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Romantic picnic at night: 17 Romantic Picnic Ideas at Night (Food & Activities)

17 Romantic Picnic Ideas at Night (Food & Activities)

These romantic picnic ideas at night are a great way to reconnect or celebrate a special occasion. We also included the best picnic food ideas for a date.

Finding fun and unique ways to spend time together can sometimes be a challenge, but the perfect picnic date is an easy way to have some fun and have a great time talking. So the next time you’re planning date night, skip the boring dinner and a movie, and try one of these picnic ideas at night!

Note: A picnic can also be a great first date so that you can really talk and get to know one another; however, we recommend it be in a public place.

What should you eat on a romantic picnic?

If you’re looking for picnic date food ideas, we personally love to do items that taste great chilled or at room temperature. We also tend to skip a main dish unless it’s a sandwich or wrap since most meats will taste better warm.

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

  • cheese and charcuterie
  • fresh fruits
  • sparkling beverages (Champagne or fruit juice)
  • fruit salad
  • chips
  • pasta salad
  • potato salad
  • veggies with homemade dip
  • dried fruit like cherries or figs
  • dark chocolate or truffles baguettes
  • chocolate-covered strawberries
  • brownies

17 Romantic Picnic Ideas at Night

Who says a picnic has to be enjoyed during the day? We love a picnic at night after a hot day in the Summer. Plus, evening is a great time for these cute picnic date ideas because areas will likely be less crowded.

With this list of romantic ideas, you’ll get bonus points for adding in a fun activity to the meal.

1. Stargazing Picnic

Find a spot away from the city lights to enjoy the stars together on your next date night.

Grab a blanket and some pillows, along with a few snacks to enjoy, then lay on the grass and look at the stars together.  

2. Charcuterie Picnic

Take the charcuterie board to your next picnic to provide your date with plenty of snacking options.

And the good news is that meat and cheese pair perfectly with wine, making it a great option for a romantic date night.

3. Outdoor Movie Night Picnic

While you could set up an outdoor movie screen for your date night, if you want to make things more low key, simply bring a laptop in your picnic basket to set up this fun idea for couples.

Make sure to bring along plenty of movie snacks and drinks, as well as some comfortable blankets and pillows. Then, relax in the grass and watch a romantic movie together.

We also found some great tips on planning an outdoor movie night that you may like!

4. Glow in the Dark Picnic

Pack some glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets in your picnic basket to set up this fun date night idea.

After decking yourself out in your glowing apparel, enjoy a few colorful snacks and drinks together outside.

5. Candlelit Picnic

Set up a romantic picnic for your next date night with the help of flameless candles.

Pack a bottle of wine and finger foods in your picnic basket, then set out candles in a variety of sizes to create a romantic atmosphere for your outdoor meal.

6. Taco Picnic

Have some fun enjoying tacos outside with this unique picnic idea! Pair your tacos with a batch of homemade margaritas to round out the meal.

7. Beach Picnic

What better way to enjoy the evening with your loved one than watching the sunset on the beach? Once the sun goes down, keep the date going with a meal and cocktails on the sand.

Romantic beach picnics are such a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle and just reconnect.

8. Wine and Cheese Picnic

You don’t need an elaborate meal to serve at your next date night! With the help of some wine and cheese, you can set up a delicious (and romantic) picnic spread with minimal effort.

9. Rooftop Picnic

Not everyone can go out into nature to enjoy a picnic dinner!

Instead of hitting the road, head up to your building’s rooftop for a romantic picnic in the city. Enjoy the city lights while snacking on finger foods and wine.

10. Bonfire Picnic

Turn a bonfire into a romantic date with your significant other with this cozy picnic idea.

Cook your picnic on the flames by serving hot dogs and s’mores or just enjoy the warmth while you snack on other delicious picnic foods.

11. Sunset Picnic

Start your picnic dinner with a view of the sunset at your next date night.

Pick a spot for perfect sunset viewing, like a nearby hilltop or lakefront. And once the sun goes down, continue your picnic with food and drinks in the grass.

12. Campsite Picnic

Take your date into the wild by creating a romantic campsite picnic for your significant other at a state park.

Lay out a blanket at your campsite and serve a delicious fire-cooked meal.

