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What Causes Pain in Your Pinky Toe?

It may be the smallest toe on your foot, but when it hurts, you sure notice it.

Small as it is, your pinky toe and bones leading to it are one of the most common places for foot injuries. The pinky toe can even be especially problematic for athletes.

What could possibly go wrong with your pinky toe? Find out below:

1. Breaks

Stubbing your pinky toe particularly hard or dropping a heavy object can cause your pinky toe to break.

How do you know if you have a broken pinky toe?

You’ll hear a popping sound when your pinky toe breaks. You’ll also feel a throbbing pain that doesn’t subside for several hours. And you’ll have difficulty putting your full weight on that foot.

It’s an experience fairly distinct from the others below.

2. Stress Fracture

This is a small hairline-thin fracture in your pinky toe. It’s hard to tell when you actually have a stress fracture, and it’s easier to identify based on your activity level.

If you frequently engage in high-impact sports or physical activity of any kind, you have a high chance of a stress fracture in your pinky toe.

You’ll feel pain in your pinky toe. This pain gets worse over the weeks and months. And it increases noticeably when you engage in activity.

You may also notice swelling, bruising, and general tenderness.

3. Dislocation

You will notice if you dislocate your pinky toe. It feels numb or you feel like you’re getting poked by pins and needles.

When you look down, your pinky toe looks noticeably crooked.

Dislocated pinky toes happen most commonly to athletes and adults over 65.

4. Sprains

A sprain happens to the ligaments connecting your pinky toe to other bones. A hard bump or stretching your pinky toe well beyond its normal range of motion can cause a sprain.

Sprains are painful, but you should be able to walk when a sprain happens. You don’t want to walk any more than you have to because rest helps you recover from sprains the fastest.

But you can walk until you get to a place where you can safely rest.

Pain, throbbing, tenderness, swelling, and bruising can result.

5. Bunionette

This bony bump appears on the outside of your pinky toe and can be genetically inherited. It can also be caused by shoes which are too narrow.

This bunionette can grow in size over time. But it always causes pain, redness, and swelling.

Some of these issues can be cured with rest. Others require the expertise of a podiatrist.

If you experience pain you can’t bear or would like to know the fastest way to heal from your pinky toe injury, you can always get the opinion of your podiatrist.

Broken Toe | HealthLink BC

Topic Overview

What causes a toe to break (fracture), and what are the symptoms?

You may break one of your toes by stubbing it, dropping something on it, or bending it. A hairline crack (stress fracture) may occur after a sudden increase in activity, such as increased running or walking.

Symptoms of a broken toe may include:

  • A snap or pop at the time of the injury.
  • Pain that is worse when the toe is moved or touched.
  • Swelling and bruising.
  • Possible deformity (not just swelling), such as a toe pointing in the wrong direction or that is twisted out of normal position. A dislocated toe can also look deformed.
  • Decreased movement or movement that causes pain.

How is a broken toe diagnosed?

A broken toe is diagnosed through a physical examination. Your health professional will look for swelling, purple or black and blue spots, and tenderness. An X-ray may be needed to determine whether the toe is broken or dislocated.

How is it treated?

Home care after breaking a toe includes applying ice, elevating the foot, and rest. Medical treatment for a broken toe depends on which toe is broken, where in the toe the break is, and the severity of the break. If you do not have diabetes or peripheral arterial disease, your toe can be “buddy-taped” to your uninjured toe next to it. Protect the skin by putting some soft padding, such as felt or foam, between your toes before you tape them together. Your injured toe may need to be buddy-taped for 2 to 4 weeks to heal. If your injured toe hurts more after buddy taping it, remove the tape.

In rare cases, other treatment may be needed, including:

  • Protecting the toe from additional injury. This may include using splints to stabilize the toe, a short leg cast, or a brace.
  • Surgery, if the break is severe.

Medical treatment is needed more often for a broken big toe than for the other toes. An untreated fracture may cause long-term pain, limited movement, and deformity.


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March 2, 2020

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William H. Blahd Jr. MD, FACEP – Emergency Medicine
Adam Husney MD – Family Medicine
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Current as of: March 2, 2020

Author: Healthwise Staff

Medical Review:William H. Blahd Jr. MD, FACEP – Emergency Medicine & Adam Husney MD – Family Medicine & Kathleen Romito MD – Family Medicine & Gavin W.G. Chalmers DPM – Podiatry and Podiatric Surgery

Should You Exercise with a Badly Stubbed Toe?

A badly stubbed or otherwise traumatized toe can be a real showstopper. You wanted to get out and enjoy the benefits of exercise, but an unfortunate collision with the coffee table tripped you up in your very own living room.

For some of the more determined among us, there is likely the temptation of pushing through the pain of a hurting toe. Is it wise to do so, though? 

That’s the question that must be asked for any kind of trauma or sports injury. The answer largely depends on the situation, and we’re always here to provide expert advice.

Is Your Toe Broken?

Just because your toe is in a lot of pain from a bad whack does not necessarily mean you have a toe fracture. In some cases, what may feel like a broken toe turns out to be a sprain instead, and it will tend to improve within a few days.

On the other hand, a stubbed toe can also be a more complicated injury than it first appears.

It is wise to be cautious and mindful of your toe’s condition immediately following any painful trauma. (Of course, the pain will likely keep you from thinking about much else for a while.)

Postpone your immediate exercise plans for the time being and keep an eye on your toe. Here are some signs that your toe might not just be badly stubbed, but broken as well:

  • Pain continues to be extreme following the injury, and has not lessened much after a couple days.
  • The toe is stiff and swollen.
  • The toe is warmer to the touch than other toes.
  • It is difficult to walk on the toe.
  • Trying to put on shoes can become an excruciating ordeal.
  • The toenail is split or bleeding is coming from beneath it (which can indicate a fracture beneath the nail).
  • The toe looks awkwardly bent or deformed in any way.
  • Skin tone has changed to a bluish or grayish color.

Having any of the above symptoms is plenty enough reason to give us a call and let us know what’s going on. In fact, you should never feel discouraged to reach out if you have any questions or uncertainties about your condition. We are always happy to help, and it’s much better to find out something isn’t as bad as it seems than to unknowingly make a bad situation worse.

Depending on the information you provide us, we might recommend you come in for a closer physical evaluation of your toe. If necessary, we may perform an X-ray to confirm whether the toe has been fractured or not.

Can I Still Run with a Broken Toe?

It’s a common belief that you can’t really treat a broken toe. And if that’s the case, why not just bear through it until it heals on its own?

But this is not the case. Please do not try to run on a broken toe – at least until it has been properly evaluated and has been treated to a point where you are cleared for such activities.

Trying to run or exercise with a broken toe – even if it’s just the smallest toe – will add stress to the injury. This can easily cause further damage and complicate recovery. 

Reducing stress on the toe as it recovers will also reduce your risk of more chronic complications in the future. A broken toe that is left untreated or does not heal properly is more likely to develop osteoarthritis as you age, which can be even more of a hindrance to your activity.

So What Do We Do if the Toe is Broken?

The good news is that, even if a broken toe requires attention, it typically doesn’t take a lot of effort to fix. The need for surgery to fix a broken toe is very rare.

We must determine whether any parts of the bone have shifted in the break. If they have, we will likely need to manipulate them back into their proper places. This is called “reduction,” and we can frequently set the bones properly from the outside. There is rarely need to surgically open the toe to directly manipulate the bones.

When the bones are properly set, we will then immobilize the toe to give it the best chance to rest and heal. There are several methods for doing this:

  • In minor cases, we may use “buddy taping” – taping the toe to its neighbor – for effective immobilization.
  • If there are some further concerns, we may also provide a post-surgical shoe for added protection and support. These shoes possess a stiff bottom to keep the toe from moving, but are also much easier to put on than normal shoes.
  • In more severe cases, we may recommend a walking cast for fuller immobilization.

A broken toe typically takes 4-6 weeks to heal. You will likely be asked to rest as well as maintain your cast and/or taping, but these recommendations can gradually be lessened or removed based on the progress of your recovery and our recommendations.

While resting, we may recommend icing your foot and keeping it elevated above the level of your heart to reduce pain and swelling. Medications might also be prescribed or recommended.

In some cases, we might also recommend a course of laser therapy to help further lessen pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate overall recovery.

Don’t Go On an Injured Toe

At least not immediately! Give yourself time to make sure your toe is OK first, and contact us whenever you have any concerns whatsoever.

Call us at (208) 731-6321 to schedule an appointment at our offices in Twin Falls or Burley. You can also fill out our online contact form if you prefer to reach us electronically, and a member of our staff will respond during our standard office hours.

Can you move your toes with a broken metatarsal? – MVOrganizing

Can you move your toes with a broken metatarsal?

Consequences of Improper Broken Toe Treatment In fact, if a fractured toe or metatarsal bone is not treated correctly, serious complications may develop. For example: A deformity in the bony architecture, which may limit the ability to move the foot or cause difficulty in fitting shoes.

Can you walk on a broken tarsal?

Many people continue to walk on their injured foot despite having a fracture. This can cause further damage to the foot or toe. The patient may have been walking around on a broken bone for weeks. Sometimes, stress fractures don’t show up on X-rays for up to 2 weeks after the injury.

How do I know if my tarsal is broken?

Symptoms of a tarsal fracture include sudden pain from a force or impact and difficulty bearing weight. Normal function of the foot is lost and there will be tenderness over a specific area depending on which bone is broken. A possible deformity in traumatic fractures may also be seen.

Can you move your toes if they are broken?

Can you move a broken toe? “If you can still move it then it’s not broken.” – False. This is another harmful old wives’ tale. Although it may be possible to move and walk on your broken toe, you should avoid doing so as this can lead to even greater damage and prolonged healing time.

How do you tell if a toe is broken or sprained?

The critical difference between a broken and sprained toe is in the mobility of the toe. A broken toe will have little to no movement while a sprained toe will still have some mobility, although it may be painful. If you’re unable to move your toe, it may be broken.

Will a broken toe heal on its own?

Most broken toes will heal on their own with proper care at home. It can take 4 to 6 weeks for complete healing. Most pain and swelling will go away within a few days to a week. If something was dropped on the toe, the area under the toenail can bruise.

Can they do anything for a broken toe?

Usually, you can treat a broken toe by taping it to a neighboring toe. But if the fracture is severe — particularly if it involves your big toe — you may need a cast or even surgery to ensure proper healing.

How do you treat a badly stubbed toe?

Home treatments for a stubbed toe

  1. Rest. Stop using your toe, lie down, and let your body recover.
  2. Ice. Use ice to numb the pain and reduce swelling.
  3. Compression. Wrap your toe, or the entire end of your foot and toes, with an elastic bandage to provide support and keep swelling under control.
  4. Elevation.

Why does a stubbed toe hurt so much?

Stubbing your toe hurts so much because you’re slamming a tiny surface with a force equal to 2-3 times your bodyweight. Then a bundle of nerve endings called nociceptors fire a danger signal to your brain.

Will a stubbed toe bruise?

A stubbed toe may result in some bruising or bleeding. If the discoloration looks unusually dark, if it lasts longer than a few days, or if there’s an excess of blood under the nail, your toe may be broken.

Should I go to the doctor for a broken pinky toe?

You can manage a fractured toe very safely yourself as long as it isn’t your big toe, isn’t crooked or out of line and there is no skin wound over or near the fracture. You should, however, see a doctor for your broken toe if: The pain becomes worse and isn’t relieved by normal painkillers.

Can you break your pinky toe without knowing?

Unless you have a compound fracture or obvious deformity, you may not know for certain your toe is broken until a doctor orders an X-ray. Signs and symptoms your toe may be broken include: Pain or tenderness.

How long do you have to wear a boot for a broken toe?

If the break is a simple fracture, in which the parts of your bone are still lined up properly, your doctor will probably put you in a walking boot for about three weeks, Dr. King says. The walking boot keeps your toes immobile so the bones can knit back together in alignment.

Toe Fractures – FootEducation

Edited by Anthony Van Bergeyk MD



Acute toe injuries including fractured toes are common. These injuries typically occur when a heavy object (i.e., weight) is dropped on the foot or the toes are kicked against a solid object such as a bed frame. Toe fractures can produce significant pain and swelling. Patients will often walk with a pronounced limp or they may not want to bear any weight on the foot. In addition to fractures, patients may also have symptoms from soft tissue injuries such as injuries to the ligaments and tendons surrounding the small joints of the toes. In each of these instances, as with the fracture, there would be a significant increase in blood flow to the relatively confined space of the toes. This leads to swelling and pain and can make walking and wearing shoes very difficult.

