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I think i broke my pinky toe: The request could not be satisfied

Broken Toe 101 – Symptoms & Treatments

A broken toe, also known as a toe fracture, is a very common injury, especially in athletes and those with active lifestyles. Out of the five toes (also known as digits of the feet) the pinky toe is the most commonly broken toe with the fracture often occurring at the base of the toe.

Your toes make up a portion of your foot referred to as the forefoot. Four of your toes are comprised of 3 bones called phalanges, and two joints. The big toe, however, is made up of only two bones and one joint.

The three smaller bones, or phalanges, of the toes are the:

  • Proximal – bone closest to the foot
  • Middle
  • Distal – the end of the toe

The big toe only has the proximal and distal phalanx bones.

Types of toe fractures

There are several ways to categorize your toe fractures:

  • Stress fracture – caused by repetitive activity / overuse
  • Non-displaced – bones are cracked but have not broken apart
  • Displaced – ends of the broken toe have separated completely or partially from the rest of the bone
  • Open fractures – skin is broken and the bone is protruding
  • Closed fracture – skin is not broken and the bone is contained
  • Avulsion fracture – small chip fracture most commonly caused by tendon pulling off bone

With the numerous small bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your toes it can be hard to identify what type of injury you are suffering from. That is why it’s so important to see one of our podiatrists as soon as possible, so we can quickly identify your injury and prevent it from worsening.

What Causes a Broken Toe

Some of the most common causes of broken toes include:

  • Overuse
  • Stubbing or banging your toe against something hard
  • Rolling your toe
  • Dropping a hard and/or heavy object on your toe
  • Wearing poor footwear
  • Osteoporosis

How to Tell if a Toe is Broken: Symptoms & Identification

Broken toes are some of the most common breaks of the foot and are frequently marked by symptoms like:

  • Severe bruising
  • Intense & throbbing pain
  • Swelling
  • Deformity
  • Difficulty walking
  • Toenail discoloration
  • Crooked & misshapen appearance of the toe

Big Toe

Broken toes often occur in athletes and those maintaining active lifestyles; broken big toes (or “great toes”) are particularly common for these individuals. These breaks are often referred to as “turf toe.” Turf toe is caused by excessive and repetitive pushing off of the big toe when making explosive movements (e.g. running & jumping), and can vary from a sprain to a broken bone with ligament damage. If you’re experiencing severe pain from your big toe after athletic or strenuous activity you may need to be examined for a break.

Broken Toe Myths & Misconceptions

Although broken toes are well known, the treatment of them seems to be clouded with many unknowns and falsehoods. Here are the common responses you should be skeptical of next time someone tries to give you “advice” for your broken toe:

Should I see a doctor for a broken toe?

“There’s nothing a doctor can do for a broken toe.” – False. This is not only untrue, but can be harmful. If a fractured toe is not treated promptly and correctly, serious complications may develop!

Can you move a broken toe?

“If you can still move it then it’s not broken.” – False. This is another harmful old wives’ tale. Although it may be possible to move and walk on your broken toe, you should avoid doing so as this can lead to even greater damage and prolonged healing time.

Should you soak a broken toe?

“Any toe injury should be soaked in hot water or with Epsom salts immediately!” – False. If you suspect your toe (or any bone) is broken, hot water or any heat applied to the area can make it worse! Heat causes an increase in blood flow, which leads to more swelling and more pain. Instead, apply an ice pack for a maximum of 15-20 minutes to help numb your toe and decrease swelling. However, it’s important to not overdo it as too much ice may cause frostbite.

What to Do for a Broken Toe: Care & Treatment

Broken toes don’t usually require x-rays as both broken and badly bruised/injured toes are often treated with the same methods.

Broken and injured toes are often treated through:

  • Ice
  • Rest
  • Splinting, known as “buddy taping,” where the broken toe is taped alongside a neighboring healthy toe
  • Casting, if the toe has become dislocated
  • Wearing podiatrist-provided stiff-soled shoes to support the fracture
  • Pain & anti-inflammatory medication

Fractures of the big, or great, toe are often more severe than breaks to the others. If the joint is disrupted or the bones have become dislocated, the toe may require surgery.

Improper or Delayed Treatment

If your toe fracture is not properly handled, or treatment is delayed you may experience a wide range of consequences and side effects, including:

  • Motion limiting deformity & long-term dysfunction
  • Development of arthritis around the fracture
  • Non-healing & worsening of the fracture
  • Development of chronic pain
  • Compound fractures & infection
  • Difficulty wearing shoes

Early examination and treatment of any fracture is essential for proper healing. At Advanced Foot & Ankle our podiatrists have extensive training and experience in the non-surgical and surgical treatments of any foot, ankle, or toe fracture.

Once we identify a fracture, we develop a treatment specifically for your injury striving to correct your injury non-surgically and only suggesting surgery when it’s absolutely necessary.

If you’re experiencing any foot, toe or ankle pain contact us today, and schedule an appointment at one of our conveniently located Middle Tennessee locations.

Sprained Pinky Toe or Broken Pinky Toe? [Diagnosis & Best Treatment!]

Causes Of A Sprained Pinky Toe:

Both a sprained pinky toe or a broken pinky toe can be caused by the following:

  • A sprained pinky toe usually happens as the big toe is bent backward.
  • This is common when walking barefoot and bumping the 5th toe.
  • The pinky toe is not very strong & is easily overcome by stubbing or forcefully striking an object.
  • It is most common while walking barefoot or with tremendous force.
  • This toe is the most fragile and smallest of all the toes.
  • A broken pinky toe is usually caused with greater force than a simple sprain of the toe.

Is My Pinky Toe Broken Or Sprained?

This is very difficult to say for sure. An X-ray is usually needed for confirmation.

Even on an X-ray, it can be tough to see if the toe is broken or sprained. The pinky toe can have arthritis or sometimes even be fused.

  • The only way to know 100% is to head to your podiatrist’s office or the ER for X-ray imaging.
  • There are many cases where a sprained big toe looks worse than a broken toe, although generally, terrible bruising and pain are more likely to be a fracture.
  • There are other cases where very mild injuries can result in a broken toe.

Think Broken Pinky Toe If:

Crunching noise during the injury.

Severe swelling & bruising.

Complete inability to move the toe.

Obvious deformity.

Think Sprained Toe If:

No cracking or crumpling noise during the time of injury.

No significant bruising or pain.

No obvious damage.

Sprained Pinky Toe Healing Time:

There are three grades of sprained pinky toe injuries. The recovery time and healing time can vary based on what grade of sprain you have.

Don’t worry; most sprains are a grade 1 injury.

This is a broken pinky toe or a broken 5th toe.

Sprained Pinky Toe Recovery Time:

1) Grade 1 Pinky Toe Sprain:

The joint capsule & soft tissue are stretched.

This is the vast majority of pinky toe sprains, no matter how painful they are initially.

This results in a more mild amount of swelling & bruising.

Perform initial treatment as detailed below.

Sprained Pinky Toe Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks.

2) Grade 2 Pinky Toe Sprain:

This is a partial tear of the plantar anatomy.

This results in severe bruising & swelling.

It is usually indistinguishable from a grade 1 sprain early on.

This likely does not need any surgery or intervention.

It is a good idea to head in for precautionary imaging at your podiatrist’s office.

Perform initial treatment as detailed below.

Sprained Pinky Toe Recovery Time: 2-4 weeks.

3) Grade 3 Pinky Toe Sprain:

This is a complete tear of the soft tissue anatomy.

This causes severe swelling & bruising.

There is a possible deformity.

This will require a visit to the podiatrist for imaging and intervention.

Sprained Pinky Toe Recovery Time: 2-3 weeks. Will require podiatrist intervention & imaging. 

This is a sprained 5th toe.

