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How to Sleep with Hip Pain: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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This article was co-authored by David Schechter, MD. Dr. David Schechter is a physician in Culver City, California. With over 25 years of experience as a family and sports medicine physician, Dr. Schechter specializes in mind-body medicine, preventive medicine, and chronic pain. Dr. Schechter received his MD from New York University and is an attending physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He was named a Top Doctor by Los Angeles Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine. He has also written several books, including The MindBody Workbook. This article has been viewed 200,376 times.

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The content of this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always contact your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional before starting, changing, or stopping any kind of health treatment.

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Getting a good night’s sleep with hip can be difficult, but you can keep yourself from tossing and turning by finding the right position and developing a healthy sleep routine. To reduce the pressure on your hip as you sleep, draw your knees up toward your body as you sleep on your side and place a pillow between your legs. Doing this will help keep your hips, pelvis, and spine better aligned. If it doesn’t feel better immediately, don’t give up! Try experimenting with the placement of the pillow until you’re sleeping better. In addition to positioning yourself, consider switching to a firm mattress for extra support. To make yourself fall asleep sooner, spend a few hours before bed unwinding by lowering the lights, playing ambient music, or taking a warm shower. For more help from our co-author, like how to manage your hip pain with exercise, read on!

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How To Sleep With Hip Pain | Hip Pain At Night

If you’ve been struggling with hip pain, you might might be finding it difficult to sleep comfortably. But don’t let joint pain and aches get in the way of the rest we all need! We are here to help with a number of simple and practical ways to alleviate nighttime hip pain and keep you well rested.

Dealing With Hip Pain At Night

For those who battle chronic hip pain, there are a number of strategies that can provide comfort and pain relief throughout the night, making it possible to enjoy a more peaceful, restorative night’s sleep.

Adjust Your Sleeping Position

The hip is a sensitive pressure point. If you place too much weight on it, it may increase your feelings of stiffness or soreness. For those who have hip pain on just one side of their body, side sleeping can be a good option; just be sure to sleep on the opposite side (so, if your left hip is what’s hurting you, put your weight on the right one). An even better option is to sleep on your back, which keeps either of your hips from bearing too much strain. A knee pillow can also be used to ensure proper hip alignment.

Use Pillows to Your Advantage

Pillow placement can be a crucial way to ease the weight on sore, tender hips, helping to alleviate pain. For back sleepers, in particular, a wedge-shaped pillow can be placed under the lower back or below the knees. This helps slightly elevate the hips and reduce the pressure placed on them. For side sleepers, a pillow can be placed under or between the knees. Again, the aim is simply to ensure the sensitive hip isn’t pushed into the mattress, and that it isn’t under too much pressure. If you don’t have a pillow that’s the correct size, even a folded-up blanket or towel may work.

Ensure You Have The Correct Mattress

A pressure-relieving mattress can also be important. While there are many types of mattresses for pain relief, memory foam is often the best choice, as it allows the hip to sink into the mattress without getting bunched-up or jammed with pressure.

Something else to look for when searching for a pressure-relieving mattress is targeted or zoned support; mattresses with targeted ergonomic support are specifically designed to evenly distribute body weight, ensuring your sensitive hips don’t bear the brunt of it.

If you’re unable to get a new mattress, a mattress topper can help, adding a little additional padding to your current bed. This can be a great way to rehabilitate an older, used mattress and make it more hip-friendly.

Stretch Before Sleeping

Another way to alleviate hip pain is through some light stretching before bedtime. For example, consider a hip flexor stretch: Get into a lunge position, place your hands on your hips, and move your pelvis and torso forward until you feel the muscles stretching down in your hips.

Another helpful stretch is the butterfly stretch. Sit on the floor, bend your knees, and place the soles of your feet together. Bring your heels as close to your body as you can, and use your elbows to push your knees downward. These are just a couple of stretches that can help remove some of the pressure and tension in your hips, potentially helping you get comfortable before bedtime.


Dealing With Hip Pain During The Day

While the right nighttime habits are important, there are also some strategies that will allow you to minimize nighttime hip pain, starting earlier in the day. Use these tips to get a head start on pain management.

Get Good Exercise

Daily physical activity is recommended, but for those who live with hip pain, it’s important to choose your exercise carefully. High-impact activities, which can include running, jumping, or even hiking on rocky or uneven terrain, put a lot of strain on your joints, and can inflame hip pain. Low-impact, less strenuous exercises may be better. Try some basic stretching, like yoga; taking a moderately-paced walk; or swimming.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Nutrition is another key component in reducing hip pain. For starters, eating a sound diet can help you lose weight, which leads to less pressure on your joints throughout the day. Nuts, seeds, colorful fruits, root vegetables, and whole grains all include nutrients that strengthen the joints. There are also certain foods that can help prepare your mind and body for sleep, such as fatty fish, nuts, rice, perhaps even a small glass of milk.

During the Workday

During your workday, good posture is key. When sitting, avoid crossing your legs; instead, make sure you have a chair that allows you to keep your hips, knees, and feet aligned. Keep your knees lower than your hips, potentially sitting on a cushion to help achieve this. Jobs that require standing all day can be tough on the joints, but taking breaks to sit down may help. Walking around, stretching, and changing positions may also help alleviate pain in the hip.

Common Causes of Hip Pain at Night

For those who struggle with chronic pain in their hips, there could be any number of potential causes. Three of the most common causes of nighttime hip pain include bursitis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Your joints are surrounded by small, fluid-filled sacs, called bursae, which exist to cushion the joints from nearby bones and muscles. Bursitis is a condition in which these bursae become inflamed, something that tends to happen either near the elbow, shoulder, or hip.

Usually, the root cause of this condition is repetitive motion that places too much pressure on the joints. Tasks that involve kneeling (for example, to clean the floor) may cause bursitis of the hips, resulting in swollen joints, pain, and stiffness. Usually, bursitis will go away following a few weeks of rest from those high-pressure activities.


Osteoarthritis is a condition that involves the erosion of cartilage, which normally provides an important cushion around bones and joints. This condition can lead to pain in any joint, but osteoarthritis of the hip can be especially disruptive to sound sleep.

Osteoarthritis is a “wear and tear” disease, usually brought on by age but possibly compounded by obesity or by joint injuries. The best way to treat the condition is to stay active, try to maintain a healthy body weight, and talk with a doctor about potential pain remedies. Note that, while the pain associated with this condition can be managed, the damage done to joints is irreversible.

RELATED: Sleeping With Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which means the body attacks healthy cells as if they are foreign invaders. Specifically, rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints, and can cause severe and lasting hip pain. Stiffness, swelling, tenderness, and pain are all hallmarks of rheumatoid arthritis.

The specific causes of the disease are as yet unknown. However, risk for rheumatoid arthritis increases with age. Arthritis medications can help mediate the pain, and light exercise may also prove helpful.


Hip pain can happen for many different reasons, and often, one of its most serious effects is to disrupt your sleep patterns. Even chronic hip conditions can be managed through the right combination of healthy daytime habits and a smart bedtime routine, including the use of the right mattress and the correct sleeping position. A careful approach can lead to lasting hip pain relief, and to a greater likelihood of uninterrupted sleep.

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Andrew is a Charlotte, NC native who learned the importance of a good night’s sleep in college after too many late nights in the library. Today, he helps connect Mattress Clarity’s array of resources with people looking to get a better night’s sleep. He enjoys researching the links between sleep and health, nutrition, and exercise as well as finding practical ways for people to improve their sleep quality.

A Guide to Better Sleep With Hip Pain

Sleeping with hip pain can be difficult and troublesome. If you or your loved one suffers from hip pain, you are likely aware of how it can disrupt your sleep. In this article, we will discuss some of the causes of hip pain and how hip pain contributes to disturbed sleep. We will also hear from medical experts about ways to sleep better with hip pain.

Note: The content on Sleepopolis is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldn’t take the place of medical advice and supervision from your healthcare provider. If you feel you may be suffering from any sleep disorder or medical condition, please see a trained medical professional.

Hip Pain and Sleep

According to a 2012 study in the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, hip pain can impair sleep. In addition, less than six hours of sleep can make the pain worse, since the restorative benefits of sleep are necessary to help ease hip pain. (1) All the more reason to learn some ways to improve sleep even in the presence of hip pain.

Dr. Jason Loth of Spine Align says hip pain can inhibit your quality of sleep. He says that hip pain may cause some folks to be unable to sleep in their preferred position, such as the side. For side sleepers with hip pain, Dr. Loth encourages them to consider switching to their back to prevent pressure on the hip. However, Dr. Keith Poorbaugh, owner of Northern Edge Physical Therapy, cautions that “most people suffering from hip pain are middle-aged adults (35-55). This is the same age group suffering from sleep apnea (OSA) which is aggravated with sleeping on the back.”

Dr. Poorbaugh notes that you should be able to find a comfortable position to sleep in, no matter what underlying condition is causing your pain. He says your goal should be to find a position in which your hips are centered and relaxed. Sleep aids may help with this, but he emphasizes the importance of finding the right mattress to suit your chosen position, which we’ll cover ahead. The US Department of Veteran Affairs says that the position you choose should align your hips with your shoulders and ears. (2)

Waking up in the night is a common complaint with folks suffering from hip pain. For instance, a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that hip pain caused participants to awake at night, resulting in a diminished quality of sleep. (3) If your sleep is disturbed by hip pain, Dr. Poorbaugh suggests simple exercises to get the hips moving can improve blood flow and reduce joint irritability. He suggests movements like hip wiggles and squeezes which can be done on the side or lying on your back.

Hip pain can make falling and staying asleep difficult. A 2012 study in Arthritis Care and Research found that women with hip pain were most likely to experience fragmented sleep after the first two hours of sleep in the night. (4) One reason hip pain may worsen is a lack of distraction. In a 2010 Arthritis Care & Research study, researchers found that patients with hip pain were more aware of discomfort and pain throughout the night. The lack of distraction from daytime activities caused them to focus more on the pain. (5)

According to Ben Tanner, physician assistant and founder of FastingWell, while there are multiple causes for hip pain, the two most common are due to osteoarthritis (OA) and bursitis, specifically hip bursitis (also known as trochanteric bursitis).

How to Sleep Better With Hip Pain

Now let’s look at a few tips from medical experts on how to sleep better with hip pain. Not all of these may apply to you, but we hope you’ll find a tip that works for you.

Stretch and Strengthen Your Muscles

Dr. Mikulsky recommends stretching your thigh and hip flexor muscles to reduce stress on the hip joints. She says: “Maintaining proper core and hip strength can reduce undue pressure on soft tissue structures.” Dr. Loth agrees, saying that some ways you can stretch and strengthen your muscles is through yoga and Pilates. If group exercise is not an option, Dr. Poorbaugh suggests exercises to strengthen the primary supporting muscles for the hip, gluteal muscles. The gluteal muscles are the rotator cuff of the hip so exercises must involve lateral (sideways) and rotation so consider lateral shuffle or side lunges.

Use an Ice or Heat Pack

Dr. Mikulsky also recommends using an ice pack on the painful area for 10 minutes before bedtime to help reduce inflammation. Dr. Loth notes that you should never use an ice pack more than 20 minutes at a time, as it could damage your nerves.

If your hip pain is not inflamed, Dr. Loth suggests using a heat pack on the painful area. It can increase blood flow, which loosens your muscles and joints. If you do not have a heat pack, he says a hot shower or jacuzzi will also provide the same effect.

Sleep with an Extra Pillow

Ben Tanner says side sleepers may want to consider putting a pillow between their knees, as he says this could help keep your hips aligned and reduce strain on their hip joint. If you’re lying on your back, Dr. Mikulsky says you should place a pillow behind your knees to reduce tension on your lower back and hip muscles. Sleep expert Dr. Pietro Luca Ratti of WhatAsleep agrees, saying that placing a pillow behind your lower back and around your hips can help relieve pressure.

Choose the Best Mattress for You

Dr. Loth says that it is essential to have a high quality, supportive mattress. He says that sleeping on a worn out mattress will cause the mattress to sag. If this happens, your hips will not be supported properly, and your pain could worsen. When choosing the best mattress for hip pain, Ben Tanner says to consider a mattress with extra padding, especially if you sleep on your side. He says side-sleepers will want something softer since their hips may be digging into the mattress.


