of a spray, the product guarantees a comfortable application to all areas, including hard-to-reach areas. The smallest particles are immediately absorbed, forming an elastic coating that does not leave marks, does not create discomfort.

Many users agreed that the name of the oil “Divine” really reflects its properties.The texture and aroma provide a relaxed state, the skin glows like after a spa treatment.

  • formula of unique ingredients;
  • elimination of complex cover defects;
  • decreased sensitivity to the sun;
  • restoration of not only skin, but also hair.

Body Butter Natura Siberica Sauna & Spa Thick Daurian

Rating: 4.7

The third in this category is the oil for complete care of all skin types, including sensitive skin. It protects from overdrying after a shower, nourishes, increases cellular immunity. The formula consists of natural ingredients that convey all the best to the skin, prolonging its biological youth due to its high protective properties. Far Eastern ginseng root has a powerful anti-aging effect. It accelerates the regeneration processes, increases turgor.

Daurian soybean oil has an antibacterial effect, relieves inflammation. Rosehip extract activates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, enhances metabolism. It is rich in ascorbic acid, which is responsible for the radiance and healthy color of the coat. Lemon and rosemary essential oils relax and relieve stress.

The formula includes extracts of sage, kachim dahurian, cedar elfin, black alder, juniper, which intensively moisturize, remove toxins, create an additional barrier against aggressive external factors.

  • certified biocosmetics;
  • powerful soothing complex;
  • complete care and recovery;
  • bright lemon-juniper smell.

BOTAVIKOS Fitness body butter 100% natural

Rating: 4.6

On the fourth line is an oil designed for quick recovery after intense physical exertion.It can be used as a treatment or during a massage. The tool instantly relaxes the muscles, then works to nourish and eliminate skin damage and the causes of their appearance. The rich formulation consists of a complex of active substances that provide a quick and cumulative effect. Vegetable oils of sunflower seeds, wheat germ, macadamia, grape seeds saturate the skin with useful elements.

Rosemary extract relieves puffiness, whitens, fights inflammation.Hemp oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that help keep the skin toned. Sandalwood increases elasticity. Patchouli eliminates imperfections: reduces the appearance of cellulite, reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Coniferous juniper enhances metabolism and blood circulation, relieves pain symptoms during sprains.

The bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser. The consumption of the product is minimal due to its dense consistency. An invigorating aroma is formed from notes of patchouli, sandalwood, rosewood, Indian vetiver.

  • natural pure ingredients;
  • relieving stress and fatigue;
  • restoration of flabby and dull skin;
  • aromatherapy effect.

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Floresan Body Butter Mango & Coconut

Rating: 4.5

The fifth place is taken by a cosmetic product, which contains natural virgin coconut oil.Its valuable properties have been known for a long time. The oil activates the potential of the skin, improves internal processes, heals damage on the integument, nourishes, and provides a normal level of moisture. It removes peeling, prevents the formation of stretch marks and “orange peel”.

The coconut is complemented by exquisite mango oil, which forms a bright tropical aroma. The tool can be used in several ways. It is suitable for daily skin care, for massage, as well as for the restoration of split ends, brittle hair prone to hair loss.The oil increases the tone of the skin, has a tonic effect. Curls become elastic, protected from thermal devices and ultraviolet radiation.

According to reviews, using a Russian product during a massage, muscles instantly relax, fatigue and tension are relieved, and a feeling of peace appears. With it, you can perform spa procedures at home, and the result will be no less than with professional care in the salon.

  • quality pure coconut oil;
  • powerful anti-aging effect;
  • giving the skin elasticity and uniformity;
  • intense scent of exotic fruits.

GARNIER Ultimate Beauty Body Oil Spray Precious Beauty Oil Nourishing

Rating: 4.4

Sixth – the development of scientists GARNIER, which has collected a lot of fans. The oil has an ultra-light consistency, is absorbed in seconds, does not form a greasy film and does not shine. At the same time, it actively moisturizes, softens, fights dry skin imperfections and maintains normal skin type in the hot season.The product is used not only after a shower, but also after bathing in sea or chlorinated water. It relieves irritation and stress, instantly soothes.

The composition includes valuable oils: argan, recognized as the elixir of youth, macadamia, which has a long-lasting moisturizing effect, roses and almonds, which improve the quality of the cover. Skin with a deficiency of nutrients receives an optimal amount of vitamins and minerals, which make stretch marks less visible and reduce inflammation.

The incredible scent has been featured in many reviews. It is formed from three scents: coconut, musk and vanilla, turning a simple skin care procedure into a whole ritual. Customers liked the consistency and economical consumption.

  • multifunctional impact;
  • convenient spray bottle;
  • additional hair care;
  • sensual long-lasting fragrance.

Body Butter Granny Agafia’s Recipes Intensive Moisturizing Cedar Butter

Rating: 4.3

The seventh in this nomination is a budget tool of a well-known Russian brand, which has been pleasing its fans with high-quality care products for many years. It has been approved by the Traditional Medicine Association. All ingredients are safe. The product is intended for the care of very dry skin. It reanimates the damaged cover, restores tissues in deep layers.

An intense moisturizing effect is provided by a unique combination of wild cedar oil and elk milk. Each of them is rich in vitamins. Butter contains a large amount of polyunsaturated acids, milk contains proteins. Vitamin E prevents early aging, protects against free radicals that damage healthy cells. Wheat bioproteins exfoliate keratinized scales, leaving the skin incredibly soft and smooth.

The thick, creamy texture melts in contact with the skin, creating a flexible, non-sticky finish.It instantly soothes dry skin and moisturizes. According to reviews, in addition to the main properties, the oil stands out for its smell. The sweet aroma of ice cream fights the depressive state, gives vitality and vigor.

  • SOS recovery of dry skin type;
  • high regenerating effect;
  • protection from natural factors;
  • intense cedar-creamy aroma.

The best face oils

The Saem Chaga Facial Oil

Rating: 4.9

Recognized as the best product, created by South Korean scientists for skin that has lost its elasticity and healthy color. It helps to smooth out wrinkles, prevent the appearance of new ones, eliminate the gray tint, and tighten the oval. The key ingredient is chaga extract. The tree mushroom has long been used in oriental medicine as a remedy.It is irreplaceable for the skin, as it has a powerful regenerating effect. The extract relieves puffiness, removes traces of fatigue, improves elasticity.

A quick rejuvenating effect is provided by the macadamia oil and truffle extract included in the composition. Together with chaga, they reanimate persistent damage, increase blood circulation, and activate the production of their own anti-aging substances. The tool noticeably brightens pigmentation, regulates the activity of sebaceous secretions, improves skin immunity, helping to resist aggressive environmental factors.

The delicate texture penetrates deep inside, saturating each layer with useful substances. It creates a perfectly smooth surface with a natural shine. Customers note that the oil is used comprehensively: independently and by adding it to a variety of care products.

  • launching self-rejuvenation processes;
  • in the composition – a rare natural component;
  • restoration of deep damage;
  • pleasant texture and floral aroma.

Clarins Blue Orchid Facial Oil for Dehydrated Skin

Rating: 4.8

The second was the oil, which is suitable for normal skin as a daily night care, and for mixed and dry skin – to restore and strengthen. It does not provoke irritation, lays down gently, is quickly absorbed, creating a fragrant aura similar to aromatherapy. Based on research, the brand’s scientists have created a complex of several active ingredients that are most valuable for a dull, tired coat.

