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10 Water Activities to Lose Weight: Swimming Pool Fitness

In addition to offering a beautiful space for relaxation, swimming pools provide an ideal setting for some of the best—and most fun—fat-burning workouts.

Because water is up to 800 times denser than air, exercising in a pool is highly effective for weight loss.

Each time you pull, push, or kick the water, you are performing resistance training and getting in a cardio session. That extra effort helps you torch calories, boost metabolism, and which—over time—can translate into a stronger, leaner physique.

Another great health benefit to exercising in the pool is that is gentle, which means it is low-impact. Water’s buoyancy makes an aquatic workout much easier on your joints. By reducing the effects of gravity’s pressure, water allows you to exercise daily with less worry about injuries.

In this article, Globo Surf will help you learn some of the best swimming pool exercises for slimming, toning, and strengthening your heart.

Top-Rated Pool Exercises for Weight Loss


1. Walk in Water

Walking in water is a great foundation for beginning routine aquatic training.

It allows you to experiment with movement against water resistance and experience the sensation of doing so. In itself, this simple activity provides a full-body workout that targets your lower body, core, and arms.

Begin by entering the shallow end of the swimming pool, and continue until water is at waist height.

Lengthen your spine, and begin walking around the shallow area. Put pressure on your heels first and the toes second. Avoid tiptoeing.

Keep your arms at your sides in the water. As you walk, swing them back and forth—like how you see race walkers do. Engage your core, and be sure to remain standing tall.

Continue for an average of 5 to 10 minutes, gradually, moving in the direction of the pool deep end.

Your goal is to finish the last minute or so with the pool water at shoulder level. At this level of water resistance, you will exert more energy. The more energy you expend, the more calories you will burn.

2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. A 150-pound swimmer can use approximately 400 calories in an hour while stroking at a moderate pace. At a vigorous pace, you can burn up to 700 calories in 60 minutes.

If you are new to swimming pool workouts and have not previously engaged in cardio fitness, start slow.

At first, plan on performing just a couple of laps. Then, take a break, and complete a few more laps. Continue to take breaks as needed.

Eventually, you will increase aerobic capacity. Your goal will be to increase the number of laps you can complete without stopping for a break.

Now, you may be wondering, “how long does it take to lose weight by swimming?” The answer depends on how intense your stroking is.

For example, let’s say you are swimming vigorously to exert an average of 700 calories an hour, and you do so four times a week. As a result, you may lose an average of 3 to 4 pounds in one month.

If you have a lap swimming pool at home, it’s convenient to use your aquatic fitness center anytime you want.



3. The Bicycle

One of the best water exercises is the bicycle. It requires a little imagination to setup and get started. In the pool, you will perform this exercise while standing at a depth where the water reaches your chest.

First, facing the interior of the pool, start by laying back toward the side of the pool. Bend your arms, and rest your elbows on the deck. You will need your elbows to help stabilize your body.

Then, standing with both legs extended, begin bending your knees to “pedal” an imaginary bike.

Perform this activity for as long as you can without feeling too exhausted. Once you feel exhausted, rest up for 3 minutes and then repeat. Do a total of 10 reps.

Like many swimming pool exercises, the bicycle offers more than one benefit. In addition to helping you burn calories, the movement helps strengthen and tone your legs, shoulders, and core.

4. The Dolphin

The dolphin is another water-based workout that allows you to torch calories. By simultaneously working your legs, back, and core, this move helps you boost the rate at which you shed weight.

To perform the dolphin, go to the middle or end of the pool where the depth is approximately 5 to 6 feet. The target here is to stand with your feet on the pool floor with your chin just above the water surface.

Next, stand at arm’s length from the side of the pool. Using your left hand, grab the edge of the deck (the pool coping or the material along the perimeter). Your arm should be extended out straight.

Now, extend your right arm fully straight out in front of you, just under the waterline. Keep your right-hand open with the palm down.

Holding both your legs together, lift them slowly, keeping your knees straight. Next, use your hips to generate momentum. Slowly transfer this momentum through your knees to your legs to start kicking—mimicking the kicking action of a dolphin tail.

5. The Ball

One of the best pool exercises for beginners, the ball allows you to burn fat and work out your core.

To take advantage of this aquatic workout for weight loss, you will need a simple prop⁠: an inflated, waterproof ball with a diameter of about 20 inches. A beach ball with these dimensions is a perfect choice.

Enter the water with the ball. Position yourself in the swimming pool so the water is about chest-high.

Stand up straight, and raise your right leg so that it is bent at 90 degrees. Keeping your right foot about 11 inches (30 cm) in front of your left knee, maintain an upright upper body.  

With arms slightly bent, hold the ball with both hands, and position it just in front of your stomach.

Hold this position for approximately 30 seconds. Then switch legs. Repeat this routine five times on each leg for a total of 10 reps.

6. The Sprint

A moderate-level swimming pool workout, the sprint takes advantage of the water’s resistance. It is an effective exercise for working out the core and for helping burn fat around your mid-section.

Make the most of this exercise to boost your metabolism and lose some pounds. Begin by entering the pool, and move to a section where the water reaches your shoulders.

Facing the interior of the pool, stand about 12 to 16 inches from a pool wall. Then, lean back against the pool edge with your elbows. With both legs together, extend them straight, slowly lifting them until they reach the water surface.

Next, lower them slowly until they are completely straight and nearly reach the pool floor.

Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times or until you feel exhausted. Take a break, and then attempt another set of reps.

7. Tuck Jump

The tuck jump is one of the water exercises for weight loss and strengthening your core and leg muscles.

It is simple to perform. However, if you are completely new to working out and have yet to build some strength, this exercise might be rather challenging.

Go to the shallow end in water that is about chest high. From your static standing position in the water, jump vertically. Initiate the action by bending your knees and then lifting your legs and bringing both knees up to your chest.

With each jump, you will have to use your core and your arms to help stabilize yourself in the water and keep your torso upright.

Perform multiple sets. To make the exercise more challenging, do not allow your feet to touch the pool bottom between sets; instead, tread in water in between each jump.

8. Use Weights in the Pool

Pool exercises that use weights create even more resistance. That helps you intensify the workout on your arms and legs for building muscle for a trimmer, leaner appearance.

Now, the pool water adds resistance to your moves⁠ as well—making it possible to expend extra calories and increasing the rate at which you lose weight.

To enjoy weight workouts, you will need to invest in some gear. The best options include:

  • Ankle or wrist weights: These strap-on weights increase the resistance when performing leg and arm movements in the water.
  • Foam dumbbells: Lightweight when dry, this equipment becomes heavy when you put them in the water.
  • Buoyancy belt: By helping you to keep your head above the waterline, this accessory helps you perform arm exercises without treading water.

A good example of a water exercise involving weights is the lateral arm lift. Stand in the pool water so that it reaches your shoulders. Hold the foam dumbbells down at your sides, palms facing inward.

Simultaneously raise both of your arms out to the side until they become level with the water surface and your shoulders.

Lower your arms back down to your sides, and repeat. Do one to three sets of 8 to 14 repetitions.

9. The Noodle Plank

The plank is an extremely beneficial pool workout for weight loss. Like its dry-land counterpart, a water-based plank hold engages multiple muscles at the same time and develops your body’s core strength. In addition to contributing to tighter abs, a plank improves your flexibility and posture.

The move also helps you burn 2 to 5 calories per minute based on body weight. For example, a 110-pound individual will burn two calories per minute. Someone who weighs 170 pounds will burn 4 to 5 calories per minute.

To perform a plank in the swimming pool, you will need a floating noodle. Enter the water and remain in the shallow end.

Using both hands, hold the noodle near your chest with your arms partially bent. Then, using flutter kicks, push your feet off the pool bottom, and allow your extended legs to float upward to the water’s surface behind you.

Engage your core and abs to hold the plank position. Only use flatter kicks when it is necessary to remain horizontal.

The water resistance will make this process more difficult, and you will need to use both the core and abs to hold the position.

10. Plie Jump

If you are looking for swimming pool workouts to get your legs and bottom in shape, the plie jump is a sure winner. The added resistance from the pool water makes the exercise even more effective than the dry-land version.

Start by standing in the pool with the water just above your waist. Like a dancer, bring both heels together, fanning out your feet about 45 degrees and bending your knees outward.

Next, jump straight up out of the water as high as you can. Initiate the jumping action from your feet—lift your heel slightly and then bend your toes to push off the pool’s bottom. As you come down, return your knees to the partially bent position.

To increase the workout intensity, do not allow any rest in between the jumps. You can also maximize engagement of your quadriceps: Each time you come down from the jump, bend your knees more to go further down in the water—almost like a squat. The deeper you go, the harder your quads will have to push you out of the squat position.