According to the Harvard Medical School, exercise is one of the best ways to mitigate hip pain. They recommend creating a 30 minute routine in which you perform one or more of the following exercises:

  • Swimming
  • Abdominal curls
  • Leg lifts
  • Crunches
  • Lifting hand weights (6)

Talk with Your Doctor

You may want to speak with your doctor about treatment beyond pain management. A 2020 study in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders found that a multidisciplinary treatment approach that reduces pain, improves mental health, and addresses emotional problems were shown to help patients suffering from sleep disturbances as a result of hip pain. (7) Dr. Ratti agrees, saying that speaking with your doctor may help you discover ways to sleep better in spite of your pain.

The CDC cautions you to discuss the risks and benefits of medications you might take to manage your hip pain at night. They recommend asking about non-opioid options. If you are planning to take opioids, they recommend having a conversation with your doctor to discuss preventing opioid addiction and overdose. (8)

Last Word From Sleepopolis

We hope you have learned more about the relationship between hip pain and sleep. Keep in mind that stretching muscles, using the right mattress, and sleeping with an extra pillow between your knees are all ways you can mitigate sleeplessness as a result of hip pain. Please remember that we are not medical experts, so be sure to speak with your healthcare provider if you have any medical questions.


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Tips to Position Yourself for Pain-Free Sleep

By Mary Anne Dunkin

Restful sleep is important to almost every aspect of your health — including managing your pain and your arthritis. Yet pain from arthritis can make getting to sleep and staying asleep difficult. Finding ways to ease pressure on your painful joints is key.

Experts recommend you start by taking a closer look at what you sleep on — and in. If your mattress sags or has depressions where you sleep, it’s probably time for a new one — or at least to have someone rotate the one you have, says Meryl Picard, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. Sheets and pajamas should be made of smooth material (cotton, silk or microfiber) that allow you to move freely at night. Friction that inhibits movement can lead to morning stiffness, she says.

Next, look for ways to soothe sore joints. Manisha Sheth, PhD, assistant professor of occupational therapy in Southern California at West Coast University, recommends a warm bath or shower before bed. For individual joints, apply topical analgesics or microwavable hot packs. If joints are inflamed, a freezable gel pack wrapped in a towel provides cooling relief.

In addition, try this joint-by-joint guide to sleep positions and other tips to sleep with less pain. But if you have had joint surgery, ask your surgeon about any positions or movements you should avoid.


The goal is to keep your neck in a neutral position, says Picard. If you are a back sleeper, occupational therapists (OTs) recommend using a thin pillow that will keep your spine aligned while you sleep. Side sleepers should choose a taller pillow under their neck so their neck aligns with their head. An alternative, says Sheth, is to use a U-shaped travel pillow or rolled up towel to support your neck. Avoid sleeping on your stomach if you have neck pain, says Picard. “When you are truly on your stomach your head has to be rotated to the right or the left, so for people who have predominant pain in their neck, that can be really difficult.”


Align the normal curves of your back starting with a thin pillow beneath your head. For back sleepers, Picard recommends adding a pillow underneath the small of the back and another under the knees. For side sleepers, add a small pillow beneath the curve at your waist and one between your knees. Stomach sleeping isn’t recommended, but if you do it, place a thin pillow under your pelvis, or turn slightly onto your side with your lower leg bent at the hip and knee to support you, Picard says.   


Side sleepers should lie on the side that is not painful and place a thick pillow under the arm of the painful shoulder to keep it elevated. Shift the shoulder back instead of letting it slump forward if possible. When back sleeping, place a pillow under each arm. This can also be helpful for elbow pain, says Picard.

An alternative for back sleepers, says Sheth, is to sleep with a wedge under your trunk to support your upper body at 45-degree angle. Add a roll or pillow under your knees.

Wrists and hands

For pain from carpal tunnel syndrome or from wrist or hand joint arthritis, splints may be helpful for holding hands in a position that reduces pain. Picard advises having a splint fitted by an OT. “If the fit is not right, you could end up causing more pain,” she says. If hand pain with swelling is a problem at night, ask your OT about using compression gloves.


Side sleepers should lie on the hip that isn’t painful, and place one or more pillows between the legs. When lying on your back, place a pillow or rolled up blanket beneath your knees and possibly another under the small of your back. 


When sleeping on your back, place pillows beneath your knees. When sleeping on your side, place one or more pillows between your knees. Picard recommends experimenting with one, two or even three pillows to find what works for you. If you wake up in the night to find you have kicked the pillows around, simply reposition them for comfort and go back to sleep.


When gout or arthritis affects the small joints of the feet, the weight of even a bed sheet or blanket can keep you awake with pain. Picard recommends blanket lifters, which attach to the mattress over the fitted sheet but underneath the top sheet and blankets to hold them above painful feet and lower legs. For foot swelling that interferes with sleep, ask your OT about compression stockings.

While the right position can make reduce pain and help you sleep, Picard generally advises against devices that confine you to one position overnight. “If you don’t move, joints can be very stiff,” she says. “We want people to be moving around.”

Published 5/7/2021

Understanding the Link Between Sleeping Positions and Hip Pain

(Photo : pixabay)

Do you often wake up with a searing pain in your hips? In most cases, sleeping in a specific position isn’t the primary culprit behind your hip pain, but it can inevitably exacerbate the problem. Laying in your bed the wrong way for an extended period can put excessive pressure on your sore hips or throw them out of their natural alignment.

The pain can get worse when you snooze on a saggy mattress or one that doesn’t conform to the curves of your body. According to Bed Advisor, anyone who suffers from hip pain would do well by investing in a mattress specifically designed to support the hips and pillows that provide adequate support for the neck and spine.

If you’re tired of waking up in the middle of the night because your hip soreness flares up, then keep reading to learn what sleeping positions help reduce hip pain and what situations to avoid.

Side Sleeping

Sleep experts consider side sleeping to be the best position for chronic back and hip pain. The reason for this is that this position promotes natural spinal alignment, thereby exerting the least amount of pressure on the back, hips, and neck.

Of course, you should make sure that you sleep on the side of your right hip. Otherwise, you might build up pressure on your sore hip. This is also why sleep experts recommend investing a mattress for side sleepers.

Back Sleeping

If you’re the type who likes laying on your back while sleeping, then you’re in the clear as well. This sleep posture helps alleviate joint pain because weight is evenly distributed. No extra pressure is exerted on either side of your hips.

The problem, however, is that back sleeping can lead to tension in your lower back. If you experience this problem, try playing a pillow under your knees. This works wonders in maintaining the natural curve of your spine.

Stomach Sleeping

Are you a stomach sleeper? If you answered yes, then it might be time to call it quits finally. This is considered the worst sleeping position for people with hip pain. Laying on your belly for hours each night puts a ton of pressure on the front of your hips and back. You’re mainly messing up the natural alignment of your spine, so it’s no wonder why you suffer from chronic back and hip pain when sleeping on your stomach.

It could be challenging to adopt a new sleeping position, but it’s one of the best ways to bid goodbye to your hip pain. You can also try placing a flat pillow under your stomach if you’re stubborn. This helps a bit in improving spinal alignment. But for long term results, it’s still recommended to change the way you sleep.

Bottom Line

Your sleeping position may not be the root cause of your hip pain, but it can contribute to the level of discomfort you’re feeling. It’s best to educate yourself about how different sleeping positions reduce or exacerbate hip pain so you can make the necessary adjustments. If you’re a side or back sleeper but still suffer from chronic pain, perhaps it’s time to examine the quality of your mattress and consider investing in one that promotes natural spinal alignment.

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The 4 Best Cuddling & Sleeping Positions for Hip Pain

So now that you have a better understanding of your hip structure, and know at
least one possible source of your hip pain, it’s time to learn how to manage
that pain in the evening so you can actually relax.  

Here are the best sleeping positions for hip pain that I recommend to my

The 4 best cuddling & sleeping positions for hip pain

Cuddling is a great way to relieve stress, enjoy time with your partner, enjoy
a strong cocktail of your self-manufactured love chemical oxytocin, and even
alleviate some chronic pain symptoms. Still, if you suffer from hip pain for any reason, you may struggle to
cuddle comfortably or to get a good night’s sleep. 

Most of these cuddling and sleeping positions for hip pain are going to be
ones that you’re already familiar with, but they include some variations to
help you get comfortable and ease hip pain while you cuddle or fall

1. Be the little spoon

Spooning is a very common cuddling position for many couples, especially when
they’re falling asleep together. And, if you are one of the couples who enjoy
spooning then you are in luck! Spooning is one of the best sleeping positions
for hip pain.

If you have hip pain even while spooning with your partner, identify which hip
you’re having pain in while you spoon. If your hip pain is isolated to one
hip, be sure to flip over and lie down on the hip that is not causing
you pain. 

If you prefer being the little spoon, put a pillow between your legs (from
knee to ankle) while lying on your side. Elevating your top knee and keeping
your top leg parallel to your bottom leg with the pillow, helps to change your
top thigh’s angle and prevents it from dropping and tugging on the muscles
surrounding your hip. 

If you don’t prop your leg up with a pillow and it drops, it can impact the
soft tissues (such as your muscles) around your hip and pelvis. This can
trigger pain. By separating the top and bottom leg, even just slightly, you
can take away some of the stress on those muscles. 

If you don’t have an extra pillow to use, or you find sleeping that way
uncomfortable, you can instead try angling ever so slightly onto your stomach
so that your top knee rests in front of your bottom leg and your hip angle is

2. Be the big spoon

If you are the big spoon through and through, there are some helpful sleeping
positions for hip pain for you too. In fact, as the big spoon, you won’t need
a pillow at all – you can substitute your partner for one! 

While being the big spoon, simply rest your upper leg on top of your partner’s
leg. Make sure you are actually relaxing while doing this. This position will
help to relieve some of the tension in your leg and will ease your hip pain as

3. Try half-spooning

The half spoon is another one of the best sleeping positions for hip pain. If
you aren’t sure what I am referring to, don’t worry. I’m here to explain it!

One partner will be lying on their back to perform this cuddling position, and
the other one will be on their side facing their partner, similar to a
traditional spooning position. 

The partner lying on their side will rest their head on the crook of the other
partner’s arm, and can rest their own arm on their partner’s chest.  

The partner lying on their back can wrap their arm around their partner and
lie in whatever position is comfortable for them. 

If lying on your side doesn’t work, even with modifications, then choose to be
the partner lying on their back. 

If you still have hip pain on your back, then try putting a pillow or two
under the back of your knees to lift your legs slightly and release some
tension on the hip flexor muscles. 

If you are the partner that is lying on your side, then just make sure you are
lying on the hip that does not cause you pain. Then, drape your top leg across
your partner’s body. Just like in the examples above, this will elevate your
upper leg enough to relieve some of the pull on the soft tissues in your

4. Rest your head on your partner’s chest

Resting your head on your partner’s chest while they are lying on their back
is one of the most comfortable cuddling or sleeping positions for hip pain.
Much like in the half-spoon cuddling position, one partner will lie on their
side and the other will lie on their back. 

The partner on their back can choose a position that works well for them, and
if you struggle with hip pain when lying on your side, it will work best for
you to be in this position. 

The partner lying with their head on their partner’s chest will essentially be
in the half-spoon position, but will be slightly lower so that their head
rests on their partner’s chest instead of their partner’s arm. 

This position allows you to also elevate your top leg by laying your leg
across the top of your partner’s legs. 

So there you have it! You can be the big spoon, little spoon, or a combination
of the two (a human spork?) – and still find a comfortable sleeping position
for hip pain. 

As I mentioned before, however, simply managing your hip pain at night or
while cuddling will not correct the cause of your hip pain in the first

Don’t just react to hip pain – prevent it

Chronic hip pain doesn’t have to last forever. While finding the best cuddling
and sleeping positions for hip pain can help relieve your pain (or at least
make you comfortable enough to fall asleep and enjoy cuddling with your
partner) it is only a temporary solution. 

One of the most effective ways to address hip pain when cuddling or sleeping
is to find the cause of that pain and manage it. Often, there is a
common root cause to hip, back and knee pain: tight hip flexor muscles. Fortunately, if that’s the case, there are
several easy things that you can do to address the issue. 

First, you should get an evaluation from a medical professional, like a
physical therapist, to help come up with a treatment plan that fits your
needs. Within that treatment plan, they may recommend that you begin to
implement some hip flexor stretches
to target tight iliopsoas muscles as well as muscle release techniques.  

Some stretching techniques can be beneficial to tight hip flexor muscles, but
the best way to release your iliacus or psoas muscles is to use targeted
muscle release, involving direct, prolonged pressure. Unfortunately, the
iliacus and psoas are hard muscles to reach. 

While your physical therapist can reach your iliacus and psoas muscles to
apply pressure to them during a session, your muscles need more attention
between appointments if you want to see results. 

