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Gifts for gym goers: The best health and fitness gifts of 2020


The best health and fitness gifts of 2020

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

For some people, healthy living—exercising regularly, eating right and sleeping well—just comes naturally. If you have someone like that in your life, you’re in luck: We’ve compiled a list of the best health and fitness products for you to bestow upon your favorite health nut or fitness fanatic.

On the other hand, if you’re someone trying to become a little healthier, pass this list along to your loved ones to give yourself a boost as you set forward your new year’s resolutions for 2021. These are the best gifts for health and fitness of 2020, according to Reviewed.

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1. For the one who wants to document daily activity: The best fitness tracker

Let’s be honest, we all need a little reminder now and then to get up off the couch and get moving. The Fitbit Charge 4 can give you the extra boost of motivation your giftee needs, especially heading into the new year. Our favorite fitness tracker tracks steps, sleep, even outdoor runs with built-in GPS. It has sleek looks, a touchscreen that automatically adjusts to lighting conditions, a solid battery life of 7 days, and it’s waterproof. Plus, the smartphone notifications make this Fitbit a worthy lazy-day companion, too.

Get the Fitbit Charge 4 from Amazon for $118.95 

2. For the one who has trouble sleeping: A sound machine and sleep mask

Some of us sleep like rocks no matter our environment. For others, the mere hint of a sound or slit of light, and they’re wide awake (and irritable). The second crew can benefits from the best sound machine we’ve tested—with its 30 relaxing settings that completely blocked competing sounds in our tests—and our favorite sleep mask, which our reviewer described as “personal blackout curtains for your eyes … that won’t fall off in the middle of the night. ”  

3. For the one who works out to music: Wireless headphones

For the fitness fanatic who works out solo, the least you can do is offer a way to play “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat while sweating it out. The Jabra Elite Active 65t are some of the best true wireless headphones we’ve tested, with the bonus feature of being water-resistant. And even better, they earned our Best Value accolades for costing about $100 less than the AirPods Pro (which are currently on sale, for post-Christmas delivery, at Woot for $189.99). 

Still, if you’re looking for an even less spendy gift alternative, the MPow Flame earbuds cost less than $20 and have tons of great reviews. We put them to the test in our labs and found they could play music while submerged underwater for 30 minutes. They have a wire that connects the two earbuds together, so they’re not truly wireless, but they’re an awesome value and a proven performer. Bonus: You can currently save up to $5 off certain colors with on-page coupon at Amazon.

4. For the one whose flexibility could use a tune-up: A stretching strap

Some fitness fanatics are all kinds of bendy … while others have let their flexibility wane in favor of other pursuits, such as running very long distances or lifting very heavy weights. If you know someone who can clock a seven-minute mile or bench three times their body weight but can’t touch their toes, this is the gift to give. The Original Stretch Out Strap fills the gap of, er, too-short arms and creates traction to deepen the stretch. It also comes with a how-to guide for the newbie to flexibility training, because, let’s face it, they’re probably going to need that.

Get the Original Stretch Out Strap from Amazon for $15.95

5. For the one who workout clothes could use an upgrade: gear from Zella

Newsflash: There are better options for workout clothing than an old pair of sweats and a cotton race t-shirt from that Turkey Trot five years ago. If you have someone on your list who could use that reminder, buy them some actual activewear from the likes of Zella. The pieces are sweat-wicking, well-cut and come in neutral and classic colors for all sizes.

Another great Zella find for pre- or post-workout or just for lounging around, is a pair of cuddly soft, relaxed-fit sweatpants, like the Zella Joggers. The oh-so-soft Live-in style (in women’s sizes XXS to XXL) and the Pyrite version (in men’s sizes XS to XXL) are favorites of Nordstom shoppers, who praise the slim cut that feels cozy, not sloppy.

6. For the yogi: The best mat money can buy

Anyone with even an occasional yoga practice can appreciate our favorite yoga mat for its firm grip and cushioned feel under hand and foot (and knee). Whether your recipient will tote it to a strenuous heat yoga class or turn on some YouTube yoga in the living room, they’re sure to find that the Lululemon mat performs beautifully.

Get the Lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm at Lululemon starting at $68

7. For the one whose muscles are always tight: An award-winning foam roller

Being active—whatever your commitment—can come with muscle soreness. Instead of shelling out cash for a one-time massage, give our favorite foam roller for easing out those niggling aches. For those with limited space, consider the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller—same outcome for their muscles, but easier to store.

8. For the one who’s watching their weight: Our top-pick bathroom scale

A bathroom scale can be a useful tool for anyone looking to maintain, lose, or gain weight—and a smart scale that tracks body composition changes in addition to pounds is even more valuable as someone embarks on a healthier lifestyle. The Renpho scale topped our test for its consistent readings, easy-to-use app and affordable price. Plus, right now you can save $3 by clicking the on-page coupon.

