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Where do your ears drain: Fluid in the ear Discussion


Fluid in the ear Discussion

Fluid in the ears commonly affects children from infancy until about ten years of age.  The medical term for this problem is Otitis Media with effusion, also known as Serous Otitis Media.  Many schools screen children for this problem.  It is not uncommon for the school nurse to see the need to send a note home indicating that a child has failed a hearing test.  Most often the note will include a suggestion that the child be checked by an ear doctor. Children with Down syndrome and cleft palate very often have problems with fluid in the ears.

The ear has a space behind the ear drum called the middle ear. The lining of this space makes a fluid to keep the tissues moist. This fluid drains through a little tube (eustachian tube) that runs to the back of the nose.  Colds, allergies, infected adenoids, or sinusitis, can cause congestion of the nose and eustachian tube.  This congestion causes the tube to be blocked.  With the tube blocked the fluid in the middle ear cannot drain.

The fluid causes two problems.  First, the sound waves are not transmitted through the ear and this causes a hearing loss.  This can be a very serious problem with children trying to hear a teacher in a noisy classroom. Most children will become bored very quickly if they can’t hear what’s going on and an educational delay can occur.  Although this is serious, it is not quite as dangerous to the health of the child as the second problem.

The second problem is that the bacteria and viruses just “love” that fluid and will grow very rapidly if the child gets an infected throat or nose. Once started, an ear infection can become severe in a matter of hours.

Fluid in the ear is treated in two ways.  The first treatment involves trying to decrease the congestion in the back of the nose.  Usually a decongestant/antihistamine combination is given.  An antibiotic is also frequently given with the decongestant.  The fluid will go away with these medications in a period of six to twelve weeks.

If the fluid doesn’t clear, the second treatment is then used.  A small Teflon tube is surgically placed through a hole made in the ear drum.  In children this means having a general anesthesia. The tubes (middle ear ventilation tube) work very well, allowing the fluid to drain out and the air to flow in.   However, there is one problem that can arise with ear tubes.  That problem occurs if water is allowed to get into the ear.  If water gets into the ear, it may flow through the tube and start an infection in the middle ear.  Children with tubes should not go swimming and must be very careful when they bathe.

Tube placement in the ears is one of the most common operations done in the United States, today.  Through the use of tubes, ear doctors have almost eliminated the serious ear disease that develops with long standing Serous Otitis Media.

Picture of the Ear: Ear Conditions and Treatments

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The ear has external, middle, and inner portions. The outer ear is called the pinna and is made of ridged cartilage covered by skin. Sound funnels through the pinna into the external auditory canal, a short tube that ends at the eardrum (tympanic membrane).

Sound causes the eardrum and its tiny attached bones in the middle portion of the ear to vibrate, and the vibrations are conducted to the nearby cochlea. The spiral-shaped cochlea is part of the inner ear; it transforms sound into nerve impulses that travel to the brain.

The fluid-filled semicircular canals (labyrinth) attach to the cochlea and nerves in the inner ear. They send information on balance and head position to the brain. The eustachian (auditory) tube drains fluid from the middle ear into the throat (pharynx) behind the nose.

Ear Conditions

  • Earache: Pain in the ear can have many causes. Some of these are serious, some are not serious.
  • Otitis media (middle ear inflammation): Inflammation or infection of the middle ear (behind the eardrum). Usually, this is caused by an infection.
  • Swimmer’s ear (Otitis externa): Inflammation or infection of the outer ear (pinna and ear canal). Sudden cases are usually infections; chronic otitis is often a skin condition (dermatitis).
  • Meniere’s disease: A condition in which the inner ear on one side malfunctions. Vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss, and pain are common symptoms.
  • Tinnitus: Ringing in one or both ears. Usually this is due to damage from noise exposure, or from aging.
  • Cerumen (ear wax) impaction: Ear wax may block the ear canal and adhere to the eardrum. The eardrum’s reduced vibrations impair hearing.
  • Ruptured eardrum: Very loud noises, sudden changes in air pressure, infection, or foreign objects can tear the eardrum. The small hole usually heals within a few weeks.
  • Acoustic neuroma: A noncancerous tumor that grows on the nerve traveling from the ear to the brain. Hearing loss, vertigo, and tinnitus can be symptoms.
  • Mastoiditis: Infection of the mastoid bone, just behind the ear. Mastoiditis can result from untreated middle ear infections.
  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV): A disruption of function in the inner ear, causing episodes of vertigo. Although not medically serious, its symptoms can be distressing.
  • Cholesteatoma: This is a benign condition. It is the abnormal buildup of skin within the middle ear and surrounding bones. Often there is a foul smelling discharge associated with hearing loss. The condition usually requires surgery in order to prevent hearing loss.

Ear Tube Surgery (for Parents)

What Is Ear Tube Surgery?

Ear tubes are tiny tubes made of metal or plastic. During ear tube surgery, a small hole is made in the eardrums and the tubes are inserted. The opening to the middle ear (the area behind the eardrum) lets air flow in and out. This keeps air pressure even between the middle ear and the outside, and helps to drain fluid that builds up behind the eardrum.

Most kids won’t need surgery to have a tube taken out later. Ear tubes usually fall out on their own, pushed out as the eardrum heals.

Ear tubes are also called tympanostomy tubes, myringotomy tubes, ventilation tubes, or pressure equalization (PE) tubes.

Why Is Ear Tube Surgery Done?

Many kids get middle ear infections (otitis media). This often happens when a child has a cold or other respiratory infection. Bacteria or viruses can enter the middle ear and fill it with fluid or pus. When fluid pushes on the eardrum, it can cause an earache and affect hearing. Long periods of decreased hearing in young children can lead to delays in speech development.

Children who get a lot of ear infections are sometimes sent for hearing tests.

A doctor might suggest ear tube surgery if:

  • a child gets many ear infections that don’t clear up easily
  • the ear infections seem to be causing hearing loss or speech delay

Ear tube surgery can drain fluid from the middle ear, prevent future infections, and help the child hear properly again.

What Happens Before Ear Tube Surgery?

Your health care provider will tell you what and when your child can eat and drink before the surgery, because the stomach must be empty on the day of the procedure.

Surgery, no matter how common or simple, can be scary for kids. You can help prepare your child by talking about what to expect during the ear tube surgery.

What Happens During Ear Tube Surgery?

An ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon will do the surgery, called a myringotomy (meer-in-GOT-uh-mee). It’s done in an operating room while your child is under general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist will carefully watch your child and keep him or her safely and comfortably asleep during the procedure.

The surgeon will make a small hole in each eardrum and remove fluid from the middle ear using suction. Because the surgeon can reach the eardrum through the ear canal, there are no visible cuts or stitches.

The surgeon will finish by putting the small metal or plastic tube into the hole in the eardrum.

How Long Does Ear Tube Surgery Take?

Ear tube surgery usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

What Happens After Ear Tube Surgery?

Your child will wake up in the recovery area. In most cases, the total time spent in the hospital is a few hours. Very young children or those with other medical problems may stay longer.

Your child may vomit a little on the day of the surgery or have a minor earache. Some children’s ears will pop when they burp, yawn, or chew. This should go away as the eardrum heals.

Ear tubes help prevent ear infections by allowing air into the middle ear. Other substances, such as water, may sometimes enter through the tube, but this is rarely a problem. Your surgeon might recommend earplugs for bathing or swimming.

It’s OK for your child to travel in airplanes after having ear tubes placed. The ear tubes will help even out air pressure inside and outside the ear.

Ear tubes won’t prevent all ear infections, but they can make them milder and happen less often. In some cases, the tubes might need to be put in again.

In most cases, surgery to remove an ear tube isn’t necessary. The tube usually falls out on its own, pushed out as the eardrum heals. A tube generally stays in the ear anywhere from 6 months to 18 months, depending on the type of tube used.

If the tube stays in the eardrum beyond 2 to 3 years, though, your doctor might choose to remove it surgically.

Are There Any Risks From Ear Tube Surgery?

This is a very common and safe procedure, although there are risks with any surgery, including infection, bleeding, and problems with anesthesia.

Rarely, the hole in the eardrum does not close after the tube comes out, and might need to be fixed surgically.

How Can Parents Help After Ear Tube Surgery?

  • If your child’s doctor prescribed pain medicine and/or ear drops to use after the surgery, give them as directed.
  • Your child can return to a regular diet at home, and can return to normal activities after a day of rest.
  • You might see a small amount of fluid draining from the ears for a couple of days. You can place a clean cotton ball in the opening of each ear to catch the drainage, but don’t stick cotton swabs in the ears.
  • Your child should avoid blowing his or her nose too hard.

When Should I Call the Doctor?

Call the doctor if:

  • Your child can’t keep any fluids down or keeps vomiting.
  • Your child develops a fever.
  • Your child has new ear pain or pain that doesn’t go away with medicine.
  • The prescribed ear drops cause discomfort.
  • One or both of your child’s ears drain for more than 7 days after surgery.
  • Your child has yellowish-green ear drainage, or has a bad smell coming from the ear.
  • An ear tube falls out in the first few weeks.

See the doctor right away or go the emergency room if there is a lot of blood in the ear drainage or if the ear pain is severe.

Myringotomy: Ear Tubes | UVA Health

A myringotomy is a procedure to create a hole in the ear drum to allow fluid that is trapped in the middle ear to drain out. The fluid may be blood, pus and/or water. In many cases, a small tube is inserted into the hole in the ear drum to help maintain drainage.

Reasons to Have a Myringotomy

A myringotomy may be done:

  • To restore hearing loss caused by chronic fluid build-up and to prevent delayed speech development caused by hearing loss in children
  • To place tympanostomy tubes — these tubes help to equalize pressure. It may also help prevent recurring ear infections and the accumulation of fluid behind the ear drum.
  • To help treat an ear infection that is not responding to medical treatment
  • To take sample fluid from the middle ear to examine in the lab for the presence of bacteria or other infections

After the procedure, pain and/or pressure in the ear due to fluid build-up should be alleviated. Hearing loss due to fluid build-up should improve as well.

Myringotomy Risks

Problems from the procedure are rare, but all procedures have some risk. Your doctor will review potential problems, like:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Chronic scarring
  • Failure of the myringotomy incision in the ear drum to heal as expected, which may result in frequent drainage
  • Hearing loss
  • Injury to ear structures other than the ear drum
  • Need for repeat surgery

About the Myringotomy Procedure

Your doctor will likely do the following:

  • Blood tests
  • Hearing test
  • Tympanogram — a test that measures how well the ear drum responds to changes in pressure
  • Examine the external ear and the ear drum with an instrument called an otoscope

Prepare for Your Myringotomy

  • Arrange for a ride to and from the procedure.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for at least eight hours before the procedure.