Most standard massage or muscle release tools can’t access the iliacus or
psoas muscles. That’s why I invented the Hip Hook – a psoas release and iliacus release tool, and
Hip Flexor Release Ball
– a gentler way to release the psoas and address tension in the back of the

Paying careful attention to the tightness of your hip flexor muscles is one of
the best preventative measures anyone can take to ensure that they can enjoy
cuddling and sleeping without hip pain. Because relaxing with another human
really is the good stuff.

Keeping your hip flexors muscles healthy and happy is a long-term journey, and
it’s completely worth it. If you need some relief in the meantime, my list of
the best sleeping positions for hip pain should help you find it. 

FAQ about hip pain when sleeping

Can a body pillow help with hip pain?

It can, and a human body pillow works just as well! If you’re a side sleeper,
spooning another human (or a body pillow) allows you to keep your top leg
elevated, reducing muscle tension on your top hip joint and compression on
your bottom hip joint. But at some point, you may want to address the root
cause of that hip pain and look at what you’re with your body during waking,
non-cuddling hours.

How do I stop my hip from hurting when I sleep on my side?

One way is by using pillows to adjust the positioning of your body, allowing
for more natural alignment. However, addressing any underlying muscle tension
during the day may address the root cause of hip pain at night and lead to
longer-lasting results.

Best Sleeping Positions for Lower Back Pain | Reid Health

A good’s night
sleep has been said to help your health in so many ways. But what if you just
can’t seem to get a full night’s rest? On average, adults need at least 7 hours of
sleep per night for optimal health and well-being, but more than a third of American adults are not getting enough

Some people are
unable to achieve a good night’s sleep due to sleep disorders like insomnia
or sleep apnea. Other people can’t get a full night’s rest
because of musculoskeletal problems like hip or lower back pain. The good news
is that, for those who experience back pain when sleeping, sometimes finding
the right sleeping position is enough to alleviate the issue.

What causes lower back pain while sleeping?

Your back is
anchored by your spine, which is essentially a column of bones stacked atop one
another. In between each bone is a jelly-like pad called a spinal disc. Where
you sleep and the position you sleep in can affect your spinal alignment. While
you sleep, you can twist and place strain on your spinal column, which can
cause discomfort and pain. If you are sleeping on a hard surface or surface
that does not provide proper support, it can also place strain on your spinal
column and muscles.

Pain can
interfere with sleep and lack of sleep can exacerbate pain. The sooner you know
the best way to sleep with lower back pain, you can change how you’re sleeping,
reduce your pain and stop this stressful negative cycle.

What are the best sleeping positions for back pain?

On your back

The best
sleeping position for back pain is to sleep on your back. Sleeping on
your back distributes
weight evenly across your spinal column, reducing strain and pressure on specific
areas of your spine. Sleeping on your back is also the best position to relieve
hip pain when sleeping, for the same reason – removing pressure on your hips.

On your side

isn’t always possible—or best—for everyone. Back-sleeping can aggravate snoring
and sleep apnea and should be avoided by pregnant women. The second best sleeping position for lower
back pain is to sleep on your side with your knees at a slight bend.


For some
people, lying flat exacerbates their back pain, and they can only find relief
if sleeping at a slight incline, either with their back propped up by pillows,
in a motorized bed with the back raised or in a reclined chair. If your back
pain persists for several weeks and you feel you can only achieve sleep while
sleeping in a reclined position, you may have a more serious spinal condition,
such as spondylolisthesis, and should talk to your doctor.

What are some other tips for how to sleep with lower back pain?

Add a pillow

If you find it
uncomfortable to sleep flat on your back, try placing a pillow behind your
knees. Elevating the knees can help achieve the natural curvature of the spine
and increase your level of comfort.

If you’re
sleeping on your side and feel like having your knees stacked creates extra
pressure or is painful, try placing a pillow between your knees. A pillow
between the knees raises your upper leg and supports the natural alignment of
the spine, pelvis and hips.

Change your sleeping surface

If you’re
experiencing back pain while sleeping it is possible that your sleeping surface
may be too firm or too soft. If your mattress is too soft, it won’t provide
enough support for your body to maintain its natural alignment and can create
extra stress or pain. If your mattress is too hard, it can be painful at
contact points like your hips, knees and shoulders. Adding a mattress topper or
purchasing a mattress with the right amount of support may help address back
and hip pain.

When should I see a doctor about lower back pain?

It’s important
to remember you may need to do more than change your sleeping habits to address
your back pain. If you are unable to find how to sleep with back pain by
changing your sleeping position alone, you may need to see a doctor.

Typically, back
pain should resolve within one week. If you have been experiencing back pain
for longer than four to six weeks that is affecting your ability to sleep, you
should make an appointment with your doctor. An orthopedic
surgeon has special training in bones, muscles and joints and will be
able to evaluate the alignment of your spine. They may order X-rays or other
tests to diagnose the cause of your back pain and provide you with a treatment

You do not need
to live in pain and without quality sleep. Your doctor can help you
find relief from your pain and achieve healthy sleep.

90,000 Sleep positions and their health implications – healthy positions. BlueSleep blog

Digestion, pains in different parts of the body and much more depend on how you sleep. Let’s take a look at the three most common bed positions.

When we do yoga or lift weights in the gym, we pay close attention to our posture to avoid injury and get the most out of the exercise.

It is worth transferring this approach to nighttime, because the amount and quality of sleep affects everything from the brain to the intestines.Have you noticed that when you do not get enough sleep, the energies in you are like in a sloth? But if you spend the recommended seven to eight hours in bed and still feel unwell in the morning, you should take a closer look at what you do with your body after you turn off the lights.

Benefits of sleeping on the left side

Researchers have found that this posture has the most beneficial effects on well-being. This is because the arrangement of internal organs is not as symmetrical as our outer shell.

Pictured bedding set Blue Sleep

If you suffer from constipation, lazy bowel syndrome, or other gastrointestinal problems, lie on your left side and use gravity. Thanks to it, while you sleep, waste will flow unhindered through the ascending, transverse, and then descending colon and will be ready for your morning cleansing ritual.

Benefits of sleeping on the side:

  • Facilitates digestion. Waste from the small intestine enters the large intestine through the ileocecal valve, which is located in the lower right part of the abdomen. If he is on top during sleep, movement will be more natural.

  • Decreases heartburn. Modern research supports Ayurvedic ideas that sleeping on the right side increases the likelihood of heartburn. It is assumed that when we lie on our left side, the stomach and its juices remain lower than the esophagus.

  • Improves brain function.
    Surprisingly, not only our intestines, but also our head need to cleanse waste. The lateral position helps to remove temporary bonds that have accumulated over the course of the day, which reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases.

  • Reduces snoring and apnea. The position on the side keeps the tongue from entering the throat and blocking the airways. If changing position does not alleviate the situation, it is better to see a doctor.

  • Possible Cons:

  • Shoulder pain. For prophylaxis, you can change the side on which you sleep.

  • Discomfort in the jaw. If you have temporomandibular joint problems, pressure on the jaw while sleeping can lead to inflammation.

Instruction from a specialist:

1. Measure from neck to end of shoulder and find a pillow high enough to keep your head and neck in line with your spine.

2. To prevent heartburn and allow gravity to do its dirty work, fall asleep on your left side.If the left shoulder bothers for any reason, you can replace it with the right one.

3. Place a firm pillow between your knees and hug another to support your spine.

4. Keep your arms parallel to each other at or below your face.

Benefits of Back Sleeping

Pictured is a Blue Sleep mattress with micro springs and a combination of foams and a branded

The classic posture supports the spine in a natural position, relieves pressure from the shoulder and jaw, which prevents all kinds of pain.Indications for sleeping on the back:

  • hip or knee pain

  • arthritis,

  • bursitis,

  • fibromyalgia,

  • nasal congestion or runny nose.

Instruction from a specialist:

1. Place one pillow under your knees to provide the best support for your spine and protect your lower back.

2. Sleep with arms and legs spread apart like a goalkeeper. This will distribute your weight evenly and avoid putting pressure on your joints. Plus, this pose will help keep yourself in place if you’re just getting used to sleeping on your back.

3. Choose a pillow that will support the natural curve of your neck. If your chin tilts unnecessarily towards your chest, look for a lower model. Additional cushions on the sides will also help to maintain the desired position.

4. Are you prone to heartburn? Use a wedge-shaped pillow or raise the headboard 15 centimeters using the props. It can also help with nasal congestion, headaches and excessive facial tension.

Sleeping on your stomach is a bad idea

We found advantages in the side and back poses, but sleeping on the stomach has more disadvantages than advantages.This position often causes back pain: the bulk of our body is concentrated in the abdomen and creates an incorrect load on the spine. The only thing that justifies the belly position is that it keeps the airways as open as possible. But it is still better to prefer the option on the side.

Instruction from a specialist:

If you can’t retrain yourself to sleep in a different position, these tips will keep the harm to a minimum.

1. Use a flat pillow or not at all. But additional support under the pelvis will not hurt to relieve pressure.

2. Alternate turning your head in different directions to avoid neck stiffness.

3. Do not bend your legs to the sides – this will only increase the harmful effect on your back.

4. Avoid tucking your hands under your head and pillow: Risk of numbness in the hands, tingling, pain or irritation of the shoulder joints.It is better to spread them on the sides, as already advised above.

All this talk probably made you want to take a nap. Get some rest – try our tips now to improve your sleep quality. All of these issues may not be as important if you sleep on a quality orthopedic mattress such as Blue Sleep . Try it yourself!

Total Hip Replacement Surgery | ortoped-klinik.com

Information: Total hip arthroplasty

  • Length of hospital stay: 5 days
  • Inpatient rehabilitation in Germany: 14-21 days
  • Earliest flight home: 12-14 days
  • Postoperative follow-up: X-rays after 6 months after surgery, then 12 months later
  • Duration of incapacity for work: 6 weeks

Ultrasound examination of the patient’s hip joint at the Gelenk-Klinik Orthopedic Endoprosthetics Center

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint leads to degeneration and complete destruction of the cartilage in the hip joint.This leads to pain and immobilization of the hip joint. Total hip arthroplasty is a proven method of restoring hip mobility. © Implantcast

Dr. med. Thomas Schneider, hip specialist.

Hip joint endoprosthesis

A healthy hip joint consists of a head and a socket. A circular indentation in the pelvic bone is called the acetabulum or hip socket.The spherical part of the joint is called the pineal gland.

What is a hip replacement?

Total hip replacement (Hüft-TEP) is mainly used for hip arthroplasty. In medicine, they talk about ‘implantation’ (replacement) and endoprostheses are called implants. They completely replace both bony parts of the joint – the pineal gland and the acetabulum.

A total hip joint endoprosthesis consists of a rod, which is fixed with cement or cementlessly, a movable ball – the head of the hip joint, and an acetabular implant.Head implant and acetabular implants come in a variety of diameters. Their size is selected for each patient individually. © Implantcast

There are parts between the rod and the recess, the surfaces of which slide together. A round head made of metal or ceramic is attached to a rod. It moves inside a spherical nozzle fixed in the acetabulum. This attachment can also be made of metal, ceramic or plastic (polyethylene). More on Hip Models

How is the hip joint anchored in the bone?

The shaft of the endoprosthesis is inserted into the femur.The bone is cut inside and the nail is anchored inside the bone using bone cement or cementless. Bone cement is a plastic that permanently bonds a metal rod to bone. In the case of cementless fixation, titanium prostheses with a rough surface are usually used, which allows the fusion of the prosthesis with the bone.

A total hip arthroplasty is anchored in the femur without cement or with cement. The photo shows the endoprosthesis rod with a rough surface, which facilitates the ingrowth of the endoprosthesis into the bone.© Implantcast

The curved tip is usually anchored in the bone without cement and also consists of titanium, which allows the prosthesis to fuse with the bone.

How is hip replacement surgery performed?

The choice of the way of access to the joint is very important for the outcome of the operation. Nowadays, mostly minimally invasive methods are used, which are the most gentle on tissues. This avoids long incisions, muscle flaking and extensive damage to the soft tissue surrounding the joint.Muscle groups on the side of the thigh, which are important for walking, are especially beneficial when penetrating from the back side in a minimally invasive way. This allows you to quickly start standing up and walking after surgery. Also, irritations of the joint capsule of the thigh, as well as soft tissue sclerosis, are much less common. The incision is located at the back at the level of the swimming trunks and is almost invisible, but at the same time it allows an experienced surgeon to safely perform implantation.

Total hip arthroplasty

How does the operation end?

