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Facts about tall people: 12 Big and Little Facts About Your Height


10 Reasons Life Is Better When You’re Tall

This goes out to anyone who has been asked “how’s the weather up there?” in their lifetime.

It’s not easy sticking out among a crowd and unintentionally commanding attention when you enter a room. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable at times.

But in reality, tall people really are a head above the rest ― literally and figuratively. There are some major health and lifestyle perks to having a few extra inches than the average person and it’s high time (sorry) tall people celebrate them.

Below are several magnificent reasons you should embrace your height.

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#TallPeopleProblems, right?

1. Tall people may be smarter.

A 2014 University of Edinburgh study found that taller individuals may be more intelligent. Researchers examined more than 6,000 unrelated subjects and discovered there was a small correlation between height and higher IQs. You genius, you.


Your risk of diabetes is lower (if you’re a woman).

Here’s a reason to celebrate being a vertically inclined lady. A collective analysis of studies published in the journal Obesity Reviews showed that women with a taller stature were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The risk for developing the condition was the same for men, whether they were tall or short.

3. You might be more successful.

Forget commanding any old room ― you might take charge of the boardroom. Research shows that CEOs are taller on average. Additionally, about half of male Fortune 500 CEOs are at least three inches taller than other males who aren’t in as prominent positions, Bloomberg reported. Boom.

4. Tall individuals may be paid more at work.

Take this to the bank. Research shows that even just an extra inch of height could be worth approximately $800 in more earnings per year, The Atlantic reported. Another analysis published in the Journal of Human Capital found that being in the 75th percentile for height is associated with a 9 to 15 percent salary increase.

5. You might be less likely to have dementia.

Another University of Edinburgh study found that people who are shorter had a greater risk of dying with dementia than those who were taller. The link between height and dementia risk was also stronger in men than women.

It’s important to note that being short isn’t necessarily an indicator of dementia. It could just be because shorter heights are associated with greater risk factors for the illness, like poor childhood nutrition or genetic influences.

6. You’re at a lower risk for heart disease.

Three cheers for a healthy heart. While your height might put you at risk for some heart troubles, such as atrial fibrillation (AKA an irregular heartbeat), it also could protect you from scarier issues. Research shows taller individuals are less at risk for congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease.

7. Tall people are happier.

Here’s something to smile about: Tall individuals report more positive emotions than shorter ones, according to a 2008 study. Those with a greater stature were also less likely to report feelings of anger and sadness. And the good news here is that happiness is a contagious feeling, so you’re imparting that joy to other people. Bravo.

8. You might be more productive.

Your height could be an indicator of what you cross off your to-do list. A recent paper published in the National Bureau of Economic Research found over a seven-year study that taller individuals tended to be more productive in their jobs. Researchers made their assessment based on the hourly earnings of each of the subjects over the course of the study.

9. You’re seen as more confident.

There’s no excuse to not strut your stuff because the world sees you as a powerhouse anyway. Research shows taller individuals appear more confident and had better social skills in adolescence because they were more likely to participate in activities like sports and school clubs.

10. The weather really is great up here.

Ultimately, being tall rocks. You’re able to reach things on high shelves. You have unobstructed views at crowded concerts. You’re better equipped to play basketball, if that’s your thing. You dominate whatever space you’re in.

So the next time someone asks, “How’s the weather up there?” tell them it’s pretty darn sunny.

10 Reasons Why Being Tall Is The Best

Let’s face it: being tall has its advantages. In fact it’s probably harder to come up with reasons why it could be a bad thing. Tall people are given a leg-up in childhood, the workplace, social settings and oh so many other places. Let me give you some specifics.

1. Not only do you get to eat more, you NEED to eat more.

Getting that lengthy body going will require more calories than it would for a shorter person. The best part is that if that extra food causes you to gain a few pounds, people are much less likely to notice because that weight is spread out over your long body.

Photo by mst7022


Taller people get paid more.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “height advantage.” According to Live Science, tall people make $789 more per inch annually, which is a pretty significant amount.

Photo by 401(K) 2013

3. If you are tall you even get your own holiday.

No joke! International Hug a Tall Person Day. An entire day devoted to showing love to tall people.

Photo by Paula Satijn

4. Height is not only an advantage as an adult.

Think of all the benefits tall people have as children. They were never held back by height limits at the amusement park. Bring on the roller coasters if you dare!

Photo by Roller Coaster Philosophy

5. You probably were never a chubby kid.

Being tall means your baby fat probably spread out more quickly than your friends. Thus you didn’t spend much time being the chubby kid, which probably saved you plenty of emotional scaring.

Photo by LisaW123


Tall people are always chosen first in sports.

Something about those long legs and arms makes us think it will be easier for them to reach the net, kick the ball and basically move faster than everyone else.

Photo by Seattle Parks & Recreation

7. Your head is usually above the crowd.

Large crowd at an outdoor concert or show? Not a problem for a tall person. Some of the best views are from up there.

Photo by ausnahmezustand

8. You have more fun in swimming pools.

Keeping your head above water isn’t as difficult for you as others because you can still stand in the deep end. Staying above water actually takes you zero effort.

Photo by Noodles and Beef

9. As a woman, you can wear flats.

While other woman are searching for the perfect size heal to make their legs look as long as possible, you are looking long and lean in your flats. But if you do decide to sport the spikes it just makes you stand out a few inches more.

Photo by ChodHound

10. You can live a step-stool-free life.

Whether you are putting some things away in the kitchen or reaching something off the top shelf at the grocery store, there is no need for a step stool. What do short people do when they need something way up there at the store? I’m guessing they just wait for someone tall to come by to ask for help.

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5 Reasons Why Women and Men Care About Height

Source: Guga D’Ray/Flickr

When it comes to dating, education, and earnings, is being tall more of an advantage, or is being short more of a liability?

1. Women prefer to date taller men; tall men attract more desirable partners. On average, women have a strong preference for tall men. In fact, women care more about dating taller men than men care about dating shorter women.

A study on women and men’s height preferences found that women are most satisfied when their partner was 8 inches (21cm) taller. Men are most satisfied when they are 3 inches (8cm) taller than their partner. Another study found that among men, 13.5 percent prefer to date only women shorter than them. But among women, about half (48.9 percent) preferred to date only men taller than them.

Relatedly, a study about height and human mate choice found that, on average, the shortest man a woman would date is 5 feet 9 inches tall. And the shortest woman a man would date is 5 feet 1 inch tall. In the same study, researchers found that 23% of men and 4% of women would accept a relationship where the woman was taller.

Finally, researchers have found that women married to taller men report being in better health, have lower BMIs, more education, and higher incomes compared to women married to shorter men.

2. People view short women and men as less attractive and less successful. In a paper titled, Height Stereotypes of Women and Men: The Liabilities of Shortness for Both Sexes, researchers investigated stereotypes about height. Researchers asked a group of participants to imagine a woman who was either “short” (4 feet 10 inches), “average” (5 feet 4 inches), or “tall” (5 feet 10 inches). Next, participants rated the women on various characteristics.

Participants rated both tall and average height women as more attractive and more successful than short women. But there was no difference in the ratings between tall and average height women. Participants also rated men described as “short” (5 feet 4 inches), “average” (5 feet 10 inches) and “tall” (6 feet 4 inches).