Talk to your doctor about your medications. You may be asked to stop taking some medications up to one week before the procedure, like:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)
  • Blood thinners
  • Antiplatelets

About the Procedure

A small microscope is placed in position to give the doctor a better view. A tiny incision will be made in the eardrum. Fluid from the middle ear will then be drained. In most cases, a small tube will be inserted and left in place. This will allow the drainage to continue.

No stitches will be used to close the incision. The incision will heal itself. The procedure is often done on both ears. Some doctors may use a laser beam to make the opening in the ear drum.

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The surgery will last about 15–20 minutes.

Does a Myringotomy Hurt?

Anesthesia prevents pain during surgery. You may have minor pain after surgery. Your doctor can give you pain medication or recommend a nonprescription pain reliever to manage this discomfort. Also, lidocaine ear drops may be given to decrease pain.

If ear tubes are inserted, you may feel popping, pulsation, clicking, or minor pain when burping, chewing, or yawning until the ear heals around the tubes.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions, which may include:

  • If cotton was placed in the ear canal to absorb postsurgical drainage, change it regularly. (Drainage should end or reduce to a minimal amount within 2-3 days.)
  • If you are given ear drops, use as directed. You will usually put three drops in each ear, three times a day for three days after surgery.
  • If water gets in the ear after surgery, monitor for drainage. If drainage begins, use ear drops if directed by your doctor, and if drainage continues for three days (or as directed), call your doctor.
  • Take any medications as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Use ear plugs as prescribed by your doctor while swimming or bathing, and avoid underwater swimming and diving unless instructed otherwise.
  • Do not clean your ear after surgery or place anything other than ear drops, cotton or ear plugs into the ear, unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.
  • Ask your doctor about when it is safe to shower, bathe or soak in water.

Complete healing without complications should occur within four weeks. If ear tubes were inserted, they should fall out within 6-12 months. In some cases, surgery to remove the ear tubes may be necessary. Most ear drums heal normally after tubes come out, but visible scarring is not unusual.

When to Call

After arriving home, contact your doctor if any of the following occurs:

  • Signs of infection, including fever and chills
  • Redness, swelling, increasing pain, excessive bleeding or discharge from the ear
  • Pain that you cannot control with the medications you have been given
  • Drainage from ear continues for more than four days after surgery
  • Decreased hearing
  • Cough, shortness of breath, chest pain or severe nausea or vomiting
  • Any other new concerns

If you think you have an emergency, call for medical help right away.


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Ear Tubes: Treatment, Risks, Benefits, Outlook


The outer, middle and inner ear. Ear tubes are inserted into the tympanic membrane (eardrum).

What are ear tubes?

Ear tubes are small, hollow cylinders made of plastic or metal that are inserted into the tympanic membrane (eardrum) during a surgery called a myringotomy.

Why are ear tubes used?

Ear tubes are often used in children who have had several middle ear infections (acute otitis media), or infections that have lasted longer than three months despite treatment. They are also used for people who are having trouble hearing because of a buildup of fluid (effusion) in the middle ear. If these conditions are not treated, they can lead to larger problems, such as difficulties with speech or permanent hearing loss.

In addition to draining fluid from the ear, ear tubes let air in to prevent buildup of fluid in the middle ear.

Ear tube surgery is one of the most common surgeries in children, but it is not recommended as the first treatment for ear infection.

Procedure Details

How are ear tubes placed in the ear?

Ear tube surgery (myringotomy) is usually performed while the patient is under general anesthesia (put to sleep). It can also be done in adults with a local anesthetic (the patient remains awake).

During the surgery:

  • The surgeon makes a small incision (cut) in the eardrum. The incision can be made with a scalpel or with a laser.
  • The fluid that is trapped in the middle ear is drained or suctioned out.
  • The doctor then inserts the tube into the incision in the eardrum to allow fluid to drain out of the ear.

In some cases, the surgeon may also remove the adenoids (glands that are located above the roof of the mouth and behind the nose). Adenoids are part of the immune system and help protect the body from viruses and bacteria. Removing the adenoids may prevent the need for future ear tube surgeries.

Ear tube surgery is performed in the hospital or in the doctor’s office. It usually takes less than 15 minutes, and the patient goes home the same day (outpatient surgery).

What happens after ear tube surgery?

The patient will spend some time in the recovery room after ear tube surgery. He or she may have some side effects from the surgery and anesthesia, including grogginess and nausea.

The patient will see the doctor again after the surgery to make sure the tube remains in the eardrum and is working correctly. The surgeon may prescribe antibiotic ear drops to prevent infection in the ear. In addition, the surgeon may recommend that the child wear ear plugs during certain activities, such as swimming and showering.

The eardrum usually closes around the ear tube to keep it in place and prevent it from falling out early. The ear tubes will usually fall out in nine to 18 months. If the tubes do not fall out within two years, the surgeon may have to remove them.

Risks / Benefits

What are the complications of ear tube surgery?

As with any type of surgery, ear tube surgery may have certain complications. These include the following:

  • The hole in the eardrum doesn’t close after the tube comes out. If this happens, the hole has to be repaired with another surgery.
  • Scarring of the eardrums, caused by multiple ear infections or by the ear tube surgery itself.
  • Repeated ear infections, even after ear tube surgery.
  • The ear tubes either fall out early, or don’t come out at all.
  • A condition called otorrhea (a continuous drainage of fluid from the ear).
  • The eardrum may shrink or harden after several ear tube surgeries.

What Happens When You Pop Your Ears?

If you feel like your ears are plugged, or pressure is building inside the ear, then popping the ear can bring immediate relief. But, should you be concerned if you hear a loud “popping” sound? This noise is an indication that the pressure has changed in your ear.

Anatomy of the Ear

Three sections are located within the ear: the inner ear, middle ear, and outer ear. When you experience your ears popping, this sensation is happening within the middle ear, which is the area where the eardrum is located.

This space is airtight most of the time, although air can pass through the Eustachian tube that links the inner ear to the back section of the throat. When you feel an ear-popping sensation, then it means that the Eustachian tube is opening and closing.

Changes in Altitude and Ear Pressure

There can be a pressure difference between the outside air and the environment within your middle ear space. Most of the time, the pressure in the middle ear is similar to the pressure outside of the ear. The difference is small enough that you don’t experience any discomfort or sensations.

But, when you increase in altitude (going up a mountain in the car or riding in an airplane), then the outside air pressure decreases… but the middle ear pressure remains the same. The changes cause the sealed air in the middle ear to expand.

As a result, pressure is placed on the eardrum. You will feel some discomfort and the desire to “pop” your ears. Some people find it harder to hear since the eardrum pressure affects the way sound is transmitted through the ears. This sensation often causes you to feel like your ears are plugged.

In the Air and Under Water

Each person is unique, and there isn’t a specific altitude or pressure that will cause your ears to pop. It is common to need to “pop” your ears several times on a quick ascent (such as an airplane takeoff) because of the increasing pressure changes. On the other hand, a slow walk up the hill might not cause any noticeable changes to your ear pressure. This gradual ascent may cause your ears to equalize without you noticing the small adjustments.

This same phenomenon can happen underwater, which is why it is important for scuba divers to ascend and descend slowly. Ear equalization needs to happen throughout the dive. Some people feel pain or uncomfortable pressure by going down just a few feet, such as diving to the bottom of a swimming pool.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the air or the water; it can be helpful to learn how to equalize your ears when you are feeling the pressure. Not only do you feel the need to pop your ears during the ascent, but the ears also need to readjust in the decent.

Difficulty Popping Your Ears

Sometimes, you might have problems popping your ears because the Eustachian tubes are blocked. For example, if mucus has formed from an ear infection or head cold, then fluid can affect the middle ear. As a result, it can make it hard to equalize your ears when needed.

The most common symptom with this condition is an earache and pressure, which can be uncomfortable. Even minor changes in altitude can put pressure on the eardrum, resulting in pain. Here are some of the most common reasons why the ears won’t pop:

· Fluid: If fluid is present within the ear, then the thickened mucus can block the tubes and prevent drainage into the back of the throat.

· Surrounding Structures: Sometimes, the tonsils, sinuses, or adenoids swell, causing fluid to be retained in the ear.

· Congestion: Thickened mucus from a head cold, sinus infection or allergies can cause the eustachian tubes to be blocked

· Excessive Ear Wax: The buildup of too much earwax compressed against the eardrum can have an impact on the ability to pop the ears

· Other Health Conditions: Certain health conditions can affect the ear’s ability to equalize, such as a Patulous Eustachian Tube, sinusitis, tonsillitis, or nasal polyps.

It is important to be aware and proactive in keeping your Eustachian tubes open so the ears can equalize. If the middle ear stays blocked, then serious side effects can happen, such as vertigo, extreme pain, a burst eardrum, or even hearing loss.

How to Pop Your Ears Safely

In most situations, small exercises can be done to release the pressure in your ears. Try popping your ears by:

· Swallowing

· Yawning

· Chewing gum

· Sucking on hard candy

· Using over-the-counter decongestant to reduce fluid in the ear

· Valsalva maneuver: Shut the mouth and pinch the nose, then try to forcefully breath out

· Hold a warm compress against the ear to eliminate congestion

If you know that you are prone to ear pain with pressure changes, then it is smart to be prepared with strategies to help your ears. For example, chew on gum during the takeoff and landing of your flight. Giving a baby a pacifier or bottle on the plane can be beneficial to help the child pop their ears and adjust to the ascent and descent.

Popping your ears is generally safe, but you should be gentle with your ears. If you notice that the symptoms worsen, then consult with a doctor instead of trying to pop your ears at home.

Medical Treatment for Blocked Ears

Difficulty popping your ears could be a symptom of an underlying problem. If this issue is chronic and it is causing pain, then you should schedule an appointment with an ENT for diagnosis and treatment. Common treatments include:

· Decongestants to thin the mucus and help the ears drain

· Surgical removal of the surrounding tissue that is blocking drainage, such as the tonsils or adenoids

· Inserting ear tubes to help the ears drain and equalize

· Earwax removal through irrigation or special eardrops used in the doctor’s office

When other conditions are affecting the way the ears equalize, then an ENT can provide treatment recommendations that will control the symptoms through medication or surgery.

