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10 Most Common Male Sex Fantasies

10 Bedroom Fantasies Every Guy Has Had At Least Once

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It’s in your head, and it’s starting a stir below the belt, but that’s the extent of it. Sometimes you share it. Sometimes you act on it. But without fail, you will have it. I’m talking about a sexual fantasy. Men love them and they will never give them up, but sometimes, they’re not quite ready to articulate them because they’re conflicted about what turns them on and how they feel about it. Relax. You’re good. It’s all good. Boys will be boys, so don’t sweat it.

1. Domination

Men love to take charge, and sometimes you just don’t get enough opportunity in the real world. Bedroom fantasies where you’re king of your castle and commander in chief of all that goes down between the sheets are a great way to offset any disappointments in real life and hedge against anger at being dominated from nine to five. A little rough sex after hours, or some domination with silky ties for blindfolds or fuzzy handcuffs for light bondage will do the trick for most guys. When you have a base need, like wanting to be on top — literally and figuratively — fantasies where you’re dominating will be common. In addition, there’s the taboo of knowing that overcoming someone else sexually is edgy, and that’s part of why it brings a thrill. In real life, sex that culminates in playing out these fantasies with a willing partner can lead to a good time in fulfilling these feelings of wanting to dominate sexually.

2. Submission

On the other end of the spectrum are men who fantasize about being dominated. Men fantasize about feeling sexually dominated when they’re tired of doing the dominating themselves, and they have mixed feelings about what they’re doing in that domination where they’re on top — whether it’s in the bedroom or the board room. Men are expected to become presidents, owners and entrepreneurs where they lead and conquer in business. This isn’t always a comfortable path, but most men don’t talk about that inner conflict. They just put their heads down and do their jobs. However, those feelings of discomfort and quiet anxiety about what they’re doing and how they’re living their lives don’t disappear. They become suppressed. Many men are not conscious of this deep inner turmoil in a way that they can articulate. They just know they fantasize about being dominated in bed to relieve themselves of guilt for doing the dominating in “real life” and being dominated in bed also makes them feel that the power play they win in the real world is being justified by their domination privately. When they’re in personal, romantic relationships, they sometimes feel uncomfortable about expressing these feelings to their partners because it breaks the pattern they’ve had that seems to work for the couple. That’s why you’ll sometimes see men who want to be dominated go outside their primary relationship to act out this fantasy.

3. Threesomes & Orgies

Men fantasize about having threesomes, foursomes and more because they want the purely sexual experience that is more animal than it is relational. There’s implied monogamy in most relationships, but threesomes and orgies open up that monogamous relationship to allow sex with others and at the same time, close out the personal feelings you have about a long-term partner. Feelings about the future and commitment aren’t usually present in these sexual fantasies, or the real life culminations of them. It’s really all about the sex with multiple partners, simultaneously. In real life, sometimes men feel that they want a threesome rather than foursome or more, because they can control the relationships outside of the bedroom after the sex act is completed. I hear from my readers who go beyond their threesome fantasies into real life threesomes that the relationships that derive from threesomes often lead to breakups of the original couple. This is one fantasy that doesn’t usually work in real life, long term; it’s a great fantasy, but a not-so-great experience if you’re married or in a committed relationship.

4. Experienced Women

Straight men often fantasize about sex with an older woman who knows her body so well that the sex is incredible because of her ease and absence of inhibition. Women who’ve gained experience over the years also tend to know a man’s body better than younger women do. There isn’t the same pressure to get married or define the relationship and that makes the sex carefree and unencumbered, and she appreciates a man’s body more because of his youth — and sees the big picture, not just a little love handle situation going on, that younger women with “standards” might scoff at. The older woman usually has her own money and a nicer place than younger women — or even the guy doing the fantasizing — so being wined and dined and whisked up to a private penthouse love shacks is part of the fantasy fun. This is a fantasy that’s about sex and luxury with no strings attached.

5. Virginal Women

The first time is iconic. And because it happens once and only once, it’s valuable. It’s even written about in the Bible. Religious zealots really like virgins, too! And yet, here we are in modern times, not religious zealots, and with decades of sexual liberation across so many fronts, and to this day there remains a mystique about men and women who haven’t had their first time yet. Those who hold the V card hold the object of sexual fantasy. Men fantasize about taking virginity and teaching a student about sex because it puts them in a position of power and on the pedestal to receive adoration. This hand in hand taking and teaching is an attractive and crucial aspect of the virgin sex fantasy. The men who fantasize about sex with virgins don’t just fantasize about that first time. They see themselves teaching the virgin in the ways of sex. It’s not just a way for these guys to get turned on but to approach feelings of wanting to be needed and looked up to by a student who is adoring.

6. Unattainable Women

Let’s call them the cheerleader, the nurse and the librarian. Men fantasize about what they can’t have. The fantasies make them feel better because in those daydreams they fix the problem of unattainability. Those women who are off-limits are theirs for the taking in the fantasies. And the most common are the coveted, pristine and aloof cheerleaders, nurses and librarians who are just out of reach of most men — which is exactly why they’re great fodder for sexual fantasies. They’re almost like the Madonna in the Madonna and the whore complex. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the most popular Halloween costumes are sexy cheerleaders, sexy nurses and sexy librarians who all have sexual alter egos behind the chaste-like uniforms. The don’t-touch-me clothing that the cheerleader, nurse and librarian (who are all seen as hyper-focused on doing their jobs helping others and are seemingly so busy that they don’t have time to be sexual) wear helps spawn the fantasies. In the fantasies, men are the ones who turn them on and turn them out.

7. Voyeurism

Men like to watch. They’re naturally visual — often more so than women. This makes porn a huge hit with men, while more women will prefer novels like Fifty Shades of Grey, which provide a different type of fantasy stimulus. Voyeurism also makes fantasies about watching sex enjoyable for men. Sometimes the fantasies involve watching one’s self have sex (mirrors in the bedroom provide a big boost for this fantasy), and sometimes it’s about watching someone you think is hot, or you’re involved with, having sex with someone else. Staying distanced gives the fantasy a feeling of control over the situation. It also helps guys who want to know more about sex learn. Of course, sometimes the fantasies include simply watching. And others times, the fantasies involve joining in after things heat up. 

8. Sex In Public

One of the most common male fantasies is about having sex in public places, unnoticed by others. The idea of doing something wrong and getting away with it is what fuels this fantasy. That the “something wrong” is sex makes the fantasy that much hotter. You can wear suggestive clothing, make out for days on the street corner and even do some mild groping in public, but if you perform a sex act in public and you get caught, you’ll be in trouble with the law. So getting away with this isn’t just about breaking rules, it’s about breaking sexual taboos that are laws. You also need a partner who’s either as naughty as you are or is so swept up in the act she can’t stop. Both are going to work just fine for your sexual fantasy because now you’re layering a great partner with getting away with a bad act. The trifecta is in place. This fantasy works for days for most men because they alternate public transportation with secluded corners of stores and alleys between buildings, making this fantasy one of the most versatile of them all. The mile high club is kind of old hat, as sexual fantasies go, and it’s become stale because people are doing it, not just fantasizing about it, on a pretty regular basis. This is going on in bathrooms, beneath blankets and in first-class sleeping accommodations. So while sex in planes isn’t as popular a fantasy as it once was, it still works in a pinch.

