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Chic casual clothes: 900+ Casual Chic ideas in 2021


What is Casual Chic Style?

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Casual chic is a phrase you’ll see thrown around on blogs and magazine articles. You might be wondering, what is casual-chic style? It’s an aesthetic that rarely comes with a definition. But don’t worry! I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about casual chic and how you can master this style. 

What is Casual Chic style?

Casual chic is all about looking smart without wearing a head-to-toe formal outfit. It’s when you mix sophisticated and streetwear pieces to create an effortlessly stylish look. Yep, it’s that simple! You want to make it look like your outfit took five minutes to put together, while still being polished.

What you wear on the weekend when you’re off the clock is likely to be a casual chic look. If you’re looking for inspiration, one place to search is celebrity paparazzi photos. Jessica Alba, Meghan Markle, and Reese Witherspoon all are great sources of casual chic inspiration. 

There are no set rules for casual chic style. It’ll look different from person to person as it incorporates items from your closet instead of focusing on new trends. A classic casual chic styling trick is to add a pair of high heels to your favorite jeans and t-shirt outfit. To achieve a casual chic look, you want to bring together everyday pieces with something a little more elevated to make them more sophisticated. 

To take this style quite literally, you can mix a casual piece with a chic piece, such as sneakers with a blazer or a graphic tee with loafers.

You can thank the Parisians for giving us the idea of casual chic! If you want to learn how to perfect the French look, then make sure you check out these posts. Channel your inner French woman while standing in front of your wardrobe!

If you’re not sure where to start with your casual chic fashion, here a few recommendations for must-have pieces that you can mix and match together!

What is Casual Chic Style? 8 Pieces to Get That Style

1. Silk Scarf

The easiest way to make any outfit casual chic is by adding a scarf. You want to invest in a silk scarf that you can throw on over a t-shirt or a dress.

Silk scarves are a wardrobe staple, and you can wrap them in a dozen different ways. This accessory is also the pinnacle of Parisian chic. Take some time to learn a few different ways of tying your silk scarf, as this can help determine how casual your outfit will look! 

2. Tailored Blazer

A blazer is one way to take a casual outfit and give it a tailored finish. For the casual chic look, you’ll want to find a blazer that fits your body well and flatters your figure. A black blazer will go with any casual chic look and I love how it can instantly make your outfit look more polished.

3. A Classic Bag

Part of nailing casual chic style is having the right bag. A classic leather bag is one you should have in your wardrobe, but a bag with the right pattern or fabric can give your outfit a whole new look too.

Whether it’s an oversized tote or a top-handle bag with faux crocodile leather, you want to have a statement bag in your closet to tie all your looks together.

4. Add a Print

When people think of casual chic, they tend to assume that it’s all neutral colors and minimalistic outfits. And while that’s my favorite look, it’s not the only way to achieve this style! A classic print can make any outfit chic.

Preppy fashion goes hand in hand with casual chic, making stripes the perfect print to experiment with. If you’re more of an animal fan, leopard is a timeless print that will always be chic. You can get your feet wet by experimenting with accessories that use a print before diving into the deep end with a blouse or dress.

sweater (similar) | shoes | tote bag

5. Ballet Shoes

What is casual chic style? It’s Audrey Hepburn. The actress turned humanitarian was the personification of the idea of casual chic! Audrey Hepburn was almost always spotted on film sets wearing a pair of ballet shoes.

You don’t need to make your feet suffer in a pair of heels to look chic. Ballet shoes come in every color and print you could ever want. They pair perfectly with any outfit. If you want to channel your inner Audrey, wear your ballet flats with a pair of cigarette pants and a long-sleeve top. 

6. Crisp White Shirt

A staple of Parisian fashion is the crisp white shirt. A white shirt can take a pair of simple denim jeans and make workwear appropriate in the blink of an eye.

Although it’s a neutral color, white will always make a statement. Throw your hair back in an elegant chignon and let your white shirt take center stage.

7. Skinny Jeans

If you google ‘casual chic style’, you’re guaranteed to find thousands of pictures of women wearing skinny jeans. Denim jeans are a unique piece that can jump between casual and semi-formal depending on how you style them. The cut of your jeans is always something to consider, with skinny jeans lending themselves more to the casual-chic style.

Skinny jeans work because they help to elongate your legs and they help create the look effortless chic. Nowadays, there are lots of different jean styles to try and I’m a fan of the straight leg or cropped look as well.

8. Sunglasses

Putting on a pair of oversized sunglasses is one way to make yourself feel like a put-together woman. There’s something mysterious and alluring about seeing a person hiding behind a pair of shades. You could be heading out of the gym in your yoga bottoms and a hoodie, while still looking chic with your sunglasses.

Find a pair that complements your face shape with a color that works for your complexion. The right sunglasses will help to make your face appear slimmer and give you a smart look with zero effort.

For even more information on this style, check out the Easy To Follow Casual Chic Style Guide for Every Woman!

Easy To Follow Casual Chic Style Guide for Every Woman

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward us a small commission – at no extra cost for you.

When it comes to style, there can be a fine line between being too casual or being too dressed up when you’re heading to certain events or outings. That’s why it’s always a safe bet to put on an outfit that’s a mix of the two! But you may be wondering, what does that even look like? And do you even have the right pieces in your closet for this? Well, to help you find the perfect combination of relaxed and classy in your wardrobe, here is an easy to follow casual chic style guide that works for every woman – and pretty much every occasion! 

Casual Chic Style Guide

1. Go For Dark Denim

The true key to pulling off a casual chic ensemble is having a good pair of jeans. The wash color of your denim is important when putting together your outfit because a lighter wash can give off the vibe of something much more casual than you may be going for.

Light denim, although totally cute and perfect for specific circumstances, can read as something more appropriate for a casual summer outing to the lake or a quick trip to the grocery store.

If you’re aiming to be a little more chic and sleek, dark blue or black denim is the way to go, especially for evening or late night events. 

The good thing about dark jeans is that they can be easily paired with pretty much any top, shoes, or jacket, making them quick to style when you’re in a rush. If you don’t have any black or dark blue denim in your closet, start with these Everlane The Original Cheeky Jean. They’re a classic silhouette available in several shades and flattering on many body types.

2. Slip Into Heeled Booties

The next step to our casual chic style guide? Shoes, shoes, shoes! When it comes to making a super casual outfit a bit more dressed up, a cute pair of booties can make all the difference.

They don’t need to be stilettos by any means, but putting on a one or two inch heeled boot will instantly elevate your entire look. The best part about heeled booties is that you can play with a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, as they come in everything from leather snakeskin patterns to velvet black shades.

If you’re wanting to play it on the safer side and need a shoe that’s versatile enough to wear with anything in your closet, opt for a solid black pair of booties. The Steve Madden Audience Black Leather Boot makes a great option. If you like a little extra boost, go for the Steve Madden Tarra Black Leather Boot, which features a sleek and daring four-inch heel.

3. Put On a Pea Coat

Nothing says chic quite like a pea coat. A quality pea coat can make you look like you’re strutting down the streets of New York City during Fashion Week, which is why it’s an essential portion of the casual chic style guide.

Throwing a long collared coat atop your mostly casual outfit of the day will immediately take it up a notch or two (or three). I recommend getting a pea coat in a neutral-toned color so it’s ultra-versatile and works for any season of the year – although you may not need it in the warmer months! In the warmer months, you can switch to a similar style coat in a lightweight fabric to get the same look (like this one).

Tan is always a smart choice when it comes to a basic pea coat. This coat is a great option. The oversized coat with a tailored fit and luxe lining will keep you warm and cozy. Whether you wear this over a casual dress or skirt, or you sport it with your new dark denim jeans, there’s no going wrong with a pea coat if you’re going for a casual chic look.

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4. Buy a Button Up Blouse

A button up shirt doesn’t just have to be for the office. Our casual chic style guide is one instance where you’ll actually want to dress your button up blouses down a bit, but it’s also a great way to make sure you’re never too underdressed.

So how to style it the perfect way for a casual chic ensemble? Well, the options are really endless! You can pair a button up blouse, especially a white one, with basically any bottoms. They look especially chic with, again, dark denim jeans and heels or booties. If it’s spring or summer, try putting on a midi skirt with your blouse to complete the look – a white button up with short sleeves is also a great choice for warm weather!

For a basic button up, go for the Madewell Classic Button Up Shirt. Wear this to work and then untuck it and loosen a few buttons to completely transform the look of the shirt and your outfit as a whole. You can also play with a variety of colors and patterns when it comes to button ups. But for the most part, neutrals are always the best bet for a chic style. 

Whether you’re hitting the town to run some errands before a dinner with friends or you’re going on a first date and aren’t sure how to dress, casual chic is one genre of style that you can always count on to look and feel your best and most comfortable.

Overall, the four staple pieces mentioned above in this casual chic style guide are a surefire way to successfully put together a totally casual yet chic look for whatever occasion comes your way. If you stick to these rules and keep these basics in your closet, you’ll have absolutely no problem putting together a casual chic outfit. 

If you want even more tips on nailing that casual chic style, then check out the post below!
7 Casual Elegant Outfits for Every Day

The Casual Clothes We’re Buying In 2021

After a year of hibernation, we’ve lost all sense of what casual clothes actually are.

Given that we’ve been stuck in lounge and sportswear for this long, we thought it would be good to have a little refresher on what makes a fantastic casual outfit, taking cue from content creators (and stylish women) such as Brittany Bathgate and Monikh Dale.

These women, while totally nailing dressing up in Cecilie Bahnsen gowns, bold red lips and super high heels, have a particular knack for dressing down, something that is easier said than done. Classic pairings of fisherman sandals and cable knit jumpers are employed by Alexis Foreman, comfy loungewear is a go-to for Abisola Marvel, while Alyssa Coscarelli opts for 1970s jackets and groovy prints, Ellie Delphine pushes the limits of ‘casual’ in short shorts and minis and Stephanie Broek takes minimalism to the extreme in navy, white and black.

