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Aura Colors – What Each One Means And How To Find Yours

https://www.auraaura.co/You know how within minutes of meeting someone new, you kinda already know whether you’ll be besties for life or avoid each other like the plague once the convo ends? Later, you’ll chalk that reaction up to: “I don’t know, they just had a certain vibe.”

But that may be less about their vibe (whatever that actually means) and more to do with their aura color, says Pamala Oslie, an aura expert and author of Life Colors. “Even if people can’t see the aura, we can all feel it,” she explains. That’s why you can meet someone for the first time and have either an “Ugh” or “OMG” gut reaction—it all depends on whether your aura colors are compatible.

Cool, but if I can’t see aura colors, how can I find out mine?

The most accurate way is to “access somebody who’s able to photograph your aura,” says Eileen Lee, an aura reader, photographer, and founder of AURA AURA, an experiential portrait practice. Personality tests claiming to reveal your aura do exist, but they “aren’t necessarily accurate because our auras do sort of change [over time],” she explains.

In fact, it’s a myth or, at least a misconception, that aura colors are purely based on personality. That’s a factor, sure, but your aura is more about the energy you embody at a certain time, Lee says, hence the need for a photograph. It functions similarly to a snapshot of your life—capturing a moment of it, rather than telling the whole story. That said, “some people’s lives are very consistent, so their aura colors probably wouldn’t shift very much,” she explains. “Versus somebody whose life is very dynamic and always has different experiences, their energy would be a bit more all over the place.”

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How frequently do my aura colors change?

Well, it depends. “There isn’t necessarily a set rule for how long your aura is going to be like this,” says Lee. For example, two people who go through the same experience together, such as moving to a new place, will both likely have a lot of red in their aura, since that’s related to starting new life chapters, according to Lee. But their auras can still change at different times because “how you individually process that [shared] experience can be so different,” she explains. Basically, your aura is as special and unique as you!

Knowing the color of your aura, including if/when it’s changed, is key, Oslie says, because it can not only help you understand who you are, but also give you actual permission to be who you are. (Feel stuck in a dead-end job? Check your aura color. Keep fighting with your S.O.? Compare those auras. Need to better manage your cash? Use. Your. Aura.)

Once you’ve got the rundown on all the different aura colors and their meanings (more on that in a sec), you can also better understand your friends, family, and even that cool rando you met at a party last week. “Then, it’s easier to communicate, get along, and bring the best out of each other,” Oslie says. And, I mean, who doesn’t want that?

What it means if you have red in your aura:

It often signifies tangible life changes, a.k.a. anything that feels like starting a new chapter, says Lee, noting that relationship changes, job or career shifts, and literally moving somewhere all fit the bill.

Because aura colors relate back to the chakra system within our bodies (which you probably recall hearing something about in a yoga class), “red is our foundation,” says Lee. “The function of our root chakra is to ground us, to make us feel safe and secure within ourselves, but then also, literally [within] the life that you’re trying to mold and shape in some way.”

The problem? “When we have a lot of red energy, it tends to be misunderstood. I’ve heard in the past that if your aura is all red, it’s a negative thing, like you’re out of balance,” she explains. “But to me, it’s like what you need at that time is a lot of red energy, because if you think about it, when you go through a lot of change sometimes it feels chaotic. ” The red aura color, with its grounding energy courtesy of the root chakra, could be just what you need.

In terms of personality traits, though, red means taking action and leadership, says Lee: “It’s the energetic archetype of a leader—somebody who takes initiative—because tangible change literally never comes about just sitting at home and wishing it to happen, right?” Interestingly, those who embody that adventurous doer sort of spirit always tend to have red in their aura, no matter what life throws at them.

What it means if you have orange in your aura:

Because Lee uses the chakra system, the second aura color is orange, which is linked to our sacral chakra. “That deals with your emotions, relationships, how we experience things,” says Lee. “It’s literally the color of experiencing life.”

What it means if you have yellow in your aura:

The sunny shade aligns with the solar plexus. “From a big picture perspective, that color deals with our power, our confidence, our ego self, and also our intellect,” says Lee.

What it means if you have green in your aura:

“Green is reflective of the heart chakra, and I’ve noticed that when we have a lot of heart chakra energy, it’s about self-love, self nurturing energy,” says Lee, noting that it often signals being more generous and open with others as well. (Think about it: When you love yourself, it’s easier to spread that love around.)

The avocado-esque hue usually shows up in your aura when going through growth or transformation because you’re using so much of that self-love energy to overcome a challenging situation, says Lee. That can be anything from going through grief to starting a new job. Or, if you’re stepping into a new role, like first-time parenthood, for example. Turns out, Kermit said it best: It’s not easy being green. But it does offer an opportunity for self-reflect, learn, and grow, notes Lee.

What it means if you have blue in your aura:

Exact shade is important here—a true cyan blue (not too light, not too dark—is reflective of the throat chakra, which “governs how we communicate and how we express ourselves,” says Lee. But it’s not all talk. Lee makes a point of noting that humans can express themselves in different ways beyond simple chitchat.

What it means if you have indigo in your aura:

That’s aligned with the third eye chakra (a.k.a. the brow chakra), which deals with awareness, understanding, and being more deeply connected to yourself, says Lee.

What it means if you have violet in your aura:

This pretty purple is connected to the crown chakra, which, Lee says, is all about our dreams and possibilities. When violet shows up in your aura, you’re likely embodying an energy that trying (or, hopefully, succeeding!) to tap into a more imaginative space.

You likely talk in visual terms, like “I have a vision” and “I have a dream,” adds Oslie. Sometimes, though, your dreams are so big, you wonder if you’ll ever achieve them. (Don’t worry, happens to the best of us.)

What it means if you have white in your aura:

White is a little tricky, but that’s what makes it interesting. It’s kind of like all the colors, but it’s also technically an extension of the crown chakra, says Lee. “People always say… white means you’re spiritual. But what I’ve noticed is white actually reflects more of connecting into that sort of energy, but it doesn’t just mean you’re spiritual,” she explains. “Usually, it represents somebody who, instead of being governed by logic and is always in their head, understands that there are things bigger than themselves. They just tend to be more open, so they connect into that sort of spiritual energy.” Instead of sweating the small (and medium and big) stuff, they trust that clarity will just come through naturally.

“I’ve also noticed a lot of white in people’s auras can actually reflect states where they’re feeling very confused or things are a little bit overwhelming mentally, but it’s not like they’re overthinking it,” Lee adds. “It’s just almost like there’s too much to take in at once… [It’s] almost like you’re in a fog, and instead of trying to wade through it, you’re just waiting for the fog to dissipate.

    What it means if you have tan in your aura:

    Now, I know what you’re thinking (because tbh, I thought it, too): Tan is an aura color? It sure is, according to Lee and Oslie, and a pretty solid one at that. Almost like a darker shade of yellow, tan “reflects more of a linear thinking process,” says Lee. Someone who has a lot of tan in their aura tends to be more analytical and embodies a left brain kind of energy, she adds. You know your super-rational friend who talks you down every time you think about blowing your whole paycheck on a really cute pair of boots? Yep, they’ve got a healthy dose of tan going on.

    “Tans want security and stability,” adds Oslie. They also appreciate practicality—and want as much of it in their life as possible. If you have tan in your aura, you’re likely the textbook definition of “detail-oriented” and live by the motto “slow and steady wins the race.”

    What it means if you have magenta in your aura:

    When Lee sees magenta in someone’s aura photograph, she also tends to see white on top of it. “[It’s] almost like if you think about your aura like a tiered birthday cake,” she explains. “Magenta is a color that’s literally in between red and an indigo blue, so it reflects things like acting on your intuition.” Juxtaposed with white, that can be interpreted as using intuition to realize your dreams.

    On its own, magenta energy is associated with someone prioritizing themself and marching to the beat of their own drum. The aura color also has a bit of a rebellious rep, but Lee says “it’s rebellious in the sense of not needing external validation from anybody aside from themselves.” Someone with a heckuva lotta magenta is authentically themselves and makes no apologies about it.

    What’s most interesting about this aura color, says Lee, is that when you’re not used to being magenta, but then it comes into your energy field, it signals that you’re trying to connect more with who what you were like as a kid—when you were free to do whatever you wanted and didn’t care what others thought. “I always love seeing magenta in people’s auras because they’re just doing what lights them up,” she adds.

    What it means if you have a rainbow aura color:

    When you’re “rainbowing,” as Lee calls it (fun new phrase alert!), you tend to feel like life is a little chaotic. Granted, it’s usually a bunch of good stuff happening all at once, she says, but it’s still a lot to handle. You’re literally being pulled in many different directions, versus those who have fewer colors in their auras, they tend to be more focused on just a couple of aspects in their life.

    “If you really think about each color as a different state of consciousness that you’re in, or a different dimension of yourself, you’re operating from all these levels all at once, which for most people can be a little bit more overwhelming,” explains Lee. “…I always say it’s like a double edged sword. While rainbows look beautiful, you don’t necessarily feel so beautiful when you’re experiencing it.”

    What is the rarest aura color?

    “I don’t see a real pink too often,” says Lee, meaning a lighter, bubblegum-esque shade than magenta. “I think why that is a true pink reflects somebody who’s almost like an innocent child in their nature—who’s very just open hearted, very gentle, very compassionate,” she explains. “It’s almost saint-like kind of qualities. Somebody like a Mother Teresa would probably have a pink energy.”

    What does it mean if my aura colors look dim?

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re extremely burnt out, according to Lee. “Anytime your colors are a little bit more dulled, basically what’s happening is it looks transparent, like a cloud you’re seeing through to the background,” she says. Lee disagrees with the idea that there’s a black aura color, since there’s no such thing as black energy. “It just reflects when there is no energy,” she notes.

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    22 Aura Colors and Their Meanings: Learn How to Read Auras

    Every human being and animal have an aura around them. Some words that people use to describe auras are: “a vibe,” “a feeling,” or “energy.” This is not entirely correct, however, it is not that far off either. An aura is an energy field around both living and non-living beings, which has different colors in it. They can mean various things when located in different places around a person or an animal.

    In this guide, we will take a closer look at what each individual aura color means. We will also study a few steps given by experts, that will help us see all the different aura colors around ourselves and others.

    What Is an Aura?

    Everything in the Universe is a constant flow of energy. Every atom, every electron, and each and every individual thought as well as our consciousness, are made of nothing but vibrations. Likewise, the aura is also an electro-photonic vibration in response to light.

    Auras of living things consist of colors that change with time, consciousness etc. Even non-living things have an aura that is more or less fixed but can be changed by our conscious intent.

    Why Do We Study Them?

    The reason why we should all study aura colors is because each aura color has a very specific meaning which can tell us important things about ourself.

    Expert seers, who are able to see aura colors (especially those around someone’s head), can actually ‘hear’ the thoughts of individuals even before they are verbally expressed. This way, aura colors can help detect if someone is lying.

    Aura colors cannot be faked and they help us see an individual for what they really are. The colors of one’s auras can also help detect diseases, health imbalances, mental disorders and more.

    Meaning of Different Aura Colors

    There are predominantly twelve aura colors. Seven of those colors relate to the seven chakras of the human body. However, there are shades of the primary colors that bring the total number to more than twenty. Examples of this are found in pictures taken by aura capturing photography equipment.

    Therefore, reading someone’s aura in depth can take some time to master, however, not if given the right information from the beginning. The best way to learn how to read anyone’s aura is by starting with understanding each color and the different shades that exist between them.

    Primary Aura Colors

    The primary colors of aura readings are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, pink, silver, brown, black, and white. As stated above, the first seven colors are the chakra colors because they are associated with the body. They are as follows:

    1) Red – Root or Base Chakra
    2) Orange – Sacral Chakra
    3) Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra
    4) Green – Heart Chakra
    5) Blue – Throat Chakra
    6) Indigo – Third Eye Chakra
    7) Purple – Crown Chakra

    While the remaining five colors have no connection to the human body, this does not take away from their significance. Here are the meanings of each aura color.

    1. Red

    Associated with the feelings of passion and sexual desires, when this color shows in a person’s aura, it means that they are grounded in their goals for life. A person with red in their aura is both emotionally and psychically grounded or balanced. Material wealth and spending is a fun game, and they hate to deny themselves the simple pleasures in life. Red symbolizes a zest for life.

    2. Orange

    An orange aura is signifying one’s happiness with their friends, family, and environment. A person with a lot of orange in their aura is quick to make and keep friends. Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra, which is where one will hold their negative or positive emotions that are influenced by the relationships they have with others.

    3. Yellow

    A yellow aura signifies the inner happiness and balance that one has within one’s self. Therefore, it is the color of the Solar Plexus chakra. Yellow can also indicate a playful spirit, high self-esteem, a spiritual awakening, high intellect, or a pang of hunger for greatness.

    4. Green

    It will come as a surprise to many that green is the color of self-love and not pink, even though they both do have the same frequency levels. When green is present in one’s aura, it means two things: either they are in love with someone who balances them out, or they have a kind, loving heart. A loving kindness towards animals, plants, friends, family, and life in general, to be precise.

    5. Blue

    Blue is the color of communication; thus, it is the color of the throat chakra. A blue aura reveals someone who enjoys meditation, who is in a calm state, and who stands to protect the ones they care about. They are frequently a support system for their friends and family.

    6. Indigo

    Known to “see” into other people’s energies, the color indigo in an aura indicates someone who is in tune with their higher self. Indigo means one who searches for truths of the unknown and who can sense other people’s energies. It also reveals a power that one uses to see past the deceit that people try to pass as truth.

    7. Purple

    Purple is the highest level of all the chakra colors. Being the crown chakra color, people who have purple in their aura are intuitive, is the “view the larger picture” type of person, and love to guide others to their highest potential. They are often the artistic type.

    8. Pink

    As stated above, both pink and green vibrate on the same frequency level. However, a pink aura shows one who is happy and in harmony with those who are around them. Someone who has this aura can often be gentle, be it to others or themselves.

    9. Silver

    Silver is the color of abundance, which can mean that the person is coming into spiritual or material wealth.

    10. Brown

    This color should be taken as a warning for some as brown signifies the emotions of greediness and self-absorbedness.

    11. Black

    While it is not a “bad” aura color when black is present, it means that one has a large amount of built-up anger or grief inside them. It also means that they have not forgiven what has happened to them and is still holding onto that pain. This anger and suffering from the past or recent events can be held towards themselves or to other people. It can also symbolize ill health.

    12. White

    White is the color of energy protection, and when it is present in an aura, it means two things. The first is that the person is more concerned with spiritual matters done on this earthly plane, and the second is that they do not care so much for material possessions or needs. It can also symbolize a healthy individual.

    Shades of Aura Colors

    Besides the primary aura colors, there are shades of these main colors that will and do show up in the auras of people. Either seen by the naked eye or captured by a camera, it is essential to understand what some of these shades of colors mean for they can reveal more than you think.

    Shades of Blue
    13. Light Blue

    Reveals someone with good communication, who is truthful, and one who is at peace with things going on around them.

    14. Royal Blue

    Shows someone is up for new adventures and who is deeply in touch with their spiritual side.

    Shades of Red
    15. Deep Red

    Reveals someone who has an inner warrior spirit who can survive any circumstance thrown at them. They are well-grounded and are more realistic about most situations.

    16. Dull Red

    Shows someone who holds a tremendous amount of anger that they will need help letting go of.

    Shades of Black
    17. Gray

    This color exposes the feelings of low self-esteem and depression. The person may have low energy levels and is filled with different levels of sadness and self-doubt.

    Shades of Green
    18. Emerald or Light Green

    It is not unlikely that healers have this shade in their auras.

    19. Dull Forest Green

    This shade of green shows someone who has a lot of jealousy, resentment, and who believes they are never in the wrong.

    Shades of Yellow
    20. Bright Yellow

    Someone who has a bright yellow aura is a playful spirit and may be going through a spiritual awakening.

