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How to avoid queefs: How To Avoid Queefing During Sex: Your 3-Step Guide


How To Avoid Queefing During Sex: Your 3-Step Guide

First up, let’s get one thing straight: queefing is totally normal. Shawna Scott, owner of sex store Sex Siopa confirms it: “We need to accept and own our queefing as an unavoidable fact of life. It happens when air that is trapped in the vagina during intercourse is released, and the sound is a result of the vibrations of the air passing through it,” she explains. “Unlike anuses, our vaginas have no sphincter muscles to control or hold air in, so it happens involuntarily.”

See? Totally naturally, but if you’re a tad self conscious or (eek!) getting down to it with a new fella, it can feel a little awkward to say the least. Luckily, if you’re worried your lady garden might let one loose there are a few things you can do about it.

1. Switch positions

For the super self conscious, it can be comforting to know that there are certain positions that are less likely to lead to an awkward queef moment. Girl-on-top, missionary and spooning are all safe bets, while doggy-style is the worst queef-causing offender. The more you know, eh?

2. Change the motion

It’s your guy’s pumping motion that can lead to air getting trapped inside your vagina, and cause that awkward toot. You’ll want to switch to a slow grind to avoid it. Bonus point: that’s also great news for your clitoris.

3. You can, er, let the air out

There’s a simple maneuver that will help move trapped air along a little more subtly. Simply insert a finger inside your vagina between positions or during intercourse. It will help the air escape, without the noise.

Still having issues? Shawna says “Own it! Anyone who has a serious problem with queefing has no business being in your vag in the first place!” We hear ya, sista.


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Queefing Is Natural And Nothing To Be Embarrassed By


Vagina fart or cooter toot, no matter what you call them, queefs happen. When they happen during sex, it can be embarrassing. But as mortifying as it is, queefing during sex totally normal.

Just so we’re clear, a queef isn’t actually a vaginal fart. A fart is a result of bacterial gut activity. A queef happens when air gets caught in your vagina. Your vagina isn’t a wind tunnel; it has folds called rugae. Think of it like when you put a sticker on and find an air pocket. If you push on the pocket, air will come out. So when an object (finger, sex toy, penis) is continuously entering the vaginal canal, it traps air in there. Upon removal, your vagina makes a sound you can only compare to a deflating balloon. No matter when it happens (and queefs happen anytime), it’s awkward. But when it happens during sex, it can be super awkward.

Queefs happen to me all of the time. I call myself “Sir Queefs A lot” because they just randomly escape. Especially during sex. Seriously, I have so many stories about queefing during sex I could be here for hours. Full disclosure, I’m in a relationship with a woman and don’t engage in hetero sex. Sometimes that means there’s a higher likelihood of air getting into my vagina. At this point, my partner and I just laugh whenever it happens. You can let it derail your sexy time, but why? It’s mainly just noise, and while it’s distracting, it’s harmless. If you feel like you must acknowledge it, don’t spend a lot of time harping on it.

Bodies are weird in general. But somehow sex manages to exacerbate all of those weird things. Queefs are definitely one of the weirdest things that can happen during sex. Because you’re really in the moment and then you hear that “pffttt,” which can totally take you out of it. Not to mention, they feel kind of weird. Knowing that they’re totally normal is reassuring, but that doesn’t mean it’s not weird. I remember once during sex, my vag was doing rapid fire queefs. At first, I was so embarrassed, even though my partner is well aware of my vaginal toots. But after the like, third one, she just started laughing. Then I started laughing, which totally made me feel better.

Fun fact: if you’ve had a baby (or several), you’re more likely to queef during sex. As we know, pregnancy and childbirth can make your pelvic floor weaker. Doing pelvic floor exercises can help, but they will not make your cooter shooter toot-proof. You should also be aware that if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, you may be more prone to queefing. Remember, more folds of skin down there, more chances for air to hide.

“Some women are more prone to queefing than others,” Tamika K. Cross, M.D., FACOG, a board certified OB/GYN based in Houston, TX tells Cosmopolitan. She adds that the shape and length of a person’s vaginal canal can make a difference to their queef frequency. And vaginal lubrication is a factor too. So if you tend to have a wetter vagina during arousal, you’ll likely hear that poot poot more often.

In the same article, Dr. Vanessa Cullins, the vice president of external medical affairs at Planned Parenthood shared another helpful tidbit. “Your vagina also expands when you’re turned on, which makes more room for air.” See? Queefs are science, not something to be embarrassed by.

