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How to find your aura color: Aura Colors and Meanings – How to Find and Understand Your Aura

Aura Colors and Meanings – How to Find and Understand Your Aura

If you’re inclined to believe in spiritual forces, you already know that an aura is the invisible energy field that surrounds each of our bodies. Impacting this energy are our feelings and moods, so it is an ever-shifting entity.

And when we refer to aura colors, we mean the hues associated with those changing energy fields. Typically, our auras are a mix of multiple colors, with one more prominent than the rest.

“Our bodies emit energetic frequencies — that’s why you can feel good vibes,” explain the twins Emily and Jessica Leung, healers who go by Love Twintuitives. “We are all literally walking mood rings. A person may have a more inherent base aura color based upon their personality, but it’s a snapshot of the moment of your emotional state.”

Spiritual expert Audrey Hope adds, “An aura is the vibration we are at, kind of like a sound octave or a musical note. Our auras change at different times depending on our spiritual level, our feelings, our traumas, and what we are giving out to the world.”

She explains that each chakra wheel in our body is associated with a unique color. Starting at the root chakra, these colors go from red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, to indigo, to violet.

“If we are sad or depressed, there will be darker colors on our aura readings,” she explains. “If we are living in a shiny, light framework, then golden light will be felt by all who come in contact.”

How to find your aura color

To figure out your own aura color, you can seek a spiritual advisor who will interpret your aura in the process of a reading. You can also take a photograph that will reveal your aura colors, with a special camera known as a Kirlian camera, Hope says.

Ahead, here’s a deeper look into the meaning of aura colors across the rainbow to help guide you as you explore your spiritual journey.

Aura colors and their meanings:


As Hope notes, red is the color of the root chakra, which pertains to the way our physical bodies connect to the physical realm around us. People with this dominant aura color are fearless and bold, with a natural inclination to enjoy life in the form of adventures and experiences in their physical space.

People with red-dominant auras don’t typically fear “death, birth, over-indulgence, sensuality, or adrenaline-inducing activities,” according to Aura Aura, the platform for Detroit-based conceptual artist and energetics researcher Eileen Lee. Red-dominant people are typically bold, passionate, and not inclined to deny physical pleasures.

The presence of murky or dark red within an aura can suggest ongoing frustration, trauma, or burnout.


Lighter pink, which corresponds to the heart chakra, is rarer among aura colors. It’s generally associated with people who are tender, kind, sensitive, and gentle with others. Pink-dominant people are committed to notions about romantic love, and focus on sustaining these sparks in their relationships. These people are likelier to work in creative fields. They have a soothing, healing way about them that naturally comforts others.


People with magenta-dominant auras tend to be unique and free spirited. Since this color combines red and blue, it corresponds to people who are both rooted in the physical realm (like red-dominant people) and also have the capacity for highly intuitive thinking (like blue), according to Aura Aura. Because of this blend, magenta people are often engaged in creative pursuits or professions. It’s an aura color associated with nonconformists — people who stay true to their own ideals and passions without distractions from others’ opinions.

The highest chakra is our spiritual connection to the highest source energy, the universe, the spirit,” Love Twintuitives explain. “If a person has a strong magenta aura, they are masters of spirituality.”


Associated with the sacral chakra is the aura color orange. This color connects with creative and sensual energy, and an orange-dominant person holds relationships in highest regard, prioritizing them and developing them easily. These people are natural collaborators and find pleasure and comfort in connection. These people might be world travelers or adventure seekers, imbued with dynamism, wanderlust, and energy. “If people have a strong orange aura, they are gifted creatives who are passionate about their art,” say Love Twintuitives.

Murky orange can mean an imbalance that stifles self expression.


Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and people with this as their dominant aura color tend to be self assured and confident. This naturally high self esteem contributes both to happiness as well as to leadership abilities, with infectious positivity and motivational charisma. Like the sun, these people glow with both joy and warmth.

A darker or murkier yellow aura could mean a tendency toward either self criticism or overconfidence, on the other side of the spectrum — a result of “operating too much from our ego-driven self,” according to Aura Aura.


Green is connected with the heart chakra. Accordingly, people who have green-dominant auras exude peace and love without conditions. These people have healing energy, and are naturally well inclined to heal themselves. “People with strong green auras are powerful healers and nurturers,” say Love Twintuitives.

This color represents people who are energetically well balanced, making time for both ambition as well as other people.

If a person’s green aura is dark or murky, it might indicate feelings of jealousy or victimhood.


