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Cost of teeth reshaping: Tooth Contouring NYC – Before and After Photos of Tooth Contouring – Big Front Teeth Reshaping Cost


Tooth Contouring NYC – Before and After Photos of Tooth Contouring – Big Front Teeth Reshaping Cost

Tooth Contouring NYC – Before and After Photos of Tooth Contouring – Big Front Teeth Reshaping Cost – Tooth Contouring Near Me

Cosmetic tooth contouring (aka tooth reshaping; enameloplasty) is a simple procedure which aims to change the shape of a tooth most often the edge (bottom edge of upper front teeth or upper edge of lower front teeth) to obtain a more pleasing look.

This is done by shaping the enamel (white structure of the teeth) with gentle abrasive polishers of different grit. The procedure can have a significant impact on the harmony of the teeth which results in a more confident smile.

If you are looking for a top dentist in New York who is capable of professional tooth contouring services at a reasonable cost make sure to reach out to Making You Smile Cosmetic Dental Studio today!

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How Is the Procedure Performed?

  • Diagnosis and discussing with the patient the proper procedure for 10-30 minutes
  • Then a local dentist will reshape the enamel (white structure of the teeth) with gentle abrasive polishers of different grit. No numbing is needed. 10-30 minutes depending on how many teeth are involved
  • Painless as enamel has no nerves and the procedure is mainly gentle reshaping of the surface of the tooth
  • Instant result: you will be able to see and enjoy the result immediately after with no limitations to eating drinking or smiling.
  • The result is permanent unless the tooth gets a trauma or a grinding issue is not addressed.

What Are the Benefits?

How Much Does Teeth Reshaping Cost?

Some people find when they look in the mirror that their front teeth are too big for their liking. This problem is actually quite common and can be easily remedied with the use of dental reshaping or dental contouring. Big front teeth reshaping costs on average $125 a tooth, although this amount can vary depending on each individual patient’s dental health and teeth.

The cost of reshaping teeth no matter whether it is big front teeth a broken tooth you are looking to have smoothed down, or uneven teeth causing bite issues is roughly the same. Patients can expect to pay somewhere between $75-$150 per tooth when it comes to dental contouring of their teeth. The results can be quite dramatic and patients typically feel that the cost was worth it for their new smile.

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What can be fixed with tooth contouring?
  • Long upper front teeth in smiling and resting position
  • Jagged, chipped, slanted edges of upper or lower front teeth

In those cases, tooth contouring can even up the edge of the tooth and eliminate the chips making the edge even and straight

  • Sharp corners of the edge of upper or lower front teeth

In those cases, rounding the corners of the teeth can give a more natural, softer and harmonious look. This can also eliminate the look of worn teeth from grinding. Finally, this is also helpful when tooth slimming of upper teeth was done in the past

  • Flattened, worn, or chipped teeth from grinding. Tooth contouring can help in mild cases to provide a greatly improved smile however the grinding should be addressed and the teeth should be protected from further damage with a night guard
  • Fractured edge of a front tooth

In those cases, tooth contouring can help if the fractured edge is small and the tooth can handle being modified without looking too short. A careful analysis of the entire smile is required as additional teeth may require to be contoured to make the result look pleasing

  • After an orthodontic treatment, tooth contouring can add a final touch to the cosmetic result
  • In the case of a missing upper lateral teeth and the eye tooth (canine) is in its position, tooth contouring with or without tooth alignment is needed to make the canine look like a lateral tooth
When IS tooth contouring considered?

Minor tooth modifications with little impact on the cosmetically acceptable length-to-width ratio of the tooth. The ideal candidate is a patient whose front teeth have minor imperfections in tooth length and shape with other wise well aligned teeth.

The main limitation of tooth contouring is the length of the tooth and how much the edge of the upper teeth show when the upper lip is resting.

When is tooth contouring NOT considered?

If it is likely that tooth contouring will lead to an unacceptably short tooth, then it is preferred to augment the tooth to restore the length and proper shape.

A smile analysis of the upper lip in relation to how much the teeth show when smiling, speaking, and at lip rest position is critical to decide if a front tooth can cosmetically handle contouring (removing tooth enamel) or require restoring (adding tooth structure) the tooth with bonding or veneers.

