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Celebrities sleep: Best Sleep Tips from Celebrities


Celebrities Accidentally Sleeping in Public Will Never Not Be Funny

In these uncertain times, everyone’s looking for a little bit of an escape. And today, that escape comes in the form of incredible pics and videos of celebrities sleeping in public.

Listen, we’ve all been there. It’s 4 P.M., you’re exhausted, but you have a long list of errands to run. Maybe you doze off a little in the grocery store line. Or while sitting in a movie theater. Or talking to your friend on the phone. I’m certainly guilty of taking power naps at weird moments.

And these celebrities are, too. Of course, let me just remind everyone to not drive or operate heavy machinery if they’re feeling drowsy. That’s dangerous and nothing to joke about. But a snapshot of Chrissy Teigen seemingly catching some ZZZ’s at the Oscars? That, my friends, is pure gold. See, below, the most hilarious footage we have of celebrities sleeping at inopportune times—and places.

The rapper is famous for falling asleep in public. His wife, Kim Kardashian, has talked about it many times. The ultimate example of it happened in February 2016, when West caught some shut-eye at a furniture store alongside his daughter, North West.

The internet lost it in 2017 when it looked like Teigen fell asleep on her husband John Legend’s shoulder at the Oscars.

To be fair, Legend did the same thing just a few months before, sleeping during a party in June 2016.

Jenner joined West for one of his public naps during a Kardashian house party back in 2015.

While she was obviously just joking, this shot of the Saturday Night Live legend “sleeping” while on The Tonight Show is too perfect for words and basically sums up my feelings about 2020.

NBC/Getty Images

Delevingne in full REM mode as she gets her glam done is a full mood.

Hugh Laurie

And Hugh Laurie (again, playfully) sleeping during his Hollywood Walk of Fame induction? A bigger mood.

Michael Tran/Getty Images

Ramona Singer

The Real Housewives of New York City star straight-up admitted to falling asleep during one of the reunion tapings.

Martin Scorsese

Never forget when the famed director appeared to doze off during Eminem’s performance at the 2020 Oscars.

Like Laurie and Shannon, Fey sleeping on The Tonight Show was just a gag but nonetheless incredible.

NBC/Getty Images

Sleep is a $70 billion industry—we throw our money at a dreamier night’s rest, promise ourselves we’ll prioritize it, and then gripe when we’re still, inevitably, so tired. Despite our collective obsession with sleep, we seem totally unable to get more of it. In fact, we’re clocking fewer hours than ever. So, this month, we’re taking a look at what’s getting in the way—and what to do about it.

Rob Lowe And 9 Other Celebrities On Sleep, Insomnia

It seems like everyone lacks sleep these days and celebrities, it turns out, are no exception. Here they dish on what’s keeping them up — and what helps them sleep better.

Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Rob Lowe made headlines recently when he admitted in an interview that he sleeps better alone than with his wife (who apparently enjoys playing Family Feud on her phone before bedtime). Of course, he’s not the only star with interesting sleep habits.

Whether they’re new parents, insomniacs, or just plain tired of being sleep deprived, celebrities value their rest as much as the rest of us. Here’s what 10 different celebs have said about the importance of catching enough Z’s and what sleep is like for them.

Rob Lowe on sleeping alone

“I sleep better on the road because I’m not with my wife. And it’s just that people, it’s the truth. I love her enough to speak the truth. And what it is, is she is obsessed with playing Family Feud till 5 and 6 in the morning, on the iPad, and wakes me up like, ‘Honey, honey! Quick, name five foods that are gross.’ I’m like, I just want to go to bed.” — The Ellen Show, May 2018

Tyra Banks on co-sleeping with her two-year-old son

“I started thinking about the wild. Does a black bird say, ‘Go over there, three trees over and go to sleep.’ Or does the big mama pig say, ‘Go there to that mess and go to sleep?’ No. They sleep with their mama. So we sleep together.” — Us Weekly, May 2018

Christiane Amanpour on giving her brain a detox

“Living in such a worrisome world and constantly having to be alert to everything that’s going on in the world does eat into your quality of sleep and time of sleep. But I detox in the bedroom, so to speak. I don’t have a TV, I don’t bring my laptop, I don’t look at the screen just before I go to bed. I read something before bed in a book or magazine.” — The Cut, April 2018

Rihanna on sleeping only three to four hours a night

“I have a lot of trouble switching off. Even when I get home early, which means before 1 a.m., I start binge-watching shows or documentaries, which I love. I can’t go straight to bed. As a matter of fact, I only sleep three or four hours a night.” — Vogue Paris, Dec. 2017

My mother is the most loving, kindest, most intelligent, most creative, funniest, strongest, most fun woman I know. I’m so grateful to her everyday for loving me, protecting me, helping me in every way she can, and giving me the best example of how to be a good person up close (and for letting me alter this gorgeous dress she wore to the #Oscars and wear it to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner). To all the mothers out there, enjoy your day off — oh wait, you don’t get a day off! #mothersday