Participants viewed short men as less socially attractive, less successful, less physically attractive, less well-adjusted, and less masculine than both average and tall men. Average and tall men did not differ on those characteristics. But participants viewed tall men as more athletic than average (and short) men. The researchers state that “shortness is more of a liability than tallness is an asset.”

3. Tall people make more money. Economists call this the “height premium.” More height is associated with higher earnings. One study found that for both men and women, a 1-inch increase in height is associated with a 1.4–2.9 percent increase in weekly earnings.

Another study found that each inch of height is associated with earning nearly $800 more per year. This suggests that men who are 6 feet tall earn, on average, about $160,000 more over a 30-year career compared with men who are 5 feet 5 inches tall.

4. Tall people are more educated. This is likely one reason why taller people, on average, earn more. In fact, some researchers attribute the height premium to taller people obtaining more education. As a result, they enter higher-paying positions.

In the U.S., men in white-collar jobs are about one inch taller than men in blue-collar jobs. In the UK, the situation is similar: men in white-collar jobs are 0.6 inches taller, on average, than men in blue-collar jobs.

And it’s not just men. Women in professional and managerial positions are about one inch taller than women in manual positions. Interestingly, researchers have found education differences related to height even within families.

A study of 950,000 Swedish men found that among pairs of brothers, the taller brother was more likely to obtain a higher education. Men taller than 6 feet 3 inches (194 cm) were 2 to 3 times more likely to obtain a higher education compared to men shorter than 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm). The same study also controlled for year of birth, socioeconomic status, shared family factors, and cognitive ability. They still found a significant positive correlation between height and education.

5. Short men report being less healthy. A team of researchers collected data from 165,606 people in the U.S., including self-reported health. The scale contained five categories (“Poor”, “Fair”, “Good”, “Very good”, and “Excellent”). Results revealed that shorter men reported worse health than taller men. Furthermore, they also found that shorter men married women who reported worse health than women married to taller men.

As the researchers put it, “Short men were less educated, less healthy, had a higher BMI, and lower household income than taller men … women of a given height who were paired with shorter partners also tended to be less healthy, less educated, and with a higher BMI than women of the same height who were paired with taller partners.”

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Why are tall people more successful? — Quartz

Height is associated with many advantages in life. Taller people tend to earn more  and are more popular on online dating sites. Almost 60% of American presidents were taller than 5’10, the current national average for men.

Economists have long speculated what makes tall people more successful. One common explanation was tall people had better social skills that came from being a popular, attractive teenager.   A positive adolescence was presumed to increase self-confidence and with it the keys to a successful life. True, economists are not known for their social skills themselves and most are relatively successful, but the tall-people-are-more-affable theory seemed like a plausible explanation for their higher earnings. But a new working paper from economists at the University of Toronto and Notre Dame takes a harder look at height, earnings, and social unease and it argues it’s cognitive skills that can explain the pay gap—not a good personality.

It’s not linear

The relationship between height and earnings is non-linear for American men. Being an inch shorter than average  correlates with annual earnings of about 5% lower. But being an inch taller than average does not have much impact (though men who are about 4 or more inches taller than average earn slightly more. There are not many gains to being tall, but there is a clear penalty to shortness. The shorter men are, relative to average, the less they earn. Men more than 20% shorter than average (66 inches or less) earn at least 10% less. Short women also earn less, but they face smaller wage penalties, about half the magnitude of short men men. But tall women do out-earn their peers. Each extra inch of female height adds about 1% more in earnings.

The economists, who controlled for ethnicity and other complicating factors, estimate that non-short people tend to work in skilled jobs that pay more and have more education.  Short Americans are also more likely to be in poor health and live in poverty.

It’s not about social skills after all

Unlike earlier studies, the paper’s authors don’t think positive social interactions in high school is a main explanation. They did not find much correlation between height and involvement in student activities, with very tall men and women a notable exception. But they did find shorter students performed worse on various measures of cognitive skills including intelligence tests that were part of their survey. The reasons why is not entirely clear: There is some evidence shorter people tend to be born with lower birth weights, but this can’t explain all the variation. It does seem most of the differences come from having shorter parents, who may pass on all the disadvantages of shorter stature.

The results raise the question about whether there is scope to level the playing field and reduce the height-earnings inequality. Perhaps students with shorter parents should get more attention in school to ensure they don’t drop out. Or perhaps short parents are deserving of a subsidy when they have children.

Of course there are outliers, short people who are tremendously successful. But for many, non-shortness is another advantage some have in life.

Tall vs short: Which is it better to be?

Tall vs short: Which is it better to be?

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Is bigger better, or do the best things really come in small packages?


Your height is a simple biological fact that you can do little to change, yet it may be influencing your destiny in ways you didn’t realise. BBC Future combed through the evidence to size up its impact on everything from your sexual allure to your bank account and your lifespan.

Money and power
At 6ft 4in (193cm), Abraham Lincoln would tower above Barack Obama – but even he is around 3in (8cm) taller than the average American. Confirming the correlation, a recent study found that taller candidates do indeed tend to receive more votes.

Beyond the race to the White House, taller men and women are considered to be more dominant, healthy, and intelligent, and are more likely to be chosen for more competitive jobs; they also earn more money. It could be that we naturally associate height with “greatness” and “dominance” – two traits that are important for leadership. But height also reflects nutrition as a child – so perhaps it simply acts as a more general indicator of your upbringing, which may in turn influence your education and success later in life.

Not all high achievers are giants among men, of course (Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King exuded charisma despite being on the short side). But on the basis of first impressions alone, taller people may have the edge.

Verdict: It’s easier for taller people to have the upper hand.

Taller men may be a disappointment in bed (and not just because they hog all the sheets) (Credit: Getty Images)

Sexual attraction
Towering, statuesque men do tend to have more allure. Study after study has found that taller men and women are generally considered more attractive. Intriguingly, you can even guess someone’s height from their face, meaning a mugshot on a dating website is not going to hide a more diminutive frame. But although they may be prized as supermodels, tall women do not seem to enjoy the same advantages in the dating game, however – an average height generally seems to be preferred.

Even for men, a lanky body could be mixed blessing, if it means people also pay greater attention to your other endowments. One study recently examined women’s judgements of penis size. Curiously, the taller the man, the more important his penis size seemed to be in determining his overall attractiveness. Perhaps men of greater stature raised the women’s expectations, and so they were judged particularly harshly if they failed to make the grade. It’s not always true what people say about “men with big feet”, after all.

Verdict: Taller people might seem to win the dating game, but that doesn’t always translate into success.

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Bigger bodies may have more raw strength, but they are also less nimble (Credit: Getty Images)

Sport and athletics
You only need to look at a basketball court or the race track to realise that longer legs are an advantage across many events. Longer limbs can cover the ground faster, and they can reach further. What’s more, in team sport like American Football, taller players are able look over the heads of their competitors, making it easier to pass the ball.

Yet sometimes a smaller body can be a bonus. It takes less time for a nerve impulse to travel the lengths of their limbs to their brains, meaning that their reaction times should be quicker, and they may be more nimble – which might help certain martial artists like Jackie Chan. It is also more cumbersome to bend and twist a taller body, whereas smaller people can achieve greater “rotational acceleration”, meaning that they excel in gymnastics, snowboarding, skating, skiing and diving.

