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Cameron Munster finger injury photo: Graphic image confirms the gruesome extent Melbourne Storm star’s injury

WARNING: Graphic content

We knew he was tough, but this is next level.

A graphic image shows just how gruesome the compound fracture of Cameron Munster’s finger was.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Cameron Munster plays through compound fracture to set up Storm try.

Munster left the field in the 27th minute of Melbourne’s clash with Parramatta last Thursday after tackling Eels star Clint Gutherson, but made a swift return less than half an hour later with taped up fingers.

He played through the pain to lead his side to a gutsy 16-12 win over last year’s grand finalists to kick their season off with a win for the 21st time in a row.

Now, the extent of the horrific injury has been laid bare in one image that clearly shows the bone in Munster’s finger protruding through his skin.

WARNING: Graphic image below, scroll down to see.

He will miss at least the next fortnight after undergoing surgery on the ugly finger injury.

The superstar fullback flew back to Melbourne on Friday to see a hand specialist late in the afternoon, with the Storm confirming he will miss between two and three weeks.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 02: Cameron Munster of the Storm Is tackled by Jirah Momoisea and Josh Hodgson of the Eels during the round one NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Melbourne Storm at CommBank Stadium on March 02, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) Credit: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

His Herculean effort included a nifty dummy followed by a step and pass to set up the crucial match-levelling try late in the game, with two of his fingers bandaged in the shape of sausages.

“I was a bit surprised when I saw it come out. I have never seen a bone come out before,” Munster said.

“I felt my finger numb when I got out of that tackle against Gutho and I thought, ‘That doesn’t feel right’.

“I looked down and there was a bit of bone sticking out. Shock hit and I didn’t really have much emotion.

“I got off and the doc said, ‘I have to put a needle in to numb it up’. I’d much rather let it sit there. I hate needles.”

Despite the injury, Munster said he did not have any significant trouble gripping the ball during the tight second half and golden-point finish.

“I bumped it a couple of times. A couple of times I got in a tackle and it was a bit wincy,” he said.

“But the numbing needles helped with the pain.

“I just tried passing a little bit more. I probably didn’t run the ball as much as I would like to.”

Cameron Munster’s gruesome injury. Credit: Supplied

Munster’s surgery comes at a horrible time for the Storm, with their injury count now standing at 12.

They are already without superstar fullback Ryan Papenhuyzen for at least the first six rounds as he battles to recover from last year’s fractured knee cap.

Justin Olam, Tui Kamikamica, George Jennings and Tariq Sims were among other big-name absentees for the opening round, before Xavier Coates also suffered an injury in the win.

He, too, will miss next week’s clash with Canterbury after suffering a sprain to his sternoclavicular joint, and is in a race against the clock to face Gold Coast in round three.

Grant Anderson looms as the man most likely to replace Coates on the wing, while Tyran Wishart is expected to start at five-eighth in place of Munster.

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Gross Sports Injuries [Photos]

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Sports injuries are so common that we rarely think about what they really mean.

In reality, though, normal-sounding injuries like thigh bruises, broken fingers, and lacerated legs are often shockingly grotesque.

Hearing that Anderson Silva broke his leg at UFC 168 is much different than actually seeing the gruesome photo.

We collected a gallery of these sports injuries to get an idea of what “playing injured” really means.

Anderson Silva broke his own leg on a kick in UFC 168.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings QB Christian Ponder had “bursitis” in his throwing arm and couldn’t play.


NHL player Taylor Hall sat out a game because a teammate stepped on his head with a skate in warm-ups.


Arizona Cardinals player Rashad Johnson severed a piece of his finger and kept on playing.

Instagram/Rashad Johnson

Chipper Jones played an entire game after a ground ball bruised his ankle.

Scottish soccer player Kris Commons suffered what he called a “dead leg.” His thigh swelled up grotesquely after the game.


Source: Daily Mail

Boxer Craig McEwan before and after a fight.

Howard Schatz

Wayne Rooney was gashed in the thigh during an EPL game.

Fox Soccer

Rooney then suffered a gash on his head during practice and had to play with a custom-made headband.

Wayne Rooney’s Facebook

Ronnie Lott has 9.

5 fingers after a long career.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Nike

Butler point guard Ronald Nored broke his front tooth in half. He stayed in and played 29 minutes in the game.

