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Keto halloween treats: 32 Keto Halloween Treats That Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar


32 Keto Halloween Treats That Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

As a keto-dieter, you need to get a little creative during the holiday season so you don’t miss out on any fun. 

Whether it’s trick or treat, or deck the halls, the holidays come packed with good times and (unfortunately) lots of sugar. 

But not to worry — this keto-friendly Halloween recipe round-ups got you covered. 

From Halloween keto pizza to gummy candy and keto Halloween cookies — you’ll be indulging with the best of them. 

Sweet Halloween Recipes

#1 No-Bake Nut Butter Pumpkins

Step up your fat bomb game. These nut butter pumpkins are the perfect quick and easy Halloween treat. Serve them as an after school snack, a dinner party dessert, or an on-the-go breakfast. 

Check out the recipe here.

#2 Mini Cheesecake Ghost Bites

Boo! Don’t be scared, they’re just cheesecake bites. 

Check out the recipe here.


#3 Perfect Keto Mallow Munch Bars

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Perfect Keto Mallow Munch bars are a lot like rice krispie treats, but without the sugar and spooky ingredients you’re not allowed to have on keto.  

Instead of using rice and sugar (which unfortunately aren’t keto-friendly), we made these treats with dairy protein crisps and keto sweeteners, meaning they have 9 grams of protein, 90 calories, and only 2 grams of net carbs per serving.

They’re available in Marshmallow, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter flavors. You can eat Mallow Munch bars straight from the package, drizzle them with nut butter, or even incorporate them into your own crunchy, seasonal keto recipe ideas if you’re feeling creative!

#4 Chocolate Webbed Cupcakes

Spiders are super creepy, but spider webs are right there behind them (literally). These cupcakes are deceptively easy to make and are sure to impress. Add some collagen powder to the frosting for some added protein to help keep blood sugar stable.

Check out the recipe here.

#5 Brains, Bloody Brains Halloween Cake

Okay, so for this one you will need a brain-shaped gelatin mold, but they’re only $6 on amazon. Check out the recipe here.

#6 Chocolate Bat Cookies

These sugar-free chocolate bats have nearly zero net carbs, and they’re small enough that you can enjoy more than one. For the powdered sweetener go with stevia or monk fruit.

Check out the recipe here.

#7 Sugar-Free Gummy Worms 

For 11 months out of the year, you’re allowed to eat keto gummy bears, but in October you better pull out those worm molds. The best part of this recipe is the versatility — add these worms to any and all keto Halloween treats. 

Check out the recipe here.

#8 Peanut Butter Pumpkins

If you love those Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins — this is your keto answer. Feel free to switch out the peanut butter for almond butter on this one. If you like to stay away from sugar alcohols, go with stevia or monk fruit. 

Check out the recipe here.

#9 Pumpkin Pie Dessert Pizza

Is it a pie? Is it a pizza? Or is it a spider web? 

Check out the recipe here.

 #10 Mummy Cookies

They’re back from the dead, and they’re delicious. These low-carb mummy cookies are topped with a creamy, buttery frosting and only have one gram of net carbs.

Check out the recipe here.

#11 Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

These festive little treats are not only in season, but they’re dairy-free as well. 

Check out the recipe here.

#12 Keto Brownies with Green Slime

Looking for a new way to get your avocado in? Add it to your brownies for a spooky, slimy twist on a classic dessert. 

Check out the recipe here.

#13 Pumpkin Pie Spiced Donuts 

Okay so these guys aren’t very spooky, creepy, or slimy — but they’re delicious and festive, and who can turn down pumpkin anything during the Fall? The best part — they’re only three net carbs. 

Check out the recipe here.

#14 Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

With only one net carb per cookie, you could be stuffing your face with spiders…or cookies, whichever you prefer. 

Check out the recipe here.

#15 Halloween Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Think Christmas cookies with a Halloween twist. Each cookie is only 3.2 net carbs and you can make those pumpkin faces as sweet or scary as you like. 

Check out the recipe here.

#16 Keto Green Cookies

These cookies look pretty innocent on the outside, but once you take a bite you’ll find quite a surprise. But don’t worry — that green color isn’t mold, it comes from the reaction of sunflower butter and baking soda. 

Check out the recipe here.

#17 Candy Corn Cookies

You’ll have to take a pass on the classic Halloween candy corn this year, those chewy sugar-bombs will send your blood sugar soaring. But you can still get the feel for them with these low-carb cookies. Does anyone really like candy corn anyway?

Check out the recipe here.

Savory Recipes

Now that you’ve got the dessert table covered, check out these 10 spooky Halloween recipes with a savory flair.

#1 Creepy Crawly Deviled Eggs

These creepy crawly deviled eggs make the perfect appetizer for your Halloween party. Give your party guests a little jump.

Check out the recipe here.

#2 Stuffed Jack O’ Lantern Peppers

All you need is a paring knife and some creativity to turn your standard stuffed peppers into a Halloween inspired delight!

Check out the recipe here.

#3 Spider Pizza

This keto-friendly and gluten-free pizza recipe is crawling with delicious toppings.

Check out the recipe here. 

#4 Jack O’ Lantern Dip

Cheese, cheese, cheese, please. This simple dip is fun and festive and you really can’t go wrong with three ingredients — two of which are cheese. 

Check out the recipe here. 

#5 Pumpkin Orange Cheese Bread

This is not your standard pumpkin bread, with an extra burst of orange plus a creamy cheese layer you’ll need more than one piece of this slice of heaven. 

Check out the recipe here.

#6 Bleeding Hearts

These meaty, bloody hearts make a fantastic creepy breakfast dish, or you can tray them up as appetizers at a Halloween party.  

Check out the recipe here.

#7 Wormy Dip

It might take your guests a minute to dive into this wormy dip, but once they do they won’t stop. You can get creative with the spices, and serve with low-carb crackers or chopped veggies.

Check out the recipe here.

#8 Halloween Antipasto Skewers

These skewers couldn’t be easier to make, but they look fantastic on an appetizer tray. Tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and olives make a perfect flavor combo. 

Check out the recipe here.

#9 Eyeball Caprese Salad

An Italian classic turned creepy. Do you ever feel like somebody’s watching you? It could be your salad. Check out the recipe here.

#10 Keto Mummy Dogs

You can make these mummy dogs full-sized for an entree or get some mini-dogs for an appetizer. Make sure to go for quality (nitrate-free and organic) when shopping for your hot dogs. Check out the recipe here.


Yes, even your beverages can get a Halloween makeover, check out these drinkable keto recipes.  

#1 Spider Blood Shot

It’s the only time of year where a table full of bloody syringes won’t have you running out the door. And these blood shots are a fun way to get your buzz on if you replace the water with some clear booze. Check out the recipe here.

#2 Black Magic Cocktail 

Have you ever dived into a lake or a pond that was completely dark, with no clue what’s hiding underneath? That’s how your guests will feel diving into this black cocktail. What’s in there? Who knows… Check out the recipe here.

#3 Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

This rich and creamy dessert beverage can be made with any type of milk, and heavy cream or coconut cream. Check out the recipe here.

#4 Pumpkin Spice Mocha

Add a little pep to your festive step with this delicious and creamy pumpkin spice mocha. Add some Cinnamon Toast Collagen Powder for added flavor and spice, plus a protein boost!

Check out the recipe here.

#5 Keto Blood Mary

While you can indulge in this boozy brunch favorite any time of year, bloody Mary’s were pretty much made for Halloween. Just don’t drink it three times.

Check out the recipe here.

5 Ways to Stay in Ketosis During The Holidays

Halloween is the true beginning of a long holiday season of treats, big family meals, and long travel days. All of these can lead to overeating and worse — getting kicked out of ketosis. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy the holiday season while sticking to your health goals.

1. Look Up Delicious Keto Alternatives

This article is a great place to start. Research keto swaps for your favorite holiday treats and meals so you can enjoy yourself while staying in ketosis. Bring your own dishes to family gatherings so you’re sure to have at least one keto-friendly meal to enjoy.

2. Beware of Hidden Carbs

Carbs often hide in sauces and salad dressings. Don’t be afraid to ask the host about the ingredients, or bring your own keto-friendly versions.

3. Snack Before You Get There

Going to a party or get-together? Fill up before you go — especially if you’re not sure what the menu looks like. You can even warn the host beforehand that you won’t be eating much.

4. Keep it Simple

The holidays tend to bring rich, complex dishes that could have hidden carbs. Even some cauliflower casseroles contain hidden flour! Stick to simple dishes of meat and vegetables and keep your portions on the small side.

5. Drink Water (Especially Sparkling)

At a party with tons of tempting snacks and appetizers? Make sure to keep a tall glass of sparkling water in your hand to sip on. The bubbles will help keep you feeling satisfied and keep you away from tempting treats!

This Halloween season you’ve got your recipes covered. Whether you’re looking for sweet treats, savory snacks, or beverages — there’s a festive recipe to spook and delight your guests. 

Like every day, you can feel confident that you can enjoy yourself without sacrificing the tastes you love.

26 Keto Halloween Recipes That’ll Make October Keto-Friendly

Looking for Keto Halloween recipes? This collection of low carb Halloween treats, appetizers & snacks will help you celebrate October guilt-free – keto style!

I have a confession. Halloween scares me, and it’s not the costumes, horror movies, or spooky decor that does it. It’s the food. All the Halloween parties, festively wrapped candy everywhere you look, and pounds of Trick or Treat loot my kids score on the big night haunt me. For the past couple of years, I’ve allowed the temptations get the best of me. You know, when “I’ll just take one bite” leads to shame eating Reese’s peanut butter cups in your closet you have a problem.

Last year I even thought about bribing my kids to stay home instead of going Trick or Treating. Not my proudest moment, but those of you struggling with weight may be able to relate. I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds on the keto diet-and I don’t want them back! If you’re in a similar situation, and traveling abroad for the Halloween season isn’t in your budget, I have found the most fantastic keto Halloween recipes to help me, I mean you, ok, let’s just say “us” stick to our keto diets and even indulge!

This post may contain affiliate links that help keep this content free. [Full Disclosure]

Keto Peanut Butter Cups

Photo: Wholesome Yum

This is one of the keto Halloween recipes that may save your diet! I adore this guilt-free recipe from Maya at Wholesome Yum.

Halloween Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Photo: All Day I Dream About Food

Homemade Gummy Candy

Photo: Whole New Mom

A much healthier version of the OG gummy from Whole New Mom! File this one in keto Halloween recipes kids (and adults) love!

Serve in this adorable Ceramic Spider Treat Bowl to get the full effect!

Healthy Keto Halloween Cupcakes

Photo: Keto Diet Blog

One of Martina’s favorite keto Halloween recipes from the Keto Diet Blog. This one requires a little more effort, but it’s time well spent. Recruit your kids to help & hope they don’t eat them all before you get the chance!

Halloween Brownie Cheesecake

Image: Mouth Watering Motivation

Pumpkin Pie Bites

Photo: Tastaholics

Thanks to Vicky over at Tastaholics we can enjoy this delicious keto Halloween fat bomb-ish recipe (with a hint of spice) at only 1 gram of net carbs per serving.