At the end of the operation, a bandage, drainage is applied and the remaining blood parts are removed.After that, the first X-ray is taken to monitor the results of the operation and to evaluate the postoperative measures.
The location of the total hip endoprosthesis within the body. © Implantcast

In the ward, the operated leg is covered with pillows or placed in a special splint.
The movement of the patient takes place depending on the condition of the patient and with the help of a physiotherapist. The program includes walking workouts, including stair climbing. She also trains herself to carry out such daily procedures as washing, going to the toilet, putting on socks, shoes, trousers.

What happens after the surgery?

The next day after the operation, the drains are removed. Dressings are changed daily by our doctors. Initially, after the operation, patients are assigned pain relief therapy. In this case, the choice is between the latest pain relief catheters and well-absorbed medications. One day after the operation, it is allowed to get up and load the implant.

Sleeping on the operated side is allowed almost immediately, but on the opposite side during the first six weeks is not recommended.

Depending on which method of access to the joint was used, certain movements should be avoided in the first weeks in order to prevent the head of the endoprosthesis from falling out of the cavity (as a rule, the endoprosthesis fixed in the bone does not move).

A hip replacement will generally last 15 years or longer depending on the following conditions:

  • Physical activity
  • Condition and quality of bones
  • Material and shape of the prosthesis

One week after surgery, most patients are able to climb stairs with crutches.Although full loading after surgery is allowed, crutches should be used for the first 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Postoperative rehabilitation

Postoperative rehabilitation takes place permanently in a sanatorium for 3 weeks.

Permitted sports after total hip replacement surgery at:

  • cycling
  • hiking
  • Fluency (rotational movements should be avoided)
  • jogging
  • with good technique tennis and golf

When can I drive again and be able to work?

The car is not allowed to drive earlier than six weeks after the operation.

Efficiency depends directly on the profession. Most patients with a standing or walking occupation return to the workplace after 12 weeks. In other specialties, an earlier return is possible.

Prohibited sports after total hip replacement surgery at:

  • skiing (if only, then not earlier than after 1 year)
  • cross-country skiing due to the likelihood of falling
  • all contact sports
  • lifting and carrying heavy weights

What sports are permitted with a hip replacement?

With normal surgery and successful rehabilitation after 6 months, sports such as cycling, swimming (rotation should be avoided during breaststroke) and walking are possible.With good technique, tennis and golf are allowed. Some patients may even go cross-country skiing.

Carrying heavy weights should be avoided.

Which sleeping positions will relieve you of 11 common ailments

1. Back pain

To relieve back pain, the spine must be in a natural position. To do this, you need to sleep on your back or on your side. Place a pillow under your knees or between your knees. This will relieve tension in your lower back.

2. Shoulder pain

This problem can be dealt with by sleeping on the other shoulder, on your back, or on your stomach. However, there is a chance that during the night you will roll over onto your sore shoulder. You can also choose a different mattress. It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft.

3. Hip pain

To relieve hip pain, sleep on your back. In this position, the spine will straighten and the load on the hips will be reduced.

4. Neck pain

A well-fitted pillow will help get rid of neck pain.Take a few if necessary. The head should not hang down or be too high.

5. Knee pain

This problem can be caused by your feet touching each other during sleep. So place a pillow or rolled up blanket between them.

6. Snoring

To stop snoring, you need to roll over. Place two or three small pillows under your head. This will clear the nasal airways.

7. TMJ dysfunction

In case of temporomandibular joint dysfunction or other diseases of the jaw, sleep face up so that the cheeks do not touch the pillow.Excessive stress on the jaw while sleeping will only increase the pain.

8. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

This is a disease in which breathing stops for more than 10 seconds. First, consult with a specialist and find out the cause of apnea. It is possible that when you are lying on your back, your tongue sinks back, forming an obstruction. Snoring can also be a cause. Therefore, do not sleep on your back so as not to block the path of the air.

9. Heartburn

To relieve heartburn symptoms, sleep on your left side on an orthopedic pillow.

10. Wrinkles

They can appear if you always sleep on the same side of your face. Sleep on your back or alternate sides of your face to prevent wrinkles.

11. Acne

Bed linens, especially pillowcases, absorb grease and dirt from the skin. This spoils the condition of the skin. Change your underwear once a week and try to sleep on your back so that your face does not come into contact with the pillow.

Piriformis syndrome. Treatment methods.

Pain in the buttock, radiating down the leg, commonly referred to as sciatica.The most common cause of sciatica is irritation of the spinal nerves in the spine. Sometimes the effect on the nerves is located below the spine along the leg. Piriformis syndrome may be one of the possible causes. Piriformis syndrome can be quite painful, but it usually does not pose a great danger and rarely leads to the need for surgical treatment. In most cases, it is possible to cure this syndrome using conservative methods of treatment (PTO, exercise therapy, blockade).

The spinal nerves in the lumbar spine leave the spine and some of them, connecting to form the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve exits the pelvis through the foramen magnum. The piriformis muscle begins in the pelvis. It is attached to the sacrum (a triangular bone formation) located between the bones of the pelvis and at the base of the spine. The junction of the sacrum to the pelvic bones forms the ileosacral joints. The second part of the piriformis muscle is attached by a tendon to the greater trochanter of the femur.The piriformis muscle is one of a group of muscles responsible for external rotation of the thigh and leg. This means that the muscle helps to rotate the foot and leg to the side and outward.

Problems in the piriformis muscle can affect the sciatic nerve. This is because the sciatic nerve passes under the piriformis muscle (sometimes passes through the muscle) and exits the pelvis. Inflammation or spasm of the piriformis muscle can affect the sciatic nerve and cause sciatica symptoms.

Causes and symptoms

Symptoms of sciatica appear due to irritation of the sciatic nerve.It is still unclear why the piriformis muscle begins to act on the nerve. Many believe this occurs when the piriformis muscle spasms and begins to press the nerve against the pelvic bone. In some cases, the piriformis muscle is damaged by falling onto the buttocks. Bleeding in and around the muscle, as a result of injury, leads to the appearance of a hematoma. The piriformis muscle becomes inflamed and begins to press on the nerve. The hematoma gradually resolves, but the muscle spasm persists.

The muscle spasm continues to affect the nerve.As regeneration progresses, some of the muscle fibers are replaced by scar tissue, which has less elasticity, which can lead to thickening of the muscle tissue (this can also be a factor of pressure on the nerve).

Most often, piriformis syndrome is manifested by pain along the back of the thigh (in the buttock). As a rule, pain is on one side (but sometimes sensations can be on both sides). The pain can radiate to the foot, resembling the symptoms of a herniated disc of the lumbar spine.Sensory disturbances and weakness in the leg are extremely rare. Some patients may have a tingling sensation in the leg.

Patients are not comfortable sitting and try to avoid sitting. And if you have to sit down, then they raise the sore side, and do not sit unevenly.


Diagnosis begins with a medical history and physical examination by a physician. The doctor needs to find out the symptoms that cause a change in pain syndrome (load, body position).In addition, a history of trauma and concomitant pathology (eg, arthritis) is important. The doctor will then check your posture, gait, and pain location. Sensitivity and reflex activity will be tested, because sometimes it is difficult to differentiate pain emanating from the ileosacral joint from pain of vertebral origin. If you suspect an infection or disease of the joints, it is possible to prescribe laboratory tests of blood and urine.

Radiography – allows you to determine the degree of degenerative changes in the ileosacral joints and in the spine.

MRI allows more detailed visualization of morphological changes in the pelvic area and in the spine. There is also a special examination technique called neurography that allows you to visualize the nerves. This becomes possible with the presence of special programs on the MRI computers and allows you to see the zones of irritation along the nerve.

Radioisotope scanning is necessary in cases of suspicion of an infectious or oncological disease.
The most reliable way to diagnose piriformis syndrome is by injecting an anesthetic into the muscle.The introduction is best done under the guidance of X-ray or CT. The disappearance of pain after injection of local anesthetic into the muscle is a confirmation of the diagnosis of piriformis syndrome.


In general, conservative methods of treatment are used. In some cases, the symptomatology disappears by itself, and the doctor only monitors the patient’s condition.

Drug treatment. As a rule, this is the appointment of anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and other drugs in this group).

Physiotherapy. Various physiotherapeutic procedures are used (ultrasound, UHF, electrophoresis, etc.) in order to relieve the spasm of the piriformis muscle.

Manual therapy and massage. Special techniques of deep impact on the muscles allow you to restore the elasticity of the piriformis muscle.

exercise therapy. The goal of exercise is to stretch the spasmodic piriformis muscle. In the future, exercise is necessary to strengthen muscle groups and prevent the appearance of the syndrome.

Blockade. The injection of local anesthetic into the muscle can block pain, and the combination with a steroid (dexazone) can reduce inflammation.

Botox treatment. In some cases, Botox is injected into the piriformis muscle. But the effect only lasts for a few months.

Diseases of the carotid arteries

Carotid arteries

Diseases of the carotid arteries occur when the forming atherosclerotic plaques partially or completely block their lumen.The carotid arteries are paired vessels that supply blood to the head and brain.

The carotid arteries are paired vessels that are located in the neck and provide blood flow to the brain.

Narrowing of the lumen of the carotid arteries due to the formation and growth of atherosclerotic plaques reduces the volume of blood flowing to the brain and increases the risk of stroke.


Since atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries develop slowly and are often asymptomatic, the first clinical manifestations of this disease may be a stroke (acute cerebrovascular accident) or a transient ischemic attack (TIA), sometimes called a microstroke.

Treatment of atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries usually includes a set of measures, such as lifestyle changes, drug therapy and, in some cases, surgical treatment (open surgery or stenting).

In the early stages, atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries are usually asymptomatic. You and your doctor may not know about the existence of a narrowing of the carotid artery until an acute disturbance of cerebral blood supply develops as the first and very formidable manifestation of the disease.

Clinical manifestations of stroke or transient ischemic attack may include:

  • Sudden feeling of numbness or weakness in the face or limbs, usually on one side.
  • impaired speech or understanding
  • Sudden visual impairment in one or both eyes
  • dizziness or loss of balance
  • sudden unreasonable severe headache

If you have risk factors for the development of atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries, you should consult your doctor.Your doctor may order an examination to determine the condition of these vessels. Even if you don’t have clinical symptoms of the disease, your doctor may recommend a number of measures to reduce the severity of risk factors and reduce the likelihood of stroke.

Seek urgent medical attention when you have symptoms of a transient ischemic attack or stroke.

Even if the duration of symptoms is short, usually less than an hour, but possibly longer, tell your doctor right away.The appearance of these symptoms indicates that you have suffered a transient ischemic attack – a short-term decrease in blood flow to the brain. The presence of transient ischemic attacks is the most important sign that you have a high risk of developing a stroke if preventive measures are not taken on time.
A timely visit to your doctor increases your chances that atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries will be identified and treated before an acute cerebrovascular accident develops.

A transient ischemic attack may also indicate a decrease in blood flow through other blood vessels of the brain. To clarify the diagnosis, your doctor will prescribe the necessary examination.

Make sure family and close friends are aware of the clinical manifestations of stroke and that it is important to act quickly if they do.


Over time, the walls of the carotid arteries can become thickened, their lumen narrowed due to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which leads to a decrease in the volume of blood flowing through them.Atherosclerotic plaques consist of accumulations of cholesterol, calcium, elements of fibrous tissue and cell debris that penetrate into the artery wall through microscopic damage to the inner lining and form an atherosclerotic plaque in the area of ​​which a blood clot (thrombus) can form.

Normal, healthy carotid arteries, like other normal arteries, are soft and flexible and allow blood to flow freely. If you put your finger on either side of the Adam’s Apple, you can feel the pulsation of the carotid arteries.The carotid arteries provide oxygen and nutrients to the cortex and other vital structures in the brain.

Risk factors

Factors affecting arteries and increasing the risk of damage, plaque formation and disease are:

  1. High blood pressure. High blood pressure is the most important factor in the development of atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries.Exposing the artery wall to high pressure weakens it and makes it more susceptible to damage.
  2. Smoking. Nicotine irritates the inner lining of blood vessels, and also promotes an increase in heart rate and an increase in blood pressure.
  3. Age. With age, the arterial wall loses its elasticity and becomes more susceptible to damage.
  4. Violation of the blood lipid ratio. Elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”) and high triglyceride levels contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.
  5. Diabetes mellitus. Diabetes not only affects the ability to control blood sugar levels, but also lipid metabolism, increasing the risk of hypertension and the development of atherosclerosis.
  6. Obesity. Excess body weight increases the risk of arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus.
  7. Heredity. The presence of atherosclerosis or coronary heart disease in relatives significantly increases the risk of atherosclerotic lesions.
  8. Sedentary lifestyle. Lack of physical activity contributes to the development of arterial hypertension, obesity and diabetes mellitus.

