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Pet astrology: Astrology for Pets – pet astrology for all animals & sun signs

Astrology for Pets – pet astrology for all animals & sun signs

evolve depending on their astrological sign. If you just got a new pet for your home, here’s a great way to know just what to expect out of them and how you should behave to them, so that both of you can get on well with each other.

Animal Astrology – Find your Spirit Animal

Pets – Sun Sign Characteristics

ARIES (Mar 21- Ap 20)

Aries cats and dogs are born to be leaders in their territory. They try to boss the other pets in their immediate neighborhood. No other pet can dare to bully them. They cannot be easily put under leash. They call for attention. If not given adequate attention, they are likely to become rebellious, stubborn and disobedient.When pampered they do not hesitate to show back their gratitude. It is a little difficult to get them under your words. They are known to be territorial and defend the same with all their might.

TAURUS (Ap 20- May 20)

Taurus pets are known to be lazy ones. Some snacky food and a good music shall see them to be couch potatoes. They are particularly fond of soft music. They love a luxurious life just as their adult counterparts. They tend to put on some weight with age. They are fond of gentle and warm surroundings where they can while their time away. They do not give up a fight easily. Taurus pets love the best things in life.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Gemini pets have unbounded energy. They like to entertain their masters and get the attention of outsiders easily. They mostly bag the trophy in dog competitions. Gemini pets are charming, very domestic but sensitive too. Usually curiosity gets them into unwanted troubles. They are also known for their petty pranks. They get along with any other pet and can also be trained easily as they are fast learners.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Cancer pets are overly sensitive. They compel to be taken as one among our family members. They crave for attention. If scolded they lose their mood and retreat to a corner. They crave for attention and if left unnoticed shall sulk and whine. Cancer cats are nocturnal ones and their mood changes with the phases of the moon. They never get into fight and are very timid. They run away from trouble and like to be pampered and cuddled by their owners. Cancer pets become friends for life.

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22)

Leo pets are born leaders and they have a royal tint in their behavior and movements. They have a pride in them. They are known to be arrogant. On the contrary, they are also friendly and gregarious. Nobody dare to challenge their authority. Leo pets are loving and faithful and demand their owner’s attention 24 hours a day if there are other pets in the household. They have a good memory and make good pets particularly if there are small kids at home ’cause they take good care of them.

VIRGO (Aug 23- Sep 22)

Virgo pets are very hygienic and demand a spick environment around them. They like to be clean always and are ready to take a bath any time of the day which most of the pets hate. Virgo pets are particularly demanding. They avoid working and prefer to play around most of the day. They make a big fuss around dinner time. They are not much fond of seeking attention. They are prone to allergies and hence maintain caution. A strict diet is to be followed for them else they get an upset tummy.

LIBRA (Sep 23- Oct 22)

Libra pets communicate their feelings to the owner through their eyes. They are restless and indecisive creatures. They have finicky manners and test the patience of the owner. They shall do anything if they want to get attention. They are very affectionate and like to company of other pets as well in the house. They are known to be flirts and cannot be accommodated into a particular routine. Their nervous nature usually lands them in troubled waters.

SCORPIO (Oct 23- Nov 21)

Scorpio pets are loyal and very entertaining. They keep their owners in good mood. They are very much attached to home. They have the ability to read people’s mind. They easily sense danger. They are loners and are rarely found inside the house. They live in a world of their own. Scorpio pets are called as Wanderers of the zodiac. They are frightening for the other pets. Scorpios are also charming creatures. They are proud and obstinate at times.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Sagittarius pets are full of boundless energy and with strong nerves. They are fun-loving creatures. Sagittarius pets are very good to keep at young age. As they grow up they become temperate. They are also the most accident -prone members of the zodiac. They easily get into troubles because of their clumsy nature. They love to be loved and give back the same to their owner. Sagittarius pets are cowards and mostly run out of any serious fight. They like adventure.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Capricorn pets are found to be wiser when compared to the other pets of their age. They are also known for their proper behavior and keep the house in order. Capricorn cats love to sleep endlessly. They put on weight as they have a bent on food. Capricorns are stubborn and hate to be disturbed from their place. They are said to be self-centered but hate to be alone. They give a good company for kids in playing.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20- Feb 18)

Aquarius pets are gentle creatures. They sense the moods of their owners and act accordingly. They have a liking for water and taking them to a bath is very easy. They are very friendly and intelligent . Aquarius cats are very temperamental. Training them is not an easy affair. They are poke their noses into anything on their way. Aquarius pets are lovers of food.This usually lands them in unwanted illnesses.

PISCES (Feb 19- Mar 20)

Piscean pets love water and related sports. They are very sensitive and emphatic and easily sense their owners mood. Once they develop a liking for a particular person they shall stick on for life. They are accident prone. Piscean cats are hyperactive and impulsive in nature. Piscean pets change their moods often that it is difficult to understand them. They love luxury and do not need much space. A change of environment shall make them sulk to a corner. But for that they are gentle and loving pets.

Note: Please be advised. This Astrology section is for entertainment purposes only. As is the way of life, we cannot make any guarantees as to your pet’s signage & traits.

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Pets N More: Pet Zodiac Signs

Pet zodiac signs and traits might give you some insights into their behaviors ~ good or bad. Astrology isn’t just for two-legged creatures, you know. Whether it’s your cat or dog, fish or horse, all beings are influenced by the planets.

Track down your pet’s birth date and get the real low down on their behavior. Armed with this new found knowledge, you and your brood will be the envy of the animal kingdom.