Peanut Butter Pumpkins

Photo: Joy Filled Eats

I adore these delicious Peanut Butter Pumpkins from Joy Filled Eats-they are one of my favorite keto Halloween recipes!

Spooky Cheese

Image: Fox Valley Foodie

Mummy Cookies

Image: Keto Connect

Spooky Eyeball Keto Cookies

Photo: Keto Diet Blog

If you’re looking for keto Halloween recipes with a “wow” factor these Spooky Eye Cookies will not disappoint! Bonus: Only 2.8 net carbs per serving!

Serve these on a fabulous Halloween tray like this one for maximum effect!

Cauldron Cupcakes

Image: That’s Low Carb

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bread

Photo: Low Carb Yum

Lisa from Low Carb Yum created this fabulous recipe that pulls double duty. Enjoy it as a keto Halloween treat or yummy breakfast!

Pumpkin Pecan Scones

Image: All Day I Dream About Food

Orange Creamsicle Fat Bombs

Photo: Ruled. Me

This is one of my favorite non-chocolate keto Halloween recipes from Ruled.Me. It’s the only way to make a creamsicle keto and it’s full of healthy fats that fill you up-with no guilt whatsoever!

Ghostly Halloween Bark

Image Source: The Happy Health Freak

This dark chocolate bark has only 6 net grams of carbs and it freezes beautifully so you can have a keto treat on hand in case of late night cravings!

Healthy Low-Carb Marshmallows

Photo: Keto Diet Blog

Thanks to Martina from the Keto Diet Blog for another light and fluffy keto Halloween recipe! They only have .8 net carbs per marshmallow and they taste like the real thing!

If you’re having a party or just want to be festive serve these on a cake plate like this one.

Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

Photo: The Big Man’s World

This 5 minute, yes-5 minute, recipe from The Big Man’s World makes a perfect keto Halloween treat!

Mini Pumpkin Muffins

Image: Kasey Trenum

Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Photo: All Day I Dream About Food

Along with being completely adorable this keto Halloween treat is fantastically delicious. The peanut butter cookies are soft and filled with a rich sugar-free chocolate ganache.

Pumpkin Mug Cake

Photo: My PCOS Kitchen

This mug cake from Mira is sweetened with stevia and simple to prepare. (We’re talking 4 minutes total time!)

Low Carb Halloween Chips

Photo: Step Away from the Carbs

Serve these low carb treats on a Halloween style tray like this one & make it stand out out a party!

Sugar-Free Candy Corn Cookies

Photo: All Day I Dream About Food

These sugar-free cookies are one of those keto Halloween recipes that appeals to the kid in all of us-and the ones running around our house! The best part? Each serving has only 1.61 net grams of carbs!

Each serving has only 1.61 net grams of carbs! Serve in this Fitz & Floyd Boo Bowl to get maximum credit for your work!

Halloween Keto Pizza

Photo: Keto Diet Blog

Another hit from Martina! This keto Halloween recipe uses her homemade keto pizza crust which is easy to put together. I love the kid-friendly details she created with a few cookie cutters! Get your kids to help & make a few memories while you’re at it!

Eggs-quisite Deviled Eggs

Photo: Tadka Pasta

If you’re looking for keto Halloween recipes that will bring you praise for both presentation and taste, look no further than this one from Tadka Pasta!

Halloween Antipasto Skewers

Photo: A Kailo Chic Life

One of my favorite last minute keto Halloween recipes! All you need is 5 minutes! Serve on this fun black & white striped plate from amazon!

Spider Avocado Deviled Eggs

Photo: Yummy Healthy Easy

Here’s another example of fabulous keto Halloween recipes for a party! The Spider Deviled Eggs don’t take long to prepare and the spider on top? Black olives!

Witches’ Brew ~ Color Changing Halloween Drink

Photo: Low Carb, So Simple

This wild and fab punch from Low Carb, So Simple changes color! And…it’s easy to put together using 6 ingredients you probably have stocked in your pantry!

Serve in a black cauldron to really make an impact!

Did I Miss Anything?

Which recipe from today’s line-up are you going to try first?

Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favorite keto Halloween recipes?

Either way, please let me know by leaving a comment below! 

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Go ahead & try the meal plans or grab the Keto In Five Bundle!You’ve got nothing to lose – They offer a 365 Day money-back guarantee, but you won’t need it:) Ok – sales pitch over:) 

If you enjoyed these keto Halloween recipes, please share them on Pinterest! 

30 Low Carb & Keto Halloween Recipes

I can’t believe it’s already October and Halloween is right around the corner once again! You know what that means… spider webs, ghosts, spooky things everywhere and lots of high carb, sugary treats all around seemingly whispering “eat me, I’m delicious” (don’t do it, it’s a trick!).

Fear, not low carb friends, there are so many eerily delicious keto / low carb recipes you can enjoy without a guilty gut. If you’re living the low carb lifestyle but finding it tricky to decide what kind of treats to serve up at the end of the month we’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered up some great Halloween recipes that will have your ghostly guests going “woo!” instead of “boo!” including everything from Halloween breakfast to Halloween dessert and everything in between.

Now all you have to worry about is getting those costumes!

Read on for some hauntingly good low carb and keto recipes perfect for any Halloween meal, potluck, or party.

Healthy Low-Carb Marshmallows | The KetoDiet Blog–Are you ready for this? These taste almost like real marshmallows! Although with no sugar they are not as chewy, the difference is small and I personally prefer them. They are light and fluffy and because of the protein content quite sating. Initially, I thought these wouldn’t be suitable for roasting. KetoDietApp

Pumpkin Mousse Recipe – Low Carb, Sugar Free–A quick to make low carb pumpkin mousse. Serve this sugar free mousse as is or add it to a pie crust to make a tasty no bake pie. Low Carb Yum

Keto Low-Carb Pumpkin Spice Latte – with NEW VIDEO just added–Ditch the regular pumpkin spice coffee and try this INCREDIBLE keto low-carb pumpkin spice latte instead. Ditch The Carbs

Pumpkin Rosemary Biscuits–Tender low carb biscuits with pumpkin and rosemary. These are perfect for your healthy holiday gathering. All Day I Dream About Food

Pumpkin Pancakes for One–Fun little low carb pumpkin pancakes for one. These grain-free coconut flour pancakes will make your morning! Keto and paleo friendly. Okay people, you’ve made a monster out of me. All of you who requested single serve recipes or small batch recipes, you’ve contributed to this. It is YOUR fault that I am now obsessed with making mini versions of all my best recipes. ALL YOUR FAULT. You realize I have a family to feed, right? And four miniature little coconut flour pumpkin pancakes ain’t gonna cut it when those hungry kids get up. All Day I Dream About Food

Healthy Keto Halloween Cookies | The KetoDiet Blog–However, I really wanted to make something specifically for Halloween. While I was looking for inspiration in my recipe magazines I bought during my trip to Greece, I came across Şekerpare, cookies of Turkish origin. I knew what the cookies should look like and just added a spooky twist with simple green matcha icing. KetoDietApp

Low Carb Caramel–For All Keto Dessert Lovers! I’m a firm believer of enjoying the foods you love. If you’ve got a soft spot for desserts like I do, it’s fun to adapt them to your healthier lifestyle. Tasteaholics

Pumpkin & Orange Cheese Bread | The KetoDiet Blog–What does “autumn” bring to your mind? For me it’s all the fragrant flavours of warming cinnamon, ginger and pumpkin. I love pumpkin bread and I love cheesecakes – this recipe is a combination of both and it’s absolutely delicious! KetoDietApp

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars–Pumpkin Season is here, once again! It’s Fall again but you won’t feel it if you step outside in NY. Instead of the usual crisp air and crunchy leaves, we’re experiencing temperatures in the high 80’s! Tasteaholics

Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies–Soft low carb peanut butter thumbprints filled with rich sugar-free chocolate ganache. All in the shape of a spider for Halloween. Kids love them and adults do too! I am really not much of one for Halloween these days. It may, in fact, be my least favourite holiday. As a kid I loved it but as an adult it causes me much stress. Helping young kids figure out their costumes is not that fun. You’d think it would be but they get to a certain age and they have definite pictures in their minds. All Day I Dream About Food

Pumpkin Spice Apple Chips–These apple chips are the perfect fall treat. While I was making them, my house smelled like I had a pumpkin pie in one oven, and an apple pie in the other. Who needs potpourri with a scent this heavenly. Peace Love and Low Carb

Pumpkin Churros with Cinnamon Chocolate Sauce | I Breathe I’m Hungry–A couple of months ago I bought a Mexican / Latin American cookbook and I went through it and bookmarked all of the recipes I wanted to try including one for churros. Ever since I’ve been dying to make them and just haven’t gotten around to it. I Breathe I’m Hungry

The Best Low Carb Caramel Sauce–This is the only low carb caramel sauce recipe you will ever need. It’s ooey, it’s gooey and it stays pourable! Best of all, it tastes just like the real thing. Creating a really good, true-to-life caramel sauce with erythritol has been one of my low carb goals for a long time now. Almost from the first moment I started baking and cooking low carb, I found myself wondering if it was possible and absolutely determined to find out. I’d tried a few store-bought sugar-free caramel sauces and they were simply awful. All Day I Dream About Food

Spider Blood Shot (Halloween)–Can you imagine, Halloween is already day after tomorrow! Now it’s a good time to think of last-minute preparations. If you are still unsure what drinks to serve, this “Spider Blood Shot” is a great option. This iced tea creation is bloody tasty and easy to make! Again, the presentation is everything, so make sure to get enough syringes and schnapps glasses for serving. Low-Carb, So Simple!

Low Carb Candy – Pumpkin Truffles | Low Carb Yum–Pumpkin truffles. This low carb candy is a sugar free pumpkin ganache covered in a dark chocolate coating. Perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Low Carb Yum

“Bleeding Hearts” (Halloween)–Want something really creepy and scary for your Halloween party? Seen all the meat heads and feet loafs and want something completely new? Then look no further! These “bleeding hearts” will surely provide entertainment to your guests not to mention that they taste great as well! Feel free to season these scary-looking sausages with your favorite spices. Low-Carb, So Simple!

