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What Is At-Home Testing?

At-home testing is a growing part of health care that, like telemedicine, has captured more interest during the COVID-19 pandemic. Direct-to-consumer at-home tests now include a diverse range of test types offered by numerous companies, providing customers and patients with more options than ever before.

Not all at-home tests are created equal, though. It’s normal for people who are considering easy at-home lab tests to have questions about how testing works: whether it’s safe, accurate, and how it compares to traditional laboratory testing.

This guide contains essential information about at-home testing and at-home lab testing companies that can shed light on these important questions and help every individual make an informed choice about whether a specific at-home test is right for them.

At-Home Tests

  • Allergy Testing
  • Blood Tests
  • Celiac Disease Testing
  • Chlamydia Testing
  • Cholesterol Testing
  • Colon Cancer Testing
  • COVID-19 Antigen Test
  • COVID-19 Antibody Test
  • COVID-19 PCR Test
  • DNA Ancestry Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • Flu Testing
  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Genital and Oral Herpes Testing
  • Gonnorhea Testing
  • Hepatitis B Test
  • Hepatitis C Test
  • HIV Testing
  • Hormone Tests
  • HPV Test
  • Lyme Disease Testing
  • Sleep Apnea Test
  • STD Testing
  • Stress and Sleep Panel
  • Syphilis Testing
  • Thyroid Testing
  • Trichomoniasis Test
  • UTI Testing
  • Vitamin D Test
  • Yeast Infection Test

At-Home Test Reviews

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Types of At-Home Tests

The Role of At-Home Testing

Whether you’re trying to avoid contact with a communicable disease (such as COVID-19) or you have limited mobility or ability to leave home, there are a number of reasons to seek out an at-home testing solution. New at-home lab test services are being developed by every major medical testing supplier and are gaining in both availability and accuracy.

At-home tests can be utilized for various reasons. The most common uses include:

  • Diagnosis – This entails identifying the cause of a health problem after symptoms have started. For example, at-home tests may detect infectious diseases like COVID-19. It is important to note, though, that only a doctor can formally diagnose a health condition, and they will need to conduct additional tests to confirm the results of at-home testing.
  • Screening – This is looking for signs of a health problem before any symptoms have occurred. For example, at-home testing can look for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that may not cause symptoms, which can help you avoid unknowingly spreading it to others.
  • Monitoring – This is tracking how a person’s health changes over time or in response to treatment. At-home kits that allow people with diabetes to measure their blood sugar are an example of monitoring.
  • Disease risk assessment: In some situations, testing can reveal when a person has a higher risk of developing a disease. For instance, some genetic tests can look for DNA mutations associated with certain types of cancer, such as BRCA gene mutations and an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Wellness optimization: Some tests don’t look for a specific problem; instead, they are designed to help you understand one or more aspects of your physical, mental, or emotional wellness. These tests may measure hormones, nutrient levels, or other substances to offer more information about your body. Many of these tests have not been validated to improve health, so it is important to scrutinize the test kits and use them with caution.
  • Ancestry research: Genetic testing can analyze your DNA to reveal information about your family history. This testing may shed light on your ancestry or even uncover unknown family relationships.

At-Home Test Reviews

Read reviews of the best at-home tests and at-home lab kits for a variety of medical concerns, from sexually transmitted diseases to high cholesterol. We reviewed dozens of at-home tests based on value, convenience, and availability for the best combination of cost, turn-around time, and ease of use. We also reviewed at-home tests for the services offered, certifications and lab safety, and professional support. Reviews are based on data including price, insurance acceptance, comprehensiveness of the tests, and how quickly you can get results or speak to a health care provider.

Types of At-Home Tests

At-home tests can be classified into three main types:

  • Self-tests: This allows the entire process to be conducted at home such as a home pregnancy test. A sample is collected at home, and results are provided on-site. The test kit includes information about how to interpret the result. In most cases, self-tests provide rapid results in under an hour.
  • Self-collection tests: This involves taking a sample at home and then sending it to a laboratory where it can be analyzed. Results are usually provided electronically once the lab has finished its analysis.
  • Tests ordered from home: For these tests, sample collection and analysis are done in a laboratory, but a specially designed website streamlines scheduling and paying for the test. By handling all the pretest paperwork and logistics at home, this option can simplify the process and make testing more convenient.

Self-tests and self-collection tests are typically available as at-home kits designed to be self-administered, but in some cases, assistance may be provided by another person or home health professional. At-home test kits for children generally require testing to be conducted by an adult.