Aries Pet

  • Possesses an enormous amount of energy
  • Prefers to be alone rather than associate with other animals
  • Does not always obey and/or is difficult to discipline
  • Enjoys fighting with other animals and is known to instigate confrontations
  • Loves to break away from the “home front” and often runs non-stop
  • Is very alert
  • Does not sleep much
  • Has an overall personality which is quite aggressive
  • Is extremely impulsive…frequently moving or jumping up abruptly
  • Enjoys running…or galloping, hopping, slithering, etc…forcefully and non-stop

Taurus Pet

  • Is extremely stubborn
  • Gravitates toward creature comforts…blankets, pillows and soft bedding, for example
  • Does not have an abundance of energy
  • Loves to be caressed and fondled, but in a physical rather than emotional fashion
  • Is loyal, even though facial expressions and/or gestures may not indicate such
  • Is steadfast, true and constantly by owner’s side
  • Prone to sleep a large amount of the time
  • Is relatively sociable
  • Loves to eat
  • Prefers to stay at home, but welcomes the opportunity to go out for short periods

Gemini Pet

  • “Talks” a lot. ..barks, meows, chirps, sings, screams, cackles, grunts, etc.
  • Is very active
  • Enjoys learning new tricks and tends to learn them quickly
  • Has a difficult time keeping still, either continually fidgeting, scratching or simply moving about in a nervous fashion
  • Has a relatively short attention span
  • Is frequently “changeable” in bestowing affection upon owner (i.e., not consistent)
  • Prone to flit from one activity to another within short periods of time 
  • Is very agile
  • Is very mischievous
  • Is exceedingly curious

Cancer Pet

  • Would rather stay at home than roam the neighborhood
  • Is very attached to owner
  • Is very loving and attentive to owner
  • Appears to require much attention and affection from owner
  • Is an extraordinarily good parent to offspring
  • Is very gentle and kind by nature
  • Does not always respond favorably to animals or people who are strangers
  • Loves all children regardless of species
  • Is very sensitive – don’t scold or yell which causes them to retreat and cower until you kiss and makeup
  • Does not usually like to sleep or rest on a hard surface

Leo Pet

  • Acts in charge of the household
  • Can be quite domineering
  • Has robust health
  • Thrives on attention and praise
  • Has a very strong and intense personality
  • Is extremely faithful to owner and other family members
  • Is very secure in both an emotional sense and a psychological sense
  • Is jealous of affection shown to other animals or people by owner
  • Seems to have an inexhaustible amount of energy 
  • Always appears to be happy

Virgo Pet

  • Is extremely clean
  • Becomes annoyed very easily
  • Is extraordinarily intelligent
  • Enjoys learning new tricks and learns such tricks quickly
  • Is not particularly affectionate, bestowing “just enough” before continuing to more important things
  • Can be selfish. ..dislikes sharing toys, possessions or food with anyone
  • Is somewhat independent
  • Would rather stay at home than roam the neighborhood
  • Generally ignores other animals in the household
  • Does not normally fuss when being groomed

Libra Pet

  • Does not like to fight
  • Is usually relaxed and rather easy-going
  • Drinks a small amount of water
  • Is affectionate but fickle
  • Usually gets along well with other animals and people
  • Is very sociable
  • Is even-tempered
  • Like to share the company of owner…just not too closely
  • Is somewhat lazy
  • Does not like to be alone

Scorpio Pet

  • Is usually quiet and still
  • Rarely becomes angry, but can be vicious when the occasion arises
  • Is somewhat emotionally distant
  • Does not necessarily like the company of other animals
  • Has a very intense and magnetic personality
  • Is intelligent and/or clever and/or rather sly
  • Learns quickly and thoroughly, but carries out any request or rule according to personal terms and timetable
  • Seems annoyed by the presence of other animals
  • Is very stubborn
  • Is very independent

Sagittarius Pet

  • Is very healthy
  • Is very active in a physical sense
  • Would rather roam the neighborhood than stay at home
  • Appears to possess an endless amount of energy
  • Has a short attention span. ..becomes bored easily and constantly looking for something different to do
  • Is affectionate, but only for short spurts of time
  • Is fearless and unafraid to take a risk or do something daring
  • Would rather stay outside than inside
  • Is curious
  • Is extremely obedient, for the most part

Capricorn Pet

  • Is miserly and possessive with personal belongings and food
  • Is extremely intelligent
  • Rarely becomes sick but, if so, quickly makes a complete recovery
  • Is not particularly active
  • Is unusually quiet and reclusive
  • Possesses a character which is cold, inexpressive and generally inhibited
  • Is never mischievous or daring
  • Has a difficult time bonding with either animals or humans
  • Does not like to play or socialize with other animals…and does not like to play at all, for the most part
  • Would rather be inside than outside 

Aquarius Pet

  • Is extremely independent
  • Has virtually no attention span
  • Is friendly to everyone
  • Would rather be outside than inside
  • Occasionally appears to be scatter-brained
  • Rarely remains still
  • Is good natured
  • Likes to socialize with people and other animals
  • Runs chiefly on nervous energy
  • Is skittish and insecure

Pisces Pet

  • Is extraordinarily gentle
  • Appears to sense owner’s thoughts and feelings
  • Is extremely affectionate
  • Would rather be inside than outside
  • Lovingly tolerates other pets within the household
  • Sleeps a great deal of the time
  • Loves to “cuddle up” to owner
  • Is totally devoted to owner
  • Seems to have a psychic bond with owner
  • Likes to hide under furniture or in secluded place

The best places to adopt a pet is a shelter or animal rescue group. They have a large selection and even have pure bred pets. Adopt a pet and save a life.

Your Dog & the Stars: What Astrology Says About Pet Personalities

Odds are you’ve heard about Astrology; an art that studies the forecasting of events, traits and personalities of people through the observation and interpretation of celestial bodies. But did you know that astrology can also be studied to better understand animals? For those who know their dog’s birthday and, therefore, their zodiac sign, astrology can help us better connect with our canine companions and provide insights into our pet’s character, compatibility and even their limitations. Knowing more about your dog’s personality can help you better care for them and be the best pet parent you can be. It’s all in the stars!

Read about what your dog’s astrological sign says about them and their unique personality!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac as well as being a fire sign, so it’s no surprise that the Aries dog is a natural born leader. Dogs born under this sign are confident, courageous, and thrive on attention and being first. They’re not afraid to defend their people and property and they often don’t come when they’re called. However, they’re also extremely smart and learn very quickly. The Aries dog will constantly keep you on your toes as well as make you feel protected and loved with fierce devotion.

Quite contrary to the Aries dog, pups born under the Taurus sign are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and gentleness. As such, the Taurus dog is rather shy and aloof and can be hard to train or control. Taurus pups like things the way they are and are not good at adapting to change or different circumstances. They do, however, have a great love for nature and beauty and will often take walks slowly so they can enjoy the outdoors. The Taurus dog is also a fierce friend and will love their family deeply. They make the best cuddlers!