Clinical Presentation

Usually, patients with toe injuries will have an area of localized tenderness at the site of the injury. This is often associated with bruising, swelling, and sometimes burning pains. These symptoms will help make the diagnosis. In addition, the physician will assess the vascularity (blood flow) and sensation associated with the toes, as these can be compromised in a significant acute injury. It is important to determine if there are injuries (and symptoms) in other parts of the foot as well. It is also important to determine if the fracture is associated with an open wound. An isolated toe injury typically does not affect the stability of the foot. However, fractures or injuries further up the foot can prevent the patient from weight-bearing, or potentially create further damage with weight-bearing. Finally, it is important to assess the position and alignment of the toes. The toes should have normal length compared to the other foot and neighboring toes. Also, there should not be abnormal rotation or angular (i.e., crooked) deformities of the toes. Any obvious deformity suggests that a fracture or dislocation of one of the joints may be present. If there is a significant deformity these injuries often need to be realigned to ensure appropriate healing.

Imaging Studies

X-rays are taken to assess the bones for fractures as well as review the alignment of the toes and assess for injuries to the small joints of the toes. However, the clinical examination is perhaps more important than the x-rays in terms of choosing the correct treatment.

A CT scan can be useful in planning surgery if it is needed for fracture of the big toe and if the fragments are broken into multiple pieces.


The vast majority of toe injuries including fractures can be treated without surgery. If the toe is in an acceptable position, the initial treatment consists of:

As the patient feels more comfortable, they can begin mobilizing in a stiff-soled shoe. A very stiff shoe minimizes or eliminates motion through the toes, therefore, decreasing the symptoms as the patient starts to walk again. During the recovery period, it would be helpful for the patient to keep the foot elevated as much as possible. Having the foot down in a dependent position will tend to cause significant swelling due to the increased blood flow to the toe area. This can produce more pain and potential skin problems.

A common way of treating an isolated toe fracture is with buddy taping. The toe is aligned with the adjacent toe. Soft spacers placed between the injured toe and the adjacent toe are then gently wrapped together. The uninjured toe serves as a splint for the injured toe.

A typical toe fracture will take about 6 weeks to heal. However, residual swelling and dysfunction can persist for even longer. It is not uncommon to still have residual symptoms following a significant toe injury even 3-4 months after the injury.

Surgical Treatment

Surgery and/or manipulation of the toe under anesthesia to correct alignment is reserved for patients who have a significant deformity. If a pronounced deformity is present, this will not correct on its own. In fact, if the alignment is not corrected, the toe may become very stiff in the abnormally aligned position, producing worsening symptoms, arthritis, and even impacting the neighboring toes. In these instances, patients may benefit from manipulation and even fixation of the fracture. Fracture fixation often includes a long wire called a K-wire. The patients are given a local or general anesthetic, the toe is manipulated into an improved position reducing the fracture deformity. The fracture is then stabilized with either a K-wire or sometimes merely with buddy taping. In rare instances, very small plates can be applied to the bones to hold the alignment as the fracture heals. Typically this technique of fixing the toe fractures with a plate and screws is reserved for displaced fractures of the great toe.



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Should I see a Doctor for my Stubbed Toe?

So, your big toe has just collided with the wall. Or you’ve dropped a full gallon of milk on your pinky toe. Sure, it hurts. A lot. But do you need to go see the podiatrist? The answer is: it depends on your other symptoms. Let’s take a closer look.

How do you stub your toe?  

Any time you suddenly jam or hit your toe, you’ve sustained a ‘stubbing’ injury.

When you’ve stubbed your toe, you are likely to experience:

·         Intense pain (sharp or dull), that may spread to other parts of your foot.

·         Pain when trying to put weight on the affected toe and/or foot.

Because your toes are full of nerve endings, and aren’t particularly padded, a stubbed toe is a very painful injury. Sometimes, it may also be serious—a hard jam can leave you with a sprained or broken toe. So how can you tell if you’ve done serious damage to your tootsies? Simply read on!

How can you tell if your toe is sprained or broken?

Unfortunately, diagnosing toe injuries at home can be awfully difficult. Sprains, fractures and bruises all present with similar symptoms. Here’s a good rule of thumb to go by: if your pain improves significantly within a few minutes of stubbing, chances are that you’re in the clear.

If, however, the pain doesn’t start to fade fairly soon, you could be dealing with a more serious injury.

If your toe is broken, you will feel pain and some or all of the following symptoms:

·         Swelling of the toe (and possibly some of your foot)

·         A change in the color of your toe (usually black and/or blue)

·         Your toe may change shape if you’ve broken and misaligned your bone

·         The toe will be difficult to move

·         You may lose feeling in your toe and/or foot

·         Your bone may be visible through your toe in the case of a severe fracture.

But what if your bone isn’t broken? Could your injury be serious enough to require medical care? Yes, it sure could! It’s possible to sprain your toe (injure the ligaments that connect your toe bones) or strain it (damage the tendons or muscles in your toe.) Symptoms of a sprained or strained toe are actually quite similar to a broken bone, and should always be examined by your podiatrist.

Should I be worried about bone bruises and toenail injuries? 

Another possible toe-stubbing injury you could sustain is a bone bruise, an injury that doesn’t show up on an X-ray but that causes damage to the blood vessels deep within your toe. Though incredibly painful, bone bruises usually heal on their own in a few months. Resting and icing your foot may be necessary during your recovery period.

Like bone bruises, damage to your toenail may be very painful. Walking may be painful, and your toenail may change colors or even fall off in the weeks following your stubbing injury.

Signs that you’ve damaged your toenail include:

  • A crack in the nail
  • Blood underneath or around the edges of your nail
  • Pus under or around your nail

While not necessarily serious, damaged toenails can leave you vulnerable to infections, so you should see a doctor if your nail doesn’t return to normal within a day or two.

Preventing toenail infections

When your stubbed toe leaves a crack in your skin or nail, bacteria can make its way through the opening. In order to prevent infections, see your doctor to have the toe properly disinfected and covered, especially if you are diabetic or have a compromised circulatory system.

Watch your toes carefully for any of the following signs of infection:

·         Swelling

·         Redness

·         Pus

·         Thickening of the nail

·         Itching around the nail


All of these symptoms indicate it’s time to head in to the podiatrists office.

Treating a Stubbed Toe

Because stubbing your toe could result in serious injuries, you should rest and ice your foot immediately after impact. Wait an hour or so and, if your pain is still present, make an appointment to see your doctor. In some occasions, your toe stub could be severe enough to be a medical emergency.

If your toe has changed shape, the bone is visible through the skin, the pain is excruciating or you can’t stop your toe or nail from bleeding, don’t wait for an appointment. Come into our Elmhurst podiatry office right away—call first so we’re ready for you—and we’ll take care of your X-rays and injury care.



Toe Fractures in Your Pet’s Paws

Toe Fractures: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment 

The paws have many small bones. There are four larger bones of the hind and forelimb paws called the metatarsals and metacarpals, respectively. A set of three smaller bones is attached to each of the metatarsal and metacarpal bones, which form the toes, also known as the digits. These toe bones are called phalanges.

Cause of Fractures

  • Being stepped on
  • Being hit by a car
  • Getting the toe caught in a slatted floor (deck) or fence
  • Stubbing the toe

Sometimes the injury will result in an open wound over the fracture in which dirt and hair are usually driven into the tissues. This could potentially result in infection and delayed healing of the fracture.

Signs and Diagnosis

The clinical signs of a phalangeal fracture include:

  • Lameness
  • Swelling
  • Abnormal movement of the affected digit (instability)

In order to diagnose a fracture, X-rays of the affected area are needed. Prior to anesthesia and surgery, blood work is done in order to evaluate the health of the internal organs.


There are three treatment options for phalangeal fractures:

  • Primary surgical repair
  • Splinting/casting
  • Amputation of the digit

Surgery involves

realigning the fractured bones and securing them in place with a combination of plates, screws, pins and wires. Depending on the type of surgical repair used, a splint may be needed for four-to-five weeks after surgery.

Casting the paw for eight-to-ten weeks after surgery is another option. Toe fractures that are treated by casting frequently heal with only a fibrous tissue, as a result, successful bony union may not occur. Some dogs will tolerate this and still do well.

If your pet is still in pain due to the failure of bony healing, amputation of the digit can be performed. If the most inner or outer toes are amputated, limb function is generally unaffected. Amputation of one or both of the middle two toes may impede function or cause lameness, as these bear most of your pet’s weight. 

Surgical repair of a phalanges fracture with implants allows for the best outcome. Your surgeon will help you decide on the right treatment option for your pet.

Uncommon complications following surgery include:

  • Infection
  • Failure of healing to take place
  • Breakage of the metal implants
  • Cold sensitivity

90,000 The idol of the CSKA and Detroit locker rooms: the legend of Chica


The Miracle on Ice season, the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics, has ended. After the vacation, the hockey players of the Resurrection “Chemist” gathered for the first pre-season training session. Head coach Yuri Morozov has counted the players. Among them was the two-time world champion among youth teams, 19-year-old center forward Igor Larionov.

The last in the row was a hefty guy 193 cm tall, quite an adult.Nobody knew him. One of the veterans asked Larionov, who had played for two seasons at the base of “Chemist”: “Who is this?” The future Professor did not know – and, being a sociable person, after the construction he approached to get acquainted.

The guy’s name was Sergey, his last name was Chekmarev. He was already 25. He played in the team of the Moscow plant “Hammer and Sickle”, came to audition for “Chemist”. He willingly made contact and found a common language with Larionov right away.

[See also: “Detroit” masseur Sergei Chekmarev died]

The “Chemist” players were put on a command bus and taken out of Voskresensk, where Morozov ordered to release everyone on a 15-kilometer cross … highway.The USSR was in the yard, there were few cars. A bus with a coaching staff first accompanied the players.

“On that highway there was only a lane in each direction,” recalls Larionov. “Therefore, there was a serious traffic jam behind the bus, which was traveling very slowly, even in those days. After 15 minutes the driver realized that it could not continue like this – from behind everyone was already honking. And he left with the coaches at the end of the distance. ”

Chekmarev immediately went into the lead. As soon as the bus disappeared from sight, the rest of the team began to catch passing cars in order to drive them closer to the finish line.Gradually, everyone, including Larionov, made such a trick – and, timing the time so that it did not look too suspicious, finished the cross.

“Yuri Ivanovich looks: wow, in what gorgeous form! – Larionov continues. – But, it would seem, just got out of vacation. He asks:” Who is not there? “-” But that young guy who was the last “We are waiting for him, he is the last to come running, covered in soap …”

History is silent as to whether Chekmarev saw his Khimik partners rushing past him on the passenger seats of cars; was he surprised at such an outcome of the cross, in which he confidently was in the lead, and ran last – despite the fact that no one overtook him.The main thing is that he didn’t give anyone over to the coaches, because he was a normal guy with the right concepts.

After two weeks of training on the ground, it was finally ice time. Chekmarev had a hard time finding a shape for his impressive dimensions. And then it turned out that he was in complete trouble with skating. Maybe for “Hammer and Sickle” it was suitable, but for the highest league of the USSR championship, in which “Chemist” played, it was no good. Morozov saw that the guy was hard-working, and did not want to say goodbye to him abruptly.

“Seryozha, well done, thank you for coming and trying,” he said softly.- But it’s too early. Come back in a year. ”

A year later, Larionov moved from“ Chemist ”to CSKA and in Novogorsk near Moscow began preparations for the Canadian Cup as part of the USSR national team. Valery Kharlamov worked next to him, who had weeks before his death in a car accident; hockey players with whom head coach Viktor Tikhonov at that Canada Cup will unite them into one top five for the first time – Fetisov, Kasatonov, Makarov and Krutov, and the Soviet Union national team will win a tournament with the participation of all the strongest for the only time in history.

In the meantime, they all just arrived in Novogorsk in August 1981 and immediately fell into the millstones of Tikhonov’s three-time training sessions. After the evening, barely alive, we went to recovery procedures. There were three massage tables next to the shower room, and next to the full-time masseurs of the team, Oleg Kuchenev and Konstantin Gromadin, in a couple rising from the floor, Igor saw … that same failed newcomer “Chemist”, Serega.

At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then, of course, typical sports jokes were used.

“What are you doing here? – asked Larionov. – Have you come to the national team to audition?”

Chekmarev was not offended.

“No, – he smiled. – I became a masseur.”

So, before flying to Canada, he stayed with the team, helping Kuchenev and Gromadin. During this time, he and Larionov and other players have already gotten closer. But there was no regular place in the team for the third masseur, and after the national team was sent overseas, Chekmarev, who remained in Moscow, stepped aside.

After the triumphs returned, Sergei did not disappear anywhere in Larionov’s life – even then, in 1981, they became close friends.And less than a year later, his professional services were in demand.