Often, the listed risk factors are present in combination, thereby increasing the degree of risk.


Atherosclerotic plaque

The most dangerous complication of atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries is stroke. There are various mechanisms to increase the risk of stroke:

  1. Decreased blood flow. The carotid arteries may be so narrowed by atherosclerotic lesions that they are unable to provide an adequate blood supply to the brain.
  2. Rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque. Particles of atherosclerotic plaque can break off and enter the smaller vessels of the brain with the blood flow, blocking the lumen of these arteries and blocking the blood supply to the area of ​​the brain that feeds on this vessel.
  3. Thrombus formation. The surface of some atherosclerotic plaques may rupture with the formation of an uneven ulcerated surface. When this happens, the body’s response is to attract platelets to the rupture site and form a blood clot (thrombus). Large blood clots can partially or completely block the lumen of an artery, thereby obstructing blood flow and causing a stroke.

The consequences of a stroke can be the formation of a focus of brain damage and dysfunction of organs, in particular paralysis of the limbs.In severe cases, stroke can be fatal.

Stroke or transient ischemic attack is often the first manifestation of atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries and is a medical emergency. If you or your loved ones have symptoms of impaired blood supply to the brain, you should urgently seek medical help. Do not try to get to the hospital yourself.

Symptoms of concern:

  • Sudden feeling of numbness or weakness in the face or limbs, often on one side;
  • impaired speech or understanding;
  • Sudden visual impairment in one or both eyes;
  • dizziness or loss of balance;
  • sudden unreasonable severe headache;

Diagnostic Methods

After collecting anamnesis, identifying risk factors and characteristic symptoms, the doctor may conduct an additional examination, including:

  • Physical examination, during which the doctor can use a phonendoscope to detect a murmur over the carotid artery in the neck, which indicates a narrowing of the artery.The doctor can also conduct a neurological examination assessing your physical and mental status, for example, assess the strength in the limbs, the ability to memorize oral speech.
  • Ultrasound examination. Doppler ultrasound is the most common non-invasive method for assessing the condition of the carotid arteries. This is a variant of a conventional ultrasound examination that evaluates blood flow velocity, pressure and can detect narrowing of the lumen of the arteries due to changes in these indicators.
  • Computed angiography. This procedure is performed using a contrast agent to isolate arterial vessels. The drug is administered intravenously. When it reaches your carotid arteries, a series of X-rays of the neck and brain are taken from different views.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging. Similar to computed tomography, using this method, it is possible to visualize brain tissue and identify foci of brain damage in the early stages or the presence of another pathology.
  • Angiography. Is a more “sensitive” invasive research method. However, nowadays it is used less and less due to the existing risk of stroke during the procedure. During the study, X-rays are taken of the arterial vessels supplying the brain with preliminary intra-arterial injection of a contrast agent.


The purpose of the treatment of atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid arteries is to prevent the development of stroke.The choice of the method of treatment depends on the degree of narrowing of the lumen of the artery.

Slightly and moderately pronounced narrowing.

In the presence of moderately pronounced narrowing of the carotid arteries, the following recommendations may be sufficient for the prevention of stroke:

  • Lifestyle changes. Healthy lifestyle changes can help reduce damage to the wall of the carotid arteries and slow the progression of atherosclerotic disease. These changes include quitting smoking, losing weight, eating a healthy diet, reducing salt intake, and exercising regularly.
  • Treatment of concomitant chronic diseases. At the same time, it is necessary to treat such concomitant diseases as arterial hypertension, obesity and diabetes mellitus.
  • Prescribing drugs. Your doctor may prescribe you daily aspirin or other antiplatelet drugs to reduce the risk of blood clots. It can also be recommended therapy aimed at correcting blood pressure (ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers) and lipid profile correction – taking statins.

Pronounced narrowing of the carotid arteries.

If there is a pronounced narrowing of the lumen of the carotid artery, and especially in combination with an already suffered transient ischemic attack or stroke in the area of ​​the blood supply of this artery, surgical treatment is indicated aimed at eliminating this narrowing.

There are two methods of surgical correction:

Carotid endarterectomy

  1. Open surgery – carotid endarterectomy. This treatment is the most common treatment for severe narrowing of the carotid arteries. The intervention is performed under general anesthesia and consists in removing the atherosclerotic plaque through a small incision in the carotid artery. At the end, the carotid artery is either simply sutured, or plastic is performed using a synthetic patch. Numerous studies have shown that performing surgery significantly reduces the risk of stroke.
  2. Endovascular treatment methods – angioplasty and stenting of the carotid arteries.
    These methods of treatment are recommended to be performed when it is impossible to perform an open intervention due to the localization and length of the narrowing, as well as in persons with severe concomitant pathology and a high risk of complications during the operation. The operation consists in introducing a special balloon into the lumen of the artery and using it to eliminate the narrowing of the lumen, then a small metal frame (stent) is installed in this zone, which will support the diameter of the lumen of the artery. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Balloon angioplasty

Stent placement

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Rules of the Truth or Dare Game

The game was conceived for large and noisy companies, but great for any number of people.

  • In a circle, by lot or using a bottle, the player is given a choice.You must choose Truth or Dare.
  • When choosing “true”, you need to honestly answer the tricky and dangerous question of other players. Anything can be conceived here.
  • If preferred, “action” must do some crazy and funny act that other players have in mind.
  • Discuss the rules of the game in advance to avoid misunderstandings. You can take it as a rule that you cannot choose one task more than two times in a row. If you have chosen “truth” twice, then the third time you have to choose “action.”
  • Discuss what questions should not be asked if you have any taboos. Where will the actions take place? Can other players be involved in the implementation? What not to do and what is the scope of the fun?
  • Try to ask questions and actions that will cheer you up, rather than embarrass or upset you. Choose tasks that are far from troubles and other problems. The player can always refuse something if it does not suit him. Truth or Dare is designed to have fun, movement and improve the relationships of the participants.Remember this.

The Truth or Dare game helps you to find out your sympathy for each other and to open up better. It is perfect for noisy companies and romantic one-on-one evenings. You can even play this game online or by correspondence.

List of questions for the game “Truth or Dare”

The player chose “Truth”? So you need to come up with something tricky, and then find out from the player. The game asks delicate, piquant, frank and even vulgar questions. What is enough imagination.

Anyone can ask this question to embarrass or taunt another player. You can use the information that you already know, or vice versa, find out secrets, secrets and skeletons in the closet.

For friends – this is an opportunity to have fun, and for lovers to get to know each other better. Find out the details of your personal life and flirt, ask spicy and candid questions. When you play together, a guy and a girl, then you can choose questions that are more provocative, vulgar and even indecent.

When thinking up the next question, try to be tactful so as not to offend the player. Your task is to cheer everyone up, not to piss off or ruin the party. Come up with kind, but tricky and cool questions.

What questions can you ask for Truth or Dare? We have compiled a list of questions for playing online for those guys and girls who are not afraid to seem funny. These questions can be tweaked a bit if the player doesn’t like the task or question.

Ann Danilina, Unsplash

If it is difficult with imagination or you like surprises, then the players name any random number, and the presenter finds an example in the list and reads it aloud.You can choose any random number from 1 to 450 for questions and assignments. Any of the players can choose a random number for the leader.

1. What part of your body is the most attractive and sexy?

2. What kind of men and women do you like? Who is the player most like the ideal?

3. What did the first date and the first kiss look like?

4. Have you met (met) married women (married men)?

5. What kind of underwear are you wearing now? What do you usually prefer to wear?

6.Who was (was) unrequitedly in love (in love)?

7. Bra size? What was the maximum and minimum?

8. What is still ashamed of?

9. Would (would) like to have a slave? Who would it be from this room?

10. How do you fall in love and seduce? What is your strategy?

11. Whom did you take (took) to the uninhabited island from those present?

12. Have you met (met) a partner with whom there was a big age difference?

13. What relationship was the most terrible and most beautiful?

14.What do you usually lie to other people about?

15. Which person would you like to go on a date with?

16. How much do you earn per month, and how much do you want?

17. What star would you marry without question?

18. Secretly falling in love with the half of your friend?

19. What part of a man’s (woman’s) body turns on the most?

20. Name 3-5 women (men) from your immediate circle whom you consider beautiful.

21. What animal does she look like in bed?

22.How would you spend (spend) a million dollars?

23. Have you been thrown in a relationship or thrown (thrown)? How it was?

24. Did you kiss other guys (girls)?

25. What is the most annoying thing about other people?

26. Did you leave (left) one partner immediately to another?

27. How many children do you want to have?

28. Would you start dating a millionaire because of his money?

29. What crazy things did (did) commit?

Damian Barczak, Unsplash

30.You only have a day to live. What will you do?

31. Do you go without underwear, bra or panties, at least sometimes?

32. Returned (returned) to the former?

33. Have you cheated (cheated) in a relationship? And you?

34. Who pisses you off the most in the room?

35. Did you fall in love with a person of your gender?

36. Which Truth or Dare player do you envy?

37. What is the sexiest thing about men and women?

38.What are you most afraid of in life?

39. Violated (violated) the law at least once in your life and how was it?

40. Who and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

41. Do you smell your clothes before putting them on?

42. Can you forgive the betrayal or change yourself (yourself)?

43. What attracts people to each other?

44. Do you sleep or walk around the apartment completely naked (naked)?

45. What are you most afraid of losing?

46. Ever wrote (wrote) to the pool or the sea?

47.What is the most embarrassing thing in life?

48. What did you do (did) if you became a girl (became a guy) for one day?

49. Do you believe in religion, aliens or miracles?

50. Would you date two halves if you could get away with it?

51. What are you dreaming about?

52. What is ready (ready) to do for 1 million dollars? Sleep, change sex, kill?

53. Did you get drunk (got drunk) until you lost consciousness and conscience?

54. Did you have to beat off other occupied halves?

55.What are your main bad habits?

56. Tell us any of your secrets and stories from the past?

57. Whom of those present would (would) like to see naked, and who would be naked (naked)? They must be different people.

58. Your darkest fantasy and dream?

59. Why are you the best guy (the best girl) in the world?

60. Why are you the worst guy (worst girl) in the world?

61. The most embarrassing thing you did (did)?

Nojan Namdar, Unsplash

62.Do you shave everywhere? Or by mood?

63. What’s the best way to seduce you?

64. Have you ever stuffed a bra or other parts?

65. What is the most attractive in your body and what is the most disgusting in you?

66. When was the last time you had an indecent dream?

67. Are you on dating sites? When was the last time you went on a date and how was it?

68. What is your dirtiest and most indecent vice?

69. Where would you get a tattoo and what exactly?

70.What would you fill if it was an intimate tattoo?

71. What words or quote would you have on your tattoo?

72. What 3 words would you use (use) until the end of the party, if others are not allowed?

73. Who would you not invite (invite) to the party next time?

74. What nicknames and nicknames did you have? What nickname would you have come up with (invented) yourself?

75. Who has the most beautiful lips in the room? Eyes, chin, hair, body, soul?

76.What is the easiest way to lure you to visit?

77. What makes you good (kind) and what makes you evil?

78. With whom of those present would you change places of life for a week and why?

79. How many times have you swore, fought or fought this week?

80. What does each of the players think of you?

81. Can you wait for your loved one as long as it takes?

82. Who is the most annoying player?

83. How old was your first time?

84.Do you like people much younger than you?

85. How much of a bad guy (bad girl) are you?

86. Whose thoughts would you like to read the most?

87. Whom would you gladly hug (hug) and whom would you gladly strangle (strangle)?

88. Is there someone you like here?

Joel Muniz, Unsplash

89. How were you betrayed or thrown in your life?

90. What is the maximum age difference that will not embarrass you in a relationship?

91.What do you think about the neighbor on the right? Appearance, character, secret desire?

92. Do you follow your ex on social networks?

93. What will you do if there is a flight in your relationship?

94. Could (could) forgive treason?

95. Whom would you take with you to a nudist beach and why?

96. Ideal age to start your family?

97. Have you thought (thought) about intimacy when many people will take part?

98. Who is the best friend of those present, and who is the worst?

99.Do you shave all parts of your body and how do you do it?

100. Who kisses the best in the room?

101. How would you take the first step in a relationship?

102. Would I have violated (violated) taboos, law, morality and principles for the sake of a loved one?

103. Whom did you betray (betray) or strongly set up?

104. Someone was leaning against you in the transport, but did you like it?

105. Is there someone secretly in love (in love) with someone?

106. What part of your body is the hottest and most attention-getting?

107.What three wishes will you make for a goldfish or gin?