9. Sex In Nature

There’s something very basic and organic about having sex in a forest, on the beach, or in a field because you’re doing something natural in the most elemental place — in nature. And men who love nature will easily start fantasizing about having sex in the wild. It could be in a sleeping bag on a camping trip, or completely au naturel in the woods, on the beach or at the base of a mountain. Another reason that this is a great fantasy is because it’s the exact opposite of clean and fresh sheets in a hotel room setting — which is one of a woman’s favorite places to have sex and therefore one of the most common places many men have sex. Being out in nature without fluffy towels and without even a mattress feels raw and primal, and that makes it hot.

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10. Two Women

Men are fascinated by lesbians, especially those who are interested in making out and having sex with their wives and girlfriends. The idea of bringing a woman into the bedroom is a big fantasy for lots of men who are interested in what seems to be exotic, hot and forbidden. Most men don’t have a lot of experiences with lesbians or lesbian sex, and they like the idea of it, if it’s not threatening to their masculinity or their relationship. Seeing their wife making out with and having sex with another woman — or seeing two women a guy is not involved with (whether or not he knows them) — is a huge turn-on. Many women won’t do this in real life, and so keeping this fantasy for his own is a great way for a guy to have the sexual experience as a fantasy, while keeping his real life relationship going without it. Limitations in the bedroom don’t have to thwart your imagination. Having these fantasies as your own private source of pleasure is a great way to be sexual and expand your sexual self.

Making Your Fantasies A Reality

While some fantasies rely on meeting someone who fits the role that you’re dirty daydreaming about, dominance and submission bondage play scenarios are something you can act out as long as you have a willing partner. And once you have enthusiastic consent, the only thing you’ll need in order to make that fantasy a reality are a few beginner bondage toys to get you both started. Once you and your woman get comfortable with the basics, these toys can also be used for more intense play — but it’s best to start things off slowly and work up to more involved bondage acts together — especially if you’re just starting out. Ready to start shopping? Here are a few products that can help bring your fantasy to life.

MUQU Fetish Blindfold

AskMen Recommends: Sometimes it’s the most pedestrian toy that really ends up enhancing the experience — a BDSM blindfold like this one from MUQU being a prime example. Sensory deprivation can go a long way in heightening pleasure, especially where bondage play is concerned. Not knowing where your partner will touch you next adds another layer of excitement to being restrained and dominated, so if she’s interested in acting out the submissive fantasy with you, give blindfolding her a try.

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Shibari Rope

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Adam & Eve Bondage Game Set

AskMen Recommends: Your bondage fantasy likely flows effortlessly in your mind — but trying it out in real life can come with some awkward moments to navigate. To help steer things in the right direction, why not look at it all as a game? This BDSM kit lets you and your partner roll the dice, landing on different scenarios until you find one that you want to try together. It also comes with a handy bondage sex position guide, and a mild whip to experiment with.

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13 Common Sexual Fantasies – What Do Women Fantasize About

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but sexual fantasies come in all difference shapes and sizes. It’s likely you won’t have the same fantasies as your best friends, and that’s okay. So long as everything is consensual, these things are completely personal to you.

For some, it can mean simply bringing a bullet vibrator vibrator into the bedroom for some extra clitoral stimulation (which I *highly* recommend, btw). For others, it could mean hanging a ceiling sex swing, grabbing some handcuffs, securing a blindfold, and/or buying leather lingerie. So, yeah, there’s a bit of a spectrum.

But regardless of what you may or may not be interested in, exploring sexual fantasies are a great way not only to ~spice~ up the bedroom in whatever way that floats your boat, but it can take the monotony out of your normal day-to-day. (Oh, and if you love Halloween, it’s basically the perf excuse to get into a character and/or costume, even when it’s not even October).

But remember, no matter how elaborate your sexual fantasy is, every sexual act in and out of the bedroom should start with a conversation—and yup, this means you should be having the sex talk with your partner regularly. What this looks like: For one, you need to develop a safe word (like “pineapple” or “red”). This word would only be used to relay to your partner that the scene is going too far or there’s a boundary being crossed. You and/or your partner should stop immediately once a safe word is brought up. This ensures safe, consensual sex.

The second thing you can do is easy: Just talk to your partner. Since you’re diving into new sexual territory with whatever you’re trying, here are some questions you should be asking beforehand to make sure you’re checking in with your partner and their pleasure: How will I know if you’re having fun? How will I know when I need to do something different? What kind of mood or feelings do we want to have while we play?

Now, the fun part. For all of you looking for inspo (or, hey, maybe are just super into voyeurism), here’s 13 women’s most hottest, sexual fantasies.

Men’s Top 15 Most Common Fantasies


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We all have fantasies. Some of them are highly romantic, like spending the night with the man or woman of your dreams on a candlelit rooftop overlooking the city. Others are less PG-13, more rated R for risqué. We don’t always feel comfortable admitting to having these fantasies, women especially, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have them. Would you feel comfortable telling your friends that you fantasize about making love to someone while centipedes crawl across your legs and torso? Let me guess: it just wasn’t the right time to share something so intimate. Perhaps we wouldn’t find our fantasies so unusual if we realized how common they actually are.

Researchers have wondered the same thing. Several research studies have focused on what men fantasize about. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, entitled “What Exactly Is an Unusual Fantasy?”, wanted to determine which erotic fantasies are common among men. The researchers asked men living in Quebec to answer the Wilson’s Sex Fantasy Questionnaire. 717 men completed the questionnaire, of which the majority were heterosexual. The fifteen most common fantasies as reported by these men are listed below. Be warned: you’re about to enter an erotic zone.


“Nice to meet you. Want to be pleasured?”

Via youtube.com

A few naughty thoughts about the neighbour’s wife never hurt anyone, right? I certainly hope not, because roughly 66% of men fantasize about pleasuring an acquaintance. That acquaintance might be a neighbour, a co-worker, or the woman who rings up your groceries every week. Any woman with the slightest relationship to a man might feature in his pleasure palace fantasy. It’s nice to find out that men don’t just fantasize about receiving pleasure, but that the majority of them throw us women a bone from time to time. Of course, it’s nowhere near the number of men who fantasize about being pleasured, as you’ll discover if you read on.


The DD effect

Via: businessinsider.com

To all of the ladies out there: if you’re thinking about getting a boob job, then think big. Nearly 69% of men fantasize about sleeping with a woman with very large breasts. What men consider large is unclear, but my guess is nothing smaller than a DD bra size. Men’s focus on breast size shouldn’t surprise anyone. Breasts hold special evolutionary significance in the game of mating. They’re a cue to youth, which is a cue to greater reproductive success. The larger they are, the more obvious it is when they sag, which gives a man a sense of a woman’s age.


Getting their antenna adjusted by their partner

Via: chobirdokan.com

Receiving pleasure is just as arousing as giving it. Ask the 72% of men who fantasize about being pleasured by their partner. Occasionally, men like to let women take the wheel when it comes to experiencing arousal. They don’t always want to be the ones in charge. Sometimes, they just want to sit back, relax, and experience a rush of endorphins with one deft stroke of the antenna. Why use your own hand when you can make use of someone else’s? Sure, men can pleasure themselves whenever they wish. But pleasure is so much more fun when you have someone to share the experience with.