Patchouli extract and blue orchid eliminate dehydration, instantly compensate for the lack of moisture and normalize the hydrolipid balance. The face becomes radiant with no signs of fatigue. Hazelnut oil has a rejuvenating effect. It reduces the depth of wrinkles, evens out the tone. The texture is soft, creating a satin finish with perfect smoothness.

According to reviews, the premium product helps to cope with many imperfections. It provides a cumulative effect, so even after the end of the course, the result is preserved.Those who use it regularly noted that the oil replaced several care products and copes with its tasks perfectly.

  • natural composition without preservatives;
  • visible smoothing of wrinkles;
  • rich nourishing formula;
  • anti-inflammatory effect.

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Weleda Mandel Sensitive Face Nourishing Oil

Rating: 4.7

In the third position is oil for dry, sensitive cover that requires enhanced nutrition and hydration. Lightweight texture allows you to apply it at any time of the day. It serves as a good base for make-up, it does not show through tonal creams, does not form shine. The oil can be used with day and night creams or as a complete care on its own. The composition does not contain chemical irritants, including perfumed fragrances.

The recipe is collected from natural ingredients.Almond oil saturates with fatty acids, vitamins, actively participates in internal processes, gives the skin a second youth. Organic blackthorn flower extract soothes and relieves redness. Jojoba oil repairs damaged surface tissues. Cucumber extract refreshes and deodorizes.

Oil from Switzerland is highly rated for its safe and effective composition, non-greasy consistency, versatility. It makes the skin smooth, soft, wrinkles are smoothed, dehydration lines are neutralized.Regular use leads to the normalization of water-fat balance and stabilization of the result.

  • 100% natural formula;
  • proven hypoallergenic;
  • anti-aging action;
  • fast, visible improvements.

Ayoume Oil-Moisture Balancing Face Oil with sunflower extract

Rating: 4.6

The fourth line is occupied by a multifunctional product that can replace several narrowly targeted care products and improve not only the appearance, but also the internal condition of the skin. It has a high moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, protective effect. The cover becomes denser, tightened, the depth of age wrinkles decreases, inflamed and dark areas are lightened.

The highly concentrated formulation can be applied on its own, or you can add a few drops to any cosmetic product.The product regulates dryness and oily content. It restores the hydrolipidic balance, providing intense hydration to flaky areas and a reduction in shine in the T-zone. The main component is sunflower seed oil. It is rich in vitamins, mineral salts, fatty acids, has a complex effect on problem and mature skin.

The composition includes jojoba, macadamia oils, sunflower extract. All of them have a beneficial effect on the cover, prevent inflammation and the occurrence of dermatological diseases.

  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • restoration of skin PH balance;
  • decreased sebum production;
  • long-term hydration.

Light face oil DNC Extract 12 herbs

Rating: 4.5

The fifth prize-winner is a product created for aging skin with the first age-related changes.It replenishes nutritional deficiencies, tones, tightens, restores healthy shine and smoothness. Multilevel support is provided by a rich formula. It contains 12 natural oils and plant extracts, which together form a powerful cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids.

These are oils of grape seed, coconut, jojoba, marula, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, sasanqua, argan, neroli, jasmine, burdock, celandine extract. Tocopherol provides antioxidant protection, prevents photoaging, inhibits natural biological processes, and improves the quality of integumentary tissues.

The consistency is non-greasy, elastic, well distributed on the skin, absorbed without residue. The scent is delicate, floral with hints of lavender and rosemary. A few drops of the product are enough to cover all areas of the face. A nebulizer is used as a dispenser. Many considered this a significant plus. Moreover, they noted that during the service life, the texture does not clog the hole, the pump runs smoothly, does not jam.

  • balanced composition;
  • instant softening and moisturizing;
  • prevention of early aging;
  • convenient use.

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Extraordinary transforming face oil L’Oreal Paris The luxury of nutrition

Rating: 4.4

Located on the sixth line, the product is very popular among buyers. It contains 98% natural ingredients that do not adversely affect the sensitive skin. Oil from one application eliminates dryness, flaking, softens.Constant procedures lead to an improvement in turgor, lightening of dark spots. The product not only externally changes the quality of the skin, but also restores important functions for preserving youth: stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, increases the protective barrier, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

The recipe includes 8 essential oils with high therapeutic and antioxidant properties. These are chamomile, rose, marjoram, lavender, rosemary, orange, lavender, geranium. Intensive nutrition is provided with natural oils of jojoba, rosehip, olive, sunflower seeds, corn, apricot.

The consistency is well absorbed, does not form a greasy film on the surface. For very dry skin, the product can be used as a substitute for day cream and make-up base. After application, the cover becomes silky, nourished, wrinkles are filled. Those who have tried the oil in practice recommend it as a complete care.

  • high concentration of valuable oils;
  • complex protective action;
  • elimination of the causes of dry skin;
  • practical pipette dispenser.

Rejuvenating Oil Elixir Novosvit Concentrate BEAUTY OIL for face and neck

Rating: 4.3

In seventh place is a product from the mass market category. Despite its low price, it has a positive effect on dehydrated, damaged skin. The composition is free of sulfates and parabens. All ingredients have passed strict quality control and meet safety requirements. The texture is well absorbed, does not stick.The formula contains a powerful vitamin cocktail that speeds up the recovery process.

Antioxidants prevent UV damage. Fatty acids are essential substances for dried skin. They set up biochemical processes in the right direction, normalizing the state of the cover.

For comfortable use, the manufacturer offered a package with a pipette, which helps to accurately dispense the agent and extend its useful life.It promises rejuvenation in 4 weeks. According to reviews, permanent procedures lead to visible results. The symptoms of dry skin type disappear. The cover becomes more taut, fine wrinkles are smoothed out, a dull, heterogeneous complexion disappears.

  • light texture of “dry” oil;
  • in the composition – 50% linoleic acid;
  • active protection against dehydration;
  • budget cost.

The best universal oils

Darphin Revitalizing Oil for face, body and hair

Rating: 4.9

The first is a universal product that can not only improve the condition of the skin of the face and body, but also have a beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. It contains 9 vegetable and 4 essential oils. This combination allows you to quickly reanimate the damage, restore the normal course of processes in all layers of the skin.The manufacturer has collected the ingredients with the maximum beneficial properties for our cover.

These are natural oils of argan, tamanu seeds, jojoba seeds, apricot and raspberries, almonds, sunflower seeds. They soften and tighten the flabby, dehydrated cover, saturate tissues with nutrients, and moisturize. The texture is very light, liquid, well distributed and absorbed literally before our eyes. Does not leave marks on clothes and does not leave a sticky feeling. The product is packaged in a bottle with a convenient dispensing spout.

Many buyers have singled out Darphin’s product for more than just its fast and long-lasting results. An incredible aroma, created from jasmine, vanilla and lavender, relaxes, energizes, gives a good mood. The plume remains on the skin throughout the day and interrupts the smell of sweat, tobacco and other unpleasant amber.

  • a large amount of valuable oils;
  • restoration in all layers;
  • non-comedogenic agent;
  • prevention of skin diseases.