Broken Pinky Toe Recovery Time:

Non-displaced Broken Pinky Toe:

If your pinky toe is not deformed and broken out of place, it will be sore for a little while.

Generally, it can take a few weeks for the pain to start to go away.

Most people have bruising and pain for more than 6-8 weeks.

It is normal to have a sore toe for even over 3+ months.

See your podiatrist for imaging if it is not starting to get better pretty quickly.

Displaced Broken Pinky Toe:

If you have a deformity or severe bend in your toe, this may require some intervention.

If you have a displaced toe, then you may need a pin to hold it back into place. Usually, under imaging, a podiatrist or emergency room doctor can pop the toe back into place.

The good news is that even with a broken and displaced pinky toe, you should not really have any long-term damage or disability.

A displaced broken pinky toe does require immediate intervention. See your podiatrist as soon as possible!

Again this can take up to 3+ months until full recovery is achieved.

Sometimes it can be pronounced. An open fracture is the most dangerous type of break. The risk is that bacteria can get into the wound and cause a bone infection. See a podiatrist immediately.

Common Symptoms and Treatment of a Fractured Toe

Toe injuries due to dropping something on it or stubbing a toe are common, but many people wonder how to tell if the toe is broken, sprained, or just bruised. It can be tempting to ignore an injured toe, but you’re at risk of improper healing that can impair your ability to participate in regular activities without pain for a long time. Fortunately, if the toe is broken, a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta can help treat your toe. Here are the symptoms of a broken toe as well as how it should be treated.

Symptoms of a Break

The symptoms of a broken toe are very similar to that of a bad sprain. There will be swelling and bruising on and around the toe. As with a sprain, you’ll have difficulty putting weight on the foot if you have a broken toe. If the break is severe, you’ll probably be able to tell that the toe is broken because of the unnatural angle of the toe. You may have even heard a breaking sound when the injury occurred. If you originally suspect the toe is just sprained, you may wait a few days to see a doctor. If this is the case, the pain won’t subside after a few days like it will with a sprain. The only way to determine if the toe is broken is to see a doctor who will usually order an x-ray. 

Importance of Seeing a Doctor

Many people dismiss the seriousness of a broken toe because they assume there’s not much an orthopedic foot specialist in Atlanta can do about a broken toe. However, ignoring a broken toe can lead to a chronic, painful condition called osteoarthritis, which causes pain in the joints. In addition to future problems from the broken toe itself, you may have sustained nerve damage, especially if you have tingling or numbness in your toe. Visiting the doctor can help assess the severity of the break to determine what course of treatment will be best.

Treating a Broken Toe

If a toe isn’t seriously broken, it will heal on its own without much intervention from the doctor. You can ice the toe, keep it elevated, and take over-the-counter pain relievers while the toe heals. However, in more serious breaks, the doctor may recommend splinting the toe by taping the broken toe to the adjacent toe with medical tape to keep the toe from moving while it heals. A very serious break may require an orthopedic surgeon to perform surgery to reset the broken bone. Sometimes, a permanent pin is placed in the bone to ensure it heals properly. With a broken toe, it’s important to allow yourself time for the toe to fully heal. Returning to regular activity too soon will prolong healing time and possibly cause more damage.

Here’s What Happens When you Don’t Treat a Broken Toe

You may have heard one of the many myths surrounding broken toes: that it will heal on its own, or that it’s okay as long as you can still walk on it. While reassuring, these common misconceptions are entirely false, and can have potentially severe consequences. Leaving a broken toe untreated can result in various complications, from misaligned bones and infection to arthritis and permanent foot pain. The thought of a doctor visit or hospital bill may make you cringe at first, but your feet will thank you for it in the long run.

Here is a look at the signs that your toe is broken, the dangers of avoiding treatment, and the steps you need to take to make sure your toe heals properly.

Signs Your Toe Is Broken

Even the smallest of accidents can result in toe trauma: dropping an object on the foot or stubbing your toe are common misfortunes that often lead to injury. Moreover, repetitive trauma to the toe over time can result in a stress fracture. While it’s tempting to try to tough it out, it’s important to listen to your pain to identify whether or not your toe is fractured.

It usually requires significant force to break a bone, although a little less so for the toes since their bones are so small. Regardless, the instance of fracture will be extremely painful. The toe will begin to swell as the fractured bone bleeds, resulting in bruising as the blood reaches the skin. You may also see blood pool beneath the toenail. In many cases an injury to the toe also involves damage to the toenail, which further increases your risk of infection should the toenail expose the tissue underneath. The fracture usually makes it extremely painful to walk, although this is not always the case. Even if you can still manage to walk on the toe, that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a fracture.

Seek prompt medical attention if your toe shows signs of:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bruising, or blue or gray spots surrounding the site of trauma
  • Stiffness
  • Trouble Walking
  • Deformity
  • Infection
  • Bleeding, especially beneath the toenail
  • Coldness, numbness, or a tingling sensation indicative of nerve damage
Complications of an Untreated Broken Toe

Leaving a broken toe untreated can have serious and long term complications, including, but not limited to:

  • Infection: If the injury has left an open wound, or especially if there is damage to the toenail, you are at risk of contracting an infection. Any exposure of a broken bone can lead to a bone infection (osteomyelitis), which is usually caused by the bacteria staphylococcus aureus. Once diagnosed, your doctor may implement antibiotics straight into the bloodstream intravenously, or you may need to take medication for up to six weeks. If the infection is severe, your doctor may have to perform surgery to remove the infected bone.
  • Compound fracture: A compound fracture is when a broken bone penetrates the skin, leaving the bone vulnerable to infection.
  • Deformity: An untreated broken toe has a high likelihood of healing incompletely or improperly, potentially resulting in crookedness or deformity which may require corrective surgery down the road.
  • Osteoarthritis: An improperly healed fracture can lead to a future of osteoarthritis as you age, generalized foot pain and discomfort, as well as an increased likelihood of further foot injury.
Toe Fracture Diagnosis and Treatment

Your podiatrist will order an X-ray to confirm a toe fracture. Once properly diagnosed, a mild toe fracture can be treated at home under the guidance of your trusted podiatrist. Home treatment essentials include elevating the foot above the level of the heart in order to decrease swelling, icing the injury for 20 minutes every 2 hours for the first 2 days, and of course rest and crutches to avoid bearing weight on the injury while you recover. OTC acetaminophen or ibuprofen should be sufficient for coping with the pain, although your doctor may prescribe a stronger medication if your fracture is severe.

If the fracture is minor or located in one of the small toes, your doctor may simply implement buddy taping, which involves taping the damaged toe to its neighbor for support while it heals. In cases where the toe fracture becomes rotated or displaced, the doctor will need to perform a reduction. This involves administering a shot of local anesthesia before realigning the toe back into its proper position.

Casting may be required in more severe fractures: where the big toe is injured, the joint is damaged, the injury involves various small toe fractures at once, or if a bone in the foot is injured in addition to the fractured toe. When wearing a cast, a sturdy shoe should be worn to provide maximum comfort and support. If all goes well, the fracture should take up to six weeks to heal.

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I Think I Broke My Toe- What Can A Podiatrist Do?

The structure of the foot is complex, consisting of bones, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Of the 26 bones in the foot, 19 are toe bones (phalanges) and metatarsal bones (the long bones in the midfoot). Fractures of the toe and metatarsal bones are common and require evaluation by a specialist. A foot and ankle surgeon should be seen for proper diagnosis and treatment, even if initial treatment has been received in an emergency room.

A fracture is a break in the bone. Fractures can be divided into two categories: traumatic fractures and stress fractures.

Traumatic fractures (also called acute fractures) are caused by a direct blow or impact, such as seriously stubbing your toe. Traumatic fractures can be displaced or non-displaced. If the fracture is displaced, the bone is broken in such a way that it has changed in position (dislocated).