Getting freaky with a stranger

Via sinful-robotics.com

It seems that a fairly large percentage of men fantasize about having a romantic encounter with someone they don’t even know. Nearly 73% of men indicated that they fantasize about getting it on with an unknown person. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “stranger danger”. Hooking up with a stranger sounds thrilling, at least in our minds. In reality, men who decide to hook up with a stranger are more likely to end up on an episode of Deadly Women than in the middle of an erotic fantasy. I wonder how many men who fantasize about sleeping with a stranger actually want to live out their fantasy…


A feast of women

Via pinterest.com

A good old-fashioned orgy anyone? 75% of men fantasize about hooking up with more than three people at the same time. Predictably, all of the people involved in the fantasy orgy are women. No bi-curiosity for men. It’s easy to see why an orgy might be mentally appealing. In men’s fantasies, they can imagine themselves surrounded by the naked bodies of highly attractive women, giving and receiving pleasure for days. In reality, it can be hard for men to find one woman who’s interested enough to sleep with them, let alone four women or more. And at the same time, no less.


Rubbing their partner’s raspberry

Via: youtube.com

Giving pleasure to one’s partner is in itself a pleasurable thing. It certainly appears so, at least, when 76% of men fantasize about pleasuring their partner. It can feel like an accomplishment to know that you can elicit such desire in a romantic partner. It gives a man a sense of power, of control, to be able to arouse a woman. Men, after all, were evolutionarily programmed to be the dominant party in the bedroom. It’s a point of pride for men to make a woman experience pleasure at their hand. Keep on pleasuring us women, men; we don’t mind.


Tongue tornado

Via pyxurz.blogspot.com

To men, the female anatomy is a new territory to explore and conquer. And conquer it they will… with their tongues. 78% of men fantasize about giving cunnilingus. It’s so much more glamourous, and less sticky, in our fantasies. Going down on a woman is a challenge not for the faint of heart. Think of brave Kevin in American Pie, studying the ancient art of lovemaking in order to please his girlfriend Vicky. It was the “Tongue Tornado” that won her over, you know. If a man goes down on a woman just right, then he can expect a whole lot of pleasure in return. And possibly a Stage 5 clinger.


Set the stage for love

Via fanforum.com

The statistics don’t lie: men are secret romantics at heart. Just look at the numbers. 78% of men fantasize about making love in a romantic location, like on a deserted beach. It seems like all of those romantic movies that women drag their boyfriends and husbands to see are rubbing off on the male species. A romantic setting can really put a man in the mood for a romp in the hay, so to speak. The setting can provide the necessary romance that may be lacking in one’s romantic partner. Soft music can distract a man from a woman’s snoring, for example. I think it’s safe to say that this is one fantasy that men wouldn’t mind coming true.


Ready, aim, fire

Via reddit.com

For men, hooking up equates to target practice. 80% of men fantasize about ejaculating on their romantic partner. I suspect that the fantasy is so popular because many women don’t allow it in real life. I don’t blame them; the image would strike fear in many a germaphobe’s heart. In a man’s fantasy, however, he can fire away without fear of being dumped. He can even make it into a game. I can picture it now. A chest shot is worth fifty points, and a head shot is worth one hundred points. Bonus points if you land one in her mouth!


Lesbian voyeurism

Via pulsourbano.com.ar

I remember when lesbian couples started appearing on every popular network television show on the air, around the same time. Not just any lesbian couples; hot lesbian couples. That’s what happens when you put male writers in charge. Lesbianism becomes the stuff of fantasies and stops reflecting reality. 82% of men fantasize about watching two women make love. They fantasize about it so much that they flooded television with it. They sent the message that every woman is ready to hook up with another woman given the right circumstances, and especially if they’re both attractive. But that reality only lives in men’s fantasies.


“You did what where?”

Via famousfix.com

The unfamiliar can certainly be tantalizing. A whopping 82% of men fantasize about hooking up in an unusual place. Examples of such places included in the Sex Fantasy Questionnaire are the office and public toilets. What I’d like to know is when the office became an unusual place to hook up in. Public toilets I get, but the office? Don’t people have workplace affairs all the time? In any case, sensation seeking strikes again. Sometimes, an unusual place is all that a man needs to spice up a sex life that has been fizzling out. Try a hospital bed on for size. Or the showers at your local golf club. That one can even double as a public place. Two fantasies with one strategically chosen location.


The cheat code

Via 24ilmagazine.ilsole24ore.com

You’ve all done it, fantasized about another woman while making love to your girlfriends or wives. The proof is in the statistics, because 83% of men fantasize about hooking up with someone that they know who isn’t their spouse. Maybe it’s the young and unassuming intern at the office who brings you your coffee every morning. Or maybe it’s the cleaning lady whose clothes fit just a little too tightly. One thing’s for sure: it isn’t your wife. Affairs are exciting, at least on TV they are. There’s even a whole show dedicated to an affair (aptly titled The Affair). But affairs are tricky in real life, which is why men don’t necessarily want their fantasies to come true.


Three’s company

Via pinterest.com

So traditional threesomes trounce orgies in men’s fantasies. About 85% of men fantasize about hooking up with two women at the same time. It’s a daunting task, pleasuring two women simultaneously, but most men are up for it. At least, in their fantasies they are. Women are so much more easy-going in men’s imaginations. In reality, I wonder how many of the 83% of men would actually know what to do in a threesome situation. My guess is that the women would have to steer the ship, so to speak. Suffice it to say that most men have their ideal threesome draft picks in their head. Who would your two lovemaking partners be?


Do you do oral?

Via: memegenerator.com

Pleasuring your partner orally can be a chore, but never in our fantasies. Nearly 88% of men fantasize about taking part in fellatio or cunnilingus. It’s unclear what “taking part in” actually means. Does it mean both giving and receiving oral pleasure? Or is it a one-way street? Either way, pleasure is involved. I tend to assume that men are experiencing oral pleasure in these fantasies, since more men fantasized about this than about giving oral pleasure to a woman. It’s also possible that the 10% difference is accounted for by homosexual men. What I wouldn’t give to ask the men surveyed a few follow-up questions.


Public indecency

Via chitownstarconnection.com

There’s something titillating about the thought of being caught doing the nasty in public. Many men agree; 66% of them fantasize about making love openly in a public place. If you believe this result, then more than half of men have a secret lust for sensation seeking, whether they act on that lust or not. Hooking up with someone in the vicinity of prying eyes can be daring, exhilarating, and just a tad fetishistic. I’m not sure how many men would leave the safety of their bedrooms to actually risk being caught with their pants down in public, but one can imagine. What would you do if you were sure you wouldn’t get caught?

Source: businessinsider.com


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”The danger,” Dr. Schwartz added, ”is when people use a fantasy to maintain or increase the distance between them. After 30 years of marriage, a man or woman may replace the spouse with someone else in their fantasies. If he or she has to fantasize someone else while making love, then the relationship needs help.” Other sex therapists do not agree that such fantasies necessarily indicate that a couple is in need of therapy. ”If a man fantasizes about his secretary after 20 years of marriage, that’s not at all uncommon,” Dr. Barlow said. He, like many other sex therapists, believes that, if a 20-year fantasy helps in lovemaking, then there is no harm in it.

Nor does he believe that fantasies are always acted out. ”It is not uncommon for a woman to tell us that she can get aroused by an attractive woman, although she would never want to have sexual relations with a woman.” And by the same token, the Schwartz and Masters report shows that the fantasy of a forced sexual encounter, such as rape, does not mean that a person would necessarily enjoy acting it out in real life, although it ranked as the first or second most common fantasy among all groups.