Lighter blue aura is connected with the throat chakra, and the lighter the blue shade the more calm the energy. A person whose aura is dominated by this shade is naturally philosophical, expressive, and inclined to communicate transparently. Typically, these people are inclined to express these truths from a place of feelings, versus facts. “These expressive dreamers place a great importance on personal relationships. Honesty and clarity in communication is very important to them,” according to Aura Aura. “They love to gather and share wisdom and make great philosophers.”


The darker blue shade known as indigo is associated with the third-eye chakra. People with indigo auras are especially intuitive. “If a person has a strong indigo aura, they are highly intuitively connected and supernaturally psychically gifted seers,” Love Twintuitives say. They are empathetic, and are moved to act more by feelings than facts. They are spontaneous and thrive on connection.

Dark or murky indigo can suggest a break from intuition or a phase marked by judgment. “The third eye blinded would have severe emotional and mental instability,” Love Twintuitives say.


Purple, or violet, is associated with the crown chakra. As such, it connects to dreams as well as higher consciousness. People with auras in this color have strong personalities, possessing a personal magnetism, ambition, and a natural leadership quality. They are driven by the pull to act on their larger purpose. Candid communicators, they thrive on connection. “If a person has a strong purple aura, they are intuitively divinely connected,” Love Twintuitives say.


Connected with the soul chakra, white is the aura color associated with only a small number of people: those who have “transcended the limitations of the physical realm,” according to Aura Aura, which estimates there might be just a few of these people alive. They have no issues with their health or mental energy. It’s the color of compassion and unconditional love.

“Angels look like they have wings, but it’s actually their auras that humans perceive as wings,” Love Twintuitives explain. “Likely why white is symbolic of angelic beings.”

More common are people who have white among a collection of colors in their aura. Such indicates someone who’s in a particularly receptive and pure state.

When a white aura looks cloudy, it could suggest a person in a state of waiting or seeking.

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Aura Colors & Their Meanings: How To Interpret Your Aura

Here’s a breakdown of each aura color and what they mean, plus how to figure out yours—and other people’s.

  • Red: energetic and fiery
  • Orange: creative, action-oriented, and positive
  • Yellow: sunny, charismatic, and confident
  • Green: loving, compassionate, and nurturing
  • Pink: kind, caring, and loving
  • Blue: powerful, insightful, and flowing
  • Purple: intuitive and empathic
  • Indigo: sensitive and empathic
  • White: pure, wise, and spiritually connected
  • Black: tired and low
  • Rainbow: busy, energized, and confident

How to figure out your aura color

Unless you happen to be someone who sees auras visually, you’re probably wondering how you can actually figure out what color your aura is. There are places you can get your aura photographed during an aura reading, and you can also take our quick aura quiz to get a sense of your soul shade.

To test your visual abilities, you can try to spot it yourself by gazing softly at somewhere on your body, or rubbing your hands together, slowly pulling them apart, and seeing if colors appear. The more you practice this, the better you will become at seeing the energetic field around your body.


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How to see another person’s aura

The same principles here apply as above: if you want to see someone else’s aura, first, know you’ll have to stare at them a bit. Hold your gaze on them steadily until you start to see the glow around their body, and whether it’s a certain color. It’s really that simple, though not everyone may be able to see auras as clearly.

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11 aura colors and their meanings


If you have red in your aura, you are likely an energetic and fiery person, according to aura reader Rachelle Terry. Red auras indicate someone who is “quick at putting thoughts into actions” and “doesn’t read instruction manuals.”

Each of the seven chakras is also associated with a color, so understanding the chakra colors helps when deciphering auras. For example, red relates to the root chakra, and if you’re seeing a decent amount of red, it means your root chakra is stable and unblocked.


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An orange aura is related to the sacral chakra, which deals with creativity and sexual energy. Orange in the aura may then indicate flowing creative energy.

Additionally, Terry notes that if orange shows up in your aura, it might mean you “tend to learn lessons from experience rather than theory” and “often have to learn things the hard way.”


As you might have guessed with this cheery color, yellow auras signify someone who is sunny and charismatic, Terry says. They may also have a magnetic personality that attracts lots of different people.

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, which deals with your identity and confidence. Yellow in your aura, then, is a good sign that you’re feeling confident and empowered.


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Green is one color associated with the heart chakra, so it relates to matters of the heart: love for yourself and others, compassion, and forgiveness.

If you have green in your aura, Terry notes you probably love “music, nature, and not being tied down.” Because a green aura indicates a particularly open heart, Terry adds there may be a tendency to be easily influenced by one’s environment or other people, making boundaries important for this aura color.