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini dogs are very intelligent and highly curious. Because of their inquisitive nature, they can often get into trouble and they have a love for harmless mischief. Because Mercury is also the planet of communication and information, the Gemini dog is usually pretty vocal and always seems to be barking about something. Don’t be surprised if your Gemini dog also keeps you laughing— they have a comic quality to their personality that makes them hard to ignore and easy to love. They’re always sniffing their way into something!

Cancer canines are usually motived by emotions rather than logic, and are therefore more compassionate and understanding. These pups are sweet-natured and naturally calm, moving with a quiet but powerful disposition that makes them appear confident. Cancer dogs are great companions to both humans and other pets, and make amazing service animals for those who need them. Because they’re ruled by their emotions, Cancer canines tend to be highly food-motivated and want what they want, regardless if it’s the best decision for them.

Like their name implies, the Leo dog is proud, strong, and naturally charismatic. Dogs born under this sign love attention and being pampered, and will often look forward to getting brushed, groomed and doted upon. Being a fire sign, Leo dogs exude warmth, vitality and power, and don’t like competition with other animals. However, Leo dogs are some of the most loyal out there and are very grateful to their family for all they provide. Don’t be surprised if your Leo dog stands between you and a stranger when out for a walk. They always have your best interest at heart!

Like Gemini, Virgo dogs are ruled by the planet Mercury and are therefore highly intelligent and naturally curious. However, they take this one step further and are also known to be extremely hard-working and overly dedicated. Virgo dogs need a job to do and thrive on rigorous structure and routine. These dogs like to eat, walk, sleep, and play at the same times every day, and will become agitated when they’re left with nothing to do. However, the Virgo pup is also one that cares deeply and is overly aware of how their actions affect their family. They want nothing more than to make sure their pack is perfectly safe and secure.

Represented as balancing scales and ruled under Venus, Libra dogs live to create harmony and tranquility. Dogs born under this sign tend to be charming and have a gift for sensing what their people need. Libra pups love the company of other animals and often don’t like to be left alone. They thrive in good company and enjoy the peace and quiet of napping on porch over the loud excitement of running on the beach or going to the park. Libra dogs can become easily overwhelmed in stressful environments and often look to their humans for guidance on how to stay calm.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio dogs tend to be moody and mysterious and can often come off as way too intense. They can command a room with just a flick of their tail and like to make direct eye contact with people and other pets. Don’t be surprised if it seems like your Scorpio pup is trying to read your mind! Scorpio dogs like their privacy and it can take a while to gain their trust. When you do, however, you’ll have a loyal and dedicated dog for life. They often get attached to only one person but will make that relationship a priority. They’re the definition of man’s best friend!

The Sagittarius dog is one that is drawn to traveling and adventure. As a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, dogs born under this sign are never afraid of a challenge and always see the food bowl half full. Sagittarius dogs make great traveling companions and are the perfect pups for people who like to hike, climb, ski or swim. They have colorful and often comical personalities and tend to fit in to almost any crowd. Because of their love for adventure, the Sagittarius dog has a tendency to wander off and have a mind of their own. Always keep a watchful eye on these pups!

Represented by the mountain goat and ruled by serious Saturn, Capricorn dogs are associated with power, responsibility and hard work. The Capricorn dog loves a good challenge and is hardly ever found napping or taking time off. They love to learn new tricks and are very loyal listeners. Your Capricorn pup will probably be top of his class at behavior training! You might find, however, that your Capricorn dog looks for duties in everything and will try to keep kids, other pets and people in line. This trait does make them exceptional guard dogs and very loyal babysitters to say the least.

Aquarius dogs are ones that will often leave you guessing. These crazy canines are non-conformists and like to dance to the beat of their own drum. Ruled by Uranus, these dogs can be quite hyper and active and go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. As such, the Aquarius dog can get bored quite easily and is always looking for the next new toy, treat or adventure. Although easily distracted and often acting goofy, Aquarius dogs are super social and easily make friends wherever they go. They might not be overly cuddly with their people, but the Aquarius dog is a loyal companion to those who take the time to understand them.

Sensitive, dreamy and loving, the Pisces pup is one who is highly intuitive and empathetic. These soulful dogs are usually very gentle and kind, often preferring calm and quiet environments where they can relax in the sun or snooze under the covers. Pisces dogs are very attached to their people and will often follow them from room to room, sometimes getting in the way. The Pisces dog is also one to listen intently but can become easily upset when things seem wrong. They make great therapy dogs as they have a knack for sensing moods and helping those around them feel relaxed.

Knowing your dog’s personality based on their astrological sign can help strengthen your bond and might help open your eyes to why your dog acts a certain way. Just remember, however, that every dog is an individual and might not conform to the traits of their birth chart. After all, nothing is carved in stone and your pup might just navigate their life a little differently!

Pets and astrology: most compatible signs

Whether you casually skim your horoscope every month or have Mercury retrograde alerts programmed into your phone calendar, you’ve probably used astrology at one time or another to gauge compatibility with your newest crush or your oldest BFF. But there’s another important relationship in your life that could benefit from a look to the stars—one that might give you paws (hint, hint). That’s right, it’s your pet.

“The astrology chart, to me, is the fingerprint of life—it shows you the basic personality. And, of course, that works with animals as well as people,” explains astrologer and mystic Elizabeth Joyce.

And it all begins with the way in which your sign aligns with your pet’s. According to Joyce, astrological harmonies with pets work much like they do between humans. So for instance, a Virgo pet owner will be quite compatible with a pet born under a Taurus or Capricorn sign (a trine), whereas they won’t be as compatible with a pet born under a Gemini or Sagittarius sign (a square). So if you’re looking to adopt, you may want to find out when Tiger or Fido was born to see how your two signs will get along.

Astrological harmonies with pets work much like they do between humans.