While jeans and trainers are obvious contenders for the best casual clothes (for good reason), we don’t think you should be sleeping on roomy shirt dresses, good quality sandals, sturdy bodysuits and chunky knits. While some items work for every budget, we think sometimes these casual staples are worth investing in, to ensure even on your most chill of days, you feel luxe.

From the right New Balance trainers to nab, to styling tricks that with give life to even the dullest pair of leggings, here are 35 casual outfits to inspire your next trip to the shop.


Birkenstocks ftw

The German shoe has timeless ugly shoe appeal, so much so they won’t stop selling out, so nab yours when you can.



Rock a statement coat

Keep your jeans and T-shirt interesting with a patterned, statement coat. Buying a lightweight, but oversized coat also means you can wear it for multiple seasons, but with different layers underneath.



Crop it up

A cropped jumper is a fun way to play with proportions while keeping comfy. They also work well over dresses and skirt when picnic season rolls around.



Try short shorts

Tights, a puffer jacket and boots mean no matter the chill, you can try short shorts. Leather, of faux leather, also makes it feel a little more grown up.



Go hands free with a crossbody bag

While we can only dream of owning The Row’s crossbody bag, we look to Arket’s nylon version for ultimate practical points that won’t break the bank.



Swaddle yourself in a jumper dress

Size up in a merino or cashmere dress for ultimate cosy vibes. This also works for at-home loungewear.



Borrow royal style with a quilted jacket

Quilted coats are everywhere at the moment, and for good reason – they look so cute, while still being very practical. They work best over denim jeans, but also adorable over a mini dress.



Dare in cream jeans

To be worn all year round, risk the stains with cream jeans. Remember to hold back from washing your jeans too much, a sit in the freezer every now and then is most of the cleaning they need.



Sports and workwear combined

Be it loafers and leggings, or a shirt with a sweater, mix formal pieces for loungewear for that louche look. We love how Broek has left her shirt poke out of the bottom of her sweater.



Forever frayed jeans

You can either take your own scissors to your straight-leg jeans, or buy pre-distressed. The plus-side to DIY-ing is that you can control their length.



Colour drench your loungewear

Even the comfiest of loungewear looks more put together when all in one hue. Extra points for going all white like Marvel.



Relaxed tailoring at home

Size up in wide-leg suit trousers, preferably palazzo, and in a natural fabric. These can take you from home to office (when the time comes).



Not-so-prim A-line skirts

Opt for conservative styles with chunky shoes and knits. We love a-line skirts in leather, wool or even a technical fabric.



Suits you

Oversized tailoring can be dressed down with trainers.



Get on the chunky sole trend

Big boots with big clompy treads toughen up even the sweetest ensemble.



That ’70s style

A retro leather jacket elevates even the oldest of band T-shirts.



A cardigan as top

There should be nothing between you and your knitwear, not even a bra.



Long live the shacket

Part shirt, part jacket, the shacket is a casual clothes must.



Hoodies are back

Layer your luxe hoodie under a crisp trench coat.



You’re a tennis skirt pro

Tennis skirts were everywhere last summer, and we predict this year will be no different.



Geography teacher trainers


Be a lumberjack

Tartan shirts give a relaxed feel to any ensemble (and you can often ‘borrow’ from any man in your life).



The Diana tuck

Our favourite styling trick of the moment – the Diana tuck – means wellies and joggers are the chicest pairing about.



Grandad vests always

Knitted vests feel very fresh, despite being an old staple – go chunkier for more impact.



The oversized shirt dress

Shirt dresses in a natural fabric are perfect for layering.



Get your skate sneakers on

Skate style trainers are the most elegant and versatile sneaker style.



Never go wrong with a puffer jacket


Who says loungewear means tracksuits?

While loungewear separates are a go-to, we’re partial to the loungewear maxi dress made with quality construction, that can quickly be transformed into a casual outfit with boots and a jacket, and rolled up for a weekend away.



Let’s get physical

Perhaps one for the brave, bodysuits can take you from gym to coffee hangout.



Dress down leather

Long shorts are the easiest way to dress down leather.



Cycle away

At this point, why don’t you have a pair of cycling shorts? Super comfy and flattering, they are a great layering staple – but make sure they’re good quality to avoid pilling and transparency.



Aran jumper, supersized

A traditional Aran knit (a forever piece) looks super cool when supersized.



Work it welly

Wellies have been given a chic makeover, and have become investment items to be worn everywhere from the streets of Paris to the muddy hills of England.



Socks and sandals make a comeback

Forget the rules, pair your fisherman sandals with cotton socks.



Just be a teddy bear

You’ll look good enough to cuddle in a fleece coat.


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52 Most Popular Casual Outfits To Improve Your Style

How Do You Dress Casual?

Source: Instagram/mariecher

Although some may think that to put together casual outfits for women, it is enough to toss on just anything that falls out of your closet, things are a bit more complicated. Casual does not mean unkempt or awkward. It means practical and comfy but still stylish. Thus, to pull off the casual style, you need to stick to several simple rules. First, your outfit should not be overly tight nor should it be extremely baggy. Opt for something loose-fitting. Also, make jeans your best friend. They make up a perfect base for the majority of both informal and business casual women outfits.

Another go-to item of your casual wardrobe is a plain T-shirt. You can never go wrong with it no matter whether you wear it with a pair of chino pants or shorts, which are, by the way, your summer must-have along with a midi flowy dress. To top the outfit, opt for an oversized hoodie, a flannel shirt or a cardigan. A leather or military jacket works well too. As for the shoes, go for sneakers, sandals or boots depending on the weather and your personal taste. Finally, don’t forget stylish accessories, such as a baseball cap, a canvas belt and a pair of shades.

What Is Casual Wear For Ladies?

Source: Instagram/melimunchi

As women do not have to suffer in tight pencil skirts, buttoned-up shirts and high heels in the office anymore, casual style has gained a new meaning. Now, it does not imply such laid-back clothes as a loose tee and baggy sweatpants. It is more about feeling snug in your clothes while still looking nifty. Thus, to put together smart casual women’s outfits, you can incorporate into your look less conservative items, for instance, loose fitting and wrap dresses, tank tops or tops with either long or short sleeves paired with jeans, collar-shirts with short sleeves teamed with linen pants as well as flats or low-heeled shoes.

What is Casual Chic Style? How to Master it?

Fashion conscious woman wants to be beautiful and trendy not only when she’s at work but also when she’s enjoying leisure time with family or friends. Therefore, she cannot neglect everyday moments where she wants to be a little bit more relaxed, yet she still has to be focused while she’s choosing the right wardrobe. Everyday chic or rather casual chic is the right answer to this, it can be used both for coffee with friends as an afternoon stroll or for work, but in particular you have to ensure that your style is still sophisticated and complete to the smallest detail. And what exactly is casual chic style? It is a combination of comfortable pieces, such as, for example, jeans or a plain top. It’s modern and elegant fashion, together they bring great results.

All woman want to look like they just rolled out of bed beautiful. The unfortunate truth is that a little forethought is necessary, especially when it comes to fashion. But once you know how to cope with your own clothes you will rock in any outfit. If you will follow our steps you will definitely leave the house everyday looking chic, effortlessly.


If you didn’t know, we have to tell you that our hair is one of our most valuable accessories, due to it can completely change your appearance. We all have those lazy days, when we do not want to go out of bad. Those are the days when we’re standing in front of the mirror messing with our hair. Or, those morning when you wake up late and just don’t have the enough time. Quick tip for desperate casual-chic feshionista’s: keep a spray bottle handy on your bathroom counter and use it to quickly fix bed head. This is especially helpful if you have bangs or curly hair. Otherwise you have to make sure that you have clean well cared hair. If you have longer hair you can sometimes get away with ponytail. If you have enough time, you can experiment with your hair – time to time it’s nice to make a change if you have long straight hair you can curl it or vice versa.

And if you want to be true casual chic girl accessorize your gorgeous hair. Clips or barrettes can be a great compliment to your hair. Coordinate them with your outfits or your personality.


Play up your eyes and you’ll ensure everyone eyes will be on you. For cherry on the top of cream put a little bit lipstick or gloss. If you want to go just a little bit out of the casual zone put on red lipstick and do not forget to wear a big smile.


For a cohesive causal chic look avoid any wearing any one style head-to-toe. The key of mix and matching the right clothes is to combine different fabrics and styles. Throw on a tailored jacket with a pair of jeans and heels. Or wear a ruffled blouse with your favorite baggy trousers and flats.


Casual chic style is a great everyday option for ladies who, despite their busy schedules, aren’t willing to give up looking gorgeous every single day! Therefore, we will present you some basic clothing that every woman whit that kind of style has it.


Blouse is the right answer for many occasions. This year’s fashion spring/summer is colored in trend of the 70s, which of course means fun, extreme and particularly bohemian pieces. We’ll again wear bell-bottom pants, skirts cut in A and finally blouses. In addition, we have to emphasize that blouses have a huge added plus because they can be easily combined with many outfit, they are so right wardrobe for business opportunity as well as a completely every day, casual look.


Lines can be worn per hundred and one ways. Jeans or safari trousers, no cold and especially warm season does not pass without basic fashion rules, among which undoubtedly is the wardrobe with lines. These are in fact constant for each spring and summer, without them you simply cannot imagine casual style vs sunny days. Lines are worn by young and also by older ladies. We can simply say that they are timeless. Trends this year dictate lines per hundred and one ways, wide and thin, basic blue and white, and even more colorful.


White T-shirt is a perfect choice for both daily and evening occasions. During this transitional period it can turn into a lot of layered combinations. Keep it simple cotton shirt or borrowed from the closet of your guy, here are some street style photos that will help you in a different way to present a casual chic style.


