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What does water symbolize in a dream: What Does It Mean To Dream About Water? 12 Common Interpretations


What Does It Mean To Dream About Water? 12 Common Interpretations

What does dreaming about water mean, generally speaking?

The element of water is heavily associated with emotions, and that includes when it’s in our dreams. As professional dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells mindbodygreen, just as we can see our reflection in water in our waking lives, water in dreams offers us a different kind of reflection.

“Generally, water will reflect your emotional state, because like water, emotions are very fluid,” she explains, adding that the state of the water, how you’re feeling in/about the water, and what the water itself is doing are all important factors to pay attention to.

Water dreams can also represent the creative or spiritual side of yourself, Loewenberg notes. “Creativity, like water, is fluid,” she adds.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of water dreams, depending on what kind of water or scenario you’re specifically dealing with.

12 common water dreams and their interpretations:


Tidal waves

Going with the line of thought that water dreams are related to emotions, to dream of a tidal wave, then, will often signify major overwhelm.

As Loewenberg explains, tidal waves threaten disaster and pull things out to sea in their wake. “So it could be some very emotionally overwhelming situation that’s pulling you, threatening to pull you away from your normal peace of mind or even your normal routine,” she notes.


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Another common water dream is to dream about drowning. As professional intuitive Catharine Allen previously wrote for mindbodygreen, this and other dreams about death could be related to a past life. It could also, however, be related to an area in your life where you feel like you’re metaphorically “drowning.”

Loewenberg adds we often use phrases like, “I’m drowning in work,” or “I’m in over my head,” and so this dream is like your subconscious playing out this feeling of being “in too deep,” as it were.



If you’re dreaming about rain, it’s often direct imagery related to your emotions, and specifically tears, according to Loewenberg. If you’re in the middle of a torrential downpour, for instance, you could be dealing with a lot of grief or sadness. Or, let’s say you’re standing out in the sun and a light shower comes down (aka a “sunshower”). This would indicate happy tears, or that you’re experiencing a full breadth of positive emotions.


Muddy water

If you were to dream of muddy or stagnant water, such as a muddy puddle or a murky pond, Loewenberg says this is a telltale sign of sadness. “Muddy water in dreams usually represents something upsetting or negative that is dirtying up an otherwise clean psyche,” she explains, adding that you could likely be feeling negative lately.


Clear water

If murky or muddy water indicates a negative mood, clear water, on the other hand, would indicate you’re feeling emotionally clear and can “see” things well. And we’re not talking about literal sight but rather emotional clarity and ease.


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Contained water

Dreaming of water that is contained may have to do with how well you’re containing your emotions, Loewenberg says.

As opposed to a vast, open ocean, dreaming of something like an aquarium or fish bowl can mean you’re keeping your emotions in check but can also symbolize keeping your emotions “bottled up,” or even repressed. This is especially true if the fish bowl looks unkempt or stagnant, which Loewenberg says means you haven’t been tending to your emotional well-being. The opposite is also true, though, and a clear and clean fish bowl would mean you have a good handle on your emotions.


Water leaking

Loewenberg notes that water dreams can be really prevalent for people who menstruate and relate to the menstrual cycle itself. “If you’re on the verge of starting your cycle,” she says, “you might see water leaking from the ceiling, or you might see a tub or a sink or other vessel beginning to overflow with water, representing your uterus.”


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If you’re dreaming of floodwater, according to Loewenberg, this would indicate there’s some situation in your waking life that is getting increasingly worse and affecting you emotionally more and more each day. “Just as the water rises, so, too, does your emotional reaction to whatever’s happening,” she adds.



Fish are a very common spiritual and religious symbol, and when fish show up in dreams, they’re often in water. Loewenberg previously told us that fish dreams can relate to pregnancy or fertility; “fishing” for something in your life; and even feeling like a fish out of water, depending on what the fish is doing.

Fertility can also relate to creative fertility, she notes, with the fish in this case representing something you’re creating from your emotional landscape (which is represented by the water in the dream).


