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Suffering a bad hangover? 9 home remedies to cure it

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to avoid hangover&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspGetty Images

Key Highlights

  • Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to avoid hangover
  • Aspirins and certain other anti-inflammatories help in giving a relief to headaches and muscle aches due to a hangover
  • Eating ginger is one of the most effective way to avoid vomiting and nausea and in case of hangover, it is highly advisable

It was probably the end of a tiring week and you thought of having some drinks with your friends. But it turned out to be few more than some and now the headache seems unending. The hangover could also be because you are meeting your buddies after a long time and the joyful dancing is accompanied by heavy consumption of liquor. 

The reasons for a hangover could be infinite, however, consumption of too much alcohol is not recommended and should best be prohibited. But one should know how to deal with the headache and after-effects in case of excess drinking. 

So here are some remedies that you can try if you are facing a hangover. 

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things if you are having drinks. Well, if you don’t want to face hangover, drink plenty of water between your pegs and just before bed. However, if you have missed out on that front and facing a hangover the very next day, start your morning by drinking water.  

Apart from water, fluids like coconut water, sports drink are also helpful to treat the hangover. It can restore the salt and potassium level you’ve lost. 

Antacids neutralise the stomach acid and treat an upset stomach. It can reduce nausea, indigestion, heartburn. 

A lot of people are aware of the advantages of lemon juice or lemon tea to reduce hangover levels. It detoxifies the stomach from unwanted elements and provides instant relief. 

Dr RK Sharma, medical officer, JMT Dehradun, advices having lemon-tea without adding sugar to it. She also suggests lemon juice in cold water and limited sugar for fast relief. 

When you are facing a hangover, your blood sugar levels drop as the body breaks down alcohol with the release of lactic acids. This causes a reduction in blood sugar levels and intensifies hangover.

So eating breakfast will restore your blood sugar to the normal level. Also, proteins, carbohydrates, healthful fats and vitamins will help in recovering and repairing.

This is one of the ways to avoid nausea and vomiting. Having crystallised ginger after excessive drinking will help in reducing the after-effects. Also combining ginger with tangerine pith and brown sugar before drinking decreases the chances of vomiting and nausea.  

Drinks that have caffeine help in a great deal to treat hangovers. Coffee, green tea and black tea contain antioxidants that lower the fatigue levels during a hangover. 

But one must remember that these caffeinated drinks are diuretic that worsens the condition of dehydration. Also, caffeine does not have any relation to reducing the health risks related to drinking alcohol. 

Consuming alcohol increases oxidative stress and antioxidants help to treat this. Oxidative stress is related to many health problems and heart disease is one of them. So antioxidants help in relieving body with these radicals. 

So one should consume a lot of items such as nuts, berries, cherries, grapes, spinach, dark chocolate to reduce the negative effects of alcohol. 

Eating raw fruits such as apples and bananas help in treating hangover. Dr Sharma says during headache because of a hangover, eating apples on an empty stomach will provide fast relief. She also recommends a banana shake with honey as honey will restore the lost blood-sugar level and banana will regain essential minerals like potassium which the body loses after consuming alcohol.  

Getting a lot of sleep is the body’s own way to treat a hangover. So staying sleep-deficient is not advisable.  The following tips can help you with your hangover but the mother of all advice is to stay away from alcohol or consume it responsibly.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.  

Hangover cures: Six of the best natural remedies to try

Britons went all out on Sunday night in anticipation of the UEFA Euro 2020 finals, filling the pubs and streets or holding house parties with plenty of boozing before, during and after the game.

So if you’re waking up on Monday full of regret for overdoing it last night, medication can be tempting.

But if you’d prefer to avoid pharmaceuticals, there are natural solutions to try.

While there’s no such thing as a complete “cure” for a hangover, there are measures you can take to ease the pain while you wait out the unpleasant symptoms of a heavy night.

We’ve talked to nutritional experts to get the lowdown on some of natural hangover cures you could try instead.

1. Ginger

Ginger has long been used in Chinese medicine as an anti-nausea measure. This traditional thinking is well-founded: A 2016 study concluded that the plant is “an effective and inexpensive treatment for nausea”.

A cup of ginger tea the morning after a heavy night could be a cheap way of hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll be replenishing some of that much-needed water, and also getting an important shot of stomach-calming ginger.

Since ginger also has anti-inflammatory and heart benefits, you might just find yourself making it part of your daily routine.

When it comes to getting ginger to taste good, registered nutritionist Rob Hobson recommends that you add one to two teaspoons of ginger powder, half a lemon and two teaspoons of honey to a teapot and fill with boiling water. Leave it to brew for five minutes before serving.

“The zingy flavour is very energising, and the honey will help to re-balance low blood sugar levels,” he says.

2. A balanced breakfast

Tea is well and good, but many of us can empathise with a lack of appetite for actual food the morning after drinking. Eating is also vital, though, with alcohol consumption hitting your blood glucose levels hard.

Cliché would dictate that you tuck into the greasiest full English available, but our experts warn against this – “ditch the morning-after fried breakfast”, says Hobson.

Granola with sliced fruit can give you a hit of natural sugars and also get you some valuable vitamins as a bonus.

Rhiannon Lambert, a Harley Street nutritionist and author of the book Re:Nourish, says: “Foods containing potassium can help your body to recover lost electrolytes from a night of drinking. Bananas and avocados are good sources.”

3. Prickly pear

The prickly pear is a photogenic cactus with a vivid red fruit. Studies have shown that extract from this fruit can be used on hangovers to impressive effect.

It’s been found to reduce nausea, dizziness, and headaches, all of which sound pretty brilliant from the point of view of Britain’s hangover victims.

If you want to try it out, look for a supplement called Hovenia Dulcis extract.

4. Artichoke extract

Another extract to try is Artichoke. “This supplement stimulates bile production and can help to relieve bloating and other symptoms of indigestion associated with alcohol consumption,” says Hobson.

5. Water

It may be the simplest cure, but it’s one of the most effective.

Even relatively light drinking leads to dehydration. This, in turn, can cause the headaches, fatigue and lack of energy that so many of us associate with hangovers.

When you wake up feeling rough, drinking a glass of water should be on the top of your to-do list.

Lambert says that despite not being a big drinker, she is sure to drink more water on the days after she’s had a glass of wine or two.

Getting rehydrated will be even easier if you remember to drink a glass of water before going to bed at the end of your night – but don’t panic if you haven’t managed this. Making sure to take regular sips throughout your morning should still help you to feel better.

6. Sleep

There really is no substitute for sleep, and alcohol can seriously damage the quality and quantity of our shut eye.

Whether the night has gone on until the small hours, or drinking has impaired your ability to sleep, the downsides to even light sleep deprivation are significant.

If you’re feeling under the weather the following morning, make sure to schedule in an afternoon nap – and don’t forget an early night at the end of the day.

Always drink responsibly. For more information, visit Drinkaware.co.uk.

Hangover: Symptoms, Remedies, Cure, Prevention


What is a hangover?

A hangover is when you have unpleasant physical and mental symptoms after drinking too much alcohol.

When does a hangover start?

Hangovers usually begin several hours after you stop drinking. The symptoms can vary in intensity, depending on the person and the type and amount of alcohol consumed.

How much alcohol causes a hangover?

Having more than one drink per hour can cause problems. Your body needs about an hour to metabolize, or process, one drink, which is:

  • 12 ounces of regular or light beer — about one can (5% alcohol).
  • 8 to 9 ounces of malt liquor or many types of craft beers — approximately half a pint glass (7% alcohol).
  • 5 ounces of table wine — about one glass (12% alcohol).
  • 1.5 ounces of liquor — approximately one shot (40% alcohol).

How common are hangovers?

Hangovers are very common in people who consume too much alcohol. In one study, researchers found that about 75% of people who drank excessively the night before reported hangover symptoms. The researchers concluded that 25% to 30% of people who drink may be resistant to hangovers.

Symptoms and Causes

What causes a hangover?

Alcohol causes hangovers — but it’s not simple. Drinking affects your body in several ways:

Direct effects of alcohol

  • Dehydration: Alcohol is a diuretic. It causes you to pee more, so you lose a lot of fluid. (You can lose up to a quart of urine in the hours after having four drinks.) Alcohol also reduces the release of the hormone vasopressin. This hormone balances your body’s fluids. Dehydration causes thirst, fatigue and headaches.
  • Electrolyte imbalance: Your body needs certain chemicals, called electrolytes, to perform at its best. Passing large amounts of urine throws electrolytes out of balance.
  • Gastrointestinal problems: Alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach and intestines. It slows the rate of digestion, increasing fatty substances in your liver and stomach and pancreas secretions. All these processes lead to an upset stomach and nausea.
  • Inflammation: Alcohol increases inflammation throughout your body. It can contribute to the general unwell feeling of a hangover.
  • Low blood sugar: This effect usually happens in people who have alcohol use disorder. They may binge drink and fail to eat properly over a few days. As the body processes alcohol, it produces lactic acid. Lactic acid reduces blood sugar production, resulting in fatigue, sweating, hunger and shakiness.
  • Disruption of sleep and other processes: While alcohol is a sedative and can promote sleep, hangover symptoms usually interfere with sleep. You may have insomnia as your blood alcohol levels get lower, so you feel fatigued. Alcohol also makes it difficult for your body to regulate its temperature and interferes with hormone production.