Algologie Shimmering Marine Oil for face, body and hair

Rating: 4.8

Ranked at # 2, the oil has a multi-level effect on the skin in all areas of the body, and also helps to grow healthy and beautiful hair. It will become an ambulance for dry, damaged skin, instantly moisturize, soften, relieve pain symptoms. The liquid consistency quickly penetrates into the deep layers, triggering self-rejuvenation processes.Metabolism improves, blood flow increases, and its own protective functions increase.

After application, a floral scent is formed, a slight shimmer appears, the skin becomes velvety and soft. The oil is formulated with effective and safe ingredients. Sea krythmum is a powerful natural antioxidant that tones and accelerates regeneration. Vitamin E enhances UV protection, removes toxins.

Sesame oil is rich in fatty acids.It removes roughness, makes the cover perfectly smooth. Macadamia is responsible for hydration. Hazelnut oil soothes and relieves irritation. Borage enhances the properties of other components, taking an active part in the resuscitation of problem skin.

  • 100% natural product;
  • visible lifting effect;
  • high protective properties;
  • giving a light iridescent shine.

Oil for face and body KHADI “Pink Lotus”

Rating: 4.7

The third place was given to the oil related to the controlled natural cosmetics that meet the requirements of the BDIH. It is not tested on animals and is suitable for vegans. Designed for combination skin. It regulates the water-fat balance: fills dry areas with moisture, reduces sebum production in problem areas. KHADI oil can replace several products.With it, you can not use face cream and body milk.

Intensive nutrition is provided by a complex of substances that are most beneficial to the skin. These are sesame, rice, sunflower, carrot seed oils. In combination with vitamin E, they give a powerful rejuvenating effect, prevent the formation of age spots, and relieve irritation. Mimosa, ficus and lotus extracts restore the skin to a well-groomed appearance, moisturize, and reduce the depth of creases and wrinkles. Centella and madder are responsible for the radiance.

Essential oils create a feeling of calmness and harmony, making the procedure similar to salon aromatherapy. The German manufacturer has released two volumes: 10 and 100 ml. This allows you to always keep at hand a healing oil that is effective in restoring the skin.

  • environmentally friendly product;
  • multifunctional action;
  • does not leave grease and shine;
  • mini- and full-fledged packaging format.

Oil for face and body Klorane Polysianes Oil

Rating: 4.7

In fourth place is a French brand remedy that belongs to medicinal cosmetics. It moisturizes dry skin, softens, eliminates flaking, increasing its quality several times. The active components penetrate into the deep layers, where they compensate for the lack of liquid and prevent its evaporation. Thanks to the double effect, it provides instant and long-lasting hydration.

The oil contains ingredients that inhibit the biological aging of the skin. They help to tighten the cover, reduce cellulite on the body, and correct the oval of the face. The non-greasy texture is well distributed, leaves no shine, forms a velvety layer with a pearly shine. The scent of a luxurious perfume is revealed upon contact with the skin, leaving subsequently a delicate floral trail.

The box is made in a gift format. The metal box is designed in the same color scheme as the bottle.All together it looks very presentable. According to the customers, the product copes with not only the imperfections of dehydrated skin, but also eliminates the causes of their occurrence. Many take it on vacation to tropical countries where enhanced care is needed after exposure to the sun.

  • powerful anti-aging support;
  • instant moisture saturation;
  • lightweight, non-clogging formula;
  • memorable original smell.

Cosmetic oil for face and body Crimean rose “Shokoladnitsa”

Rating: 4.6

The fifth in the review is a product of a domestic brand that uses safe natural ingredients in production. It can be applied to sensitive skin without the risk of allergic reactions to the composition. The oil has several functions. It intensively nourishes, eliminates dryness, and prevents premature aging.Regular use results in a visible anti-aging effect. The skin is tightened, a healthy, uniform tone appears.

The formula contains active ingredients: natural oils of olive, almond, grape seed, wheat germ, jojoba, orange essential oil. All of them are rich in vitamins and minerals. Cocoa extract and butter are responsible for relaxation and well-being, as they stimulate the release of endorphins – “hormones of joy”.

The texture is light, absorbed quickly, no unpleasant sensations arise.The product is available in packs of 50 and 110 ml. This makes it possible to use the mini-bottle as a travel option. A large one is suitable for providing long-term care and saving finances.

  • 100% natural ingredients;
  • rich nutritional composition;
  • visible lifting effect;
  • “Tasty” long-lasting aroma.

Body oil Vitex Healing bath Ultra-light refreshing oil for face and body after bath

Rating: 4.five

The sixth place was awarded to the oil of the Belarusian brand, which will provide active skin care after a shower, pool, bath. It has an ultra-light texture, instantly moisturizes, relieves stress after high temperatures in saunas and chlorinated water. The rich formula provides the nutrition you need to stay young. It tightens, smoothes the relief, makes the skin tone uniform. The product is quickly absorbed, leaves no residue. It has a pleasant, invigorating scent.

Several natural oils are included in the composition. Macadamia prevents the appearance of stretch marks on the body, eliminates dryness, makes the cover silky and elastic. Hazelnut restores water-fat balance, accelerates metabolism. Sesame increases the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin. Apricot improves complexion, saturates with vitamins A and E, minerals, increases the protective barrier. Mint is refreshing.

The budget tool was liked by many buyers.It is carefully consumed and easy to apply. The oil relieves redness, soothes. Regular use results in improved skin condition, noticeable tightening and firming.

  • extra moisturizing effect;
  • antioxidant protection;
  • prevention of early wilting;
  • non-greasy consistency.

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Attention! This rating is subjective, does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide.Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist. 90,000 8 best natural oils for your skin


Properties of natural oils for leather

The advantages of natural skin oil in comparison with industrially produced cosmetics are obvious: no preservatives, no thickeners, no emulsifiers, no additional ingredients: only nature, only 100% natural.

And in cosmetology, skin care began with the use of oils.

Of course, we are not urging you to get rid of your favorite jars of creams and serums, they are effective in their own way and are often capable of more thanks to innovative technologies and super formulas. But add “oil” to the usual rituals – and you will notice how grateful your skin is to you!


Natural oils are an inexhaustible source of vitamins and beneficial acids that nourish and heal the skin.In fact, they often don’t even have to be applied to the skin to get the effect; because some oils work better when you add them to your bath or hot water and make a steam compress.

Let’s see what they are capable of!


1. Coconut oil

The words “Heavenly Delight” are associated with coconut for a reason. Coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover, antibacterial care for problem skin, antimicrobial and antifungal agent (lauric acid in the oil provides a disinfecting effect), a nourishing mask for nails… And it also removes static electricity from the hair, helps to defeat dandruff and restore depleted hair after multiple dyes.

2. Tea tree oil

Natural tea tree oil is the most effective remedy against acne and irritation on the skin of the face. Kills bacteria, relieves inflammation, reduces redness and swelling of the affected areas, has no contraindications and side effects. The only thing to be careful with is the dosage.With an oil concentration of more than 5%, there is a risk of overdrying the skin, so if dehydration and flaking are your old acquaintances, read the label carefully.


3. Jojoba oil

A real vitamin cocktail for the skin and a pleasant refreshing effect: this oil can give your skin a healthy and radiant look, which you would not achieve even with the best decorative products.Apply the oil to cleansed skin as a day cream or at night, avoiding the eye area, and your skin will be transformed!