Schedule an Appointment with an ENT

The best thing you can do is talk to an ENT if you are experiencing issues with your ears popping or feeling plugged. Our team is here to assist with diagnosis and treatment, helping you maintain healthy ears.

We offer ENT services in the Collin County and Dallas areas. Contact us at Collin County Ear, Nose, and Throat to learn more about available services. You can schedule an exam at one of our convenient offices, located in Frisco or Plano, TX: (972) 596-4005

What is leaking from my ear?

Anyone who has experienced drainage from their ear can tell you what an unpleasant experience it is. It can cause stains on your pillow or the collar of your shirt. It can be associated with hearing loss. It may even come with ear pain. It often leaves the sufferer wondering: what is leaking from my ear?

Otorrhea, the medical term for ear drainage, comes in many different forms. It may be clear, yellow, white, or bloody. It may be odorless or have a foul odor. It can be thin and watery or thick like mucous.

It has as many different causes as its different characteristics. If you are a swimmer, the frequent exposure to water can lead to chronic moisture retention. The skin of the ear canal becomes infected and as the skin weeps, otorrhea develops. Trauma to the skin by aggressive ear cleaning can result in a similar infection of the ear canal. If you have diabetes and ear drainage a more serious infection can quickly develop.

If you have a history of chronic ear infections, perforation of the ear drum allows for drainage of pus from the middle ear (space behind the ear drum). Chronic ear infections can also cause a skin cyst to develop in the middle ear (cholesteatoma). Recurring episodes of foul smelling otorrhea that improve temporarily with antibiotics only to come back suggests cholesteatoma. Blood from the ear may also be seen in this condition.

Rarely, clear fluid leaking from the ear is brain and spinal fluid (CSF). A history of ear surgery increases the concern for clear fluid being serious. CSF leaking from the ear indicates a hernia between the brain and ear (encephalocele). Untreated CSF leak can cause chronic headaches.  Repair is needed to stop the leakage and remove the possibility of brain infection (meningitis).

The characteristics of the drainage are not reliable in determining the cause. At the Dallas Ear Institute, there are professionals to help you know more about why your ear is draining. Call (972) 566-7600 to schedule an appointment.


90,000 what to do and how to treat

In the vast majority of cases, earlobe piercing causes only temporary inconvenience: soon the wounds stop hurting and need care.

However, sometimes this procedure has quite unpleasant consequences, expressed in painful sensations, redness and suppuration of the urine. It is impossible to ignore these alarming phenomena: connivance like “I will endure – it will heal itself” can further aggravate the situation.

Pay attention! Self-medication can harm your health! Pain and inflammation after a puncture is a reason to consult a specialist!

Why do earrings hurt your ears?

There are several underlying reasons why earrings hurt your ears:

  • Problem puncture.Ears need to be pierced only in professional salons where specialists work and strict rules for sterilizing instruments have been established. But even with a professional approach, a not quite correct choice of the puncture point is possible – the human anatomy sometimes presents incredible surprises.
  • Incorrect care. Most often, the ear from the earring hurts due to improper care. A person irregularly treats wounds, uses unsuitable means for this, touches his ears with dirty hands. Here we can also mention the excessive haste of replacing the primary stud earrings with other jewelry.
  • Injury. In the early days, the wounds are especially painful and vulnerable. You can injure the puncture site even when combing your hair or changing clothes. In the future, the main risk factor is wearing very massive and voluminous jewelry (for example, gypsy rings or long pendants), especially during active sports and physical labor.
  • Diseases. Some diseases are absolute contraindications for ear piercing. Among the most common are diabetes mellitus, various blood diseases, a tendency to tumors and the formation of rough scars.
  • Allergic reactions. Believe it or not, there are rare cases of allergy even to medical steel, which is used when piercing ears with a gun! What can we say about other metals, even noble ones? If your ear hurts from a gold earring, most likely, there are ligatures in the alloy that provoke allergic reactions.
  • Incorrect selection of earrings. Too massive earrings are always a risk (the holes stretch and are more likely to be injured), so it is not recommended to wear them every day – only on special occasions.Problems can also arise with the wrong choice of the lock: for example, an English clasp requires selection according to the parameters of the lug.

In no case should you pierce the ears of friends and relatives without special knowledge and skills. Who can guarantee that the needle is absolutely sterile, and the puncture will not be in the problem area of ​​the lobe?

What to do if ears hurt from earrings?

The first thing to do is to remove the earrings, not hoping that everything will return to normal by itself. If the earlobe hurts from the earring, but the wound has healed long ago and there are no traces of inflammation, the reason may lie directly in the jewelry.Most often, jewelry provokes such reactions.

Noble metals (silver, gold, platinum) are inert and cannot cause allergic reactions, but they are not used in their pure form for making jewelry (too soft). All kinds of ligatures are added to them: copper, nickel and other metals. These are the ones that cause similar reactions in some people.

If after removing the earrings the pain and redness are gone, then you just need to pick up another piece of jewelry. Otherwise, you must first take measures to eliminate inflammation (about them below).

What to do if the earlobe gets inflamed?

As a rule, inflammation of already healed punctures is associated either with trauma or with the qualities of the decoration, which we talked about above. You cannot discount the exacerbation of systemic diseases – they can also cause atypical reactions.

The ear from the earring becomes inflamed for a reason: you should find out the reasons for this phenomenon in order to avoid them in the future. Sadly, sometimes you have to completely abandon such decorations.Nothing critical – there are a lot of cool clips on sale.

If the hole in the earlobe from the earring is inflamed, you should at least temporarily stop wearing the appropriate jewelry. Wait until traces of the inflammatory process are completely gone. Recommendations on how to care for your ears during this period are just below.

Total reddening of the ear, accompanied by the discharge of pus from the puncture – a good reason for contacting a surgeon. And if at the same time the temperature rises, you should not go to the doctor, but run!

Inflammation after a puncture

Most often, inflammatory reactions occur after non-professional punctures made on a whim: there are hands, ears and a sewing needle – why not? The inflammatory response is the least evil of these rash decisions.

Gold earrings with topaz in the Sunlight catalog

In salons, ears are pierced with special pistols, immediately and almost painlessly inserted into earrings, or with piercing needles. Although it is impossible to completely sterilize a special pistol, the risk of infection tends to zero. An even better option is a disposable catheter needle: it is guaranteed to be sterile.

Redness of the lobe and the appearance of crusts is a normal reaction of the body in the first couple of weeks after the operation.But if the lobe turns purple, there is a “twitching pain”, pus literally flows from the puncture, you need to take adequate measures.

Medical steel, from which primary earrings are made, promotes the fastest healing of wounds. Implant titanium demonstrates even better qualities.

How to treat if the ear is festering?

As a matter of fact, it is not the ear that usually festers, but its lobe. If the ear is festering from the earring, you can treat it as follows:

  • Disinfect the wound.For these purposes, you can use a gauze swab or disc soaked in medical or boric alcohol, calendula tincture, hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine.
  • Lubricate the inflamed area with ointment. This will help clear up the inflammation. Tetracycline ointment, levomekol, solcoseryl are suitable – they have a similar effect.
  • Repeat the procedure regularly until the ears fester. It is advisable to perform these manipulations at least 2-3 times a day.

If a child’s ear festers from earrings, it is recommended to use the most gentle means.It is necessary to wash the wounds carefully, with chlorhexidine or peroxide – they do not pinch.

After applying the ointment, it is recommended to distract the baby’s attention from the ears until the composition is absorbed. These ointments are intended for external use, so you should exclude them from getting on the handles, and then into the child’s mouth.

Vishnevsky ointment is used carefully, 1-2 times under a compress, only with pronounced inflammation! If the ointment has already pulled pus from the wound, immediately stop using it.

Do not rush to pierce the ears of children: it is better to wait until at least three years. And adults should take this procedure responsibly. You should only get your ears pierced when you feel good, can take some time to care and are ready to suffer some inconvenience. And in no case before a trip to a resort or a responsible event!


What to do if ears stick out

Lop-eared and protruding ears.Why does it arise and how to deal with it

It can be very cute – protruding ears. Especially in a child. And at the same time, with such a completely harmless feature of appearance, you can find complexes. Children’s nicknames at school are accurate and can hurt.

It is unpleasant and interferes with living the very realization that now all your life you have to choose hairstyles that cover your ears, and you cannot afford any haircuts.

Calmly socialize in society, feel confident in yourself, like yourself in photographs and videos – all this is achieved much faster if the appearance falls within the norms of the canons of beauty.

How to deal with lop-earedness and get rid of it altogether?

Why does lop-earedness occur?

Lop-earedness is an anatomical feature that is completely harmless to the physical health of a person. Lop-earedness has only one significant “minus”. It causes a lot of complexes and spoils the quality of life. As a child and an adult.

“Why are the ears sticking out?” – this question, most often, is addressed to heredity.

Features of pregnancy and childbirth can also affect the occurrence of lop-earedness.A narrow mother’s pelvis, an abnormal position of the fetus, and a cesarean section can cause hearing loss in children.

Methods of dealing with lop-earedness

You’ve probably already thought about the question of how to make sure your ears don’t stick out? You can get rid of it without surgery. And in children under the age of 9 – even at home, while the cartilage is still soft and not completely formed.

It is pointless to torment yourself with torment on the topic of why your ears stick out. How to fix this defect is worth considering:

  • For children under 9 years old, wear a special silicone corrector or a bandage that presses the ears to the head, and they can form a normal angle of deviation from the head;

  • surgical intervention takes place under general or local anesthesia and consists of cutting off the excess part of the cartilage, after which an inconspicuous scar remains;

  • laser correction is considered less traumatic than surgery;

  • otoplasty will help to cope with the task of “eliminating protruding ears”;

  • hairstyles that cover the ears;

  • ear correctors and aesthetic correction of the auricle angle.

How to quickly remove lop-ear in children

It is difficult to imagine how to put a ten-year-old child under general anesthesia in order to eliminate a cosmetic defect. It is known that surgical intervention in the body can be justified only in an emergency.

The reality is that without surgery, lop-earedness can be removed only in children under 9 years of age. Although here there is no one hundred percent guarantee of the desired result.

In order not to resort to the help of a surgeon, you can use correctors for the ears. These are completely invisible silicone discs, they are interconnected and make it possible to adjust the desired position of the ear.

Lightweight, hypoallergenic, invisible, resistant to water, they will maintain the comfort of the usual life and add confidence in their appearance to the wearer.

