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  • Overview
    • felon is a subcutaneous abscess of the fingertip pulp
      • treatment is usually I&D and IV antibiotics
  • Epidemiology
    • incidence
      • accounts for 15-20% of hand infections
    • location
      • most commonly occurs in the thumb or index finger
  • Pathophysiology
    • mechanism of injury
      • penetrating injury
        • blood glucose needlestick
        • splinters
      • local spread
        • may spread from paronychia 
      • no history of injury in 50% of patients
        • may result from bacterial contamination of the fat pad through the eccrine sweat glands
    • pathophysiology
      • overview
        • swelling and pressure within micro-compartments, leading to “compartment syndromes” of the pulp
      • progression
        • inflammation and cellulitis leads to local vascular congetsion
        • if left untreated, tissue necrosis and abscess formation leads to increased microvascular impairment
        • increasing pressure can eventually lead to “compartment syndrome” and subsequent ischemia
          • affects the blood supply to the diaphysis more than the blood supply to the skin, causing bone necrosis and sequestration before spontaneous decompression through the skin
    • organisms 
      • gram negative organisms
        • found in immunosuppressed patients
      • Eikenella corrodens
        • found in diabetics who bite their nails
  • Prognosis
    • if left untreated, can lead to
      • sequestration of the diaphysis of the distal phalanx
      • pyogenic arthritis of the DIP joint
      • flexor tenosynovitis from proximal extension

  • Fingertip pulp
    • closed sac connective tissue framework
    • separated by fibrous vertical septae running from periosteum of the distal phalanx to the epidermis
      • provides structural support
      • stabilizes the pulp during pinch and grasp
    • contains eccrine sweat glands that open onto the epidermis
  • Blood supply
    • digital arteries run parallel to the distal phalanx
      • gives off a nutrient branch to the epiphysis before entering the pulp space

  • Symptoms
  • Physical exam
    • swelling 
      • does not extend proximal to DIP flexion crease unless flexor tendon sheath or joint is involved

  • Radiographs
    • indications
      • only indicated if history of trauma to rule out fracture
  • MRI

  • Nonoperative
    • oral antibiotics and observation 
      • indications
        • early felon (no drainable abscess)
  • Operative
    • bedside I&D and IV antibiotics

  • Finger tip compartment syndrome
  • Flexor tenosynovitis
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Digital tip necrosis

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State Revenge Porn Laws – FindLaw

State/Statute Actions Prohibited Possible Penalties




Distributing a private image.

Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to 1 year in jail; subsequent offenses, Class C felony, punishable by up to 10 years incarceration.


Alaska Statutes, Section 11.61.120

Publishing or distributing electronic or printed photographs, pictures, or films that show the genitals of the other person, or depict that person engaged in a sexual act.

Class B misdemeanor, up to 90 days jail, a fine of $2,000.


A.R.S. Section 13-1425

Intentionally disclosing the image of an identifiable person in a state of nudity or engaged in sexual activity, when the person has an expectation of privacy, with the intent to harm, harass, intimidate, threaten, or coerce the depicted person.

Class 4 felony, punishable by 1.5 years in prison and a fine up to $150,000, possible registration as a sexual offender. Threats to disclose, but no disclosure is a misdemeanor.


Arkansas Code, Section 5-26-314

Unlawful distribution of sexual images or recordings.

Class A misdemeanor, up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $2,500, or both.


Penal Code Section 647(j)(4)

  • Distributing the images, where the victim is identifiable;
  • With the intent to cause serious emotional distress to the victim; and
  • The victim actually suffered such distress.

Misdemeanor, up to six months in jail, fine up to $1,000.


Colorado Revised Statute Section Section 18-7-107, 108

Posting or distributing through the use of social media or any web site any photograph, video, or other image displaying the private intimate parts of an identifiable person eighteen years of age or older with the intent to harass the depicted person and inflict serious emotional distress upon the depicted person.

Class 1 misdemeanor, six-18 months in jail, mandatory fine of $10,000.


Connecticut General Statutes, Section 53a-189c

Unlawful dissemination of an intimate image with intent to cause harm and without the victim’s consent.

Class A misdemeanor


Delaware Code 1335, Title 11, (violation of privacy law)


Posting a nude or sexually explicit photo or video of someone on the internet without their consent.

Class G Felony if aggravating factors present.

District of Columbia

DC Code, Section 22-2051 et. seq.

Knowingly disclosing one or more sexual images of another identifiable person when:

  1. The person depicted did not consent to the disclosure of the sexual image;
  2. There was an agreement or understanding between the person depicted and the person disclosing that the sexual image would not be disclosed; and
  3. The person disclosed the sexual image with the intent to harm the person depicted or to receive financial gain.

Misdemeanor, maximum fine of $1,000 and/or 180 days in jail, or a felony, with a maximum fine of $12,500 and/or three years in prison.


Florida Statutes, Section 784.049(3)

Publishing a sexually explicit image of another person along with personal identifying information of the depicted person to a website without the depicted person’s consent, for no legitimate purpose, and with the intent of causing the depicted person substantial emotional distress.

First degree misdemeanor, up to one year in jail, up to $1,000 in criminal fines.