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Other animals in water

Aside from fish, other animals may surface in the water in your dreams as well. In the case of scary animals, such as an alligator or a shark, Loewenberg notes that this often indicates fear that is beginning to surface within you. If things are surfacing in the water, that can mean something within you is surfacing as well.


Traveling across water

Sometimes we dream that we’re traveling somewhere, and in the case of traveling across water by boat or ship, Loewenberg notes that these dreams often have to do with relationships. “A ship or a boat will be commenting on a relationship more than any other vehicle because it travels on water, and water tends to represent the emotional self,” she explains.


Breathing underwater

And last but not least, Loewenberg says, dreaming of breathing underwater is another common dream theme. According to her, breathing underwater in a dream is a sign that you may be dealing with something that’s very emotionally difficult—but you have a good handle on it and know you will get through it.

How to work through this dream.

If you’ve been having a lot of dreams about water and you want to work through them, the good news is there are plenty of ways to do so. The main thing, according to Loewenberg and other dream experts, is to get a clear sense of the emotion that’s being conveyed through this dream, and getting a handle on that emotion in your real life.

“Your dreams will show you—in a brutally honest fashion—how you’re dealing with, reacting to, and managing your emotional state,” Loewenberg says. And as therapist and dream expert Leslie Ellis, Ph.D., previously told mindbodygreen, one of the best ways to ensure those emotions bleed into your dreams is by setting aside time to work through your emotions before you go to bed, especially if your dreams have been stressful in nature.

“Do make time to constructively deal with the sources of your stress,” she says, adding, “If there is a difficult conversation you need to have with a friend or family member, don’t put it off. If you are feeling unprepared for something, put in the time.”

Both Ellis and Loewenberg also recommend dream journaling, which is a great way to get a written record of your dreams down so you can remember them better, start noticing patterns, and make subsequent adjustments in your life to deal with what’s coming up in your dreams.

The takeaway.

Dreams are a powerful part of our lives that can easily go unnoticed or even forgotten. The more you start paying attention to your dreams about water, the more they can reveal about your emotional state—plus what you can do to get your emotions in a better place.

Dreaming About Water Meaning & Interpretation

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Our dreams embody several symbols that can provide insights into our feelings, thought processes, and life experiences. According to psychologists, they reflect our subconscious, and symbols within them can have significant meanings. One such symbol is water.

Without a doubt! Water is vital for our survival. It not only quenches our thirst, but helps us produce food and keep our bodies and clothes clean. Even in the dream world, the water symbol carries a deep meaning.

Water in dreams often represents our emotional state of mind. However, the correct interpretation will depend on the context of the water dream. For example, calm waters relate to emotional peace and stability, while raging waters point to distress.

With that in mind, let’s explore what the water in your dream means, plus examine a few scenarios of this vision.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Water?

A water dream can symbolize a myriad of things. For instance, it could represent growth, cleansing, transformation, or rejuvenation.

However, the meaning of your dream might vary depending on the type of water body (ocean, sea, river), the state of the water (calm, stormy), and the emotions experienced in the dream world.

Similarly, where you are (in the water or standing at a distance from the water) might help pinpoint the hidden message in your dream.

Let’s look at some meanings of water in your dream.

  • Purification and renewal: Sometimes our toxic habits can manifest as dreams of water. The water implies that deep-down, you desire cleansing and renewal. Therefore, take the necessary steps to rid yourself of impurities. For instance, if you‘re dealing with drug addiction, it’s high time you visit a rehab center.
  • Change: Water is constantly flowing and changing, just like life. Sometimes it is calm. Other times it’s a raging storm. Water in a dream could mean that significant changes are afoot in your waking life. Whether they’re positive or negative will depend on the context of your dream. However, it is best to be prepared for it and embrace it when it comes.
  • Spirituality: Water is used in many cultures and religions for rituals. For instance, the church uses holy water to bless and baptize individuals. Some religions use water for soul cleansing and purification rites. As such, your dream might imply that you need to embark on a spiritual journey.

