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Here’s What It Means If Your Poop Floats

It’s not exactly common, but we’ve all probably experienced the floating turd. So what exactly does it mean if your stool is not sinking?

“A floating stool is simply less dense than a sinking stool,” says gastroenterologist Dr Neil Stollman. Doctors used to think this resulted from excess fat in the feces, but one study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests it’s actually extra air. Dr. Stollman says it could probably be either, though air is more likely.

And if your poop contains more air or gas than normal, it will make it lighter—thus more likely to float on top of the water than sink to the bottom of it, like denser turds do.

Still, it’s possible that extra fat in your feces can cause it to float, too. In this case, eating more fatty food than normal is likely the culprit, says Dr. Stollman. When your intestines can’t absorb all that fat, it’s excreted through your poop.

In rarer cases, fatty, floating stools—officially known as steatorrhea—can signal that your body is unable to digest and absorb nutrients, like fat, properly. This is called malabsorption.

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If there are also drops of oil in the toilet, your pancreas might not be working properly to absorb the fat you eat, says Dr. Brown. And oil in the poop itself might mean the bacteria from your small intestine are growing outside it, breaking it down before you can.

Doctors can diagnose malabsorption through a fecal fat test, which literally measures the amount of fat excreted in your stool. If your floating poop is caused by malabsorption, you will probably have other signs as well, like frequent loose stool, extremely foul-smelling stools, abdominal cramps, and gas.

That said, in most cases, floating poop on its own probably doesn’t indicate any problem. “Very few people have consistent bowels,” says Dr. Stollman. Most changes are simply due to diet or medications. But if you notice a change for a month or more, talk to your doctor just to be safe 

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health

Nerdfighteria Wiki – Why Does My Poop Float?

Olivia: Have you ever looked down after doing your business and noticed that your poop is floating? Maybe this comes and goes, or maybe your poop is always buoyant. You might have even worried that this was a problem.

Like, if you look it up online, a lot of reputable websites will mention that one reason your poop floats is because of fat. Fat is less dense than water, and so, the thinking goes, if you have enough of it in your poop, that’s probably why it floats.

But fatty stools—what doctors like to call steatorrheic stools— happen because you aren’t absorbing the fat you eat. And that’s usually a sign of a really serious problem, like pancreatic cancer or cystic fibrosis.

Back in the early ‘70s, Michael Levitt and William Duane, a pair of researchers at the University of Minnesota, were annoyed by this assumption that fat is why feces float. They suspected that trapped gas was the more likely culprit. After all, about 15 percent of perfectly healthy people—including Duane— consistently had bobbers.

So, they decided to investigate, and kindly wrote up their results in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in a paper called, “Floating Stools — Flatus versus Fat. ” 33 healthy volunteers, some with floaters, donated samples, along with 6 patients with steatorrhea.

The scientists put the specimens in flasks with water to see if they sank. If not, they added pressure to squeeze out any gas and checked to see if anything still floated. But even the fattiest poops sank to the bottom when degassed. In fact, the scientists determined that it’s almost impossible for a bowel movement to float just because of its fat content. You would need it to be half fat.

So gas creates most of the uplift. But what is it, and where is it coming from? Luckily, our gutsy duo also analyzed the poo samples with gas chromatography to separate out the compounds and identify the mystery gas. It turns out that a big part is methane, the same stuff in natural gas. It’s made by special bacteria in the colon called methanogens.

Everybody has some of these bugs, but some people seem to have way more— like William Duane, who admitted in his paper that he produced methane at ‘near record proportions. ’ Methanogens run on hydrogen, and can ferment fiber in the gut, a bit like a cow can. That means you get more energy out of fiber-rich foods like beans.

So, don’t believe everything you read online about your poop. If you have floaters, you could be just gassy. And if you have fatty poop that happens to float? Well, that’s because of gas, too.

Thanks for asking, and thanks especially to all of our patrons on Patreon who keep these answers coming. If you’d like to submit questions to be answered, just go to patreon.com/scishow. And don’t forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!

What Your Poop Says About Your Health

Eating a diet that’s rich in fiber helps bulk up the stool, since fiber acts like a sponge to help retain some water. “The American Academy of Family Physicians encourages nine servings per day of high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes to help keep things running smoothly,” says Dr. Hurt. Taking supplemental bulking agents like psyllium can also help to create large, soft stools that pass through the intestines smoothly and at a normal pace.

“Dehydration can also play a role in constipation,” Stephanie Dunne, R.D., an integrative and functional nutrition certified practitioner, tells SELF, “This is because the intestines pull water into the bowels to make the stool softer and easier to pass.” Food sensitivies, overgrowth of bacteria or yeast in the small intestine, and excessive intake of red meat or alcohol are other contributors.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many people have diarrhea on a regular basis, and far more often than they realize. According to Dunne, “If you’re experiencing loose, mushy, or watery stools at least 75 percent of the time, you have chronic diarrhea.” The consistency may be soft separate blobs, fluffy pieces with ragged edges, or be completely watery with no solid pieces at all. As with constipation, fiber plays an important role when you’re suffering from diarrhea for many of the same reasons previously mentioned. “Fiber is like a sponge that expands to help firm up loose stools,” she says.

Other potential causes for chronic diarrhea “include an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast in the large intestine, food sensitivities, excess intake of high fat or greasy foods, the inability to sufficiently digest and absorb nutrients, and chronic stress or anxiety due to the strong gut-brain connection,” Dunne tells SELF.

The color of your poop can also tell you a lot about what’s going on with your body.

“If your stool is a color besides brown, it’s typically due to whatever you recently ate,” says Massarat Zutshi, M.D., a colorectal surgeon with Cleveland Clinic. “Leafy greens, red fruits and veggies, artificial food coloring, and some medicines and supplements can also change the color.” In some cases, color changes can indicate something more serious. Here’s a color-based guide to what your poop says about your health:

Almost black

If you didn’t take Pepto Bismol (which pretty much always changes your poop to black), dark-colored stool can indicate bleeding from higher in your GI tract that changed color as it passed through the intestines. “Outside of Bismuth (Pepto Bismol), darker bowels can be a result of a stomach ulcer or high levels of iron,” Dr. Zutshi tells SELF.


Medicines like Kaopectate can sometimes cause pale and clay-colored stools. “White stools can also be due to problems with bile getting into your GI tract, or if the liver is not making enough bile,” says Jennifer Inra, M.D., of Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy. “If the bile duct is blocked due to a stone or a tumor, bile is not able to reach the intestine and the stool turns white. This is common with liver diseases like hepatitis and cirrhosis.”