”For most people who have a fantasy of rape,” Dr. Barlow said, ”it’s a very idealized, even romantic act, something like the rape scene in ‘The Fantastiks,’ ” perhaps somewhat stylized and removed. ”In our research, we find that if you play a tape for them of a realistic description of a real rape, with all its pain and violence, they don’t get aroused. The meaning of a fantasy like that may be more symbolic than real; for many women who have guilt about sex, it can be a way of giving themselves permission to enjoy it.”

Some Fantasies Reveal Troubles

”But if, say, a man has to have a fantasy of severe sadism before he can be aroused at all, then it’s a psychological problem,” Dr. Barlow said. ”Such a habit of compulsive, obligatory fantasies are more likely to lead to someone trying to act them out. And that can mean trouble.”

”If the fantasy is something like a role reversal or cross-dressing, and the wife is sympathetic, then it’s fine,” he continued. ”But if acting out the fantasy brings harm to others, as with rape fantasies, then it’s a problem. Or if the fantasy is of something like transvestism, and the wife is not accepting, then the person has to decide between his sexual preference and his marriage.”

”When we treat someone like that,” he said, ”we don’t consider them cured until the fantasy changes to a more desirable one. You have to look both at their behavior and their fantasies.”

”Fantasy patterns,” Dr. Barlow said, ”are a primary indicator of a person’s sexual orientation.” He thus places himself in the school of thinking that assumes that a preponderance of, say, homosexual fantasies is a prime indication that a person wishes to be homosexual or is one.

The seven most common sexual fantasies, revealed | The Independent

We might live in a society that is more open and positive about sex than ever before, but one expert says we’ve still got a long way to go.

Whilst researching for his new book, Tell Me What You Want, social psychologist Dr Justin Lehmiller interviewed 4,175 Americans about their sex lives in what is possibly the largest and most comprehensive survey of sexual fantasies in the US to date.

In the interviews, he asked people about their sex lives, and how often they fantasised about specific people, places and things in a bid to break down the stigma surrounding sexuality.

As well as making sex easier for people to discuss, his book also reveals some of people’s most common sexual fantasies.

“My overriding hope for the book is that it will help people to better understand their own fantasies and to feel less shame, embarrassment, and anxiety about them,” Dr Lehmiller tells The Independent.

“In doing so, I hope this makes it easier for people to talk about their desires with their partners and maybe even act on some of their fantasies, too—the ones that are safe, legal, and consensual, of course.”

Among the more peculiar findings were accounts of sexual attraction to bellybuttons, armpits and even cars but Dr Lehmiller also uncovered many erotic desires that seemingly unite us.

So, what are the seven most common sexual fantasies?

1) Having a threesome

Topping the list, 89 per cent of those surveyed said they fantasised about having a threesome with other people, with those in relationships saying the threesome would ideally involve their spouse.

Lehmiller also found that straight males were more likely to fantasise about having a threesome with two women, while heterosexual women didn’t show a preference for gender.


According to Lehmiller’s findings, 65 per cent of participants fantasised about receiving pain, whether in the form of spanking, biting or dripping hot wax.

The majority fantasised about at least one BDSM act while women were found to have “slightly more frequent” desires of giving up control to a partner.

3) Shaking things up

Whether it’s changing positions, locations or partners, Lehmiller found that a large number of people fantasised about mixing up their usual sex routine.

For example, if they usually had sex in bed, they would fantasise about a public setting or if they were in a relationship, they would fantasise about having sex with someone else.

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

Show all 8

1/8Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

The Vesper designed by Ti Chang

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

US sex toy designer Ti Chang

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

The Vesper is produced in silver, rose gold and gold.

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

The PopDildo which can be used for semination

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

The Fin clitoral simulator designed by Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

Sex toys designed by women – in pictures

4) Public sex

Location was one of the biggest fantasies for women with the majority revealing that they often fantasised about having sex in a public place where you run the risk of getting caught.

Some of the top locations mentioned included the office, the park, and in a lift.

5) Open relationships

A large number of participants revealed that they would like to have sex with other people if it was approved by their partner.

79 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women had fantasised about being in an open relationship, while 58 per cent admitted they thought about watching their partner have sex with other people.

6) Meaningful sex

The majority of both men and women revealed that they crave “meaningful” sex that makes them feel desired, appreciated and loved.

They also said that feeling as though they were good in bed and irresistible was a turn-on.

7) Same-sex encounters

While many of the participants identified as heterosexual, a large number said they had fantasies about the same sex.

59 per cent of straight women said they had fantasies about sex with other women, while 26 per cent of straight men said they had fantasies about sex with other men.

Around one in four men also craved sex with a cross-dresser, while one in three men said they had fantasised about sex with a transsexual.

The Differences Between The Sexual Fantasies of Men and Women

sexual fantasies

Robert W. Birch, Ph.D. Sexologist & Adult Sexuality Educator

Have you ever given any thought to the differences between the sexual fantasies typically conjured up by man and women. Men tend to have more sexual fantasies than women and are more likely to pair them with masturbation. Men, being visual beings, are likely create a visual image of a woman’s sexual body and imagine watching her or seducing her or, quite often, being seduced by her. Women, on the other hand, are typically less visual in their sexual fantasies, are usually less focused on genitals, and usually focus more on the emotional feelings of a romantic encounter. Women also tend to involve more olfactory and auditory memories… memories of smells and sounds.

Many women have difficulty imagining an explicit sexual encounter, but readily acknowledge the stirring of sexual feelings while engrossed in a romantic novel or movie. Erotic fantasies, PG-13 through the X rated ones, can serve several sexual functions. Fantasies can induce sexual desire, maintain sexual arousal, enhance the sexual experience, trigger an orgasm, and preserve a memory.

The desire to be sexual is not controlled by a switch that can be turned on following the eleven o’clock news. Many people, particularly as they age or as a relationship matures, find that the easy turn ons are less and less likely to occur, particularly late at night. At times when time is limited, fantasies can serve to focus attention on the anticipated erotic event and help induce a desire for sexual intimacy.

More than one person has told me, “I’m not able to get excited on a moment’s notice – I need time to psych myself up.” To induce desire, you can think ahead about what you would like to experience and what you wish to both give and receive. Imagine the sexual encounter is your very first, but without those initial anxieties, and let it be, in your mind, a new and exciting adventure. Recall the good sexual feelings you have experienced and mentally reminisce about memorable past encounters. Conjure up the memory of a partner’s warmth, softness, and gentle touch. See your partner’s face in your mind’s eye and recall that person’s sounds of pleasure and the aroma of their excitement.


Desire can be induced mutually throughout the day, with, for example, a phone call to say, “I’ve been thinking of your wonderful body.” The mid-day message, “You won’t believe what I want to do to you tonight,” can stir the imagination of both partners, spending the day thinking of the possibilities in store for that night.

For those without a partner, fantasies during the day can become the prelude for an episode of self-loving that evening. Self-stimulation, the normal, natural way of experiencing solitary pleasure, is a healthy outlet for many who are alone. Fantasy during the day can certainly prepare you for the quiet celebration of your own sexual response.