    21. Dark Yellow

    Often seen in college and high school students. Anyone who is studying for higher education is under a lot of stress to get high test scores. This can be people who have lost the love of learning that they once possessed.

    22. Lemon Yellow

    Lemon yellow is the color of “fear of loss.” Be it the loss of love, career, or family. Being afraid of losing things that might be and are often out of our control.

    How to See Aura Colors in Yourself

    There are in fact several ways you can read auras. The aura capturing camera is becoming more popular to have at fairs and spiritual stores. Many people love them due to their usability. It also has the added benefit of the client taking a picture of their own aura home with them.

    However, this is how you see your aura colors without using a camera:

    1. Hold up your hand with the palm facing towards you against a solid background (preferably one with a white wall).
    2. Now soften your gaze as if you were staring at nothing in particular in the distance.
    3. Now take a look at your hand and especially the outline of the fingers.
    4. You should be able to see a clear outline or corona between the fingers. If you are facing difficulty with this step, try moving your hand a bit.
    5. It is important to move your hand into the right position in the peripheral vision.

    Alternatively, you can stand in front of a full sized mirror, preferably with a plain background behind you and no shadows in the room. The room must be softly and uniformly illuminated – no bright lights.

    Choose to stare at a single spot (preferably the middle of your forehead or on the brow chakra) for 30 to 60 seconds or longer. It is important that you concentrate and resist temptation to look around.

    Now, look peripherally to analyze the surroundings without lifting your gaze from the brow chakra. The longer you concentrate, you will be able to see the differences in background colors near and farther away from you. These are your aura colors.

    How to See Aura Colors in Others

    To see the aura colors in others, follow these steps:

    1. Stand about 10 feet from the individual.
    2. Gaze directly at the individual’s bridge of the nose.
    3. You should be able to have peripheral vision so that objects in the room are visible to you without the need to look directly at them.
    4. Move eyesight to the person’s forehead center. This will help you see the aura colors around the individual’s head.


    The different aura colors denote thought, intentions and desire at a given point of time. They are representative of our True Spiritual colors at any given moment. The more colorful, clearer and brighter the aura; the stronger the person is spiritually. It also means a spiritually balanced and healthier individual owing to uniform distribution of energy in the body.

    Auras can reveal a lot about a person. Be it about their character and their personality, or just how they are feeling with recent events, auras speak and tell the truth. They speak louder than words and speak from the soul.

    Practicing for 10 to 15 minutes each day can help you develop “Auric sight” to see the aura colors in yourself and others.

    How to See, Read, and Photograph Them

    Have you ever guessed what a friend was thinking before they said the words? Or, immediately bristled with a bad vibe from someone, but couldn’t quite explain why? You’re (probably) not a mind reader—but you are an aura reader. Everywhere we go, we perceive other people’s energy on the auric field.

    To put it simply, an aura is a vibrant ray of color composed of energy that flows around living things. Stemming from the Greek word for “breeze,” our auras indicate our moods, emotions, and overall vibe.

    Essentially, before we can even exchange hellos, our auras make the first impression for us. But there’s a caveat: The human eye cannot see auras without training. This is why we have to retrain the way we look at things to allow ourselves to see our own outer light.

    It’s worth the work. Once you can see auras, you may be able to understand yourself and others better. For believers, auras are a portal to a more mystical realm, and are evidence of a psychic nature that we cannot communicate or express.

    I contend that by learning to read auras and understanding their colors and meanings, you can fine-tune your intuition. You’re already communicating telepathically with others through the auric field. Through seeing auras, you can gain clarity as to why some people give you icky vibes and why you feel positive around others. Here’s where to start.

    Want to see your own aura color? Begin with a mirror and a white background.

    Let’s establish one thing: Anyone can read an aura. It’s all about trusting your intuition. Look in the mirror for a minute in front of a white background. Concentrate on a focal point in the middle of your forehead. Without moving your eyes, scan the outer perimeter of your head and shoulders. The color you see surrounding your head and shoulders is your aura.

    Another way to find your aura is to stare at your hands for approximately one minute. The glow you see radiating from the outside lining of your hands is your aura. Please note that it may take a few tries to actually see your aura. Practice makes perfect! Once you have found and noted your aura, we can get started.

    Think you see something? Here’s what the colors mean.


    This shows a well-balanced personality, calm and open to possibilities. Those with white auras may have a tendency to take on the energy of others. White is the rarest of all aura colors.


    Gray auras can denote a skeptical outlook, or a person prone to seeing the glass half empty. Opening themselves up to new possibilities is hard and will take effort, but necessary and rewarding.


    A brown aura often indicates a time of selfishness and insecurity. Seeing a brown aura indicates you’re in need of cleansing, or that you need to give more to others instead of taking.


    A black aura can show a dark energy, brought on by selfish and unkind behavior. This aura’s appearance may indicate that the person needs to let go of baggage that is inhibiting them from radiating positivity in their lives.


    Passions run high with those who have a red aura, as they live by their desires and emotions. Creative to the core, red auras are always manifesting new goals and inspiring themselves through artistic outlets. Red auras can also indicate a moment of pivotal creative changes.


    A pink aura denotes someone who gives their heart freely to others without demanding much in return. If you have a pink aura, make sure your giving energy is reciprocated by those you care about.


    Creativity is key for those who have an orange aura. Their artistry brings peace to them, but only if they can focus on one thing at a time. The minds can be overactive, which means they need to hone in their ideas in order to make them a reality.


    Those with yellow auras are high energy and exude optimism. It’s helpful for yellow auras to live in the present without stressing about the future.


    Green auras mark a grounded, hard-working person who is a nature lover. They are the builders of the auric color spectrum, which means that they welcome growth. The downside is that they may be prone to jealousy or competition.


    Those with blue auras are emotionally sensitive and are self-expressive. They may be shy in letting their innermost feelings be known, which means you should listen when they do speak.


    Those with teal auras are empathic and sensitive. At times they can be uneasy of change and nervous to embrace new situations, which may close them off to experiences.


    An indigo aura denotes a wise person with an old soul. At times, they escape into their own secret world to protect their energy, minds, and hearts from others.


    Where do you begin and another ends? The urge to merge with another is deep with a violet aura, as they are constantly seeking connection on a deep level. Spiritual awareness, emotional awareness, and psychic sentiments are marks of a violet aura.

    Keep in mind that each aura color is associated with a different chakra, or energy center. For example, red—an aura associated with energy and vitality—relates to the root chakra.

    Of course, you may see blended shades of the colors above. The ones listed are the most popular. You can have more than one color present in your enteric field, too. This is called a rainbow aura.

    I can’t see anything! Can I take a test?

    Yes, it’s possible to take a test to predict your aura color, as derived from personality traits, preferences and habits. Though ultimately, it’s up to you to determine whether the results are accurate.

    Or can I take a photograph of my aura?

    According to Eileen Lee, founder of AURA AURA, who takes professional aura portraits, these photos can supposedly give insight into your various states of consciousness. Further, they can help you identify what you are calling in or what you should be calling in energetically to help in the manifestation process, she says.

    “It can be incredibly affirming and validating depending on what we are going through,” she adds.

    But don’t start reaching for your iPhone to take the picture. Eileen explains that it’s impossible to see your aura in a photo without using a special camera (a.k.a. an aura camera), because the device has to record “the energy that is flowing around you.”

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

    Though it’s been a topic of debate, Lee says that to capture an aura, “The camera’s algorithm takes frequencies it reads from your body, and translates them to the corresponding colors. For example red hues generally measure between 400-480 THz and a higher frequency color like indigo blue is between 620=670 THz. The concept of energetic frequency is important in this context as it gives us insight into how fast energy is moving.”

    Do the locations of aura colors mean anything?

    The pattern of the colors has a meaning, too. If you have an abundance of colors or a cluster of a specific color on the left side, it reflects the energy you’re bringing in. If you have an abundance of colors or a cluster of a specific color on the right side, it reflects the energy you’re putting out into the world.

    Colors above the head (near the crown chakra) reflect your conscious emotional and mental state at the current moment. Colors near the bottom of your body (near the sacral chakra) reflect your subconscious state of mind at the current moment, or the emotions you’re holding in.

    Can I read other people’s auras?

    Stare at them or a photo of them for 45 seconds with one eye open and the other eye closed. You may have to repeat this a few times. But eventually, you’ll be able to see a glow of color around them.

    How can I tell if my aura is compatible with other people’s?

    As with astrological signs, certain aura colors are more compatible with others. Here’s the breakdown.

    • If you have a white aura, then any color aligns with the energy. Be careful not to absorb other people’s emotions because you’re susceptible to that.
    • If you have a black aura, then a golden aura will serve as a healing energy for you both.
    • If you have a gray aura, a magenta aura can help you to find purpose and meaning.
    • If you have a brown aura, a light green aura will serve to open your heart.
    • If you have a red aura, a bright green aura will serve to help you both manifest passions into reality.
    • If you have an orange aura, a dark blue aura will boost positive vibes between you both.
    • If you have a yellow aura, the addition of a vibrant purple aura will help to inspire and motivate you both towards artistic ventures.
    • If you have a green aura, then the addition of a lilac aura will make you both more spiritually inclined.
    • If you have a blue aura, then the addition of a pink aura will lead to creative greatness together.
    • If you have an indigo aura, then the addition of a turquoise aura will make you both feel more social or called to do more outdoorsy activities.
    • If you have a violet aura, then a red aura will help both of you to understand mutual emotions on a soulful level.

      Auras can change colors.

      Your mood can change, and so can the color of your aura. This can depend on your company—as different energies can cling to our personal auras—and your degree of self-care. For that reason, it’s important to drink a lot of water, get plenty of sleep, and avoid negativity. The good news is that we can clean our aura and bring back its vibrancy, even after a tough run.

      Clean my aura? How do I do that?

      Oftentimes, we pick up energies from others that aren’t ours. This may make us feel out of sorts, exhausted, or anxious. When this happens, I believe it’s time to cleanse your aura. You can do so by bathing or taking a shower with Epsom or Himalayan Salt, which will cleanse your energetic field, some say smudging your space and body with white sage helps, you can meditate, or use a selenite crystal like a wand across your body to detox all the negative vibes.

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      How to find your aura color and what it means explained

      An aura is described as a spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things, and every person’s aura looks different.

      Kathryn Grace, founder an aura reading shop in Santa Monica told MindBodyGreen that “anything alive has an aura.”

      Grace also explained that while it may not always be possible to see aura colours, we can usually feel them from a person’s energy and personality.

      Watercolor drawing of plants and trees on vibrant background

      How to find your aura colour

      Although there are different layers (and therefore different colours) to each person’s aura, every person tends to have one predominant aura colour.

      However, your aura can change colour depending on your mood and state of mind. Auras are also contagious, which means that other people’s moods can have a serious impact on your aura.

      Doctor Who: Flux | Official Trailer

      Aura colours are visible to a small amount of people but Gerald Heard explained in his book Pain, Sex and Time that the human eye is gradually gaining the power to see these colours.

      There are some quizzes online you can do to try and work out the colour of your aura, such as this one.

      However, for a more accurate reading you can get your aura read by a professional.

      Abstract rainbow background with smooth gradient. Light reflection on CD. Rainbow 80s, 90s vibes. Abstract background prism spectrum

      What different aura colors mean

      Positive qualities include: A vibrant life, the ability to overcome any obstacles, a desire to initiate positive change, passion and ambition.
      Negative qualities include: A short temper, a bullying nature, frustration, fury.

      Positive qualities include: Sociability, motivated, enthusiastic, open-minded.
      Negative qualities include: Low self-esteem, an oversensitive ego.

      Positive qualities include: A focused mind, sharp memory, clear communication.
      Negative qualities include: Hyperactivity, jealousy, sarcasm, spite.

      Positive qualities include: Generosity, commitment, a natural healer.
      Negative qualities include: Possessiveness, conflicting emotions, stress in relationships.

      Positive qualities include: Sensitivity to people, intuition, caring.
      Negative qualities include: Self-pitying, stress, isolation, over-sensitivity.

      Positive qualities include: The aura of those who follow a unique life path, higher levels of consciousness, and purity.
      Negative qualities include: Out of touch with the real world, alienation, obsession with physical perfection.

      Positive qualities include: Peacemaker, gentle, kind, tolerant of other’s failings.
      Negative qualities include: Martyrdom, consistently needing reassurance.

      In other news, TikTok reacts to that ‘traumatising’ leg video from Twitter

      Aura Colors and Meanings: How to Know What Color Is Your Aura

      Sometimes, we are so busy with daily life that we forget that we are not only material beings. We are also energy. Every time you feel a bad vibe you are actually reading an aura. And those vibes depend on the aura’s color. Your aura color is a bit like a thermometer for vibes. So let’s check out the Aura Colors and their Meanings: How to Know What Color Is Your Aura?

      How to Know the Color of your Aura: Take the Aura Color Test

      This Quiz Reveals Your Soul Shade and its Meaning

      You might be asking yourself: what is an aura color test? Well, it is pretty simple, by answering a few straight-forward questions you can determine your aura color. The best results come when you don’t overthink your answers. When taking a “What is my aura color quiz” it is important that you are focused and relaxed, but at the same time you should be in peace so the results are accurate. Make sure to answer every single question with as much honesty as possible for a better result.

      Before taking the What Is my Aura Color Test, make sure to take a moment to breathe and relax. Go to a cozy room where you can be alone, and keep quiet for a minute or two. This way, you will be your true self when you take the quiz.

      Before discovering a little more of yourself, here is a complete explanation of what an aura is for you to read before taking the aura color test:

      What is an Aura?

      Some say aura is electricity that we radiate, like an electromagnetic field. This makes sense since it is proven that objects like the earth have different magnetic fields, even chakras. Yup, even the earth has chakras, check out this article with all you need to know about The 7 Chakras of the Earth: what and where are they. So, why not think that as the earth works with energy then we too, as part of the earth, must work in the same way.

      The concept of the aura has been around almost forever, ancient medicine used to use aura colors to diagnose the state of the being. Ancient medics used to correlate aura colors with elements of one’s physical and mental health.

      Auras are basically energy that manifests in different colors. That is precisely how we get to differentiate them. The word aura comes from the greek αύρα meaning breeze. So it’s like the air around us takes on a certain color depending on our inner self. It reflects our mood and the state of our souls.

      Roughly speaking, an aura is the energy that surrounds us (and all living beings) in the form of a ray of color. Since auras are not material, they are part of another realm but work directly within and without our material bodies. However, there is a knack to finding them: you can train your eye to see aura colors. Bearing this in mind, let’s talk about your aura colors’ meanings and how to find them.

      Here you have the most accurate Aura Color Test:

      What Is My Aura Color Test

      Since Auras are basically energy of different colors, they can change through time. Answer these ten simple questions and discover what color your aura is now and what that means.

      The Anatomy of an Auric Body

      So, even though we are always surrounded by energy, there is not only one type of energy. Auras have different types so let’s check out their anatomy.

      Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

      To understand a little bit more about the aura colors’ meaning, let’s have a look at the composition of an aura.

      • Your body’s left side: here energy flows towards the body, and comes in. The left is the more feminine side of our body. This energy is not necessarily energy external to our own aura. It is in the preparation stage representing your creative self, your imagination.
      • The top side: the area above your forehead represents your consciousness. Your feelings, thoughts, and present energy are here. Here we find things you hold in high esteem, this would be in an arch separate from your body. Everything regarding your feelings, and your thoughts reside here along with your goals and future aspirations.
      • On the right side of your body: if we take a look at this side, you can find the energy going out of your body. It’s energy from the past, you’ve already used this energy so it is leaving your aura, being released. This energy can be used to portray your persona. It is how others see you, how they feel you. The aura colors you find on this side are linked to the changes you are experiencing.
      • In the center of your auric body: you’ll find the energy from your heart. Here, most of the time, colors only appear when there is a strong feeling.
      • The upper torso and throat: this is known to be your communication chakra. It only shows color when we are communicating our feelings vocally.