Let’s say you poop (or pee) a tint of red. Before you panic, think about what you’ve eaten recently. “The deep red color in beets comes from a plant compound called betacyanin,” Laura Cipullo, R.D., a nutritionist based in New York City, tells SELF. “This can color both your urine and your poop for up to two days after consuming them. ” If you didn’t eat the root vegetable, the culprits could be tomatoes, food coloring, or even cranberries. If you’re positive the red tint didn’t come from any food, you may have blood in your stool, which is actually fresh blood from the intestines. This definitely warrants a visit to the doctor. “Bright red blood in the stool can indicate a polyp, inflammation, diverticulitis, or even colon cancer,” says Dr. Zutshi.


If you notice yellow poop that floats, you might have issues digesting fat. This can be the result of having your gallbladder removed, taking weight-loss medications, or from a variety of surgeries. “Yellow, greasy and fatty stools may indicate chronic pancreatitis or celiac disease,” says Dr. Inra.


If your poop is slightly tinted green, consider whether you ate any greens over the last 24 hours because that could be the cause. Taz Bhatia, M.D., an integrative health expert and author of What Doctors Eat and The 21-Day Belly Fix, tells SELF that green poop can also be a sign of infection. “If it is consistently green and unrelated to food, then it may be a sign to monitor your health closely and see a physician,” she says.

NASA’s 1969 Floating Poop Mystery

The astronauts on NASA’s Apollo 10 mission in May 1969 paved the way for a pivotal moment in human history. But in the process, they introduced an entirely new kind of space exploration mystery. 

Apollo 10 served as a test run for Apollo 11’s historic moon landing two months later. NASA went through all the same motions and procedures as the landing would require, but came just short of actually touching down on the lunar surface. The three astronauts onboard helped NASA understand the issues that might arise during the real lunar landing. Such as: What happens when a turd floats through the spacecraft? 

It was day six of the mission. Commander Tom Stafford noticed it first. “Oh—who did it?” he asked, laughing. “Who did it?”

“Give me a napkin quick,” he told the others. “There’s a turd floating through the air.”

Talk quickly turned to whose poop it could be, resulting in a pretty hilarious chorus of “not me!”

“I didn’t do it. It ain’t one of mine,” said command module pilot John Young. Lunar module pilot Eugene Cernan claimed, “I don’t think it’s one of mine,” while Stafford was more specific in his denials. “Mine was a little more sticky than that,” he told the others.

Figuring out how astronauts could answer nature’s call was a major challenge NASA had to face if it wanted to keep astronauts in space for more than a few hours. Unfortunately for space travelers trapped in close quarters, the human body experiences “decreased gastrointestinal transit time” in weightless conditions—meaning astronauts go more in space. These days, astronauts on the International Space Station have a vacuum-powered toilet equipped with a seat belt. In the early days of space travel, there were no such luxuries. 

In 1961, astronaut Alan Shepard—the first American to travel into space—spent five hours waiting for his 15-minute long Freedom 7 flight. He ended up having to pee in his space suit—something NASA had not prepared for. Later, they added waste collection devices [PDF], but they weren’t foolproof. In 1963, several systems within astronaut Gordon Cooper’s Project Mercury capsule failed due to a leaky urine bag. (To reduce the need to pass solid waste during the Mercury missions, astronauts were fed a special low-fiber diet for the three days before launch.)

An early fecal collection device for astronauts. Image Credit: NASA

But of course, everybody needs to poop eventually. During the longer Apollo missions, astronauts essentially had to use an adhesive plastic bag they could attach to their butt. A germicidal tablet inside killed bacteria to prevent gasses from building up inside the bag.

“In all cases, the primary problem has been the separation, in a weightless environment, of the fecal wastes from the crewmen,” NASA wrote in an analysis of the Apollo fecal collection system in 1972 [PDF]. With no gravity, it’s hard to get your poop away from your body, and it came with a “finger cot” (like a condom for the finger) to help move the poop into the bag. The bag was not popular with astronauts: “Nothing has proved more effective than the current system, which has proved adequate for all flights, although the crewmen have expressed dislike for it.”

As to who unleashed the Apollo 10’s mysterious turd, none of the astronauts on board copped to it. “Well, babe, if it was me, I sure would know I was s****ing on the floor,” Cernan said. The other astronauts continued to claim their own bowel movements were too sticky to be the offender, as evidenced by their experiences with the beloved finger cot. Who really unleashed the Apollo 10 poop rocket, we may never know.

Once NASA astronauts did touch down on the moon, of course, they elected to leave their bags of feces there. Go ahead and search “turd” in the Apollo 10 transcripts to find more astronaut poop jokes.

[h/t: Vox]

Urban Thesaurus – Find Synonyms for Slang Words

As you’ve probably noticed, the slang synonyms for “term” are listed above. Note that due to the nature of the algorithm, some results returned by your query may only be concepts, ideas or words that are related to “term” (perhaps tenuously). This is simply due to the way the search algorithm works.

You might also have noticed that many of the synonyms or related slang words are racist/sexist/offensive/downright appalling – that’s mostly thanks to the lovely community over at Urban Dictionary (not affiliated with Urban Thesaurus). Urban Thesaurus crawls the web and collects millions of different slang terms, many of which come from UD and turn out to be really terrible and insensitive (this is the nature of urban slang, I suppose). Hopefully the related words and synonyms for “term” are a little tamer than average.

Urban Thesaurus

The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. The official Urban Dictionary API is used to show the hover-definitions. Note that this thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary.

Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms. The higher the terms are in the list, the more likely that they’re relevant to the word or phrase that you searched for. The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol rofl and it should give you a pile of related slang terms. Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that can mean either one of these (e.g. bae). Please also note that due to the nature of the internet (and especially UD), there will often be many terrible and offensive terms in the results.

There is still lots of work to be done to get this slang thesaurus to give consistently good results, but I think it’s at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it.

Special thanks to the contributors of the open-source code that was used in this project: @krisk, @HubSpot, and @mongodb.

Finally, you might like to check out the growing collection of curated slang words for different topics over at Slangpedia.

Please note that Urban Thesaurus uses third party scripts (such as Google Analytics and advertisements) which use cookies. To learn more, see the privacy policy.

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    Dream interpretation – why feces dream

    To see feces in a dream from Freud’s dream book

    As it was noticed in one of the chats, it does not matter how badly fate will treat your children; there will certainly be people who will say that this is the result of a “perverted” upbringing.

