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How to reduce hair growth: How to slow the growth of unwanted hair naturally

How to slow the growth of unwanted hair naturally

jetdigitaldev • Aug 22, 2022

You may be a man who is tired of shaving each day or a woman with unwanted hair on your body, you’d be delighted if the hair were removed. An overabundance of the male hormones called androgens is responsible for these hair growths. Women have small amounts of these hormones, but they can rise as the woman faces hormonal imbalances that increase with age. Here are simple steps you can take to slow down the growth of unwanted hair.


Androgen is directly associated with stress. An increase in stress leads to more production of androgen in your body. By cutting your stress, you can reduce the rate at which your hair grows, if only by a little. Similarly, testosterone, which is also associated with unwanted hair growth, increases its production during times of stress. Relaxing and avoiding stress stabilizes your hormones and slows the growth of unwanted hair.

Build muscle

While this mainly applies to men, building muscle can reduce your hair growth. This is because your skin stretches when building muscle, reducing your skin density.

Eat the right amount of calories

Follow a healthy diet that has the right amount of calories to support your body functions. Excessive unhealthy eating can cause excessive growth of unwanted hair. By ensuring that you have the proper calorie intake, your hair growth will slow.

Take natural vitamins and supplements

Palmetto is a natural herb that aids in hormonal balancing which reduces the growth of unwanted hair. Similarly, Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that antagonizes the increase of androgen in the body. Men are not exempted but should use these natural supplements if they want to slow the growth of unwanted hair.

Laser body hair removal

The best way to deal with unwanted hair the natural way is using laser body hair removal. This is a natural procedure that is suitable for both men and women. It can deal with unwanted hair on the chest, legs, bikini, chin and brow, among others. Laser hair removal damages the hair follicles, making it difficult for hair to grow. While this usually takes a few treatments, the results are well worth it according to the majority of our clients.

Get in touch with Ciao Bella Medical Center and Sp
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How to reduce the growth of hair on the legs of a man

Last update:

“I have thick hair on my legs. Guy, 18 years old. Is it possible to make them smaller without shaving off baldly? – Robert.

First of all, I would like to understand the main problem: is it the density of the cover or is it the length?

Or maybe you want to change the color? Want to make it shorter or thin out? Or maybe all together?

Of course, for a young man to completely shave off the hair on his legs is not the most optimal prospect. Yes, and in society this is not very welcome, although I personally am sure that this should be exclusively the business of each individual person.

Below we will try to determine the cause of excessive density and understand whether there is a defect as such. Well, then let’s go through the options with the likely advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

So, our main task is to make the vegetation on the legs less noticeable.

Dear Robert, do not misunderstand me, but before you arm yourself to fight vegetation, it makes sense to determine, but maybe not everything is so scary? Let’s figure it out.

The growth of rods in the body is controlled by several factors: genetics, hormonal balance and general health.

With the first, everything is clear and understandable: if the parents (or close relatives) had an increased amount of vegetation on the body, then the same picture would be the norm for their child.

With hormones, the situation is more interesting: until adolescence, the whole body is covered with a barely noticeable fluff. But then the male nature wakes up, testosterone comes into force, and almost overnight, hard, terminal hair begins to appear in certain places.

It is this chemical compound that is responsible for the fact that the follicle increases in size, the growth rate accelerates and pigmentation appears.

All this happens in strictly defined places, the so-called hormone-dependent. It is in these areas that the hair follicles are particularly sensitive to the action of testosterone.

It is opposed by the female hormone. Yes, yes, it is also present in the male body, just like androgens circulate in an extremely small amount in the tender half of humanity.

So, this or that balance shift can lead to the fact that the secondary sexual characteristics in the form of hair begin to “jump”.

So we have determined that the cause of intensively overgrown legs, like everything else, lies in the balance of the main male and female compounds laid down by nature.

Why did I decide to conduct this excursion into the physiological basics? I would like to eliminate one probable cause of dissatisfaction with my appearance.

It is likely that everything is in order with you, and there is no need to change anything. In a word, what caused the decision to start fighting hair? Will this desire change in the middle of the way?

If you are firmly convinced of the need for change, then we will begin to analyze the options.

Male hair removal options

Razor and depilatory cream are canceled immediately upon initial request. Yes, and there is not much sense from them: the next day, the skin will delight with stumps and bristles.

You can use a beard trimmer: by setting a certain height of the knife, you can make the hairs shorter without shaving them to zero.

But this will not affect the density of the cover, only its height.