      Ok, now that we understand what an aura is let’s talk about the aura colors meaning.

      As we said, every part of the aura is correlated with different types of energy, new, past, or aspiring energy. All these are defined by their color.

      Your Aura Colors and their Meaning:

      Basically, the colors reflected on the aura are twelve. And most of them are related to chakras (which are focal points that form a straight line on your body. This is how we can find a link between our body’s health and our aura color.

      Ph from Pixabay

      Here are the twelve primary aura colors and their meanings:

      The first seven of them, are associated with the Chakras:

      • Purple aura color meaning:

      This color is linked to the Crown chakra, located on the top of your head, it represents the center of the spirit, a connection to higher guidance and universal consciousness. If you have a purple aura it means you are intuitive and have a passion for leading others.

      • Indigo aura color meaning:

      This aura color is associated with the Third Eye Chakra which is located in the middle of the forehead. Responsible for consciousness and wisdom, this chakra functions as a way of recognizing other’s energies, hence it’s known as the third eye. When you have an indigo aura color, it means you are aligned with your higher self. A person with this aura color is a very sensitive person towards others. They can perceive energy on another level and can see the truth behind every appearance.

      Color Blue is one hundred percent related to the communication chakra. The one in your throat. This aura color shows someone that is in a calm state and shows an advocate willing to speak up to defend the things and those they care about. People with a blue aura color are most of the time the pillars of the community, and the center of support of family and friends.

      • Green aura color meaning:

      Linked to the heart chakra, located in your chest, is responsible for empathy, love, and kindness. A green aura color means that you have a heart full of love. Either because you are a loving and kind person, or because you are in love with someone that is balancing your emotions. A person with a green aura is a person who loves and is kind towards everyone.

      • Yellow aura color meaning:

      Related to the Solar Plexus chakra, located in the upper belly, near your diaphragm, it is responsible for controlling the ego, and identity. If someone has a yellow aura that means they are happy with themselves. It reflects inner happiness, healthy self-esteem, and hunger for more in life.

      • Orange aura color meaning:

      Linked to the sacral chakra, located in the lower part of your belly, it is also known as the creation chakra. The color orange in an aura means that person is satisfied with their friends, family, and their overall environment. This color describes the relationship aspect of someone’s life.

      Associated with the Base Chakra and the feelings of passion and sexual desire. When you see this color on someone’s aura, it means that they are well connected with their objectives in life. They have their goals set and are driven to complete them. It is a color that signifies balance, mentally and emotionally.

      These are the Primary Aura Colors:

      They are connected to a specific chakra. But this doesn’t mean there are no more colors. There are various more aura colors and each one has their one shade, that can mean a lot. But let’s see what colors we have left:

      Is related to the Green aura. This is because they vibrate at the same frequency. A person with a pink aura color is a person who is kind, to themselves and to others. Is a symbol of harmony and happiness.

      • Silver aura color meaning:

      A person with a silver aura color is a person who is becoming wealthy either in a spiritual or material way.

      • Brown aura color meaning:

      This aura color signifies self-absorption, is very common in a greedy person. A person with a brown aura is a person very focused on the accumulation of material things. It is a sign of warning.

      • Black aura color meaning:

      This might sound a little counterintuitive, but black is not actually a bad aura color. When a person has a black aura, it just means they have a lot of anger and grief inside. People with black auras are still suffering for things in the past. They can’t let go and forgive, they are still holding on to pain.

      And finally,

      • White aura color meaning:

      White is the least common color of an aura. A person with a white aura is a person who has transcended the material aspect of life. It is the color of energy protection and it represents a healthy body and soul.

      These are the primary aura colors and associated meanings

      An aura color reflects the emotional and physical well-being of a person. And for some people, it may even represent a window to a non-material realm. For you to have a joyful life, being conscious of your aura and their colors will help. In this sense, I would like to share with you two books that were life-changing for me:

      So here are a few tips on how to train your eye to see your Aura

      For seeing and reading your own aura color follow these steps:
      1. Find a white background (like a wall) with soft lighting, natural light is even better.
      2. Hold your hand up, your palm facing you and against the background.
      3. As you hold your hand up, soften your gaze.
      4. Now, pay attention to your hand, particularly the outline.

      With this, you will start to see a spectrum of light around your hand and between your fingers. And as you inspect the aura with your gaze you will be able to recognize the colors of your aura.

      You can also try to stand in front of a mirror and focus your attention on the middle of your forehead and do the same gazing exercise.

      Let me tell you something, even though aura colors represent an emotional and energetic state, if you find yourself with a less “good” aura color, don’t worry. It just means you need to work on those issues, and getting to know your aura colors is just an easy way for you to find out what is that you need to work in.

      So, if you try this exercise, let me know in the comments below if it resonates with you!

      You may be also interested at: Find Out More About Yourself With This Enneagram Test For Free

      What Color Is My Aura? This Quiz Reveals 1 Of 9 Colors

      What Color Is My Aura? This is a question you may ask if you want to find your energy source. This reliable personality test will help you find out your color.

      What color is my Aura?

      You may have heard from your friends that they say, for example, that my aura color is orange. What’s that mean? Aura refers to the unseen energies surrounding every living thing. This is an exciting topic, and all people want to know more about their Auras.

      Aura is the different layers of energy surrounding you, and each of these layers has a center in your body. And the exciting part is that each of them has a particular color that reflects a person’s personality traits.

      You may be curious and ask, What color is my Aura? The answer to this question relates to your viewpoint of life and your characteristics. And that’s why you need to learn more about this topic and link it to your personality traits. Another way to answer this question is online quizzes. There are also reliable aura tests that you can find easily on the internet.

      What is Aura’s meaning?

      An Aura consists of seven auric layers like onion layers, the middle of which is your physical body. Seven Auric layer or planes include:

      Physical plane: This layer is closest to our physical body and skin and ensures our body’s physical health.

      Emotional plane: This layer is all about your emotions and can show up in different colors in different moods.

      Mental layer: This is the third layer of energy outside your body that is usually associated with reason and logic.

      Astral body: This layer is connected to your spirit, generally referred to as the layer of Love.

      Etheric Body: This layer helps you communicate mentally with others and is a place for your psyche.

      Celestial Plane: This layer, which is the sixth layer of your body, is related to your dreams and creativity. It is said that people with a robust celestial layer are very creative.

      Causal plane: This is the last and farthest layer of your body and is responsible for coordinating and balancing the other layers. For people who move well in the path of life, this layer is very strong, and as a result, other auras have reached a balance.

      What are the 7 Chakras?

      Each of these Auric layers (planes) has the primary energy centers in the body called Chakras. When these chakras are open, energy is released from them, and we can do our best in any way we can. There are seven chakras, each centered in a part of our body and associated with that auric layer. The seven chakras are:

      Root Chakra: It is the first energy center in the body and is located at the spine’s base. When this chakra is open, we show our confidence and easily stand on our own two feet. This root controls confidence, strength, and digestive health.

      Sacral Chakra: The second chakra, located in the lower abdomen, controls our creativity, energy, and sexual desire. When this is open, we will never feel fatigued.

      Solar Chakra: The third layer is located in the abdomen and is responsible for controlling our emotions to the world around us.

      Heart Chakra: This chakra, as its name suggests, is above our hearts, and if it is open, we can easily love people.

      Throat Chakra: It is located in the throat area, and if it is open, we can easily communicate with others and express ourselves openly.

      Third-Eye Chakra: It is located in the forehead between the eyes and is ultimately connected to our psyche and mind. It is usually called the eye of the soul.

      Crown Chakra: The seventh and final chakra is located at the top of the head and is completely connected with spirituality. It is open to very few people, and if it is open, they can reach a high level of consciousness.

      When we talk about the color of auras, do you know what we mean? The color of the Aura is related to each of the mentioned chakras. For example, when we talk about the ‘abstract tan aura‘ personality, we mean people with a light tan aura and open, friendly, and extroverted characteristics. On the other hand, the sensitive tan aura color is a combination of light blue bands, and these people are quiet, sensitive, and supportive. As mentioned before, each of our chakras is shown with a specific color, which is our Aura color. For instance:

      The Red color represents the root chakra. People with red auras usually know themselves well and have the right place in their life and work. They are fearless people who want to gain a lot of experience in life and aren’t afraid of birth, death, and adrenaline-inducing activities. If your color is red, you know who you are, your home, and your career.

      The Orange color represents the Sacral center. People in orange are usually very creative, energetic, and emotional. They value friendship and social relationships and want to be happy in any situation. They like teamwork, and being alone bothers them a lot.

      The Yellow color represents the Solar Plexus energy center, and it controls Self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. These people are warm and radiant like the sun and confidently support their friends and give them positive energy. If your aura color is yellow, you naturally attract everyone with your inner joy.

      The Green color represents Heart Chakra, and it controls love, joy, and inner peace. These people love all living things, and that is why they are attracted to nature and animals. People with green are people who have reached a balance in their lives because they pay attention to their personal interests and the interests of those they love.


      Questions of the quiz

      • Question 1

        How do you usually express yourself?

      • Question 2

        I enjoy….

      • Question 3

        Which of the following jobs would you like to have?

      • Question 4

        Who can you have a better relationship with?

        • With people who are comfortable expressing their sexuality

        • With anyone who is happy and energetic

        • With people who want life to be easy and simple.

        • With people who respect me

        • With people who are simple and straightforward

        • With people I can exchange information with

      • Question 5

        Choose a qoute

        • “I can’t grow from an unsteady foundation.”

        • “I always honor others but not before myself.”

        • “Self-love starts when I accept all parts of myself.”

        • “When I love myself, loving others comes easily.”

        • “I speak my truth, always.”

        • “I am a vessel for love and light.”

      • Question 6

        If something goes wrong with my work, it could be because

        • I was angry

        • I feel a lack of control in my life.

        • I might feel overwhelming amounts of shame and self-doubt

        • I view the comment of people as a criticism

        • I have trouble finding the words to say how I truly feel.

        • I did not use my intelligence

      • Question 7

        What is your priority in life?

      • Question 8

        In which part of your body do you feel a lot of energy?

        • Base of spine

        • Lower abdomen

        • Stomach

        • Above my heart

        • Throat

        • Top of the head

      • Question 9

        Which of your personality traits makes your friends love you?

        • My fiery personality

        • I am always joyful

        • I am usually optimistic and upbeat.

        • I am self-assertive

        • I usually lovingly listen and counsel people.

        • I frequently end up in leadership positions

      • Question 10

        How old are you?

        • 1-7 years old

        • 8-14 years old

        • 15-21 years old

        • 21-28 years old

        • 29-35 years old

        • 43-49 years old

      • Question 11

        Choose an element.

        • Earth

        • Water

        • Fire

        • Air

        • Sound/Music

        • Divine Consciousness

      • Question 12

        What is your favorite yoga position?

        • Warrior I

        • Bound Angle Pose

        • Boat Pose

        • Camel Pose

        • Fish Pose

        • Headstand

      • Question 13

        If you want to describe yourself in one word, what is it?

        • Fearless

        • Creative

        • Self-worth

        • joyful

        • Honesty

        • charismatic

      • Question 14

        Choose a stone.

      • Question 15

        Which foods do you usually consume the most?

        • Red-colored foods like apples and beets

        • Oranges, tangerines, and nuts

        • Grains and fiber

        • Spinach and kale

        • Juices and teas

        • None of them

      • Question 16

        What personality traits do you dislike?

        • Dependence

        • Sadness

        • Lack of self-confidence

        • Internal turmoil

        • Seclusion

        • Sloppiness

      • Question 17

        What are your hobbies?

      • Question 18

        Which exercises do you do the most?

        • Forest bathing

        • Breathing exercise

        • Yoga

        • Visualization exercises

        • Walking

        • All of them

      • Question 19

        What do you wish others would envy you for?

      • Question 20

        Success is….

        • Trust in our ability to withstand adversity

        • Accomplishing a daring feat

        • Ability to be confident and in control of your life

        • Ability to give and receive love

        • Expressing ourselves truly and clearly

        • Ability to be fully connected spiritually

      Human Aura Colors and Their Meanings

      Auras are the manifestation of your body and soul’s energy – and if you don’t think that applies to you, then you might want to get comfortable.

      Everything in the universe – both this realm and the other – emanates energy that affects their essence and state of being.

      As we’re higher life forms, our light patterns of energy – our auras – change according to or circumstances: our moods, our emotions, our life experiences and our levels of awareness.

      Our aura’s colors radiate across all the colors of the spectrum, and each means very different things.

      But there’s more to an aura than just its color: there are different shades of colors, patterns and distances too. All of these different factors are influenced by someone’s emotional state, spiritual wellbeing and even their own personal power – and how dominant or submissive each of these balances are.

      Human aura colors are also related to the human Chakras – although, the more spiritually aware a person is, the more likely that their aura color will be slightly different from their Chakra color.

      Factors Influencing Aura Colors and Hues

      There are so many variations on the aura’s colors (which I’ll go into in a deeper explanation below), and some are more intense, or less intense, and can even be deeper or lighter hues.

      Sometimes there are metallic colors in an aura, with golds, silvers appearing, or even flecks of other colors – blacks, grays and whites – all appearing for specific reasons.

      Your aura’s colors are reflection of several things – from your emotional wellbeing to your physical body’s state, and its colors are influenced by –

      • Your personality
      • Your mindset – emotional and spiritual
      • Your lie stage
      • Your psychic awareness level
      • Your physical attributes – your age, gender and even ethnicity
      • Your self-will

      And even more. Your aura isn’t affected by your physical presence, as much as your spectral presence. That is, your aura won’t physically change because of where you’re located; it will change or affect its colors depending on how you feel about the place in which you are.

      Some people have strong or extreme aura colors, although most people have a fluctuating set of colors, and usually have some kind of color signature.

      While some people – like psychic readers – usually have some sort of sequence, with wide bursts and even rainbow-colored auras, others have a much calmer aura with a few different colors presented.

      Depending on its colors, your aura can be read, analyzed and then used to interpret your life path’s steps. 

      Schedule an Aura Healing

      Aura Colors and Meanings

      Remember, that event though this guide gives you a general understanding of aura colors and their meanings, there are still a lot of contextual factors that will influence the way your aura presents: from its color, to its hue, to its pattern and even its distance from your body – if you’re not experienced in aura reading, a professional psychic aura reader can help you decipher its meaning.

      Red and Pink Auras

      These colors are very closely related to your physical body’s feelings and emotional responses.

      Red-colored auras are a show of passion and are usually related to strong feelings – whether those are anger, pride or even love. It’s a very primal color, showing a strong desire to do something assertive, such as act in an aggressive way or prove yourself.

      The deeper the red hue, the stronger this primal need will be. As the red color becomes more pinkish, it represents a weakening, possibly of body and/or spirit.

      A completely pink color shows vulnerability – whether that’s a negative vulnerability, such as fear, or a positive one, such as vulnerability in a romantic relationship.

      Blue and Indigo Auras

      Blue is the auric color of calm – and the stranger that blue hue is, the calmer and stronger the person! People displaying blue auras tend to look for solace in places that other people might not have considered looking. They’re intuitive, and love human interaction, and usually have very high emotional intelligence.

      If the blue auric hue is really storing and dark, it could mean that the person has psychic abilities they might not have been aware of, or very heightened sensory abilities.


      As you might have guessed from the color, magenta-colored hues are a little eccentric. It’s rare to find a dominantly magenta aura, but is usually pretty present in those of us who have a strong desire to go against the tide! 

      Magenta usually means struggle – although this isn’t a negative thing. It’s usually more of a positive indication of artistic abilities that might not yet be realized or known.


      The stronger the orange, the more vigorous and vital – orange-colored hues are usually found on very physical people, especially athletes. It’s also the color of people who are very certain about their sexuality and their sexual prowess. 