Pumpkin Pie Frozen Custard–This low carb pumpkin ice cream recipe has tons of flavor and zero sugar. It’s made with Swerve, which has a glycemic index of zero– so it should have no effect on blood sugar. It’s ultra creamy and absolutely delicious– maybe more so than traditional, sugar-laden ice creams. Cut The Wheat

Halloween Cut-Out Sugar Cookies – Low Carb and Gluten-Free–If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, right? And if it looks like a sugar cookie and tastes like a sugar cookies, it’s a sugar cookie, right? Or not.  Perhaps I shouldn’t call these sugar cookies, since they don’t have a single grain of sugar in them. False advertising and all that. But it’s a whole lot better than calling them Halloween Cut-out Erythritol Cookies.  Somehow that just doesn’t roll of the tongue as nicely. And let’s face it, erythritol is not a pretty name. All Day I Dream About Food

Black Colored Cocktail – Crazy Black Magic–This inky black colored cocktail is perfect for all your Halloween parties or an evening watching Game of Thrones. lowcarb-ology

Super Moist Pumpkin Bread–I’ve been craving pumpkin bread lately. I’m not sure why, as the whole pumpkin-flavored-everything phase is pretty annoying to me. Sometimes, though, the traditional is better than the eclectic. Cut The Wheat

Caramel Nut Clusters–People Love Desserts! But desserts don’t always love people. Too much sugar and carbs will send anyone’s health into a downward spiral. That’s why when something so simple as a Caramel Nut Cluster can be made completely sugar-free and low carb, we make sure we perfect that recipe to enjoy it guilt-free! Tasteaholics

5 Ingredient Keto Green Cookies | The KetoDiet Blog–Five ingredients and less than half an hour – that’s all it takes to make these quick green keto cookies. I first learned how to achieve the green effect when I was working on my Grain-Free Sunflower Bread. To my surprise, the sunflower seeds turned out vibrant green. KetoDietApp

Pumpkin Cardamom Bread with Cinnamon Pepitas (Low Carb and Gluten Free)–Apparently, I have been downgraded. Yes, my friends, sad but true. I did not spend enough money at Starbucks over the past year to remain in the Gold Level, so I have been downgraded to the lowly Green Level. I blame my children. See, my children adore Starbucks, and it’s gotten to the point where if I pull into the parking lot, my almost-2-year-old starts clapping her hands and saying ‘YAY!’. Which means that if I go to Starbucks, I have to buy them all something. All Day I Dream About Food

Brains, Bloody Brains (Halloween)–If you ever take it into your head to get yourself a human brain gelatin mold (c’mon, what could be more appropriate for Halloween?) this is a must-try recipe. Low-Carb, So Simple!

Pumpkin Spice Boosted Keto Coffee–Since I am a big fan of bulletproof coffee recipes, also known as butter coffee, keto coffee, etc, I wanted to create a recipe that was a marriage between a boosted coffee and a low carb pumpkin spice latte. It all starts with this amazing Pumpkin Pie Spice Recipe. From there you add in some MCT oil powder, grass-fed collagen peptides, a little natural low carb sweetener or sugar free syrup,  and some grass-fed butter. The end result is a high fat, low carb, pumpkin spice boosted keto coffee. Peace Love and Low Carb

Salted Caramel Cake Pops – Low Carb and Gluten-Free–Sweet gluten-free chocolate pound cake and low carb salted caramel in a delicious Starbucks copycat recipe. These Low Carb Salted Caramel Cake Pops will satisfy any sweet tooth. When I first encountered cake pops, I was quite dumbfounded by them. I was already well set in my low carb ways at that point, so I wasn\’t drawn to them so much for their promise of a sweet treat, but more because they struck me as simply brilliant. All Day I Dream About Food

Wormy Dip (Halloween)–Here comes “wormy dip”, another creepy but oh-so-delicious recipe for Halloween! This savory treat is very easy to prepare. Low-Carb, So Simple!

Pumpkin Bulletproof® Frappuccino–Instantly add healthy fats (and a caffeine kick) with a crunchy-creamy frozen fat-burning coffee recipe. Low Carbe Diem

Halloween Keto Pizza | The KetoDiet Blog–I’ve been thinking about what to make for Halloween this year. A couple of years ago I made sweet keto Halloween Cookies so I thought it’s time for a savoury recipe. KetoDietApp

Candy Corn Cookies – Low Carb and Gluten-Free–Sugar-free sugar cookies shaped like your favorite Halloween treat! These low carb candy corn cookies appeal to the kid in all of us. I honestly think that candy corn is one of the more repulsive confections ever invented. I know many people love it but I shudder at the very thought. It is so unbelievably sweet and tastes of nothing more than sugar and corn syrup boiled together. Maybe it’s because I am Canadian and I didn’t grow up with them, but I just don’t see the attraction of the little candies shaped like corn kernels. All Day I Dream About Food


The content on this website should not be taken as medical advice and you should ALWAYS consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. We provide nutritional data for our recipes as a courtesy to our readers. We use Total Keto Diet app software to calculate the nutrition and we remove fiber and sugar alcohols, like erythritol, from the total carbohydrate count to get to the net carb count, as they do not affect your blood glucose levels. You should independently calculate nutritional information on your own and not rely on our data. The website or content herein is not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease. This website shall not be liable for adverse reactions or any other outcome resulting from the use of recipes or recommendations on the Website or actions you take as a result. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk.

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Dr. Rosmy Barrios, MD is an aesthetic medicine specialist whose work focuses on patients who are treated for obesity, metabolic syndrome, and other weight-related issues through nutritional analysis, keto diet programs, and supporting medications.

Check Out

These Roundups:

7 Keto Halloween Recipes & Sugar-Free Treats For Kids & For Adults

Halloween is a holiday adored and enjoyed by everyone, especially for those who have little kids running in their home.

In this post, I show you 7 Keto-friendly Halloween Treats, sugar-free and low carb, that are so easy to make and taste amazing… My choice was made thinking about what our kids love to eat on this holiday.
All recipes that I choose are sugar-free, healthy and low carb. So they are perfect for those that are dieting and for your kids too.

Kids just love Halloween! In this holiday they go outside dressed up like zombies and ghosts, knocking at our doors asking for trick-or-treat. The traditional Halloween treats are high in sugar. It’s important to reduce the sugar consumption of our children.

If you want a healthier Halloween party here you have 7 brilliant healthy sweets ideas. This proves that Halloween doesn’t have to be all about candies!!!

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using my link, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, see my disclaimer here.

1- Healthy Keto Halloween Cupcakes

These spiderweb Halloween cupcakes are low carb and healthy and it is a great way to involve your kids in making them.

Get the recipe ketodietapp.com

2- Easy Keto Halloween Recipe of Cute Cookies

These cookies are low carb and so easy and quick to make. You can also ask your kids to help you prepare them.

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3- No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites

These no-bake cheesecake bites are so easy to make and so delicious. The kids will go crazy with them!

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4- Low-Carb Marshmallows

These marshmallows are fluffy and light and the most important is that they are sugar-free.

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5- Low Carb Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bread

This is an amazing treat that is low carb, sugar-free and gluten-free.

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6- Halloween Swirl Cream Cheese Brownies

Halloween Swirl Cream Cheese Brownies are for sure a perfect dessert/treats for your Halloween party.

Get the recipe at persnicketyplates.com

7- Pumpkin Donuts

These pumpkin donuts have a perfect texture and they are topped with a cream cheese glaze.

Get the recipe at briana-thomas.com

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Keto Halloween Cookies – Divalicious Recipes

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Keto Halloween cookies are made with almond flour and iced into mummies and skeletons. A spooky low carb, sugar free, egg free and gluten free Halloween treat.

For a healthier Halloween trick or treat, baking a batch of cookies is a great option. The cookie dough is based on our almond flour butter cookie recipe and seasoned with pumpkin spice.

Trick or Treat?

Your kids will be tricked into eating a healthy cookie for Halloween, you enjoy a low carb treat at just 2g net carbs a cookie.

If you were looking for a low carb adult treat, sip on a keto pumpkin spice martini.

How to make keto halloween cookies

These low carb Halloween treats are easy and quick to make with just 4 ingredients. A cream cheese icing is used to decorated them into mummies and skeletons.

For the cookie shapes we used a medium gingerbread man cutter.


  • Almond flour – use finely ground almond flour, not almond meal.
  • Allulose – we used allulose for the sweetener as powdered low carb sweetener does not harden with any icy after taste. If you have granular low carb sweetener, run it through a coffee grinder.
  • Butter – this must be soft as it binds the other ingredients without an egg.
  • Pumpkin spice – If you don’t want to use this, try ginger spice or cinnamon.

Recipe Tips

Be careful not to burn the bottoms of these cookies. Keep an eye on the cooking time as ovens can vary. We would recommend that the cookies are baked in the middle oven shelf too.

The cookie recipe could be used for other Halloween shapes. Try circles and ice spooky faces or spiders on them.

The cookies are very delicate when baked and still warm. Allow them to completely cool before handling them for icing. If you need to speed up the cooling, place them in the fridge for 30 minutes.

For the eyes I used a drop of black food colouring and added it to a small amount of icing. Small chocolate chips could be used too.

Any bad icing for skeletons can be covered by turning them into mummies (my skills are not the best, but I was racing against the heat to make these).

More keto Halloween recipes

Brain Cupcakes

Cucumber Spiders

Halloween Cupcakes

Pumpkin Chocolate Truffles

Keto Chocolate Caramel Cups

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Keto Halloween Cookies

Angela Coleby

Pumpkin spiced almond flour cookies are cut into shapes and decorated as Mummies & Skeletons for a keto Halloween

Prep Time 15 mins

Cook Time 20 mins

Chilling cookie dough 30 mins

Total Time 1 hr 5 mins

Course Cookies

Cuisine Halloween, keto

Servings 15 cookies

Calories 134 kcal


US CustomaryMetric



Cookie Dough
  • ½ cup butter softened
  • ½ cup allulose or other low carb sweetener
  • 1 ½ cups almond flour
  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice
  • 6 tablespoons allulose or other low carb sweetener
  • 2 oz cream cheese softened
  • 1 tablespoon cream


Make the Cookies
  • Preheat the oven to 180C/350F degrees.

  • In a medium bowl, cream the butter and the allulose/powdered sweetener

  • Add the almond flour and pumpkin spice and mix until you have a soft cookie dough.

  • Place the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up.

  • Roll out the cookie dough between two pieces of parchment paper.

  • Using a cookie cutter (we used a gingerbread man cutter), cut out the cookie shapes and place them on a parchment paper lined baking tray.

  • Bake for 15-20 minutes until the edge of the cookies are golden.

  • Remove the cookies from the oven and allow to cool completely before eating.

Make the Icing
  • In a medium bowl, add the icing ingredients and mix into a smooth paste.

  • Spoon into an icing bag and pipe your mummy or skeleton design.

  • If you have any black icing colour, add that to a small amount of the icing and pipe the eyes on.

  • Trick or treat!


This made 15 cookies with a medium sized ginger bread man cookie cutter.
The net carbs will be the total carb count minus the fibre count. Carb count excludes sugar alcohols.
Any nutritional analysis on the website is based on an estimate, calculated by http://nutritiondata.self.com from the individual ingredients in each recipe. Variations may occur for various reasons, including product availability and food preparation. We make no representation or warranty of the accuracy of this information.


Serving: 1cookieCalories: 134kcalCarbohydrates: 3gProtein: 3gFat: 13gFiber: 1g

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17 Keto Halloween Recipes | Healthful Pursuit

October 12, 2016 By
Leanne Vogel

December 11, 2018

Trick or treat! If those words are painful to hear because it’s a struggle to enjoy the festivities while you try to stay keto, then check out these fun and spooky recipes that are tasty and low-carb, ketogenic!

Yes, it can be done! You can have fun in all the festivities while staying and ENJOYING being on the keto diet. “How is that possible?” you may ask. Well, with a little planning ahead and some delicious keto recipes that will trump all of the evil sweets you or your kids might get trick-or-treating, it can be done.