Verdict: A clear score draw. It really depends on the sport.

Are bigger bodies more prone to clumsiness and mishaps? (Credit: Getty Images)

Think of your body a bit like a car: in purely mechanical terms, the larger it is, the harder it is to slow down if you need to avoid a collision. What’s more, the greater momentum means you face a more painful impact during collision. And of course, shorter people have less distance to fall. According to one estimate, someone who is 20% taller will build up twice as much kinetic energy during a fall. (You need only watch the comedian Miranda Hart to see this principle in action.)

Perhaps this can explain why taller people are much more likely to suffer from injuries across their lifetime; women taller than 5ft 8in are twice as likely to fracture their hip as women who are just 5ft 2in.

Verdict: Smaller people are less accident-prone than taller people.

Is being tall a health hazard? Every centimetre in height may knock 0.7 years off your life expectancy (Credit: Getty Images)

Lifespan and health
Villagrande Strisaili in Sardinia is known to have the highest proportion of centenarians in the whole of Europe. While many factors may contribute (including the Mediterranean diet and a lively social life) – one possible reason may be that the people are a little on the short side, with an average male height of around 160cm (or 5ft 3in) for the oldest generation.

That’s surprising. Since healthier children tend to grow taller, you might expect height to be a good indicator of overall fitness. When other factors such as diet and healthcare have been taken into account, however, taller people seem to suffer as they get older. For instance, the bigger you are, the more cells you have in your body, increasing the risk of mutations developing that could cause cancer. A larger body may also have to burn more energy, increasing the build-up of toxic by-products that could contribute to general wear and tear.

The results could knock years off your life; among those long-lived citizens of Sardinia, the tallest people lived for about two years less than their shorter neighbours. Another study, of 1.3 million Spaniards, found that every additional centimetre in height shaved 0.7 years from the total expected lifespan.

Verdict: A shorter body means a longer lifespan.

Do taller people have an easier ride through life? (Credit: Getty Images)

Despite these slight risks to your health, there is a silver lining to being tall: various studies have found that the greater your height, the higher you score on measures of happiness and enjoyment of life. This probably returns to the fact that your height can influence your career prospects and helps you to earn more money, meaning that taller people may have a slightly easier ride through life.

Verdict: The taller you are, the happier you are.

All of these factors are mere correlations, of course. There are plenty of exceptions that break all the rules. We have all been subjected to biology’s lottery – but it seems the prizes have been spread evenly, whatever your body size. Perhaps all these statistics really just prove the old adage right: it’s not the size of your body that determines your fate, but the way that you use it. And that’s the long and the short of the matter.

David Robson is BBC Future’s feature writer. He is @d_a_robson on Twitter.

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Standing tall pays off, study finds

When it comes to height, every inch counts–in fact, in the workplace, each inch above average may be worth $789 more per year, according to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology (Vol. 89, No. 3).

The findings suggest that someone who is 6 feet tall earns, on average, nearly $166,000 more during a 30-year career than someone who is 5 feet 5 inches–even when controlling for gender, age and weight.

The height-salary link was found by psychologist Timothy A. Judge, PhD, of the University of Florida, and researcher Daniel M. Cable, PhD, of the University of North Carolina. They analyzed data from four American and British longitudinal studies that followed about 8,500 participants from adolescence to adulthood and recorded personal characteristics, salaries and occupations. Judge and Cable also performed a meta-analysis of 45 previous studies on the relationship between height and workplace success.

Judge offers a possible explanation for the height bias: Tall people may have greater self-esteem and social confidence than shorter people. In turn, others may view tall people as more leader-like and authoritative.

“The process of literally ‘looking down on others’ may cause one to be more confident,” Judge says. “Similarly, having others ‘looking up to us’ may instill in tall people more self-confidence.”

As such, the biggest correlation between height and salary appeared in sales and management positions–careers in which customer perception has a major impact on success. If customers believe a tall salesperson is more commanding, for example, they may be more likely to follow the salesperson’s wishes, Judge says.

Accordingly, height was most predictive of earnings in jobs that require social interaction, which include sales, management, service and technical careers. The height effect also mattered–though to a lesser degree–in other jobs such as crafts and blue-collar and clerical positions, researchers found.

The study also found that shorter men are slightly more likely to encounter height bias in the workplace than are shorter women. This phenomenon might have evolutionary origins, Judge posits.

“Perhaps when humans were in the early stages of organization, they used height as an index for power in making ‘fight or flight’ decisions,” he says. “Of course, physical stature and prowess may be less important today, but those evolutionary appraisals may still be with us.” And people may be more likely to apply those fight or flight subconscious appraisals to men than women, he adds.

Regardless, the study provides evidence that a height bias in the workplace may influence interactions and salaries just as previous research indicates attractiveness, weight and body image do.

Since men and women tend to differ in height, researchers controlled for gender by using the average height of 5 feet 9 inches for an American man and 5 feet 3 inches for a woman. They also controlled for age because people tend to lose 1 to 3 inches of their height during a lifetime.

The four longitudinal studies Judge and Cable used in their analysis were: the Quality of Employment survey from the U.S. Department of Labor, National Longitudinal Surveys by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Intergenerational Studies by the Institute of Human Development at the University of California Berkeley, and Great Britain’s National Child Development Study.


Some Of The Advantages And Benefits Of Being Taller

greater height really bring a person advantages in real
life? If yes, exactly what are those advantages? How big
are those advantages? In what aspects of life? Why does
height bring a person advantages? How can you obtain the
same advantages even without enough height? The
information in this bonus will answer these questions
based on historical facts about height, as well as
actual statistic of people’s attitude towards height.

Question: Does greater height really bring a person
advantages in real life?

Answer: Yes, greater height really
brings a person lots of advantages in real life.

Question: Exactly what are those advantages? How
big are those advantages? In what aspects of life?

Answer: Greater height may bring a

Better job/career opportunities.

a)      Every extra inch in height brought a man an
additional $600 per year in salary.

b)      Job recruiters, choosing between men of
comparable backgrounds and skills, select the taller man
72% of the time.

c)      Promotions/Raises come faster to the taller man.


dating/mating opportunities.

a)      Women find taller men “Significantly more

b)      A careful study shows that out of 79 women, only
2 are willing to date a man who is short than

More respect and support from other people.

a)      90% of company chief executives are “above
average” in height.

b)      19 out of the last 23 U.S. Presidential
elections have been won by the taller man.

Question: Why does height bring a person

Answer: Height brings a person
advantages because:

1. All
species of insects and animals begin small. Helplessness
and weakness are usually brought by being small or
short. So lacking of size or height has been naturally
associated with weakness and vulnerability.

People are usually intimidated by size so greater height
gives a person a primary physical advantage. This
becomes the basis for all the height discrimination.

Greater Height makes us feel greater, better, and
superior. So most people want to be tall and favor tall
people more than short people.

Question: How can you obtain the same advantages
even without enough height?

Answer: To obtain the same advantages
without enough height, you should try the following:



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90,000 Your life depends on how tall you are

  • David Robson
  • BBC Future

Photo author, Getty

Growth is a biological given that a person can change, in general , not able, but which can unexpectedly influence his fate. Correspondent

BBC Future explores the relationship between human growth and achievement in areas ranging from love to material security and longevity.