“In ’82, a problem arose at CSKA,” says Larionov. “There was a massage therapist who did not behave quite adequately, and Tikhonov asked the players if there was a person who could be invited to take his place. I replied:” I have An acquaintance guy, last year helped in the national team. “So Seryoga started working at CSKA, and a little later – already as a permanent masseur of the national team.”


Very quickly the whole team fell in love with Chekmarev.Chika, as the players called him from the very first days of their acquaintance, turned out to be not only a massage therapist. He sharpened skates and darned equipment. And everything is masterful. Probably, only in the Soviet Union of those times it was possible to find a person who was able to combine these three completely different professions at the same high level.

And also always breathe new life into every player with your unplayed fun. Alexei Kasatonov, a defender of the great first five of CSKA and the USSR national team, recalls:

“I think people in the NHL, in North America, do not fully understand who Chekmarev was for us.In the USSR, there were completely different training methods than those adopted overseas. And this person spent with us 24 hours a day, ten months a year, which we sat at the training camp. He was much more than a massage therapist or a skate grinder. He was a psychologist, a person who knew how to relieve stress, which each of us had enough. He was a member of our family. Always there, always come to the rescue. “

Forward of CSKA and the national team Valery Kamensky adds:

” Chika is a real friend, a man with a capital letter.Unnoticed by the public, he did a tremendous job. I think, without him, many would not have become the hockey stars as they are known. Without people like him or Oleg Kuchenev, victories in hockey, in sports in general, are impossible. That’s who you need to write books about.

Sergey was one of the main people who made the mood in the team. You have some kind of injury – he will come, remember, say something funny. And you go out on the ice again, forget about injuries and problems, play like a reborn. They are wizards! Without them, the national team might not have achieved such outstanding results!

You have known him one day – but it seems as if you have known him all your life.I remember how I came to CSKA in 1985. Young guy, new. Gently asked Seryoga to sharpen his skates. He was joking, asked something. And after half an hour I already thought that I was always familiar with this person. And he knew how not only to get to know each other easily, but also to be really strong friends. ” We have just moved to the River Station and are going to celebrate a housewarming.The guys came and had a good time. We took a walk, but it’s time to go home, went to see everyone off to the street. And they found that Seryoga Makarov’s car had been forced by another car. True, it was “Zaporozhets” (the smallest Soviet car in terms of size and weight – approx. NHL.com/ru). We never found the owner. Then our very giants – Sergei Chekmarev, his brother and Serega Gimaev – carried this “Zaporozhets” in their arms around the corner, and Makarov calmly left in his car. But it was necessary to see it, this was the “Show of Three Bogatyrs”! “

And then they returned to work – and Chika did everything for the team to win.When I ask Kamensky about Chekmarev’s role in three Olympic gold medals, the forward recalls: “He was preparing the team for important games! He walked around all the guys, did massages, sharpened skates, sewed. Chika had great health to instantly run to the machine, instantly do everything and bring it back – sometimes even one shift did not have to be missed. their profession – the gods! ”

Larionov adds: “Seryoga was full of optimism and ready to help at any second.You rarely see such people who will always come to the rescue in any everyday matter. And everything on the team – from equipment to massage. He was a jack of all trades. Sadness, irritation, dislike for someone or something never emanated from him. He loved life very much. And he could not be without work. Chika had a small room at the old CSKA rink, where all of Moscow came to him. Everyone knew him. He sharpened skates, massaged, sewed gloves. So many generations of players have passed through him, whom he helped! Books should be written about such people. “

I heard this phrase from all the interlocutors.

Chekmarev, even during the late USSR, managed to hit even North Americans. I learned about one such case from Larionov’s correspondence with his long-term rival in the USSR matches, Canada, and his partner in Detroit, Paul Coffey. The professor asked the Edmonton legend: “Can I tell the story of the gold medal that Chica gave you at the World Championships at the funeral?”

Coffey replied: “Of course. I was just telling her friends the other day.There is no other person like your friend to be found. He also gave me a golden coffee machine. I still have her and that medal – they are among my prizes. When I get home, I’ll send you a photo. I repeat, Igor: your friend was special. And he helped everyone around him feel special. “

After such a message, I can’t help but ask Larionov what the story with the medal is. He explains:” In 1990, the USSR national team won gold at the World Championships. I didn’t play there.And at the banquet, Serega gave Paul his gold medal. Said, “I’ve got a few of them, but you haven’t got one.” Coffey was shocked by his humanity and breadth of mind. Then, at the World Cup-90, Chika presented him with a golden coffee machine, thus beating his last name and expressing respect. Where he got it, we, unfortunately, will never know … “

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In being between two fires – the coaching staff and the players – there is a thin line that people can not break in either direction.Being a close friend of hockey players, Chekmarev remained part of the club staff of CSKA and the USSR national team. It was all the more interesting to find out how the hockey players perceived the ambiguous position of the masseur and the equipment manager.

Larionov: “Usually, at the CSKA base in Arkhangelskoye, Seryoga first came to massage our five in the evening, then Vladik Tretyak, and then Tikhonov. He usually watched the video. And Chika was almost an adjutant for him. But the guys had doubts about him. The kid who grew up between Sokolniki and VDNKh, he came to us, in fact, from the street.He knew the code of life. And he was not a person who can drain someone. Someone on the team did it, but Seryoga was our guy. Moreover, he could rather tell us some things that were in Tikhonov’s head. Reliability allowed him to hold out for a very long time in this career. And to be loved in any team. “

Kamensky:” I know that even the coaches consulted with him – who to bet and who not. Even Tikhonov. Because Chika knew people from the inside. He knew every cell of our organisms, worried about us not only as athletes, but also for what was happening in our families, in our souls.Chica was a very sociable person and diplomat. Therefore, I found a common language both with Tikhonov and with great players. And the same reviews were about him in Detroit.

Member of the Detroit Russian Five Vyacheslav Kozlov met Chekmarev in the USSR national team. He was a young Chemist player when Tikhonov invited him to the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle, and in 1991 to the World Cup in Finland.

“There I got an injury – they hammered my thigh. Chika lifted me up in a day! His hands were so golden, so much he knew all these injuries.Through pain, through massage, he could put the dead on his feet. When the thigh gets clogged, a serious bruise, a clot, forms. I did not hope that the next day, when we played with the Czechs, I would be in the ranks. But he played. And I was amazed by it! ” the striker was about to leave the team’s hotel, he met Chekmarev in the lobby – as Gave writes, “his closest and most reliable friend in a world where trust was rare and easy to lose.”

The employee of the “Red Wings”, with whom Fedorov was supposed to disappear from the hotel, his heart sank into his heels, he thought – that’s it, the operation has failed, now he will not be released anywhere. But everything turned out to be exactly the opposite.

“Fedorov accompanied his friend to the elevator,” Gave writes. “Before saying goodbye to him in a hurry, moved, Sergei took out of his pocket all the money he had accumulated over four years of his professional career in the Soviet Union, and gave it to Chekmarev, – everything 1,500 dollars.“It was a token of my gratitude in case he got into trouble because his neighbor ran away,” explains Fedorov. He understood perfectly well that in the Soviet system of that time, people were persecuted who were just among those who were considered problematic elements of society. “

Larionov says:” Fedya spent four years at CSKA. He was a very young guy, but he already knew the value of people and saw how Seryoga Chekmarev was with the guys. I understood that he could be trusted, I saw our generation, which treated Chika this way.Generation Mogilny, Fedorov, Bure, Zubov perceived him the same way. They were close friends with Fedorov and reunited when Chekmarev came to Detroit, and Fedya was a key player in the team there. Nothing changed. Chika always remained his elder brother. “

Kamensky thinks:” I think Chika did not believe until the last that Serega would run away. But the fact that Fedorov was completely frank with him does not surprise me. Chekmarev was friends with everyone – and everyone was honest with him. Nobody could say a bad word about him. “

Eight years after Fedorov’s escape to Detroit, Chekmarev himself will become part of the Red Wings. For as many as 23 years. This will be preceded by a whole chain of events in different countries.


In 1989, Larionov’s five left for the NHL. Chekmarev stayed for several more years. Igor wanted to take him to Vancouver, but in Moscow he was promised a cooperative apartment. And from the Canucks, the Professor, in order to get rid of the need to give 50% of the contract to the Sovintersport organization, for the 1992-93 season went to Switzerland, to Lugano.

“I called Chika there already actively, because I saw: things in Russia are very bad, the ruble depreciates every year, people get poorer, crime is growing,” Larionov says. there was a chain of fantastic situations. ”

Sergey arrives from Moscow to Zurich, gets on the train, I pick him up at the train station in Lugano. We are going to me, but he asks: “Can we go to the rink?” – “Why?” – “I’ll see what is happening there, in what conditions we will work.”

We call in there at eight o’clock – half past nine in the evening. Nobody here. We open the dressing room, he goes through it. And he takes with him all the gloves of the players, where there were holes in the palms. Sews them up all night. In the morning we arrive at the rink before everyone, and he puts his gloves back in their original places. The guys come to the rolling at ten in the morning, look – and all the holes are darned! Everyone was shocked. “

Chekmarev spent two rounds of playoffs with Lugano. And during the first, San Jose Sharks owner George Gand and assistant general manager Chuck Grillo flew to the Alpine city in a private jet.Their goal was to persuade Larionov to terminate a three-year contract with Lugano and return to the NHL.

An hour before the game Larionov left the locker room for a couple of minutes to meet two gentlemen in leather jackets with a shark logo on the back. When asked to have dinner at a restaurant after the match, he replied that at that time everything in Lugano was closed, and invited them to his home.

And Chekmarev lived with him. How important it is to be in the right place at the right time! But even more important is to be the right person. Otherwise, no proposal will follow in principle.

Larionov says: “We won, after the match Gand and Grillo come to me. And when they start talking about my transfer to Sharks over a good dinner, I say:” Guys, before you sign me, I propose to sign a contract with Sergei … This is an outstanding person who, from the Union national team, won absolutely everything as a massage therapist and equipment manager, including three Olympics. “-” How much will it cost? ” ! ”

The “Sharks” bosses flew away, agreeing that they would bring the contract to Chekmarev, who worked with the Russian national team, for the World Cup in Germany in a couple of weeks.There, by the way, the Russians won the last world championship until 2008. And this coincided with the last tournament in which Chika was a massage therapist.

There, in Germany, “San Jose” signed it. Larionov – even later, because due to a three-year contract with Lugano, he needed time to settle all the issues.

For a couple of years, Chica enjoyed working in California immensely. One of the first powerful post-Soviet brigades in the NHL, headed by Larionov and Makarov, was formed in “San Jose”.But after two exits of the young team to the second round of the playoffs, the management decided to change course. The contract was not renewed with Makarov, Larionov demanded an exchange, and Scotty Bowman took him to Detroit; Irbe and Ozolis were also exchanged.

Fetisov and Larionov insisted on inviting Chekmarev to the staff of the Russian national team for the 1996 World Cup. “We needed people who work with professionals, they know what it is,” says the Professor. “There could be no questions about this.”

In the issue of “Sport-Express” dated October 5, 1997 – that is, two years after Larionov’s exchange for “Detroit” – I found my own note with the following phrase: “Masseur Sergei Chekmarev is still in” San Jose ” who has a personal contract with the owner of the club, multimillionaire George Gund. “

But very soon he was in Detroit. Although at first – not in Detroit. Larionov recalls: “It was hard for Chika, because he came to San Jose with me and Seryoga Makarov, and we were gone. In 1997, Scotty Bowman and a couple of Red Wings doctors opened a rehabilitation center for hockey players. Teams at the training rink in Troy A new complex, four grounds – and on the top floor a gym and a medical room, everything for injury recovery

And we needed people.I said that I have a boyfriend who is in the wrong place right now. When we left, it was clear that Sergei was getting bored. He was not in demand, as in the days of our game for “San Jose”. My offer was accepted. And he by car (the distance between San Jose and Detroit is three and a half thousand kilometers, – Approx. NHL.com/ru) arrived at night in Detroit. And for the first time he lived with me again, as in Lugano. He worked in this complex. “


Chekmarev worked for the first time in Troy, but not yet in the Red Wings.And there, the previous summer, there was a misfortune with another Russian masseur. Sergei Mnatsakanov got into a notorious car accident with Vladimir Konstantinov and was immobilized. Bob Huddleston was brought in from New Jersey for his first year, and Chica was recruited the following summer.

“I told Scotty Bowman: there is a person who will help us, he works in our rehabilitation complex in Troy. So he was hired into the team. And he worked in it until the last day,” explains Larionov.

