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How to heal your body naturally: How I Took Charge of My Health – And Healed My Body with Food – My Health Story


How I Took Charge of My Health – And Healed My Body with Food – My Health Story

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By Amie Valpone, Special to Everyday Health

I was 22 years old when I became nearly bedridden. My legs were swollen, my muscles hurt, my belly was a balloon, and I weighed only 98 pounds. I was so sick that I had to quit my job and spend all my time and money going from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

My white blood cell count was chronically low, so I had blood drawn every other week to monitor my levels. For the next two years, I saw a host of physicians — liver doctors, kidney specialists, vascular surgeons, rheumatologists, hematologists — and none of them had answers. They put me on various medications, from thyroid meds to antibiotics, but nothing helped.

Everyone Thought I Was Crazy

Feeling more sick and tired than I had ever felt, I took matters into my own hands and started researching my symptoms. I surmised that I had something called leaky gut syndrome, a condition that’s becoming more well-known as new research emerges. It’s thought that leaky gut occurs when the intestinal walls become so compromised that they let bacteria and digested food out into the rest of the body instead of staying in the intestine and colon. This, in turn, can cause a host of autoimmune issues, inflammation, and imbalances in the microbiota (gut microbes).

But when I went to my doctors and told them what I’d learned, they laughed at me. I might as well have told them I had fairies living in my large intestine. On top of that, my friends, coworkers, and other people in my life started to think I was crazy. As far as they could tell, it was all in my head. But I knew better.

I Was at the End of My Rope

By the time I checked myself into a hospital in Philadelphia, I had developed Clostridium difficile colitis, a deadly condition in which C. difficile bacteria proliferates in the colon and destroys anything in its path by releasing a harmful toxin. This can occur in weak immune systems or in people who’ve had frequent exposure to hospitals (like I did). Though I was able to recover from it after five days of intense treatment, my legs were still swollen, I was still suffering from chronic fatigue, and I was only 95 pounds. The bacteria were gone, but blood work showed that my hemoglobin and white blood cell levels were still off, and my liver and kidneys were still inflamed.

After multiple CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, and more blood work, the doctors still didn’t have any answers. I was at the end of my rope with nowhere left to turn.

I Finally Found a Doctor Who Could Help

After three years of this insanity, I finally found a doctor who changed everything: Susan Blum, MD, MPH, founder and director of the Blum Center for Health in Rye Brook, New York. A functional medicine physician, Dr. Blum talked to me for an hour (as opposed to 10 minutes, like many doctors) and asked me about my lifestyle, stress levels, sleep habits, and work. Rather than focus on one area of my body, she wanted to look at the whole picture.

Dr. Blum’s testing revealed that I had chronic fatigue, significant bacterial overgrowth, and other abnormalities that traditional testing hadn’t identified.

I met with other functional medicine physicians who determined that I also had Lyme disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). All of the medications I’d been taking did nothing for my issues — and may have even made them worse. The bottom line was that I didn’t need more meds. I needed exactly the opposite: a complete and total detox.

I Took Charge of My Health

I did more research and learned that consuming gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, corn, peanuts, and more could be contributing to my health problems, so I started to detox my lifestyle, beginning with food. I changed my diet dramatically, removing all processed foods, and focused on eating organic fruits and vegetables. For two years, I got by on vegetables and medical protein powders pureed in a food processor like baby food, because my leaky gut was so bad that I reacted to everything I put in my mouth. To this day, I am gluten-, dairy-, egg-, refined sugar-, corn-, peanut-, and soy-free.

Over time, I started to feel better. My legs were no longer swollen, my belly no longer ached, and my color and vigor returned. The symptoms of my leaky gut, chronic fatigue, PCOS, and chronic inflammation eased. All of this was possible because I changed my diet, detoxed my lifestyle, and took charge of my health.

I Wanted to Help Others

When I started to feel better, it occurred to me that I could help others by sharing my journey. So I started blogging at TheHealthyApple.com and wrote a book called Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body. My goal is to show people how cleaning up their diets and lifestyles can help them get healthy.

So how can you get started? Here are three ways to begin your detox journey today:

1. Eat Clean. Focus on eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods, which cause inflammation in the body. Trust me, it can be done! I’ve been doing it for 10 years.

2. Fight Inflammation. Reach for anti-inflammatory foods such as raw walnuts and ground flaxseeds, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help fight inflammation. And don’t fear fat! Our bodies need fat to function properly. But it’s important to focus on healthy fats found in foods such as raw nuts and seeds, avocados, and extra-virgin olive oil.

3. Heal Your Gut. You can do this by removing foods from your diet that cause symptoms like bloating, headaches, rashes, or tiredness (my cookbook is naturally free of common triggers such as gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, peanuts, refined sugar, and other inflammatory foods). Replace these items with whole foods. For example, in my book I explain how to make spreads and “cheeses” out of nuts and seeds.

Amie Valpone is creator of TheHealthyApple.com and author of the new book Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body (Houghton Mifflin). For more info on her book and recipes, visit Eatclean.Nowfoods.com.

Is the body designed to heal itself?

Your body has an incredible capacity to heal itself. If you are injured or become ill your body should quickly and efficiently deal with the problem and restore itself to health. Why then, if our bodies are so well designed, are 20.4% of American adults dealing with chronic pain and more than 40% of Americans affected by chronic diseases?

The answer is in part due to the limits of our current knowledge. We know and understand some of the ways our bodies heal themselves quite well, scientists are just beginning to discover and understand others, and there are probably still more healing mechanisms we have yet to imagine. For many decades, scientific research and medical treatments have focused on treating the symptoms, usually with medications or surgery. This approach is wonderful when you need antibiotics for a life-threatening infection or need to set a broken bone but in other situations, it completely fails.

A healthy body fights infection, heals wounds, kills cancer cells, repairs damage, and fights the aging process. However, maintaining and restoring health so your body can effectively utilize the natural healing processes requires a bit more than visiting the doctor after something goes wrong.

How does your body heal itself?

Healing happens in a variety of ways. Here is a very basic overview of just a few of them.

Cells can heal themselves when they become unhealthy and replicate to replace destroyed or damaged cells. If you break a bone, your body immediately begins producing new cells to heal the damage. When your skin is cut, platelets in your blood clot to stop the bleeding, white blood cells remove the dead, injured cells and new healthy cells repair the damaged tissue. Daily wear and tear are also promptly dealt with. In fact, our bodies are in a constant state of removing damage and producing new, healthy tissue.

Our immune system is also meant to deal with intruders such as viruses, bacteria, and toxins. Mucus traps foreign materials, acids in various organs kills organisms, and a type of white blood cell called phagocytes engulf and destroy invaders. Natural killer cells recognize when one of our own cells have been invaded by a virus and destroy the infected cell. Inflammation, while it seems like it should be a problem, is actually your body’s reaction to an injury or infection, allowing your immune system to focus on restoring the injured or infected area to health. A fever is your body raising its temperature to levels that will kill viruses and bacteria. The elevation in temperature also triggers certain cellular mechanisms which help your body fight the infection.

Bodies also heal and regenerate themselves through stem cells. As a fetus is being formed in the womb, embryonic stem cells divide and differentiate into all the necessary cell types to mature into a fully developed human. Once the body is formed, the embryonic stem cells disappear and their descendants, adult stem cells, are left behind. Your adult stem cells divide, producing an identical daughter stem cell and a healthy, mature cell of a specific type. Unlike embryonic stem cells, each type of adult stem cell only has the ability to become certain types of tissue. For example, Mesenchymal Stem Cells have the ability to regenerate bone cells, fat cells, muscle cells, and cartilage cells, Neural Stem Cells help to regenerate nerve tissue in the brain and spinal cord, and Epithelial Stem Cells regenerate skin. Adult stem cells can reproduce for a long time but are not immortal and will eventually stop reproducing as efficiently as they did when you were young.

Why do our bodies fail to heal themselves?

Many factors inhibit a body’s natural self-healing functions. Some of these are obvious, and others we are still learning about. We do know that your body needs adequate high-quality sleep, healthy foods, and exercise. Various types of stress and toxins cause harm. Even your mindset can impact your health.

Getting the correct amount of high-quality sleep is crucial. A large portion of repair and regeneration is done while you are sleeping. Not getting enough sleep not only decreases the amount of time that your body is most effective at healing, it also weakens your immune system. This makes you more susceptible to illness, which requires your body to direct its healing processes toward beating the illness, rather than repairing damage from natural daily activities.

A healthy nutrient-rich diet is also vital for healing processes. Your body needs it for optimal health and energy. Conversely, your diet can be a major source of environmental toxins, which build up and put an enormous amount of strain on your entire system. Diet can also cause inflammation and contribute to digestive disorders.

Exercise, even something as simple as a walk, stimulates blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your cells while carrying toxins away. It helps you sleep better and improves your mindset while reducing emotional stress. Research is showing that exercise not only improves your health, it also plays a role in aging and possibly cancer. How is that possible? A sedentary lifestyle is linked to shorter telomeres, while elite athletes have much longer telomeres than the average person. Telomeres are specialized structures at the end of chromosomes which protect the DNA. Once the telomere is short enough, DNA is more easily damaged which results in processes which cause aging or cancer.

Free radicals are another important factor in poor health. They play an important role in eliminating waste from damage inside the cell. However, inflammation, stress, and infection increase free radical production. When your body produces too many free radicals, it results in oxidative stress which causes disease and damages cells and DNA.

Your body is also less able to heal and regenerate when stem cells get worn out and cannot do their job of replicating and regenerating new tissue. While scientists are still researching why stem cell numbers and efficiency decreases with age, a few reasons are the shortening of telomeres, oxidative stress, and chronic disease.

Regenerative Medicine and Functional Medicine can help restore balance so our bodies can once again work as they should.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that “Regenerative medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage, or congenital defects.” The benefit of treating disease and injury in this manner is that the body is being restored. Regenerative Medicine is still very young, with thousands of areas of research being studied. A variety of regenerative treatment methods have already been proven to be effective for many conditions. At Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine, we utilize four therapies that are both safe and effective.

Ozone injection therapy stimulates cellular metabolism, prompting the immune system to begin the healing process. It also offers oxygen to cells which increases tissue healing and regeneration while decreasing inflammation and scar tissue. Ozone therapy stimulates the production of antioxidants, which helps combat oxidative stress.

Ozone Clot Matrix (OCM) combines the benefits of ozone therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP utilizes your body’s natural healing mechanism through platelets that are found in your blood, to promote healing and speed up recovery times. OCM uses a combination of whole blood, activated platelets, and ozone gas to enhance the healing benefits of both therapies, providing your body with a longer period of regeneration.