108. Do you like it when they slap you on the bottom?

109. How long does it take to start trusting new friends or a soul mate?

110. Do you prefer to dominate or obey?

111. What does the ideal date look like in your opinion?

112. What did (did) in the first place, if he could (could) be invisible.

113. What would you do if for a day it turned (turned) into a woman (man)?

114.What do you regret the most in your life?

115. When was the last time you went to the toilet outside the toilet?

116. What kind of music do you like best?

117. Who do you write to most often?

118. Are you in love with someone (in love) now?

119. What do you think about marriage?

120. When was the last time you lied (lied)?

121. What was the most unpleasant thing you did (did) on a date?

122. Who of those present knows you best?

123.Could (could) be in a relationship like a Dutch family.

124. What compliments do you most often get?

125. What would you stand (stand) in line for 24 hours?

126. Favorite children’s show, cartoon, hero.

127. When was the last time you roared (roared)?

128. What are your erogenous zones?

129. Which blogger do you like? Name five.

130. Where would you like to have dinner?

131. The most stupid challenge that you have participated (has participated)?

132.How did you pick up (pick up) someone?

133. Is a kiss already treason?

134. What is the worst physical pain in life?

135. What prohibitions and taboos do you have?

136. What instantly kills interest in the second half?

137. How many selfies do you take every day approximately?

138. What is the most unsure of yourself (not sure)?

139. What can calm you down?

140. How often do flashbacks shame you after drunkenness? So what is this?

141.Tanned (sunbathed) naked or topless?

142. How long have you not taken (took) a shower in your life?

143. Where would you go (go) if there was a time machine?

144. Were you fired from your job?

145. Did you have prophetic dreams?

146. In what area do you want to be famous?

147. Who of those present during the apocalypse will die first?

148. What fictional character would you choose for yourself?

149.What does the taste of your body parts look like: lips, head, legs, arms, chest and other places?

150. What would you say (say) in the morning after casual sex, friendship sex, sex with your loved one?

Jade Scarlato, Unsplash

151. What pisses you off the most, or who?

152. What celebrity do you adore?

153. What channels are you subscribed to? Name pieces 5.

154. Favorite position in bed?

155. What is your most embarrassing dream?

156. Draw 10 emotions for 1 minute.

157. What are you expecting on the first date, on the second and on the third?

158. What qualities are you looking for in the opposite field?

159. The strangest fantasy in your life?

160. Weirdest food ever tasted?

161. What can’t you live without?

162. Did you lie (lie) about your age? What for?

163. What person do you miss, with whom you have not communicated for a long time?

164. What is the most vulgar message you have ever sent?

165.Are your parents proud of you?

166. What act would you like to not do?

167. How often do you spoil the air? What does the scent look like?

168. Do you like to receive intimate photos of strangers?

169. How do you react to the offer to engage in intimacy of the three? Who would these two be among you?

170. What is the most afraid of each of those present?

171. What prohibited was tried?

172. At what age did you start (start) watching adult films?

173.Do you drool in your sleep?

174. What would you tell (tell) everyone if you got drunk?

175. How would you spend the last month of your life?

176. How many selfies do you take to make something pretty?

177. What subject or science could (could) be a teacher?

178. What infuriates people?

179. Stable calm relationship or emotional crazy?

180. Who now wants to hit on the head among those present?

181.Who is the best flirt among you?

182. What is your most shameful hobby?

183. What indecent and adult question in the game “Truth or Dare” do you want to ask others?

184. Who is the most vulgar and most spoiled among the company?

185. What is true love for you?

186. Have you tried (tried) proximity in public places?

187. Do you like to celebrate your birthday?

188. Which of those present would definitely like your mother?

189.Which person in the room makes you happy?

190. Did you lie (lie) about the number of partners?

191. What are the biggest shortcomings of everyone present?

192. Do you have intimate photos of someone present?

193. What are the strangest role-playing games you played?

194. Who is the most chaste among those present?

195. What unsuccessful interviews have you ever had?

196. Did you have friendship sex?

197.What cartoon character would you like to take to bed?

198. How much do you swear at and do you like to swear?

199. Do you pee in the shower, river or pool?

200. What’s the weirdest search query ever?

201. Tell us how you tried to fall in love with someone?

202. Did representatives of your sex drive up to you?

203. Who would you sleep with (have slept) right now?

204. Are you talking to yourself?

205.Who do you think wants to sleep with you?

206. What movie makes you cry?

207. Tell us about the sex life of each of their players?

208. What character would you play better than other actors?

209. What shameful lie were you caught on?

210. For what sins you could go to hell?

211. Who is the hottest person in the room?

212. What do you think about intimacy on the first date?

213. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? Who do you look like?

214.Did you make (find) anyone for indecent activities?

215. Can you tie a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue?

216. What is your most pointless purchase?

217. How do you punish your soul mate?

218. What is the most popular application on your phone?

219. Who will you entrust your secret to among the players?

220. Tell a story about your unhappy love?

Jayson Hinrichsen, Unsplash

221. Who of those present do you want to beat off a soul mate?

222.What will you do 24 hours before you die?

223. How many points do you rate your appearance?

224. Was there a cupcake on camera?

225. Did you bully (mock) anyone at school?

226. Do you drink alone?

227. How did you learn to kiss in childhood?

228. What did your parents tell you about sex education?

229. To whom do you want to apologize for a long time?

230. The most insane act in the name of love?

231.Is it better to walk naked down the street or let others read your mind?

232. Do you want to cut off everything, and then dump in an unknown direction with a backpack wherever your eyes are?

233. Does anyone in the room know something that could ruin you?

234. Did you take revenge (revenge) on someone and how?

235. With whom would you change (change) your appearance?

236. Do you like to talk with taxi drivers and about what?

237. The most meaningless information in your head?

238.For profit, have you done (did) unrighteous deeds?

239. What would you say (say) when parting with your half?

240. Did you expose yourself to ridicule on purpose?

241. Tell us about the most difficult period in your life?

242. What strange words in bed have you heard (heard)?

243. Who would you have saved (rescued) first from the fire?

244. Who do you owe (owe) the most in this room?

245. What is strange and unusual that turns you on?

246.What era would you dream of being born in?

247. What is the most dangerous adventure in your life?

248. With whom of those present is it uncomfortable to be in the same room?

249. What is the dirtiest movie you’ve watched? What was there?

250. Did you fall (fell) shamefully in front of a large number of people?

251. Did you deliberately spread (spread) rumors about others?

252. If you find out about someone else’s betrayal, will you tell your friend or girlfriend?

253. Who would dance (dance) striptease?

254.Best surprise from someone?

255. What message broke your heart?

256. Did you pay for the satisfaction of carnal desires?

257. Did (did) make hooligan calls?

258. In what way are people usually mistaken?

259. A year without alcohol or a year without pleasures in bed?

260. What is the most indecent rumor about you?

261. How do you prefer to punish people?

262. Who among those present can you call your mentor?

263.Which celebrity is ready (ready) for anything?

264. What song would you dance (dance) on stage?

265. For what the last time he gave (gave) a bribe.

266. What is the most vulgar compliment you’ve received?

267. What is your favorite position in bed?

268. I would (would) like to gain weight or lose 10 kg.

269. Could (could) live your whole life without a serious relationship?

270. Whom would you take (take) with you to fight against a crowd of people?

271.Did you accuse (accuse) other people of fooled, but it was (was) you?

272. Worst night in your life?

273. Which of those present will you call if you need to hide the corpse?

274. Who of those present would be the worst idea to have a relationship with?

275. Are you eating food that has fallen on the floor?

276. Did you hit something while walking?

277. Handing over bad gifts?

278. Was there a fiasco in bed?

279.What question you would not like (would) to answer in the game “Truth or Dare”.

280. Are you running a channel that no one knows?

281. Who in a relationship usually loves more than you or your half?

282. How do you feel about a marriage of convenience?

283. The longest cupcake in your life and the shortest?

284. Whom of those present did you see without clothes?

285. Will you cover up a friend or girlfriend who is cheating?

286. With whom one of those present will you never engage in intimacy?

287.Your last words to the world?

288. Was there any closeness with a foreigner (foreigner)?

289. In what position do you prefer to sleep?

290. Do you feel ashamed of your soul mate?

291. Did you leave (leave) anyone in the friend zone just for the sake of further benefit?

292. What was the name of your first love?

293. Do you close your eyes when you see something terrible?

294. What would your parents be shocked if they found out about you?

295.Would you part with your million dollar soul mate?

296. What or whom would you have deleted (deleted) from life without regrets?

297. If you wake up in the body of another person, what will you do?

298. Did someone else tell (tell) a secret to other people?

299. Picking your nose?

300. What do you usually think about in the toilet?

301. What is shameful in the history of your browser?

302. Are you planning to marry someone with whom you are currently in a relationship?

303.What’s the worst relationship you’ve ever had?

304. Your fetish in bed?

305. Do you think your name is hot?

Hannah Busing, Unsplash

306. Do you keep a diary?

307. Relationship to hairy people?

308. What actor could play you in a film about your life?

309. Ugly second half, but hot in bed or beautiful, but cold?

310. To change (change) in each of us?

311. Was angry (angry) when someone posted a bad photo with you?

312.What hairstyle have you always wanted to try but feared?

313. Could (could) have a relationship with a person of another nation?

314. Has anyone seen you in the toilet by chance?

315. As a child, did you often do nasty and bad things?

316. For what can you send a person?

317. Will you go to a serious deception for the sake of a friend?

318. If your parents don’t like your other half, what will you do?

319. Did you have lice and when exactly?

320.Did you run away (run away) the next morning after intimacy?

321. What did you publish (publish) on social networks, but then regretted (regretted)?

322. What would you do (do) plastic surgery?

323. Are you jealous of friends for friends?

324. How and with whom do you like to spend time?

325. Do you have a secret love for someone?

326. Who of those present hates you?

327. Could (could) date a person below you?

328.When did you admire yourself in the mirror?

329. Are you satisfied with the size of your body parts?

330. What are the 5 hottest stars?

331. Did you cheat (change) in your thoughts your half?

332. Do you take intimate photos just for yourself to appreciate?

333. How long would a long-distance relationship be sustained?

334. The most ridiculous and stupid act in your life?

335. Did you take (took) other people’s money without asking?

336. What is the best advice you get?

337.Which of those present would you not want (would) to see naked?

338. What kind of food would you always eat if you weren’t getting fat?

339. With whom of those present would you go (go) on a date?

340. Tell us about an embarrassing event in your current or past relationship?

341. Attitude towards resort romances?

342. How many relationships have you (had) in your life?

343. Did you send the message to the wrong person?

344. Did you take something for your health?

345.How do you behave when the conflict grows?

346. What would you like to see?

347. What reason will make you leave a person?

348. Who was the last one to send you nude photos?

349. Imagine that you can do everything in life. What will it be?

350. The hardest thing you’ve done (done) in your life?

351. If the other half hates your best friend (girlfriend), then what will you do?

352.Have sex in a public toilet?

353. Your shameful pleasures?

354. Can you spend a month alone with yourself?

355. What will immediately kill your desire?

356. Who pisses you off the most in Truth or Dare?

357. What is ready (ready) for the sake of climbing the social ladder?

358. How do you sew those you don’t like?

359. The most offensive thing that you’ve heard about yourself?

360. Which parent do you love more?

361.The most depraved desire?

362. Other players can ask you any question.

363. Could (could) be a kept woman?

364. What sites do you recommend?

365. Did you pretend to be sick in order to avoid work?

366. How many people have you kissed (kissed) this month?

367. What songs do you sing under the shower?

368. What would you do (do) if your soul mate flirts with someone?

369.How far are you willing (ready) to go for your soul mate?

370. Who is the worst dressed in the room?

371. When was you ashamed of someone else?

372. Which of those present will you never call?

373. What is the largest complex for each of the players?

374. Favorite hair color of the opposite sex?

375. Describe the appearance of the person you like now?

376. Do you like being strangled during intimacy?

377.What are the 5 names or nicknames of the actors of the adult cinema?

378. What would you do (do) if you fell in love (fell in love) with a bisexual person?

379. Whose sense of humor do you envy?

380. Would you have put your hand in the toilet if you had dropped your phone there?

381. Do your feet stink?

382. Launched gases in an elevator or in a public place?

383. What did you manage to get rid of with difficulty?

384. You ran out of toilet paper in the public toilet.Your actions?

385. Can you trust a stranger with a secret that you won’t see again?

386. Would have slept (slept) with the boss for a promotion?

387. Did you spend the night (slept) on the street?

388. What can’t you do, although you try?

389. What is the latest “shameful” story?

390. What name of the opposite sex do you like?

391. Who of those present delights you and what exactly?

392. The stupidest joke that others have misunderstood?

393.Do you tell your friends about your love and sex adventures?

