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A Doctor Shared 5 Real Ways to Prevent and Cure a Hangover

Hangovers are often the consequence of a good night—but they don’t have to be.

In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Jordan Wagner explains five ways to prevent and curb hangover symptoms in a jiffy. As the doc says, the best way to cure a hangover is to, well, not drink. But if that sounds unrealistic (and it likely does), there’s a few other actually legit tips to consider.

Dr. Wagners first piece of advice is to avoid drinks high in “congeners,” like whisky and tequila. While congeners can add deep flavor to dark alcoholic beverages, they can also contribute to killer hangovers. To put it simply, drinks high in congeners (also known as ethanol, methanol and the like) can cause an inflammatory reaction in your body, making you lethargic and fatigue. So instead, opt for colorless alcohol, like vodka, rum and gin.

“These might be a better option as they contain little to no congeners at all,” Dr. Wagner says. “Your body will thank you in the morning.”

For his second tip, Dr. Wagner affirms an old adage you’ve likely heard: If you have a hangover, drink more.

“Treating a hangover by having another drink seems dumb…” he says. “Although this habit hasn’t been proven effective, there’s some interesting science behind it. Simply put, drinking more alcohol is believed to effect the metabolism of methanol.”

Next, Dr. Wagner recommends chugging water throughout a night of drinking, stating a one drink to one glass of water ratio is best to avoiding hangover. He explains that alcohol is a diuretic, contributing to dehydration, which can cause symptoms of hangover. On a very basic level, drinking water helps maintain a balance in your body while your bar hopping.

“I know what you’re thinking, ‘What’s the point of drinking if I’m going to be chasing it with water?’ All the water does is slow the absorption of alcohol in your body it doesn’t counteract it,” the doc says.

Now, this next tip is for the smokers out there. If you’re a smoker, you might be tempted to light up a cigarette or hit a vape while drinking. But doing so can actually cause a worse hangover.

“The Center of Alcohol and Addiction Studies found that college students were more likely to report hangover symptoms after drinking episodes if they smoked more heavily on the day they drank,” Dr. Wagner says.

And, finally, if you’re planning on hitting the bar or gathering with buddies, take your vitamins. No, really. Dr. Wagner’s final tip is to take vitamin B and zinc to curb hangover.

“They found that people whose food and beverage consumption contained greater amount of zinc and B vitamins had less severe hangovers,” he says, citing a study from the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

For a bonus tip at no extra charge, Dr. Wagner advises eating breakfast the day after. This helps lift your likely-low blood sugar after a night of drinking, curbing the symptoms of hangover. The doc recommends toast and juice, so maybe skip that greasy diner meal you’re actually craving.


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7 Best Hangover Cures and Remedies

So you’ve spent a fun night out on the town … only to wake up with a killer hangover the next morning. From a pounding headache to terrible nausea (not to mention the dreadful feeling of hangover anxiety), we’ve all felt the misery that comes with experiencing a hangover after a night of heavy drinking — and wondered how to best get rid of it, pronto. But what are the best hangover cures, and which ones are actually backed by science?

To find the best ways to tackle every morning-after symptom that might come your way, we consulted various experts on which remedies from your handy hangover kit actually work (and which really don’t). Though there’s unfortunately no instant cure-all for a hangover — besides not drinking so much in the first place, of course — the good news is that there are several ways to alleviate your symptoms, so you can start feeling better as soon as possible. If you’re wondering how to get rid of a hangover fast, here are the best hangover cures that actually work, according to experts:

1. Stay hydrated.

Yes, you’ve heard it a thousand times before — but there’s a good reason why so many experts stress drinking plenty of water when you’re drinking alcohol. As a diuretic, alcohol pulls water out of your system (i.e., it makes you urinate more often!), which can easily lead to dehydration, explains George Koob, PhD, Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). Because of this, it’s important to stay hydrated to off-set (and prevent) any alcohol-induced dehydration that may cause headaches, dizziness and other common symptoms.

Ideally you would continuously be drinking adequate fluids throughout the day you’re drinking alcohol (including before and in-between drinks), but if you’re unable to, the next best thing to do is rehydrate the next day as best as you can, says Stefani Sassos, MS, RDN, Registered Dietitian for the Good Housekeeping Institute. “You want to aim for half your body weight in ounces of water a day and to sip that gradually over the course of the day,” she says. (If you weigh 160 pounds, for example, you’d want to drink around 80 ounces of water, or 10 cups.)


Coconut Water

365 Everyday Value

2. Replenish your electrolytes.

While plain water is always a good choice to help you rehydrate after a night of drinking, it’s also helpful to drink plenty of fluids that have electrolytes, the essential minerals that your body loses (along with water) when you drink alcohol. Sports drinks like Gatorade are common sources for electrolytes, but Sassos warns that they may be loaded with added sugar, artificial sweeteners and food dyes; instead, she recommends coconut water, which can be a great alternative. “I like to call coconut water nature’s sports drink,” Sassos says. “It’s packed with electrolytes to help get your body back to normal and also contains potassium which can help your cells maintain good fluid balance.”

3. Eat a nutritious meal.

Alcohol can impact your blood sugar levels, so getting a bite to eat can help get these levels back up to normal while also helping to restore important vitamins and minerals that your body may have lost due to alcohol intake. Generally, Sassos recommends eating a balanced meal complete with adequate lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, while avoiding fried and sugary foods which may only exacerbate your hangover symptoms. Some high fructose foods (like toast with honey) can also help speed up alcohol metabolism if there is any residual alcohol in your system, adds John Brick, PhD, an alcohol research scientist and author of The Doctor’s Hangover Handbook.