A post shared by Natalie Portman (@natalieportman) on

Natalie Portman on being a light sleeper

“I’m usually in bed by midnight, no matter what. I fall asleep easily, but I don’t stay asleep very long. I think when you have young kids, it’s part of your job to wake up every time you hear something, so I feel like it’s just going to be a few years that it’s like that.” — Harper’s BAZAAR, Aug. 2017

Jennifer Aniston on battling insomnia

“My one key tip… is to sleep with my phone at least five feet away from me. That’s helped me tremendously. And I also do a quick meditation before I get into bed, even if it’s just for five minutes. There are also some yoga poses that I’ve found to be quite helpful in relaxing my mind, even if it’s just a simple downward dog and some stretching. But the biggest thing is the electronics shutdown, ideally an hour before I turn off the lights.” — The Huffington Post, April 2016

Margot Robbie on cuddly stuffed animals

“I still sleep with my bunny. Much to my husband’s dismay. He waits until I go to sleep and then he throws it out of the bed. And I get angry, and I’m like ‘Why is bunny on the floor? Don’t throw bunny on the floor.’” — W Magazine, Dec. 2017

Kim Kardashian on matching her spouse’s sleep habits

“I sleep with the heat on… 80 degrees and socks and a robe, every single night… The first night I slept at Kanye’s house… I won’t say the date because I’ll get in trouble, but years and years ago, he slept with the heat on and socks, and I was like, ‘Omg, I met my soul mate.’” — PAPER Mag, Feb. 2018

Oprah on her pre-bedtime ritual

“In the evening, I have a bath before bed; it’s a ritual. I’m a bathing professional — I have different bubble baths, salts, beads, and oils.” — Harper’s BAZAAR, Feb. 2018

How Many Hours Do Successful Celebrities Sleep?🤔

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Best way to track how many hours you sleep

Apple Watch Series 6 – When Apple dropped the Series 6 version of their popular smartwatch, they mentioned that sleep tracking would be a major feature. They weren’t kidding. Apple Watch includes a robust suite of sleep-enhancing features including goal-setting, hour tracking, wind down function (to help with your pre-bedtime routine), and a soothing alarm to wake you.

Buy: Apple Watch Series 6, $384.99+ from Amazon

Which celebrity sleep habits most resemble your own? Are you a Benjamin Franklin (7 hours) or a Joe Rogan (8 hours)? Do you sleep the same amount as prolific inventor Thomas Edison (5 hours)? Or does your shuteye more closely resemble Albert Einstein (10 hours)?

Figuring out how much sleep you need can be tricky. We live in a world where everyone brags about how little sleep they get. Our cultural programming tells us that if you want to be a high-achieving, high-earning, ambitious individual then the best thing you can do is sleep as little as possible so you can “get more done”.

On the flipside other sources are telling us that lack of sleep is one of the biggest indicators of poor performance in the workplace, depression, mood disorders, and other negative outcomes.

Since we’re getting mixed messages many people look to high-achieving celebrities, hoping that emulating their sleep habits will lead to similar success in our own lives. So without further ado, here are the self-proclaimed sleeping habits of some of the most successful celebs in the world.

How many hours of sleep famous people get each night

  • Bill Gates – 7 hours
  • Richard Branson – 5-6 hours
  • Tim Cook – 7 hours
  • Arianna Huffington – 7 hours
  • Jack Dorsey – 7 hours
  • Barack Obama – 6 hours
  • Benjamin Franklin – 7 hours
  • Winston Churchill – 5 hours
  • Marissa Mayer – 4-6 hours
  • Tim Armstrong – 6 hours
  • Thomas Edison – 5 hours
  • Jeff Bezos – 7 hours
  • Elon Musk – 6 hours
  • Neil Patel – 8 hours
  • Ellen Degeneres – 8 hours
  • Joe Rogan – 8 hours
  • Donald Trump – < 4 hours
  • Martha Stewart – 4 hours
  • Jay Leno – 5 hours
  • Madonna – 4 hours
  • Albert Einstein – 10 hours
  • Ludwig Von Beethoven – 8 hours

How can I use this information to improve my sleep schedule?

While there is a huge variance in the amount of hours that these famous people sleep – ranging from a low of less than 4 hours all the way up to 10 hours – there are a few commonalities. Most notably, every successful person in the list above wakes up early. Most of them are out of bed by 7 A.M. The main difference lies in what time they go to sleep. Some turn in well before 10 P.M. while others don’t conk out until the wee hours of the early morning.

It’s reasonable to assume that if you want to replicate the success that these famous people have had in their lives, it’s imperative that you wake up early. All of the research we did confirms this: successful people are early risers.