Is it possible to get rid of protruding ears in adults

The best part is that the ear correctors can be used by an adult.Have you been tormented by lop-earedness for a long time, and have you somehow got used to its presence in your life? Forced yourself to forget about many haircuts and wear hairstyles for protruding ears? Are you choosing hats that will hide your protruding ears from the world? Constantly forced to stick to the “correct” angle in the photo? This is unfair, do you agree?

This is where ear correctors come in handy. Buying them and instantly forgetting about the previous restrictions is almost a dream. With ear correctors, you no longer have to frantically search for an answer to the question “What to do if your ears stick out?”You can just start living with joy and pleasure.

You have never seen such a product as ear correctors, and now you are thinking about the question of where to buy ear correctors?

Check them out in the salons of our network or on our website here.

Customer Reviews of Ear Correctors

1. “Good afternoon! We have been using Arilis for 1.5 months and are very satisfied! My daughter is 1.6 and unfortunately we also have the problem of protruding ears.When I saw the proofreaders on the Internet, I immediately ordered! I did everything according to the indicated instructions, the main thing is to degrease well and then the corrector will stick perfectly. We have it for 10 days and would still hold, I just clean it myself to replace it with a new one! It is very convenient for my daughter and I am very grateful to Arilis that they produce such wonderful correctors! ”

2. “Hello, I would like to leave your feedback on the Arilis ear correctors. My one-year-old nephew has such a peculiarity: he is lop-eared.We learned that with the help of Arilis ear correctors it is possible to correct this problem, and the smaller the child, the faster and easier it is to correct the shape of the ears. A set of 4 pairs is enough for a month of continuous use. The correctors themselves are made of transparent silicone and can be easily attached to the ears. The first two pairs were assigned 10 days. We liked the proofreaders, they are very comfortable, they do not interfere with the child, we use only the first month. We will order more in order to achieve a result, Thanks to the company Arilis that they have invented such correctors that help solve the aesthetic problem of appearance without surgery))) ”

3.“The ears immediately became aesthetically pleasing, the correctors are not felt at all on the ears, I thought from the beginning that they would not hold my ears and would fall off, but they stuck tightly, the main thing is to fix them to the ears, I immediately wanted such forever)) From the beginning I thought nonsense, probably as a corrector for a bone on my leg, but I’m happy with the result, thanks to the people who came up with this little trifle, but pleasant for many. ”

Reviews from the official portal otzovik.com

Doctor’s opinion on the Arilis ear correctors

“The most important thing is that the Arilis ear correctors are easy to use.They will not remind you of themselves in any way throughout the day. And at the same time, they will help you achieve what you want – to eliminate the external signs of protruding ears.

For a comfortable wearing of correctors, I recommend that you always wipe the area behind the ears with a cleanser. Take zinc spray. It has antibacterial properties. Be sure to dry the skin after – for secure attachment of the corrector and comfortable wearing. And your ears will be the most beautiful. ”

As you understand, lop-earedness occurs, most often, for reasons of heredity.

It is possible to get rid of protruding ears with a 100% guarantee only with the help of an operation. But it is impossible without anesthesia and leaves scars. You can use ear correctors: these products immediately change the position of the auricles, are invisible on the body and can be used on a regular basis. Ortix recommends Arilis ear correctors – a quality, hypoallergenic product designed specifically to correct the defect of protruding ears.

How to understand that it is time for you or your friends to see a psychiatrist

– I’ll start with the most urgent: how to recognize that a classmate or work colleague is mentally unhealthy? Are there any signs of this?

– A specialist will say this: a mentally unhealthy person can be identified only by a combination of signs.While studying in internship, I was in practice in the department of military expertise. We were faced with the following task: the conscript entered the office, greeted him, then they said to him: “Come out and wait,” and we had to diagnose the conscript. We evaluated everything: facial expressions, motor skills of movements, appearance, eyes, intonation.

Sometimes you can suspect something, focusing on a single sign – suppose a person suffers from hallucinations or illusions.For example, it seems to him that someone is constantly crawling on the skin. You can also pay attention to whether a person has ideas.

– What ideas?

– There are three types of ideas: obsessive, overvalued and delusional. At the same time, a person can behave normally, but if suddenly during a conversation the topic of his delirium is raised, for example, about the secret preparations of the government or aliens, then he goes crazy.

– It turns out that all people who believe in the conspiracy theory can be ranked as mentally ill?

– Not really.It is one thing to admit the idea of ​​a conspiracy by the government or aliens, it is another to make this thought the core of your worldview.

Another mentally unhealthy person can be suspected of deviations in intelligence – sorry, morons (if this word is considered not a curse, but a term) is easy to recognize. You can also recognize people with depression – however, it is not always easy to understand whether this is just a bad mood or already a condition affecting the sphere of thinking.

Thoughts flow more slowly, speech sounds slower and quieter, and there is a mask of sorrow on the face.

Also, people who talk to themselves can sometimes be referred to as mentally unhealthy. True, you need to figure out whether a person suffers from hallucinations or if he just has Bluetooth inserted in his ear.

– But even healthy people often talk to themselves!

– Right. But you still need to clarify what caused this dialogue – the need to voice your thoughts or the desire to respond to an invisible interlocutor.

– You mentioned conscripts, but it often happens that it is they who, trying to get away from the army, pretend to be crazy.How do psychiatrists recognize simulants?

– Compared to the 1990s, this practically does not happen now. The conscripts have many other options, such as pretending to have flat feet or some kind of skin disease.Less often they pretend to be homosexuals – once a man came to us who, on the contrary, changed sex, became a guy and wanted to join the army.

– They let him go there?

– No, they didn’t let me in. Returning to the question of how psychiatrists recognize simulants, there is again no specific feature. Here, a person also needs to be watched and twisted. If the conscript fakes psychopathy, then you can find out from the relatives whether the patient always had a deviation, or whether it took and sharply manifested itself.If doubts still remain, the issue can be resolved on an outpatient basis, without resorting to hospitalization in the examination department.

– Could it be that the spouses live together for many years, and then it turns out that one of them is mentally unbalanced? If this is possible, how does an unhealthy person manage to encrypt for so long?

– Here the fact is that the other half often takes the abnormalities of the husband or wife for normal behavior. After all, only hallucinations are clearly manifested – in the case of them, it is difficult not to react.

We talked about crazy ideas, and sometimes the patient can present them in such a way that the spouse can believe. For example, an unhealthy person may claim that neighbors are harming him – they burn chemistry that smells through an outlet or ventilation. And the half begins to believe and think that the neighbors really have something in mind.

This is called induction – it can go to the extent that a spouse has similar delusional thoughts.

It is still easy not to notice that the other half is in a manic or depressive state, when it is not very pronounced.It happens that a person just lies on the couch and does not want to do anything, and then gets up and is ready to move mountains. It’s just that the patient’s phase has changed …

– Are there signs indicating that the person is not just depressed, but it is time to see a specialist?

– When a depressed state lasts for weeks and begins to interfere with work and doing something around the house, it’s time to see a doctor.Another alarming signal – if a person refuses food for several days in a row and insomnia begins. And if, most importantly, he expresses thoughts that it is not worth living further. And not defiantly, but as if into space: they say, there are no prospects. In this case, you need to call a specialist.

– By the way, about the treatment for depression. It is believed that antidepressants are harmful and addictive …

– Antidepressants should be taken for six to eight months, so that the mood clearly and for a long time entered into a rut.The mood of people with depression worsens due to disturbances in the biochemistry of the brain, and in two weeks, like a runny nose, the mood cannot be “cured”. And the people think: they are being treated for a long time, they have been planted. But the premature withdrawal of antidepressants can lead to the fact that everything will return to the very beginning.

No dependence on antidepressants. This is a horror story that lives among people who cannot be persuaded. These people are looking everywhere for proof of their own righteousness.

– Probably every person caught himself thinking if he was crazy.When should you start to panic and go to the doctor when unfamiliar voices enter your head?

– When a person is in prolonged depression. Three weeks of bad mood is a sign that it’s time for a consultation. Another signal that you need to go to a specialist is hallucinations.

Except those that occur when falling asleep and waking up.

All others are the subject of work for the psychiatrist.

Another thing is that to a person who hears the same voices, these voices will say something else: stay at home and do not approach the doctors.Although some patients are so disturbed by them that people turn to a psychiatrist.

– Who is most often faced with mental illness – men or women, workaholics or unemployed, single or family people? ..

– Diseases that belong to large psychiatry and are caused by genetic factors, such as schizophrenia, are caused not by external, but by internal disorders. External factors, such as the presence or absence of work, can only influence the course of the disease.A person who is unsettled in life, of course, will more often suffer from exacerbations.

But as for small psychiatry – neuroses and reactions to stress – here external factors play one of the leading roles.

– I quite often met publications that it is workaholics who most often encounter this minor psychiatry …

– Workaholics, rather, only slightly fall outside the boundaries of the norm. But not enough to consider workaholism a disease and treat it.

– Is there any statistics, what professions people most often deal with minor psychiatry? Miners, journalists?

– A parallel could be drawn here.

There is a syndrome of emotional burnout, it is most often affected by doctors, teachers, in some cases – the same journalists.

In general, take a boxer. Frequent brain damage leads to changes in character and emotions – a boxer can become hot-tempered or, conversely, apathetic. And intelligence with memory can also suffer from it over time.

– How can the same journalists avoid burnout?

– If at work there is no feeling that you are doing something important, necessary and promising, there is a risk of emotional burnout.My advice: you need to rest on time, and to have an active rest – not at home or in the country, but in a place where you will gain new emotions and impressions. And also, if you feel that you are sucked in by the routine, feel free to quit. Or look for growth opportunities here on the spot.

– Such a question: it is often said that in the era of developing technologies “there are more crazy people”. But before, when there was no cellular communication or the Internet, everyone was much more balanced …

– Difficult question.Statistics for major illnesses, such as schizophrenia, have not changed much. The numbers remained roughly the same.

As for small psychiatry, the number has grown.

But it is unclear whether it was due to the fact that people began to value the quality of their lives more and more often go to the doctor, or due to the fact that psychiatry stopped frightening patients and they began to more willingly go for help. Another option is possible – patients and doctors have become more informed.The same Internet allows you to monitor more than the means of communication 30 years ago. Previously, statistics were collected very slowly, but now any little thing will light up thanks to the Internet. Maybe because of this it seems that people suffer from neuroses more. After all, the media often like to catch something negative, this negative rating always raises more.