Now, if you already have a furry friend at home, you can use their sign traits to better understand their behavior and train them accordingly. So if you’re an orderly Virgo with a rambunctious Gemini puppy, that may not be the best match on the surface—but don’t worry. “A Gemini wants to slide across the floor that Virgo just cleaned. You’ll have to work with her to be more disciplined,” says Joyce. (And the Virgo might want to work on her patience and letting go a bit, too…)

Photo by Q’Aila on Unsplash

According to Joyce, Taurus pets (those born between April 20 and May 21) are typically the easiest of the zodiac to train, whereas Capricorns (born between December 22 and January 19) are some of the hardest. Scorpios (October 23 to November 21) aren’t ones to back down from a confrontation, whereas Cancers (June 21 to July 22) are quite sensitive and like a calm home. Aquarius pets (January 20 to February 18) can sometimes be aloof, while Pisces (February 19 to March 20) are some of the most empathetic. Being in tune to your pet’s specific rhythms and needs will help build an even stronger bond over time. (You can see Joyce’s entire rundown of the different animal sign traits here.)

Taurus pets are typically easiest to train; Capricorns are some of the hardest.

But what if you’re considering adopting a rescue and the shelter doesn’t have her birth information on hand? That’s where you’ll have to let your instincts be your guide, says Joyce.

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“You do it with the heart,” she explains. “You take a deep breath and you tell your blessed higher self—or spirit or whoever you want—to connect you energetically with the right dog. That means, before you go in and look at them, you have a pre-set condition.” For example, maybe you’ll decide that the dog who jumps all over you and licks your face is the one. “Trust your instincts,” Joyce says.

Of course, Joyce stresses that astrology is just one tool for better understanding man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Your pet’s breed and unique personality are also meaningful factors. “Temperament is temperament,” says Joyce. And when you find the right pet, you’ll just know.

Regardless of your sign, you’ll love these adorable wellness pups on Instagram. And here’s what to know about sharing your bed with Fido.

Pet astrology: How star signs affect dogs’ and cats’ behaviour

An astrologer has offered a playful take on how your pet’s star sign could affect their behaviour.

Jessica Adams, who lives between the UK and Australia, told how dogs and cats can be influenced by their horoscopes just like their owners.

Thoughtful Pisces, for example, can find themselves fixated with water, while Leos like to look at themselves in the mirror. 

The next few weeks might signal a period of particularly odd behaviour thanks for a phenomenon known as Mercury in retrograde, which occurs from 18 February to 9 March.

‘Mercury is the planet that actually rules pets,’ Jessica explained. ‘When it appears to go backwards and forwards, moving in peculiar ways, so does life in general, according to your horoscope. This is what’s known as Mercury retrograde. And animals are also affected.’

Speaking to FEMAIL, Jessica, who worked with pet wellbeing specialist, ITCHpet.com, shares her pet horoscopes… 

Jessica Adams, who lives between the UK and Australia, told how dogs and cats can be influenced by their horoscopes just like their owners. Stock image


21 March-20 April  

Cat: Natural hunters, a feisty Aries cat will head-butt flies or chase dogs… or the postman. When Mercury’s in retrograde, the postman may well chase them. 

Dog: A dominate Aries dog will bite everything, including your hair. They also like digging floorboards. Especially when Mercury’s in retrograde: watch for holes.


21 April-21 May 

Cat: The Taurus cat is a dribbler who loves its breakfast and will lick empty food bowls in the hope of finding the last scrap. When Mercury’s in retrograde they’ll even lick the fridge. 

Dog: Just like the Taurus cat, the Taurus dog does have an appetite. It likes chicken. turkey. And trying to catch sparrows. If their tastes change to caviar, you can blame  Mercury in retrograde. 


22 May-21 June  

Cat: Clever Gemini cats like to imitate you, the radio or the dog. 

Dog: Barking at the TV? Jumping on it? You must have a Gemini dog.


22 June-22 July 

Cat: They miss you so much when you go shopping, they get in the bag and hope you won’t notice. 

Dog: Just like domestically-minded Cancer humans, Cancer dogs like their home comforts.


23 July-23 August 

Cat: Image-conscious Leo cats like gazing at themselves in mirrors, windows or glass doors. Make sure they don’t walk into them when Mercury’s in retrograde. 

Dog: The Kings and Queens of the doggy world, Leo pups look good in Christmas cracker paper crowns. Watch out when Mercury is in retrograde: they may pinch your best hat. 

The next few weeks might signal a period of particularly odd behaviour for your pets thanks for a phenomenon known as Mercury in retrograde. Stock image 


24 August-22 September 

Cat: Fussy Virgo cats have discerning taste and will sniff food before they eat it.  When Mercury is in retrograde their tastes may change to the strangest things. Even mud. 

Dog: The Virgo dog loves routine and will stand on you five minutes before the alarm. But when Mercury is in retrograde, they’ll be an hour out. 


23 September-23 October 

Cat: Just like Libra humans, Libra cats are hopeless romantic. Only they express their affection through enthusiastic bottom-sniffing. Best make sure it’s not your bottom when Mercury is in retrograde, though. 

Dog: Sociable Libra dogs like to perform duets with other pets. When Mercury’s in retrograde, you might find them answering to their best friend’s name instead. 

What the experts say

Charlotte Harper, co-founder at pet wellbeing specialist, ITCHpet.com, said: ‘We love our pets regardless of their weird and wonderful behaviour and celebrate everything about them – from the good, the bad and the ugly.

‘But whether unusual antics are in the stars or not, it’s incredibly important to regularly check your pet for fleas and worms, as behavioural differences can also be down to their health and something they aren’t able to tell you about. Which is why we recommend treating your pet for fleas every month and being sure to worm them quarterly.’


24 October-22 November 

Cat: The bankers of the cat world. They line up dead mice they’ve caught. 

Dog: Amorous Scorpio dogs will attempt relationships with everything from footballs to armchairs.


23 November-21 December 

Cat: Spiritual animals – but they have been known to eat the candles or incense. When Mercury is in retrograde, they may even perform miracles. 

Dog: Great explorers, Sagittarius pups are like energetic doggy David Attenboroughs. When Mercury is in retrograde, they might try to run backwards. 


22 December-20 January 

Cat: A Capricorn cat likes to be on top and will scale any Christmas tree they see. When Mercury is in retrograde, they’ve been known to get on the roof. 

Dog: Organised Capricorn dogs pack their toys away like professionals. When Mercury is in retrograde, they might pack away your children’s too. 