While you may be tempted to emulate their lack of sleep – and our current culture definitely encourages this – it’s important to realize that there are some people who are natural “short sleepers” who can get by on less than 8 hours per night. If you aren’t one of those lucky individuals, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by depriving yourself of sleep. Your work performance will suffer and you certainly won’t be as successful as these individuals if you can’t work effectively. Get the sleep you need and wake up early if you want to replicate the success of these celebs.

How can I establish a better bedtime routine for myself?

If you want to start getting up early and getting after it like Jocko, then you’ll need to establish a good bedtime routine. If you want to get a good night of sleep, it’s important that you follow these tips:

  • Go sleep and wake up at the same time every day
  • Read a book before going to bed
  • Turn off your phone, laptop, TV, and other electronics
  • Keep your room dark, quiet, and cool (under 70 degrees)

If you want more ideas on how to optimize your sleeping environment, read our sleep hygiene guide.


Psst… the sleep review industry is full of liars, sharks, and thieves. It’s a modern-day version of getting ripped off at your local mattress store. So, why should you trust us?

Sleep Habits of Highly Successful People

The goal of “finally getting more sleep” is a slippery panacea many people spend most of their lives chasing. And to make matters more complicated, figuring out how much sleep you actually need tends to be tricky. It could depend on your age, but too little shut-eye could cause a whole host of problems, and even the classic eight-hour recommendation has come into question.

But surely, you would think, that the most successful people in the world — actors, CEOs, politicians — have it all figured out. If optimal sleep at night = the best day possible, they must know the bedtime secrets that keeps them moving and shaking.

Home Arena (a home store in the UK), looked at the data more closely, and compiled the sleep habits of 21 highly successful folks into a fun infographic. And does it reveal the hidden magic number that will turn us all into geniuses (and ultimately millionaires) by day?

Well, no. From the likes of Thomas Edison (who would get 5 hours of sleep) to Ellen Degeneres (who logs 8 hours each night), the group’s sleep patterns run the gamut.

While frustrating, we think this is good news — maybe you don’t have to fit into an exact prescription of optimal sleep time. If you feel great after just 6 hours of shut-eye, your efforts to log more could be futile. Scientists are even studying a genetic link to needing little sleep each night — some people report they only need four hours.

But still, if having something in common with Bill Gates or Benjamin Franklin is what helps you sleep at night, we say more power to you.

Courtesy of HomeArena

[h/t TIME

Lauren Piro
Senior Web Editor
Overseeing all things home for GoodHousekeeping.com and HouseBeautiful.com, Lauren swoons over midcentury design and employs tough-love approach to decluttering (just throw it away, ladies).

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8 Insane Celebrity Sleep Habits You Won’t Believe Are a Thing

Many of us take extra measures to ensure we get that perfect night’s sleep. Whether this is a white noise machine, an exceptional mattress or blackout curtains, it’s almost never enough to jump into bed and close your eyes.

Many celebrities take these practices to new extremes, while some choose not to sleep at all. Here are 10 insane celebrity sleep habits and what you can learn from them.

Tom Cruise

The famous actor is known to sleep in a small, sound-proof room because he snores so loudly. This was a solution created by him and former wife Katie Holmes so that she could sleep peacefully in another room.

There are various reasons that people snore, and luckily, a lot of different solutions for this issue. If you snore, don’t fret – a “snoratorium” likely isn’t in order. But you may want to move to another bedroom to spare your partner of a restless night.

The walls between you will act as a good-enough barrier so that you can wake up ready for the day.

Arianna Huffington

The founder of The Huffington Post has a nightly ritual that more of us should follow.

She turns off all of her devices, so they don’t disrupt or disturb her rest, as technology is known to do. Then, Huffington takes an Epsom salt bath and draws her blackout curtains. She rounds out the night with a little poetry or philosophy and falls asleep.

Sounds perfect, right?

Kim Kardashian West

Along with her husband, Kanye West, Kim reportedly spent nearly $1 million on bedroom furniture when they moved into their most recent home.

The couple chose to buy from Savoir Beds, a company that specializes in handmade luxury mattresses. Their exclusive made-to-order process entertains even the most outlandish of requests, all for a hefty price tag.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good night’s rest – but a decent mattress can do wonders for your health, so consider that before you purchase a new one.

Winston Churchill

This politician was a biphasic sleeper, which meant he slept in segments.

Every day at 5 pm, Churchill would drink a glass of whiskey and take a two-hour nap. Then, he’d get up and work until around 3 am. At that time, he’d go to bed for five hours and wake up at 8 am. Because of this odd schedule, he typically took meetings as he soaked in the bath.

Most of us adhere to a monophasic routine, where we sleep once for around eight hours. The science and research are mixed about Winston’s preferred method, but it all depends on your lifestyle and personal health.

Mariah Carey

The legendary singer told V Magazine that she needs 15 hours of sleep every night to keep her voice ready to go. She also requires 20 humidifiers around her bed to create a sort of steam room.

Carey may be a rare case, but experts recommend that adults get no more than nine hours of sleep each night. Too much rest can affect your health and put you at risk for obesity and heart disease.