Money and Power

Current US President Barack Obama is much shorter than his famous predecessor Abraham Lincoln, whose height was 193 cm, but 8 cm taller than the average American.

A recent study has confirmed the hypothesis that taller presidential candidates are more likely to receive more votes.

But even outside the presidential race, taller people are considered more powerful, healthier, and smarter, and more likely to be promoted to competitive positions.Their level of earnings is also higher than that of the rest.

It is possible that tall height is subconsciously associated with “greatness” and “influence” – two essential qualities of a true leader.

In addition, growth depends on nutrition during childhood – thus, it can indicate a person’s social belonging, which, in turn, largely determines the level of his education and prosperity.

Of course, not all great people were giants. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US black rights activist Martin Luther King had powerful charisma despite their small stature.

But where they are greeted by dress, tall people often have an advantage.

Verdict: Being tall often increases the chances of success.

Sex appeal

Tall, stately people often seem more attractive. Numerous studies confirm that taller men and women are generally considered more handsome.

Interestingly, a person’s height can be judged by his face – a portrait photo on a dating site will not hide the true body size.

Author of the photo, Getty

Caption to the photo,

In bed, tall people often turn out to be not at their best (and not only because they always pull the blanket over themselves)

But although models from tall women turn out to be excellent, in love with them, judging in all, not so lucky – in general, men tend to give preference to ladies of average height.

Even for a man, tall stature can turn into trouble if it draws the special attention of others to his other virtues.

According to a recent study, the taller a man is, the more importance women attach to the size of his penis in assessing his overall attractiveness.

Perhaps stately men awaken more hope in women, and women are judged especially harshly if their expectations are not met. After all, foot size is not always an indicator of sexuality.

Verdict: At first glance, luck often smiles on the love front, but sometimes victory turns into defeat.


One glance at a basketball court or treadmill is enough to realize that long legs give athletes an unmatched advantage. They allow you to run more distance faster and reach more distant objects.

Moreover, in team sports, taller players can look over the top of the opponent’s head, so it is easier for them to pass the ball.

But compact dimensions also have their advantages.The nerve signal sent by the brain reaches the extremities faster, allowing for faster response and increased flexibility – much needed qualities for some martial arts, as the experience of the Chinese-American action star Jackie Chan shows.

Photo author, Getty

Photo caption,

A large body can have more brute force, but it has less dexterity

In addition, a long body is more difficult to bend and twist, while small people can develop more “rotational acceleration movement “to help them succeed in gymnastics, snowboarding, diving and skating and skiing.

Verdict: Draw. It all depends on the sport.


The human body is somewhat like a car: purely mechanical – the larger it is, the more difficult it is to slow down and avoid a collision.

In addition, since such a body develops more acceleration, the collision is more painful for it. And, of course, the lower the height, the less height you have to fall.

Photo author, Getty

Photo caption,

Is it true that big people are more often clumsy and become victims of accidents?

According to some reports, a 20% difference in height gives twice as much kinetic energy when falling (to see this principle in action, just watch the video with the of the English comedian Miranda Hart).

This may explain the fact that tall people are much more likely to be injured during life: for example, women over 173 cm are twice as likely to have a hip fracture than women who are 158 cm.

Verdict: People of short stature are smaller prone to injury than tall.

Life expectancy and health

The commune of Villagrande Strisaili on the island of Sardinia is known for having the largest number of Europeans in a century.

This longevity can be attributed to many factors (including Mediterranean cuisine and active social life). But one of the reasons, perhaps, lies in the fact that people there live mainly undersized – the average height of a man of the oldest generation is about 160 cm.

Caption to photo,

Is high growth harmful to health? There is evidence that each additional centimeter reduces life expectancy by 0.7 years

Amazing.Healthier children usually grow up taller – on this basis, it would be logical to consider growth as a good indicator of general physical development.

But when other factors, such as nutrition and health care, are taken into account, it turns out that taller people have a harder time aging.

For example, the larger a person is, the more cells they have in their body, which increases the risk of developing mutations that can cause cancer.

In addition, a larger body burns more energy, which leads to the accumulation of toxic waste products that negatively affect overall well-being.

Such exposure may result in reduced life expectancy. So, among the long-livers of Sardinia, the tallest lived about two years less than their short neighbors.

Another study involving 1.3 million Spaniards found that every additional centimeter reduces life expectancy by 0.7 years.

Verdict: Low growth is the key to a long life.


Despite these medical risks, being high isn’t too bad.Based on the results of a number of studies, the value of indicators of happiness and life satisfaction is directly proportional to growth.

This is probably due to the fact that high growth opens up broader career prospects and helps to make more money, so life is a little easier for taller people.

Verdict: The taller a person is, the more satisfied he is with life

Of course, all these factors are just general relationships. There are many exceptions to these rules.

We all participate in a kind of biological lottery, but the odds seem to be evenly distributed, regardless of body size.

Perhaps all these statistical calculations only confirm the old maxim: fate is determined not by the size of the body, but by its activity. Sooner or later – we still come to this conclusion. 90 011 90 000 Interesting facts about people of tall and short stature

Meticulous Americans conducted special studies among people of tall and short stature.The sample was large enough and included about a million men and women. The results of the polls turned out to be very interesting: men with a height of 178 cm and taller were 15% happier than those who did not reach this mark.

Experts have found that taller men are more satisfied with life than shorter ones, they are tuned in to positive emotions and are less likely to experience physical pain. It is also curious that the most unfortunate were not the short ones, but those men who did not reach the cherished 178 cm, literally 2 media had a height of 176 cm, as well as women with a height of 163 cm.

The results of research by the American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup revealed even more interesting facts. Being tall helps you to ignore the lack of cash, and every additional inch (2.54 cm) above the 178 cm mark adds 4% happiness.

Even more surprising, male academic success is also related to height. Those who failed to complete their high school education were one inch shorter than 178 cm and two inches shorter than those who graduated.High growth is a kind of guarantee that a man will receive a good education and be able to get a decent job.

Women like stately men more, so in the song where the girl declares her love for the “tall and hefty” – the pure truth. Scientists explain this by the history of evolution: in ancient times, taller hunters ran faster and, accordingly, were more successful. They had more tenacious hands and a sturdier skeleton. Women intuitively preferred such strong men for procreation.

Diseases that affect tall and short people are also different. The high ones are more susceptible to cancer, and the low ones are more susceptible to heart disease, including stroke.

Men of short stature are distinguished by a high sense of purpose and an even higher level of aspirations – in this way they try to compensate for the missing centimeters of growth. They are consistent, mostly relying on themselves, active and adventurous, which often allows them to achieve more success in life than being tall.And women, as you know, know how to turn their flaws into advantages – fragile and short girls easily break men’s hearts.

By the way, humanity becomes 0.68 mm taller every five years.

90,000 Top 10 tallest people in the world. | Many Facts

Ancient times gave people fairy tales, myths and legends about giants. Very tall people, undoubtedly, attracted increased attention, therefore, stories about tall and strong people live in any culture.Real Atlanteans are found among ordinary people. Below are the top 10 tallest people in the world.