Keto shopping lists, recipes, and more! Start keto with this FREE 5-step guide.

I’m ready!

By surrounding yourself with healthier versions of your favorite keto holiday treats, you will feel much better when facing the sugary temptations throughout the Halloween celebrations. These Halloween keto recipes are particularly fun with the ones that require a little decorating. You might even find you’ll have a hard time eating the treats because they look so entertaining!

Wishful thinking?

As you’re driving to grandma’s house or preparing lots of tasty Halloween keto goodies, you might want to check out my Keto Audiobook Bundle: Fat Fueled and The Keto Beginning. It will help avoid those pesky Halloween sugar hangovers, AND it will give you the tools you need to rock it while being keto!

Now for no tricks, just treats… Happy Keto Halloween!

Keto Halloween Recipes

Devilish Eggs

Bwahahaha… you don’t have to worry about giving into temptation with these keto eggs! They’re keto-approved and if you replace the goat cheese and regular mayo with Primal Kitchen Mayo, they’ll be dairy-free too.

Healthy Halloween Cookies

With less than 1g net carb per cookie, I’d say this keto cookie definitely makes the keto team of awesome Halloween treats!

Brains, Bloody Brains

You will definitely score big on “cool points” if you bring this keto recipe to this year’s Halloween party. It’s fun, a great conversation starter, and it’s totally keto as long as you replace the whipping cream with coconut cream. I’d also suggest using this strawberry chia seed jam (use stevia instead of honey). Also, you might like this brain-shaped gelatin mold if you don’t have one on hand already.

Paleo Ghost Truffles

Boo! Okay, these keto ghosts are waaayy cuter than they are scary, and that’s perfectly fine with me! They’re also quite tasty, too! The only thing I would change is replacing the honey with alcohol-free stevia and a bit of extra coconut manna/butter to hold things together.

Spooky Green Monster Zucchini Noodles

This is a fun and kid-friendly keto recipe that will entertain as well as nourish your kids. For dairy-free, I would omit the mozzarella balls or just replace them with cucumber slices to keep the “googly” eyes.

Yummy Gummy Candy

The great thing about gelatin is… well, there are several things great about it actually! Gut-strengthening, skin-healing, and body-balancing to name a few! You can get Halloween shaped molds like these to make this keto recipe even more Halloween-friendly!

Triple Layer Choconut Almond Butter Cups

No sugar buzz here! These decadent keto treats are not going to give you a sugar rush that imbalances your brain and hormones, but they will give you the healthy fat you need on a low-carb keto lifestyle. Dark chocolate lovers will especially enjoy this one!

Pumpkin Spice Rocket Fuel Latte

Start your Halloween off right with a little rocket fuel to keep you energized and able to withstand those pesky cravings throughout the day!

Stuffed Jack-o’-Lanterns

No Halloween is complete without a little pumpkin (or bell pepper) carving! Stuffed with keto-friendly “zoodles,” you’re all set for a very creative and keto Halloween dinner. To make this 100% keto-friendly, choose a sugar-free tomato sauce instead of making the carb-heavy sauce, and I would go with green bell peppers since they’re lower in carbs.

Low-Carb Avocado Brownies

Have a happy and healthy Halloween with keto brownies with “green slime”! Delicious and keto is how we roll!

Witches’ Brew

Grab your keto witches’ brew (which naturally changes colors!) and dance the night away to “Thriller” with your killer keto snacks and goodies!

Pumpkin & Squash Seeds

One of my favorite keto alternatives to popcorn, this is a great snack while watching a scary (or not) Halloween movie. Just add some grey sea salt, sit back, and relax.

Pumpkin Truffles

Pumpkins are in season, folks! Here’s a great excuse to sneak some more pumpkin into a keto recipe. Here, I’d replace the whipping cream with coconut cream and the whey protein with fermented vegan protein powder or Hemp Pro 70.

Pumpkin Pie Spice Doughnuts

For all ages and all times, gather the family around for a great keto breakfast or snack! To keep it dairy-free, all you have to do is replace the butter with coconut oil.

Pumpkin Snickerdoodle

Too much pumpkin? Never! Well, if you disagree, this might not be the recipe for you. This keto recipe is great because it has low-carb, paleo, and dairy-free options. I would also suggest using this almond flour if you don’t already have a favorite brand.

Pumpkin Pie Patties

Keto fat bomb incoming! Perfect for the fall season, these patties are loaded with healthy fat, grass-fed collagen, and very few carbs. That’s what I like to hear!

Pumpkin Pie Creamer

For those who like a little keto creamer in their coffee, this will help you get your caffeine in the morning without overloading on the carbs. Perfect after a late-night trick-or-treating! To keep it keto-friendly, just choose the alcohol-free stevia sweetener option.

Now be honest, do you still dress up for Halloween?

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Candy Corn Keto Cheesecake Shooters

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These keto cheesecake shooters look just like candy corn! They are perfect for fall parties or as a snack on the spooky night.

Keto Candy Corn Idea 

There are two types of people in the world: those who love candy corn and those who hate it. Just like cilantro, there really isn’t a middle ground.

Growing up, my favorite Halloween candy of all time was candy corn! I ripped those bags open first and loved seeing bowls overflowing with these red and yellow confectionary treats. 

Now that I’m on the keto diet, I can’t exactly eat handfuls of candy corn anymore. I took the same beautiful colors and made a low-carb dessert that looks just like them! 

No-Bake Cheesecake Shooters

When you have a last-minute party that you need snacks for, reach for this recipe! It comes together super-quickly and there are only 3g net carbs in each shooter. That means you can enjoy treats along with everyone else. 

They are so festive and fun that everyone – even kids and people not on the keto diet – will enjoy these no-bake shooters. 

Mini Cheesecake Shooters 

I’ve gotta be honest, I didn’t use any cream cheese in these shooters. I used cheesecake-flavored pudding. That’s what made them so easy and quick. It only takes 20 minutes to make these cute little shooters – from start to finish. 

When you layer them the way that I did, they look just like candy corn and taste like cheesecake. No sweat and effortless, this is about to become one of your favorite fall desserts. 

Keto Pudding Ideas 

I have a few tips that will help you make the best cheesecake shooters out of pudding. My first tip is to make sure you grab sugar-free Jell-O pudding mix. If it has added sugar in it, it won’t be keto-friendly. 

Next, use plain almond milk. Vanilla-flavored almond milk is way too strong and will stand out, giving your shooters a slightly strong taste. 

These little shooters also make the perfect snack. Since they are individually portioned, you can help yourself with portion control. Each cup has 3g net carbs, so it’s really simple to keep track of your macros too. 

Low-Carb Party Food 

When you serve these at parties, everyone is going to grab for them! Serve them in tiny plastic shot cups with little dessert spoons. If you are going to serve them at a kid’s party, add some googly eyes to the cups or draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on them. 

Be creative and have fun! There are so many ways you can change my simple recipe. 

Another one of my favorite low-carb party foods is easy keto chocolate mousse. You can put this mousse in small shot cups too along with the cheesecake shooters. 

No-Bake Pudding Desserts

One of the best things about this no-bake pudding dessert is that you can make it ahead of time. Store it in your refrigerator and it is ready before the party starts. 

These pudding cups will stay fresh for about 3 days in the refrigerator. I suggest wrapping each cup in plastic wrap. This will keep the air off of them and help retain the delicious cheesecake flavor. 

Candy Corn Keto Cheesecake Shooters Recipe 

Here are the ingredients to make these keto cheesecake shooters. Exact measurements are a little further down at the bottom of this post. First, I have some pictures of each step so you can follow along and make them with me. Don’t forget to pin these to your low-carb desserts board on Pinterest so you can find them later! 

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Servings: 8
Net Carbs: 3 net carbs per serving


Sugar Free Jello Cheesecake Pudding mix
Almond milk
Sugar free whipped cream
Red food coloring
Plastic shot cups
Yellow food coloring


1. Combine the pudding mix and the almond milk in a large mixing bowl. Whisk to combine well for 2 minutes and then let rest until the pudding has set. 

2. Separate the pudding into 2 separate bowls. 

3. Mix the one bowl of pudding with a few drops of yellow food coloring. 

4. Mix the other bowl of pudding with a few drops of red and a few drops of yellow food coloring to make an orange color. 
5. Fill each of 8 shot cups ½ of the way full of the yellow pudding mixture. 
6. Fill the shot glasses nearly to the top with the orange pudding mixture. 

7. Top each shot glass with some of the sugar free whipped cream right before serving. 

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Candy Corn Keto Cheesecake Shooters

These keto cheesecake shooters look just like candy corn! They are perfect for fall parties or as a snack on the spooky night.


  • 1
    Sugar-Free Jello Cheesecake Pudding mix
  • Sugar-Free Whipped Cream
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Yellow Food Coloring


  1. Combine the pudding mix and the almond milk in a large mixing bowl. Whisk to combine well for 2 minutes and then let rest until the pudding has set.

  2. Separate the pudding into 2 separate bowls.

  3. Mix one bowl of pudding with a few drops of yellow food coloring.

  4. Mix the other bowl of pudding with a few drops of red and a few drops of yellow food coloring to make an orange color.

  5. Fill each of 8 shot cups ½ of the way full of the yellow pudding mixture.

  6. Fill the shot glasses nearly to the top with the orange pudding mixture.

  7. Top each shot glass with some of the sugar free whipped cream right before serving.

Recipe Notes

Calories: 75
Net Carbs: 3 Net Carbs Per Shooter

The nutritional information for this recipe is calculated as a courtesy and is an approximate only. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipes on this site.

Keto Fall Desserts

If you enjoyed these keto cheesecake shooters, here are some more fall desserts you will love too! They are some of my favorites. 

90,000 Classic Halloween Treats | Yachtsmen Blog

The origins of Halloween date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. This day marked the end of summer, the harvest, and the beginning of a dark, cold winter. This time of year has often been associated with human death. The Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the border between the worlds of the living and the dead becomes blurred. On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain – the time when the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. Halloween treats – this is what our article will be about.

A brief excursion into history

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31st. People lit bonfires and donned costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III declared November 1 to be the time of veneration for all saints. Soon, All Saints’ Day was diluted with some of the traditions of Samhain. Over time, Halloween has evolved into a day of fun, “sweet or nasty,” pumpkin carving, holiday parties and costumes.

In the 1940s and 1950s, Americans most often prepared their own Halloween treats.Times have definitely changed – today kids get store-bought candy and sweets. If you are a fan of Samhain and Halloween, we suggest you dive into history and cook vintage Halloween treats yourself.

1. Popcorn balls

Popcorn balls were an integral part of Halloween parties in the 1950s, when homemade treats were the most popular sweets. The first recipe for popcorn balls was published in 1861 in the Housekeeper’s Encyclopedia by E.F. Haskell. And by the beginning of the century, many cookbooks included this recipe.

2. Pie of the Soul

As Christianity began to spread throughout Europe, the previously celebrated harvest festivals became a Christian celebration known as the “Feast of All Saints and All Souls.” In 835, the Roman Catholic Church made November 1 a religious holiday. Instead of offering food and wine to the ancestral spirits, the villagers baked soul pies.