Remember, queefs during sex aren’t something you can avoid. Unlike a fart, you can’t hold in a queef. It’s coming whether you like it or not. But if you want to be mindful of your cooter toots, there are certain positions you might want to steer clear of. Basically any position where your pelvis is lifted makes you a queef target. So if you like doing it on your hands and knees? Might want to skip it. That position is just asking air to get in your vagina. Trust me, I know from experience.

Once I was on my hands and knees while my partner used her fingers. It got quite enthusiastic, and when she pulled them out? My vagina let out the longest, wettest queef ever. Talk about a deflating balloon! And you know what? It was no big deal. We actually had a good long laugh about it. It’s still something we talk about because of its hilarity. You can’t take yourself seriously when that happens.

Another time, I let one out with my partner’s head in between my legs. Talk about embarrassing. Again, things were getting enthusiastic and I felt it happening. Remember, increasing vaginal lubrication makes it more likely you’ll let one rip. The only thing I could do was tell my vag to get it together in between laughing fits.

You shouldn’t worry about queefing during sex. Yes, it can be awkward, but if this is your long term partner, who cares? Chances are they’ve seen you do worse. Really, it’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal. It can actually be a compliment to your partner (or yourself because queefs happen solo too). Sex in general is weird and messy and sometimes noisy. Let’s be honest, there are worse sounds during sex than the sound of a whoosh of air coming out of your vagina.

However, if you’re really feeling uncomfortable about queefing during sex, just talk about it with your partner. Chances are they don’t mind at all. “I think it’s better to just quickly acknowledge it and laugh it off,” sex therapist Vanessa Marin tells HuffPost. “That way you don’t have to sit there thinking about it, anxiously wondering whether or not your partner heard it.”

Queefs during sex happen. Embarrassing as they are, there’s no way you can stop them from happening. So instead of freaking out and letting it mess up your good time, lean into it. Laugh at yourself! Make a good joke. Hell, you can just make the same sound if you can feel it coming. Sex is supposed to be a fun time!

Queefing – Gynie

Queefing. UGH! What is it, how do I get it to stop??

Potentially one of the most embarrassing thing that can possibly happen in a silent yoga class has just happened to you. Good news is that you don’t have to quit yoga, but you can quit queefing, during yoga, headstand and sex. We will explain!

Firstly, don’t worry, it’s completely normal for women of all ages to experience this. It has nothing to do with what you ate last night, nor does it have anything to do with farting at all.

In a recent study we conducted with Cal Poly Pomona we found that 43% of women wished they had more control over “queefing”. Moral of the story you aren’t alone, and many women are struggling to find a solution.

In the most simple explanation, queefing happens when your vagina sucks in a bunch of air and then blows it back out. It especially happens during classes like Yoga and Pilates- because when your hips are in the air changing positions, it makes it a lot easier for air to get inside, however that is – only if your pelvic floor muscle is not engaged.

Here at Gynie, you know we stand for being an open place to talk about building strong pelvic floor muscles and helping you learn AND understand what is happening in your body. So we are going to do just that for you!

When you enter your vagina, have you ever noticed the ridges? These ridges are called rugae – and are what causes the air to get trapped into your vagina when it expands in size (during sex), or even when you change yoga positions.

The pelvic floor muscle plays a big part in your posture, core, as well as in daily activities like walking and stretching. By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles you are able to effectively squeeze and draw the muscle upward – which also engages and stabilizes the core.

The trick is to not mindlessly squeeze the vagina shut – but to engage your body and mind to focus on the muscle. Focus on holding the muscle up while changing Yoga positions, and slowly release once you are settled. Remember: it is much easier to prevent air from going inside the vagina in the first place – than to stop it from coming out once it is already in there.

Using a product like Gynie can help you gain consciousness of the PC muscle so you can engage it at any time you want, during sex or exercise or laughing or coughing.

With these tips, you end up working towards strengthening your PC muscle and having a great workout with a queefing-free yoga session!

“It’s talking to you, Daddy”: How to explain your vagina’s auditory abilities

The term “queefing” refers to the expulsion of trapped air from the vagina that occurs during sex—and unfortunately, it sounds an awful lot like farting.

But as Dr. Susan Block reminds us, “Queefing is very often a sign that the sex you’re having is really hot. It usually happens when you’re pumping away,” adding, “It’s a sign of loss of control. Most women don’t want to do it, it just kind of happens.”