For people who are homebound or have specific medical needs, special at-home testing options may be available through home nursing or home health care services. Patients in need of these services should talk with their doctor or a medical social worker.

Prescription and over-the-counter at-home tests

Some at-home tests require a prescription from a licensed health professional in your state. In contrast, over-the-counter tests can be purchased either online or in a physical store without a doctor’s order.

Many providers of prescription at-home tests offer services to get the prescription required to obtain a test kit. This usually involves submitting a questionnaire or other health information so that a physician can verify that you meet the basic requirements for receiving the test.

For both prescription and over-the-counter at-home tests, it’s best to discuss testing with a doctor familiar with your health history. Your doctor can review the benefits and risks of testing, order a test if appropriate, and once you have results, explain their significance in your specific situation. Note that if your doctor did not prescribe the at-home test, they may decline to interpret the results and instead may recommend repeating the test using traditional laboratory methods.

Getting At-Home Tests

At-home tests have become widely available through a variety of outlets. Many pharmacies and drug stores sell over-the-counter tests in their physical stores and on their websites.

Major online retailers as well as online companies specializing in testing have dramatically expanded options for purchasing at-home tests.

For people who need in-home health care, services for mobile sample collection, such as mobile phlebotomy, may be arranged through a doctor or through third-party companies offering home health care with trained health professionals.

Costs of at-home tests

The cost of at-home testing can vary significantly based on the type of test, whether laboratory analysis is required, and whether coverage is provided by health insurance.

In most cases, at-home testing is not covered by insurance. Tests that are purchased at a pharmacy or online usually must be paid for entirely by the patient or customer. Many companies that offer at-home tests accept payment with funds from a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA).

Some insurance providers may cover at-home testing that is prescribed by a doctor in their network. Certain costs may also be covered for people with a demonstrated medical need for home health care.

Types of sample collection

The sample for an at-home test is tailored to what the test is designed to measure. Blood, urine, saliva, stool, or a respiratory swab are the most common specimens used for at-home tests.

An at-home test kit will indicate the kind of sample required such as a oral, vaginal or rectal swab. The kit will also include materials and detailed instructions for collecting your sample. Following these instructions carefully and using only materials in the kit is critical both for taking self-tests and for correctly storing a sample to send to a laboratory.

If you are planning to take an at-home test, these practical tips can help you avoid misleading or invalid results:

  • Check the expiration date: Do not buy or use tests if they have expired because the materials or chemicals in the test may have lost their effectiveness.
  • Store the test correctly: Follow the package directions on where and how to store the test kit. Many tests are sensitive to temperature or humidity and must be stored properly.
  • Read the instructions in full before taking the test: Don’t try to take the test on the fly. Instead, make sure to read the instructions first so that you understand each step of the process and have everything you need at hand. Many testing companies now offer online videos or tutorials to guide you through taking the test correctly.
  • Account for special procedures: Look carefully to see if the test has to be taken at a certain time of day or under special physical conditions like fasting.
  • Follow instructions carefully: Perform the test exactly as instructed. If you have questions or are at all unsure about how to use the test, consider talking to your health care provider.

Getting results from at-home tests

If you take an at-home self-test, results are usually available in less than 60 minutes. Many rapid self-tests provide results almost immediately. The test kit itself will include a mechanism for seeing and interpreting your results.

For self-collection tests or laboratory tests that you order from home, you will generally get results through an online health portal. Because these tests require laboratory analysis and may need to be shipped to the lab, it often takes a few business days before results are available.


These resources offer additional information about at-home testing:

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  • MedlinePlus: How is direct-to-consumer genetic testing done?
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3 Best At-Home Blood Tests of 2022

Test Quick Guide

Blood tests are considered the gold standard for detecting and monitoring a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions, ranging from pregnancy to diabetes and cancer. Many blood tests can be performed using at-home testing kits, making it easy for you to get high-quality results without going out.

“Your blood carries life-saving information – and it only takes a few drops to uncover vital information about you and your health,” says imaware Chief Medical Officer Chet Robson, DO.

Robson points out that in the U. S., six in 10 people have a chronic disease, which can be deadly if not caught early. “Traditionally, it has been difficult to get consumers to proactively screen for their health, but at-home lab tests can help prevent serious illnesses before they start to have an effect on the body,” he says.

The increase in the availability of at-home testing options offers you a chance to get some of your lab work completed from the comfort of your home. Detailed instructions and prepackaged mailing solutions make these blood tests a convenient alternative to long waits at the doctor’s office – or having viles and viles of blood drawn.