– Still, parents always say: the Internet and computer games lead to neuroses …

– I would not say that. Rather, it is the reaction of parents to the fact that children are distracted from reality by the virtual world.And this does not correspond to the habits of the parents, and with their criticism they try to somehow remedy the situation with such reproaches.

– Even normal people often have problems with nerves – some endlessly knock their feet, others live in constant fear, others throw tantrums with or without reason. The question is: how to stop being nervous and start living?

– First of all, you need to understand for yourself what you are doing, what you are doing, what is your goal in the future. It’s important to take a break from your daily routine and decide what you want out of life.It’s also helpful to just go and wash. If possible, take a shower. Go and even sign up for the pool. If this is not possible, walk around the city more often, walk in the park. So you will emerge from work and a little bit of new impressions that will interrupt the routine a little. And calm your nerves at the same time.

– And specifically about the knocking of the foot, what can it mean?

– Basically, knocking your foot is okay.It can mean that a person is trying to give vent to his emotions – most often negative ones. Knocking with your foot also indicates a person’s desire to speak out. But the person realizes that he needs to restrain himself, and simply shakes his leg. It can also indicate a strong impatience.

It is worth advising everyone who knocks their feet to do some kind of physical activity – go for a swim, for example. Or just take a shower.

– How to raise a child in such a way that he will not develop any nervous disorders in the future?

– You just need to love the child.

You cannot give anything to a child more than love.

A child must be loved and not prevented from taking from education and from the world around him what he is capable of taking.

But depressed parents should be treated and not carry their negativity into the family.

Caspian cargo feat. Ploty, Biggie Ex, TheNek & MayWaves – Letra de Oscar

First Verse: Caspian Cargo Your underground – underground passage maximum.
From my mother’s bag a couple of ganster bills on the wall of heaven.Pulling all this drive and eventually patsyki, I thought forever, there was enough for 15 minutes.

And to me, something has not been written recently.
I squeezed meaning out of words, I feel like I will survive myself.
After all, no matter how much you bitch would not puff up in this life.
Everyone has a fucking opinion, but I pissed the opinion off the roof.
I did not write off myself, fear, I gave it up.
Style is not licked, I’m not crazy about you.
And even if I didn’t flip through the books, I pressed them to restart, Putting everything in its place, my conscience is clear here.
And I’m not the same chalked out as it claims, If Weight
The loss is not great for Kommersant.Speak to me about money, those who will then answer for the words will rush in a crowd on bikes.
We speak with you in different languages.
I was not listening to you attentively, I didn’t shut up, Huli to disturb me on all sorts of trifles?
I’m not a dad in this, and even here it is not the Vatican, But while I have to eat I won’t get tired.
While weight stands tightly on foot
Kommersant, I will chop mate as the truth is.
Huli you broke up chick it’s just a cut.
Verse 2: Ploty I run like Usain Bolt on a beat, I beat that beat like a baseball.
We soar like stars over an abyss, The pendulum has opened your ears and has gone.On a black hoodie my skull sparkles, You will be surprised to see how they lay.
Those who do not give a damn about the dough and gossip, Tantrums, your biksy people just believe us.
I walk into the light in complete darkness, I lost myself on the way to her.
Days flashed by nights we are among people, My dreams are alien to them, I am having fun.
I don’t think it will not work, And I don’t break off when we’ve already learned life.
I’m so dabbling here, we don’t care who is the leader and who is the fagot, Who is the fool, who is the hustler.
Not a child prodigy from the depths of books got parts of himself.
Yes, I’m only twenty, but I’ve been in business for ten years.My music is with me side by side for days, weeks, Wrote a beat There is enough room for the boys to connect to the beat.
It contained a hundred lines from the life of the entrance, Like a hatik to rubbish and love for the craft from childhood.
Chorus: [x2] Was many times fucked like a DiCaprio Oscar, The fact that I’m back on the board, then who said?
Oh, give up Kazan, from the stroller to the bottom, The demand for you may be great, but the price is a mower.
Third Verse: Biggie-Ex From the city with the letter P straight from the underworld, unfashionable rap that takes roots wildly bitch.
I was waiting for me here in the role of Konstantin khumi, I came back the same as you remember.I also live behind the ring in the Selmash area, I also pack the condom in my rusty trunk.
And I do not care what they think where my place is, I put on the haters, kiss my, bitch, ring.
I believed many, but they did not justify themselves, I was spat in the trail for many was a traitor.
But I am one of the chefs in this hot kitchen, I do forever, and what is fashionable will die out.
Welcome to my abode, I say hello to those who fuck behind their backs.
In this game, I’m a pro, you will be an amateur guy, Oh, gods of the piggy devilishly brought up at times.You are the children of the nineties you were brought up by the street, Pour this broth to your young chicken.
She’s led perhaps in your fable, But on you bro, the same ended up in passion.
Every second nigga wants eiki forty seven, To have breakfast in the morning for him models.
But in fact, every gensta that is on the TV is afraid of a helicopter passing by him.
Fourth Verse: The
Nek Presses on the bottom from this basement, I do it as a thrill, and not as it should.
From my Nisan, a bearded uncle Che something charges for hip-hap and it rocks.
Here someone is divided into clans, gangs, Showdowns and battles, harsh guys – in fact, cotton wool.And someone at the start pays for it.
But this is all tasteless music club, I need to earn money for the family.
And not to boast of those who are not exported MS, I rather rarely, but aptly here I heat the microphone.
I don’t need their flattery.
Every day a centimeter from the bottom.
I saw how they do business there. I don’t want to go back, I’ll leave through the front door, no, through the black one.
With respect from close brothers, sisters, In the twelfth I saw your rap fathers.
A drunken face cannot correctly connect words, For me, this is not a fashion, but a lifestyle.And this is the way to convey these thoughts, We are all good actors, everyone needs a free share of someone else’s.
I will only take what I have earned, I will scatter it to my relatives, After all, there are not so many of them on my list.
Fifth Verse: May
Waves And I want to win at least a minute to sleep, Their attention to me for a moment I can not lag behind the clock.
We are not trusted as a yeti until the first frame, Until the first documentary.
Rushing to death from block to block, It hurts on my brow, but I did not fight otherwise.
I was winding up the evening in the hut under the track razosaydi, Generally I did not manage to become brutal, although I did not try.I am kind, but rude and do not fuck my fingers bend like a fan, My work is appreciated in ten, at least two, at least twenty.
I merged with the device down to the masses.
You can see me as if I’m fucking me.
I only do what will help someone from the bottom of the stars to dance.
Rain shamans seem to be in their eyes under a bag.
We put my dear and order into eblo with a flamethrower, Instantly flow along the wave of being.
On the ground there will be a trace only our answer, The crowd means little to me, and the braza will sooner to the end.
Look for me not in the club Tobik catches his ACAB, salam bitches, Give your people every last drop of blood.And that time will soon come.
I’ve already heard rumors behind my back – it’s good.
In circles, they are paid for combinations, but you are persecuting, I would be glad to have a pot of dough.
But there is no reason to deal with a cunt like your sidekick.

Sword of Kings read online by Bernard Cornwell (Page 7)

The fellow knelt down for a moment, closed his eyes and awkwardly crossed himself with the hand holding the sword. Egil’s people, my warriors and surviving enemies watched it all. Some of my Christian warriors also crossed themselves.Are they praying for me or are they asking for forgiveness for hijacking a ship with a cross on a stem?

“Don’t be silly, boy,” I advised.

“I’m not a fool,” he proudly protested, standing up. – God would not have chosen a fool for a work pleasing to Him.

– What is this?

– Rid the earth from your dastardly existence.

“In my experience,” I remarked, “your God almost always chooses fools.

“Well, then I’m a fool of God,” the youth proclaimed defiantly.

Behind him a thundering thundered, and he turned in fright, but saw that it was just another of his comrades threw a shield and a spear onto the deck.

“It wouldn’t hurt you to believe more,” he reproached the coward, and then turned and rushed at me.

Of course he was brave. Brave and stupid. He knew he was doomed to die. Maybe not from my hand, because even if he succeeds in killing me, my people will chop him to pieces. The idiot was aware of this and realized that he had only a few minutes to live, but he hoped to find a new life in the sun-drenched boring Christian paradise.Did the guy believe he could beat me? In battle, anything is possible. He could well have smitten me if he succeeded in the use of sword and shield – these arts that make a warrior great. But it seems that his faith was rooted not in blood and sweat acquired skill, but in the hope that his God would descend from heaven and grant him victory. It was this stupid faith that drove him into battle against me.

While he was praying, I freed my left hand from the inner bracket of the shield and now only held the outer loop.The enemy probably noticed this, but did not attach any importance. I lowered the shield and sword, waiting for the enemy to be six or seven steps away from me, then withdrew my left hand and threw the shield. I threw him down with force and aimed at his leg. The calculation turned out to be correct: he tripped over the shield, the ship bounced on the wave and the small one flew off to the bank. I took a step forward, with one sweep of the Sigh of the Serpent slashed at his sword, and it snapped with a dull clang. While two-thirds of his blade slid across the planks, he tried desperately to reach my thigh with a stub.I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight.

– Are you really itching to die? I asked.

He pulled out of my grasp, then tried to hit me with the bound edge of the shield, but that only slapped me on the thigh.

– Give me another sword! – demanded the youth.

I laughed:

– I repeat the question, you fool: do you really want to die?

– God told me to kill you!

– God? Or the priest who poured poison into your ears? – I specified.

He pulled his shield again, and I had to position the Serpent’s Sigh to stop him.

“God told me,” the youth repeated stubbornly.

– Then your God is the same fool as you, – I snapped. – Where did you come from, you fool?

The guy crumpled, but I twisted his wrist and hurt his arm.

“From Wessex,” he muttered.

– I understood this from your speaking. Where exactly from Wessex?

– Andefera, – he confessed against his will.

“And Andefera is in Viltunskir,” I said. He nodded. “Where thelhelm is the alderman,” I added, and I noticed how the youth flinched when he heard the name. – Drop the sword, boy.

He resisted, but I again twisted his wrist, and he had to throw the stub of his sword. Judging by the gold-inlaid hilt, the weapon was expensive, but snapped on the blow of the Serpent’s Breath. I threw the hilt to Oswy.

“Take this devout fool and tie him to the mast of the Sperhafock,” I ordered.- Let him live.