Georgia Code, Section 16-11-90

Knowing the content of a transmission or post, knowingly and without the consent of the depicted person:

  1. Electronically transmits or posts, in one or more transmissions or posts, a photograph or video which depicts nudity or sexually explicit conduct of an adult when the transmission or post is harassment or causes financial loss to the depicted person and serves no legitimate purpose to the depicted person; or
  2. Causes the electronic transmission or posting, in one or more transmissions or posts, of a photograph or video which depicts nudity or sexually explicit conduct of an adult when the transmission or post is harassment or causes financial loss to the depicted person and serves no legitimate purpose to the depicted person.


Aggravated misdemeanor, but subsequent charges can be a felony punishable by one-five years prison, up to $100,000 fine


Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 711-1110.9

Transmit nude photos of a person on the internet without their consent.

Class C felony, up to five years in prison, fine.


Idaho Code, Section 18-6609(2)(b) (video voyeurism)

Intentionally or with reckless disregard disseminating, publishing or selling (or conspiring) any image or images of the intimate areas of another person or persons without the consent of such other person or persons and he knows or reasonably should have known that one or both parties agreed or understood that the images should remain private.







Illinois Criminal Code, Section 11-23.5

Senate Bill 1507

Intentionally publishing an image of another person:

  • Who is at least 18 years old;
  • Whose identity is discernible from the image itself or from information displayed in connection with the image; and
  • Who is engaged in a sexual act or whose intimate parts are exposed, in whole or in part.

Felony, one to three years in prison, and up to $25,000 fine.

Victims also have civil remedies to recover economic and punitive damages.



No specific revenge porn law.




Iowa Code, Section 708.7

Disseminates, publishes, distributes, posts, or caused to be disseminated, published, distributed, or posted a photograph or film showing another person in a state of full or partial nudity or engaged in a sex act, knowing that the other person has not consented to the dissemination, publication, distribution, or posting.

Aggravated misdemeanor; up to 2 years jail time, up to $6,250 fine.


Kansas Statutes, Section 21-6101(a)(8) (Breach of Privacy)

Upload sexual photos or videos of another person without their permission. First offense, presumptive probation, second offense, felony blackmail with up to six years in prison.
Kentucky No specific revenge porn law. N/A


Section 14:283.2

Sharing (posting, distributing, or publishing on a computer device, computer network, website, or other electronic device or medium of communication) nude or partially-nude cell phone picture or video to without victim’s permission.

Up to two years in jail and fine up to $10,000.


Section 1. 17-A MRSA 511-A

Transmitting sexually explicit photos of a person on the internet without their consent.

Class D misdemeanor, up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.


Maryland Criminal Law Code, Section 3-809

Intentionally placing on the internet, a photograph, film, videotape, recording, or any other reproduction of the image of the other person engaged in sexual contact:

  1. Knowing that the other person did not consent to the placement of image on the internet; and
  2. Under circumstances in which the other person had a reasonable expectation that the image would be kept private.

Misdemeanor, up to two years in jail, fine of $500.

Massachusetts No specific revenge porn law.



Michigan Codified Laws, Section 750.145e


Posting images or video recordings of a sexual nature online, without someone’s consent.

Up to 93 days, fine of up to $1,000. Subsequent conviction would result in jail time of up to one year.


Minnesota Statutes, Section 617.261

Intentionally disseminates a private sexual image of another

Gross misdemeanor up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine, felony if causes financial loss, intent to profit, intent to harass, posted to porn site, other factors.


Mississippi No specific revenge porn law.




Revised Statues of Missouri, Sections 573.110, 573.112

Threatening the nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images if they gain or attempt to gain anything of value, or coerces or attempts to coerce another person, which was obtained under circumstances in which a reasonable person would know or understand that the image was to remain private, against the will of such person:

  • who is at least 18;
  • who is identifiable from the image itself or information displayed in connection with the image; and
  • who is engaged in a sexual act or whose intimate parts are exposed, in whole or in part.

Class E felony, punishable by a term of up to 4 years.

Montana No specific revenge porn law. N/A

No specific revenge porn law.



Nevada Revised Statutes, Section 200-780

A person intentionally and electronically disseminates or sells an intimate image which depicts the other person and the other person:

  • Did not give prior consent to the electronic dissemination or the sale of the intimate image;
  • Had a reasonable expectation that the intimate image would be kept private and would not be made visible to the public; and
  • Was at least 18 years of age when the intimate image was created.

One to four years in Nevada State Prison, fine of up to $5,000.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Revised Statutes, Section 644:9-a


Nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images with the intent to harass, intimidate, threaten, or coerce the depicted person.


New Jersey

New Jersey Code, Section 2C:14-9


Making a nonconsensual recording that reveals another person’s “intimate parts” or shows the person engaged in a sexual act without consent.

Felony, three to five years in prison, a fine not to exceed $15,000.

New Mexico

Section 30-37A-1


Distribute sensitive images without authorization including:

  • Distributing
  • Publishing
  • Making publicly available
  • Using electronic communications to broadcast

Misdemeanor, second offense is a felony.

New York No specific revenge porn law.