21 January-18 February 

Cat: They like a gang and will form one with other cats, the dog, or the goldfish. When Mercury’s in retrograde, they’ll even try your neighbours. 

Dog: Friendly Aquarius dogs love socialising… they might even try message on your phone!


19 February-20 March  

Cat: Thoughtful Pieces cats love pond-watching or goldfish bowl gazing. Washing machines, too. Just make sure they don’t climb in when Mercury is in retrograde. 

Dog: Biting hose water or sea waves is their hobby. Also barking at ghosts.

The Best Pet For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Picking out a pet is a big decision. It’s about a lot more than just what animal you find the cutest or what kind of animal you always imagined you would own when it came to picking one out for yourself. The most important things to consider when you’re looking for a pet is how their needs will mesh with your lifestyle and how much time you have to give them the care and attention they will require. (You’ll also want to figure out the best astrological pet name you should give them, but one thing at a time.) You should also consider their general personalities — while each individual animal will have their own quirks and whatnot, they generally share certain traits. So when trying to think up the perfect pet, you may want to look which pet is best for your zodiac sign.

Your zodiac sign can reveal so much about yourself and what you’re looking for in other people, so of course it can also show what kind of animals you would best interact with. Your pet says a lot about who you are, so you want to pick one that goes with your personality, wants, and needs. For example, if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy cleaning up after another animal a lot, you might want to consider something other than a dog. If you’re looking for a pet mainly for cuddles, then you want one that loves a lot of attention.

Here are a few ideas on what pet is best for you based on your zodiac sign — you never know, you might find your next little furry friend:

Aries (March 21 – April 19): A Puppy

Aries are the most bold and passionate of all of the zodiac signs, full of tons of energy that keep them constantly moving. They also tend to be very social people who love to have a good time and be surrounded by laughs. An energetic little puppy makes the perfect pet for any Aries as they require the amount of attention only the Ram can match.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): A Hamster

A Taurus is known for being grounded, mellow, and dependent… and also just a little bit lazy. You’ll want an animal that is fun to snuggle with, but doesn’t require a whole bunch of energy on your part — so, a pet who is a little low-maintenance but also cuddly. The hamster is ideal: they love to snuggle with their owners, you can give them the care they need, and they’re super sweet.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): A Parrot

Geminis are animal lovers who are constantly thinking, talking, and engaging, so they need a pet who can do the same. For a Gemini, a slow-moving pet that most just sits around just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, get something like a parrot: not only are they intelligent and interesting enough for you, but they’ll also talk back to you!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): A Hedgehog

Cancers can be a little moody and emotional, meaning that a pet with really high energy might not be the best fit. You can also be great at nurturing, so why not get a little delicate pet that needs your love and attention and will also snuggle sometimes? A cute hedgehog fits the bill.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Bengal Cat

As a Leo, you love to always be the center of attention and to surround yourself with beautiful, exotic things. You don’t want your pet to be any different, so you need something that’s going to stand out and attract tons of stares. Enter the Bengal cat: these exotic and beautiful animals will definitely stand out enough for you.

Virgo (August 23 – September 23): A Fish

Virgos are known as the most clean of all of the zodiac signs. You like things to be orderly, organized, and put together, and you likely have no patience for something like a dog or cat, who will shed a lot and leave a mess behind. Instead, go for a super low-maintenance pet, like a fish. Fish can be great companions and can be interesting to own, but they also don’t leave your house a mess.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): A Rabbit

As a Libra, you like to be surrounded by beautiful, nice things, meaning you want a pet that’s going to also attract some attention. But you also place a huge importance on relationships and want something you can play with and snuggle with. That’s why a sweet bunny rabbit is perfect. They’re cuddly, loving, and so adorable to look at.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): A Snake

If any sign in the zodiac is going to be a perfect match for a reptile like a snake, it’s a Scorpio. You are mysterious, emotional, and known for having a bit of a dark side — basically just like a snake. You’ll appreciate their equally mysterious nature and their eerie beauty, and you’ll love how they stand out are more unique.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): An Older Cat

Sagittarius, you are the world traveler of all of the zodiac signs. Constantly plagued with a never-ending sense of wanderlust, you’re always on the go, whether you’re traveling or going off on some sort of adventure. If you’re going to get a pet, you need a low-maintenance pet who doesn’t require your full attention all the time. This is hard to find, but an older cat might fit the bill: as long as the cat isn’t a breed that requires a ton of attention, they are easier to take care of and still make great companions.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): A Guinea Pig

Capricorns are known for being super hard workers who can appreciate a long day at the office. While you might be pretty busy with work quite often, you’re also super patient and able to give a pet the care and love they need. Try a guinea pig or two: they can be okay on their own for a bit, but they still need that nurturing love and care you can provide.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 19): Birds

As an Aquarius, you’re known for being on the more unique side, so you’ll want a pet that’s the same way. You’re also looking for a pet that’s more intelligent than cuddly, you want one who isn’t super needy. Try getting a bird — they’re smart, they’re interesting, and you can find some seriously unique ones out there.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20): An Older Dog

Pisces are really emotional people who love to be loved. You want a pet you can cuddle with and love on all the time, but also one who will understand your emotions. Opt for an older dog who is trained and easy to deal with. Get a super cuddly breed so you can always have a friend.

Pet Astrology Part 1 – John Hayes

People have pets for many reasons; some for protection, others for companionship but we’re all different. Astrologically, the 6th house is the house of small animals and the zodiac sign on our 6th house can help us discover the most suitable pet for us. If you don’t know what sign is posited on your 6th house check out your Sun sign below.



With Virgo influencing your pet zone you’re probably too busy for pampering pets. You set high standards for yourself and your animals. Size doesn’t matter but your pets need to be independent, well-behaved and clean enough to let you come and go. You’ll get great satisfaction from training your pet. Alternative pets include foxes, squirrels, weasels, hamsters, bees, greyhounds and serpents


With Libra influencing your pet zone pets for you are companions. Since you often talk more to animals then people, your pet should be a good listener. You’ve a natural affinity with animals, quickly developing a rapport. You may have difficulty choosing a pet but ideally get something cute. Alternative pets include lizards, owls, sparrows, hens, nightingales, pelicans, partridges, swans and dolphins.