4. Hemp oil

If you use too much makeup and want to find an effective, easy-to-use, skin-friendly cleanser, you’ve found it. Hemp oil perfectly removes even long-lasting cosmetics without damaging or dehydrating the skin, it is suitable for treating acne, as well as reducing any redness and blemishes left after pimples.Store hemp oil in the refrigerator, otherwise it will quickly lose its function.


5. Macadamia oil

Perfect natural oil for body skin! It is called the “Guardian Angel for Girls from the Big City”: macadamia oil protects the skin from the effects of car exhaust, smog, unfavorable ecology and industrial emissions into the atmosphere – the inevitable companions of the life of a metropolis.Macadamia oil contains calcium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium, which the skin needs to protect itself from external aggression, and it also perfectly heals cuts and abrasions, soothes the skin after shaving or epilation and prevents flaking.


6. Hazelnut Oil

A gift for owners of oily, shiny skin. Hazelnut oil tightens pores and regulates the sebaceous glands without leaving a sticky film on the face.By wiping your skin with a cotton pad dipped in hazelnut oil, you can start making up right away.

7. Castor oil

Everyone knows the effect of taking castor oil internally, but few people know that castor oil accelerates the growth of hair and eyelashes by stimulating hair follicles, especially if applied to the skin with massaging movements and left to act for several hours.

8. Avocado oil

Stimulates collagen and elastin production, accelerates oxygen metabolism, penetrates deeper layers of the skin and supports the creation of new collagen and elastin fibers, which will leave you looking rested and energized.If you don’t like the rather dense texture, you can add avocado oil to your usual cream or lotion, it is ideally combined with any cosmetic ingredients.

If you feel like there is already too much oil in your daily moisturizer, you can mix it with your night cream or face mask.

Choosing a cosmetic oil for the face: by skin type

We are already accustomed to using cosmetic oils to soften rough heels, to fight cellulite, to enhance hair growth, for extreme nourishment of dry skin, to care for chapped lips – but the idea of ​​using oils as a face cream still seems a little daunting.This is largely due to the myth that the oil is supposedly suitable only for very, very dry skin and only in the form of a mask. As a result, owners of all other skin types pass by with regret, and in vain, because for anyone – absolutely for anyone! – skin type, you can choose an oil that will solve emerging problems and take care of it exactly as needed. Fatty – mattifying, problematic – soothing, dry – to soften, normal – to take care of, sluggish – to tighten, age – to tone up, as well as brighten, protect and help in regeneration.The only problem is finding the right, perfect oil. We will talk about this!

The general rules for using cosmetic oils instead of a skin care cream are in many ways commonplace: you apply oil (or oil mixture) as a night care after cleansing, do it regularly – and enjoy the result. But still, there are several key and important rules that must be followed in order not to harm the health of the skin:

– You cannot use face oil all the time, every day without interruption.Ideal application: 2-3 times a week.

– Since some oils oxidize when exposed to daylight, they should only be applied overnight. In general, it is better to use any oils in the evening care program, and use creams in the morning.

– The oil is applied exclusively to damp skin!

One more detail: when choosing oils for the face it is necessary to take into account such indicator as gum – the ability of the oil to stimulate “clogging” of pores.For owners of dry skin, not prone to such problems, this indicator is not important, but for those who have oily, problematic, easily irritated skin with enlarged pores, etc., it is better to take this point into account. The comedogenicity level of each oil is easy to find in the summary tables on the net. Even oils similar in consistency and segment of application often have different comedogenicity (shea butter has it = 0, which means minimal comedogenicity, cocoa butter is high, so the former can even be applied to the face, for example, as a mask, and the latter is not worth it ).

Solo or Mixed? Cosmetic oils can be used both solo, in pure form, and in various mixtures and combinations. Some oils are suitable for use alone, without additives or additives, such as almond or argan. And some need to be mixed with others, basic, in a certain percentage (this is usually indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer). In addition to the actual cosmetic oils, essential oils can also be found in such mixtures, which expand the functionality of the “oil cocktail”, enriching it with the ability to relieve irritation, tone, warm up or whiten the skin.It is as easy as shelling pears to apply natural oil in its pure form: you simply squeeze a drop into the palm of your hand – and after proper preparation, apply like a cream. You can either buy the mixtures ready-made, or create them yourself (this is not so difficult and at the same time very exciting), but for this you need to “pump” and learn to be well versed in natural oils.

By skin type

Oily skin .Skin prone to oily content requires highly absorbable, non-heavy oils, as well as oils that regulate the oiliness of the skin. Among them, the most suitable: oils of hazelnut, tamanu, rice bran, hemp. Certain oils for normal skin, such as almond or grape seed oil, may also work.

Dry skin . Dry skin most favorably accepts natural oils, which soften and nourish it. Great options for this skin type: jojoba, avocado, evening primrose, argan, macadamia, sasanqua, sesame, borage, and rice bran oils.However, for dry skin, you can use almost any oil – from hemp oil to solid oils, butters.

Normal to combination skin . Suitable options are “stone” oils (apricot, peach, almond), jojoba, argan, rice bran, sasanqua, macadamia, rose hips, hemp, grape seed, borago, almond. When caring for normal skin, oils moderately nourish, help moisturize and regenerate skin cells.

Problem skin . For problem skin prone to inflammation and redness, oils with soothing and bactericidal properties, as well as helping to heal, are suitable. Among these oils, the most effective are hazelnut, tamanu, amaranth, rosehip seeds, black cumin. By the way, more complex oil mixtures work great for problem skin, for example, from hazelnut and tamanu oils with the addition of tea tree essential oil and, say, soothing lavender.

Mature leather . Of course, there are no anti-age oils, but there are natural oils that give a lifting effect, tone up and help the skin to increase its own natural elasticity and firmness. Such oils include universal jojoba and argan, and more nutritious avocados and borago, evening primrose.

Applying an oil or oil mixture to the face . The oil is applied to the face instead of a night cream several times a week.The sequence is as follows: you cleanse the skin (bio-purification, ubtan, another natural remedy), then sprinkle it with a hydrolate tonic – and immediately, on wet skin, apply a drop or two of oil or an oil mixture. Gently distribute, massaging along the massage lines. After a minute, you can dab your face with a napkin if it seems oily to you. As a rule, properly selected oil, applied in a small amount, is absorbed without residue and does not require removal of excess.

90,000 TOP 10 best cosmetic oils for the face according to reviews

But, in recent years, the oil has returned to store shelves and has taken its rightful place in most of our skincare routines.For skin that is naturally dry, the oil can help strengthen its ability to maintain hydration during the height of winter. In combination skin, the oil will heal dry areas while helping to balance the natural oil production in shiny areas. What if you are sensitive? Oils can relieve redness, help the blemish heal, and even prevent scarring.

If you want to brighten, moisturize and soothe, or if you want to boost your radiance, check out the best facial oils you can buy here.

Application of cosmetic oils for the face

It’s time to say goodbye to conventional moisturizers. Facial oils have become a staple of the beauty salon due to their natural ability to moisturize and nourish various skin types.

Despite what their name might mean, face oil will not leave your face greasy. The oils contain ingredients such as polyphenols, fatty acids, and antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and reduce wrinkles.

Application of coconut oil for face

What It Is: Found in, you guessed it, coconuts, this sweet smelling, edible oil is used in everything from skin care to smoothie recipes. Made by pressing fat from coconut meat, this oil has gained significant popularity in recent years for its medicinal properties.