Effects of alcohol withdrawal

A hangover is a milder form of alcohol withdrawal. Both have similar effects and symptoms. Drinking helps you feel calm, relaxed and even happy. Your nervous system adjusts to these effects. But when the alcohol wears off, your nervous system has to readjust. You may end up feeling more restless, anxious and irritable than before you drank.

Effects of alcohol metabolites

When the body processes alcohol, one of the byproducts is acetaldehyde. This substance can cause a fast pulse, sweating and nausea. In most people, the body breaks down acetaldehyde before it causes problems. But it can cause inflammation in organs, leading to uncomfortable symptoms.

If you have alcohol intolerance, you may have a genetic inability to process the acetaldehyde fast enough. You may feel the effects after drinking even a small amount of alcohol.

Effects of factors other than alcohol

  • Congeners: These compounds contribute to how alcohol tastes, smells and looks. Researchers think they also contribute to the intoxicating effects of alcohol and a hangover’s severity.
  • Using other drugs: Cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs also produce intoxicating effects. Using them while consuming alcohol can affect hangover severity.
  • Personal differences: Researchers have found that feeling neurotic, angry, defensive or guilty over drinking can increase the hangover risk. If you have a family history of alcohol use disorder or are at high risk of developing it, you may also get more hangovers.

What are symptoms of a hangover?

Symptoms of a hangover include:

  • Depression, anxiety or irritability.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Dizziness and vertigo (a sensation of moving when you’re not).
  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • Headache, red eyes and sensitivity to light and sound.
  • Increased pulse and blood pressure; rapid heartbeat.
  • Muscle aches and weakness.
  • Nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.
  • Sweating and thirst.
  • Tremor (shaking).

You’re also more likely to have memory, concentration and coordination problems when you have a hangover. In general, the severity of your symptoms depends on how much you drank and for how long. But your health and other factors also play a role. Some people get a hangover after even one drink. Other people who drink heavily don’t get symptoms.

How long does a hangover last?

Typically, your symptoms are the worst when your blood alcohol level returns to zero. Symptoms can last about a day or possibly longer.

Diagnosis and Tests

How are hangovers diagnosed?

Most people who get hangovers can diagnose themselves based on their alcohol consumption and symptoms. If you feel sick after consuming alcohol, you most likely have a hangover.

Management and Treatment

How is a hangover treated?

Many hangover remedies claim to treat a hangover. But they’re often not based in science, and some can be dangerous. For example, drinking more alcohol (“hair of the dog”) will not cure a hangover. More alcohol just increases the toxicity of the alcohol already in your body.

Steps you can take to improve hangover symptoms include:

  • Eating bland foods with complex carbohydrates, such as toast or crackers. You’ll boost low blood sugar levels and reduce nausea.
  • Drinking water, juice, broth and other nonalcoholic beverages to reduce dehydration.
  • Getting sleep to counteract fatigue.
  • Taking antacids to help settle your stomach.
  • Trying aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen or naproxen, to help your headache or muscle ache. However, use them sparingly since they can upset your digestive system. Do not take acetaminophen (Tylenol®) — it can be toxic to your liver when combined with alcohol.
  • Being patient. Hangover symptoms tend to ease up over eight to 24 hours. Your body has to clear the toxic byproducts of alcohol, rehydrate, heal tissue and restore functions and activity to normal.

Can I speed up hangover recovery?

While people may claim that coffee or a shower helps you recover faster, there’s no way to truly speed recovery. The brain and body need time to recover and heal, and there’s no way to fast-track that.


Can I prevent a hangover? (Or reduce its severity?)

If you want to enjoy a drink without unpleasant hangover symptoms, you can try hangover prevention steps:

  • Drink less: Symptoms are less likely if you drink small amounts of alcohol. Drink less than the amount it takes to make you feel intoxicated. Even if you do become intoxicated, drinking less can make hangover symptoms less severe.
  • Drink slowly: If you’re having carbonated alcoholic beverages such as champagne, drink them slowly. The carbon dioxide bubbles can speed the rate of alcohol absorption in the bloodstream and compete with oxygen absorption.
  • Choose wisely: Consume drinks with lower amounts of congeners. Lighter-colored drinks such as vodka, gin, light beer and white wine typically result in less severe hangover symptoms. Darker-colored drinks with high levels of congeners, such as bourbon, scotch, tequila, brandy, dark beers and red wine, cause more severe symptoms.
  • Drink water: Alternate alcoholic beverages with plain water. The water helps prevent dehydration.
  • Eat: Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol. It’s best to eat before drinking, and a heavier meal can offset alcohol’s effects on your body. Even adding non-diet cola, ginger ale, fruit juice or punch to your drink can help slow absorption.
  • Pace yourself: Limit consumption to one drink per hour. That’s about how much your body can process. You’ll help keep your blood alcohol levels from reaching the point of intoxication.

Outlook / Prognosis

Are hangovers dangerous?

Hangovers can cause more than just unpleasant symptoms. With a hangover, you’re not thinking clearly. Alcohol impairs your attention, decision-making processes and muscle coordination. You might engage in risky behavior you wouldn’t ordinarily do. For example, driving during a hangover can be dangerous or even deadly. People can also injure themselves at work.

When does a hangover need emergency care?

Call 911 if you’re with someone who’s been drinking and has any of these signs:

  • Breathing that’s slow (fewer than eight breaths a minute) or irregular (if there’s a gap longer than 10 seconds between breaths).
  • Cold to the touch (hypothermia).
  • Confusion.
  • Passing out (unconscious) or having trouble staying conscious.
  • Seizures.
  • Severe vomiting.
  • Skin that’s pale or blue (in people with dark skin, check the gums, lips and whites of the eyes).

Living With

When should I see a healthcare provider?

Hangovers tend to go away on their own, even if you don’t do anything. As the body readjusts to the lack of alcohol, you start to feel better.

However, talk to your provider if you have signs of alcohol use disorder. Your provider can talk to you about options for treatment. Signs include:

  • Frequent episodes of heavy drinking.
  • Severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  • Hangovers and drinking affecting your quality of life, including your relationships and your job.

What else should I ask my healthcare provider?

If you are concerned about hangover symptoms, ask your provider:

  • Do I have risk factors for alcohol use disorder?
  • Do I have alcohol intolerance or alcohol allergy?
  • What can I do to prevent or reduce hangover symptoms?
  • How much alcohol is safe for me to drink?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

A hangover is unpleasant, but symptoms tend to go away within a day or so. If you drank too much alcohol and feel sick, try at-home hangover remedies such as drinking plenty of water, eating some carbs and sleeping. There’s no quick cure for hangovers. You need to let your body rid itself of the alcohol and heal. If excessive drinking and hangover symptoms are interfering with your life, talk to your healthcare provider.

12 Hangover Cures That Doctors Say Actually Work

Full-bottle wine nights and bottomless margarita dates are all fun and games until you wake up the next morning with a pounding headache—and a foggy memory of giving that dude with a the Blink-182 tattoo your number. Then comes the crystal clear realization that you’re definitely not immune to hangovers anymore.

Now that you’ve taken up full residence on your couch, how do you cure a hangover—and stat? Let’s start by understanding why you feel like such garbage in the first place.

Hangovers are typically a three-in-one suckfest that include dehydration, hormone dysfunction, and a run-down immune system, says Dr. Kapil Sachdeva, M.D., neurologist at Northwestern Medicine’s Central DuPage Hospital. As a result, you experience the classic headache, nausea, dizziness, and indigestion that we’ve all become well-acquainted with through the years.

While some experts think the build-up of toxins (including one called acetaldehyde) is responsible for these issues, others blame congeners, or substances produced during the making-alcohol process, Dr. Sachdeva says.

Sadly though, there’s really no singular “best” way to treat hangovers, according to the pros. But before you throw in the towel and make yourself a Bloody Mary (which definitely does not help that hangover headache, BTW!!!), consider this helpful info from the experts on common hangover cures.

Besides just drinking less next time, obvi…

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“Alcohol is a potent inhibitor of the sleep hormone melatonin,” explains naturopath Kasey Nichols, NMD. “When you go to sleep buzzed, alcohol inhibits your melatonin, and you can wake up tired even after eight hours of sleep.”

That said, “sleep can be particularly restorative for hangover symptoms,” according to Dr. Sachdeva. If you feel like complete ass in the morning—even after *technically* getting a full night’s sleep—do yourself a favor and swap bottomless brunch for a mid-afternoon nap.

THE VERDICT: Snooze > more booze.


Electrolyte Powder



That sugary stuff your mom gave you when you were home sick as a kid worked wonders on your stomach bug recovery. Fun fact, it can still come in clutch even though you’re a big bad grownup now. Pro-tip: drink it as soon as you get home, instead of immediately knocking out for the night.

“Pedialyte is a good option for hydrating before bed and throughout the next day after waking up with a hangover,” says Dr. Nichols. “The electrolytes and glucose in the solution significantly enhance the ability of water to be absorbed in the intestine and into the blood.” (FYI: Electrolytes are minerals that have an electric charge and help your body maintain proper fluid balance.)

THE VERDICT: Just as good as any other electrolyte or sports drink you might chug.

The Sauna


Legend has it that breaking a serious sweat after a night out helps you detox the alcohol out of your system and effectively kills your hangover, but it’s too little too late. “By the time you wake up with a hangover, most, if not all, of the alcohol you drank has already been metabolized by the liver,” says Dr. Nichols. (Unless you wake up still drunk, that is.)

Sadly, that means that sweating a lot—even if you’re practically napping in the sauna—is not only an ineffective alcohol-eliminator, but will also probably just make you more dehydrated and give your hangover more power.

THE VERDICT: Will only make things worse.