With Scorpio influencing your pet zone you’ll raise eyebrows with the intensity of your relationships with your pets. You need a pet that will stick by you through thick and thin, someday saying “I couldn’t have got through it without my pet”. After your pets die you may have them stuffed. Alternative pets include wolves, ravens, reptiles, spiders, pike, vermin, scorpions, eagles and sharks.


With freedom loving Sagittarius influencing your pet zone you don’t like animals being confined and will happily let them roam around your home, treating pets like family. You enjoy going on adventures with your pet by your side, preferring an animal that likes to fool around and doesn’t take life too seriously. You’ve a soft spot for horses and animals that are hunted.

continue Part 2

interior for the element of Fire – Home – Home

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – signs of the fire element. The interior for these signs must correspond to the elements of Fire. But this is only a general concept. Ideally, all four elements should be present, Fire should prevail. What if all family members have different elements? Then in the house as a whole, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, the element of the head of the family should prevail, and in each room its own, individual elements should be created. The interior for the signs of the element of Fire is bright and expressive, but not only due to color, but due to forms, textures, layout, details.The main thing is the general image.

Planning solutions for the element of Fire
They should not be “one-dimensional”. There should be some kind of “differences” in the layout of the apartment.

Shapes and lines of the elements of Fire
These are verticals, triangles, pyramids, cones. These kinds of shapes and lines, tending upward, dynamic, sharp, can be present anywhere – in the pattern of any home textiles, in accessories, in the shape and decoration of furniture. Simply put, you need to pay attention to any nuances of the object, analyze what form it is, what kind of pattern it has.Attributes of any element must necessarily be supplemented with elements of a friendly element, then it will be strengthened. In this case, Air is considered such an element for Fire. The additional element should be about 20 percent, no more.

Colors and finishing materials of the element of Fire
Colors should be chosen bright, warm, saturated. Basically, these are all shades of red, yellow and orange. There is a nuance here: since the element of Fire is represented by three signs of the zodiac, then Aries should pay attention to the red scale, Leo – to orange, and Sagittarius – to yellow.Fire element materials must have at least a slight sheen. Therefore, plastic, glass, and varnished wood are all suitable.

Furniture of the element of Fire
Furniture should in no case be bulky, and by design it should preferably be on legs. Its design can be unusual and original.

Accessories and fabrics of the element of Fire
Decorative elements should correspond to this element in their design, shape, color, patterns.This, of course, is easy to understand using the example of simple decorations – vases, figurines, abstract compositions, candlesticks, pillows. But there are also accessories of a different kind that support this element not with their appearance, but with energy.

Light interior decoration for the element of Fire
Light is the material embodiment of the element of Fire, therefore, the fiery interior should have the maximum amount of light. Firstly, it is, of course, natural light – those very large windows. And secondly, the maximum number of different fixtures.

“Fiery” interior styles are certain styles that have the primary attributes of the element of Fire. These are such styles as classic, Persian, Moroccan and Indian styles, Mediterranean style, architectural style, contemporary, Scandinavian, techno, pop art style.

90,000 Home Astrology. All about the signs of the zodiac

Life is seen by most of us as a series of strange coincidences and accidents, in the interval between which we are trying to make independent decisions.Sometimes – contrary to fate. It often looks like we are knocking on closed doors every day. Isn’t it time to enlist the support of astrology and reveal before yourself the true ways to achieve the goal? Our book will help with this. Here you will find all the available information about each sign of the zodiac and planets, learn about gender characteristics when analyzing cosmograms, learn to predict marriage relationships, determine compatibility with a partner, and much more. Get ready, this book is truly life changing!


Authors Tuchin Roman
Publisher Vivat
Book Series Useful Book
Binding Hard
Number of Pages 224
editions 2016
Language of Edition Russian
ISBN 9786176

Residents of Kharkov can receive an order on the day of its registration in our office.We are located at the address. Kharkov, st. M. Gomonenko 10. p>

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Home astrology: an interior for the element of Air

For people related to the element of Air, a lot of energy is required. And just their own interior for them is an energy replenishment, since air quickly comes and goes, and the reserves need to be quickly renewed accordingly.

For people related to the element of Air, a lot of energy is required.And just their own interior for them is an energy replenishment, since air quickly comes and goes, and the reserves need to be quickly renewed accordingly.

Air is an active element that constantly changes its forms. This element includes the signs of the zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. These people are quickly addicted to everything new, sociable, contact.

Interior planning solutions for the element of Air.

Make sure there is free space.The rounded layout of the apartment is suitable for the element of Air.
It is better to have a minimum of doors and partitions in the house, and if there are, then let them be light, for example, glass, stained glass or composite.

Double-leaf doors match this sign. It’s great if the screens and partitions are also mobile, because the air loves movement!

Always leave the central parts of the rooms free. Podiums and level drops are quite acceptable, since they impart dynamics to the interior.

The most suitable options for people of the element of Air are upper floors and penthouses. There must be a balcony or bay window.

A rounded apartment decor or drawings are suitable for the element of Air.

Forms and lines for the element of Air.

This is a circle and an oval, the most mobile and lightest-looking forms. In the interior of the Air signs, most of the planning lines, patterns and ornaments, furniture outlines should come from a circle or oval.

But, since a friendly element must be present, the interior needs to be supplemented with a rhombus and a triangle – the attributes of Fire.Albeit in small quantities. For example, a circular rug might have a scalloped pattern.

The most advantageous thing is to add Fire accessories to the general interior of Air, and change them from time to time, since air signs need changes most of all.

Colors of the element of Air.

It is white, sky blue, light gray, light green gray. Other colors are possible, but their shades should be very light, as if bleached.

This is a very delicate, pastel color scheme that is comfortable for the eyes.By the way, it is mostly cold.
Shades of gray are more suitable for Gemini, white is more suitable for Libra, and shades of blue for Aquarius.

But, keeping in mind the necessary presence of Fire, you need to introduce a drop of orange, bright yellow or red into the interior. Bright color is needed not only because it is a helper element, but also because contrast is the dynamics so necessary for the air.

Light colors in the interior are characteristic of people of the element of Air.

Decoration materials of the element of Air.