13. BBQ Picnic

Fire up the grill for your next outdoor date night and enjoy some BBQ in the grass.

After you cook your meats and whip up your side dishes, make yourself comfortable on a blanket in the backyard to enjoy your home cooked meal. After, you could break out board games or play truth or dare.

14. Dessert Picnic

You don’t have to eat your entire meal at your picnic date! Why not take your dessert outside to finish your date on a fun note?

Pack up some desserts in a picnic basket and head to a local park or your backyard to enjoy some sweet treats together while lounging in the grass.

15. Winery Picnic

A beautiful outdoor winery is the perfect spot to enjoy a nighttime drink in a scenic location.

Bring along a blanket to sit on and enjoy some time together while you sip on local wine.

16. Fairy Light Picnic

Set the mood for your outdoor date night with the help of fairy lights.

String up the soft lights before the date and have them lit to provide ambient lighting that will create a romantic setting for the evening.

17. Drive-In Theater Picnic

Find a local drive-in theater so you can watch a movie while you have your next picnic at night. Pull into your parking spot and head to the concession stand to purchase plenty of snacks and drinks. Then lay out a blanket and pillows to enjoy your picnic dinner while watching a movie.

Have a Plan B

It’s a good idea to have a plan B in case the weather isn’t ideal for an outdoor picnic.

We love the idea of going to a cooking class, attending a live or virtual wine tasting, or a romantic date night at home.

Planning a Living Room Picnic

Don’t let the weather keep you from your picnic! If you can’t head outside to enjoy date night, just bring the picnic indoors.

Lay out a picnic blanket on the floor and enjoy your favorite picnic foods together from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t let having good weather stop you from spending some quality time together!

Other Picnic Items to Bring

Once you have your picnic foods picked out, it’s important to also remember the details you’ll need for a romantic picnic idea.   These details include:

  • a picnic basket or cooler
  • cushions or a waterproof blanket
  • a bottle opener
  • flatware
  • salt and pepper
  • cloth napkins (or paper)
  • wine glasses, champagne flutes, or drinking glasses
  • flowers
  • a large blanket or picnic table
  • insect repellent
  • wet wipes for your hands
  • trash bag
  • ice
  • red or white wine never hurts either!

With these fun picnic ideas at night, you can create an amazing date night for you and your loved one.  

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How to Plan the Ultimate Night Picnic (11 Easy Steps)

Whether you are planning a date night, or just wanting to spend time with family or friends, a night picnic can be a great way to make the most of a summer night.

This can be a time to leave electronics behind, spread a blanket under the stars, and start making memories together. 

So what do you need to plan the ultimate night picnic?

We will share our 11 best ideas for making a picnic fun (and safe!) after dark.

Table Of Contents

  1. Night Picnic Ideas
    • 1. Set Up Your Lights
    • 2. Use a Waterproof Blanket
    • 3. Consider a Tent
    • 4. Setting the Table
    • 5. Use a Cooler Light
    • 6. Stay Warm
    • 7. Decorate with Scented Candles
    • 8. Fun with Glowsticks
    • 9. Make a Playlist
    • 10. Light a fire
    • 11. Fun and Games

1. Set Up Your Lights

Photo: mpbeautyenhancements

Setting up your lights is one of the most important elements.

Lights enable you to see your food and your friends and also deter unwanted guests. Although wild animals like to stay away from lights, bugs are attracted to them!

To avoid your party being overrun by overenthusiastic bugs, you can use yellow lights.   

While these don’t actively deter flying insects, they also won’t attract a fan group as white lights will. 

Another option is to place lights strategically at the outside perimeter of your area. This can keep bugs occupied up and away from you and your food area.

2. Use a Waterproof Blanket

Photo: primateve

While the idea of night dew falling can sound romantic, it won’t be romantic to spend a night on a wet blanket.
When packing a picnic blanket for a night picnic, use a blanket with a waterproof backing.

This blanket has a classic picnic look to it and it also has layers of protection to stay comfortable and dry.
Setting up a table and canopy chairs to stay off the wet grass is also a viable option.
This folding chair makes a great picnic companion as it is equipped with a cooler bag, a pocket for snacks, and a drink holder. It also packs up small to carry easily to where you want to go!