Kozlov recalls: “Chika was not only a wonderful person, but also a jack of all trades. He could sharpen skates and sew up gloves, but he did a massage – just superb! In America, everyone does only his own thing, and Chika could replace three. In the “Red Wings” they took him only as a massage therapist. Skates in “Detroit” sharpened by Paul Boyer, and Chekmarev did not go into his business. Sometimes, if it was necessary to grind an ice rink, I asked him to do it. But unofficially, I didn’t want to play anyone. in an awkward position.Seryoga was very good at understanding all these nuances.

There was an incident that, I think, got him to the Red Wings. At first, Chekmarev worked for the team on a voluntary basis, they looked closely at him. Igor Larionov’s little finger was broken in the playoffs. So Sergei ripped open the glove and did such jewelry work with it so that it was convenient and relatively safe for him to play, and the glove looked like new. When General Manager Ken Holland saw the job, he said, “You have to sign, you get the contract.”Golden hands helped him advance in Detroit, where he eventually worked for over 20 years. “

I remind Larionov of this story. He clarifies that it still happened in the 1999 playoffs, when Chekmarev was almost in the team.

“In the second game of the playoffs with Colorado, I broke my finger, and for the sixth I had a” prosthesis “for two fingers. Seryoga made a glove so that the “prosthesis” could crawl into the gaiter. In the team he was only a massage therapist, but due to the fact that Paul Boyer did not know how to do anything with equipment, Serega did this work for him. “

With great warmth recalls Chekmareva and Scotty Bowman, whom I called in Sarasota, Florida, where the great coach and his wife Swella have a winter apartment: “How sad … Chica was a good friend. Igor Larionov took him from San Jose to Detroit 25 years ago. I have many great memories of him. He always smiled and radiated joy, worked very hard and never complained. All the players loved him as I do. And he himself loved his job and loved to come to the rink everyday.Just a wonderful, wonderful person. One of the best I’ve ever seen. I also remember that his daughter was a good swimmer … “

Larionov recalls:” Scotty sometimes asked: “Do I go on the ice today or what?” Serega answered him: “The bathhouse is ready, the bath brooms are soaked. Rest today, no need to train! There are Barry Smith and Dave Lewis!” Bowman stays with Chika, we finish the ice, go into the locker room. Scotty is already all rosy, comes up to me: “Sergey – magic hands! Magic hands! Magic hands!” He was generally Scotty’s right hand.And he sewed his ties, and mended his shoes … “

Bowman confirms this and repeats again:” An excellent person and a great worker. No wonder he spent so much time in the Red Wings! “

And Larionov continues to talk about Chekmarev of the times of Detroit:” He remained in the USA a man who attracts everyone around him. Even though English has never been Chica’s strongest point, all Detroit tuned in and spoke his language. Such a direct person that everyone understood him perfectly! It was evident that he went through a large school of CSKA and the USSR national team, worked with top-class hockey players, absorbed the entire culture of that hockey and brought it to Detroit.It was interesting for all the guys to talk to a person who was a part of such victories and was happy to tell stories about it. Therefore, he very easily entered the team, and, moreover, became the idol of the locker room. And also the idol of the entire office of the club and the people who worked at the Joe Louis Arena.

And even more. The whole league knew him. All teams and players who have had problems with skates or equipment. I remember how he operated on Nick Lidstrom. The skates that were sent to him were rubbed all the time.And he performed some of his own cuts inside the skate with a scalpel. Nick then put it on and was amazed: “Phenomenal, fabulous!” Hasek got a form with very hard shields. Serega completely disassembled them, introduced some nuances, and reassembled them. And Dominic was already happy with everything.

Chika had good contact with all generations. Now even Dylan Larkin, a young kid and captain of the Red Wings, said so. For Seryoga, he was like a son. A year ago, he installed a compact bathhouse in his house, and the players of the current “Detroit” – Larkin, Abdelkader – came to him.Go to the sauna, listen to his next stories, laugh, drink beer when you can …

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His love of life, to people, attracted everyone to work. He was irreplaceable. Therefore, head coach Jeff Blashill, when he talked about the death of Serega, cried. Therefore, his loss became irreparable for the team and all the people who knew him. “

Kozlov adds:” I remember our flights, domino games.The Russians in Detroit always sat together on the plane, and he told some tales about the training camp in the USSR. As a young man, it was always interesting for me to listen to them. There were no restrictions on speaking Russian on the plane or in the locker room. But in the presence of foreigners, they still tried to speak more English. I cannot say that Chika knew English well at the time when I was in the team. But he had no problems communicating with the guys. He joked a lot and so attracted everyone to him! And his jokes were such that the guys adored him.All without exception. He was an absolutely non-conflicting person with a wide smile. Sergei will remain in my memory with this smile. ”

“So many years in Detroit, including its best times! – admires the great defender. – The system is the system, and it is clear that the North Americans first of all support their own.And if Serega lasted such a period there, then this suggests that he was a professional of the highest level, who was respected, understood and appreciated. A person who managed to find a common language both with the office and with the coaching staff and, most importantly, with the guys. “

” the youth of the Red Wings and Kozlov – hockey agent Dan Milstein adds about the Russian table on the plane: “Chica sewed to everyone in the NHL and even to those who had not yet made their debut in the league.Recently, for example, I altered gloves for the center Vasya Ponomarev, a player born in 2002, a participant in the last MFM. That is, Sergei worked for this generation, and for the generation of Larionov. Despite the fact that there is more than 40 years of difference between them! In the arena, when he saw you a kilometer away, he literally ran to you and for two hours talked about hockey, about life, told stories about the old CSKA and the USSR national team. Was super friendly.

I remember flying with Detroit on a trip to Denver and Arizona. And there was a Russian table.Pasha Datsyuk, I’m next to him, opposite – Lesha Marchenko and Chika. Chekmarev recalled the Russian Five, how she also sat together. He said: “Eh, the last time such a Russian table on an airplane was in 2002, and even then it is not the same as in the 90s. I miss those times!” I constantly asked how the work on the film “Russian Five” was going, when the premiere would be. And he helped the authors of the picture in every possible way. “

I ask the creators of the film and the book” Russian Five “produced by Milstein about their perception of Chika.And it turns out that an interview was recorded with him for the cinema – only not a single fragment of it was included in the final version.

Journalist and writer Keith Gave: “I remember this entry. You could see how Chekmarev was proud to have worked with the legendary” green link “in CSKA (Larionov’s five were so called abroad, because she trained in green shirt-fronts, – Approx. NHL.com), and with the Russian Five at Detroit. But it was also clear that during the interview he was very nervous. side of the ocean.As a result, we did not use any of his quotes in the film.

But he sat for more than an hour for us in one of the dressing rooms of the Joe Louis Arena – and was very kind. When they turned off the camera and removed the microphone, he again turned into a real Sergei, laughed and joked with all of us. I would like to know him better. Like his predecessor as Detroit’s masseur Sergei Mnatsakanov, Chekmarev was a very good man. Everyone is grateful to him for bringing his skills – both professional and personal – to the Red Wings locker room.

I’ve spent enough time with the Red Wings over the past six to seven years to see firsthand how Chiki’s teammates adored him. I have never seen Sergei without a wide smile. As we like to say, his smile lit up the whole room. His positive attitude was infectious. He made the people around him enjoy life a little more. And now the team is shocked, devastated by his departure. “

Director Joshua Reel adds:” Chekmarev had such an energy of the person you want to meet! He was incredibly generous in sharing with us some rare photos that we were able to include in the film.He was a gigantic man, I know that. What Sergei saw and experienced, very few people on the planet can boast of. I wish I knew him better! “

Video: Jeff Blashill recalls Sergei Chekmarev

Yes, we all would like to. I think every journalist writing about hockey in Russia, including me, has lamented in recent days that he did not have time to communicate with Chekmarev the way he deserved, despite the fact that everyone knew him and knew how cheerful and open he was in ordinary communication.Some kind of mysticism – but none of the Russian reporters did a single interview with him.

Keith Gave’s story about how Chekmarev is different with and without a TV camera – I suspect, a clue to why this happened. There is a category of people who are extremely open and sincere not for printing, but as soon as the recording begins, they seem to be paralyzed, they cease to be themselves. Perhaps this was the case with Sergei.

What a pity that the video recordings will not preserve the real Chekmarev in our memory.A person who could easily talk to his hockey friends on the phone for an hour or two. Both with Kamensky and with Larionov, who recalls that if Chika came to the arena half an hour earlier before the match, and he had a little free time, then he always called from there to Moscow – to him, Fetisov, and others. And there was no stopping him.

Fetisov recalls that he had a long conversation with Chekmarev literally two days before the disaster, and he sounded great. Larionov called him from Stockholm after the victory of the Russian national team on February 13 at the “Swedish Games” over the hosts – Chika dialed him to congratulate him right in the locker room.On the 19th, Sergei will not be …

They talked with the Professor at least once every three days, and often a couple of times a day. And they were not only friends, but also neighbors. Larionov usually came to him by bicycle. Most recently, in the absence of Igor, who was in Russia, his family moved to Los Angeles, and Chika, as always, helped. He never said that he was busy with something and he did not have time.

I ask Larionov how Chekmarev was in health.

“He had arthritis. I talked to him about food, beer, which hurts the joints.But he lived his life, enjoyed what he was. Inside Serega sat sadness, because the Red Wings have not made it into the playoffs for the last few years, there is a generational change. He said all the time during our discussions that it was sad to look at what was happening. And, of course, the terrible illness of his wife left an imprint. “


What was the last year of his life – the data are somewhat different. Therefore, I will just give the floor to my interlocutors.

Kasatonov:” This story says that a real man cannot live without work.And Chekmarev has not had any work in the same volume lately. There was not that everyday intensity to which he was accustomed. This pandemic is hitting people not only directly, but also psychologically. Scary and painful.

Oleg Kuchenev, Sergey’s senior friend, passed away due to the pandemic. And we wanted to return Chika. We trust him, we love him, we know. Slava Fetisov, I, Valera Kamensky offered him to return to Russia. We have a very serious club “Breeze” (closed sports club EMERCOM of Russia – Approx.NHL.com) where we spend a lot of time. Literally two or three weeks ago, Sergei Fedorov flew to America, talked to him, even brought skates from him. Chika replied that while on pause … “

Kozlov:” He was laid off with this pandemic. Everywhere there is such a situation – cuts in budgets, layoffs of people … After that, Chika worked in the Pro Shop club store at the Red Wings training rink. In my opinion, this season he did not work with the first team. But the captain, the head coach, and all the guys remembered and loved him. “

Larionov: “Seryoga was at the Red Wings this season too. He just asked the club not to go on short trips, since his wife has been fighting cancer for the sixth year and he needed to spend more time with her at home. He was given the go-ahead, and, for example, he did not fly to games with New York clubs or with “Boston.” But at all home games, “Detroit” was in the arena and in the locker room – as well as on long trips. , has been happening for the last year and a half.

Tweet from @DetroitRedWings: pic.twitter.com/6lC7jir9ok

He always had a contract with the Pro Sport store, and the guys from there doted on him, gave him a lot of work to fix inventory. Thanks to her, he could earn extra money to help his wife and daughter. Detroit general manager Steve Yizerman signed him before February of this year and gave him the opportunity to work until his retirement age, which starts at age 65. Knowing his respect for Chika and the love of the guys for him, I could, I think, leave it until the end of the season. But not destiny… “

From the very training arena in Troy, where Chekmarev’s long Detroit journey began, he drove off on a fateful day.

Larionov restores the picture of the tragedy:” He came to the rink to hand over the gloves that he had repaired. And took the others. I went to the side of the house, which is nearby. Apparently, on the way he felt bad, and he turned into the parking lot to one of the restaurants. Lost control, hit a couple of cars – and unconsciously hit his car against the wall of the parking lot. The police and the ambulance arrived, did CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation – an emergency procedure accepted in the USA – Approx.NHL.com/ru). But he was already dead. Heart attack. If Serega had lingered for at least another five minutes at the rink, they would have put a defibrillator on him right away – and, perhaps, they could have saved him … “

Milstein adds:” The first call with bitter news I received from the assistant general manager of Detroit Kim Brody. She tried to find out the coordinates of the family. Because I didn’t want to call my wife. The club decided: it would be better for the police to come to the Chekmarevs’ house and talk to his wife personally – and if necessary, they could take quick medical measures.While the club was looking for these contacts, Zhenya Nabokov called me from San Jose with the same news. He was told about this by Paul Boyer, Detroit’s equipment manager, with whom Chica had worked for more than 20 years … Everyone in the NHL knew him. ” health, the right lifestyle … Honestly, I’m dumbfounded. “

Alexander Ovechkin sent a link to the terrible news to Fetisov. The captain of the USSR national team had a long talk with Chika two days before his death.

Kozlov – his nephew Vladislav Namestnikov, the player of the current Detroit.