They must be smooth and preferably shiny. The most suitable are glossy paints, glass, glazed ceramic tiles and majolica, metal, mirrors, lacquered wood.

If fabrics are used in the interior, then it should be silk, satin, fabrics with lurex, or organza.
Materials of the element of Air have much in common with the element of Fire, only here smoothness should still prevail over brilliance, and the color scheme is colder. This is the difference.

To add Fire, it is better to use warm colors. For example, you can hang curtains with a yellowish tint, or put ceramic tiles in the pattern of which there will be golden touches.

If wood is used in the interior, then the most suitable species for Air are beech, oak, birch, poplar, maple. If we talk about the preferences of specific signs, then for Gemini it is metal, for Libra it is glass, and for Aquarius it is ceramics.

Furniture for the element of Air.

Furniture should be light and have rounded shapes. The best design for furniture is on legs, the most compact sizes should be chosen. Modern designer furniture is perfect here.

And furniture should also be mobile – on wheels, sliding, transformable, in extreme cases, easily portable from place to place.

Hanging furniture – this is the ideal for the element of Air, therefore at least one hanging chair is indispensable in the apartment of representatives of this sign.

Rockers, rotating models are also good. And even curtains and drapes also need to be mobile – easily changeable in design, with different mechanisms.

Furniture should be light and have rounded shapes.

Accessories of the element of Air.

Of course, for the most part this is everything that moves! So various mobiles, turntables, pendulum clocks, bells, pendants are classic Air accessories.

Hanging curtains made of beads are a very suitable accessory for an airy interior.If we are talking about an ornament, then most of all for the element of Air is a floristic ornament, or an ornate, complex, “lace”. Paisley pattern is also suitable.

Interior lighting for the element of Air.

There should be a lot of light in the interiors of air people. Moreover, it should be both warm and cold, as well as different in strength and color. There must be at least one colored light fixture (with a colored light bulb). Lamps with long hangers are suitable.

An astrological program is … What is an Astrological program?

Astrological program

Vesta – astrological program for a mobile device

Astrological program is a computer program designed to perform applied astrological calculations that can greatly simplify the work of an astrologer.

Modern programs allow you to perform complex calculations using ephemeris in a matter of seconds (see.ephemeris) of planets, minor planets (asteroids) and stars (see star and Swiss ephemeris [1]) and tables of horoscope houses (see horoscope houses) for which ancient astrologers spent hours of work.

A distinction is made between programs for:

Astrological programs can be subdivided into:

  • professional – intended for professional work and requiring sufficient basic knowledge of astrology, psychology, astronomy and a specific applied field for which the program was created.
  • household – intended for use by people who do not have the above knowledge. These programs, as a rule, give the result in the form of text and tables (graphs) of the interpretation of the horoscope (natal chart) or forecasts of events.

Creation of astrological programs requires knowledge of not only programming languages ​​(see Programming language), but also, to a greater extent, astronomical and astrological knowledge.

Astrological programs for mobile devices

Astrological programs for desktop computers

Forums for discussion of astrological programs

Astrological institutions of higher education



Wikimedia Foundation.

  • Astro-engineering structures
  • Astrological era


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  • Vedic Astrology (DVD), Matushevsky Maxim.Vedic astrology (Jyotisha) is the oldest astrological tradition. Fundamental treatises on this topic were written over five thousand years ago. Jyotisha – “the light of knowledge”, super science, … Details Buy for 238 rubles
  • Magic of the planets (DVD), Matushevsky Maxim. Vedic astrology or Jyotish, which translates as “light of knowledge”, is the oldest astrological tradition on Earth. Jyotishi’s unique astrological methods make it the most accurate … Details Buy for 238 rubles

90,000 15 unique illustrations of their medieval manuscript on life, medicine and astrology

Tübingen home book.

The Tübingen Home Book or Iatromathematical Calendar Book is a unique manuscript in German that was created in 1430-1480, probably in the Swabian Duchy of Württemberg (southwest Germany). The manuscript is now kept in the Library of the University of Tübingen. In our review there are 15 illustrations from this amazing book, which I can tell you a lot of interesting things.

The Tübingen Home Book covers several areas at once. So, home (or brownie) in the Middle Ages in Germany was called a book that contained information about a variety of subjects, i.e.That is, it was a kind of practical almanac or reference book. In addition, the book had a section devoted to medicine (hence the name – iatromathematical calendar book), and a section devoted to geomancy – fortune telling with the help of the earth.

Four seasons of the annual cycle in the Tübingen home book.

The book contained medical and astrological knowledge for “non-specialists”. It was a kind of home guide, telling about the methods of treatment, in particular, bloodletting.

Zodiac man. The Tübingen Home Book. Library of the University of Tubingen. XV century.

The image, which the authors of the book called “the zodiac man” was intended to visually explain how the signs of the zodiac and other astrological components affect the state of a person. It is known that in the Middle Ages, astrology and medicine were closely interconnected. Before making a diagnosis, doctors often consulted astrological charts and almanacs.Many of these almanacs contained illustrations to help explain difficult points to patients.

The sun is looking at the girl with interest, and the Moon is mockingly critical. This is probably female jealousy.

Astrological works in the 12th and 13th centuries were translated into Latin from the Arabic language, and over time became part of European medical methods, which in turn were transformed into Galenian medicine. Galen was a great Greek physician and physiologist who lived from about 129-216.AD and systematized ancient knowledge into a doctrine that was the basis of medicine until the end of the Middle Ages.

Zodiac circle, in the middle – the Sun and the Moon. There are winds in the four corners.

Astrological works in the 12th and 13th centuries were translated into Latin from the Arabic language, and over time became part of European medical methods, which in turn were transformed into Galenian medicine. Galen was a great Greek physician and physiologist who lived from about 129-216.AD and systematized ancient knowledge into a doctrine that was the basis of medicine until the end of the Middle Ages.

In addition to the topics already mentioned, the book contains chapters on the signs of the Zodiac, astrological houses, planets, four temperaments are described, the characters of people born under a certain sign, tables for astronomical and astrological calculations of fate, a guide to deciphering fortune-telling and other important data are given. A series of pictures from the manuscript is dedicated to the planets and their areas of responsibility in the lives of mere mortals.We study and analyze.