No matter what food you choose to eat, though, Sassos stresses the importance of listening to your body and making decisions based on what makes you the most comfortable. If you’re feeling nauseous, for instance, she recommends trying out some more plain starches, along with warm water and ginger tea to soothe your GI tract. “Everything in moderation until you determine if it makes you feel better,” agrees Dr. Brick. “Remember, you body went through a lot last night and making it work more the next day may not be helpful.”

    4. Take some medicine.

    Since headaches and body aches are often among the most common symptoms of a hangover, you may be able to get some relief by taking OTC medications like aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, you should always be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage, warns Dr. Brick, as there are some medications that are best not to combine with alcohol in excess (and can actually irritate your stomach even more). “For example, the combination of acetaminophen with alcohol may result in liver damage and excess use of aspirin may cause stomach tissue damage,” he says.

    5. Get some (light) exercise.

    You probably won’t feel like working up a sweat when you’re hungover, but a little light exercise can potentially provide some benefits, provided that you’re feeling up to it (and that you’re remembering to hydrate throughout). “Exercise gets the circulation going and gets more oxygen to the brain — that’s a good thing,” explains Dr. Brick.

    You should be careful not to push yourself, however, as a heavy work-out can have the potential to make you feel more exhausted — especially if exercise isn’t part of your regular routine, says Dr. Brick. “Intense exercise when you’re hungover may just lead to more dehydration and worsen your hangover symptoms,” agrees Sassos. “Make sure you rehydrate and stick to gentle exercise to get the body moving and help flush out toxins from your body. A light walk or short yoga class (not hot yoga!) is a good idea once you are feeling better.”

    6. Get plenty of sleep and rest.

    According to the National Sleep Foundation, consumption of alcohol is linked to poor sleep quality and duration — and while lack of sleep isn’t specifically the cause of a hangover, it can often make your hangover feel worse by exacerbating symptoms like fatigue, headache and dizziness. That’s why you might want to consider just canceling your plans for the day and going back to bed (after a big glass of water and a healthy breakfast, of course), as catching up on your sleep may be your best bet to help your body recover and recuperate after a long night of drinking.

    7. Avoid “the hair of the dog.”

    While the popular phrase “hair of the dog that bit you” may sound logical (and tempting), it’s important to note that drinking more alcohol to reduce the effects of a hangover is generally never recommended by experts. “In a sense, a hangover is just a mini withdrawal syndrome, where your brain is paying you back for the effects that the alcohol had in the first place,” explains Dr. Koob. Because of this, drinking more alcohol merely provides temporary relief to the problem — and can often lead to an even worse hangover the next day, warns Dr. Koob.

    Furthermore, if you’re not careful, continuously indulging in the “hair of the dog” method can lead to the development of unhealthy drinking habits and even alcohol dependence. “Having a drink to alleviate a hangover the next day may help some people but it may also signal a drinking problem and is not recommended,” advises Dr. Brick. “I do not recommend drinking to lessen the effects of a hangover. If that seems to help, you should consult a health care specialist.”

    Hannah Jeon
    Editorial Fellow
    Hannah is an editorial fellow at Good Housekeeping, where she loves to cover home, health, entertainment, and other lifestyle content.

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    Science with Sam: How to cure a hangover


    Remedy #3: Vitamins and Water

    Water is a universal cure-all for many things, including hangovers. For every glass of alcohol, your body expels four times that amount in liquid. Alcohol also depletes a broad range of vitamins, amino acids fatty acids, enzymes, and proteins from your body, according to Dr. Dyer.

    If you’ve dehydrated the heck out of your body with caffeine, sugar, and massive alcohol consumption, drink water and restore enzymes to cure a hangover.  Magnesium can help as well. Age and excessive alcohol consumption over time further depletes magnesium, increasing the impact of the hangover. If you’re a regular drinker, supplement your diet with daily doses of liquid magnesium, vitamin C, and milk thistle.

    Before falling into bed after a night of drinking, take 900mg of NAC and chug, chug, all the water you can before you doze off. Your body and liver will thank you.

    Dr. Dyer doesn’t suggest taking Ibuprofen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). NSAIDs can cause stomach discomfort and make the liver work harder.

    Dr. Dyer does recommend curcumin and turmeric to reduce aches, pains and inflammation. Seek out quality brands such as Pure or Designs for Health. If you live in Kansas City you can drop by Premier Integrative Health located on Armour in North Kansas City to purchase supplements that have been vetted by Dr. Dyer and his colleagues.

    Remedy #4: Sleep

    Sleep like time, fixes everything. You can’t feel a hungover if you’re sleeping. Sleeping helps your body to relax and recuperate. Sleep allows your body to release hormones that can slow breathing, and relax other muscles perhaps from doing the macarena. Sleeping can reduce inflammation and assist with healing.

    Remedy #5:  Tomato Juice or Tonic

    Dr. Dyer says drinking 7-Up or Sprite are not scientifically proven help shorten or cure a hangover. However, he gives a thumbs up to drinking tonic water with citrus juice or even tomato juice. Because tomato juice is 90% water, it will help hydrate you and restore essential vitamins.

    The next time you go to happy hour, rotate a glass of water between each drink or order a non-alcoholic substitute. Most bars offer one or two beer substitutes and more and more companies are riding the sober-curious trend as is Curious Elixers.

    Kin Euphorias is a new non-alcoholic beverage loaded with adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics, and no booze. The makers claim the drinks will help dial you up or down naturally with the big perk of waking up feeling great.

    I hope this helps you minimize your next hangover while maximizing your fun in the Midwest.

    May your next happy hour or holiday party be filled with Evian, NAC, and a free day to rest and recover the morning after.

    Squeeze even more fun and wisdom out of life by subscribing below. It’s better than throwing sharp objects.