You can use both folk (hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, chamomile) and not very (various colors) hair bleaching products, but here you need to be very careful with recipes (so as not to harm the skin and the body as a whole).

Here we will achieve only lightening, without changing the length and density.

You can resort to thread – threading. The peculiarity of this technique is to capture the hairs with a specifically twisted thread, followed by pulling out the rod with the root part.

The big advantage is that we can just thin out the cover, without completely destroying it, and the result will last for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, this method is used only for the face, rarely for the hands, but so far no one has heard that it can be applied to legs (too long and expensive).

Wax and sugar are unlikely to be suitable in our case due to the fact that the cover is completely removed over the entire area, that is, the same razor effect is achieved, only it will last, like trading, for 3 weeks.

Interestingly, with regular depilation, after some time, the vegetation in the treated areas becomes rarer, thinner and weaker, and grows longer.

All this happens due to regular traumatization of the hair receptacle. The bad news is that this process can neither be predicted nor controlled: someone has an excellent lasting effect, while someone does not notice any progress.

The optical family (laser, wide spectrum photoepilation and ELOS) deserves some interest.

Light radiation of a certain wavelength has an affinity for the hair pigment – melanin, is absorbed by the latter, which leads to intense heating and damage to important elements of hair growth and renewal.

After the procedure, the contents of the follicle fall out, and the resumption of the next generation can only happen after a fairly decent time (after several sessions).

What should you pay attention to especially in your case?

If a wizard suddenly arrives in a helicopter of any color and makes our skin completely transparent, then we will see a rather interesting picture: some of the sprouts will sit inside, that is, we will not see them on the surface.

The other part, seemingly visible above the skin, has actually already died and is just waiting in the wings to leave the living space.

The third part is completely absent, and their follicle is in “hibernation”.

And only a small amount of hair is in its prime: and there are not very many of them. According to rough estimates – about 25%.

What is the significance of this information? Think about it, 25% is exactly the part that we can act on.

Our task is to get to the hair follicle. It is in it that he concentrated the entire supply of vitality of the hair. Therefore, if we treat the legs with a laser, then we will be able to cope with only these hairs, and all the rest will continue to exist.

In our case, this is exactly what is needed: to thin out the cover, weaken it and reduce growth, but at the same time not achieve ideal smoothness of the skin.

That is why, I believe that the light procedure will be quite useful in reducing the overall density. The main thing is to find a good master and a decent laser hair removal clinic.

As the last point, I decided to point out the most powerful weapon for fighting hair – electrolysis. What is the reason for such a choice?

The fact is that if in all the previous options it is possible to turn back when the decision changes and / or other fashion trends appear, then the electrical technique puts an end once and for all.

Having removed unnecessary vegetation with the help of a current, it will not be possible to return it back. The result is permanent and final.

Therefore, one should weigh everything very well before deciding to take such a step.

What to expect here? The specialist will act on each hair element with a probe needle. Having introduced it to a strictly defined depth (it is important for us not to pierce this formation, but still go far enough to reach important structures), the electrologist delivers a precisely adjusted portion of the current.

Further, everything that affects the resumption of the growth of the rod will be destroyed by chemical or thermal means. The treated area will soon heal with the formation of a tiny subcutaneous scar – a kind of guarantee of a lifetime result. Nothing will ever grow from this place again.

Bearing in mind that the number of pouches cannot increase, the removal of all unwanted hairs after the completion of the course is permanent.

What else is good about this technique? A professional is able to accurately and naturally thin out the cover.

Perhaps this is the only procedure in addition to trading, where we can remove exactly what we need, and not what comes randomly.

Among the shortcomings should be attributed to the fact that you have to stock up on a remarkable supply of time, funding and patience. But if your decision is final and irrevocable, then this view will probably please you.

So, before starting a careful selection of methods, ask yourself the question, what dictates the desire to remove the density? Will it not happen that in the middle of the path you will realize that this is not your true desire, but imposed by fashion, a partner or other reasons.

If the position and intentions are firm and true, then we proceed to the choice of technique. Good luck!

Article prepared by:

Author: Julia Nicholson, dermatologist, physiotherapist, cosmetologist
Published by: Olesya Smagina, Assistant Director of the Universe of Beauty Hair Removal Centers

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How to slow down hair growth after shaving

Many men, having shaved in the morning, are already slightly “bristled” by evening – slowing down hair growth is most relevant for them

December 23, 2020

overgrown. And at the same time, without exception, everyone would like that in unwanted places – from where we remove hair either by shaving or by other methods of depilation – the bristles do not appear so quickly. As slowly as possible. To pick up a razor as little as possible or do painful hair removal procedures.