Timothy Burke

CFL quarterback Matt Nichols breaks his ankle.

Timothy Burke

NFL wide receiver Torry Holt has a horribly disfigured finger.


Minnesota Twins infielder has permanently swollen joints as a result of taking ground balls all his life.

Edgar Sosa breaks his leg in the middle of a basketball game.

Timothy Burke

Texans QB Matt Schaub lost a piece of his ear and kept playing.

Timothy Burke

Blackhawks player Sam Lepisto showed off a bruise he got blocking a shot. These are common in the NHL.


Anthony Davis of the Hornets tweeted a picture of his very broken finger.


Cyclist Johnny Hoogerland cut his leg and needed stitches at the 2011 Tour de France.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Now look at something beautiful

Sports Illustrated screenshot

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Battle with the bed and the insidious plate. Top 10 most ridiculous injuries

On Sunday, forward of the Los Angeles Clippers and the Italian national team Danilo Gallinari stood on a par with the biggest basketball stars. And for this, he did not have to break records in the number of points, rebounds or assists. He just had to hit. In the case of Gallinari, a player of the Dutch national team, with which the Italians played a friendly match in preparation for EuroBasket. The result of the demonstration of southern expressiveness was a broken finger and, as a result, the skipping of the European Championship.

And although Italy lost one of its main stars in the main international tournament of this year, Gallo became a member of the honorary club, which includes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (broke his arm on a basketball post while trying to hit an opponent), Amar Stoudmayer (cut his arm while testing a fire extinguisher locker), Blake Griffin (broke his arm while testing the impact resistance of a Clippers employee in charge of equipment) and many others.

But if you think that you have to be aggressive and take initiative to get injured outside of the basketball court, then you are mistaken.

Latrell Sprewell (New York Knicks)


There are plenty of episodes of basketball players breaking their arms trying to injure someone or something. It makes no sense to list them all: the dramaturgy is very similar, only the characters change. Therefore, let us dwell on the case with the star “Nyx” of the end of 90’s Latrell Sprewell.

His intentions were the best. During another party on the basketball player’s yacht, one of the negligent guests overestimated his own water displacement, after which he vomited the contents of his stomach onto the deck trimmed with oak parquet. Sprewell decided to teach the insolent man a lesson, but he missed and, in the literal sense, bailed out with the yacht.

For the management of the club, the forward composed some kind of noble tale, but information about the real cause of the injury was leaked to the media, and the Knicks fined the amateur yachtsman for 250 thousand dollars. The phrase “financial hit” then acquired another meaning.

Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls)

his opponent for the lady’s hand: “How do you like these apples?” I’m sure Derrick Rose gets goosebumps at these words.

He remembers that ill-fated evening when, while still playing Chicago, he lay in bed and ate apples, generously chipping slices with a knife. The monotonous process killed the player, and he fell asleep, completely forgetting about the knife. When Rose sat on the bed in the morning, he rested his hand on the kitchen appliance. The result was several seams, missed matches and getting into the list of the most ridiculous injuries.

Charles Barkley (Phoenix Suns)

What happens when you combine a Basketball Hall of Famer, an Eric Clapton concert, and body lotion? Answer: missed the opening match of the season. Before the start of the 1994 regular season, Chuck decided to party and went to a Clapton concert.

The seats, as expected, were close to the stage, or more precisely, close to the lighting equipment. The flashing lights were annoying, forcing Barkley to rub his eyes with his fist, and when he came home after the concert, he felt a strong burning sensation and discomfort. Soon the eyes were swollen so much that they had to call a doctor.

It turned out that Chuck unwittingly burned the top layers of the retina. “Most likely, this is a chemical reaction to the body or hand lotion that you use,” the doctor concluded. Barkley wept burning tears for several more days, after which his vision was restored.

It turns out that you can get injured not only at the concert of the punk band Eyes in Acid.

Michael Jordan (Washington Wizards)


Smoking is bad news for your health. But to be so sophisticated…

His Airiness has always valued the trappings of a good life, especially smoking expensive cigars. As you know, this cunning ritual involves the use of a special guillotine to cut off part of the cigar. Like it or not, Jordan is Jordan, so here he was original. Instead of being circumcised, Michael tore his index finger ligament. Fortunately, at that time, Jordan once again left basketball . ..