Get the Renpho Body Fat Scale from Amazon for $24.99 (Save $3)

9. For the one who exercises in public: A sweat-wicking face mask

For social exercisers, whether those who like to run through the city or who hit the gym, a face mask is now a part of the workout uniform.  One of Reviewed’s dedicated gym rats swears by the Lay Flat Wicking Mask by Champion for her sweaty strength-training workouts. It absorbs moisture off the face and isn’t as uncomfortable as some masks when breathing gets heavy.

Get the Lay Flat Wicking Mask from Champion for $6

10. For the runner who wants to track progress: A GPS running watch 

Any runner who graduates from “occasional jogs” to “regular runs” will appreciate a GPS watch, which puts mileage, pace and time stats on the wrist in real time and keeps a record of all miles run to allow improvement analysis.

The Garmin Forerunners are the best out there, according to our test of the best running watches. Our runners deemed the sporty-look Forerunner 245 tops for its easy-to-use buttons, large readable screen and feature-packed tracking. There’s also a version that stores music, including offline Spotify playlists, which play over any pair of Bluetooth headphones.  Even better: The price for both models has dropped $50 from their original retail prices.

11. For the one who’s never far from the phone: A stay-put waist belt

For those who exercise outside, there are benefits to bringing along a smartphone, whether to check directions or make a call in case of emergency. The SPIbelt Performance Series Running Belt stretches to fit extra-large phones plus keys and is made of water-resistant material to keep contents from getting damp from unexpected bad weather and sweat. It’s convenient for gym rats, where a phone left on the floor or bench is liable to get smashed.

Get the SPIbelt Performance Series Running Belt from Amazon for $25.99

12. For the one who needs a good laugh to get through a workout: Silly socks

Let’s be real, did the holidays even happen if you don’t get a pair of socks from someone? Man or woman, old or young, everyone likes receiving a good novelty pair. Zensah makes these ones with fabrics that have anti-odor properties and that are designed specifically to be blister-proof, which is sweet, sweet music to any exerciser’s ears. For the more serious type, there are some muted patterns, but honestly, who wouldn’t want a pair of socks with donuts (or watermelons or beer mugs or dinosaurs) all over them?

Get the Zensah Mini-Crew Sports Socks from Amazon starting at $19.99

13. For the one whose always on their feet: An electronic massager

Depending on your recipient, this could be a two-for-one gift. If you have someone who begs for foot rubs and you are not a foot-rub-giving fan, well, click thee over to the best foot massager we tested, from Renpho. Your happy giftee can shove their tired tootsies inside the kneading cavities and ooh and ahh all evening—while your hands and attention can be otherwise occupied. Unfortunately, it’s now backordered until after Christmas, but we doubt your recipient will mind the minor letdown of not being able to open it from under the tree. (It is 2020, after all.)

Get the Renpho RF-FM059R foot massager from Amazon for $139. 99

14. For the one with limited workout space: A tool that turns the body into the weight

If you’ve ever tried those funky-looking handled straps at the gym, you know they’re a lot more intense than their flaccid, dangling state would indicate. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the OG in this category for good reason: The foam-covered handles are comfy to grip, the straps are safety-tested to hold 350 pounds of weight and it’s easy to install from any sturdy fixed point in a relatively small footprint. And it’s fun to use, if surprisingly challenging, for a device designed to strength-train using only body weight, says one happy Reviewed editor who bought it early during quarantine. The black version is now backordered until February(!) but the grey version (only different in its color) can arrive in time for New Year’s.

Get the TRX Go suspension trainer from Amazon for $129.99

15. For the one who wants to get stronger: A set of resistance bands

Surprise: To get stronger, you eventually need to add outside resistance, beyond what your body alone can create using gravity. There’s only so much to gain with small lightweight dumbbells (that is, not much), but investing in a full set of weights is costly and takes up a ton of room. A space- (and budget-)friendly option: A set of resistance bands. These ones from Whatafit come with handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor for setting up exercises that train muscles from head to toe. 

Get the Whatafit Resistance Bands Set from Amazon for $29.99 

16. For the one who has limited time and space: A high-quality jump rope

If your loved one wants an easy way to fit in some cardio, look to a high-speed jump rope. Designed for the boxing gym, the adjustable rope allows for people of any size and shape to tailor the length to their needs. Yes, a jump rope finally long enough for people over six feet tall—and a great gift for under $20. You’re welcome.

Get the Survival and Cross Jump Rope from Amazon for $16

17. For the one who needs fitness inspo: A top-rated workout app

Sure, anyone can find workouts on YouTube, in magazines (they still exist!), or by Googling. But sometimes, some structure is needed, even for the fitness fanatic who never seems to lack for motivation. That’s where a gift of a subscription to the popular workout app, Aaptiv, comes in.