But sometimes, the idea of rapid thrusting and hot sex isn’t enough to counteract the penis-shrinking power of the queef. Queefing, while perfectly harmless, startles some and shames others. Not even doctors get the full scoop on the situation during training. “We don’t devote any education to this in residency, but I tell patients it’s a very normal thing,” Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale Medical School, told Women’s Health.

But if you really want to avoid queefing during sex, there are ways. Switching up positions can help. Porn star Casey Calver told Cosmopolitan that missionary, spooning or cowgirl are good positions to keep queefs at bay. “Doggy-style and the pile driver are more likely to result in queefs.

Block says, “The positions where the male is doing the driving are probably more likely to make it happen.”

There’s also the idea of going slow, grinding rather than thrusting, or placing a finger in the vagina when changing positions. “This will let the air out more subtly before it can come out as a queef,” Cosmopolitan reports.

But what if those physical solutions simply don’t do the trick? What if you’re just a queefer and your partner can’t get into that? As Block explains, “You can’t help if you’re turned off by certain things about a person that you discover when you have sex with them.”

If a woman finds herself in this situation, it’s probably best to explain what’s going on. No one wants a fart-themed surprise sneaking up on her. And the approach in delivering that information is important.

“When you’re dealing with something unfamiliar that comes up with sex, if your partner is embarrassed, is humiliated, is self conscious, then you’re going to think it’s a bad thing,” says Block.

There are women who get shy, embarrassed by the auditory abilities of the vagina. And then there are women who take a more brazen approach, the ones who recover more quickly, the ones who Richard Pryor once joked are more likely to respond with something like, “It’s talking to you, Daddy.” When it comes to matters of sex, confidence is often contagious and humor appreciated.

Block suggests we try to reframe the way we think about the queef. “I have talked to many [male] clients where it was an issue, and then it wasn’t an issue, because they didn’t know what it was.” She added, “It’s about loss of pussy control. Get turned on by that.”

It’s not a bad goal to turn what isn’t a natural turn-on into one.

Not everyone is so shy about queefing. Some people are downright enthusiastic about it. How else can we explain things like queef fetish forums, queef championships and queef-themed pornography? In her 2013 song, “Queef,” Awkwafina incorporates the proud line, “You need to embrace your queefing. You can’t be scared of it anymore. It’s gonna save the world.”

Block revealed, “I think most people are not turned on by it. But some people are. I actually get clients who ask me how to get their wives and girlfriends to do it. Or if they’re single, they ask how they can find a woman who can do it on command.”

Block says, “You know, some guys are turned off by female ejaculation. It’s a little bit like that. You’ve just got to let that pussy go where it’s going to go when it really opens up,” she added. “Queefing is what happens when a pussy isn’t just a container for male sexuality, for male energy. There’s this idea of that ‘quiet vagina,’ the vagina that doesn’t squirt, that doesn’t make noise, that’s just there for your cock. Well, no. This vagina expresses itself.”

Of course, if that doesn’t work for you, you can always try turning up the music.

Carrie Weisman is an AlterNet staff writer who focuses on sex, relationships and culture. Got tips, ideas or a first-person story? Email her.  

My partner’s constant queefing is driving me to avoid sex: Ask Ellie

Q: I’ve been seeing her for six months. We get along well; our sex life was great.

But in recent months, whenever we’re intimate, she has vaginal flatulence (known informally as a “queef”) frequently.

We’d laugh it off but it now happens two- to three-dozen times whenever we’re intimate. I’m uncomfortable performing oral sex on her anymore as I’m finding the sounds too distracting.

I’ve consulted with a psychologist who suggested I have something called misophonia. While it helped me understand why I feel the way I do around certain sounds, I’m unsure how to approach my partner.

Every time we’re intimate I get driven away. It’s leading me to find excuses as to why we can’t have sex.

I’m lost as to how to approach this now. If the sounds are going to continue to affect my mental health and lead to us having a sexless relationship, is it better for me to let her go?

We’ve explored the idea of counselling but it’s something out of her control so I’m not sure what to do.

A: If a woman has vaginal flatulence, why would you go to a psychologist in advance of her going to a gynecologist, and asking the important first question: What’s happening down there?

And if there’s no apparent physical reason from her inner workings, then both of you could ask a sex therapist if anything’s happening during your sex play and procedures to cause this reaction.

The fact that you don’t like the “noise” is natural. It’s distracting from the healthy act of making love with someone you otherwise truly enjoy.

But unless you both investigate the source of the problem together, it leaves each of you being wrongfully blamed — her, for something she can’t control, and you, for being averse to it.