    In principle, this approach in psychotherapy is one of Freud’s perpetuated achievements after the theory of penis envy. Interest in this approach is fueled by Freud’s own “scatological” struggle with the consequences of his childhood experience, which is mentioned in his biography.

    Many believe that feces predict wealth and prosperity. But it should be noted that both wealth itself and your desire to acquire it can be implied here. In any case, this interpretation is based on Freud’s theory that feces are perceived by the child as something produced by him, and therefore, as something valuable. It would be surprising if an adult woke up because he dreamed of feces, and felt free and easy from this.

    To interpret sleep, it is important to know the source of the faeces and how you found them.

    • For example, if feces appear in a natural biological way in a dream, then determine whose feces are and what you do with them, you just saw them, removed them – this will say a lot about your relationship with the characters in the dream.
    • If you find faeces or do not see them, but you are aware of their presence, then you are worried about the attempts of others to interfere in your life. The issue of money can also be raised here if someone’s influence goes too far or others interfere in your life too intrusively.

    Why do you dream about excrement according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

    • malicious intent, evil intrigues against the sleeping person in the material, if they are liquid and do not stain;
    • urine (spilled) – trouble;
    • trouble through children;
    • their own (excrement) – to money;
    • to improve material matters;
    • strangers – dual: enrichment, if you do not know whose; if known – inheritance, income or squabbles with the one whose “good”;


    The meaning of a dream about excrement according to Freud’s dream book

    • In a dream, seeing human excreta – you are tormented by some problem related to your personal life, but you do not want to discuss it with the culprit of the current situation.
    • Trying to wipe excrement from your own body in a dream – you will find yourself in an awkward position when more is known about you than you would like.
    • Get dirty in someone’s excrement – you will find out some secret of the personal life of one of your colleagues, and he himself will not know that you are privy to his secret.

    Why is shit dreaming about a common dream book

    Everyone at least once saw shit in a dream. Why is it dreaming? In reality, many are faced with such a question, and it does not seem strange. This is because sleeping with shit has a hidden meaning that is interpreted in different ways. First of all, this can be interpreted as hints of the subconscious, signaling internal difficulties – isolation from others, personal difficulties, discomfort.

    If in a dream you throw poop in different directions, in the near future secrets will come out or you will learn unpleasant news.It often happens that shit in a dream is timed to changes in a person’s financial situation. Moreover, it depends on its shade, aroma and density whether there will be financial gains or losses in the future. Stepped into liquid cow excrement, get a generous reward. If you swim in poop up to your neck, you will find bargains.

    And if dreams about shit happen regularly, while everything is in order in the family and there are no prerequisites for moving, then expect large financial receipts. Previous generations, from dreams with shit, determined whether to expect a good harvest in the year or not.

    Why is shit dreaming about an esoteric dream book

    In accordance with esoteric knowledge, shit symbolizes troubles and nasty things.

    • If you got dirty in feces in a dream, you will soon receive what you deserve for your deeds.
    • If you pooped for yourself, then expect betrayal, the loss of a large amount of money or the appearance of fears.

    According to the esoteric dream book, it is worth focusing not only on the situation in the dream, but also on the shape of the shit, its size.Liquid portends a profit that you will receive from an unexpected source.

    Formed poop is already a reward for hard work. If the feces are in the form of a ring, then this promise will come true. A neat heap speaks of the emergence of new prospects. But if shit splashes in different directions, gossip in the real world, disappointment and missed opportunities await you.

    Why is shit dreaming about the modern women’s dream book

    When interpreting sleep, it is important to pay attention to the situation itself and the environment.

    • If you slipped on the feces, then this portends an unprofitable investment, loss of money and unforeseen expenses.
    • If poop floats in water, the immediate benefit will be related to the aquatic environment.
    • If at the same time you also swim in water with feces and drown in them, this could be a sign of impending financial failure.
    • When a peasant sees shit in his dream, he will have a rich harvest or make a profit.
    • If in a dream they saw a mountain of shit on which you are standing, then soon there will be an opportunity for a super-profitable investment.

    Seeing shit in a dream according to Miller’s dream book

    • If you saw shit in a dream, this may indicate that a profit is coming soon. And if you bathe in shit in a dream, expect a generous inheritance.
    • When you dream of poop with a strong smell, and you are smeared with it, it means that success awaits in difficult and risky business.
    • When a farmer dreams of a bunch of feces, the harvest in the coming year will be big, and success awaits in business.
    • An ordinary person dreams of dung – pleasant gifts, news and victories in disputes are expected.

    Interpretation of dreams with shit according to Freud’s dream book

    • If you dream that you fell into shit or are rolling in it, this indicates a difficult situation in life that has not been resolved in any way for a long time.
    • When constipation occurs in a dream, it means that a problem will soon appear, you will not be able to satisfy any desire.
    • When you see in a dream that your acquaintance or someone from your family is defecating, this indicates internal psychological difficulties, relationship problems or conflicts.
    • If in a dream you tried to smear someone in your shit, you will soon find yourself in an uncomfortable situation created by your own hands.
    • If you smeared yourself with shit, then you confirm a disadvantageous position in the team, among friends, relatives.
    • When you eat poop in a dream, you will find out someone’s secrets, or tell others about any secret.
    • If you see insects, worms in the manure, beware – someone will try to take your property or use you for their own selfish purposes.

    Commentary of a psychologist about sleep shit

    “It symbolizes subconscious dissatisfaction with the current situation, relationships, prospects: what exactly depends on the plot. If you dream that you got dirty or fell into shit – this is a suppressed feeling of shame for some of your actions or behavior, fear of getting into an extremely awkward or ambiguous situation, a feeling of helplessness from what is happening to you. Think, what situation in real life seems “dirty” to you or do you feel helpless in it? What are you afraid of getting dirty? Perhaps you feel that you have behaved very ugly towards someone and you are ashamed of yourself? ” – Marina Basmanova, clinical psychologist.

    90,000 Expert advice for beginner hobbyists. News. Channel One

    Two in one: original decoration of the apartment and entertainment for the whole family. This can be said about the aquarium. But can everyone cope with swimming pets and what mistakes do beginners most often make? The secrets of caring for “goldfish” were revealed by aquarium specialist Maxim Gubin.

    Question: Let’s start with the most important thing, with the aquarium. Maybe for a beginner you need less to keep it easier?