What can’t be fixed with tooth contouring?
  • Misaligned teeth: In this case, tooth alignment is needed with veneers in very mild misalignment or braces/Invisalign in moderate and advanced misalignment
  • Discolored teeth: In this case, whitening or veneers should be considered
  • Uneven gum levels: In this case, a smile analysis is required to determine the cause, possible solution may be one or a combination of: adding gums, aligning teeth, tooth contouring, bonding, veneers.
How much does tooth contouring cost?

Average cost could range from $75 to $125 dollar per tooth.

“Short, if any, wait times; fantastic and efficient office support staff; wonderful bedside manner; I’ve really never had any sort of complaint whatsoever. I’ve recommended him to four friends, who have each also referred friends.”

– Katherine R.

“From the moment I made the appointment I felt taken care of.”

– Marc S.

“Going to the Dentist isn’t something I enjoy at all. After a 2 year hiatus, due to the pandemic, I was in need of some serious teeth therapy. I was recommended (by a coworker) to Dr. Jalbout and his team. What a great experience. I was at ease, comfortable, welcomed, and nurtured from the very beginning. My anxiety level went from a 10 to a 2. Thank you to an outstanding staff! I have found a new home for my future dental needs.”

– Kevin McDaniel

“Dr. Jalbout and his team are excellent. I’ve never been more comfortable with a dental team; I’ve almost fallen asleep in the chair during big procedures. They are efficient, attentive, and caring, and Dr. J works with a precision that I’ve never witnessed. I’ve moved further and further away from Dr. Jalbout’s office over time and still commute to the city to see him. He’s that good.”

– Roland Tiangco

“The best dental experience I have had by far. I always get excited for my appointments at Making You Smile. I leave every appointment more confident about my smile. The administrative and dental team are both very professional and friendly. The space is clean and tidy and employees have high tech PPE. The quality of dental service I have received has been really great. I think Ziad Jalbout is an amazing doctor, I appreciate that he made sure I understood everything before starting, and that made me feel more comfortable. lastly the quality of dental work is superb. I recommend you come here for all your dental needs.

– A. V.

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What is Cosmetic Teeth Reshaping? Complete Guide – Dental Associates of Athens | Athens Dentist

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What is Cosmetic Teeth Reshaping? Complete Guide

With so many ways to improve your smile, it can be hard to know which cosmetic dentistry procedure is the right fit for you. Cosmetic teeth reshaping provides a simple alternative with a low cost of investment. Because of this, it is a popular choice for individuals with minor dental imperfections.

So, what is cosmetic teeth reshaping? Cosmetic teeth reshaping, sometimes called cosmetic contouring, is a minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure. A dentist will use a laser or drill to carefully remove the enamel on your tooth. By doing so, they are able to quickly alter the length or shape of a tooth, providing the patient with a smile they are proud of.

There are many benefits to choosing this type of cosmetic dentistry procedure! In this post, we will discuss many of the reasons why cosmetic teeth reshaping continues to grow in popularity.

Cosmetic Teeth Reshaping Explained

The process of cosmetic teeth reshaping is relatively easy to understand. Cosmetic teeth reshaping is sometimes known as cosmetic contouring. In this easy dental procedure, a Dentist in Athens will use a drill or a laser to carefully reshape the tooth.

By slowly removing the enamel of a tooth, a dentist is able to improve the shape, length, or size of a tooth. Sometimes used to correct problem areas, this procedure can also be used to treat multiple teeth. After the dentist has successfully shaped each tooth to its desired shape or length, your teeth will be polished, leaving you with a beautiful, refreshed smile.


Cosmetic teeth reshaping may also be part of a multi-stage dental care plan. Some of the other dental procedures that may occur alongside this treatment include braces, dental bonding, or other corrective procedures.

Benefits of Cosmetic Teeth Reshaping

There are many reasons why cosmetic teeth reshaping is one of the most common methods of cosmetic dental repair. Compared to alternatives such as veneers or dental crowns, teeth reshaping is not only less expensive, but also less painful and invasive.

Provides Instant Results

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers or dental crowns require several steps. This forces the patient to commit to several appointments and a drawn-out process. Cosmetic teeth reshaping provides a quick and easy alternative.


Although you may have an initial consultation appointment, the teeth reshaping procedure will be complete in just one visit to the dentist’s office. This provides you with instant results and does not disrupt your already busy schedule. When you leave the office after your teeth reshaping appointment, you will be able to return to life as normal.

Essentially Pain-Free Procedure

Another huge benefit of cosmetic teeth reshaping is that it is an essentially pain-free procedure! This makes it an excellent alternative for individuals with a low pain tolerance or anxieties surrounding dental procedures.  