I could’ve avoided using this question because some readers will find it more than they wished to know. But that would be unfair to you, your girlfriend and countless other women to whom this vaginal flatulence occurs. Especially, when the simple explanation is that the sounds come from the release of odourless air that’s been (unknowingly) trapped in the vagina.

Dr. Sherry A. Ross, author of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Health. Period, explains, “It happens when a penis, fingers, or sex toy go in and out of the vagina, bringing additional air along with it,” says Dr. Ross.

“Sex can involve a lot of thrusting of the penis in and out of the vagina, typically pushing extra air into a dead-end space. Inserting tampons, diaphragms and menstrual cups can also push air into the vagina leading to queefing.”

Other causes include certain forms of exercise such as yoga and stretching, which potentially open and stretch out the vagina.

So, now you both know and hopefully other women and men engaging in healthy sex will look for logical answers to awkward moments, instead of feeling something is “wrong” with them or the relationship.

But what about the suggested diagnosis that you have misophonia? It’s a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses that others might perceive as unreasonable.

According to Harvard Health Publishing online, it affects some worse than others and can lead to isolation, as people with this condition try to avoid these trigger sounds.

Contact the Misphonia Association. Cognitive behaviour therapy has had some success helping improve reactions.

Better that you two each get fully informed rather than end an otherwise good relationship.

Ellie’s tip of the day

When something’s new/odd/disturbing about your physical or mental health, seek experienced professional help.

EXPERT ADVICE. IN YOUR INBOX: Sign up for the Star’s advice newsletter, get the latest on relationships, etiquette and more.

Ellie Tesher is an advice columnist for the Star and based in Toronto. Send your relationship questions via email: [email protected]

4 things you need to know about queefing or vaginal farts

Here’s what queefing, a vaginal fart or flatulence really is and how to deal with it if and when it happens. .

Written by Anuradha Varanasi | Updated : June 20, 2016 10:15 AM IST

1 / 5

4 Things You Need To Know About Queefing Or Vaginal Farts

While you’re having a passionate love-making session with your partner, you’re suddenly faced with an awkward situation – your vagina made an awkward sound that was very similar to a bad case of flatulence. However, it was just a queef! Doctors say it happens only because of air that got trapped in your vagina. Unlike passing gas from your behind, this is completely odourless. Here are four things you need to know about queefing.

2 / 5

It Can Happen While Having Sex In Any Position

It can happen while having sex in any position: The air tends to get trapped inside your vagina due to vigorous thrusting of the penis and in some cases, just can’t be avoided. However, you’re most likely to queef while trying the doggy-style position as compared to others, so if possible, avoid that.

3 / 5

It Is Completely Natural And There’s No Reason To Worry About Your Health

It is completely natural and there’s no reason to worry about your health: Queefing is completely natural and unlike expelling gas from your anus, it has nothing to do with what you’ve eaten. If it has happened to you, there is no reason to worry as it does not mean you have any underlying health problem.

4 / 5

You Could Queef Even While Exercising

You could queef even while exercising: During certain exercises like crunches, squats and even while attempting yoga poses, you could end up queefing. Every woman has gone through this at some point or the other!

5 / 5

Just Laugh It Off

Just laugh it off: Most women feel very embarrassed after queefing because unfortunately, it sounds a lot like gas coming out of the anus. Instead of feeling ashamed or embarrassed, understand that it is natural and normal and no big deal. Simply laugh it off along with your partner and continue enjoy having sex!

Vaginal Farts: How To Stop Queefing?

Q: My vagina makes embarrassing sounds when I’m making love, or sometimes when walking. What is wrong with me?

Vaginal wind, queefing, vaginal flatus, vaginal farts can be very embarrassing, but they are a normal occruance that no one talks about. Usually noisy vaginas are just a matter of cause and effect. If you push air in, it has to come out. And, as it escapes, it makes that sound. 

Sometimes this can happen immediately after the air’s been pushed in, sometimes it can be a while later with laughing, coughing or walking, when press with your abdominal muscles/diaphragm and force the air out.

Vaginas aren’t quiet during these activities because they involve air being pushed inside you. During sex, a pelvic exam, if you’re inserting a cap, cup, or tampon, a female condom. even while doing exercise like Pilates, you might suck air into the vagina and experience this vaginal wind.

This phenomenon can also happen after certain medical treatments for the female reproductive system. Vaginal wind could also be related to pelvic floor problems, caused by childbirth for example.

How to quieten the queef?