While you’ll never need more than one steamer, this musician is doing something right – steam provides blood circulation and improves the look and feel of skin.

Stephen King

This famed writer has some rather meticulous habits.

Every night, King has to brush his teeth and wash his hands before he gets into bed. Then, he must make sure the open sides of his pillowcases are pointed outward.

This may seem too perfectionist-like for you, but dedicated sleep rituals actually help us fall asleep faster. When you conduct the same actions before bedtime, you feel calmer and more satisfied.

So, although the orientation of your pillows may not matter to you, a routine like King’s is hugely beneficial.

Marissa Mayer

As an information technology executive and the former CEO of Yahoo, Mayer tends to work continuously. This means she only gets around four to six hours of sleep each night. To remedy this, she takes a weeklong vacation every few months.

While consistent trips to the mountains are a great way to rejuvenate and relax, they’re not so practical for all of us. That’s why it’s crucial to set a designated schedule that leaves time for rest.

Remember, while we shouldn’t oversleep, it’s necessary to get at least 8 hours. If you do feel the need for a little self-care, head out on a weekend trip or have a spa day at home.

W.C. Fields

One of the most famous comedians of the 20th century, W.C. was an insomniac who couldn’t sleep unless it was raining. Eventually, he positioned a sprinkler under an umbrella to mimic the noise. This did the trick.

It’s difficult for much of the population to fall asleep in a silent room. That’s where sound machines come in handy. Crashing waves and windy forests help relax and focus our minds. These noises condition us to fall asleep, so we never have wonder why we’re up at 1 am ever again.

They May Be on to Something

While some of these sleep habits are a little over the top and outlandish, they are all solutions to a more fundamental problem.

Whether it be a hundred-thousand-dollar mattress or an army of humidifiers, these celebrities do what they can to sleep correctly. You just have to take their methods with a grain of salt and adjust them for your lifestyle.

Strange Celebrity Sleeping Habits – The Wool Room

“A person who has not done one half his day’s work by ten o’clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone,” wrote Emily Bronte in Wuthering Heights. While it might seem like a tall order to have half your working day done before elevenses are underway, the sleeping habits of some of the world’s most famous and successful people reveal some highly unusual approaches to sleep.

Take a look at the strange sleeping habits of the rich and famous and decide whether you’re more Da Vinci or Churchill when it comes to your bedtime routine…

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Uberman Sleep Cycle

Artist, inventor, mathematician… and devotee of the Uberman sleep cycle. Leonardo Da Vinci followed a highly unusual and distinctive sleeping routine. Instead of going to bed at night, Da Vinci would take a series of 20-minute power naps at regular intervals throughout the day. The result? Over any 24 hour period he averaged just two hours of sleep.

The Uberman sleep cycle is a classic example of polyphasic sleep cycles – daily routines broken up by multiple small slumbers, rather than a single night-time snooze.

One thing is for certain: this sleep routine wouldn’t work for most people – but then Da Vinci was an extraordinary man.

Winston Churchill: The Biphasic Sleep Cycle

If a polyphasic sleep cycle à la Da Vinci sounds too intense, then consider the example of Winston Churchill. During his time in office, Churchill adopted a biphasic sleep cycle, snoozing for five hours each night and then topping this up with a two-hour nap in the late afternoon.

Incidentally, the biphasic sleep cycle is also popular in warmer climes around the globe – the most famous example being the siesta.

Donald Trump: Minimal Monophasic Sleep

From one politician to another. Donald Trump credits his success with getting just three hours of sleep each night, rising at 4am to begin his work day. He believes this minimal, monophasic sleep cycle is the key to his competitive edge. Although he takes all his sleep in one go, this approach is surely no less draining than many polyphasic sleep cycles, leaving him five hours short of the recommended daily amount of sleep needed to stay healthy.

Ernest Hemingway: The Early Riser

Rising at 6am each day, Hemingway would aim to have his day’s work done by midday at the latest. He believed that to be successful, a person should begin work as soon as possible after first light – taking advantage of the peace and quiet and cooler morning temperatures.

Of course, to rise feeling refreshed and ready to work, most of us need a great night’s sleep behind us. Take a look at some of our tips for a better night’s sleep.

Richard Branson – Starting the Day with a Workout

Entrepreneur Richard Branson averages just six hours of sleep each night – slightly less than the recommended quantity, but in line with 66% of British people according to our recent survey of the UK’s sleeping habits.

Branson gets up at 5:45am each day, beginning with an exercise routine before embarking on his day’s work.

Wharton and Capote: Bed-Based Writers

American authors Edith Wharton and Truman Capote were both renowned for starting their day’s writing from their beds. We can only imagine that they must have had some extra comfy, luxury wool bedding – making their beds too appealing to leave!

Want a better night’s sleep? Discover top tips and advice for a range of sleep issues in our Sleep Health & Advice hub.