Dark or bright jeans-one of the best and favorite choices for this kind of style, bright skinny pants can be, for example, roll up to the ankles,combined with casual T-shirt, sandals with a heel or ultimately sneakers and with a little clutch purse.


In addition, in this flood of must have pieces is also jumpsuit. Piece of clothing that you’ll surely find on the shelves of trendy shops with clothes in countless versions. You can choose between animal patterns, flowers, black-and-white combinations or simply monochrome. This will be again a real hit. How not, when they are so comfortable, practical and beautiful. You will add only the shoes and the look is complete. So this is also one of the must haves of women with casual chic style.


The main point of casual chic style are also accessories. But do not exaggerate. Like Coco Chanel said: »Remove one piece of jewelry right before you leave the house.«  So stick to a statement necklace, dangling earrings or a cocktail ring – just don’t walk out the house wearing your whole jewelry collection.

This style can be also inspired by fashion icons or celebrities. We included some pictures of famous people who could help you in obtaining this style.

Cara Delevingne

Gwen Stefani

Nicole Richie


If you want to upgrade your style, check out: personal style or right clothes for your body type.

9 Casual Work Outfits for a Chic Return to In-Person Meetings

What is considered a casual work outfit in 2021, might look a little differently than in years past. Even the typically suited Wall Street bankers are returning back to their lower Manhattan cubicles without the usual uniform of pristine blazers and trousers. Instead, they’re opting for untucked oxfords and—dare I say it—jeans. Even leather shoes are taking a backseat to sneakers.

Fashion often speaks to the times, and this unprecedented era is certainly no different. There’s no need to abandon the comfort we’ve grown to love over the last year; that easy-going attitude is making its way from Zoom calls and into the boardroom. Now, before you start reaching for those sweatpants again, you should know that the relaxed, modern take on dressing for the office isn’t exactly as casual as those roll-out-of-bed moments. It’s indeed much more elevated, but there’s still a refreshing emphasis on oversized silhouettes and an influx of comfortable shoe options, which echo the same feel-good sentiments as our work-from-home style.

Just take a look at some of the fashion editors, who recently attended their first in-person runway presentation post lockdown. Pencil skirts were given an effortlessly cool spin and paired with the best white T-shirts; suiting was reimagined in slouchy, roomy proportions that could rival the coziest of hoodies.

If you, too, are ready to bring a bit more comfort to your 9 to 5 wardrobe, shop our edits for nine casual work outfits.

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Re/Done x Hanes The Class Tee shirt

Raey belted A-line wool wrap skirt

Manolo Blahnik Carolyne suede mules

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Sea New York Claudine tank

Gucci wide-leg appliquéd high-rise wide-leg jeans

Madewell Perfect leather belt

Saint Laurent Tribute leather sandals

Photographed by Gianluca Senese

Homme Plissé Issey Miyake block shirt

Pleats Please Issey Miyake Calla midi dress

Tom Ford Henry round sunglasses

Alexander McQueen suede-trimmed leather exaggerated-sole sneakers

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Jacquemus La Veste Novio blazer

Jacquemus Le Pantalon Sauge trousers

Saint Laurent Uptown leather clutch

New Balance M990vs2 embroidered suede mesh and leather sneakers

Photographed by Gianluca Senese

Banana Republic oversized tech-stretch shirt

Le Sirenuse Positano Jane pleated embroidered linen skirt

Ray-Ban square sunglasses

Castañer Carina 100 striped espadrille wedges

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Dorothee Schumacher Refreshing Ambition wool-blend blazer

Tory Burch Jessa leather loafers

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather zip pouch

Photographed by Gianluca Senese

Everlane The Clean silk short-sleeve shirt

Jil Sander asymmetric cotton midi wrap skirt

Loewe Slit Raffia leather tote

Birkenstock + Net-A-Porter Arizona leather sandals

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Loulou Studio Ficaja double-breasted pinstriped blazer

Loulou Studio Moretta pleated pinstriped stretch wool pants

Neous Crux leather belt bag

Photographed by Gianluca Senese

Etro paisley-print buttoned shirt

Etro tiered paisley-print cotton-blend poplin maxi skirt

The Definitive Guide To Be Stylish At Work

Appearances do matter. From the job interview to the corner office to networking events, the business casual dress code is a great way to dress for success

Now, we know that striking the right balance of professional and casual styles can be tricky territory — With no black and white rules to be adhered to, business casual is one of the most confusing, mixed-signal dress codes out there.

Trying to decipher what constitutes business casual for women can be overwhelming in modern work environments. A business casual dress code can indeed vary depending on which part of the world you live in, the industry and company you work for, your profession, your career level, and even the season. 

Where one company embraces the business casual dress code with a more laid-back norm (t-shirts and jeans allowed), another would veer more towards the more formal look, expecting nothing less than a dressy blazer and shiny shoes.

Either way, your women’s business casual outfits should always be clean, pressed, and well-fitted (more on sartorial do’s and don’ts below).

Still, you’ve likely found yourself at one point or another wondering what you should wear to work today.

Fret not. If you read this style guide, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what business casual actually means and get specific examples of stylish nine-to-five looks. There is something to suit every sartorial taste.

So if you are ready to master the business casual look and make your Monday to Friday mornings a breeze, read on.

What is Business Casual for women?

Put simply: Business casual is a semi-formal professional dress code that is typically found in modern office settings. Although the term can vary between companies and cultures, business casual traditionally denotes a polished, office-appropriate look that appears smart but is still somewhat comfortable and relaxed rather than overly formal.

Not too business; neither too casual, business casual is a delicate balancing act. The easiest way to think of the business casual dress code is a hybrid of business professional and casual wear.

Business casual is relating to or denoting a style of clothing that is less formal than traditional business wear, but is still intended to give a professional and businesslike impression.”

– Oxford dictionary

Note that business casual is different from smart casual. While business casual traditionally includes classic business staples, smart casual usually combines a professional attire with trendy clothing pieces.

Women business casual examples

Wearing a full-on suit is overly formal. For business casual, it is more like the outfits you would wear when meeting your best client for lunch. 

When planning the perfect business casual wardrobe, think professional wardrobe, but deconstructed. In other words, try mixing tailored and traditional business staples such as dress pants, khakis, blouses, and tailored blazers with more relaxed and fashion-forward pieces. The business casual look should always make you feel stylish and confident but should not raise any eyebrows at your next meeting. 

Just like the name implies, remember that business casual is about business first and casual second. So be sure to check your employee’s handbook for more clarity on your company’s dress code before going on a shopping spree.

Business casual women attire basics

Depending on the season, business casual options for women usually vary quite a bit.

Winter business casual women’s outfits

For fall and winter business casual attire, be sure to opt for thicker fabrics and warm styles, such as long sleeves and knitted sweaters, boots and sock booties. Business casual for the cold weather also calls for layering.

A (cashmere) turtleneck is the ultimate, versatile starting point of your 9-to-5 winter business casual look, working with everything from pants to midi skirts and beyond.

Pro style tip: Belt a jacket to accentuate your waist and avoid bulky-looking layers.

Cropped tweed pants and a long coat are also must-haves in your effortlessly chic winter business casual capsule wardrobe.

For a trendy touch, also invest in a leather midi skirt and a pair of white trousers.

A winter closet staple, tights are one of the easiest ways to transition your favourite dresses and skirts into the colder months without losing any sense of style. Make sure to stock on some timeless, versatile black tights in sheer opaque or super opaque.  For a bolder look, add colored and printed versions (which are back on the radar as a fashion statement) to your winter closet.

Pro styling tips: Mix the fabrics and textures to make any winter look stand out.

Summer business casual women’s outfits

The warmer months usually introduce a refreshing colour palette and lightweight, breathable fabrics (such as cotton, linen, and silk) into your wardrobe. 

During summer, the challenge when choosing business casual outfits is to find just the right balance between work-and weather-appropriate.

Although dresses and skirts are fabulous for keeping your legs fresh, avoid body-hugging, overly tight styles when temperatures rise.

Business casual women outfits: these are precisely what you need to look effortlessly polished at work

The first order of business every morning is deciding what to wear to work.

Business casual is a very versatile dress code. An excellent assortment of basics is the foundation of your business casual wardrobe. 

To help you get your workwear wardrobe on track, we’ve compiled here all the business casual essentials your nine-to-five style needs, according to fashion experts. 

Mix and match the more dressed up pieces to look more put together, or add more casual pieces for a more laid-back vibe.

Business casual shoes

Put your best foot forward with stylish business casual shoes that will effortlessly take you from the workplace to happy hour.

There are a ton of fantastic business casual footwear options to achieve a business casual look. From flats that don’t fall short in the style department (like loafers, brogues, and ballet shoes) to heels that mean business (such as comfortable kitten and block styles and boots). 

If you had only to buy yourself one pair of office-appropriate shoes, make it a chic pair of leather pointy-toed pair of heels in black or nude. These classic women’s business casual shoes can literally be worn with anything and everything in your work wardrobe. And luckily, you can still pull off a killer look with pumps in modest height (sorry, stilettos).
If you’re comfortable ditching heels to work, opt for a pair of comfortable flats like a pointed-toe d’Orsay or menswear-inspired Oxfords, Brogues and loafers. These flats are just some of our favourite go-to shoes for walking around the office all day or for commuters running from the subway to the office and back home again.

Cushy booties or knee-high boots without over-embellishment are business casual staples during colder months. Keep buckles and studs to a minimum for a more timeless look. Pick your boots in leather (or vegan alternative) or suede in a neutral colour that will go with anything. 
Remember: Between commutes, meetings, and after-work events, what you really need is a pair of shoes that are not only stylish but equally comfortable.

Business casual women jeans

Once a big no-no in the office, denim jeans at the office are becoming more and more common as workplaces are increasingly adopting more relaxed dress codes. 

Super versatile, seasonless, and comfortable while still looking put together, denim jeans are in vogue.