    Expert: Yes, there is such a widespread opinion, although the situation is exactly the opposite.Any small aquarium requires more skill, knowledge, practice and more from the aquarist. That is, when choosing your first aquarium, I would, of course, recommend starting from the largest possible aquarium, about 50-60 liters.

    Question: Maxim, the minimum set of a novice aquarist besides the aquarium, what should it include?

    Expert: The filtration system is the very heart of the life-support system, a lighting system for simulating a light regime, which is important for both fish and plants, in the first place.This is a system for saturating water with oxygen, a compressor, a heating system for maintaining the temperature regime. And a set of equipment for the care of the aquarium: a scraper, a net, a siphon for cleaning the soil and changing water. Plus an air conditioner for preparing water and all sorts of artificially prepared feed.

    Question: In general, how is it calculated how many fish can live in an aquarium of this or that capacity?

    Expert: There is a fairly universal formula: for one centimeter of a fish’s body, namely a centimeter of a fish’s body, not fish, there should be about one and a half liters of water.The length of the aquarium should ideally be about 8-10 times the size of the fish. That is, an aquarium with a length of 50 centimeters would be ideal for keeping 5-centimeter fish.

    Question: How are the fish selected in general, what can you advise a beginner to be beautiful, easy to care for, in general, affordable, not some exotic?

    Expert: Guppies, Molinesia, Picilia. The indisputable advantage of these fish is that they are able to easily bring forth offspring even in a beginner’s aquarium, which is very desirable, very pleasing to everyone, both adults and children.These are very active, very bright schooling fish barbs. Very beloved cockerels, gourami, laliusi, popular for many, many years. Exceptionally bright and interesting fish of the haracin family are neons.

    Question: How often should the aquarium be cleaned?

    Expert: The most important procedure is changing part of the water once a week, about 20-25% of the total volume of the aquarium. That is, by doing so, we imitate the flow of water in natural reservoirs: some are drained, some are poured.The second important procedure is soil cleaning. For this there is a siphon device, the so-called, which acts, like practically our vacuum cleaner: it sucks out all the sediments accumulated in it from the soil.

    Question: How often and should the aquarium glass be cleaned at all?

    Expert: In fact, the overgrowth of the inner surfaces of the aquarium with some kind of microalgae, bacterial formations does not harm this biological system.

    Question: That is, it is not harmful to the fish themselves?

    Expert: Yes, first of all, we need it.It is better to combine weekly procedures with water changes, soil cleaning.

    Question: Maxim, I think another important question is food. How much to pour into the fish?

    Expert: It is correct, of course, to feed in small doses. That is, pinch and observe the behavior of the fish. Pinch and watch. After just a pinch, you will see that the fish have practically ceased to react to the feed you bring in. This will be a signal that the fish is full. After a few days, you yourself will understand what dose of food is relevant for your number of fish.

    Question: Maxim, after all, is it difficult to maintain an aquarium in the end?

    Expert: This is more interesting and useful than difficult. The only thing, of course, we must not forget that we take responsibility for the life of animals, and they completely and completely depend on us. But following all the recommendations, the novice aquarist will receive great aesthetic and moral pleasure for himself.


    – It is better for beginners to choose unpretentious fish.Swordsmen, guppies, lalius, cockerels, neons will do. Just remember: if you start tropical fish, you will also need an aquarium heater – the water temperature should be at least 25 degrees.

    – You can fill the aquarium with ordinary tap water. It is diluted with a special liquid – conditioner, which kills bacteria and neutralizes harmful substances.

    – It is better to change the water every week. In this case, it is not necessary to drain it completely, it is enough to replace a fifth of the total volume.As for the soil, it can be cleaned with a device designed for this – a siphon.

    – If you purchased an aquarium decoration such as wooden figurines, first immerse your purchase in boiling water for disinfection. Plastic accessories can be treated with potassium permanganate solution.

    – Excess food can be fatal to fish. So keep a close eye on their behavior while feeding. If you see that aquatic inhabitants begin to lose interest in food, immediately stop pouring food and remove any residues from the water.

    Registration of dogs and cats in Germany: how does it work? | Culture and Lifestyle in Germany and Europe | DW

    Germans are very fond of pets. The country is home to about 35 million dogs, cats, hamsters and others. What you need to know before getting a pet in Germany?

    Pets in Germany: no vaccinations – nowhere

    There is no compulsory vaccination of pets in Germany. All vaccinations are done voluntarily or on the recommendation of veterinarians, most of whom consider vaccination to be an important prerequisite for maintaining the health of four-legged pets.

    “Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies, plague, parvovirus enteritis, hepatitis and infectious tracheobronchitis. Cats – against rabies, infectious peritonitis, viral leukemia, plague and rhinotracheitis – feline herpes”, – recommends Ralph Rückert (Ralph Rückert) and a popular blogger from Ulm.

    In his opinion, vaccinated animals have better immunity, and their owners save on costs in case of serious diseases due to lack of vaccinations. Dogs traveling with their owners must be vaccinated against rabies, hepatitis and parvovirus enteritis.In Germany, the last known case of rabies was reported in 2013 in Bavaria in a dog brought from Morocco. “In Eastern Europe, parvovirus enteritis must be wary of. It can be brought to Germany with illegal puppies,” warns Ralf Rückert.

    Registration and taxes on dogs

    As soon as a dog appears in the house, it must be registered with the tax office of the place of residence. In a couple of days, the registration number on the suspension (Hundemarke) will come by mail.Without it, the Germans do not risk walking with their pets. City law enforcement officers (Ordnungsamt) can check the dog’s registration number and issue a monetary fine if it is missing.

    This is how the registration number of the dog looks like.

    The registration number is important for the taxation system. The amount of taxes depends on the city or town in which the owner lives. Dog owners pay out over 300 million euros annually across Germany.It must be said that taxes on fighting dogs in many cities are higher than on dogs of other breeds.

    The size of taxes for each subsequent dog will also increase: if someone has three dogs, then taxes will have to be paid for each one separately, and for each subsequent one – more than for the previous one. “The purpose of the tax levies is to limit the increase in the number of dogs in cities in general, and in particular to reduce the number of fighting breed pets,” says Katharina Heesen, an employee of the State Taxpayer Association of North Rhine-Westphalia.

    Cat owners are exempt from paying taxes in Germany, but their owners must fulfill important conditions, which we will discuss below.

    Each animal has a chip

    For free movement in the EU countries, the dog must be chipped. If earlier the identification function was performed by a stamp applied to the skin of an animal, then in recent years the Germans began to implant microchips under the skin of their pets, which contain information about animals with the addresses of their owners.