Most of us have had the experience of beginning a sexual encounter, only to find our minds wandering off to the worries of the day or the pressing issues of tomorrow. By pushing away the intrusive nonsexual thoughts, erotic fantasy can maintain arousal. When distractions hit, we need only focus on a pleasant sexual memory or project an exciting visual image on our mental movie screen. Fantasies can be of our current sexual partner, but often they will revolve around persons from the past, coworkers, movie stars, or attractive strangers. Bringing others into fantasies is normal and is justified if it serves the current relationship by eliminating distractions that would otherwise dampen or destroy the passion. Obviously, if someone feels guilty about including others in his or her fantasy script, they should be left out. Some people like a cast of thousands, while others want to focus exclusively on their current partner.

Many people worry about their fantasies being “kinky”, but such fantasies are common. Unusual fantasies can help maintain arousal and are harmless if there is no compulsion to actually experience an act that would be emotionally or physically harmful to oneself or to others. Whereas honesty is usually the best policy, discretion must be used in the sharing of some unusual fantasies or fantasies involving other people. It is rare that a couple can share such private thoughts without, at best, a little discomfort. Too often the reaction to hearing a partner’s most kinky fantasy is one of jealousy and distrust, if not anger and disgust.

One woman playfully imagined that her partner’s penis was enormous, and reported how she would visualize engulfing this gigantic imaginary erection into her body… and she would privately marveled at her vagina’s ability to swallow up this massive tool. She quickly acknowledged, however, that she had no desire to experience anything that large in real life, but she did enjoy embellishing her fantasy with the thoughts of dressing this impressive male member in doll’s clothing and taking it for walks in the park. During her sexual encounters, this fantasy helped rivet her attention on the pleasure she was feeling from the very adequate reasonably-sized penis of her partner.

One night, this woman decided that it would be fun to share her fantasy with her partner. To her utter surprise, the man was devastated upon hearing her playful musings! He began worrying that she had been with men who had larger penises than his, fearing that these well-endowed men must have please her more than he could ever hope to. He erroneously assumed that she could not enjoy his average-sized penis, and began to feel totally inadequate as her lover. Fearing he could not satisfy this woman, he backed off sexually. When he did try, he felt self-conscious and, as a result, often failed to become erect. This, of course, led to more avoidance and self-degradation.

In couples therapy, this man worked on understanding that his partner’s fantasy had nothing to do with his genital size or sexual performance, but made their shared intimacy more exciting for her. In our last therapy session he began laughing and, when questioned, shared his own “pet” fantasy. He had for many years fantasized he was making love to a virgin and that her vagina was the town’s tightest. Both agreed that they loved each other, loved the sexuality they shared, and would never again ask about the private fantasies each used to dispel the occasional intruding distractions. The also learned that virginity and penis size are immaterial when there is love.

The consequences of disclosure were more serious for another couple. The man fantasized about having sex with his wife’s younger married sister. While he found the sister attractive, he had no illusions about her commitment to her husband and would never, in reality, make a pass at her. When he shared his fantasy, however, his wife expressed anger and disbelief. She became extremely uncomfortable whenever her sister was around and believed that she had to watch them both closely for any signs of subtle flirtation. Angry that she now felt distrusting, not only of her husband, but of her sister as well, she chose to end her marriage with the man rather than further damaging her relationship with her sister. The fantasy proved to be too close, too personal, and too threatening.

Many shared fantasies, however, enhance desire and maintain arousal. One night a man entered a singles bar, propped himself up on a bar stool and slowly rotated, carefully surveying the women around him. Apparently no one caught his eye, so he turned his back on the scene and sipped quietly on his drink. About fifteen minutes later, a woman walked in. As her eyes adjusted to the darkened room, she also scrutinized the crowd. She wandered around a bit, being careful not to make eye contact with any of the men scattered around the room. After a few minutes of aimless wandering, she moved up beside the man who was seemingly intent on nursing his drink. Sliding between him and the person sitting next to him, she leaned toward the bar to catch the bartender’s attention. As she did, the man felt her breast brush lightly across his arm, but he did not look her way.


After being served, the woman stepped back, drink in hand, and stood behind the man. Aware of her presence, the man turned and looked into her eyes. His unoriginal inquiry, “Do you come her very often?” was met with an abrupt, “No!” As he turned toward her, his leg came to rest against her thigh. She made no attempt to avoid the contact, but waited for him to continue his attempt to initiate conversation. Awkwardly he asked, “What do you do for fun?” Both grinned at her response, “I pick up strange men in singles bars.” At this point the drink he had been nursing so patiently was gulped down in record time and he asked her to dance. She played at being reluctant, but allowed him to convince her. On the dance floor, they danced as though each was covered by porcupine quills and a large man on a Harley-Davidson could have driven between them. As they continued to dance, however, they moved closer until, from a distance, it looked as though their bodies had blended into one.

As they left together he asked, “Shall we take your car or mine?” Again giggling, they took his car to the nearest motel, where he produced a bottle of wine from an ice bucket on the back seat. Ralph and Mary, who had been married for three years, were acting out their shared fantasy. Once in the room, Mary enticed Ralph into seducing her slowly, pretending uncertainty “I really don’t know if I should!” as he pretended clumsiness, fumbling to unbutton her blouse and acting bewildered by the complexities of the one-handed unsnapping of a push-up bra.

During their lovemaking, Mary intentionally cried out, “Oh Bill, you make me feel so good,” and in the morning, Ralph pretended to have completely forgotten her name. It was a night not soon forgotten, providing the erotic content for many fantasies that followed.

Novelty can get lost in long-term relationships. When a couple becomes comfortable and familiar with each other sexually, they often forget to be romantic. The entire sexual scenario might become routine, taking place at the same time of the day and in the same location – and all too often hurried. While it might be impractical for most of us to make love on a beach, in fantasy we can imagine the sound of the ocean, the warmth of the sand beneath our body, and the excitement of making love under the stars. Perhaps yours will be a fantasy of making love in the woods, or in an old barn, or in the backseat of a car you had as a teenager.

Some fantasies can be acted out, e.g., a pick up in a grocery store. But most fantasies are just private thoughts that need not have a complex storyline, or a cast of hundreds. Working too hard at building a sexual fantasy can become a distraction, defeating one of its purposes. The best fantasies are often quite simple and tied in with pleasant memories. Often it is visual, creating a mental image of a part of the partner’s body that is pleasing to look at, but impossible to see in the dark or in a particular position. At times words can be added to the fantasy while forming the mental image “I love your buns.”

Special fantasies can be saved for those times when an orgasm is a bit elusive. These favorites can often add the final bit of excitement needed to trigger a powerful climax.

Fantasies serve many functions from getting started to getting finished. Remember, sexual fantasies before, during and after a sexual encounter are normal, natural and often helpful in changing a routine experience into a new and exciting event.

Robert W. Birch, Ph.D. is retired after 35 years of clinical experience, university teaching and public lecturing in the specialized area of relationships and sexuality. No longer a sex therapist, he now identifies himself as a sexologist and an adult sexuality educator, and lives and writes in rural Ohio with Susan and their four dogs. For much more on this topic, read Dr. Birch’s illustrated book titled Male Sexual Endurance: A Man’s Book About Ejaculatory Control. A shorter bare-bones outline of the start-start exercises are available in his manual titled Introduction To The Management Of Premature Ejaculation: A Short Book About Lasting Longer. For a short illustrated brochure on the use of vibrators, including their use during intercourse, read Dr. Birch’s Your Vibrator: Using It, Enjoying It, and Sharing It. Men wanting to learn more about orally satisfying a woman should read the book written by Dr. Birch titled Oral Caress: A Loving Guide to Exciting a Woman. All these books and much more can be found on his website at http://www.oralcaress.com/.