If there’s pink in your aura (the other color, along with green, associated with the heart chakra), Terry says you likely live from the heart. You’re “kind, caring, and loving.”

Similar to green, seeing pink is a sign that your heart chakra is open and receptive. Celebrate your kind and compassionate nature, but remember the need for boundaries.


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Blue in someone’s aura is a sign of a powerful mind—but one that might be a bit in the clouds. Those with lots of blue in their aura “operate more in the mental realms” and need to remember to ground themselves, Terry says. But they can also be very insightful.

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, governing expression and truth. If your throat chakra is clear and flowing, the blue in your aura would signify outward expression of the insights you hold inside.


Purple auras get a lot of attention because this is the color associated with strong intuition and sensitivity, and great mental depths, according to Terry.

Purple is the color of the third-eye chakra, which deals with intuition. If you have purple in your aura, you may have some psychic, empathic, or intuitive abilities.


According to aura reader and medium Megan Michaela Firester (aka Mystic Michaela), an indigo aura often indicates a highly sensitive and empathic person. “When I see an indigo aura on a person,” Michaela tells mbg, “immediately I know they are someone who absorbs thoughts, feelings, emotions, and traumas of others.”

And the darker the indigo aura, the more sensitive the person, she adds, noting “Darker shades of indigo indicate a saturation of this ability and an overwhelm of others’ energies within themselves.”


It’s a bit more rare to see concentrations of white in one’s aura. But if you do, Terry notes that a white aura is the sign of a very quick mind—and a tendency for perfectionism and nervous energy.

White is linked to the crown chakra, which connects us to universal energy and oneness. To see it in your aura would mean you have a strong sense of connection to something larger than yourself.


If there is black or particularly dark areas of your aura, Terry notes this isn’t actually the “color” of your aura, per se, but rather a sign that part of you is exhausted or fatigued.

In this case, take some time to ground, heal, and balance your energy levels to brighten up that aura a bit, and bring your energetic field (and chakras) back into balance.


On the slight chance that you have a rainbow aura that displays more than two colors, it’s a sign that you’re going through a super busy period or are in the midst of a change.

You might feel extra energized and confident when your aura is giving off rainbow vibes, so take advantage of it by getting out and meeting new people and doing new things. On the other side of the coin, this busy energy can lead to burnout and overwhelm, so be sure to make time for relaxation too.

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The takeaway

Our aura is constantly changing—but for many people, one or two colors will consistently show up. Whether one day you’re blue, yellow, or red, understanding the energy of your aura at any given point can help you approach the day with more ease.

What is an aura and how to determine its color?

We are sure that you have come across such concepts as “aura” and “aura color” more than once, right? Surely you always wanted to know what shade and your spiritual shell. How to determine your color and what does it mean? If you’re eager to find out, then read on 👇🏻

What is an aura?

It is believed that aura is a manifestation of the soul and spirit of a person. The aura is not a real object that we can touch and see, so it is not very suitable for the study of science. To put it simply, the aura is a kind of energy cocoon in which a person is located. The most interesting thing is that your “cocoon” shows not only the physical state, but also the mental state – thoughts, emotions and feelings ✨

How to determine the color of the aura?

But this is the most interesting thing! There are several methods (although they are all considered unreliable), but whether it is true or not, judge for yourself:

  • With the help of a special camera that you hardly have at home 😅

  • In the semi-darkness, press your palm to a white sheet of paper close your eyes and focus. You should see the rays that will come out of your fingers. If you do everything right, then you may be able to see the color of your aura. But this, of course, is closer to the esoteric 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • By the date of your birth, you can determine exactly the innate color of the aura, but this will not be able to give you an answer about your current state of it. You just need to add the numbers that make up the date of your birth. For example, if you were born on 06/29/1997, then add 2+9+0+6+1+9+9+7=43 (you need to add until you get a number from 1 to 12). Since 43 is a much larger number than 12, you add 4 and 3 to get 7. And then look for the color that matches your number!