Given how COVID testing from home has gotten people used to using convenient, accurate at-home testing solutions, Robson believes that such options will only continue to grow in the future and transform our nation’s overall health.

You may still need to visit a lab for specific blood tests, however, and you should always meet with a doctor if you receive abnormal results.

The Best At-Home Blood Tests Compared



Test for

  • Cholesterol
  • Hormone levels
  • A1C
  • Allergies

Results in

Within 5 to 7 days of specimen receipt

Insurance Accepted?


Who should use it

Someone wanting to test for a specific condition without a doctor or lab visit.

See Details



Test for

  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Celiac
  • Food allergies
  • Hormone levels

Results in

7 business days from sample receipt

Insurance Accepted?


Who should use it

Men or women who want a comprehensive testing option.

See Details



Test for

  • Omega-3 Index
  • Vitamin D
  • DHA
  • A1C

Results in

2 to 4 weeks from sample receipt, though some test results will be available within 3 to 5 days

Insurance Accepted?


Who should use it

Someone interested in their nutritional health.

See Details

About At-Home Blood Tests

Purpose of at-home blood tests

The purpose of at-home blood testing is to check for many common conditions, such as diabetes, viral and bacterial infections, anemia, and some types of cancer. These tests can help you and your medical provider monitor your overall health, as blood tests are widely used as part of an overall preventative health screening strategy.

What do the tests measure?

At-home blood tests can be used for a variety of reasons. For example, you can do a Complete Blood Count (CBC) test, or you might want to do a broad-spectrum blood test that’s geared towards men and includes total testosterone, vitamin D, and cholesterol. Other examples of blood tests include Hemoglobin A1C ZRT, a rheumatoid arthritis test, or blood tests that check various biomarkers linked to cardiovascular health.

How do at-home blood tests work?

If you’ve ever seen someone with diabetes do a fingerprick to check their blood sugar, then you have a good idea of how at-home blood tests work. Many types of blood tests only require a couple of drops of blood, making it possible to collect your own samples at home.

When you order an at-home blood test, you’ll usually be sent a kit that contains everything you need to get your blood sample, and to ship back your specimen so that it remains safe and sterile. You’ll get a lancet to take the blood, and some sort of strip or small container to collect the blood drops.

All blood tests might have different specifications or directions, so be sure to follow instructions carefully. For example, you may have to fast for some, or send back the sample ASAP.

Once the provider receives your sample, your blood will be tested and you’ll receive some type of report either online, via app, or in the mail.

Which at-home blood test should you choose?

The blood tests we selected are just as effective as the tests you’d do in-person at a medical clinic, lab or hospital. All these home test kits come complete with everything you need, including a comprehensive step-by-step guide to ensure your sample is collected correctly.

As long as you follow the instructions that come with your kit, you can expect the same results you’d get if you did the same test in a traditional setting since these tests are processed in CLIA-certified medical labs.

Benefits and Downsides of At-Home Blood Tests

At-home blood testing is different from being tested for by a medical professional. Benefits of at-home testing include:

  • Convenient: At-home blood testing eliminates all those office and lab visits,
  • User-friendly: Test kits are designed to simplify the testing process, often providing detailed instructions and pre-paid labels to mail samples to a laboratory. giving you the ability to order your own tests, with results delivered to you in as little as a few days.
  • Upfront pricing: Testing companies often provide clear pricing for at-home blood tests. There are usually no unexpected fees for at-home tests.

Downsides of at-home testing include:

  • User error: You could also contaminate the sample if you don’t follow the directions exactly. Or, if you have calloused fingers, it could impact your ability to get a sample.
  • Testing options may be limited: Not all blood tests work with just a fingerprick amount of blood.
  • Not good for kids: Many at-home blood tests are for adults only.

The Best At-Home Blood Tests

To compile our list of the best at-home blood tests, we carefully researched dozens of companies and tests to find the best combination of cost, turn-around time, and ease of use.


At-home blood tests were reviewed based on value, convenience, and availability of tests. We also considered the services available, certifications and lab safety, and professional support. These overall factors are based on data including price, insurance acceptance, comprehensiveness of tests, and how quickly you can get results and speak to a doctor. Blood test selections have been screened by Testing.com’s Medical Review Board.