Yao Ming, 231 cm.

Yao Ming was born and raised in China. Many are subject to the stereotype that very tall people are required to play basketball or volleyball. However, this is not possible for everyone, but Yao, as a teenager, began to play for the Chinese national basketball team. He then became the center player for the NBA Houston Rockets. Obviously, the Chinese owes his height to his parents: mother’s height is 190 cm, father’s – 202 cm.

Moreover, Ming’s face is used in a popular cartoon meme. It is widely known to active users of social networks, signifies an expression of calm disdain.

Julius Koch, 246 cm.

Germany became the homeland of Koch. He was popular, as the media personality of the late 19th century would say now. Journalists called him “the giant Constantine.” Unfortunately, the overly enlarged pituitary gland, due to which Julius had an enormous growth, caused gangrene of the lower extremities. His legs were amputated, but he did not prolong his life with this.Mr. Koch lived only until 30.

The poor man died in Belgium, where his skeleton is still on display in the Museum of Natural History.

Tseng Jin-lian, 248 cm.

Very tall people of the earth can boast of the fair sex in their ranks. Zeng is originally from a small village in China. She began to grow uncontrollably from birth, and at 4 years old she could easily be mistaken for an average Chinese woman.

Since her height was formally registered, the girl did not hold the title of “tallest man on earth” for long.

Zeng suffered from diabetes and died before her 17th birthday.

Don Keller, 249 cm.

Don and his twin sister were born in 1925 in Montana (USA) to tall parents (both taller than 170 cm). From the age of 10, the boy began to develop abnormally quickly. Brother and sister were lucky enough to get into the Guinness Book, as twins with the biggest difference in height.

Keller suffered from a curvature of the spine, terribly hunched over and died at 55 from heart disease.

Sultan Kesen, 251 cm.

A native of Turkey, he rightfully holds the title of “the tallest man on earth” of all living. Its growth is the consequences of pituitary fibroids. In the early 2000s, he successfully recovered and enjoys the quiet family life of a farmer.

By the way, Kesen’s wife only gets him up to the elbow.

Ella Ewing, 256 cm.

Born in the late 19th century in Missouri, USA. In maturity, she was the tallest person on earth of all living things. Despite the mockery of her gigantism, Ella made excellent money on her feature.She showed herself at exhibitions and museums.

She managed to lift her family out of poverty and buy a farm where she ended her life. The woman spent colossal sums on her outfits. After all, the dress for her required a colossal amount of fabric.

Leonid Stadnik, 257 cm.

Leonid’s homeland is Ukraine, where he spent his whole life. At 12, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, having cut out which the young man quickly gained in height.

They say that he was a modest and quiet person, so for a long time, due to embarrassment, he did not want to accept representatives of Guinness.When they nevertheless persuaded Leonid to register his growth in the established forms, it became clear that he had the height of the tallest man in the world. 2007 brought a change in the rules, and the man did not want to go through the procedure again.

As long as his health allowed, the man worked as a veterinarian, then helped his mother in the garden.

All his life it was a big problem for him to purchase clothes and shoes, they did a lot on order. Leonid could not fit into any car, so he rode a horse for some time.

He died of a cerebral hemorrhage before 45.

John Rogan, 268 cm.

Rogan was born in the USA. His parents are former slaves. He is the tallest man on earth of all African Americans. He suffered from immobility of joints, low weight, therefore he could move with difficulty.

At first he walked with crutches, and then moved only by carriage. The man traveled to public places and sold photographs with his person, which made his living. There are many photographs of John Rogan sitting on a cart, carried by various pets.

Over time, the disease of the joints progressed and led to the death of the giant.

Robert Wadlow, 272 cm.

The next participant in the top 10 tallest people in the world was born in Illinois, USA. The Guinness Book has established that he is the tallest man in the world.

Robert was not the only child of his parents. Parents and siblings were of medium height, but a pituitary tumor forced the man to grow every day.

In addition, he gained weight as he grew.At the age of 8, with a height of 184 cm, he weighed about 77 kg. The medicine of that time could not help a person with a similar ailment. Of course, this could not but add health problems to the young man. He was tormented by joint disease, the fragility of his bones made him wear special braces and a corset until the end of his days, he also did not part with crutches.

It is known that the Freemasons took Wadlow into their box, and they had to cast a huge ring for him.

Robert was active: he studied law at the university, toured with the circus, participated in social events.He was a famous and popular person.

The guy lived a very short life. At 22, he was brought unconscious to the hospital. Doctors fought for his life as best they could, but, unfortunately, the giant was gone. It turned out that the braces on his legs rubbed his legs so much that blood poisoning occurred through the wounds.

More than 40,000 people attended the funeral, and a dozen strong men had to carry the coffin.

Relatives of Robert feared that vandals might dig the body out of the grave, so they thoroughly concreted the burial.The tombstone was deliberately installed higher than those around it, so that it looked like a monument to the tallest man. The stone statue immortalized the only inscription: at rest.

Fedor Makhnov, 285 cm.

In 1848, a peasant F.A.Makhnov was born in the Vitebsk province of the Russian Empire. The height of the tallest man in the world was 285 cm.

As a child, he was over 2 meters tall and possessed phenomenal strength. The villagers used this and asked for help: to drag the logs, to roll the loaded cart up the hill, to clear the river near the mill from boulders.

Dressing was a problem for Fedor – everything was made to order. There were times when kids were hiding in his felt boots. The bed for Makhnov was specially forged by a local blacksmith.

By chance the director of the German circus saw the giant in the city, who offered him a contract. Fedor toured for a long and eventful 9 years, thanks to which he became very rich. When he returned, he bought the estate of his former landowner, renamed his native village Velikanovo, but soon again set off on a trip around the world with his wife.

He lived an interesting full life and left at 34. Today a monument to the tallest man is erected in Vitebsk, near him anyone can compare himself with the famous giant.

Source article

Why are taller people smarter than shorter people?

2,920 views. Last update: 22.12.2018

This is a continuation of the post “Why men are smarter than women.” Although Kanazawa does not give the final answer to the question in the title here, the facts that he managed to collect about the relationship between growth, intelligence, physical attractiveness are worthy of attention.After reading the article, it is especially interesting to try to look for the given dependencies in real life in your environment. Further adapted translation.

In my previous post, I explain that men are, on average, slightly but noticeably smarter than women, not because they are men, but because they are taller. However, why are taller people smarter than shorter people?

Real answer: We don’t know for sure, but there are two possible explanations. First, both height and intelligence can be indicators of health.According to this view, people who are healthier both genetically and through development, along the way, grow taller and become more intelligent than those who are less healthy, developing a direct connection between growth and intelligence.

This is a plausible theory. Yet in our work, Reignier and I present conflicting evidence. In our analysis of the National Long-Term Study of Adolescent Health, we look at the health of the respondent using four health indicators and derive a latent health variable by pivotal analysis to eliminate random measurement bias.

When we consider health, the relationship between growth and intelligence is not diminished at all. In fact, once we consider other demographic and social variables, health is largely unrelated to intelligence; in fact, it has a slight negative connection with intelligence. Thus, in any case, in our example, health is unlikely to be a common cause of both high growth and mental ability.