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8 Men Reveal Their Secret Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies, and that’s a good thing—they can take regular ol’ sex into straight-up OMG amazing territory. Apart from being like an X-rated On Demand movie that makes anything possible in your own mind, fantasies are also interesting when you want to get a peek into what really makes a guy tick. We reached out to real men for the no-holds-barred truth when it comes to the absolute hottest fantasies they usually keep private. Take a look at their responses, and file them away as inspiration for a night when you want to spice things up a bit.

“My fantasy starts with a good friend I’ve known for a while but never hooked up with. One night we’re out at dinner, and we bump into her sexy cougar of a boss. Her boss is tall, in her early 40s, and has a banging body. After a few drinks, we all go back to my apartment, where my friend goes in for a kiss while her boss is out of the room. For me, there’s something really sexy about seeing a girl only as a friend and within minutes having that switch turned. We’re a little worried when her boss comes back and sees us making out on the couch, but that fear soon turns into excitement as her boss takes off her jacket. After some wine, we make our way into the bedroom, where my friend and her boss take off their clothes and start kissing. At some point, her boss, who has some experience with threesomes, brings me in. I first have sex with my friend while her boss looks on approvingly. While I’m recovering, the two of them go at it, and after a while, I join in again. Her boss leaves, and the next day my friend and I have the best morning sex imaginable.” —Sam L.

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“A fantasy isn’t really about a situation that builds to a moment. It’s about a moment that happens unexpectedly. I like the idea of a sexy maid or maybe a hot nurse or teacher. The sex is followed by some good food. Fantasy over.” —Winston C.

“I’m gonna have to go with sex during winter hiking and skiing. You climb a mountain with an axe and spikes and tons of warm gear and ski down. At night, you stay in a tent that by morning is buried in snow. I’ve always thought it would be so sexy to have to share warmth to survive and end up having passionate sex. It wouldn’t be the hottest—you’d be dirty, sweaty, and cold all at once. And you wouldn’t be able to be naked or comfortable, but both of you would be so into it that you wouldn’t care.” —Nathaniel Z.

“I would have to say I like imagining myself having lesbian sex with my wife. Mostly because the idea of what it feels like to be the opposite sex during the act of sex is a turn on to me. Its probably a grass-is-greener concept. I would feel too guilty and not get off if I imagined someone else other than my wife (physical form being unimportant, just as long as its her mind inhabiting a female form). It’s just interesting to imagine body-swap scenarios. According to Freud, I should be pretty crazy.” —Dave R.

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“I have this really hot law school professor who’s around 50 years old. There’s something about her that’s tough but still so sexy. My friends and I have even talked about how attractive she is. She also happens to be a lesbian. I sometimes think about what it would be like to hook up with her and her girlfriend. It’s both weird and great to see her in class now.” —Zach A.

“I’ve never actually experienced role-playing, but I sometimes like the idea of a dominant woman. During sex, I actually prefer a woman to be on top. I find that during sex if I imagine that a woman is indifferent to my feelings, I’m more turned on. I almost want her to selfishly seek her own pleasure, and it makes me feel good to know that I’ve helped to provide that in any way I can. I also like going down on a woman. I’ve heard some guys say they don’t like doing that, and I’m not sure why. I had a girlfriend once who would even pull my hair a little when I did that, and she’d even put her feet on my back. Those subtle gestures of selfish pleasure were sexy as hell to me, and I can’t help but incorporate those into my fantasies now.” —Andrew M.

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90,000 Sexual fantasies of men: 3 brightest

Valeria Aginskaya


sexologist, program director of the Center for Sexual Education Secrets

Most of the fantasies of men are formed in the puberty period of 13-18 years, when the hormonal background of boys is significantly increased even in comparison with adult men. During this period, the body requires sexual release, but the boy cannot fulfill his desires, since girls in most cases reject him.From this, fantasies from romantic and tender often pass into the category of dominant and even sadistic, where the boy takes by force everything he wants. Against the background of an increased hormonal background, these fantasies are easily fixed in the subconscious. Hence the brightest male fantasies.


Deep throat

90% of men want deep oral sex. Even if a partner regularly gives a man a blowjob, his fantasies still have much to roam! Since the release of Deep Throat, starring Linda Lovelace, millions of men around the world would like their partner to give them a deep throat blowjob.There is nothing strange in this fantasy – this is how men embody a hidden desire to dominate and completely own their partner.


And there is nothing terrible in it either. If you want to fulfill this man’s fantasy, then deep throat blowjob can be learned – here you only need technique, and physiological data are not important at all. We wrote about this in more detail here.

Anal sex

70% of men dream of anal sex.We have already talked a lot about this – first of all, he is attracted by the same “forbidden fruit”. In addition, anal sex allows him to feel complete control over his partner, and this, as we already know, is one of the strongest hidden desires. The sight of a woman’s priests is very, very exciting, the sensations there are completely different, and besides, for him it is a chance to feel like a “discoverer” if this is your first partner in anal sex.


Anal sex, done according to the rules, gives pleasure to both partners and does not have negative consequences.In addition, thanks to the stimulation of the K-point, which is not affected during normal penetrative sex, a woman is able to experience a very vivid and memorable orgasm, accompanied by a hormonal surge, different from that which occurs during a vaginal orgasm. You can read more about the rules of anal sex and how you can make it mutually more enjoyable in this article.

Sex with two women

70% of men dream of having sex with two women.For many of them, such a fantasy manifests a desire for novelty, the realization of their alpha male complex. And if the realization of the first two fantasies of a man for a relationship only brings advantages and strengthens them, and the woman herself gets pleasure if she does everything right, then the realization of the latter can seriously harm the relationship. If a third person appears in a relationship, and maybe a fourth one, as, for example, in the practice of swinging, this destroys the intimacy and intimacy of partners, especially in the eyes of a woman.Therefore, think three times before inviting someone else to your bed. It is possible that after that, your relationship will never be the same. As statistics show, especially after practicing swinging, many have erased the moral boundaries of what is treason and what is not, and polygamy enters life on an ongoing basis, which is almost 100% likely to destroy the relationship. We are now, of course, not touching upon the initially polygamous or polyamorous relationship, where both partners have different ties.

There are sex scenarios in which you can replace a third party with sex toys. For example, if a man or woman dreams of multiple penetrations, a vibrator comes to your aid. Firstly, you realize your fantasy, and secondly, add extraordinary sensations due to vibration.

A man’s fantasy is a woman’s best weapon ▷ Socratify.Net



A test of a man’s or a woman’s upbringing is their behavior during a quarrel.

George Bernard Shaw (100+)

The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Friedrich Nietzsche) (500+)

What was the best compliment you have ever heard from a woman? The best a woman can tell you is that she loves you.

Robert Pattinson (30+)

A woman’s loyalty is a man’s pride.

Unknown author (1000+)

If a woman grows wings, her man will never grow horns.

Unknown author (1000+)

Pregnancy for a woman is God’s providence, pregnancy for a man is a test of the sincerity of feelings.

Serge Goodman (50+)

Women talk about love and are silent about lovers, men – on the contrary: they talk about lovers, but are silent about love.

Marina Tsvetaeva (100+)

A woman’s fidelity is tested when her man has nothing. A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything!

Unknown author (1000+)

Worthy women never ask for gifts, worthy men always give them themselves.