At-Home Blood Test



Tests for

  • Cholesterol
  • Hormone levels
  • A1C
  • Allergies
  • Don’t have to wait for doctor or lab appointments
  • The kit has everything you need and shipping back is simple
  • CLIA-certified labs process the specimen
  • You have to pay out of pocket
  • Some users report slower than promised lab reports
  • Some coupon codes will not work for home test kits

Why is Walk-in Lab’s at-home blood test the best overall?

Walk-In Labs only works with highly reputable labs to ensure the most accurate results possible, and users are typically pleased with the customer service.

Who should use Walk-in Lab’s at-home blood test?

If you have a concern and want bloodwork, but don’t want to first have to see your doctor or wait weeks for a lab appointment, Walk-in Lab’s at-home tests can speed up the process.


At-Home Blood Test


$59 to $255

Tests for

  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Celiac
  • Food allergies
  • Hormone levels
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Good selection of test options, especially the men’s and women’s health tests
  • Uses CLIA/CAP-accredited labs
  • Some users report slower turnaround time than promised
  • Reviewers indicated that sometimes tests are inconclusive or even inaccurate
  • No customer hotline

Why is imaware the best for men’s and women’s health at-home blood testing?

Imaware has a good selection of tests specific to men’s and women’s health, or you may choose to test for just one specific issue.

Who should use imaware’s at-home blood test?

imaware’s gender-specific tests offer a good baseline for both men and women. The Women’s Health kit covers heart health, thyroid function, inflammation levels and diabetes risk, while the Men’s Health kit measures cholesterol, inflammation, iron, vitamin D, testosterone, and screens for prostate cancer and diabetes.


At-Home Blood Test


$49.99 to $99.95

Tests for

  • Omega-3 Index
  • Vitamin D
  • DHA
  • A1C
  • Get a good idea if your Omega-3 levels are in good range
  • Pricing is budget-friendly
  • The process is simple and straightforward
  • Limited types of blood tests offered
  • There’s no follow-up with a doctor or nutritionist; you’ll have to do that on your own
  • Results could take a while

Why is OmegaQuant’s at-home blood test the best for nutritional health?

The company’s founder, Dr. Bill Harris, is one of the world’s best-known experts in the field of omega-3 fatty acid research.

Who should use OmegaQuant’s at-home blood test?

Those who are interested in checking their levels of Omega-3 (or other nutritional levels) to decide if a change in diet or supplementing is needed.

Interpreting At-Home Test Results

Generally, results from at-home blood testing show various levels. Because the blood comes from blood vessels in your extremities, the tests are not invasive, but still adequate for getting usable blood samples.

Labs then process the samples and offer a detailed report to help you decide if follow up is needed with a physician.

Talking to your doctor is the best way to understand what a blood test result means for your health. Important considerations related to the results of at-home blood testing include:

  • Some tests require follow-up: If your levels are outside of the normal range, at-home tests may require follow-up with a medical professional.
  • Instructions need to be followed to the letter: Every blood test is different, so pay attention to if you need to fast, how to store your sample and how quickly it must be sent back.
  • Testing may cause anxiety: Getting the results of at-home blood testing can cause anxiety. Consider reaching out to your doctor, a mental health professional, or a support organization to get support for the emotional impacts of testing.

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Tests at home – Clinic of Modern Technologies

Tests at home

Tests at home is one of the field services offered by the specialists of the Modern Technologies Clinic. We will collect biological material for further research, you do not have to go to us. The service is provided by experienced nurses, acting strictly according to the protocol. This eliminates the possibility of errors, loss of analyzes and other problems.

When might you need to take tests at home?

As our practice shows, the field service, which consists in taking tests at the patient’s home, is in high demand. It will be especially relevant in the following situations:

  • lack of time to visit the clinic;
  • the need to conduct research on biological materials of a baby or an elderly person who finds it difficult to endure travel;
  • childbearing and the desire to protect themselves from possible risks in the form of infection with an infectious disease;
  • weak immunity;
  • forced stay at home due to illness.

What tests can be done at home?

At home, you can collect almost all biological materials – blood, saliva, urine, feces, perform swabs and cultures. Nurses at the Clinic of Modern Technologies use special test tubes. This allows you to quickly get the sample, ensure its proper storage during transportation to the laboratory, which has a positive effect on the accuracy of the results.

Collection of all necessary tests in a comfortable environment, without leaving their home. To ensure high quality and accuracy of results, we use only modern equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. In our work, we minimized the human factor and increased the safety of blood sampling procedures using vacuum systems and consumables. Many analysis processes are fully automated. Our medical staff is regularly trained and certified.