Signs and symptoms of a traumatic fracture include:

  • You may hear a sound at the time of the break.
  • Pinpoint pain (pain at the place of impact) at the time the fracture occurs and perhaps for a few hours later, but often the pain goes away after several hours.
  • Crooked or abnormal appearance of the toe.
  • Bruising and swelling the next day.
  • It is not true that if you can walk on it, it’s not broken.

Evaluation by a podiatrist is always recommended.

Stress fractures are tiny, hairline breaks that are usually caused by repetitive stress. Stress fractures often afflict athletes who, for example, too rapidly increase their running mileage. They can also be caused by an abnormal foot structure, foot deformities, or osteoporosis. Improper footwear may also lead to stress fractures. Stress fractures should not be ignored. They require proper medical attention to heal correctly.

Symptoms of stress fractures include:

  • Pain with or after normal activity.
  • Pain that goes away when resting and then returns when standing or during activity.
  • Pinpoint pain (pain at the site of the fracture) when touched.
  • Swelling, but no bruising.

Some people say that the doctor can’t do anything for a broken bone in the foot. This is usually not true. In fact, if a fractured toe or metatarsal bone is not treated correctly, serious complications may develop. For example:

  • A deformity in the bony structure which may limit the ability to move the foot or cause difficulty in fitting shoes.
  • Arthritis, which may be caused by a fracture in a joint (the juncture where two bones meet), or may be a result of angular deformities that develop when a displaced fracture is severe or hasn’t been properly corrected.
  • Chronic pain and deformity.
  • Non-union, or failure to heal, can lead to subsequent surgery or chronic pain.

Fractures of the toe bones are almost always traumatic fractures. Treatment for traumatic fractures depends on the break itself and may include these options:

  • Rest. Sometimes rest is all that is needed to treat a traumatic fracture of the toe.
  • Splinting. The toe may be fitted with a splint to keep it in a fixed position.
  • Rigid or stiff-soled shoe. Wearing a stiff-soled shoe protects the toe and helps keep it properly positioned.
  • Buddy taping the fractured toe to another toe is sometimes appropriate, but in other cases it may be harmful. 
  • Surgery. If the break is badly displaced or if the joint is affected, surgery may be necessary. Surgery often involves the use of fixation devices, such as pins.

Breaks in the metatarsal bones may be either stress or traumatic fractures. Certain kinds of fractures of the metatarsal bones present unique challenges.

For example, sometimes a fracture of the first metatarsal bone (behind the big toe) can lead to arthritis. Since the big toe is used so frequently and bears more weight than other toes, arthritis in that area can make it painful to walk, bend, or even stand.

Another type of break, called a Jones fracture, occurs at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone (behind the little toe). It is often misdiagnosed as an ankle sprain, and misdiagnosis can have serious consequences since sprains and fractures require different treatments. Your podiatrist is an expert in correctly identifying these conditions as well as other problems of the foot.

Treatment of metatarsal fractures depend on the type and extent of the fracture, and may include:

  • Rest. Sometimes rest is the only treatment needed to promote healing of a stress or traumatic fracture of a metatarsal bone.
  • Avoid the offending activity. Because stress fractures result from repetitive stress, it is important to avoid the activity that led to the fracture. Crutches or a wheelchair are sometimes required to offload weight from the foot to give it time to heal. 
  • Immobilization, casting, or rigid shoe. A stiff-soled shoe or other form of immobilization may be used to protect the fractured bone while it is healing.
  • Surgery. Some traumatic fractures of the metatarsal bones require surgery, especially if the break is badly displaced.
  • Follow-up care. Your podiatrist will provide instructions for care following surgical or non-surgical treatment. Physical therapy, exercises and rehabilitation may be included in a schedule for return to normal activity. 

If you believe you have a broken toe and have not seen a podiatrist yet, call one of our six offices to make an appointment. 

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What You Should Know About Running with a Broken Toe

When you think about lower extremity injuries which can affect runners, conditions like Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis often come to mind. Smaller ailments like hammer toes, bunions, and overlapping toes might also affect a routine running schedule. But what about broken toes? Are they really that serious and should you avoid running on one?

Don’t miss this quick runners guide to running with a broken toe:

How Do You Break a Toe?

The most common cause of broken toes is simply, well, stubbing them. Forceful direct impact of your toe with a hard surface can cause the bones in your toes (phalanges and metatarsals) to fracture. Same goes for dropping something heavy directly on your toe. The fractures might be microscopic or in more severe cases, full breaks.

Luckily, most broken toes can heal in a matter of weeks with non-invasive treatment methods. If you slammed your toe into something hard and are worried about having broken it, keep an eye out for symptoms including:

Diagnosing and Treating a Broken Toe

You can immediately apply ice packs to reduce the swelling of a broken toe and potentially limit the bruising. You may also want to elevate your foot and take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories for pain.

If symptoms haven’t alleviated in 2 or 3 days, however, or you are having difficulty wearing your normal shoes or walking on the toe, you should seek a medical evaluation from your doctor. In rare cases, complications may arise like a bone infection or specific joint trauma and inflammation.

In the event of a broken toe, your doctor will conduct a manual exam to check that the skin around your toe isn’t open and to gauge your levels of swelling, bruising, and tenderness. Imaging scans (x-rays) of your toes from different angles will give them definitive evidence to make a diagnosis of the type of fracture you have incurred and formulate a treatment plan with you.

If the bone has been broken into two or more pieces, your doctor will administer “reduction” or simply try and rearrange the pieces so they seamlessly fit back together and can heal appropriately. This can typically be done without making any incisions. In severe cases, surgical intervention may be required to insert plates, screws, or pins into your toe to hold the bone together while it heals.

Immobilizing the Toe

It is critical that you don’t exacerbate the small break in your toe by over-exerting the joint. Not only can unnecessary movement and pressure make symptoms worse, but it can also impair the recovery of your toe or worse yet, make your toe heal incorrectly to a point where it actually affects your body mechanics and running performance.

To alleviate stress on the bone, consider reinforcing your injured toe by taping it together with the one beside it (this is called buddy taping). You can also wear protective footwear for toe fractures including boots, walker braces, casts, and stiff-bottomed post-operative shoes.

What Runners Should Know

Resting your injured toe should take priority to keeping up with your running regimen. Ultimately, you want symptoms to subside and you don’t want to feel pain when you walk or run. This may take two weeks to six weeks or more depending on the severity of the break, so consider cross-training in the meantime with low-impact activities that won’t hurt your feet further like swimming, cycling, and yoga.

The idea of “tolerating pain up to a certain point” when running on a broken toe can also be misguided. Your best bet as a runner is to talk with your doctor about how well the bones are situated for healing and whether they are stable even though they are still repairing. Good nutrition during recovery that delivers plenty of calcium for bone remodeling and combats inflammation (which can slow healing) is also important.

The truth is that if any group of runners swapped injury stories, chances are many will have a broken toe experience to share. You want to balance the desire to return to running with a warranted sense of caution about re-injuring the toe. If you are an avid runner though, you also know that taking a sudden extended break from running can lead to muscle and conditioning loss that ultimately affects your form and increases your risk of injury for when you do start back up.

Listen to your body, talk with your doctor, and take steps to boost your body’s own ability to heal your broken toe quickly.