      Although, before you congratulate yourself too much if you have an orange aura, you should also know that strong orange auras are also seen in people who are about to disconnect from other people. 

      Yellow and Gold Auras

      If you’re lucky enough to have a gold or yellow-colored aura, it means you’re very disciplined, and seeking spiritual enlightenment. Congratulations! The more gold the aura, the more philosophical the person.

      However, deeply gold auras can be seen in someone with existential crises – about their place in the universe, their life, and also in their relationship with time.

      Brown Auras

      Earthy, brown auras are signs of someone who struggles with details – these people are usually seen as pretty uptight or as overthinkers. The lighter the color brown, the more self-aware these people are regarding their overthinking – which will likely cause only more overthinking.

      Green Auras

      Green auras mean either extremely good physical and mental health, or those who are on their way to healing.

      Green is a great aura color for anyone to have – it means there’s a perfect balance between your body, mental state, personal relationships and emotional state. The more dominant the green color, the more likely it is that you’re a natural healer.

      Violet and Lavender Auras

      Unlike its cousin, magenta (see above), violet and lavender auras relate to spirituality. The deeper the purple, the closer you are to unlocking spiritual freedom.

      Deep purple auras are usually found in spiritual leaders – yogis, life counselors and psychic readers.

      Black Auras

      Black auras are usually considered to be negative, and are traditionally seen as the scholar of someone who is sick, either physically or emotionally.

      That’s not quite the case, although a black aura does usually mean someone is experiencing something negative that is impacting them – whether that’s a physical injury, or emotional insecurity, remains up to the context of the person.

      White Auras

      Pure white auras mean absolute spiritual purity, light, energy and protection. Shades of white can mean there’s a new perspective – a new outlook on the world, on truth and even of new angelic qualities in someone. If the white aura is sparkling, it could mean that angel healers are near!

      Rainbow Auras

      Rainbow auras are usually found exclusively in healers, especially those who are trained to work with physical and mental energy fields.

      They’re usually seen as brilliant, colorful lights, like a sunburst, and means that someone is highly spiritually evolved. 

      Find an Aura Healer on Keen Psychics

      What Auras Consist of: The 7 Auric Layers

      Auras are complex energy forms and have 7 layers, which relate to each of the body’s energy frequencies.

      Each layer can tell you even more about your mood, emotions, behavior and health: 

      1. The physical auric layer: responsible for all things physical – sensations, comfort and pleasure
      2. The etheric layer: relates to self-emotions: self-acceptance and self-love
      3. The vital layer: relates to the rational mind, and rational thinking
      4. The astral layer: relates to relationships with others – friends, family and otherwise
      5. The lower mental auric layer: relates to the inner Divine will and truth-seeking
      6. The higher auric mental body: relates to Divine love and spiritual ecstasy
      7. The spiritual (or intuitive) layer: relates the divine mind and serenity, relating to your greater place in the universe

      Aura Readings Tell You Your True Nature

      Aura readings give you an unparalleled insight into everything to do with you – your emotional state, your body and even your psychic ability.

      Just from the color and pattern of your aura, a psychic reader can tell how healthy you are in body and mind, as well as anything that has occurred in your life.

      A professional aura reading is a way to understand more about yourself, and using what you’ve learned to change your life, and make it more balanced where it needs to be. By learning more deeply about yourself, you can achieve complete self-awareness. 

      What color is your aura? Test – Esoterics – LiveJournal

      According to the author of the test – Pamela Oslay, when psychics see a person’s aura in flowers, different colors represent different psychotypes, different energies, and different prevailing character traits.

      Depending on this, a person has different types of emotions and he experiences emotions for different types of reasons. People with a predominant type of aura have specific interests and certain types of activities better.

      You can use the results of this test to better understand yourself and the people around you – incl.h. to understand with whom for what purposes to cooperate.

      For example, if you are hiring a security guard, it is good that the colors of concreteness and physical action are close to him, but if you are looking for a business guru, it is unlikely that the matter will do without the color reflecting the business style of thinking – green. If you want to rise spiritually, you need people with high types of flowers – lavender, crystal, indigo.

      It is also interesting to know what colors your loved one or potential partner has for intimate relationships.If your colors resonate, or your partner has something that you do not have, but need, and vice versa, love and harmony may arise.

      1. Before answering the questions – read the questions for each category. This will give you a general idea of ​​the personality type of each specific type.

      2. If the answer to the question is YES – add yourself 2 points, if SOMETIMES – 1, if NO – 0 points.

      3. After that – add up all the points for each color and determine your prevailing colors.

      4. Read the interpretation of the prevailing colors, and if you are interested – in others.

      Color 1 – Red

      1. I like tangible physical reality more than discussing spiritual, emotional or intellectual concepts.

      2. I think the main focus and purpose of my life is to experience all physical and sensory pleasures.

      3. I often lose my temper, but quickly cool down and do not hold resentment.

      4. I express myself more through my sexuality and my physical body than through emotion or intellect.

      5. I prefer work that is physical and gives immediate, tangible results.

      6. I am rather a loner

      7. It is difficult for me to express my feelings to other people.

      8. Usually I am a strong, confident, independent and practical person.

      9. I prefer to take concrete physical actions on projects, rather than theorize about ideas and plans.

      10. I tend to believe only in the existence of those things that I can physically touch.

      11. I am persistent and hardworking, and usually push the rest of the team to action.

      12. I tend to be honest and straightforward.

      Color 2 – orange

      1. I like physical risk and crazy adventures.

      2. I enjoy dangerous, exciting, difficult physical tasks.

      3. Having a permanent job and family seems boring to me.

      4. I prefer to spend time alone with myself.

      5. I like individual sports and competitions more than team sports.

      6. I enjoy exceeding my physical limitations.

      7. I do not need to share my feelings and emotions with anyone else.

      8. Questions of faith and spiritual questions do not interest me.

      9. I prefer activities that allow me to show pure physical courage.

      10. I am not interested in what other people think of me.

      11.I would rather use the money for daring adventures like mountain climbing or racing than investing.

      12. To people I often seem self-centered and indifferent, alienated.

      Color 3 – aniline red (MAGENTA)

      1. Fooling around and acting eccentric is fun and doesn’t bother me.

      2. My life style is flamboyance and eccentricity.

      3. I would like to be married a few times or get married, just for fun.

      4. I believe that inconsistency is needed, and this is what makes life interesting.

      5. I like the weird and the unusual.

      6. I usually do not conform to the rules and laws of society.

      7. Although I like parties and events where people gather, I find it difficult to keep friends because my behavior at times shocks people.

      8. I like unlimited artistic expression.

      9. I usually do not take responsibility for friends or family.

      10. I think quickly and people rarely understand my ideas.

      11. I like to learn new things, but usually my attention is short-lived. I often leave things unfinished.

      12. I often feel lonely and misunderstood / misunderstood.

      ..Color 4 – yellow ..

      1. It is very important for me to be able to play, have fun, physically move and be with people.

      2. I like to laugh and cheer people up.

      3.I have or have had an addiction to abuse at least one of the following: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sex, exercise, chocolate, sweets, or overeating.

      4. If a conflict arises, my first impulse is to leave or avoid the situation.

      5. I regularly need physical activity (exercise) or dancing.

      6. I like to be creative, artistic, or work with my hands.

      7. I like physical work.

      8.I usually look younger than my age.

      9. I am easily hurt emotionally.

      10. I would like people to just play all the time.

      11. I think that sex should be enjoyable.

      12. I like to be spontaneous / spontaneous.

      Color 5 – “Color of Logic”

      1. I prefer a secure, stable job that provides a regular paycheck.

      2. I am not an emotional person.

      3. I prefer to see evidence, logic and data behind ideas.

      4. I enjoy working with mechanical and electronic devices and machines – computers, calculators, appliances and electronic games.

      5. I like working with details.

      6. I am an analyst, a logician and I think consistently.

      7. I am practical with money and prefer safe investments.

      8. I usually follow the rules and abide by the laws. I prefer structure.

      9. It usually takes me a long time to make a decision.(Think how long it will take to answer this question)

      10. I usually follow my daily routine.

      11. My principle is “to see is to believe”.

      12. I have a tendency to accumulate things, so that when necessary, I can reach out and take what I need.

      Color 6 – environmentally oriented color

      1. I enjoy analyzing and measuring my environment.

      2. I can estimate weight, distance and volume through my inner physical sensation.(I can tell how much something weighs by holding it in my hand).

      3. I have logical and practical thinking.

      4. I slowly develop friendships with people and usually spend time with myself.

      5. Money is important to me for security and stability.

      6. When I work, I am responsible, dedicated, and follow instructions well.

      7. I perceive reality as logical and three-dimensional.

      8. I am a person who is not at all inclined to publicity and I keep my feelings to myself.

      9. I am a quiet and reserved person, but independent and strong.

      10. I prefer a stable job and a reliable salary.

      11. Usually I tend to be serious and in control.

      12. If I were engaged (when I am engaged in) children, I tend to rational discipline.

      Color 7 – Sensitivity Color

      1. Home and family are my two top priorities.

      2. I feel that supporting community activities and attending meetings about community issues are important.

      3. I am sensitive, calm, patient and rational person.

      4. It is important for me to have a sense of security and stability in my home.

      5. I am usually a good listener – I listen patiently and attentively.

      6. I tend to be quiet, reserved and often shy person.

      7. I prefer to understand the logic of the situation, but also emotionally support people’s needs.

      8. I believe that true spirituality is to serve people.

      9. I prefer to work in an assistant role where I take responsibility for the details – ie. secretary, accountant, housewife, nurse.

      10. I usually put my family’s needs ahead of mine.

      11. I prefer to work in a structured environment.

      12. If I get upset, I prefer to deal with it quietly, calmly and logically.

      The results of this test and interpretation are for informational purposes only.

      By using these materials, you agree that you use them at your own peril and risk, and that the authors of the test and interpretations do not bear any responsibility for the correctness of the information provided, as well as for any consequences of your use of this information.

      Red: Physical activity, perseverance – the color of a worker of physical labor.

      Red – they firmly belong to physical reality and are sexy. They enjoy expressing themselves through sensuality and through their bodies. They live their lives “here and now”, with taste, strength, courage and self-confidence.

      Reds like to live in physical reality in order to do something, somehow manage or interact with the physical environment. Reality must be tangible to them.They need to be able to see, touch, hear, taste and smell everything. Reds don’t think abstractly. The wall is a wall and there is no need for further discussion or reflection. Reality is literal, for them it is by no means difficult and not “subtle” – imperceptible.

      Red needs proof that something exists. It must have some kind of concrete and tangible material embodiment. The red ones remind us that we have bodies, that we are matter – blood and flesh.These tough individuals enjoy the physical aspect of life. They do not try to see the world as an illusion or run away from it into a dream world.

      Orange: Adventure, physical danger and risk, overcoming physical capabilities – the color of the warrior and the athlete.

      Oranges are people seeking thrills, “daredevils” – in the spectrum of colors of the aura. They enjoy difficult tasks and the delight of physical danger. They enjoy challenging their environment and transcending any accepted physical boundaries.

      Oranges are willing to risk their lives – just to feel alive. There must really be life and death at stake for Orange to have a sense of achievement and satisfaction. They love the thrill of an adrenaline rush in the face of danger.

      For Oranges – nervous excitement, agility, and delight are very important in life. Everything else is just a passive existence. Evel Knievel and actor / stunt performer Jackie Chan are notable examples of Orange.

      Purple: Extravagance, singularity, artistry and change for the sake of change – the color of the cunning and eccentric in life.

      Purple – very rare, it is unusual to find them on the planet today.

      They are the most dissenting in the entire spectrum of the aura. They usually look eccentric 90,015 singles. They see life in many unusual perspectives. They do not follow the expectations and standards of the social majority. They follow the rhythm of their own drums. Purple people love to shock people, shake up their ordinary and boring existence. For example, they can walk the streets in fantastically ridiculous clothes and wild purple hair.Other people usually lack the energy or desire to live the Purple style. Because of their eccentric demeanor, the Purples prefer to live in large, crowded cities where they can be free from social pressures. These free souls usually do not care about the opinions of others, but in big cities there is a lot of freedom of expression. Many Yellows and Violets think they are Purple because they are they have similar qualities and experiences. Read about the life goals of Yellows, Violets and Purples, then you will understand who you are.Purples tend to focus on and enjoy the oddities of the physical world. They don’t care about spirituality, philanthropy, or other Yellow and Violet priorities. The purples prefer to live in busy cities. Yellow people prefer a more natural environment.

      Yellow: Rejoice, please others and enjoy.

      Yellow – the most energetic, freedom-loving spirit, loving entertainment, like children. The yellow ones are amazing, sensitive, optimistic.Their purpose in life is to bring joy to people, to have fun and to promote reconciliation on the planet. Yellow people can be both very shy and sensitive, and the soul of the company. These playful people have a great sense of humor. They love to laugh and make other people laugh. The yellow ones are convinced that life must be adored. They prefer to lead a free and spontaneous life. With their constant smile, they remind people not to take themselves and existing problems too seriously. The yellow ones would be happy not to work at all, except for creative work, full of games and fun.They love nature and can often participate in activities and organizations that support wildlife and the environment. Dogs are attached to Yellows, and they often become Yellows’ best friends.

      Logic: Consistency, consistency, diligence.

      People of the Color of Logic are, as it were, tightly wrapped in a light earthy belt – which reflects a tendency to restraint of feelings and thoughts. They are very logical. They do not step over the steps, not wanting to miss anything. Their demeanor does not tolerate haste.They need to grasp the logic behind each step before taking the next. They start with laying a reliable foundation and then move forward brick by brick, step by step. Otherwise, they fear, the entire project could collapse. Far from taking risks, these methodical thinkers try to collect all the data before taking action. They do everything in an orderly and progressive manner. Every detail is meticulously checked. People of the Color of Logic tend to be familiar. They are quite comfortable with repeating the same actions from day to day, and at the same time they do not feel any routine.Even a slight rearrangement of furniture in the house knocks them out of their rut for a long time. Of the entire color spectrum, people of this color are the least flexible and adaptable. Their sense of personal security is strongly associated with reliability, predictability, and degree of similarity.

      Color of the Environment: 3D world, crafts, construction, concreteness, objectivity, traditional morality – the color of the Craftsman.

      Environment Color – deep earthy with a green interlayer of woodland. This color is the bridge between physical reality and mental reality.People of the color of the Environment perceive the world through touching their surroundings and then analyze them. (By the way, people of Yellow, who tend to suppress their freedom-loving yellow aspect, often consider themselves to be people of the color of the Environment – but it is more important for them to truly realize themselves, and not continue to live in the spectrum of the Environment.) Like Logicians and Sensitives, people of the color of the Environment Environments need security, stability, and logical consistency. They are more successful in the world of rules, schemes, standards and logical chains of cause and effect.They prefer structure and discipline. They build life in an orderly and consistent manner, like the people of Logic, but they have the additional ability to evaluate and measure the environment with some kind of inner instinct. These amazing personalities can intuitively analyze spatial relationships. With one glance, they determine the exact distance from one side of the room to the other. People of the color of the Environment treat their surroundings kinesthetically and mentally.

      Color Sensitivity: family, relatives, friends, physical assistance and care, traditional family values.

      Sensitive color as a bridge between thinking and emotional colors. Their aura is a combination of light brown and light blue colors that encircle the body. Their personality subtly combines the best qualities of rational psychotypes and the emotionality of BLUs. Sensitive people combine analytical mind and logic with love, intuition and compassion. These kind people are calm, sensitive and always support. Like representatives of the logical psychotype, they prefer to create a certain base in the process of data processing.Sensitive people are more emotional, they have a stronger developed intuition in comparison with the Logical psychotype, but they prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. When problems arise, the Sensitive use what they have hitherto kept within themselves for a practical solution to the problem.