So know that yes, you can wear work-appropriate jeans as business casual attire—as long as they are well-tailored and your ensembles remain polished. Dressing up your denim (with, say, a pair of heels or a blazer) is de rigueur. 

Style tip: Opt for a pair of timeless skinny or boot cut jeans. As a general rule, go for jeans that have a darker wash with little to no distressing for a more polished look. Also, denim with a bit of stretch tends to be more comfortable for sitting for long periods.

Business casual women shirts

A chic button-down white shirt in classic cotton style or more feminine silk is a business casual staple.

For a slightly more trendy business casual vibe, go for a button-down with a little bit of feminine flair, like ruffles, or a studded collar.

Business casual blouses and tops

Shirts aren’t the only business casual tops of choice. The beautiful thing about the business casual dress code is that it allows for a bit more fun with your work everyday wardrobe than some other, more formal corporate dress codes.

You can branch outside of primary neutral colours for your tops. Experiment with stylish blouses in a variety of sleeve lengths in pops of pastels, jewel tones, plaids, muted florals, and subtle prints. Don’t get too trendy with over-the-top patterns, though, and avoid anything too revealing or sheer.

To master the delicate balancing act of business casual, pair your trendy blouses and tops with classic trousers or skirts.

Business casual dresses

Business casual dresses are an office staple for both summer and winter days.

Beyond structured, business-suit-like dresses, business casual dresses come in many other polished forms that are ideal for the office. From shift dresses to mock turtleneck dresses, wrap dresses, silk dresses, and midi dresses, business casual dresses are super versatile, figure-flattering, and easy to wear and layer. Just ensure that they are in an appropriate length and fit for the office.


Retro style pencil dress

Business casual skirts

Both stylish and versatile, pencil or A-line skirts with appropriate length are another undeniable business casual wardrobe staple.  

These classic skirts are easily paired with a rotating cast of dressy blouses or button-down shirts.

Business casual women pants

Mid- or high-rise, wide-leg, straight or slim, business casual pants are the first option for most women in the workplace. 

A pair of elegant black trousers is a timeless essential. Pick office pants with a little stretch for maximum comfort when sitting down.
Pro tip: Show off your favourite shoes with cropped pants for a modern yet pulled together business casual look.


Ankle cropped dress pants

Business casual sweaters

Perfect for the colder months and to keep you warm in an air-conditioned office, basic sweaters are an excellent addition to your year-round business casual wardrobe. 

Wear them tucked into your skirt or smart pants, with jeans and heels or layer them over shirts and dresses.

Pick up sweaters in a range of basic neutrals, but don’t be afraid to also play with fashion colours and patterns.

Business casual jackets and blazers

The right blazer or jacket has the power to elevate any business casual outfit instantly. 

Pro styling tip: You can cuff your blazer sleeves to soften the look.

Business casual women cardigans

You can never have too many cardigans. A staple in business casual attire, your basic cardigan will pull together any outfit while keeping you warm.


Open front cardigan

Business casual women accessories

The finishing touches to your business casual outfit: accessories.

Jewelry, watches, belts, and scarves can instantly change your overall office look. 

To accessorize a simple office outfit, think about adding a silk scarf in a subtle print or trendy pop of colour.


Large silky shawl wrap scarf in solid colours

Business casual women bags

Stylish and functional, with plenty of space and pockets, a polished leather (or faux leather!) tote bag is perfect for carrying all your work essentials.

For maximum mix and match potential, go for a neutral colour.


Alligator leather tote bag

Business casual for plus size women

There are plenty of beautiful business casual outfits for women with full hips and thighs.

If you’re curvy, look for structured fabrics and dark shades that downplay curves and select pieces with a flattering fit for your shape.

For pants, consider opting for mid-rise styles with straight or wide legs.

Style tips: Business casual for women do’s and don’ts

We’ve compiled the do’s and don’ts of choosing the right business casual dress code outfit.

  • It is worth investing in quality business casual basics that can be worn year-round and complement them with more affordable, on-trend seasonal pieces.
  • All business casual garments should be clean, pressed, and wrinkle-free.
  • Generally speaking, business casual for women should never be revealing. 
    • The length of a skirt or dress should not be too short – it should appropriately cover you so you can comfortably get up and down out of chairs and walk up the stairs or on an escalator.
    • Necklines of blouses and dresses should not be too revealing either. Avoid plunging V-necks — they should not show too much cleavage.
    • Avoid anything ill-fitting, overly tight, low-rise, too flowing, or sheer. 
    • Make sure that bra straps aren’t visible. 
    • Avoid spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts, and tank tops; always cover bare shoulders with a blazer.
  • Avoid jewelry pieces that are too distracting. 
  • Yoga and athletic clothing, workout wear and beachwear are a big no-no in the office.  
  • When it comes to your colour palette, stick to neutral-coloured business casual essential pieces — black, grey, navy, cream, and white are always a safe bet. You can then accent your muted neutral office outfits with pops of colour or printed pieces. 
  • Don’t go overboard with print mixing or risk a fashion faux pas. Remember: If you want to wear a bold trendy piece such as floral or leopard print, balance it with minimalistic business casual items, like a crisp white blouse. 
  • Avoid clothing with political or potentially offensive words or graphics. 
  • Keep your makeup natural and low-key. 
  • Observe how your colleagues are dressed to see what’s considered appropriate or check with HR to determine the degree of business casual dress code. 
  • In doubt, It’s always wiser to opt for the more formal version of business casual, even more so during job interviews. 
  • Your office outfit should always be formal enough that you can comfortably attend an unexpected professional meeting.

Business casual for women dress code: Frequently asked questions

Are jeans business casual for a woman?

It varies from one workplace to another. But in today’s work environments, jeans are more commonly accepted as part of the business casual dress code.

Can leggings be business casual?

Unless your workplace has a very relaxed business casual dress code, you should assume leggings are not acceptable to wear to work. If you do wear leggings at the office, ensure they are covered by the top (be it a dress, skirt, tunic, or long sweater).

What kind of shoes to wear business casual?

There are many business casual footwear options for women: loafers, brogues, ballet shoes, block heels, ankle boots, and more. Office-appropriate shoes should be both stylish and incredibly comfortable.

Are knee-high boots business casual?

Knee-high boots are appropriate for the business casual work environment, as long as you’re wearing them with an appropriate-length outfit.  

Are open-toed shoes business casual?

In most corporate environments, open-toed shoes are not considered professional and generally not office-appropriate.

Are 4 inch heels too high for work?

A general rule of thumb: your heels are too high if you can’t do your job while wearing them. For most women, the office-friendly maximum is four inches, tops.

90,000 fashion bows 2021 for girls and women

Basic rules

Everyday clothes of a modern woman are notable for their convenience and practicality. Choosing a style for every day, the bulk of the beautiful half of humanity prefers simple wardrobe items. These things are usually executed in the spirit of minimalism with an emphasis on functionality.

A simple yet expensive look has become the foundation of every woman’s aspiration. Most of the wardrobe is designed for everyday use and has a number of its own characteristics. These criteria include comfort, simplicity of cut, quality and natural components of the materials of the product and its practicality.

An important factor for every woman of the fair sex is the aesthetics of clothing.The selection of the latest fashion industry novelties can not only change the mood, but also affect the results of the day. And if you create a harmonious stylish look, your lifestyle often changes for the better. There is time for walking, visiting the gym, outdoor activities. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to purchase products to the detriment of the financial situation.

Good everyday clothing is unassuming to care for. It is little wrinkled, resistant to pills and welcomes washing, while not deforming, retaining its shape and original color for a long time.

Skillful approach to its selection and combination with wardrobe items becomes the main accent of things for everyday use.And if sometimes it seems that it is difficult to make an ensemble of the same items, this does not mean at all that the manner of dressing should be scattered. By adhering to some rules, you can develop good taste and design your bow as well as stylists of famous brands.

What to look for

The main line of casual wear is divided into four directions: simple casual, respect casual, smart casual and chic casual.

Simple casual

Differs in a free cut and unpretentious composition. The composition of the kit allows for free combinations. It can be pants made of elastic material that does not hinder movement, jumpers, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets and sneakers.Such a group is characterized by materials that are unpretentious in care: cotton, denim, corduroy and knitwear.

The main task in drawing up the image is the harmony of combinations and a pleasant appearance. Therefore, in the line you can often find monochromatic products or options with a small discreet pattern. It is much easier to combine them, and the emphasis on what can and cannot be the best recommendation for creating a bow.

Chic casual

The line is interesting for the combination of incongruous. Such an extraordinary approach contributes to a creative image and sometimes becomes a new direction in the collections of fashion houses.Chic, subject only to courageous women of fashion, attracts a lot of attention from others. At the same time, things look appropriate, not forgetting about the feminine principle.

A typical choice of this line is a duet of jeans with sandals on a high thin stiletto heel, an option that combines a top and a hat into an ensemble. The composition of a sports leotard and an airy blazer looks extraordinary.

Smart casual

Respect Casual and Smart Casual define the privileged style that is inherent in lovers of high quality clothing, emphasizing the special status of the wearer.The directions literally breathe femininity and sophistication of nature.

Elements of the classics are reflected in the light version of the business woman’s suit. A graceful jacket is combined with knitwear, a skirt or skinny jeans. The line welcomes light silk and chiffon blouses, thin turtlenecks, knitted pullovers combined with low-heeled leather shoes. The presence of high quality accessories will add a note of grace and ease to the image.

Respect casual

The Respect Casual style is more strict, elegant and restrained.The appearance of such casual clothes is distinguished by respectability. Often, delicate colors of the material take part in the creation of the look, emphasizing the nobility and special status of a woman.

Ideal can consist of an adjacent cream jacket worn over a white blouse with a regular fit. Light trousers and brown sandals with high, wide heels complement the chic style, and a chiffon scarf with a contrast print round off the look.