“It’s human nature: where it’s thick, you want to make it empty, and vice versa.

Hair growth retardation technologies are thus a little less than the age of humanity as a whole. So many. There are both physical and chemical, both folk and “professional” ways to make the stubble grow more slowly. Because there is something to fight for: saving 15 minutes of shaving every second day is quite serious! Not to mention the fact that many men, having shaved in the morning, are already slightly “bristled” by the evening – the slowdown in hair growth is most important for them. As well as for ladies, for whom saving time and energy for hair removal is more than welcome. So, let’s see what human civilization has developed on this front in its entire turbulent history.

Let’s think about the “iron”

When the razor passes over the surface of the skin, its blade cuts off the visible part of the hair, and the follicle – the hair follicle – is left practically undamaged. This means that the hair begins to grow immediately – and the more active, the more the razor irritated the skin and the follicles hidden in it. Hence the moral: it would be quite reasonable to start by reviewing the procedure for shaving and shaving equipment. Perhaps it will be possible to optimize this process and thereby somewhat slow down the growth of bristles.

After all, in order to shave the hairs as close to the root as possible and, moreover, not to irritate the skin, modern shaving systems with many blades in one cassette were invented. The record at the moment is held by the Dorco Pace 7, which has exactly seven parallel blades in the head. Moreover, both the design of the head with an open architecture and a floating attachment to the handle, and the presence of a softening strip of aloe vera – everything works precisely to reduce the irritating effect on the hair follicles. This means that they remain undisturbed, and the effect of “shaved – grew faster” is reduced to almost zero.

You can additionally soften the shaving procedure using the technique of this process: do not forget to soften the skin before starting the procedure, we will drive the razor smoothly, without scraping movements. And in no case do we shave against the growth of hair, only “on the wool. ” This catches two birds with one stone: the stubble slows down a bit, and the irritation on the skin disappears like a nightmare. Solid benefits!

Peeling and other new words

If our goal is to make the stubble appear as late as possible, then another “mechanical” way to do this is to expose the hair follicles as much as possible. So that they, like garden bulbs, almost stick out above the surface of the “soil”. This method – which boils down to exfoliating the keratinized epidermis – is known as peeling. And there are many ways, from chemical to the use of pumice and abrasive scrubs. Peeling is done quite simply, you just need to know the basic rules for its use:

  1. Before starting the procedure, the skin should be steamed and moisturized. It is in such conditions that the keratinized skin particles will be ready to lag behind you forever, and the fresh layer of the epidermis will provide a cleaner shave.
  2. In peeling, it is important to try hard, but it is even more important not to overdo it. Because, of course, it is possible to remove an extra layer of skin, still quite alive, and not keratinized, but the skin will turn red and ache. Do we need it?..
  3. At the end of the procedure, take pity and pamper your skin a little – apply a moisturizing, softening cream. And only after half an hour or an hour you can start shaving.

Chemistry and Life

Is it possible to “slightly poison” hair follicles so that life does not seem like honey to them and hair grows more slowly in unnecessary places? Of course, there are many means for this, both pharmacy and folk. We list only a few of them – and we will be surprised how powerful nature is and how sophisticated the imagination of a person who once guessed to use all this:

  1. Homemade walnut lotion: Fill a glass jar one third with walnut partitions, fill the remaining two thirds with alcohol, infuse for 2 weeks. Next – apply after shaving (and then immediately – an emollient, because a lotion of such a strength can lead to serious irritation).
  2. 100 grams of dope per 500 ml of water – the decoction can be used before and after shaving, stored in the refrigerator. Important: the container in which the decoction is stored should be as different as possible from food, otherwise poisoning is possible!
  3. Grate hyacinth roots, squeeze through gauze. Infusion smear the required places twice a day: it works! If you use this tool systematically, you can achieve a complete cessation of hair growth in this area.
  4. Apply lemon juice to desired areas several times a day. First of all, advice for girls: hair not only grows slower, but also lightens, which makes it invisible.
  5. Juices of other vegetables and fruits – white grapes, potatoes. The action is the same, but just smearing is not enough – you need to apply a mask.
  6. Turmeric cream is a rather radical remedy. It is made by mixing turmeric with water until the consistency of a thick homogeneous gruel, then you need to add 2 drops of mint essential oil.