      The Color of Abstract Thinking: Creativity, Party-like, Abstract and Systemic Thinking.

      Abstract – smart and inquisitive people with abstract thinking – unique personalities in the mental family.They are the most sincere of all shades. Abstract is characterized by openness, friendliness and responsiveness. Abstract people are incredibly optimistic people. Although they are usually quite energetic, their energy is dissipated. They tend to do several things at once.

      Individuals with other shades of aura process information in a logical and sequential manner. They practice each step in a linear fashion, from one to the next. While Abstracts see all the details and steps in general, they do not move from one to the other in the usual way.Abstract possesses a random thought process. Instead of going step by step, they try to influence all the stages at the same time. They don’t feel every stage. For them, the first step is prioritized over the other part in the project, or the last stage. These sensitive people often appear frivolous to those around them.

      Abstracts constantly misplace things or lose property, or forget where they last put things. Their lives seem to be in a constant realm of disorder and chaos.The energy of the Abstract is so unfocused that people around can suppress them. Abstract energy resembles fireflies or hummingbirds. Their rapidly vibrating wings move a hundred times per second as they constantly change course in mid-air.

      Green: Business, management and organization, money, power, in combination with Purple – politics; the color of a businessman, manager or executive.

      Greens are one of the most powerful and intelligent people among psychotypes in the aura spectrum.These are extremely bright personalities. They quickly process information and generate ideas, jumping from the first to the tenth stage of work. They don’t like to go through all the stages and work with details. A highly detailed design is boring and tedious for Greens. They prefer to develop an idea, create a plan, and then delegate the work to someone else to take care of the details. Greens are madly attracted to money, power and business. These quick-thinking people organize their work very well and productively.They make lists and then cross out the items that have already been made. They welcome samples and make decisions very quickly. When greens have power and strength, they are capable of moving mountains. They enjoy setting goals and determining the way to achieve them. Greens are very mobile and active when they need to take specific actions. They are also typical workaholics. Greens are highly competitive and enjoy challenging tasks. They thrive by constantly taking risks.Speculations and gambling are typical of the Greens, especially if the win is going to be big. As people with a strong will, these bright personalities determine their own path, and consider it the most correct. It is difficult to convince the Greens in a dispute by making any arguments.

      Blue: Love, compassion, mutual understanding, spiritual help and care for specific people.

      Blue – one of the rarest, loving among the presented psychotypes. They are well mannered and always ready to support.They live with their hearts, they are driven by emotions. The purpose of their existence on the planet is the ability to give love, teach how to love and be loved. Their priorities are love, family relationships, and spirituality. Blues typically work as teachers, educators and nannies – essentially their activities on earth are aimed at loving, nurturing, teaching and caring. Blue is constantly helping others. They want everyone to feel loved and needed. People often turn to Blues for comfort and advice because Blues are always ready to be there.They will always lend their shoulder to cry on it. Blue are the most emotional of all psychotypes. They cry to a frenzy. Blues cry from happiness, pain, anger, sadness, and even for no apparent reason altogether. Even sentimental TV ads can make them cry.

      Purple: Love for humanity, bettering the world, missionary work, educating people, politics, combined with green – sales of unusual goods and investment activities.

      Violet – inspired seers, leaders and teachers who came to Earth in order to save her.Most violets gravitate towards enlightening the masses, instilling high ideals, improving life on the planet, saving people, animals and the environment. All violets have an inner conviction that they have come here to do something important, that their purpose in life is higher than that of the average person. Most violets feel this way from childhood, when they were children, pretending to be famous, or traveling around the world, or members of humanitarian organizations like the Peace Corps. Many of these charismatic personalities take on the responsibility of leaders and teachers; some violets prefer to influence people through music, movies, or other forms of art.The current era is the “Violet Age”, so all violets who have not yet fulfilled their mission feel an inner urge, even excitement.

      Inner forces seem to push them to take active steps to implement their lofty goals.

      Violets know they are here to do something meaningful. However, they do not always know what they should do and how exactly to do it. Many Violets have been taught from childhood that their dreams and aspirations are unrealistic, and therefore they have lost contact with their real beliefs.It is very important to restore this connection with the purpose of life and start acting, otherwise such Violets will always feel dissatisfied, feel the absence of something important. Violets take a long time to learn to slow down in order to hear their inner voice and get in touch with their higher vision.

      Lavender: Dreams, fairy tale, magic.

      Fantasy, magic, dreams, myths, spirits, angels, fairies – all this fills the consciousness of the Lavender people. These people would like to live in a dream world more.It is more interesting for them to exist outside real life, outside these bodies, where life is comfortable and full of magic. It is very difficult for these airy beings to live in reality from three dimensions. The lavenders are much more pleased with the imaginary pictures of the world, where butterflies flutter, flowers grow and nymphs wander, than dirty concrete metropolises. Reality seems to them cold and cruel. These sensitive creatures are so fragile that they often look pale and sickly. Lavender’s skin is often snow-white, because they do not like to leave the house unless beautiful flowers are blooming around it and a charming garden is spread out around it.These personalities, much like children, are very sensitive and simple.

      Lavender will be happy to watch the clouds float across the sky, or daydream. They would gladly leave this reality with all its responsibility and urgent needs. The behavior of the Lavender often confuses everyone else, in cases where dependence and responsibility would be wanted from them. They don’t know what it’s like to do a responsible job or make money. They are closer to other dimensions and invented realities.It is sometimes difficult for the lavender to navigate in time, space and material matters. They like to relive events in their imaginations, but in reality they often lack the down-to-earthness and practicality to actually accomplish anything.

      Crystal: Communication with God, harmonization of the surrounding space, relationships and things, subtlety, care, healing, perhaps clairvoyance – the color of a priest, oracle or saint.

      Crystal is a rare, unusual aura color.”Crystalline” have a pure aura, it is also called “chameleon aura”. Their aura changes color like a chameleon, takes on the color of the person with whom they are communicating at a given time. Then they take on characteristics, patterns of behavior, emotions and thoughts of that color. As a consequence, Crystals can get along very well with just about anyone. Yellows, for example, feel that they can interact with Crystals who act and think like yellow when they are around them. Later, when the same crystal spends time with the Sensitive, the Sensitive finds that they are kindred spirits.However, the inconsistency of the Crystals can confuse people. One minute the Crystals think and behave like Greens, after a short time they act like Blue. The more they are in contact with others, the more their personality traits change. Because Crystals tend to absorb the colors of other people’s auras, and people at times feel an energetic drain in the presence of Crystals. Crystalline can be a clear channel of healing energy. As natural healers, they have the gift of helping people release blockages, thereby allowing their own healing processes to take place.During the healing process, balanced Crystals can withdraw from their own thoughts and emotions, which makes the healing more pure. Crystalline ones are not always aware of their healing powers. This can often scare and embarrass them, or make them feel overwhelmed.

      These rare souls are often physically fragile and tender (sickly). Because they are extremely sensitive, they can only heal one person at a time. Then they need to be in a quiet place to clear their aura.By working with so many people, they can upset their system.

      Indigo: Seeking and defending truth and justice, up to revolutionary, resolving contradictions, major innovations. Combined with purple, charismatic inspired leadership.

      People with Indigo color in their aura appeared on the planet later than anyone else. They bring with them new energy, new consciousness, and a new age of peace and harmony. If the Violets feel the need to help save the planet, educate people, and improve life in general, then the Indigos themselves are an example of new high knowledge.Most Indigos are now children, although there are few born earlier. Words that can describe Indigo: honest, knowledgeable, highly intuitive, spiritual, independent, fearless, strong-willed, sensitive. Indigos are ancient souls who know who they are and where they came from. Some people think Indigos are strange. These amazing personalities are born with an intact spiritual memory. Many parents report that their Indigo children stun them with colorful details about their past lives or recent encounters with spirits.Parents also say that these children can read their minds and have amazing mental abilities. Parents often have no idea how to raise such amazing children. An unusual trait of Indigos is that it is often difficult to determine their gender. Sometimes it is difficult to say whether it is a man or a woman, what their orientation is – homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual, or maybe the sex characteristics are generally indistinguishable. As if Indigo has traits of both Yin and Yang, as if they combine both masculine and feminine principles.However, their first priority is not their sexuality, but their spirituality.

      The red veil in the aura is the problematic nature of karma.

      It is usually added to other colors in the aura at a fairly young age, because the person feels the need for protection. The red shroud can both provide protection and become a heavy burden for the rest of your life. Most often, evidence that a person has a Red Veil in their aura is feelings of intense anger and rage, or constant struggle and the desire to harm oneself.If these people cannot remove the Red Veil from their aura, then their protective field will become their own prison.

      People most often add a Red Veil to their aura for any of the following reasons: At birth, in childhood or in youth, they were in a life-threatening situation, and there was a possibility that they could die, people realized this, and that our world is not a safe place at all. Examples of such life-threatening situations are complications during childbirth, serious illness, suffocation, or the possibility of drowning.Many people do not remember these incidents, and therefore the reason for such sudden outbursts of rage remains a mystery to them. They often feel horror or a premonition of trouble for a reason they do not understand. Also, people in the aura may develop a Red Perenum if they are abandoned or rejected physically, emotionally or mentally. A red veil often appears in the aura of unwanted children, foster children, or those taken from a parent during childhood. This may also apply to children who lacked parental care, even if the parent lived with them at home.The most obvious reasons for the Red Veil in the aura are when people have been traumatized physically, emotionally, or mentally. Children who have been sexually harassed, beaten, or who grew up in a family of alcoholics or parents who often verbally abuse them often feel that the world around them is dangerous, unreliable, and must have reliable protection to survive. Even a child who has experienced physical or psychological oppression and influence can develop a red veil.Such children were betrayed by adults who were supposed to love them, take care of them and protect them as their children. However, not everyone who felt abandoned by their parents has a Red Veil in their aura. The transfer had to be impressive enough or serious enough to threaten the child’s survival instincts, emotionally or physically.
      How a person evolves according to the colors of the aura

      At first he masters physical labor, persistence in achieving goals is red.

      Then he discovers that special results can be achieved by surpassing one’s physical limitations and taking risks – turns orange.

      Then he discovers that in addition to risk, you can still be unusual, unpredictable, cunning, and manifest this not only in war but also in life, and this can give results. Turns purple.

      Then he discovers that the fun and enjoyment that give cunning extravagance – and in itself valuable, turns yellow.

      Then he discovers that if you behave consistently, carefully, apply logic – this helps to receive benefits that are valuable for enjoyment – it becomes logical.

      And then he discovers that if you approach things systematically in all interrelationships, and not only from one side logically, the results come out better. Becomes a master of crafts or some kind of business – focus on the environment. Business ethics and good quality are beginning to be important to him.

      Further begins to understand why the results obtained at the previous stages? they are a way of providing for the family, procreation, and the immediate environment. Begins to value family, kinship, friends, clan or community – what he worked for in the previous stages – is recognized as a value in itself.Traditional moral values ​​in communication between people are beginning to be important to him. This is how he becomes sensitive.

      Further, the person highlights the essence of sensitivity, expands the value of communication with the immediate environment to the fact that there are other people and you can also communicate with them wonderful! this is how the tendency towards wide, superficial communication appears, and that in addition to traditional moral values ​​one can look at things more broadly – this is how creativity appears. And that in addition to a separate family and friends, there are still other people, and large systems – this is how a systematic approach and abstract thinking appears.But all this remains rather at the level of understanding than practical results.

      When a person matures to apply what he has found in practice, he becomes green. He begins to be able to manage other people, organize them for activities for the benefit of himself and others. Green is the color of a businessman or manager.

      After a person has learned to do good to others and receive in return what he needs, he discovers that helping people is generally good. That the heart can be opened, you can feel other people subtly, feel them, compassion, and it turns blue, the emphasis shifts to love.

      When a person has learned to love specific people, he discovers that it is possible to love both humanity and the world as a whole! And he becomes purple – a missionary, a leader, a politician (in the best sense of the word), a teacher.

      Further, the person either becomes disillusioned with helping the world and goes into the imaginary world. Either he lacks the integrity and imagination to lead others to the better – and then he develops imagination. Either he lacks physical strength and then he goes into influence on the world through the power of imagination and magic (incl.h. unconsciously). This is lavender – the color of dreams, fairy tales, magic.

      When a person has mastered imagination and magic, he begins to think, and what is the point in all this? he lacks integrity, and then he finds God and spirit – they are the core of the whole world of soul and spirit and give them meaning and harmony. So it becomes crystal.

      When a person has established a connection with God, he begins to see how the world is imperfect! How little spirit, truth, and God is in him! and he begins to want to break the boundaries between people and ideas, establish connections and promote spirit and truth to penetrate into all spheres of life – these are people with indigo energy.

      Of course, in reality, development usually proceeds not in the described simple sequence, but more complicated: different people combine different colors and development processes go in several directions in parallel! There are also returns to the previous level if it is not mastered enough and is required to move further along the upper ones.

      If a person deviates from the correct course of development, does not realize his life tasks (what they are – each person individually has his own path, and he needs to be found in some way in order for life to be prosperous), he is given difficulties and suffering so that he paid close attention to this and learned something new.Suffering and deviation from the normal path of development are reflected in a Red veil around the aura.

      Color of a person’s aura by date of birth online test and characteristics

      It would be convenient if a person had an interactive indicator of moral and physical condition. Science, unfortunately, has not yet come up with such a device, but in many religions and esotericism there are similar concepts: aura, biofield, subtle body or energy-informational field. In today’s material, we will learn what a person’s aura is, how to determine the color of the aura by date of birth online, by passing a special test or by performing the calculation on our own.Let’s tell you what the color of the aura means: red, blue, light blue, green, purple, white, pink, orange or black.

      Colors of the human aura and their meaning: we will determine the color of your aura and give a full description and basic characteristics.

      General information

      What is the aura (biofield, energy field, spiritual body) is one of the manifestations of the human soul. It is a kind of “spiritual capsule” for the human body, which protects it and at the same time displays the state of not only the body itself, but also feelings, thoughts, emotions.The aura, albeit not material, has its own characteristics: structure, color, shape, volume. These criteria depend on the information stored by objects in the universe. The slightest changes, both internal and external, are primarily reflected in our energy shell, since it primarily depends on the state of our physical body.

      The most important characteristic of an aura is color. He talks about the health, character, feelings and habits of a person. The aura is strictly individual, like fingerprints.In some people it is brighter, in others it is dim and subtle. However, the principles of determining the days are the same. Using special methods, or using special equipment, you can find out almost everything about a person’s condition. Next, we will consider several ways how to do this, and the most impatient can immediately pass our test.

      Online test for aura color by date of birth

      If you are unsure how to find out your aura color, try this simple online test.All you have to do is enter your name and date of birth. The algorithm itself will make the necessary calculations and give the result. It is completely free and does not require registration.

      Find out your aura color by date of birth

      Attention! We stand for confidentiality of information and do not store your data. All calculations are made on your computer and do not go to our servers.

      Contents of the article:

      How to see your aura?

      It is very important to know what the aura is and how to see it.It clearly reflects your emotional and physical state at the moment. A person with good astral abilities protects himself from the negative energy of others and is able to control his own energy. We will talk about how to develop such abilities in ourselves at the end of the article.

      To see your biofield, you need to do the following:

      1. Position yourself in front of a large mirror at a distance of about 30–40 cm. It is desirable that the reflection be seen at least to the waist.
      2. Take several deep breaths and exhalations before the procedure. Correct breathing will help you concentrate better.
      3. Direct your gaze to a point just above your eyebrows, defocus your vision and look “through yourself”. This is a state of light trance, as sometimes happens when a person, thinking about something, looks at one point.

      After a while you will notice a faint glow around your head in the mirror – this is your aura. The first time, you will most likely focus your gaze from surprise and it will disappear, do not worry – this is normal.It is quite difficult for an inexperienced person to maintain concentration.