IV Infusions

Amornrat PhuchomGetty Images

An actual IV is probably the most legit way to kill a hangover fast.

“What do you get in the hospital when severely dehydrated? An IV,” says Dr. Nichols. “IVs deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream and counteract dehydration and its effects more quickly than other methods.”

Yes, an IV can significantly decrease hangover symptoms and how long your hangover lasts, but those fancy med-spa treatments aren’t cheap.

THE VERDICT: It works, but it’ll cost you.

Mexican Coke

BlakeDavidTaylorGetty Images

Alcohol decreases the production of the anti-diuretic hormone that helps the body reabsorb and retain water, according to Dr. Kimberly Sackheim, M.D., a New York City-based pain-management specialist at NYU Langone. “Increasing water intake in general will help with this,” she says. By virtue of being liquid, soda may also help alleviate the dehydration that stems from drinking.

24 Pack of Mexican Coca Cola, Amazon.com


The caffeine in Coke, which constricts the brain’s blood vessels, can also help curb a pounding headache, says Kevin Strang, Ph.D., a distinguished faculty associate at University of Wisconsin Madison who has been teaching a course on how alcohol affects the body for 18 years. Meanwhile, Mexican soda can deliver additional benefits: Unlike U.S. versions filled with high-fructose corn syrup, Coke from our neighbors to the south is sweetened with plain old sugar that raises your body’s glucose levels even more quickly than conventional sodas, Strang explains.

This can help alleviate crankiness, a hangover symptom that occurs when your liver, which typically helps circulate blood sugars, is too tied up clearing alcohol from your system to perform the function properly.

THE VERDICT: “Absolutely—it will make you feel better,” Strang says.

Everything Bagel With All the Fixings

Westend61Getty Images

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Alcohol impairs the kidneys’ ability to concentrate urine, so you end up losing extra sodium and potassium—aka electrolytes or substances that conduct electrical impulses—every time you hit the bar bathroom, Strang says. The resulting imbalance contributes to next-day symptoms like shaky hands and feet—but bagels, which tend to be super salty and also contain potassium, help replenish lost stores to make you feel better, according to Strang. Add cream cheese and bacon as suggested in the tweet above, and you’ll get a dose of protein, which neutralizes the irritating acids alcohol leaves in your stomach, he says.

THE VERDICT: It can help sop up stomach acid and aid with rehydration.

Chips and Dip

Lynne MitchellGetty Images

Spicy foods can worsen indigestion from consuming alcohol—one reason why Elizabeth Kovacs, Ph.D., the founder of an alcohol research program at University of Colorado Denver, doesn’t recommend eating chips and dip like salsa. “Spicy dip sounds horrible if your stomach and brain hurt,” she says. However, salty chips can definitely aid in rehydrating your poor, aching body.

THE VERDICT: Chips might help, but hold the super spicy salsa.

Tomato Juice

eddiebermanGetty Images

If last night’s indiscretions—cough, tequila—left your stomach irritated, Strang notes tomato juice may cause more trouble, but it’s not a terrible choice. “It’s an electrolyte solution with nice and healthy complex carbohydrates,” he says of the beverage, explaining that a liquid helps deliver sodium and potassium into your system quickly, while tomatoes deliver complex carbohydrates that improve blood sugar with longer-lasting results than simple sugars in soda.

At the end of the day (or a very, very late night), plain tomato juice beats its close, more fun cousin, the Bloody Mary. “It will just dehydrate your brain more and prolong your hangover,” Kovacs says of any alcoholic “remedy” that contains the hair of the dog that bit you.

THE VERDICT: Beats booze!

Cold Orange Juice

TSchonGetty Images

Because orange juice has an acid-neutralizing effect when it’s metabolized and delivers potassium, Strang says, it’s an A+ hangover hydrator. Although cold liquids could, in theory, reduce inflammation in the stomach the same way an ice pack reduces swelling in, say, a swollen knee, there’s no research suggesting chilled OJ beats the same stuff served at room temperature.

THE VERDICT: Good idea, but no ice needed.

Banana With Honey

BatkeGetty Images

Bananas deliver potassium, an electrolyte you lose when you sweat or pee. So if you hit the dance floor super hard, the fruit may help, Kovacs says.

The fruit also contains vitamins C and B6 which, Dr. Sackheim says, help neutralize free radicals that negatively affect the liver after drinking. The antioxidant Vitamin C, she continues, specifically prevents the conversion of alcohol to aldehyde, the organic compound that’s generated when your body breaks down booze and contributes to hangover symptoms. “Antioxidants can also help with headaches,” she says. “These can decrease damage to our cells which make up the body and can increase the energy after large intakes of alcohol, which can cause fatigue.”

Honey plays a role, too: “Fructose is a natural sugar that helps to metabolize alcohol,” Dr. Sackheim says, while Strang suggests that sugars in this snack send glucose to the blood stream quickly so you feel less irritable.



PeopleimagesGetty Images

After drinking, all the feel-good brain chemicals that make imbibing so much fun take a nosedive, leaving you extra glum. “Exercise is a good antidote because it releases endorphins to psychologically counteract that lower feeling,” Strang says, noting that it’s extra important to replenish the fluids you lose when you sweat when you’re already dehydrated from the night before. That said, it’s worthwhile, since physical activity also loosens the constricted blood vessels that contribute to headaches, he says.

THE VERDICT: “It’s probably a good thing,” Kovacs says, provided you sip water throughout the workout.

Coconut Water


Kovacs says any liquid can be helpful for hydration, but coconut water gets extra credit since, unlike water, it contains electrolytes. Replacing the sodium and potassium you lost last night helps your body perform cellular functions that bring you back to baseline.

Also, the addition of pineapple juice doesn’t just make the drink taste more like a piña colada. Strang says it adds extra sugar that can moderate your moodiness once it hits the bloodstream.

THE VERDICT: It beats water.

The Bottom Line

Compared to popping OTC painkillers, “It’s better to use natural remedies,” Dr. Sackheim says, noting that taking meds on an empty stomach after a large alcohol intake can lead to ulcers and other serious side effects, like liver damage.

Because it takes time for the booze to clear your system, the only way to guarantee your hangover goes away is to wait it out, Kovacs says. And if all else fails? Netflix and group texts exist.

Elizabeth Narins
Senior fitness and health editor
Elizabeth Narins is a Brooklyn, NY-based writer and a former senior editor at Cosmopolitan.com, where she wrote about fitness, health, and more.

Lauren Del Turco, CPT
Lauren is a freelance writer and editor, an American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer, and the Fitness & Wellness Editor of Women’s Health.

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Having a Bad Hangover? 5 Home Remedies to Cure it

Weekend parties often lead us to drink at bars, often resulting in getting sloshed. While drinking in allowed capacity is acceptable, excessive drinking not only disturbs your liver in the long run but also leaves you with a bad hangover.

If you are facing dehydration, fatigue, nausea, and muscle aches on the next day of drinking, you are probably having a hangover. While it’s never too good to have that feeling, here are a few remedies that you can swear by to cure young hangover issues.

1. Drink plenty of water: The first and foremost thing should be drinking a lot of water to keep you hydrated. Moreover, consume water even while drinking. Alcohol often dehydrates your body, leading to symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol also increases the amount of urine a person passes, resulting in loss of fluid and dehydration.

2. Eating proper breakfast: While hangover might leave you irritated, resulting in a loss of appetite, make sure to eat a proper breakfast as it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Hangover often results in low blood sugar level, caused due to breaking down of alcohol in the body. In addition, it also provides protein, carbohydrates, healthful fats, and vitamins needed by the body.

3. Drink ginger tea: Ginger is known to soothe an upset stomach. Having a ginger tea with half-a-teaspoon of honey in it can burn off alcohol still present in your system. If you don’t want to prepare tea, even munching a slice of ginger is also a good alternative.

4. Have some coconut water: While water rehydrates your body, it is equally important to have some sugar and salt supplement. A cup of coconut water is known to contain more electrolytes than the most sports drink, making it excessively good for the irritating stomach.

5. Banana: Banana fulfils the number of minerals and electrolytes lost from your body after you drink. In order to prevent a hangover, you can have a banana before you hit the bar, so as to stock some potassium level in your body.

5 Best Hangover Cures Backed by Science 2021

While your memories may be a little fuzzy, the morning after a night of one-too-many cocktails brings into full focus the effect alcohol has on your body. From a headache to nausea, the total exhaustion from drinking too much can make even lying in bed and watching Netflix all day seem too difficult. The desperation can leave you scrambling for hangover cures, no matter how far-fetched.

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The problem? A lot of common hangover cures are total myths, according to experts. Here, the science-backed hangover cures that will actually make you feel better (and the ones that are a waste of your time).

But first, what exactly causes a hangover?

You know what it feels like, but why? “Alcohol is a direct irritant to the gastric mucosa [the mucous membrane layer of the stomach],” says Dr. Eric Goldstein, MD, a board-certified gastroenterologist and clinical instructor at Mount Sinai in New York. “This can result in nausea and that raw, empty feeling in your stomach when you wake up after a night of drinking.”

Your brain is a factor, too, Dr. Goldstein says. “Alcohol triggers a particular zone in the brain responsible for detecting poison in the bloodstream, called the chemoreceptive trigger zone,” he explains. That trigger zone can cue up nausea and vomiting in an effort to help your body eliminate toxins.