Consider a Tent

Photo: Annie and Lou Picnics

For extra cuteness, use an elegant white tent, then hang battery-powered fairy lights for a romantic touch. 

If you don’t care so much about the aesthetics, you can go with a practical picnic tent. where you can hold your nighttime picnic party. 

This way you’ll stay dry and keep bugs out of your party. Zip the tent shut and open the mesh windows for fresh air. 

To keep food from spilling on your tent floor, you can use breakfast trays as tables. 

You can also go them to serve food buffet-style, or each person can have their own lap tray for comfortable eating. 

Picnicking in a tent can be a cozy option for a date night or 2-4 friends and zipping the door shut will let the bugs know that you are having a private party.

4. Setting the Table

Glow-in-the-dark-place-settings can be a way to add an element of fun to your night picnic.

You will also be able to keep track of where you left your plate and drink much easier.  These place settings come in 4 vibrant colors and serve up to 32 people.

For 4 people or less, each person can eat and drink from their own color.  

For larger groups, you can set a sharpie next to the cups so everyone can keep track of whose drink is whose.

When you are done eating, you can dispose of these dishes for hassle-free clean-up.

5. Use a Cooler Light

To make it easier to see in the dark what food or drink you want to pull out from the cooler, you can use a cooler light.

This light is waterproof and rechargeable.  It does not have to be mounted so you can simply place it in the cooler and go. It can last up to 48 hours submerged in a cooler.

This can be a useful tool that will help your find what you need even at night.

6. Stay Warm

Alpaca Wool Boho Poncho on Etsy

Even summer nights can cool off after dark!

A poncho can make a nice wearable blanket to help you stay warm (but not too warm!) A poncho or large shawl isn’t as confining as a jacket and allows you to relax comfortably at night.   

It can be easy to throw on when things get chilly and it will save you from searching for throw blankets in the dark.

7. Decorate with Scented Candles

Photo: Dreamy Picnics Florida

For decor, you can keep it low-key and enjoy the beauty of nature at night!

Candles or glow sticks can make a nice addition to a table. They add a warm glow and can also serve a practical purpose.  

Choose candles that repel insects such as citronella, citrus, eucalyptus, and lavender.

These scents can add a nice ambiance to the night and can also help to keep the insects at bay!

8. Fun with Glowsticks

For children, glowsticks can be a fun addition to your night picnic.

You can make it a party game by using glowsticks to create different forms such as glasses, ball caps, or you can see who can make the best stick man costume! 

This provides a unique activity for kids and it can also let the adults keep tabs on where the kids are playing in the dark.

9. Make a Playlist

Photo: Andiance

You can dress up the atmosphere by listening to some of your favorite tunes in the night air.

This portable speaker is water-resistant, which makes it a great outdoor companion.

It can play music for up to 14 hours, so it can take your nighttime picnic into the morning.  Adding background music can be a great way to relax and set the mood for your picnic.

10. Light a fire

Photo: Pic Your Nic Vancouver

A small bonfire can draw a crowd together!

Set up the fire before dark so it is ready to provide some light and warmth when the sun goes down.

You can bring hot dogs, marshmallows, chocolate squares, and graham crackers for fire-roasting fun

Make Turkish Coffee in a True Nomad Fashion

Turkish coffee is not very complicated to set up but you have to watch it closely to pull it off at just the right time.  

Simply place your coffee grounds and water in a Turkish pot and rest it in hot ashes.

Using tongs, pile more ash around the base of the pot and keep an eye on your coffee.

This is a slow brew method that can take up to 20 minutes. But the end result is a delicious cup of coffee with yummy foam on top.

11. Fun and Games

Even adults can enjoy simple party games!

For a friend-fun-night, you can show off your artsy side by rock painting with glow-in-the-dark paint.

This is an art that comes from nature and that you can safely leave in nature. 

Not only will it be a fun activity for you and your friends, but you can leave them behind to brighten someone else’s day!

Some other fun games to try are glow-in-the-dark beach ball volleyball or light-up bocce ball.