North Carolina

General Statutes, Section 14-190.5A

Knowingly disclosing a sexual image of another person with the intent to:

  • Coerce, harass, intimidate, demean, humiliate, or cause financial loss to the depicted person, or
  • Cause others to coerce, harass, intimidate, demean, humiliate, or cause financial loss to the depicted person, and\
  • The depicted person is identifiable from the disclosed image or from information offered in connection with it.


Class H felony

North Dakota

Section 12.1-17-07.2

Disclosing nude or sexual images of a person without the person’s consent and with the intent to identify the person and cause harm.


Class A misdemeanor

Ohio No specific revenge porn law. N/A


Section 1040.13b of Title 21

Disseminating private sexual images of a person without that person’s consent.

Misdemeanor, up to one year in jail, up to $1000 fine.


Oregon Revised Statutes, Section 166.065

Unlawful dissemination of an intimate image.

Class A Misdemeanor, Class C Felony if repeat offender.


Title 18 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Section 3131

Any sexually explicit image posted with the intent of causing the subject distress and without the consent of the victim

$5,000 fine and up to one year in prison.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island General Laws, Section 11-64-3

Unauthorized dissemination of indecent material.

Misdemeanor for first violation, felony for second or subsequent violation, and felony if material was used to commit extortion or “sextortion.”

South Carolina No specific revenge porn law.


South Dakota

South Dakota Statutes, Section 22-21-4

Dissemination of a visual recording or photographic device without consent and with intent to self-gratify, harass, or embarass another.

Class 1 misdemeanor, unless victim is 17 years old or younger, then Class 6 felony.


Tennessee Code, Section 39-13-301

With the intent to cause emotional distress, a person distributes an image of the intimate part or parts of another identifiable person if:

  1. The image was photographed or recorded under circumstances where the parties agreed or understood that the image would remain private; and
  2. The person depicted in the image suffers emotional distress.

Class A misdemeanor


Texas Penal Code, Section 21.16

Without the effective consent of the depicted person, the person intentionally discloses visual material depicting another person with the person’s intimate parts exposed or engaged in sexual conduct.

Class A misdemeanor


Section 76-5b-203

Knowingly or intentionally distributing sexual images to any third party of another person without that person’s consent.

Class A misdemeanor


Section 2, 13 V.S.A. Section 2606

Nonconsensual dissemination of someone’s nude or sexually explicit photograph or videotape.


Up to two years prison and up to $2000 fine.


Code of Virginia Section 18.2-386.2

Disseminating sexual photos without the victim’s consent and with the malicious intent to coerce harass, or intimate that person.

Class 1 misdemeanor, up to two years in prison, fine.


Washington Revised Code, Section 9.61.260


Intentionally and maliciously disclosing an intimate image of another person without their consent.

Gross misdemeanor

West Virginia

Code of West Virginia, Section 61-8-28

Intentionally display publicly, distribute or threaten to disclose sexually explicit or intimate images of someone else without their consent.


Misdemeanor, fine up to $1,000 to $5,000 and up to a year in jail.


Code of Wisconsin, Section 942.09

Distributing (without consent) an image of a “nude or partially nude person or of a person engaging in sexually explicit conduct.”

Misdemeanor, fine, and possible jail.

Wyoming No specific revenge porn law. N/A

Felon – WikEM


  • Subcutaneous pyogenic infection of the pulp space compartments of the distal finger
  • Do not mistake for pulp erythema due to paronychia or herpetic whitlow
  • Infection typically begins with minor trauma to dermis overlying finger pad (e.g. foreign body such as a splinter)
    • May spread to flexor tendon sheath, IP joint, or underlying periosteum

Nailtip Anatomy

A. Nail plate; B. lunula; C. root; D. sinus; E. matrix; F. nail bed; G. hyponychium; H. free margin.

  • The perinychium includes the nail, the nailbed, and the surrounding tissue.
  • The paronychia is the lateral nail folds
  • The hyponychium is the palmar surface skin distal to the nail.
  • The lunula is that white semi-moon shaped proximal portion of the nail.
  • The sterile matrix is deep to the nail, adheres to it and is distal to the lunule.
  • The germinal portion is proximal to the matrix and is responsible for nail growth.

Clinical Features

  • Red, tense, and markedly painful distal pulp space
    • May see necrotic appearing tissue distally due to increased pressure in space

Differential Diagnosis

Hand and finger infections



  • X-ray to assess for foreign body
  • Ultrasound can be utilized by placing the hand in a bowl of water and holding high frequency linear probe a few cm away from the finger (water is an excellent conductor)
  • Gram stain and culture (chronic infections may be caused by atypical organisms)


  • Usually a clinical diagnosis


Incision and drainage

  • Perform digital block
  • The incision should be made along the ulnar aspect of the index, middle, and ring fingers and along the radial aspects of the thumb and little finger.
  • Number 11 blade is used to make incision on nonoppositional side of affected digit. Digital arteries and nerves arborize near the distal interphalengeal joint, minimizing risk of significant neurovascular damage.
  • Start incision 5 mm distal to flexor DIP crease
  • End incision 5mm proximal to nail plate border
  • Bluntly dissect and explore wound until abscess is decompressed

no need for packing

  • DO NOT perform a “fishmouth” incision since this may results in: Unstable finger pad, neuroma, and/or loss of sensation


Indicated for felon associated with cellulitis
Definitive treatment is drainage but antibiotic coverage for S. aureus and Strep with caution to identify Herpetic whitlow


  • Discharge with follow-up in 2 days for wound check
  • Refer to hand surgery only if systemically ill or concern for complicated infection
  • Instruct patient to keep extremity elevated

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LeBron James joins push to turn out ex-felon vote in Florida

LeBron James appears during a February NBA basketball game against the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco. | (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

TALLAHASSEE — A group founded by NBA superstar LeBron James and other Black athletes and entertainers is stepping into the fight to register Florida voters with felony records, saying it will help pay court debts and fees so they can cast ballots in the November presidential election.

