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Blue star ointment for scabies: Can blue star ointment help with scabies? – Dane101


Can blue star ointment help with scabies? – Dane101

Are you feeling itchy? Scratching all day and night while wearing a hazmat suit because of the COVID-19 pandemic is not ideal. But what if your itching is caused by scabies, a contagious skin condition caused by tiny mites that burrow under your skin (Yikes!)? If that’s the case, you might want to consider trying Blue Star ointment.

What Is Scabies?

Before we dive into whether or not Blue Star ointment can help, let’s talk about what scabies actually is.

Scabies is an infestation of microscopic mites called Sarcoptes scabiei in human skin. The female mite digs into the upper layer of our skin to lay eggs and create burrows. These resulting bumps are accompanied by intense itchiness (the kind that makes you second guess having limbs at all) which tends to be worse at night.

It takes about four weeks for symptoms to develop after being exposed to these pesky pests. (and who has?), )you could still have contracted it from someone who carried the parasite weeks prior.

Fortunately, scabies is treatable!

How Is Scabies Treated?

There are different ways of treating scabies depending on how severe your infection is:

Over-the-Counter Topical Creams

If you suspect that you got infected recently, an over-the-counter topical cream containing permethrin may do the trick. This type of cream paralyzes and kills adult parasites and their larvae in 24 hours.

However, }permethrins may cause unwanted side effects such as rashes or blisters around areas where creams were applied. Also,{there}can be resistance amongst {scary – imagine them BOWING those six legs menacingly?} the mites to this treatment, making it less effective.

Prescription Medications

If topical creams don’t work or your scabies is more severe and widespread( AKA prepare for an end of the world level bed bug apocalypse with no human survivors), doctors may prescribe oral medications called ivermectin to kill parasites in multiple systems.

Home Remedies

Some people swear by home remedies like tea tree oil, clove oil and neem oil as natural treatments. It’s best that you ask your doctor first if they’re safe and there won’t be any side effects after using them.

What Is Blue Star Ointment?

Now onto the star (pun intended) of this article: Blue Star ointment! So what actually is it?

BlueStar is a topical antiseptic designed to relieve skin irritation from ringworms fungus (also known as jock itch!)scrapes, sunburns (learned THIS one on vacation)and yes – SCABIES! Unlike permethrin-based options, it does not paralyze or kill scabies. Instead,this formula} provides relief through its active ingredients camphor, menthol, petroleum/jelly mineral oils,pine tar, salicylic acid{Yup-ALL THE STUFF!_}. When applied correctly,(meaning WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER)it can provide immediate relief caused by inflammation!

With its claims of instant relief from itching caused by dry flaky skin {like scales on a fish}, blisters,(did someone say dragon lady?) rashes,{angry looking red raw marks on my body-first I thought spider bites-great panic ensued here…}xerosis(loss of hydration in BRICK-like patches)psoriasis(irritating white flakes)eczema(ditto) poison ivy/other mild dermatitis(?-)”Blue Star makes the itching stop” has become the buzzword

However, there is no scientific proof that Blue Star ointment can kill scabies. (Womp womp) It can only provide temporary relief from symptoms like itchiness and dryness.

How to Use Blue Star Ointment for Scabies?

If you do decide to use it as part of your scabies treatment plan (in consultation with your doctor), here’s how:

1. Cleanse Your Skin

Before applying anything else(such as prescription medications or other home remedies)on affected areas, cleanse them thoroughlyby using gentle soap and lukewarm water! Do not skip this step-hear me out.Unless you welcome bacteria-infested scratching frenzy(yes, I said “frenzy”because have you ever tried clawing at multipleitches at once?)or other infections!