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    Wine Hangover: The Ultimate 10 Steps to Battle It

    Recently I woke up with a terrible case of wine flu otherly known as the wine headache or wine hangover. It was not pleasant and I was totally suffering! I’m sure a lot of you know the pain I’m talking about here.

    Yes if I had more water the night before, lined my stomach with a hearty meal or simply stopped drinking earlier on in the night I would have been in a better state however that quite clearly didn’t happen so I needed a solution ASAP the morning after.

    While greasy food is the go-to for many, I have wised up in my years and I now know that greasy food is good to line your stomach prior to drinking however to cure a wine hangover it doesn’t help and 9 times out of 10 you feel worse for it!

    So here are my 10 wine hangover cure steps:

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    <p> </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

    10 Steps to cure a wine hangover:

    1. Sleep as long as possible

    Sleep as long as you can, when you’re sleeping you’re not feeling the pain and you may even be able to sleep it off.

    2. Get fluids in ya

    Drink as much as you can (non-alcoholic beverages of course!), my favourite is a frozen coke or sprite. Icey cold and the sugar really helps. Of course water is the ultimate beverage to get stuck into when suffering a dreaded wine hangover, but sometimes you just don’t feel in the mood for it, right?

    3. Pop a few pills

    Painkillers, the sooner you can get some neurofen, panadol or asprin down ya, the better!

    4. Enjoy some egg porn

    Eat a couple of soft-boiled or poached eggs. Eggs have cysteine in them which helps break down the toxins in your body.

    5. Miso me baby

    Miso Soup! The soup contains lots of nutrients and vitamins which helps soothe the tummy. I swear by it now!

    6. Get your ba-nay-nay on

    You loose potassium when you drink wine. So eating bananas which are full of potassium the next day helps replenish your potassium levels and the fructose helps process the alcohol quicker.

    7. Re-hydrate with power

    Powerade & sports drinks are full of sodium, calories and electrolytes which are exactly what you need after dehydrating your body with all that wine!

    8. Plain Jane food

    Eat bland food like crackers, toast or plain 2-minute noodles, they’ll help raise low blood sugar levels whilst not irritating the stomach like greasy fatty foods.

    9. Steamy shower time

    A hot shower, this will help relax your body and may even help you sleep to succeed at step 1!

    10. Co-co-nut time

    Eat a fresh coconut or drink some coconut water. Coconuts are full of anti-oxidants which are exactly what a wine flu sufferer needs! And if you’re still struggling, then perhaps ‘hair of the dog’ is more your style, so why not chuck some rum in that coconut water!

    Hopefully the above will help you put together an emergency wine hangover kit – if you have any tried and tested successful tips of your own, please share them with us below!


    90,000 How to get rid of a hangover at home: 10 effective tips

    No matter how bad it may be in the morning, it is worth reassuring yourself with the thought that unpleasant symptoms can be easily overcome. The main thing is to approach the solution of the issue competently. So, how to quickly remove a hangover at home? We follow the instructions.

    We are not hungover in any way

    A new dose of alcohol is an additional burden for the body. He already actively “fights” with poisons, and then there is an additional portion of alcohol.It is completely inappropriate option to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. Even “light” beer can only worsen the condition by causing poisoning.

    Have a hearty breakfast

    To “restart” the digestion processes, it is better to have a hearty breakfast. Especially if in the morning you have already “turned inside out” a couple of times.

    We remove fatty, salty and sweet from the morning menu. These foods can only aggravate the condition by causing bloating and severe nausea. But cereal porridge, stewed vegetables, boiled eggs, lean meats are excellent options.

    Drink more fluids during the day

    The body has lost a lot of fluid, so it is better to fill this deficit as soon as possible. Plus, drinking plenty of fluids will help you flush out toxins faster.

    Drink plain water. Unsweetened tea is suitable – with honey, lemon, mint or lemon balm. If your hangover is complicated by mild nausea, you can drink some low-fat kefir.

    But cucumber pickle is not the best way to relieve a hangover at home.It is too salty, which means it will retain water in the body, without improving physical condition in any way!

    Let’s make a cold compress

    If the headache haunts, it’s time to apply a cold compress. Soak a cloth in water and apply it to your forehead. And, of course, it is better not to walk, but to lie down.

    Ventilate the room

    In a state of a hangover, it throws it into the heat, then into the cold. To cheer up, it is worth ventilating the room after leaving the room.


    It is important to create all conditions for the body for a quick recovery.And sleep is the best medicine. Therefore, if possible, we spend the next day after the party in bed.

    Let’s get some fresh air

    Vigorous physical activity is not a suitable way to get rid of a hangover. But a leisurely walk in the fresh air is a completely different matter.

    If you have strength, at least in the afternoon it is better to go outside and walk to warm up.

    We’ll take painkillers

    If nausea and headache are in no hurry to recede, you can resort to medication.But this must necessarily be a special product designed to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover! “Regular” pain relievers usually have serious contraindications – they should not be taken with alcohol in the blood.

    Those who suffer from a hangover are often advised to drink sorbents (for example, activated carbon). A completely useless action! When alcohol is already in the blood, no sorbent will reach it. And alcohol enters the bloodstream very quickly. The next morning, he already freely “walks” throughout the body.

    Get yourself busy

    A hangover is not only a terrible physical condition. In some cases, the symptoms are aggravated by increased anxiety and guilt – you never know what happened at the party. In this case, it is better to be distracted and not to hammer your head. If you feel good, you should take up your favorite hobby.

    90,000 How are hangovers treated in different countries. The best hangover recipes

    “A person with a hangover has all his nerves hanging out,” said Venichka. Therefore, we will dispense with recipes like green ant tea and tomato juice with a sheep’s eye, and better look at buchler and counter beer. We asked colleagues from different countries how they actually come to their senses after desperate fun in their homeland. Now we are sharing tips on what to eat and drink if a hangover is caught away from the brine, and you don’t want to swallow pills.