Hangovers are also thought to be caused by compounds in your drink called congeners, toxic biproducts that are formed in alcohol during the fermentation process,” explains Dr. Niket Sonpal, MD, an adjunct professor at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York. “When you drink, you’re forcing your body to metabolize both the alcohol and the congeners, which is what is giving you these hangover symptoms.”

The congeners theory helps explain why dark alcohols like bourbon tend to give you a nastier hangover than its clear counterparts, Dr. Sonpal adds. A 2010 study published in the journal Current Drug Abuse Reviews found that bourbon, the highest congener beverage, resulted in reports of more severe hangovers compared to vodka, which has almost no congeners. Alcohol also causes dehydration and sleep disturbances—both of which make the symptoms of your hangover the next day a lot worse.

When you find yourself feeling trashed the next morning, experts stress there’s no miracle cure, but there are a few things they recommend to help cure (and prevent) a hangover.

5 Hangover Cures That Work


Eat before you go out

“Food can help buffer the irritating effect that alcohol has on the lining of the stomach,” says Freuman. Eating before, or while you’re drinking will also help your body gradually process alcohol by slowing how quickly your stomach empties. This changes how quickly alcohol gets absorbs into your intestines and gives your enzyme systems time to break down the alcohol.

2. Follow the 1:1 rule

Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic fluids during a night out will also help prevent a hangover, says Dr. Sonpal. He recommends having one glass of water between each alcoholic drink. “It doesn’t always prevent dehydration, but it will help buffer the effects,” he says. Before you go to bed, grab a Gatorade or other electrolyte-based drink to help your body retain more fluid.

3. Replenish your electrolytes

While plain water is always a good choice to help you rehydrate and restore the fluids lost from alcohol consumption, drinking fluids with electrolytes or a salt-based drink may be a more effective way to cure your headache, says Tamara Duker Freuman, MS, RD, CDN, a New York-based dietician. Think: sports drinks like Gatorade, salty liquids like tomato juice or bone broth, or Pedialyte. You can also buy effervescent tablets that dissolve in water and contain aspirin and caffeine to help combat headaches while replenishing.

4. Make a big breakfast

“Eating a good breakfast helps replenish blood sugar, vitamins, and minerals. All that energy from food is then used by your liver to help your body overcome the excess alcohol it’s processing,” says Dr. Sonpal. For the best hangover breakfast, look for a healthy portion of protein, fats, and carbs on your plate. Opt for choices like eggs, avocado toast, or a big bowl of oats with fresh fruit.

5. Take a nap

Sleep is very underrated in terms of hangover treatment,” Dr. Sonpal says. Even if you pass out immediately after a few glasses of wine, the quality of sleep you’re getting is actually a lot worse than normal, he explains. “While lack of sleep doesn’t actually cause a hangover, it can make your symptoms worse. ” To help cure your hangover, take a nap. Budgeting time for extra sleep will nix next-day sluggishness.

5 Hangover “Cures” That Don’t Work

To help alleviate the aftermath of a night out, a hangover cure needs to address the effects of alcohol and congeners on your body—unfortunately these so-called hangover cures miss the mark.

1. Supplements

You can find pills that contain dihydromyricetin (DHM), milk thistle, or prickly pear cactus extract and purport to help by providing nutrients and enhancing your body’s natural detox process. However, studies haven’t conclusively proved that those ingredients prevent or cure hangovers, so it’s probably better to spend that money on an electrolyte drink or a hearty meal.

2. Hair of the dog

For a run of the mill hangover, a breakfast beer or cocktail will only serve to dehydrate you more—the exact opposite of what you want to do to cure a hangover. “Having a drink in the morning is supposed to help you feel better, but this refers primarily to alcoholics who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms after a night of drinking,” explains Dr. Sonpal. “The idea is that a low dose of alcohol, like a Bloody Mary, would theoretically buffer those withdrawal symptoms—we don’t actually recommend this, however.”

3. Tons of caffeine

Technically, a caffeine boost can help you feel better—but it’s a short-term fix, says Dr. Sonpal. Initially, “It’s going to make you feel mentally less foggy and fatigued,” he says. But just like alcohol, caffeine is a diuretic, so it dehydrates you—thus fueling your hangover symptoms.

4. Late-night snacks

You might be tempted to soak up alcohol with a carb-loaded plate of snacks before last call or raid your refrigerator for greasy leftovers once you get home. But eating before bed won’t do anything to subtract from your alcohol consumption. “Alcohol doesn’t linger too long in the GI tract before being taken up into the blood,” says Freuman.

5. Exercising

Sweating out the alcohol doesn’t make sense from a physical standpoint,” explains Dr. Sonpal. “You can’t actually sweat alcohol out—your liver has to metabolize it.” This so-called cure isn’t just bogus, it can actually be dangerous, Dr. Sonpal adds. “There’s been a lot of cases where people try to work out when they come home to prevent a hangover—and obviously you can injure yourself.” Even working out the next morning can be risky and make your hangover worse, since you’re already dehydrated and more likely to get hurt or worse, pass out.

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All-Natural Hangover Cure | Hangover Hospital Keywest

When you drink, your body absorbs a fixed amount of alcohol per hour. The alcohol then produces by-products, including the toxin acetaldehyde. How you feel the following day will depend on how fast and efficiently your body breaks down and gets rid of this compound. This can explain why people experience hangovers of varying severity. Experiencing a headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue after a night of drinking is normal. It is also debilitating. Luckily, you can fight these Hangover symptoms with some proven remedies. What’s more, you don’t have to turn to factory-produced chemical cures. 

  • Here is a list of the top 5 all-natural hangover cures you can access from the comfort of your home.

Drink Water

Alcohol acts as a diuretic. It can make you urinate more than usual, causing dehydration, one of the major causes of hangover symptoms. Essentially, avoiding dehydration can reduce the effects of a hangover.

If you plan to drink all night, take a glass of water in between every drink. This will ensure you stay hydrated. You should also take plenty of water before going to bed and after you wake up in the morning.

Take Nutrient-Rich Food

As a rule of thumb, you should never take alcohol on an empty stomach. The presence of food in your body can improve how efficiently you metabolize alcohol. Digestion can also increase sugar levels and blood flow to the liver, which can quicken the process.

After a night of drinking, snack on vegetables and carbohydrates for breakfast. You can also take bananas as they are packed with potassium, which alcohol tends to deplete.


Hangovers have been associated with feelings of anxiety and depression. These feelings affect people differently and are often temporary. Nonetheless, if hangover-induced anxiety is a problem for you, take chamomile tea before you go to bed and in the morning. It will soothe your anxiety, help you sleep better, and relieve an upset stomach.


Ginger has long been used as a natural remedy for upset stomachs, one annoying hangover symptom. It aids digestion and can alleviate hangover-induced nausea. To use ginger as a hangover cure, mix it into a smoothie or brew some ginger tea for breakfast.

Restore Electrolytes

Along with dehydration, alcohol will also make you lose electrolytes. This explains why you might feel dizzy and nauseous in the morning. A fermented drink like Kombucha contains a healthy amount of potassium, calcium, and sodium and can restore your electrolytes fast. It is also rich in antioxidants.

Wrapping Up

The severity of your hangover will often depend on factors such as your age, sex, and the amount and type of alcohol you consume. An all-natural hangover cure will work with your body to eliminate toxins produced by alcohol in your bloodstream. Even better, it will have zero side effects on your body.

  • Aside from being safe, natural cures are also readily available. Options such as ginger are less expensive than more generic remedies. You can never go wrong with them.

Get Hangover Relief in Key West

If you find yourself nursing a hangover in the Key West area, contact the Hangover hospital immediately. We offer a wide range of fast-acting hangover remedies, including all-natural options. What’s more, we can have the solution to your doorstep in no time.

  • Don’t let a hangover cut your day short. Call us today at 305.912.4911 to find out how we can help.

90,000 How to Get Rid of a Hangover: A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s start with the sad truth: the only working way to avoid a hangover is to not get drunk. But we understand that it is too late. Therefore, first emergency help to deal with a hangover, and then advice for the future.

How to get rid of a hangover

A hangover is, in fact, poisoning. We poison ourselves with the decay products of ethanol, and these products are already in our blood, so the whole body is in a fever, not just the stomach.Unfortunately, acetaldehyde (the main poison left after a stormy evening) takes time to remove. There are no remedies that will ease a hangover, but we can relieve the symptoms.

Restore fluid balance

Ethanol has a diuretic effect, meaning it removes fluid from the body. Without water, the body gets rid of the breakdown products of ethanol more slowly, which means the hangover lasts longer. In case of any poisoning, you need to drink a lot in small sips, in case of a hangover, you need to do the same.

We understand that it is difficult, but we must try, after the second cup of tea things will go better.It is best to drink rehydration solutions (from a pharmacy, for example) or mineral water. But if they don’t pop, start with sweet tea or tomato juice or even pickle. But coffee won’t help.

Try honey tea

There is no 100% proof that honey will help , but with these hangover remedies it is always like this: you never know what will make it easier. If there is no allergy, honey is a good natural remedy with many beneficial properties.

Drink sorbents

Intestinal sorbents should have been drunk, of course, before the hangover, but toxins must be removed from the body by all available means.It is better to give preference not to the good old charcoal, but to modern means, because swallowing 10–20 tablets of charcoal with a hangover is a dubious happiness.

Drink fruit juices and broths

This is not a universal treatment, but this liquid food helps relieve unpleasant symptoms, and fructose from juice gives energy.

Drink a special drink

If there is someone nearby who can help, hand him this recipe and ask him to prepare it. When shaking, not to mix juices with spices.But the drink, brought by caring hands, will quickly put you on your feet.