The network of medical centers “Clinic of Modern Technologies” in Khabarovsk provides a wide range of professional medical services in various fields, including: cardiology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology and many others. The multidisciplinary center “KST” has all the necessary certification, a friendly atmosphere, as well as the latest equipment and experienced professionals who will help you at affordable prices in Khabarovsk. Contact us by leaving a request on the website or call us at +7 (4212) 48-88-88

Our specialists

The Clinic of Modern Technologies is staffed by experienced professionals. Diagnostics and treatment are carried out by doctors working in such areas as surgery, neurology, urology, pediatrics, endocrinology, cardiology, etc. Despite the high level of professionalism, our employees continue to polish their skills and knowledge, regularly improve their skills. Entrust your health to experienced doctors!

The “Clinic of Modern Technologies” is very attentive to the formation of staff. We have real professionals who are always ready to help patients. They will be able to find an approach to both an adult and a child. Accurate diagnosis, competent treatment, successful rehabilitation – all this is possible when contacting the Clinic of Modern Technologies. We stand guard over your health.

Choose a specializationAll specializationsAngiosurgeonAnesthesiologist-resuscitatorGastroenterologistHematologistGeneticistGynecologistDermatovenereologistDermatologistImmunologistCardiologistCMNCCosmetologistMasseuristNeurologistNephrologistOncologistOncologist-mammologistOrthopedistOtorhinolaryngologistOphthalmologistPediatricianPsychiatristPs ichologistPsychotherapistPulmonologistRheumatologistReproductionistFamily doctorDentistTherapistTrichologistUltrasound UrologistPhysiotherapistFunctional diagnosticianSurgeonEndocrinologistEndoscopistHymenoplastyManchester surgery (complete; incomplete prolapse of the uterus)Operation of the labia minoraVaginal plasty posterior Vagina plasty anterior Vagina plasty anterior. posterior, levatoroplasty Clitoral plastic surgery Bladder repositionAmputation of the cervixRestoration of the vagina after chemical colpocleisis Opening of the abscess of the Bartholin gland Opening and drainage of the abscess of the perineum (furuncle)Uterine cavity curettageHymenectomyDeinervation of the vulva with itchingArtificial surgical deflorationExcision of ligature fistulasMarsupialization conclusion duct of the Bartholin gland ( + local anesthesia, dressings 5 ​​pcs. ) Local infiltration anesthesia Suturing on the cervix using Mersilene thread Treatment of puerperal ulcer with material Piercing of the dome of the Bartholin gland cyst Puncture of the posterior fornix in the complex Puncture of the posterior fornix monomanipulation Dilution of synechia Separation of synechia of the vulva Separate diagnostic curettage of the cervical canal and uterine cavity (+ puncture of the posterior fornix) Resection of an incomplete vaginal septum Rigotomy of the perineal scar under the local ana esthesiaRemoval of the IUD with prolonged wearing under / in anesthesia Removal of atheroma of the labia Removal of benign neoplasms of the vulva of the 1st category of complexity Removal of benign neoplasms of the vulva of the 2nd category of complexity Removal of benign neoplasms and cysts of the vagina of the 1st category of complexity Removal of benign neoplasms and cysts of the vagina of the 2nd category of complexity vagina 1st Removal of genital warts, polyps of the vagina 2 tbsp. Removal of condylomas, vaginal polyps 3 tbsp. )Autolipofilling vulvaParaurethral injection of hyaluronic acid in case of urethral dystopia