    The best hangover recipes from different countries:

    Norway | Caucasus | Italy | Canada | Bolivia | Peru | Turkey | Balkans | Germany | France | Spain | UK | Scotland | Ireland | USA | South Korea | Thailand | Japan | China

    The Norwegians in the morning after a fun, but poorly remembered night can sternly knock over a glass or two of milk or heavy cream.And if they can’t, they trudge to the nearest kebab house or look hard at the lefse with rakfisk – this is fermented trout with onions and sour cream in potato lavash. Helps Scandinavians!

    Find out more: 12 holiday ideas in Norway

    Georgia and the rest of the Caucasus

    In Georgia, after a successful feast (and there are no others in these parts), they drink a glass of pure tkemali sauce. And barely feeling the strength for food, Caucasians lean on fatty hot khash.The meat broth “khashoi” or “khashu” is mentioned in the Armenian medical book “Consolation in case of fevers” in 1184. There, with its help, it is advised to treat chills with colds and “fever due to worries and sorrow.” The recipe has been tested for centuries in the literal sense of the word.

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    From Sochi to Elbrus: 16 reasons to visit the Russian Caucasus

    In sunny Italy, they prefer to get better with strong coffee with a banana for dessert.Some Italians know that there is a lot of caffeine in espresso, and potassium in bananas, others just like the combination. It is really so delicious that even a hungover idol starts looking at life with interest again.

    Aperitivo tour and 13 more things to see, do and taste in Milan

    Putin: for Russians, he turns on the New Years regime, and in Canada he turns them off. The thing is that poutine (stress on the second syllable) is not only the national Canadian fast food, but also the most popular hangover cure in the country.Wrapping up Quebec fries with young pickled cheese and sweet gravy in the morning after a party is just that. And to wash it down is good with the Bloody Caesar cocktail, invented in Calgary in 1969, when restaurateur Walter Chell thought of mixing vodka, tomato juice, Clamato clam broth and Worcestershire sauce in one glass.

    Where famous dishes and cocktails were invented

    Top Attractions in Canada

    In Bolivia, the folk anti-hangover is called levanta muertos – “raising the dead.”If the next morning it is too difficult to pronounce, whisper one word in a local restaurant – “fricassee”. A plate of fragrant pork stew with chili peppers, caraway seeds and corn porridge will be immediately placed in front of you. Then all that remains is to hum with pleasure.

    In 2005, the BMJ published a study by Max Pittler, Edzard Ernst and Joris Werster that debunked hangover myths. Scientists have collected 325,000 effective, according to users, recipes on the Internet and “filtered” them through a scientific filter.As a result, 15 funds remained, of which half were examined under a microscope.

    A significant effect was confirmed for only three drugs. Cucumber herb (borage) soothes headaches and relieves fatigue. A blend of dry yeast and a multivitamin reduces symptoms of discomfort and anxiety, while tolfenamic acid in migraine tablets helps with nausea, thirst, dry mouth, tremors, and irritability.

    The Skyscanner editors would like to thank the scientists for their deep research and apologize for not chewing grass and dry yeast after the holidays.Rich broths and scrambled eggs and bacon are somehow nicer to us.

    Peruvians firmly believe in the power of ceviche – an assortment of seafood with red onions, rocoto peppers, sweet potatoes and cassava, marinated in lime juice. Every last drop goes into the fight against hangovers – ceviche marinade in Peru is served under the guise of a cocktail Leche de tigre – “tiger’s milk”.

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    The Turks have a special soup for relieving a hangover – İşkembe Çorbası, which is made from beef offal, eggs, onions and garlic.No less appreciated is kokorech – lamb giblets on a spit with vegetables and crispy flatbread or French fries. In general, Turkish cuisine is so delicious that every second dish can bring anyone back to life.

    90,056 12 must-try delicacies in Turkey

    The Tale Behind the Gates. What to see in Turkey outside the hotel

    Soups for “quail disease” on the Balkan Peninsula are not only treated by Turks. In Romania, the healing rumen soup is called ciorbă de burtă, in Greece it is called patzas (πατσάς), and in Bulgaria it is called shkembe chorba.In the Serbian version, this dish turns into a thick Škembići stew, and if you are hungover in Croatia, look for tripice or fileki in the menu and cover everything with a shot of brandy.

    Outside the Balkans, do not get lost either: similar rich stews from beef stomach with garlic and spices are used by Poles (flaki), Czechs (drštková polévka, or simply drštkovka) and even in distant Mexico (menudo soup with red pepper). In Hungary, good old goulash will always come to the rescue, and in Buryatia, for example, a broth made from meat of wild animals.His name is soulful – buhler.

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    The Germans, along with the Austrians and the Dutch, kick out and prepare for a difficult morning in advance – they keep Konterbier (“counter-beer”) or Reparaturseiterl in the refrigerator: reparatur – “repair”, seiterl – 300 ml of beer, all together – “a little beer for a jerk” . ..This is the name given to a 0.3-liter can of beer especially for an opohmel. The volume is clear, because here it is important not to overdo it and not to get the status of Aufgewärmten, which loosely means “Look, it’s lukewarm again!”.

    The brutal appetite in Germany and Austria is usually quenched with rollmops – herring rolls with pickled cucumbers and onions. The Dutch also eat herring in any incomprehensible situation. It’s funny that in German-speaking countries there is a separate term for breakfast after drinking – Katerfrühstück.The word is spacious: such a breakfast can consist of fruit, salad with fish and apples, bavarian pork, scrambled eggs with sausages or beef broth with egg and bacon. In short, you would rather see a German who sorted it out at dawn at the stove than at the pharmacy.