394. Was it when you specifically “forgot” (“forgot”) to pay off the debt?

395. What kind of underwear do you think other people have in the room?

396. What would you like to do while drunk?

397. What did (did) in life that other players condemned?

398. Do you have secret methods of seduction?

399. Have you played strip cards?

400. Who is the most beaten off of the participants?

401.Describe what your ideal soul mate should look like?

402. Do you shave all (all) on your body or is there vegetation?

403. Who of those present can walk you home?

404. With whom would you go (go) to reconnaissance?

405. What person do you dream about most often?

406. Have you ever drunk (saw) until adulthood and how was it?

407. What was the most ridiculous thing you were looking for (looking for) on your phone over the last month?

408. What do you usually think about while sitting on the toilet?

409.What would you do (do) if you turned (turned) into a member of the opposite sex?

410. Have you ever written to the pool?

411. What have you gotten away with?

412. The most expensive thing that you have stolen (stolen)?

413. What’s your most disgusting habit?

414. What do you hope your parents don’t find out about?

415. Who has the most beautiful ass here?

416. Do you want to be tied up in bed?

417.Thought (thought) about filming for the cover of a magazine?

418. Three adjectives to describe yourself from the love side?

419. Have you ever been humiliated?

420. How many people have seen you without clothes?

421. What was the dirtiest thing you were looking for on the Internet?

422. What do you do with pleasure, but with a sense of guilt?

423. Funniest love experience?

424. What are you still offended at and why?

425. What do you want to do in retirement?

426.When are you planning to start a family and have children?

427. What psychological trick do you perform with your interlocutors?

428. Who among those present hates you? And who loves?

429. What is your plan for the next 5 years?

430. Looking for a secured soul mate?

Nate Johnston, Unsplash

431. What’s the most ridiculous situation you’ve ever experienced?

432. Who is the funniest in this room and who is the most boring?

433. What does your sweat taste like?

434.Have there been times when there was no toilet paper?

435. How many people have seen you without clothes?

436. You have become the opposite sex for a day, what are your actions?

437. Which part of your body do you love and hate the most?

438. What kind of underwear do you have in your wardrobe?

439. Who are the five nice people in your life?

440. Have you met two people at the same time?

441. The wildest fantasy in bed?

442.Do you usually have a calm or wild relationship?

443. What is the biggest obstacle in life?

444. How far can you go on a first date?

445. What is the strangest dream that happened to you?

446. You were offered to part with your soul mate for 1 million dollars? Yes or no?

447. How many selfies do you take a day?

448. If you urgently need to get married / get married, who will it be among the players?

449. What is the most provocative and indecent act in your life?

450.What alarming fact can you tell about yourself?

List of funny and vulgar actions for the game “Truth or Dare”

The player chose “Action”? What action to guess? It’s time to come up with a funny and awesome task that will amuse others. Let it be a ridiculous, stupid, ridiculous and slightly vulgar task. It is important to puzzle and amuse the player with the task. The more absurd, funny, and hilarious the action, the better.

But try not to go too far so that the person does not take offense at you.Try to choose something that will allow you to laugh and get a little closer. If you choose an action for a person you like, try to come up with something that will bring you closer or open up from a new side. Playing by correspondence, you can come up with vulgar tasks for “Truth or Dare”, as well as funny ones.

What actions should you think of for the game? It’s up to you to decide. But here is a list of exemplary funny actions that can cheer you up. For friends, it is better to choose more funny and funny ones, when playing alone with a girl alone, you can think of indecent actions and even very frank ones.Dirty action for truth or dare play.

1. Drink a glass of alcohol or a liter of water.

2. Kiss the one who sits opposite you.

3. Dance to the music of the other players.

4. If the player wants to use the toilet, he must ask everyone about it.

5. Ride someone or a ride.

6. Shout on the street: “Who wants to be my love?”

7. Show how you seduce others using the example of one of the players.

8. Parody any person present.

9. Squeeze out or sit down 10 times. Stand on one leg for a minute.

10. Eat something spicy in the kitchen: pepper, ketchup, onion, lemon.

11. Get on a chair and read a poem.

12. Demonstrate the walk of Michael Jackson or Conor McGregor.

13. Take off one piece of clothing.

14. Meet someone on the street.

15. Bite yourself on the leg or another player.

16. Write a message “I love you” and send to 5 random contacts.

17. Walk down the street and sing the hymn.

18. Picture yourself drunk on the blackboard.

19. Change your clothes inside out for the rest of the game.

20. Imagine your devilish laugh.

21. Subscribe on social networks to this site: mensby.com.

22. Bark at the passers-by through the window.

23. Dance the lezginka.

24. Eat a whole chocolate bar in less than a minute.

25. Show how you put on your underwear in the morning or take a shower.

26. Sing a song in karaoke.

27. Drink a spoonful of sunflower oil or eat a piece of butter.

28. Confess your love to someone present and ask for a date.

29. Give a massage to anyone present.

30. Play a frog, kangaroo or chimpanzee for 5 minutes.

31. Find by touch any player in the room.

32. Tell me your password for the social network, and then change it.

33. Draw a mustache on your face.

34. Make up a story with the words “girl”, “cat”, “bra”, “suitcase”, “kiss”.

35. Dance a belly dance on the table or striptease, where the pole is one of the players.

36. Crawl or crouch around the table.

37. Say a compliment and nasty things to each player.

Junior Reis, Unsplash

38. Draw a giraffe or another player with eyes closed.

39. Show the position in which you usually sleep.

40. Smell other players and tell them what each one smells like.

41. Portray an exhibitionist, maniac or madman.

42. Say “meow” for half an hour after each word or sentence of other people until the next turn.

43. Pretend to be a beggar and beg everyone for money.

44. Go to the toilet and sing a song there.

45. Give everyone a nickname that characterizes them.

46. Draw a famous person so that other players can guess.

47.Confess your love using the words cucumber, chicken, fire, colander.

48. Take a bite or lick the soap.

49. Dance a tango with any of those present.

50. Go and throw out the trash in your ridiculous outfit.

51. Play a gypsy and invite everyone to tell fortunes.

52. Tell a funny anecdote or story that happened to you.

53. Sit on someone’s lap for 5 minutes.

54. Arrange a “roast” for a random person. Make fun of his shortcomings for 2 minutes.

55. Show any trick.

56. Imagine that you are a vampire. Find yourself a victim and suck some blood.

57. Behave yourself a prostitute to be chosen. Then, as a politician in the elections, an animal in a shelter, a banana in a store.

58. Pretend that you are a swindler. Now try to convince someone to give you the money.

59. Walk like a model on the catwalk. Then, as a girl of a dubious profession, a bandit, a businessman, a fighter, a politician.

60. Take funny or erotic joint selfies with everyone.

61. Dirty swear at someone and all kinds of words.

62. Make a scene of jealousy for one of the people.

63. Show everyone your last conversation on your phone.

64. Make a romantic proposal and offer a hand with a heart to someone.

65. Eat or drink, but don’t use your hands.

66. Lick 5 things in the room and one person.

67. Imagine that you are standing at face control. Why don’t you let each of the people in.

68. Show how you usually break up a relationship.

69. Write or call your ex.

70. Serve someone for a few minutes.

71. Call McDonald’s and ask for the nearest Burger King. Or something similar.

72. Explain your advantage over all other people present.

73. Draw yourself a monobrow, and then post a photo on Instagram.

74. Draw the animals that those present will ask for.

75.Ask someone to suck you.

76. Argue with an object of your choice and talk to it for a minute (not a person, but with toilet paper, banana, money, etc.)

77. Tell a common story, but use only a mat, not normal words.

78. Come up with new names for everyone present, which are more appropriate.

79. Advertise yourself for a minute, as if you were a good product.

80. Pose like a bodybuilder for one minute.

81.Read aloud the correspondence with one of the participants in the game.

82. Give something to someone.

83. Show a piece of underwear to those present.

84. Kiss any fruit to please everyone.

85. Show your abs with cubes or belly.

86. Do a lap dance at the neighbor on the right.

87. Read the latest posts on the social network.

88. Add everyone present as friends in the social network.

89. Have a cocktail made by the neighbor on the left.

90. Lift any person in the room or ask for handles.

91. Lucky for you. Make a wish for any player.

92. Promise everyone present to invite them to the next party.

93. Choose any player, and then tell him how you spied on him in the shower.

94. Kiss on different parts of the body of all players in a row, but you cannot repeat it.

95. Dance twerk so that you like everything.

96. Imagine a theatrical play playing different roles at the same time.

97. Smell the underarms of the player on the right, but only of the opposite sex.

98. Show how to kiss any of the players.

99. Hug all the players of the opposite sex, and give one a pendal.

100. Tell each player something that he definitely does not expect.

101. Forward this article to any person with a proposal to play it somehow.

102. Touch the erogenous zone of your neighbor on the right.

103. Compliment anyone for a whole minute.

104. Show someone how you will meet your soul mate after a long separation.

105. The kiss of the one who first touches you in the next 5 seconds.

106. Do a dirty dance with the player opposite.

107. Let someone spank you from the opposite sex.

108. Seduce the opposite player in 30 seconds using only words.

109. Tickle your neighbor on the left for 30 seconds.

110. Suck any player in memory of you.

111. Draw a beatbox.

112. Smell the player’s sock with the brightest socks.

113. Allow the player opposite to publish any status on your behalf.

114. Communicate until it comes to you again only by using foul language.

115. Read a free rap for a full minute.

116. Play some star until others guess.

117. Speak with a British accent.

118. Find famous people for each player they look like.

119. Show your best and crown steps.

120. All players must slap you on the bottom.

121. Do what you want.

122. Behave like a chicken until the next turn.

123. Do 20 squats or push ups.

124. Let other players do your hair.

125. Fulfill the feasible desire of the player on the left.

126. Give someone something.

127. Take off one piece of clothing.

128.Lie on the floor and paint a piece of bacon in a boiling pan.

129. Show what you have in your purse or pockets.

130. Make fun of your favorite player.

131. Ask another player to draw a tattoo for you with a felt-tip pen.

132. Tell about one of the players until the others guess who it is.

133. Sing a love serenade to the player on the left.

134. Massage the legs of the player on the right.

135. Show how you missed the player opposite.

136.Repeat for the player to the right of his actions until the next turn.

137. Find the cutest person and then say compliments.

138. Arrange an armwrestling match with the player opposite.

139. Show how you dress up in the morning in front of the mirror.

140. Make yourself a paper hat and sit in it for 10 minutes.

141. Swap a piece of clothing with the player opposite.

142. Advertise a toilet brush for a whole minute.

143. Sit on the split or just try.

144. Tell your intimate fantasies for at least 1 minute.

145. In the next turn, you help the other player do what he gets.

146. Slap all the opposite sex players on the bottom.

147. Try to sell your socks to somebody.

148. Dance on all fours.

149. Keep your hand in your partner’s pocket on the left for a minute.

150. Make a random call to a random number in your notebook.

151. Do the strip without undressing.

152. Pick up one of the players in your arms.

153. Have some brotherhood with any player.

154. Ask to pour some water on your head.

155. Call any friend and start singing “Happy Birthday” without explanation.

Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

156. Do the bar for a minute.

157. Show your abs or belly.

158. Surprise any player in the next 5 minutes.

159. Go out to the balcony and sing a song.

160.Play the invisible guitar for a full minute.

161. Play the song you want to have sex to and dance.

162. Show how a naughty child behaves in a store.

163. Keep your hand in any player’s pocket for a minute.

164. Make a video for any social network in the bathroom.

165. Sing a song that the other players choose.

166. Show something unusual with your body.

167. Share your secret on social networks.

168.Stand on one leg until the next round.