Important Safety Tips for Swimming Pool Workouts

When taking advantage of water exercises for weight loss, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • When working out in the water, you may sweat more than you realize. For this reason, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids before and after your workout.
  • If you are not a strong swimmer, use a flotation device for any exercises that you do not perform in the shallow end.
  • Avoid working out in an overheated swimming pool—that is, water with a temperature of more than 89 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you feel weak, faint, dizzy, or lightheaded, have difficulty catching your breath, or experience any pain or pressure in your upper body (other than the discomfort that comes with normal muscle exertion), stop working out.

Pool exercises are an effective way of boosting your cardio fitness, losing weight, and strengthening the major muscle groups in your body.

Swimming pool workouts are ideal for nearly everyone, including those who are pregnant, have joint problems or injuries, or have trouble with their balance. Some people even ease their arthritis with swimming pool exercises.

You can use the exercises outlined here to improve your fitness. Starting with the easiest exercises, work your way up to the more complicated workouts. With time and consistency, it should be possible to achieve your weight loss goals.

5 Great Swimming Pool Exercises for Weight Loss

Pool season is here and if you’re looking to lose some weight or get in shape, then swimming pool exercises are a great way to do it.

There are so many wonderful benefits to working out in a pool. If you’re overweight or have an injury and regular exercise is too difficult for you, pool exercises could be just the thing you need.

When I’m hanging out in the pool with my kids, I like to incorporate some of these to help get my heart rate up, burn some calories, and build a little lean muscle!

One cool tool for the pool (yes, I just rhymed on purpose), is a pool waistband… you wrap it around your waist and it helps you stay afloat while doing pool exercises on the deep end!

Some find that it’s less jarring on the body to work out in a pool instead of dry land, or they use the pool exercises to help supplement the workouts they are already getting. It’s also great for physical therapy or healing and keeping moving after injury.

But what do you do when you’re in the pool? Well, there are a ton of different exercises. Today we’re going to show you the best swimming pool exercises for weight loss.

5 Best Pool Exercises for Weight Loss

photo credit: Bujint

1. Aerobics

Do jumping jacks and leg lifts in the water! The added resistance will give you a great workout and get that metabolic drive going!

How to do pool jumping jacks:

  1. Start with your feet together and arms bent at 90 degrees and by your sides.
  2. Jump both legs out, and at the same time, lift both bent arms up to shoulder height—keep your arms underwater for the best effect.
  3. While jumping, focus on “powering in” to target the inner thighs, or “powering out” to target the outer hips.

How to do leg lifts:

  1. Stand with your left side facing the pool wall, feet together and holding onto the edge of the pool with your left hand.
  2. Lift your right leg out to the side, leading with the heel and back to center.
  3. When at the halfway point, turn around to do the other side.

To take it up a notch, snag some Water Dumbbells to increase the resistance while in the water too! You could also use empty milk jugs! Just clean two out and make sure the lids are on tight to keep the air inside and the water out.

photo credit: Alive

2. Pool running

For this exercise, stand in one spot and drive your knees up one at a time while pumping your arms. Use your core and keep your body upright to get the most benefit. You can also focus on driving your legs back to the floor of the pool for another benefit.

You can also use the pool belt and go out to the deep end and do high knee lifts or lunges in the pool. You’ll get a good core workout too!

photo credit: Shape

3. “Spiderman”

This is a fun one that kids often do without realizing it. You just stand in water at the side of the pool, then “walk” up and down the pool wall, like you’re Spiderman climbing a wall.

The challenge in this move lies in using your arms to keep you from floating away from the wall. Try to do 4 at a time, and then increase if needed.

photo credit: Shape

4. Pool Planks

This is just like planks on land except for a lot easier in the water. It’s a great core-strengthener and it’s great to do in the water if you don’t quite have the upper body strength to hold the pose for long on dry land.

Using a pool noodle, hold it out in front of you and lower yourself until you are in the plank position. Make sure your body is straight. Try it in the pool and see how long you can hold it for.

5. Butterfly Swimming

This specific style of swimming can help you burn more calories and strengthen your core and your upper and lower abs. Check out Breaking Muscle for the basic, how-to butterfly swim breakdown.


Now you have five wonderful water exercises to help you with exercising in the pool! The next time you head out to the pool, you can make the most of your time there.

In addition to these swimming pool workouts for weight loss, good old-fashioned swimming is another great way to boost weight loss in the pool. Swim often, and as much as you can.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a pool, then try to get there as much as you can.

10 Fat Blasting Pool Exercises to Lose Weight Now

Your backyard swimming pool offers more than just long hours of fun and relaxation for you and the whole family. Pool exercises and water aerobics are a fun and cool way to lose weight and stay fit as temperatures soar with the coming of summer.

Benefits of Pool Exercises

Pool exercises look like you’re not straining as much as you would be when working out on dry land. But looks can definitely be deceiving. In fact, pool exercises offer a lot of great benefits especially if you’re looking to lose weight.

Strengthens muscles

Studies show that pool water provides as much as 42 times resistance than air. That means that your muscles would need to work harder as you do your reps during your pool exercise routine, which, in turn, means that more calories are being burned by your body.

Builds endurance

When you do your workout routines on land, your body would simply have to push and pull against your free weights and gravity.

Working out in your swimming pool is different because, in addition to having to push and pull against the weight and gravity, you also need now to push and pull against the pool water that is also pushing and pulling against your body. The added resistance pushes your workout routine just a notch higher, helping your muscles build endurance more quickly

Pool exercises also are great in helping build up the endurance of your cardiovascular area. Studies show that blood moves through the body at a faster rate to warm it up in cooler temperatures like in dipping in your pool water. Over time, your cardiovascular performance will strengthen.

Pool exercises are low-impact

The buoyancy of your pool’s water lessens the amount of impact your joints take when doing pool exercises, so you not only minimize the risk of injury but working out will also be less painful and taxing.

Stress reliever

Exercise, in general, help release endorphins in the body which help you feel good and reduce stress levels. Combine this with the natural relaxing property of just immersing yourself in warm water can help make you feel more relaxed and refreshed, even after working out.

Burn fat faster

Studies show that you need to burn about 3500 calories just to get rid of one pound of fat. The good news is that a 1-hour pool workout session can help you easily burn as much as 600 calories! It’s no wonder then why people who swim every day lose weight at a much faster pace.

Great for all ages

Perhaps the best part about doing pool exercises is that they could be done by anyone regardless of age or fitness level, making this a fun and healthy bonding activity for the whole family.

10 Fat Burning Pool Exercises

  1. Water Jogging This is one of the easiest and most effective fat-burning pool exercises, with you burning off 17 calories per minute. Simply jog across your pool area in waist-high water starting at 1-minute intervals and then working your way up to 3-minute intervals. Carry some free pool weights to help you tone your arms at the same time.
  2. Treading Intervals This pool workout routine will help you slim down faster, and firm up all over. Head over to the deep end of the pool and tread as hard as you can without stopping for 30 seconds. Then float on your back for 30 seconds. Doing 30 of these bursts in one afternoon, and you’ll be able to burn up 300 calories every day easily.
  3. Step Push-ups Start in a plank position in the shallow end of your pool with your hands on the top of the pool step and toes planted on the pool floor. Slowly bend your elbows to lower as far as you can without getting your face wet. Straighten your elbows and repeat. Begin with 2 sets of 15 reps and work your way up to 3 sets of 15.
  4. Waist-deep lunges Jumping while doing this pool exercise deals some high impact calorie burning without hurting your joints. To do this, stand in waist-deep water. Lunge with the right foot forward with your right thigh parallel to the pool floor, your left knee bent, and your hands on your hips. Quickly jump up and scissor your legs so that you land with your left leg forward. Do this for 15 to 20 times per set.
  5. Chaos running This is a more advanced version of water jogging. Instead of jogging in a straight line, jog across your pool following a zigzag pattern. This will create several currents in the pool, increasing your pool water’s resistance which will help further strengthen all your core stabilizing muscles.
  6. Fetching game Throw an inflatable pool ball all way to the other side of the pool and briskly jog towards this. Get your kids or friends to dive in and race who will be the first to reach it. In all of the fun and excitement, you won’t even realize you’ve already been making sprints in your pool, which will help you burn out 175 calories in as little as 20 minutes.
  7. Beach ball workout Trying to submerge a floating beach ball is not only a lot of fun, but it also is a great pool workout to tone your core and upper body. Try using different movements to vary the muscles that are targeted. For example, pressing it down with your forearms will help you tone your upper arm and shoulder muscles.
  8. Pool plank Whether done on land or as a pool exercise, planking is a very effective way to strengthen your core muscles and strengthen your upper body. At the same time, planking also helps boost your body’s endurance level. Stand in waist-high pool water. Hold a water log or kicking board in both hands. Slowly press it straight down into the water while leaning your body forward until your body is on an even incline. Make sure that your feet stay planted on the pool floor and your head is above water. Try and keep yourself stable for 1 to 2 minutes
  9. Arm presses The resistance coming from the water helps you firm up those flabby arms as well as strengthening and toning your shoulder and upper back muscles. Stand in chest-deep water with your palms open and your fingers spread apart. Move your arms back and forth and up and down. Slowly increase the speed as you do this. Use free weights if you want to add the challenge further.
  10. Shuffle slides This pool exercise will help tone your inner and outer thighs. With your hands on your hips, spread legs so that they are shoulder apart. Bring your left leg towards your right leg in a quick, but smooth, movement so that you’re standing with your feet close together. Spread your right leg so that they are once again shoulder-length apart, and repeat. Do this until you reach the other end of your pool.