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    An old French recipe from all ailments – a hearty Kansk-style tripe dish.Les tripes à la mode de Caen is prepared in earthen pots and smells so that the taste for life comes back immediately.

    Even the look of a hungover Frenchman warms up at the sight of a spicy garlic or onion soup with a baguette and brandade – a puree of salted cod. In a country that has been publishing the Michelin Red Guide for over a hundred years, this dish is called Brandade de Morue and is considered national. The Spaniards argue with this, who named the grated cod with garlic Brandada de Bacalao and appropriate the authorship.Whatever you call this brandade, it disappears from the plate instantly – even in potato gratin, even on triangular loaves.

    Paris: 10 Steps Towards Romance

    The most interesting places and activities in France

    The longest-running secret of curing a hangover was kept in the Oxyrinchus papyri among the writings of Sophocles and Euripides 1900 years. Only in 2015, scientists found out that bay leaves are suitable not only for soup and a victor’s crown: the ancient Egyptians, waking up with a headache after a holiday, wore a necklace from the Alexandrian laurel.Tamanu oil is now extracted from this plant, which relieves pain and inflammation, fights bacteria, improves blood circulation and is even used as biofuel.

    In Spain, melancholy and tremors are treated with tomatoes: someone is helped by a spicy cold soup gazpacho, and someone is eating tomato bocadillos with jamon. Of the drinks, the anti-hangover effect, according to the Spaniards, is possessed by local (because native!) Beer and strong coffee with a pinch of salt.

    10 Spanish dishes worth trying at least once in a lifetime

    If the Full English Breakfast was an instant rejuvenation of ordinary workers in Victorian England, then today’s white-collar workers from tall glass offices have nothing to worry about.This breakfast has a ton of options depending on the geography and personal preferences of the chefs, but it’s hard to imagine it without scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms and beans. If the Briton does not have time for such a plentiful pit stop, he will take a bacon sandwich and a glass of coffee with him.

    What to see in the UK if you’ve already been to London

    Scots despise Coca-Cola and consider Irn-Bru to be the nectar of the gods, so they do not stop drinking it even during a hangover.And to refresh themselves, they prepare a Scottish breakfast, which differs from English by the presence on a plate of haggis – a national delicacy made from spicy lamb giblets. Another local dish that can add sunshine to a gray, hangover morning is the Scotch Egg. There is no exoticism here: boiled eggs are “wrapped” in minced meat and fried in breadcrumbs – but it works!

    By the way: 13 things to do in Edinburgh

    Every Irishman has heard that it is good to eat two raw eggs for breakfast and two more for lunch after unrestrained fun.But not everyone is able to cram it into themselves. Those are saved by scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon and life-giving ginger ale in the morning. If the thought of alcohol gives off pain throughout the body, including the brain, ale can be substituted for tea with ginger. Crackers or brown toast with jam are good for tea – they will raise blood sugar levels. And in recent years, the popularity of pickled cucumbers and pickle has been growing among the Irish – the Poles have taught them this.

    Best Places & Activities in Ireland

    Rumors about the effectiveness of raw eggs are also circulating among Americans – only in the USA they are advised to be mixed with tomato juice.But in life, more and more often they add hot Tabasco sauce to tomato juice, or simply order “Bloody Mary” with a stalk of celery and olives. And how many people saved from the morning headache by a good old burger, do not count!

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    In Korea, the hangover is a powerful creative engine. He is not only dedicated to culinary masterpieces – they sing about him.

    Koreans call all themed dishes the word 해장국 – hejunguk, “soup for treating a hangover.” Each region has its own recipe. In Seoul, they are rescued by twenjunguk – soybean paste with bovine blood, daikon, Chinese cabbage, green onions and twenjang (hot seasoning from soybean pressing), and the main anti-hangover in Jeonju is khonnamul kukpap made from soy sprouts stewed in salt water. Steamed rice, kimchi, green onions and garlic are added to the broth of beef drumstick. When served in a hot soup, break a raw egg and add sesame seeds, garlic puree and pickled seuchot shrimp.

    Haejunguk also has cold options – for example, in Uljin they cook ochino mulhwe kuksu with squid straw and ice cubes.

    The most interesting sights of South Korea

    For Thais, the first aid for a hangover is the spicy and sour soup Tom Yam. It combines in perfect proportions king prawns, Nam Pla fish sauce, Nam Prik Pao spicy pasta, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, ginger, lime, cilantro and lemongrass. Coconut milk is often poured into this company, but this is already a matter of taste.

    If tears come to your eyes at the thought of Tom Yama, take a look at Phat Ki Mao’s fried “drunkard noodles” or Khao Phat Ki Mao’s “drunken rice”. They add meat, seafood or tofu, bean sprouts, soy and fish sauces, garlic and a bunch of spices. Alcohol is not included in the composition, it’s just that these dishes are quickly prepared from what was found in the refrigerator of a hangover Thai. In addition, it is easier to regulate the pungency here – and without chili it turns out delicious.

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    There are mornings when only sour Japanese pickled plums (or apricots) umeboshi can change your expression.At least, it is with their help that the Japanese bring themselves back to life when they go over sake.

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    With a hangover, a Chinese man reaches for a teapot of green tea with a trembling hand – this drink is considered a panacea. But the wisdom of Confucius in China is spilled in the air, so more often the locals play ahead of the game and drink a glass of sweetened water before a feast (one spoonful of ordinary sugar is enough).This simple technique allows them to get drunk more slowly and saves them from morning vows like this: “Never again!”

    90,056 15 places in China that cannot be forgotten

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    90,000 How to get rid of a hangover.10 Methods That Work

    Banana, Honey & Lemon

    These three ingredients, if used correctly, can help a lot for hangovers, experts say.