More Than A Vote, a group established by James and others in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, on Friday said it will donate $100,000 to help pay outstanding court debts of ex-felons so they can register to vote. The money will go to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, which in 2018 successfully pushed to a constitutional amendment that lifted Florida’s lifetime voting ban on people with felony convictions. After the amendment passed, the Republican-led state Legislature earlier this year raised the bar for felons to vote, passing a law that is being challenged in federal court.

“Your right to vote shouldn’t depend upon whether or not you can pay to exercise it,” Miami Heat forward and More than a Vote member Udonis Haslem said in a written statement.

The partnership will help ensure that “formerly incarcerated American citizens — many of them Black and brown — are able to pay their outstanding fines and fees and register to vote in the 2020 election and beyond.”

The coalition already has raised more than $1.5 million for its fees-and-fines fund, but the partnership with More Than A Vote is expected to bring attention and awareness to the effort.

Desmond Meade, executive director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, said the partnership will strengthen democracy and make more voices heard.

The partnership comes amid a bitter legal fight over the voting requirement, which Democrats and civil rights groups have likened to an unconstitutional poll tax. One study projected that as many as 775,000 people in Florida with felony convictions have financial obligations that render them ineligible under the law. Of the more than 13.7 million voters registered in the battleground state, nearly a third are either Black or Hispanic.

The fight has spilled outside of the courthouse as the presidential campaign intensifies. Polls show President Donald Trump trailing his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, in the swing state, where candidates win or lose on the thinnest of margins.

More Than A Vote also will partner with Magnolia Pictures and Participant, a media company with a socially-driven mission, to host an online screening of a new documentary that chronicles the life of Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights icon who died last week.

Athletes and artists will promote the screening with proceeds also going to the coalition’s fines-and-fees fund.

More than a Vote was launched in June by James and other athletes and artists dedicated to Black political empowerment. Organizers say they are working to educate and protect Black Voters. James at the time said he would also use his social media platform to combat voter suppression and draw attention to efforts to restrict the voting rights of minorities.

Friday’s announcement marks the group’s first state-level campaign.

A U.S. District Court judge in late May ripped Florida’s law, calling it an illegal pay-to-vote system. Requiring people with felony convictions to pay fees — which are separate from restitution paid to victims — in order to vote violated the U.S. Constitution’s ban on poll taxes, the judge wrote.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican and Trump ally, appealed the ruling to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which put the ruling on hold this month while the appeal was considered. The appeals court is scheduled to hold a hearing on the case on Aug. 18, the date of Florida’s state primary.

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Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center

Criminal History Records Check

*Due to COVID-19, access into HCJDC is limited to no more than two (2) individuals at a time to ensure proper social distancing. All individuals entering HCJDC must be wearing a face mask. For any services requiring person to person contact, a COVID-19 questionnaire must be completed, and your temperature must be taken before entry into HCJDC. To ensure safe and timely service, please call the Criminal History Records Check Section at 808-587-3279 to schedule an appointment or to answer questions you may have before physically coming to HCJDC.


A criminal history record check is a search of a person’s criminal history by name or fingerprints. The Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center issues criminal history record checks, sometimes referred to as a “Police Clearance” or “Police Abstract” for the State of Hawaii. This will only include adult criminal conviction information. Arrest records which have resulted in convictions (found guilty) are considered public record and are available at Public Access sites throughout the state and at the Adult Criminal Conviction Information (eCrim) Web Site. Arrest records which have resulted in non-convictions or are still pending, are considered confidential and not available to the general public.

 You may obtain an instant criminal history record check online at http://ecrim.ehawaii.gov. The criminal history record report will be emailed once payment is received online. However, please check if the agency you will be submitting the clearance to accepts online printouts. If they do not, you will have to mail your request and payment to the Criminal History Record Checks (CHRC) Unit.


 Requests for a criminal history record check may be mailed to:

Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
Attn: CHRC Unit
465 S. King Street, Room 102
Honolulu, HI 96813

Please include the name, date of birth, and social security number (optional) of the person you are interested in. There is a $30 fee (U.S. funds) for each record check processed by the CHRC Unit. Payment must be made by money order or cashier’s check and made payable to “State of Hawaii”. Results should be mailed to you within 7-10 days.

Criminal history record checks processed by the CHRC Unit will have our embossed department seal. Please indicate in your request if you would like to have the results notarized and/or certified. There is an additional $20 fee for each certification.

Should you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section.