Sleep Collection | Bedtime Stories

  • The Perfect Swing

  • By:
    James McGirk

  • Narrated by:
    Nick Jonas

  • Length: 37 mins

  • Original Recording

 Hear singer, songwriter, and actor Nick Jonas lend his voice to the history of one of his favorite subjects: baseball. This unique story is written specifically to help you drift off, with no clear beginning, middle, or end, so you don’t need to follow the details too closely…

  • 5 out of 5 stars

  • Not a Baseball Fan!

  • By

    Nicole Weiss

90,000 These 5 successful people are trying to get enough sleep at all costs

Arianna Huffington

Photo: Getty Images

In August, Arianna Huffington stepped down as head of the news website she founded to focus on her new company, Thrive Global. Her main area of ​​activity is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, in particular, proper sleep patterns. Thrive Global, for example, is developing technology to ditch gadgets before going to bed.Huffington herself sleeps seven to eight hours a day.

Jeff Bezos

Photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images

The head of Amazon cites a good night’s rest as one of the main reasons for his accomplishments. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bezos said that after eight hours of sleep he always feels much better. It is also known that Bezos likes to start a new day with breakfast with his wife.

Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Health website.com revealed that the singer, actress and dancer considers eight hours of sleep a day to be her secret weapon.

Dalai Lama

Photo: Keith Tsuji / Getty Images

In 2012, the Dalai Lama discussed a variety of things in an interview with Arianna Huffington, including his relationship to sleep. The spiritual leader sleeps seven hours a day, from 20:30 to 03:30.

Matthew McConaughey

Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

The Academy Award winner told People magazine that he tries to sleep eight and a half hours a night and noted: “I’m not nearly as good if I don’t get enough sleep.”


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90,000 10 star beds – www.wday.ru

Of course, a bedroom is an intimate affair, but some stars still open the veil of secrecy and allow millions of their subscribers to look with one eye where their idols sleep.So we spied on and collected photos of star beds in one photo gallery for you.

Many stars have to work hard, and sleep, as the main rest in a person’s life, is very important, because it is he who determines the quality of our life. A good sleep is the key to a good mood, good health, success at work and, ultimately, a long and happy life. How to choose the right mattress? The interior designer of the furniture trade complex “Grand” Irina Solovyova is in charge.

First. Don’t skimp. Buy your mattress from companies that specialize in sleeping products. Only they can afford quality testing and scientific development, and making the right mattress is a science. If the mattress is of poor quality, then during sleep you will not receive a charge of strength and vigor, and then even your favorite furniture will not bring you joy.

Second. When choosing a mattress, test it… lying down. There is no need to look at it and check its rigidity by feeling with your hands – just lie down and rest.

Third. Consult a consultant. If you have certain characteristics of the body, not every mattress will suit you. Feel free to ask questions to a specialist.

Fourth. Choose a mattress where you can return it if it doesn’t fit you. Reliable companies always offer a home test drive service.

Well, if you have not yet decided what it should be, your dream bed, you can see how some of our stars have solved this problem.For example, one glance at the photos of Christina Asmus’s bed is enough to understand that not only people sleep just fine on it. But for Nastya Volochkova it is not enough for the bed to be just cozy – her place to sleep cannot be called otherwise than a royal bed. And of course, you can’t do without our smaller friends – the dog Glucose Muftik is clearly not averse to taking a nap in the owner’s place. These and other star beds are in our photo gallery.

Tom Cruise is in the bunker, Mariah Carey is in the bathhouse.How and where do celebrities sleep? | Healthy life | Health

Ronaldo’s sleep coach

The famous football player has his own sleep coach. This man’s name is Nick Littlehales and there are many famous athletes among his charges.

Nick believes that it is not necessary to sleep for eight hours in a row, and for football players who constantly train, it is completely harmful. Having slept for 8 hours at a time, athletes will feel tired already in the middle of the day. And if so, it is better to break the dream into two parts – 6 hours at night and an hour and a half during the day.Littlehales considers the fetal position to be the best sleeping position, and insists that Ronaldo sleep on a hard mattress. According to football coaches, since Nick started working with Real Madrid, the athletic form of the players has improved significantly.

Ronaldo , who recently moved to Juventus, is not going to refuse the services of a sleep coach – and rightly so. After all, the sleep rate at 8 o’clock can be considered a kind of convention. The need for sleep is individual – it depends on the age and characteristics of the organism. Someone needs 6 hours to get enough sleep, while others need nine. Finding out how much time you need to recover is not difficult at all. Go to bed at about 10-11 pm (by the way, in order not to break the correct biorhythms, you need to go to bed no later than 12 at night) and sleep until the morning, not turning on the alarm clock. If you woke up in a good mood, with a feeling of cheerfulness, then you have slept enough. And if you wanted to lie down during the day, do not deny yourself this pleasure.

Eminem’s Darkness

The famous rapper Eminem suffers from insomnia.He can fall asleep only in complete darkness, while thick curtains on the lining are not enough for him.