These audio-only workouts provide detailed instruction over a set of headphones, which is especially great for someone who knows basic exercises already but needs guidance on how best to put them together. Upon signup, the app suggests which workouts to do based on the user’s preferences, as well as offers access to the entire database of options, from HIIT to Pilates to treadmill and outdoor runs. 

Give an Aaptiv membership of 12 months for $99.99

18. For the one who needs a reminder to stay hydrated: An awesome water bottle

When it comes to health, hydration is key. You can do run and lift weights galore, but if you aren’t getting the proper amount of water each day, your body isn’t operating at its peak performance. A Hydro Flask water bottle keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours, but most importantly, it will fit in the car’s cupholders.  

Get the Hydro Flask Water Bottle from Amazon starting at $29.79

19. For the smoothie lover: A seriously powerful personal blender

Getting healthy is the marriage of two activities, exercising and eating right (we know, we wish it was possible from just sitting on the couch, too). However, nothing makes eating right more fun than making smoothies. They’re like milkshakes in disguise (go with it), filled with fruits and veggies instead of ice cream.

Our favorite personal blender, the Ninja Fit, whips up a liquid breakfast or a post-workout treat in seconds, and with the perfect recipe, your giftee will start salivating just from hearing the whirring sound of the blades.

Get the Ninja Fit personal blender from Target for $59.99

20. For the one who takes powdered drinks to go: A new shaker bottle

If you’re shopping for someone obsessed with protein shakes, your recipient already has at least one (or more) Blender Bottles—which isn’t to say an addition to the collection won’t be appreciated. But a person doesn’t need to have a gigantic container of whey powder sitting on top of the fridge to be the proud owner of a Blender Bottle.

These wide-mouthed shakers are also a great buy for those who like to take their smoothies on the road or for runners who like the convenience of powdered electrolyte recovery drinks but don’t enjoy sipping down clumps of undissolved powder. Regardless of their drink of choice, this is sure to be a hit with folks who are on the go before or after a workout.

Get the Blender Bottle from Amazon starting at $8.88

21. For the one who wants to eat better but not realize it: An air fryer

We all know that a diet heavy in fried food isn’t so nutritionally sound. But it sure is yummy! For the ones on your list who wants to have their fried chicken and eat it, too, you must get them an air fryer. The multi-purpose Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster oven surprised even our cooking experts with the evenly browned crispy fries and delectable “fried” chicken it produced, all while also toasting bread to perfection.  

Get the Cuisinart TOA-60 from Amazon for $229.95

22. For the one who likes make-ahead meals: The best pressure cooker

A sure-fire way of adopting better eating habits is to cook your own food—and doing it in the fastest, simplest way, so the process becomes routine. The Instant Pot UItra ticks those boxes, besting all other pressure cookers on our tests. It whips up delicious one-pot meals, perfect for eating right away and freezing into portions for later.

For a budget-friendlier option, the Instant Pot Duo 6 Qt 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker is a great choice, too, lacking some of the customization of the Ultra but none of the joy of (large-batch) cooking.

Get the Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 (6 Quart) on Amazon for $149.95

23. For the one who’d like to eat more veggies: An easy-to-use spiralizer

Even for those who enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables, they can be kind of boring—chop, steam, eat, repeat. That’s why we’re sure this inexpensive kitchen gadget, which easily turns zucchini, squash, carrots or other dense produce into noodle-like ribbons, will be a hit with your healthy-eating giftee. And you know you’ll be getting a good value: In our test of the best spiralizers, the Veggetti bested units costing four times as much.

Get the Ontel Veggetti Spiralizer on Amazon for $9.99

24. For the one who has food-prep aspirations: A great food storage set and kitchen scale

With all that made-ahead food, a great set of storage containers is only logical. The Pyrex Ultimate set topped our test, keeping food fresh while also being both oven- and microwave-safe for speedy reheating. 

Some people get serious about food prep, when a weight goal (either a loss of fat or gain of muscle) is top of mind. For those folks, our best digital kitchen scale blew away the rest with the attribute that matters most: accuracy.

25. For the one who knows you shouldn’t neglect your teeth: The best electric toothbrush

A regular manual toothbrush does the job, but most dentists agree that an electric toothbrush is more effective at clearing plaque (and not receding gums from too much pressure). If someone you know has been resisting spending the dough, give the Oral-B Pro 3000, our best electric toothbrush. 

Get the Oral-B Pro 3000 from Target for $76.99

26. For the one needing to breathe easy: A home air purifier

We know “home air purification” is not exactly synonymous with “most-wanted present” but hear us out. The Winix 5500-2, our pick for the best air purifier, impressed our testers with its ability to notably reduce the smell of cigarette smoke, musty mildew and cooking odors in the air. It’s also intuitive to use and includes thoughtful features such as a sleep mode, a timer and a light sensor that automatically adjusts the back lighting on the control panel. If peace of mind that your loved ones are breathing cleaner air isn’t a gift in itself, we don’t know what is.