90,000 Brutalized uncle: an insulted criminal hacked and burned his nephew and his wife in the Island

The prison changes consciousness. Those who came out from there in the wild have an unusual and difficult time. And it is good if the relatives do not turn away, support, give shelter … But not always. In today’s story, the uncle of a 38-year-old resident of the Island turned out to be the uncle of a 38-year-old resident of the Island who was released from prison to the home of his relatives. He settled under the same roof with his nephew. As a result, the neighborhood turned into a nightmare. Uncle killed and burned those who sheltered him.But why?

The MK in Pskov correspondent was helped to understand the intricacies of this case by Vladimir Kostyushin, an investigator for especially important cases of the first department for investigating especially important cases of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Pskov Region, , as well as local residents.

From places of deprivation of liberty Victor [ed. hereinafter, the names of the heroes have been changed for ethical reasons] was released in March 2019. The 55-year-old man did not completely rewind the term for committing a skilled robbery.Released on parole. But he had no idea what to do now, once he was free. There, in the prison, everything was somehow different, more understandable, or something.

Unwanted guest

In June, Victor decided to go to his nephew (the closest person), 38-year-old Yuri, who rented a house on 8 Marta Street in the city of Ostrov. Both Yuri and his 37-year-old wife Angela were not too happy about the visit of the criminal uncle. As it turned out later, the island’s friends regularly complained about her annoying uncle, said that he constantly interferes with their family affairs, and in general, Angela was somehow afraid of this gloomy, secretive person.

What to do in the wild, the man had no idea

She breathed out only after, as the woman’s acquaintances say, a relative decided to visit his friends who had served time and disappeared from sight. The calmness in the house, however, was short-lived. In August, the uncle returned to his nephew’s house.

“The intruder led a rather secretive lifestyle. I did not go anywhere, did not communicate with anyone. The neighbors did not see him, ”says investigator Vladimir Kostyushin.

But Angela’s friends have heard about a criminal relative. After his return, the islands are divided, the unemployed unsociable man simply sat down on Yuri and Angela’s necks – he began to regularly drink on their money and make noise. All this frightened Angela. Yuri was also dissatisfied.

One summer day, he decided to dot the i’s in a relationship with a violent relative. This led to tragic consequences.

Wash off insults with blood

To make the conversation hearty, Yuri set the table and invited his uncle, who was resting in the next room, for a drink.

“The incident took place on 25 August. At about 9 o’clock in the morning, the victim left for work, leaving her husband and his uncle at home, ”clarifies the investigator for especially important cases Vladimir Kostyushin.

As Victor will later tell, after an hour of alcoholic feast the conversation turned into a dangerous direction. Yuri began to express dissatisfaction with the prolonged stay of a relative in the house, and then said that he was jealous of his wife for his uncle. Mutual insults followed. The experienced criminal could not forgive one of them.The phrase thrown by Yuri in the heat of a quarrel that would have seemed harmless to a person without problems with the law, Victor, an experienced criminal, pissed off his temper.

Uncle could not forgive hurtful words even to his nephew. The ax went into action

Uncle waited until his nephew lay down to rest, and grabbed an ax. With three aimed blows to the head, he hacked to death the offender. The killer knew how to cover up the traces of the crime.

“The murder was committed approximately from 11 am to 1 pm.Then, for about 5 hours, my uncle was waiting for his nephew’s wife. I wanted to kill so that there were no witnesses, and then disappear (I believed that no one had seen him), ”states the investigator for the Department of Internal Affairs of the 1st Department of Internal Affairs of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Pskov Region.

Home Angela, colleagues recall, went about 17 hours. A relative was waiting for her there. He attacked the woman from behind. With the same ax, Victor inflicted five blows on her head. And then he made sure that she was not breathing, and went to sleep in the next room.

The criminal always comes back

In the morning of the next day, Victor, according to him, decided to bring the matter to the end.Making sure that curious neighbors did not look into the courtyard, he set fire to the house with the bodies of his murdered relatives and headed away.

The next morning, Victor decided to burn down the house and his murdered relatives.

Neighbors recall that they noticed the burning house quickly, as they were working in the vegetable garden in the middle of the day. The firemen were called. Still would! Their houses are only 15 meters away! Rescuers arrived in a matter of minutes, extinguished the flames and found bodies of people inside the house, who did not have time to get badly burned.

“Inside the house, two bodies were found with chopped wounds in the head. They also managed to find the surviving passport, which, as it turned out later, belonged to the uncle who was visiting the spouses. Apparently, the man dropped the document in a hurry. On the basis of the passport, an orientation was developed, which was passed on to the police officers and people’s guards of the Island, ”says investigator Vladimir Kostyushin.

As the arsonist himself will later tell, after leaving the blazing house, he went to the station.I planned to leave for another city, supposedly, to start everything from scratch. Only I couldn’t buy a train ticket without a lost passport. I decided to return to the Island. I was drawn to see what happened to the burned down house of his nephew he had killed.