Spiritual Meaning of Water Dreams

Water is a powerful spiritual symbol in many cultures and often plays a leading role in rituals and practices. Many people believe it’s the gateway between dimensions. Others see it as a symbol of peace, tranquility, and feminine energy.

According to Animism, water it’s the entity that connects us and creates relationships. Water is also sacred to Hindus because it holds sin-purifying and cleansing powers. As for Islam, water represents wisdom because it connects everything in the world.

Based on the information above, a water dream could show your need for renewal through cleansing. You wish to get rid of negative energy, experiences, or emotions in your life and experience spiritual renewal and enlightenment.

Water dreams could also symbolize healing and transformation. The vision implies you are ready to let go of the past, release wounds, and follow a more positive path in life.

Biblical Meaning of Water Dreams

According to the bible, water symbolizes purity and rebirth. In the New Testament, John the Baptist baptized Jesus to identify him as the Son of God and symbolize his initiation into God’s ministry. In dreams, water could symbolize your desire for baptism and rebirth.

The dream also relates to deliverance from bondage. That could be an addiction, toxic relationship, mental health issue, or cultural expectations. Either way, you want God to help you break the chains limiting your ability to become someone better.

Alternatively, water dreams could symbolize life and vitality. For example, John 4:7-15 tells us that Jesus asked the Samaritan woman if he could give her “living water” to quench her thirst forever. The “living water” here refers to the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Dream About Water Common Scenarios

1. Dreaming About Falling into Water

When you dream of falling into the water, it implies that you are dealing with so many insecurities. This could relate to your personal life, career, or relationships.

If you let these insecurities get the better of you, they can harm your physical and mental health. So, you better start dealing with them right now.

Similarly, the dream could relate to the fear of the unknown. Maybe you are overwhelmed with situations or emotions beyond your control. And now you don’t know what the future holds for you.

Falling into the water also foretells changes are afoot in your life. Whether positive or negative, prepare yourself and be ready to embrace a new life.

2. Dreaming Of Driving into Water (Car Going into Water)

A dream of driving into water reflects your loss of control. It could be you are dealing with a situation that has no solution. If so, we urge you not to give up. Stay motivated and continue looking for a solution. Eventually, things will work out your way.

You might also see yourself driving into a river when you are emotionally overwhelmed. That means you’re in a state of intense emotion that you have no control over.

This state might be caused by relationship issues, traumatic life experiences, or stress. If this applies to you, you need to address the cause of your emotions.

Also, learn to process your problems and emotions as soon as they appear. This way, you can maintain a healthier mindset and avoid a feeling of being overwhelmed.

3. Dreaming of a Car Sinking in Water

Dreaming about a car slowly sinking into water is a sign that you’re facing some challenges in life that may seem small at the moment, but if you let them fester, they could prove to be a bigger pain in the future.

If the car was sinking into dirty water, it is a warning that something is amiss, and if you’re not cautious, you will find yourself in danger.

4. Dreaming About Water Overflowing

When you dream of water overflowing from a sink, tub, or river, it can indicate that you struggle with anxiety, stress, and fear. The dream could be a warning that you’re at your limit, and your emotions are “overflowing”.

The overflow might also manifest in your waking life as constant panic attacks or mental breakdowns. Such a dream encourages you to take a break from everything and seek professional help.

5. Dreaming of Clear Water

Clear water in a dream is a good sign. It symbolizes inner peace or clarity. You’re in good health, physically, emotionally, and mentally, constantly working towards achieving your goals, and your personal and professional lives are progressing positively.

On the other hand, it could mean you desire clarity in your waking life. Chances are, you’re having problems in your romantic relationship and wish to clear the air between you two. That would help you attain inner peace and emotional balance.

6. Dreaming of Dirty Water

Dirty water in a dream is a warning sign. It suggests you’re having problems in your professional and personal life because of your negative energy or thoughts.