    Chipping of pets is carried out in veterinary clinics

    There are no uniform rules for chipping in Germany itself. Each federal state decides in its own way. In some lands it is mandatory and only applies to fighting breeds. Some people think that it is not necessary to microchip a dog inside Germany, while others, on the contrary, argue that it is necessary, because the owner will have a better chance of finding him. There are several pet databases in the country where you can register a chipped pet.These data are directly related to information on chips that are implanted under the skin of animals.

    Walking only on a leash

    In Germany, it is customary to walk dogs only on a leash, with the exception of specially designated lawns in parks. There is no single federal law on the rules for walking dogs in Germany, but each city and community has its own regulations. Of course, there are places where dogs can run after a ball without a leash, play with other dogs, or chase each other.The exception is fighting breeds – they must always be kept on a leash, and in some cities and communities in Germany they can only be walked with muzzles.

    In city parks and suburban forest plantations in which wild animals live, it is strictly prohibited to release dogs from a leash. For violation of such rules, the owners face fines of up to several hundred euros.

    It is compulsory to clean up after pets

    A sacred rule for dog owners is to clean up after their pets during walks.As soon as the dog has relieved himself in a big way, the owner must clean up after her, using a special plastic bag for this.

    Free bags for cleaning the dogs

    They can be taken free of charge in special machines installed near parks, squares or in pedestrian zones. Package costs are covered by animal taxes. If the owner is caught on the fact that he does not clean up after his pet, then he faces a fine of 30 euros.

    Castration on a voluntary and compulsory basis

    The decision on castration and neutering of dogs or cats is made by each owner independently.True, in some federal states, even domestic cats that walk on their own need to be sterilized.

    Veterinarians, by decision of the city or village administration, can only castrate stray dogs and cats sent to shelters. The state seeks to reduce the number of animals being born. Even professional breeders who are members of officially registered organizations have quotas that they cannot exceed.

    Surgical castration is more common in Germany.Chemical castration, involving long-term use of drugs, leads to an increased risk of developing diabetes mellitus, obesity, inflammation of the uterus, and breast tumors. Unlike cats, in which castration or neutering is carried out to control reproduction, there is a constant debate about the advisability of neutering dogs. They are castrated, first of all, for the prevention of possible diseases, as well as to facilitate their maintenance.

    It is possible to have a cat or a dog only with the permission of the apartment owners

    In rented apartments or houses you can have dogs or cats only with the permission of the owners.If there is no separate clause on this in the rental agreement, then before buying a dog or cat, you need to discuss these plans with the owner of the apartment. Otherwise, the case may go to court.

    “But the landlord also has no right to refuse the tenant to purchase a cat or dog without compelling grounds, since this may be considered an infringement of the moral rights of the tenant,” says the Cologne lawyer Agnes Lysik.

    See also:

    • 10 breeds of dogs bred in Germany

      Great Dane

      This Great Dane was entered in 2010 in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest dog in the world.His weight at that time was 111 kilograms.

    • 10 dog breeds bred in Germany

      American Eskimo?

      When the “German Spitz” was brought to America, and it was just after the end of the First World War, it was renamed the “American Spitz” because anti-German feelings were prevalent in the States at that time. Since then, the breed has undergone changes. Cynologists of various organizations have not yet come to a consensus: to consider the breed living in the United States, “German” or “American”.

    • 10 breeds of dogs bred in Germany

      German boxer

      In 1895, a new breed was presented in Munich, resulting from many years of crossing of bulldogs and mastiffs. Cynologists still cannot answer the question: why was this dog called a “boxer”?

    • 10 breeds of dogs bred in Germany


      The name of the hunting breed Dachshund or Dackel (dachshund) comes from the words Dachs (badger) and Hund (dog), because dachshunds were used to find and hunt badgers and others burrowing animals.Chekhov had two dachshunds: Brom Isaich and Hina Markovna. Anton Pavlovich once wrote about them: “… the ugly appearance of the dog. The paws are crooked, the bodies are long, but the mind is extraordinary.”

    • 10 breeds of dogs bred in Germany

      Small Münsterländer

      Small Münsterländer owes its origin to the German dog handler Edmund Löns, who began working on the creation of this breed back in 1902. Very high requirements for breeding standards did not allow this dog to gain wide popularity.Münsterlanders are quite rare.

    • 10 breeds of dogs bred in Germany


      Characteristic features – silver coat, extraordinary eyes and attachment to humans, inherent in the genetic level. This breed of dogs was bred in the homeland of Goethe – in Weimar.

    • 10 dog breeds bred in Germany


      Not far from Weimar is the town of Apolda.Here in the 19th century, the court clerk Friedrich Louis Dobermann lived. He was interested in dog breeding. By crossing pinschers, Weimar cops and pointers, a new breed appeared, which later began to bear his name – the Doberman.

    • 10 breeds of dogs bred in Germany


      There are different versions of the origin of the Rottweiler. One of them says that the breed, in its current form, was bred in the German city of Rottweil in the 18th century.In the center of his hometown, a small bronze monument is erected to the Rottweiler.

    • 10 dog breeds bred in Germany

      German Shepherd

      Breeding was organized on a grand scale, with the participation of German herding dog breeders from all over the country. And in 1899, the German Shepherd was first officially shown at the All-German Dog Show. Today, shepherd dogs are used all over the world as police dogs, rescuers and guide dogs.

    • 10 breeds of dogs bred in Germany


      Schnauzers appeared in Bavaria. Work with the formation and consolidation of breed characteristics began in the middle of the 19th century. In 1879, at a dog show in Hanover, a wire-haired dog named Schnauzer -on was presented and gave the name to the breed.

      Author: Conor Dillon, Victor Weitz

    90,000 do they walk or swim? / Valery Tsurkan

    We swam, we know…

    From time to time people start to teach each other the Russian language.

    “Shit floats, and ships go,” they say and smile meaningfully, because they know a terrible secret that you do not know. And this must be a prerequisite, if you write about the sea, then your ships must go, not sail. Otherwise they are shit. And you too.

    I always thought that it was either the sailors trolling overland, or something else. Yes, I fully admit that among the sailors, ships are sailing.But I’m not a sailor, they float with me. And sometimes they go. And the open spaces are plowing.