    – Lemon contains citric acid. It helps to recycle harmful substances in the body. Including it works with toxic decomposition products of alcohol, – said therapist Andrey Alekseev in comments to Life.

    100 ml is enough for the whole day. Drink, using a little every 1.5-2 hours.Lemon will also help neutralize toxins. Bananas will return potassium to the body.

    Healing broth “yesterday’s Olivier”

    This recipe was advised by the chef Alina Dementieva. According to the specialist, it helps to remove toxins from the body. We warn you right away: you should not expect much from its taste. But, according to the assurances of a specialist, it helps. Well, at least get to your feet and look around the world.

    We need to bring half a liter of water to a boil, add 100 grams of potatoes, 50 grams of parsley, carrots and celery.So that it does not resemble a tasteless horror – you can put dill. But you run the risk: overdo it a little – and the brew will begin to give off bitterness. The main condition is no salt. You have already washed out enough nutrients from the body the day before.

    We cook all this for 10 minutes. And then we drink the broth. If possible, eat vegetables and herbs. Such a “drug” will help remove toxins from the body.


    If you don’t feel like walking, you can do yoga. It’s quite difficult to imagine how you show a yoga master class the next morning after eating a bowl of Olivier and drinking a bottle of champagne.However, a few poses that do not require great physical training from you are quite capable of saving the situation.

    – It is important to remember that with the slightest negative symptoms – pain, cramps – even simple exercises should be stopped. It is possible that you are doing them incorrectly, ”yoga coach Olga Mironchuk told Life.

    First pose – butterflies. Lie on your back, bring the soles of your feet together and spread your knees wide apart from each other parallel to the floor. We put one hand on the stomach, the other on the heart.We close our eyes and breathe slowly. Repeat the exercise for one minute.

    Second pose – cats. We stand on all fours, wrists in line with knees. Then, while inhaling, we lower our stomach down, raise our head and look up to stretch the neck and expand the collarbone. As you exhale, we bend the spine, directing the tailbone towards the abdomen and lowering the head to stretch the neck and shoulders.

    The third pose is savasana. Lie on your back with your arms and legs at a comfortable distance from your spine.Roll up the blankets and put them under your knees. And in this position we rest for 5-10 minutes. Breathe evenly, focus on your breathing. The most important (and, perhaps, the most difficult) thing here is not to fall asleep.


    Bartenders still suggest using the “folk method”, simply hangover. The main thing here is not to abuse. To “get drunk” did not become the beginning of a binge.

    So, for the “Good Morning Finally” cocktail, you will need a good (important!) Whiskey, cream – 50 ml each and two teaspoons of honey.We mix everything and drink in one gulp.

    There is an easier option. In equal shares, but not more than 100 ml of each drink, you will need white (and better dry) wine, mineral water and two teaspoons of lemon juice. First, pour wine into a glass, then water and juice. We drink.


    If you are not able to see alcohol in principle, turn your attention to tea.

    – We need a weak green tea with honey and lemon with a bite. Brew a teaspoon of tea per cup about 200 ml, leave for three minutes.There is no need to add honey there, as it will lose its beneficial properties and only sweetness will remain, ” tea master Vladislav Kortashov told Life.

    The specialist advises to eat lemon separately, and not to add it to tea – also to squeeze out more useful properties from it. In addition, lemon and honey will overpower the natural taste of the tea.

    Tomato juice

    Salt, pepper, egg yolk, 200 ml of tomato juice – this method is suggested by bartender Kirill Stepanov. Drink in one gulp without stretching.Note that it is impossible not to add a raw egg: in its pure form, tomato juice does not actually help with a hangover.

    – It is better not to abuse this drink. The effect on the body from one and two servings is practically the same, but you will have a powerful load on the liver and stomach if you drink two of these cocktails, – noted Stepanov.

    If you do not like tomato juice, the bartenders suggest turning to the “classics” and drinking the pickle.

    Ice Cream

    One of the most effective gastronomic methods that we sometimes neglect.Chef Alina Dementieva told Life that vanilla ice cream without fillers or fruit ice are excellent allies in the fight against a hangover. The body begins to literally recycle toxins as part of the “fight against the cold”.

    Note that in 2016, ice cream was invented in South Korea, the name of which literally translates as “be strong”. This is a special citrus hangover treat. In the composition – the juice of a candy tree, with the help of which the country regularly fights hangovers.


    Doctors also advise to eat ginger if you feel unwell after yesterday’s party.The fact is that it contains carotene, B1, B2 and ascorbic acid, which are indispensable for a hangover. It also contains potassium.

    – Ginger will help in case you feel sick and sore muscles in the morning. In addition, ginger normalizes bowel function, – said therapist Ilya Smolenko.

    Ginger, according to the expert, is a good adsorbent. It is thanks to this that the nausea will disappear.


    Photo: © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song

    Tan, ayran, kefir, kumis and even yogurt can help with a hangover.As said by the candidate of medical sciences toxicologist Stanislav Radchenko, these products deliver protein to the body. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals that help speed up your metabolism.

    Amino acids improve appetite, and lactic acid bacteria remove toxins from the body that appeared during the breakdown of alcohol. Also, “milk” helps to protect the liver, the specialist noted.


    Brazilian scientists claim that sex in the morning may well save you from a hangover.So, as part of the experiment, experts forced more than 200 couples to drink a lot of alcohol in the evening, after which they felt uncomfortable in the morning. And in this state, they needed to have sex.

    It turned out that the condition of men improved for at least an hour. According to the conclusions of scientists, this was because, firstly, endorphins entered the body, and secondly, the excess of testosterone, which was after a stormy evening, returned to normal. And thirdly, sex has replaced training, which is important in this state.

    Women also felt better: the male hormone testosterone and female prolactin promoted the functioning of the organs responsible for removing all harmful substances from the body.