Get the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier on Amazon for $159.99

27. For the one who likes that all-tucked-in feeling: A cozy weighted blanket 

If your loved one’s idea of a comfy night’s sleep involves a huge pile of covers, this is the gift to give.  (After all, they don’t call it a “comforter” for no reason!) Weighted blankets are all the rage, and while their anxiety-quelling properties are up for debate, some people simply enjoy the feeling and may find it more conducive to a restful sleep. And the luxurious Gravity Blanket, with its washable, velvety cover and quality construction, is the must-buy investment for those folks.

Get the Gravity Blanket starting at $195

28. For the one whose muscles crave TLC: A targeted massager

The next time your loved one calls you in to the next room, only to ask you to morph into a Swedish masseuse, be prepared: Hand over a massage tool that keeps on giving. We reviewed the Theragun and found that it, indeed, is all it’s cracked up to be, in terms of delivering the deep-tissue stimulation you’d expect for the $399 price. (We also found that the less-expensive Sportneer Percussion Massage Gun is a worthwhile option for about $130, though it’s not as powerful or as adept at reaching hard-to-attack spots on the back.

Get Theragun G3 from Theragun for $399

29. For the avid runner who beats up their feet: A soothing spa bath

Remember that foot bath that seemed like a thoughtful gift but ended up in the back of the closet? This is not that foot spa. Once your recipient slips his or her tootsies into the warm, churning waters of the Ivation Foot Spa—the overall best of the 14 we tested—we’re confident it will be enjoyed on the regular for soothing soreness, as well as pedicure prep. At this point, this gift will arrive after Christmas, but we’re certain it will be appreciated at any time.

Get the Ivation Foot Spa on Amazon for $89.99

30. For the one who hits it too hard at the gym sometimes: Epsom salts

Sore muscles are par for the course with a regular workout routine, whether someone’s just starting out or has been going at it for years. Epsom salts is the layperson’s term for magnesium sulfate, a mineral compound known for its soothing and healing effect on muscles. This formula, from Dr. Teal’s, adds in arnica, a homeopathic pain reliever, and fragrant eucalyptus and menthol, which will assure your giftee that it’s working from first whiff. 

Get Dr Teal’s Therapeutic Solutions Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution  (2-pack) from Amazon for $16.80

31. For the one who wants to take home fitness to the next level: Connected workout equipment

If the budget is limitless, you can outfit your giftee with the ultimate home gym, thanks to all the amazing connected offerings that have come out in recent years, i.e., the Peloton effect. Last year’s controversial holiday commercial aside, the OG connected bike really is a great gift, with a recently reduced price, or you can splurge and get the upgraded Peloton Bike+, recently crowned our best exercise bike. On the flip side, save a bundle yet still treat your spin-obsessed loved one with a Myx, which offers a similar experience, plus heart rate-informed training, for hundreds less.

For someone who needs more strength training in their life, Tonal home gym is just the ticket. Its electromagnetic cables offer up to 200 pounds of resistance and adjust with you as you get stronger. And, finally, for anyone who’s especially into bodyweight training, The Mirror offers streaming workouts on its unobtrusive-looking screen.

32. For the one with a sense of humor about their workouts: A t-shirt with a hidden message

Some of us may recall those heat-activated, color-changing shirts that were all the rage in the late ’80s. T-shirt technology has come a long way in the last 30 years: Now, we have sweat-changing shirts! These entertaining tops reveal a secondary message once they’re soggy enough from a good workout. 

33. For the one who always needs new running shoes: A gift card to a top site

Buying actual running shoes is a very individual thing. So unless you know exactly the brand, model and size your runner giftee likes, your best course is not to pick out kicks for them, and offer up a gift certificate from Road Runner Sports instead. The retailer carries all of the major brands and with a $2.99 VIP membership has free shipping and returns (even after being worn!) for 90 days if the shoes don’t work out—and as the runner will be doing their own shopping, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. 

Get a gift card from Road Runner Sports

34. For the one who wants to mix up strength workouts: A set of kettlebells

Static weight training workouts are all fine and good, but ya know what’s even more fun? Swinging a 15-pound weight through the air. If you know someone who might also enjoy said activity, consider bequeathing them with a set of three kettlebells from BalanceFrom. The 5-, 10- and 15-pound tools will offer enough variety and challenge, yet take up a lot less storage space in a home gym than other strength-training equipment. 