    I was somehow puzzled by this question, I leafed through several books written by people who had at least some relation to the sea. At least they wrote about the sea and were respected by the readers. And their ships also float. And they themselves sail on these ships, not go. He did not go deeply, he chose Pikul offhand (he was a sailor during the war), Krapivin (he was not a sailor, but he wrote about the sea inspiringly), Bulychev (wrote books about pirates and about sea discoveries), Novikov-Priboy (he fought as a sailor in the Russian Japanese).And I didn’t choose a lot of quotes either, a couple at a time. In general, they write about one shit.

    Valentin Pikul. “Cruisers”

    In solemn silence, slowly picking up the last turns of the screws, “Russia” and “Thunderbolt” swam into the Golden Horn, orphaned – already without “Rurik”.

    It means that two poop were swimming in the Golden Horn Bay. The third drowned.

    My grandfather was still sailing on the clipper “Rurik”.

    And then the hero called his grandfather shit.

    Igor Mozheiko. “Pirates, Corsairs, Raiders”

    Most of the pirate ships flew under the black flag.

    Apparently, it was Bulychev who called them shit out of dislike for pirates.

    On the way, Vasco da Gama declared: “Leaving Lisbon, I vowed not to turn back. I will throw everyone who mentions this overboard. ”

    Vasco understood perfectly well what shit he was. And he warned others.

    Alexey Novikov-Priboy.“Tsushima”

    It was not difficult for me to reconstruct the picture of the sinking of the ship – I myself sailed on a ship of the same type and took part in the battle myself.

    The author admitted that he was shit.

    At our docks, rattling with hammers, old ships were being repaired, and they were still sailing for several years.

    In principle, our entire fleet at that time was shit, and the author knew it.

    Vladislav Krapivin. “Three from Carronade Square”

    And earlier, a few years ago, he sailed on the “Saturn” as the third mate, knows the sails.

    Sails knows, but as a man shit, even though he is the third mate.

    … the old “Tramp” sailed here by unknown ways.

    Well, it’s a sin not to call an old boat shit.

    Well, in general, I think that you can sail and walk on ships. Since the masters are allowed.

    Krymnash: top_lap – LiveJournal

    Here on the network they are discussing what happened 7 years ago, when it was annexed, reunited, reunited, in short, when Crimea became ours.Great things are seen at a distance, but to be honest, I have always been exactly on the Crimea. Perhaps my first “acquaintance” with this region was not entirely pleasant. Back in 2006, I was in charge of a travel agency, and by July we had sold several hundred vouchers to Crimea. We bought railway tickets, paid for boarding houses, and so on. And then an unexpected thing happened, in the place where the boarding houses were located in which our tourists were supposed to rest, the sewer system burst and everything floated up along the entire coastline. Everyone knows that in the Crimea there are a lot of Turkish poop because all the dirt from Turkey, by means of winds and waves, is washed to the shores of the Crimea, which is ours.And now imagine Turkish poop + your poop and they all float and exude incredible “aromas”. Of course, all our tourists first sent us, then Crimea and demanded a refund. When I contacted the host in Crimea, they told me that there was no emergency regime, so no one would return the money. To my objections and arguments about shit floating along the entire coast, a sweet woman named Boyko replied: “So what? Have you seen shit in Russia or what? Under the USSR, everyone drove fine, but here I look smart steel! Do you want to come, do not want to come, but we will not return the money! ” In general, we had to return the money to clients at our own expense.

    The second acquaintance with the Crimea was after the Crimea became ours. I went there to sign contracts for the supply of equipment for hotels. It was already 2016. In Crimea, Russian bosses actively bought up, or rather seized the coastlines, built monumental fences (paying tribute to the Rublev fences) and polluted the already polluted territory. In addition to the Turkish and Crimean poop, the poop of Moscow officials, deputies and oligarchs was added. But the latter have elite and patriotic poop, so they can shit everywhere and in incredible quantities.Moreover, as they say, it does not smell. The locals, of course, have never seen such a scale. No, under Ukraine, of course, Donetsk and Kiev oligarchs came to Crimea, but by the standards of even the smallest Russian official, they are just suckers and rogue. And talking with the locals, I realized that they seem to live under eternal occupation. Both in Ukraine and in Russia, big comrades come and squeeze out the sweetest pieces, rest there, shit and leave, but no one is going to solve the real problems of the region.Roughly speaking, like shit everywhere swam and floats, and that 30 years ago, that 20, that 10 years, everything as it was and remained.

    In Crimea, in fact, apart from the sea and the sun, there is not a damn thing. The entire region lives off tourism. But to develop the region at the expense of this very tourism, hell will turn out. Large hotel chains cannot enter Crimea, since the same Marriott or Ritz will not invest in a territory that is not recognized by anyone, it’s dumb from a business point of view. Remains old Soviet boarding houses and private hotels, which beat everything past the box office, so they practically do not pay taxes.Russia behaves in relation to Crimea in the same way as Ukraine, it’s just that there is more money in Russia, so the crumbs that are thrown to the Crimea are juicier than Ukrainian crumbs. In Russia and Ukraine, the soviet mentality has not gone anywhere. What is there, what is there they do not understand a simple thing: To make a profit or at least recoup something, you need a clear development plan with specific investments in the really working sectors of the economy of a particular region. For example, in February it was announced that they wanted to turn Crimea into an innovation center.The question is, what the fuck ?! Under Khrushchev, they planted corn in the Arctic Circle; under Putin, innovation centers are being opened where they are. Allow gambling business in the region, open bardels and so on, in a few years, with proper management and control, Crimea can be turned into Macau. Yes, they plan to build some casinos, but again with idiotic reservations and only in five-star hotels. And the funniest thing is that the question is being discussed at the highest level: Will the presence of a casino have a negative effect on the image of the region or not ?! Fuck the image! Open a casino with blackjack, whores and cut the loot, and do not torment yourself.But Russia, as always, is head over heels in poverty and shit, but with spirituality and braces.

    By the way, many spiritual braces from the Russian Orthodox Church and other sexual activists are actively opposed to casinos. There the argumentation is generally edge: “Prince Vladimir was baptized in Chersonesos! Spiritual Rus was born in Crimea! ” He fucked like a horse in this Chersonese, booze and fucked everyone in a row, and between the next binges he accidentally baptized himself. There, the place itself is conducive to slutty and drunkenness, because it is simply impossible to look at everything that is happening in Crimea with sober eyes.