If you want to reduce vaginal wind during sex, avoid lots of deep and fast penetration. Also, oral sex that includes blowing air into the vagina is not recommended in this case.

If you haven’t had sex before, or not had sex for a while, you may notice your vagina can be particularly windy – which can feel awkward when you have a new partner.

It’s worth remembering while some people are shocked by vaginal farts, others are turned on by them. So, the main message here is to understand that this is a natural occurence, and you can use this for the benefit of your partner’s ego, by saying for example: “See, my vagina is screaming of happiness”

When to worry?

Vaginal farts are very normal and not a sign there’s something wrong with you. However, seek medical advice if you have vaginal or abdominal pain during and after sex, notice y our vagina smells bad, or there’s an unusual discharge, like blood, urine, or stools.

Vaginal wind is not a sign of:

– Infidelity

– Poor genital hygiene

– Having a sexually transmitted infection 

– Having had multiple partners

If a partner dislikes it or believes it’s a sign there’s something bad about you, this says more about their lack of awareness than it does about you.

So what to do when it happens during sex?

Now that you and your partner know the science behind vaginal farts, if it happens, just Shake it off, carry on and ignore it , or just laugh about it and say: “She says thank you!” 🙂 All the best.

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90,000 Oh god, I farted! 15 Confessions That Will Scar You / Girl Talk

It’s no secret that people have this nasty secret that we all try to hide. People farts, but it is in everyone’s best interest that this natural and normal body function remains a mystery. Bloating is not always predictable or controllable, but it is often embarrassing and can sometimes be traumatic for both the gas offender and the unforeseen victim of an airborne substance. If you need to throw a stinker, they usually try to retreat for a moment into solitude, but not everyone has this advantage.

Wherever you stand on the topic of farts – disgust, entertainment, interest – we are sure that you will find some form of entertainment from several of these very real confessions of farts wrong.For some of these anonymous spouses, our hearts just have to turn to them because they will never forget their public exhalations ..

So if you read about the misfortunes of others, we have fifteen hand-picked benchmark stories to help spark shock or conversation with your fellow readers. But don’t laugh or judge too much, because something like this might happen to you one day. Moreover, if you have ever been the victim of a mysterious atomic bomb, please feel free to share your experience with us as a comment on FB! ?

15 You Can’t Hide From This

This is the worst nightmare of everyone when it comes to gas passage.You always hope that you can do it discreetly, but sometimes your body and environment work against you, revealing your secret and the smell of what you had at dinner last night, all at once. If you are surrounded by people who scoff at such filthy bodily functions, it is a humiliating experience that makes you feel like your pride is being hit right in the fart hole. This is the hardest part when you struggle to hold it during a meeting or presentation, only to take all the attention away from the speaker.Just dive into your seat, buddy. The silence is golden, but the loud bunches are unforgettable.

14 Not your average wake-up call

Some farts have the ability to permanently scratch others. Whether it’s the smell or the unexpected noise that rattles them, a really good fart (or a bad fart, no matter how you want to look at it) is able to affect the people around you without causing a decent laugh. For this woman, the noise hit her so hard that she had a panic attack! Now this is one of the prime examples of cheese slicing! While it’s never fun to cause anxiety, it’s a little fun to know that something as simple as farting can hit someone’s nerves so badly.We’re sure this guy laughed at the expense of his girlfriend, and maybe he also had to fix it somehow.

13 Laughing Dock

Sometimes there are people with medical conditions that cause their stomachs to bubble from the inside and release gas more often than others and, as a result, cannot control their production. Most healthcare professionals tend to shrug off these symptoms and continue to treat their patients, but some can’t help but succumb to the timely smelly humor.If the patient also cannot find laughter between the butt, we are almost sure that the doctor is clean. Otherwise, we feel very bad for both the doctor and the embarrassed patient right now. The last thing anyone wants when they are being treated for their condition is to laugh at them. What a long road to recovery they are waiting for.

12 that escalated quickly

Oh boy! Heaven forbids a woman to expel gas in the presence of a man. Horror! We can’t even imagine what this guy would do if he found out that she too defecates on a regular one too.Unfortunately, even the most cautious of girlfriends tend to slip through from time to time. We’re not all perfect, and sometimes we have a bad day in our bowels that even the best of us can’t control. If a guy can’t accept – or even a 90,069 tolerant – from his girlfriend, he still doesn’t deserve her. In fact, he doesn’t deserve to be with any woman! He needs a serious reality check and a visit to a room full of women who will simply let him break, giving him a hearty dose of justice for his misogynistic remarks.