The play of noble shades of coffee and white can fill an everyday look from a tight-fitting blouse and trousers in a premium class.

What to look for

First of all, it is necessary to determine the directions.The dress code for each occasion implies its own characteristics and often obeys the laws of society. Each social sphere has its own style of dressing. Personal choice is often governed by these rules.

You can express your individuality in one direction or another not only through the color of the set, but also with the help of accessories, as well as small iconic details.

If the business style adheres to strict classic suits, then the home version is distinguished by maximum comfort, softness, comfort and any paint color.

The urban set is divided into clothes with a smart slant and everyday options.Ensembles for travel, active lifestyle and outdoor recreation constitute a special direction of the everyday ensemble. They not only bring bright, cheerful colors to life, but also differ in maximum convenience. Such products are selected with greater freedom of choice and preference.

Sports versions are characterized by a loose fit that does not restrict movement. In this case, the shape can tightly fit the natural curves of the body.Due to the special properties of the materials, it is highly breathable, providing a favorable microclimate for the skin. Frequently chosen items are not inferior in appearance to elegant ensembles.

A set for every day should be practical, but not boring, free cut, but excluding asexual forms, light, without excessive openness.The individuality of the style of such things cannot be challenging: there should be a sense of proportion and harmony in everything. Regardless of the type of activity, comfort and a sense of confidence remain the main signs.

Any season of the year in the choice of products for everyday wear does not dictate standards. These things adhere to a democratic price, do not resemble high fashion and are far from extreme. They are close to common sense and aesthetics and do not change the personality of the owner.

Collections for different ages

The very concept of “everyday fashion” is widespread in the fashion industry.Considering this or that option, it is necessary to take into account not only the place, but also the age. For young and motivated girls, creative options are often allowed, due to the place of work. These can be design studios, fashion houses, clubs, etc. Ladies of mature age have their own characteristics in the choice of each direction of the wardrobe collection. Among them, restraint and calm color palette are especially noted.

As a rule, models for every day are devoid of aggression and excessive sexuality.The plunging neckline is intended for special occasions and formal dresses, so models for everyday life try to avoid piquant accentuation of forms.

Collections for young girls usually consist of more progressive and comfortable items. These are jeans, skinny, shorts, leggings, loose-fitting trousers, tops, T-shirts, jackets, cropped jackets, sweatshirts, tunics.

Casual style for women is often replete with sundresses, dresses, classic suits, cardigans. Beautiful clothes emphasize the dignity of the figure. Cotton shirts, dressing gowns, loose trousers made of flowing materials gently speak of the feminine principle.

Choice for every day

When choosing a thing you like, it is meant for a specific case. If it is planned to design an urban image, then this style is often formed on the principle of layering.It can be a set of top, shorts and a jacket cropped to the waist. The ensemble of a sweatshirt and leggings looks quite harmonious.

Light raincoat worn over a set of blouse and classic pleated shorts will fit perfectly into a business wardrobe.

Images for each day are devoid of unambiguous rules.Adhering to the fashion lines, they are tailored to the specific look. Flamboyant women of fashion often adorn their everyday look with skinny jeans, tops or printed T-shirts, casually throwing mini-jackets over their shoulders. Elegant high-heeled shoes and a roomy bag complete the looks of such compositions.

Such a look will look surprisingly different on every girl: different texture of the material, length of products and saturation of shades, a variety of T-shirt models will bring their own flavor and uniqueness to the image.

It’s no secret that clothes are bought taking into account their appearance. The color of the skin, eyes and hair is equally important for the selection of colors. And knowledge of the features of the physique will allow you to choose the model you like with an ideal fit. Skillful playing around of flaws and emphasizing the merits of the figure will help to create an elegant look with visually correct proportions.

Don’t copy the style of fashion catalogs. It is important to remember that the main thing in any image is the woman herself, and clothes are a way of conveying inner peace and mood. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that the wardrobe items are expensive. The thing should please, be a source of confidence and emphasize feminine beauty. Comfort and convenience will allow you to make the most of your day.

Plus size owners should take a closer look at noble dark shades: emerald, malachite, cherry, burgundy, smoky blue and chocolate will add shades of luxury to the image.

If possible, light colors should be excluded, since they can add additional volume to the figure. Combinations of color with a strong contrast of top and bottom are best avoided, as a sharp color change will noticeably divide the shape horizontally.

When choosing clothes for every day, luxurious women will find products with vertical lines that visually slim and stretch the figure. For them, a bow from an elongated blouse, cardigan or tunic will be ideal.

Stylists recommend eliminating the emphasis on the waistline in the form of wide belts.Materials for this group should not sparkle or have large print colors. It is better to give preference to matte fabrics (silk, wool, knitted fabric or jersey).

Owners of short stature should avoid the length of dresses and skirts below the knee, as it visually reduces growth. The simplicity of the cut and moderate flaring of the skirts will emphasize the fragility and diminutiveness of nature.

Do not use horizontal stripes or children’s colors in the suit. Dresses for such girls can be trapezoidal, straight or adjacent silhouette. Short shorts or mini skirts will stretch your height. Above the knee hourglass dresses are perfect for a casual, feminine look. High-heeled shoes will complement the bow, adding solid growth.

An office suit with a classic cut and high waistline looks beautiful on any figure. A favorable accent of the neckline area draws attention to the dignity of the body, and a loose tunic will add style and charisma to the image.


Casual and smart casual are two dress codes that most people confuse.Casual clothing refers to the type of clothing we wear in our daily life. mart caual, hot

The key difference is casual and smart casual

Casual and smart casual are two dress codes that most people confuse. Casual clothing refers to the type of clothing we wear in our daily life. Smart casual, although there is no clear definition of this term, may include some items of clothing that are worn for everyday wear, but smart casual makes a person look elegant and chic.In , the key difference between casual and smart casual is that casual wear can only be worn for informal occasions, while smart casual can be worn for both informal and formal occasions.

What is Smart Casual?

There is no universally accepted definition of a smart casual dress code. Different fashion experts and fashion houses have different attitudes towards the image of a smart casual ensemble. Regardless of these different opinions, it is generally accepted that smart casual wear looks elegant, neat and sleek.It’s not too casual or formal.

Elegant casual wear can be worn on a variety of occasions such as business meetings, informal walks, romantic dates, parties and weddings. This style is suitable for all these occasions as it combines elements from different dress codes. For example, denim (usually darker and tear-free) that you wear for your day-to-day outing can be paired with a smart shirt or top and jacket for the perfect smart casual style.Dress pants, dress shirts, skirts, mid-length dresses, customized sweaters, ties, vests, blazers, shoes, etc. Usually worn for smart casual wear. Women can also enhance their elegant and chic look with matching jewelry and wallets.

The main goal of this style is to look chic and smart. When preparing for a smart casual event, make sure your clothes are clean and tidy and your shoes are freshly polished.

What is random?

Casual clothes are what we wear in everyday life. Comfort, lightness and affordability occupy a special place in everyday wear. The clothes we wear for grocery shopping, manual labor, travel, and other daily walks can be categorized as casual wear. This type of clothing should not be worn at parties, weddings, and other formal or ceremonial events. They also cannot be worn to work.

Various garments such as T-shirts, denims, khakis, jackets, hoodies, miniskirts, summer dresses, loafers, sneakers and sandals are casual wear. Clothing such as frayed jeans with rips and tears, belly shirts, T-shirts, etc. are used as casual wear only.

These garments are commonly made from materials such as cotton, denim, knitwear, flannel and polyester. Expensive and elegant materials such as satin, silk, chiffon, brocade and velvet are not commonly used for casual wear.Sportswear also belongs to the casual wear category.

What is the difference between Casual and Smart Casual?

Casual and Smart Casual

Casual wear is casual wear. Smart Casual is a neat, traditional yet relatively informal style.


Casual wear can be worn for grocery shopping, manual labor, travel and other daily outings. Smart Casual can be worn at business meetings, walks, romantic dates, parties and weddings.


T-shirts, jeans, khakis, jackets, hoodies, miniskirts, summer dresses, etc. Refers to casual wear. Dress pants, dress shirts, skirts, mid-length dresses, tailor-made sweaters, ties, vests, blazers, etc. They are elegant casual wear.


Casual dresses can be of any length. Smart Casual dresses are usually of medium length.


Loafers, sneakers, slippers and sandals are worn as everyday wear. For smart casual style, wear closed-toe shoes, medium and low-heeled shoes or ballet flats; men wear socks with shoes.


Casual gives a relaxed, comfortable, but sometimes unkempt look. Smart Casual is a chic, elegant and neat look.

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Classification of clothing styles

Classification of clothing styles

How to find your style

The basic styles are classic, romantic and sporty. All other styles are derived from the main ones.

Classic style (conservative) is restrained simplicity in lines, laconic cut.Clothes of this style are attractive for their high quality and quality of materials. Achromatic colors or pastel shades prevail. This is the most unemotional style, everything in it is extremely moderate. Lack of trendy details. Length, width, volume and proportions are always average, familiar to the eye.

The romantic style of clothing implies the creation of a sublime, sophisticated image. The style is characterized by the use of ruffles, flounces, long dresses in a flying cut.Romantic style men are characterized by vests, scarves, wide-sleeved shirts and romantic hats. The style is inherent in a floral print, as well as delicate pastel colors.

Sports style is characterized by free, movement-free clothing designed for sports and outdoor activities or casual wear stylized as sportswear, which has the attributes inherent in sports equipment. Clothes that are quite bright and dynamic in nature are distinguished by their practicality and convenience.

Casual style – the most widespread and popular style, suggests modern (fashionable) everyday, practical and comfortable clothes. This style can combine elements of other styles, but the distinguishing feature is the comfort and convenience of clothing. There are subdivisions of this style for city casual (urban casual), smart casual (elegant casual), there is also the wording “ business casual “, which rather characterizes the dress code “working Friday”, in fact, the same as smart casual.And one more subtype: sport casual is a casual style with elements of sport, but this style is not for sports.
As an example of the cusual style, we offer some options from the portfolio of our stylists.