I maybe broke a toe last month, still having off-and-on pain. Now what? – brokentoe foot podiatry

On May 20th, I stubbed my pinkie toe very very badly. I wasn’t sure if I’d broken it, but it hurt enough that I taped it up for a couple of days. The reading I did suggested that that was all a doctor would probably do for a broken pinkie toe, anyway. The toe swelled up some, and I experienced some pretty dramatic bruising, much of it focused on the “knuckle” area of my foot, right above the toe. Weeks later, I’m still having episodes of pain that come and go. I’m not sure how to proceed. Details within…

I can wear sandals most of the time and I’ll forget the foot is even a problem, but if I have to wear enclosed shoes, it hurts. (I may be starting a new job soon, and if so I’ll probably need enclosed shoes.) I go for long walks at night and usually the toe won’t hurt… But then today I walked around a grocery store for about 15 minutes, and now my toe hurts again.

It’s possible I didn’t tape the toe for long enough. I did it for a few days, and at first it did help the pain, but after a few days the toe felt better when I didn’t tape it, so I stopped taping.

I broke my big toe years ago, but that was different… It hurt a lot more to start with, and seemed like it healed up faster. Really, I don’t know what’s going on, here. I’m worried that this time I may have broken some bone in the knuckle area, and not just the toe. As I write this I’m feeling a dull ache in my foot, after a few days of the foot not bothering me much at all. If I flex my foot, I feel a definite twinge of pain. (Even when it’s hardly bothering me, I think I still feel some pain if I do a full foot flex. But I don’t flex my foot much, so I’m not sure.)

YANMD, of course, but I’m grasping for advice, here. Would there be any point to taping it, now? If I saw a doctor, what would he probably do? If he x-rayed it and found some little break, would I be looking at a cast? Would he have to re-break the bone, since it’s been a while since the original injury?

This problem is annoying, but it’s so intermittent that I’d much prefer to ride this out, rather than dealing with some big, expensive doctor visit I absolutely cannot afford right now. A cast or a re-break would seem like a lot to put up with, for the sake of such a piddly, intermittent problem. Is it possible this is just the normal course of healing? Could it just be the muscles, rather than a problem with the bones? If I just leave this alone, will it probably get better, or am I screwing up my stupid foot for life?

90,000 Olga Buzova’s sister broke her finger

10:10, 06.12.2019

31-year-old Anna unsuccessfully hit her little finger.

Yesterday morning, Olga Buzova’s younger sister, 31-year-old Anna, said in her microblog on Instagram that she hit her little finger unsuccessfully and suspects that she has earned a fracture.“I smacked my little toe against the corner of the door with all my foolishness. He’s swollen, it hurts just terribly and turned a little blue. Could it be that I broke my finger? I got hit so hard that sparks flashed in my eyes! Very painful!” – the celebrity complained to subscribers.

Anna Buzova complained of pain in her finger due to a blow

However, instead of going to the doctor right away, Anna went to some important shooting, the details of which were not disclosed.The girl worked a full day, transferring the weight of her body to her healthy leg. Meanwhile, things only got worse with the finger. “My finger has become some kind of blue-violet-black color, but despite this, I heroically shot with the guys and even walked a little on tiptoe,” said Buzova and added that she decided to get to the emergency room after all.

As a result, Anna was diagnosed with a closed fracture of the little finger. However, the girl herself reacted to the incident with humor and even devoted a separate publication to this on her microblog on Instagram.In the text of the post, she noted that she had never broken anything for herself before. “With the first fracture of me! Let him be the first and last, and let this be a lesson – you need to walk around the apartment at 5:30 in the morning carefully and very slowly, because hitting the doorway with your little finger – you can become the owner of a fracture. All health “, – said Buzova (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Approx. Ed. ).

Anna Buzova broke her little finger

It is noteworthy that Olga did not express sympathy for her relative.We will remind, almost a year ago, in January, the girls, who had not long sworn to each other in love, fell out to pieces after celebrating the birthday of the TV presenter. According to rumors, the reason for the conflict was the artist’s refusal to pay for Anna a plane ticket in business class, so she returned from a joint vacation in Courchevel in economy. Commenting on the situation, the youngest of the Buzovs noted that she always buys only what she can afford, after which she unsubscribed from her star sister on Instagram. Olga herself has not made any statements on this matter so far.

We add that, unlike the famous relative, Anna does not strive for publicity. The girl, who owns her own beauty salon, as well as a brand of shoes and cosmetics, admitted that she was very nervous on the set for television and felt uncomfortable in interviews. “Yes, I do not like too much attention to my person – I am always very embarrassed in such situations. I am at a loss, I do not know how to react. In general, I am calm about the fact that I “got on TV” and on the pages of magazines. And I don’t consider it a life achievement, ”she said.

Anna and Olga Buzov

Nevertheless, Anna has experience participating in a television project that made her sister famous. So, her parents specially sent her to “Dom-2”, so that there she was distracted from worries about the breakdown of relations with her first love. “I had a very painful and emotionally difficult parting with my first love. Seeing my suffering, the family council decided that the project was ideal for me to come to my senses a little, ”shared the younger Buzova.

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Olga Buzova’s sister recorded her debut song in the studio

90,000 The first open championship of Primorsky Krai in rugball was held in FEFU

June 23, 2014

FEFU hosted the first open championship of Primorsky Krai in rugball

Irina CHUKHNO [text],

Ksenia DAVIDENKO [photo]

Last weekend, FEFU witnessed the first open rugball championship in the history of Primorsky Krai.Five teams took part in the competition: “KDF”, “Trudovye Rezervy”, “Tiger”, “Patriot” and “Steel Lions” – the only student team.

It is noteworthy that mainly wrestlers played on the court: representatives of the freestyle and Greco-Roman styles, boxers, as well as fighters of mixed martial arts from the “Draka” federation. This is not surprising, because rugball was invented in training with wrestlers and used to be just one of the ways to warm up.Now it is a completely independent game, which includes elements of wrestling, basketball and rugby. Its goal is to hit the opposing team’s hoop with the ball. Rugball is clearly not for the faint of heart. But for those who love entertainment, passion and powerful power attacks on the playground, this sport may be to their taste.

A friendly greeting “Fizkult-hurray!”, A little warm-up and … the game has begun! The first to enter the site were “KDF” and “Trudovye Rezervy”. To show what they are capable of, all teams had only two halves of 15 minutes each.

Whistle and they grabbed like lions! These are not just words: the players really literally pounced on each other to keep opponents from getting ahead. It needed not only strength, but also speed and dexterity. Of course, with such an intensity of the struggle, it was not without injuries. Already in the first fight, one of the players broke his little finger on his hand.

Sometimes the battles for the ball took place with such force and speed that it was impossible to see anything on the court.But the most memorable was the final fight. The Steel Lions and the already experienced Trudovye Rezervy team met at the site. Students-“lions” were in no way inferior to the veterans and fought almost on equal terms. Until the last minute, it was impossible to determine who would become the winner and take the champion title with him.

Despite the fact that the match was the last, the athletes clearly had a second wind. Nobody wanted to part with the ball voluntarily, so in the event of an aggressive attack by the opponents, most of the team fell to the court, covering the player with the ball.But, as it turned out, this was also far from the best way out, since a player of the other team turned out to be on the lying one almost immediately, and there were two, three more …

Five minutes before the end of the game, the Steel Lions managed to close their gap by a point, and the score became 4: 3. However, the students did not manage to get ahead: until the very last beep (this was the sound the judges gave), the score did not change anymore. Thus, the Trudovye Rezervy team became the winner of the open championship of the Primorsky Territory in rugball.

The teams “KDF” and “Tigers” fought for the bronze. KDF won with a score of 20: 5.

It is noteworthy that the president of the Primorsky Krai rugball federation Georgy Burtsev and the vice-president of the federation Mark Yakubov played in the Labor Reserves, which were almost beaten by students in the final tournament.

– Our federation is still young. It was created only in October last year and does not have its own team yet, but I think that after the championship the team will appear, – says Georgy Burtsev.- Anyone who also wants to try themselves in rugball, we will also gladly accept. The only limitation is age. It is allowed to compete only from the age of 18. You can come and sign up to us at the Trudovye Rezervy sports club on Karbysheva, 11. There we are engaged in wrestling, and on Wednesdays we play rugball.