Final Thoughts

When the days are too hot to comfortably eat outside, you can discover the unique beauty of nature after dark by planning a night

picnic.  Simply choosing to stay out late with friends, family, or date can add an element of fun and excitement to your usual picnic.

We hope our ideas will inspire you to start a new summer tradition with your loved ones!

Romantic picnic in nature: ideas and tips

Dreaming of making an unforgettable romantic picnic in nature for your soul mate, you must first decide on the scale of such an event.

For convenience, we will divide our picnic into two main types:

  • romantic picnic in nature as a regular pastime (you just had a free day together – why not spend it in nature?)
  • romantic picnic in nature in honor of your anniversary (the day you met, a year or several months of relationship)

Thus, you will know what scale the event is waiting for you, which means you will be confident in the choice of food, accessories and even attire.

So, now we will consider all the main stages of preparation for such a picnic, thereby learning how to quickly and efficiently organize leisure for ourselves and our beloved (beloved).

Location selection. Here, of course, not everything is simple. For a romantic day (evening) you need a more or less deserted place, because we don’t need crowds of curious people. That is why we recommend that you choose not a local park where children, dogs and pensioners walk, but a nearby forest. Typically, such places for recreation are chosen by small companies that are not at all interested in what their neighbors are doing. An unpopular beach is also a great choice. By the way, it’s okay if it is covered in grass and trees. This will only add beauty to your “exterior”.

Of course, you can also choose your country garden or even an arbor as the venue. After all, the main thing in such a picnic is not a new place, but the atmosphere :).

Decoration. Let’s go back to our picnic view. If this is a romantic outdoor picnic in honor of your anniversary, then you should take a more serious approach to creating a unique atmosphere around you.

The ideal option, of course, would be a tent decorated with hearts and balloons. Such tents not only give the appearance of a “romantic bungalow”, but also save from the dirty tricks of nature – unexpected rain or gusts of wind.

This hut can be made by yourself using fabrics of any color. It can also be made in the style of a canopy, fixing the upper part of the dome on the branches of trees.

Folding chairs, warm blankets or even the most ordinary pillows – all this will be the perfect filling for your romantic “hut”.

Place solar-powered lamps or candles at the entrance and your tent will immediately become a real place for romantic meetings, kisses and maybe even something more :).

However, don’t get upset if you can’t make or buy such a tent. You can use ordinary blankets, beautiful blankets and also create a unique holiday atmosphere for your loved one. If we are talking about an ordinary romantic picnic, then just make sure that you and your partner are comfortable and cozy.

picnic table decoration is also important. If you have a table, decorate it with a festive tablecloth, put beautiful wine glasses, plates, take care of cutlery. Don’t ruin your picnic by blowing your plastic utensils under the first gust of wind.

Don’t want to mess around with fragile porcelain? Then get a beautiful cardboard dish, decorated with drawings in style.

Do you expect to sit until the evening? Make sure you have a fire, warm chair and shoulder covers. You need to think about your comfort first of all, because nothing romantic will come of it if you or your significant other will chatter your teeth instead of romantic sighs under the moon :).

If you want a simple picnic without frills, but at the proper level, then we advise you to purchase special picnic sets. They consist of a handy bag, backpack or basket, initially filled with beautiful dishes that can be taken out on picnics. Usually this is a pair of crystal glasses, forks and spoons, as well as several porcelain plates.

No way to buy an expensive set? There is a great alternative – take an ordinary wicker basket, line it with bright fabric and “voila” – you already have a basket for food and dishes. It all depends on your imagination :).

For a good picnic, of course, you need good food – bake the chicken, but first carefully cut it into portioned pieces, because no one wants to mess around with slippery and fatty food on a picnic. Take sausages to roast them on the fire. Prepare bread or toast.

The well-known pizza, tartlets, sandwiches or pancakes with gourmet fillings will be an excellent option. Cheesecakes, vegetable salads without heavy mayonnaise. Fish baked with lemon and fruit. All this has the right to be on your picnic.

If you are preparing a gourmet anniversary dinner, then options such as:

  • fondue (its recipes are on the Internet, but you should not make it at a romantic picnic if you have never experimented with such a dish before)
  • French oven-baked meat
  • holiday meals.