Why it works: It contains vitamin E, coconut oil can be used as a traditional moisturizer.Because it is full of fatty acids, coconut oil acts as a kind of barrier on the skin, keeping moisture trapped inside. It is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, helps to protect the skin and hair. Bonus: it smells delicious! Read on for how to apply coconut oil to your face.

Directions for Use: Coconut oil, solid at room temperature, has a melting point of about 75 ° F. This means that while it may have a similar texture to petroleum jelly at room temperature, it melts as soon as you apply it.However, coconut oil can be a little oily for those with a more oily complexion. Use it in the shower as a moisturizer for shaving and hair conditioner, or as an all-natural replacement for lotion or leave-in conditioner.

Argan oil face application

What It Is: Extracted from the nuts of the Moroccan argan tree, this oil is a soothing and powerful moisturizer for all skin types.

Why It Works: Argan Oil contains vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It’s easy to use as a daily, non-greasy moisturizer, but it can also be used to treat people with more severe skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. Due to its antioxidant properties, argan oil works to improve skin elasticity by warding off free radical damage, leaving skin glowing. Consider the best poultry oils.

How to Use: This oil is not just for dry skin – it can help control sebum reduction for those with oily skin. This nourishing oil can be used daily under makeup or at night for more restorative skin care. It is suitable for use on dry hair and nails.

Application of rosehip oil for face

What It Is: This powerful skin conditioner is one of the best antiaggregation oils available.It is extracted by cold pressing from the seeds of a certain variety of roses, mainly grown in Chile.

Why it works: This oil is rich in essential fatty acids and contains vitamins E, C, D and beta-carotene. It protects and moisturizes the skin, fights free radicals and reduces wrinkles. But that’s not all! Vitamins and antioxidants rejuvenate skin to restore elasticity, help correct dark spots and reduce scarring.

Directions for use: Since it is considered a “dry” oil, rosehip seed oil is easily absorbed into the skin.It can be used in conjunction with other oils or lotions.

Application of marula oil for face

What It Is: Harvested from the African marula nut, this oil is sure to be the next big thing because of its versatility, light texture and benefits. Due to its health-promoting properties, the oil can reduce not only dryness, but also irritation and inflammation.

Why it works: Marula oil is rich in fatty acids and is believed to contain 60 percent more antioxidants than most other oils, which means it has a powerful blow against aging and sun damage.The oil also has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for irritated or acne-prone skin.

How to Use: This versatile oil can be used on skin, hair and nails. Since it does not leave a greasy residue on the skin, it is ideal for use under makeup or even mixed with a foundation for a glowing shine. Read how to use essential oils for your face.

Application of jojoba oil for face

What It Is: Extracted from plants native to North America, jojoba oil is used for everything from acne to psoriasis to sunburn.But this is not really an oil, but a plant extract, in fact, consisting of liquid wax esters. This is important because of all the compounds found in nature, jojoba oil is structurally and chemically the most similar to human sebum, that is, it mimics the structure of the skin.

Why it works: Because jojoba oil is similar to the structure of our skin, it can reproduce or dissolve oil, depending on if your skin is overproduction or underproduction.Thus, it can help balance out sebum production and eliminate acne. Composed of beneficial minerals and nutrients, jojoba oil also works as an emollient to soothe skin and provide daytime moisture.

Directions for use: A few drops can be used for those with an oily complexion in the morning or evening to moisturize and help balance skin tone. It is also a great alternative to body lotion for those with sensitive skin.When used as a hair care product, jojoba oil can help with dandruff and promote healthy scalp.

How to use cosmetic face oil

Technically, oils are not moisturizers. Oils are considered “occlusive,” an annoying word that basically means they act as a barrier to keep moisture from evaporating from your skin (like the foil that keeps your food warm).Therefore, it is best to apply oils to slightly damp skin — to trap all that water in your pores — or massage it over your moisturizer (to fix all the moisturizing ingredients).

If you’re worried about looking shiny during the day, try applying oils after washing your face overnight instead. Sure, your pillowcase might be left with some oily marks (I suggest light-colored bedding), but they are worth it when you have a moisturizing, nourishing, emollient, acne-fighting, fading scar, an easy, non-clogging miracle in a bottle.

Rating of the 10 best cosmetic oils for the face

1st place – Caudalie Night Detoxifying Oil

2nd place – Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil

3rd place – Rosehip oil Oil king

4th place-Castor oil Mirrolla

5th place-Shiny Leaf Castor Oil

6th place – Mary Tylor Naturals Almond Oil

7th place – SIBERINA Moisturizing Almond Oil

8th Place – Ordinary 100% Organic Rosehip Oil Ordinary

The best cosmetic oils for the face according to customer reviews

Night Detox Oil Caudalie

This is the face oil that has transformed me, a beauty writer with oily skin and a longtime facial oil skeptic, into a true loyal fan.Unsurprisingly, it won the Allure Best of Beauty award because while it moisturizes, it also helps protect skin from UV rays and pollution.

Castor oil Now


Castor oil is now getting a lot of mentions as a skin care product, but it also provides an excellent solution for fast hair growth while limiting hair loss.

Made from 100% pure organic castor oil, castor oil now comes from an expeller-pressed process. Expeller-pressed refers to a specific mechanical option that squeezes oil out of the bean. None of NOW Solutions’ products include harsh chemical or synthetic ingredients, and their castor oil is virtually odorless.

The NOW Solutions line also includes anti-aging moisturizers and serums, bath and body gels, shampoos, oral care products and more.They are committed to the development of safe, effective personal care products and their castor oil aptly represents that commitment.


  • No chemicals
  • Well suited for multiple uses
  • Improves overall skin condition


Too fat for some

Mirrolla Sweet Almond Oil

This all natural and pure almond oil is obtained from pressed sweet almonds to reap the health benefits.The oil has a light texture with no lubrication, and you can apply a generous amount to your skin without worrying about clogging your pores. Your skin will look more radiant and softer with every use of this natural moisturizing oil.

Castor Oil Shiny Leaf


The folks at Shiny Leaf now sell their pure castor oil in a 16 oz bottle that will last you a long time with normal use.And, by “normal,” it also means for use on your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, face, and other areas of your skin.

You can use Shiny Leaf Castor Oil on your face daily to restore it from a dull, lifeless look to a smooth and shiny look.

As mentioned, this castor oil is also great for lashes and eyebrows and is easy to apply thanks to the free mascara stick. Meanwhile, it cleanses the skin and works wonders on the face to remove fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.It does not contain any additives or fillers.


  • It absorbs quickly without leaving any residue.
  • Good for multiple uses.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals.

The best cosmetic oils for dry skin

Almond oil ENED, extra grade, 100% pure, 30 ml

Certified Organic by the USDA, this sweet almond oil is sourced from the Mediterranean, on organic farms.There are absolutely no fillers, chemicals, additives or other harsh ingredients in this product. The bottle is also BPA free, so there are no risks to your health. It works great as a makeup remover, hair remover, skin moisturizer, and aromatherapy that simply offers amazing results all the time.

The oil is slightly greasy and viscous, which makes it a little harsh to mix with base oils. But you will appreciate the moisturizing properties this almond oil has to offer.