It’s time to drop your pessimism because it’s the reason for most of the problems tormenting you. Adopt a more positive outlook toward life, and things will change for the better.

Dreaming of a flood of dirty water implies you’re an individual who struggles with low self-esteem. Don’t let that keep you down. Instead, focus more on developing your interpersonal skills. Learn how to communicate and be heard.

A dirty puddle or lake suggests you or a close family member has a severe health problems.

7. Dreaming of Drinking Water

Drinking water in a dream denotes spiritual cleansing and fulfillment. You’ve been working on your spirituality and finally reached a level you’re satisfied with. You have also attained spiritual harmony and created a perfect balance in all aspects of your waking life.

Drinking water continuously signifies good fortune, financial stability, and professional success.

If the water was clean, it means inner cleansing and healing from negativity. While drinking salty water is a warning to be vigilant against those that wish you harm. Be careful who you trust because not everyone has good intentions.

8. Dreaming of Walking in/on Water

Dreams of walking on water are rare. But when it happens, it means something exceptional is about to happen to you. Walking on clear waters foretells good fortune and abundance in your waking life, while ocean waters signify a good financial investment opportunity.

If you are walking in cold water in the dream, it suggests a strong desire to start your family. Muddy waters show you’re a hopeful person and have the determination to succeed. You are in control of your life and always happy with your choices.

However, walking in dirty water implies conflicts might arise between you and your relatives or friends.

9. Dreaming of Swimming

Dreaming about swimming in a pool is a good omen. The water represents inner peace and calmness of thought. It also means you enjoy spending time with people you hold dear.

Additionally, diving into a pool reflects a strong desire to connect to your inner self.

10. Dreaming of Drowning

Drowning is one of the most terrifying ways to die. Therefore, no one desires to dream about drowning. However, if you happen to have this dream, worry not. It doesn’t mean you will drown in real life.

This dream points to an intense fear of failure. You always see the potential for failure in every situation, and that’s why you avoid them. It’s also possible you are afraid of a failed career, a failed relationship, or becoming a disappointment to others.

Remember, fear of failure can have devastating consequences. It can cause several emotional and physiological problems, such as anxiety, low self-esteem, shame, and more. To overcome this problem, learn to think more positively and create a contingency plan.

11. Dreaming of Water Leaking in a House

To dream of water leaking in your house alludes to an emotional breakdown. The house, in a dream, symbolizes a private space for emotional comfort and well-being. Therefore, a leak in the house implies that something has triggered an outburst of emotion from you.

You’ve likely undergone something harrowing that left you grief-stricken. Or something entirely out of your control has occurred, leaving you emotionally shattered. The dream tells you to resolve the issue before it gets out of hand.

12. Dreaming of Water in The House

More often than not, if you dream of water inside the house, you will find yourself in either of these two scenarios. One, you might find yourself submerged in water at your home, or you might see water gushing all over your house.

Both dreams hold the same meaning. They tell you that you’re dreading or panicking over something that will happen soon. Or you are reliving something traumatic that occurred while you were in the house.

13. Dreaming About Running Water

Dreaming of clean running water symbolizes movement, change, and fluidity. The dream suggests you’re about to go through significant changes in your life, and you should prepare for them.

Also, it foretells good fortune will befall you and your family. You will also experience professional success.

14. Dreaming of Black Water

Dreaming of dark or murky water is a bad omen. It foretells grief and misfortune, befalling you and your family. You will go through a period of dread that might leave you depressed.

Such a dream implies you feel stuck in one place. You feel like a failure in certain aspects of your life and are disappointed with yourself for not achieving the objectives you’d set.

Similarly, it suggests you’re falling into peer pressure to reach the same milestones your friends or colleagues are at.

15. Dreaming of Blue Water

Blue water in a dream shows you’ve attained clarity in your thoughts and emotions. Chances are, you were caught in a difficult and emotionally taxing situation. It has taken a while, but you’ve finally resolved all your past issues.