These spicy biscuit cakes were offered to the poor, who in turn prayed for the dead. As this tradition developed, adolescents, children and the poor began to go door to door and sing songs in exchange for money, food or ale. The practice of wearing costumes continued as a way to honor saints rather than ward off unwanted spirits.

3. Caramelized Apples

Legend has it that caramel apples were created by Dan Walker, a Kraft sales representative in the 1950s.Unsurprisingly, when Kraft began printing Walker’s ingenious recipe on caramel bags, sales skyrocketed. We may never know who first dipped the apple into the pot of melted caramel. But the recipe is still very popular today. Over time, it has undergone changes. And today, you can find many complementary toppings, from chopped Oreos to chocolate chips and marshmallows.

4. Candy Corn

Despite the abundance of sweets, corn candies are still the most popular Halloween treat.Goelitz Confectionery Co. claims to be the first to produce a tri-color triangular candy in 1898. So how is candy corn made? The 4-5 day process begins with the preparation of a wet three-color suspension mixture. After molding, the finished candies are coated with edible wax or edible transparent glaze.

5. Devil’s Food Cupcakes

While the rules of the sweet or nasty game can be a little strict these days, you might be surprised to learn that in the mid-20th century housewives were handing out cookies and muffins just like we do it today with packaged chocolates.

After World War II, efforts were made to bring Halloween’s attention to young children. Devil’s Food Holiday Chocolate Cupcakes have become a popular treat with kids thanks to their creepy name and the addition of orange frosting.

They got their name in the 1870s, when improved cocoa powder was first added to the dough. In those days, foods that were dark or abundantly spicy were often called “devilish”. This term is perfect for dark colored chocolate cake.

Halloween Treats | Women’s magazine QLi

Perhaps, Halloween can be compared in color and variety with Christmas and New Year. Here you and “Jack’s lamp” – the same famous flashlight in the form of a pumpkin head and lighting inside, and a witch or vampire costume for a party, and an interesting menu made with humor …

But even if you’re not going to get involved in the frenzy at all, you can treat yourself and your family to Halloween treats.

By the way, due to the high content of rare vitamin T, pumpkin can rightfully be called the best side dish for beef, pork and fatty foods, because this vitamin promotes the absorption of heavy foods and prevents obesity. That is why nutritionists actively recommend the pumpkin diet for weight loss, because in two weeks such a diet allows you to lose up to 8 kg! In addition, there is a lot of iron in the pumpkin, which means that its lovers are simply doomed to have a good complexion and a great mood!

Halloween Treats

We have already published a recipe on how to make cookies for Halloween.In this article, we’ll share Halloween treats: Pumpkin Apple Pie and Pumpkin Meat Salad.

Meat salad with pumpkin

Ingredients: 100 g of sweet pumpkin, 1 radish, 300 g of any boiled meat, 2 eggs, 1 onion, 2 tbsp. l. boiled water, 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. l. mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste

Preparation: Grate pumpkin and radish for Korean carrots.Salt, let stand so that the radish lets the juice out, then squeeze it slightly, and pour out the juice. So the radish will not taste bitter. Cut the onion into strips, fry lightly in oil. Cool and add to radish. Divide the boiled meat into long thin fibers. Stir eggs with water and fry thin omelette pancakes. Cool and cut them into strips. We mix everything. Season the salad with mayonnaise, but just a little, for a tie. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can even sprinkle with herbs. Let the salad sit in the refrigerator for about half an hour.Salad ready!

Pumpkin-apple pie

This recipe is great for a multicooker

Ingredients : 1 tbsp. grated pumpkin, 50-70 g butter, 1 tbsp. grated apples, 1 tbsp. semolina, 1 tbsp. kefir, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, 3/4 tbsp. flour, 0.5 tbsp. sugar, sachet of baking powder, cinnamon to taste

Preparation : Mix pumpkin and apples with sugar, and semolina with kefir to swell.Melt the butter and mix with the eggs, add the pumpkin and apples, the flour, which we mix with the cinnamon and baking powder, and all the other ingredients. We put it in the multicooker bowl, set the “Baking” mode for 1 hour. The slow cooker prepares a delicious cake, and you enjoy!

Bon appetit!

“Getting ready for Halloween” – how to decorate your house, what treats to cook, what costumes and makeup to make for yourself and your children, black humor and much more.

Volkova Anastasia

90,000 Halloween Cookies recipe with photo how to make on Webspoon.ru

Cooking Halloween Cookies

Even if Halloween is “not our holiday” … But this is, damn it, a very cool holiday that would have been worth inventing if the Americans hadn’t done it. What, as a child, you didn’t like listening to scary stories or scaring your friends? And walking at night with a flashlight? Wrapping up in sheets and playing ghosts? Well, now, modern children love all this very much.

Therefore, let’s agree this way: all believers whose feelings the celebration of Halloween offends – please don’t be offended at me, but simply don’t look at this recipe.And those who want to have fun with friends or bring children to screeching (enthusiastic) – arm yourself with a rolling pin, flour, powdered sugar and a couple of little things – and let’s not enrich the merchants and manufacturers of everything ready, but we will make this simple and original cookie with our own hands. on Halloween.

How to make Halloween cookies step by step with a photo at home

Step 1

The most common shortbread dough, the ingredients are very simple. Substitutions – of course, you can not butter, but margarine.It is possible and not powdered sugar, but sugar, but do not ask me then how much and how it will affect everything else – I have been using powdered sugar for this recipe for many years.

How to make icing sugar

Step 2

I want to show you 3 different Halloween cookie decors. One of them is applied through a stencil (sprinkled with a mixture of cocoa and cinnamon), so we need not only culinary ingredients, but also paper with a pencil and scissors.Another is painted with chocolate. I use a ready-made tube of sugar and chocolate mixture for this purpose, but the same can be done from chocolate melted in a steam bath. It’s better to take a dark one, not a milky one – black cobwebs and spiders look more solid than brown ones, it has been proven by experience!

How to melt chocolate for icing

Step 3

Chop the butter into cubes with a knife. For this recipe, it needs to be cold, you do not need to pre-stand at room temperature.

Step 4

Sift flour and powdered sugar into a large bowl.

Step 6

Introduce the butter in cubes.

Step 7

Mix the dough components with a mixer until a crumbly mass is formed.

Step 8

With our hands, knead a homogeneous dough out of it (5 minutes, no more), form 2 bars from it (because for 2 rolling out and 2 baking sheets), wrap them in plastic and leave in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Step 9

While the dough is being aged, we have to do 1 more job: cut out a stencil for sprinkling. To do this, you first need to cut out a circle of paper of the same size as the cookies will be. Whoever cuts with a glass or a glass – accordingly, draws around it with a pencil on paper. Someone with a mold – draws a mold along the outer edge. Fold the resulting circle in half and draw a schematic bat on it (the fold line is the axis of symmetry).

Step 10

Again, fold the paper in half – and cut out the silhouette of a bat with small scissors.

Step 11

Who can’t draw bats – please print mine and use it to your health!

Step 12

You also need to mix cocoa with cinnamon. I have such a convenient jar with a mesh for such operations, but you can, in principle, get by with some small strainer, for example, a tea strainer.

Step 13

When the dough has matured, you need to put the oven to heat up to 180 ° C.We will roll out the bars one by one, let the second lie in the refrigerator for now, nothing will happen to him. Roll out the dough 3-4 mm thick (on a surface pre-floured). Cut out future round cookies from it (I do it with a glass).

Step 14

Place the circles on a baking sheet covered with paper. Usually, from 1 roll of this size, just about the same number of circles is obtained to cover 1 baking sheet. They should lie far from each other, so that, firstly, they do not stick together when baking, and secondly, what is important for sprinkling the cocoa stencil so that neighboring cookies next to the one you are working with do not get dirty.So, to depict bats, we stencil on the liver in turn and sprinkle each of them with a thick mixture of cocoa and cinnamon. Pour the dry residue from the paper back to the cocoa powder, you do not need to save it on a stencil, it will inevitably sprinkle and spoil the products. We bake the cookies at a temperature of 180 ° C on an average level of 8 minutes. Another baking sheet, if other cookies should not be with bats, but with chocolate patterns, of course, do not need to be sprinkled with anything, we bake them white. By the way, from the remnants of the dough from the first 2 rolls, you can form another 1 portion, which is enough for 3 baking sheets, only those cookies will not be so even and smooth.

Step 15

And with chocolate, I suggest you apply 2 different patterns. One of them is the spider web. In my opinion, there is nothing to explain? This pattern is applied, of course, after baking, and not before it.

Step 16

Well, if anyone has suddenly forgotten exactly what spiders look like, I remind you that their body consists of 3 segments: head, chest and abdomen. 4 pairs of paws are attached to the chest, for a total of 8. The number of paws is the most important sign of a chocolate spider! If you do 6, you get an ant !!! By the way, in principle, you can make a spider stencil and sprinkle it with cocoa.But such a voluminous chocolate one looks more disgusting than a flat one.

Step 17

This is how our finished products look like. This, of course, is not all – in fact, there are more than 2 times more cookies.

90,000 Sweet Corn Marshmallows – Recipes

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Candy Corn Marshmallow Pops are a delicious and unique Halloween gift made with marshmallows, melted candy and popsicle sticks.

Candy Corn … are there more iconic Halloween candies? People love it or hate it … we love it. But of course, not everyone has created a sweet corn dessert that doesn’t actually contain sweet corn! However, it does have Marshmallow, which is an essential ingredient in real corn treats (but you don’t have to tell Halloween party guests that they hate popcorn in such small detail!)

Our Halloween Marshmallow Popsicles is made up of bright yellow, orange and white marshmallows and caramel candies.

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The first step is to melt 10 Wilton’s yellow candies in the microwave. Start with 30 seconds, open the microwave and stir the candy. Now continue microwave heating for 10 seconds until they are completely melted. Place the marshmallow on a popsicle stick and then spoon over the marshmallow with the melted yellow caramel mixture. Allow the candy to harden before adding the second marshmallow on the stick.

Once the melted yellow caramel mixture has completely cooled, repeat the process with Wilton Orange Candy Melts on a second marshmallow. Set the corn and marshmallow caramel aside to cool.

Finally, repeat the process a third time, this time with Whiteon Bright White Candy Melting. For this last marshmallow, do not push the popsicle stick through the marshmallow and coat the top of the marshmallow with melted white caramel.

When the caramel is completely cool in all the marshmallows, you can put the marshmallows together.Store sweet popcorn in an airtight container until ready to serve.

For something else, we also made another Marshmallow Pop from Sweet Corn using the Candy Corn Sprinkles we found at Michaels. For this version, we’ll start with 20 bright white candies that melt in a pan and melt in the microwave. We then used a spoon to coat three marshmallows on a popsicle stick and also to soften the candy when it was in the marshmallow.

Once we are finished covering the marshmallows with white caramel, we add special sweet corn topping.

Very cute and nice boy, these Marshmallows Pops taste.

Our popcorn and marshmallow popcorn is a fun gift for a Halloween party or as a treat or treat. And kids will love helping you make them!