Derby – jockey style. The name of the style is named after the English Lord Derby, a big fan of racehorses. The jockey style echoes the clothing of the riders.

Business dress – the main idea of ​​the style is that the clothes do not distract attention from the business qualities of the employee.Business style clothing should be restrained and elegant, but at the same time, unlike conservative style, business style is subject to fashion trends. Lines, shapes, silhouettes, everything should be clear and definite.

Extravagant style in clothes is a very dangerous stylistic direction that requires refined taste and design skills, because it can border on vulgarity. But, at the same time, extravagant style is the engine of fashion.An artistic style in which creative people express themselves, striving to stand out from the crowd, can be considered extravagant. The style is characterized by unusual styles, the use of asymmetry, catchy expressive accents, non-standard details and flashy color combinations.

Erotic style – a style that maximally emphasizes female (or male) gender. Shaped to attract the opposite sex. It is expressed in the most tight, open and defiant clothing.

Ethnic clothing style . This style has incorporated elements of various national costumes. Became popular in 1976 thanks to Yves Saint Laurent.

Minimalism does not mean little, it means nothing more.

Safari style appeared in the 60s. It is predominantly a travel style that borrows elements from tropical military uniforms. A characteristic feature is all shades of sand in clothing and many patch pockets.A light-colored hat with small brim is a symbolic attribute.

Military style . Clothes with elements of a military suit: shoulder straps, epaulettes, patch pockets, lacing, etc. Primary colors: gray-green, olive, khaki.

Colonial style clothing. Similar to the safari style, but in the colonial style there are more retrospective motives. White and fine fabrics are preferred.

Marine style is a resort classic.Special features: a combination of three colors: blue, white and red. Striped print, sailor collar, cropped pleated skirt, and nautical paraphernalia in accessories.

Vamp style is, first of all, a certain image that can be guessed in clothes with bare shoulders and neckline. The predominant colors are black and red. Always bright makeup, red lipstick and heels.

Disco style . 70s club party style.Recognizable by shiny fabrics.

Teddy Gels or Judy’s – distinctive style details: an elongated jacket, tight pencil skirt, rolled-up jeans, boater hats, miniature brooches, espadrilles and clutches.

Garson style is a men’s style clothing for women. It became widespread in the 20s of the 19th century. on the wave of emancipation. The style is characterized by tuxedos and jackets of a man’s cut.

Oversize-Look – a style in which clothes are deliberately worn several sizes larger than necessary.Was fashionable in the 80s and 90s, Gaultier is dearly loved.

Country style (from the English word country – village) – the rustic style of the American West of the late 19th century. Americans call this style Western (western). Cowboys and farmers style. It features natural terracotta fabrics, jeans, plaid shirts, as well as cowboy hats and boots.

Folklore style (folk style) – clothes stylized to resemble national costumes.The idea of ​​the style is not to completely copy national outfits, but only to borrow certain elements, including them in modern models. Knitting, weaving, patchwork techniques, appliques and various embroidery are widely used. Folk style is comfortable.

Rustic style clothing is a rougher variation of folk and country style. Plain rustic clothing made from coarse natural fabrics

Eco style (Eco style) – the most ancient and natural style of clothing.The style is characterized by the colors of nature: the color of the earth, grass, sand, drawings on fabrics are rather an exception and have floral motives. Fabrics are used only natural, often coarse weaving, loose styles.

Gaucho style – the style of the Spanish-Indian herders. Includes a variety of ponchos, shallow-crowned wide-brimmed hats, neckerchiefs, and wide-leg trousers.

Urban chic is the complete opposite of country style.Dense high-quality fabrics, a predominance of strict, laconic details, adherence to modern fashion trends and expensive accessories.

Aviator style – a repetition of the clothing of the first pilots. The main element of the style is an “aviator” jacket with various sports patches, matching glasses and a pilot’s hat.

Style “New Look” (new look, new image) – a style introduced into fashion by Christian Dior after the Second World War, when everyone was tired of jackets with square shoulders that characterized the military style, lacked the femininity that Dior proposed …The style is characterized by long, puffy skirts, an accentuated waistline and a fitted bodice. At that time, it was something radically new, hence the name of the style.

Constructive clothing style – focuses on the form, design of clothing. Emphasized straight lines, pleating, sometimes hypertrophied geometric lines in a cut are characteristic.

Abundance style is an eclectic style that combines all the incompatible.Has no clear distinction between kitsch. The style was invented by Jean Paul Gaultier. (Kenzo called eclecticism in clothes a diffuse style).

The storey style is characterized by multi-layered clothing, short on top of long. In America, it is called Zvibel (Zwiebel onion) for the Russian mentality, an analogy with cabbage is closer.

Pajama style is characterized by spacious, shapeless pieces that resemble pajama outfits, but are not intended for sleeping.Vertical striped prints are characteristic.

Men’s clothing style – this phrase is used both to define a category of styles accepted in men’s fashion, and for women’s clothing that resembles men’s clothing (for example, garcon style). The classification of styles in clothes is almost completely universal for both women and men, the difference is in the elements of style display. If you want to better understand men’s style, take the online course “Men’s Style”

Art Deco – retro style.Luxurious fabrics, an abundance of trimmings, a low waist, no emphasis on the chest and hips are typical. As well as glass beads, sequins and a long fringe.

Linen style clothes – a characteristic feature of the style in that outerwear resembles openwork underwear. Satin stitch embroidery, cutwork, lace are actively used.

Gothic Lolita style has spread in Japan. It is a mixture of the Victorian girl image (puppet image) and the Gothic style.The predominance of black, white and pink colors. The presence of large bows and corsets.

Vintage style is distinguished by trendy items of the previous generation, at least thirty years ago, original or antique stylized.

Chanel style is elegance and straight lines. Main attribute: straight tweed jacket.

Preppy (short for pre-college) is the style of wealthy ivy league students.Elegance, classics, high cost and brand name or emblem symbols of clothes are characteristic.

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Casual from A to Z

How to create an elegant and practical wardrobe in a casual style?

If you want to look elegant and casual, interesting and not pretentious, stylish and practical, then the casual style will certainly suit you.This is a real find for the inhabitants of the big city, whose frantic rhythm requires time everywhere and at the same time looks like a model from a glossy. In the morning, a business meeting with partners, at lunchtime – gatherings in a cafe with a friend, and in the evening – a trip to the theater with a loved one. A sane woman is unlikely to choose a wardrobe for every “date”. But casual clothes will be appropriate for any celebration of life.

Further in the article we will understand what a casual style is and how to wear it in order to look unbeatable in any situation!

Casual style

Translated from English “casual” means casual, relaxed, relaxed.And therefore, the main distinguishing feature of bows in this style is convenience, comfort and practicality. After a busy day at work, you can go to a bachelorette party or even a date in a casual style, and at the same time be sure that the appearance will fully correspond to the theme of the event.

The first sprouts of the casual style appeared in the 50s. The Teddy-boys youth movement distinguished themselves with expensive, classic costumes, in keeping with the Edward VII era. Pipe trousers, white shirts with starched collars and elongated drape jackets became their main outfits.With this, the ted wanted to show that good clothes will not turn a bad guy into an exemplary guy.

The next surge in the popularity of casual looks came in the 70s, when young people became interested in football. The fans’ clothing – sports jackets and sneakers – became the trigger for the development of the sports-casual style.

Firewood was thrown into the fire by the protagonist, James Crockett, of the Miami Police television series, broadcast on television from 84 to the 90s. Practical casual style was read in every element of his wardrobe: pastel colors, T-shirts combined with expensive suits from Giorgio Armani, linen trousers, bare-leg loafers and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

And only after the world saw casual notes in the collections of Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana and D&G, the style attracted the interest of women and forever acquired the status of an eternally relevant and in-demand trend.

Varieties of casual style

Despite all the advantages of this trend, many girls still treat it with prejudice and ambiguity. After all, I would not want to cross the line of casual elegance and look in the office as if I was going to the store for bread.Fortunately, many interesting branches of style have appeared in modern fashion – smart, business, sports and street casual. They are designed to meet the needs of women with different lifestyles and lifestyles. In the article below, we analyze in more detail each direction of everyday fashion.

Smart casual

Smart casual is a “smart everyday” that will appeal to business women, tired of angular, constraining movements and prim classical looks.

When creating smart bows, a muted color scheme and all basic halftones are used: gray, black, white, brown.

Smart-style allows you to wear interesting fitted knee-length skirts, comfortable trousers and suits in the office in the company of bulky sweaters. Tandem classic and casual clothing helps create an unmatched sets, not limited to the scope of a particular dress code or event. The fan of smart bows always looks very elegant and fashionable. Her clothes breathe at the same time both cozy everyday life and the subtle scent of expensive perfume.

Popular smart casual clothing sets:

  • comfortable basic suit + turtleneck;
  • pencil skirt + oversized sweater;
  • loose basic trousers + oversized jacket;
  • Smart casual for women will become indispensable not only in the office, but also far beyond it.

Business casual

The labor revolution could not ignore the clothes of the working people. In the 70s, when people were trying to win the right to wear casual clothes, devoid of classical severity and business canons, business casual for women came into fashion, which was originally presented in the form of “casual friday”.On this free Friday, you could wear classic trousers with jumpers and turtlenecks, shirts with an open collar or polo, blue jeans in a company of business jackets – in fact, everything that employees of large companies could not afford, for example, on work Monday.

Learn how to put together a basic wardrobe for women.

In the modern version “business casual” or translated into Russian “everyday business” allows images in a business style with elements of everyday life.

BUT! Business casual for women absolutely does not tolerate negligence in the image.
At the workplace, it is necessary to look as collected and prepared for work as possible.