    Getting the Most Out of Your Pool Exercises

    Even though pool exercises are far easier and more fun to do than working out in the gym, you’d still want to make sure that you get the most benefit out of every workout routine and rep. Here are some ways to make sure that you reap optimum rewards out of your pool workout.

    Use free weights

    One of the biggest mistakes people make when doing pool exercises is that they believe that simply doing laps around the pool is enough to lose weight. In fact, purely concentrating on cardio exercises in your pool will actually cause your metabolism to slow down, which means that it becomes even more difficult to lose weight. Alternating this with pool exercises that focus on resistance training and using free weights can actually help you build and tone your muscles, which, in turn, helps speed up your body’s fat-burning capability.

    Have some music

    A study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology showed that music affects your overall mood while working out. Fast, upbeat songs help you get more pumped up and able to do more reps while slow, relaxing music helps your body cool down and recover faster. You can easily find waterproof ear pieces and cases for your smartphone in your local sports store.

    Load up on carbs before working out

    Eating some carbs before jumping in to do your pool exercises provides your body the fuel it needs to go through a high-intensity workout so that you’re able to put in more effort when doing your pool workout routine.

    Break up your routine in intervals

     Alternating high-intensity pool exercises with short breaks will not only help you lose weight faster, but it will also help increase your cardiovascular endurance level.

    Do your pool exercises in waist-deep water

    Unless you are doing laps or treading pool exercises, make it a point to do your pool workout routine in waist-deep water. This will provide your body with enough resistance to get the most of your water aerobics. At the same time, your feet will still get good contact on the pool floor to help you stay well-balanced throughout the different pool exercises.

    Wear water shoes

     Water shoes will help prevent you from slipping while doing your pool exercises. They will also help improve traction while adding a bit more resistance, resulting in providing your more intense pool workouts.

    Drink chocolate milk

    Yes, you read that right. According to a study published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology, drinking a glass of low-fat chocolate milk immediately after an intense workout helps your body recover faster compared to taking those commercial recovery drinks. This alone is reason enough for you to be motivated to do some pool workouts every day.

    Get a good night’s sleep

    No matter how intense your pool exercise routines are, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it wouldn’t help you lose weight one bit. In fact, a study published in the Sports Review discovered that poor quality of sleep and not sleeping enough can actually lead to poor athletic performance, a lower amount of calories your body burns while working out, and even cause your weight to plateau. So make sure that you get anywhere between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night.

Change up your workout with these pool exercises for weight loss

If you are looking for ways to burn calories and beat the heat, we’ve got you covered with these pool exercises for weight loss.

3 benefits of adding pool exercises for weight loss to your workout routine

Pool workouts aren’t just for rehab after injuries or for the Silver Sneakers Club. Anyone can get an excellent fat-burning, cardio workout in just 30 minutes in the pool. Here are three benefits of water workouts to consider.

Burn more calories than walking

Did you know you burn three times the calories during water workouts than walking? Simply treading water in a pool burns 11 calories per minute; that’s the same as running six miles per hour! The key is in resistance. Water provides continuous resistance, engaging more muscles through a more extensive range of motion. Results include total toning and increased cardio benefits over traditional workouts.

Accessible to all fitness levels

Water workouts accommodate people of all abilities. Whether you are just getting started in an exercise routine or breaking through endurance plateaus, it’s easy to tailor a water workout to any fitness level.

Less stress on the body

Pool exercises help build strength without pressure on joints and muscles. Work out in the water safely to treat or prevent injury.

My favorite pool exercises for weight loss

Tread water in the deep end – Treading water burns calories, but treading hard in intervals burns even more. In deep water, tread as hard as possible for 30 seconds and then float on your back for 30 seconds. Do 30 sets of hard treading and burn nearly 300 calories. Click here for the basics of treading water. After you feel comfortable treading water, take it up a notch and work out in deep water.

Deck dips – Standing in chest-deep water at the side of the pool, place palms flat on the pool deck and lift your body up, so your arms are straight. Now lower and repeat, adding another lift. Pause and repeat until you finish with ten straight lifts. Click here for a video on deck dips.

Aqua kickboarding circuit – This two-minute video highlights several different pool exercises for weight loss. You’ll need waist-deep water and a kickboard. Repeat the video twice.

Water taxi – Here’s another exercise that utilizes a kickboard for resistance. Sit on a kickboard with arms at your side and feet dangling, flex and extend alternating legs while moving arms front to back. Use this motion to propel yourself around the pool in one-minute intervals, resting for 30 seconds between sets. Repeat three times. Here’s a demonstration of the water taxi exercise.

Laps – Yes, swimming in a pool is still a great cardio workout. A 150-pound woman burns, on average, 270 calories per hour swimming laps at a moderate pace. Consider adding laps as a warm-up or cool-down for extra calorie burn.

It doesn’t matter your age or ability, pool exercises rev up your heart and offer weight-loss benefits while you get the immediate result of cooling off!

Note: Always use extreme caution when exercising in water. It’s always best to have a workout partner in the water with you.

Additional exercise resources

How to stay hydrated in hot weather when working out
A complete guide to building your own work-out plan

Reviewed and updated by Joanna Kriehn MS, RDN, CDCES, on June 10, 2021.

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5 Pool Exercises For Weight Loss

A lot of people don’t think of the pool when exercising in the winter, but as Spring approaches hitting the water turns into a natural desire for most!  If you want something different in an exercise routine it may be a good time to consider some pool exercises. You will find a variety of exercises that can be done in a pool to aid you in losing weight and enjoying the exercises.

Swimming laps is the most recognized exercise for the pool. If you belong to a gym with a pool, like Miami Athletic Club, you will be able to get an excellent workout through distance swimming. Just be sure not to overwork the first few times you swim laps, or if you’re just getting back into laps after taking a break over the winter. If you become fatigued stay in the shallow area of the pool in case you experience cramps. Remember to warm up, stretch properly and go through your proper pre-workout routine. Swimming is just like any other exercise, you don’t want to jump in cold and strain yourself.

An excellent way to burn calories is swimming the butterfly, backstroke or sidestroke which continually works your lower back, as well as upper and lower abs. They work hard by keeping your hips close to the surface of the water, keeping your body in a direct line allowing the body to twist and rotate. Correct swimming format shapes your abs and burns calories and fat.

Another wonderful way to lose weight is to execute calisthenics in the swimming pool. Perform some jumping jacks to increase your heart rate. You might also want to do leg kicks while gripping the side of the pool.

Another popular pool exercise is water aerobics. If you belong to our Milford gym inquire about available water aerobics classes.

Another successful way to lose weight is water jogging even though it’s not the most gracious way to exercise. You merely jog around the shallow area of a pool for a set amount of time. This exercise can actually be more fun in a group. Sure it seems a little silly but if you’ve got some friends doing it too it can be a good time. The point is: even simple activities can get good results from the added drag of water. Pool exercises are usually low impact too which is great if you’ve got sore joints.

These are some fun ways to lose weight and have a great workout routine in a pool. If you have any more ideas we’d love to hear from you in the comment box below! These workouts can be performed by yourself or with other people which is always a plus for staying motivated. So for something different try these pool exercises and see the results for yourself. For more information about exercise and weight loss or about our gym’s pool contact us anytime as we will be happy to assist you.

30-Minute Water Workout – How to Sculpt Your Body in the Pool

Whether you’re looking for a new fitness challenge or a low-impact workout that’s easy on your joints, pool workouts are an excellent way to get cardio and strength training in one sweat sesh. In fact, water provides about 15 times more resistance than doing the same moves on land, says Mary E. Sanders, PhD, an associate professor in exercise science at the University of Nevada, Reno, and director of WaterFit International.

“The harder you press during an exercise, the more resistance the water provides, so you can tailor the workout for how you feel at that moment,” says Sanders. You’re using your arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, and core to help you stay afloat and move against gravity when you’re in water. That’s why swimming is one of the best exercises for weight loss, if you want to rev up your metabolism and burn calories.