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90,000 Be open and believe in good

The heading “in the lens” always pays close attention to those who succeed in everything and even more, to those whose gaze is directed forward to achieve the goal, whose mind longs for new knowledge, and whose hearts are open for good deeds and undertakings.Every week, under the rubric, we present a “dossier” of such superheroes – students of the capital’s universities. Today you will learn about one of them, or rather about one. Alla Vyzhletsova, 21 years old. Loves Soviet cinema, travel, cooking and socializing. In the second year she received the status of a nominal scholarship holder of the Moscow Government, now she dreams of getting into the program “Moscow through my eyes”. Important: believes in goodness. We managed to learn all this and much more at first hand.

Alla, judging by your photos on social networks, you enjoyed the sea, the sun and the holidays just last week.

Actually, I haven’t been to the sea for a very long time – about five years, so now it was a special pleasure to go there. Yes, and on the Russian coast, I rested for the first time. I stopped in the resort village of Vityazevo (it is part of the city of Anapa). In the two weeks that I spent there, so many things happened to me: I got sick, and got poisoned, and even got a fracture.

How ???

Even the doctor laughed at this: I broke my pinky when I collided with another person in the water.

This is a very unusual situation for a fracture. Hope it’s okay now?

Already yes. Only positive emotions remained.

How do you usually prefer to spend your holidays?

I like to travel. And my little dream is to travel all over Russia. I have already been to such beautiful historical places as Vladimir, Suzdal.I visited St. Petersburg twice – I love it very much, I would go there every year. The cities of the Moscow region are very attractive. I haven’t been to many places yet. For example, you want to know the distant northern corners.

Probably, it is the change of place and setting that helps you now with renewed vigor to start, perhaps, the most important stage of study at the university – the last year of the bachelor’s degree.

Yes, ahead of me is the writing of my thesis, preparation for SES, and, hopefully, an internship in the Moscow Government.I really want to get there, I will definitely try this year.

May you succeed! I am sure that your knowledge and skills will be useful in the structural divisions of the Moscow government. Speaking of knowledge, you are a student of the RSAU-Moscow Agricultural Academy. Timiryazev. Why this particular university?

This is a whole story. I applied for pedagogical specialties to different universities. My mother pushed me to enter the Moscow State Agroengineering University named after V.P. Goryachkina, since she graduated from it herself, plus my grandfather and uncle once worked there. A family chronicle is associated with this university. Further, it was attached to the Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev as the V.P. Goryachkina. That is why I am a student of this particular university.

You mentioned that you applied for pedagogical specialties, and you always wanted it in the educational sphere?

By the way, no.At first I dreamed of another profession – I planned to become a screenwriter. The life of cinema has always attracted me very much. But I did not have time to prepare for the Unified State Exam in literature, so I passed social studies and aimed at specialties related to people. I must say that it was always prophesied to me. Now I do not regret choosing this area. I am studying to be a professional education teacher and I like it.

What are your plans after graduation?

I want to go to graduate school.I have not yet completely decided on the direction: maybe it will be management, because economics is close to me, or maybe it is pedagogy.

Are you planning to combine with work or devote yourself so far only to study?

I want to work in parallel. I think that I will be able to do both without prejudice.

Moreover, this experience already exists.The combination of studies and activities in the City Center for Professional and Career Development as a nominal scholarship holder of the Moscow Government is a vivid confirmation of this. You got into the program from the very beginning?

Practically. This is another little story. In my first year, I took part in a university scientific and practical conference. Julia and I (approx. Yulia Trypolskaya – classmate and friend of the heroine) gave a presentation on the Russian language and took first place.The following year, at a meeting at the university, it was announced that the City Center for Professional and Career Development was recruiting candidates for nominal scholarships of the Moscow Government. The university recommended those who managed to prove themselves. I applied and was accepted. Then fruitful work began at the Center – vocational guidance for schoolchildren. This became a kind of practice, as it coincided with the specifics of my future profession.

It is very pleasant that you have been an activist of the Center during all this time.

I am very interested in the events that take place here, I try not to miss them. I especially remembered the traveling seminar “Territory of creativity”. I was in the “Horn” team, we came across the “education” direction – again my topic. Several days gave me so much new knowledge, acquaintances, emotions. There was practically no time left for sleep – we were completely absorbed in the project, but it was worth it.

All projects of the Territory of Creativity were about Moscow and for Moscow.What is your attitude towards the capital?

Moscow is my hometown. I just love, without any goals, to walk around the city center, to study our diverse architecture. I love the alley near my university, VDNKh park.

What else do you love?

Cooking: I enjoy home baking. Another passion of mine is cinema, especially Soviet films. Dramas from that period – here it is, a real movie.Therefore, I like to go not just to the cinema, but to the cinema house, for example, when you can learn the history of Russian cinema.

What are your principles of life?

I try to be fair, honest, responsive, not to leave anyone in trouble – to be an open person. I am sure that the good is returning.

Books that inspire, teach, motivate:

– works of Fyodor Dostoevsky

– Erich Maria Remarque – “Three Comrades”

– Oscar Wilde – “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”

90,000 “The finger is bent in the opposite direction.”Chris Henkel – about bad luck in 2020

The Ak Bars defender was injured twice a year in the last change of the game. In an interview with Hockey.by, our collection told how it feels.

The Belarusian fan, who is closely following the KHL, must have noticed that the defender of our national team and Kazan Ak Bars Christian Henkel has not played for a long time.The last time he went on the ice was more than a month ago – already on September 27 in the match with Severstal (2: 3 OT).

Hockey.by correspondent Vadim Knyrko phoned Chris and found out where he had disappeared.

– I have not disappeared anywhere, in Kazan I am, – Henkel begins. – Why don’t I play? Fracture of the finger in two places: in one with displacement, in the other – normal. It was overtime, a club hit the arm – and that’s it. I immediately realized that it was a fracture – the finger was bent in the opposite direction.I understood that it was a pause.

– Did the judges notice?

– No. There was a puck in the skates. The rival waved his club, kissed me – no one followed.

Chris was finishing the match with a broken finger and without a gaiter. The video clearly shows the referee’s call to the 18th number: “Take your hand away.” Despite the severe pain, Henkel finished the meeting, but at the decisive moment he could not interrupt Adamchuk’s transfer to Vovchenko with one hand, although he was very close to that.

This is Chris’s last change of the season so far.

– Did a local operation, put in the needles. In principle, it would have been possible without them, but then the finger would have remained crooked. The most offensive thing is that I got injured in the last shift of the match – the same as the previous injury in winter.

Henkel has to take a picture the other day. If all goes well, the needles will come out and soon the defender will be able to play again.

– In fact, I paused for only three days, and then continued to train.I have a langette on my hand, I cut the leggings, because my finger does not bend – and I ride. I can drive the puck and pass it – no problem with that. It is difficult to throw, but I do light throw-ups. On the move, of course, I do not try to apply. But, in general, I can do the whole program on the ice with the rest of the guys. I keep myself in shape. During the time without hockey, probably not that I lost it in functional terms, but even added 🙂 That’s what training! Soon the whole thing will be removed and I will continue to do it at the maximum.The guys from the team support – the Tatar friendliness works :). I don’t stay here alone with my problem.

This is not Henkel’s first injury this year. The previous one happened in January in the match against Vityaz. In that game, the Belarusian was first smashed in the face by Alexander Semin (for this episode the forward was removed before the end of the meeting).

But Chris went to the locker room, returned to the ice, finished the match and got another injury that turned him off until the end of the season – again in the last shift.In 2020, Henkel is haunted by some kind of evil fate.