In our work, Reynier and I offer a second possible explanation.It consists of three separate mechanisms.

1. Selective mating of tall men and beautiful women. Since men are in demand for height and for women for physical attractiveness, selective mating of tall men with beautiful women (and short men with less beautiful women) should occur.

Since both height and physical attractiveness are hereditary, this will create a random (non-causal) relationship between height and physical attractiveness in their children, in which tall people (both men and women) are prettier than short people.

2. Selective pairing of smart men and beautiful women. Since smart men tend to achieve higher status – at least in an evolutionarily new environment in recent times – and high status of men is welcomed, and also since physical attractiveness is in demand in women, then there must be selective mating of smart (and, therefore, high-status) men and beautiful women.

Since both intelligence and physical attractiveness are inherited, this will create a random (non-causal) relationship between intelligence and physical attractiveness in their children, in which more attractive people are smarter than less attractive people.

3. A random relationship between growth and physical attractiveness (created using the above Mechanism # 1) and a random parallel between intelligence and physical attractiveness (generated using the above Mechanism # 2) will create a random second order relationship between growth and intelligence …

We believe that this is probably why taller people are smarter than shorter people. Another factor contributing to the perceived male advantage in intelligence is that taller parents are more likely to have sons than shorter parents.

Consequently, over many generations, more sons will inherit the genes of their parents who dispose them to be taller and smarter, and more daughters will inherit the genes of their parents who dispose them to be shorter and less intelligent. But again, height is the deciding factor, not gender.

In our work, we provide evidence for all key mechanisms:

  • taller people are on average more physically attractive than shorter people;
  • 90,313 people who are physically more attractive are, on average, smarter than people who are less physically attractive;

    90,313 taller people are on average smarter than shorter people;

  • and taller parents are more likely to have sons than shorter parents.

But the issue has not been resolved at all. While there is no doubt that taller people are indeed smarter than shorter people, the question of why this is so is one of the remaining conundrums in evolutionary psychology.

Source: Psychologytoday


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90,000 Top 10 tallest people in the world

Did you know that the height of the tallest living person is 46% more than the height of the average European? Almost one and a half times! And what is the height of the tallest man in history? Find out at the end of the post.

10. Igor Vovkovinsky (Ukraine) – 235 cm.

Igor was born in 1982 in the regional center of Bar in the Vinnitsa region, a few years later he moved to Kiev with his parents. Igor had a pituitary gland disease, which led to gigantism, and he needed urgent treatment. Therefore, when he was 7 years old, his parents decided to move to the United States. Since that moment, Igor with his mother and older brother have been living in the city of Rochester, Minnesota.

American doctors did their best: they treated Igor with medication, performed 16 operations, thanks to which Vovkovinsky’s growth stopped at around 235 centimeters.Igor Vovkovinsky suffers greatly from his gigantic growth – his back and legs constantly hurt.

Once every two years, Igor and his family come to Ukraine to visit their relatives and friends. In 2013, Igor took part in Zlata Ognevich’s performance at Eurovision.

No. 9. Nikolay Pankratov (Russia) – 235 cm.

Nikolay Pankratov is the tallest man in Russia, whose height is 235 cm. Born on April 17, 1989 in the city of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region.

Nikolai underwent surgery on his leg, which he underwent at the Ilizarov Scientific Center.

№8 Raduan Charbib (Tunisia) – 236 cm.

The growth of Raduan Charbib from Tunisia is 236 cm. Raduan Charbib was born in 1968 in the city of Ras Jbel. As a child, he was a lively and sociable child. But at 12, abnormal growth began, and Raduana closed in on himself. In grade 5, he dropped out of school. Until the age of 22 he was fond of basketball, but then he quit, which, according to him, he regrets.

Raduana Charbiba played a small role in the second film of the Star Wars epic.But Raduan’s acting career did not work out.

No. 7. Sun Mingming (China) – 236 cm

Sun Mingming was born on August 23, 1983 in China. Sun started playing basketball at the age of 15, when he was 2 meters tall. He is now a professional basketball player for the Beijing Dax Club of the Chinese Basketball Association. He also took part in the filming of several films. His height is 236 cm, and his weight is 168 kg.

No. 6. Bao Xishun (China) – 236 cm.

Bao Xishun was born in 1951 in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. From 2005 to 2007, he was recognized as the tallest person in the world of living people.
On March 24, 2007, he married a 28-year-old saleswoman, a woman of normal height.

No. 5. Nasir Ahmed Soomro (Pakistan) – 238 cm.

Nasir Ahmed Soomro has a height of 238 cm. Born in 1975 in Pakistan. Works as a children’s basketball coach. From 1999 to 2000 he worked as a living exhibit at the Guinness Museum of Records in Taiwan.

No. 4. Zhan Juncai (China) – 242 cm.

Zhan Juncai is one of the tallest people in the world. His height is 242 cm.
Zhang was born in China to a peasant family. His parents and other relatives are of normal height. Zhang’s height began to increase at the age of 16. In 1999, he was admitted to the hospital due to constant headaches. Zhang underwent surgery to remove a pituitary tumor, after which his growth stopped at 242 cm.

The main problem for Zhang is finding suitable clothes and shoes.

No. 3. Morteza Mehrzad Selakyani (Iran) – 246 cm.

Morteza Mehrzad Selakyani is the tallest man in Iran and the tallest volleyball player in the history of the Paralympic Games. Morteza suffers from acromegaly and is 246 cm tall. Morteza was born in 1987 in northern Iran.

At the age of 16, Morteza fell from a bicycle and suffered a pelvic injury. Now Morteza’s right leg is 15 cm shorter than the left.

No. 2.Brahim Takiolah (Morocco) – 246 cm.

Brahim Takiolah’s height – 246 cm. Brahim is the second highest living person. Brahim was born on January 26, 1982 in Morocco. Abnormal growth was manifested from the age of 13.

Brahim has the longest feet on the planet – 38.1 cm.

№1. Sultan Kesen (Turkey) – 251 cm.

Sultan Kesen is by far the tallest living person in the world, his height is 251 cm.The Sultan was born on December 10, 1982 in Turkey. The length of his foot is 36 centimeters, which is 2 centimeters less than that of the Moroccan Brahim Takiolaha.

The high growth of the Sultan is associated with a pituitary tumor. Currently, he can only walk on crutches. The Sultan’s parents are of normal height. Due to his tall stature, the Sultan could not finish school and is now engaged in farming. The sultan is looking for the positive aspects of his tall growth: the ability to work with tall trees in the garden, easy replacement of light bulbs and other types of help with the household.Among the shortcomings, he notes: it is difficult to find clothes and shoes, because he needs trousers with a length of 113 cm and outerwear with sleeves of 93 cm, as well as shoes of size 62, and it is difficult to fit into a standard car.

Since 2010, Sultan has been successfully undergoing treatment at the University of Virginia Medical Institute. In 2013, he married Merva Dibo, who barely reaches his elbow.


The tallest man in the world – Robert Pershing Wadlow USA (1918-1940). To this day, he is the tallest man in history.His height was 272 cm and he weighed 220 kg. He suffered from pituitary hypertrophy, which led to abnormally high levels of growth hormone. Robert died at 22, and 40,000 people attended his funeral.