169. Once a minute say checkmate until the move comes to you again.

170. Give any player a foot massage.

171. Play the cat until the next round.

172. Think of yourself a vulgar action that you must do.

173. Choose any player and role-play with him.

174. Write a message to your significant other or parents that you are spending the night with a friend or girlfriend.

175. Hold hands tenderly with your favorite player in the company.

176. Get on any player’s lap until the next round.

177. Put on your bra over your clothes or tuck your socks into your trousers.

178. Write to any person how annoying you are.

179. Explain to everyone any pose from the Kamasutra, showing with your body.

180. Show your most shameful photo.

181. Make a video about yourself for any social network in the toilet.

182. Give any player a shoulder massage.

183. Dance fast to slow music.

184. Speak in a high voice for the next 15 minutes.

185. Kiss any player.

186. Put some water in your mouth and say your name.

187. Create a task for the game “Truth or Dare” for any player.

188. Sit on a split or at least try.

189. Erotic walk around the room.

190. Give everyone some vulgar nicknames.

191. Have a drink with a neighbor across the street for brotherhood.

192. The first someone will be called on the phone, moaning erotically in the background.

193. Tell everyone what you don’t like about everyone.

194. One hand is a woman, and the other will be a man. Now picture sex.

195. Surprise everyone with a story from your life.

196. Play dumb for the next 15 minutes of the game.

197. Make an erotic sound after each question or task to another player until the move comes to you again.

198. Compliment each player.

199. Paint your lips with lipstick.

200.Give “5” to each player.

201. Show your naked belly.

202. Say a sexy phrase once a minute until the move comes to you again.

203. Post a photo from the social network with any player that you are in a relationship.

204. Tickle any player for a minute.

205. Ask me to draw you a mustache or a monobrow.

206. Call one of the players your daddy or mommy for 5 minutes.

207. Get on your knees and repent of any sin.

208.Shave your hair a little somewhere.

209. Pour something into a plate and then laque from there like a cat.

210. Unbutton your clothes and sit farther away.

211. Imagine that you saw someone attractive and you roll up. Show on any player.

212. Sing on the balcony a song of your choice.

213. Looking into the eyes of any player, lick your lips erotically.

214. Show your face, which you have during an orgasm.

215. Eat something erotic.

216. Dance slowly to fast music.

217. Draw a model walking down the runway.

218. Advertise your soul mate or what it should be.

219. Sing the chorus of your favorite song.

220. Tell us about how you hate everyone.

221. Draw a playboy or femme fatale.

222. Hug any player and do not lower him until the end of the round.

223. Tell me how much you want to go to the toilet for a minute.

224. Each player slaps you on the head.

225. Draw any modern star, and others must guess

226. Do the cancan.

227. Promote any player as the best for intimate games.

228. Sit in an uncomfortable position.

229. Make yourself a toilet paper hat, and then post the photo on social networks.

230. Massage the head of the player opposite.

231. Slap your butt at least 15 times.

232.Play a psychologist who hypnotizes other players.

233. Imagine a scandal that you make in a sex shop.

234. Speak in a hoarse voice for the next 15 minutes.

235. Eroticly sing any children’s song.

236. Tell us what you think about any player.

237. Lick any player’s cheek.

238. Draw Bruce Lee.

239. Dance to any music as if no one sees.

240. Take a soft toy and calm it down, as if it were an offended soul mate.

241. Imagine that you are a doctor, and now treat any player.

242. Smell everyone and find the tastiest player.

243. Speak only English for the next 15 minutes.

244. Show your erotic look.

245. Each player comes up with a nickname for you.

246. Play drunk for 15 minutes.

247. Give a motivational speech like any politician or info-gypsy.

248. Demonstrate for a minute the part of your body that you have the hottest.

249. Dance on a small piece of paper with any of the players.

250. Invite any player on a date tomorrow.

251. Explain yourself in English until your next move.

252. Eat some food without hands.

253. Try to seduce a player for 5 minutes.

254. Take off one piece of clothing.

255. Name 10 reasons why you are the worst among you.

256. Show something unusual with your body.

257.Until the next move, you play blindfolded.

258. Ask any player to count the birthmarks on your back.

259. Count to 10 hot and defiant.

260. Show everyone how you move during intimacy.

261. Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur and try to sell something to everyone in a minute.

262. You’re in luck, there won’t be a task for the game “Truth or Dare”.

263. Look any player in the eye for 3 minutes.

264.Ask any question to any player, and he must answer.

265. Caress your nipples for 10 seconds.

266. Do an oriental dance.

267. Roll any object through the legs.

268. Stick an ice cube into your collar.

269. Kiss someone like an Eskimo, or rather rub your noses.

270. Play an adult film and tell everyone for a minute what is happening there.

271. Ask any player to make you up.

272.Convince any player to go to a concert in the future.

273. Slap your ass and say dirty words.

274. Draw a dozen of emotions on your face for others to guess.

275. Show on any player how your first kiss went.

276. Pretend to be a model for a minute, posing for a photographer.

277. Behave like an old grandfather until the next round of the game.

278. Draw a skunk, rabbits or other animal.

279.Tell us what turns you on about each player.

280. Sit until the next move with the fly unbuttoned.

281. Name 10 points why you are the best in the world.

282. Imagine that you are a comedian and try to make everyone laugh for a minute.

283. Sit close to the player until the next round.

284. Post your dumbest photo on the social network.

285. Show dirty dancing with any of the players.

286. Ask any player to massage your buttocks.

287. Play a romantic in love in front of any player.

288. Sing a song with any player in a duet.

289. Make a self-presentation in front of everyone.

290. Play until the next move that you want to go to the toilet.

291. Get on your knees and repent of one of your sins.

292. Play the grumpy grandmother at the entrance until the next move.

293. Periodically swear dirty until the next move.

294. Come up with hot and vulgar nicknames for all players.

295. Dance to the music of the other players.

296. Ask a player to draw something on your cheek.

297. Call someone and then confess your love or hate.

298. Flirt until next turn with any players eyes, lips or body.

299. Give any player goosebumps.

300. Show break dance, even if you don’t know how.

301. Choose the one who should tickle you.

302.Picture a Vogue dance.

303. Try to meet and seduce a chair like that person.

304. Imagine a teacher, and someone as a student.

305. Do 20 squats to pump your ass.

306. Dance a Russian folk dance.

307. Speak continuously for 3 minutes, telling a story.

308. Make something hot with your meal.

309. Give each player a five.

310. Tell an unfunny anecdote and then laugh falsely.

311. Take the pose of a Buddha and sing the songs of the Tibetan monks aloud.

312. Walk on your hands so that someone would hold your legs.

313. Make random exclamations at any time, until your next turn.

314. Dance the robot dance.

315. At the end of each sentence of the other player, say “dudu-dududu” until the next turn.

316. Depict a voice actor performing a kissing scene in a 1 minute film.

317. Make up a story about yourself with the words: bra, chocolate, whip, money.

318. Let any player suck you.

319. Speak until the next move only with your tongue out.

320. Show the contents of your wallet.

321. Draw 10 emotions, and the players have to guess what they are.

322. Let any player write something on your body with a marker.

323. Take an indecent photo and post it on the social network.

324. Speak vulgarity as if you were a pervert for a whole minute.

325.Draw a frog.

326. Sing a song about any player, having invented it.

327. Call any number and then try to start a conversation.

328. Speak with a French accent until your next turn.

329. Bite players of the opposite sex on different parts of the body, but you cannot repeat.

330. Tell me what kind of underwear you are wearing, and then show it.

331. Dance the Cossack.

332. Tell everyone how you like 50 Shades of Gray in detail 1 minute.

333. Draw a nerd trying to get to know someone.

334. Take off your socks and dance, waving them in different directions.

335. Retell the multiplication table by 7 or 8.

336. Draw the President’s New Year speech.

337. Tell each player of the opposite sex how you love them.

338. Place your leg behind your head.

339. Draw cupid and create pairs of players.

340. Put on your clothes inside out, but not all of them.

341. Lick someone’s cheek.

342. Draw an old man or an old woman.

343. Passionately run your hands for a while.

344. Dance the lambada.

345. Show your navel.

346. In each sentence until the next move, add the word “sekas”.

347. Stroke the face of any player, talking about its softness and beauty.

348. Sing a song, making it up on the go.

349. Flirt with one of the players as if you were trying to film someone.

350. Make a face and take a funny selfie.

351. Pretend to be a bully who pokes up on everyone to fight.

352. Make a wheel.

353. Draw any historical figure for the players to guess.

354. Do a handstand.

355. Let another player, who has a desire, kiss you.

356. Dance like crazy for one minute.

357. Draw a pantomime.

358. Smell the back of each player and voice your thoughts.

359. Bite any player on the neck.

360. Pour some water over yourself.

361. Reach your face with your foot and scratch your nose.

362. Parody any of the players.

363. Take off your sexy socks.

364. Dance like a ballerina.

365. Draw a worm.

366. Eat something edible that the other players choose.

367. The guy behaves like a girl, and the girl behaves like a guy, until the next turn.

368. Draw a different face for each player.

369. Give nicknames to each player.

370. Play a scene with any player when you are a salesman in an adult store.

371. Take a picture of each player without their knowledge.

372. Picture a cupcake worker on the phone.

373. Create a short funny story with players.

374. Do 10 push-ups with any player on your back.

375. Dance as if no one is looking.

376. For a minute, pretend to be a representative of the most ancient profession.

377. Portray a voice actor who works in adult films for 1 minute.

378. Move slowly like a sloth from Zootopia until your next turn.

379. Play a scene from the movie with any player.

380. Have some alcohol.

381. Picture a drunk man trying to make a toast.

382. Blow on the neck of any player very gently and pleasantly.

383. Give any player a head massage.

384. Play a voyeur.

385. Try to do a handstand.

386. Dance on your knees.

387. Bite and bite one of the players.

388. Massage the earlobes of all players of the opposite sex.

389. Tap-dance to the music.

390. Sing a song in a foreign language.

391. Show the last 10 photos on your phone.

392. Eat something without using your hands.

393. Tell the verse, but hotly and defiantly.

394.Drink a glass of water.

395. Identify the most attractive body part of each player and touch it.

396. At the end of any player’s phrase, laugh a fake laugh until the next move.

397. Picture a celebrity on the red carpet.

398. Kiss the pillow like a human.

399. Dance the aboriginal dance.

400. Take a funny photo with all the players together.

401. Tell me in all details how you screwed up (screwed up).

402. Swear dirty for 30 seconds like you are a dockman.

403. Allow yourself to draw a tattoo on your body with a felt-tip pen or marker.

404. Challenge any player to a pillow fight.

405. Dance as if you want to please someone.

406. Go to someone on the social network, but not friends, and put 50 likes on the photos.

407. Roll around the axis 10 times, and then try to walk in a straight line.

408. Have each player add a word to the sentence, which you can then post on your social network.

409. Have each player pat or slap your ass hard.

410. Smell your or someone else’s armpit.

411. Dance around an imaginary pole for 1 minute.

412. Try to walk at least 3 meters on your knees and elbows.

413. The guy will apply makeup, and the girl will wash it off.

414. Try to do a back somersault, the path is not even very correct.

415. Rotate the immovable hula hoop for 1 minute.

416. Sing and dance like crazy (geek).

417. Tell everyone you love now.

418. Let me stick the tape to any part of the body and then rip it off.

419. Show your browser history to others.

420. Slap yourself once every 30 seconds for 3 minutes, while swearing.

421. Don’t blink for a full minute.

422. Write on the social network that you will have a child.

423. Play a crab for a minute.

424. Take any player’s socks and then wear them like gloves for three minutes.

425. Draw a face with a felt-tip pen on the belly, where the navel is the mouth.

426. Draw a tattoo on yourself with a felt-tip pen or pen.

427. Let the others kick you.

428. Dance like Merlin Monroe or Travolta.

429. Promise everyone to do something unusual.

430. Tell a love poem to someone.

431. Eat a piece of bread pretending to be a hungry person.

432. Tell everyone a story that you have strange inclinations.

433. Tell one of the players your secret in the ear.

434. Write your name in the air with your booty.

435. Talk and argue with the TV.

436. Kiss passionately with your hand.

437. Say the alphabet in reverse order.

438. Speak in the accent that other players have chosen until your next turn.

439. Make someone an offer you can’t refuse.

440. Write a poem about yourself.

441.Do a handstand.

442. Balance an object on your head.

443. Rap ​​about one of the members.

444. Eat an onion or spoonful of mustard.

445. Slap yourself in the face.

446. Arrange a performance, play several roles at once.

447. Draw a playboy / flirt.

448. Show the last photo from your phone.

449. Sing any song at the request of the players while shutting your mouth.

450. Attach yourself with a cat, and then fiddle or scratch the players.

Truth or Dare can be played in any conditions, anywhere and anytime. Play outdoors, at home, on the street. At night, in the afternoon. The game is always relevant and does not lose its appeal. The game will help you have fun with the company when you are bored and have nothing to do. This is a great opportunity to hang out, relax, unwind and hang out.

This game is also fun to play together. Especially for couples in love. The vulgar actions and vulgar questions for the game with the sign “18+” will be very juicy.The game helps to communicate, flirt, find out the right things and even seduce each other.

As a child, we played simpler games, but the love of games remained in our blood.