Stem Cell Therapy helps your body’s own stem cells to work more effectively as they did when you were younger. This causes them to regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation, and improve function in the area receiving an injection.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy uses a resonating magnetic field to guide the mitochondria (the powerhouse) of your cells back into optimal performance. It assists cells in removing toxins, lowering cellular stress caused by free radicals, and increasing the production of ATP, the molecule that stores and transports energy within the cell. The restored, more energetic cells also produce other healthy cells when they replicate. As we’ve already shown, the state of your cells and DNA plays a major role in the wellness of your body. Therefore, improving your cells so they produce other healthy cells is vital to keeping your body in optimal condition.

Regenerative Medicine focuses on stimulating your body to repair its tissues and systems, greatly increasing your body’s ability to repair and regenerate. However, in many cases, a patient also needs to eliminate the causes of poor health. Most people unintentionally do things every day that injure their body without being aware of it.

If a body is consistently sleep deprived, does not get adequate nutrition from food or consumes unhealthy foods, fails to exercise, and exists in a constant state of high stress, it will not be able to heal and regenerate itself nearly as efficiently as it could. In this state, injury is occurring in minor ways every single day. How can a body heal itself when it can’t keep up with the damage caused by the person’s lifestyle?

Often people want to approach returning to health as one dimensional. If you just take this pill or get this treatment you will magically be healthy again. Unfortunately, the cumulative effects of many different factors usually contributed to poor health or chronic disease or pain and will require a multifaceted treatment plan.

Our goal is to restore you to optimal health. Therefore, we treat the whole patient and work to identify and understand the underlying causes of disease, not just treat symptoms. This is why we offer Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Lifestyle Education. After a thorough evaluation, we carefully design a treatment plan to return you to wellness, so your body’s natural healing mechanisms can do their jobs the way they were designed.

Dr. Lundquist is Board Certified in Family Medicine with ABFM and he is sub-specialized with the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABoIM). He has also has received a certification from the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

Dr. Lundquist has a special interest in Integrative and Holistic medicine. He is currently the founder and medical director for the Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine specializing in all aspects of Functional Medicine. ​He is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association as well as the Institute of Functional Medicine. He specializes in endocrine disorders, especially thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, cardio metabolic disorders, and chronic pain.

[email protected]



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7 Ways to Heal Your Body by Using the Power of Your Mind, Backed by Science

There’s a clear connection between the way your brain thinks and the way your body feels. Just like you can use your body to reduce your psychological distress, you can also use your mind to improve your body.

Simply changing the way you think and taking charge of what occupies your mind, can improve your physical health and well-being. While positive thinking won’t cure everything, a healthy mindset is a key component to a healthy body.

Here are seven ways you can use your mind to promote physical health:

1. Make Your Treatments More Effective By Expecting Them to Work

Countless studies show the placebo effect influences the effectiveness of treatment. If someone tells you a pill will cure your headache, you’re likely to find the treatment helpful–even if the pill was a sugar pill.

Whether you’re trying physical therapy for a bad knee, or you’re seeing a chiropractor for pain in your back, your belief that those treatments will work may be more effective than the treatment themselves. So before you undergo any kind of treatment, think about all the reasons the treatment is likely to help.

2. Sleep Better By Writing in a Gratitude Journal

If you’re struggling with insomnia, a gratitude journal might be the best cure. Several studies have linked gratitude to better quality and longer lasting sleep.

Identify three things you’re grateful for and write them in a gratitude journal before you go to bed. Conjuring up feelings of thankfulness right before you fall asleep will increase the chances you’ll get a good night’s rest.

3. Live Longer By Focusing On Your Purpose in Life

Feeling like you have a sense of purpose could actually increase the length of your life. Studies consistently show people who believe their lives are meaningful are more likely to live healthier, longer lives.

Whether your work gives you a purpose, or you find meaning as a volunteer, make sure whatever you’re doing matters. Feeling like you have a reason to get out of bed every day might be the secret to longevity.

4. Be Optimistic and Boost Your Immunity

Several studies have shown that optimistic people are less likely to get sick. For decades, many researchers thought the boost in immunity stemmed from the fact that optimistic people were more likely to take care of their health.

But, more recent studies have shown that a hopeful outlook is actually what influences immunity. Looking on the bright side makes you less likely to get a cold or infection because optimism keeps your immune system performing at its peak.

5. Slow Aging with Meditation

Meditation provides a generous buffer against the harmful effects stress can have on the body. Numerous studies have shown meditation slows the rate of cellular aging.

Not only might meditation help you stay looking youthful, but it could help you ward off age-related disease. Researchers suspect teaching children to meditate could provide lifelong benefits. But no matter what age you are, it’s never too late to gain some health benefits from meditation.

6. Build Muscle by Imagining Yourself Working Out

What if you could get buff by imagining yourself lifting weights? Well, researchers have found that mental imagery can help you gain muscle without lifting a finger.

One study in particular found that people who imagined themselves working out were able to gain 24% more muscle strength. People who actually lifted weights saw better results, but the research shows mental training can provide some serious changes to muscle mass.

7. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease by Laughing

If you want to build a healthier heart, think about something funny. Research shows laughter decreases stress hormones, increases ‘good’ cholesterol, and reduces artery inflammation.

Perhaps laughter really is the best medicine. And the best news is, the positive effects of laughter last 24 hours.

The Power of Your Mind

Your mind can be your best asset or your worst enemy. Learn how to train your brain to help your body perform at its peak.

Everyone has the ability to build mental strength. With practice, mental exercises could be the key to living a longer, happier life.

The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc. com.

The body can heal itself, but sometimes it needs help

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal. It is one of the most important bodily functions, right up there with regulating blood pressure and digesting our food. From recovering after falls and injuries to dealing with bacteria, viruses, bad food and toxins, we have ancient, built-in mechanisms designed to defend and repair ourselves.

But we don’t often think of engaging our healing capacity when we are sick. We just assume it failed us, and the best option is to attack the disease, typically with a medication or, in more severe cases, surgery. Most of us are not even aware that there is another way to approach health and illness. I certainly wasn’t until I started going to my doctor of chiropractic at about 17 years old for low back and leg pain. Not only did it work a lot better than the painkillers, it improved my health in other ways — and determined my profession.

I have since been taught to look at health care and disease differently. Our bodies can heal almost anything. When they don’t, it often isn’t because the disease is too powerful. The problem is that the body’s own healing mechanism is impaired. The best approach is to restore this natural mechanism. It typically does not need to be “supercharged” or ramped up — just allowed to do its work.

One very common area where our healing gets blocked is at the joints and muscles. This makes sense when you read that joint and muscle problems cause the most disability and are the single most expensive category of health care problems.

Spinal manipulation — the treatment doctors of chiropractic and osteopathy specialize in — helps the healing process by releasing joints that have become immobile, stiff, dysfunctional and out of alignment. This not only helps ease local pain but improves overall body function.

Manipulation has been shown to help improve vertigo, migraines, digestion, breathing, even circulation. Patients accept that manipulation can improve overall health, especially when they experience it themselves. There is an obvious physical treatment, sometimes with an audible “click” and often immediate relief.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, takes a little more explaining. I explain it to my patients by saying it restores the energy flow in the body, similar to how an electrician can find and fix a blown circuit in your home. Once the power is turned on, things start running again, including your internal repairs. The treatment is very subtle, but it can release the most powerful healing force of all: your own body.

It’s no wonder our first impulse is to take on the disease instead of engage our innate healing powers. We have been programmed by thousands of drug ads, as well as news reports of some new miracle drug or surgery. We can see how pervasive this way of thinking is when we read that nearly 50 percent of the U.S. population is on at least one prescription drug; when you include over-the-counter medications, that number swells to 80 percent. Last year, U.S. drug stores filled more than 4 billion prescriptions — not including medications given while in the hospital. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 there were 51.4 million inpatient procedures, mostly surgeries and invasive testing such as cardiac catheterizations or colonoscopies.

Besides the financial costs, this reliance on drugs and surgery has a downside. Prescription medications have been estimated to be the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. One study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 25 percent of patients were harmed during their hospital stay.

With numbers like this, we could use a little more treatment aimed at restoring health and a little less focus on disease.

Dr. Michael Noonan practices chiropractic, chiropractic acupuncture and other wellness therapies in Old Town. He can be reached at [email protected]

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How to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out

Are you one of the millions of Americans who suffer from back pain, neck pain, or headaches on a regular basis? The hard truth is that many of these symptoms are often a result of a patient’s lifestyle. Factors like the diet you choose, the fitness regimen you adopt or neglect, and how hydrated you are can make or break your health and quality of life. Explore these suggestions and tips on how to heal your body from the inside out to better improve your lifestyle.

Do Your Problems Originate from Within?

Although many people seek out solutions for pain with medical treatments and medication, many of our problem points often have their roots in our everyday decisions. It’s difficult for people to admit that their pain may be the result of their own choices, but it’s an important step to really examine if your lifestyle could be playing a role in causing your symptoms.

Tips for Healing Your Body at Home

Correcting bad habits and developing good ones can be the key to relieving your symptoms from their root cause. By following these keys to a fit lifestyle, you can avoid many types of pain and discomfort:

Adopt a Low-Sugar Diet

Sugar has been linked to a wide variety of diseases and is the leading cause of weight gain, so a balanced diet that’s low in sugar is typically recommended by doctors. If losing weight is one of your goals, millions of people have found success by committing to the keto diet, which eliminates sugar entirely. Veganism is also known to significantly help people lose weight and improve their health. Although their rules are nearly complete opposites, both of these diets have gained immense popularity in recent years and offer extremely effective solutions.

Commit to a Consistent Exercise Plan

Exercise is a great antidepressant and improves your health in numerous ways. From building muscle to strengthening your heart, any form of exercise on a regular basis is far better than none. By simply putting in time at your local gym or participating in a sport three times a week, you can open the door to a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

How Should I Get Involved in Exercise?

If you have little experience with sports or workouts, there are many effective ways to gain momentum and quickly adapt to a new workout routine:

  • Join a guided fitness class with an instructor
  • Start from the beginning in jujitsu, karate, or another popular martial art
  • Participate in yoga, which particularly offers many physical and mental benefits
  • Talk to a personal trainer at your local gym
  • Take lessons in a sport to become more active and boost your skill

Drink Plenty of Water

Brain function and muscle growth rely extremely heavily on our water intake. Our bodies are comprised of over 90% water, and with so many other beverage options, it can be easy to forget that we need to stay hydrated with water to survive. Not all beverages hydrate you, and many contain excess sugar that can harm your fitness far more than helping it.