Kamensky sighs heavily: “A person who has such a huge heart can work everywhere, even almost without knowing the language. We were friends until his last days. Two weeks ago I talked to him. And a month ago he even gave me gloves through Sergei Fedorov , who went to America to see his brother. Chika and I always called up, laughed, remembered. We talked for an hour or two! He was very sociable.I don’t understand how such a person could leave so early. “

Perhaps this year Chekmarev will be awarded a posthumous award. IIHF Hockey Hall of Fame. The one that is not in Toronto, but in Zurich. Serega did not know about this, I did not tell him. I don’t know if his candidacy will pass. But 40 years in this business is a great career. And the attitude of absolutely everyone who dealt with him is worth a lot.

And how they loved him on the skating rink in Troy! Both the club store and the rehab he started with in Detroit. When Chika came there, everything revolved around him. His energy lit up the whole light in the arena … “.

The professor pauses for a minute. I understand everything and keep quiet myself.

And through the telephone receiver I hear him, unable to contain himself, sobbing.

The next day he fly to a friend’s funeral

Stories of the finalists of the second season of the competition

Dudko Maria.Keys

So … Tick … So …

The voice of the old grandfather clock from the hallway already met me, but I could not open the door in any way. Well, where are these keys? … Are they really lost? Only this was not enough, and so the day did not go well! .. Ah, no, here it is …

The clock struck eight when I stepped onto the creaky parquet floor of the hallway. How I missed the silence of my apartment! I just wanted to lie back on a shabby sofa and lie there until the morning … But instead I trudged to the computer.While the old machine inherited from the dinosaurs was turned on, I made myself some coffee. Today you need more than one mug. An article for the night, and inspiration from a gulkin’s nose. They also threaten redundancies at work. It is impossible to delay, otherwise dismissal cannot be avoided. And it would not be bad to update the blog, otherwise the last subscribers will soon scatter. Eh …

I worked in the editorial office of a magazine that in our area, and in the city in general, was quite in demand. The editor – Fedot Stepanovich – always put only the best in print.

The best. Yes. It doesn’t mean me. For some reason, my writing has not been at all impressive lately. Even myself. Honestly, I’m not surprised. It looks like I lost the spark, as if there was nothing to write. It’s somehow funny: I live in a metropolis, where something happens every day, but I look like into emptiness. Other people’s problems ceased to worry, everyone here is a drop in the ocean. So my news is gray, foreign, distant and unnecessary, in general, to no one.

What did I write about? As I still thought then, about the important. About eternal, to some extent.I noticed that people around were so closed that they seemed to have ceased to see each other, not what to feel and understand. At some moment everyone withdraws into himself and loses the key to the door he entered. Locks the heart. Puts on a mask. Indifferent. And silently walks along the gray stones of the pavement …

I just wanted to be heard … I thought I would become the key to the world on this side of the mask. I will help those in need with my word, I will teach people to listen and hear, I will save the world … But it seems that something went wrong. And now… Now I don’t even know how to save myself. So in response I get a cry of tearing paper and the famous last warning from Fedot Stepanych. Last chance. Tomorrow I will not come with a sensation – that’s it. Well … It seems that the time has come to forget for a while about your reasoning and plunge into the world of human intrigue. Write what will be read. What is expected of me. No not like this. What is expected from an article in our magazine.

What is the noise of the stone jungle today? What does the wind of change carry along their paved paths? The most discussed topic was a series of strange deaths, however, as it usually happens.For a long time now, one after another, the criminals taken into custody have been killed. The most different: from simple pickpockets to almost murderers, adults and still quite teenagers of fourteen years. Most of them haven’t even been sentenced yet. And everyone has the same diagnosis – poisoning. And what is still a mystery. This happened with some frequency in different parts of the city, but more often in our police department. And, by pure chance, none other than my older brother, officer Yuri Diskarin, worked there.

How useful his help would be to me now … But no. We don’t get along with my brother. And they never got along. It so happened … Probably, we are simply too different. Yurik is secretive, distrustful. He never told me anything, he preferred to do everything himself, and I felt that he did not need me at all. I must have been a little jealous of my brother. He is successful, just the pride of the family, and I grab the last chance to stay at work.

… Grabbing my last chance to stay at work. Although … You can try to find out about the high-profile case firsthand, so to speak.Such, for sure, would interest Fedot Stepanich, but you will have to turn to your brother for help. Yeah … And once again become a failure in the eyes of a whole family. Hell no! Even for the sake of work, I will not ask this person for help!

Well, nothing. I prepared myself, collected the materials, now I will write and I am saved! I can handle it myself. Could be in time before the morning …

DRAG !!!

The sound took me by surprise. It was a signal that the plant was over, from the old watch in the corridor. The case is fixable.I got up, went to the clock, opened the lid and with the usual gesture reached for the key. Only here the key was just not there. What a strange thing? In my house, I appreciated order, but such incidents just knocked out of the rut … What should I now, to look for this lost key? We’ll have to, it seems …

Throwing a sad look at the computer, I began to remember where I could have put this old piece of iron. So I have already climbed several shelves, looked into the drawers and …

What is this? There was an envelope in the dresser. And, if I was ready to see the key to the winding mechanism among the socks, with my absent-mindedness, then there was no way a strange message.Although, maybe I’m too naive? Oh, I don’t like it all …

The envelope, of course, I printed it out and immediately recognized Yurik’s handwriting.

“I’m not sure if I was not being followed. Check your mail. I never forgot about your birthday!
U. ”

What’s the joke? I knew that it was necessary to take the keys from him when he moved! Wait, something on the back …

“KeyHole4u …”

I once again ran my eyes over the hastily written lines.The text seemed meaningless and didn’t tell me anything.

What is he? For henbane, it seems, is not the season … Just in case, I checked the calendar and made sure that my birthday is not today and not even in the coming days. The only sensible request was to check the mail.

What am I spending my time on? Before my hand could close the text editor, a pop-up window asked if I really wanted to do this. Now, even it scoffs …

One letter really flew into my mail.Well, the question is, why does Yurik need to: invade my house with a strange note and at the same time tweet on the Internet? After all, wouldn’t it be easier to make a call? Of course, I would not jump with delight when something made our little star descend to mere mortals, but why reinvent the wheel?

So I thought, sipping already cooled coffee while waiting for the text to load. Finally, the following lines loomed before my eyes:

“Hello, Egor.

I know you’ll be surprised at my letter, but I wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t really serious.I wanted to call, but your number was not on my new phone. My number has remained unchanged, if you are interested …

Get down to business. We need to talk. But the conversation must go face to face. Come today at nine at the intersection of Pskovskaya and Myasnaya, there, in the courtyard of house 26, I will be waiting for you.

It will be about a series of deaths of prisoners. Amendment, about a series of murders … I thought it might interest you, I will explain everything when we meet, if, of course, you show up…

Egor, brother, I know we have lost contact, and I see my fault in that. But I ask you to believe me for the only time. You are my last key to hope. I expect you to read this letter and come.

Your brother Yuri Diskarin “

Hmm …

Everything is weirder and weirder, as the heroine of one famous fairy tale said …

I re-read the message several times to make sure that I really stopped understanding anything.Except, perhaps, the fact that there is some kind of secret in this whole matter, and Yurka for me now is the key to all the answers. In addition, since he himself calls me into conversation, I will not hesitate to interview the investigator … If this, of course, is not a stupid attempt to joke … But he would hardly write to me for fun.

And what, now it is raining again, huh? .. But after all, I came home! Okay, I’ll figure it out quickly, and I’ll have another six hours per article … I glanced at my watch, belatedly remembering that it was pointless.Another advertising message arrives on the phone, helpfully prompting you to go out if you want to be in time for a meeting. Having turned off the monitor that had just woken up and abruptly grabbed the raincoat that had not yet dried out after a day’s walk, I jumped out into the entrance.

Only at the car, I hesitated just a little. Isn’t it too easy for me to fit into this? Just a couple of minutes ago, I was sure that for the sake of my brother I would not raise an eyebrow, and for my own sake I would not start messing with him. What did this message do to me?

It filled me with a sense of self-importance.Finally, something depended on me, on me alone! Probably, I was motivated by a desire to prove that I am worth something … But I didn’t want to admit such motives. From this, an incomprehensible annoyance settled in my head, but I stubbornly explained it only by the time spent, taken away from writing the article.

Having stopped at the appointed place, I looked at my watch. Another whole five minutes … It was possible to leave later, although … as if it would give me something. There is no one like Yuri around.

An unpleasant, disgusting fog reigned in the street.I was hiding from him in the car.

The sun has long since set behind the clouds, and the city has lit its fires. Lanterns, not stars. I sometimes thought about how this noisy world of stars was missing. Each of them is unique, although there are billions of them in the darkness of the sky. It’s the same with people, isn’t it? But we almost purposely forget about that, therefore we hide from the condemning burning glances from the depths of the immense.

And just now the thought flashed in my head: how often do I myself think about others? It would seem, constantly …

I digress from philosophical reflections in order to look at the time.Five minutes. In the field of view of no one, even a humanoid, the yard was empty.

Ten … Checking phone, mail. Not a line about being late.

Twenty! No, well, this is no longer serious! I shouldn’t have come … Nervously dialing the number, preparing a destructive speech. Only long beeps are heard in response. Okay … Let’s wait … You never know what. He also has a job … Trying to calm down seems to work until I remember this damn article that hasn’t been started at all! Where is this foolish devils wearing ?!

“Waiting for another fifteen minutes and leaving” – angrily typing a message and furiously pressing “Send”.

Time is running out, and the message has not even been read! Twenty-five minutes … thirty … Still silence. There is no point in waiting any longer.

I call again to clear my conscience. A melodious female voice comes from the tube:

– The called party’s phone is turned off or out of the network coverage area … – the lady says, slowly repeating the phrase in English.

– Damn you! .. – irritably hissing, I throw the phone on the next seat. – So … Okay … I warned, I waited… waited longer than promised. Now you can go home with a clear conscience.

Looking at the road, I was surprised to find that I was not so much angry as nervous. It infuriated me even more …


There was less and less time left for work, and I continued to pace the apartment. Usually, such a calm creak of floorboards now, with all its might, mocked my poor hearing. It was not at all the article that occupied my thoughts, despite the fact that they would not forgive me if I screw up such material …

The minutes passed slowly.I felt them even without the usual ticking of a clock. OK. I will be frank with myself, because my strength is no more, and then to work! This is all strange! What exactly? That I couldn’t get through. Yura does not turn off the phone and diligently monitors its charge, he must always be in touch, shouldn’t I, as a brother, know about this. Also this line from that note, it is not by chance that it is the very first …

So … no panic. Why the hell is this fool in general settling in my head so proprietarily ?! Anything can happen.Everything! Article. Article only.

With an effort of will I managed to sit in front of the monitor and even write a couple of lines before plunging into thought again. And yet … what could have happened? ..


Days rushed like clockwork, but not mine. I never found the key, nor did I try, in fact, since that evening. They froze, showing half past nine, as if that day had not yet passed. I never went to work the next morning. I don’t believe it myself … how could I put everything on the altar for the sake of a person whom I was mortally jealous of, whose disappearance I dreamed of … someone whom I had known all my life and with whom I was nevertheless invisibly connected ?!…

And the apartment! Oh … I should have seen the old me, what my temple of comfort has become … however, he would have shot himself right away, leaving behind only the gloomy aesthetics of a broken creator … All the tables were filled with dirty mugs and fast food packages. The entire floor is covered with footprints. Here and there lay lists, pedantically compiled by me, of those with whom my brother could communicate, where he could go, who could wish him harm …

Only all this was no longer important …

“- Yegor Diskarin? – I heard a calm male voice from my phone this morning.

– Yes. I answered nervously.

– The police bother you, – my heart threatened to break my chest. It must be from stress and lack of sleep … And in my head, meanwhile: “If only they found …”.

– Your brother was found today at noon, – a short pause, as if to understand what was said, – He is dead. The circumstances of death are being investigated. – just as calmly, as if nothing had happened, the man on the other end of the line continues.- We offer our condolences. Today you should report to the department … “

Then there were instructions and rare questions, to which I answered something like” yes “,” no “and” understandable. ” Be afraid of your desires. Found …

The next half day I spent in the same department. Some papers, some formalities, a funeral … And a conversation.

From that conversation I learned something that amazed me. Yura was suspected. They said that he was the one who killed the prisoners, slipping poison into their food or something like that.There was not much evidence, so they only planned to arrest him, but now the main version of my brother’s death is suicide during an attempt to escape from justice. What heresy … But at that moment I could not object anything. Just like believing a single word.