What’s more, research has shown that exercising in water improves flexibility and helps relieve pain. “Water tones the whole body, yet it also relaxes you, so it’s ideal for people with injuries and back problems,” says Nicole Forsythe, a water fitness instructor at the Delano Hotel’s David Barton Gym in Miami, who put together this 30-minute circuit in water.

But if you don’t know how to swim, don’t worry. The exercises below are meant to be performed in less than four feet of water, and they’re moves you traditionally do on land, so there’s no fancy technique here. To boost intensity and calorie burn, throw in three minutes of high knees after every two exercises. Repeat the entire workout three days a week, and soon you’ll be leaving that cover-up behind.


Hilmar Hilmar

Warm up by walking as fast as you can in the pool for 5 minutes or doing high knees for three minutes. Then, complete three sets of each move, resting 15 seconds in between each set.

Tricep Dips

Hilmar Hilmar

This move might look simple, but it’s sure to work your entire upper body, including your chest, back, triceps, and shoulders. How hard can lifting yourself in and out of the pool be, right? It’s more challenging than you think.

How to do tricep dips: Place your palms flat on the pool’s edge or grab the gutter. Engaging your arms and shoulders, press yourself up as high as you can by straightening your arms. Hold this position for a few seconds. Keeping elbows close to body, lower yourself until elbows form 90-degree angles. Don’t let your feet touch the pool bottom. Raise and lower yourself for 10 to 20 reps.

Arm Curls

Hilmar Hilmar

To get the most out of this exercise, you want to move with control, working against the resistance of the water. With each curl, be sure to tighten your biceps and triceps by imagining that you’re holding onto weights in each hand. The faster you move, the bigger the burn you’ll fee.

How to do arm curls: Stand with your feet slightly turned out and far enough apart so that your shoulders are partly submerged. Form a “T” with your arms—bending at the elbows—so your palms face your chest, allowing your fingers to touch.

Hilmar Hilmar

Tightening your biceps and triceps, extend your arms out to sides from the elbows, like a door swinging open on a hinge, so that your palms face forward and your arms are parallel to pool bottom. Close your arms to complete one rep. Do 20 reps.

Leg Curls

Hilmar Hilmar

You’ll be surprised how out of breath you’ll be after a few reps of this move. Running in water can feel twice as hard as running on land. Work quickly to get your heart rate up and tighten your glutes each time you bring your heel up.

How to do leg curls: Working your hamstrings and calves, this exercise forces you to work against the resistance of the water to lower and lift your leg. Stand with feet together. Extend arms out to sides and hold the edge of the pool with one hand for balance. Bending your left knee, perform butt kicks by tapping your butt with your heel. Lower and repeat with right leg to complete one rep. Do 20 reps.


Hilmar Hilmar

This exercise is basically what it feels like to do squat jumps underwater. Engaging your glutes and thighs, press down on your heels for momentum to explode up.

How to do jumps: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Squat low enough so that your shoulders are under water. Extend your arms out to the sides for balance.

Hilmar Hilmar

Jump straight up, lowering arms and squeezing butt as you go, and bring legs together at top of jump. Land in starting position. Do 20 reps.

Leg Lifts

Hilmar Hilmar

Your core will be getting as much action as your legs in this exercise. Once you feel balanced and supported at the pool’s edge, feel free to pick your hands up for an added ab challenge.

How to do leg lifts: Sit on the edge of the pool with your legs extended and toes pointing toward the bottom of the pool. The water should come to about mid-thigh. Lean back slightly with your hands behind your body for support.

Hilmar Hilmar

Keeping your legs straight, lift your legs off the water to form a “V” with your body. Point the toes and keep your legs together at all times. Lower your legs to the starting position. Do 10 to 20 reps.


Hilmar Hilmar

This exercise strengthens your inner and outer thighs as you work against the current of water to lift and lower your legs.

How to do scissors: Lean back against the pool wall, grasping the edge for support. Raise your legs so they’re parallel to the pool bottom, then spread your legs as wide as possible.

Hilmar Hilmar

Squeezing your inner thighs, bring the legs together, crossing left leg over right. Contracting outer thighs, open your legs back up to the starting position. Repeat, crossing right leg over left, to complete one rep. Do 20 reps.

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Dina Roth Port
Dina Roth Port is a freelance writer for national magazines and the award-winning author of Previvors: Facing the Breast Cancer Gene and Making Life-Changing Decisions (Penguin, 2010).

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Best Swimming Workouts for Weight Loss

It’s a well-known fact that swimmers like to eat—a lot! And in a perfect world they’re in the pool just enough to balance their eating and swimming in order to maintain their optimal body weight. What happens when suddenly your weight seems higher than normal? Are there workouts that are better than others to take the extra pounds off? Do you need to work out more? Harder? Go on a diet?

Weight loss is pretty simple when you break it down: Fewer calories consumed than your daily caloric expenditure equals weight loss. Your daily caloric expenditure is a function of your metabolism and your activity level. Your calories consumed are what you eat each day. If you’re not one who likes to restrict your eating, increasing or changing your workout plan can help to tip the scale back in your favor. You need to move more to lose more.

When planning your workouts, it’s important to know the time and frequency you have available in your daily schedule. If you’re lucky enough to be retired and can swim for three hours each day, low intensity workouts fit right into your schedule. If you have a full-time job and/or kids, your time is at a premium, and shorter, high-intensity workouts several times a week with recovery days in between would be a better fit.

Often the best balance is a mix of different types of workouts: shorter high- or moderate-intensity workouts to burn a lot of calories in less time, then longer, low-intensity recovery planned for days when time isn’t a factor. In USMS’s Workout Library, you’ll find all types of workouts to mix and match to fit your specific daily needs.

Workout 1: Moderate Intensity

Moderate intensity workouts are typically the mainstay of a weight-loss routine. Often referred to as aerobic workouts, moderate intensity workouts mean you’re working at 70 percent to 80 percent of your maximum effort. You can work at that effort for a moderate amount of time before you need to rest and recover.

  • On a scale of 1-10, your effort level would be around 7 or 8. Coaches often use the word “pace” for moderate intensity. You’re not swimming slow for recovery or sprinting race pace, but rather holding the same speed throughout the entire set.
  • This moderate intensity workout has higher yards and doesn’t require quite as much time as the low intensity workout. Since you’re swimming a little less distance, your energy expenditure and calories burned will be less but so will the time it takes to swim the workout.

200 freestyle on :05 rest

200 pull on :05 rest

200 kick on :05 rest

100 freestyle on :05 rest

100 pull on :05 rest

100 kick on :05 rest

Main Set

3 times through:

  • 2 x 200s freestyle on :10 rest (swim at steady pace)
  • 3 x 100s freestyle on 1:45

(Pick a send-off you can hold all three times through, faster than pace.)

4 x 75s kick on :10 rest

(IM order, fins and/or boards are fine)

300 pull

(Every third length backstroke or breaststroke)


200 choice

Total: 3800           

USMS members can view this workout and hundreds more in our Workout Library

Workout 2: High Intensity

High-intensity workouts alternate all-out swimming with rest periods or recovery swims. Although the yardage might not be as high, you’re able to fit in a decent number of yards in a really short time. The drawback to high-intensity training is that you typically are able to do less in each session and the recovery time between sessions may be longer.

High-intensity workouts are great for those people who have limited pool time or personal time. They’re a great bang for your buck to burn some calories and overload your body in a short time period.

  • This workout features high-intensity swims alternating with an active recovery.
  • Use the recovery to let your breathing slow down, relax your body, and reset and lengthen your stroke to prepare for the fast swims.
  • On a perceived exertion scale of 1-10, you’re trying to hit 9 or 10 on those fast swims.

400 freestyle on 8:00

200 IM on 4:00

(Drill/swim IM by 25s)

2 x 250s kick on 4:30

(Use short fins)

Main Set

2 x through the following:

2 x 25s freestyle easy on :50

125 freestyle fast on 2:05

25 freestyle easy on :50

100 freestyle fast on 1:40

25 freestyle easy on :50

75 freestyle fast on 1:20

25 freestyle easy on :50

50 freestyle fast on :55

25 freestyle easy on :50

25 freestyle fast on :35

100 freestyle recover on 2:15

Cool Down

4 x 50s freestyle on 1:00

(Breathe every 3 or 5 by 50)

Total: 2500           

USMS members can view this workout and hundreds more in our Workout Library

Workout 3: Best of Both Worlds

If you have a little more time and don’t want to swim at high intensity throughout the whole workout, here is a workout that might be just perfect.

  • Since the yardage is a little higher, your energy expenditure is higher as well.
  • With the high intensity swims during the main set, you won’t need two hours to complete this workout.