Pure Body Naturals Almond Oil

This Pure Body Naturals Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is hypoallergenic and free of phosphates, fragrances and colors, so you can be sure it’s really soft and gentle on your skin. It is also a natural source of fatty acids that reflect harmful UV rays and keep them away from your hair and skin. An all-natural product, this is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a quality cruelty-free skincare product to add to your daily routine.

The oil is of the finest quality, no doubt about it. But be careful with the bottle as it tends to leak when you pour out the oil.

IRIS Almond Body Butter, 100 ml

A natural source of Vitamins A, B, and E, this sweet almond oil seals in moisture in your skin. It is suitable for most people who have dry, cracked and rough skin. It is moisturizing and odorless, and you will love applying it to your skin after showering or before bed.For hair, it works in reducing hair loss for now and gives curls a shinier look.

Hypoallergenic coconut oil VMV

This 100% organic virgin coconut oil is completely pure. It helps prevent stretch marks and makes existing marks less visible.

The best cosmetic oils instead of cream

Ordinary 100% Organic Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil 100% Organic Cold Pressed, now available at Sephora, ICYMI.

Rosehip oil Oil king

Rosehip Oil contains Omega fatty acids to penetrate the skin. It helps to remove dullness, sun damage and dryness.

The best anti-wrinkle cosmetic oils

Rose Oil with Vitamin C – Biossance

While squalane may feel smooth and rich like oil, it is actually a plant-based fatty acid that does wonders for protecting the skin’s barrier.Biossance Squalane Vitamin C Rose Oil is infused with a substance and is a game changer for firming and brightening the skin.

Aromatica Organic Rose Hip Oil Intensive moisturizing rosehip oil for face, 30 ml

This oil with vitamin C, an active brightening oil (2016 Best of Beauty winner) brightens, softens and smoothes the skin like in a dream. Real rose petals inside!

Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil

Yes, you will find it in the grocery section of the grocery store, and yes, you should put it in your shopping cart.Spread it on or add it to your diet.

the most useful properties of the most popular oils

Types of natural oils and their differences

In cosmetology, two types of natural oils are used – cosmetic and essential.

Essential oil is a concentrated mixture of volatile and odorous substances in its pure form. For the preparation of esters, various parts of plants are used – fruits, flowers, stems, leaves and young shoots.These oils are rarely used on their own, as they evaporate quickly and without a trace. For use in cosmetology, they need a fatty carrier – an emulsifier. Esters are saturated with aromatic components of the plants from which they are obtained.

Cosmetic oils are a separate product consisting of several ingredients – base fats, plant extracts. They act as an emulsifier for esters. These oils are odorless and do not evaporate from surfaces. According to their consistency, cosmetic oils are divided into two groups: liquid and solid.

Tips for Skin Type

All natural facial oils have healing properties, but they must be used correctly for your skin type.

Dry skin is prone to rapid fading, peeling and requires constant care. Suitable for care are olive, pumpkin and cocoa butter, essential oils – geranium, rosewood and orange.

Oily skin quickly becomes dirty, prone to various rashes and acne and needs delicate care.For the care of the fatty type, oils of apricot, evening primrose, poppy seeds and hazelnut, as well as essential oils of bergamot and mint are used.

Normal skin has a healthy and even color, it is not prone to flaking and acne. Means for the care of normal skin – apricot, coconut oil and lavender and jasmine esters.

The most common type is combined . This type is the most problematic, since you have to combine the care of dry and oily skin areas.Sesame, green coffee, grape seed oils, as well as mint and bergamot esters are suitable for caring for this type of skin.

How to use at home?

Cosmetic oil is used to cleanse the skin from impurities and make-up residues. Apply a few drops of the product to a cotton swab and wipe your face. After this procedure, the skin remains clean and does not dry out.

Facial masks remain the best method of applying oils.They are obtained by mixing base and esters. It is necessary to prepare mixtures in dark glass or plastic dishes. After mixing the ingredients, the mixture should be infused for 3 days.

The product is applied to cleansed, damp skin, before going to bed or an hour before leaving the house, 1-2 times a week. In 15 minutes after application, the excess is removed with a dry napkin. The amount of oil depends on the type of skin:

  • for dry skin – 4-5 drops;
  • for oily and combination – 1-2 drops;
  • for normal – 2-3 drops.

You can use oils differently: mix a few drops of oil with the cream and apply on the face like a regular cream.

The best oils for skin rejuvenation


It stimulates the process of skin cell regeneration, normalizes the sebaceous glands, nourishing and moisturizing the dermis. The product has a light texture and is quickly absorbed, protects the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. The oil contains: linoleic and palmitic acids, phytosterol, alpha-tocoterol, amygdalin, vitamins B2, A, E.

The product is contraindicated for people prone to allergies due to its pronounced aroma.

Grape Seed Extract

This is a light, odorless oil. For its production, seeds of white grape varieties are used. Its benefit lies in the fact that the product retains moisture in the skin cells, regulates the sebaceous glands and fights wrinkles. The oil contains vitamins of group B, A, C, E, phytoncides, flavonoids.

Rosemary essential oil

This product perfectly cleanses the skin and fights blackheads, breakouts and acne.It improves the regeneration of epidermal cells, promotes the production of collagen and elastin. It also contains vitamins A, B, E and acids. Recommended for use in combination with creams or other oils.


The product resembles wax in its action – it smoothes folds and fine wrinkles, has a soothing, moisturizing and rejuvenating effect. The oil has a beneficial effect on the skin thanks to vitamin E and peptides. This product has a dark color like olive oil.


Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, E, which fight the first signs of aging. The product does not clog pores, moisturizes cells, and promotes wound healing. It is also suitable for delicate and gentle cleansing of the skin. It is very greasy and poorly absorbed, so after use it is necessary to remove the excess with a cotton swab.

Rose essential oil

The product is necessary for the care of aging skin, as it removes the first age wrinkles and protects the skin from the effects of the external environment.It normalizes the water-salt balance, preventing overdrying, and promotes the production of collagen. Very soft and gentle, suitable for daily use.


The product refreshes and tones the face, improves blood circulation to the skin. The oil protects the skin from the harmful effects of external factors, removes toxins and rejuvenates.

From jasmine

The oil helps to smooth out folds and wrinkles, refreshes, gives a healthy color. The product is very light, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, narrowing the pores.The oil is aromatic and delicate. This remedy is one of the most expensive. Its production is complex and time consuming and is difficult to find in pharmacies and cosmetic departments.

Sandalwood essential oil

The product from India improves blood circulation, softens and soothes the skin. Its advantage is that the oil removes wrinkles in the area of ​​the nose and lips.

From neroli

The product softens the skin, makes it elastic and silky. Regular use of neroli oil promotes the disappearance of age spots, acne and wrinkles.Used in combination with olive, apricot and coconut oils to enhance the effect.

Geranium Ether

The best remedy for the restoration of aging skin. It stimulates cell regeneration, restores firmness and elasticity to the skin. Geranium ether is used for the production of creams and anti-aging masks. It is very difficult to get it in its pure form, since it is a rare and expensive product.


The product is rich in ricinoleic, palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids. Has nourishing, soothing and softening properties , and also promotes the healing of wounds and microcracks. Castor oil is found in many face masks and blends, but it can be used on its own.