The book also contains illustrations for the conceptual knowledge of that time. The picture below illustrates the seven liberal arts. From left to right: Geometry, Logic, Arithmetic, in the center Grammar, Music, Physics (usually Astronomy in this place), Rhetoric.

The Seven Liberal Arts. The Tübingen Home Book. Library of the University of Tubingen. 15th century

There are also religious motives in the Tübingen home book.

Bird Phoenix with a cross halo – Phoenix is ​​likened to Christ.

Zodiac signs in the book are devoted to several chapters at once, which are accompanied by very interesting pictures.

Zodiac sign Gemini.

Mercury. His daytime home is Virgo, his nighttime home is Gemini.

Tips, lots of tips.

Funny pictures: medieval medical astrology: astrochuchundra – LiveJournal

Although the zodiac sign / body part correspondence I was a little (haha, I’m being modest) surprised … neck and scorpio ???

The art of astronomy and geomancy. Tübinger Hausbuch. XV century, Württemberg.

Tübingen House Book / Hausbuch. Fragment of sheet 42v. Library of the University of Tubingen, Germany.XV century, Württemberg / Tübinger Hausbuch: Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch; die Kunst der Astronomie und Geomantie, c. 15th century, MS. Md 2, f. 00042v, Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen. Source

“The Tübingen House Book: Iatromathematical [*] Calendar Book; The Art of Astronomy and Geomancy [**]”. This manuscript was written in German in the years 1430-1480, probably within Ulm / Ulm or Urach / Urach in the Swabian Duchy of Württemberg in southwestern Germany. The manuscript is kept in the Library of the University of Tübingen: Md 2 / Tübinger Hausbuch: Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch; die Kunst der Astronomie und Geomantie.Württemberg, 15. Jh .. Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen. Md 2.

[*] Iatromatic calendar book – i.e. medical and astrological treatise with a calendar. [Yatro- / Iatro- – a prefix denoting medicine or doctors]
[**] Geomancy – fortune telling with the help of the earth.


Four seasons of the annual cycle / Tübinger Hausbuch: Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch. Württemberg, 1430-1480. UB Tübingen: Md 2, f. 00023r

In all illustrations, when clicking on the picture, a whole sheet of the manuscript will open, with the exception of duplicate fragments

Home (house) book / Hausbuch in medieval and early modern Germany was called a book that includes information about various subjects – i.e.That is, a kind of practical reference book or almanac.


Tübingen Household Book. Library of the University of Tubingen. 15th century, Württemberg / Tübinger Hausbuch: Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch. Württemberg, 1430-1480. UB Tübingen: Md 2, f.00035r

Medical-astrological home books set out and organize, of course, medical and astrological knowledge. It is a kind of home guide for everyday use showing treatments, especially phlebotomy.Designed for non-specialists.


Zodiac man. The Tübingen Home Book. Library of the University of Tubingen. 15th century, Württemberg / Tübinger Hausbuch: Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch. Württemberg, 1430-1480. UB Tübingen: Md 2, f.00012v

The “zodiacal person” image type is intended to explain how the zodiac and astrological constituents govern every part of the human body.

In the Middle Ages, medicine and astrology were closely related.Doctors often consulted astrological almanacs or calendars containing star charts before making a diagnosis. Many of these almanacs include illustrations to help clarify difficult ideas to patients.


Tübinger Hausbuch Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch; die Kunst der Astronomie und Geomantie, c. 15th century, MS. Md 2, f. 00042v, Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen. Source

How interested-pretty the Sun looks at the beauty, surrounded by the symbols of the zodiac.The moon, on the other hand, is mockingly critical – female jealousy, apparently.

Ancient astrological works were translated from Arabic into Latin in the 12th and 13th centuries. They soon became part of daily medical practice in Europe. Physicians combined Galenic medicine with a careful study of the stars. Galen was a great Greek physician and physiologist who lived from about 129-216. AD. He systematized ancient knowledge into the doctrine, which was the basis of medicine until the end of the Middle Ages.


Zodiac circle, in the middle – the Sun and the Moon. In four corners – winds / f. 00043r

The content of the Tübingen Household Book is very varied. This is a medical-astrological almanac with additional information. The book contains: calendar; chapters on the signs of the Zodiac, planets, astrological houses, other astrological spheres; the rules of bloodletting are described; four temperaments; tables for astronomical and astrological calculations for the qualities and destinies of people born under a certain zodiac sign; a guide to decoding fortune-telling and other important data.

The mighty power of the stars affects all earthly life. Planets and their areas of responsibility:


f. 00267r



Fragment folio 267r


f. 00268r

Jupiter (seemingly).


Fragment folio 268r


f. 00269r



Fragment of folio 269r


f. 00270r



Fragment folio 270r


f. 00271r



Fragment folio 271r


Fragment folio 271r


f. 00272r



Fragment folio 272r




The Seven Liberal Arts. The Tübingen Home Book. Library of the University of Tubingen. 15th century, Württemberg / Tübinger Hausbuch: Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch. Württemberg, 1430-1480. UB Tübingen: Md 2, f. 00320v

The Seven Liberal Arts. From left to right: Geometry, Logic, Arithmetic, in the center Grammar, Music, Physics (usually Astronomy in this place), Rhetoric.


f. 00049v

Bird Phoenix with a cross halo – Phoenix is ​​likened to Christ.


f. 00070r

Zodiac sign Gemini.


Mercury. His daytime home is Virgo, his nighttime home is Gemini. Fragment f. 00321v

Mercury, Gemini and Virgo.


f. 00038r

By the late 1500s, physicians across Europe were required by law to calculate favorable moon phases for complex medical procedures such as surgery or bloodletting.Therefore, the wide distribution in various European countries of medical and astrological almanacs, similar to German “home books”, is no coincidence.

Description of manuscript : Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen. Signatur: Md 2. Tübinger Hausbuch; Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch / Die Kunst der Astronomie und Geomantie. Papier – 325 Bl. – 38.5 × 41.4 cm – Ulm? – Drittes Viertel 15. Jh. Württemberg, 1430-1480. Sprache: Deutsch.

Source of pictures and description : Tübinger Hausbuch: Iatromathematisches Kalenderbuch; die Kunst der Astronomie und Geomantie

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