    The best thing about this story, of course, would be not to drink so much the day before. But in practice, this rule, which is clear as day, does not always work.

    How to remove a hangover at home?

    First, let’s find out what NOT to do with a hangover:

    1.Drink alcoholic beverages. We like to knock out a wedge with a wedge. If alcohol is the cause of the terrible condition, then another portion is needed. Indeed, after a bottle of beer or 100 g of vodka it becomes easier, but you risk closing the circle. The treatment of a hangover with alcoholic drinks gradually turns into a new feast, and the next day the head hurts again. This is how the binge begins with all the ensuing consequences.

    2. Take a bath or go to the sauna. Alcohol intoxication makes the heart work with increased stress.High temperature creates additional problems for the cardiovascular system.

    3. Drink coffee and hot tea. Coffee increases heart rate and dry mouth. In turn, tea causes fermentation in the stomach, increasing intoxication. If you have a hangover, it is better to refuse these drinks.

    HOW CAN a hangover be treated:

    1. Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the best hangover cure. You need to sleep until the feeling of sleepiness leaves you. Only in a dream does the body actively fight alcohol intoxication.

    2. Drink a lot of mineral water, compotes and natural juices. These drinks prevent dehydration and restore the vitamin and mineral balance of the body. A cucumber pickle rich in minerals and salts is also suitable.

    3. Take a light shower. Summer temperature water washes away toxins from the skin, which are released along with sweat drops. The skin becomes clearer and better absorbs oxygen, allowing the person to recover from the hangover faster.

    4. Take a few activated charcoal tablets.With a hangover, activated charcoal should always be drunk. It neutralizes the effects of toxic substances, preventing further poisoning of the body.

    5. Take an aspirin tablet. It is recommended if the head hurts from a hangover and there are no stomach problems.

    6. Eat borsch, soup or scrambled eggs. Soups and borscht are rich in vitamins, and scrambled eggs are rich in protein and amino acids. All these substances are necessary for the normal functioning of the liver – the natural filter of our body.

    7.Get some fresh air. At least open the window. Better yet, go for a walk in the park. Ventilation of the lungs improves metabolic processes and removes the unpleasant smell of alcohol from the mouth. But if you want to sleep, then it’s better to stay at home.

    All these methods only stimulate the normal functioning of the body, but none of them will help you quickly get out of a hangover, as it takes time.


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    90,000 Bodun, go away, or How to quickly remove a hangover syndrome

    There is nothing left until the New Year.Everyone is in turmoil and anticipation of a crazy holiday binge: food, gifts, beautiful costumes, a Christmas tree, fireworks and, of course, alcoholic drinks. Even those who usually do not drink a lot and are distinguished by reasonable modesty, sometimes allow themselves to have a complete break on New Year’s Eve. And all would be fine if the next day it would not come … this terrible and painful hangover, and with it nausea, headache, slit eyes, swollen face – in a word, it’s still a nightmare. That is why MK in Tver decided to find out how to overcome the hangover syndrome and not lose January 1 from memory.

    Photo: Maria Digeleva

    Folk recipes

    Naturally, the most popular methods are those that have helped some of your friend, colleague or relative. Such means are not only remembered, but also actively fast on social networks. Here are the top 10 popular hangover recipes for January 2020:

    1. Water with lemon. Many people say that this is the number 1 remedy, since the acidic environment helps to remove toxins from the body.

    2. A hearty, fatty breakfast – scrambled eggs with bacon or cabbage soup with meat, which restore the water-alkaline balance and give a pleasant saturation.

    3. Improves metabolism and relieves hangover syndrome well, according to users on the network, honey. You need to eat a small spoonful of half a cup of candied dessert, washed down with water.

    4. One cup of rich green tea that grows in tropical and subtropical forests, and you kill 2 birds with one stone: it is a detox drink that is rich in antioxidants, and a diuretic that relieves swelling.

    5. Remedy for “dry wood”: plain water is not enough here, but you can start with it, then switch to medicinal mineral water such as “Essentuki”, “Narzan” and the like, in which you can dissolve an effervescent aspirin tablet for a reliable effect.

    6. Take a contrast shower, and then hold alternately cold and hot towels on your face for 40 seconds. We alternate three times, the last call is cold. Then you can also rub the area around the eyes with ice cubes made from strongly brewed tea.

    7. The most popular recipe is to eat enterosorbent intended for binding in the gastrointestinal tract and removing toxic substances of various nature from the body.

    8. Dishes of tomatoes and tomato paste, including tomato juice with salt. This is because they contain a lot of natural salts, pectin, acids, which help to cope with poor health and remove toxins.

    9. We eat raw eggs, which are rich in the B vitamins we need, which are responsible for the processing of the main component of all alcoholic beverages – ethanol.Moreover, it is advised to eat the testicle before, during and after the party.

    10. And the most popular folk remedy turned out to be kefir. People claim that it not only fights nausea and a “heavy” head, but even helps to get rid of bags under the eyes and fatigue. The main thing is to drink on an empty stomach, no more than 600 ml and not choose fat-free.

    But massages and vigorous exercise can negatively affect your well-being, as they reduce the permeability of blood vessels, which can cause blood clots.

    Photo: Maria Digeleva

    Doctors recommend

    Doctors warn that alcohol tolerance is, unfortunately, an individual matter and depends on age. For example, soup can help a student in the morning, and a forty-year-old father of a family can suffer and be treated all day. This is all due to the level of enzymes, which decreases over time in the body, and it takes longer and longer to fight toxins.

    Doctors, for that matter, advise to prepare for a party in a degree before, than to deal with the consequences after. For example, a couple of hours before the feast, forget all the advice of nutritionists and eat something fatty, you can even pizza with cheese or pasta with cream, julienne. Then alcohol will be absorbed into the blood more slowly. If you are counting on only a few glasses of wine, then you can limit yourself to red fish, a spoonful of olive oil and B vitamins.