Sweet corn marshmallows

Candy Corn Marshmallow Pops are a delicious and unique Halloween gift made with marshmallows, melted candy and popsicle sticks.



  1. Melt 10 yellow Wilton sweets to melt in the microwave.Start with 30 seconds, open the microwave and stir the candy. Continue in microwave, 10 seconds at a time, until completely melted.
  2. Place the marshmallows on a popsicle stick and then use a spoon to coat the marshmallows in the melted yellow caramel mixture.
  3. Allow the candy to harden before adding the second marshmallow on the stick.
  4. Once the melted yellow caramel mixture has completely cooled, repeat the process with the Wilton Orange Candy Melts on a second marshmallow.Set the marshmallow stick aside to cool.
  5. Finally, repeat the process a third time with Whiton’s Bright White Candy Melt. For this last marshmallow, do not push the popsicle stick through the marshmallow and coat the top of the marshmallow with melted red candy.
  6. When the caramel is completely cool in all the marshmallows, you can put the marshmallows together.
  7. Store sweet corn marshmallow sticks in an airtight container until ready to eat.

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90,000 traditions, signs and warnings of All Saints Day

What would be a Halloween celebration if the ceremonial practices of the ancient Celts or noisy themed parties are not for you? Learn about the traditions of the celebration and signs that have been observed for centuries.

In the article:

Celebrating Halloween – traditional fun

Celebrating Halloween in the USA and Europe is similar – noisy crowds of young people go home and ask for food, during the daytime there are mass festivities, tribute is paid to traditions. In our country, he has not yet taken root enough to talk about a full-fledged celebration of it. Of course, you can go to a club, pub or other entertainment venue, or have a themed party and have fun with your friends.If for some reason this does not suit you, you can celebrate Halloween with your family. So, how to celebrate Halloween in accordance with ancient traditions and not become a victim of evil spirits?

One of the main Halloween traditions is carving holiday lamps from pumpkins.
There are many legends about the origin of this element of the celebration. One of them says that the ancient Celts made such lamps on this day so that the souls of the dead could find their home and visit their ancestors.

According to another version, the appearance of pumpkin lamps is associated with the farmer Jack, who deceived the Devil himself. However, even in this case, the legends diverge. Perhaps the Devil turned Jack’s head into a pumpkin, and it is his image that is carved on Halloween as a symbol of a sinful soul that must be remembered in order for Jack to get a chance to go to Heaven. One of the legends says that neither the offended Devil nor God accepted Jack, since there is no way to Paradise for sinners like him. So Jack remained in the human world, without the opportunity to find peace after death.So that he could find his way back, the Devil handed him a piece of coal. In order not to burn his hands, Jack placed it in a turnip – originally lanterns were made from this vegetable, pumpkin later became a more affordable substitute.

According to legend, the lantern pumpkin has protective properties. Not surprisingly, neither the Devil nor his henchmen want to re-associate with the one who illuminated their path first – with Jack. Seeing a lantern from a pumpkin, evil spirits rush to their heels. Pumpkin lanterns are placed near the front door, and if this is not possible, then closer to it.

Traditional Halloween game – eat an apple floating in water without using your hands. This will require a basin or any other large container, as well as apples according to the number of players. The same basin is also used for fortune telling on apple peels. Remove the peel from the apple with a knife, blow on it and throw it into the water. On Halloween, the apple peel takes on the form of the first letter of your betrothed’s name.

According to Catholic tradition, on the eve of All Saints’ Day, as Halloween is also called, everyone should give food to a beggar who knocks on the door of the house.In the old days there was even such an expression – “you whine like a beggar before All Saints Day.” This is how the tradition of begging for sweets under the threat of mischief arose. It is believed that a person who does not treat a beggar on this day will incur the wrath of his ancestors.

During the time of the ancient Celts, the priests bred – his name was then given to the holiday, which was renamed in the 16th century. Each participant in the ceremony took a splinter from this fire into the house. This tradition has now been replaced by lighting candles in every room.Candles lit on this day, they bring prosperity to the house for a whole year and protect from evil spirits.

On Halloween, people try to get rid of everything they no longer need. In England on this day it is customary to throw out old furniture and unnecessary things in a landfill, to sweep out all the garbage from the house. It is very easy to transfer problems and quarrels to the trash, so make sure that there is no other people’s garbage on your doorstep.

Ancient Halloween traditions – commemoration of ancestors

The gates of the underworld open on the night of October 31 to November 1, and the souls of deceased relatives seek to visit their loved ones.
The Celts in this dark time commemorated the deceased loved ones and tried to appease the souls of their ancestors so that they would help in the future, and not punish.

In the old days, dishes with treats for the deceased were left in the courtyard. You don’t need to cook anything specifically for this. Leave for your ancestors what you are going to serve on the table that day, but remember that treats are not leftovers. The offering should please your loved ones, not anger.

Various legends give different advice about offering gifts to ancestors.For example, some of them recommend leaving one empty chair at the festive table – for a guest from the world of the dead. He is entitled to all the same cutlery that guests have, as well as treats. It’s a good omen if the drink in the spirit glass diminishes. This means that the spirits have come to visit you. Do not be afraid of them, be glad that you are together again.

On the afternoon of October 31, you can go to the cemetery. This is a traditional day of remembrance, and in the daytime it is definitely not worth being afraid of ghosts.Lay flowers on the graves of deceased loved ones, light the lamps.

At the festive table, if you have chosen a family celebration, you should definitely take the time to remember your departed ancestors. Think about their life stories, funny moments and interesting incidents. Memories should be bright and joyful, without any negativity. On the day of the spirits, the dead especially need to be remembered.

Since on the night of October 31 to November 1, the boundaries between the worlds are erased, not only the spirits of ancestors go free, but also evil forces. Jack-lantern can protect against them
, candle flame and, of course, special amulets from evil spirits.

How to celebrate Halloween – traditional dishes for the festive table

On the day when it is customary to beg for sweets from neighbors and acquaintances, no festive table can do without sweet dishes. It can be pumpkin-shaped sweets, muffins and cakes, as well as any other desserts – it all depends on your imagination.

Pumpkin dishes are a must on the Halloween table. These can be cereals, soups, pies and even pancakes. Pumpkin is a symbol of the holiday, if you believe the signs, dishes from it bring protection from evil forces and material well-being.

Bread barmbrack
is a dish that is both a kind of fortune-telling on Halloween and a delicious snack. This is a pie with any filling and from any dough with one small peculiarity. Each piece should contain something that predicts the future – a ring, peas, wood chips, cloth, coins and other small objects. But do not forget to warn guests about surprises predicting the future, otherwise embarrassment is possible.

On the day of the spirits, they not only honored the dead, but also rejoiced at the harvest, if it was plentiful. Apples are a fruit that matches the season, so many of the traditional dishes of this holiday include them. It can be apple pies, caramelized fruits, apple compotes, and in general everything that can be made from apples.

What can be a Halloween holiday for children

As a children’s holiday, Halloween is especially interesting in Europe and the USA. One of the main traditions is begging for sweets under the threat of making a prank.But, since the holiday has not yet received sufficient distribution in our country, such children’s fun is not available in Russia. But this does not mean that children should be deprived of Halloween entertainment.

Halloween events for children are held in various shopping malls and other venues. If this option is not suitable, children can participate in the family celebration. For example, carving pumpkin lanterns with the whole family will take them a long time. Don’t forget to tell the kids why they carve lanterns out of pumpkins on Halloween.

Traditional games and fortune-telling with apples are also good for children. You can stock up on prizes in advance and give them out to the children who are the best at catching apples out of the water. There is a similar game with baked goods hanging on a string, as well as sweets.

Children love to dress up in carnival costumes, and preparing for the holiday may well be considered part of it. You can get the whole family involved in costume making, creating creepy or fabulous looks, whichever suits you best.Home decoration with garlands and other decor can also interest children.

Scary stories are an indispensable attribute of the children’s Halloween holiday.
Of course, it is more interesting to listen to and tell them near the fire, but the Russian climate usually does not allow getting out into nature at the end of October. Stock up on interesting “horror stories” in advance, dim the lights and start scaring everyone who agrees to it. But do not overdo it, because on Halloween legends come to life, and ghosts roam the earth.

Signs and beliefs on Halloween, or All Saints’ Day

It has already been described above that candles in every room are lit for welfare and protection from evil forces. If one of them goes out, it means that there is an evil spirit in the room.
This also means the inability to light a candle at once, crackling and soot. What to do in such a situation? There are many methods of protection against evil spirits, and you will have to use them, because in Russia on Halloween there is no midnight bell ringing, as in Europe or the USA.

In order to prevent evil spirits from entering the house, at sunset you need to go around it with a burning torch three times. In this case, you need to be dressed in a fancy dress. If you are celebrating Halloween with your family or company, you can arrange a whole torchlight procession with games and contests – this is quite in the spirit of the holiday.

By the way, being scared by a ghost on Halloween is a very good omen. She promises good luck throughout the year. Even a dream involving a ghost or evil spirits bodes well.But, despite such a good meaning of the terrible superstition, the doors and windows with the onset of darkness on the night of the spirits tried not to open again, so that evil would not penetrate into the house.

An owl, if it sits on the roof of a house on October 31, foreshadows the deceased. It needs to be driven away immediately, then, perhaps, trouble will bypass your house. The appearance of a flock of bats above the house predicts the acquisition of wealth within a year. There are also

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October 31 is an eerie and at the same time cheerful holiday, which is celebrated on the eve of All Saints’ Day, to be precise – on the night of October 31 to November 1.

It is believed that at this time the borders between the two worlds – the living and the dead – disappear. And along with original costumes, scary masks and cool attributes that people come up with, our familiar world, starting from dusk, is filled with mysterious and witchcraft essences. So, this is the best time to find out what the signs for Halloween say. Edition tochka.net
will tell you about the most interesting signs. Believe it or not – it’s up to you.


Halloween Signs About Clothes


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Since on this night an unclean force comes to the world of the living to hunt for souls, it should be scared away and confused in every possible way. For this purpose, the ritual of dressing up in costumes of evil spirits was invented – the more terrible, the more effective.

In the old days, it was believed that if you turn your clothes inside out on Halloween, and even walk backwards, you can meet a real witch or devil. Quite a real omen, don’t you think? After all, you are not the only one rushing down the street in full dress to a party to your friends.

Signs for Halloween – about Jack’s lamp

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The main attribute of the holiday is Jack’s lamp, a pumpkin with a carved face and a candle inserted inside. Such lamps, displayed in the windows of the house, help to scare away evil spirits. Satan is believed to be afraid of the pumpkin scent and fire.

Pay close attention to the light inside the pumpkin – if the candle goes out, then, according to signs, the evil spirits are somewhere nearby.It is considered a bad omen if the candle falls – these are insidious evil spirits who want to extinguish the fire in the house.

You can even more reliably protect your home for a whole year if you walk around it three times with a burning torch or Jack in your hands. Anyone you meet will be frightened by such a sight.