Get the BalanceFrom 3-Piece Kettlebell Set from Amazon for $79.47

35. For the one who needs a little protection: A great pair of workout gloves 

For some gym rats, calloused palms are a badge of honor. For others, well, the only obvious body effect they want to achieve from their workouts is defined muscles and low body fat. For those folks, a pair of sturdy workout gloves from Lululemon is a welcome present. They are comfortable yet protective no matter the type of workout they get into, and come in plain black and unisex sizes.

Get the License to Train training gloves from Lululemon for $42

36. For the healthy foodie: A great new cookbook

Healthy eating isn’t boring. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be. For anyone who’s always posting delicious, nutritious meals to Instagram or (even more so) could use a little inspiration in the kitchen, one of these great cookbooks deserves a spot on their counter. 

“The 5-Ingredient Fresh and Easy Cookbook” takes away the excuse that there’s no time to whip up a healthy meal, while “The Complete Clean Eating Cookbook” breaks down what it means to ditch the junk in favor of whole foods that taste amazing.


For the sweaty yogi: Mat cleaner and an absorbent towel

Yoga mats go on the floor. The floor (and feet) are dirty. Add in sweat and you can have a muddy mess. Whether you’re giving a new yoga mat or just want to help your giftee take better care of the mat they already own, some mat cleaning spray is a gift they didn’t know they needed. Add a machine-washable mat-sized towel for even longer-lasting cleanliness (and, ergo, a longer-lasting mat).

38. For the one who wants to keep workout clothes smelling fresh: Sports laundry detergent

This may not be the sexiest gift, but you know what’s even less sexy? Workout clothes that reek even before the first drop of sweat accumulates. Those great performance fabrics that wick sweat also have a nasty tendency of harboring odor-causing bacteria. The more that builds up, the more stick wafts out the moment the clothes hit a warm body, even if they’re fresh from the laundry. To reduce the inevitable, get them Hex Performance Laundry Detergent. It leaves laundry smelling clean and won’t build up on performance fabrics like regular detergent can, prolonging the odor-free life of the clothing.

Get Hex Performance Laundry Detergent, 2-pack, from Amazon for $23.99

39. For the one who can’t wait to get back to the gym: A carryall bag and a secure lock

Keeping workout gear together, yet separating the dirty and sweaty from the clean and dry, is an eternal struggle. Luckily, the Adidas Defender duffel bag has plenty of pockets, smartly designed for segregation—with some made of mesh for ventilation, so sweat-soaked clothes can breathe. And just to make sure the bag and its contents are still in the locker at the end of a workout, a sturdy padlock with a programmable combo is the ideal compliment to this gift.

40. For the one you know a bit too well: Anti-chafing balm

There’s something to be said about your relationship to a gym rat if you know that he or she would benefit from Body Glide. While most fitness activities aren’t a contact sport with other people, they can be one with your own two legs, or between your shirt and your skin (if you don’t know, don’t ask). With a deodorant-shaped stick of Body Glide, your giftee can say farewell to chafing, and you can say goodbye to listening to them complain about it.

Get Body Glide from REI for $5 and up

The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered this holiday season. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Prices are accurate at the time of publication, but may change over time.

The 16 Best Fitness Gifts in 2020

Nothing is more exciting for a fitness lover than exercising with their full workout gear. That’s why if you have a frequent gym-goer or if they switched to working from home, the best thing you can hand them on a special occasion is something that they will use for the long haul. If you only have a vague idea of what they would want to receive, you don’t have to worry. We have gathered the best fitness gift ideas which are perfect to give during the holidays. Take a look at these cool and functional products that are a must-have for every person who loves to exercise. You can find top-tier running shoes, a workout journal, foam roller, and exercise bands, among many others.

Echelon Row-s

Rowing machines provide full-body, low-impact cardiovascular workouts like no other fitness equipment. The new Echelon Row-s includes a 22-inch HD display that provides scenic workout routes and can rotate when you exercise off the rower to participate in on-demand classes or work out with trainers with an Echelon membership. Suitable for all fitness levels, the Row-s seat glides smoothly and a resistance-level toggle switch in the middle of the handlebar lets you make adjustments without interrupting your workout. When you finish exercising, lift a lever to fold up and move the Row-S on built-in wheels for compact storage.

$1,640 from Echelon

NutriBullet Pro

Of course, a good fitness routine includes a healthy and balanced diet. With the NutriBullet Pro, you can help your gym-loving friend create their own pre- and post-workout smoothies. They can mix up a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables with this stunning juicer. No matter how tough the ingredients they put in, this blender can grind them with ease. It also comes in 11 different styles to choose from and has BPA-free plastic cups.

Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Waterproof Earbuds

Give them the satisfaction of listening to music while going for a long run with these premium earbuds. The Jaybird Vista can give them audio for up to six hours when it’s fully charged. It also comes with a compact charger which can give it an additional ten hours of battery life for a total of sixteen hours. The high-quality wireless Bluetooth technology also ensures a lag-free experience as they listen to their favorite songs.