– It turns out to be a bad year. Probably like the rest of the world. Some kind of bad luck haunts. What to do? We must experience such moments and move on.

The usual game was. Veli 4: 2. Eight seconds remained until the end of the match. The defender was throwing – I advanced on him, put my foot, flew into the ankle. That’s all! There was great pain. But, I thought, it’s okay – I’ll come to the locker room, freeze and order.But the next morning the pain did not go away, and after the X-ray it became clear that it was a fracture.

– Probably, getting such injuries is more offensive than after a hard hit.

– I think yes. And in the account you lead, and only a few seconds remain until the end … And then a combination of little things leads to such unpleasant consequences. After the injury you think: “Damn, maybe I should have played a little differently. Then everything could have ended not so sadly. ” But nothing can be changed.

– On the other hand, if he hadn’t blocked the shot, the coach might have questions.

– Here I am about the same. If I hadn’t blocked it, perhaps I would have missed a month anyway. And it would be more unpleasant than due to injury 🙂


Ak Bars was very good last season. At least Kazan citizens were the main favorite of the East. As a maximum – one of the main contenders for the Gagarin Cup.

– Of course, it was a pity that the season was canceled. All the guys were upset that they didn’t finish the playoffs. The team was confident that we can do it. There was hope. But everyone was in the same conditions. This season we have a new chance – we need to transfer confidence, work and dedication from last year to this one. And strive to win the Gagarin Cup again.

– Could you have played in the last playoffs if the Gagarin Cup had not been turned off?

– I’ve already started skating.I missed the first round, but I was ready for the second.

– In your opinion, is Ak Bars stronger now than last year?

– I think we will see it at the end of the season in terms of points and, especially, in the playoffs. It’s not time to talk about it yet.

Now Ak Bars is again one of the favorites of the league. Kazan are leading in the East, ahead of Avtomobilist (by one point) and Salavat Yulaev (by three).However, the team does have some glitches. One of them happened recently – in Khabarovsk, the leopards suffered a crushing defeat from Amur (1: 7).

– I watched the match. Unpleasant result. It’s always difficult to play in Khabarovsk. Although, on the other hand, everyone is in the same conditions. But I cannot say that it was in this match that Ak Bars played ugly. Perhaps they overslept the first period, but if you analyze the meeting in detail, then there was a “ricochet throw” from the bigger one. Even the strongest have such matches.I should have forgotten him as soon as possible. I am glad that the guys got together and won the next meeting. You can’t get hung up on negative points.

– It seems that you took this defeat more philosophically, because it was a pity to look at Dmitry Kvartalnov during that match.

– Of course, when your team loses, there is nothing to be happy about. During the game, the coach’s frustration is understandable.


Probably, all hockey players are now afraid that this season of the KHL will not repeat last year’s story – no one wants a second cancellation.Chris has an opinion on this, too.

– Since we have decided to start the championship, we must play it out to the end. It is clear that the leaders of the clubs and the entire league had an approximate idea of ​​what this season would be and in what conditions it would have to be spent. Problems were also miscalculated – primarily those that could and do arise with foreign clubs. We saw how SKA played with the youth squad. A series of diseases also took place in Kazan – they raised players from the VHL and MHL.

The coronavirus has affected many teams. And I support the idea that the championship is not stopped, and the clubs are not shy about releasing young people. We need to cope with this and fight further. Many people follow the KHL – this is primarily entertainment for them. If they can’t come to the arena, then at least they should watch it on TV. COVID-19 has hit our world seriously. And I think everyone is annoyed by this situation. Therefore, hockey can become an outlet for someone. And for hockey players, it’s just a job to be done.

– How did Ak Bars survive the virus outbreak?

– We are all serious with this case. Every three to four days we take a test for the virus, every week – blood for antibodies. Each visit to the arena begins with a temperature measurement. As soon as someone falls ill, they are immediately sent to quarantine. It takes three negative tests to return from self-isolation. Therefore, we in Kazan manage to suppress this thing at an early stage. I think now all the KHL clubs have such a strict approach.

– How has your life changed after the coronavirus came into our lives?

– I can’t say that something has changed dramatically. Unless I went on vacation. But I do not think that someone got to the sea this summer – perhaps only Sochi was hooked. There was no quarantine in Minsk when I came on vacation. I was surprised at this, to be honest, because everything in Kazan was generally closed at that time, and access to the street was carried out with passes.


In comparison with the last season in Minsk, Henkel’s game has undergone a serious transformation. In 59 games of the last season at Dynamo, the defender had 14 (4 + 10) points. In 49 meetings for Ak Bars – only 8 (2 + 6). In Kazan, Chris has less freedom of action – he is more focused on the reliable execution of the coaching installation.

– Of course, my game and the requirements for me have changed in comparison with what was in Dynamo Minsk.We need to work harder here. Last year I felt that the opponents were playing against Ak Bars with a more serious attitude than it was in Minsk. SKA, CSKA, Salavat, Avangard – these teams tune in to Ak Bars twice as strong as to other opponents. Honestly: it was even easier to play against the tops in Dynamo Minsk than it is now. Everything needs to be done much faster and more clearly. In fact, it’s interesting. You get pure buzz from victories in such matches. Especially when you beat Ufa with Lisovets 🙂 Often the “do not miss” problem comes to the fore.We have enough forwards who can score, and the defenders need to play reliably in defense.

– Can we say that your task at Ak Bars is to create comfortable conditions for the attackers? They bring results, and you create calm behind.

– We need to create comfortable conditions for each other. The attackers should help us, so that we defend less, and we support them in front. Mutually beneficial cooperation is obtained.Personal business 🙂

Henkel also follows the results and play of the Minsk Dynamo. By the way, Chris earned the only assist in the current season in a match with his former team. The defender does not see any surprises in the performances of the “bison”.

– To be honest, I was not too surprised by the results of Dynamo. I knew most of the new guys from the team before they came to the club. Young people show good hockey for their age. But in Dynamo, of course, there are many foreign players – for the most part, it is they who bring results.The Belarusians, on the other hand, help with quality. This is the key to the success of the team. This season is very reminiscent of Dynamo’s first year with Woodcroft, when we reached the playoffs. In general, the guys are great!

– Which of the Belarusians has the greatest chances for the Gagarin Cup this season?

– I hope that I have. I will not wish good luck to others 🙂

Christian Henkel Right

Text : Vadim Knyrko

Photo in text : “Ak Bars”

90,000 Quietly for those who are older.

I remember how we sat at some football party and used to gossip about the latest news and rumors. And again, at some point, the conversation turned to a hackneyed topic: is there a change to Ignashevich and Berezutsky in the national team?

I was silent. I am always silent in such disputes.

– Do you remember that your colleague three years ago demanded that a pair of Popov-Belorukov play in the national team instead of them? The coach asked me.

“I don’t remember,” I said.

Though I remembered.For three years, somewhere at the bottom of my memory, this memory lay, showing no signs of life, but now he fished it out to the surface.

Another coach, from the representatives of the younger wave, could not resist and laughed.

– What are you? I asked.

– I remembered how Onopko from the national team was seen off. He is honored, he was presented with a car. And he says: actually, I’m not going to go anywhere.

He played with him, in the national team. And I never heard harsh words from him about Onopko.Even critics.

– But you tell me, – I asked. – Was Onopko stronger than Ignashevich with his brothers? Or not?

– Together? He narrowed his eyes. – Or each separately?

“Together, of course,” I said.

– Then stronger.

– And separately?

– I think about the same.

“He didn’t have a long shift,” I said. – Like any other star, even an older one. Do you remember how you tried without it and had to return it?

He nodded.And the coach, the one that is older, looked at what was happening from his own professional point of view.

– Can you tell me when Ignashevich last dropped out due to injury?