2 x 500s choice on 9:00

(75 free, 25 stroke)

2 x 100s IM drill on 1:50

4 x 50s kick on 1:05

(Use short fins)

Main Set

12 x 25s choice on :30

(Odds fast, evens perfect smooth)

12 x 50s choice on :55

(Odds fast, evens perfect smooth)

6 x 100s choice on 1:35

(Odds fast, evens perfect smooth)

3 x 200s choice on 3:10

(Try to build by 50s and negative split)


4 x 50s freestyle on 1:00

(Breathe every 3 or 5 by 50)

Total: 4100           

USMS members can view this workout and hundreds more in our Workout Library

Workout 4: Mix It Up

It’s easy to get lazy and back off on your intensity when you swim the same workouts or strokes all the time. Every couple of weeks, pick one workout that challenges you to swim different strokes, intensity, or distance. By changing it up, you’ll focus more, use muscles you don’t use as often, and work at the correct effort level.

  • This higher intensity workout mixes up sprints and easy swimming.
  • As an IM workout, it rotates through all four strokes, forcing you to push yourself on both your best and worst strokes.

200 freestyle

200 pull

200 kick

100 choice

4 x 25s freestyle on :15 rest

(Build each 25 slow to fast)

Main Set

2 times through:

  • 150 butterfly on :15 rest (50 dolphin kick, 50 sprint, 50 drill)
  • 150 backstroke on :15 rest (50 kick on back, 50 sprint, 50 drill)
  • 150 breaststroke on :15 rest (50 kick, 50 sprint, 50 drill)
  • 150 freestyle on :15 rest (50 kick, 50 sprint, 50 drill)

4 x 25s choice sprint on :15 rest

200 freestyle recovery on :10 rest

200 kick on :10 rest


4 x 25s choice on :10 rest

(Reverse build each 25 fast to slow)

100 backstroke on :10 rest

100 freestyle, nice and slow

Total: 2800           

USMS members can view this workout and hundreds more in our Workout Library

Workout 5: Low Intensity

Low-intensity workouts are great for when you have a lot of time, want to work on your stroke, or even need a recovery day. Since you’re working at a low intensity, you should be able to maintain correct technique while swimming for a long time.

  • Low-intensity workouts get your body moving and your heart rate up.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, you should be working at about a 4 or 5. For this workout, adjust your intervals as needed to stay in that range.
  • This is a great workout for weight loss, because you’ll swim 6100 yards and expend a lot of energy. The trade-off is that it takes around two hours to complete it.

(Swim straight through with minimal breaks)

400 freestyle

400 kick

400 pull

400 choice

Main Set

4 x 500s freestyle on 8:00

(Odds pull with buoy and snorkel, evens swim)

6 x 200s choice on :30 rest

(Odds freestyle, evens IM)

5 x 100s freestyle on 1:35 descend

5 x 100s freestyle on 1:30 descend


300 choice

Total: 6100           

USMS members can view this workout and hundreds more in our Workout Library

Slimming pool: exercises, photos / Slimming pool: training and classes, video instruction

Swimming, water aerobics or simple (but intense) exercises in the pool can help you get rid of extra pounds, gain a slim figure and eliminate cellulite, even if you have struggled with it for several years to no avail. Swimming in the pool can bring much more serious results with less effort, since when in the water your body does not experience any load from its own weight, which does not exhaust you during training ahead of time and does not overload the joints and ligaments.

Benefits of training in the pool

Regular training in the pool is beneficial for the health of any person. With periodic swimming lessons:

  • Stimulation of the lungs and lymph nodes;
  • Vessels are strengthened;
  • Immunity increases;
  • Metabolic processes are activated;
  • The nervous system is balanced, the mood improves.

Swimming in the pool increases energy expenditure by 25% compared to running, and the body uses up to 800 calories per hour.
There is an active study of most muscles and body systems, which can not be provided by all types of gymnastics.

However, simply being in water will not be enough to achieve the desired results. You need to actively move and attend classes at least three times a week in order to start the process of burning excess fat.

General recommendations

There are a few basic things to keep in mind when swimming in the pool to be enjoyable and beneficial:

  • The water in the pool in which you are going to exercise in order to lose weight must be at least 24 degrees, as at a lower temperature the body will try to store fat in order to keep warm.
  • If you are not a professional swimmer, start with small workouts, maximum half an hour. After a month of regular exercise, you can increase the exercise time to 45 minutes.
  • Do not neglect a good warm-up before going into the water. For swimming to help you lose weight, your muscles must already be warmed up before diving, and your heart rate is between 70-100 beats per minute. You can do regular exercises for 15-20 minutes, or quickly warm up your body by running in place, squatting, or jumping.
  • You can practice doing the same exercises on land before going to the pool to understand their mechanics and be ready to do them in the water.
  • If you don’t know how to swim, you can use a float, vest, or board to learn how to float.
  • Two hours before your workout, try not to eat anything to avoid stomach discomfort while swimming.
  • You will probably feel intense hunger after exercise, but if you want it to be beneficial, try not to eat anything higher in calories than a simple apple immediately after you finish your workout.

Remember that your result depends entirely on you, and how actively you train, the effect of visiting the weight loss pool will depend.


To say goodbye to extra centimeters in the waist and unnecessary pounds on the scales, it is not enough just to swim from side to side at a leisurely pace, you need to perform special exercises in the pool for weight loss. You can create a program for yourself, or sign up for classes under the guidance of an experienced coach.
The second is more preferable, since You will be given a proven, effective set of exercises that bring effect and provide an even load on the entire body, reducing the risk of overstrain or injury to a minimum.

There are the following types of water training complexes:

  • Classes with sports equipment. To create additional stress on the muscles, during training in the pool, special equipment is used to increase the effectiveness of regular exercises.These include dumbbells, gloves, balls and sticks, and they are used mainly in water aerobics classes.
  • Dances. Various dance activities, such as aqua step or water aerobics, allow you to lose weight, enjoying the process itself, restoring tone and mood after a working day and practically not noticing the load that the body takes during training.
  • Traditional swimming. The combination of different swimming styles with different intensities provides the body with a load almost at the level of a major sport and helps to shape the corresponding figure.In addition, they help to form such character traits as strength, perseverance, endurance and the ability to go all the way to the intended goal, which is so necessary if you want to lose weight.
  • Gymnastics. Performing gymnastics elements on the water gives no less effect than all other types of activities, moreover, they are understandable and quite simple to perform. You can do squats near the bumpers, various leg swings, pull-ups, twists, twists, and the like. Exercises for specific problem areas can be prompted by a professional instructor – so you can achieve the desired results in a shorter time.
  • Playing sports. Water volleyball or polo will help work out all muscle groups, improve attention and reaction. This method is more suitable for outdoor activities than for targeted weight loss, but if you choose between playing on the water and watching the TV for an hour, it is better to give preference to the former.
  • Pilates, yoga, stretching on the water. These types of workouts are designed to develop flexibility, harmonize the general condition of the body and improve posture. They can be combined with other, more active types of weight loss to achieve a more chiseled figure.

When choosing this or that type of activity, remember the need to constantly alternate the type and intensity of exercises, allow the body to recover from an active load, and, after finishing the workout, choose a more moderate pace.


Swimming in the pool is an effective and enjoyable way to lose weight, but you need to remember that it, like any sport, has a number of contraindications. So, it is not recommended to actively engage in the pool, especially with cold water, if you suffer from asthma or respiratory dysfunctions.Contraindications to swimming is the presence of osteochondrosis or hernias in the cervical spine. Swimming is not recommended for people who have damaged eardrums or have disturbances in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus.

If you are in doubt whether you can use this method of losing weight, check with your doctor to determine the possible frequency and intensity of training in the pool.

90,000 Is it possible to lose weight in the pool?

Swimming is the same excellent cardio load as running, cycling and elliptical training, says Ekaterina Koletaeva, an expert in the direction of water programs of the federal network of X-Fit fitness clubs.

The most important thing in swimming is pace and technique. Will a person who slowly row like a dog and then stand at the side for a long time lose weight? The answer is no. And if you swim 2-3 times a week, your workouts last at least 40 minutes, you follow your technique and do not stop, then yes. This cardio workout will help you strengthen your muscles, tighten your figure, and shed a few extra pounds with a sensible diet.The secret is that the process of burning fat during sports begins only after 40 minutes – and all this time, your pulse should be in the fat burning zone. The heart rate required to start this process can be calculated individually, but on average it is 120–140 beats per minute. Just imagine: to lose weight, you need to swim without a break for about an hour at a fast pace. It’s complicated. It is for this reason that many, without having achieved noticeable results, come to the conclusion that it is impossible to lose weight in the pool.

