ELISpot plate analysis and data acquisition

Now you don't need anymore to purchase an ELISpot reader in order to run ELISpot assays in your laboratory! We will perform analyses of your ELISpot plates for less than the price of the ELISpot plate itself! Read more about the cost-effectiveness of this solution. The analysis will be carried out with the Eli.Scan scanner and software from the company A.EL.VIS GmbH (Hannover, Germany). This apparatus allows for counting spots, sorting spots according to their size, and the double colour analysis (Dual-Elispot). We scan and analyse for you the following types of 96-well plates: PVDF Millipore MultiScreen (types MAIP, MAHA, and MHAB), as well as MultiScreenHTS plates. Also possible is analysis of membranes unmounted from the NUNC 96-well culture plates.

We shall scan and analyse your ELISpot plates according to criteria of your choice. The results will be rapidly sent to you by email as a data sheet. We are also keen on helping you with interpreting the biological meaning of your results.

The price for an a nalysis of a single 96-well PVDF plate is 69 € only! (excl. VAT). Moreover, we have discounts for long-term partners and in case of large orders.

Please note: extra charge may be added for handling broken or cut plates. We preserve the right to refuse the analysis in cases when the plate could damage the equipment.

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