Reduce Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of everyone’s lives, but excessive amounts of it are a primary cause of numerous diseases and problems. That’s why it’s imperative for us to find ways to reduce stress on a daily basis. Consider trying the following to lower your stress levels:

  • Meditation
  • Professional therapy
  • Get on a regular sleep schedule each night

Request an Appointment

If you’re experiencing back or neck pain, a healthy lifestyle paired with chiropractic treatments like massage therapy, chiropractic alignments, and more can be a huge help to reduce your stress and pain. Request an appointment with Peak Chiropractic in Celebration, FL today to discover your options!

How Your Body Heals Itself

June 18, 2010

Understanding the extraordinary power of your immune system!

The more you know about how your body works, the better able you are to make the choices necessary to enhance both the quantity and quality of your life!

Hygiene is defined in the dictionary as the science of health and its preservation. But what does that really mean?

Science, the dictionary tells us, is “the systematic observation of natural phenomena for the purpose of discovering laws governing those phenomena.” Put more simply, science is the process we use to figure out how things work. Health is defined as “a state of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being.”

With these definitions in mind, it is easy to see that Hygiene is neither a dietary system, a therapeutic system, nor a religious or belief system. Hygiene is the science of health. It encompasses a broad body of knowledge about the natural laws that determine health and numerous techniques that enable you to use this information to maximize your health potential.

Knowledge is power

The more you learn about how your body works, the better prepared you will be to make the choices necessary to enhance both the quantity (longevity) and quality of your life.

The optimum state of function that we call health is spontaneously generated by the human organism when it is provided with the requirements of health. The requirements of health can be conveniently classified into four general categories:

Diet – a plant-based diet of whole natural foods that meets your individual nutritional needs;

Environment – getting fresh air, pure water, and appropriate sunshine, and avoiding environmental stressors such as air and water pollution, and excess exposure to dust, pollen, chemicals, and noise;

Activity – engaging in regular aerobic exercise and getting adequate rest and sleep; and

Psychology – engaging in productive activity and developing the interpersonal social skills necessary for a successful life.

When the requirements of health are appropriately provided, the self-healing mechanisms of the body attempt to restore and/or optimize health. Your body’s ability to do this is only limited by your inherent constitution (genetics) and the amount of use and abuse that has taken place.

Hygienic physicians have always emphasized the concept that health and disease are not antagonists. Disease processes such as diarrhea, fever, and inflammation are not only natural, but are necessary attempts by the body to regain optimum health. Attempts to suppress these adaptive and eliminative processes with drugs and other invasive treatment may create problems by interfering with the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Natural immunity

It is important that you know how extraordinarily capable and complex your immune system is.

Your body is constantly exposed to chemicals, toxins, pollutants, and other stressors. In addition, simple organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites are capable (under certain circumstances) of invading the human body and using it as a source of nourishment. Fortunately, the healthy human body has defenses against invasion by these organisms. These defenses comprise the immune system.

The immune system can be thought of as having two divisions-the general or non-specific immune system and the adaptive or specific immune system.

Your non-specific immune system

First let’s take a look at the non-specific division of the immune system. The largest organ in the human body is not the heart or liver; it is the skin. The skin and its components form a very important part of the non-specific immune system.

Most potentially pathogenic organisms and agents are prevented from interfering with normal function because of the barrier that the skin creates. The openings into the body, such as the mouth and nose, however, are not covered with skin, but with mucus membrane. This membrane can secrete various substances and is usually moist. In these moist secretions are other defense mechanisms, including chemicals such as lysozyme and C reactive protein, which can kill invading bacteria.

Mucus itself can trap invading organisms, and cilia (little hairlike projections in the lungs, bronchi, and throat) can push those invaders back out of the body as long as they are working properly. It has been shown that in tobacco and marijuana smokers the cilia become paralyzed and destroyed. This is one of the reasons that smokers have such an increased incidence of respiratory and other infections.

The acid in the stomach, vagina, and other organs also can act as part of the non-specific immune system by creating an environment in which potentially invasive organisms cannot survive.

Look who’s coming for dinner

The next components of the non-specific division of the immune system are the phagocytic or “cell-eating” cells. These phagocytes can engulf and destroy most invading organisms. Phagocytes are a type of white blood cell found in the bloodstream as well as in various organs such as the lungs, liver, and intestinal tract.

People with malfunctioning phagocytes are subject to recurrent infections. In rare cases, this malfunctioning is a genetic defect. More commonly, it arises from poor health practices which overwhelm the ability of the phagocyte to act. Smoking, for example, in addition to paralyzing cilia, can kill macrophages, the phagocytes that live in the lungs.

Natural born killers

Another type of white blood cell, called the “natural killer” cell, can recognize cells that have been invaded by viruses. The killer cells can bind to these infected cells and destroy them. Cells that are infected by viruses help the killer cells by producing chemicals called interferons, which activate the killer cells.

The body also is capable of producing special proteins during an infection. These proteins coat the invading organisms, especially certain bacteria, and make it easier for the phagocytes to destroy them. But this only works if the invading organisms have some general chemical markers that the non-specific division of the immune system can identify.

Some like it hot

When an infection or injury takes place, the body produces a reaction called inflammation. Inflammation serves to direct the elements of the immune system to the site of infection or injury.

Inflammation consists of three parts-increased blood supply to the infected area; increased permeability of the small blood vessels permitting large molecules to leave the bloodstream and reach the infection; and increased migration of phagocytes toward the site of infection. Inflammation causes the infected area to look red, become swollen, and feel hot and painful.

The non-specific division of the immune system, including skin, mucus, cilia and phagocyte can take care of many infections and potential infections. Problems arise when phagocytes lack the ability to identify things that bypass the non-specific division of the immune system’s defenses.

Your specific immune system

Fortunately, the immune system has another division called the adaptive, or specific, division. Unlike the non-specific division, the specific division of the immune system is capable of producing particles called antibodies.

These tiny antibodies have two ends. One is a receptor that can recognize a specific organism or substance. The other end is a marker that fits in the general receptors of the phagocytes. When an antibody attaches its specific end to an invading organism or foreign substance, it tags the invader in such a way that the phagocytes of the non-specific division of the immune system can recognize and destroy it.

These antibodies made by the specific division of the immune system are produced by white blood cells called B lymphocytes. B lymphocytes come in thousands of varieties, each capable of recognizing one specific marker or antigen.

The number of lymphocytes that can recognize any particular marker or antigen is very small. When the right B lymphocyte finds the antigen of the invader, it binds to it. This stimulates the lymphocyte to quickly reproduce many more B lymphocytes of exactly the same type.

With the help of a complicated chemical signaling system, the new B cells are ordered to start pouring out antibodies. The antibodies bind to the invaders, and the phagocytes destroy them. Some of the new B cells, instead of producing antibodies, become memory cells. After the invasion is resolved, these memory cells persist in the body. If that particular invader should ever happen to show up again, the body will be able to destroy it quickly.

Mother’s little helpers

In addition to the B lymphocytes that produce antibodies, there is another important kind of lymphocyte cell-T lymphocytes or T cells. T cells come in several varieties-helper, killer, suppressor, memory and others.

Helper T cells, like B cells are very specific, having specific receptors for specific invaders. It is the helper T cells that are in charge of the complicated chemical signaling system that tells the B cells what to do and initiates the production of killer T cells.

Love the one you’re with

We are fortunate that we possess such a complex and efficient immune system that functions at its highest level when we conscientiously secure the requirements of health.

Your health is very precious. Take the steps necessary to protect and preserve it. Remember, you are the only you you’ve got.

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Now You Can Help Your Body Heal Itself

Regenerative medicine represents a complete breakthrough in modern medicine.  The body’s ability to heal itself naturally is actually not a new thing.  A fractured bone will regrow and heal the break.  Cut yourself shaving, and the skin will heal.   There are many examples of our body’s innate ability to heal injuries.

Now modern science and technology are now enabling physicians to help their patients discover new ways in which the body can heal itself.  Within the specialty of orthopedics, regenerative medicine is offering healing and pain relief to patients who suffer from conditions such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs or ligaments and tendons injuries. 

Orthobiologics Can Boost the Body’s Own Natural Healing Abilities

Orthobiologics are cells and substances derived from cells that are naturally found in your body. By concentrating them and delivering them to the site of injury, they can help speed up the healing process.

Here’s how it works:

When you injure a bone, muscle or tendon, the platelet cells in the blood are the first responders arriving on the scene to quickly start healing. White blood cells also rush to the injury site to ward off infection, control inflammation and become the clean-up crew [i].   Other important cells like stem cells participate in this complex symphony of repair.  Specialists in orthopedic regenerative medicine can now boost these natural processes through several specialized treatments that help maximize the body’s own innate healing capabilities.

Regenerative Treatments for Orthopedic Conditions

There are different orthobiologic treatments that your regenerative medicine specialist can recommend depending on your orthopedic condition:

·  Platelet Rich Plasma puts the healing properties of the patient’s own blood to work to repair damaged joints, tendons and muscles. The platelets in the blood release growth factors and proteins that promote tissue repair, while the plasma carries the hormones, electrolytes and nutrients required to nourish cells during the healing process.  PRP treatments are customized to the particular individual and their injury in order to be most effective.

·  Cell based therapies use cells derived from the patient’s own bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissue. These cells include adult stem cells and many other healing cells. They produce molecules that direct neighboring cells in the area to form new blood vessels, decrease inflammation and encourage formation of new healthy tissues.  Stem cells are special cells that have the unique ability to develop into the specific kind of cell needed, whether that be a tendon, ligament, cartilage or bone cell. Skilled regenerative medicine practitioners use highly specialized processes to prepare these cells that are then delivered directly to the injured area to stimulate healing.

·   Prolotherapy (Proliferative Therapy) uses dextrose and other natural substances that are injected into a chronically injured ligament, tendon, nerves or joint in order to help the body jump-start its own natural healing response.

Beware of Imposters

As regenerative treatments have become more widely recognized for their ability to address  orthopedic conditions and the chronic pain associated with it, more and more clinics are trying to get in on the action.

If you are considering regenerative treatments for pain related to osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, degenerative discs in the spine or other conditions, you should perform due diligence on the clinic that offers it.  The source, processing and delivery of the regenerative materials are critical to the success of the treatment.

Currently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow the use of stem cells derived from birth tissue products (amniotic fluid and tissue, umbilical cord blood) to treat orthopedic conditions because these donor products have not been proven to be safe or effective.  Our board-certified specialists only use your own cells (autologous) to treat orthopedic conditions.