Unknown author (1000+)

Realizing a woman’s desire is a sign of a true man.

Gurren Lagann: Out of this World (20+)

“Fantasies of a middle-aged man” read the online book📙 by the author Anatoly Toss on MyBook.ru


Anatoly Toss is a lazy person and a hooligan, and these qualities of the author give his books the same charm that self-irony and imposingness give to a person. How does it work? Endowed with a very sophisticated imagination and not lacking in original plots, Toss does not consider it necessary to turn every literary idea that comes to mind into a full-fledged text form.To be honest, I am impressed by this disregard for the value of the products of my own talent. Much sadder is the habit, inherent in many of Toss’s colleagues, of extorting full-length novels from a penny idea that is not even worth a note on the margins of his own diary. And here the finished concepts of the works are scattered around the text carelessly, like scraps of a letter from an annoying fan. I think this is the result of writer’s laziness, the inability to force oneself to sit down to work, when everything is already clear to you: the beginning, the plot, and the denouement.And the reader? Let him be content with a brief retelling of what has never been written. So it was with Toss in “Fantasies of a Woman” and not only, the same is repeated in “Fantasies of a Middle-Aged Man.”

The hero of the novel is a writer who travels among himself (or not) fantasized parallel worlds through full immersion in the creative process. Of course, in addition to the main canvas of the narrative, we are presented with other creations of the hero, written by him along the way. From them we get only a synopsis, the essence of which, of course, echoes what is happening with the hero, but each of them may well claim to be fully implemented, each has a completely non-trivial idea.However, they will forever remain only partially embodied, invented so as not to gather dust in the warehouse of fantasies. In this sense, Toss’s writing laziness is nice to me, but it also has a downside. Alas, the author has been too lazy for more than a decade to raise his eyes just above the reader’s navel and try to fantasize something “beyond love”, carnal love, sex techniques, that is. I understand that any move based on gender issues is commercially viable. Well, otherwise Grandfather Freud would initially have built psychoanalysis not on the study of libido, but on appeal, for example, to the digestion process.But, no one would pay money for this, so in this sense, Toss follows the path long beaten by merchants. But the feeling does not leave me that by limiting himself in such a way, and therefore the reader, he does not fully reveal the full potential of the fantasies of a middle-aged man. Well, I don’t want to believe that they are limited only by adding to the already existing, “mechanical” way of getting an orgasm, fifteen different ways of the same action, at the level of various senses and methods of influencing them.

Here, in fact, about the plot. Parallel worlds of the hero differ in the number of genders existing in them. In one, familiar to us, there are two of them: men and women, in the other there are sixteen of them, and each has its own way of having sex. The intrigue is based on bringing both worlds into harmony, namely, in revealing the potentials of the bisexual and eliminating contradictions in the multi-field. This turns out to be a difficult, one might say, political and risky business for enthusiasts. This is what the novel is about.

Now about hooliganism.The bully, in my opinion, can be wonderful for his innocence, the fact that he paints the neighbor’s dog green, not in order to upset the latter or laugh at him, but solely in order to see how it will look in a new quality. So Toss fences fiction for fiction, reaching an almost universal scale, without any subtext and figs in his pocket, although the scope for political satire in a given topic is infinitely wide. Yes, some of the characters recognize the leaders and outsiders of a multi-layered society, but everything is described so kindly, childishly sincerely and from the heart that I don’t even want to draw parallels.

What to say about the novel as a whole? Well, there is no sophistication and sinister grace of “Fantasies of a Woman” in it, there are no literary shadows, as in “Beyond Love”, there is no psychological background and a global idea of ​​”American History”, it is rather light reading for those who once laughed at “New Amazons” in Soviet cinemas. Now I remember this with a slight smile of nostalgia, so it will not leave you all the time you read.

7 erotic fantasies of men and women

The most erogenous zone in the human body is the brain.It is he who generates images and sends stimulating impulses to the genitals. Through his work, the respected mother of the family secretly dreams of a “festival” with three strangers and a neighbor in the stairwell; manager Stanislav in bed with his wife introduces the cleaning lady to Aunt Glasha, and a respectable businessman craves pain and humiliation. Why is that?

We will not talk about this today. Old Freud said everything on this topic in his time. But to look into the thoughts of “fellow tribesmen” and spy on what exactly they dream about and how the erotic fantasies of men and women differ, we will try.Perhaps this will help us find something in common and better understand each other, Kolobok writes.

What do men dream of?

7th place. A mysterious stranger who will appear from somewhere and fulfill all his sexual desires.

6th place. Striptease. You might be surprised, but very often in the place of a stripper who slowly and sensually takes off her clothes, men imagine their own wife.Unlike us, men in general quite often fantasize about their partners, imagining them to be more relaxed than they are in reality. This is a reason to think.

5th place. Forbidden Fruit. Men often represent women with whom they cannot have a relationship in reality: a friend’s wife, boss, young neighbor. In reality, it’s taboo – everything is allowed in fantasy.

4th place . Voyeurism. As you know, men love with their eyes, so many of them like sex in front of a mirror.You may also want to watch your partner indulge in self-satisfaction, watch someone do “it,” or have sex in a public place, as the risk of being seen adds flavor to the process.

3rd place. Female domination. A sexy mistress who gives orders and demands unquestioning obedience is a fairly common fantasy of the stronger sex.

2nd place. Teacher, nurse, secretary… One of these images necessarily appeared in the brain of every heterosexual man.

1st place. Threesome. Predictable, but true. And it is desirable that one blonde, and the second a brunette, or not, a mulatto is better. And the redhead to wait outside the door. Men love variety.

What do women want?

7th place. Be a slave. Moreover, the more powerful a woman “in the world”, the more orders she has to give out, the more often she has such a fantasy.

6th place. Blindfolded sex. Women are very fond of secrets and riddles, and it is also very important for them to be able to concentrate on their feelings.

5th place. Sex with a woman. To many, he seems to be a kind of absolute of mutual understanding, tenderness and love.

4th place. Rape. A man who wants you so much that he is impatiently ripping off his underwear and biting off the buttons on his clothes looks very sexy in his dreams.

3rd place. Sex in nature. Sea, waves, hot sand and a passionate brunette. This scene from the Latin American TV series is the most frequent dream of many ladies.

2nd place. Desire to be connected. Another submissive sex fantasy.

1st place. Ta-dam! Threesome sex. She and two hot machos. Brunette and blond. No! Better mulatto and Asian. Suddenly? It turns out that not only men love variety. We still have something in common.

Fantasy men




Usually, men don’t share their fantasies often. I think most women will understand me, but we have already figured out a few things.

  • By , I wouldn’t say anything, but one of the most popular fantasies of every man is to have sex with a representative of some bright profession . Such professions as stewardess, policeman, fitness trainer, nurse, teacher, etc. have always got on this list and will continue to get it for decades.d.

And also characters from fairy tales and films, such as: Snow Maiden, Little Red Riding Hood, Maleficent, Lara Croft, Neytiri – this is the main heroine of the movie “Avatar”.

Boldly take one of these roles, dress up in a suit and go ahead to the embodiment of men’s, and even your fantasies. You will not go wrong!

But do not forget that both need to prepare for any role-playing game! And not just for you to buy and put on a suit. Prepare your man! Warm it up with hot photos of parts of the costume or parts of your body in the elements of the costume.Start this game early. A mature man loves to strive …

It is often worth even giving the script of a future game to read or telling it aloud to your partner. You will be surprised how interesting the game will be when both know its rules, roles, scenario, not only one of them.