11 Reptile

As strange as it sounds, this is even more than strange and inconvenient to experience such a mobile fart. If your poisonous air has nowhere to go (for example, when your backdrop is firmly planted in a cozy place), you can be sure that it will find a place to crawl out to. As it moves towards the front of your genitals, you become tickled and at the same time fidget about your gas making contact with your front. This is one of the reasons why people so often lift their prey to the side when they rip it up, rather than want to avoid the noise of rapidly blown air falling onto a hard surface.It’s hard to be a woman, even when it comes to farts.

10 When you forget where you are

When you are in your own little world, thanks to a pair of headphones and some immersive jams, your surroundings can get blurry, and your personal space becomes the only environment you know about. Even though you are trapped in this little bubble, it is easy to believe that your tiny token will be held back by your own awareness, but you won’t be surprised when you realize that you are not alone.Being around others after a conspicuous and embarrassing bitch isn’t something you can bounce back from. The damage is done, and you no longer have the luxury of fleeing to your little world to hide from the faces of disgust and shock. They know. You know. Better to just move at this point.

9 Aaa, Memories

Oh dear. It’s a shame. Losing your virginity is embarrassing enough that you went ahead and farted to truly spice up the embarrassment of the situation. Hopefully your first partner understood or at least ignored this and continued to relive the moment.It probably seemed like an eternity for one tense minute. If nothing else, this is a heck of a first memory that you and your future partner can laugh about later. There’s a lot going on when your excitement finally gets a chance to flourish, so don’t be discouraged. The bodies are weird, and it’s a little awkward to start intimacy with someone for the first time . Even after years of experience.

8 Time to download Tinder

What a pity! This girl only meets a potential soul mate when she goes and drops a bomb on him (not the one where she discovers that she is a divorced stripper).While this is a little embarrassing for both people, we hope that’s not the reason he didn’t call her back. Although we understand how someone can be scared by this random wind. It usually takes a lot of courtship and months of loosening the relationship before someone farts in the presence of their new love. This level of intimacy takes work before it becomes something the other person can brush off or even laugh at. So yeah, she went there quickly, and we’re pretty sure the guys said, “Hey, hush, woman.I’m in no hurry to settle!

7 An example of what psycho is like today

Nurp! Nuh-uh. This is the confession of a spoiled person. What the hell is he going to do about it when he manages to catch one of his girlfriend’s stinkers? Release it on her face? We’re surprised this guy is determined to win with such a bizarre feat. It’s so is not cool, or attractive . What exactly does he need proof? What is she farts? Of course she farts, that’s true for everyone, but why go to all the trouble of trying to reduce her flatulence? We will tell you now, this is not a good idea. It’s best to keep this jar for something useful, like spices or skittles, because your girlfriend will surely appreciate it compared to your weird fart fetish ..

6 Honest mistake

Girlfriends are always the first to try to be careful and do their best longer when it comes to releasing our gases in front of our significant others. Men are usually the first to jump when they enter a new relationship, but women can get strong months if not years old .But when we slip, it often happens in a dream. Since we have no conscious control over the suppression of our bodily functions during sleep, our sphincters weaken and we finally expel what we have stored for such a long time. Unfortunately, this means that the partners we sleep with will experience our set aside, which definitely won’t be floral. Since it was an accident and your boyfriend’s reaction is so damn lively, there’s nothing you can do but laugh at it.

5 Food = Ruined

First of all, even if you know it will be quiet, you should never let out a fart while in the company of people who are having dinner. This is not only rude, but also borderline unsanitary. No one wants to breathe in the filthy odors of a stranger while enjoying a meal, especially if the room is not ventilated or especially spacious. Shudder. What a way to ruin the evening for everyone. Politely excuse yourself and ask for help in the privacy of the bathroom where it is most appropriate in a crowded place.We hope these glances in your direction were also faces of disgust and judgment, because you, an anonymous person, deserve to eat a fluffy sandwich.

4 Cruel and Unusual Way to Customize

Oh no, no! Seriously girl? He is mark are you doing it? We’re not sure how your boyfriend was raised, but you deserve a lot more respect to be the subject of his painful jokes. Just as we cold friends are about farting things, we have to say that they are 100% not sexy .Of course, we will still love you, despite your disgusting flatulence, but we do not want to celebrate this by being forced to inhale your putrid gases inhaled. It’s not funny. It’s humiliating. This confession doesn’t let us know what this girl thinks about this disturbing act, but we imagine that she is not too happy with her boyfriend’s actions. This is what men can do to their friends or brothers, but never involve the woman you care about in your cruel jokes.