Maximizing the effectiveness of these treatments requires a state-of-the-art facility and equipment, as well as knowledge and experience in fluoroscopic (x-ray) or ultrasound guidance to ensure targeted delivery of the healing cells to the injured area.

Orthobiologic treatments that capitalize on the body’s own natural healing abilities is one of the most exciting opportunities in modern medicine to address and resolve the chronic pain associated with orthopedic conditions that affects millions of Americans.

Drs. Christopher J. Rogers and Mary A. Ambach of San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group together have successfully treated thousands of patients with cell based therapies for more than three decades.  They are published authors and cell therapy researchers.  Their facility in Carlsbad contains the most advanced Regenerative Medicine technology in San Diego and offers same day treatments with the highest level of safety and efficacy.

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[ii] https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/treatment/helping-fractures-heal-orthobiologics/

90,000 High temperature. 7 tips on how to deal with the temperature naturally

Each of us has had a high temperature at one time – the feeling that you are hot and cold at the same time. And at this moment you just want this state to pass as soon as possible. If there was such a remedy that would help bring down the temperature … Believe it or not, the high temperature is not the worst in the world, although it feels like that. Temperature is most often the body’s defensive reaction in the fight against infection, so in fact it is a good sign, says homeopath Yu.Yakushenok. Basically, a temperature indicates that your immune system is working properly and that your body is trying to heal itself.

How to get rid of the temperature?

There are several natural ways to bring down heat. Try these guidelines, but always monitor your health carefully. If you feel the need, use medications to lower the temperature. Always call your doctor if you have a fever in babies younger than 3 months old.

7 tips on how to bring down a fever in case of a cold or flu

1. Sleep and rest are the key

By resting, your body works on self-healing, restoring and improving health. Sleep allows the brain to release hormones that promote cell repair and help the body defend itself. When you rest, and especially when you sleep, your body produces more white blood cells that attack viruses and bacteria. So get some rest and sleep a lot, and remember that it takes 7 to 9 hours for a night’s sleep.

2. Drink plenty of fluids – 2 to 2.5 liters per day

Drinking fluids is very important because fluids help remove toxins, which in turn speeds up the healing process. Choose still water and herbal teas such as lime, chamomile. Try not to give fruit juices to children, or give them half diluted with water. This is due to bacteria that live in the form of sugar called glucose. You should also avoid drinking sports drinks, as they are high in sugar and synthetic additives that can increase inflammation, making it difficult for you to recover.

3. Choose light or blended foods

Loss of appetite is a normal reaction of the body to temperature. Choose light foods such as oatmeal, chicken soup, mashed potatoes, and stewed vegetables. Avoid eating foods high in sugar.

4. Eat probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are essential for the normal functioning of the intestinal tract and are found, for example, in kefir, etc. They are especially useful during illness, as they help the digestive tract and the immune system. Did you know that 80% of our immune system is located in the digestive tract? If you have a high fever, your immune system is at risk. Probiotics can help improve the functioning of the immune system.

5. Do not wrap yourself in

Do not cover yourself with multiple blankets or wear too warm clothing, even if you or your child has chills. So the temperature may not drop, but, on the contrary, may rise even more.Instead, try to get by with one normal layer of clothing and a blanket. The room should also have a comfortable temperature of 22 ° C.

6. If the temperature does not exceed 38 ° C

You can use the homeopathic medicine Aflubin *, which will help relieve and relieve fever and other cold symptoms.

7. If the temperature is over 38.5 ° C or you cannot tolerate the temperature

Use a temperature lowering product containing Ibuprofen * or Paracetamol *. Remember to drop your body temperature gradually. It should not immediately drop to normal temperature. Most people feel better when the temperature drops by just a few degrees. Thus, to get rid of the high temperature, you first need to lower it.

What is temperature?

Fever is a disease, most often a side effect or symptom of an infection.

In general, a high fever is of greatest concern if an infant or child becomes ill.Children may develop additional symptoms such as drowsiness, lethargy, nervousness, poor appetite, sore throat, coughing, ear pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. These are serious symptoms, so you should definitely see your family doctor.

A child is considered to have a temperature if it reaches: 38 ° C when measured rectally, 37.5 ° C when measured orally (in the mouth) or 37.2 ° C when measured in the armpit. In an adult, a fever is considered a temperature above 37.2 ° C – 37.5 ° C.

In general, an elevated temperature is considered to be a body temperature that is higher than normal, that is, 36. 6 ° C. The normal body temperature range is 36.4 – 37.2.

Normal body temperature can vary with age, general health, level of physical activity, and even the time of day. It is normal that temperatures are highest between late afternoon and early evening, and coldest between midnight and early morning.

Causes of increased temperature

There are many reasons that cause a temperature.In most cases, the temperature is not dangerous and appears for a short time as a result of some viral disease. However, the increased temperature cannot be ignored. Almost any infection can cause fever: respiratory tract infections, ear infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections, viral gastroenteritis and bacterial gastroenteritis, mononucleosis, bone infections, autoimmune diseases or inflammations such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer in the early stages.A woman’s menstrual cycle can also cause a temperature rise of one degree or more. Some medications, such as certain antibiotics or antihistamines, can also cause fever

A child may have a fever for one or more days after some shots. Teething can also cause a slight rise in temperature, but usually it does not exceed 38 ° C.

An elevated body temperature is unpleasant, but it is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong in the body and that it is fighting a problem.Temperature is the body’s way of fighting infection, and sometimes it’s best to let the body do its thing. However, elevated temperatures should never be taken lightly and should be monitored . I want to emphasize that it is always necessary to closely monitor a person with a fever, and in case of concern, immediately contact a family doctor.

Risks: When it is imperative to report a fever to a doctor

It is important to know when you should definitely contact a family doctor or call the family doctor’s advisory phone 66016001 if a child or adult has a high fever:

  • If the baby is younger 3 months and rectal temperature is 38 ° C or higher;
  • If the baby is 3 to 12 months old and the temperature is 39 ° C or higher;
  • If a child is under 2 years old and a temperature of 38. 5 ° C lasts more than 48 hours;
  • The child is crying, but no tears are formed;
  • No urination in the past eight hours;
  • There are other symptoms that indicate an illness that needs treatment, such as sore throat, earache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or cough;
  • For serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, cystic fibrosis;
  • If there is apathy, drowsiness or feeling unwell, even if the temperature has been brought down;
  • In case of heart rhythm disturbance;
  • Temperature rises again after it has passed;
  • If the temperature disappears and appears for a week or longer, even if it is not high;
  • If recently vaccinated.

Call Emergency Medical Services if an adult or child has any of the following symptoms:

  • An infant under 3 months of age has a temperature above 38 ° C or below 36 ° C;
  • The temperature is above 40.5 ° C and it is not knocked down by medication;
  • The patient is difficult to wake up;
  • Convulsions
  • Unconsciousness;
  • The patient seems confused;
  • Can’t walk
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Bluish, gray skin color; blue lips, tongue, or nails;
  • Severe headache;
  • Cries and cannot be reassured;
  • Dizziness.

* Consult your doctor before using any medication. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the use of this medication. Unreasonable medication is harmful to health.

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Answers to questions – Dr. Bubnovsky center

Bubnovsky S.M .:

“I.I. Mechnikov, the Nobel laureate of Russia in the field of physiology, at the beginning of the last century, described the mechanism of phagocytosis in the body, aimed at inactivating foreign substances or microbes that got into vital organs and causing pathogenic reactions.But in order for phagocytes (macrophages, mast cells, etc.) to “hit” the target, that is, into a foreign body, it is necessary to arrange the transport of these immune cells into their zone of action. With the destruction of the IVD, that is, degeneration of the cartilage, this IVD, once a whole structure, falls apart into “elements”. That is, the cartilaginous tissue disintegrates into separate pieces, which “falling out” from their bed into the subglottic space of the spinal canal, clog the “venous plexus” located under the posterior longitudinal ligament of the spine in the IVD area.

Violation of microcirculation in this place, that is, in the area of ​​IVD hernia, causes edema, inflammation and pain. Thus, it is not a hernia in the full sense of the term. A hernia is a part of an organ or organ that has fallen out of its location.

An umbilical hernia or inguinal hernia has not yet been thought of to be cut off, since it is part of the intestine. It is set and sewn into the abdomen. And how to correct the collapsed organ? It’s like straightening a toothpaste squeezed out of a tube! Moreover, the collapsed disc does not represent a dense, elastic connective tissue formation, as before.This is already rubbish, which does not represent either value or danger. In older people, the IVD is often no longer visible on X-rays, since they have dried up, and the old people bent over. So what? Have you had back pain surgery? Even mentions. And the fear inspired by doctors has a place to be.

Purely symptomatic pieces of IVD cannot get into any important centers of life support, just as they cannot turn off the nerve plexuses and contribute to dysfunction of urination.

IVD hernia is just a diagnostic sign of systemic microcirculation disorders of the musculoskeletal system.And a violation of the system is not treated with a sledgehammer. Laziness is another matter, it can even be understood! However, disability is not taken into account.

To eliminate edema, which means pain, it is necessary to make a drainage system for this area. Activation (recruitment) of the deep muscles of the spine, which act as pumps, and drains this edema of the paravertebral tissues. Microcirculation and lymphatic drainage of the inflammation zone is restored. The restored blood and lymph overpasses deliver phagocytes to the lesion site, and they digest (lyse) these large “foreign”, in this case, cartilaginous elements and promote their excretion from the body in the most natural way.And the operation to remove these elements, and once the whole cartilage (IVD), becomes meaningless. If the surgeon intervenes in the natural process, cutting the connective tissues of the spine, then at the site of penetration scars remain, growing into adhesions. This cicatricial adhesive zone can no longer be eliminated by any other means. To those problems that existed before the operation, a new scar-adhesive tissue is added, which will continue to create a permanent “focus of tension”, that is, pain, and a decrease in the functions of the spine.But this comes much later, when the effect of drug anesthesia wears off and when trying to return to the previous life, the remaining pieces of cartilage (IVD) fall out with the return of pain syndrome.

In addition, the trophism (nutrition) of the spinal zone in the area of ​​surgery sharply worsens and local osteoporosis of the vertebral bodies develops, that is, a sharp aging of bones and a decrease in the quality of life. This is clearly demonstrated by control MRI images two to three weeks after the operation.But for some reason, patients are not recommended to take these pictures.