      Important! At the first experiment, it will take at least 10-15 minutes to determine the aura. After developing the ability, you will be able to see it much faster – in 3-5 minutes.

      Examples of what the aura color looks like: shooting with a light filter and processing in the editor, see the description of the method.

      Video: “How to quickly learn to see your aura”.

      How do you know the color of your aura?

      Astrological method: the color of the aura by the sign of the zodiac

      Let’s talk a little about the astrological method for determining the color of the aura.This method can show what color the energy shell was at the moment of your birth, which means it can tell about the future of the right person. If you are familiar with the concept of “noosphere”, then you know that all flows of information are interconnected. Therefore, having at least a small part of it, you can get access to more extensive knowledge. The method for determining the color of the biofield by the sign of the zodiac is built on this principle.

      Signs of the Zodiac in astrology are 12 sectors into which the celestial sphere is divided along the ecliptic.Each of them has certain metaphysical properties that affect the information they transmit. They are named after the constellations that are located in each specific sector. Do not confuse the division of the celestial sphere according to astrological and astronomical principles. In the first case, a regular calendar is used, according to which each sign of the zodiac is assigned an approximately equal period of time. In the second case, this is the period of the passage of the Sun along the zodiacal constellations.

      Table: base color of the aura according to the signs of the zodiac.

      Red (21.03 – 20.04) Aries
      Green (21.04 – 21.05) Taurus
      Yellow (22.05 – 21.06) Gemini
      Pink (22.06 – 22.07) Cancer
      Gold (23.07 – 21.08) Leo
      Blue (08.22 – 23.09) Virgo
      Green-blue (24.09 – 23.10) Balance
      Silver (24.10 – 22.11) Scorpio
      Orange (23.11 – 20.12) Sagittarius
      Bronze (23.12 – 20.01) Capricorn
      Blue (21.01 – 19.02) Aquarius
      Purple (20.02 – 20.03) Pisces

      Please note that the table contains a unique sign of Libra, which combines two colors at once: green and blue.

      Can the color change? Yes. Any major change in life will affect the basic aura color that was given to you at birth. Biofield is a personal indicator of psycho-emotional and physical condition. Life is a difficult thing and, due to circumstances independent of a person, everything can go completely differently than we would like. Whatever it is: an accident, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job – the color of the aura changes.

      Numerological method: aura color by date of birth

      This method is considered more reliable than the previous one, and it is also very easy to use – all you need is the ability to count and the exact date of birth of a person.To calculate, follow this algorithm:

      • First step. It is necessary to add up all the numbers that make up the date of birth.
      • Second step. Now add the tens and units of the number you got in step 1.
      • Third step. Repeat step 2 again. The resulting number is the aura color number.

      Let’s give an example. Man was born on August 26, 2005. We translate the date into numbers 26082005, now following the algorithm, we carry out the calculations:

      • 2 + 6 + 0 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 23 We have added all the numbers that make up his date of birth.
      • 2 + 3 = 5 And now tens and ones have been added.
      • 5 + 0 = 5 Tens and ones added up again.

      So we got the final result – your number 5 .

      Simply put, you need to add up until you end up with the one-digit number (from 1 to 9) . But, there are exceptions. If at any stage of the calculation you get the numbers 11 or 22 , stop calculating – these numbers have their own unique colors.

      There are 11 aura colors in total in this technique , and what they mean, let’s talk further.

      • 11 – silver.
      • 22 – gold.
      • 1 – red.
      • 2 – yellow.
      • 3 – orange.
      • 4 – green.
      • 5 – blue.
      • 6 – blue.
      • 7 – violet.
      • 8 – pink.
      • 9 – bronze.

      Online test. At the beginning of the article, we gave a simple test of a person’s aura, which will do all the calculations for you and show the result. If you do not want to do the calculations yourself, with its help you can easily find out what color the aura of you or another person is.

      Other color determination methods

      If you need more accurate information, you can resort to other methods: meditation, consultation with a professional esotericist, the use of special devices and analysis of color preferences.We recommend using several methods. Let’s take a look at some of them.

      Errors in astrological and numerological methods. If you use these two methods at the same time, sometimes the results may not be the same. Let’s say, if you use the numerological method, a person born on 08/26/2005 has a blue aura. But if you use the astrological method, then the color of the aura should be blue. After all, this date of birth corresponds to the sign Virgo.


      There is another way to determine the color of the aura, but you need a lot of patience.

      • You need to sit in a comfortable position, calm your breathing, close your eyes.
      • Then imagine your reflection and focus on this picture, try to visualize the light enveloping the body.
      • If you did not manage to see the biofield the first time, do not despair. Repeat this meditation for a week, about 15 minutes a day.
      • Try to remember the colors that came to you the fastest. Remember that the aura may not be monochromatic or may have multiple layers, this is normal.

      If you engage in this practice systematically for about a month, you will be able to see not only the energy shell, but also feel the energy of someone else’s or your own home.

      Special devices

      There are several methods that allow you to see the human aura using special devices. These methods can accurately determine the color of the aura, its volume and size.

      • Using the filters is the most affordable method. It requires a camera and interchangeable lenses of different colors.The photographer and the person whose biofield color they want to determine enter the room. The atmosphere during the shooting should be peaceful, otherwise nothing will work out. The photographer takes one picture through each lens, then all the photos are combined together in the photo editor program and the color that will prevail in the photo is the color of your biofield.
      • Phaseaurometer. It is also possible to determine the color of the aura using one more special device – the phase-aurometer.Carrying out spectral analysis after radiation processing, he makes a verdict: what color, size, volume of the human energy shell. This method is considered the most accurate, thanks to this device, you can also track changes in the structure of the aura itself.
      • Gas discharge imaging. And the last method using another special apparatus – a GDV camera. It takes pictures of the whole body of a person and displays the glow, based on the appearance of this glow, one can say what color a person’s biofield is.
      Color Preference Analysis

      This method is perhaps one of the simplest. All you have to do is say which color is your favorite. It is believed that it is he who is the color of your subtle body. However, it is important to be already at a conscious age and understand exactly what color you like and what you don’t.

      Structure and layers of the aura

      It should be borne in mind that the aura has an active structure. Under the influence of external and internal conditions, it constantly changes in size and color, it can become a victim of someone else’s negative program.It can be restored and cleaned. You have already familiarized yourself with the basic methods for determining the color of the aura, but keep in mind, this way you will recognize the color that a person received at birth.

      Layers or bodies of the human aura.

      According to the principles of esotericism, each layer of the biofield is responsible for a specific chakra in the body:

      • Etheric body. It has the ability to take the shape of the human body and is responsible for physical health. This layer is the easiest to understand.It rises above the body at a distance of 1 cm. The etheric shell can be seen with the naked eye. To do this, you need to rub your palms for about 30 seconds and look at them carefully. A brown, gray, or purple glow should appear near your hands. The healthier and more active a person is, the better the etheric layer of the aura will be seen.
      • Emotional body. It is located slightly above the etheric one. This layer is responsible for our emotions. The emotional body is the only layer of the aura, which takes on different shades, depending on the person’s mood.During stress, it turns gray or dingy in color. If a person is damaged, then this layer will turn black, and in especially difficult cases it is recorded in karma.
      • Astral body. He is 20–45 cm above the human body. The astral aura is closely related to the heart chakra. As a rule, it is painted in shades of pink and glows more brightly in people who are in love. Over time, the astral glow fades away when the feelings pass.
      • Mental body. Located 10–20 cm from the human body. It is responsible for consciousness, thoughts and mind. The mental body corresponds to the orange chakra. People with magical abilities from the photo determine this very aura of a person, and see it as a glow around the shoulders and head. This layer is especially well visible among those who are engaged in mental work and often concentrate on any task.
      • Heavenly (spiritual) body. Closely related to the spiritual component and is responsible for their connection with divine powers.The shell is located at a distance of 60–85 cm from the body. The celestial body is harder to recognize than other layers. Magicians and psychics see him as white or pearl. This layer shines most strongly among deeply religious people, regardless of religion.
      • Casual (mental) body. This layer of the aura is located farthest from the human body – at a distance of up to 90 cm. It contains the entire life experience of a person, experienced by the soul.
      • Etheric double. It is located approximately at a height of 50 cm from the body and contains all the information accumulated by a person during his earthly life.If you start cleansing this layer in time, it will prevent many health problems. The etheric double is especially pronounced in those who are not afraid to sincerely express their feelings.

      Meaning of 11 colors of the human aura

      Aura red

      If the sign of the Zodiac is Aries , or the result according to the numerological method is 1 , then the color of the aura is red.

      Red color of the aura.

      People with a red aura are very sensual natures.They are cheerful, but prone to various aggressive actions, are strong in spirit and body and will do anything, but they will achieve their goal.

      Describe the character of this person as follows:

      • Ambitious.
      • Very emotional.
      • Wants to live brightly.
      • Quite aggressive.
      • Purposeful and persistent.

      The problem with such people is that they sometimes do not notice small details, they think very limitedly. Because of this, they have numerous problems.They are very ambitious and therefore do not rejoice in small victories, and even more so, do not resign themselves to defeats. These people are always eager to achieve new heights. To achieve harmony, such a person will have to learn to admit defeat and not be led by his feelings.

      Advice. People with a red aura have a huge potential, if they really want to, they can move mountains. But, if they scatter forces on completely unnecessary things, there will be disharmony between their inner and outside world.

      Orange aura

      Sign Sagittarius and number 2 correspond to the orange color of the aura.

      Orange color of the aura.

      Orange biofield combines some characteristics of two colors: red and yellow. In order for them to neutralize the negative aspects of each other, they must be present in you in approximately equal numbers.

      Such people have the following character traits:

      • Perception.
      • Developed intuition.
      • Arrogance.
      • Hot temper.
      • Leadership.

      These people are very inventive, active and energetic. They are true lovers of adventure, do not like to depend on generally accepted rules, live observing their own code of honor and personal moral standards.

      Advice. If such a person can accept his shortcomings and overcome most of them, he will have an exciting, adventurous life.

      Aura yellow

      Yellow biofield corresponds to the number 3 and Gemini .

      Yellow color of the aura.

      Most often these are creative people, self-expression takes a huge place in their life. They create and expect recognition, but when their persona is neglected, they get very upset.

      These people have the following character traits:

      • Emotional.
      • Open to others.
      • Strive for happiness.
      • Outgoing and friendly.
      • Conflicting and touchy.
      • Find an approach to any person.

      Advice. Like orange, yellow has a powerful energy. Its potential is enormous, therefore, in order to avoid serious problems, it is better to direct these forces to some kind of creative activity.

      Green aura

      Taurus and number 4 belong to the green color of the aura.As noted above, some features of this color are also found in Libra .

      Green color of the aura.

      It is very easy for people with a green energy field to adapt to situations of any complexity, as a rule, they have out-of-the-box thinking. Others recognize the intelligence and practical skills of such people.

      Having met such a person, without even thinking, describe him as:

      • Vulnerable and sensual.
      • Sentimental.
      • Kind.
      • Positive and optimistic.
      • A well-read, intelligent person.

      The bearers of the green aura have complete control over all their emotions. They are very reasonable, sometimes stubborn, if they are 100% sure that they are right. However, they are very critical of themselves.

      Advice. To live in harmony, you need to accept yourself as you are. Try to be less stubborn and not take resentment so personally.

      Blue aura

      If your zodiac sign is Aquarius , or the result of the numerological calculation is 5 , then your aura color is blue.

      Blue color of the aura.

      If the word “creativity” were a person, it would necessarily have a biofield of a blue color. Such people have a wild imagination, a constant desire for self-improvement, good intuition and a high level of intelligence.

      Of the obvious character traits, the following can be distinguished:

      • Incomplete.
      • Adventurism.
      • The desire to establish justice.
      • The desire to explain to others the course of their thoughts.
      • Creativity.

      Advice. It is important for you not to be overwhelmed by many ideas and stop in time in search of the perfect solution. If you grab onto everything at once, you risk burnout, and even worse – fall into depression.

      Blue Aura

      Virgo , some Libra and people whose final result is the number 6 have a blue aura.

      Blue color of the aura.

      These are truly amazing people: they are always confident in themselves, and the problems of others are often more important to them than their own. They are attentive, ready to help anyone if needed. When faced with a problem, they usually say: “I myself! I do not need help”.But, there is also a serious minus: such people are extremely demanding towards others, do not trust, they believe that any work is easier to do alone. Sometimes such a mistrustful attitude is not justified, which can lead to domestic and work conflicts.

      These people correspond to the following character traits:

      • Liability.
      • Generosity.
      • Empathy (ability to empathize).
      • Calm.
      • Self-reliance.
      • Healthy realism.
      • Common sense.
      • Developed logical thinking.

      Advice. Note that this is the most volatile biofield color. A change in the shades of the blue aura can indicate both a sudden surge of vitality and prolonged depression. You need to learn to control yourself during such periods, and then life will become much easier.

      Purple aura

      Zodiac sign Pisces and number 7 correspond to the violet biofield.

      Purple aura color.

      These people are born psychics, quite often they have very developed intuition and strong psychic abilities. If we talk about the professional sphere, teaching and scientific activities are well suited for such people. However, they can realize their abilities in the field of art.

      These people have the following character traits:

      • Delicacy.
      • Tact.
      • Developed intuition.
      • Spirituality.
      • Honesty.
      • Heightened susceptibility.
      • An innate connection with the mental world.

      Advice. People with a violet biofield feel good about others, but they themselves have serious problems with self-expression. If this happens, they withdraw into themselves and become depressed. They definitely need to do their favorite job, or at least have a hobby.

      Pink aura

      Cancer and the number 8 correspond to the pink color of the biofield.

      Pink aura color.

      This is the color of hard work and dedication, care and tenderness. People with this tone of aura are quite contradictory, prone to frequent mood swings. The meaning of their life is complete freedom from external factors, a stable financial situation. In work and family, they hate routine.

      They are characterized by the following qualities:

      • Disregard for one’s own intellectual development.
      • Materialism.
      • Stubbornness.
      • Sensitivity.
      • Love for adventure and travel.
      • Increased emotionality.

      Tip. The main disadvantage of people with a pink aura is the inability to listen to other people, which is sometimes extremely important. They hate it when others climb into their work or personal life. Even if they are close people and even if they are 100% right, they will do it differently in spite.

      Bronze aura

      If your zodiac sign is Capricorn or the calculation result is 9 , then you have a bronze biofield.

      Bronze color of the aura.

      It is safe to say that such a person will never change his code of honor, he has a strong character, which brings up in himself throughout his life. Any of his decisions, any words – everything is carefully considered. Such a person decides to act only if he is sure that everything will go the way he needs it. And the cause of conflicts and misunderstandings is an innate inability to recognize the feelings and emotions of other people.

      • Good physical strength.
      • Strong will.
      • Moral core.
      • Restraint in emotions.
      • Emphasized politeness.
      • Some rudeness.

      Advice. These people often seem cold, as if their hearts were carved out of stone, but they are not. In fact, they are very vulnerable and tender, they do not work well in a stressful situation and cannot withstand moral pressure for a long time.

      Silver aura color

      If as a result of calculations you got the number – 11 , it corresponds to the silver aura.According to the sign of the zodiac, such people are most often Scorpio .

      Silver color of the aura.

      This person is spiritually developed and has a rich inner world, he is completely self-sufficient and does not need the company of other people. He can spend quite a lot of time alone with himself, in which he finds peace and happiness. Likes to read and reflect on what he has read. It seems to others that they are in the clouds, but this is not entirely true.

      People with a silver aura have the following traits:

      • Idealism.
      • Humanism.
      • Developed imagination.
      • Dreaminess.
      • Gullibility and impracticality.
      • Nobility and generosity.

      Advice. Most often, these are dreamy people who are not at all adapted to ordinary, routine life. They are far from always able to correctly correlate their capabilities with dreams. It is best if they have a pragmatic and practical person next to them.