Goncharov Alexander Valeryevich

Surgeon, endoscopist

Kovaleva Vesta Vladimirovna


Pankova Yulia Leonidov at


Andrey Chirkov


Monakhova Olga Afanasievna

Obstetrician-gynecologist, endocrinologist

Matsias Daria Vladimirovna


Kilikhevich Natalya Viktorovna


Shengelia Zurab Nikolaevich


Gorokhovsky Vadim Semenovich

900 02 Anesthesiologist-resuscitator

Karpenko Liliya Illiodorovna


Andrey Gensenovich Sin

Anesthesiologist – resuscitator

Goncharova Elena Sergeevna


Frolova Veronika Lvovna 9Cal Ashnikova Yulia Dmitrievna


Ermolaeva Valentina Alexandrovna

Ultrasound doctor

Duplinskaya Inna Viktorovna


Isaev Gennady Mikhailovich


Sergeev Alexander Pavlovich

Orthopedist adult

Sementsova Valeria Sergeevna

Endocrinologist, pediatric endocrinologist

Shkilev Roman Vladimirovich

Pediatric urologist, surgeon

9004 3

Ershova Marina Igorevna


Yulia Vladimirovna Voronova

Gynecologist endocrinologist, pediatric gynecologist, KMN

Starikova Olga Pavlovna

Gastroenterologist, pediatric gastroenterologist

Marina Valentinovna Katareva

Pediatric immunologist-allergist

Anzhelika Viktorovna Bekasova

Pediatric hematologist

Elena Vyacheslavovna Zhirko

9000 2 Pediatric cardiologist

Belousova Anna Vyacheslavovna

Ultrasound doctor

Grigoryeva Anna Fedorovna

Pediatric cardiologist

Aleksandr Yurievich Glonin

Pediatric orthopedic traumatologist

Irina Pankova


Svetlana Sergeevna Tishina

Pediatric orthopedic traumatologist

Anastasia Aleksandrovna Glotova

9000 2 Ultrasound doctor, pediatrician

Rodionova Oksana Mikhailovna


Shchetinina Svetlana Aleksandrovna

Ultrasound doctor, pediatrician

Maidurova Galina Mikhailovna

Ultrasound doctor, pediatrician

Lukmanova Oksana Valerievna

Ultrasound doctor, cardiologist, general practitioner

Mishanina Anastasia Sergeevna

General practitioner

Grello Inna Grigorievna

Cardiologist, general practitioner

9004 3

Olga Grigorievna Polyakova


Olga Nikolaevna Kolushkina

Doctor Ultrasound

Baranova Svetlana Vyacheslavovna


Musyanovich Marina Gennadievna


Anna Alekseevna Baranova


Vitaly Sergeevich Kanin


Schennikov Ernest Leonidovich


Markina Olga Igorevna

Pulmonologist, hematologist

Gonchar Sergey Alexandrovich


Olga Gennadievna Kuzminykh


Tatyana Danilova


Krylova Irina Evgenievna

Immunologist-allergologist, pulmonologist

Zhanna Ivanovna Luferova

Dermatologist, dermatovenereologist chologist

Olga Petrovna Sorokopud


Galina Petrovna Pustovit

Cosmetologist, psychologist

Goryachkina Tatyana Georgievna

Body shaping cosmetologist, massage therapist

Evgenia Aleksandovna Sorokina

Functional Diagnostics Physician

Yuliya Aleksandrovna Galich

Physiotherapist Physiotherapist

Natalia Valerievna Mila

Pediatrician tr

Ovchinnikova Olga Viktorovna

Children’s neurologist, epileptologist

Sartakova Olga Leonidovna

Doctor endocrinologist

Volkova Alena Viktorovna

Doctor ophthalmologist

Emeshkin Maxim Igorevich

Doctor angiosurgeon-phlebologist

Krasnova Natalia Alexandrovna

Doctor allergist-immunologist

Romashko Svetlana Sergeevna

Doctor: Therapist

Kotova Tatyana Vladimirovna

Doctor of Functional Diagnostics, Ultrasound

Dushelyubova Anna Anatolyevna


Nosova Yana Ivanovna


Ivleva Natalia Viktorovna

Neurologist, physiotherapist

Berezhanskaya Ekaterina Viktorovna


Glukhova Olga Petrovna


Koryakova Galina Andreevna

9000 2 Doctor Ultrasound

Sergeeva Anna Vasilievna

Doctor ophthalmologist

Spirin Valery Vyacheslavovich

Doctor urologist andrologist, Doctor Ultrasound

Bendikov Evgeny Vladimirovich


Nedashkovskaya Evgenia Vladimirovna


Vandan Yuliya Germanovna


Modern Technologies Clinic provides a wide range of services to patients of all ages. The cost of services can be found on our website. Also on our website you can pay for services, make an appointment and ask a question that interests you.

Get tested at home in St. Petersburg

The network of clinics “Medicenter” offers residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region to take tests at home. This service significantly increases the comfort of laboratory diagnostics for the patient. Our staff takes any biomaterial – blood, urine, swabs (scrapings) – from adults and children. You can take tests at home both in the direction of the attending physician, and at your own request. The price of the analysis is the same as when contacting the clinic, the total cost increases only due to the inclusion of the visit service.

What types of tests can be done at home?