What you can’t do in the pool is to build muscle. If you came to a fitness club, as we say, for “meat”, get out of the water and do strength exercises with heavy weights in the gym. Swimming will increase muscle tone, give them a beautiful relief, help burn fat, but will not increase muscle volume. So I hasten to reassure everyone who is afraid of becoming the owner of a wide back swimmer if they start going to the pool: to achieve this, you need to swim like Michael Phelps – a mesmerizing butterfly stroke for five kilometers a day.If, on the contrary, you dream of such a back, then, I repeat, there are much more chances to “swing” it in the gym.

Pool X-Fit Victory Park In the X-Fit network, in addition to lessons with a personal swimming trainer – and I recommend starting with them in order to achieve the correct technique – there is a huge selection of water programs: from training with foam noodles to athletics in water , during which special boots with hollow blades are put on the legs for weight.Such exercises have a number of advantages: there is no load on the joints, absolutely all muscle groups are included in the work, and twice as much energy is spent – you also need to maintain a normal body temperature in cool water.

All water programs are a mix of cardio, strength and functional loads, and, in addition, any workout in the pool helps to improve coordination of movements, strengthen the respiratory system and certainly will not let you get bored!

Prepared by: Dasha Kozachok

Also read: 5 expert tips on how to lose weight with swimming.

Photo source: Unsplash, press archive

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90,000 How to lose weight in the pool. Tips from the swimming school Swimming.by

As you know, swimming is one of the most energy-consuming types of physical activity. Regular exercise and exercise ensures good muscle tone and heart health.It is only important to remember one important rule, not to overestimate your physical capabilities.

In addition to the pleasure of the process, water procedures bring a lot of benefits. They will help keep your figure in good shape, improve your health and get a lot of positive emotions. But few people know that you can also lose weight by swimming, you just need to know how to do it right. In addition to just being in the water and swimming, you can practice special exercises, such a system is called aqua training. This type of training is used all over the world and has long been proven to be effective.With its help, you can improve the overall tone, strengthen the muscles and make the figure more slender, and the skin elastic.

But you can do such exercises at home, in a regular bath. Not every person has the opportunity to regularly go to the slimming pool, often the reason for this is a banal lack of time. First you need to warm up. The last meal should be no later than two hours before the start of the exercise. After the end of classes, you need to allow the body to cool down.

Active swimming involves all muscle groups in the work, these are arms, legs, abdominal muscles, shoulders, chest.Swimwear must be one-piece. Different varieties of bikini type swimwear are suitable for sunbathing, not swimming. The piece swimsuit has an optimal shape, streamlined, making it comfortable and comfortable to swim in.

While swimming in the pool, you must also remember that there are impurities in the water that are harmful to the skin and hair. Therefore, it is necessary to wear a special hat.

So, many are wondering how to lose weight in the pool, what you need to do for this.In order for swimming to bring not only health benefits, but also contribute to weight loss, you need to use special exercises. The complex of such exercises is called aqua aerobics. An important feature of this workout is that even a person who does not know how to swim or does not swim well can do it.
You can quickly lose weight by swimming due to the fact that during the exercise there is resistance on the body from the water. It is this effect that gives an additional load on the body and the person begins to lose weight.The type of exercise can vary. These are all kinds of movements with legs, arms, bends to the side, and so on.
The same people who simply do not have the opportunity to regularly go to the pool can lose weight by swimming at home, in a regular bath. You just need to know the set of exercises. Even in the bathroom, you can do a good workout, and give an impulse to the body to lose weight, and besides, a lot of calories are wasted.

Here are some helpful tips on how to exercise in the bath:

1.It is necessary to draw warm water into the bath. The amount of water should be such that it is comfortable and convenient to perform movements with hands and feet. You need to calculate so that when you exercise, water does not splash over the edges.

2. In order to avoid injuries and bruises of the head, put a folded towel on the edge of the bathtub, it will soften the bathtub.

3. Before plunging into the bath and starting the exercise, it is necessary to warm up the body, prepare it for training. To do this, you need to make circular movements with your hands for about 5 minutes, warm up the muscles.

4. Now, after everything is ready, you need to immerse yourself in the bath.

Exercises should be performed slowly, controlling movement. Next, you need to alternately raise your legs up, while holding your hands tightly to the edges of the bath. At this time, the head rests on a towel to avoid injury. Next, you need to raise your legs at an angle of 90 degrees, about 10-15 times. Thus, you can perform the exercise known to everyone as scissors. Then you can lie on your stomach and alternately perform leg lifts.So you need to do about 20 repetitions.
Exercises can be performed not only in the bath, but also on “land”, so to speak, in any case it will only benefit the body.

Return ”

How to lose weight by swimming

Is swimming effective for losing weight

At the end of the 20th century, scientists did not recognize at all that swimming somehow helps in the fight against excess weight.

In 1987 study , participants’ weight did not change after six months of swimming.In 1997, subjects who swam for 2.5 months for 45 minutes three times a week also failed to lose weight .

The results of modern research are more optimistic. In 2006, scientists showed that swimming in combination with diet can still help you lose weight: after 13 weeks of exercise, the subjects lost an average of 5.9 kg and reduced the percentage of body fat by 3%.

A 2015 study also confirms that swimming can help you lose fat and build endurance.Its participants were engaged in swimming for one hour three times a week. After 12 weeks, the women had lost 4.3% body fat and had increased muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.

Yes, swimming is not the most effective exercise for losing weight compared to running, interval training or strength sports, but it has a big plus: no stress on the joints and spine.

This is of great importance for overweight people who put their knees at great risk when going for a run.Swimming provides gentle exercise while also helping you burn calories, build strength, endurance and flexibility.

And if you also love swimming, you should definitely choose this sport for losing weight, because the ideal workout is regular training.

How many calories can be spent while swimming

According to data from Harvard Medical School , different amounts of calories are spent in 30 minutes of swimming depending on weight:

56 kg 70 kg 84 kg
Any swimming 180 223 266
Backstroke 240 298 355

Butterfly 330 409 488
Krol 330 409 488

butterfly.It turns out that it is not enough just to splash in the pool. You need to learn to swim and do active training.

How to swim to lose weight

These tips will help you burn more calories in your swimming workout.

Buy equipment

A swimsuit that is not intended for sports will always come loose and interfere with your workout, and water will leak under the poorly fitting elastic bands of poor-quality glasses.

All these little things are terribly annoying and spoil the impression of the class.Therefore, if you are heading to the pool, buy a sports swimsuit, a matching cap, perfect glasses and fins. All this will help you forget about equipment and give all your best.

Learn to crawl

When you learn to crawl, you will want to use this style only: familiar moves, high speed and lots of fun swimming. However, it’s best not to dwell on one style and try breaststroke, backstroke, or even a difficult butterfly stroke.

Different styles help to harmoniously develop all the muscles in the body. For example, backstroke will help you strengthen your back and shoulder muscles, which will have a positive effect on posture, and breaststroke will put stress on your inner thighs.

Practice with a trainer

If you can only swim like a dog, take a few lessons with a trainer. He will show the basics, teach you how to breathe into the water, point out mistakes.

You can learn to crawl in 3-4 lessons, and then hone your skills on your own by finding programs on the Internet and periodically consulting a trainer.

How to design a workout

As with a normal gym workout, a pool session should consist of several parts:

  1. Warm up . In this part, you tune in to the lesson, the body remembers how to behave in the water, the muscles are warmed up for further efforts. As a rule, it is 200-400 meters in a calm crawl.
  2. Movement training . In this part, you can do some exercises to strengthen the muscles and practice the technique.For example, it can be leg-only swimming using a floating board, swimming with a buckle between the legs, swimming on one side, swimming with a minimum number of strokes, and so on.
  3. Interval training. This is the hardest part, in which you will pump your stamina and burn the most calories. You can sprint 50 meters and then rest for 30 seconds, or swim at a maximum speed of 100 meters and then rest for a minute.The number and length of sprints in a workout depends on your fitness level.
  4. Cool down . 200 meters of quiet crawl swimming.

Here is an example of a workout with this plan:

  1. 200 meters of quiet crawl. Rest every 50 meters if necessary.
  2. 4 × 50 meters crawl with stroke count. Try to make fewer strokes in each next segment than in the previous one.
  3. 100 meters of strokes only with hands with a buckle sandwiched between the legs.
  4. 100 meters with a board in hand: only legs move.
  5. 4 sprints of 50 meters each, rest between sprints – 30 seconds.
  6. 200 meters of quiet crawl.

Exercise at least 3-4 times a week for 45-60 minutes, do not rest too long between periods and combine exercise with diet – and you will be able to get rid of excess fat. Let not be as fast as in the case of running or cycling, but without any risk to joints and spine.