Because cosmetic teeth reshaping only deals with the enamel of each tooth, there are no nerves that are affected during the process. If you struggle with extreme sensitivity, your dentist in Athens may recommend localized numbing, allowing you to relax completely during the procedure.

Improves Oral Health

In some cases, cosmetic teeth reshaping can improve your overall oral health. When used to reshape teeth that are overlapping, the patient is able to more properly care for their teeth. This can prevent eventual decay or disease due to a lack of proper oral hygiene techniques.

Minimal Investment for a Permanent Procedure

Perhaps the greatest benefit of cosmetic teeth reshaping is the minimal investment! Most cosmetic dentistry procedures come with a high price tag. Although this is worth it for some patients, individuals with minimal damage have a hard time justifying the large investment.


Cosmetic teeth reshaping is also a permanent procedure. When enamel is removed from your tooth, it does not have the ability to regrow. Because the dentist will only remove a minimal amount of enamel during the process, this will not damage your teeth in any way.


The minimal cost of investment makes cosmetic teeth reshaping accessible to anyone who desires to alter their smile. This procedure is effective in treating just one or a few teeth, making it an easy investment in your future health and happiness.

How Much Does Teeth Reshaping Cost? 

We mentioned above that cosmetic teeth reshaping is a cost-effective solution to imperfect teeth. So how much does this procedure actually cost? On average, teeth reshaping will cost between $50 to $300 per tooth. 


The variables that will impact the final price of this cosmetic dentistry procedure include your geographical location, the amount of reshaping required for each tooth, and other factors specific to your dentist. If you are interested in pursuing cosmetic teeth reshaping, it is best to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Athens to receive a quote for your unique situation.


Even at $300 per tooth, cosmetic tooth reshaping is much more cost-effective than other forms of cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

Who is a Candidate for Cosmetic Tooth Reshaping?

As with any dental procedure, not everyone is an ideal candidate for cosmetic tooth reshaping. This procedure is most effective for individuals who are aware of minor imperfections with one or several teeth. 


Cosmetic tooth reshaping works by removing small amounts of enamel on each tooth. Because of this, it is the perfect solution for correcting uneven teeth, teeth that appear too long, or other types of minor cosmetic imperfections.


Teeth reshaping is also highly effective in correcting teeth that overlap or teeth that are excessively pointy. It is also useful in essentially erasing small chips in the tooth. 


If your smile has more extensive damage such as cracked teeth, extremely crooked teeth, or largely misshapen teeth, cosmetic tooth reshaping is likely not an option for you. Luckily there are several other cosmetic dentistry procedures available to correct more extensive imperfections.

Alternatives to Cosmetic Tooth Reshaping

If your dentist discovers you are not a good candidate for cosmetic tooth reshaping, there are several alternative forms of treatment.


The best method for correcting extremely crooked teeth is the use of braces. In some cases, braces may be the first step to a multi-stage treatment plan. With advances in dental technology, we now have access to more modern forms of braces such as Invisalign.


Invisalign eliminates the need for bulky metal brackets, offering a more understated alternative for straightening your teeth. Straighter teeth provide you with both cosmetic and medical benefits, one of the primary reasons patients opt for this treatment option.

Porcelain Veneers

If your teeth are permanently stained, misshapen, cracked, or otherwise damaged, you may be a candidate for porcelain veneers! Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells made especially for your teeth. The porcelain material is compatible with your natural gum tissue, eliminating the potential for negative reactions.


A dentist in Athens will first remove a significant amount of enamel from the outer layer of your teeth. Following this process, they will attach the porcelain veneer to your natural tooth using strong bonding cement. Once the cement is fully dry, your veneers will be shaped to achieve a natural yet beautiful looking smile.

While porcelain veneers accomplish some of the same tasks as cosmetic teeth reshaping, they are a much larger investment. However, for individuals with more extensive damage or imperfections, porcelain veneers can provide the greatest outcome.

Dental Crowns or Bridges

Dental crowns or bridges are one of the most invasive forms of cosmetic dentistry. Although sometimes used to correct decay in the teeth, they can also be used to replace teeth that are not aesthetically pleasing.


While dental crowns and bridges can help you achieve your ideal smile, they are typically most effective in situations where the damage to the tooth is structural or affecting the health of the patient. 