Similarly, seeing blue water in a dream signifies healing, purification, and cleansing of negativity from your waking life. It encourages you to let go of negative people, feelings, and memories. That will enable you to heal and move forward with a positive attitude toward life.

16. Dreaming of Green Water

To dream of bathing in green water indicates a good love life. You and your partner have a good relationship. You communicate openly, offer each other solace, and fulfill each other’s sexual desires.

Contrary to that, if you dreamt of falling into green swamp water, it suggests you’re stuck. Perhaps you are facing an obstacle in your waking life that you have no way of solving.

17. Dreaming of Rising Water

Seeing the water rising in a lake, river or dam symbolizes a lack of control in your waking life. You struggle with responsibility and following instructions.

You also lack wisdom and clarity in the actions and decisions you make, and it has led to a lot of conflict in your life.

Such a dream also represents overwhelming emotions. Maybe you’re going through a difficult period, and it’s getting hard to overcome. That has left you anxious, stressed, and struggling to keep your emotions at bay so that you can handle the obstacle at hand.

18. Dreaming of Floods

Floods symbolize a feeling of being overwhelmed. But they could also mean the release of pent-up emotions.

Dreaming of a flood might mean you’re experiencing a surge of powerful emotions triggered by external factors. Chances are you have a lot on your plate and are shouldering it all by yourself. Trying to find solutions to all your problems has left you frazzled, and you’re nearing burnout.

The dream encourages you to ask for help sometimes because “no man is an island”.

19. Dreaming of Jumping into the Water

Jumping into water from great heights could symbolize getting out of your comfort zone. You’re ready to take on greater risks and push yourself past the normal limit on your path to success.

Similarly, it could signify your courage. You have an adventurous spirit and are always ready to tackle the impossible. You’re also creative in finding solutions that work for you while minimizing the risk involved.

20. Dreaming of Seeing Alligators in Water

Seeing alligators in water might mean you’re dealing with insecurities after attaining something new in your waking life. Perhaps you got a new job or got into a new relationship. You feel underqualified for the job or undeserving of your partner’s love.

Don’t second guess yourself or your abilities. Instead, take one step at a time, and you will slowly get comfortable in your skin.

Swimming with alligators implies you feel threatened by someone or something, and don’t know how to deal with it. The dream tells you to stand your ground and not fall prey to their intimidation.

21. Dreaming of Water Breaking

Anyone can experience this dream, whether pregnant or not. If you dream about your water breaking when surrounded by the people you care for, whether your spouse or parents, it means you will always have the support of those who care for you.

If you’re not pregnant and dream of water breaking, it suggests rebirth and new beginnings. You will emerge victorious in every obstacle you encounter and maybe find a new direction or opportunity to improve your life.

22. Dreaming of a Plane Crashing into Water

If you dream of a plane crashing into the water, it suggests you feel cornered. It means a situation has completely trapped you, and there is no way of getting yourself out. You might need the help and support of others to rescue you.

To see a commercial plane crash on the surface of water represents your self-image. The dream tells you to stop worrying about what others think of you. Instead, focus on growing yourself and your brand.

23. Dreaming of Rushing Water

Dreaming of rushing water suggests you are ready to let go of old habits, negative memories, and emotions.

You understand that they no longer serve you on your journey toward success. Instead, you’re opening yourself to new perspectives and embracing new knowledge.

24. Dreaming of Water Flowing from a Tap or Pipe

Water flowing from a tap or pipe is a warning from the subconscious. It tells you to reevaluate your priorities and objectives. It also warns you against jumping into things without thinking them through.

Such a dream also implies you’re about to make a life-altering decisions. Perhaps you have been thinking of proposing to your partner or starting a family. The vision tells you to be cautious and avoid making hasty decisions.

25. Dreaming of Fetching Water from a Well

Fetching water from a well signifies contentment, optimism, and peace of mind. If you’re about to undertake a project and have such a dream, you might succeed. You may encounter a few hurdles, but your effort will pay off.