“On one of the neighboring streets, in a shop, he was spotted by a people’s vigilante, who had previously received an orientation,” notes the investigator for particularly important cases. – The druzhinnik summoned the Rosgvardia officers and informed them of his suspicions. As a result, the man was detained. “

The investigation managed to collect a sufficient amount of evidence of the guilt of the criminal uncle

Back to jail

Victor did not deny the crime he had committed. On the contrary, he began to put forward various justifications for murder and arson. He also talked about falling in love with his nephew’s wife, and about the woman’s jealousy for her legal spouse.

As a result, the investigation managed to collect a sufficient amount of evidence of the culprit’s guilt.The case was taken to court. Viktor was found guilty of killing two people and destroying property by arson and sentenced him to 19 years in prison in a special regime penal colony.

In a word, there are relatives as relatives. And there are those whom I would rather not know …

In Omsk, a criminal stabbed the cook of the pavilion “Turkish dishes” with a knife and tried to get away from the pursuit in a stolen car | Latest News of Omsk and Omsk Region

The emergency happened last night in the city center.A 33-year-old previously convicted Omsk resident did not appreciate the efforts of the cook of a national cafe and cruelly dealt with him. (PHOTOS)

Traffic police officers detained a drunk Omsk resident who raided a cafe of the Turkish Dishes chain.

On Thursday, July 25, at about 19.30, a man asked for help along with the traffic police, who was patrolling the site on Maslennikova Street, who said that an unknown person had just stolen a car belonging to him, having stabbed an employee of the Turkish Dishes trade pavilion, located nearby.Police captain Yevgeny Pugin and police captain Alexander Burlakov, who were on duty in this zone, rushed to find the hijacker.

At the intersection of st. Maslennikova and st. Kuibyshev, the patrolmen found a car suitable for omens, driven by a similar man in shorts and without a shirt. Seeing a police car, he tried to escape, leaving the stolen car, but was detained by the security forces. The man was previously repeatedly convicted by a 33-year-old resident of the Kirovsky district of the city.According to eyewitnesses who identified him after the arrest, being in a state of intoxication, he stabbed an employee of a trade pavilion, after which he jumped into a domestic car parked next to the cafe and tried to escape.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated on the fact of the state of emergency under Part 1 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm.” In addition, the issue of initiating several more criminal cases under Art.119 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Threats of murder or infliction of grievous bodily harm”, Art. 166 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Illegal seizure of a vehicle without the purpose of theft.”

The question of arresting the suspect is currently under consideration.

Maxim Fadeev
Photo of the press service of the Russian MIA Administration for the Omsk Region

90,000 Sometimes a fan of a tattoo cannot be distinguished from a recidivist criminal: Society: Oblgazeta

It is easier to apply a tattoo than to remove it. And some butterfly, very cute at 20, will look silly by fifty.Think about that when you make your decision. Photo by Stanislav Savin.

An unusual exhibition has just taken place in the exhibition hall of the school-studio “Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting” by Lev Khabarov. The only one of its kind. The focus was on tattoos. Tattoos, which are extremely fashionable today to decorate your body. So fashionable that you can’t tell any other dandy from a repeat offender.

Don’t worry though, the bodies were missing. Only a few daredevils dared to get a tattoo without departing from the exposition (I was told about two girls, one bared a leg for the procedure, the other a softer part of the flesh).Artists also seem to have nothing to do with it. They only provided walls. This association of tattoo artists in Yekaterinburg decided to take a step towards lovers of indelible body art forever. And hung several dozen samples of their own creations on the walls.

“Vasya, don’t wake up!”

First, a small lyrical digression. When I got to work in one of the colonies of the Garinsky district after graduation from the university, I, of course, experienced many shocks. The blue-violet skin of the students from the tattoos is just one of them.But it is very strong. Because I still remember with what amazement I saw over the centuries one of the overgrown five-graders the pleading appeal – “Don’t wake up!”. Friends called the poor fellow – “Vasya, don’t wake up!”

– What’s that? – my “striped whales” laughed (especially dangerous repeat offenders who wore striped robes in those days), – on the belly, – they said, – we write “again did not eat enough”, but on their feet – “they are tired “.

Actually, this is where my knowledge of camp tattoos ended then. Later I found out that the pictures carry the maximum amount of information about the owners.And when a newcomer enters the camera, examining him, the old-timers are meticulously interested: “Are you responsible for the tattoos?” If, God forbid, it turns out that under the collarbone there is, for example, an eagle with exposed claws and an eight-pointed star (a sign of great authority), but in fact the recruit is no more than a six, the punishment will be cruel. And the requirement to reduce the image (even with a brick, even with sandpaper) will be just an affectionate warning for the future.

What am I doing this? And to the fact that at the exhibition (and therefore in the salons) these same “tigers, lions, eagles and partridges” were offered in huge numbers.And who knows how young fashionistas will want to dispose of openly criminal romance. What has been said fully applies to a busty maiden (“a sultry woman is a poet’s dream”) or to a “man with a gun” (possibly a machine gun). For some, it is not excluded, he will breathe the scent of real art (literature, in any case). But it should still be borne in mind that female images are often used in criminal tattoos. And not necessarily for love. More often they have nothing to do with her at all. A naked maiden, tied to a burning pillar – condemnation for the murder of the fair sex.The executioner executing the beauty symbolizes the hatred of the law. The woman on the wings is a testament to good luck, luck, luck. The girl’s head means that the hero met his majority behind barbed wire.