Garmin Vivoactive 4S

A smartwatch is a perfect companion while going for a run or working to be able to track progress. The Garmin Vivoactive 4S is one of the best smartwatches for fitness in the market and it would make an awesome gift. This Garmin smartwatch can give them access to different sports apps for swimming, yoga, running, and more. They can also view various easy-to-follow workouts on their watch screen, whether they want to do cardio or strength training.

Best Choice Products 800W Treadmill

One of the best things you can give to someone who lives and breathes working out is home gym equipment. A treadmill is one of the most basic pieces of workout equipment yet it’s ideal for every gym setup. Best Choice Products has a budget-friendly treadmill that is portable and easy to set up. This motorized treadmill also has automatic and manual speed settings and a digital display to keep track of distance, speed, calorie count, and time.

CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling Yoga Leggings

Comfort is key when picking out workout clothes. The last thing someone needs while working out is to be inconvenienced by what they are wearing. These yoga pants by CRZ YOGA are designed for yoga and give anyone who wears it a “naked feeling.” These yoga pants are created with high-tech microfibers for a lightweight and thin feeling when worn. They are also sweat-wicking and cool-to-touch which makes them perfect to wear all day.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Working out is made simpler with the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands. This set of five high-end exercise bands are designed for both beginners and seasoned gym buffs. These exercise bands are the perfect gift to give to someone who wants to experience any kind of workout. Whether they’re down for general exercising or yoga and pilates, these exercise bands can adapt to their every move. Aside from workouts, they can be also used in sports or as physical therapy bands.

Yoga Design Lab Hand Towel

If your receiver is into hot-yoga, this hand towel by Yoga Design Lab is a great gift to consider. Made of extra-soft suede microfiber, this towel is comfortable to use and super absorbent. It is also stable and lightweight which makes it perfect to use during a sweaty yoga workout. On top of that, this hand towel is eco-friendly and can be used in different locations. Whether it is at home or on the beach, this hand towel is essential for yoga practices.

The Lift Log Workout Journal

Although tracking fitness progress can be done through a smartphone, nothing beats writing goals on a workout journal. There is more concrete evidence of the strenuous yet rewarding workouts done when written page-by-page. This workout logbook includes detailed tracking such as body weight, PR’s, and measurements. It can also help them stay on track with the 3- and 6-month check-in pages. The durable hardcover is scratch- and water-resistant. Aside from that, powerful words are also printed for that little nudge in the right direction.

Lifeproof Lifeactiv Armband With Quickmount

When exercising on-the-go, an armband can make it a more enjoyable experience. With the Lifeproof Lifeactiv Armband, they can easily mount their phone for a seamless, hands-free experience. This armband is also compatible with most Lifeproof cases and it can be mounted in portrait or landscape positions. On top of that, they can listen to music, activate their GPS, maps, and camera with this armband intact.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

The TriggerPoint GRID Foam Rollers have a durable patented design to ensure that it works effectively. These foam rollers feature a multi-density exterior constructed over a hollow core that is suitable for rolling through tight muscles. There are many benefits to using a foam roller during exercise. For starters, foam rollers can help decrease muscle and joint pain and increase circulation and flexibility. It can also improve one’s range-of-motion, gait, and balance.

Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while working out creates a healthy balance. The Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle is the perfect gym-buddy and gift idea. It helps the owner keep track of their water intake. The water bottle also illuminates to remind the owner to drink water and stay hydrated. This BPA-free bottle has a smooth silicone sleeve so that it’s easier to grip. It can also easily fit in most common cupholders for added convenience.

Adidas Ultraboost 20 Shoes

If your physically-active friend loves morning runs, what better gift to give them than a good pair of running shoes? Adidas is an established brand for shoes and they’ll definitely appreciate a new pair of their own. The Adidas Ultraboost 20 has a foot-hugging fit for a comfortable time wearing them. The snug fit also gives them great support and helps them move a lot better. On top of that, it has a great design that can also be pulled off as casual wear.

Theragun Mini

After a long and strenuous workout, the muscles are bound to be sore. With this portable massage gun by Theragun, they can be provided with quality relief on the go. The Theragun Mini is ultra-portable and has an ergonomic grip for smooth handling. It also has a 150-minute battery life which is pretty good considering its small and lightweight size. Aside from that, this massage gun has three scientifically calibrated speeds at 1,750, 2,100, and 2,400 percussions per minute. This massage gun is compact enough to be used anywhere.

Apple Watch Series 5

This Apple Watch is packed with fitness features that are the perfect companion to any workout. They can easily keep track of their workout progress with this neat little Apple watch. The Apple Watch is packed with features for anyone who is constantly on-the-go. The Apple Watch 5 has advanced workout metrics, GPS, and is water-resistant which makes it ideal even for rough exercises. Although this is in the higher price range, anyone who’s into fitness will definitely treasure this gift.