2. Dab on Some BlueStar Ointment

Take a small amount of ointment and put it onto your fingertip.{Attention:}It{does NOT mean slathering an overload in hopes of quicker results from somewhere!}is best {to add-spline?}that {you DO NOT rub nor massage deeply into skin}- just dab enough — until fully absorbed by cleaning product residue. (kinda like playing that whack-a-mole game-if one seems fine now-probably still some hanging around-thank goodness won’t trade our pets!)Once applied gently,{then WASH YOUR HANDS !(mandatory)}avoidive rubbing up against clothing or linen materials at all costs(!)- save yourself quite literally AND conveniently!(read:wash full loads separate)

Repeat every 4 hours to keep providing symptom relief so long as after doing steps 1&2 above properly with regardfulness.

Using Blue Star ointment for scabies can provide relief to symptoms like itchiness and dryness, but it will not cure the condition itself. For that, you’ll need multiple treatments of prescription medications or more natural at-home remedies-just make sure you consult with a medical professional before trying anything!

With all there is know about the pesky disease-scabies; do not leave yourself treating just one symptom instead of getting round-the-clock treatment in order to COMPLETELY get rid the root causes.

We hope this article has helped answer your questions relating to Blue Star Ointment-and we’re pleased to share our informative content anytime soon -STAY SAFE AND STAY WELL!

Dane Raynor

Hey there, I’m Dane Raynor, and I’m all about sharing fascinating knowledge, news, and hot topics. I’m passionate about learning and have a knack for simplifying complex ideas. Let’s explore together!

Blue Star Ointment | Ringworm Treatment

Five Odd, Ineffective or Downright Gross Itchy Skin Remedies from History

Do you fantasize about time-traveling back to an age of castles, romance, and knights in shining armor? Would you like to meet Cleopatra in person, or walk alongside Moses? Well, if you think you get itchy now, think of our ancestors. Many people of yore were infested with fleas, crawling with body lice, or plagued with itchy sores from, well, the actual Plague, if they were lucky enough to live through it. Even royalty wasn’t safe. 400 years ago in Merrie Olde England, young Queen Elizabeth survived a serious case of smallpox, but she permanently scarred her skin by scratching her scabs, and her hair never grew back. She ruled England with an iron fist, a face covered in white clown makeup, while wearing an orange wig.

History is full of lessons!

In the past, itches were many, and ointments were few. People had to try something, and we found these strange historical itch remedies in the history books (aka The Internet). In several cases, the treatment seems worse than the itching. Much worse. Let’s see how far we’ve come.

Remedy: Rub your skin with onions.

Pros: We can trace this smelly solution all the way back to Ancient Greece. It isn’t too harmful, and onions do have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cons: Go ahead. Try to keep a freshly cut onion on that little patch of dermatitis on your elbow. Try it at work. Scotch tape has its limits. We don’t advise topical onion use on a date, either, or if you’re playing hide and seek. Onion smell is a dead giveaway.

Blue Star Ointment erases itching without all the inconvenience and stinkiness of onion therapy!

Remedy: Apply spider webs to your itchy parts.

Pros: Pliny the Elder, a first century AD Roman doctor, was onto something here. Vitamin K, which can be found in spider webs, helps with wound healing and blood clotting.

Cons: Guess what else can be found in spider webs.

Blue Star Ointment soothes your itchy skin without angering spiders!

Remedy: Soak a penny in vinegar, and tape or bandage it to the affected area.

Pros: This was customary folk medicine advice in 1800s America. It was believed that a chemical reaction between the copper of the penny and the acid in the vinegar would reduce itching, and even cure fungus. After all, vinegar does clean old pennies.

Cons: Vinegar may have some skin benefits, but it also has that eye-watering smell, and immediate itch relief is not guaranteed. Meanwhile, copper turns many peoples’ skin green.

Blue Star Ointment zaps your itch fast without vinegary odor or an alarming reptile complexion!

Remedy: How about some kerosene?

Pros: In ancient Babylon, this crude oil-based distillate could be used as a fuel, a solvent, or for that not-so-nice embarrassing itch that guys experience in their “swimsuit area. ” Pretty versatile stuff!

Cons: According to the World Health Organization, kerosene exposure can also result in “irritability, restlessness, ataxia, drowsiness, convulsions, coma and death.” Not to mention that kerosene is highly flammable.