And now I have returned to my home again. Devastated, with only one thought in his head: “he is no more” …

What are words? A set of letters, a set of sounds, nothing more … But some become keys. This key with three heavy teeth will open one of the most terrible doors: the door of despair and pain.Maybe you should have phrased it somehow softer? But as? What would that change? There is only one key, no matter how embellished it is, and there is only one door, and you are standing on the threshold. You can’t go back. And the castle succumbed. It began …

Absently, I glance around the apartment, slowly falling into a rage.

– Damn! – bursts out of the chest. How long have I not said this word – Damn! – I repeat louder, sharply throwing up my hands. My whole army of mugs is flying down to the sound of glass. A blanket of stripped sheets covers them on top.

– Goonies! You bastard! Freak! – I shout, not remembering myself.

– Look … Look what you’ve done, you bastard! Because of you, I have lost everything! Inspiration! Work! Dreams! How can you order me to pay bills now ?! I wasted so much time on you, damn it, even the key to the watch … – silence cut my ears, so I continued to throw empty phrases, trying to throw out everything that had accumulated inside me. The voice broke, growled and wheezed, turned into hysterical laughter, and I didn’t even understand why I was so angry … At myself?

Yes … I was jealous of my brother in black! Family pride, great future, office authority, lofty goals, dream job – everything that I wanted to hear about myself, I heard about Yurashi! I remained his younger brother, always the second, always underestimated.It was an axiom that everything was easy for him. But for some reason it did not occur to me that we were actually brothers. Our conditions were the same. And it was as if I was blind, I did not see what he had to go through. And what did I do when I got tired of being a shadow? Exactly. He erected that very wall, the wall of indifference. I didn’t care. And there was one more drop in the ocean. It was not Yura who closed himself off from me, but I from him. And what did it lead to? “He is no more,” and I can’t even say with certainty that I am not the murderer’s brother! And all because I don’t know! I don’t know what he lived all these years, I don’t know what was going on in his soul, I don’t know if he called me to nip the rumors in the bud, or to repent of what he did last even a drop to his dear creature, albeit so disgusting, like me … And I will probably never know, my key to this secret is forever lost… What a fool I am… What are all my discussions about feelings, words, stars, and all about the same keys now worth! How could I change the world when I myself did not know how to find those vices for which I reproached humanity ?! This is why my articles were not read. When changing the world, start with yourself, otherwise everything is just empty words. Gray, alien, distant and unnecessary, in general, no one … Such words will not become keys … Keys … I return to them over and over again. Oh, this world is really crazy about them! We have the keys to everything, they are even where we do not even think to find them, because they have entered our life so deeply that everything now rests on them alone, and we do not even notice.And life itself is like a constant picking of locks! But even this is not important. The important thing is that there is no key leading from There. This is what gives meaning to all other keys. No matter how hard I try, I won’t start Yurik’s time again like in the old clock. But who knows from what doors, I would have led him away, if only I was near … It’s a pity, I realized it too late …

– I’ll never sit down to write again … – I said to myself almost delirious, barely recognizing my own hoarse voice. After that, I fell asleep and did not think about anything.


I spent the whole next day almost without getting up. Only in the evening I somehow tried to eliminate the consequences of my yesterday’s insanity … But the attempt was nipped in the bud, as soon as I came across the very note that I found among the socks … Surprisingly, all the time while I was busy looking for my brother, I hardly remembered her as a thing that had no meaning at all. But on the other hand, there were so many questions associated with it! I reread it. As expected, nothing new appeared … And that’s it … Why was she needed?

I plunged into memories of the day when I lost the key to such a silent watch for the last week … It seems that since that time I have not turned on the computer … How is he, my old man?

The legacy of our ancestors, as expected, was ripped apart and raged on my long absence, but in the end it took mercy and opened my e-mail page for me.Yurik’s letter has not disappeared anywhere. I did not reread it. One thing is a note with an obscure text, and another invitation to a meeting that was not destined to take place …

“Look in the mail …” – echoed in my ears. From a sudden guess, I jumped as much. What if … This strange text on the back is nothing more than a login? ..

What nonsense … I’m chasing again for unknown reasons … Stupid guess! But my hands cannot be stopped …

Hastily logging out of my account, I typed the symbols into the appropriate window.But you need a password … Password … Another stupid thought … “I never forgot about your birthday!” I enter.

Only one number has changed on the monitor, but I did not believe it. This eternity could not last for some miserable minute.

– It worked … – I said, looking in a frenzy at this glowing box. Another account. And only one letter.

The whole apartment fell into absolute silence as I read what was written here.

“Egor, I knew that you would solve my message! Help me out, brother! I need you, we all need you!

For several months now I have been dealing with the death of several criminals taken into custody.These are not just deaths, Yegor, these are murders. I’m sure I’m getting very close to the answer. I have two main suspects. But there is a problem. They are both my work colleagues. And I don’t know if any of them acted alone or together. In other words, I don’t know which police officer I can trust with regards to this case.

Also, I notice that I am being watched. Apparently, the attacker senses that I have gotten too close and will soon try to eliminate me. Well, this is what I use to pinpoint the culprit.How? I told one about our upcoming meeting. If I guessed right, and he is not a criminal, then you do not have to read this, I will tell you everything myself. But if I was mistaken, and you still read this, then, most likely, I am already dead …

Brother, now only you can solve this case. And only you can I trust him. To this letter I will attach the documents in which my evidence is collected, there you will find the details of the plan, all the names, all the evidence. Publish them in your journal, let everyone know, and then the villains will have nowhere to go! I hope for you.I know you won’t let me down … ”

For some reason, my heart skipped a beat. Brother … I will not let you down!


Never say never. For the next few days, I kept my hands on the keyboard. I know, I promised myself, for the scribbling no, no, but the last, last time! For Yurik’s sake! This will be my best article …

And it really got to be the best. Where did I get it? It’s just that my blog would not be enough for such an important mission. So I had to visit Fedot Stepanovich.I almost on my knees asked him to read my work. But he read it all the same. I read it and put it on the first page!

A few days later I had to come to our police department again. There, of course, again formalities, gratitude, apologies … But they did not interest me. He was arrested. I wanted to talk to him. With a killer. I wanted to look him in the eye. For help in solving the case, I was even allowed to do so.

I was taken to a special room. He sat opposite me and froze with his cold look.But there was nothing in his eyes … He was … Empty. However, the first one spoke.

– Because I saw how souls were dying, – he answered my question before I had time to ask it, – Every criminal who was brought here, not from a good life, set foot on this path. The world has treated them cruelly. Wildly, but for some, crime is still a way to survive. Not for everyone … But I did not speak to everyone. Do you know why? Because they are not heard, you know? And when I talked with them in this very room, they just wanted to be heard … And I listened to them, watching the eyes go out opposite, and how hopelessness penetrates into the very heart.The verdict had not been delivered to them yet, but they no longer believed that something could be changed. Outcasts of humanity. They could only hide in themselves and wait for the end. Then I gave them the key to freedom. Ampoule with poison, as the end of all torment. You will not understand, it must be …

– And now, being in their place, would you like the same? I asked quietly. My interlocutor was silent. And I continued, – Do you know why? Because there is no key from there. And while you are alive, you can still fix it …

We spoke with him for a short while, and then I went out into the street.Dusk was already deepening and the lanterns were on. The downpour threw shards of stars right under my feet, and they flashed for a moment with earthly human light, breaking on the wet asphalt. I silently walked along the gray stones of the pavement, finally throwing off my indifferent mask. The raindrops on my cheeks were getting salty from something. His image stood before my eyes. Indifference. The way I saw him once on Bolotnaya Square – not seeing, not hearing, unapproachable. The source of human vices. I wanted to run away from him, and I even ran, as if it could help.God! Who would have known that it hurts so much to open your heart to the world! In my thoughts I still heard dialogue with the murderer, and my brother’s voice echoed in my soul. But, if he was already hiding from all this behind a wall of indifference, then only after going through this pain can you come back, again learn the truth. Grievances, murders, wars … How many lives will be spilled before each of us overcomes this evil in himself? The hearts of the people are closed and the key is lost. But what can I do? ..

I was thinking about this already at the entrance, slowly climbing the stairs.Perhaps … No, but I promised myself … And yet …

Keys. I could turn words into keys. I could write again. Opening people’s hearts and helping to cope with pain. No, I will never return to the editorial office. No articles. I will write a book. I can’t shut up now. “Resolved!” – I thought, opening the door. But first …

Slowly, slowly I picked up the key from the floor. He opened the glass door. I inserted it into the well. And he turned. The voice of the old grandfather clock in the hallway met me again.He said, fixable …

Tick … So … Tick …

The Lady of Hearts read online Alexis Lekey (Page 6)

Chapter 9

She had hardly seen him for almost a month. For almost a month he did not beat her. Returning from work, she guessed by numerous signs that he went home: he took a shower, took away clean clothes, climbed into the refrigerator. But he did all this in her absence. Only twice in the evening they came face to face, and both times he walked by without glancing at her.

Sometimes she woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding heart. She knew that he was here in the house. She fancied that he went into the bedroom and looked at her. What does he want? What is he up to?

Why has he suddenly changed so dramatically? What happened to him?

She heard his heavy steps on the stairs. I heard him climb into the attic or poke around in the closet that used to be a children’s room. What does he want there?

Once she accidentally caught his gaze in the mirror above the fireplace in the living room and in this fleeting glance she read with amazement some sly grin.However, he immediately turned away.

She gradually ceased to be afraid of his causeless outbursts of rage, but the real fear, the one that nestled in the most hidden corners of her soul, did not go anywhere. She was sure that she had correctly deciphered the meaning of that strange look in which he looked at her, not suspecting that she was seeing him. She knew for sure, or rather, felt: he was up to something.

She had not the slightest idea what it might be, but she had no doubts: it was directly related to her and did not bode well for her.Previously, she knew exactly what was threatening her in the evening. Now she knew nothing, and that was the worst of all.

Yes, the usual physical fear was erased, but a new, nameless fear pursued her everywhere: at work, in the subway, at home. Already intimidated, tormented by shame, she had long erected an impenetrable wall around herself, which was beyond the power of anyone, including her own sister. For lunch, she always left alone, most often waiting for her colleagues to return to the office. If she was asked why she didn’t have lunch in the general company, she was discouraged by urgent work or the need to run into the store.

But things are much worse now. It seemed to her that she was locked in a glass cell with nothing to breathe. She tried to do her job impeccably, but when she returned home, she sat down at the table in the living room or in the kitchen and sat there without moving, and then, looking up, found that two hours had passed. Since she now dined alone, she increasingly preferred to do without food at all. She went to bed without undressing, for two or even three days she did not change her clothes – this is she, who is obsessed with cleanliness.

Co-workers, both men and women, tried to get her to talk, but soon gave up on her, defeated by her silent indifference. She did not even suspect what glances they were seeing her off and what remarks they exchanged behind her back.

She painstakingly wrote down the columns of numbers — they were the only thing she could still bring herself to focus on.

Once one of the chiefs came up to her – a dark-haired woman with a determined gait – and she shrank inwardly, ready to be beaten.Lord, why is she losing her mind, or what? Here, for sure, no one will beat her.

The woman leaned so close to her that she almost rested her forehead against her. Her eyes blazed with anger.

– Stop and go to my office. Immediately, ”she said, holding back her anger with difficulty.

All conversations around were instantly quieted down. However, she did not even notice it. She got up from the table and followed her boss, who was already leaving the room with a brisk pace.

The boss closed the office door behind them and turned to her.

– What’s gotten into you? She asked dryly.

She blinked her eyes. What does she mean?

– Very good. Keep on pretending to be a fool. I just got a call from our auditor. The balance sheet is full of mistakes. In this form, it is impossible to send it to an external audit. In general, it is not clear how you managed to allow so many blunders, and what! I repeat my question: what came over you?

Words crackled somewhere on the sidelines of her consciousness, not fully penetrating into the brain.She understood that the woman was angry, but the reason for her indignation eluded her, and, frankly, she was indifferent to her.

She looked out the window, then looked down at her fingers.

– What’s the matter with you, Roseline? The boss asked, taking her hand with unexpected force.

She raised her hand to protect her face, but immediately dropped it.

The headmistress blushed and released her hand, as if burned.

– Did you think I could hit you? She asked in a completely different voice.

Roseline did not answer, bitterly regretting that she had betrayed herself with an unconscious gesture.

The woman’s face grimaced and her nostrils flared.

– Your sweater is all stained. You smell like sweat. You are not talking to anyone. You have ceased to look after yourself. It doesn’t sound like you at all. Roseline! Can you hear me? What’s going on with you?

She shook her head. You have to answer something, otherwise they will not be unhooked from her.

The woman still did not take her eyes off her.She no longer looked angry, but rather worried.

– Roseline, would you like to talk to me? Do you want to tell me what happened to you?