Aura colors and what they mean:

1. Red aura

Red is the color of aspiration, ambition, love of freedom and optimism. If you have this particular color, then know that you are considered a cheerful person who is looking for pluses everywhere. We can safely say about you that your glass is always half full. This color also means that, on the one hand, you are a sensual person, and on the other hand, you are sometimes aggressive. By the way, people with a red aura often achieve heights in sports and always achieve all their goals ✊🏻

2. Yellow aura

Yellow aura corresponds to creative individuals who are constantly generating ideas and have a predisposition to create something new and beautiful. Also, this color indicates that you have the ability to express yourself, and you are also the soul of almost any company! After all, like the rays of the sun, you are able to illuminate everything around with a warm light. People with this aura have natural eloquence: they are open, sociable, sociable and prone to intellectual achievements 😉

3. Orange aura

Orange color speaks about your health and emotions. People with such an aura are characterized by kindness, sensitivity, caring and sociability. If you have an aura of this color, then learn to enjoy the help that you give to others, and realize that you are devoting your time to truly useful activities. And if you want your aura to always be orange, then accept yourself as you are, because you are the one and only ✨

4. Green aura

But the owners of the green aura are considered compassionate, trusting and sentimental individuals. They are also able to adapt to any environment, which is important! But you know what’s the coolest thing about this color? People with such an aura are considered born optimists, in whose lives there is simply no time for sadness and longing. And also, they should have many friends, because they love to communicate very much 😎

5. Blue aura

The owners of the blue aura are prone to traveling, teaching and searching for the truth. People with this color are ready to break loose at any moment to unknown places in order to replenish their album of pleasant memories. They really like to study the cultures and traditions of other ethnic groups. We think that your faithful travel companion should be a camera to share with all the beauties of distant places. By the way, people with such an aura have clear thinking, imagination and creative inclinations, as well as a drop of adventurism 😉

6. Blue aura

The owners of this aura are very responsible, self-confident, noble and caring. They are distinguished by humanity and the desire to do everything right. But the coolest thing about this aura is that people are always drawn to them, so the owners of this color always have many friends. Also, the blue color is a mixture of ambition and purposefulness, which most often manifests itself in an active desire to do everything right ✊🏻


Purple aura

People with a purple aura have a rich spiritual world, good intuition and sometimes even the gift of clairvoyance. Probably the most pleasant thing in such an aura is the creative inclinations, which manifest themselves in a penchant for acting and literary data. We can say that their gift is to turn illusions into reality with the help of the magic of imagination and creativity. They also always show delicacy and tact in dealing with other people. And yes, purple aura is rare, so its owners are special 😍

8. Pink aura

The owners of this aura are very gentle nature, as evidenced by the pink color. They never get tired of working and caring for others. In fact, the owners of this aura are real workaholics, which is very cool! Thanks to this quality, they achieve a lot in this life. The main thing is to find activities to your liking, which will deliver only positive emotions. Although at the same time, pink means shyness, so these people have to work on their confidence 🙃


Bronze aura

Bronze is the color of humanism and self-sacrifice. These people can be described as caring and gentle, but at the same time determined and positive. The owners of this aura are always ready to help (and rather detached and at ease), without asking for anything in return. These people are always happy and emotionally independent 😏

10. Silver aura

But people with a silver aura are real dreamers and dreamers. They love to imagine their future and come up with different stories that everyone listens to with great pleasure and interest. The main virtues of the owners of the silver aura are honesty, gullibility and nobility. And the coolest thing is that they have a well-developed intuition! So, if you are the owner of this aura, then learn to trust your intuition, because it is unlikely to let you down 🧐

11. Golden aura

Gold color symbolizes infinity. The owners of this aura are born leaders with strong energy. Many people are drawn to them throughout their lives. Also, they are accompanied by great luck and success in life, so that they always achieve their bold goals and realize the most unusual ideas and plans. This color indicates the presence of non-standard qualities of the human soul, which distinguish them from the crowd 👏🏻

12. Black color

If we said that violet aura is rare, then black is even rarer. Its owners from birth bear a karmic debt, and ahead of them is a difficult rebirth, during which it will be necessary to work out everything from past lives. But do not be afraid, because in this case, only those tests will meet on your way that you are definitely able to overcome 💪🏻

Ksenia Mash

meanings of the colors of the aura and their compatibility with others

Believe it or not, esotericists say that every person has an aura, and everyone has their own color, and not even one. Have you ever wondered why with some people we immediately restore the best relations, while with others it is impossible to establish contact, despite all attempts? It’s all about the aura!


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What is an aura?

The aura is often described in the esoteric teachings as a radiance that is seen around the head or the whole body. The apologists of this knowledge consider the aura to be a sign of a special mystical power or a reflection of the emotional and physiological state. In esoteric literature, the aura is described as a radiant oval shell of the body, visible only with supersensory perception. In many cultures, practices of “cleansing the aura”, rooted in Hinduism, are common, in which the balance of the colors of the aura seems to be changed by controlling emotions and visualizing the radiation of the chakras, which changes the state of the person.