With Blue Star Ointment, you can relieve even stubborn “below-the-belt” itching without fear of convulsions, death, or bursting into flames!

Remedy: You could always try soaking the itchy spot with a damp rag, then placing the rag in a coffin with a dead body!

Pros: 12th century royal court physicians recommended this option, according to a helpful English medical book from the time. Other than that, we can think of exactly no advantages.

Cons: Logistically, scientifically, and ethically, this practice is absolutely 100% a terrible idea. Seriously, please don’t even try this. It won’t work, and it’s gross and inappropriate. We don’t care who dares you, or whether you are transported to medieval England somehow. Nope.

Blue Star Ointment treats your itch without superstition or a profound and offensive disregard for departed loved ones.

To recap: Blue Star Ointment stops itching fast without time machines, coffins, fire, spiders, terrible smells, embarrassing greenness, or comas.

They say that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. We hope this look at itchy history will keep you from repeating the mistakes of yesteryear. Welcome back to now, and use Blue Star Ointment to treat the discomfort of prickly heat, mosquito bites, rashes, and athletic itch. Your skin (and hardworking spiders) will thank you!

#BlueStarOintment #FunFacts.

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Top 7 Scabies Ointments: Proven Remedies


  • 1 Top 7 Scabies Ointments to Help Relieve Itching and Irritation
    • 1.1 Garlic Scabies Ointment
    • 1. 2 Silver ointment for scabies: what is this remedy and how does it work?
      • 1.2.1 Product description
      • 1.2.2 Application of
      • ointment 1.2.3 Conclusion
    • 1.3 Calendula ointment for scabies: a proven and effective remedy
    • 1.4 Getting rid of scabies with iodine ointment
    • 1.5 Mole ointment: an effective remedy for scabies
      • 1.5.1 What is scabies and how does it manifest itself
      • 1.5.2 How mole ointment works
      • 1.5.3 How to use mole salve
      • 1.5.4 Contraindications and side effects
    • 1.6 Salicylic ointment is one of the best remedies for scabies
    • ointments?
    • 1.7.2 Action of hormonal ointments
    • 1.7.3 Examples of hormonal ointments
  • 005 What are the symptoms of scabies?
  • What are the best ointments for scabies?
  • How long to use ointments for scabies?
  • How often should ointments be applied against scabies?
  • 1. 9.0.5 Can scabies ointments cause side effects?
  • Can scabies ointments be used during pregnancy?
  • Is it necessary to take additional hygiene measures during the treatment of scabies with ointments?
  • How to prevent re-infection with scabies?

Learn about 7 effective scabies ointments that will help quickly eliminate itching and irritation on the skin. Reviews and recommendations of experts.

Scabies, or overthrow, is a disease that causes intolerable itching. It can appear on any part of the body and lead to severe discomfort and pain. If you have experienced scabies, then you know how important it is to find an effective remedy that will help you quickly get rid of the symptoms.

Today we bring you seven of the best ointments to help get rid of scabies. They have been tested by time and by many generations of people who have successfully used them in the fight against overthrow.

In this article, we will explain the composition of each ointment, give feedback from our experts and ordinary users, and help you choose the most suitable product for your situation. Don’t suffer from scabies any longer, apply one of these ointments and enjoy freshness and comfort again.

Garlic ointment for scabies

Garlic is not only a great spice in cooking, but also a natural antibiotic and antiparasitic agent. Garlic ointment is an effective remedy for scabies that does not contain chemical components and can even be used to treat children.

Garlic ointment has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that help relieve itching, inflammation and other symptoms of scabies.

    • Benefits of using garlic ointment:
      1. Natural composition without chemical additives;
      2. High efficacy in the treatment of scabies and other skin diseases;
      3. Availability and ease of cooking at home;
      4. Universal use – the ointment is suitable for both adults and children.

Garlic ointment can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of scabies in combination with other drugs. However, before using the ointment, you need to consult a doctor.

Silver ointment for scabies: what is it and how does it work?