“An organism is a self-regulating and self-healing system” – as another Nobel laureate of Russia I. N. Pavlov.

No need to interfere with it, it is necessary to create conditions and the body itself will cope with internal enemies. It is impossible in principle to cure muscles with a knife, but movement with a ban on movement is impossible in principle, and movements of a surgical scalpel or laser are meaningless and harmful. To understand this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the surgeons after the operation… “

90,000 Investment in yourself. How to hear your body and start taking care of it?

Altman: Hello. This is the Altman Asks program, I am Kira Altman, and my guest today is Irina Nikulina, General Director of Boiron in Russia.

Nikulin: Good afternoon. Thanks a lot for the invitation.

Altman: Thank you for coming. So many questions have accumulated. About how we feel, and in general how to understand how we feel.I made a short film. I would like you to watch it.

Nikulin: A wonderful story, it seems to me, fully reflects what is happening today in our community. I was hooked by the words that a healthy lifestyle is violence against oneself, that it is a constant overcoming of oneself, that it is boring.

Altman: This is Yura Bykov, director and screenwriter, who said he was bored.

Nikulina: It seems to me that in fact a healthy lifestyle is an investment in yourself, in your capital, in your present, in your energy, in your development.I don’t understand how boring it can be. Much comes from the fact that today a person is not in the center of attention. We are much more interested in the business that we are doing, or tracking events in the Instagram feed or Facebook. But in fact, we pay less and less attention to ourselves, how we feel, what our thoughts are, what our mood is, in the end, how comfortable I am sitting now, what is my energy level today. And in fact, because of this, I think, many people hold such a position, anti-healthy lifestyle.

Altman: Just not to be concerned with yourself?

Nikulina: And in general, yes, there is simply no interest in yourself.

Altman: How to transfer yourself to the first stage? Indeed, we grew up in a society in which it was not customary to put ourselves first.

Nikulin: Absolutely.

Altman: We never thought to ourselves. And I really hope that today’s generation, the younger generation, who thinks about themselves and are turned towards themselves, that they will succeed.But we will return to those who are in the process of addressing themselves. I’m wondering if you share the point of view that a person by the age of forty-five knows himself well, understands what suits him from food, from gymnastics, how he should sleep, how he should live. And he should go to doctors only in extreme cases.

Nikulina: You know, there is an opinion that a woman who did not become beautiful at thirty-five is just a stupid woman. In fact, by the time we are forty-five, we should probably know this.But to be honest, I think that a basic level of knowledge about your body and understanding of your health is important at absolutely any age. It is much easier once for yourself to understand the elementary physiological processes inherent in our body, in order to then competently maintain your health throughout your life, and, say, treat with the necessary degree of criticism, probably, to various often newfangled health-improving practices that, if used incorrectly, if used incorrectly, they may not lead to the desired effect.It seems to me that a modern person today is better versed in the mechanics of his car than in his own. We all know what fuel needs to be put into the car and what is not worth it so that it works for a long time and does not break down ahead of time.

Altman: It just says what it is. It is written there.

Nikulin: Well, partly. But even if it is not written, we know that we do not put diesel in a car where there is gasoline.

Altman: Where there is gasoline, yes, that’s understandable.How do we deal with ourselves?

Nikulina: That is a colossal amount of liquid and a range of drinks that we fill in ourselves, without even thinking that they also have their own composition, each drink, that each drink has such an indicator as pH, which is not always may be compatible with our physiology. I just want to give an example of even this overuse of so-called industrial soft drinks today. Unfortunately, we don’t think about it, we don’t read the labels, and we don’t pay attention to the fact that, in addition to a large amount of sugar, phosphoric acid is often included, which brings these drinks closer to a very low pH.And it is understandable that when we consume them excessively, our body is forced to somehow compensate for these acidic solutions, mainly due to the salts that it takes in our priceless depots, in the bones, therefore, in fact, we see that now osteoporosis is getting younger. … And here we are talking about the fact that we are simply not interested, we do not acquire this knowledge consciously.

Altman: Well, yes, after all, drinks, and coca-cola, and fanta, and other drinks that we drink, juices with a lot of sugar, in fact, we do not read them, because we just, there is a certain picture , seeing that this is combined with this, that pizza with Coca-Cola.And we do not have any separate observer inside, we have not yet …

Nikulin: Not included.

Altman: Not included, yes, who will say, hey, wait a minute, you don’t have to drink this. Or people start to drink, for example, diet drinks, which in fact may be more …

Nikulin: Worse.

Altman: Harder, yes, worse. I am neither a chemist nor a biochemist, it is difficult for me when I read the label, it is also difficult for me to understand what is what, and it is necessary to understand. And in order to understand, there is not always time and desire, and so on.

Nikulina: Another example that constantly amazes me, which I regularly see when coming to a sports club, is, for example, very often girls in the locker room use deodorants before they go jogging or playing sports. And obviously, they do this simply out of elementary ignorance of the physiology of our body, because sweating is very important for thermoregulation, and, in principle, is a very important system for cleansing our body, because with sweat we remove unnecessary toxins, products of the metabolite.And it turns out a paradox, a person consciously …

Altman: So we don’t let ourselves get them out.

Nikulin: Of course. A person consciously came to play sports, to benefit his health, and as a result, due to some elementary illiteracy, a completely opposite effect is obtained.

Altman: Because we are shy, we don’t want to be uncomfortable.

Nikulina: To make us smell bad.This is probably natural, of course, our urges are social, but again you just need to put on clean clothes, after all, which are made of cotton that breathe well. If you run for an hour, then take a shower, then in fact nothing terrible will happen.

Altman: So I’m wondering what can be a good incentive for each of us? Because when we go to the doctor, we are simply scared, and we also pull to the last to go to him. Here’s how to take care of yourself, so that this incentive is not boring for someone, so that this incentive is somehow extremely curious.You may have your own recipe for something like this: once – and pleasure, once – and went, once – and you look at yourself carefully. That is, the recipe for this attention to yourself before you need the help of a doctor.

Nikulina: It’s just the realization that you need it, your personal decision.

Altman: But as long as nothing hurts you, you don’t need it.

Nikulin: You know, I have a different position.

Altman: Which one?

Nikulina: Thank God that nothing hurts me now, that’s why I need it now.I have a medical education, I know perfectly well how easy it is to prevent a disease, and how difficult it is to treat it later. And I, for example, am very impressed by the same Chinese medicine, where, in addition to the concept of healthy and sick, you know, there is also such a concept as “not yet sick,” not yet sick. And in fact, this is probably the very wonderful moment when a person should, in theory, consult a doctor, because at this time, simply by adjusting the lifestyle, introducing some simple health-improving habits into your practices, you can prevent the development of the disease, or generally exclude him from his perspective.

Altman: That’s what we’re talking about.

Nikulin: But this is a solution. You just need to decide for yourself, and when you are planning things for business, insert some things into your diary that are important for you personally and for your health.

Nikulina: Paradoxically, according to the latest poll by VTsIOM, 40% of the Russian population is not for a healthy lifestyle, and they say that they cannot lead a healthy lifestyle because of two main barriers: the lack of money and time.Now let’s think about how much money and time should be spent to reduce the consumption of table salt? And how much money and time do you need to spend to close your eyes before going to bed, remember pleasant moments during the day and just thank someone for it? How long does it take to get to the fourth floor of your office not by elevator, but on foot?

Altman: It seems that this is so funny from the outside, you list, it is elementary. You don’t have to spend anything.

Nikulina: Yes, you know, in fact, many barriers are subjective, and in fact we are hiding behind them, because for one reason or another we are not ready to make some important points. And often we are not ready because we are afraid of what needs to be done. I know I need to lose five kilograms, I go up to the fifth floor with shortness of breath, I urgently need to go in for sports. Often the goals that we set for ourselves, they seem to us impracticable. And don’t do that.Just a little bit to do. Well, I don’t know, start today by putting a glass of clean water on the bedside table and drinking it tomorrow morning, upon waking up, make up for the fluid loss that we had during sleep in a dry, heated room. A few days after drinking the water, you stretch, knead your bones, your constrained spine, which was, as it were, inactive throughout the night. We know that the intervertebral discs are almost 95% water, and just filling them with moisture is possible only when moving.In a few more days, do not jump up immediately when the alarm rings, think about a pleasant moment during the day that awaits you.

Altman: Damn, get up! This is a nice moment.

Nikulina: And if an absolutely monstrous day awaits you, in the end, imagine the moment when you finally return home to your warm, cozy apartment. You see, it’s not difficult, you just don’t have to try to do a lot right away, because we are really subject to a certain rhythm, we all have big responsibilities.But when we start doing something quite a bit, it’s already good. And believe me, just then there can be a lot of this, more and more, and gradually we will just come to this healthy lifestyle, in any case, even if not ideal, but at least we will consciously and regularly do something for myself.

Altman: Here is my formula for a state of comfort, I don’t know if it’s health or is it just a state in which I feel good, cheerful, I love myself, this is when I understand, for example, that I’m tired, I stop talking to everyone, I going into a state of silence, call it meditation, whatever you like.If I feel that I am getting sick, I stop eating, I go into a half-starvation mode, I stop letting food in, I leave only water, and so on. But these are my formulas, I need to stay in the forest in order to somehow come to terms with reality and love it again. And here’s your health formula? How it all began, that you became attentive to water, to sleep, to this, to this, and now it all turned into such your personal set.

Nikulina: Despite the fact that I graduated from the medical university with honors, I really began to study my health closer to forty years old, when I already moved to live in France.And I had a monstrous job, I had 16 countries, for the development of which I was responsible, and in fact, I had endless business trips, night and day. And when my child was six months old, one day, after returning from a business trip, and rocking her at night, I realized that I simply had no strength.

Altman: On her, on herself, on everything.

Nikulin: I have no strength for anything. I stand, hold my child, whom I have not seen for a week, and I understand that I do not have the strength even for positive emotions.

Altman: I even get goosebumps because I feel this state.

Nikulina: And I realized that something had to be done. I really had, like many people, excuse , when, once, work, budget, profit, family, a lot.

Altman: I owe everyone, here, here, here and here.

Nikulin: Of course. A colossal organization is required, both professional and personal, since you are constantly not in your personal life.But some responsibilities, they are not removed from you, that is, you have to solve them. And you know, at that moment I began to really look around, pay attention to the right, to the left, how other people generally live, and probably, it’s good that at that moment I really ended up in France, in a country where there is even such a concept “Profite de la vie” – enjoy life. And there, in fact, a lot is tuned into this very sphere, and people are more attentive to their health, because they . ..