    Features of intrauterine development of the baby – Maternity in Khabarovsk

    Features of intrauterine development of the baby,

    2-5 weeks

    Your unborn baby consists of about 200 cells.The embryo is implanted into the endometrium – usually from the top in front of the uterus. The inside of the embryo will turn into your baby, and from the outside you will get two shells: the inner one, the amnion, and the outer one, the chorion. First, an amnion forms around the embryo. This transparent shell generates and retains warm amniotic fluid, which will protect your baby and wrap it in a soft diaper. Then the chorion is formed. This membrane surrounds the amnion and becomes the placenta, a special organ connected to the embryo by the umbilical cord.The placenta will be the link between you and your baby and will support and nourish your baby for the entire pregnancy.

    Together, these membranes make up the double amniotic sac that contains your baby and the amniotic fluid. The amniotic sac forms about 12 days after conception and immediately begins to fill with amniotic fluid. Until that time, the embryo can split into twins or triplets, but then this is no longer possible.

    A yolk sac is formed 3 weeks after conception.It produces blood cells until the embryo learns to do it on its own.

    As soon as the embryo is introduced into the wall of the uterus, it releases villi from the base of the future placenta in order to grow stronger. These villi collect nutrients from your bloodstream. At this stage, the embryo is still tiny – only 1 millimeter in length. Three layers of cells are formed: from the ectoderm, the brain, nervous system, skin and hair are obtained, from the endoderm – the digestive organs, and from the mesoderm – bones, muscles, blood and connective tissues.

    Your ovaries begin to produce more of the hormone progesterone, which prevents the endometrium from becoming thinner. Estrogen levels rise as well, and these hormonal changes combine to make some women suspect that something is happening.

    90,000 Outstanding Movie Scenes Filmed in Toilets – Articles on Kinopoisk

    Trainspotting, A Space Odyssey 2001, Lethal Weapon 2 and other films whose authors have managed to creatively unleash the cinematic potential of sorting.

    Dramas and thrillers, science fiction and horror films, comedies and crime films – it turns out that the cinematic potential of toilet rooms as a place of action is truly limitless and does not always come down to banal toilet humor. KinoPoisk studied the most successful such examples.

    Worst toilet in Scotland

    21 years ago, Danny Boyle immortalized the image of the toilet in cinema when he forced young Ewan McGregor to dive into “the worst toilet in Scotland.”“This is an old theatrical trick,” the director shares his secrets. – You cut the toilet in half and the camera from the side only sees the remaining half. Instead of the second half of the toilet, you have a slide, like on a playground. The actor just slides over it. No computer effects. ” Fortunately for the future Jedi, a naturalistic look was provided by the chocolate. The villain Boyle did not stop there: in Slumdog Millionaire, he sent a little Indian boy on a similar expedition. The kid’s path turned out to be more prosaic.Unlike McGregor, he did not fall into any water-pipe through the looking glass. The child, however, was not upset. He was eager to lick the waste pit filled with a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate sauce.


    The topic of toilets in the cinema is usually coquettishly avoided. Unless the ingenuous humorists are constantly competing who will fart more thunderously, considering it for comedic gold. However, daredevils who venture into this slippery territory with non-trivial ideas will find that the expressive possibilities of the restrooms extend far beyond the rolling flatulence.The experience of talented directors shows that the toilet is an effective platform for all genres. Laughter, fear, sadness, excitement, delight and other emotions within these forbidden walls intensify and acquire an unforgettable color.


    Stanley Kubrick was far from thinking that the appearance of a hero in a latrine was an occasion to giggle frivolously. The legendary director in all his films inserted scenes in the bathroom (and thanks to the double bathrooms, we can say that in the toilet).For the master, toilets represented the space where animal instincts and human culture collide. It is there that the basic impulses manifest themselves and at the same time are controlled by civilization, which tries to disguise and refine them.

    “Full metal jacket”

    A chilling episode in a soldier’s outhouse in “Full Metal Jacket” demonstrates what happens when instincts still prevail. The merciless drill plunges the character of Vincent D’Onofrio into a state of complete crowing, and he takes up a gun.Kubrick was well aware that when blood, and not some other substance, flows down the walls of the lavatory, it makes a much stronger impression.

    Probably, Tony Kay, the director of American History X, also reasoned. The tragic point in his poignant racial drama is set in the middle of the school closet.


    In the toilet, a person feels especially vulnerable and unprotected for obvious reasons: with his pants down, there is no time for great accomplishments. The arrangement of public latrines contributes little to a sense of security.Flimsy cabins and partitions do not at all resemble an impregnable fortress. A good thriller will not fail to remind you of this.


    In “The Witness,” an Amish boy witnesses Danny Glover and another villain pissing a miserable man in the outhouse. The camera watches the execution together with the youngster through a crack in the opening. Director Peter Weir skillfully builds up the tension when Glover’s character starts checking the booths and the kid has nowhere to go. The scene is able to discourage impressionable people from looking into public toilets for a long time.

    The idea of ​​hiding in the bathroom from the obsessed Jack Nicholson with an ax will also not save anyone’s nerves. The look of desperation on Shelley Duvall’s face in Kubrick’s The Shining is absolutely genuine. The epic scene “Here’s Johnny” was filmed for three days, during which the director-perfectionist brought the actress to a high level, getting her to play the desired game, as, indeed, in all the other 11 months of work on the film. Nicholson also had a hard time, but not as much as the doors – the actor chopped 60 pieces.


    Australians James Wang and Lee Wannell had the wind in their pockets early in their careers, so they needed a concept as simple as possible to make the film. As a result, all the main action of their debut film took place in one room – the restroom. Saw: The Survival Game greeted its writers, and dirty and flaky tiles and a dose of blood helped set the atmosphere of a tough, brutal thriller.


    Francis Ford Coppola created a disturbing and surreal image of the toilet in Conversation.In the film, Gene Hackman’s character hears the sounds of a fight in a nearby hotel room. Maybe even murder. At first he hides, but when he finally enters the room of the alleged crime, he sees cleanliness and order. The hero flushes the toilet – blood rises from there, filling the bowl of the toilet. The scene has spawned many years of debate about whether it is real or imaginary. Coppola did not confirm or deny these guesses, but only dropped that he was inspired by Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. Film editor Walter Murch admitted that the episode reminded him of his shameful teenage experience when he tried to drown porn magazines in the toilet, but the evidence was treacherously washed upstairs at the most inopportune moment.In the toilet, everything secret becomes apparent.


    James Cameron made so many discoveries for cinematography, so it is not surprising that at one point his creative search led him to a tube. It turned out to be an excellent platform for fierce firefights. In True Lies, Arnold Schwarzenegger turned a public restroom into a war zone without embarrassing the society of a pensioner who quietly relieved his needs.