Therefore, in business casual looks, it is better to mix business suits, blouses and shirts with collars in an unusual cut or color with relaxed casual outfits. In this case, the image will turn out to be complete and will not seem to the head of the company or business partner too ordinary and even homely.

Sports casual

Fans of sports clothing will love the sport casual style.
The perfect set of clothes: hoodies, pants and sneakers. In the cold season, a classic straight coat in sand or gray color will be an excellent completion of the look.
Wear a white t-shirt + dress pants + white sneakers for a casual level of dress. To give the image of composure, you can complement the bow with a jacket or an elongated vest.

When putting together casual athletic looks, keep in mind that acid-colored clothes you wear to the gym or for a run will not be appropriate.

This is more suitable for sport style things in seasoned colors and silhouettes, which, if desired, can be used in office sets.

Street Casual

Showcase your individuality and unique creative thinking with the Street Casual Style . A distinctive feature of this direction is the absence of any framework, restrictions and prohibitions.But at the same time, the same comfort, practicality and convenience should be preserved in street looks.

Here you can realize the most daring ideas and combine absolutely any things from your closet. The main ideological inspirers are street stylers, whose sets amaze the imagination. See and get new ideas!

Advantages of casual clothing style

The direction has many advantages for residents of megalopolises and small towns, among which are versatility, relevance, originality, and modernity of bows.Fashionable freshness emanates from them. But most of all, the casual style of clothing conquers with comfort, which is a decisive factor in composing images. And this is very important. The feeling of lightness and ease gives additional self-confidence.

Basic clothes for casual style

If you like this relaxed-elegant style and you are ready to try it on yourself, you need to choose basic casual clothes. It is thanks to them that you can collect successful sets and switch to the side of practical and comfortable casual clothing.

Basic casual wardrobe consists of the following items:

  • boyfriend jeans;
  • high waist jeans;
  • comfortable trousers;
  • chinos;
  • classic suit;
  • loose T-shirt;
  • polo shirt;
  • one-piece blouse;
  • turtleneck;
  • oversized sweater;
  • Straight cut casual dresses;
  • shirt dress;
  • knitted dress with a practical silhouette;
  • loose-fitting knitted dress;
  • long knitted cardigan and short;
  • straight-cut jacket;
  • loose denim jacket;
  • elongated vest;
  • loose classic coat.

Clothes should be selected in basic and soft shades. In prints, stripes, a check (most often glencheck) and a small floral pattern are in the lead.

If you like printed clothes, remember that the casual style does not tolerate large catchy patterns. In the images, you should use small prints.

Accessories for the casual style

To make your look interesting and complete you cannot do without accessories. They help to place the accents correctly and add a fashionable piquancy.The list of necessary casual accessories includes:

  • Belts – must have casual-images. It will favorably complement the look with chinos, as well as fit with jeans, skirts, mid-rise or high-rise shorts. In the cold season, you can decorate a coat or fix a shawl-scarf with such an accessory. If this is not a monochrome look, then it is better to use a belt in a contrasting color so that it stands out and does not get lost in the layers of clothing. Black, brown and beige are standard colors.
  • Watches – rely on men’s models. Wherever you go, the watch will look good in any casual look, enhance the degree of elegance and highlight your style.
  • The neckerchief is at its peak again. This cute little thing will edit even the most banal image and add style to it. A scarf is appropriate not only in the office, but also for a walk in the park.
  • Jewelry – if you need an accessory that will look good in bows of different directions, then multilayer chains, a necklace on a massive short strap or with large links, smooth metal and leather bracelets win in the level of versatility.
  • Bag – the baggy model will make the look casual and relaxed, while the classic square bag will bring a business look to perfection.
    Backpack – transforms the look, making it more youthful and modern.
  • The Plaid Scarf is another fashion invention that adds style to your outfit.
  • Hat – this accessory will not only protect you from rain on a rainy autumn day, but will also attract the attention of passers-by.

Casual Shoes

For a casual look that lives up to its name, rely on comfortable models.The priority is for flat shoes, platform or small neat heels: loafers, ballet flats, top-siders, moccasins, slip-ons, sneakers, sneakers, boots. Sleek pumps can be used to create more sophisticated and elegant casual looks. They will add to the image of composure, efficiency and sophistication.

Unsurpassed celebrity casual style

Seblereti amaze with incomparable outfits not only on the red carpet, but also in everyday life.Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr are the creators of impeccable casual compositions that delight with comfort and relevance. They can be safely taken into your chest of ideas and implemented in everyday life.

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Where to buy casual clothes?

Casual clothes should not be super tight to the body. It is necessary that at least half a centimeter of the gap remains between the thing and the body.

Choosing clothes in a casual style, you must be guided by three main principles: convenience, practicality and versatility. After all, you will wear it on an ongoing basis. Therefore, it is foolish to torment yourself with uncomfortable outfits that will distract you from work and important matters.

Form new and unique looks in a casual style and you will certainly impress your colleagues, friends and people close to you!

Design a casual wardrobe »

90,000 How to dress well: talking about clothes in English

“They are greeted by their clothes” is an old saying that is always relevant.We are faced with a choice of clothes every morning, often go to stores or buy clothes on the Internet. So, you need to know what the wardrobe items, styles, fabrics and much more are called.

So roll up your sleeves and get ready to remember what garments are called in English, how to talk about things in English, and common phrases and idioms associated with clothing.

Clothes in English

The word clothes [kləʊðz] is translated from English as “clothes”.As you can see from the transcription, the letter e in this word is not pronounced.

It is important to remember that clothes are only used in the plural with an s at the end. If you want to talk about one piece of clothing, use the expression “a piece of clothing” or the more formal “an item of clothing” or “an article of clothing”.

Clothes – the everyday version of the word “clothes”. If you want to be more formal, say clothing.

English clothing vocabulary

The word “clothing” has several synonyms.So, in addition to clothes / clothing, there are wear, apparel, garment, outfit, dress or costume.

Clothes can be of several types:
  • Outerwear / Outdoor clothes / Outer garments / overgarment
  • Ladieswear / Women’s clothing
  • Menswear / Men’s clothing –
  • Underwear –
  • underwear

  • Casuals (UK)
  • Formal clothes
  • Sportswear –
  • Sportswear

  • Protective clothing / workwear
  • Swimwear
  • Swimwear

  • Uniform – uniform, uniform
Main garments:
  • Boots – boots
  • Coat –
  • coat

  • Dress – dress
  • Jacket – jacket
  • Jeans –
  • Jeans

  • Shirt – shirt
  • Shoes – shoes
  • Skirt – skirt
  • Suit – suit
  • Sweater / jumper – sweater / jumper
  • Trainers (brit.) / sneakers (US) – sneakers
  • Trousers (British) / pants (American) – classic trousers

And now let’s analyze the different types of some wardrobe items and their English counterparts. These words will help you navigate styles and different types of clothing, come in handy in a store abroad or while shopping on the Internet.

Shirts and blouses:
  • Blouse – blouse
  • Dress shirt – regular fit shirt
  • Polo shirt – polo shirt
  • Tank top – tank top
  • T-shirt – T-shirt
  • Tunic – tunic
  • Cloak – cloak (cape), mantle
  • Down-padded coat –
  • down jacket

  • Fur coat –
  • Jacket (Amer.) – any jacket
  • Leather jacket –
  • leather jacket

  • Parka – parka
  • Sheepskin coat –
  • Trench coat –
  • Raincoat / slicker
  • Waistcoat – vest
  • Windcheater, windbreaker – windbreaker

Proverb: Don’t have thy cloak to make when it begins to rain – Do not start sewing yourself a raincoat when it starts to rain (meaning: do everything on time).

Jackets and sweaters:
  • Cardigan – Cardigan (Wool Button Down Collarless Jacket)
  • Hoodie – “hoodie”, knitted jacket with a hood
  • Polo neck (British) / turtleneck (American) – turtleneck
  • Pullover / sweater – pullover, sweater
  • Sleeveless jacket –
  • Sweat-shirt – sweatshirt without hood, sweatshirt
Pants and shorts:
  • Bananas – Banana trousers
  • Bell-bottoms –
  • Bell Bottoms

  • Bermuda shorts – Bermuda shorts (longline shorts)
  • Breeches – breeches
  • Pipestem trousers / pants –
  • Pipestem trousers

  • Shorts
  • Slacks – “slacks” (wide loose pants)
  • Sweat pants – sweatpants

Proverb: Good clothes open all doors – Good clothes open all doors (meaning: they are greeted by clothes).

  • Boot cut / boot-legged jeans – long jeans (found on shoes)
  • Boyfriend jeans – Ladies wide leg jeans
  • High waisted jeans –
  • high waisted jeans

  • Low rise jeans –
  • low rise jeans

  • Relaxed / loose jeans –
  • straight wide leg jeans

  • Ripped / distressed jeans – jeans with faux holes
  • Slim, skinny, tight jeans – skinny skinny jeans
  • Straight / regular fit / classic jeans –
  • straight classic jeans

  • Wide-leg jeans
  • wide leg jeans

  • Balloon skirt –
  • balloon skirt

  • Circular skirt – “sun” skirt
  • Flared skirt –
  • flared skirt

  • Kilt –
  • kilt

  • Maxi, maxi-skirt –
  • maxi skirt

  • Midi, midi-skirt – knee-length skirt
  • Mini, mini-skirt –
  • mini-skirt

  • Pencil skirt
  • Tutu skirt
  • A-line dress – a-line dress
  • Cocktail dress –
  • cocktail dress

  • Dressing gown
  • Evening dress –
  • evening dress

  • Hospital gown – hospital gown
  • Sheath dress – sheath dress
  • Slip dress – slip dress
  • Strapless dress – strapless dress
  • Wedding dress –
  • wedding dress

  • Wrap dress – dress with a wrap

Proverb: Fine feathers make fine birds – Beautiful birds are beautiful with their plumage (meaning: clothes paint a person).