“The question is whether the Sperhafok will survive,” Finan remarked dryly. – He has a leak.

I glanced across the deck of the hijacked ship and was convinced that Finan was right.

“Sperhafok” was sinking.

Ramming the first enemy, the Sperhafok broke two boards and began to plunge with its nose. When I got on him, he was already deep in the ass. Gerbrucht, the giant frieze, broke the deck flooring, and now the people were carrying ballast stones to the stern to level the ship.

– Master, we can patch it! – shouted Gerbrucht, noticing me. – Leak from one side only.

– Do you need people? I asked.

– We’ll manage it ourselves!

Egil followed me to the stern of the Sperhafock.

“The last one is leaving,” he muttered, looking at the smaller of the enemy ships, which had almost disappeared beyond the southern horizon.

“I should have saved this one,” I said gloomily.

Gerbrucht assured that he was able to close the leak on board the Sperhafock, but the wind was fresh and the wave was rising.About a dozen guys were pumping water out of the hold, some even using helmets to scoop it up.

– However, we can reach the house on one of these. – I nodded towards the two captured ships.

“Pieces of shit,” Egil said. – Too heavy!

– Suitable for transporting cargo.

– Putting them on firewood – it will be more useful.

Gerbrucht plugged the cracks between the broken boards with cloth, the rest were working with scoops.One of the ships we captured also leaked – the one with the white cross: it was damaged when the last enemy ship entered the battle. It hit him in the stern, and the planks parted at the waterline. We transferred most of the prisoners to this ship, taking their chain mail, shields and helmets. They overloaded a sail, new and expensive, and supplies, which turned out to be very meager: a little cheese, hard as a stone, a bag of moldy bread, and two kegs of ale. Having given them only six oars, I ordered them to cut the ends.

– Are you letting them go? Egil was surprised.

“I don’t want to feed those bastards in Bebbanburg,” I explained. – And how far will they go? They have nothing to eat and drink, there is no sail. Half are injured and the ship is leaking. If they have even a drop of brains, they will bury it straight to the shore.

– Against the wind. Egil was amused by the thought.

“And when they reach the coast, they will be unarmed on it,” I continued. “Welcome to Northumbria.

We freed eleven fishermen from the Gidena and Svelve crews – they were forced to wield oars on enemy ships.Our captives were all from Wessex or from East Anglia – subjects of King Edward, if he was still alive. I took a dozen with me to Bebbanburg, including a priest who so fervently called to kill us. He was brought to me at the Sperkhafok. The ship was still deeply buried with a sunken bow, but Gerbrucht managed to eliminate the main leak, and the transfer of ballast helped to level the ship.

The priest was young, stocky, chubby, with black hair and gloomy. He seemed vaguely familiar to me.

– Have we met? I asked.

– Glory to the Almighty, no.

He stood directly under the helm, guarded by a grinning Beornoth. We set sail and headed north, home, driven by a fresh westerly wind. Most of my men were on the large ship we had captured, and only a few remained on the Sperhafok, all of them continuing to pump out water. The good fellow who had sworn to kill me stood tied to the mast and stared at me.

– That young fool hails from Wessex, – I turned to the priest, nodding in the direction of the guy.- And here you are, judging by the dialect, a Mercian.

“The Kingdom of Christ has no boundaries,” he said.

“Unlike my mercy,” I muttered. The priest said nothing. “I’m from Northumbria,” I continued, ignoring his insolence. “I’m an alderman in Northumbria. You have to call me lord.

He was silent, only looked at me with evil eyes. “Sperhafok” went roll, reluctantly climbed on the wave, but sailed, and we headed for home. The Banamadr and the captured ship were walking alongside, ready to take us down if the Sperkhafok began to sink, but every minute I became more confident that my ship would reach the shore and we would fix it.

“You must call me lord,” I repeated. – Where are you from?

– From the Kingdom of Christ.

Beornoth drew back his fleshy hand to strike the priest, but I shook my head.

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“I was born in Mercia,” he admitted reluctantly. “But the Lord was pleased to send me to Wessex.

“If he doesn’t call me“ lord ”again, you can crack him as hard as you want,” I said to Beornot. Then he smiled at the ass. – Where exactly in Wessex?

“Vintankester,” he muttered, hesitated, and then, sensing Beornoth’s stirring, added hastily: “Lord.

– And what was the priest of Vintankester doing on the ship off the coast of Northumbria?

– We were sent to kill you! He snapped, then yelped when Beornoth slapped him.

– Father, draw strength in the Lord! – the fellow at the mast called to him.

90,000 Dictation of Jesus Christ of January 2, 1977 – Audio – Teachings of the Aquarian Age

Dictation of Jesus Christ, January 2, 1977

Volume 20 No. 30 – Jesus Christ – July 24, 1977

– this is God

“If you do not eat the Flesh of the Son of Man …”

Prayer before listening to dictation

In the name of Christ, I call upon the beloved Jesus Christ to place his Electronic Presence over my four lower bodies.

Lights, sons and daughters of the Flame, I stand among you to perform the ceremony
transmission of Light. From the Great Central Sun the Elohim God is sending a ray. This is the beam
Light is a ray of hope. This is the energy of God and His love. It is a ray of Light that
must be transmitted from place to place and from consciousness to consciousness throughout the body of God
in heaven and on earth. And therefore, the cycles unwind, the energies flow, and I AM [coming]
for the embodiment of the Fire of God in you.

came to give you his own Light, that is, the Light of the Father that He made
my own and which I made my own by opening the door of my heart and
letting Life, which is God, flow.Today I stand before you and ask you
do the same: understand the alchemy that “I and the Father are one.”

the work of the Father is done in you and through you when you open the door of your heart. I AM
talking about the sacred heart of the eternal Christ. This is a spiritual heart and the door of this
hearts – that open door (once opened by Christ with the permission of your
free will) that no one can shut down. I AM the open door and
opening the door in you today so that the light – the light of the inner worlds – manifests itself in
the outer worlds, so that the outer worlds come in line and in harmony with that will,
which is the very formula of creation.

God, O children of the sun, is not superimposed on creation. She is an integral part
creation inherent in it. It is matter itself, the fabric and the basis of life. And who would
nor was he out of harmony with this will, he is outside of life, outside of creation. Therefore
may not the body of God be separated from this holy will!

came so that you can absorb the energy you need for redemption
the people of God, and we could soak up the energy of God that is trapped within you –
enclosed within the imperfection matrices.We come to absorb [all] that
belongs to God, [everything] that people considered theirs, but that they can make theirs
only when they affirm and confirm the will for which [all] it was

sent today like an arrow fired from the bow of the Eternal Archer. I came as
God’s Son. And I transfer energy through this open door to your open door,
which should be fixed on Terra, placed in the very bowl of people’s hearts to change
cycles of the century and eras.

came with the sacrament – to eat the flesh of the Son of man, drink his blood.Until it
will be accomplished in you, you will not have the life of God, because this flesh is truly food and
this blood is truly a drink that comes
from the Father.

– from the Father. Therefore, when you are in me and taste my consciousness, you are one with the Father and
have that stream of consciousness, which is eternal life, which means that you
only the energy that belongs to God supports. The flesh and blood of the Son of man
represents the energy consecrated for the embodiment of eternal light on Earth
Christ in the Father, in the Mother, in Spirit, in Matter, in the principle of fusion, cohesion and
polarity of each form of energy.

I AM the transmitting Light Elohim. Understand the mystery of assimilating the Body and Blood of Christ.
Understand that everything that I AM and you must become. You will become this when you open
door and sit down at a meal with me, tasting the substance that God has given
me, which is my very identity. Therefore – assimilation, therefore –
unification, therefore, the sky becomes earth today, and the earth becomes sky. AND
when you receive, you can give. But only if you’re ready to take, u
you will have enough funds to give the part of life that is necessary
for the resurrection.

life is lived for one purpose: so that you can become life. And I
I testify in all countries and peoples at this hour, and I endow the souls of the Earth
the vision of their becoming Christ. Behold, behold the image of the Son of man! Behold, behold
the image of this Son, created within you by the great kindling light of the Spirit! Behold, behold
angelic hosts that come to serve the newborn child!

the same yesterday and today and forever. I have come to bring your self closer to you
Christ and the understanding of the law of One.I AM the opening of the path of the Great Central
The sun is in you.

I raise my hands to cleanse the sacred centers of life with the sign of the cross, which sets
God control over the energy of the Great Central Sun that is released
daily and hourly through each of the solar centers within you – through these
spheres of light, golden chakras. Let the flow of Alpha transfer to the world the energies stored
in flames.

wise Virgins have filled their lamps, so let these lamps filled
oil, will send energy to balance the Earth and the planes of consciousness and
purification of the air, sea and land by the action of the sacred fire.Let it be a cleansing
the inner worlds and the outer worlds, and let the return of the energy that
sent through you in my name, keep the flow within your being,
through which the flowing energy also forms an upward spiral – the path to
your reunion with God forever.

I AM come that you may have life, and have abundant, manifested here and
now! I AM who came to drive out money changers from the temple of our God and from the temples of people!
I AM come to powerfully release the energy of the Great Central
The sun, as a result of which everyone will have to answer today before the law of One!
Let them stand in the courtroom, as I stood, and as you stand, for they will spare no one
at the hour of judgment! And for the souls of Light, judgment is manifested as love, which seals them before
with the eyes of God.

the judgment will separate right and left the right and wrong used sacred
energy of life. And let the seed of the wicked, which was sown like tares among the good
wheat, he also knows that the hour of redemption has struck and the time for choosing to kneel
and it came to worship the inner light of Christ. Who accepts you, accepts
me, and whoever accepts me, accepts his own Christ – the Supreme
Being, Mediator, God Himself from the heart of the Great Central Sun.