    “True lie”

    Danny Glover is the champion of the toilet scene.Like a mountain eagle at the top of the Caucasus, it sits on the edge of the toilet – this is how the iconic episode from Lethal Weapon 2 begins. “Too old for this shit” detective is in for an unpleasant surprise: a bomb is planted under him. Viewers were given a reference scene of humor, suspense and action, not to mention a flying jolt that lands on the car in front of the house like a smoking meteorite. Before jumping into the bathtub with his partner to hide from the explosion, Riggs assures Roger: “Guys like you don’t die sitting in the toilet.”Not everyone is so lucky.


    “When people recognize me on the street, they stop and say, ‘You are the guy who was eaten in the toilet in Jurassic Park,’” says actor Martin Ferrero. “So yeah, I’m the guy who died sitting in the toilet.” Dinosaurs do anything better by their presence. When the genius of Steven Spielberg brought together a tyrannosaur and a needy in one scene, he won the hearts of boys all over the world.

    In the movie “Armageddian” Edgar Wright set Simon Pegg and company against the mannequin-like aliens in the restroom of a British pub.The rowdy brawl combined the director’s dynamic style, great humor and choreography, which Jackie Chan would not be ashamed of. Extremely pleased with the fighting form of his actors, Wright describes the experience as follows: “The question is how long you can hold out without gluing. There are only three or four shots in the restroom scene, where stunt doubles are used. I enjoyed designing these fights. We wanted the film to look real and not too chopped up. ”

    Jurassic Park

    In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick, of course, could not resist and screwed into the frame lengthy instructions for using the zero-gravity toilet.This is a vivid example of Kubrick’s humor, in whose films jokes are taken outside the framework of the actor’s self-expression and are present only in the form of director’s irony. Civilization, Kubrick notes sarcastically, does not solve the basic problems of humanity, but only changes their form, so interplanetary travel is a much more feasible task than defeating human physiology.

    Sci-fi movie characters can successfully conquer the frontiers of distant planets, but they have yet to truly master the outhouse theme.


    Oddly enough, but toilet humor is a delicate matter, which is hard not to get dirty. Mike Myers did a fine job at Austin Powers. The killer attacks the loving spy right in the restroom, and an American in a cowboy hat sitting in a nearby booth comments on the sounds of the fight, mistaking them for digestive problems. More often than not, comedians lack imagination for anything more than turning a toilet into the equivalent of a gas chamber or stuffing characters with laxatives and stunning audiences with a cacophony of obscene sounds, as in Dumb and Dumber and American Pie.

    Austin Powers

    Some films consider it their sacred mission to debunk the myth that girls don’t farts. The discoveries made in this field by the films “Harold and Kumar Go Ahead” and “Detroit – City of Rock” seem to be innocent pranks compared to the hell that “Bachelorette Party in Vegas” has perpetrated. According to cameraman Robert D. Youman, the infernal episode was not even in the script, and the raging ladies themselves improvised it. Even filming the crap-demon from “Dogma” by Kevin Smith could not prepare the poor man for such a nightmare.Melissa McCarthy thinks the scene is akin to horror movies, and not far from the truth: “You close your eyes and try to stop it. This mixture of horror and shame comes from the inside, and people are glad that this is not happening to them. They can say: “I’m fine! I haven’t put a bunch in the sink this year. Bye””. It is noteworthy that for the vandalism perpetrated by McCarthy over the washing device, the academics awarded her an Oscar nomination.

    Hen Party in Vegas

    It remains an incomprehensible mystery why comedies periodically show things so terrible that the bloodthirsty authors of some “Saw” never dreamed of.Few things thrill like the episode from “Everybody’s Crazy About Mary”, where young Ben Stiller in a heartbreaking way pinches his personal belongings with a zipper on his fly, and the whole neighborhood is crowded to look at the wretched one in the restroom.


    Supernatural horror films play on irrational fears, as if the cheerful murmur and smile of a porcelain friend are fraught with mortal danger for anyone who sticks there with a bare bottom. Toilets were not originally featured in Goblins.However, for the advertising campaign, the creators came up with the image of a monster jumping out of the toilet. The idea turned out to be so successful that the footage, where the little monster crawls out of the toilet, was filmed and added to the film after the fact. The sequel devoted a full-fledged episode to the sad fate of a man who had the imprudence to go down on the toilet.


    Stephen King’s plans for the film adaptation of Dreamcatcher were much more ambitious: “I wanted to explore the taboo zone. It used to be a bedroom, but the movie has since moved far ahead, and now it is a bathroom.The scene where a guy has to sit in the closet to keep the alien out was the driving force behind the book. The Dreamcatcher will do for the toilet what Psycho did for the shower. ” The famous writer, of course, got excited and later even admitted that during the writing of the novel, his mind was a little clouded by the painkillers he was taking after he was hit by a car. “Dreamcatcher” did not go down in the history of cinema, and Lawrence Kasdan after this incident was not allowed near the director’s chair for almost 10 years.Nevertheless, the insane episode with the toothy anal leech really worked out well.


    Crime Films

    Author’s paintings shamelessly mix all kinds of genres, and often the only common denominator for them is the illegality of what is happening on the screen. Even the toilet segments in these tapes are a breath of fresh air compared to the unprincipled exhausts of the mass hire.

    “True Love” and “The Boondock Saints” revealed the properties of the toilet as a dangerous weapon that breaks heads at once, especially when thrown onto an enemy from a roof.


    Shane Black also gladly inserts little toilet vignettes into her comedy neo-noir. In Kiss Through Kiss, Robert Downey accidentally urinates on a corpse thrown to him and, in a panic, calls a detective friend to find out if the forensic trail he has left will recognize. In Nice Guys, Ryan Gosling tries to intimidate Russell Crowe with a pistol from the restroom. The latter claims that the actors discussed at length their roles with each other, including “how best to sit in the toilet, covering their causal place.”“If someone heard us from the outside, they would think we were crazy,” laughs Crowe. “It takes a lot of effort to make humor seem natural, just like in drama.”

    The Big Lebowski

    Interrogation, where the opponent’s head is dipped in the toilet, is one of the good cinema traditions. Probably no one went through this procedure with greater dignity than Jeff Bridges in the masterpiece of the Coen brothers “The Big Lebowski”. How to respond to violence, an attempt to drown you in the toilet and the question “Where is the money?”Only with imperturbable irony: “Dip it again.