Have you decided on the menu? Then do not forget to take the necessary utensils, cutlery, napkins and, of course, something to drink. Freshly squeezed juices, good wine or mineral water – everything to your taste. You can also grab a bottle of champagne as a symbol of your anniversary.

We are sure that you will spend your time with great pleasure, but we will give a few tips to those who feel constrained in such an environment. Just so you don’t make unforgivable mistakes:

  • Do not talk at this picnic about problems at work, family or relationships. To do this, there is a usual evening at home in front of the TV.
  • Do not remember old grievances and do not discuss other people, even if they are your relatives or friends.
  • Dedicate time to remembering your first meeting, first kiss…
  • Remember how you went on vacation together, look at common photos or just silently enjoy each other’s company.
  • You can even play your favorite games, from chess to tennis, as long as it brings you pleasure.
  • New technology allows you to take your laptop with you and watch a couple of your favorite movies.

Little things that will help you not to spoil the evening:

  • Musical accompaniment is a wonderful option that will help you make a romantic picnic in nature even more sophisticated. However, don’t just record “snotty” romantic tunes if your partner doesn’t share your musical tastes. Make a selection of your and his favorite songs. Even if it is a rock ballad :). If you can not decide on the choice of music, use our selection.
  • Insect repellent. It will be doubly pleasant to spend time in nature without the terrible bites of mosquitoes, bees and other living creatures.
  • If you are grilling sausages or other foods directly at the picnic, take care of skewers or grills.
  • Wet wipes, tablets, water to rinse your hands – all this will be a nice addition to a comfortable stay.

You will choose the clothes and shoes of according to your own taste, but it is worth remembering that no one will appreciate your wonderful hairpins if you break both legs in exactly 5 minutes.

Opt for comfortable ballerina flats that go well with sundresses and dresses of all cuts. Don’t like excessive romantic ruffles? Then put on your favorite jeans.

Men can wear light tennis shoes, light trousers, favorite T-shirts. However, it is worth taking care of comfort in the evening for yourself and your lady – we recommend taking a pair of warm sweatshirts with you.

We are sure that using our tips. You will spend an unforgettable romantic picnic in nature and diversify your vacation :).

Romantic picnic: what to bring?

Spring has come into its own, which means it’s time to meet in nature! We have prepared a list of the essentials for you in case you decide to have a romantic picnic with your loved one! Before heading out of town or to the nearest park, make sure you take care of these items:

1. Food and drink . The picnic menu offers simple and unpretentious food. Lovingly prepared sandwiches, homemade cakes, cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables can all be packed, transported and eaten with ease without the aid of a fork and knife. Juices and nectars are especially good as picnic drinks: vegetable for snacks and fruit for desserts. Do not forget to prepare food in advance: wash vegetables and fruits, cut cheeses and sausages, make sandwiches. Ideally, at a picnic, all you need to do is unpack and beautifully arrange the food on a makeshift table. Voila!

2. Containers, foil, cling film for food packaging . Make sure that anything that could potentially get dirty or spilled along the way is packed extra carefully.

3. Plastic crockery/cutlery, disposable tablecloth . Disposable tableware and tablecloths will save you from unnecessary worries. At the end of the picnic, you can simply roll up the tablecloth with all the contents and put it in a trash bag.

4. Napkins, paper and wet . Paper napkins can be used instead of plates for small snacks, wet ones are useful if you get dirty. For hand hygiene, you can use a gel sanitizer: you do not need water or towels.

5. Basket (bag, backpack, etc.) . In stores, you can find cute picnic baskets that have special compartments for dishes and food. But for a date in nature, both a roomy backpack and a sports bag are suitable: the main thing is that you have the opportunity to place products in them so that nothing spills or loses its shape.
6. Thin fleece blankets . This item is especially relevant for spring, until the air has finally warmed up. Such rugs do not take up much space and weigh almost nothing, but they really help out when the temperature outside suddenly drops.

7. Folding chairs/table . On a folding tourist chair you will be not only more comfortable, but also warmer. If you don’t have camping furniture, don’t worry: get smart on the ground, use benches and stumps to keep you off the ground.

8. Garbage bags . Don’t forget to clean up after yourself after the picnic. As a rule, one capacious bag is enough to collect all the garbage.