Finding a Cosmetic Teeth Reshaping Professional in Athens

When you are hoping to invest in any type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, it is important to carefully search for a dentist in Athens who specializes in that area of dental care. Cosmetic teeth reshaping is no different.


While this procedure is minimally-invasive, it still has permanent effects. Because of this, it is important to work with a dentist who is able to carefully and strategically reshape each tooth. Removing too much of the tooth’s enamel can cause permanent damage to the health of the tooth.


Additionally, a dentist in Athens who has experience in cosmetic teeth reshaping will be able to save you both time and money. Although this procedure requires minimal investment, it is important to do your research before you begin the process.  


The decision to invest in cosmetic teeth reshaping is not an easy one. Dental Associates of Athens maintains a commitment to putting the needs of each patient first. Because of this commitment, we will carefully walk through each step of this decision alongside you. We only suggest cosmetic dentistry procedures that we believe will provide our patients with the end result they desire.


To learn more about cosmetic teeth reshaping or our other cosmetic dentistry services, visit our Athens dentist website here. A beautiful smile is within your reach!

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Dental restoration in Samara at affordable prices

Home » Dentistry » Restoration of teeth

A beautiful smile is the hallmark of a modern person. Healthy, white teeth increase self-confidence, which is very important. Our clinic of aesthetic medicine “Hollywood” strives to do everything possible to ensure that clients acquire an amazing smile and feel confident in their abilities.

Modern technologies allow us to carry out the procedure of dental restoration in Samara at an affordable price and restore even severely damaged or pathologically altered teeth.

When a dental restoration is needed

We have identified several factors that indicate the need for a dental restoration procedure:

  • Severe discoloration of the enamel, the presence of any serious surface damage that requires restoration of the tooth surface.

  • Teeth do not grow properly and their spatial orientation needs to be changed.

  • The shape needs to be corrected.

Price of tooth restoration

Procedure type Cost
Aesthetic restoration (restoration) of the anterior group of teeth RUB 3,000-6,500

Today, restoration is a simple and affordable procedure that is carried out by both children and adults. It allows you to correct many shortcomings. However, even such a simple procedure has contraindications. You will have to refuse to hold it when:

  • patient intolerance to certain drug components;
  • pathological abrasion;
  • bruxism.

That is why, before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to carry out a complete and high-quality diagnosis, which will help determine whether a person can carry out dental restoration.

Types of restorations

Today clinics offer two types of procedures:

  • artistic restoration – such manipulations allow you to restore the anatomical shape of the teeth, restore the original color.
  • aesthetic restoration – is necessary if the enamel has changed color, dark spots have appeared, but the teeth themselves are not destroyed, their properties and structure are preserved. Modern technologies allow you to choose a material of the same shade with your teeth and recreate natural enamel.

State-of-the-art materials are used to achieve amazing restoration results. This is an opportunity to get a long-term effect without harm to health.

Dentists distinguish between 2 methods of tooth restoration:

  • direct – polymers are used, the procedure is performed by a dentist-therapist;
  • indirect – initially, the tooth is prepared, an impression is made from it, and a ceramic veneer is subsequently made from this impression. This procedure is carried out by an orthopedic dentist.

Restoration of teeth in Samara in the Hollywood clinic

If you want to change the appearance of your teeth, get rid of dark spots and other defects, you can do this with the help of restoration. In our clinic, we use modern technologies that allow us to eliminate various defects in the shortest possible time.

Hollywood Clinic has been operating for more than 12 years and keeps up with the times. We use methods that have already been tested in Europe and the USA and have proven to be effective. We do everything to restore your self-confidence and give you a charming snow-white smile.

Advantages of working with us:

  • reasonable price for the procedure of dental restoration in Samara;
  • our clinic employs dentists with extensive experience, specialized education, who regularly improve their skills;
  • we can find an approach to a client of any age;
  • we carry out promotions, make discounts;
  • we use modern materials, equipment from CASTELLINI;
  • guarantee that all procedures are carried out with minimal pain.

      Restoration of teeth is a serious procedure that must be carried out by a professional dentist (he is aware of modern methods of restoring teeth and enamel). You can find a doctor who can correct the defects that you have in our clinic. Our masters will help to cope with any defect. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide information of interest.

      You can make an appointment using the feedback form or by calling the number listed on the website. The Hollywood clinic means affordable prices, high professionalism of doctors and excellent service. We are working so that you can get rid of problems with the oral cavity today.