“Of course,” I said. – When he broke his little finger. Some years ago. In CSKA then, in a week, two little fingers broke at once. A unique trauma and suddenly such a coincidence. Slutsky was very surprised.

– What else?

– Everything.

– You see. What does this mean? Super professional man.With age, not only speed is lost. You start to tear, sometimes out of the blue. And he’s fine. Why? Eats correctly, regimen, kneads-kneads. This is the criterion.

– Professionalism? I asked.

– Professionalism too, – he said. – But first of all, the fact that the body has not yet “eaten”. That there is a margin of safety.

“Seryozha also has high personal motivation,” I said. – I didn’t ask, but I’m sure one hundred percent that he has an internal task.Break Onopko’s record. One hundred and fourteen matches for the national team to play and then already think about the future.

– Why not? – said the younger coach. – Kerzhakov broke the Beschastnykh record. Ignashevich also earned his record.


We were silent. We thought. Exactly those lively old men with Ilf and Petrov, discussing Curzon and other political fraternity.

“I would say the brothers deserve it too,” I said.- No joke, under one hundred and fifty matches for the national team for both. There was no such thing. And I don’t know when it will be.

– I’m sure Leonid Lesha will return to the national team, – said the older coach. – The way he played at Euro 2012 when Vasya was eliminated is just fantastic.

“By the way, I didn’t understand why he wasn’t called for the match with Austria,” agreed the younger one.

“I don’t understand either,” the older coach repeated.

I said nothing again. I couldn’t say that I understood. And I didn’t want to repeat myself.

“Amazing business, of course,” I said about something else. – How many goalkeepers did not get a chance, hitting the era of Akinfeev. And how many defenders did not open up to the end, falling under Ignashevich and the brothers. The coaches could have some complaints about them, but for a long time they were objectively the best. From the point of view of at least stability. And the age was such that it was not necessary to rejuvenate the defense of the national team.

– As it is now, – said the older coach. – Slutsky will come soon.To combine until the end of the qualifying cycle.

“Maybe not Slutsky,” the younger tried to argue, but he was simply dismissed.

– Yes Slutsky, Slutsky. And after all, he could not even be close to the task of playing these matches with an eye to the home world championship. Only one goal: to enter the Euro. And he will play with his own.

“I don’t think at all that the starting lineup of the national team will change,” the young coach developed the idea. – I agree?

I winced.So that the grimace could be interpreted as you like. But they waited, so they had to say:

– I doubt two positions. That there will be no change.

– At the center of the defense?

“No,” I said. – Here I am calm for the guys.

– I agree, – said the young man.

“I agree,” repeated the older one.

“The reserve goalkeeper’s lot is not my scenario”

Vladislav Soromytko is a hereditary goalkeeper, his father defended the SKA goal in the mid-90s.By the age of 23, he managed to leave Khabarovsk, win the difficult Vostok zone of the PFL as part of the Komsomol Smena, return to his native club and become the leader of the army youth team. But the debut is postponed as a basis. However, the young footballer is determined to for this season – he seriously intends to compete for the number one post.

Minsk, Crimea, magic

– The training camp is the least favorite time of most football players.Are you no exception
– Partly. It is clear that it is difficult, but it is a pleasant work. You know what you work for. The hardest part is the routine. Every day is like the previous one – you get up, eat, exercise, go to the hotel, eat again, sleep … And so on in a circle.

– The Championship has ended recently. Does it feel like the season is going on?

– I have this feeling throughout my life – like one big season.This time we rested for two weeks and it was enough for me.

– How do you like Belarus? Do you like Minsk?

– We were taken on an excursion and I can say that the city is very clean and well-groomed. There are many old buildings with unusual architecture. The central streets are reminiscent of St. Petersburg. One feels that this is already Europe.

– You spent your vacation in Crimea. Why did you fly there?

– I have relatives and one person there …

– A novel at a distance?

Maybe … (smiles)

– What surprised you the most in Crimea?

– These are great places.I was in Crimea before, but now I saw him for real. Picturesque landscapes, pleasant climate. I was lucky – all the days were sunny and some kind of magic happened to me.

Komsomolsk-on-Amur, bandits, tears

– You have an unusual surname. Do they often distort it?

– Constantly! I visit both “Soromyatko” and “Syromytko” … Especially if you need to say your last name on the phone, you have to repeat it four times in syllables. So I’m used to it.

– In the mid-90s, your father also defended the SKA goal. Then you were still very young and you hardly remember those matches …

“I don’t remember anything at all. The only thing that pops up in my memory is that my father was presented with a huge cake in the form of a football field.

– Do you remember your first trip to the stadium?

– It is the first one that is hard to remember, but somehow it happened that I deliberately supported SKA.I called our players either “bad” or “bandits” …

– Tell us about your first match at the senior level. What does a 20-year-old “youth” feel when he goes into a men’s meat grinder called “PFL”?

– The goalkeeper’s position obliges you to be calm. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you have to meet this level and behave like an adult. I wanted to take this chance and show my best.

– How was your life in Komsomolsk-on-Amur?

– It was a very good time, it is still pleasant to remember. I lived with the team captain (Soltan Takazov – approx. Press service of FC “SKA-Khabarovsk”) and over time I understood why he wears the captain’s armband. A wise and calm Ossetian with whom we became friends. The city itself is, of course, small. I walked all over it literally in the first week.

– When you played for Smena, you probably understood that even if you win the East zone, the club is unlikely to appear in the FNL.What did you play for? What was the motivation?
– We still hoped to the last. Although, of course, this was not our main motivation. We simply “cut ourselves off” for each other, for history. A very good team has gathered.

– You still won the “East” zone and in the last match you couldn’t even hold back your tears. What were these emotions?

– I really wanted it. When we started the season, no one even thought that we would be able to win the zone.There was a very difficult ending of the championship, the team began to lose points and in the last match with Chita we were only satisfied with the victory. It was a very hard game. Firstly, I played with a broken finger – three days before the match, I broke my little finger in training. Secondly, during the game, I already got a knee on the head. They provided assistance for a very long time, my entire left side of my face was swollen, and I started to bleed from my nose. The result is a beautiful combat scenario. After the final whistle, I simply fell exhausted and realized that we had done what no one had ever done in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.Tears rolled by themselves …

– Explain how a goalkeeper can play with a broken finger?

– It was such a match when you don’t give a damn about everything. They wanted to give me an injection, but I am against painkillers. I bandaged my finger and calmly left. When it was necessary to catch, he beat it off. By the way, after that match I returned home and was immediately invited to the training camp with the SKA base. I went to the hospital, and the surgeon told me that I needed to do an operation – if you don’t insert the knitting needles, then the finger simply won’t bend.He says you walk like this for a month and then you will recover. And in a week my training camp starts already. I thought for a long time, I was afraid that then I would not be able to play at all, but in the end I went to the training camp – when else will there be such a chance? There he did not tell anyone about the broken finger, hid it, at night he took out a cast from the bedside table and put it on his hand. For training, he inserted a special splint into the glove – they made it with his father. And so for three weeks. Now everything is fine with the finger, although it is a little crooked and does not bend to the end.But, most importantly, it does not interfere with playing.

Break dance, parkour, back flip

– You did break dance at school. How did you get there?

– It was childhood. What I was not fond of – and parkour (jumped around the garages), and the break-dance skidded … Just there were friends who did it. By the way, if not for my street skills, I think I would hardly have succeeded in football. I don’t have a goalkeeper school.As a child, there was no goalkeeping coach, he only appeared in the double. Only due to some acrobatic skills and developed dexterity, I “took out”

– How cool are you by the standards of Khabarovsk, at least?

I’m a very bad breaker at the moment (laughs). I’ve already forgotten everything. Then someone knew me. I won’t say that I was incredibly cool, but I kept my line and for that, I think, they could respect me.