Invisibobble SLIM Elegant Hair Ring

The last thing someone wants while exercising is messy hair that can be distracting. This hair tie will keep long straight, curly, wavy, and coiled hair in place. The hair rings also don’t crease the hair and get soaked in sweat for a hassle-free time wearing it during workouts. This spiral-shaped hair tie provides a strong, traceless hold and extreme comfort. This is an especially ideal fitness gift for gym-goers with long and unruly locks.

Editors’ Recommendations

The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Gym-Goer In Your Life

Are you on the hunt for the best fitness gifts? If there’s someone in your life who loves nothing more than a good sweat session how do you make sure that you get them what they really want this Christmas?

There are so many gadgets, classes and active wear brands out there that it can be hard to pick out the perfect present for an endorphin addict. But with working from home allowing for quick workouts between Zoom calls and longer evenings to get your sweat on, there’s never been a better time to treat someone to one of the best of the best fitness gifts.

Whether you’re completely clueless when it comes to fitness gifts, or you consider yourself a bit of a present pro, we’ve rounded up the very best fitness gifts to make sure that they get exactly what they want this year.

Yoga enthusiasts will know how important accessories are when it comes to getting into difficult poses (hello, yoga strap and blocks), but for the uninitiated it can be daunting. So we’ve taken out all the hard work for you and found everything from the best sports bras to the best yoga mats and accessories.

Anyone whose gym is closed will no doubt be on the hunt for the perfect at-home gadgets – and guess what? We’ve found those, too. You’re welcome. So if you want to get in someone’s good books this year, look no further than Marie Claire‘s best fitness gifts guide – the ultimate go-to, whatever your budget. It might even inspire you to book on to a festive spin class…

The best fitness gifts for the workout lover in your life

Fitbit Versa 3 – £199. 99 | Fitbit.com 
Every fitness lover’s favourite Fitbit just got an upgrade with the Versa 3. Track your fitness and set your pace with built-in GPS, listen to music and check your messages on the go, optimise your sleep and much more. Specifically designed with fitness in mind, we reckon it’s the best Fitbit yet.

View Deal

Girlfriend Collective Paloma racerback high-impact sports bra – £35 | MatchesFashion 
Ethical activewear brand Girlfriend Collective make chic, responsible workout wear out of everything from recycled water bottles to fishing nets. This soft, breathable jersey Paloma sports bra is top of our wish list.

View Deal

ClassPass Gift Card – choose your amount | ClassPass
An ideal gift for fitness aficionados and absolute beginners alike. This gift card allows users to attend classes offering a variety of activities, for all abilities. New Year’s Resolution to try reformer pilates, anyone?

View Deal

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam – £24 | Cult Beauty
One of our beauty editor’s top picks, Ouai’s Dry Shampoo foam is a game changer when it comes to texture. Massage it into your scalp after a workout for refreshed, voluminous locks without the tacky residue of an aerosol dry shampoo.

View Deal

Bala Bangle 1lb wrist and ankle weight – £50 | Selfridges 
Whether you’re popping to the supermarket, heading for a run, or attempting a bit of yoga in front of your laptop, Bala’s stylish 1lb (or 0.45kg) weight bangle fastens securely around the wrists or ankles to keep building and toning muscle.

UA Sportsmask – £26 | Under Armour 
Exercising in a mask might not sound like the most appealing thing we have to look forward to in 2021, but Under Armour’s experts have designed a breathable, athlete-approved option that will protect you while you workout. With skin-cooling technology and anti-microbial treatment to keep it fresh, the mask is also suitable for all-day wear.

View Deal

Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds – £189 | Amazon 
These active noise cancelling wireless earbuds – complete with a pocket-friendly charging case – have been designed to fit securely and comfortably for amazing sound quality while you workout. Just add your best nineties playlist and you’re good to go.

View Deal

Power Gym Leggings – £75 | Sweaty Betty
Bum sculpting, sweat wicking and phone holding? We think we’ve just found our dream leggings. Designed for every workout, Sweaty Betty’s Power leggings are cut from a super-stretch, flattering fabric with not one, but two – yes two! – pockets for storing your belongings while you workout.

View Deal

Sunshine Yellow Duffle Bag – £19 | Glossier
The cult pared-back beauty brand does much more than just pretty lip balm. Enter the Glossier sunshine yellow duffle bag – the cutest gym bag you ever did see. With a roomy main compartment and adjustable shoulder strap, gift this to the fitness lover in your life and they’ll love you forever.

View Deal

Dynamax RunningPad Folding Treadmill – £499.99 | Argos 

If you don’t have the space for a treadmill at home – and let’s face it, they don’t exactly add to the ambience of a room – a folding running pad is the perfect solution. The world’s most compact treadmill, simply fold and stow away until your next 10k in front of the TV.