If the water is dirty, it shows someone around you is plotting against you. They will go after your professional and social status while trying to alienate you from your family. Be cautious of those you keep around you.

26. Dreaming of a Water Fountain

A water fountain in a dream foretells a new adventure awaits you. You’re about to go on a journey of self-discovery and might meet a few new people who will change your perspective on life.

Drinking from a fountain means you’ve become mature. You’re finally taking responsibility for your actions and accepting the consequences that come with them. Also, you’re eager to learn from your seniors and ready to receive advice when you go astray.

27. Dreaming About Holy Water

If you drink holy water in a dream, it means you’re finally ready to take action and change your life for the better. Dreaming of holy water when you’re sick foretells healing and rejuvenation.

Being baptized in holy water means you’re about to experience a positive change in your lifestyle. It also suggests you’re about to attain a new level of spirituality.

However, dreaming of holy water might also be a warning to stop blindingly trusting that everything will work out without putting any effort. The dream tells you that hard work goes hand in hand with faith.

Also, dreaming of holy water blessed by a cult foretells a period of hardship coming your way.

28. Dreaming About a Waterfall

There are several ways you can interpret a waterfall dream. For instance, dreaming of a frozen waterfall signifies grief, pain, and disappointment in your waking life. You refuse to let go of the things that cause you pain.

A dirty waterfall symbolizes suppressed emotions. The flow of the waterfall represents letting your emotions flow freely. It will remove the pain and negative memories and allow you to stay mentally and emotionally stable.

Drinking from a waterfall symbolizes the cleansing of the body, mind, and soul. You’re ready to start your life afresh, and letting go of what weighs you down is the first step.

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As we wrap up, dreams about water can have varying meanings, depending on the dreamer. However, most water dreams reflect our emotional state of mind. They point to the emotions evoked by our waking life experiences, like joy, sadness, fear, anger, or happiness.

These dreams also symbolize themes like transformation, purification, and renewal. In spirituality, visions about water represent feminine energy, healing, peace, and a gateway to other realms.

That said, we hope you have found this guide helpful. If you need any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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Why is water dreaming: interpretations from different dream books


  • nur.kz/esoterics/dream-books/1746314-k-cemu-snitsa-voda/”>

Why dream of water: Pixabay

Water is a symbol of evolution, renewal, deliverance from sins. However, not everything is so clear in dreams, sometimes they promise not only joyful events. The interpretation of the symbol of water will be prompted by the most popular dream books.

Wangi’s Dream Book

One of the most famous soothsayers considered the water that she dreamed to be a contradictory sign. The dream book gives different interpretations:

  1. Drinking clean and cool water is a change in life for the better. In them, the dreamer will be involved by others.
  2. If in a dream water is pouring from above, then get ready for a wave of cosmic influence. Having found harmony with the Universe, it will be possible to become enlightened and great.
  3. I dreamed of muddy water – a bad omen. Such a dream predicts difficult life situations, difficulties in communicating with others.
  4. If you see water on the floor, then wait for the news. One of them will seriously affect relationships with loved ones.
  5. Drowning in a dream means that in reality the dreamer is resisting his usual way of life, so his health will deteriorate.
  6. Circles or ripples on the surface of the water – the upcoming changes will be difficult, but the person will cope and gain power over others.

Miller’s dream book

Psychologist Gustav Miller’s dream book contains the following dream meanings:

  • Pure water is a good sign that promises joy, favorable prospects.
  • Dirty water is a bad omen. This is a warning about the danger, there will be changes in the negative plan.
  • Fell into troubled water – in the future, make many serious mistakes that will drive you to despair.
  • If you drink muddy water in a dream, health problems will appear, and if you drink pure water, then expect positive changes and the realization of a dream.
  • If you dreamed that you were doing sports in the water or that splashes were falling on your head, expect breathtaking love.