You can tease your man with such pictures for up to several days. And when the time comes to appear in a costume, and further than the fantasy is rich.

By the way, if you’re too shy to speak, write the script on paper, not in a text message.Arrange a quest-search for this scenario. Let him do the tasks and reward him with sweet sex at the end. And let him read the script at another moment.

  • One of my acquaintances told me that she took this advice. And now “sells” photos of her body parts, which are wearing a sexy outfit, to her man. But of course not for the money! And for actions, sometimes gifts, and just as a reward. Try to surprise your man in this way and exchange a photo of your legs for a trip to the spa or a trip to the Maldives.Why not?
  • Another popular male fantasy is threesome . This, of course, is a dangerous topic for an already established relationship, but that is why it is so desirable. Often, threesome sex causes desire in those people who want to experience the feeling of unpunished betrayal. It is this desire that is just closed by threesome sex. But in fact, there are other ways.

  • Play an RPG like “The Stranger” vol.e. Get to know your partner again and have sex on that first meeting. But do it differently. Take a hotel room or lock yourself in a toilet stall in the restaurant where the acquaintance took place. Most importantly, do not leave the images until the breakup after sex. And in a few hours you will meet at home and behave as if nothing had happened. As if nothing had happened.

  • Try replacing threesome with role play with toys .For example, if a woman wants to experience double penetration, what is stopping you from using your husband and a dildo? Moreover, it should really be a dildo, not a simple vibrator. There must be a realistic penis so that it really looks like a real man’s cock.

  • Use different poses. Let’s say:

You can take the dildo in your mouth, and the man will enter you from behind.Or vice versa.

ZHMZH is a little more difficult to beat, but it is also possible. So, you can close a man’s eyes, sit on his face and use a masturbator on his penis. Moreover, the feeling will be created that there are really two women around him. The main thing is to make sure that you do not suffocate.

  • The third most popular male fantasy is dominance . And in both directions. Of course, your man will say that no, he does not want to obey at all, but believe me, the more he opposes it out loud, the more he needs it inside.Because from the point of view of the psyche, it is precisely such men who need to unload their heads. It is they who need to be in a position for an hour or two where he cannot make decisions. Where nothing depends. It is at this moment that the mentality of the male dominant comes back to normal and “rests”. As a result, it has a positive effect on his daily life.

So yes, my dear girls, sometimes it is worth including a strict teacher and how to punish the “bad boy” for the good of your relationship.

And then there are statistics to match. It has long been proven that couples who practice erotic power exchange remain faithful, honest and form strong families 60% more often than those who do not. So make your own conclusions.

Remember that sex is not just for him, for both of you. Have fun with everything you do. Don’t do everything for “him”. Enjoy yourself. And you will feel how the man opens up and then you can easily continue this list of male fantasies yourself.

90,000 Fantasy man’s weapon of a woman 20 seductive quotes from Italians

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” A man’s fantasy – a woman’s weapon “: 20 seductive quotes from Italians

Advice from temperamental beauties worth listening to

” A woman who is firmly confident in her beauty will eventually be able to convince everyone else of her. ” Sophia Loren

“I can say no in twelve languages.This is quite enough for a woman. ” Sophia Loren

A man’s fantasy is a woman’s best weapon.” Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

“A woman can love as if she will never leave. But such a day may come, it will leave as if she did not love at all. ” Monica Bellucci

“Love lives only when there is respect for each other and freedom. The desire to have others as a thing is absurd. ” Monica Bellucci

“I don’t understand women who say that male desire humiliates them.In my opinion, they are simply out of tune with themselves. ” Monica Bellucci

“In women, men value not beauty, but humility and humility.” Ginna Lollobrigida

“My life experience says that rich men are mean.” Djinna Lollobrigida

“Having found shoes just by the foot in the store, take them immediately; having found a jumper that fits your figure, immediately take the jumper one number down. ” Genna Lollobrigida

“In fact, women do not love rich men, but strong men who have achieved something and continue to act.”Ornella Muti

Genna Lollobrigida

“Everything that I didn’t like in people, I tried to find in myself and get rid of it. I tried to get everything that I liked ”. Ornella Muti

“Charm is a matter of luck, but I’m sure every woman has it to one degree or another.” Ornella Muti

“True elegance is the expression of an independent mind.” Isabella Rossellini

“I can no longer think only of myself when I make a decision.I always need to be aware of the consequences of this decision and for my daughter . ” Bianca Balti

“What someone considers perverse, I have always considered just another way of human existence.” Asia Argento

Bianca Balti

“The most attractive organ in a man is his brain.” Asia Argento

“You can be too boring, but you cannot be too seductive.” Donatella Versace

“I am ready to part with anything but my heels!” Donatella Versace

“I know that fashion is a means to conquer others and not give yourself away.” Miuccia Prada

“Beauty without intelligence is, firstly, insipid, and secondly, short-lived.” Miuccia Prada

Our sexual fantasies – Sex – Sex and relationships

Human sexual fantasies are vivid, bold, but obscured. What do women and men see in their sexual fantasies?

If a person experiences sexual fantasies, we can say that he has a high libido. This feature is most clearly manifested in the female half: those women who are more likely to give in to sexual fantasies, have a stronger sexual desire and experience greater sexual satisfaction.

Women who indulge in sexual fantasies during arousal are more likely to have an orgasm at the end of intercourse.So, if during sex with your woman you imagine Angelina Jolie next to you, do not feel strong remorse, as perhaps your half at this time imagines himself making love with Brad Pete. Sexual fantasies during intercourse in women are as common as in men.

What does this say?

Do not think that a woman is unhappy with a man just because someone else is present in her sexual fantasies.Fantasy helps a woman increase her arousal. A woman can be satisfied in every sense with her man, but fantasy increases the power of orgasm and the feeling of pleasure.

What do women and men see in their fantasies?

1. Men tend to imagine themselves with a large number of sexual partners at the same time. In their fantasies, they like to exchange partners, while women in their fantasies mostly stay with one partner, although there are exceptions.

2. Men in their fantasies focus on some kind of sexual activity or body part. Women often find it difficult to sort out their fantasy “on the shelves.” These are just vivid impressions without any details. Women’s fantasies almost always do without visualizing the partner’s genitals (men’s fantasies are the opposite). Women in their fantasies focus on their emotional reactions to any actions of their partner. They can rarely describe it, but they will give a detailed description of their image, right down to the wardrobe items.Women also willingly describe the feelings that their fantasy aroused in them.

3. A characteristic feature of women’s fantasies is their romantic setting: island, sea, forest, exotic flowers, waterfall, moonlight, etc. Many women also mention freedom from any external stimuli in the form of a telephone, etc.

4. Women often imagine themselves as passive participants in sexual intercourse. But this does not mean that women fantasize about how men take them by force.In female fantasies of this kind, a man usually has to make an effort only to break female resistance, and then behave tenderly, sensually, in general, since women like them, but they do not like rudeness.

5. Women’s fantasies are more emotional, reflecting a woman’s desire to be close to loyal, caring partners. Men often see in their fantasies sex with several women, with strangers who come and go. Despite the fact that women see in their fantasies some kind of Brad Pete, in fact, this image contains the features of her husband, her lover, only, so to speak, in the shell of Brad Pete.