She tensed, realizing that she was trapped. Tell about what happened to her? It seemed so inconceivable that it almost amused her. The old Roseline would have burst into loud laughter. It is forbidden. Under no circumstances should the boss be allowed to guess what is really going on. Roselyn herself did not understand why, but she firmly knew: it was necessary at all costs to get rid of this attentive, piercing, almost carnivorous look.We must run. It gave her strength, and she managed to squeeze out a semblance of a smile. She felt as if she had forgotten how to speak at all. The tongue in his parched mouth became heavy as a weight.

“I don’t feel very well,” she finally muttered.

Awkwardly, she turned around, groped for the doorknob and went out into the corridor, every second fearing that the boss would catch up with her and order her to return to the office.

I looked into my room for a minute to pick up my bag and jacket.

She did not remember how she got home. No one was at home. She really felt lousy. So lousy that I couldn’t do the job anymore. The last thread connecting her with the real world was thinning before our eyes.

She lay down on her side, pulled her knees up to her chest and fell asleep.

Chapter 10

Roussel made Martin wait a good ten minutes. Overcoming his irritation, he took advantage of the pause that had arisen and called Jeannette to find out if a check had begun on all databases: the Criminal Investigation Department, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and others, and also to remind her to contact Interpol.

Roussel was two years younger than him, although he looked older. More precisely, he did not have any age at all, always dressed in an invariably gray suit with the same invariably blue shirt and an extremely limited set of ties, mostly plain, less often with polka dots. His sunken cheeks cut two deep folds down to the corners of his mouth, a sign of a heavy smoker. There were no other vices for him.

When Martin entered the office, he was reading his preliminary report.

Only after reading to the very end, Roussel raised his eyes.

– Anything else? He asked, looking at Martin over his narrow glasses. He obviously did not find it necessary to say hello.

– Almost everything is here. With one exception. The killer stole the victim’s gym bag. I just figured it out this morning.

“I don’t like all this,” said Roussel. – The father of the murdered woman used to work as an adviser in the mayor’s office.

Few could compare with Roussel in the ability to instantly sense a political background in any business.

– Do you think there is a lead here? – Martin was surprised, pretending to be a fool. – Is the father’s political opponent killing his daughter?

Roussel glared at him.

– You perfectly understood what I meant. What about the robbery of a jewelry store?

– We have detained three suspects. One has already confessed.

– Excellent. I should go to conventions more often, ”he added with an almost human smile. – So, so. Drop all other cases and engage in murder.Deal?

Martin nodded.

– And you must have constant contact with me. At least by phone, if there is no time otherwise.

Martin suppressed a chuckle. Now he will tell Jeannette that Roussel wants to have constant contact with him, and before the end of the working day this pearl will fly around the entire office.

Jeannette was sitting at the computer, and a bluish glare was falling on her face from the monitor screen. She pointed to the sheets of paper that were crawling out of the printer. She has already managed to get the first results, for example, to find out something about the murders committed over the past fifteen years with the use of throwing weapons.There were three of them.

In 1994, an African died in Marseilles, pierced by a spear made of ironwood. The killer was caught and convicted. He is still serving time in prison.

In 1989, a young woman died from a dagger thrown into the chest. Together with her friend, she rehearsed a circus act. The investigation concluded that the murder was due to negligence. The friend received a suspended sentence, and no one ever heard of him again.

In 1987, in the forest near Morbihan, the body of a teenager was found with an arrow from a hazel in the eye.His friends were interviewed, but not only were they not arrested, but they were not even detained on suspicion of murder, and in the end the case was closed.

Martin asked Jeannette to get him a copy of the entire case or at least the main documents on it through the Lorient court office as soon as possible. The wait, in all likelihood, should have taken two to three weeks.

He then called the forensic scientist, who advised him to contact Bilje’s forensic service.He did just that. Bilier invited him to stop by – she seems to have discovered something that could arouse his interest. Surely she could give him her news over the phone, Martin thought, but forensics were so proud of their profession that they simply loved to show off their labors to investigators, perhaps trying to prove that crimes are solved mostly in their laboratories today. Martin was not embarrassed by this. He liked Bilier. She, one of the few, managed at least for a while to put an end to the exhausting war that biochemists, physicists and other specialists waged for many years against forensic doctors, who are slowly but inevitably overthrown from their usual pedestal thanks to the achievements of modern forensic science.

Bilier, a pretty red-haired woman of thirty-eight, wore a white robe tied tightly over her lush bosom. A teenager’s dream. Alas, a disappointment awaited below the belt of the Playboy center-swing lover: at the age of twelve, Bilier suffered polio, as a result of which her right leg was underdeveloped. She remained thinner than the left and significantly limited the freedom of movement of her owner. However, Bilier, constantly engaged in rehabilitation gymnastics, learned to walk, almost without limping.

Entering the laboratory, Martin found her at the microscope. With her was her assistant, a young ephebe with dark curly hair and pale skin. Martin had met him here more than once.

The faces of both wore the same masks covering the nose and mouth, which are usually worn by the personnel of the intensive care unit of hospitals. The guy was sitting next to Bilier and made some mysterious manipulations with a large box, from which bundles of wires were sticking out. Glancing sideways at Martin, he twitched his chin, pointing to the container of masks, and returned to his work.

Something elusive in the behavior of this couple betrayed the closeness that existed between them, and Martin flashed a fleeting thought if this closeness did not go beyond industrial relations. Bilje was married to an aircraft giant and they had four children.

Martin pulled on a mask and, without taking his hands out of his pockets, walked through the laboratory.

– I will now, – without turning her head to him, threw Billie. – Look at the tray, just don’t touch anything.

Martin approached a table heaped with folders and various instruments, on which, somehow attached, stood a metal tray. On its shiny, smooth surface rested two tiny white porcelain cups.

At the bottom of the cups, he noticed grains of dust of an indeterminate color, gleaming slightly in the bright light of halogen lamps mounted above the table.

On the side of one of the cups there was a label with the letter “A”, on the side of the second – a label with the letter “B”.

Billier came up to him.

“You seem to have shouted at my poor Fabienne,” she said, touching his shoulder and kissing him on the cheek. – I scolded him myself today. Tell me, Fabien.

Fabien said nothing. Martin began to show signs of impatience.

“Okay, don’t be nervous,” Bilier said. – Cup “B” contains sand and cement collected near the entrance, at a distance of eight meters and eighty centimeters from the body. Cup “A” contains sand and cement extracted from under the victim’s nails on the right hand and from the ground directly under her fingers.Sand and cement are identical. Are you following my thought?

– Did he step on her hand?

– I believe so. I just don’t see any other explanation. Nowhere else – not on the body, not on the clothes – not the slightest traces of sand or cement were found. Both sand and cement are imported. That is, it is not street sand or street cement dust.

– Can you establish the origin of both?

– Of course. The content of quartz and sodium chloride indicates that the sand was mined in one of the quarries in the west of the country, which provides twelve percent of the needs of the entire construction industry, as well as supplying hypermarkets selling building materials.

– What about cement? Did you put it through your typewriter?

– Of course, but the spectrograph is not a magic wand. You should know that cement does not occur in nature. It is a man-made material obtained by heating a mixture of mainly clay and lime. Technologically, this process is the same everywhere. Therefore, it is impossible to determine where the cement was produced.

– If he stepped on her hand, then there should have been traces?

“I adore you,” she said.- Her little finger is broken. Almost crushed.

– Excellent. I’ll talk to the forensic medic.

– He sent me photographs and X-rays. He has eight autopsies now and is already late with them, so he asked me to explain everything to you myself.

Martin smiled respectfully. Well strong! To achieve such a concession from a type famous for belligerence, comparable only to the intractability of the chief of the entire forensic medicine service!

She took a folder out of a drawer and opened it.

The wounded hand was photographed with a flash from different angles. Then the finger was opened and photographed with an increase in the site of the fracture of the second phalanx.

Martin did not look too closely at the pictures. He was much more interested in the conclusions of the forensic scientist Boissier and Billier herself.

She pointed him to the fracture line:

– Here, look. The bone is almost crushed along the edge. Boissier picked up a bone of comparable size and tried to crush it in various ways.Tried many types of soles. It didn’t work. Then it dawned on him. He took a hammer and banged on the edge of the bone. The result is almost exactly the same picture.

Martin decided to refrain from asking where the physician found the bone fragment.

– Do you think he broke her finger with a hammer?

And he bit his tongue. Of course no. How had he forgotten about the sand and cement!

– Got it. The killer was wearing steel-heeled boots, ”he spoke again. “Or at least partially steel.So?

Billier smiled:

– That’s not all. I did some tests too. Fabien got hold of a press with a pressure regulator and conducted a series of tests. The result is here, in this picture. The pressure roughly corresponds to a weight of eighty-three kilograms, plus or minus one percent. So your killer in clothes and boots with steel heels weighs between eighty-two and eighty-four kilograms.

Martin nodded. Great job. But what does it give? He called such evidence belated.They could only be used if there was already a suspect in the case. Or if there were several suspects …

Billier read the disappointment on his face.

“Well, I’m sorry I couldn’t get you a bold and crisp fingerprint registered in the filing cabinet,” she said dryly.

“Sorry,” he replied. – You are great. Well done.

– Who told you that we have already finished?

Martin barely sighed. The night before, falling asleep, he promised himself that he would no longer sigh.Well, or he will try to do it as little as possible.

– Arrow.

Martin shook his head.

“Bolt,” he corrected her. – Correctly it is called a “bolt”.

She smiled:

– That’s it. The bolt is homemade. And there is not a single print on it. Not the slightest trace of organic tissue, apart from that of the victim.

She reached out for the box containing the details of the projectile. Tip, tube and pieces of plastic that served as plumage.

– The tip is most likely made from a piece of an old lead downpipe. The criminal heated up the metal, gave it the desired shape and sanded it with emery. We found particles of paint in its composition. Where the pipe comes from, of course, it is impossible to say – it is too old. Now the pipe. It is made of aluminum. From some kind of device, perhaps a kitchen one, I don’t know for sure. True, the analysis showed the presence of a high content of impurities in the metal, from which it follows that it was not smelted in France or even in Europe or North America, where strict standards apply.But the plumage presented us with some surprises.

She took out one plastic tongue and flexed it with her fingers. There were still traces of glue on one end of the tongue.

– The most common glue, there is nothing interesting for us here. But take a closer look at this. The material is thin, but not too thin, but flexible and durable. It stretches almost three times in length and does not break, but when you let go, it immediately takes on its original shape. Pay attention to the color. Doesn’t he tell you about anything?

The pieces of plastic were pale blue, almost white.

His confusion made her smile again.

– This is a specially treated rubber used in the construction of swimming pools.

Martin raised his eyebrows.

– It is placed on the bottom of the pools. Extra strong and waterproof material. And very modern. They line the entire bowl of the pool and fix it on the sides. Thanks to his invention, the construction and maintenance of swimming pools became much cheaper. But there is no such material lying on the street. Your killer was clearly using some kind of cut-off.

Lead downpipe, sand, cement, special rubber … Martin smiled. This already looks like something.

90,000 How do you know if your finger is broken?

Well, the only time it’s very easy to tell that a limb is broken is when he can bend or bend between two joints. Any other situation requires medical knowledge to a large extent.

Light rules such as “if you can move it, it’s not broken” is not evidence as this will depend on both the break and the person’s pain threshold.

The only time you can safely say that a finger or any other limb is injured without x-rays is when it bends or flexes between two joints, where it should be stiff and straight.

I broke my little finger (wolf fracture) while playing volleyball. It was swollen right in the middle of my toe. My coach, teammates and friends told me that if I break this, I won’t be able to bend it. And guess what? I could bend it and I slowed it down.Therefore, do not delay the X-ray because you can bend it if it is broken. Now that I have waited 4 weeks to get an X-ray and now it will ruin my volleyball season. If it remains swollen after 10 days, check it. I am seriously sorry I did not go to the doctor. Take care.

just go see dr or (i think) you can’t move it / it hurts badly.

Well, the only time it’s very easy to tell that a limb is broken is when he can bend or bend between two joints.Any other situation requires medical knowledge to a large extent.

Light rules such as “if you can move it, it’s not broken” is not evidence as this will depend on both the break and the person’s pain threshold.

Swollen tender Croked Moveable alittle Tender to touch.

What type of stock is used for a broken toe?

Generally, an aluminum clog and a KoBan wreck will do. For more extreme cases with multiple fractures, manual wringing may be required.

Can your finger break if it’s swollen and bruised, but won’t hurt?

No, it will most likely hurt, no matter what. although if you have a high pain tolerance it is more likely to be impaired.

How long does it take to recover from a broken toe?

Depending on how bad the injuries are, this can take from a month to two months.

What Can You Do For A Broken Toe?