Altman: Although they eat sausage and cheese all the time, and bread.And I envy them. And they drink wine.

Nikulina: Yes, but you know, every time they eat sausage, cheese and bread, they definitely eat a lot of vegetables. Look, even they eat cheese, they serve you lettuce. That is, the whole devil is in the details, as they say. They combine food very competently, and there are still more natural products than we have. There are a lot of healthy initiatives there, for example, I was very pleased that last year in France the use of antibiotics in farming, in poultry farming was categorically banned, because, you know, there is even a joke why sick children are recommended chicken broth, because there are many antibiotics.Although the use of antibiotics was reduced very seriously, cases of antibacterial resistance remained. And after analyzing the situation, the government really made an amazingly wise decision to remove antibiotics from animal husbandry. Because we do not consume antibiotics, we de facto consume them together with meat of cattle or poultry, and de facto create a situation for the development of antibacterial resistance.

Altman: What is antibacterial resistance, explain to me as if I were five years old.

Nikulin: Microbes, bacteria, they are sensitive to antibiotics, antibiotics kill them. But like any organism, there is natural selection. Bacteria develop, multiply, they also change their properties a little, and such strains appear that become resistant to this antibiotic. And then you need to use another antibiotic, stronger, to kill this pathogenic flora.

Altman: And so on ad infinitum?

Nikulina: And so on to infinity, but infinity is also finite.And today there are already very resistant-resistant strains, which do not take a large number of antibiotics. And the problem is that you can actually get a bacterial infection, but traditional antibiotics will not work on you, because the strain that you get will already be resistant to treatment. Did you explain it incomprehensibly?

Altman: No, no, you explained clearly, I’m just aware of the scale of the disaster. Now I can imagine how scary it is.

Nikulina: And you know, the scale of the disaster is quite serious, because several years ago the chief ENT doctor of Moscow made such a raid on Moscow apartments and looked at what was in the first-aid kits of Muscovites.

Altman: I’m afraid to guess what’s there.

Nikulina: And what do you think, how many types of different antibiotics are there on average in our Moscow first-aid kit?

Altman: Five?

Nikulin: Seven.And unfortunately, again, apparently, there is not enough information for our people, but very often, without hesitation, we have a headache, a runny nose, and not even realizing whether this is a viral nature of a runny nose or a bacterial one, we begin to use antibiotics, which when viral pathology is not shown at all, that is, they have no effect on viruses.

Altman: But we don’t do it ourselves. We go to the doctor, the doctor says – here’s an antibiotic, take it. And people are divided into those who take an antibiotic for seven days, and seven days, like me, who do not take an antibiotic and get better.I now want to return to France and to your experience of life there. I know, correct me if this is not the case, that in France children are given homeopathy. And now I want to talk about homeopathy not as a pseudoscience or not a pseudoscience, I do not want to talk about it in this vein and ask you to defend it, in no case, no. I want you to talk about the experience of homeopathy on the example of France. I know that my friends, for example, in Russia, go to homeopaths, and children use homeopathy. And I know that homeopathy is given to animals, and there is no placebo effect, animals get better by taking homeopathy.How is homeopathy used in France?

Nikulin: For me, in fact, this was also a new French experience, because despite many years of study at the medical university, I had not heard anything about homeopathy at all. And having moved to France, like many in Russia, I looked at this, you know, with a certain distrust. But several situations happened, specifically with my child, and homeopathy helped.

Altman: What happened to the child? The temperature has risen?

Nikulin: You know, first of all, temperature control, that is, paracetamol can be prescribed to everyone.

Altman: As it happens.

Nikulina: But we understand that this drug has certain side effects, but any doctor, any literate person will not rule out the fact that you have a temperature of 39, you are hot, you are excited, you are thirsty, you are hot and red , while someone else has a temperature of 39, on the contrary, he is cold, sweaty, he wants to wrap himself up, he does not want to drink. And in fact, in the homeopathic medicine cabinet, if we are talking about mono-component drugs, there is a more personalized treatment for each of these situations. I actually use this approach very actively, because my child is allergic to paracetamol, and, unfortunately, I could not stop the fever attacks in this way. And as a matter of fact, I went to a doctor who, in addition to using other conventional medicines, is guided in homeopathy, simply out of despair. To be honest, I was very surprised. And in fact, in Europe, given that homeopathic medicines go well with all others, because they have no cross-interaction …

Altman: So they can be combined with the usual medications taken at the doctor’s appointment?

Nikulin: Yes, combine, of course.And given that they have virtually no age limit, and they have a very high safety profile, of course, this treatment is primarily reserved for young children and pregnant women. But you know, I am convinced that even outside of pregnancy, our health requires a very delicate and careful attitude. I am surprised to look at people who, in every case of ARVI, without fear, prescribe very serious immunomodulators to themselves, their children, without fear of the consequences. Or, with a banal rhinitis, decongestants begin to drip immediately, these vasoconstrictor drops.And we know very well that in addition to the fact that they dry out the nasal mucosa, make it more susceptible to the same infection, for many people it is addictive. Look how many teenagers we have during the months of life are forced to drip these drops at night, at the moment when the runny nose has already passed.

Altman: Habit, so that there is a solution right away.

Nikulin: It’s addictive. And is a banal runny nose worth such victims? That is, in such situations, for example, I also use homeopathic medicines, there is a tablet form, like the drug “Corizalia”, which is suitable for any cold.If I need a more personalized approach, taking into account the nasal discharge that I have, I go to the mono-component drugs. Therefore, here, in fact, it is a matter of choice, and for me today, clinical homeopathy, as for many progressive doctors, is not some kind of panacea, it is one of the many methods that the progressive world uses today, combines for the benefit of each patient.

Altman: What do you think, this is the phrase “health prevention,” it’s quite funny, how you can do health prevention, if you look at it from the point of view of philology, it’s strange.But we understand what it is all about, about being healthy before getting sick. Is homeopathy able to participate in this, in health prevention?

Nikulin: Absolutely. Many homeopathic medicines are used for both treatment and prevention. There is a drug for motion sickness. You can use it at the moment when you feel bad in a car or vehicle, but there is the same reception scheme when you start using it two or three days before such a serious trip, or on a ship, if you know that you get motion sickness, and by doing so, you will improve your condition in many ways.That is, of course, yes, there is also a preventive sense in the use of certain drugs.

Altman: When I was preparing for our conversation, I found out that there are different blitz polls, and I really liked that 50% of the people from the blitz poll use different health practices, with 55 people, among 55 people 29 practice yoga, homeopathy, osteopathy, drink vitamins, nutritional supplements, but half of them do not tell their doctors about it. And I remembered that really, if a person is busy with all this, then for some reason he does not tell his doctor about it, because it is considered indecent to talk about it.What do you think about this, how is it a doctor in the first place?

Nikulina: You know, both as a doctor and as a patient, I think I’m very sorry.

Altman: And as a patient, yes.

Nikulina: It’s a pity that this is happening, because de facto, both the patient and the doctor have one goal – health. But when both of these people begin to go to this goal in different, and often inconsistent, paths, then it turns out like in history a swan, a cancer and a pike.And in fact, I also paid attention to this survey, and I wondered why this is happening. At our medical universities, we teach practically nothing about health. And there are very few optional hours about diet therapy, about the benefits of high-quality physical activity, about the homeopathic method of treatment, about psychology. And in fact, only competent doctors, who then continue to be interested, after receiving a diploma, are able to apply such an integrative, comprehensive approach, really hear the patient, and orient him not only to the prescription of some kind of pill, but also helps to correct the lifestyle, competently pick up some wellness practices that people practice in one way or another.They also practice for a reason, because either something bothers them, and they try to solve this problem themselves.

Altman: Well, of course, you always pick up something and listen to yourself, it goes, it doesn’t go.

Nikulin: Of course. And I have a great dream to have as many professionals in our country as possible who, you know, do not look at the world through the keyhole of a single method of treatment, but really try to learn more. Well, I also dream that patients come to these doctors, of course, before they develop an illness or unpleasant symptoms.

Altman: Now I am happy only because of the fact that interdisciplinarity enters our life, and a doctor should know this and that. And I know that you have now entered the Canadian University online, and you have a course, you are engaged in nutritional science there, correct me that you took, what course it is.

Nikulina: Yes, this is a course on natural nutrition.

Altman: Why did you take him? Why did you become interested in this? What’s new?

Nikulina: If you look at a healthy lifestyle, this is some kind of inverted pyramid, and the pyramid is based on nutrition, first of all it is nutrition.And since these questions have always been interesting to me, and from the point of view of following my figure, and in general, to be honest, I’m tired of drawing completely conflicting information from the Internet, from various sources.

Altman: I’m tired too. I’m sure all our viewers are tired too, give us one source.

Nikulina: And I decided to figure it out myself. And as a matter of fact, this was probably the main incentive why I decided to go for these two years of study.

Altman: So this is a decent course, two years.

Nikulina: I was amazed how much this is really such a holistic course, it’s not only about nutrition. And so you ask what was new, for me, let’s say, the course on epigenesis was a revelation, this is a certain concept that has been completely scientifically proven today, we are all born with a certain set of genes, their sequence, but the expression, expression of these genes is influenced by the environment …That is, conditionally, from how we live, what we do with ourselves or not, affects how well our genes work.

Altman: Depends on how we live.

Nikulina: And in fact, this is very, I would say, encouraging information, because, you know, it’s like in a batch of cards, you got cards, your genotype may be good, you have good heredity, but you have good cards, you can still lose because you played a bad game. And vice versa, at the beginning of the game you may be given absolutely terrible cards, we make an analogy with the genotype, you may have a lot of such inheritance, not very high quality, but you cleverly disposed of them, and in the end you won. And in the same way with the genotype, in fact, our lifestyle greatly influences what will happen to us, our life, and nutrition, of course, is one of the methods of influencing our own, on the expression of our genes, because each Twenty million cells change in a second in our body, and of course, how high-quality building material we get thanks to high-quality nutrition plays a big role.

Altman: I want to consult with you about this. I watched a movie here called The Game Changers, a documentary on Netflix about a person trying the transition to full vegetarianism. And he is not talking about not eating meat, fish, poultry and eggs, but look at what meat, fish, poultry and eggs are today. Do you have anything to add to this reflection? Because, to be honest, I just stopped eating animal protein for two months, and everyone around who tried it says, you don’t need it, don’t continue, come back, be sure to return to animal protein.What do they say in Canada on the course?