To prevent a single ray of light from entering the room, the singer covers the windows with foil.

And, although doctors assure that the cause of Eminem’s insomnia lies in the fact that he took drugs for many years, there is still some sense in his actions. After all, light interferes with the production of the important hormone melatonin, which protects against cancer, heart disease and excess weight. But the main function of this hormone is to regulate sleep.As soon as the level of melatonin in the blood rises, we feel sleepy.

Unlike most other hormones, the production of melatonin is strictly subordinated to the daily biorhythms. During the night, a healthy person accumulates 70% of the daily amount of melatonin, while during the day the production of this hormone slows down. The fact is that the secretion of melatonin is influenced by lighting – the hormone is synthesized in the dark, and sunlight reduces the rate of its formation.

Tom Cruise Bunker

The famous actor sleeps in a real bunker.No sound is heard in his bedroom, and at the same time not a single sound is able to escape out of this room. The thing is that the actor snores at night, and so loudly that it disturbs others. Previously Tom Cruise was forced to sleep on the other side of his mansion so as not to interfere with Katie Holmes, who was the actor’s wife at the time. The bunker bedroom has occupied a room adjacent to the wife’s bedroom – and the spouses have become closer to each other.

But in fact, such a decision helped only Katie, because, according to statistics, wives of snoring husbands spend about 3 weeks a year on fruitless attempts to fall asleep under their husband’s roulades.Of course, lack of sleep is bad for your health, but even if wives get used to their husbands’ snoring and fall asleep quickly, it does not improve the situation too much. After all, while we sleep, the brain is actively working. He classifies and organizes the information received while awake. Any sound interferes with this process, so those who sleep with their spouse snoring or with the muttering of the TV usually cannot boast of a good memory.

As for Cruise himself, he should have tried to solve the problem of snoring.After all, a snoring person inevitably gets out of breath, and his body suffers from a lack of oxygen. And these are heart problems, headaches and other health troubles.

Mariah Carey Bath

The famous singer and the owner of a five-octave voice is sleeping in a real bath. Her entire bedroom is filled with humidifiers, and the ceiling in the room is rounded to drain water from it. The singer claims that such moist air is good for her vocal cords.In addition, Carey is terrified of drafts and cold, so it is quite hot in her bedroom.

Probably, if Carey met Nick Littlehales – the very coach who guards Ronaldo’s sleep, he would be terrified. In his opinion, it should be cold in the bedroom. And here he is absolutely right, because the optimal temperature for sleep is not higher than 20 degrees. As for the air humidity, it should be kept at the level of 50-60%. Anything larger creates a comfortable breeding ground for molds that can cause allergies.But too low humidity is undesirable. Dry air irritates the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, making them vulnerable to infections.

Specialist Comment

Therapist Irina Vechnaya:

– If insomnia is not associated with any disease, you can adjust sleep yourself.

Choose a daily routine that suits you. It is no coincidence that people are divided into “larks” and “owls”. Try to understand when you feel better: if you go to bed early and get up early, or, conversely, if you go to bed late and get up late.

Reduce activity before going to bed, in the evening, limit the use of stimulating drinks – coffee and tea. Observe moderation in food: you need to sit down at the table no later than two hours before going to bed. Get exercise. But if you manage to train only in the evenings, make sure that the interval between classes and going to bed should be about 4-5 hours.

90,000 How many hours do politicians and businessmen sleep

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Topic: Stars Sleep Too | Posta-Magazine

Salvador Dali is famous for his habit of sleeping for 15 minutes every 4 hours: he sat in a chair, held a spoon between his thumb and forefinger and stood up as soon as the spoon fell into a metal tray from below.

And how modern celebrities have a rest

and how to cope with the disease of the century – insomnia?

Karl Lagerfeld : “I sleep seven hours. If I go to bed at two, I wake up at nine. If I go to bed at midnight, I get up at seven. I never wake up ahead of time — the house may fall apart, but I will sleep seven hours. ”

Rene Zellweger : “On the set, the body stops knowing when to go to bed. And you no longer struggle with this and are not surprised at anything.You just agree with the new order of things. ”

Jennifer Lopez : “Sleep is my weapon. I always try to sleep at least 8 hours, it seems to me that only sleep, water and a good tonic for removing make-up can help us ”.

Mariah Carey : “I need 15 hours of sleep to sing the way I want. And there should be 20 humidifiers around the bed. ”

Sandra Bullock : “After the baby came into my life, I sleep for a maximum of three hours, but it’s not so scary. It will be a shame if someone else changes his diapers. So my love for him does not give me any problems. ”

George Clooney : “I wake up five times every night and it’s terrible. I can rarely fall asleep without TV. ”

Brad Pitt : “We are all healthy. But we are not sleeping. Sleep is what we only dream of, but everything is in order. Someday we’ll sleep off later. ”

Lady Gaga : “Sometimes in the middle of the night interesting ideas start to come to my mind, I get up, write them down on my phone, send them to the producer and then go to bed again.And I don’t take off my makeup at night. Thank God I have good genes. ”

90,000 What celebrities sleep on: a review of elite mattresses

If you ever drive a Bentley, you will never want to drive a middle class car. And even more so on a Zhiguli, because instead of a comfortable ride with a breeze, real torture awaits you.