I AM who came to transmit the energy, called upon to save the soul of the planet and humanity.Where is the source of salvation if not in God? Why is humanity looking for others
sources? Why don’t people give Him glory? Ok, I’ll answer this question.
This is because they strayed from the path and did not understand who I AM. If they
understand their true identity in Christ, then they would know that the statement I AM
THAT I AM is the key to solving all the problems of the age.

that the question may well be asked: if people are not looking for answers in the Godhead and in
the white-fiery core of the being, which is God within, then maybe
they do not really seek solutions, but only create
the impression that they are looking for solutions? In the meantime, they collect their precious
energies of God that should be in the hands of those who are devoted to love, life and
the great cosmic stream, in accordance with which all parts of a single whole
receive proportionally energy, which is measured according to the path of initiation, according to
the inner achievement of the soul.

do not ask for equality, which distributes to humanity the Light and resources of the Spirit
no matter what the inner development of the soul is. We strive for
equality in which each person has to bear his own burden and is rewarded
on their own. And the grace that confirms the works is a consequence of the inner
reflections of the soul about the law of One. This is true equality. It is equal
the ability to be a son of God and a daughter of God where you are, measure by measure. That’s why
the net increase in energy will be determined by the measure of the energy input and the indicator
Christ’s potential.

as a multiplying factor of holy science will teach you holy religion. See how
everyone who is on the planes of Matter can find the principle of life through
which increase and the law of increase can become known as internal
alchemy of reuniting the soul with the Creator.

I AM come that all may have life. I AM come with the teaching of the law
abundance. And I send the light of judgment on those among humanity who have taken abundance
Almighty to hide it, guided by their own selfish interests
and personal benefit, who hid the true energy of life from people, giving them only

to you, dear ones, God is a very real and integral part of life on Earth. If
people do not know this, it is because they did not invoke the flame of the God of the gods himself.
This is because they could not communicate with the Source of Life, could not move
to him upstream. Instead, they moved with the flow – down, down
ways of misusing life energy, never knowing that the energy that
they hold in their hands every day, comes from the eternal fountain of the living Spirit.

let those who have ears to hear understand that the message to the seven churches,
to the seven lamps, the seven temples of the being, there is a message about the conservation of energy. Insofar as
you guard the energies of life entrusted to your care, you will have the energy to
spreading the Word, and you will find that through the Holy Spirit, through the infusion
flame, Word and sacred fire breath you will never experience
lack of those higher resources for the transmission of the Word of God – the Logos – to this age.

that the word emanating from the altar of God and through His emissaries is ascended
armies are always intended to alchemize truth on Earth. it
crystallization of the Divine Flame – that the Word is power, that the Word is wisdom, that
The word is love and that the word of God comes to you and through you for that alchemy,
which is known as the court.

fear, for the law is always just. But in this case, it is the patience of the saints
is a test for the saints. “… by your patience, save your souls.”Wait for salvation
Our God, watch the salvation, but while you wait and watch, apply
the law of the rod’s energy and watch how the solar center, Flaming Yodine, will send
light and powerful vortex fiery action that will transform energies
on Earth, so that those who are called to [enter] the consciousness of the One can have that power
field, that spiral, that movement, which will carry the identity from the point
limitation to the point where limitless cosmic abundance is felt.

stand steadfastly and behold the salvation of our God.See how He will do
His work through those who will do His work on earth. See that
the evidence of feelings does not always tell you what is real in the present moment.
See how the coordinates of time and space change in relativity
and how you, coordinating time and space, move along this spectrum.

Understand what is like past, present and future
is nothing more than a moving stream of energy, which is time, and so is your
the feeling of being aware of the presence here, there and everywhere in the being of God is only
a coordinate called space.So they move, never
repeating itself, constantly changing. All this happens behind the veil (on the transitory plane)
and does not deserve constant testimony and full reflection on the part
science or religion.

what I say, dear hearts: everything that seems to exist does not exist, but
everything that does not always seem to exist exists. So don’t be embarrassed
the burden that comes to Earth, or the saturation of the elements distorted
energies of humanity, for all this can change, all this can move,
how God moves.

this is a moment of hope – when the sons and daughters of God come together to
study the secrets and laws governing all energy, spiritual and material. it
moment for turning the worlds and changing cycles – when the sons and daughters of God are on Earth
raise the cup high to receive the light, flesh, and blood of the ascended sons and
daughters of God.

Watch the teachings on our Youtube channel

cosmic interchange in this interval, in this cosmic pause, is released
the core of energy containing the inner key to resolving everything that is outside
balance on Terra.Take this key, take this core to your heart, and
let the energy spiral unfold and let the Word unfold. Let be
God will unfold through you the answer to the call and the solution of every need. Let the answer
flows through you as a stream of holy science, sacred truth and unfolded mission.

study everything that needs to be learned in this octave for the solution of each problem.
Then place the fruit of your study on the altar and meditate on the living God. Then let
To the Lord God give you back through
the flame burning on this altar, the quintessence of His mind, how you placed the quintessence
your mind into that sacred fire.May God be the one who puts everything together
areas of knowledge, all areas of discovery and experimentation, and may He create in you
holy purpose.

how can you get the job done, and when, in doing this job, you will do everything that
could, [look] how you can give it to God; and God will fill her with life,
fire, measurement, and then burns in the furnace of cosmic awareness and return to you
the answer is the answer, which is always life becoming life, eternal life,
becoming eternal life.This is the law of one! This is the law of transcendence and
cycles of the inner worlds and the outer worlds.

I have come. I AM always among you, the transformer of the lower worlds and the higher worlds. I came, I knock. You open, I enter. And I AM the great transforming energy of the Almighty within you forever. I AM Jesus Christ living in you forever and ever.

Prayer after listening to dictation

the name of Christ I ask that all the Light and spiral released during the dictation
Jesus Christ were transferred to my heart chakra as a constant focus for
the victory of the planet, for the victory of all mankind and for the victory of Jesus Christ through
me.Oh God, make me Yourself in shape – Your heart, head and hand.

name I AM THAT I AM, may the new energy that Jesus Christ fills
our country, thanks to our calls, will not be spilled on the ground by
negligence. We call for the protection of this light and energy. Let the whole
the released light will be sealed in our Holy Christ Self, in our chakras and in
our I AM Presence, so that it is not defiled by any force, a force field
or consciousness. Amen.

Invocation based on the dictation of Jesus

I AM the embodiment of the Fire of God.

and the Father is one.

I AM doing the work of the Father.

the sacred heart of the eternal Christ.

IS an open door that no one can close.

I AM the open door and I AM the opening of the door in me today.

I AM one with the holy will of God.

God’s Son.

I AM one with the Father.

I AM the transmitting Light Elohim.

I AM all that Christ is.

the same yesterday and today and forever.

IS the opening of the path of the Great Central Sun in you.

I AM come that you may have life, and have abundant, manifested here and

He who came to drive out the money changers from the temple of our God and from the temples of people!

I AM coming for the powerful release of the energy of the Great Central Sun, in
as a result, everyone will have to answer today before the law of the One! Let be
but they will stand in the courtroom, as I stood, and as you stand, for they will spare no one
at the hour of judgment! And for the souls of Light, judgment is manifested as love, which seals them before
with the eyes of God.

the judgment will separate right and left the right and wrong used sacred
energy of life. And let the seed of the wicked, which was sown like tares among
good wheat, he also knows that the hour of redemption has struck and the time of choice
it has come to kneel and worship the inner light of Christ.

I AM who came to transmit the energy, called upon to save the soul of the planet and humanity.


I AM come that all may have life.

I AM come with the teaching of the law of abundance.

with Jesus Christ I AM sending the light of judgment upon those among humanity who
took the Almighty’s abundance to hide it, guided by his selfish
interests and personal gain, who hid the true energy of life from people by giving
them only the husk.

I AM always among you, the transformer of the lower worlds and the upper worlds.

the great transforming energy of the Almighty.

I AM Jesus Christ living forever and ever.

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High School Girls Basketball: Third Time Pine View’s Charm in 4A Semi-Final Win over Desert Hills

OGDEN – Pine View finally grasped the moment the women’s basketball team has long dreamed of … The Panthers head for the 4A title game against Cedar with a 53-41 win over Desert Hills.

“We just spent a few minutes trying to describe what this moment was, and many of us burst into tears. It’s hard to describe in words how far we’ve come as a team in one year of the program, “said Pine View head coach Ben Luce.” Having earned this, they deserved another try, and with each game they got better and better. They could have been trained, and tonight they proved that we have become better in defense too. ”

The opponent in the semifinals of

Pine View was the Desert Hills team, which the Panthers lost twice before this season.In the semifinals, there was fireworks for the third time.

Lucy praised his team’s defensive play as a difference in the third leg, as well as his team’s offensive play.

“Our defensive execution. In our first two games, there were always moments when we stopped playing offensively, and then they moved on to a race with five, six, eight points. We always fight. When we came out at half-time and then pushed him out in the third quarter, it really got our ears covered, and instead of playing desperately from behind, we played very fast with a 10 point lead, ”said Lucy….

Ellie Wilson lead Pine View with 14 points, four rebounds and two interceptions.

“Ellie is a high school student and she was great this year,” said Lucy. “She does a very good job, especially with her confidence in shooting and hitting the basket. Over the years, she has gotten much better, and she learns to exaggerate what she is really good at and sugarcoat her weaknesses. ”

Avery Papa scored 13 points and 13 rebounds, Alison Schmitt scored eight points and Madisen Jensen six.Sada Turlington has 14 points for Desert Hills.

“We just spent a few minutes trying to describe what this moment was and many of us burst into tears. It’s hard to describe in words how far we have come as a team in one year of the program.” – Pine View Head Coach Ben Luce

The third quarter was the main difference in the fierce match on Friday. Pine View were leading 26-20 at half-time, but knew that Desert Hills was not going to cross. To win the game, the Panthers will have to continue their stellar performance in the first half and achieve strong results in the third quarter.

Pine View did just that, amassing one of the most dominant quarters of this tournament, beating Desert Hills 19-9 in the third period and fleeing the game.

“We fired a few shots. They scored nine points in the third quarter, and that was our goal – about 10 points per quarter. We got into the transition period a bit and beat them. When we finally started hitting rebounds, we had a few downtime in the transition period, and then we shot down a few 3s to help us get the ball out, ”Lucy said.

Now just one win from her 4A State Championship title, Lucy has progressed to the No. 7 Panthers

planting season over the course of the season.

“We trust girls and this is what we preach. We tried to say as much positive as possible. It took a while and they gradually began to believe in what we say and believe in themselves, ”said Lucy.

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The Tacky Charms of Southern Charm

Opening snippet Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil , John Berendt’s treatise 1994 on frustrated southern manners, where Savannah antiques dealer Jim Williams aristocracy.“Blue bloods are so innate and weak,” Williams says. “All of these generations are important and majestic to match. Unsurprisingly, they lack ambition. I don’t envy them. I find valuable only the trappings of the aristocracy – fine furniture, paintings, silver – the very things that they have to sell when they run out of money. And it always does. Then all they have left is fine manners.