    Vitamin C effervescent tablets are also great.If you don’t like ascorbic acid, then you can replace it with a couple of large cups of tea with lemon and honey. And right before the feast, literally in 15 minutes, take 3-4 tablets of activated carbon. Also, doctors recommend taking some hepatoprotector before the start of the feast and repeating this operation before bedtime.

    And even the degree of morning misery is reduced if you prefer pure drinks to cocktails. Of course, you should refrain from low-quality, counterfeit alcohol of unknown origin.By the way, doctors really do not mind against fermented milk products. It is not necessary to drink only kefir, it can be ayran, tan, yogurt – any drink made from fermented milk. It will help start the digestive tract, which will speed up the process of removing harmful products

    90,056 decay of alcohol. If the question is “to drink or not to drink?” before you is not, then the main thing is to observe the measure, because the holiday should please and leave only the brightest memories and give positive emotions.Holiday greetings!

    90,000 “Does activated charcoal help with a hangover?” – Yandex.Kew

    Scientific methods of treating addiction are not about coding or simple abstinence on willpower. Treatment consists of two main elements.

    • Psychotherapy and social support.
    • Medicines.

    Do not take the medicines described in this article without a doctor’s prescription.

    – How can talking to a psychiatrist cure me?

    Chances of throwing higher if the person has an important goal.Throwing for throwing doesn’t work very well. But if you quit to improve your family, health, or career, your chances of success increase.

    A good psychiatrist can help you understand what you want to achieve with throwing. For this, specialists use the technique of motivational interviewing. A meta-analysis of 30 studies has shown that this technique is effective for 51% of addicts.

    In addition to analyzing goals, a psychiatrist can help you overcome ambivalence. This is a state when a person cannot decide whether to quit or not to quit.

    The psychiatrist will also teach you how to deal with breakdowns and triggers – events and things that prompt you to drink.

    – What about social support? Should I go to AA?

    A recent meta-analysis showed that the self-help group Alcoholics Anonymous reduces the risk of relapse. The group helps people stay sober just as effectively as other treatments.

    But since AA contains a religious component, it may not be suitable for all people.You can get additional social support from relatives and friends.

    – How will medications help me?

    Tablets work with two mechanisms: weakening the craving for alcohol and a negative incentive when consumed. These medications are not addictive.

    Acamprosate and naltrexone reduce alcohol cravings. Acamprosate works with arousal and suppression mechanisms in the brain, and naltrexone reduces the pleasant effects of alcohol.

    Topiramate or gabapentin have similar effects.They are prescribed if acamprosate and naltrexone have not worked.

    Disulfiram worsens hangover symptoms if a person drinks. Therefore, it is indicated only for those who want to completely give up alcohol, and not just reduce the dose.

    In addition, a person may have a parallel dependence on alcohol and a mental disorder. For example, depression or anxiety disorders. Therefore, the doctor may prescribe additional medications if appropriate.

    – But what about “digging”?

    Hospital and IVs are part of medical detoxification.People need it for several reasons.

    • Previous cases of severe withdrawal reactions.
    • Numerous detox treatments in the past.
    • Concomitant diseases.
    • Risk of suicide.
    • Recent cases of alcohol abuse.
    • Lack of social support.
    • Pregnancy.

    During detoxification, a person can receive droppers with saline solutions, benzodiazepines, beta-blockers, antipsychotics, vitamins and a number of other medications.The appointment of certain drugs is determined by the doctor depending on the patient’s condition.

    For more information on alcohol dependence treatment according to international standards, see the clinical guidelines of the World Federation of Societies for Biological Psychiatry.

    Thanks to Marat Aginyan and Christina Weiss for their help in fact-checking and editing.

    Author – Vladislava Sukhanovskaya

    Named products that best save from a hangover – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

    Named the optimal hangover remedy.Scientists claim that consuming coconut juice, pears and limes along with cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers can help the body fight hangovers faster. A fruit anti-hangover shake is made at 10 percent coconut juice, 25 percent lime juice, and 65 percent pear juice.

    These foods increase the activity of two enzymes that help eliminate alcohol in the body. Cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers, when consumed in a salad, also have a significant impact on alcohol-related side effects.

    Scientists warn against drinking coffee, which can even prolong a hangover, on the contrary, green and black tea slightly reduce it. These products have been tested in laboratory tests and on volunteers.

    Dr. Shraddha Srinivasan and his colleagues at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, India, conducted this study. They explained that a hangover, characterized by headache, fatigue and sometimes vomiting, affects different people in different ways and at different rates.

    This is due to a number of reasons, including what the person has been drinking, their genetics, and how well their metabolism breaks down alcohol. Scientists explained that when ethanol (alcohol) is ingested, it is converted to acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde buildup is what causes hangovers when the body cannot fully repair itself until it is broken down and digested.

    Natural enzymes, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), found in the liver, and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), found in the liver, kidneys and lungs, have the ability to destroy acetaldehyde – but do not always act fast enough.

    Dr. Srinivasan tested various foods in the laboratory to see how they affect the action of the two enzymes. They tested fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, dairy products, and some other foods like coffee.

    Pear, lime, coconut juice, cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers came out on top. It wasn’t realistic to mix them together in a drink, however, so the researchers used taste testers to help them create a realistic, healthy medicine.

    Using the preferences of a group of 15 people and considering the scientific benefits of each product, they decided that the best formula would be 65% pear, 25% lime and 10% coconut juice.

    This product was able to increase the activity of the enzymes ADH and ALDH by 23% and 70%, respectively, which made it possible to speed up the process of getting rid of the hangover.