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20 proof that this world was not created for tall people

The average height of an adult is about 1.7 m for men and 1.5 m for women.And it seems that any construction in the world is based on these numbers. Everywhere tall people have to deal with many small inconveniences that make life difficult for them. Here are just a few examples of what they go through every day.

Some authors Bright Side have also been in such situations and share the feelings of the participants in the collection. But let’s forget about all the injustices and just laugh together.

20. “There will be a stunning view,” they said

19.”Welcome to my daily life”

18. It looks like a toy plane with a real man inside

17. When 3 evils meet at once: the problem of tall people, the problem of tiny bathrooms and the problem of stupid design

16. And then the bus brakes sharply

15. There is a smart solution for any problem

14. Because tall people do not suffer enough on airplanes

13.”They often honk me because I don’t see the traffic light”

12. At least there are a sufficient number of divisions

11. Sometimes even an apartment is difficult to find in size, let alone clothes

10. But it is convenient to wipe the dust from above

9. “I am looking forward to sweet dreams”

8. “Tall guys: we have the cleanest breasts in the world and the dirtiest heads”

7.“I ordered this blouse online … The model was wearing a normal size. It’s good that crop tops are in fashion now. ”

6. Mirrors protect tall people from the sight of their own bags under their eyes in the morning

5. A gorgeous photo from the race!

4. It even hurts to look at it

3. Hello, spider!

2. Welcome to the world of those who cannot sit normally in a car

1.I wonder when was the last time he enjoyed taking a bath?

How tall are you? Have you found yourself in funny situations related to him?

90,000 Tallest person in the world: 15 tallest people on Earth

One can argue for a long time about whether high growth is an advantage or not. On the one hand, it seems that such people have a direct road to professional sports (basketball, volleyball). But do not forget about the many everyday inconveniences that accompany people over 2 meters tall.The history of the giants suggests that the very best do not go in for sports, and this is even contraindicated for them – abnormal growth is inevitably accompanied by health problems. As a result, few of these bigwigs live to see their 30th birthday. We will not only tell about the tallest people in history, but also show their photographs showing the known recorded height.

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Gabriel Monjane. 245.7 cm

This giant was born in Africa, in Mozambique, in 1944. He lived only 46 years old. Gabriel could be accurately measured – he reached a height of 245.7 cm and weighed 190 kg at the same time. Such parameters affected the condition of the legs – they were very painful for the man, as a result of which he often fell and even broke his rib. Such growth did not leave him a chance for an ordinary profession – the black giant had to perform in the circus, where the giant was presented as 265 centimeters tall.

But this was just a marketing step. In 1988, it was Gabriel Monyane who was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest man on Earth. And the cause of his death was another fall – Gabriel died of a traumatic brain injury, having fallen, most likely, from the stairs.

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Brahim Takioullah.246.3 cm

Brahim was born in 1982 in Morocco, and after reaching the age of 13, he suddenly began to grow rapidly. Once it was measured three times a day and each time the results were different. As a result, the Moroccan grew to 246 centimeters, but he got into the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest feet with an indicator of 38.1 centimeters.

Now Brahim Takiolah lives alternately in Morocco, then in France, participates in various shows, is filmed and photographed with those who wish.

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Patrick Cotter O’Brien. 246.3 cm

The life of this huge Irishman was very interesting. Patrick was born in 1760. By the age of 19, he had grown to 232 centimeters. This did not stop Patrick from starting work at a brick factory. But the big guy’s father saw in him an opportunity to get rich quickly, simply by selling to the local baroness for three years.She also appreciated his financial potential, reselling it profitably to the circus. The guy tried to terminate the bonded contract, but lost the court. Fortunately for Patrick, a certain well-wisher was found who paid the compensation. The giant was finally free, but did not forget his benefactor. Later, having become rich, Cotter repaid his debt.

Until 1782, the giant lived off performances in the theater of wonders. In 1786, the Irishman even got married, his wife was the German Christina Dinz. But at the end of his life, Dr.William Gunther began to annoy him, who begged a huge man to bequeath a skeleton to him.But Patrick did not like the idea that his remains would be put on public display. Sensing the approach of death, the giant agreed with the fisherman to bury the body at sea. And on September 8, 1806, 14 men carried the coffin to the ship. This spectacle was watched by 2,000 people, including the ubiquitous Gunther. The doctor bribed the fisherman, he installed a buoy in the burial place. So the surgeon was able to get hold of an unusual body. And after the death of Gunther, his entire collection, including the skeleton of Patrick Cotter, went to the Royal Society of Surgeons in London.

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Morteza Mehrzad Selakjani. 246.4 cm

Morteza was born in 1987 in the north of Iran, where he lives today. The Iranian has been tall since childhood, reaching 190 centimeters by the age of 16. But then he received a fateful injury – he injured his pelvis when falling from a bicycle. After that, the guy’s body began to grow rapidly.But at the same time, the left leg began to grow much faster than the right. As a result, the difference in their length was 15 centimeters!

Doctors have made an accurate diagnosis of this phenomenon – acromegaly. And Merzad himself, thanks to his height, became famous. Today he is the third highest inhabitant of the planet.

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Julius Koch.246.7 cm

During his lifetime, this German was nicknamed Constantine the Giant. His exact height remained a mystery, because the giant eventually removed both legs due to gangrene. But Julius himself claimed to have grown to 259 centimeters. After his death, doctors opened the body and found an unnaturally developed pituitary gland, which in its size exceeded a walnut. This led to the abnormal growth of a person who died at only 30 years old. Today the skeleton of Julius Koch can be seen in the Natural History Museum in Belgium.

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Zeng Jinlian. 248.5 cm

Among tall people there was a place for a woman. The Chinese woman is officially considered the tallest representative of her sex. True, her height of 248.5 centimeters is not a fact that she is accurate – a strong curvature of the spine prevented Jin-lian from straightening up. For a whole year, a Chinese woman was generally considered the tallest person in the world.She was born in 1964, and her rapid growth began at the age of 4 months.

By the age of 4, she has grown to 156 centimeters, which is considered normal growth for adults of her compatriots. At the age of 13, she reached 217 centimeters, and the length of her palms was 25 centimeters. But Tseng Jin-lian died at only 17 years old.

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Vikas Kumar Uppal.248.5 cm

This man was born in India in 1986, becoming the tallest resident of his country. His official height was 248.5 cm, but in 2004, the Tribune announced that Appalo had reached the 251 cm mark and continued to grow.

A year and a half later, it was reported that the Indian had grown another 17 centimeters. The length of his feet was 50 centimeters, and his palms were 33 centimeters. The overgrowth was caused by a tumor in the brain.Doctors tried to fix it with an operation, but it was unsuccessful. The tall Indian died at the age of 21.

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Bernard Coyne. 248.9 cm

A native of America grew to 248.9 centimeters, but according to some unreliable data, his height at the time of death was generally 254 centimeters.When Coyne was drafted into the army in 1918, his personal card recorded a height of 236 centimeters. Such anthropometric data became the reason for refusing to accept a man for service. And on the 25 US foot size, there would hardly be a standard shoe.

Doctors diagnosed Coyne’s syndrome – eunuch-like gigantism. A man died in 1921 at the age of 24, and he had to be buried in a specially made coffin.