3 “Other” fart

For all of you who are not familiar with the usual queef, this is a noise that sounds like a fart, but from your vajaya. Sometimes air gets in there and, well, it has to come out. Air is often all in her grill because it touched, uh, Other Items. As such, it’s no surprise that this chick would rather view her bodily exile as a fart rather than indulge in recreational activities that initially caused the buzz. Compared to queef, farting is the least embarrassing noise of the two (especially in the presence of family, which often downplays our real life prospects).Let’s keep this information away from people who could ruin your next family reunion.

2 O.M.G. Mental image!

As disgusting as it is to point or admit, this experience is too true. For some reason, women are more prone to diarrhea during menstruation. If the bloodshed for several days was not a nuisance enough, then having to deal with this little problem makes our monthly gift much worse. And this is all too true.Farting is unpredictable and can lead to additional clutter beyond the one we try to control every month. Women are quite rude, as well as all of them try to hide it. Our bodies just want to keep attacking our self-esteem on a regular basis, and we just have to endure that until menopause. Honestly, we’ll be fine with this life transition.

1 What a way to ruin the moment

Okay, buddy. We understand that mistakes can happen, but farting in intimate moments is not always forgiven, especially if your girlfriend is trying to relax and enjoy a semi-public moment of pleasure.We bet it doesn’t end with a happy girl. In fact, we’re pretty sure it ruined the whole erotic evening. There is nothing less sexy than smelling your partner’s coarse fumes as they sink underneath. It takes you straight out of the moment and is quite difficult to recover from. Next time, try to excuse yourself from the car to get the job done, and blame it on your bladder for your temporary absence. She will thank you for your courtesy and may even allow you to resume treatment.

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90,000 10 Tricky Tips to Prevent Pecking During Sex | Relationships

#inlove #couple #inbedwithbae # inbed Post by Jack Fudge (@pjackh) on Before we begin, let’s keep a moment of silence for all women who have queef during sex and are ashamed of it


Smart Tips to Avoid Queefing

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Before we begin, let’s have a moment of silence for all women who have queefed during sex and are ashamed this.Yes, queefing can be pretty unpleasant, but it shouldn’t suck all the joy out of your sex life. In fact, this is a completely natural and normal occurrence. Many women choose to embrace queefing as part of their sex life. Others learned enough to understand the signs of queefing, and skillfully prevented them altogether. There is a lot of talk and misconception when it comes to queeing. Some believe that this is a sign of pregnancy, others believe that yoga can suppress it.In any case, as long as people have intercourse, there will always be queefing. Therefore, it is important to learn a few tricks that you can use to keep it in check, that is, if you do not want to come to terms with it.

1. Prevent queeing by avoiding doggy style.

If you have normal, missionary intercourse, then you will definitely restrain queefing or even avoid it altogether. In this case, you will need to find other sex positions that do not involve leaning.Poses like doggy style shouldn’t be on the menu unless you’re willing to deal with a lot of air trapped in your vagina and ultimately embarrassing you. You can prevent queefing by making sure your vagina is not exposed while lying down during intercourse. Researching with your boo and practicing other positions will also prevent queef during sex. After reading this article, you can find other helpful tricks to help prevent queefing.

2.Narrowing the vaginal walls during sex can prevent queefing.

Pecking is a sign that a lot of air has entered the vagina during intercourse. You can do yourself a favor by tightening the vaginal walls during intercourse. This tip will help you avoid getting air into your vagina. And in the end, it will limit queefing, which we all know can be pretty awkward. Jealousy isn’t just about being pregnant or doing yoga. The point is, queefing is very natural.In fact, this happens to even the best women. So, while you will work very hard to keep this from happening, you will have to come to terms with it when it does. Air will always enter the vagina during intercourse. This means you shouldn’t stop yourself from enjoying good, mind-blowing sex just out of fear of queefing. Another important thing about narrowing the vaginal walls during sex is that it not only limits queefing, but also makes sex more sensual and enjoyable.

3. Restricting his elimination game will prevent queeing.

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It’s perfectly normal for people to get into sex, especially if it’s very hot and mind-blowing. Your boyfriend may end up blowing out so far that air is whipped into your open vagina. And when he sticks it back in, well, the queefing happens.If this ever happens, it is best to talk to your man about the injection. You can try to compress the walls as described above to not only prevent queefing, but also to limit the distance between shocks. Or ask him to pull out only part of the way after the push. This will make sex more sensual, preventing air from entering. Again, if queefing occurs, don’t berate yourself about it. It `s naturally.