In parapsychology and spiritual practice, the aura is represented as a field of “thin”, light radiation surrounding a person or object, like a halo or halo in religious art.

Simply put, an aura is a bright colored beam of energy that flows around living beings. Our aura comes from the Greek word for “breathing” and indicates our mood, emotions and general state.

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How to determine the color of the aura

In fact, even before meeting a person, his and your aura make the first impression on each other. Unfortunately, the human eye cannot see auras, but with some training it is still possible to determine what color a person’s aura is.

To determine the color of the aura, you will need a mirror and a white background. You will need to look at yourself in a mirror against a white background, focusing on the middle of your forehead. Without moving your eyes, “scan” the outer perimeter of the head and shoulders. The color you see around your head and shoulders is your aura.

Another way to find your aura is to look at your hands for about one minute. The glow you see coming from the inside of your hands will be the color of your aura. Please note that it may take several attempts to see your aura. Practice will lead you to perfection! Once you consider the color of your aura, you can begin to interpret it.

By the way, you can read not only your own aura, but also that of another person. To do this, look at him or his photo for 45 seconds with one eye open and the other eye closed. You may need to repeat this several times. But eventually you will be able to see the glow of color around them.

Before you begin to interpret the aura, remember two important things:

  • each aura color is associated with a different chakra or energy center. For example, red – an aura associated with energy and vitality – refers to the root chakra;
  • the aura can be of several colors and this is called rainbow aura.

Aura Color Meanings

  • White – shows a balanced personality, calm and open to possibilities. Those with a white aura may have a tendency to absorb other people’s energy. White is the rarest of all aura colors.
  • Gray auras may indicate a skeptical outlook or a person who tends to see the glass as half empty. Opening oneself to new opportunities for such a person will be difficult and will require effort, but necessary and rewarding.
  • Brown aura often indicates selfishness and insecurity. This color tells its owner that there is a need for purification or that you need to give more to others, and not just take.
  • Black aura can show dark energy caused by selfish and unkind behavior. The appearance of this aura may indicate that a person needs to get rid of the baggage that prevents him from radiating positivity in his life.
  • Passions boil in the soul of those who have red aura , as they live by their desires and emotions. Creative to the core, red auras always manifest new goals and inspire creative ideas. Such an aura can also indicate a period of dramatic creative change.
  • Pink aura indicates someone who freely gives his heart to others without asking for much in return. If you have a pink aura, make sure your giving energy is reciprocated with those you care about.
  • Creativity is key for those who have orange aura . Their artistry brings them peace, but only if they can focus on one thing. The minds of such people are overactive, which means that they need to hone their ideas in order to bring them to life.
  • Those who have yellow aura are full of energy and radiate optimism. Yellow auras benefit from living in the present without worrying about the future.
  • Green auras usually in a down to earth, hardworking person who loves nature. They are aura color spectrum builders, which means they welcome growth. The downside is that they can be prone to jealousy or competition.
  • People with blue aura are emotionally sensitive and prone to self-expression. They may be shy about revealing their innermost feelings, which means you should listen when they speak.
  • Those with turquoise aura are empathic and sensitive. At times, they may be afraid of change and nervous, trying to find situations in which they will be protected from experiences.
  • Indigo aura indicates a wise person with an old soul. Sometimes they escape to their secret world to protect their energy, mind and heart from others.
  • Violet – spiritual and emotional awareness, psychic feelings and high emotionality are signs of the violet aura.

How do I know if my aura is compatible with other people’s auras?

As with astrological signs, some aura colors are more compatible with others:

  • If you have a white aura, then any color suits your energy. Be careful not to absorb other people’s emotions because you are susceptible to it.
  • If you have a black aura, then the golden aura will serve as healing energy for both of you.
  • If you have a gray aura, a purple aura can help you find purpose and meaning.
  • If you have a brown aura, a light green aura will help open your heart.
  • If you have a red aura, a bright green aura will help both of you show passion in reality.
  • If you have an orange aura, a dark blue aura will enhance positive emotions between both of you.
  • If you have a yellow aura, adding a bright purple aura will help inspire and motivate you both to get creative.
  • If you have a green aura, then adding a purple aura will make both of you more spiritual.
  • If you have a blue aura, adding a pink aura will result in joint creative greatness.
  • If you have an indigo aura, adding a turquoise aura will make you both feel more social or encourage more outdoor activities.
  • If you have a purple aura, then a red aura will help both of you to understand mutual emotions on a spiritual level.

Can an aura change color

Your mood can change, just like the color of your aura.