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Don Koehler. 248.9 cm

This American did not shy away from fame, becoming one of the most famous giants in the world. Interestingly, Don had a twin sister, but her height was 175 centimeters. And the parents were not much higher than average – the father was 188 cm, and the mother was 178 cm. The brother and sister even got into the Guinness Book of Records, as twins with the maximum difference in height, she was 74 centimeters.

At the very same Don, accelerated growth began at the age of 10.In total, the giant lived 55 years, having died in 1981. Heart failure was the cause of his death. Towards the end of his life, he suffered from a terrible curvature of the spine. Because of this, the height of the man decreased to 239 centimeters.

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Sultan Kösen. 251 cm

It is this man who is considered the tallest man in the world today.He was born in 1982. The growth of the Sultan reached 251 centimeters, which is associated with a pituitary tumor. But in 2010, the problem was eliminated with the help of radiotherapy and hormone therapy. This stopped the growth of the man and gave him a chance for a normal life. True, he could not finish school, but he became a farmer. In 2013, the Sultan got married, his wife barely reaches his elbow. The giant himself even finds some advantages in his position – he easily reaches the branches of tall trees, twists the bulbs without a stepladder.But the Sultan can only move with the help of crutches.

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Édouard Beaupré, 251 cm

Canadian was born in 1881. As a child, he was of average height, but at the age of 7 he began to grow rapidly. By the age of 12, Edouard reached 2 meters and left school.Life on the ranch with his father did not attract the guy – he began to demonstrate his talents, bending bars and raising horses. Beaupre chose the path of a circus artist, even participating in wrestling matches.

In the Barnum and Bailey troupe, he was to become a real star. But just a couple of days after signing the contract, the giant died due to complications from tuberculosis. But even Edouard’s body served the entertainment industry – the embalmed corpse was put on display, and in the end it ended up in the window of the University of Montreal.

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Väinö Myllyrinne. 251.4 cm

But this Finn’s growth did not prevent him from going to serve in the army. So he became the tallest soldier in history. At 21, Wayno’s height was 222 centimeters. From 1961 to 1963, Wayno was also considered the tallest in the world. The span of his arms reached 4 meters.

The man’s body grew constantly, and not in leaps and bounds, until the age of 40, and then began to gradually decrease. Veino Müllirinne died in 1963 at the age of 54, at that time his height was 251.4 centimeters.

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Leonid Stadnik. 253 cm

In an ordinary Zhytomyr village in 1970, this record holder was born.His abnormal growth began at the age of 12 after undergoing brain surgery. It led to a pituitary tumor and subsequent acromegaly. But Leonid even graduated from college and worked as a veterinarian. For a time, the man was considered the tallest in the world. But in 2008, the high-profile title of the Ukrainian was taken away – he refused new measurements by independent judges. Leonid himself explained this by his modesty and unwillingness to publicly pay attention to him. He moved around the house with difficulty, and received help from businessmen and even from President Yushchenko.The giant died at the age of 44 from a cerebral hemorrhage. In recent years, Leonid grew by 2-3 centimeters per year, but no one wanted to correct the official data.

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Trijntje Keever, 254 cm

It is likely that she was the tallest woman in all documented history.Treintier was born in the family of a Dutch sailor in 1616. The girl began to grow quickly, which allowed her to even clean the gutter on the roof without a ladder.

And parents showed this natural wonder for money at exhibitions. In the documents, there is a mention of the maid of honor of the Bohemian queen about a nine-year-old girl of two meters in height. During the next fair, Traintier died, she was only 17 years old. A full-length portrait of the Great Virgin can be seen at the branch of the Eden Museum.

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John F Carroll.264 cm

The place in the ranking of this person can be challenged, because he suffered from severe curvature of the spine. This greatly interfered with the accurate measurement of a person’s height. As a child, John was an ordinary child, but at the age of 16 he began to actively grow. They say that in some months it grew by 15 centimeters at once. This immediately led to problems with the back and joints – movement became very difficult. Officially, John’s height was recorded at around 264 centimeters. Attempts to cure the giant remained unsuccessful.John’s death came in 1969, when he was only 36 years old.

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John Rogan, 264 cm

The exact date of the birth of this African American is unknown, it is approximately between 1865-1868. The son of a former slave began to grow at the age of 13, which did not stop until his death. At the time of the last measurement, the height was 259 centimeters.Interestingly, with such a huge growth, John’s weight was small – only 79 kilograms. By the age of 20, he developed serious joint problems, which is why he could walk on crutches at first, and then made himself a cart, led by goats.

A black man made a living by selling postcards with his portrait. In general, the audience loved the harmless giant, who, moreover, had a deep voice and was very cheerful. But John categorically refused performances in the circus.The cause of his death in 1905 was ankylosis.

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Robert Wadlow, 272 cm

According to the Guinness Book of Records, this American became the tallest man in the world in history. Until the age of 4, Robert was an ordinary boy, but then suddenly he began to grow rapidly, which did not stop until his death. It came at 22 years old, in 1940.By that time, Wadlow had reached 272 cm and weighed 199 kg. At the same time, the parents of the record holder, like his brothers and sisters, were of average height. Despite his impressive size, Robert led an active lifestyle – he graduated from high school, entered the university, planning to become a lawyer. And he earned his living by performing in the circus.

In it, the giant traveled all over America on tour. So the country recognized him. Large growth led to problems with joints and spine – I had to walk only on crutches.As a result of rubbing the leg, an infection got into the wound, and sepsis led to the death of Robert. His funeral was attended by 40 thousand people. The half-ton coffin was poured with concrete at the request of the parents to prevent looting. And the monument to the tallest man in history turned out to be twice as high as everyone else in the cemetery.

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Fedor Makhnov, 254-282 cm

A native of Vitebsk Province, according to some sources, he can be considered the tallest man in history.He was born in 1878, already in his youth he reached a height of 2.5 meters. But after 16 years, Fedor continued to grow, so he could add another 30 centimeters. Makhnov weighed 182 kg and was distinguished by remarkable strength. For a time, the giant toured with the circus around the world and even met with President Roosevelt. But in the end, Fedor settled in his native land in the village. His wife was Efrosinya Lebedeva, 215 cm tall.

The couple had five children, but none of them even grew to two meters.Makhnov died at 34, most likely from a lung disease. And although his wife wanted to point out his “real” height on the giant’s grave, the idea failed. And the modern analysis of Makhnov’s photographs with well-known objects leads to conclusions about a height of 240 cm. Most likely, the record figures were invented for commercial purposes.

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Giant from Castelnau, up to 3.5 m

The further you go into the depths of history, the more vivid, but also unproven stories you can find there.In 1890, during the excavations of the Bronze Age cemetery of Castelnau-les-Lez in France, three bone fragments were found: the humerus, fibula and tibia. In the journal Le Nature, anthropologist de Lapouge described the find. The huge bones were undeniably human. But, based on the anatomy of our body, the height of the prehistoric giant should have been 3.5 meters!

The bones of the giant from Castelnau were studied by other anthropologists, who just threw up their hands and recognized the remains as belonging to a certain representative of a very high race.Interestingly, in 5 kilometers from that place, after a couple of years, huge skulls with bones were discovered.