      Golden aura

      If the result of the calculations gave you the number 22 , or by the sign of the zodiac you are Leo , then your biofield has a golden color.

      Gold color of the aura.

      In numerological calculations, this is one of the rarest results. It is believed that this aura has absorbed features of several other colors: red, yellow, orange and added its own characteristics. In this person, such character traits can coexist together that usually seem incongruous.

      Here are some of their traits:

      • With the right approach, he can achieve great success in the most daring designs.
      • This is the color of a born leader endowed with charisma and powerful energy.
      • He skillfully uses available resources and emerges victorious even from the most hopeless situations.
      • But not everything is perfect: such people are incredibly critical of themselves. They do not forgive themselves even the smallest mistakes.
      • They experience defeat with great difficulty and are rarely satisfied with the result of their work.

      Advice. To achieve complete harmony, such people must learn to evaluate their work objectively and not forget about rest.

      Black aura

      A very rare color that is not determined by numerological or astrological calculations. It is believed that people with this color of the aura are strongly associated with otherworldly planes. Usually, in this state, a person is in an extremely negative state.

      • Closure and unwillingness to communicate.
      • Immersion in your own negative thoughts.
      • Joylessness and depression.
      • Skepticism.

      Most often, such people are pursued by constant failures, they have constant problems with family and work.They do not like the company of other people, they prefer to stay at home. Among the advantages are leadership qualities, high self-organization and pressure.

      Video: Meaning of Aura Colors

      How to develop your astral abilities?

      After regular training, you can learn to view the astral layers of the aura and find dark spots in them. If you find them, it is recommended to start cleaning them in order to prevent further destruction of your energy cocoon.Here’s a simplified algorithm if you’re interested in trying it yourself:

      • As a rule, they are engaged in improving their abilities in the evenings in solitude and silence.
      • You need to go to bed and stretch your hand in front of you. Try to focus your attention on the fingers of your hand and visualize the movement of energy between them.
      • After 5-10 minutes , fine threads between the toes will become noticeable.
      • Try to keep concentration as long as possible, watch them, try to move your fingers.
      • Remember the state in which you are, each time it will be easier and easier to enter it. After a while, it will be very easy to do this.

      5 Best Ways to Cleanse Your Aura

      It is believed that you do not need to have special skills to restore the integrity of your biofield. This can be done using proven and fairly simple folk methods:

      1. Salt. It has long been noticed that she is able to absorb any negative energy.Most often, salt is used when taking a bath: it is applied to the body with light massaging movements, and then washed off with running water.
      2. Chicken egg. It personifies the integrity of the cells in our body. It can be used to eliminate dark spots in biofields. The ritual is quite famous, and is popularly called “rolling out the negative.” A raw egg is moved around the body, being careful not to break the shell. After the procedure, they are buried in the ground, it is believed that in especially severe cases it darkens.
      3. Prayer. It is of particular importance for the purification of the human soul. But it is necessary to read a prayer from the bottom of your heart, otherwise nothing will work out. What religion you belong to, what god you pray to, does not matter.
      4. Candle and paper. In this method, 2 people are needed to cleanse the aura. One stands with bare feet on a sheet of blank paper, and the other moves a lighted wax candle above his head and reads a prayer. The procedure is completed as soon as the candle burns out to the end and goes out.
      5. Nature. Powerful energy replenishment occurs while walking in the forest. Literally everything has healing powers: land, trees, rivers and lakes. The more often a person goes out for walks, the faster his aura will recover and stabilize.


      Now you know a little more about what an aura is and what color it is. People who train their astral abilities can notice changes in their biofields in time and, if necessary, clear them.This is a very useful skill for maintaining important life and energy processes in your body.

      Good luck with love and happiness!

      90,000 White Aura value ⋆ Who has a white aura Shades

      White Aura value

      This article will discuss the white aura in humans, its meaning and how its visible shades can change. An aura can tell a lot about a person, but the ability to see it is not everything. It is also necessary to understand what the different colors of the aura represent.

      And if you go one step further, you can see that each color has a number of different shades that have special qualities that are different from others.

      What is Aura

      At their core, these are spiritual energy shields that exist to protect us from harmful external influences. It deflects negative energy and attracts positive energy. Ludi are not the only living beings with auras. All living things on the planet have it in one form or another.

      White aura possesses significant spiritual power. White color symbolizes purity, it is a pure aura, free from negative energies.

      The color of the aura is associated with various aspects in a person’s life. Therefore, a person with a blue aura will have a different personality and live a different life compared to a person with a red aura.

      The strength of our aura depends on our health, diet, spirituality, feelings of happiness and joy, faith and much more.

      All shades of white aura

      White aura is slightly different from others.For example, a blue aura will have several different shades, dark and light. In the case of a white aura, the choice is limited by the different strengths of the same color. For example, you can get pure white. This will be the whitest whiteness you can achieve. Its alternative is a shade of white, more like gray. You could describe it as dirty white or light gray.

      Pure white

      This shade of white aura is very symbolic. What does white mean? It symbolizes purity, peace, peace and healing.If you are a little familiar with Angels and their powers, you define white as healing and driving away darkness. This light can remove negative energy, heal mental wounds, and aid in physical recovery. They say that God’s light is a strong white light. Thus, one can imagine what the white aura means in its purest shade.

      It might be interesting >>> What does pink aura mean

      What kind of people have a white aura

      There are two groups of people, completely different, but united by one color of a snow-white aura.

      Newborn or very young children

      They did not know the world and are still innocent in mind, body and soul. They are not yet trying to attain a more exalted state. But their nature is a white sheet, and they are still inseparable from complete purity.

      Adults who have attained spiritual enlightenment

      Older people who have devoted their entire lives to spiritual development. Perhaps they are very religious and, thanks to their own religious practices, have risen to higher energy levels.

      However, you do not have to be very religious in order to reach spiritual heights. Anyone who has walked the right path all his life can achieve this shade of white aura. This is a rare condition for an adult, and usually a white aura is associated with angels.

      Not pure white aura

      The truth is that if your aura is not pure white, it means that there is an anchor in your life that weighs on you. For many people, this is an inner heaviness associated with their spiritual state

      It can be as simple as a doubt or desire for the material world, which hinders spiritual progress.However, for some people, this can be a major handicap.

      For example, some people will feel trapped within society, struggling to find a time and place to be alone with their thoughts. Such people are quite capable of achieving this pure white aura hue. But because of their environment, they cannot go beyond their usual gray color.

      The best solution to get out of this situation is to want to distract yourself from all aspects of your daily life.Taking a break from work, friends, family, and home can provide a spiritual boost to a pure white aura.

      What does a white aura give to a person? A pure white aura is often a reward for becoming the best version of yourself. People acquire this aura color when they let go of their egos and channel their energy towards serving humanity.

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      White Aura color value

      90,000 how to find out its color from a person by date of birth? How to determine the shade of your aura? Meaning of yellow and blue, green and purple tones

      In the common sense, the aura is a kind of mystical substance, the existence of which is highly doubtful for an ordinary person.Indeed, in everyday life on the street, at home and at work, we are not surrounded by people with a colored glow around their bodies.

      But is it so unrealistic to see your own and someone else’s aura and what do its specific colors and shades mean? This article will discuss how to find out the color of your aura, as well as the interpretation of the colors visible in it.

      What is it?

      Each person has an energy field around him.It consists of several colored luminous layers. This shell, invisible to most ordinary people, is the very aura.

      The energy field changes its shades over time. Changes in the colors of the aura depend on many factors: physical health and the spiritual world of a person, emotional state, environment and living conditions. At the same time, at the very center of each energy field, there is one primary color that a person has had since birth. This shade is constant and defining, it speaks of the character and general outlook of the individual.

      The color sheath extends beyond the physical body by about 15-20 cm. However, the more spiritually developed the personality, the brighter and more extensive the aura. For enlightened monks, yogis and other people who improve their spiritual world, living in harmony with themselves, the energy field can be extended 1.5-2 meters from the body. At the same time, the aura of such people glows very brightly. During periods of severe illness, the shades of the aura fade. Also, the glow gradually decreases before death.At the moment of death, the vital energy leaves the body, and the aura of the deceased fades away.

      It is believed that the concept of aura is characteristic only of Eastern religions and the teachings of yogis. However, in Christianity one can observe saints depicted with a light, usually yellowish or gold, halo on their heads. Saints and martyrs, undoubtedly, are those people who have reached the maximum approach to the Creator and have tremendous spiritual energy.

      And although in Orthodoxy and Christianity there is no concept of an aura, a halo, according to many scientists and researchers, is nothing more than a huge bunch of energy, visible even with the naked eye.

      Methods of determination

      Many people question the existence of the energy shell. After all, few people are given to see her with others. However, the ability to recognize the energy glow in yourself and in other people is quite possible to develop.

      There are people who have the gift of seeing energy fields spontaneously.Others need to learn to contemplate the luminous shells.

      However, there is also a non-visual method for determining the color of your biofield. It is the simplest one and only one basic color can be recognized with its help. This is the one that does not change over the course of life and is embedded in a person from birth.

      This method is based on mathematical calculations based on the date of birth. Write in numbers the full date of birth, for example, 02/21/1972 Now add all the numbers together: 2 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 2.In our case, which we took as an example, this adds up to 24. You should also end up with a two-digit number. Now we should add the numbers of the amount we received: 2 + 4 = 6.

      So, the final number is 6. It is by this number that we will determine the main shade of the biofield. If, after the first addition of the date of birth numbers, you have 11 or 22, then these values ​​should be left as they are. The number 11 is silver and 22 is gold. In all other cases, the two-digit numbers are added.

      Now find the color of your aura according to the received code:

      • 1 – red;
      • 2 – yellow;
      • 3 – orange;
      • 4 – green;
      • 5 – blue;
      • 6 – blue;
      • 7 – purple;
      • 8 – pink;
      • 9 – bronze;
      • 11 – silver;
      • 22 – gold.

      The advantage of the method described above for determining the color of the aura by the date of birth of a person is its simplicity and availability.Anyone can use it without the need for any preparation.

      However, as already mentioned, it gives an idea of ​​only one shade, which is basic and unchanged.

      Astrologers have developed their own classification of the main shades of the aura by the sign of the zodiac:

      • Aries, Scorpio – red;
      • Taurus – green;
      • Gemini – yellow;
      • Cancer – pink;
      • Leo, Sagittarius – orange;
      • Virgo – blue;
      • Libra, Aquarius – green;
      • Pisces – purple.

      To see the full spectrum of the glow, you need to use visual methods. To do this, you will have to practice a little, since the ability of an ordinary person to recognize the shades of the biofield is often undeveloped.

      It is recommended to start by looking at your biofield. So you will not be limited in time and will be able to create the most suitable conditions for this at the initial stages.

      First method

      The first method aims to awaken intuitive visualization. It is best for beginners to start with it. For its implementation, it is important to provide three conditions: twilight or complete darkness in the room, a calm emotional state, silence and the absence of distracting stimuli.

      So, choose a time and place when no one will disturb you. It is important that you have good health and a calm mood, otherwise bad thoughts and negative feelings will greatly interfere with you. It is best to stay at home in a separate room. Curtain the windows tightly or wait until it becomes dark outside and there is practically no light entering the room. Sit comfortably in a chair or chair, relax. Start observing any of your hands. Do not strain your eyes, just calmly contemplate the brush.

      From time to time, smoothly change the angle, leaning back or slightly approaching the hand. You can also tilt slightly to the sides to vary the angle of view. From time to time you can turn your head away and look at the hand with peripheral vision. After a while, you will be able to distinguish a faint, foggy environment around your fingers. If you look at this moment at the other hand, which you have not seen before, you will see the same picture. Do not be alarmed, this means that you have managed to concentrate and you have taken the first step towards the ability to see the aura.

      Practice this exercise constantly, observing the conditions of rest and silence. Soon, instead of a subtle nebula, you will see other shades. After mastering this method, you can proceed to attempts to discern the biofield of the whole body.

      Second method

      In order to see the spectrum of your energy field, can use a large full-length mirror. You will also need a white background, for example, a sheet stretched out behind you. Also it is important to be calm and not be distracted by extraneous thoughts.

      Let the light in the room be slightly dim. This will greatly facilitate your task at first, while you are just learning to look at the aura.

      So, stand in front of the mirror and look at your reflection. As in the previous exercise, you do not need to strain your eyes. Calmly contemplate your body against a white background.You can sway a little from side to side at a slow pace, while breathing should be calm and rhythmic.

      Over time, you will be able to make out the faint outline that surrounds your body against a white background. When the body sways, they will move with it. This means that you are on the right track and you managed to keep your consciousness at the right point. Continue calm contemplation for a while if you are not tired.

      Most likely, the glow will become more voluminous and distinct, and several shades will become distinguishable in it.

      General advice for those who want to learn to see their own and other people’s aura.

      • Always start the exercise in a calm, emotional state.
      • In the early stages, it is very important to provide suitable external conditions: silence, solitude, dim light or twilight. Very good soothing and helps to concentrate low light with 1-2 candles. Over time, having learned to control your attention and consciousness, you can do without it, but at the very beginning of the practice, the external environment will help you.
      • If you wear glasses or lenses, remove them before exercising. Visual acuity does not play a special role in looking at the aura.
      • Some people, upon seeing the first results from an exercise, may be intimidated or somewhat elated by the success. In order not to lose focus and move on, try to keep from emotions. Do not perceive the contemplation of the energy shell as something supernatural and mystical. This is a completely natural ability that every individual possesses.It was given to us from birth, but most people doze at the very beginning. Exercise only helps to train it and learn how to use it, as regular physical activity trains muscles and strengthens the body.
      • Practice regularly. Be prepared for the fact that it will not be possible to see the biofield the first time.

      Shade values ​​

      The following are the interpretations of the primary colors of the aura.These are the constant shades that make up its basis. Over the course of life, this basis practically does not change, since it contains the “seed” of a person at birth: his character and potential.

      • Red. Characteristic for those who have a very lively and good-natured character. Almost always, such a person has actively expressed the qualities of a leader. He gets along well with others, has a wide social circle. Also, people with a red biofield center are very persistent in their goals.It is important for them that their main occupation is to their liking. Therefore, they choose a profession with their hearts, and not on the basis of a desire for profit.
      • Yellow. Says that you are a creative and highly intellectual person. Such people are open and inclined to communicate. They contain the desire for creative activity and the improvement of the world. People with a yellow aura have a very positive effect on those around them and are able to change the consciousness of other people for the better. It is very important that the representatives of the biofield of this color succeed in realizing their creative abilities.Otherwise, they are forced to live in severe disharmony with themselves.
      • Orange. This color is inherent in very good-natured and benevolent people. Confidential contact with loved ones and others is extremely important for them, they crave understanding and assistance. It is also important for them to benefit others, so they often associate their lives with charity or social professions: doctor, teacher, rescuer, nurse, etc.
      • Green . This color and its shades symbolize everything natural, as well as the desire for life.A person with a green aura is very sentimental, open and trusting. He can hardly endure injustice and sincerely strives to correct all the bad around him. Unfortunately, these qualities are often used by others, easily making him a victim of deception, fraud and various scams. The social circle of such people is extremely narrow. They feel comfortable only when they are surrounded by the closest, well-known people.
      • Blue. Such an aura is characteristic of curious people, travelers.They are very fond of learning new things, mastering various skills and professions, they crave fresh and interesting impressions. People with a blue aura have a very developed and lively intellect, while they are calm and reasonable. An irrepressible craving for new things can lead to depletion of the nervous system and stress. It is important that there is a person nearby who is able at some moments to provide the owners of the blue aura with calmness and relaxation.
      • Blue . Man is striving towards humanism. He unconsciously attracts those who are weak and in need of protection.Often people with a blue aura are too demanding of themselves, therefore they can be severely exhausted physically and mentally. They should also deal with their inherent impulsiveness, which does not always positively affect the adoption of important life decisions.
      • Purple. Often the owners of this color have very developed psychic abilities. They can be congenital or suddenly appear at some point in life. People with a violet aura are closed, do not strive for active communication.Often, even the closest ones know very little about their inner world.
      • Pink. These are quite hardworking people, often even workaholics. Usually they are pronounced materialists. They admit only the “chosen ones” into their environment, and it is not easy to get their favor. At the same time, they react painfully to any criticism, which often prevents them from achieving their goal.
      • Bronze. Peculiar to very determined people. They are prone to self-sacrifice, very persistent in defending their views and in achieving goals.Also, these people are great altruists and actively help others. They are characterized by optimism and developed willpower.
      • Silver. The owners of such an aura are distinguished by humanistic inclinations. They are characterized by daydreaming and active, developed imagination. They are gifted with innate intuition and during their life they always reach a high level of spiritual development. Their honesty, openness, and kindness to others attract others. Holders of the silver biofield often become mentors and teachers in yoga and spiritual practices.
      • Gold . Such people are very purposeful, spiritually developed. They show leadership qualities in combination with humanism. During life, they need to clearly see the goal in front of them and go towards it, otherwise the vital energy stops feeding them and weakens.