Product Description

Silver Ointment is a silver-based preparation with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. This drug is widely used to treat various dermatological conditions, including scabies.

The main active ingredient of the ointment is colloidal silver, which has a bactericidal effect. Silver kills bacteria that are harmful to humans, and also helps cleanse the skin of toxins and other impurities that cause rashes and itching.

Application of ointment

The use of silver ointment for the treatment of scabies should be carried out in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the doctor. Usually the ointment is applied to the affected areas of the skin 1-2 times a day.

Although the ointment is effective, attention should be paid to possible side effects and contraindications. It is best to consult with your doctor first.


Silver Ointment is one of the most effective treatments for scabies. Its use can help alleviate the symptoms of the disease, such as itching and skin irritation. However, before using the ointment, you need to pay attention to side effects and contraindications.

Calendula ointment for scabies: a proven and effective remedy

Scabies is a common skin disease caused by parasitic mites that can live on human skin. The symptoms of scabies are associated with intense itching, which can become unbearable at night and lead to sleep disturbance and skin damage.

Calendula ointment can be used alone for scabies and in combination with other medicines. This helps speed up the healing process of the skin and reduce the symptoms of scabies.

      • When applying calendula ointment, treat all affected skin areas.
      • When applying the ointment, massage gently into the skin so that the preparation is better absorbed.
      • Calendula ointment should be used at least 2-3 times a day until the symptoms of scabies are completely gone.

Calendula Scabies Ointment is a proven and effective remedy that not only relieves itching and reduces inflammation, but also promotes skin healing. It is important to remember that before using the ointment, you should consult a doctor and do not use the drug if you are allergic to any components of the ointment.

Getting rid of scabies with iodine ointment

Scabies is an extremely unpleasant disease that is accompanied by severe itching and the need for multiple treatments. However, with the right approach, you can reduce the treatment time and get rid of the symptoms much faster. Iodine ointment is one of the most effective means in the fight against scabies.

Apply iodine ointment should be applied to the affected areas of the skin with a thin layer, after cleansing the skin of dirt and dry skin. To do this, you can use special spools or cotton swabs. The ointment should be applied 2-3 times a day, until the disease is completely cured.

      • However, before using iodine ointment, be sure to consult a specialist, as the product may be contraindicated for use in certain cases, such as pregnancy or allergic reactions to iodine.

It is important to remember that scabies is an infectious disease, so it is necessary to observe personal hygiene, take a shower or bath every day, do not share utensils and tools, and keep bed linen and clothes clean.

So, iodine ointment is one of the most effective and proven means in the fight against scabies. However, before using the remedy, you should definitely consult a specialist and follow the rules of personal hygiene in order to quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms and recover completely.

Mole ointment: an effective remedy for scabies

What is scabies and how does it manifest itself

Scabies is a disease caused by the mites. It manifests itself in the form of severe itching, especially at night, redness of the skin, the appearance of rashes, blisters and crusts. There may also be sleep disturbance and the appearance of cracks and ulcers.

How mole salve works

Mole salve is a product that contains sulfur, salicylic acid and soap. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial and keratolytic effects. The ointment not only eliminates itching, but also kills these mites that cause scabies.

How to use mole salve

Thoroughly cleanse the skin before using mole salve. The ointment is applied to the affected areas of the skin and around them. A day later, it is necessary to re-apply. Treatment continues for 5-7 days. To prevent re-infection, clean all things and bed linen.

Contraindications and side effects

Mole ointment is not recommended for use in case of individual intolerance to skin products. Some patients may experience side effects such as redness, irritation, and itching. In such cases, stop using the ointment and consult a doctor.

      • Mole ointment is an effective remedy for scabies caused by ticks;
      • ointment contains sulfur, salicylic acid and soap, which eliminate itching and kill mites;
      • before use, clean the skin, apply the ointment to the affected areas and around them, repeat the procedure every other day;
      • some patients may experience side effects, in such cases, stop using the ointment and consult a doctor.