  • Business suit
  • Casual suit –
  • casual suit

  • Costume – historical, theatrical costume
  • Dinner jacket / tuxedo / tux – tuxedo
  • Tail coat – tailcoat, mens evening suit
  • Frock coat –
  • frock coat

  • Two-piece suit – a two-piece suit (skirt / pants and jacket)
  • Three-piece suit – three-piece suit (trousers, jacket and vest)
  • Braces –
  • Gloves –
  • Gloves

  • Knee-length socks – knee-highs
  • Laces – laces
  • Mittens – mittens
  • Socks –
  • socks

  • Stockings –
  • stockings

  • Tights –
  • tights

  • Belt – belt
  • Umbrella – umbrella

Proverb: The cat in gloves catches no mice – A cat in gloves will not catch a mouse (meaning: nothing will work without hard work).

  • Boxers – Men’s boxer briefs
  • Bra / brassiere – bra
  • Briefs – Men’s briefs
  • Knickers (British) / panties (American) – panties for women
  • Lingerie / women’s underwear
  • Nightdress – nightgown
  • Pajamas – pajamas
  • Thongs – thong

Proverb: An ape’s an ape, a varlet’s a varlet, though they be clad in silk or scarlet – The monkey will remain a monkey, and the scoundrel will remain a scoundrel, even being dressed in silk or purple (meaning: human nature always appears, as if he did not try to hide it).

  • Beret – Beret
  • Bucket hat –
  • Bucket hat

  • Cap – cap
  • Hat – hat, hat, cap
  • Helmet – helmet, helmet
  • Straw hat
  • Veil – veil

Proverb: If the cap fits, wear it – If the hat is in time, then wear it (meaning: accept criticism if it is objective).

  • Flats –
  • Flats

  • Flip-flops – flip flops
  • High boots – boots
  • High heeled shoes
  • Hiking boots – hiking boots
  • Pumps
  • Slingbacks –
  • sandals

  • Slippers
  • Stilettos – studs
  • Wedges –
  • Wedges

Parts of clothing:
  • Buckle –
  • Buckle

  • Button –
  • button

  • Collar – collar
  • Embroidery
  • Hem, hemline – hem, hem
  • Lining
  • Neckline –
  • Pocket – pocket
  • Ruffle – Ruffles
  • Sleeve –
  • sleeve

  • Sole – Sole
  • Velcro
  • Zip – zipper

Proverb: Stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach – Do not stretch your arm further than the sleeve allows (meaning: live within your means).

Fabric, material:
  • Artificial leather / eco-leather / faux leather / imitation leather / synthetic leather
  • Artificial materials
  • Corduroy – corduroy
  • Cotton
  • Denim –
  • denim

  • Faux fur
  • Lace – lace
  • Leather – leather
  • Genuine leather – genuine leather
  • Linen – linen
  • Mink
  • Satin – atlas
  • Silk
  • Suede –
  • suede

  • Rubber – rubber, rubber
  • Velvet – velvet
  • Wool –
  • wool

Proverb: You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – You cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear (meaning: you need to soberly assess your capabilities).

  • Checked / plaid – checkered
  • Floral print – floral print
  • Flowery print – floral print
  • Patterned – fabric with a pattern, ornament
  • Plain – solid
  • Striped
  • Polka-dotted – polka dot

Talking about Clothes in English

Most common clothing verbs in English:
  • to dress / to get dressed – dress
  • to undress / to get undressed – undress
  • to change clothes – change clothes
  • to put on – put on
  • to take off – shoot
  • to try on – try on
  • to dress up – dress up
  • to wear – wear

In the store we try on ( to try on) things.Clothing can be tight ( tight ) or loose ( loose ). But we always buy ( to buy ) only those clothes that fit us and fit well ( to fit / to match ).

The clothes themselves can be described with words such as elegant (elegant), smart (neat, neat), trendy (fashionable), chic (sophisticated) or scruffy (worn, sloppy).

When we want to describe a person and their appearance, we can say that they are well-dressed (well-dressed) or badly-dressed (tastelessly dressed).If a person is dressed in the latest fashion, then we call him fashionable (fashionable) or stylishly dressed (stylishly dressed), and if he prefers “old school” in clothes, let’s say that he is old-fashione d (old fashioned).

Clothing Idioms in English

And of course, the topic of clothing is so broad and understandable to all people that not only in Russian, but also in English, one cannot do without idioms associated with it. For example, both in Russian and in English, the phrase “roll up one’s sleeves”, which was encountered at the beginning of the article, means to prepare for some kind of work and get down to business seriously.

Here are some other interesting clothing idioms that will help you:

Eat one’s hat – eat your hat (be very surprised and do something out of the ordinary if something comes true)

I do not think that our football team will win the cup in this year. If they do – I will eat my hat – I don’t think our football team will win the cup this year. If they do, I’ll eat my hat.

With hat in hand (“with a hat in hand”) – humbly (do something submissively)

With hat in hand, the youth asked the girl’s parents for her hand in marriage – The young man humbly asked the girl’s hands from her parents.

A feather in one’s cap (“feather on the hat”) is a reason for pride, an achievement (some kind of deed that you can be proud of).

Getting an A + in Math was a feather in her cap – Getting an excellent plus plus in math was a reason for her pride.

To wash one’s dirty laundry in public – wash dirty laundry in public. That is, to talk about personal belongings to strangers.

John and Mary often argue when there is a lot of people nearby.Why do they wash their dirty laundry in public? – John and Mary often quarrel when there are a lot of people around. Why do they wash dirty linen in public?

Down-at-the-heels (“with worn-out heels”) – to have a sloppy look, pull down, look neglected.

He appeared down-at-the-heels after his divorce – He seemed haggard after the divorce.

At the drop of a hat (“when they raised their hat”) – without batting an eye, without hesitation. Do something quickly, without hesitation.

I would visit them at the drop of a hat if I had the chance – I would visit them without hesitation, if I had the opportunity.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is the name for a cruel and insidious person who pretends to be kind. The idiom originates from the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Our boss is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Inside the office, he verbally abuses everybody, but at the meetings with he is nice and polite all of a sudden – Our boss is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.In the office, he insults everyone, and at meetings with shareholders he suddenly becomes nice and polite.

Now is the time to go to a fashion store and put your knowledge into practice. Read the labels of the goods and their descriptions – this way you will better remember the names of various items of clothing and materials in English. And remember: It’s not the clothes that count, but the things the clothes cover.

What is Casual and what is it worn with?

What is smart casual?

Smart casual style is ideal for everyday work, combining formal wear with informal, looser elements.So let the elegant suit remain waiting for its finest hour in the closet, as well as your favorite sweatpants. You need to learn to see the golden mean in order to compose smart casual business looks. The image should be relaxed (in the “casual” style), but at the same time with a certain degree of elegance (“smart”).
It’s okay if you wear jeans to the office or to events after work, but it should be dark classic jeans without flashy details for the image to look neat.The perfect embodiment of smart casual style for women is a combination of trousers with a blouse and a feminine jacket, as well as trousers with tucks paired with a polo shirt or cardigan. In shoes, preference should be given to shoes with heels or ballet flats. Men are advised to wear jeans with a sporty shirt and blazer. Alternatively, you can opt for chinos, a shirt and a fine knit pullover.
The smart casual color scheme is dominated by muted shades: dark blue (navy blue), black, gray, brown or white.A color accent in the image can be done with a beautiful light scarf or a bright necklace. Men can complement the look with a pasha scarf.

Nevertheless, in the office there are still a number of nuances and subtle differences between what is allowed and what is not. Smart casual is a magic formula: for example, a T-shirt instead of a blouse will be appropriate for office workers. However, in this case, the T-shirt should be of perfect fit and excellent quality, which perfectly matches the outfit.Jeans are quite suitable for “smart casual”, but preferably dark blue or black, good cut in combination with beautiful shoes, for example, high heels or ballet flats. But, for example, blue baggy jeans combined with sneakers will be an absolute taboo for the office. For smart casual, mostly muted shades are used: navy, black, gray, brown or white are ideal for this style. You can make color accents with a beautiful neckerchief or a bright necklace.

Jackets, coats and dresses made of this material

Boucle is back in fashion, which is not surprising, because almost all trends this season have a “bourgeois” tone – just think of polo shirts, pleated skirts and knitted sweaters, and now the classic fabric mentioned above. In fact, bouclé has never disappeared from the fashion scene, but now it has moved from grandma’s wardrobe to almost all fashion connoisseurs, influencers and looks better than ever!

What is boucle?

Tweed is difficult to associate with casual wear, it is rather a synonym for elegance and chic, like the fashion created by the legendary Coco Chanel.It was she who made bouclé a very fashionable and modern fabric in the mid-50s, creating a costume for women from it.

The short jacket of the time is still one of the most recognizable pieces of this prestigious fashion house. In French, bukle means something like “bow” or “loop”, which perfectly describes the look of the fabric. Woven from threads with small loops, it is used to make suits and outerwear. This most popular type of tweed is woven from a coarse yarn that creates a distinctive knot look.


How to combine bouclé clothes

But how to wear jackets, coats and dresses this season? To avoid a little old-fashioned style and get a very chic combination, wear them with your everyday items. Pair the currently popular tweed blazers with jeans, tone down the tweed suits this season with your favorite combat boots, or wear an oversized leather jacket over a bouclé dress.


Clothes you can’t go wrong with is definitely a jacket that can be worn as a jacket in a transition period or under a coat on colder days, and a dress, this season is just not boring and classic.


For a very trendy and vibrant combination, choose a bouclé suit that looks very chic and defiant this season – skirts are short, often flared and look great with high boots, while jackets with accented buttons, usually oversized, are easy to wear in many other combinations.

This material is very comfortable and very warm, so it comes as no surprise that it returned to the fashion scene in the cold season.