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  • Where to Hang Dream Catcher
    – Tribal Trade

     Are you wondering where you can hang your new dreamcatcher? Or are you looking for places that you can hang a dreamcatcher that you’ve been waiting to hang up? Have you ever thought about where exactly you can hang a dreamcatcher? You can hang your dreamcatcher in a variety of different places. Some places that you probably haven’t even thought of. Watch this video to find out the top 10 places to hang your dreamcatcher.

    You might be having a hard time deciding on which kind of dreamcatcher you should make or buy, or you’re looking for help on where you should hang the dreamcatcher that you already have. If you’re not sure where exactly you should hang your dreamcatcher, by the end of this video, you will know 10 new places that you can hang your new or old dreamcatchers.

    Your Bedroom Window 

    This is generally the most common place for dreamcatchers to be hung with the traditional dreamcatcher teaching. To learn the dreamcatcher teaching and understand why the bedroom window would be the most common place to hang it, watch this video right here on the meaning of the dreamcatcher.

    The Rear View Mirror of Your Vehicle

    This is also a very common spot to see a dreamcatcher. The next time you’re out and about, see how many dreamcatchers that you can spot in people’s cars. This is a great place to hang a dreamcatcher that is much smaller so that it doesn’t obstruct your view as you’re driving.

    As Artwork

    Large dream catchers make for beautiful pieces of art when you hang them on a blank wall in your house. Not to mention, if you already have other wall art, a dreamcatcher is three-dimensional and the contrast can add a lot of character to a space.

    Above the Headboard of Your Bed

    If you’re wanting to hang a dreamcatcher in your bedroom to catch bad dreams, but you don’t want to hang it on your bedroom window, then the headboard is a great alternative. Not to mention, it looks really cool there, similar to Bella’s in the Twilight movie.

    On Your Handbag, Purse, or on Your Backpack

    This is the perfect place for smaller accessory-sized dream catchers that either attach with a key chain ring, clip, or a clasp. We’ve seen tons of smaller sized dream catchers that are clipped onto bags and purses that look so good and add lots of personality


    Above a Doorway in Your House

    This could be in the front entrance of your house or an interior doorway. Many people hang dreamcatchers made with sacred medicines such as cedar to heal or bring positive energy to all those who enter the room or the house that they’re walking into.

    Jewelry Around Your Neck or On Your Ears

    Dream catchers are so popular because of their cultural symbolism and also because they are beautiful pieces of art, so it’s no surprise that they’re commonly worn on necklaces and on earrings. If you want to bring the positive vibes with you wherever you go, then what better way to do that then to wear them by accessorizing your face.

    A Large Window

    A large window with lots of natural sunlight coming in is a great location to hang a dreamcatcher that has lots of sparkly or crystal beads that are woven into the web. It is so beautiful to see crystal beads catching the light from the sun as it’s coming through the window. 

    Outside on Your Deck or On Your Front Porch

    This is a great spot for a dreamcatcher of any size. Similar to a wind chime or plants that people hang outside, dreamcatchers look so beautiful when they’re out in nature, just like other outdoor decor.

    Your Attic

    If you hear some spooky noises coming from up in your attic, one way to combat those energies is with a dreamcatcher. Hang the dreamcatcher either in the middle of the room or on the window, if the attic has one, to capture any of the lingering spiritual energies that might be up there.

    Hopefully this has given you some ideas of where you could hang your dreamcatcher in a variety of different locations. If you’re wanting to learn more about the various sacred medicines in the indigenous culture or the smudging process, then download our free guide:


    Where to hang a dream catcher so that it brings good luck to the house – 4 best places , which looks like a round frame, on which strong threads and to which are suspended tassels with feathers at the ends.

    Such a device is not accidental: the circle symbolizes the sacred magic wheel, with which the indigenous peoples of North America associated the world order. And feathers mean a connection with the subtle energies of the Universe that pass through us during our deep sleep.

    From time immemorial, the amulet was traditionally hung next to the head of the sleeping person. It was believed that the magical talisman was able not only to “catch” nightmares, but also to lure evil spirits, illnesses and failures into its nets. However, there are other places in the house where the “dream catcher” will fit. However, let’s start in order.

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    Dream catcher “Brown flower with stars”

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    Dreamcatcher “Brown flower with stars” 64×15 cm. Diameter, cm: 15. Material: Feather, Textile. Dream catcher features: No features. Size: 15 cm x 64 cm.

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    Five ring dream catcher

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    Dream catcher is a charm invented by the ancient Indians. The dream catcher is hung over the head of the bed, swinging in the air, it catches the dreams that fly by.

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    Illuminated dream catcher

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    The amulet will improve sleep, allow you to sleep and rest at night in order to meet and spend a new day with a good mood and well-being.

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    Dream catcher “Lacy with beads and tassels”

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    Dreamcatcher “Lacy with beads and tassels” 65×20 cm. Diameter, cm: 20. Material: Textile.

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    At the head of the bed

    You can’t go wrong choosing this place to set up a “catcher” – this was done hundreds of years ago, when the tradition was just beginning. Indeed, where, if not next to the bed, hang a magical protection system? Attach the dream catcher to a chandelier or next to your headboard. This option is considered the most effective and is not suitable only for those who have chosen an accessory with bells – at the slightest breeze, they will prevent you from falling asleep.

    On the wall

    If you don’t want an exotic structure hanging in the air, find a place for it on the wall – best if it is close to your bed. If the dream catcher cannot lure spirits into the net, “scanning” the space as much as possible – let it at least be located as close as possible to the sleeping person.

    New Africa/Shutterstock

    By the window

    By the way, where do spirits enter your home from? Of course, through the window – both the ancient Indians and our Siberian ancestors were sure of this. That is why they often broadcast “catchers” near the windows. So, the talisman not only immediately “intercepted” the evil forces on the outskirts of the house, but was also charged with sunlight, thereby clearing the energy space.

    On a chandelier

    If you have high ceilings, try hanging the dreamcatcher on a chandelier. The more his feathers flutter and the more air passes through him, the better he will do his main task – “filtering” the negative energy in your space ( read also : Why you shouldn’t sleep with your feet to the door, and 5 more sleeping prohibitions).


    How to activate the dream catcher

    Don’t forget to “unlock” the amulet before use! To do this, let him bathe in the rays of sunlight or in the bright fire of a candle, and then hang him up so that the wind blows over him. Mentally address your assistant, asking him to protect you from evil in the magical world of dreams – and boldly set the “trap” in a place convenient for you ( read also : How to see a prophetic dream about your destiny and get answers to important questions – an easy way).