We perform all types of tests at home. The most popular ones are:

  • For Covid-19, a PCR test to determine if you are infected with a coronavirus infection.
  • For antibodies to the novel coronavirus. Laboratory tests to help find out if you are sick at the moment, whether immunity has formed after vaccination.
  • For other infectious diseases – hepatitis of all kinds, HIV, human papillomavirus infection, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • General clinical analysis of blood or urine – their results directly or indirectly indicate internal diseases, allow assessing the general condition of the patient.
  • Biochemical tests of blood and urine – will help to timely identify functional disorders and organic pathologies of most vital organs and systems.
  • Coagulogram – to assess the activity of the blood-clotting system, to identify a tendency to thrombosis or bleeding.
  • On hormones – based on their results, the doctor judges the activity of a particular organ of the endocrine system.
  • Markers of malignant tumors – cancer of the prostate, ovaries, breast, digestive organs.
  • Coprogram – the result of a study of feces, providing information about the activity of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Genetic examination, which allows to establish kinship with accuracy.

This is not a complete list of tests for which our staff takes biomaterial at home. A more detailed list of laboratory tests can be found on the website of the medical center.

Benefits of taking tests at home

Taking tests at home is preferred by people who value personal time and well-being – their own and those of their loved ones. The main advantages of mobile services:

  • Save time – no need to go to the clinic, a nurse or doctor will arrive on a convenient day for you.
  • No risk of contracting coronavirus and many other infections on the way to the medical center and in the clinic itself. This is especially true for the elderly, young children, and people undergoing anticancer treatment.
  • The ability to easily and quickly carry out a full-fledged diagnosis of bedridden and limited mobility patients, bypassing the difficulties of transportation to a medical institution.
  • Psychological comfort for the youngest patients – kids are much easier to tolerate even not the most pleasant manipulations at home.

A specialist with relevant knowledge and experience will come to take the analysis, strictly observing the rules for sampling and transportation. The result of the study will be no less accurate than when contacting the clinic.

For taking tests at home they go:

Lukyanova Lyubov Vladimirovna


Polyanskaya Polina


Dorohina Daria Alekseevna


Kasyanenko Tatyana Sergeevna


Doschanova Madina Rozumbaevna


Borovik Olga Vitalievna


Sokolova Svetlana Kamilievna


Vyalykh Viktor Olegovich

Medical brother

Zhikharev Andrey Pavlovich

Medical Brother

Kasirov Khakim Ashurovich

Medical brother

Petrov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich

Medical brother

Gordichuk Natalya Vladimirovna


Antipova Polina Valentinovna


Tolibzoda Abubakr Mahmadali

Medical Brother

Eremin Denis Mikhailovich

Medical brother

Slupitsky Valentin Alexandrovich

Medical brother

Dokhnenko Ekaterina Vladimirovna


Alekseeva Lyubov Nikolaevna


Vysotskaya Lyudmila Nikolaevna


Kandrashova Anastasia Alexandrovna


Piroyan Maria Avetikovna


Currently, the site is working on changing the price list, please check the current information by phone: 640-55-25 or leave a request, the operator will contact you.

Cost of calling a nurse to take tests

  • Nurse services (for collection (Covid-19)

  • Services of a nurse (hereinafter referred to as procedures at the regular price list) departure

The information and prices presented on the site are for reference only and are not a public offer.

Please note that the price of a home visit depends on the degree of remoteness of the final destination in accordance with the coefficients:

  • within St. Petersburg – 1.0,
  • distance up to 30 km from St. Petersburg – 1.5,
  • distance 30 km – 60 km from St. Petersburg – 2.5,
  • distance 60 km – 90 km from St. Petersburg – 3.0,
  • distance 90 km – 120 km from St. Petersburg – 3.5.

We will tell you the exact cost after filling out the application.

How to arrange a visit of a specialist to take tests at home

If you decide to take tests at home, arrange for the service of visiting medical staff without leaving your home. This can be done on the Medicenter website by filling out the appropriate form or by leaving a request by phone. You can get the results directly in the clinic or online – in the Patient’s Personal Account.

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You can get detailed information and make an appointment by calling
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Aderu Ramira Sofia Artemovna


medi-center. ru

I am insanely delighted with you. Called 03/13/23 to the therapist’s house. Adequate operator Alena did not refuse to call a doctor, as in another clinic, “with a temperature below 38-39go to the department, “I issued a doctor’s call during the day. Bogdan Olegovich Boyarinov arrived just a few hours later. Polite, neat, examined carefully, questioned in detail, prescribed medicines that began to help on time, no unnecessary prescriptions like homeopathy or useless medicines. He explained what and how to take, and the memo remained as convenient and clear as possible.The price tag is comfortable!It could not have been better, thank you, I found real help.