Nikulin: You know, I don’t think that animal protein needs to be demonized. But what is really happening today is the industrialization of the food industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, and this, of course, is sad. Because there is even such a concept, by the way, there is a separate course that I have completed, which is called End of Food, the end of food. Today we have the interests of the food industry …

Altman: They are higher than ours.

Nikulin: Absolutely disagree with the interests of public health. What is happening in the industry, look, in the same animal husbandry. We need the same bulls to grow faster, and in a short period of time, so to speak, give more mass.

Altman: Yes, gaining weight.

Nikulin: Gaining weight. Therefore, hormonal therapy is also used, subclinical doses of antibiotics are used so that the body does not waste energy on fighting infection, but only grows, grows and grows.We do not want to fill in a natural way even the need for such an extensive growth of the same minerals, and what is being done in animal husbandry, we feed cattle with bone meal, that is, de facto vegetarians by nature, cows that feed on grass, we make them cannibals, that is, they eat the bones, so to speak, of their own kind. And in fact, this was the reason for the birth of this Mad-cow, mad cow disease, just because of this kind of feeding.

Nikulina: Let’s see what is happening with the food industry, which is why there is a lot of hidden sugar everywhere, for example.Because it improves the taste of lower quality products, because it helps to improve the texture, appearance, because, in the end, it increases the shelf life. Everyone knows that sugar is, as it is, addiction, develops into addictive sugar, and we tend to buy more products containing sugar. Therefore, so to speak, the interests of the industry diverge. And of course, if you buy …

Altman: Our interests and the interests of different industries.

Nikulin: Yes, yes.Therefore, of course, if you buy such a chicken stuffed with this, then, probably, there is not much benefit in such a protein.

Altman: That is, it simply does not exist, this benefit.

Nikulina: It seems to me that our role here, as a consumer, is still to vote for quality products. I understand that there are not so many of them today, but it seems to me that all manufacturers who are trying to be environmentally friendly to nature, respect the food they produce, need to be supported.And it seems to me that the more we do this, the more chances we ourselves have to get a quality product full of vitamins, minerals, tastes, and, in fact, live happily ever after.

Altman: What does it mean to live happily ever after? Let’s have a blitz.

Nikulin: You know, everyone has a different way. Of course, our health is a multifaceted structure, it is not just nutrition. We actually have 60% of our thoughts and feelings impacting our health endpoints. Therefore, you definitely need to live in a positive way, you do not need to dramatize, you need to rest, you need to eat right.It is clear that all this is necessary, necessary, necessary to do, not everything is possible, but to do what is possible.

Altman: When this “need” turns into “want”, what do you think?

Nikulina: As my child jokes: “Mom, when you start choosing healthy food instead of tasty, old age has come.” And we somehow laughed for a long time, I don’t know where she read it. You want what you want, you know, our habits are completely reformatted in 21 days, so if you decide not to add sugar to tea, well, wait three weeks, it’s not so difficult.Well, do not drink you, after all, this tea for three weeks, drink water. And then when you take, after 21 days, tea with sugar, you will not be able to drink it.

Altman: It’s true, I checked, I know.

Nikulina: And you will want to drink what you need. Therefore, this is such a concept.

Altman: Listen to yourself in 21 days, and then your “need” will turn.

Nikulin: Be patient. Or at least compare your previous state with the usual one.What I want to say, for two or three days, I don’t know, try not to eat, I don’t know, at least three hours before bedtime, three or four days. Then go back to your normal routine when you …

Altman: And eat well before bed.

Nikulina: And eat sausages and potatoes, as you usually did.

Altman: As you like, bread and butter.

Nikulina: And you will see the difference that the next day, how badly you woke up tired.And you will see the difference between yourself and the fact that there were two or three days when you did not eat three hours before bedtime. That is, I just want to say that we very often take our current state as a good norm. But if we try to change a little, we will understand that our norm is different. And we will have our own reference and our own additional motivation to try to do something differently. Need to try.

Altman: Comparison, this is the bridge from one state to another.

Don’t be afraid to be free. Issue a donate.

90,000 The only way to get rid of a hernia is to have surgery

Grigory Alexandrovich, what is
inguinal hernia and why does it occur?

– This ailment has been known since ancient times. The main reason for the appearance of an inguinal hernia is a long-term
mismatch between the force of intra-abdominal pressure and resistance
him certain areas of the abdominal
walls.As a result, muscle tissue stretching occurs. Through the holes
internal organs in the abdominal wall
(most often bowel loops) come out
from the abdomen under the outer cover of the body or
into another cavity. The inguinal canal belongs to the natural openings of the abdominal wall, where it is often formed like this
called inguinal hernias. Excessive
physical activity, undosing
strength exercises with a load on the abdomen, bowel disease, accompanied by constipation – all this can cause a hernia.Gender, age, physique features
are also predisposing
factors for the formation of this pathology. Talking about acquired inguinal
hernias, it should be noted that they occur mainly in adult men in
as a result of hard physical work,
associated, in particular, with weight lifting.

– How common is this disease?

– Inguinal hernia is a very common pathology. Inguinal hernia repair is in the first place in the structure of planned operations in general surgery.Bye
the hernia can be repaired, the situation
not critical. But quite often there is an infringement of the hernia (compression)
in the area of ​​the hernia gate, through which
there is a protrusion of internal
organs from the abdominal cavity. This is very
a dangerous condition that can lead to tissue death and inflammation
abdominal wall. Fatal outcomes in case of hernia infringement are noted in 4-11%
cases. Most vulnerable in this regard
older patients. Emergency hospitalization allows you to provide
the help you need.However, the operation
with a strangulated hernia it is always more difficult
planned intervention and is often accompanied by complications. Necessary
understand: if the hernia has formed,
it will not disappear on its own.
The only way to get rid of her is to have surgery. To avoid
possible complications, it is better to do
her in a planned manner.

– Are there any contraindications to such an operation?

– Operations are not eligible for patients with so
called absolute contraindications.At the end of the 19th century, German surgeons formulated the principles
contraindications for planned surgery
about a hernia: “too young”
Too old and too sick. So it is still babies, people
old age and patients with decompensated diseases
and conditions are not subject to planned
surgical treatment. In these cases, a council of specialists decides
the question of the tactics chosen. Conservative treatment in adults is to limit physical activity,
dieting, stool regulation,
wearing a bandage.

– What are the approaches to hernia surgery?

– Traditional operations with the elimination of hernia and elimination of weak points with
using their own fabrics have
a huge story. There are over 300
ways of carrying out such operations. Surgery development progress only
over the past 40 years has made it possible to develop
about 50 more new ways that
are aimed at reducing the frequency of possible relapses and treatment complications.Laparoscopic surgery is actively developing. Today in our hospital
about 50% of operations for inguinal
hernias are performed laparoscopic
by. Due to its high technical
equipment and training opportunities with
all surgeons of our hospital with special equipment and instruments
mastered laparoscopic operations and
improve in their performance.
A modern and effective method of hernia repair is the use of mesh implants. During the operation, they are sewn into the abdominal
the wall and create a frame, which subsequently becomes overgrown with the body’s own tissues and strengthens it (operation
for Liechtenstein).Using these
materials allows you to achieve fast
rehabilitation of the patient and reduces the frequency of relapses of the disease. European
the gerontological society has now also recommended laparoscopic methods of hernia repair. These are tension-free types of plastics,
in which the mesh is implanted
a prosthesis above or below the peritoneum under optical control using laparoscopic technology. In our
the hospital uses all these techniques.
In collaboration with colleagues from the University Clinic of M.V.A.I. Evdokimov, located on the basis of the hospital, we develop and implement new
methods of surgical treatment of various diseases. This year we received a patent for joint development
by the method of fixing a special mesh
with laparoscopic treatment of inguinal hernia. Putting it into practice
allowed not only to optimize the surgical treatment of inguinal hernias, but
and save significant budget

– As with such a huge amount
techniques, you can choose the optimal way for the patient to perform
– Difficulties often arise for specialists in the treatment of recurrent and giant inguinal hernias.In these cases
the choice of surgery technique should be
carefully evaluated taking into account all the nuances. In 2006, during an internship at
Berlin at the clinic of Professor Uwe Baer, ​​being a participant in operations and overseeing the
the choice of the operation technique, I saw how
scrupulously with full technical
In the arsenal, the method of operation is chosen by the German colleagues. Evaluated
everything: the complexity of the abdominal wall plasty, the expected duration of the operation,
possible percentage of relapse, operational and anesthetic risk.Everything
these factors together determine
the volume of the upcoming operation and the methodology, which the patient must be informed about. This practice has been implemented in our country too,
which allows you to reasonably allow
emerging issues. On medical
consultations, in which, along with surgeons, other specialized
specialists: therapists, neurologists, resuscitators, cardiologists, – collegially
the tactics of treatment are chosen and the most
optimal for each specific
the patient’s method of performing surgery.

– Why do you think many Russians still prefer to perform
operations abroad?

– Indeed, some fellow citizens
make a choice in favor of abroad. Why? With considerable funds,
they go to be treated for reasons of anonymity, for exclusive methods, as well as to specific specialists,
about which they have attractive information. But today in the capital region, the concentration of forces and means is quite
sufficient to provide any kind
specialized medical care.On a hospital scale, we have examples where our colleagues,
having relatives in the far abroad and the ability to organize
their treatment in Western clinics, unambiguously make a choice in favor of Moscow clinics. First, known
high level of our equipment
and the preparedness of medical personnel; secondly, there are no differences in the results
treatment, thirdly – the comfort of being in the native language environment is obvious,
and fourthly, there are no traffic costs,
our insurance policy is valid and a wide variety of high-tech medical care is available.Important and
what you can choose for yourself the most
attractive hospital
based on objective open non-commercial information

Author: Irina Stepanova

90,000 Sergey Kovalev – Return to health or how to heal your body and soul without doctors and medicines. Healing Basics Guide read online


To readers of this book

Instead of preface

Chapter 1.Basic ideas and premises

1.1. About diseases and their cure

The case of Vittorio Micelli

The phenomenon of spontaneous self-healing

Long Live the Placebo!