Bravo Southern Charm still has a lot of money – fine manners that have seen better times.The gloating is strong, though. The actors who come from the best and oldest families of Chahhlston (as they constantly remind us) have struggled for the past six seasons to live up to those good names. (Season 7 kicked off on October 29th.) From infidelity to racist oversights and assault accusations and scores of drunken tantrums, the show at times seemed like a byproduct of the plantation’s Cops series. All the little fingers in the world cannot hide the fact that these people are doing wrong – at least not in the way that the descendants of landowners should act.

Disgraced former South Carolina treasurer and cast Thomas Ravenel – the bridge is named after his father – was arrested for selling cocaine in 2005 and faced assault and battery charges before leaving the show in 2018. young socialite Catherine Calhoun Dennis (direct descendant of seventh Vice President John C. Calhoun) who has temporarily lost custody of her two children due to drug use and is passionate about public speaking.

There is nagging gossip Cameran Eubanks, , a 10-generation Charlestonian and mother of the group, who denies rumors that her husband is cheating on the hairdresser. There’s an aging frat boy Shep Rose III, – a human keg rack apparently so devoted to booze that it has a rating system for his blackouts. He comes from the Boykin family, after whom the city and the state spaniel are named. (He also claims that his relative inspired Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby .) He does not need to work, but it is clear that he would not, even if he did.

The show also features various Yankees and intruders whose presence reveals the monetary hierarchy, such as Craig Conover, is a Delaware-based transplant and sewing enthusiast who has been accused of Southern cosplay with his pastel collars with open collars. Californian transplant Ashley Jacobs is so caricatured vile that you can be sure she’s only here to prove that outsiders rarely pay off.Whitney Sadler-Smith, born in VA , director (and executive producer who also conceived Southern Charm ), has just started a rock band in midlife crisis (named Renob, which is boner on the contrary – awesome) .His ice mother, Patricia Altshul, , completes his rich horizons.

Altshul’s money comes from three of her marriages, at least one with a wealthy New York City financial institution. But it is clear that for the purposes of the show, she is replacing the Old South.This means she provides social favor by giving men and women advice on how to behave (right), dress (modestly – nothing “fits the Mason-Dixon line”), when to get married (immediately), and how to save face. after a social scandal (smile, nod, then pretend that you heard the doorbell). In one scene, Altshul, who is swimming in caftans, pouring martinis, arrogantly remarks that Katherine Calhoun Dennis is a shameless whore who “does not have the proper education “, Only to turn around and say the letter” l “on the guillotine .

As delightful as the show is, it makes you wonder why any of these people agreed to appear on it, especially when they are from the South, where the monogram is practically written “don’t air your dirty laundry in public” on cocktail napkins. they are in fact wealthy outcasts of the real elite: New York Times article notes that rumors of the show’s debut sparked panic among the ruling class. “You have to get out of town,” one elderly Charlestonian (whose family has lived here since the 1690s!) Warned a relative who was about to join the cast.

However, this show is also a precise window into the rich southern life. Men with names like Whitney and Shep host elegant dinner parties with women with names like Landon and Cameran, drinking for sports during the day, eating crabs at the Seersucker and Lilly Pulitzer. They go fox hunting and skeet shooting, play polo and say something like, “If in doubt, get a bourbon” or “White tablecloth means we shouldn’t talk about these things.” But they also shoot fireballs, shotgun beer and call each other “beta bitches.”

It is also a precise window into the racism of the South. Bravo deleted scenes and episodes Southern Charm after backlash on their casually forgotten family plantation tours. One deleted scene showed Ravenel’s father, Arthur Ravenel , neglecting a $ 5 bill because it bore Abraham Lincoln’s face . Old white southern wealth is always ugly under the rug, but people who benefit from it usually make sense to pay someone to take it away.At Southern Charm they pick it up and take it off.

When Southern Charm debuted in March 2014, the Black Lives Matter movement had not yet entered mainstream discourse. (Michael Brown will be assassinated in Ferguson, Missouri a few months later.) The Confederate statues were still a long way from being removed – Calhoun’s statue in Charleston only recently fell after a city vote. And we were six years old from seeing South Carolina’s neighbor Georgia turn blue in this election, after a long struggle with relentless defenses from black progressives.

Stepmother Kills Gas City Girl for Pendant Bracelet


Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana allows Indianapolis residents to anonymously share advice with law enforcement Wochit

Skylie Carmack was confined to her room for over a week before her stepmother allegedly strangled a 10-year-old girl from Gas City last week, according to court documents.

On Friday, the Grant County Attorney’s Office formally charged 34-year-old Amanda D.Carmack in murder, neglect, domestic beating and strangulation in connection with Skylie’s death. According to the records, they are seeking life imprisonment without parole.

Carmack reported Skylie’s escape at 9:10 am. August 31, but by that time, according to the court report, the girl was already dead.

State Police

said they found Skiley’s body in a trash bag tucked away in a shed behind the family home in Gas City early Wednesday morning.

Skyla Carmack (Photo: Indiana State Police)

“There were only four of us”: An Indianapolis mom prepares to bury her two teens father Kevin Carmack, Amanda Carmack, three children of Amanda and three children of Amanda’s brother.

Several other children at the house told police that Amanda Carmack was a “strict discipline” who, according to documents, beat them with a pink belt and applied other punishments when they misbehaved.

“They have stated that when they are in trouble they will have to face the wall with their hands up,” State Police detective Wendell D. Beachy wrote in an affidavit. “Sometimes they stayed in this position for several hours.”

Amanda locked the children in rooms, according to police, allowing them only to eat or use the toilet.The siblings told police that Skylie was chained to her bedroom for a week and a half before she disappeared.

In an interview with police on September 1, Amanda Carmack denied hitting Skiley or other children with a belt. She admitted to hitting Skylie in the face because she caught her stealing a charm bracelet.

Kevin Carmack, a truck driver, told investigators that he was returning from Maryland when he last spoke to his daughter during a video call at around 3:29 pm.August 31. They talked for about 30 minutes.

The brother and sister told the police that Skylia was in her room when she went out to ride her bike between 4 pm and 5 pm. but she was gone when she returned from the trip at about 6:00 pm.

Amanda D. Carmack (Photo: Grant County Sheriff’s Department)

Skyla Carmack: Stepmother arrested following the death of a 10-year-old child in Gas City. The body of the missing girl was found in a garbage bag.

Police said Tuesday that Amanda Carmack had failed a polygraph test.

At 12:10 am Police said Wednesday that Amanda Carmack had entered the Gus City Police Department and confessed.

“(Amanda Carmack) stated that she did not remember all the details, but did remember being on top of (Skylia) in the barn,” Beechey wrote. “She began to strangle her with her hands, then she thinks she tied something around her neck.”

Police found Skiley’s body at about 3 am Wednesday, curled up tightly at the bottom of a trash bag. Colorful trousers were tied around the child’s neck.

“(Amanda) did not explain why she killed her,” Beechey wrote, “except that she was very angry.”

Contact IndyStar Reporter Vic Rickart at 317-444-2701 or [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @VicRyc.

Read or share this story: https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2019/09/06/indiana-homicide-skylea-carmack-amanda-carmack-gas-city-body-trash -bag-shed-abuse-confinement / 2232319001/

Bella White Silk Organza Derby Cloche for Little Girls – Little Silver Charm Baby Hat Collection by Maggie Mae Designs

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Traditional pendants and charm bracelets for girls and women in sterling silver or pure gold

What are traditional pendants?

Traditional amulets are back! According to charm-loving Aunt Chef Jiddie, they never went away, but there have been some changes in the way we collect and wear amulets over the past few years.

Whether attached, buckled or permanently attached, the collection of charms on a bracelet or bracelet is like a small three-dimensional “photo album” or diary.Each amulet usually represents a person, place, feeling or time. Just looking at this amulet or holding it in your hand, you can bring back the surging memories.

Most people remember traditional charm bracelets from childhood. They either had their own precious bracelet, or they have fond memories of sitting on someone’s lap, playing quietly with each mesmerizing, ringing charm and listening to the stories behind it.

Chief Dizzy Aunt Nikki understands why these little pieces of sterling silver or solid gold are precious, beyond the value of the metal.Nikki believes that “our stories bind us. Favors and amulets help us record and tell these stories in a very tangible way. ”

Until recently, pendants were added to charm bracelets, which were given as gifts on special occasions to celebrate or mark an important milestone such as 16th birthday, graduation or travel abroad. Pendants and bracelets were made of sterling silver or pure gold, as they were valued as jewelry for life, and not as a one-time piece of jewelry.As talismans hit the fashion market, there was an increase in demand for “ready-made” charm bracelets or themed charm bracelets already mixed with charms, which often still represented love and loved ones. Today, there are many styles of charm bracelets, but everything is based on feeling and longing for symbolic pendants telling a personal or family story. It is still one of the brightest moments in life when a child is presented with the very first charm bracelet; the beginning of your own story.The Oh My Giddy Aunt’s Heart Starter charm bracelet with a hand-engraved name or initial is the first charm before the start of the collection.

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Southern Charm: Where Are They Now?

Fans watched as this cheerful southern beauty began her life married to anesthesiologist Jason Wimberley to become the new mother to a girl named Palmer.Although Eubanks was often the liaison for the very lively cast, the real estate agent had to go through his own battles while working on the series.

When fans first met Eubanks, she was totally against children. Even though she was firm in her position, she worried that her husband might resent her if they never had children, or worse, her children might follow her.

Fast forward to today, Eubanks told PEOPLE in 2019 that despite the challenging aspects of parenting, when a child comes into your life, it’s worth “love you can’t describe.”However, the star said she finished after one.

“I can give [Palmer] a brother or sister, or I can give her a normal mother,” Eubanks said. “And I think giving her a happy, healthy, mentally healthy mother is far more important than a brother or sister that she is likely to struggle with anyway.”

Unfortunately for fans, Eubanks made a shocking announcement in May 2020, announcing that she would not be returning for the show’s seventh season. She discreetly dropped the news in the comment section of one of her Instagram posts, but then had to address her departure earlier when “insidious rumors” about her marriage began to circulate.

“My decision was made and communicated to Bravo a few months ago and had absolutely nothing to do with the ridiculous and fake rumors about my marriage,” Eubanks said in a lengthy Instagram post. “Please ignore the fabricated rumors. It’s a ratings gimmick, that’s all. ”

Prior to this announcement, AllAboutTheTea.com claimed that Wimberley had a two-year romance behind Eubanks.