Freud’s dream book

A well-known psychologist and psychoanalyst endowed water with a special meaning. Freud associated the flow and jet of water with ejaculation.

The dream book presents such interpretations of dreams in which there is water:

  • Pouring water – striving for intimacy, longing to meet someone.
  • Save a woman from the water – desire this lady.
  • To save a drowning man is to want children from him.
  • Look into the water surface – pay excessive attention to your appearance. Also, a dream can talk about manifestations of narcissism.
  • Drinking water – the functioning of the genital organs is disturbed.

Why water is dreaming: Pixabay

Nostradamus’ dream book

The dream book of the greatest prophet says that water in a dream is not considered a harbinger of grief or trouble:

  • If you dream of clear water, expect good weather.
  • Drink water and see a fly at the bottom – a trial will take place that will change the mood in society.
  • I dreamed of seething water – a good time for discoveries and experiments.
  • In a dream, water with blood appeared – the dream predicts the birth of a person under the sign of Scorpio, who will become great.

Islamic dream book

As in many other interpretations, the Islamic dream book pays special attention to the purity of water. If it is crystal, then this is a sign of prosperity and bliss. Muddy water dreams of sadness and disappointment.

There are other meanings:

  • If you dreamed that you were drinking cool and clear water, then you will live a happy life, moving in the right direction. There will be difficulties and trials along the way, but you will successfully overcome them.
  • Drinking very hot water – to events that interfere with the journey, as well as to disappointment in a loved one.
  • Drink dark water – to deterioration or loss of vision, stagnant – to life’s difficulties.
  • Drinking water from a turbulent river is not good. Trials and difficulties will come into life.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

In the dream book, astrologer Evgeny Tsvetkov interprets dreams in which there is water, as follows:

  • Immersion in water in a river or reservoir means difficulties in personal life. If you plunge headlong, you will be able to avoid danger.
  • A dream in which they are soaking wet, promises betrayal of the second half, disruption of plans on the personal front.
  • To wash – to joy, creation.
  • If you dream of a waterfall, expect an unpleasant meeting.
  • When you drown something in a dream, a joyful event will soon happen. If you drown someone, then a familiar person needs you. If you are drowned, someone will help you avoid danger.
  • If you dream that water gushed out from under the floor of the house, beware of enemies and unexpected obstacles.

What water is dreaming of: Pixabay

Whatever you see in a dream, pay attention to what the water was like. A clean and clear liquid means positive changes, while a dirty one tells about unpleasant changes.

Original article: https://www.nur.kz/esoterics/dream-books/1746314-k-cemu-snitsa-voda/

Ksenia YurevichAnna Molodykh
  • Sigmund Freud

What does water dream about: what dream books and psychologists say


Getty Images

What Miller’s Dream Book Says

Well, if you dreamed of clean water – such dreams usually predict success, fun entertainment or even prosperity. There is, however, a strange exception. If you dream of a white boat floating on clear blue water, in reality you will be greatly disappointed.

A dream in which you drink clean fresh water promises that you will be able to realize your wildest plans. Drinking mineral water is a very good luck. But if the water you drink is cloudy, take a closer look at your health, because there is a risk of getting quite seriously ill.

Muddy, dirty water in a dream, in principle, does not bode well. As a rule, such dreams warn of problems and dangers. If, for example, in a dream you fell into dirty water, in reality you will have to go through a whole series of big mistakes that will cause a lot of trouble and even suffering.

Getty Images

Another important warning is a dream in which you get your feet wet. He says that now you need to be very attentive and collected in order to cope with all the trials and problems that fate throws at you. Otherwise, you will have to pay long and painfully for your lack of concentration – health problems, money problems and other difficulties will haunt you. Such a message carries a dream in which you see how muddy water floods the ship.

Dreams in which water fills the house have a completely different interpretation. Again, you will have to fight troubles or even real evil, but know that if the water starts to recede, then you will not be able to win this fight.