Sea buckthorn

A product rich in carotene, vitamin K and acids, protects cells from damage, accelerates the regeneration process, cleanses and tones the skin. The agent is heated before use. Not recommended for use by persons under 30 years of age, as at this age the skin produces collagen on its own.


This oil has been used to combat skin aging since ancient times. It heals damaged areas of the skin, eliminates inflammation and redness. A universal product for the care of all skin types. It is important to observe the special storage conditions for coconut oil.

Avocado oil

The product is rich in squalene, vitamins A, C, E and phytohormones, thereby stimulating metabolic processes and renewal of dermal cells, and also eliminates peeling and age spots, evens out the color.


Oil moisturizes and tones the skin , eliminates inflammation, stabilizes the water-salt balance. The product is convenient to use – it is lightweight, does not contaminate clothes, and is quickly absorbed.


Ideal for problem skin. It nourishes the skin, enriches it with vitamins, potassium and magnesium. The oil is added to anti-aging creams based on aloe vera and honey. Ideal for use during vitamin deficiency.


The most widespread product in cosmetology. It prevents inflammation of the skin, softens and moisturizes the skin. It is made in solid and liquid form.


The product contains carotenoids, tocopherol, phospholipids, thanks to which it renews cells and speeds up metabolism. The skin retains its natural elasticity and firmness. The product has a moisturizing and soothing effect. It must be stored in the refrigerator.When heated, the oil loses all its beneficial properties.


Rich in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, myristic and arachidic acids, sesame oil nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis. It cleanses the skin and protects the harmful effects of external factors, promotes the natural production of collagen, and eliminates flabbiness. The tool is used for the preparation of sunscreens and medicinal ointments.

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Best Oils for Skin – Rating 2020 – TOP-8

The most common ingredient in modern skin care cosmetics is natural oils.They are not only responsible for hydration, nutrition, but also saturate the cells of the epidermis with valuable trace elements, vitamins. If used as a mono-remedy, it will be safe and beneficial. The VyborEksperta team analyzed the recommendations of dermatologists and cosmetologists, on the basis of which they compiled a top rating of the best oils for the skin.

Rating of oils for skin

When selecting nominees, we first of all paid attention to the opinions of cosmetologists and dermatologists. The experience of use and clinical trials were indicative.When placing positions among the leaders, we took into account the following criteria:

  • Form of issue;
  • Chemical composition of raw materials;
  • Conditions for receiving, processing;
  • Therapeutic properties, value;
  • Performance, how soon the result is observed;
  • Organoleptic characteristics, texture, aroma;
  • Safety, risks of developing allergies;
  • Application features;
  • Contraindications, restrictions on use;
  • Price, shelf life, storage conditions.

The result of the comparative analysis was the top list of 8 products. These are budget, mid-priced and expensive cosmetic products that have received many positive customer reviews. Real experience has shown their advantages and weaknesses.

The best oils for normal and combination skin

Normal and combination skin does not need overly saturated, active moisturizing and nourishment. Therefore, the VyborEksperta team has selected gentle, light oils for the skin of the face and body, which provide moderate hydration, do not clog pores, and improve microrelief and tone.

Sea buckthorn oil

The first place in the top rating is taken by a product that is popularly called “liquid gold”. It is one of the most widespread vegetable oils and balances effect with safety.

Source – sea buckthorn berries. It can be an external or internal drug. The chemical composition includes a whole range of vitamins, trace elements, omega acids (3, 6, 7, 9). There are also amino acids, flavonoids, terpenes, carotenoids, glycosides, phenols, polyphenols.

The richer the orange color, the more vitamin A. There are several forms of release – liquid, suppositories, capsules. Vitamin F improves regeneration, K eliminates edema, E slows down aging, C triggers collagen production.

It is good if the bottle is made of tinted glass, so you can continue to maintain the therapeutic properties. It is best to store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.


  • Versatility;
  • Valuable chemical composition;
  • Elimination of dryness, flaking;
  • Moderate hydration without comedogenicity;
  • Healing properties;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Leaves stains that cannot be removed;
  • Allergic reactions possible.

Due to the ability to paint everything orange, it is important to use gloves and be careful. Indications – burns, diaper rash, wounds, cracks, bumps, burrs. Even mucous membranes can be lubricated.

Castor Oil

This nominee is renowned for its nourishing, stimulating properties. He found wide application in cosmetology, skin care for the body, face, hair.In addition to nutritional properties, antibacterial activity has also been noted.

A complex of fatty acids is of particular value in the chemical composition. Rinoleic softens the layers of the epidermis, gives velvety, elasticity. Linoleic acid acts as an antioxidant, works as an antiseptic. Oleic acid penetrates deeper, starts metabolic processes, affects tissue softening.

For the normal / combined type, the concentration may be excessive, therefore the oil is diluted with water, applied to cleansed skin.Use is contraindicated for allergies, severe inflammation, purulent processes.

A high-quality product can be distinguished by several characteristics – viscous consistency, subtle aroma, high fat content. Despite the density, the raw material is easy to apply, absorbed by massage movements.


  • Fatty acid complex;
  • Deep penetration;
  • Nutrition, hydration, sedation;
  • UV protection, weathering;
  • Antibacterial activity;
  • Regenerating properties.


  • Risks of allergic reactions;
  • Increased concentration.

Castor oil fights acne, age spots, wrinkles, dryness and flaking, and smoothes cellulite. Cosmetologists use it to lighten the tattoo. Before starting the procedures, it is important to test it for allergies.

Wheat germ oil

This is one of the basic, universal oils that is actively used in cooking, cosmetology, medicine.It is distinguished by a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (over 70%), increased density, and strong aroma.

Source – wheat germ, cold press only. The composition contains amino acids not synthesized by the human body, vitamins, micro / macroelements (about 20), anti-inflammatory allantoin, polyunsaturated fatty acids, a strong antioxidant squalene, octacosanol.

External application normalizes the water-lipid balance, nourishes, softens, prevents dryness, flaking.Regular treatments protect against ultraviolet radiation. They also normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, tighten pores.

When using, it is important to be careful, as excessive application provokes dryness of the epidermis. This is due to the formation of a film, which leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes. Therefore, it is diluted, for example, with essential oils for the skin.


  • High content of fatty acids;
  • Control of the sebaceous glands;
  • Anti-inflammatory activity;
  • Anti-aging protection;
  • Prevention of cellulite;
  • Compatibility with other oils.


  • May cause dryness;
  • Not for regular use.

Indications for use – problems of the epidermis, hair, trauma or skin diseases, hydration, saturation with important components, prolongation of youth and beauty. It is important to test for the possibility of reactions before application.

The best oils for dry and sensitive skin

Dry skin needs most of all moisturizing, softening, exfoliating, and most importantly, restoring hydrobalance.The sensitive type is distinguished by its vulnerability, subtlety, so it is important to choose a gentle action with minimal risks of allergy. The best assessments of cosmetologists, dermatologists were received by 3 moisturizing oils for the skin.

Coconut oil

The hit of the last few years is coconut oil for dry and sensitive skin. It differs from other means of such a plan in the form of release. It is a butter, a thick, solid consistency that resembles bar soap or cooking oil.

The value is hidden in the composition. At least 50% lauric acid is a healthy fatty acid found in breast milk. It treats all types of skin conditions, even eczema. There is also a set of other acids, a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Regular use helps to moisturize, soften, eliminate flaking. The chemical formula quickly heals, soothes, restores the lipid barrier, and retains moisture. The result is the prolongation of youth.