Don’t have a hangover

A new dose of alcohol is an additional burden. The body is already full of alcohol breakdown products, beer or other drinks will only add complexity.

When alcohol takes effect, it will seem to you that it has become easier. But alcohol “into old yeast” is quickly processed, because the liver has already released a lot of enzymes to break down the previous portion. So the poisoning will get worse.


A normal hangover disappears in 24 hours. You just have to go through them. It is most convenient to do this in a dream.

Take the pain reliever

If your head breaks so that you can’t even sleep, take the pain reliever . Yes, paracetamol and ibuprofen are bad for the stomach and liver, which are already bad. But what to do, sometimes you have to make difficult choices. But only use drugs that you have tried before: you must be sure that you have a normal relationship with them.

Take a walk

At least around the house. Movement helps to distract, and in the fresh air it is easier to remove waste products from the blood through the breath.

What to do when the hangover is very bad

Alcohol poisoning can lead not only to a painful morning. Sometimes it provokes more serious conditions, up to a stroke or heart attack. Therefore, seek emergency help if you notice :

  1. Severe headache.
  2. Pain behind the sternum, which can radiate to the left arm.
  3. Rapid heartbeat.
  4. Pallor to blue.
  5. Decrease in body temperature.
  6. Vomiting that does not stop and does not allow drinking (everything comes back immediately).
  7. Confusion of consciousness (it is difficult to answer questions, it is not clear where you are).

How to look normal even with a hangover

So, you can already keep your head straight. It’s time to make an effort and get to the mirror, get scared and take care of yourself.

  1. Have another glass. Water, just water. First, the hangover is not over yet. Secondly, you look so bad precisely because the skin lacks this very water. Forward.
  2. Wash and shave. Especially if after returning home you did not have the strength or problems with coordination did not allow you to carry out hygiene procedures.
  3. Take a bath. Lying in a warm sea salt bath for 20 minutes is priceless.
  4. Make an oatmeal mask or use a ready-made scrub.It is necessary to remove dead skin cells and slightly increase blood circulation.
  5. Make a green tea compress. Brewed tea bags are a good remedy for bags under the eyes.
  6. Apply light makeup. The key word is light. Align the face tone with transparent means, no sculpting. Enough mascara for eye makeup, gloss for lips.

Try it 💄

How to get rid of fumes

The fresh alcoholic smell can still be hidden by brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth thoroughly.Even a simple gum and a cup of strong coffee will cleanse your mouth and remove the smell of alcohol.

The fumes caused by the decay products of ethanol does not give up so easily, because these very products are excreted by the whole body at once. You still have to brush your teeth, but this is not enough, you need to do something else:

  1. Drink clean water. A large amount of water causes a diuretic effect, and along with urine, the breakdown products of alcohol will be excreted from the body. At the same time, the unpleasant odor will be reduced. Basically, we are washing ourselves.
  2. Take a shower. From the skin it is necessary to wash off everything that has already stood out with sweat.
  3. Have breakfast with protein foods: meat, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese. This will help the liver to process the remaining ethanol faster.
  4. Breakfast should be with hot spices. Even a slight acceleration of metabolic processes, which spices cause, will shorten the time for “weathering” fumes from the body.
  5. Use medicines with succinic acid. Many hangover remedies contain this ingredient. And although it will not help much from the actual unpleasant sensations, it will still become easier with the smell.

What to do to prevent the hangover from recurring

Most likely, now you are ready to swear that you will never again and for nothing. But it was the same last time. Therefore, when you come to your senses, just study the topic and be more responsible about what, when and how you drink.

How to choose alcohol

Alcohol is deadly, especially if it is counterfeit alcohol. Methyl alcohol poisoning, which cannot be detected in a bottle with improvised methods, leads to dozens of deaths every year.When buying alcohol, always look at:

  1. Place of Purchase. No questionable stalls or taxi deliveries.
  2. The price. Good drinks can’t come cheap. It is better to lose money than health.
  3. Packaging. A tightly closed cork, a neck with a dispenser, good label paper are signs of good quality alcohol. From many manufacturers, you can study the packaging on the website to compare it with what is sold in the store.
  4. Excise stamp.You can check real alcohol using the numbers on the brand using a special service.

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What to do before approaching the table

Any hangover begins long before you drink your first drink. In order not to consume too much and not to repent, you need to carry out a festive preparation of the body for alcoholic shocks:

  1. Warm up before the party.For example, do exercises or go to the gym. Exercise helps fight the effects of alcohol.
  2. Good food. Fatty foods interfere with the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.
  3. Drink drugs that will help you process alcohol. These are intestinal sorbents like activated carbon (modern counterparts work no worse, and you need to drink less) and dry yeast, which help break down alcohol.

Don’t Forget 🥴

What to Do During the Party

While you are drinking, you already have a chance to make your hangover symptoms weaker.The question is how to drink:

  1. Remember to eat and choose nutritious food.
  2. Drink not only alcohol, but also juices and water. Hangover pain is due to dehydration, so soak the cells with fluid. Just no soda: the bubbles will intensify the intoxication. This also applies to the alcoholic beverages themselves. So don’t go overboard on champagne.
  3. Do not mix drinks. It really doesn’t matter how many different types of alcohol we mixed and what we drank first and what we drank afterwards.Our state is affected only by the total amount of alcohol, but due to the difference in strength and tastes, it is easy to get confused in sensations and go overboard.
  4. Dance. Can’t you? Go for a walk. The main thing is to move more in order to sober up a little or at least to control yourself: if your legs do not hold and the walls are staggering, then you will definitely have enough.

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Folk recipes for a hangover // Natural pharmacy

Do not rush to take medicine, folk remedies will help to cope with a hangover, you may have already heard about many of them, some have already forgotten.Let’s remember everything together – from A to Z.

Adonis ( adonis ).
The herb in the form of an infusion is taken orally as a means of improving the activity of the heart, contributing to a decrease in the pulse rate and the disappearance of headaches. Preparation of the infusion: 1 tablespoon of herbs insist 1-2 hours in a glass of boiling water and take 1 tablespoon several times a day, preferably before meals, both in pure form and in combination with other means.

Activated carbon. Take about 10 tablets of activated carbon (ideally 2 tablets per 10 kg of weight), grind it and fill it with a glass of water. Have a drink. You can also put a water-soluble tablet vitamin C there.

Bananas and citrus fruits. Bananas contain potassium and by eating just a couple of them, you will help the body restore the necessary potassium content, which was excreted during and after drinking alcohol.

Oranges and lemons (as well as quince) contain citric acid in large quantities.When citric acid enters the body, the body takes over its processing, activating metabolic processes. Along with other substances, toxic decomposition products of alcohol will be processed in this process. That is, the use of citrus fruits will contribute to the process of chemical detoxification – cleaning the body of toxins. A hangover is, first of all, poisoning.

Bath. Bath helps with a hangover. In the bath, blood circulation is activated and the water-mineral balance of the body is restored, which contributes to the fastest processing of poisonous products.Excessive sweating also contributes to this. A visit to the bath enhances skin respiration, improves blood circulation (in particular, it activates the activity of capillaries). In addition, the high temperature kills bacteria on the human body. Those who have been in the bath at least once do not need to tell what a good mood and good nature a person has, who has just steamed: cheerfulness and new strength are guaranteed.

Cocoa. Cocoa contains a number of antidepressants that, in the event of a hangover, can reduce pain and anxiety, and improve mood and performance.Cocoa contains magnesium, from the lack of which, after libations, the nervous system and heart suffer. For a hangover, it is recommended to cook cocoa in water.

Kvass. Of course, we are talking about natural, uncanned kvass. Most of the drinks sold in stores called “kvass” either is not such, or contains a preservative sodium benzoate (that is, beneficial microorganisms are killed in it) and various kinds of additives – sweeteners, dyes, flavors, which, in conditions of a hangover, only increase the load on the liver and kidneys.The positive effect of natural kvass for a hangover is due to the high content of thiamine (vitamin B1), enzymes, beneficial microorganisms and organic acids, primarily lactic acid. All these substances help the intensive processing of under-oxidized alcohol decomposition products that poison the body. You should not combine kvass while taking it with sources of citric or succinic acids, since, depending on a poorly predictable dose, their effect may be mutually weakened.Kvass is also not recommended for those suffering from gastritis or peptic ulcer in the acute stage. Some varieties of kvass can contain up to 3% alcohol: be careful, otherwise you can get drunk: this will give some relief in the morning, but the liver will have to deal with a new portion of alcohol, and the hangover may be prolonged.

Fermented milk products. When alcohol is consumed, toxins are formed in the intestines, which are absorbed into the bloodstream, poisoning the entire body, causing edema, disruption of the liver, kidneys and nervous system.Therefore, when a person is hungover, they feel so bad. Fermented milk products can alleviate this condition: yogurt, tan, ayran, kefir, koumiss.

Fermented milk products provide the body with protein, vitamins and minerals involved in many metabolic processes, they also have a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, are well absorbed by the body and effectively restore strength. The amino acids and beneficial bacteria contained in these products improve appetite and have a laxative effect.Lactic acid bacteria provide the body with energy, remove toxins from the body, and protect the liver.

Willow bark. One of the natural pain relievers is willow bark, which contains salicylate (the main ingredient in aspirin). Therefore, to avoid taking pain-relieving pills, try chewing on a piece of willow bark, which is a natural pain reliever.

Chicken or other meat broth helps to restore mineral salts and potassium that the body has lost during yesterday’s binge.