Read also:

for adults and children, the benefits and advice of professionals

The house’s own pool provides a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities and sports. The well-equipped home pool can be used for independent professional swimming workouts or a variety of exercises that benefit the overall health of both adults and children. A huge number of varieties and models of pools for installation in the courtyard or in the premises of a country house allow you to enjoy water sports at any convenient time.Even a busy person will find time while at home to swim for half an hour, because this significantly saves time on traffic jams, waiting in a crowded pool during peak hours or paying for a subscription to a sports club. It is especially convenient and beneficial to have a pool at home for families with children, for whom swimming is recommended from birth.

Exercises for adults and children

It is convenient and pleasant to train in the home pool not only for professional swimmers, but also for everyone who looks after their health.There is a huge number of effective exercises for adults and children that tone the body, help to improve health or lose weight.

Swimming training

A set of swimming exercises in a home pool does not differ much from classes in a sports club with a trainer. Active cardio training consists of basic exercises based on the prep, main, and post phases. Male and female programs may differ, in which the loads are aimed at developing different muscle groups.Enjoy water treatments while following the basic program.

Men’s program:

  • warm up by slowly swimming back and forth in the pool for 5 minutes;
  • swim freestyle or alternate;
  • swim a few laps on your back;
  • switch to swimming with varying speed;
  • Complete the set by swimming at a calm pace in any style for 15 minutes.

Women’s Program:

  • Warm up at a calm pace in a crawl or butterfly style for 10 minutes;
  • swim on your hands for 5 minutes, transferring the main load to the shoulders and arms and loading the pectoral muscles;
  • Spend 10 minutes changing swimming;
  • swim for 10 minutes on your feet using a board, transferring the main load to the leg muscles;
  • swim with increasing speed for the next 10 minutes;
  • End your slow swimming workout in a freestyle alternating with steps in the water.

Water aerobics exercises

One of the most popular types of women’s workouts in the pool is water aerobics. This is not only fun water fitness, but also an effective way to lose weight. The set of exercises is quite simple, but quite energy-consuming. With regular exercise, you can lose a lot of calories and keep your figure in good shape. You can do water aerobics not only in special group lessons with a trainer, but also independently, in the home pool.

A number of basic aqua aerobics exercises:

  1. Water squat. To perform the exercise, you need to go into the water up to your chest, and set your legs at shoulder level. When exhaling, you need to slightly bend your knees and strain your abs, linger a little in the “chair” position, and then return to the starting position at the entrance. The repetition rate is 20 times. Eliminates excess weight on the hips and abdomen.
  2. Kicking circles. Standing in the water, you need to raise your legs one by one, bending them at the knee, and describing an expanded circle with your knee.For each leg, you need to do 20 repetitions. This exercise tightens the gluteal muscles.
  3. Eights. Standing in the water, you need to describe the eights with the pelvis, while the back should be straight. Repeat the exercise 20 times in each direction. The abdominal muscles are well strengthened.
  4. Fist punches. Enter the water up to your chest, stand with your legs slightly apart and your back straight. Bend the fingers of one hand into a fist, stretch them forward and perform a series of punches at a fast pace with water resistance.For each hand, you need to make 20 strokes. It develops the back muscles well.
  5. Swing hands down. You need to go into the water up to your chest, stand straight, and your legs together. Straighten your arms in front of you and lower your palms down. Take a deep breath and sharply lower your arms, feeling overcoming the resistance of the water, and then also sharply raise them back. The exercise trains the chest muscles.
  6. Leg Curl. Go into the water up to your chest, stand straight, and put your feet together. Stretch your arms in front of you.Now you need to sharply bend both legs, pressing them to the stomach, and also sharply straighten. Exercise tightens the abdominal muscles.

Any complex of water aerobics is recommended to be completed with the exercise “bicycle”. Leaning on the pool handrails, take a half-sitting position. Perform alternate circular movements with your feet as when cycling.

Training children in the home pool

If you have children in your home, a home pool can be a place for them to both relax and exercise.A well-established pool in the house or on the plot of a country house

If the baby is still very tiny, workouts at home in the pool are carried out together with the mother. A child who has received basic swimming skills can practice independently, but under the constant supervision of adults.

Swimming lessons for children have different techniques. It all depends on the age of the child.

Instructors divide sets of exercises into groups:

  • babies;
  • children 1-2 years old;
  • children 3-5 years old;
  • children 4-6 years old;
  • children over 7 years old.

All trainings should be carried out in a playful way, so that the baby is not scared, but on the contrary, interesting. If there is no fear of water, then the child likes to do all the exercises, from diving to the bottom to learning different swimming styles.

Benefits of training at home in the pool

Home pool allows you to enjoy swimming or aerobics on the water at any time. And for this it is not necessary to be professionally engaged in this sport.It is enough to regularly spend 20-30 minutes several times a week in order to improve health and be always in good shape.

Workouts at home in the pool significantly save time on trips to the sports club, are convenient for young mothers who cannot leave their baby for a long time. If you are the owner of a country house with the ability to install a pool, you will never regret your decision and will happily enjoy water treatments without leaving your home walls.

Whichever type of exercise you choose in your indoor pool, you will definitely feel the benefits for the body.

It all depends on your preferences:

  • Swimming. Its advantages are the even distribution of loads on all muscle groups. During swimming, physical strength and endurance develops, while the risk that you will receive joint wear or muscle strain is excluded. Swimming has a beneficial effect on heart function, good blood circulation, and also helps to get rid of extra pounds. During swimming exercises, almost all the muscles of the body work: shoulders and forearms, neck and back, hips and calves, and others.During swimming, the skin and internal organs are perfectly massaged. And massage, as you know, is the prevention of many diseases of all parts of the body and keeping them in good shape. Swimming is beneficial for the respiratory system and lungs, as well as the nervous system. If you need to relax or get distracted, you need to swim in the pool, and preferably alone.
  • Aqua aerobics. Strengthens the heart muscle and vascular walls, therefore it is often prescribed for the rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases.This type of fitness is also popular for weight loss, as it is much more effective than conventional aerobics.
  • Exercises for children. Teaching children to swim from early childhood helps their mental development. During the hardening of the child’s body, the development of movement coordination and breathing training in water, the development of the motor skills of all parts of the body occurs at the same time. Due to the changes in sensations during the stay in the water, a rather strong stimulation of the brain occurs.Therefore, it is in infancy that it is recommended to start learning to swim. Already from 6 months, you can resort to the help of an instructor, but only if there is a need for training in different styles and the correct technique. Otherwise, parents can also instill a love of swimming by explaining the basic rules of behavior on the water. And when the child gets older, the home pool will become an additional place for training or healthy recreation for children.

Recommended pool dimensions

If you are planning to install a home exercise pool, there are some standards:

  1. The length of the pool is calculated by the formula = 3.5 meters (includes the height of a person + the first stroke of 1.5 m) + 1.5 meters on average for each next stroke.Those. for four strokes, you will need to install a pool 8 meters long.
  2. The width of pools for one adult is 2.75 meters, for two you need at least 4 meters.
  3. The depth of the pool is 1.35 meters. This is the recommended value, which does not have to be exceeded, since later there will be difficulties with the maintenance of the pool.


When installing a pool in your home, regardless of its purpose, it is recommended to use a counterflow.This device is designed to create the effect of water flow.

Counterflows are popular among pool owners as they have their own advantages:

  • Provide good resistance for swimmers, improving the training effect;
  • create a hydromassage effect;
  • help create an attractive look for your pool.

Depending on the personal requirements for the home pool, it is better to choose a counterflow in advance, since manufacturers offer different types of devices.For example, built-in ones are installed even when laying a capital pool, and hinged ones can be fastened as needed. We have interesting proposals on our website / protivotoki-dlya-basseynov /.

How do they work? To activate the counterflow, you need to connect a pump, which will take a certain amount of water from the pool, and then throw it out in the opposite direction. Thus, the effect of water movement arises.

Professional advice

If you have a nice, spacious pool at home, regular exercise should not be missed.For professional athletes, the home pool allows them to stay in shape or get ready for the competition. Amateurs can enjoy the opportunity not to travel, but to do home workouts, doing water aerobics exercises or doing an invigorating morning swim. There is also the advantage of a home pool for families with children. Indeed, in the pool it is good to conduct individual training for children with an instructor and, of course, regularly temper.

7 exercises for fast weight loss in water

Workouts in water are an excellent choice if you frequent the pool.Since it is summer now, you can also save money on water aerobics classes. Just go to the beach and train there.

Such activities are primarily recommended for people who are significantly overweight, as well as for those who suffer from joint pain. The fact is that water relieves the painful load from the body. And at the same time, it is denser than air, which allows you to increase resistance when moving. As a result, these workouts are more effective. Well, we figured out the pluses, let’s move on to the exercises themselves.