– Can you spin on your head?

– Maybe I can.If you ask, I think I can do it (laughs).

– When was the last time you performed something?

– I like doing various acrobatic sketches. If there is room, I can perform somewhere on the street or have some fun on the field. I try not to forget my skills.

– Some players do somersaults after scoring goals. Can you do something like that?

– Can.I can do a round back flask.

– Have you thought of portraying something like that after a penalty kicked off?

– No, there was an idea to perform after the goal was scored (laughs). I hope everything is ahead.

– So your team scores and you do?

– No, I score and do.

Purulent, Oksimiron, 2Pac

– I know you love rap.How do you feel about the work of fellow countryman Purnoy?

– Of course, I am not a rapper myself, but I appreciate the old school. You know, they say, there is true (true – translation from English), there is not true. Someone does rap for money, someone for creativity. I am not personally acquainted with Purulent. But if at the first battles with Oksimiron he was true, then then this story began with STS … I don’t want to offend anyone, but I have a slightly different understanding.

Do you love the old school type 2 Pac, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J?

– There is 2pac, there is The Notorious B.I.G. Here I am more for the second – this is a different coast.

– They say that all goalkeepers are not of this world. I agree?

– Rather yes than no. We are so alone. We have one penalty area, one goalkeeper, one goal. We always stand alone behind. More is demanded of us, both personally, physically and technically. We are separate characters and of course that defines our personality.

– How does this feature of yours manifest in life?

– We are all different.I am calm, I do not like to talk a lot. Sasha Dovbnya, on the contrary, loves to bring someone to training, to shout.

– Remember your strangest teammate.

– In the Komsomol “Change” was Ibragim Bazaev – this is a man who just always talks. We didn’t hear him only when he was sleeping. Woke up and immediately began to speak. Such is the man with a big head.

Buffon, Russian national team, haters

– I know you sympathize with Buffon.What did you feel when the Italians could not beat the Swedes?

– This is generally sadness. This is a disaster. I got very upset. Buffon has already retired with Juventus and retired from the national team. For him it was the last chance to show that he is a very big goalkeeper, even despite the number in his passport (40 years old – approx. By the press service of FC “SKA-Khabarovsk”).

– While you were recovering from your injury, you made your debut as a commentator.How comfortable were you in your new role?

– Of course, I was uncomfortable. That’s why I agreed – I wanted to try something new. In order not to sit at home with this knee and be sad. These new emotions helped me emotionally.

– The World Championship has started. How many games are you planning to watch?

– At the training camp I want to watch all the matches, because Minsk is a convenient time for that.I remember all the World Championships I watched. My first world championship was in 2002. I always woke up on purpose at night, because this is a big football holiday, on which stories are written, fairy tales are born.

– What do you expect from the Russian national team?

– I hope the guys can and will prove to all haters (enemy, foe, quarrelsome, hater) (from the English hate – hatred) – the one who hates any person – approx. press service of FC SKA-Khabarovsk) that they are capable of much.

– Is “a lot” a way out of the group?

– Leaving the group is, of course, a result, but I hope for more.

What was the most unexpected request from your fans?

– When I played at Smena, a boy of about fifteen, a novice goalkeeper, wrote to me. He asked me to donate a uniform and I promised that I would give the sweater at the end of the season. I kept my promise, but time passed and he wrote to me again – give me shorts, leggings, boots, gloves.I explained to him that we have no extra equipment, it is in limited quantities. Plus, I already gave him a sweater. It turned out that he had already sold it (laughs).

– In September you will be 24 years old. On the one hand, this is still a very young age for the goalkeeper, on the other hand, the same Akinfeev made his debut in the Premier League at the age of 16 and at your age he already set records. How do you feel yourself – still a young player or already mature?

– I am still far from the peak.Yashin said that goalkeepers reveal themselves at 28. Of course, I am pleased to consider myself young, but I would not say that I am not ready for challenge and responsibility. I work and wait for my chance. The reserve goalkeeper’s lot is not my scenario.

– How are you getting ready for this season? Are you ready to compete for the first SKA number?

– I am always ready to fight. At the first opportunity, I will try to take this chance. I understand that all our fans, parents, friends will be proud if the goal is protected by the local goalkeeper.

90,000 Was there a finger? Three weeks ago, CSKA center Nenad Krstic received an injury to his little toe


Three weeks ago, after the third match of the Euroleague quarterfinal series between Spanish Bilbao and CSKA, CSKA center Nenad Krstic received a pinky injury. After the Serb did not fly with the team to Vladivostok on Monday, rumors spread that the injury was serious and Krstic could miss not only the Euroleague Final Four, but the entire playoffs of the Russian championship.


On Tuesday, the CSKA center tweeted with emotion that the team doctors had overlooked his little finger fracture, believing that it was just a bruise.

– I just found out that I played with a broken foot for three weeks. And how did the experienced doctors fail to diagnose an ordinary fracture ?! – translation of Krstic’s message.

A few minutes after the appearance of the “cry from the heart” on the World Wide Web, Serbian journalists called Krstic’s mobile phone and the press service of CSKA.And after some time, the Greeks started talking about the positive news for them. Still would! If Krstic’s injury is really serious, then Panathinaikos, whom CSKA will face on May 11 in the Euroleague semifinals, have excellent chances of success. After all, the Serb is now rightfully considered the best center in Europe and without him the army team is not so strong. So the quotes of Panathinaikos for reaching the final are at least doubled.

“There is a problem,” the CSKA press service told your correspondent.“However, it is 99 percent not what the Serbian and Greek newspapers trumpet. Krstic really got bruised in the third match with Bilbao, he had some discomfort, but no more. I think that in order for everyone to calm down, we will conduct a second examination to dot the i’s.


However, in Serbia, Krstic was already diagnosed in absentia – a fracture of the metatarsal bone of the little finger. And with such an injury, rest is necessary for 4-6 weeks.Full recovery takes about two months.

By the way, after a few hours that very message on the social network was erased. CSKA, which has the most crucial moment of the season, and without Internet sensations, there is enough trouble. The club’s official comments on the Serb problem were not informative. But the latest news added optimism.

– Nenad Krstic will spend this week on an individual training program due to an injury to the little toe of his left foot.After that, he will return to training with the team, – said on the site of the red-blue in Tuesday’s preview of the match against Spartak-Primorye.

On the eve of today’s meeting with “Red Wings” there was also published an addition to the news: “Krstic, who is engaged in an individual program, on Thursday underwent a planned examination. Well-known sports traumatologists Professor Andrei Korolev and Professor Andrei Kardanov confirmed the absence of serious injuries in the injured little toe of the center’s left foot.In the coming days, the Serbian basketball player will return to training with the team. ”

It seems that rumors that Krstic broke down before the end of the season are not worth even the little toe of his left foot. Already on April 24, he should help CSKA in the match for the gold medals of the regular season with Khimki.



Luberetskiy Triumph continues its winning streak in the Russian Championship. Despite the fact that the club has already secured bronze medals for the regular championship, the Moscow Region team confidently beat Nizhny Novgorod on the road – 83:70, according to the correspondent of Sovetsky Sport Kirill ZANGALIS.

Before the match, Triumph’s head coach Vasily Karasev said that he would give a lot of playing time to young basketball players, since the meeting had no tournament significance. But, as it turned out, Karasev was a little cunning. Young Valiev, Soloviev, Vikhrov and Andreev really stayed on the court longer than usual, but only in the first half of the match. The result after the break was made by the leaders – Jefferson, McKee and Karasev Jr. As a result, Triumph defeated their opponents in the third and fourth quarters and won their fifth victory in a row.

“Our task for this fight is to prepare for the Final Four of the Challenge Cup (April 27-29),” said Karasev Sr.