A very good dream in which you do water sports or exercises. Such a dream prophesies unexpected passionate love. And if drops of water do not fall on your head in a dream, this relationship will have a happy ending (well, or a continuation 😉).

Getty Images

What Vanga’s Dream Book says

In this dream book, images with water are interpreted especially globally. For example, drinking fresh water is not just something good for you personally. Such a dream, Vanga believes, indicates that the renewal and purification of the whole world will soon take place, and you will be among those who will be directly affected by this. Clean water in Vanga’s Dream Book is a symbol of development, progress and deliverance from sins.

But dirty water – again – predicts problems and difficulties in relations with people. So that all this does not hurt you too much, try to be kind to others and patient.

Differently than Miller’s Dream Book, here they interpret a dream in which water floods your house. According to Vanga, such dreams are harbingers of an abundant stream of news. Moreover, at least one of them will drastically change you (or the way you perceive yourself) and your relationships with loved ones and people in general.

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Be sure to pay attention to the dream in which you are drowning. These are usually dreamed of by those who decide to swim against the current in reality and fight against some circumstances. Keep in mind – perhaps this struggle is too tough for you and will seriously damage your health.

If you see ripples or circles on the smooth surface of the water, it means that changes are about to take place in your life that will be difficult for you. But if you can still manage these changes, then you will have more power not only over yourself, but also over others.

And one more global image – water pouring from above. Such a dream warns that you will find yourself in waves of cosmic influence. Don’t try to resist it – it won’t work anyway. Better take it for granted and succumb to this flow in order to achieve harmony with the cosmos. And then you will become a truly outstanding person with worldwide recognition!

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What “Nostradamus’ Dream Book” says

There are a lot of very interesting (and very specific) images with water in this dream book 😅 For example, if you dreamed of a fly at the bottom of a glass of water, get ready for a slander in reality am , libel and litigation. Moreover, all this will affect your faith in tomorrow, and the mood of society as a whole.

Just an amazing dream in which you see how the water boils! He reports that the time has come for complex experiments and discoveries. It may very well be that some new science will soon appear!

If you dreamed of water with blood, it means that a great person will be born under the sign of Scorpio. It is not at all a fact, however, that you will have a direct bearing on this.

But if you dreamed that you were walking under water and communicating with dolphins, then it was you who would discover a new nation that no one knew about before. Congratulations 😁

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What Tafsir Dreams says disappointment and misfortune.

The type of water you drink is specified here in particular detail. When you wake up, remember what color, temperature and quality the water had. Cool, clean and tasty water promises a happy life, although there are many trials to overcome first. If the water is very hot – in reality you will have to be disappointed in a friend or abandon a trip that you have long planned. Stale, musty water dreams of a variety of problems, and yellow – to health problems. The most unfavorable dream, perhaps, in which you drink black water – it predicts serious illness, perhaps even blindness.

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What Freud’s Dream Book says

In Freud’s Dream Book, any images are somehow connected with sex. Water, of course, is no exception. For example, if you dream about how you pour water, then in reality you have a strong sexual desire. If this attraction is addressed to someone specific, then in a dream you can pull this person out of the water.

If you splash water in a dream, it means that in reality you are often overwhelmed by sexual fantasies that you yourself do not really understand. Swim in a dream – for an early pregnancy (so do not forget to protect yourself if children are not included in your plans yet). Well, quite expectedly, narcissists may dream of looking into the water and admiring their reflection.

By the way, funny moment. “Freud’s Dream Book” interprets dreams in which you drink water in a very different way. It doesn’t matter what color, taste or quality it was. Any dream in which a person drinks water indicates that this person has problems with sexual health. Soryan 😅

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What the psychologist says

Water is a symbol of feelings, emotions, our Unconscious. A raging element like big waves or an overflowing river speaks of internal tension, anger and anxiety. Frozen water is about freezing feelings, unwillingness to be in contact with them. If in a dream you suffer from thirst and want to drink, in reality you do not have enough emotional nourishment from the outside.