1. Swimming

Yes, normal swimming perfectly burns extra calories. This is a fun way to lose weight without a gym in the summer. If possible, go to the sea as salt water can help you lose weight. Remember when we said that resistance in water is higher than in air? So, due to the presence of salt in sea water, its density is higher than in fresh rivers and lakes. Therefore, the resistance will be even higher.

2. Waist walking in water

An effective and simple exercise that even a person far from sports can handle.Go into the water so that its level falls to your waist. Walk back and forth. Despite the simplicity, you will soon notice how the muscles are toned, tense and filled with strength. This is due to the fact that your body is making efforts to overcome the water barrier.

3. Running in the water (aqua jogging)

Another effective exercise will be running in the water. It can be performed in different ways: without touching the bottom with your feet, touching the ground with your feet, with and without weights. Either option is good for burning calories.The main thing is to keep your back as straight as possible.

4. Running on the water

If aqua jogging is too difficult for you, then for a start you can limit yourself to running along the water’s edge near the shore. However, you can only run on fine sand. At the same time, you get an excellent scrubbing for heels. Jogging is extremely effective when it comes to getting rid of knee fat.

5. Jumping over the waves

Jumping over the waves will become an improvised replacement of the rope. If you have children, you will have fun playing with them and lose weight at the same time.Make sure that there are no slippery stones or sharp shells under your feet. Jumping over waves is a great outdoor exercise.

6. Plank

Anyone who at least occasionally goes to the gym and went to physical education classes at school is familiar with a simple exercise called the plank. However, not everyone knows that the bar can be made in water. To do this, you first need to find some kind of support that you can grab with your hands. Then just lie on your stomach in the water and try to keep your head above the water, straightening your body.There is no need to hold the plank position for long. It is enough to perform the exercise for 1-2 minutes with short rest breaks.

7. Balance on one leg

A good workout for strengthening muscle tone and developing the vestibular apparatus will be the exercise that I jokingly call “Flamingo”. You just need to copy the pose of a funny bird and stand in the water, leaning on one leg. We bend the other leg at the knee and lift it up or start it back. Hands can be spread apart for balance, or palms can be resting on the waist.This workout may seem too simple, but believe my experience, balancing on one leg even in barely swaying waters is not an easy task. You will very quickly feel the muscles tighten. And the press how it works – beauty!

You can choose the exercises that are most comfortable for you. You can invent interesting new workouts. For example, dance in the water, as the main characters of the cult melodrama Dirty Dancing, one of the best summer films, did.How do you like the idea of ​​underwater ballet?

In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, training in the water has another great advantage. We all want to get rid of extra pounds and quickly. However, losing weight entails an extremely unpleasant side effect: the skin sags, wrinkles appear, similar to age wrinkles. So, water exercises help to tighten the skin after weight loss, as well as during weight loss! Isn’t it great?

Be healthy and beautiful. Let the people around you on the beach admire your slimness with admiration.Sunny summer and good mood!

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Slimming pool – “swim” to perfection!

The benefits of water exercise for weight loss

The obvious benefits of swimming for the body need not be proven. Listing in stages the factors of the influence of the aquatic environment on humans, we repeat this once again:

  • Psychological comfort.The formation of the embryo takes place in the aquatic environment. Safety and security – these associations can arise when thinking about water
  • Overload protection. So, swimming in equipped reservoirs is considered one of the least traumatic sports. If the program is drawn up correctly, the swimmer will never injure ligaments or injure joints
  • Uniform tension of all muscle groups, development of muscle tissue without a noticeable increase in its volume. This is important for those who want to maintain a feminine figure
  • Optimal distribution of the load on the musculoskeletal system.In water, the pressure on the spine decreases, giving the necessary rest
  • Swimming is an important part of preventing respiratory diseases. Regular exercises in the pool give the lungs additional useful volume, train the respiratory muscles
  • Being in cool water makes the thermoregulation systems work, reveals the adaptive resources of the human body

To summarize the results: swimming is in every way an attractive form of physical activity.

Swimming in the context of weight loss

Slimming pool – “sailing” towards perfection! Source: slimming-club.ru

To lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake – stick to a diet, increase calorie consumption – give your body a load, and at the same time remain in a state of psychological comfort. You should like what you eat and the sport you do.

  • In this regard, a slimming pool is ideal. Psychologists voice the idea that it is worth starting to use the pool for weight loss – and you can find a source of peace of mind in it
  • In favor of the “water” method: swimming in the slimming pool is very effective. For an hour of swimming, you can spend up to 400 calories of energy, and during the same time of light loads on land, only 250 units are consumed. The body spends even more resources on heating the body in cool water
  • The fact that swimming helps to lose weight is also supported by the absence of contraindications for aquatic exercise for overweight people.Often, being overweight puts a serious strain on the joints and spine, so not all exercises are indicated for overweight. But the pool for weight loss is most often recommended for them

Nice little things: list to pool

If you have made the decision to start visiting the pool on your own, or your doctor recommended it, first you need to find out what you need for a comfortable stay in the “water paradise”. Before visiting the public “water reservoir” you will have to purchase:

  • Sports Swimwear
  • Waterproof Swimming Goggles
  • Rubber cap (hygiene requirement)
  • Flip-flops with embossed soles (those that will prevent slipping on a wet floor and test it for durability when dropped)

The list can be supplemented with a towel, shower products, your own hairdryer – however, all these are little things that should not overshadow the main thing: swimming for weight loss will be effective only if you visit the pool regularly for a long time.Willpower and the habit of physical activity are our main friends in the struggle for the beauty of the figure.

A few words about the water method of losing weight

Experts believe that by monotonously exercising and swimming from end to end of the water tank along the track, you should not expect quick results. The correct instruction is as follows: swimming in the pool for weight loss should be interval, it is necessary to alternate increasing the load and rest. This scheme, as opposed to traditional, allows you to burn more calories in less time.Moreover, even after leaving the water, the body continues to consume and spend energy – due to the accelerated metabolism.

Let’s consider step by step the essence of intervals during training:

  • Maximum load on all muscle groups, swimming almost at the limit of possibilities? for example, butterfly – no more than half a minute
  • The next 15 sec. calm breaststroke, it will allow you to restore breathing and bring your heart rate back to normal
  • New interval to swim in a different style – freestyle, crawl or backstroke
  • Rest again

It is important to stick to the basics when trying interval swimming:

  • Measure and observe the tension and relaxation times very accurately
  • Never neglect the warm-up at the beginning and after the session
  • Pay attention to crawl swimming – maximum calories are lost with it compared to other types of
  • Do not forget about backstroke – this is a way to correct the side line and remove extra pounds from there

Why might not work out in the slimming pool ?!

Slimming pool – “sailing” towards perfection! Source: ybasseyna.ru

As noted by athletes and amateurs, effective swimming does not guarantee weight loss. There are a number of miscalculations that beginners make when trying to lose weight. Therefore, it is worth preventing possible mistakes and recalling the principles of swimming for weight loss:

  • Be sure to warm up before entering the water
  • Exercise in water no colder than 26 degrees – it is at this temperature that the training time can be quite long.Otherwise, it is significantly reduced (until the first signs of hypothermia and discomfort appear)
  • Choose the right type of load. So, if a simple floundering (even at intervals) does not make the pulse quicken, then it will not help to lose weight. Need to try other water sports – aerobics or yoga in the pool
  • Do not engage in active swimming earlier than an hour and a half after eating

Who is contraindicated in the pool

Unfortunately, not all people are shown swimming.And not everyone will be allowed to practice in a public pool, where several people are in the water at once. Before being allowed to visit the pool, you need to take a certificate of the absence of skin diseases, STDs, and it is also recommended to visit a therapist and cardiologist for consultation.

So, training in the slimming pool is prohibited under the following conditions:

  • Skin diseases of any genesis
  • STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Cardiovascular diseases (some of them)
  • Malignant neoplasms and tumors
  • Epilepsy

All these prohibitions are connected both with the safety of the person himself – the risk of drowning, the aggressive effect on the skin of substances in the pool water, and in order to protect other visitors from possible infection.

Swimming in the pool to get slimmer is a rare sport that most people can’t do at home. Perhaps its only drawback is that you cannot organize yourself the opportunity to swim at any free time. We have to adjust to the schedule of the sports complex, obtain and update medical documents, and purchase professional equipment.

However, reviews about swimming in a weight loss pool do not leave any doubt – it’s worth it.As experienced swimmers testify, the muscles become more toned, the appearance and tone of the skin in problem areas improves. At the same time, there is no noticeable increase in muscle mass (unless you specifically attend to this).

It is imperative to control the appetite that appears after an adequate load in the pool, and not to be led by the body, which requires new portions of food. With an integrated approach – nutrition, regimen, intervals and alternation of loads, there is every chance to lose weight quickly, regularly exercising in the pool.


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