Dress code, army and health

Now it is. There is a lot of talk, refuted, by the way, by Vkontakte, that having a tattoo can become a serious obstacle when applying for a prestigious job. We have consulted with one of the largest financial institutions.Tatyana Sitnikova, HR Director of the Ural Bank of Sberbank of Russia, explained: “There are no direct prohibitions on the employment of candidates with a tattoo at Sberbank. But each candidate needs to take into account that the presence of challenging tattoos on the face, neck, hands can interfere with mutually beneficial communication with the client. ”

Another funny assumption – “tattooed clients” have been ordered the road to the Russian army. Painted skin can be a serious obstacle. Or salvation, as you like.Give up hope. The military registration and enlistment office simply laughed at our question. True, they noticed, in the Kremlin regiment – the face of the Armed Forces – such a hero will still not be taken.

And, finally, healers … Here opinions differ. Tattooing, they say, changes the personality and may well trigger the mechanism of the disease. In other words, if you prefer to be treated by healers, the drawing should at least be reduced. Although … American scientists, for example (and this is no longer witchcraft), have developed an electronic tattoo that records body temperature, pressure, monitoring brain activity and other parameters.

By the tattoo it is easy to determine the “specialty” of a person who has been there, where Makar did not drive calves. The sailboat is a touring thief. A bear with an ax points to a bugbear (burglar). Arrows crossed – watch out, burglar thief. But especially beware of monks with a quill pen (pickpocket) and three cards pierced by an arrow (card sharper). But an Indian in feathers is not terrible. This is a political prisoner.

I was saved by criminals – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“RG” is completing the 2017 project “Know, Do Not Forget, Condemn.And – to forgive “with the last publication in the series of video interviews” My Gulag. ” and the first conqueror of space Sergei Korolev – Natalya Sergeevna Koroleva

The daughter of the great Korolyov learned that her father was an “enemy of the people” when she was four years old. play.Alik said to her:

– Mom won’t let me. Your dad is under arrest.

And the girl thought that her dad was a pilot, and he, as her mother said, flew away on a business trip. Years later, Natalya Sergeevna learned everything about her father’s arrest from her mother and grandmother. Everything was like everyone else. Mom came home from work and told Sergei Pavlovich that two suspicious men in uniform were standing at their entrance.

– This is probably behind me, – simply answered Korolyov’s wife. By that time, all the leadership of the research institute where he worked had been arrested.Sergei Pavlovich understood: he was next. – I sold bonds today and bought a record. Come on, let’s listen.

They turned on the gramophone. Plastic for 78 turns. On one side – the Russian folk song “Snowstorm”, on the other – “In the field there was a birch tree.” The daughter was at her grandmother’s dacha, they, without turning on the light, had supper, then they sat and listened to music.

At half past eleven in the night there was a knock on the door. Two people entered. Those same “suspicious” from the NKVD. The search went on until half past six in the morning. And Korolev and his wife, holding each other by the hand, sat silently on the sofa.

Sergei Korolyov was arrested. On September 27, 1938, he was convicted “of sabotage” by the military collegium of the USSR Supreme Court and sentenced to ten years in the camps. Then there was the Butyrka prison in Moscow, the transit prison in Novocherkassk. In 1939 he was convoyed to Kolyma, where at the Maldyak gold mine of the Western Mining Administration the genius of space science was engaged in “general work” – a general laborer.

Years later, the daughter learns a terrible thing: Sergei Korolev was left alive by chance.He almost immediately fell ill with scurvy in the gold mines. For the “political” it meant a slow death: they did not want to eat, they did not have the strength to work. They were simply “forgotten”. “Forgot” and the Queen. He was accidentally discovered in rags, which were supposed to be burned, half-dead, by a criminal authority and camp brigadier Usachev, a former subordinate of Sergei Korolev at one of the research institutes in Voronezh.

“I was saved by criminals,” Korolev said more than once.

Usachev gave an “authoritative” order – to the infirmary.What, by the way, violated the unwritten norm: criminals took away “rations”, warm clothes from “political” ones, and here it is …

– Mom and grandmother immediately began to seek a reconsideration of the case, – recalls Natalya Sergeevna. – They called the heroine pilot Valentina Grizodubova. She is Beria. It was Beria who insisted on revising the case, then the space research project was launched, Beria supervised it. So the father from the real Gulag promised to transfer “to the resort” – to the Tupolev “sharaga”. “Sharashka” is also a camp, but, if I may say so, “elite” – with a personal nightstand by the bed, clean sheets, with normal food and even a piece of butter in the morning.And most importantly, Tupolev has assembled a team of researchers and designers, who in the “sharaga” got the opportunity to continue research. While waiting, my father was again in the Butyrka prison in Moscow. So I went on a date to my father for the first time.

– Dad, how did you get here on your plane? – I asked him when I saw the tiny prison yard. I was still sure that dad was a pilot.