About the neurosomatic circuit

Causes of our diseases

1.2. What is NLP

The essence of neurolinguistic programming

NLP Presuppositions

Methods of neurolinguistic programming

Material, energy and informational

Mercedes of your recovery

Chapter 2.The goal is recovery

2.1. First steps in health

Determination of the benefits and meaning of the disease

Clarification of the meaning of the disease

Short-term positive therapy

“Promotion” of recovery

Health-building visualizations

2.2. The result you want to get

From present to desired

Well-formulated result

Formation of readiness to achieve the goal

Elimination of internal contradictions

Image of the desired future

Chapter 3.Images for your health

3.1. With a single stroke …

What is OSS for us

About replacing context images

Introduction to the swing technique

A Sweep for Confident Professionals

About wide-context sweep

3.2. The return of a healthy self

Out of context sweep

On the holographic wave

Four-step reframing

Creating a perfect self

In the image and likeness …

Chapter 4.Long live my well-being

4.1. The sensations you choose

What is anchoring

Resource anchoring technique

Establishment of automatic connection “trigger-resource”

Crossing (pushing) anchors

Indirect and multiple resource

4.2. The states that we create

Meta-states theory

Using the “Resource Circle”

Conversion of negative states

Creation of a “zone of possession”

Psychotechnology “Wonderful Shop”

Chapter 5.Disease and health in the interior of behavior

5.1. Health and Disease Scenarios

Psychotechnology substitution scenarios

Separating context from behavior

Mental rehearsal

Generator of new behavior

Recycling of negative scenarios

5.2. Internal Behavior Correction

On visualizations of the healing process

Work with oncological diseases

Imaging in the treatment of other diseases

Criteria for good visualizations

NLP Self-Healing

Chapter 6.In the fight for a healthy faith

6.1. Disease and health beliefs

What Beliefs Mean to Us

Defining your own vers

Environmental Belief Analysis

“Meta” Yes “and” meta “No”

Implementation of beliefs using eye movements

6.2. Affirmation of common beliefs

Beliefs common to all

Psychotechnology of Affirmation

Strengthening the impact of affirmations

Basic rules and conditions for working with affirmations

Technique “101 affirmations” and beliefs of perfection

Chapter 7.The environment in which we get sick and recover

7.1. Burden of stress and passions

Either change or accept

Curse and blessing of stress

Conditions of “anti-stress” life

Acute stress scale

Psychotechnology for dealing with problems and troubles

7.2. How to change your attitude towards life

Stresses inside us

About acquired helplessness syndrome

Positive rethinking

About what to do in crises

Daily reframing

Information about the author

About individual admission


Tell me, do you want to either regain the lost health, or, finally, fully recover? And to preserve this newly acquired health for many years?

If not, put this book back on the shelf.Not because you are not mature enough, but because health is not a problem for you. Is it worth it (pardon the metaphor) to scratch when (or while?) It does not itch?

If yes, then you are in luck – you have found what you are looking for and what you want. Because this is not too voluminous and not at all academic (in the sense of general accessibility) publication that you are holding in your hands, is devoted to the subject of interest to you – health. More precisely, the neuroprogramming system of psychosomatic healings (the NPS system – reads “enpsi”), developed not just by a psychotherapist of the highest qualifications in Europe and the world, but by a person who healed himself from a host of “incurable modern medicine” diseases.

To the readers of this book

Now all this is in the past, but then … then I was just scared. The end of 2006 I met, as they say, at the peak of popularity, fame (albeit in my own, but necessary for me, narrow circles), success and prosperity. But life did not please, but frightened, because health is something that I myself only half-jokingly said, that this, they say, is the main thing, because “we will buy the rest”, it was rapidly melting, leaving like water in sand. No, at that time I did not have access to its objective indicators (I was simply afraid to be checked), but in terms of subjective indicators, the very near future did not promise me anything good.The pressure was constantly going off scale (it was felt even without measuring it), and as for the “fiery motor” (heart), it worked so intermittently and so often that, going to bed, I almost habitually wondered if I would be worthy to wake up tomorrow. And I was getting old and decrepit – swiftly and inevitably. And I no longer ran, moving anywhere and anytime, but easy and fun, but with difficulty walked, preferring to move gradually from home to garage and from car to office, especially since after climbing even to the third floor I had to rest for a few minutes , calming a frantically and heavily beating heart, and only after that rise further, to the fourth.And, although I deliberately reassured myself that I was just overworked and I needed to have a good rest, and then everything would be fine again – at an unconscious level, I seem to have already begun to say goodbye to life, increasingly thinking about what will remain after me, what awaits me there, beyond the fatal line. And it is no coincidence that a favorite saying at this time was the phrase “Death is joining the majority.”

Read more
90,000 home care rules, an overview of the best products

There is no common cause of increased hair loss, as well as one best remedy that would help everyone without exception.Fortunately, scientists now know almost everything about this problem.

There are from 50 thousand to 160 thousand hairs on a person’s head at the same time, and it is quite normal to lose up to 10% of their total number daily – these are hair shafts in the telogen stage, which have already become obsolete. What or who is to blame for severe hair loss, if during the day there are clearly more than 50-160 hairs left on the comb and in the drain of the bathroom?

  • Hormones . An increase in the level of androgens leads to alopecia – they are responsible for male pattern baldness, regardless of gender.
  • Pregnancy, start or end of breastfeeding . These triggers of hormonal surges have nothing to do with alopecia, so do not worry – the loss will stop very soon.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals. Doctors note that the formation of a viable hair follicle is impossible if the body does not receive enough vitamins A, C, D, E and group B, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, chromium and selenium.
  • Certain diseases of internal organs .Increased hair loss is often the symptom of anemia and thyroid problems.
  • Diseases of the scalp . Seborrhea and allergies impair the natural exfoliation of dead skin cells and negatively affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands, which leads to weakening of the hair roots.
  • Taking medications . The weakening of hair follicles is a common side effect of taking a number of medications, and the loss begins only 2-3 months after the start of the course of drug treatment.
  • Stress . When the body is forced to exist in constant physical or psycho-emotional stress, hair, nails and skin receive the necessary nutrients on a residual basis, which inevitably affects their condition and appearance. In addition, stress is accompanied by spasms of the muscles of the head, which also impairs the nutrition of the follicles.

One of these points is enough for the roots to weaken, the follicles go into hibernation, and the hair along the length has lost its shine, elasticity and begins to fall out.

Examine one of the hairs left on the comb. If its upper part does not have any thickening, then, most likely, it did not fall out, but broke off at the root due to improper care or frequent heat-laying. White microscopic thickening – a bulb – a signal that you have hair in the telogen phase in your hands.

It is worth worrying only if the number of hairs that have fallen out from the bulb increases significantly, and the drain in the bathroom becomes clogged with unpleasant constancy. Then it’s time to visit a doctor, get tested and, of course, read our article on what to do to strengthen weakened hair and its roots.

If you are absolutely all right with hormones and health, nutrition is full, no more stress than any modern woman, and hair still falls out a lot, it’s time to reconsider daily care. Perhaps you are doing something wrong.

First, let’s choose a suitable comb. A comb is suitable for thin, weak hair, a massage brush for long hair, and a flat comb with rare teeth for curls and wavy strands. And let this personal hygiene item be made of natural materials or silicone, not metal or plastic.

Weak hair does not tolerate rough brushing, so detangle the ends first and then tackle the length. The process should take place smoothly, pulling and pulling the strands is not worth it in any case.

And one more small but very important piece of advice from hairdressing experts and trichologists: combing wet or wet hair is undesirable.

It turns out that seemingly innocent actions seriously aggravate the loss. Check yourself.

– Do you gently massage your hair when you apply shampoo or conditioner?

– Do you remember that you should not rub your hair vigorously with a towel, but only blot it?

– Prefer warm water over hot?

If you answered yes to all the questions – great! We pass to the next stage of leaving.

Try to dry your hair naturally or with a hair dryer on a medium or cool temperature setting, without bringing the nozzle of the device closer to the scalp. For the period of increased hair loss, stylists recommend abandoning thermal devices (ironing, curling irons, electric curlers) and tight styling.

It is a shame to walk with regrown roots or faded hair color, even if the problem of hair loss is in the first place for you. The good news is that ammonia-free paints can be used regularly even in such a situation.Toning dyes such as Garnier Color & Shine or Garnier Olia are suitable for sensitive scalp and do not aggravate hair loss.

But just do an allergy test, just to be sure. To do this, apply a little dye to the skin behind the ear the day before dyeing. No unpleasant reactions? So it’s time to refresh your favorite shade of hair!

We hear “cosmetics” – and immediately think that we are talking about an external effect that will not affect the hair follicles in any way. In fact, everything is much more interesting: shampoos and masks can make strands heavier, thereby increasing hair loss, and some products simply do not suit your skin.

It is important to choose light products with substances useful for the scalp and hair roots: castor oil, rosemary oil, herbal extracts, non-aggressive acids and – in the most severe cases – aminexil and its derivatives. Avoid homemade masks with mustard, hot peppers and other foods – they will hurt your scalp more than help.

How and with what to strengthen the hair from the inside and outside, from the roots to the very ends – and at home? It is enough to regularly care for your hair with products that are designed specifically for the case of intense hair loss.

It is generally accepted that during the period of accelerated hair evacuation from the head, it makes sense to use only sulfate-free shampoos. In fact, this rule is relevant only for allergic reactions to sulfates. If this is not about you, choose shampoos on any cleansing base – but certainly with a strengthening function.

Private medical center “Medgard” in Saratov

14 May

Pull yourself together, pull yourself together, but you’re just lazy, you have nothing to do? 😒

Probably, many of us have heard at least once in our life – you don’t have any depression, you invented everything, but you don’t have real problems, but what do you know about problems? Sound familiar?

😠Is it really annoying when your feelings are devalued? Let’s see how fatigue differs from depression, and what has laziness to do with it.⠀
Laziness and chronic fatigue indicate symptoms of depression.
Depression is not just a bad mood, but a disease that is included in the International Classifier. ☝

During a state of depression, a person perceives everything in gloomy tones, he has low self-esteem, the meaning of life goes away, and suicidal thoughts appear.
A person with depression is inactive, may not get out of bed, reactions are slowed down, he thinks that it will always be like this, and does not believe in treatment.

💊 It is impossible to cure depression only with psychotherapy, you need to take medications that are prescribed by a psychiatrist.Moreover, the words “you need to cheer up, pull yourself together” will not help a person with depression. Or “you don’t have any depression, it’s all from idleness.”

Others think that this is opening their eyes to the truth or supporting, but in fact they only make it worse.

Why? ❓
A person may not know that he is depressed, may not seek help, may hide his feelings from others that something is wrong. In such a situation, the words of others can further hurt a person.
People with depression rarely talk about suicidal thoughts, because it’s scary to admit even to yourself, much less tell someone.If a person has told about it, most likely, he is waiting for support. ☝
If he is answered “oh, what are you, everyone has problems,” he will withdraw into himself, and this can really lead to suicide. 😞

From experience, devaluation of feelings and experiences of a person with depression, especially from loved ones, often lead to a worsening of the condition.