Honey. Eat 100 g of honey in 2 meals. In addition to all its useful properties, honey also has the ability to neutralize alcohol.

Mint. Pour 20 drops of mint tincture into a glass of cold water and drink immediately. After 1-2 minutes, you will completely get rid of all the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

Seafood contains a lot of nutrients. Unfortunately, the ability to digest seafood, as well as other animal foods, is significantly reduced with a hangover.Seafood can only be considered as a way to improve health after relieving a hangover.

Seafood includes not only fish, but also other marine animals: mussels, scallops, squids, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, etc. They are all rich in protein, lecithin, methionine, macro- and microelements (iodine, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus). Seafood stimulates the activity of the digestive glands, increases appetite and metabolism. In addition, seafood acts as a sedative on the body.

However, the most important thing is that seafood saturates the body with potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus, which is so necessary in case of electrolyte imbalance. The lecithin contained in seafood lowers cholesterol levels, increases the body’s resistance to toxic substances, stimulates bile secretion, and promotes the absorption of fatty acids in the intestines. Methionine is an essential amino acid, it has an antioxidant effect, promotes digestion, provides detoxification processes, and reduces muscle weakness.Jellied fish and fish broth contain glycine, which binds poisonous acetaldehyde perfectly and helps the nervous system to recover.

To relieve a hangover, it is necessary to restore the stores of vitamins of group B and amino acids depleted by alcohol depleted by alcohol. They are found in foods such as poultry, fish, liver, eggs, dairy products, nuts, and legumes. So include them in your “post-banquet” diet to shorten the duration of your hangover.

Oat broth. Oat broth, as well as oatmeal jelly and porridge are invariably present in all recommendations for “healthy eating”. In our case, of all the beneficial properties of oats, several can be distinguished that will help relieve the hangover body from suffering: the diuretic effect will help relieve swelling, which means that the headache will decrease.

Drinking plenty of liquid broth and diuretic effect will return the normal distribution of fluid in the body; B vitamins provide the liver with the enzymes needed to process undigested alcohol and toxic alcohol breakdown products; oats have the ability to remove toxins that poison the body; the broth normalizes blood pressure, restores brain function.Method of preparation: you need to buy a glass of unpeeled grains of oats (you can buy at the pharmacy or on the market), oatmeal or flakes. The oats are filled with 4-5 glasses of water (preferably settled or bottled, without chlorine). Cook for 15-20 minutes. 5 minutes before cooking, you can add a spoonful of honey. Take the broth 2 times for half a liter in 40 minutes.

Well helps with a hangover decoction of thyme with bitter wormwood . For 1 tablespoon of wormwood, take 4 tablespoons of thyme.Pour boiling water over and leave to infuse in a thermos for 30 minutes. Cool, drain. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Primrose. Chop roots, stems and leaves of primrose. Pour 1 teaspoon of this mass with 1 glass of boiling water, leave for 2 hours, cool, drain. Drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day. The infusion has a calming effect on the nervous system, has a mild hypnotic effect, helps with headaches, excessive agitation.

Pickles.Fermentation. Cucumber pickle, sauerkraut, bread kvass, salted apples, watermelons – proven folk remedies for a hangover. Replenish the lack of electrolytes potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus.

Soda. Among other things, morning sickness is also due to the fact that the acid-base balance in the body is shifted to the acidic side: nausea, vomiting and rapid breathing are signs of an imbalance.

Soda can be a part of various anti-hangover agents.In the instructions, it can be found under the names “sodium bicarbonate”, “sodium bicarbonate” or “sodium bicarbonate”. How to treat: 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda (depending on the condition: from “so-so” to “very bad”) should be dissolved in 1-1.5 liters of water and drunk. Do not make a solution that is too saturated: excess gastric juice may be released from it. At the same time, replenish water reserves in the body, which is also important for a hangover. In the future, you can recover with alkaline mineral waters: Borjomi, Essentuki.

Sports drinks can be different in composition, so their effect on a hangover is difficult to predict. On the other hand, as a rule, the main property of sports drinks is their ability to replenish water loss during exercise. With a hangover, the body suffers from a pathological redistribution of fluid: on the one hand, the volume of circulating blood is reduced, on the other, a person suffers from edema. Sports drinks can correct this effect.

Sports drinks contain carbohydrates, salts, vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, caffeine.Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy, with their help the body maintains blood glucose levels. Salts regulate osmotic pressure, helping to normalize the water-salt balance, compensate for the loss of potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus. Thus, sports drinks perfectly replenish not only the loss of fluid, but also the body’s energy reserves, reduce emotional and physical stress, and increase efficiency.

Dream. The expression “time heals” fits a hangover very accurately.So a healthy sleep will help you get out of the “nontransportable” state faster. Doctors say that sleep in itself is a good means of detoxification (and after all, a hangover is, first of all, intoxication with alcohol and its decay products), since during sleep mainly cholinergic processes are activated, aimed at restoring homeostasis (constancy of physiological processes). But, speaking about the positive effect of sleep on the body poisoned by alcohol, the following must be remembered.First, so that someone would periodically look after the sleep of a severely drunk person, because vomiting may begin. The second danger of sleep is being in one position for a long time, especially when the upper limb is clamped. This can lead to the development of a long-term crush syndrome with poisoning by the decay products of one’s own tissues, primarily muscle myoglobin, and the rapid development of shock and renal failure.

Tomato. Tomato juice with salt is good for relieving hangovers during the first hours after sleep.Take a glass of tomato juice, stir 0.5 teaspoon of salt in it and slowly drink it.

Physical activity (not intense) accelerate the elimination of harmful substances from the body due to perspiration, increased glomerular filtration in the kidneys, redistribution of vascular tone (removal of edema that causes headaches).

Important: in case of heart problems, increased physical activity is categorically contraindicated.

A cup of tea in the morning after powerful libations can help, taking into account several of its useful properties at once: tea contains vitamin B1, which is consumed in the processing of alcohol and toxic products of its breakdown, and if its reserves are used up, the hangover lasts longer.

Tea contains caffeine, which is quite appropriate at the end of detoxification activities. If there is no great need, then it is better to refrain from invigorating drink and go to bed. Tea contains less caffeine than coffee (contrary to popular myth: in fact, there is more of it in the tea leaf, but not in the drink) and it is present in a complex with tannin, forming caffeine tannate, therefore it acts indirectly and gently, like on the brain. In practice, drinking enough tea to provide a therapeutic effect is very difficult – an increase in the load on the heart or vomiting will affect.Tea or coffee is best to complete other detoxification activities.

Eleutherococcus. According to the doctors, Eleutherococcus is literally the elixir of life: it is used as a general strengthening, tonic (stimulating) and anti-stress action. But it is better to take the drug after a preliminary consultation with a doctor. With a hangover, Eleutherococcus has a tonic effect on the central nervous system, and since the main control system of the body begins to work more intensively, as a result, changes for the better also occur on the periphery, that is, in the organs and tissues of the body.

On the other hand, it should be used wisely: taking a tincture of Eleutherococcus invigorates. So if you need to get on your feet and go to work, then this will be the right choice. But if you decide to sleep (and this is generally highly recommended), then it is better to be careful: you may not fall asleep. And don’t drink it at night! It will not work as the only drug for a hangover – more effective detoxification measures are still needed.

In case of a hangover massage of the head and neck helps to improve cerebral circulation, reduce headaches, and restore performance as soon as possible.Head massage is done in the direction of hair growth, fingers, if possible, should touch the skin, hair roots. But it is still better if the massage is done by a specialist, since the wrong technique can provoke fainting or dizziness.

And most importantly, remember: you have to pay for everything in life! Treat your hangover as payback for a great time and be healthy!

Neiman M.A.

Treatment of a hangover with folk remedies | All About Alcoholism | Alkogolizma

Holidays are regularly present in people’s lives.In addition to consuming a large amount of food, these days any person can not calculate the amount of alcohol drunk and suffer a hangover in the morning. To quickly eliminate this problem, folk remedies are becoming indispensable.

It’s no secret that when you say a hangover, the first thing that comes to mind is a wonderful, even magical cucumber pickle. Scientists have proven that during a hangover, this miracle drink will help to cope best. After all, it contains all the necessary acids that the body needs at this moment to maintain the water-salt balance.

But this is not the only folk remedy for hangover. Also, the most common activated carbon is excellent for eliminating or reducing symptoms. Due to its medicinal properties, it removes all alcohol from the body at an accelerated rate. This method is considered to be more convenient, since coal does not take up much space and can be safely carried in your pocket, unlike brine.

The simplest advice on how to get rid of a hangover is to drink plenty of water.For a higher quality and faster result, you need to consume a liter and a half more liquid than usual. It is better if it contains alkali in its composition. It can be regular mineral water or orange juice.

In order to get rid of nausea and heartburn, fermented milk products are perfect: kefir, fermented baked milk, liquid yogurt or regular milk

Drinks with a high sugar content will also be excellent helpers in the fight against a hangover. After all, sugar neutralizes alcohol in human blood.

Soups and broths do a pretty good job of suppressing a hangover, too. The main rule is that soup or broth should be rich. It should be consumed hot.

Hot drinks – coffee or tea does an excellent job of eliminating hangover symptoms. Due to the high temperature of the drink, the blood in the human body begins to move much faster. This helps to get rid of the alcohol residues in the body.

A very old and lesser known method is a crude egg with vinegar in a mug.This method is one of the best, and will certainly help to eliminate the hangover syndrome in a person who has gone too far the day before with the use of alcoholic beverages.