      Get advice

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      Restoration of teeth in Perm – the price for the restoration service in dentistry “EST”

      A beautiful smile is very important: it is not only an indicator of health, but also a guarantee of self-confidence! In the modern world, there are many ways to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile, one of them is the restoration of teeth. This procedure not only restores the chewing function, but also returns a beautiful and aesthetic appearance to the teeth and smile.

      Restoration of teeth is a procedure that helps to restore the most natural appearance, color and shape of the tooth. In case of damage, congenital defects of the dentition, yellowness or anatomically irregular shape, this procedure may be necessary. The main restorative material used for the procedure are composites – fillings that harden under the light of a special lamp.

      Indications for dental restoration

      Restoration helps to correct the contours of the tooth, to give the necessary shape. This procedure is shown in the following cases:

      • Tooth decay;
      • Discoloration of tooth enamel or enamel pigmentation;
      • Severe tooth wear;
      • Change in tooth shape or size;
      • Restoration of a tooth after caries treatment;
      • Loss of tooth;

      However, this procedure has its contraindications, which you need to be aware of. However, it should be understood that each case is individual, therefore, in any case, it is necessary to go for a consultation with a specialist and find out all the nuances about your clinical case.


      • Disorders of the heart with the need for a pacemaker;
      • Violation of the central nervous system;
      • Bruxism;
      • Allergic reaction to the materials used in the restoration.

      Sometimes contraindications are not the reason for a complete ban on dental restoration. Some contraindications will only delay the restoration. And after the patient undergoes the necessary treatment, it will be possible to carry out the restoration.

      Basic types of dental restoration

      1. Aesthetic restoration – work with a photopolymer filling material that imitates tooth tissue in color, transparency and texture.

      2. Restoration for restoration after mechanical damage (if there are cracks on the tooth, chips or the tooth has broken into two or more parts).

      3. Artistic composite restoration of the smile zone is a jeweler’s work when it is necessary to bring the anterior group of teeth to the ideal.

      4. Restoration of chewing teeth is relevant when there is no more than a quarter of the tooth chipped.

      5. Composite restoration for straightening crooked teeth.

      Restoration methods

      When restoring teeth, specialists use direct or indirect methods, depending on the clinical situation.

      Direct method.

      It is carried out directly in the patient’s oral cavity, the doctor forms a new tooth right on the spot.

      The direct method includes composite restoration, as well as the procedure using inlays or pins. Inlays are made individually for each tooth, usually from ceramic material. If the tooth was broken or severely damaged, then it will be restored with a pin.

      The advantage of this method is that such tooth restoration is performed in one day. The disadvantage of this method is the fact that over time, the restored teeth may fade, lose their original luster, so when leaving, you need to be more careful about choosing a toothpaste.

      Indirect method

      This method involves the manufacture of veneers or lumineers in the laboratory. Restoration by this method is carried out when it is necessary to give an aesthetic appearance to a smile: hide cracks, chips, change the shape of a tooth. Such treatment takes a little longer and is carried out in several stages.

      This method has a number of advantages: with proper care, veneers and lumineers will last a very long time, visually they do not differ from natural teeth, do not allow further decay of the tooth, and do not cause any discomfort.

      Advantages of dental restoration in our clinic

      • Preliminary complex diagnostics, which allows choosing the optimal technology for aesthetic restoration of teeth for each patient;
      • Modern technologies of artistic restoration of teeth;
      • Experienced professionals who know their job perfectly and perform it responsibly;
      • Possibility of aesthetic restoration of the smile zone with veneers and luminars;
      • Guarantees of the clinic for all services for aesthetic restoration of teeth.

      How much does a tooth restoration cost?

      The final cost of the restoration depends on many factors: the manufacturer of the materials used, the complexity of the work and the number of teeth being restored. However, the exact price can be found out only on consultation with a specialist, with us it is free!


      We are grateful to our patients who leave reviews on our website READ MORE. Also, you can read some of the reviews about the restoration of teeth HERE.

      There was caries on the front tooth and the old filling (I put it in the 90s) became visible. In ES, the filling was replaced and at the same time a small piece was built up. I wear the second year, the flight is normal.

      I put a light on 2 teeth and it’s just fine. Six months later, I can say for sure that they do not differ from each other and do not stand out. This was what he feared the most.


      I recently whitened my teeth at Aesthetics and was asked to write a review about the filling.