You can get a finger splint or better, but you can go to your family doctor and ask about it.

How do you know if you break your wrist, I can still use it and my fingers are broken?

The only way to be sure it’s X-ray. There are many small bones in your wrist and you may have broken one or more. It would still be useful, but it would be painful. There are hints for this kind of break. Does it hurt when you move a certain way? Is there a little swelling? Both would be signs.

If you are sticking to not wasting a trip to the hospital, reduce swelling with a cold compress (DO NOT heat, which promotes swelling) and immobilize it for 18-24 hours.If it’s not much less painful by then, you are likely to break something and you should see a doctor.

Does accident insurance cover a broken finger?

Your question does not have sufficient information to provide an answer. What type of accident insurance policy are you talking about?

How do you look broken?

You receive a black stick. Then rub everything with your finger and then rinse with water well, so it looks like it’s black and blue.Worked for me when I was a kid

How do you heal a broken finger?

you can’t heal a broken finger, but there is a way you can help it get faster, place a little pad between two fingers and place your finger on the finger next to it. and try to keep him still, but once a day try to move very slowly to support him.

How long does it take for a broken finger to heal?

It takes 6-8 weeks, depending on the type of injury.(Hold your finger as well as you can!) When broken, place your hand in ice-cold water for about 5 minutes. then take it and wrap your whole arm in soft wrap (something soft colth). Take your extended arm and hold it higher or upright to your head.

It will stop the blood flow, because in return it will stop the pain and the shilling. Go to the doctor and let him rest. RECREATION! RECREATION!

How can you tell if there was a bruised or broken toe?

When my finger was broken (a small hair fracture), he was badly hurt the moment he was injured.He turned pale at the sides, and I could not bend him. If you think this may be impaired, see your doctor for help.

What are they doing for a broken toe?

Generally, for a broken finger, if you go to the doctor, they rinse your finger (s) in cold water. Typically, a medical splint or medical tape is used for bandaging and rap. But since you can do all of this from home, just ask your parents if you are not so bad, then you do not need to go to the hospital.

Go to your local pharmacy and buy a splint and some kind of medical cassette. But if your finger is badly bruised and like that, then please! GO TO THE DOCTOR!

How do you know if your little finger is broken?

I hurt my pinky while playing volleyball and it was swollen for 4 weeks, so I finally went to the doctor. This resulted in an avulsion fracture (small fracture). If your finger is broken, it will be swollen. But note: YOU CAN WEAR YOUR FINGER IF IT’S A BROQUET.Everyone told me that if it broke, I couldn’t bend it.

And I could bend it and it broke. If you think you have hurt your little finger, get an X-ray. Now, because I have waited so long, it will take longer to heal. Take care of yourself and good luck.

Can you work with the changing room?

People are unable to open the locker with broken fingers due to the movement of small bones in the fingers required to grip the lock.

How do you say if you break a bone with your finger?

I am not a doctor, but if you think this is abnormal, you need to see a doctor right away to find out when your finger is swollen, you cannot bend it without severe pain and discoloration (colors such as purple, blue, or black)

How do broken finger bones affect recording?

if they are completely broken and bandaged, I think it would be almost impossible to write.

If you can bend a swollen finger, can it be broken?

It depends on whether it bends at the joint or if it bends between the two. Receive X-rays before doing more damage.

How much is a broken finger worth?

broken finger … humm ive was there, it hurts like crazy but it doesn’t cost anything anyway to get a broken finger, but in order to handle it it will cost, I don’t know how much the visit will cost but just guessing, somewhere in the region of 1,000 to 4,000 or 5,000, it all depends on what the doctor decides to do.

but if you see that you don’t need a dr, I would use a toe splint, and warm and cold compresses try not to work on the toe – that would only make the pain worse. it would be cheaper not to go to the era if you have no choice. if his is swollen black blue or purple you probably need to get him checked – who knows you might need surgery for him …

Is it bad to massage a broken finger?

If you do have a fracture, the bone is broken. By rubbing it, you can damage the ends of the broken bone in the tissue next to it.This means that fractures are not moved with a cast or splint.

Should you play soccer with a broken finger?

This is not recommended, but if you keep it on tape with a tire and try not to shoot too long into the line of fire it should be good

How do you treat broken blood vessels with your fingers?

You can help the finger not to pool blood, which will add weight. As soon as you feel the pain squeeze your finger or close it like a hard fist to put pressure on the internal bleeding.This will allow the blood to drain into the finger and increase pressure and pain. Alternatively, you can immediately place all of your hand cold water or ice water to restrict blood flow to your hand.

Raising your hand will also help. Most of the time, flare-ups occur when you do something that “milks” with your finger, pulling up a heavy round-handled bucket or wrapping your wedding item and the blood it squeezes to the tip, with nowhere to go.

How is a broken finger treated?

How a broken toe is treated will depend on how severe the fracture is.However, the main treatment is usually to have the bone rebuilt and then plaster is applied.

How do you feel about a broken finger and how to tell if it is broken?

Technically, you should feel pain. But if it is not yourself, and this person is not sensitive and does not feel pain, but the finger itself seems to be broken, you should see a doctor. But if the doctor doesn’t have it or not, you have to tell a broken finger by pressing it, trying to bend it, crack it and twist it.

An emergency procedure is to gently wash it with cold water or, if available, place a thick, non-bendable paper and press it against your finger when someone has placed a huge bandage on it.

How do you break a broken pinky?

You can stick it on the top and bottom of your ring finger, or you can get a metal splint from the pharmacy and stick your pinky on it.

If your finger swells, is it broken?

Well, I broke my thumb.The day I broke it, it was not swollen. The next day, my entire arm was swollen.

Treatment for a broken toe?

Try to immobilize the injured toe until you can seek medical attention by using a small splint wrapped in gauze or tape. The splint can be made from any small rigid object such as a wooden handle or even a spoon if needed … 2. Ice the injured finger to reduce swelling. Remove all jewelry from all over your hand as the swelling can spread to other areas.

Avoid placing ice directly on the skin with an ice pack or plastic bag. Keep your finger above your heart level if possible … 3. Seek medical attention as soon as you can. The usual treatment for a broken toe is X-rays followed by a splint, unless the fracture is severe enough to warrant orthopedic surgery … 4.

Keep using ice packs after you get home to keep the swelling up and take over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to give you relief.Using a pillow to help lift your finger while resting will also help reduce swelling … 5. Explore online resources such as the eMedicineHealth website for more information on how to care for a broken finger (see the Resources section below )… 6.

Make sure you follow up with a doctor to make sure the finger is properly healed and that all dexterity is back on the finger within a few weeks. While it is often slightly crooked to heal for a broken toe, movement should not be restricted.

Are broken fingers torn?

Bones in a broken finger tend to heal, although they can heal crooked if you didn’t have them and then healed and looked after. But if the finger is completely lost, as in a cut or torn off, it will not grow. Depending on how damaged it is, how close to a good hospital, and which finger it may be, surgery can sometimes be difficult, although results vary.

Which defenders in nfl had broken fingers?

Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions Drew Bledsoe – New England Patriots Jake Delomme – Carolina Panthers Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears Josh Freeman – Tampa Bay Pirates.

How do you know if you have a blue finger or a broken one?

You would know if you have a blue finger or a broken finger just through an X-ray. You may be able to determine if it is broken if the bone is sticking out of the skin.

Is your quick broken if you put your fingers in your mouth?

A normal sane person would say “unless they are covered in food, or you bite off and swallow them,” but on the assumption that you are asking for religious reasons, I cannot guarantee that your particular stupid religious rules are practicing sanity. therefore, you should turn to your stupid religious leader for advice on this matter.

How do you feel about a broken finger?

You Won’t Do It! You allow the doctor to treat him in a way that does not run into long-term problems.

What happens when your finger is swollen but not broken?

It will break in blue or purple, but if it hurts, go to the school nurse and she or he will give you a splint and your parents will pick you up and bring you to the ER room where the emergency room is and they will give you x- ray See

Casting a broken finger?

If you have a broken finger, you can see a doctor, but it is difficult to get it on your fingers. You just need to keep your finger relaxed and try not to bump or use it as soon as possible. You can rap with another finger to help keep it stable and hopefully over time it will heal.

What are you doing for a broken toe?

Take him to the emergency center, not the hospital, because he won’t take care of you ONLY EMERGENCY CARE.

Are my fingers broken?

Of course there is no one who can give you good information about this. You should see your doctor.

Why are your fingers trembling after a broken wrist?

most likely because your body has gone into shock, and since your fingers are the closest joints to injury, they also react completely normal.

What does a doctor do when a finger is broken?

They examine your hand and finger. They then take X-rays to confirm if there is a fracture.Depending on what type of fracture they put on their fingers. some fractures require surgery.

What is “Karl Sandburg” “The Man with the Broken Finger”?

This was a commentary on the brutality of Nazi Germany and the price good people had to pay for not cooperating with the Gestapo and for abandoning the people who opposed them.

How do you survive school with two broken fingers?

Well, you should definitely see a doctor first to make sure your fingers are broken or not.Then you should get small rolls for them, which can be found in most “medical zone” stores. If you are right and 2 fingers that are broken on the right hand (or the left hand and they are broken on the left), writing is going to be quite difficult (although you can probably still type).

Or, if you have a broken finger on each hand, it will be easier to write than with two broken fingers on one hand. But if your broken fingers are the opposite of your written hand, you should be fine (And you should either play sports or be careful about them ((which you should also do with any other cases I have listed above that may happen to you ))).

So how do you get through school? Ask your teacher to excuse you for sports by asking your parents to write a note. For handwriting exercises, you should probably ask your teacher if he / she puts your handwritten papers aside to work later until your fingers heal (then you don’t have to imagine horrible handwriting).

For anything else you need to write drawing or paint, ask your teacher if you can enter words on the computer instead of writing (for drawing or drawing, try using your other hand, or have your teacher put it aside like handwriting Work).If your teacher refuses to do any of this, you just need to worry about it.

Note. If you have broken fingers in front of your writing hand, you won’t need to ask your teacher anything other than to apologize for the manual lessons.

How do you feel about a broken little finger?

Now I know this may sound silly, but what you need to do is take 2 small pieces of board, thin. Place them on either side of your finger.Use some duct tape and tape them together. Let them stay this way for about 3 weeks. Hope this helped!

How can you help the heel of a crushed or broken toe?

It needs to sew to heal better to keep it straight, protected and still. Two tongue blades on each side of the finger and then wrapped with tape will help a lot.

Can you move your broken finger?

Depends on your pain tolerance, where the break is, and what do you mean by moving it.Trying to get the limb to bend between the joints is the classic way of checking for fractures, so yes, a broken toe can be moved, but it will be painful. When it comes to – say, making a fist with a broken finger – well, you can hardly twist it for real, b / c pain.

But you might as well move a little.

Could your fingers look normal and break?

if you’re crying and your fingers are breaking like it’s inappropriate, start him up and go to the hospital, if it hurts to move him on all the tires in the position he’s in, don’t try to throw him back on yourself if you can look normal but if you see a small figure, come in, don’t wait for me to get worse, I waited about 2-3 hours for brooks to get worse when you go to the hospital after they do xray that they are numb with their finger hospitals do not like denver health i normally go to the children’s hospital for everything but it was the weekend and i knew where they would be busy so i went to dx they didn’t numb my finger before they block it they suggest doing it …

What to do with a broken finger?

Go to the doctors, they will obviously give you a splint. Before that, you can use two lolly sticks and a medical tape to create your own splint, this is what I did when I broke my finger.

How can you tell if your finger is broken or broken without an X-ray?

Palpation is a term applied to the use of the hands to sense injury or otherwise aid in medical diagnosis. A break is fairly easy to detect when a person with experience makes a call.The fracture is not easy to find. And palpation can hurt. It might be wiser to get the trauma that someone who professionally does it is looking at.

Of course, in case of a break, it would be better if he set the MD to avoid complications, and end up with a relatively good working figure after all is said and done.

How can you tell if your fingers are broken?

You can tell that your finger is broken by noticing that you hear the cracking of the bones of your fingers and notice that blood is coming out.

How can you tell if your finger is broken or stuck?

Difficult to say. A shattered toe is usually very painful and difficult or completely unable to move. The only definite way to say is to have an Xray. but you can check the following signs to see if it is a fracture or dislocation: 1. TREND ON THE SITE 2. PAIN. 3. SETTLEMENT 4.


How can I remove the Broken needle from my finger?

yes the best way to iz be ta get the amount of tweezers n gently remove it pullin he must obizit the way he entered.

How do I fix a broken finger?

Broken fingers should be monitored for swelling and circulation. If everything is fine and the bones are still aligned, then the doctor can use an asplint to keep the finger still, tying it to the adjacent finger until it heals on its own.