There are risks of comedogenicity, therefore the product is mixed with any lighter base.The more transparent the melted consistency, the higher its value. Antimicrobial, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory properties are noted.


  • High concentration of lauric acid;
  • Hydrobalance control;
  • Moisturizing, softening;
  • Treatment of skin ailments;
  • Prolongation of youth, fight against wrinkles;
  • Consistency, aroma.


  • Comedogenicity;
  • Demanding storage conditions.

There are two ways to spin – hot, cold. Cosmetologists recommend the second option. Butter melts quickly on contact with skin, temperatures from 27 ° C. It should be kept in a tightly closed glass container in a cool, dark place.

Shea Butter

The second oil for dry and sensitive skin is shea (shea) extract in solid butter form. Differs in hypoallergenicity, specific aroma of wild walnut, broad spectrum of action, pronounced effects.

Source – shea tree fruits. The unrefined product is not subjected to heat treatment, retaining useful components. The lion’s share (about 80%) is triglycerides from fatty acids, less than 20% of unsaponifiable fats, mainly carysterols. And only 1% of vitamin E.

Application can be either pure or diluted. Fats stimulate collagen production, which prevents aging and wrinkles. In winter, shea nourishes, protects from chapping. A disinfecting, healing effect is also noted.

The refined version is less useful, but it retains the properties of moisturizing, softening and nourishing. In this case, you can additionally mix it with vitamin E to compensate for the loss.


  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Instant effect;
  • Slowing down of age-related changes;
  • Fight against dryness, flaking;
  • Protection against external influences;
  • Fragrance.


  • Price;
  • Slow absorption.

Only high-quality goods from a reliable manufacturer guarantee the benefits, the expected results. Cases of low quality handicrafts have become more frequent on the market. Remember, real shea butter cannot be cheap.

Argan oil

Argan product with a beautiful golden yellow hue is used in cosmetology to treat light skin color. It is the leader in vitamin E content – 3 times more than the previous nominees.

High concentration of tocopherol reduces hyperpigmentation, prevents aging, improves the condition of dry epidermis, removes blockages from pores.Carotenoids promote wound healing. The chemical formula contains anti-inflammatory steroid alcohol and other valuable components.

Source – seeds of argan fruit obtained by the method of cold pressing. Proper use protects from ultraviolet radiation, moisturizes, heals and accelerates regeneration processes, prevents rapid cell fading.

It should be noted that argan is hypoallergenic, it does not require any special storage conditions. It is only important that the bubble is made of darkened glass that does not allow the sun’s rays.The texture is delicate, uniform with a slight nutty smell.


  • High concentration of vitamin E;
  • Instant effect;
  • UV protection;
  • Humidification, nutrition;
  • Anti-inflammatory action;
  • Rejuvenation.


  • Price;
  • Risks of purchasing low-quality handicrafts.

Argan can be used to make homemade masks or add it to existing cosmetics.The main thing is not to overdo it, as an excessive amount provokes comedogenicity.

The best oils for oily and problem skin

The myth that the oily type of epidermis does not need to be treated with oils has long been dispelled. In fact, a lack of fatty acids, vitamins and other trace minerals disrupts the pH level, leading to inflammation. Useful oils for the skin control the work of the sebaceous glands, disinfect, restore balance.

Grape seed oil

A very healthy product with a light consistency, which differs from the previous top offers with a high content of linoleic acid.It is evenly distributed, does not clog the pores of even very oily dermis.

Chemical formula includes phenolic compounds, lipophilic components, phytosterols, unsaturated fatty acids. This is not only moderate hydration, but also a panacea for the thinnest skin near the eyes.

Regular care works in 3 areas. This is toning, increasing elasticity, eliminating dark circles under the eyes. The second effect is anti-inflammatory, it is the regulation of the sebaceous glands, wound healing, and reduction of rashes.The third is antioxidant, increasing immunity, the growth of new cells.

Methods of application Mass – in pure form for massage, addition to creams, lotions, mixing with ethers and other healing ingredients. As for storage, everything is standard – dark containers, protection from sunlight and high temperatures.


  • Light texture without clogging of pores;
  • High content of linoleic acid;
  • Whitening;
  • Elimination of oily sheen, blackheads;
  • Vitaminization of the epidermis;
  • Hypoallergenic.


  • Short shelf life;
  • Not sold everywhere.

A universal remedy for every age group, any type of dermis. Reviews confirm the unique anti-aging properties, safety, the absence of cases of allergic reactions.

Tea tree oil

One of the most purchased products is tea tree ether. This is a natural raw material with a complex effect on the body. It is beneficial for its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties.

The basis of the chemical composition is terpene hydrocarbons, which are detrimental to pathogens. Due to the peculiar set of components, ether cannot be used internally, only externally.

Since it is a strong antiseptic, it is used to treat skin problems. If we consider the cosmetology area, then we are talking about the fight against acne, inflammatory processes, enlarged pores, increased fat content of the epidermis.

Application can be spot on problem areas, it is not necessary to smear on the whole face, as this can provoke irritation.Or, a few drops can be added to skin care cosmetics.


  • Antimicrobial, antifungal activity;
  • Relief of the inflammatory process;
  • Treatment of skin diseases;
  • Aromatherapy properties;
  • Wide application profile;
  • Economical consumption.


  • Requires dilution with water;
  • Risks of overdrying.

Contraindication indicated pregnancy, individual intolerance. Continuous, unregulated use can lead to overdrying and aging of the dermis.

How to choose a skin oil

Which oils are suitable for the skin and which ones should be avoided, you can ask your beautician or take one of the top rated products. How to choose depends on your skin type, personal goals. We recommend paying attention to the composition, what property each component has.An important indicator is the base or essential oil.

Skin type

Please note that all of the listed cosmetic products may be suitable for one type of dermis, but contraindicated for another. For example, oils for sensitive skin should be as gentle as possible, of low concentration.

Dry recommended those that guarantee an intense, deep moisturizing, nourishing effect. With increased fat content, the presence of problem areas, products are needed that normalize the work of the sebaceous glands without clogging the pores.All appointments are indicated by the bona fide manufacturer on the label.


Before buying any cosmetic product, familiarize yourself with its composition, concentration of active substances, and their therapeutic properties. Some will need fatty acids, vitamins, others will benefit from antiseptic, healing components.

Base or essential oil

Cosmetic oils have many functions, but in order not to make the wrong choice, it is important not to confuse their types. It can be a base, cold / hot-pressed raw materials, as well as ether, a volatile substance with a bright odor.To increase the effectiveness of the procedures, they can be combined.

Which oil for the skin is better

Dryness, sensitivity, tendency to oily, rashes, all these defects can be solved by cosmetic oil for the skin of the face, body. Knowing the selection criteria, the best offers on the market, it will be easier for you to make a choice. Vyborexperta.ru especially noted the following top positions:

  • Sea buckthorn oil – the best healing properties, valuable composition along with availability;
  • Wheat germ oil – an effective remedy for the care of normal / combined type of dermis, normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • Coconut oil – popular choice, deep hydration, good organoleptic properties, control of hydrobalance;
  • Grape seed oil – light texture, does not clog pores, vitaminization, treatment of acne, rashes.