So the next time you are reproached for “not wanting to lift a finger”, remind your interlocutor how traumatic it can be.

Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Excessive enthusiasm is punishable. Getting hurt in the gym is a breeze. True, in most cases, this requires barbells, dumbbells and other improvised means. But, as it turned out, not for such an inventive guy as Kevin Love.

The Timberwolves forward broke his wrist while doing push-ups on his fists too hard. This desire for self-improvement resulted in a month without basketball and a lifetime team ban from Rick Adelman for an overly traumatic variety of push-ups.

Kendrick Perkins (Boston Celtics)

The Celts center has always been a big guy and could easily pass for a wrestler by his data. External deceptiveness and the fact that, in addition to texture, it would be nice to have wrestling skills, was confirmed by the fiercest duel between Perkins and the bed, in which the bed won a landslide victory.

Kendrick was sleeping peacefully when the wayward piece of furniture began to fall apart. Instead of recognizing the victory of the bed and retreating, Perkins, in search of balance, began to roll over onto the other side. The bed responded with a falling headboard. Kendrick dodged, but so badly that his right leg was under the weight of the left side of the bed.

By unanimous decision, the bed won, and Perkins, in addition to being frightened, escaped with a severe bruise in his right foot, due to which he was forced to miss four matches. No rematch has been announced yet.

Brad Miller (Sacramento Kings)

Household chores, such as dusting or washing dishes, can sometimes not only stung men who are especially sensitive to their masculinity, but also cause quite specific injuries to them.

Kings center Brad Miller, who was just named Player of the Week, decided to celebrate by washing the plates. Indeed, a completely understandable reaction. In the process, he decided to show the same diligence as on the court. In the courageous tattooed hands, the porcelain product cracked and slashed the player’s index finger.

Consequences: nine stitches, six missed matches, and countless “are you going to cut yourself every time you win an award?”

Greg Oden (Portland Trail Blazers)

Blazers-preferred center over Kevin Durant missed his league rookie season entirely due to a host of injuries, the main one was the injured knee.

– I was just sitting on the sofa, watching TV, and then I stood up too abruptly and felt some kind of light pop in my knee. At first I did not pay attention to it, but after a couple of days the knee began to swell. I went to the doctor, and after I took an x-ray, he was taken aback by the news that you can’t do without an operation,” Auden said.

After a long time wondering whether it was a relapse or not, but soon Auden’s injuries began to happen so often that they were divided into two categories: “sofa” and “everyone else.

Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards)

During the heyday of Agent Zero, it was often said about him: “You need to have balls of steel to attack the last them minutes so confidently, as Arenas does.” Well, the following story refutes these bold assumptions. The defendant himself tells:

– When I first came into the league, the Warriors veterans hinted that I needed to cut my hair down there. You smell bad, it’s unhygienic, you need to cut your hair, they said. I was a beginner, there was no choice. I decided to use my friend’s razor, but the razor was a bit dull and I got badly hurt several times. But I had to train, play. Therefore, in order to get rid of the discomfort, I went to the doctor, and he prescribed an ointment for me. Without thinking twice, I used almost half a can, and three days later I woke up in the middle of the night with a wild scream. Everything from the ass to the scrotum was burned. I tell you, it looked like I had been skinned. After I cursed the doctor, he prescribed me an emollient ointment. I used it for a whole month until my butt got back to normal. It was a terrible time. Now I only use scissors.

This story is the best description of Gilbert Arenas and his path to the NBA: burned out at work.

Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks)

A shoe spoon is a basketball player’s best friend. At least Dirk Nowitzki thought so for at least one match. The forward was already packed for the game, all that remained was to put on his running shoes. And it was precisely with this impossible task that Nowitzki failed. He unsuccessfully stuck his foot into the sneaker, stomped it for a long time to tamp down the foot, and trampled it so famously … that he sprained his ankle.

Throughout the subsequent match, which he watched from the bench, Dirk tried to come to terms with the fact that sometimes the much-vaunted German quality fails.

Museum of special military operation to be created in Saratov

Museum of special military operation in Ukraine to be opened in Saratov. This was announced today by Governor Roman Busargin during a meeting in the government.

The head of the region instructed to find a room for the exposition in order to open it in July.

In addition, from July 1, permanent exhibitions about NWO will appear in all regional museums of local lore. There will be thematic exhibitions, lectures, meetings with combatants.

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