Salicylic ointment – one of the best remedies for scabies

Among the many ointments used to treat scabies, salicylic ointment is one of the most effective and popular remedies. It has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, thanks to which it eliminates the symptoms of scabies and prevents the development of infections.

Salicylic ointment contains salicylic acid, which softens and exfoliates dead skin, allowing the active ingredient to penetrate deep into the skin. This ensures maximum effectiveness of the medicine and speeds up the healing process.

Application of salicylic ointment is simple and convenient: apply to clean and dry skin, avoiding contact with mucous membranes, for 3-5 days. It is worth remembering that the product can cause skin irritation, therefore, before use, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction.

      • Important to remember:
      • Salicylic ointment should only be used on the recommendation of a physician to avoid possible complications.
      • Hygiene and cleanliness must be observed during the treatment period to avoid skin contamination.
      • If you experience side effects or an unusual reaction to the ointment, you should immediately consult your doctor.

Hormonal ointments for scabies

What are hormonal ointments?

Hormonal ointments are medications containing hormones that affect the metabolic processes in the skin and stop the development of inflammatory processes. Such ointments are prescribed for the treatment of various skin diseases, including scabies.

Action of hormonal ointments

Preparations of this group are designed to relieve the symptoms of the disease: itching, redness, swelling and discomfort. They quickly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and alleviate the patient’s condition.

However, these products may have side effects, so they should not be used for a long time and in large quantities. Before using hormonal ointments, you should consult your doctor.

Examples of hormonal ointments

      • Locoid is an anti-inflammatory drug containing hydrocortisone. Effective in the treatment of various skin diseases, including scabies.
      • Adrecin – contains an anti-inflammatory hormone that quickly relieves itching and redness on the skin, and also reduces swelling.
      • Protopic – treats allergic dermatitis and various skin diseases, including scabies. It also contains hormones that improve metabolic processes in the skin.

It is important to remember: the use of hormonal ointments should be short and only on the advice of a doctor. Prolonged and improper use can lead to the development of side effects and deterioration of health.

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What are the symptoms of scabies?

Scabies causes severe itching and skin rash. Often the rash forms blisters and eruptions that can spread throughout the body. Also, patients often experience insomnia, irritability and nervousness.

Which ointment works best for scabies?

There are several effective ointments for scabies, among which are Sprinton, Ivermectin, Linda, Permethrin, Sergin, Eurocrem, Benzyl benzoate.

How long to use ointments for scabies?

The duration of the course of treatment with scabies ointments can be different and depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the degree of infection. Usually the course of treatment lasts from 7 to 14 days.

How often should scabies ointment be applied?

Depending on the preparation chosen, the scabies ointment is applied to the skin one to two times a day. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and do not exceed the recommended dose and frequency of application of the ointment.

Can scabies ointments cause side effects?

Yes, scabies ointments can cause side effects such as itching, burning and redness of the skin, allergic reactions, etc. Before starting treatment, you should consult your doctor and carefully read the instructions.

Can scabies ointments be used during pregnancy?

The use of ointments for scabies during pregnancy is possible only after consulting a doctor. Some drugs can be dangerous to the fetus and may cause unwanted effects.

Is it necessary to take additional hygiene measures during the treatment of scabies with ointments?

Yes, during the treatment of scabies with ointments, additional hygiene measures must be observed, such as daily showering, washing linen and bed linen at an elevated temperature (at least 60 degrees), disinfection of personal hygiene items.

How to prevent re-infection with scabies?

To prevent re-infection with scabies, it is necessary to follow the rules of personal hygiene, avoid contact with sick people, do not use other people’s towels and accessories, and carry out regular disinfection activities.

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Creation date: 11/22/2022
Update date: 07/12/2023

A contagious parasitic infection of the skin folds, viklican life of the bark mite Sarcoptes scabiei, bear the name scab. The crusty sverbizh is brought to human parasites, which live in the middle of the body, and sack in the upper ball of the shkir. The female mite is engorged, smacking on the epidermis, penetrating the middle of the horny ball, threatening its own corostites, and laying eggs in them. The villated larvae continue parasitizing under the skin and having reached the singing stage of maturation, they are named. Having left the tick-borne head, the stench continues to live on the surface of the furrows and transforms into grown-up individuals.