The most important advice in this article: do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol. And then none of these popular ways to deal with a hangover will be required.

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What to do with a hangover, how to relieve a hangover

A hangover is the result of the effect that alcohol has on the body.After New Year’s Eve, the hangover issue is especially relevant.

A hangover after the New Year can be particularly severe

Anyone who drank large quantities of alcohol experienced hangover symptoms the next day: severe throbbing headaches, nausea, dry and unpleasant taste in the mouth and excruciating thirst, loss of energy, irritability, etc. Bad mood. Often there is palpitations and “interruptions” (rhythm disturbances) in the work of the heart, autonomic disorders can be manifested by chills, alternating with a feeling of heat.

What is a hangover

A hangover is a feeling of ill health that occurs a few hours after drinking alcohol. A hangover is the result of the effect that alcohol has on the body. Doctors call this condition the hangover syndrome.

The mechanism of action of drunkenness is as follows: taken internally and absorbed into the blood, alcohol has a mild euphorizing (improving mood), tranquilizing (relieving stress) and anesthetic agent, and this is just what to neutralize hangover complaints.In addition, in the brain and in the liver, which is the main “laboratory” in which all poisons are neutralized, ethyl alcohol taken in the form of a drink enters into a competitive relationship with substances, decomposition products of the same alcohol and causing hangover complaints. As a result of the action of wine alcohol, all these poisons act on cells and tissues not so sharply, as if “on the brakes”.

A hangover is a serious condition resulting in headache, nausea and vomiting, indigestion, hand tremors, weakness, increased or decreased blood pressure and general malaise.Also, a person with a hangover may feel guilty (yes, this is due to biochemistry: you can feel guilty even if you haven’t done anything special).

Alcohol affects brain cells

Why does a hangover occur at all

Poisoning: alcohol turns into toxic substances (in particular acetaldehyde), after which other toxins appear in the body due to the effects of acetaldehyde.

Dehydration: in fact, with a hangover, we do not suffer from absolute dehydration, but from a lack of circulating blood volume.There is usually a lot of water in the body as a whole, sometimes even too much: a person swells with a hangover, that is, suffers from edema. As doctors say, there is a pathological redistribution of blood.

Metabolic disorders: fighting alcohol and the poisoning caused by it, the body consumes many vitamins, macro- and microelements. On the second and third day of drinking, the body suffers from a lack of vitamins.

Violation of the acid-base balance (acidosis): because of it in the morning, sickness and increased breathing.This is due to the fact that the decomposition products of alcohol are mainly acidic: acetaldehyde, acetic acid, lactic acid.

Effects on brain cells: As a result of the chemical effects of alcohol and acetaldehyde, the next morning the nervous system becomes hypersensitive. Therefore, even normal light and sound causes pain, as if everything were too bright or loud.

Sleep disturbance: alcohol interferes with the so-called “REM sleep” phases in the sleeping person.Namely, during these periods, during which the brain does not rest at all, but is actively working (and we see dreams), a person gains new strength. It is impossible to get enough sleep without them. Therefore, even after the usual 8-9 hours of sleep, if you go to bed drunk, a person does not get enough sleep.

If you have a hangover, you need to drink a lot of water.

How to get rid of a hangover

Ethanol has a diuretic effect, that is, it removes fluid from the body. Without water, the body gets rid of the breakdown products of ethanol more slowly, which means the hangover lasts longer.In case of any poisoning, you need to drink a lot in small sips, in case of a hangover, you need to do the same.

Try honey tea

There is no one hundred percent proof that honey will help, but with these hangover remedies it is always the case: you never know what will make it easier. If there is no allergy, honey is a good natural remedy with many beneficial properties.

Drink sorbents

Intestinal sorbents should have been drunk, of course, before the hangover, but toxins must be removed from the body by all available means.It is better to give preference not to the good old coal, but to modern means, because swallowing 10–20 tablets of coal with a hangover is a dubious happiness.

Drink fruit juices and broths

This is not a universal treatment, but this liquid food helps relieve unpleasant symptoms, and fructose from juice gives energy.

Aspirin for a hangover will relieve swelling and, as a result, headache

Hangover: pills

With a hangover, medications that most of us have at home can also come in handy.And if there are no houses, then they certainly are in any nearest pharmacy.

Activated carbon is a time-tested tablet. Activated carbon is an enterosorbent. This means that it absorbs toxins and excess food from the gastrointestinal tract, and then naturally removes them from the body.

Now in the pharmacy you can find more modern sorbents: Smecta, Enterosgel, Polysorb, Lignosorb and their numerous analogues – you can choose any. They act more actively and at the same time less irritate the gastric mucosa.Just do not take sorbents at the same time with other hangover pills: sorbents will absorb them too, and there will be no benefit from them. Spread the reception for at least an hour and a half.

Aspirin will relieve swelling and, as a result, headache, and this is one of the most painful symptoms of hangover. But aspirin can be taken no earlier than 6 hours after the last glass of alcohol: aspirin is incompatible with alcohol.

The pharmacy has a wide selection of mild sedatives based on valerian or motherwort.They will help in the fight against hangover depression and insomnia, soothe the nerves and help not to go into binge drinking. But the stronger sleeping pills and sedatives are usually incompatible with alcohol.

Succinic acid – cheap but effective pills that will help with a hangover. Succinic acid speeds up the central link of metabolism (tricarboxylic acid cycle) and helps the body to cope with alcohol faster. Contraindicated in ulcers and gastritis.

Magnesium preparations are also an affordable and effective remedy.Magnesia (magnesium sulfate), magnesol, panangin (asparkam) – all these pills with a hangover soften the negative effects of alcohol on the heart, accelerate metabolism, reduce headaches, relieve swelling and depression.

Fruit juices also do not prevent a hangover

Home remedies for a severe hangover

To relieve its symptoms, you can take a contrast shower (if you have no problems with blood vessels). Or use one of the proven folk remedies:

1.Drink plenty of water, it is better if it is mineral and still. Alkaline water is recommended for heartburn. You can put a couple of bottles at the head of your bed.

2. Non-alcoholic mojito. In a glass you need to throw a circle of lemon or lime, a little fresh mint and a pinch of sugar. Pour all this with mineral water and add ice.

3. Traditional pickle – cabbage, cucumber, pickled apples – whatever is in the refrigerator.

4. Fruit juices. They contain fructose, accelerate the elimination of toxins, and alleviate hangover syndrome.Additional vitamins now will not interfere with your body, because the day before they were consumed at a rapid pace. If possible, cut out orange and grapefruit juices as they can irritate the stomach.

5. Refreshing cocktail. To prepare it, you need to squeeze out the juice of carrots and celery, add lemon juice and mint.

6. Mint tea. Perfectly saves from nausea. Pour tea into a thermos in advance in the evening – in the morning you will thank yourself.

7. Cinnamon also suppresses bouts of nausea.Brew it overnight and cool. Drink in small sips.

8. Beef broth – restores the work of the stomach and intestines.

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Best hangover cure named

Soda with lemon juice is the best hangover cure, Chinese scientists have found. This drink acts as a catalyst for an enzyme that helps to assimilate, break down and remove alcohol by-products from the body.However, studies on humans have not yet been carried out.

People seem to have been looking for a hangover cure ever since they discovered alcohol, so dozens of both folk and clinically proven remedies have accumulated today. Scientists from Sun Yatsen University in Guangzhou have found another – soda with lemon juice. They talked about the discovery in an article in the magazine Food & Function .

“The enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase, secreted by the liver in response to alcohol consumption, converts ethanol to acetaldehyde, which reduces the amount of alcohol in the blood.As a result of the interaction of acetaldehyde and another enzyme, aldehyde dehydrogenase, acetate is obtained. This substance is harmless, but when acetaldehyde and acetate interact, a severe hangover syndrome occurs, ”the researchers explain the mechanism of the hangover.

Acetaldehyde has other consequences, the researchers warn.

Those who abuse alcohol are more likely to be diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis and hepatocarcinoma, and they also suffer from nausea, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, strokes, pancreatitis and inadequate absorption of nutrients.And this is primarily due to acetaldehyde, scientists say.

The authors of the work decided to find out which of the store drinks best helps to reduce the concentration of acetaldehyde in the blood. They tested 57 soft drinks, including several varieties of iced tea and soda. During the experiment, they mixed alcohol metabolites with different drinks. It turned out that soda water with lemon juice copes with the task best.

According to the researchers, soda acts as a catalyst for an enzyme that helps to absorb, break down and remove alcohol byproducts from the body.However, studies on humans have not yet been conducted.

In addition, the Chinese experts emphasized that the hangover is caused not only by the abuse of alcoholic beverages, but also by the rather slow processes of their assimilation.

It is dangerous to drive when hungover, British experts warn.

Researchers analyzed 19 studies involving more than 1,100 people. All works were devoted to the study of the cognitive abilities of people who had drunk thoroughly the day before the study.In general, those with a hangover performed worse on attention, memory, and coordination tasks than those without a hangover. Some studies used a driving simulator to test how well participants coped with driving – those who had a hangover performed worse.

“According to our data, a hangover can have serious consequences for daily activities, affecting work skills, memory and concentration,” the researchers concluded.

The results of the study show that “some of the things that are characteristic of alcohol intoxication can happen during a hangover,” the authors of the work explain. Thus, if a hungover student attends a lecture, he will remember little when it is over. And the driver during a hangover may not react in time to a red light.