– Eh, darling, – replied the guard instead of dad. – It’s easy to sit here, but to get out …

It was in 1940.Soon, aircraft designer and future space explorer Sergei Korolev was tried again. By a special meeting of the “troika” he was sentenced to eight years in prison and sent to the Moscow special prison of the NKVD TsKB-29, the very “Tupolev sharaga”, where, under the leadership of Andrei Tupolev, also a prisoner, he took an active part in the creation of Pe-2 and Tu- 2. At the same time, Korolev, on his own initiative, developed projects for a guided air torpedo and a new version of a missile interceptor. In July 1944, Sergei Korolev was released early from prison with the removal of a criminal record, but without rehabilitation.This was Stalin’s personal instruction. Soon, Korolev himself asked to go to Kazan, where profile research on rockets, which would later be called space rockets, were under way.

In 1947, convicted and not rehabilitated Sergei Korolev met with Stalin on his personal initiative.

“Father was amazed at Stalin’s competence in missile matters,” recalls Natalya Sergeevna Koroleva. – It was clear that Stalin was carefully preparing for the meeting. Before him lay some notes, he quoted documents of the institute where Korolyov had worked before his arrest, asked substantive and pre-recorded questions.My father always spoke highly of Stalin and, like everyone around him, sincerely believed that “repression is a mistake.”

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev was rehabilitated “for lack of corpus delicti” in 1957.

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In Dagestan, six prisoners made a tunnel and escaped from the colony :: Society :: RBK

Photo: Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Republic of Dagestan

Six prisoners escaped at night from correctional colony No. 2 in Dagestan.This was reported to RBC by the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Republic of Dagestan.


“During a detour on the control-track strip, a tunnel was found.A count of convicts was immediately carried out, during which the fact of the absence of six convicts was revealed, ”the press service said. They added that the personnel of the consolidated detachment of the Federal Penitentiary Service was raised on alarm, search posts were set up, and approximate data on the convicts were sent.

“Currently, activities are being carried out to search for persons who have escaped. To clarify the circumstances that contributed to the escape, an official check has been appointed, ”the press service added.

The press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia told RBC that in connection with the escape of convicts from IK-2, a group of the central office of the department was sent to the region to conduct a service check.

“Children against a criminal”: on the net they mock Sochi and RPL with might and main


The Sochi club can score points in this match, but they lost the fight for the audience even before the start

The decision that the match “Rostov” – “Sochi” will take place, despite the quarantine in which the main roster of Rostovites was placed (and 16-year-old juniors will come out instead) caused a storm of indignation among the fans, which splashed out on the social network.MK-Sport chose the most censored jokes about Sochi and RPL.

Internet users reacted violently to the story surrounding the match between Rostov and Sochi. Recall that, two days before the match, six Rostov players had tests showing the presence of coronavirus infection. After that, the entire team, along with the reserve staff and coaches (42 people in total) were quarantined. Rostov asked RPL to postpone the match with Sochi, scheduled for June 19, but the league refused such a postponement if Sochi did not agree to it.The Sochi club insisted that the match take place as planned earlier, or a technical defeat was set off for Rostov.

As a result, Rostov sent to the match a youth team of players born in 2002-2003, who have not played or trained since March. In social networks, this decision caused a violent reaction.

To begin with, “Sochi” recalled that half of the team consists of players exiled to the south from “Zenith”.

On June 19 at the Fisht stadium a match of the reserve teams of Rostov and Zenit pic.twitter.com/6yxvlKgQ5l

– VGIK Corporation (@vgikofficial) June 18, 2020

We remembered that when “Sochi” referred to the SARS epidemic, the team went to meet and its match with “Orenburg” was postponed.

And, of course, there were dozens of jokes about children who would come out to play against Kokorin, Zabolotny, Novoseltsev and other millionaires.

Tottenham – Manchester United? Sevilla – Barça?


– captain (@captain_vant) June 19, 2020

All countries of all leagues: the championships are resumed normally

RPL: ​​preparing the Rostov locker room for the match pic.twitter.com/SZ9nmyV8EW

– Spartak Commercial (@spartakcommerce) June 19, 2020

Rostov’s pre-match training session in Sochi pic.twitter.com/PeYIJTyM3i

– Commercial Spartak (@spartakcommerce) June 19, 2020

We remembered the postponed USE (which has yet to be passed to the players declared for “Rostov”)

We drew a funny picture, which depicts children who look like real players of the “Rostov” base:

We edited a video showing exactly how Anton Zabolotny will score a kindergarten from Rostov (watch with sound!):

My God, how funny this is !!!!! pic.twitter.com/cU4tR2b1ab

– Roman Naguchev (@NagutchevRoman) June 19, 2020

They made fun of the owners of Krasnodar, Sergei Galitsky, who said that his dream was to assemble a team of graduates of his own club academy:

I don’t know how Sergei Galitsky will continue to live.

Artashes Harutyunyants fulfilled his dream – 11 pupils will play at the heart of Rostov!

– Gleb Chernyavskiy (@glebke) June 19, 2020

Conducted a survey on the topic “Who will you root for in such a situation?” (with obvious result):

And they formulated the main question of a football fan who does not support Sochi:

If right now you were allowed to send one club to the Football Heavenly League, why would it be Sochi?

– VGIK Corporation (@vgikofficial) June 18, 2020

In general, we do not yet know exactly how Sochi will play on the field, but the club has already lost the fight for the audience’s sympathy with a crushing score.