So it is with mattresses. When you sleep on a premium mattress, it feels like you are lying on a cloud.It follows the contours of the body so accurately, supporting the spine in the correct position, that even after a stressful day, you instantly relax.

Singer Nyusha admitted that she has an elite mattress of increased rigidity at home, and she has similar models indicated in her rider. However, this is not a whim. A celebrity often has a backache after concerts, and a mattress with good support helps her fall asleep quickly.

Mattresses Strong Premium segment

Video: Strong Factory

Almost all entertainers and athletes choose luxury sleep products.With constant tours and difficult working conditions, when it is impossible to observe the correct daily routine, it is not always possible to fall asleep quickly and wake up easily. However, media personalities must always be cheerful and energetic. And only a high-quality mattress allows you to stay in shape even with a limited sleep time. On it, the body completely relaxes and rests, replenishing the reserve of strength.

Experts from the Strong factory, one of the largest manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses in the country, told which sleep products are most often bought by the brightest representatives of show business.

Premium Lord

Soft mattress with Sens Soft anatomical spring system and double comfort layer protection system.

A model worthy of a royal bed. Thanks to the multi-layer structure of innovative orthopedic foams, the product evenly distributes pressure, supporting the spine and joints. In combination with antibacterial impregnations, the mattress is well ventilated and keeps fresh.


This model is assembled by hand from innovative eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials.

This elite mattress has a micro-massage effect and improves blood microcirculation. Each spring in a well-thought-out spring block adjusts to a specific area of ​​the body, evenly distributing the load. As a result, the muscles instantly relax, creating a pleasant feeling of relaxation on the “cloud”.

Premium Royal

Exclusive hand-sewn and hand-tufted mattress. Each layer is stitched with durable silk thread, no glue or synthetic materials.Natural latex in combination with trapezoidal springs gently supports the back, shoulders, hips and legs. And the breathable 3D-mesh creates a comfortable microclimate for sleeping and increases the elasticity of the topper.

A premium mattress today is a sign of impeccable taste and success. It’s like Apple among smartphones, Tiffany & Co among jewelry, Rolex among watches. Moreover, elite mattresses are available to everyone. With their excellent quality, they have a very reasonable price.

So why settle for little when you can afford the best?

Love in South Korea: how relationships are built here and how they relate to marriage

What does it mean to be Korean? Does a man have to pay on a first date? Is sex before marriage considered shameful? These and other questions are answered in her book How Koreans Live, a native of South Korea, reporter for the international news publication Newsweek, Su Kim. The translation into Russian is published at the end of November by the publishing house “MIF”.Forbes Woman publishes a snippet on how the personal life of Koreans works.

Date with Korean

In this case, everything is planned in advance (but not always). In Korea, it is common practice to rely on friends and family to find a potential mate. It is very rare to invite on dates here, especially a stranger, although this is not a strict rule. Usually Koreans start dating much later than Western youth, for whom it is normal to enter into a serious relationship in high school.

In Korea, high school is a tough and stressful time preparing for the university entrance exams. So schoolchildren have no time to run out on dates, let alone personal time. Korean parents usually only allow their children to date the opposite sex upon admission.

Advertising on Forbes

Sogethin is a term coined by Koreans. It combines the words “mitin” (from the English meeting – meeting) and soge, which translates as “presentation” or “present. “This is a blind date organized for the couple by mutual friends, coworkers, or acquaintances.

Most young people in Korea find their other half this way. Students often like to arrange these kind of group blind dates between several guys and girls. Such meetings can be observed in a cafe: girls will sit on one side of the table, and guys on the other. As a result, the group is divided into pairs. Of course, sometimes people find their love suddenly, but blind date is the most common way.In many ways, this approach reflects the conservatism and traditional thinking of Koreans, who can be too shy and withdrawn when they first meet.

For more experienced people, blind dating means that both parties do not have to face the dreadful need to take the first step and express an interest in the other person. The meeting is negotiated in advance, and both of its participants already know that they are interested in a close relationship, so they do not have to guess about each other’s motives.

There are also more formal Matsson dates that are arranged through a matchmaker. In many Korean TV series, there are scenes where wealthy parents turn to her to find a match for their son or daughter. Some young people take these dates calmly and may end up getting married after a short period of intercourse. Sometimes parents on both sides insist on matsson and even on marriage, who are even more interested in this than their children. Mathsson is usually used by older people.

Many parents, whose children are already quite adults, but at the same time do not meet with anyone, persuade them to go to matsson. You can often find couples who meet in this way.