Potentially, the effects of alcohol abuse can be eliminated more quickly in the future – researchers from the University of Southern California and Keck School of Medicine tested a new “sobering” drug based on liver enzymes.However, so far the tests have been carried out only on mice.

After the mice consumed so much alcohol that they fell asleep, the researchers injected them with the drug.

It turned out that the mice that received it came to their senses 45% faster than those that did not receive it.

At the same time, the concentration of acetaldehyde, which causes nausea and headache with a hangover, was surprisingly low.

Researchers expect that such a drug will not only help fight hangovers, but will also be useful in preventing alcohol poisoning.They hope to begin human trials within a year.

90,000 Folk recipes for a hangover: how to get rid of a hangover

So, the Armenian technique in this aspect has a certain specificity. Even on the last day of the holiday, reminding a man that tomorrow to work and it would be nice to limit alcohol consumption means ruining the whole holiday week.

Many housewives end the festive New Year’s week, according to the ingrained tradition, with the classic khash (meat broth cooked on beef legs).So, when there is plenty of garlic, and vodka on the table – above the roof, and a variety of pickles, and herbs, and cheese … You say – drinking again? But no. After the nth glass, men will be drawn into a healthy midday sleep until late in the evening. And since classic khash contains a huge amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc., a man waking up in the evening will be pleasantly surprised that the body is like a newborn’s. At least go to work. Well, perhaps even a hot seagull for the coming sleep, already at night.

Sour milk will save the stomach

Other housewives interviewed by me offer their loved ones traditional Armenian spas (sour milk soup). Moreover, the usual spas with rice or wheat is not limited to. Ishli-yufta is added (these are traditional Armenian meatballs with onion and nut filling).

But not fried, as for the festive table, but it is boiled in the very spas. And always with mint. After such “feeding” even from a week-long holiday binge, the body leaves easily, I would say even gracefully.

Psychologist Zentsova: if you drink too much, in no case get hungover

True, a simple spas with rice or wheat is in no way inferior. Armenian matsun (sour milk) is generally a salvation for an organism “tortured by Narzan”, as the famous character of the Mechnikov (from “The Twelve Chairs”) complained. Again, the aforementioned calcium, magnesium, zinc, which are washed out of the body with vodka and all kinds of alcohol, in matsuna is more than enough to restore resources.

Fragrant hodgepodge and contrast shower

In the third place of our kind of rating is the classic hodgepodge.Such, you know, with five types of smoked meat delicacies, olives, tomatoes, spelled and a lemon quarter …

When morning is worse than evening: how to get sober and get drunk

Here’s your last evening meal. And then – go to bed early. Take a contrast shower in the morning and go ahead … At work, everyone will think that you celebrated without alcohol. Come out competently from a multi-day festive feast. So that the hangover does not torment, so that the New Year’s holidays are remembered all year in festive tones throughout the year.

a quick way to sober up at home

It is impossible to get rid of intoxication completely and in one second. The result depends on how many and what drinks were drunk, on the general condition of the body and on how long ago the last glass of alcohol was taken.

Also, the answer to the question of how to quickly sober up at home, depends on the methods used. If you use washing the stomach and intestines, taking vitamins, and even smelling ammonia, then you can cause enlightenment faster and it will last much longer than after taking a cold shower, a leisurely walk in the fresh air.

Despite the fact that a person’s condition will improve dramatically, alcohol from his bloodstream will not disappear anywhere and all symptoms of intoxication will gradually return. Therefore, you should not blindly believe in methods that allow you to improve your well-being. You need to control your condition.

Consequences of taking alcohol

Alcohol intoxication is a poisoning of the body. To determine its strength and degree, it is necessary to take a blood test from a person. The ratio of exhaled vapors of alcohol in relation to the baseline indicates the degree of poisoning.The unit of measurement is ppm. A sober person has a blood alcohol value of 0.04 ppm.

Laboratory studies allow you to more accurately determine the degree of intoxication. The level of acetaldehyde and acetic acid in the body will tell you exactly how much alcohol was taken.

The effects of ethanol on the body are the same for everyone. But there are a number of factors that are responsible for different reactions to alcohol. One of these is the level of enzymes produced by the liver.In young and healthy people, the liver works better, produces more enzymes that break down alcohol, and therefore, the rate at which a person sober up is higher. If alcohol was taken in small doses, then decay products can be eliminated from the exhaled air by taking absorbents.

If the dose was decent, then only special medicines will help to quickly defeat intoxication. A quick way to sober up at home doesn’t have to come from reckless medication.Taking drugs that increase metabolism can cause:

  • pressure surges,
  • arrhythmia,
  • increasing the load on the excretory system,
  • load on blood vessels, etc.

Therefore, it is not worth taking medications uncontrollably .

How to help a drunk sober up at home without using medication

Home detoxification is an effective method.

  1. It includes an abundant intake of liquid – 2.5 – 3 liters of plain water and a diuretic.
  2. You can take a warm bath or shower with a contrasting temperature.
  3. In cold weather, rubbing hands and face with snow can be used.
  4. To get rid of headaches and nausea will help the reception of strong and sweet tea (with honey), brewed with mint or lemon balm. In general, you need to drink a lot, in equal portions. In a few hours, the poisoning will recede.
  5. Massage of earlobes, biologically active points helps to recover. It will speed up metabolic reactions.
  6. Ammonium gives an impetus to the normalization of the state and a sharp clarification of thoughts.
  7. Instead of eating, you can simply drink broth. It should be warm, not greasy and moderately salty. Do not add spices. If the nausea is not severe, then you can make a strong broth. Chicken, beef, or lean fish work well. It’s better not to take pork.
  8. People with healthy stomachs can drink fruit juices.
  9. Any poisoning helps to eliminate milk intake.You need to take 200 ml of low-fat milk every hour. This is good for your health, but very slow as a method.
  10. A leisurely walk will help speed up the normalization of the state.
  11. A decoction of medicinal herbs will help well. 4 tablespoons of rose hips and:
  • chamomile – 1 spoon,
  • St. John’s wort – 1 spoon,
  • motherwort – 1 spoon you need to pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.

You can add honey to a warm drink.Take 50-100 ml per hour.

Most of the express methods of rapid improvement of the condition are created for healthy people who do not have chronic , autoimmune and other diseases. But not all people can take absorbents, laxatives, or antispasmodics. Contraindications to them are limited and all are indicated on the inserts. But some folk remedies can lead to a rapid deterioration in well-being. For example, a contrast shower is contraindicated for people with heart disease, they cannot take strong coffee, which causes an increase in pressure.And some herbal decoctions can cause an attack in people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

Dehydration is the main symptom of alcohol poisoning. It negatively affects all organs. Especially on the brain and cardiovascular system. In order to quickly saturate the body with fluid, you need to take more fluids in the form:

  • broth,
  • tea,
  • herbal decoctions,
  • still mineral water.

How to sober up at home in 20 minutes

In order to eliminate the signs of intoxication in the shortest possible time, you can resort to a number of unpleasant, but extremely effective methods.

  1. If the intake of alcohol occurred recently (no later than one hour ago), then removing the contents of the gastrointestinal tract or simply vomiting will help to quickly recover. It is called by pressing a finger or spoon on the root of the tongue. If that doesn’t work, you can try taking a weak manganese solution. But this is a rather dangerous technique. Undissolved manganese crystals can cause chemical burns when ingested.
  2. Caffeine with salt causes vomiting. This is a very tasteless drink, but its reception is effective.
  3. Mint tincture. It is sold at the pharmacy. But you can cook it yourself at home. A concentrated pharmacy tincture must be diluted with water before taking. One glass of water only needs twenty drops. If any holiday is planned, then a day before it starts, it is necessary to collect and rinse the mint leaves and pour boiling water over them. The infusion is left for a day, after which it is filtered and put into the refrigerator.
  4. Soda solution. For 1 liter of water – 1 tbsp. a spoonful of soda.

When the stomach is emptied, absorbents should be taken. They are taken from the calculation – 1 table. per 10 kilograms of body weight. But you can’t drink more than a dozen tablets.

Complete emergency procedures, preferably with an enema. You need three of them. They are placed one after the other without long intervals. Each requires 2 liters of water.

Then you need to take one aspirin tablet. It will help relieve headaches and improve overall well-being.

The following remedy helps well against intoxication. Need to take:

  • one teaspoon of vegetable oil,
  • one raw yolk,
  • three teaspoons of tomato paste,
  • salt,
  • black pepper.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and eaten. Half an hour after this, the effects of alcohol consumption disappear.

A fermented milk drink helps to cope well with the problem – kefir, tan or ayran are guaranteed to improve health.But not instantly. To enhance the effect of their action, you can add bee honey to the fermented milk drink.

Decoction of dill umbrellas will also help solve the problem. To do this, the umbrellas are boiled in a liter of water for about five minutes and the broth is infused for a day in a dark room. The decoction will help make thinking clear for a short time.

Taking water with ammonia is considered a good remedy for a short time to get rid of dizziness and restore clarity to the head. For 250 ml of water you need 5 drops of ammonia.

Massage helps a lot. It is necessary to massage the head in the area of ​​the ears with soft stroking circular movements. This causes an acceleration of blood flow and clarification of thoughts. But this remedy does not help for long.


Many people are skeptical about home remedies and prefer medication. In order to quickly bring the body back to normal, you can use:

  • ascorbic acid,
  • activated carbon,
  • acetylsalicylic acid,
  • zorex.

If a person has serious chronic diseases, then you should not resort to such funds at home. You should not torture a person so that only he can get behind the wheel. Better to call a taxi.