4. Stick your finger inside so you don’t shake

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Once again, you don’t need to be pregnant or do a lot of yoga to experience queefing. As long as you are enjoying some amazingly wild sex or intercourse as some people call it, queefing is inevitable. Therefore, before changing position, it will be helpful for you to insert your finger into the vagina, and then shake it slightly to release the air. It would be nice to make it a habit, especially if you can’t get past the doggy pose. While inserting a finger into the vagina before changing positions will not completely eliminate queefing, it will still release a significant amount of air from the vagina, reducing the chances of queefing in general.

5. Don’t worry if you can’t prevent queef.

Again, queefing is normal. So if this ever happens, you have nothing to worry about. This is because it doesn’t mean anything. As long as your man fully understands queefing and its origins, then you’re fine, little one. But if you continue to worry about it, then queefing will happen more often than not, and each time you will become more embarrassed. But if you ignore the queef during intercourse and choose to focus on enjoying sex instead, then you will surely reduce queefing completely.I don’t know the science behind this, but ignoring it has been proven to reduce or prevent queefing. It could be a psychological problem. You know, you only attract what you think about – or something like that. On top of that, ignoring the awkward effects of queefing is also a sign of puberty.

6. If you go upstairs, you can prevent queefing.

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There are exactly the same positions as well When it comes to queefing, there are also those known to reduce or prevent queefing. So, whether you are pregnant or not, try to be on top. You will not regret it. Getting the upper hand over your man during sex will also give you more control during intercourse, making it awesome and completely free. And even if queefing is an important factor, you don’t have to worry too much about it, since you will be in control. You can also do yoga to make sure your Kegel muscles are strong enough to control your vagina during intercourse.Remember, the stronger your Kegel muscles, the less shaking there will be. And it goes without saying that sex will be mind-blowing at the same time.

7. Prevent queefing by limiting the use of sex toys.

I know this pill is quite difficult to swallow. But sometimes it can be a good idea to enjoy natural, normal sex if you want to prevent or limit queef. Sex toys, as enjoyable as they are, are notorious for trapping unwanted air in the vagina.Therefore, it would be a good idea to limit the use of sex toys, if you need them at all. And if you need to use them, then limit yourself to those that do not require penetration. For example, you can avoid queef altogether by not using dildos. Instead, you can use vibrators that excite your clitoris and the outer lips of your vagina. This way, you will be able to contain the queefing.

8. Make love slowly and lovingly.

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Queef is often a sign of rapid and aggressive intercourse.The problem with fast and rough sex is that you simply cannot control the thrusts, which leads to intense queefing. But if you and the little one decide to make slow, sensual love, then you will surely prevail in the war against queefing. Plus, if you ask me, slow and sensual sex always wins. Don’t believe me? Then how about giving it a try sometime before you disagree.

9. Deep penetration may cause tremors.

When sex is so sensual and arousing, it’s okay for your little one to go through with it. But this is likely to lead to intense discontent. This is not to say that deep penetration is bad! I mean, you can give shallow but effective shots that can be surprisingly arousing. Aside from being adorable and erotic, these shallow thrusts can also go a long way in preventing queefing. You can also avoid the queefe with a deep thrust. But the trick here is for your man to give slow, sensual thrusts that you can control.

10. Try to lie down during sex.

To say that a man will hold back the tremors than to do, since we all want to relax during sex. But if you want to have a really good time relaxing, then the best thing to do is try a spoon. This kind of sex is not energetic, but very, very sensual. It’s important to take the time to learn the art of the spoon.


So, this is it. Queef is not a sign of pregnancy or a phenomenon strictly related only to yoga.This is when air enters the vagina and this is completely normal! Sexual intercourse should be interesting and enjoyable. And in order for this to happen, you will have no choice but to talk about everything related to sex, including queefing. You and your partner need to talk about queefing and find a long-term solution together. If you just can’t give up on doggy sex, then you need to find better ways to curb queefing. Feel free to use all of the above methods that will give you the opportunity to enjoy sex without stopping.At the end of the day, it’s important for you to accept the fact that this is completely normal. In fact, queefing only shows that your vagina is normal and you have nothing to be ashamed of. So, if you feel like you are in awe during sex, you can laugh at it, and not be ashamed of it. A little booze shouldn’t ruin your incredibly healthy sex life!

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