Taboos and Courtship Practices

Koreans can be quite old-fashioned, so girls expect that on at least a few first dates a man will pay for dinner and other entertainment. But as two people get to know each other better, they may take turns paying or come up with another system that is convenient for both. It is still considered taboo among most traditional Koreans of the older generation to live and sleep together before marriage.

And although in modern society such behavior is no longer uncommon and occurs more and more often, conservative people perceive it as something forbidden or even shameful. Most parents will be at least very surprised if one of their children or simply acquaintances will live with their companion or companion before the wedding. The same applies to the birth of children out of wedlock.Older Koreans are convinced that a couple can move in only by getting married. The Western “try first” approach that young people take to appreciate each other before their wedding is foreign to Korean culture.

Culturally, people are still ashamed and unable to talk openly about sexual relations, especially before marriage. You won’t find couples kissing passionately on the streets. In public, lovers are unlikely to touch each other – especially in front of their elders, which would be considered impolite or even vulgar. Acceptable public displays of affection are holding hands and kissing each other on the cheek. Acquaintance with parents is organized only when the relationship is moving into a serious stage and the possibility of marriage looms on the horizon.

In Korea, it is very rare – a standard moment from a Western film when a guy can walk in and say hello to his parents, accompanying a girl from a date or picking her up from home. More often than not, meeting with your family is an official reason to introduce yourself as a boyfriend or girlfriend and earn trust.

Perfect Match

Although Korean couples don’t kiss in public, they love to show their affection in other ways. It’s not uncommon to see couples wearing the same T-shirts (“pair T-shirts”) or anything from sweaters to jackets. Even such a trifle as key rings is used. Paired T-shirts are usually worn by Koreans during their honeymoon, especially on Jeju Island, where they traditionally go. The same things are a signal that two people have romantic feelings. But for the most part, couples just like to look cute. The culture of love relationships in Korea is expressed in touching (sometimes overly) behavior, and pairing suits quite well.

Because Koreans are quite conservative about romance, the same thing serves as a charming and non-provocative way for them to express their emotions and mutual love.


For Koreans, 100-day and 1000-day relationship anniversaries are very important. Breaking the 100-day mark means that lovers are moving into a more serious stage of the relationship and can now be officially considered a couple.Many prepare for these dates in a special way and make sweeping gestures both in public and in more intimate settings. One example is the love locks at Namsan Tower in Seoul, similar to those that lovers leave on the bridges of Paris and other famous places around the world. On the occasion of the 100-day anniversary of the relationship, a guy can send a girl a bouquet of 100 roses, put her name or a romantic message in petals on a large open field, place burning candles in the shape of a huge heart on the ground. In other countries, such manifestations may seem redundant and strange, but such are the Korean traditions of courtship! There are no acts that seem too ridiculous or corny when it comes to the anniversary of a relationship. So hopeless romantics can be calm: no one limits the impulses of the soul in Korea.

Valentine’s Day and White Day

As in the West, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in South Korea and other Asian countries on February 14th. But only women prepare cute surprises: they give chocolates, flowers or come up with something else.But on White Day, which is celebrated on March 14 – a month after Valentine’s Day, it is the turn of men. It is believed that White Day was invented in Japan. Then it became popular in other states of Asia, where it is celebrated in the same way as in Korea. On White Day, men usually give their lovers something white, be it chocolate or underwear (I note that this is one of the few openly spicy and obscene manifestations of love among Korean couples).

Korean marriage

Throughout the history of the country, marriage was considered one of the most important and sacred stages of a person’s life – and often the most important.When the two parties agree to conclude a marriage, it is time for the parents of the bride and groom to meet. This acquaintance is of particular importance as Koreans see marriage as not just a union of two people, but a union of two families. This is why parental consent is so important. Many traditional Koreans, especially older people like my mother, say that you should marry someone who matches your chu che (“position”) and su chun (“level”).

It is believed that a marriage will be happy only if it is concluded between people with the same wealth, social status, and so on. With this in mind, many residents of the country previously preferred that their children only marry Koreans. However, interracial relations and marriages are not so rare today: the influence of Western culture on Korean society has increased, especially in the 21st century. And many Korean parents are no longer as opposed to the idea as they used to be. The proposal is most often made by a man.After that, the couple usually meets with the parents of the other half to announce their desire to get married and ask permission and blessings. But, as I already mentioned, sometimes people marry against the will of their elders.

Advertising on Forbes

In Korea, the engagement period is significantly shorter than in some Western cultures, where it lasts a year or more. The engagement ceremony is held infrequently, especially since the lovers do not remain the bride and groom for long. They prefer to save money for the wedding.However, wealthy families can also afford an additional holiday. Planning a wedding in Korea is fast, with many wedding venues offering packages that include everything from flowers to photography. For this reason, the need for a long engagement so that the bride and groom have time to prepare for the wedding simply disappears.