Halloween signs about animals

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Signs for Halloween say: in no case should a black cat stay in the house for this time – it will bring misfortune to the whole family.The question is – what to do with everyone’s furry pet on this spooky holiday? Do not drive her out into the street! Otherwise, this night will indeed become the most creepy … for a domestic black cat.

But a terrible fate on Halloween lurks only cats, but also mice – however, bats. In some countries, they are expelled from attics and even exterminated. they are considered servants of the devil. Although people are not always so ruthless to bats, some consider the appearance of large flocks as a sure sign of a rich harvest next year.

One of the signs on Halloween says that if an owl sits on the roof of your house, you should definitely drive it away – otherwise it will prophesy the deceased in the house. So you will have something to do tonight: run around the house with a broom and chase mice and owls.

Another sign of Halloween concerns spiders. If this night you see a spider at home, do not kill him. Know that you are in for trouble, which some deceased relative is trying to warn you about.

How do you feel about superstition? If you are skeptical, I will have to disappoint you: thanks to superstitions, many holidays were born, which are now known all over the world.

One of them – Halloween
, which is celebrated at night
on the eve of All Saints Day. Now it looks more like a carnival, but
several centuries ago it all began with dark superstitions and terrible

For many years, the traditions of this holiday have changed, but the main rituals have remained unchanged, although they have changed to humorous ones. Halloween motto – “Trick or Treat!”
is now also more comic in nature, because with this phrase, children walk around the neighbors, begging for sweets.But there are cases when this phrase turned into a loss of life for those who asked – in America at one time there was a surge in children’s deaths from poisoning with holiday sweets, into which arsenic and other poisons were planted. Halloween in Russia does not imply such begging, our celebrations are all about carnival parties, perhaps this is for the best.

Halloween came to us just a few years ago, as a fun holiday, but its original purpose – not to let evil spirits get into the house, was performed by dressing up in costumes of the evil spirits themselves.It was believed that nothing bad would enter the house if he saw that his “relatives” were already there. There are now thirteen major superstitions associated with Halloween. Believe in them or not – it’s up to you.

Black cats bring misfortune. Many people believe in this, but they still have favorites of mystical color. Nevertheless, on Halloween it is strictly forbidden to keep a black cat in the house, otherwise misfortune will rain down on everyone who was in this house.
Nuts and are not just Halloween decorations.The ancient Celts believed that evil spirits are afraid even of their smell, and used these products as deterrent.
To confuse evil spirits, you must put on all your clothes inside out, and leave the house with your back forward.
On this night, candles must be lit in all rooms in order to scare away all witches and evil spirits with living fire. If the candles go out by themselves, it means that “they” are very close.
In Canada, America and almost all of Europe, on Halloween, at midnight, bells are ringing in churches.According to legend, the chime of church bells can scare away any evil spirits.
In the courtyard of the house it is necessary to kindle a large fire, and go around it three times. This way you can cleanse yourself of negative energy. But the next day you need to take one cooled coal into the house and store it all year, until the next holiday.
Make sure that an owl does not sit on your house – this promises a deceased in the family.
In some countries, it is customary to exterminate bats, since they are considered the servants of the devil himself.
Another superstition is associated with bats – on Halloween night they should have been driven out of the attic using torches and rattles. If the mice grabbed someone’s hair while doing this, that person was in for misfortune.
In other countries, those circling over the house, on the contrary, promise happiness and a good harvest next year.
In order not to allow evil spirits to enter the house, they used to bury the bones of dead animals near the house, and put a stuffed animal under the door.Now this tradition has changed, and now impromptu skeletons are hung on the window doors, True, for some reason, not animals, but people.
Before sunset, you should change into carnival costumes and walk around the house three times. According to legend, then the housing will be protected from evil spirits for a whole year.
In conclusion, one of the most famous superstitions: if on Halloween the owner sees a spider in the house, it means that one of the deceased relatives is watching the house and warning its residents about the danger.For the next month, all family members need to be very careful.

Halloween rituals and ceremonies On October 31, many countries will celebrate a very interesting and mystical holiday called Halloween (which originated from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain). Let’s find out what signs must be observed on this day (and night) in order to attract good luck into your life, to look into the future, to make a wish come true!

On the night of October 31 to November 1, the gates to another world are slightly opened, the line between the world of spirits and our physical world, between the past and the future, between good and evil, becomes thinner.Today, pay attention to “random” coincidences, to the signs that you see around – information flows do not intersect by chance, nothing happens “just like that”. Dreams seen on this night are very symbolic: you can see pictures from your future or symbols that can be interpreted according to the dream book.

Halloween is such a mystical time that it was enough to just go to bed and try to remember your dream in the morning. Dreams on the night of November 1 are considered prophetic.

You can, of course, help yourself and magical powers a little.There is a sign that if you eat a piece of salted herring at night without drinking water, you will dream of your future husband bringing a drink.

Halloween rituals usually involve getting rid of unnecessary things. This is a Fiery holiday that burns everything that has become obsolete.

Druids, priests of the ancient Celts, preferred not to have fun that night, but gathered in groves and made huge sacred fires. A coal from such a fire had to be brought into the house and kindled the hearth, then he received a mystical power that protects the house from evil.The modern interpretation is a lot of lit candles in the house.

Since Samhain is believed to open the gate to the future, Halloween night is an excellent time for divination. Druids, peering into the bizarre dance of flames, predicted the future, but this technique is available to mere mortals.

You just need to concentrate, asking a question mentally, and peer into the fire of a fire or candle for several minutes. You can see a very vague outline, but with the help of intuition, you can successfully interpret what you see.

Girls all over the world, anxious about the problem of the upcoming marriage, are simply obliged to use Halloween in order to appeal to the souls of their ancestors with a request to tell everything about the betrothed-mummer. It was for these purposes – communication with deceased ancestors – that the ancient Celts conceived their holiday.
As with any pagan holiday, fortune telling on Halloween should be done at night. Celtic girls threw pebbles and nuts into the fire and determined their future from the drawing left by the fire on their surface.

Another Halloween tradition introduced by the ancient Romans is guessing with apples. The cut peel is also thrown into the fire. Then, by the shape that the peel takes, they try to determine the first letter of the name of their betrothed. The girl could see her future husband by sitting in front of a mirror at midnight with an apple in her hand. There is a belief that apples connect people with gods. If you put an apple under your pillow on the night before Halloween and make a wish, and eat the apple in the morning, your wish will come true.

Again apples, the tradition of apple fortune telling was once borrowed from the Romans. If you make a wish and put an apple under your pillow and eat it in the morning, your wish must come true. The same thing, if you just cut an apple – intact seeds indicate an imminent fulfillment of desire.

If you light a candle in front of a mirror and, while eating an apple or combing your hair, peer into it, you will definitely see your betrothed. It’s bad if the candlestick falls at this time, apparently, evil spirits want to fit into fate, you should be careful.

In addition to apples, cabbage can also be useful. Pull out the first head of cabbage that comes across in the next garden and take a good look at it at home: height, shape and other qualities determine the growth, appearance and character of the future spouse. The taste of the stump will tell about his temperament, and a lump of earth stuck to the root will tell you how much money he will bring to the house. By the way, in the same way in England young people learned the whole truth about their future wives.

You can throw two chestnuts into the fire. If the fruits burn nearby, then the girl will live in friendship and harmony with the sweetheart, if they roll in different directions, their paths diverge in different directions.

On Halloween, you can also find out the number of future children by dropping egg white into a bowl of water.

Halloween Scottish girls put three buckets of water in their bedroom. The future spouse who dreamed on the Night of All Saints, if he loves the chosen one deeply, is obliged to change the buckets. If in a future marriage, the main thing is not feelings, but calculation, he will walk around the room and will not touch them.

The Irish had a special belief associated with All Saints Day. They believed that on this day, having heard footsteps behind your back, you should not turn around, since this is death marching, and if you meet her gaze, you will die soon after.In addition, it was believed that whoever crawls under the drooping blackcurrant branches that night will see the shadow of the girl he is destined to marry. The third belief claimed that a player who on this day hides under the shoots of a blackcurrant bush and calls for the help of the Prince of Darkness, will always have luck in cards.

A girl who washes her shirt and, without telling anyone about it, hangs up to dry on a chair and tries not to fall asleep at night, will see her future spouse who came to pick up the shirt.

Peasants walked around their fields with a lighted torch to increase their harvest on Halloween.

A falling candlestick was considered the worst omen. “Evil spirits want to extinguish the fire in the house,” the Celts believed.

Some people think that it is not worth leaving windows and doors open on this day, it brings misfortune. All trips must be completed by sunset. If the clothes remain on the rope after dark, strange forces will enter into them, therefore the one who puts them on will enchant everything in its path.

This is a suitable night for predictions and all kinds of psychological experiments. Read the cards, look into the crystal, throw runes and predict what the next 12 months will be like. If you light a fire, try to burn broom, heather, or flax in the flames. Although bread is considered a common food at this time of year, never bake bread on All Saints’ Eve because it will be eaten by ghosts.

Let the fire burn all night in the fireplace, or the candle on the window. After sunset on October 31st, stand in front of a mirror and make a wish, imagining that it has come true.This will increase the chances of it coming true.

Turning point – getting rid of unnecessary

The Celts considered the night of November 1 to be a turning point, the onset of a new year, they called this time the Fire Festival, during which you can get rid of everything unnecessary.

On this night, the following ritual will work perfectly: write on small pieces of paper about your problems, illnesses, failures (about everything you want to get rid of). Each piece of paper contains one problem.Take an orange candle and light all the pieces of paper on the saucer one by one, do not forget to look at the flame at this time and imagine how diseases and troubles leave you as the pieces of paper burn out.

Halloween costumes – choosing with intent

Celebrating All Saints Day can’t be complete without dressing up. We use this for our Simoron purposes and choose Halloween costumes and dresses with intent.

Want to get rid of your fear and become more self-confident? This means that your choice is one of the most terrifying costumes.The costume of a sorceress, fairy and sorcerer will help you increase your magical powers. Suffering from an excessive sense of self-importance – try to laugh at yourself, trying on the most ridiculous and funny costume. There is not enough attention from men in everyday life – choose the outfit of a femme fatale.

In general, you can choose the costume of any hero or character whose qualities you want to purchase. First, try to get used to the image for at least one night, and then you yourself will not notice how you will begin to notice such necessary internal changes after the holiday.

Freebie for a year ahead

Due to consonance in pronunciation, the name of the holiday Halloween in Russia is often replaced with Khalyavin. And the holiday itself is proclaimed as a day when you can stock up on freebies for the year ahead.

According to one of the hypotheses, the word “freebie” comes from the word “freebie” (milk – Hebrew.), Due to the Odessa custom, when rich people gave milk to those in need for free on Fridays. Thanks to this hypothesis, the following rituals were born among the wizards from the simoron.ru forum:

1.You need to buy the fattest milk (so that the freebie is fatter), or you can even cream (to remove the most relish) and take a bath with cream on the night of Khalyavin, or wash, or pour yourself over milk, uttering a magic conspiracy:

I bathe in the freebie – I wash my face with milk,
I’m not surprised at anything – everything is easy in this life!
I get all the prizes, presents just like that,
All the happy moments, a bunch of all sorts of different benefits!