Pavlov Igor Viktorovich



I went to the traumatologist Zhabbiyev, diagnosed him, prescribed injections. Everything is gone. Thank you.

Evgenia Lysenkova



I want to express my deep gratitude to the traumatologist Gokiev Guvanch Dzhumamuradovich for the effective treatment of the knee and arm. The doctor used modern methods of treatment, which helped a quick recovery. Good approach to the patient, attentiveness, accuracy in work. Thank you!




Today I had an implant done by Dr. Arabi Sari.
Everything went just great!
The doctor has golden hands! He does everything painlessly, knows how to tune in to the positive and gives confidence!
Definitely recommend!!!

Valentina Belkina


Community VK

good afternoon! I want to sincerely thank the gastroenterologist Bannikova Tatyana Petrovna for the professional reception. I came in with pain, thinking that I had a problem with the gallbladder, even took the appropriate medication, but after questioning the symptoms and examination, I was given a different diagnosis and prescribed the appropriate treatment. Very kind and caring doctor! Thank you!
Your name: Valentina
Event Date: April 25
Specialization of the doctor: Gastroenterologist Bannikova T. P.
Examination: initial appointment with complaints of pain in the side.

Olga Ostapko


Community VK

The main task for medical institutions is still to gain the trust of people (patients) by providing medical care (service) through highly qualified medical workers. I am a mother of three children and a six-month-old granddaughter. Service by outpatient clinics for CHI every year is getting worse and worse (in particular, our neighborhoods of Murino, Devyatkino, Kuzmolovo, Toksovo ..). In paid medical centers, the prices are, of course, varied, but the residents of the new Murino, who are in a life-long mortgage, pay extra money with the existing CHI policy, somehow it’s not serious! For the first time, we turned for help to the Medical Center on Okhtinskaya alley d18 on a commercial basis, with a nose injury in our youngest daughter (4 years old). I want to note that they didn’t take extra money, namely, a qualified traumatologist determined a bruise, and not a possible fracture, thereby saving us from irradiating the child with X-rays. Later I was very happy that this particular center accepts citizens under compulsory medical insurance. I wrote an application and brought the necessary package of documents to the reception. The staff of the center with kindness and understanding accepted my documents for one child, then for the second …. and not quite at certain hours … something was missing …. we are all employees of the state. Thanks to Tashkina Marina Sergeevna, Fanchenkova Ekaterina Viktorovna and Petrochenko Olga Alexandrovna – to this day they are met with good nature and always try to find the most convenient time for visiting a doctor, for example, for two children at once. Blood tests are taken in “magically” comfortable chairs with a lot of necessary questions (for example: do you get sick from the type of blood, etc.) The girl was (I did not recognize the name). Passing the road to narrow specialists through the therapist Valeria Dmitrievna Sultang, I didn’t doubt her competence for a second, even despite her young age. An individual approach, moderate rigor and insistence on the indispensable adoption of certain measures in relation to my health problem – allowed me to tune in to the positive. There were difficulties with visiting the endocrinologist (the appointment was at a different address of the center) and the gynecologist (dense record), and the situation was urgent, one might say to tears! And here I am in the office of the head of the department Stepanova Natalia Yurievna! Many thanks and low bow for the useful use of time with a full-fledged appointment with a cardiologist in her person, the necessary recommendations from endocrinology, and for simple human communication and understanding !!! Thanks to Natalya Yuryevna, for more than two months I have been living a different life with a pressure of 110/80, and by the way, I have suffered from high blood pressure for more than 15 years 190/140, and various drugs that doctors prescribed me reduced blood pressure only to 140/100, and then only for a while. Thank you for the reception of the gynecologist Eskenderova Gyulyushak Abdulaevna! I would never have thought what the problem was, and that the previously prescribed drug was simply useless. Separately, I would like to thank Vladimir Alexandrovich Sidorkin (ENT) – I have never observed such a thorough examination on myself or on children. I came with a hoarse voice that hampered my professional activities for almost two months! The pediatrician Abakumova Olga Nikolaevna turned out to be a very sensitive, attentive, tactful doctor – the necessary advice, expensive and (probably) unnecessary medicines were not prescribed. My girls suffered from chicken pox, without experiencing severe discomfort and itching (one of them is 12 years old), and it was Olga Nikolaevna who came to us twice on a house call, one doctor – the trust of the children! Undoubtedly, I wrote in detail and a lot, do not think that before I came across only charlatans or I am bragging. In one place and such a good-natured attitude of almost all the staff! Very often and abruptly, we can get sick with one thing .