      What determines the color of the aura?

      Shades of the energy shell, except for one permanent one, can change.The spectrum of colors is not limited to the main gamut, the aura may also contain many color overflows: lilac, burgundy, indigo, brown, turquoise, aqua, lilac and many others. All changes in shades directly depend on the psychological, spiritual and physiological state of the individual.

      A person who lives in harmony with himself, does not cause harm and takes care of his body, has a very bright biofield, it is multicolored and iridescent. Such a strong positive aura is also much more extensive.Clairvoyants sometimes observe a biofield extending up to 2 meters from the physical shell. However, not everyone succeeds in achieving such spiritual and physiological harmonization, and such cases are often isolated.

      If the aura is dim, weak and there is a very clear predominance of 2-3 shades in it, this indicates deharmonization and serious disorders in the individual. In fact, this is a bias in the direction of one or another energy. One should strive to get rid of such imbalance.

      Absolutely all experiences, feelings, emotions, physical ailments leave their mark on the state of the aura. Therefore, it is important to strengthen and enrich it with positive energy in order to have a strong and solid energy cocoon around the body.

      How do I change it?

      Since the color of the energy field directly depends on the spiritual and physical state of a person, it is possible to change it by affecting the mental and physiological sphere.It is this goal that oriental teachings and practices pursue, namely, calming the mind and healing the body. Everyone can use the available exercises to restore the disturbed balance of energy and enrich their aura.

      It is also important to observe physical and moral self-discipline: get rid of bad habits, do not oversaturate yourself with an excessive amount of food, with follow thoughts and emotions, avoiding evil and negative reactions to the environment.

      • Practice yoga at least 2 times a week.This versatile practice trains the mind and body.
      • Pranayama is a very effective breathing exercise. It helps to focus and calm the mind. It also has a healing effect.
      • Take a closer look at your diet. Try to live a healthy lifestyle with reasonable but regular physical activity. Wean yourself off junk food, do not overeat.
      • Practice meditation.
      • Do not wish harm to others, try to help others when you have the opportunity.
      • To cleanse the biofield from negative energy, the breath visualization method can be used. To do this, retire in a place that is comfortable for you, calm your thoughts and try not to be distracted. Imagine that with each inhalation a stream of a silvery healing glow flows into you. It fills your lungs, spreads to all parts of your body and fills your outer shell.

      And as you exhale, your body leaves gray or black smoke, with which negative energy and diseases are carried away.

      90,000 Purple aura color: meaning for women and men | self-enlightenment

      The color of the aura can tell a lot about a person, his character, inclinations and preferences. Therefore, when studying the energy field, much attention is paid to the combination of colors, shades and places of their localization.

      Purple tones have a rather interesting interpretation – they indicate well-developed intellectual abilities, keen intuition and spirituality. In more detail about what the violet aura means, and how it affects different areas of a person’s life, I will tell you in this article.

      Purple aura color: meaning for women and men


      Purple color is considered extraordinary and fickle, therefore, if it is present in a person’s aura, it endows him with similar qualities.This color has a large number of shades, each of which is interpreted differently. Nevertheless, they are united by a number of common characteristics that are inherent in every person with a violet aura:

      • interest in everything inexplicable and mysterious;
      • pursuit of knowledge and acquisition of new skills;
      • wisdom and discretion;
      • spiritual and intellectual development;
      • desire to be free and independent;
      • striving for self-realization and recognition;
      • failure to accept restrictions and pressures;
      • presence of leadership qualities;
      • Frequent change of professions in order to find their vocation.

      In order to find harmony with the inner I and the world around them, people in whose aura the color purple predominates must accept the fact that there can be both ups and downs in life. Do not get upset over trifles and give up if something does not go according to plan. The life of every person depends on his decisions and actions.


      People with purple aura cannot boast of good physical health. They often experience malaise, general weakness and lack of vitality.Mental health is also often at risk.

      Such individuals need to learn to relax, stop taking everything to heart and dwell on their own failures.

      Purple aura color: meaning for women and men In other words, it should be taken into account around which organ the largest accumulation of color is seen.

      Depending on the shade, it is possible to recognize the presence of diseases or imminent changes that will occur in the body.For example, dark tones often indicate problems with one or another organ, the development of a serious disease.

      It should be noted that the meaning of the purple aura in men and women is somewhat different. For men, it often has a negative interpretation – mental problems, sexual disorders, infertility, emotional exhaustion.

      The purple color of the energy biofield in women may indicate early pregnancy, especially if its accumulation is observed in the abdomen.The presence of dark streaks on a purple background indicates a lack of nutrients for the normal functioning of an organ.


      People with violet aura have creativity. They have well-developed imagination and abstract thinking, which allows them to create real works of art. For such persons, creative professions are best suited, for example:

      • writer or artist;
      • illustrator or cartoonist;
      • designer or stylist;
      • musician or showman.

      Despite the craving for art, many owners of purple aura are building their careers in a different direction. They are interested in psychology, research, cultural studies, astrology and other areas related to the study of the unknown.

      Purple aura color: meaning for women and men


      To learn more about the character, preferences and inclinations of a person with a purple aura, you need to pay attention to the purity and brightness of the shades of his energy biofield.

      • Lavender or lilac speaks of spirituality, inner peace and humility. Such people usually do not have an active life position, they go with the flow. They categorically accept everything that happens in their fate, and do not try to change anything, even if these events have a negative connotation.
      • The purple hue of the aura is inherent in people with pronounced leadership abilities, who know how to competently lead a team. They have practicality and self-organization, love order in everything and demand the same from others.
      • A bright, pure shade of violet color endows its owner with curiosity, initiative and a desire for self-realization. Such persons often generate brilliant ideas and are completely carried away by them, forgetting about other, no less important matters. They cannot stand the routine, and a calm, measured life causes boredom. They constantly need an emotional shake-up.
      • Cyclamen tone is usually observed in individuals with well-developed intuition and a sense of subtle matters.By their nature, they are observers who notice the smallest details, but prefer not to interfere with what is happening around, even if they know that they can influence the outcome of events or help others.
      • The violet aura is inherent in people who like to control everything, and often impose their opinion. Occasionally, such behavior is useful, provided that the follower falls under the influence, but more often this leads to conflicts.
      • A “dirty” shade of purple with black splashes usually indicates inner struggle, intense stress or depression.The darker and more depressing the aura looks, the more complex or neglected the person’s condition. Also, a “dirty” color may indicate that a person feels uncomfortable in society, those around him do not understand and do not perceive.
      • A dark purple aura with burgundy stains speaks of emotional instability and psychological pressure. Such a person is constantly in nervous tension, and is about to break loose.

      Light shades of the violet aura indicate the presence of positive energy in the chakras, and dark ones indicate a lack of energy or the development of diseases.Red and purple blotches indicate a strong, strong-willed nature, who knows what he wants and boldly strides towards the goal.

      But if there are gray streaks or dull purple in the aura, then such a person can use illegal or immoral methods to achieve what he wants.

      Purple aura color: meaning for women and men


      As a rule, the aura consists of several colors, one of which is the main, and the second is additional.An energy field of a uniform tone is extremely rare. Most often, the following colors are present in the violet aura:

      • red – determination, great willpower, desire for self-realization;
      • orange – developed imagination, a tendency to fantasize, the ability to create something new;
      • yellow – positive thinking, activity, optimism, friendliness;
      • pink – love of freedom, emotional instability, suspiciousness, distrust of others;
      • green – energy, disinterestedness, inquisitive mind, sincerity;
      • blue – vulnerability, sensitivity, empathy, compassion.

      When studying the characteristics of a person by the color of his aura, it is necessary to take into account the percentage of the tones present.


      Violet color can be colored, as the whole aura of a person, and its part. In addition, an accumulation of a particular shade can be observed in the area of ​​certain organs and chakras, for example:

      • left side – difficulties in human interaction with the outside world;
      • right side – a dull color of the aura indicates a lack of vital energy, a slow metabolism in the body, and a bright tone has the opposite meaning;
      • head area – developed intuition, mental clarity, high intellectual abilities;
      • heart area – sensitivity of nature, indifference to intimacy.

      The revealed negative aspects in the body’s work can be eliminated by performing energy practices.


      • People with a violet aura have a sharp mind and developed intuition.
      • When studying the characteristics of a person by his aura, it is necessary to take into account the combination of colors, their purity and brightness.
      • The value of the violet energy biofield for men and women can be different.

      Aura color.The color of your soul. Aura

      Soul color – your aura

      All living things are surrounded by a material energy shell. Most scientists do not doubt this already. The shell is called the aura.

      The main source of the aura is the energy centers called chakras. There are only seven of them. The aura itself consists of several layers, or rather components, of a single field, and they are located at different distances. These components are the four constituents of the human soul: spiritual, mental, emotional, and ethereal.
      The aura is saturated with information to such an extent that it can be used to judge the state of health, and by color, shape and size, to assess the emotional mood of a person.
      It’s no secret that any thought, be it bad or good, any feeling is material and sooner or later manifests itself in one form or another. And in the aura, they immediately change the color and frequency of vibrations, which some people can perceive. Anger, envy, anger, fear cause spasms and blockages in the physical body.And in the aura, in connection with these negative feelings, dark colors appear.
      All feelings, fears, worries are reflected in a person’s aura. If he experiences anger, hatred, aggression, red color predominates in the energy shell. Intelligence adds yellowness. Emptiness is gray.

      The predominance of this color indicates self-confidence, independence, creativity, harmony, the ability to forgive, peacefulness, sensitivity and compassion.
      An excess of green is a thirst for power and its abuse, a desire to manipulate people, coldness of feelings. Where there is envy and passion, there is a green aura. And the emerald green color is a sign of genius.

      The predominance of this color indicates that a person can and knows how to give and receive, is capable of passionate love and cooperation. The owner of the orange aura is compliant and patient. Family for him is the main thing, and health too.A person with such an aura is the engine of progress.
      An excess of orange is lethargy, pretentiousness, desire for possession. Orange is pride and arrogance.

      This presupposes expressiveness of speech, oratorical ability, talent to communicate, a combination of knowledge and the ability to convey. It is perception and quick response. This is the color of our resilience, keeps us from betraying ourselves and supports us in life.
      An excess of turquoise in the aura is ignorance, arrogance, arrogance, indicates speech problems and communication difficulties, inability to connect the elements of knowledge into a single whole.

      Blue in the aura is deep knowledge, justice, honesty, courage, giftedness, competence, parapsychological abilities, a healing effect on people.
      An excess of this color in the aura is detachment, withdrawal from earthly realities, slowness
      thought processes.Possible eye diseases, a tendency to headaches, nightmares. A dark blue glow surrounds believers.

      RED AURA
      The predominance of red is an exorbitant desire for success, stable health, as well as a tendency to irritability, excitability, and irascibility.
      An excess of this color means that a person has high blood pressure, possibly tension in the spine. It also indicates a destructive life position, impulsiveness with aggression, violence and cruelty.

      The yellow color in the aura is a strong will, authority, strength of personality, the ability to control one’s feelings and desires, radiation of warmth and openness.
      An excess of yellow indicates that a person is inclined to take on more than he can accomplish, he has an overestimated assessment of his achievements and capabilities. This color predominates in the aura of smart people.

      This solid color is very rare in the aura.It usually manifests itself in spots. Light brown spots in the aura indicate contamination and indicate that the person is pretending to adapt to an inappropriate role. Also, this color indicates kidney problems (such a person should drink a lot of spring water or herbal teas).
      A dark brown color in the aura is stinginess, greed, and on the physical level – problems with the excretory organs. This indicates a tendency to stagnation – spiritual growth is blocked.

      Gray in the aura is a sign of an existing illness, the color of caution and compromise, shyness, suppressed self-esteem, inability to defend one’s opinion.A gray color indicates a person’s predisposition to asthma and breathing problems, which are of concern.

      This color in the aura also manifests itself in spots, indicates malice, chaos and a desire for destruction.

      What color is your name?


      Vasilisa, Galina, Evdokia, Nonna, Stefania, Ulyana

      One of the wisest colors in our selection.The carriers of the “blue” names have an unusually high IQ. It is no coincidence that special, gifted children are usually called “indigo”. These names tell others that their representatives are friendly and caring, they have a strong sense of empathy, they are completely devoid of selfishness, their hearts are open to everyone. They are prone to self-sacrifice. In addition to a flexible mind, they have excellent intuition, which they can trust 100%. These women perceive life “here and now”, do not make long-term plans and realize how important it is to take the maximum from a favorable situation, because there may not be a second chance.Often they can be found deeply thinking about the fate of the world or their own destiny on earth. It is difficult to converge with assertive people, do not tolerate being driven into strict frameworks, blamed or criticized.


      Agatha, Agnia, Albina, Antonina, Victoria, Daria, Elena, Maya, Regina, Taisia, Faina, Elvira

      Women of mysteries. Purple symbolizes mystery, surrounded by a mystical halo. These ladies are attracted by everything strange, unusual, unexpected, fantastic.They all the time strive to get to the bottom of the truth, to penetrate into the essence of things, to disassemble any situation “into molecules.” They are very extravagant, which is manifested in their behavior, hobbies, and appearance. At the same time, they are modest by nature, shy, easily suggestible, polite, well-bred. Compared to most people, they have a much broader view of the world. Cosmopolitans who feel at home anywhere in the world. “Purple” women are difficult to break, they do not bend under any difficulties, they get out of any situation with their heads held high.They never stoop to the level of gross insults and do not get personal. The most intense sphere of their life is intimate, they are very amorous, but, at the same time, they often remain misunderstood by the opposite sex.


      Veronica, Melania

      What a difficult color lies in this character! Hot-tempered, stubborn, contradictory, touchy, unpredictable, conflicting and even cruel. Not surprisingly, with such a set of qualities, it is very difficult for them to build a happy family life and career.But! It should be given their due, natural magnetism and hard work do their job and smooth out even the most “gloomy” features of these stubborn people. Add to that a strong sense of fairness and responsiveness, and you have ardent human rights activists, desperate activists. These women, like no one else, need masculine warmth, understanding, increased attention, participation and love.


      Evgeniya, Lada, Leah

      These women contain the spirit of real travelers, with all the ensuing consequences.First, they cannot sit in one place; secondly, they have a unique ability to learn languages; thirdly, they easily converge with strangers, but just as easily part with them; fourth, they are constantly warned against the vicissitudes of fate, without which no journey is complete; fifth, they often marry a foreigner. They are truly happy if their life is connected with business trips and trips. They cannot stand criticism of any kind, they stoically endure all failures and will certainly achieve their goal.Such women are the driving force of any team, they are excellent organizers who infect colleagues with their irrepressible energy and optimism.