The scab is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy person through direct trivalent contact between skin and skin, or it spreads through hot air, special hygiene, bedding, towels, clothes. Infection with a scab is more typical among people, as if they were staying with a great team: in children’s gardens, schools, hospitals, barracks, too.

After the first infection, the symptoms of the disease appear after a month. The nose manifests an allergic reaction in what appears to be erythematous-papular visipus and intense stinging with distant pustular wounds through rozchisuvannya. The places of localization of the mites on the back are interdigital folds, the outer surfaces of the licks and the wrist, the inguinal pits, the pads under the breasts and the seats. The world has a large number of individuals, papules can cover the whole body. One more sign of illness is visible on the skin of the thin winding lines of the crusty passages, for which there are signs of inflamed that peeling. To combat the obligate parasite of vicory, special preparations are made for bark, yak nischuyut bark sverbizh, yogo larvae and eggs.

Classification of preparations in the form of bark and the principle of good practice

The treatment of bark is directed to the fight against the disease for the help of acaricidal preparations for the winter zastosuvannya. Dodatkovo, for znyattya sverbіnnya, it is prescribed to take antihistamine preparations. Fallow in the form of fluffy speech, all anticorrosives are divided into:

  • preparations based on sirka;
  • free balsam warehouses;
  • antiparasitic insecticidal chemical medicines.

According to the pharmacological form of the release, there are different formulations for external application – ointments, sprays, creams, lotions, and for the internal – powders and tablets.

The following medicines are most effective for depression: 10% – for children. For therapy, two pieces are needed. Ointment in the form of bark or emulsion to apply with hands on the body after the soul. The necessary effect will be achieved, so as not to wash the drug for 10-12 years. Another processing is carried out after 4 days in order to avoid new mites that have hatched from eggs, shards of sprouts are found on mature individuals.

  • Permethrin – the drug can be bought in the form of ointment, cream, spray and lotion. Most often, a 5% cream is applied, which is applied in two stages. Zasіb maє protipozannya, yogo vikoristannya fenced for women and women who are breastfeeding, newborn children.
  • Spregal is an aerosol that can be used to sweep away neuroparalytic waste and components that support yoga. The drug is easy to apply, well-moistened and overcomes all forms of bark curd, including eggs. The processing is carried out in two stages with an interval of 3 days. Spregal is the only drug that can be administered to pregnant women and women who are not.
  • Sirchana ointment – zasіb vіd korost, scho vengeance at the warehouse sіrku, yak maє antiparasitic and keratolytic action. Trivality of stosuvannya ointment – tizhdeni iz schennym put on the wounds of the skin of the crooked. Vaughn has an oily consistency, an unacceptable smell, it is filthy to get in and out of sight on the smell.
  • Peculiarities of congestion with parasites. It is not possible to engage in jubilation on your own due to the great risk of the development of allergic reactions and other side effects. It is especially important to choose the right type of skin for children – it can be hypoallergenic and absolutely non-toxic.

    In the treatment of measles, advancing principles are added:

  • the hands are most likely to recognize the injury, so they should be rubbed with bare hands;
  • the nails of the ailing must be cut, so that eggs were not taken from them through slicing;
  • daily clothes, whiteness, bedding should be disinfected.
  • Preparations for ectoparasites can be purchased at MIS Pharmacy 9-1-1 for an affordable price with delivery to any region of Ukraine. Before taking an anti-growth treatment, consult a doctor.


    1. nhs.uk;
    2. Sovereign register of medical supplies of Ukraine;
    3. physio-pedia.com.

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    How do you scab a human?

    Scabies therapy is applied with acaricidal ointments, sprays, creams or lotions, which can be applied to the body after taking a hot bath to achieve good hygiene.

    What do you use for bark mite eggs?

    The eggs of the bark mite die at a temperature of 60 ° C for one year, below zero, or when boiled – a day.

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