2. As a sign that you are becoming rich, you should definitely give milk to cats or dogs in the yard.

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays, but until recently it was popular mainly in English-speaking countries. However, since the end of the last century, this slightly eerie, but undoubtedly cheerful custom has spread almost all over the world. They began to celebrate it in our country, however, not everyone knows what they do on Halloween, and what signs and superstitions exist in connection with this holiday.

How to mark?

Over thousands of years, the traditions and customs of the Halloween holiday have changed many times, so the modern way of celebrating this “eerie” night has little to do with the origins of the holiday.In addition, different countries have developed their own traditions.

If in the USA it is mainly a family holiday, then in Russia and Ukraine Halloween is celebrated mainly by young people, and not at home, but in clubs. In entertainment centers, as a rule, themed programs are prepared, and young people, dressed in appropriate costumes for the holiday, have fun with friends.

Moreover, in many cases our people change the traditions of the holiday in their own way. For example, in choosing costumes, they are not limited to Western representatives of evil spirits, but they choose characters from Slavic mythology.At parties you can meet not only “imported” vampires, but also “domestic” ghouls (they, despite a similar way of eating, do not differ in elegance and beauty). In addition, at a party you can easily meet Baba Yaga, Mavka, Kikimora or Lesavka.

Of course, you have to design and make an outfit for a costume ball yourself, because you can’t find evil spirits from Slavic mythology in the shops of costumes. But when did such minor difficulties stop creative people?

What to treat?

Not a single holiday in our country is complete without a traditional feast, therefore, thinking over the menu is one of the stages of preparation for the holiday.As a rule, the most ordinary dishes are served on the table, only they need to be decorated so that they look creepy. For example, you can decorate any salad or pizza with cute spiders made from olives. And sausages can be easily turned into horrible mummies by wrapping them in thin strips of puff pastry or yeast dough. You can make pumpkins from tangerines, and bake cookies in the form of skulls.

In the USA and some European countries, children go to neighboring houses, begging for sweets.And if the owners are stingy with the treats, the uninvited guests can do something nasty to them, for example, cover the windows with soot. In our country, this custom has not particularly taken root, since it is unlikely that adequate adults will let the kids wander at night in search of sweets.


In our country, fortune-telling is customary on Christmastide, however, as connoisseurs assure, fortune-telling on Halloween is no less accurate and certainly more terrible.

Divination, as a rule, is carried away by girls who seek to find out who they are going to marry.There are quite a few options for fortune-telling about the groom. The most famous one is with a mirror and a candle. You need to sit all alone in a dark room, putting a candle in front of the mirror, and comb your hair (in some fortune telling options, it is recommended to leave your hair alone and start eating an apple). It is believed that if you look in the mirror for a long time, you can see an image of the future spouse there.

If doing fortune-telling alone is scary, then you can do this exciting business in the company of a friend.For example, you can try a home seance by preparing a piece of paper with letters written on it and a saucer with an arrow drawn on it. It is believed that on Halloween night, the door to the world of spirits and ghosts opens, so the likelihood that one of the loitering spirits will nevertheless look at the fortunetellers increases.

However, not only girls, but also guys are fond of fortune-telling. So, if a young man wants to know what his future wife will be like, then he will need to crawl under a branch of a black currant bush (in extreme cases, a rosehip or acacia bush will do).It is believed that at the moment of crawling on the ground, the fortuneteller will be able to see a narrowed shadow. And by this seen shadow he will be able to judge what the wife will be – small or tall, fragile or “in body”. Of course, in our climate at the end of October it is not pleasant to crawl outside under the branches of bushes. But for the sake of fortune-telling, one has to make not such sacrifices.

A very ancient collective fortune-telling at the stake can be carried out if the celebration takes place outside the city, for example, in the country. The fortunetellers laid stones around the fire, remembering where and in what position their “own” stone was.The next morning I had to go to see the “mosaic” made. If all the stones are in place, then all fortunetellers will have a good year. In the event that the stones are displaced, you should expect trouble.

The determination of fate with the help of an apple is also an ancient fortune-telling. Before eating the fruit, it must be cut in half with a knife. If all the apple seeds are intact, then the fortuneteller will be well. If even one seed is damaged by a knife, you should expect trouble. But worst of all, if several seeds are damaged at once, it means that the year for the fortuneteller will be very difficult.

Signs and superstitions

There are many superstitions associated with Halloween. Let’s figure out what needs to be done and what cannot be done on this day.

  • after dark, tightly close all windows and doors in the house;
  • Decorate living quarters with nuts and candles, and put a pumpkin in front of the front doors. You can just put a whole vegetable, but it is better, of course, to make a flashlight out of it by carving a more terrible face on the pumpkin.

Attention! You should not leave burning candles in the house unattended, this is no longer a sign, but fire safety rules.

  • if a spider is found in the house on the night before the first day of November, then this is a bad sign, indicating the presence of evil spirits in the room. It is necessary to go around the house around the perimeter with lighted candles, and in no case kill the spider that was discovered, but try to carefully put it out on the street;
  • On a festive night, you must not leave laundry to dry, even if the dryer is on the balcony.A person who then puts on clothes that were dried on Halloween night will attract unhappiness, both to himself and to those around him. Therefore, if you believe in omens and forgot to take off your linen before the onset of the “terrible” night, you will have to wash everything again. Water will wash away all negativity.

What else is not customary to do on Halloween? Signs vary in different countries. So, somewhere it is strictly forbidden to allow black cats to sleep in the house. Therefore, it is customary to put even your favorite pets on the street that night.In many areas it is considered a good omen to kill a bat, however, there is an opposite superstition, which says that bats flying in large numbers portend wealth.

It is considered very useful to put on “topsy-turvy” clothes on a festive night, and also to leave the house backwards. In such a simple way, people try to deceive the spirits.

Whether to believe in omens and fortune-telling, whether to celebrate this holiday at all – everyone can decide for himself. However, it must be admitted that Halloween is a holiday with a rich and very ancient history.

Lermontov | Book-pumpkin chaos – No Format

Pumpkin lanterns, chilling music, mysterious flickering of candles and, of course, costumes! From October 31 to November 1, the world celebrates Halloween – the most mysterious holiday of the year. If in the old days the pagans sacredly believed in this holiday, now it looks more like a masquerade with traditional games and treats. Modern Halloween has adopted all the entertaining features of other international holidays – it also has a certain mystical theme, there are funny jokes, and costumed carnivals, as well as the theme of the eternal struggle between good and evil.Does this holiday take place in the library?

I am one of those who do not perceive Halloween as a holiday. Not my holiday, but … librarians from the USA, Great Britain, Scotland, many other European countries, and more recently in the post-Soviet space, celebrate it widely. We will now see how this is happening. Along the way, we will learn the history of Halloween, its symbols and traditions.

So, REFERENCE: X Halloween (eng. Halloween ) is a modern holiday that goes back to the traditions of the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland, whose history began on the territory of modern Great Britain and Northern Ireland.Celebrated on October 31, on the eve of All Saints Day . ( in Catholic and some Lutheran churches All Saints Day is a fixed holiday and is celebrated by November 1 . The next day November 2 is celebrated as the Day of all the dead faithful.

Halloween” means “sacred (righteous) night”, the day of all Saints.In ancient times, it was believed that on this night the inhabitants of the other world made their way to earth. In order not to become victims of spirits and ghosts, people extinguished the fire in their homes and put on animal skins, wanting to scare away uninvited aliens. And on the street near houses, treats were left for the spirits. Initially, the holiday had an agricultural and seasonal significance. It was at this time that one agricultural period ended, after which preparations began for the next.

After the spread of Christianity, the history of Halloween has undergone a change.Since that time, the interpenetration of pagan and Christian traditions begins.

The further history of Halloween is connected with the spread of the holiday in other countries. So, in Asia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore are among the countries where Halloween has acquired its supporters. This holiday is also popular in Australia and New Zealand, a number of the island states of Oceania.

Halloween has become famous in Russia since the 1990s. Although the attitude towards him is still ambiguous, he is gaining popularity especially among young people.This is due to the fact that nowadays Halloween has lost many of its original features and customs inherent in it. Today it is of commercial importance in many countries.

Halloween symbols

It’s hard not to remember the must-have Halloween accessories – these are unusual outfits and a bag for sweets, black cats and witches, spiders, bats and a cauldron for potions. What about the obligatory tradition to light Jack’s Lantern? Yes, yes, you guessed it, that same bright orange pumpkin with a funny or scary carved face, inside which a lone candle flame is burning.

Jack’s Lantern

According to Celtic folklore, there was a cunning Irish farmer named Jack who tried to deceive both God and the devil. As a result, he did not go to hell (hell) or heaven (paradise), and since then he was forced to wander in the darkness of purgatory (purgatory). In order not to wander in complete darkness, Jack made a lantern from turnips, inserting into it a coal thrown to him by the devil from hell.

Thus, the jack-o’-lantern (and this is the name of the pumpkin lantern with an ominous face carved on it) was created in order to guide lost souls.

Black Cats

The eternal symbol of misfortune, the black cat is the most popular Halloween image. The reputation of black cats was tarnished even during the witch hunt: then furry companions of witches were considered the embodiment of demonic entities.


The witch’s outfit is the most popular female Halloween costume, and the silhouette of a witch on a broomstick against the background of a full moon is one of the typical symbols of the holiday.It is believed that on the night of November 1, the power of witches increases many times. The image of an old witch in a pointy hat stirring her brew in a huge cauldron was transformed from the pagan image of a goddess known as Mother Earth or Old Woman, symbolizing wisdom and the changing seasons.

Halloween and Libraries

You can treat this holiday differently, accept it or not, but the fact that it has penetrated our library space is already undeniable.

Because we librarians are creative people, we always take responsibility for decorating libraries. Halloween is no exception. For all age categories from the smallest readers to adults and from ceiling to floor – on the eve of the holiday, libraries are covered with cobwebs, filled with the corresponding attributes of industrial production and, so to speak, manual labor. They come up with creative scenarios for events, master classes on making “Jack-Pumpkins” and other symbols of the holiday, decorate art spaces and simply exhibitions and subscriptions.What can you say? Children and young people love it! The older generation, of course, is skeptical.

But in the fight for the reader, maybe we will use the famous phrase: “ The one who hinders us will help us! “? Isn’t there a reason to attract not very reading youth to the library? To interest them in classics (after all, there are more than enough mystics there too)? And what about horror books (after all, they can be written in great style and language)? And just to show the library from a different, unusual for many, side? You decide! In the meantime, a few tips:

For example, you can include this holiday in the cycle of themed days “Holidays are different” with appropriate preparation:

– to conduct master classes and competitions for the best decoration on the theme of the holiday

– to organize quests with rooms of fear: “Screams of horror” and “ Crypt of the mummy

– arrange a music and dance “astral” in the library

– book-vampire buffet

– fashion show “On Bald Mountain”

– dramatized and theatrical performances based on literary works

– games and contests in the style of “black humor” and much more.

Well, here are some examples of library design for this holiday and interesting book selections that you can pick up for a book exhibition and recommend to your readers:

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