View Deal

Prada Logo-print stainless steel water bottle – £50 | Selfridges
Not all water bottles are made equal. In fact, this Prada stainless steel bottle (perfect for keeping drinks either icy cold or piping hot) is so chic we reckon it makes all drinks taste automatically better. A lovely little luxury gift for the fitness fanatic on your Christmas list.

View Deal

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Premium – £114.95 | Nike 

A durable, lightweight trainer designed for everyday workouts, these are a perfect gift to a loved one (or self) who has vowed to take up running as a new year’s resolution. Cushioned, supportive and abidingly chic.

View Deal


But that’s not all. We’ve got your loved ones who are slightly less enthusiastic about exercise sorted, too. Because our Christmas gifts for her  and Christmas gifts for him guides are choc-full of the best of the best fashion, beauty, jewellery, grooming and lifestyle gifts. Guess who just won Christmas.

Expert Advice – Gear Hungry

Finding the best fitness gifts for men can be a challenge, but with working out at home becoming the norm for more and more people, stocking up on home fitness gear is a great way to spoil a fitness-lover.

Whether your target works out in a garage or spare room, there is an overwhelming amount of gear out there, like space-saving adjustable dumbbells and speed ropes to punching bags, kettlebells, and rowing machines. Even though they’ve been harder to find lately, there is still a variety of great options on the market.

In addition to tools to help them work out, recovery aids are also excellent gifts for sporty guys. These can be as complex as percussion massagers and e-stim units or as simple as foam rollers and lacrosse balls. Recovery tools are an excellent way to ease soreness and speed up recovery between workouts. They go a long way to prevent overuse injuries like tennis elbow, shoulder pain, and tendonitis.

We paired our in-house tester’s extensive health and human fitness background with hands-on experimentation and quality research. We scoured the internet and spent countless hours in the gym, on the road, and recovering at home to find the best fitness gifts for men.

We put a mountain of gear through the wringer, from workout equipment and recovery tools to the most comfortable and supportive apparel. Here’s what gear stood up to the tests and rose to the top of our list.

The Best Fitness Gifts For Men

When it comes to recovery, it’s hard to beat the PowerDot 2.0 as a great fitness gift for men. This iteration of the highly regarded TENS muscle recovery tool is compact, simple to use, and powerful. The packaging is small and easy to throw in a pack on your way to the gym, and the Bluetooth connectivity connects with the PowerDot app on your phone to provide you with the perfect programming for recovery.

I loved the PowerDot for its simplicity. After a nasty leg workout, it was up and running on my quads in minutes. And after runs, putting the electrodes on my feet and kicking back for a foot massage while I streamed Search Party was an absolute joy.


Addaday BioZoom with Bluetooth

The new BioZoom percussion massager from Addaday ramps up the tech while minimizing the noise that these recovery devices are known for. In addition to a digital display and trigger-mounted power adjustment, the BioZoom with Bluetooth will also connect with your phone to find the perfect recovery plan for your workouts.

Addaday’s proprietary app takes all the guesswork out of recovery. Just open the app, enter your workout data, or input what muscles are sore, then the app will send a wellness routine to your massage tool and put your muscles through the paces.

What’s more, the BioZoom is nearly silent. It was great to work my sore muscles without shouting through a conversation or watching tv with subtitles. Plus, recovering in the gym doesn’t require me to confine myself to some back section of my CrossFit gym so the next class can hear the coach’s instructions. It makes a great gift for men who workout.

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Element 26 IsoGrip Gymnastic Hand Grips

A good set of pullup grips is a key part of the gym kit for any CrossFit athlete. The problem is that finding a decent pair of grips is a daunting challenge. We’ve gone through literally dozens of grips over the years, trying to find a set that will keep skin tears at bay and provide a solid grip on the bar during unbroken sets. After a long search, we’ve finally found a grip that never slips, never needs liquid chalk, and has yet to allow our hands to tear: The IsoGrip Gymnastic Hand Grips from Element 26.

The grip on these is unreal, thanks to the company’s proprietary Isoprene Polymer Material. In my first workout with these, I tried a set of 40 unbroken pullups and gassed out at 35. Fortunately, the grips on these held tight while I rested in a dead hang, then ground out 5 more reps.

After 6 months, they haven’t come close to tearing, and I can see these lasting for years. Bonus: by far the best grips on the market, these bad boys are also half the price of some of their competitors, which is perfect for someone looking for cheap fitness gifts for men.

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UnderArmour UA HOVR Apex 2 Training Shoes

As a seasoned CrossFitter, I’ve been conditioned to be skeptical of any workout shoes that don’t have “Nano “or “Metcon” on the box. But the UA HOVR Apex 2 from UnderArmour has been a revelation. During my workouts, I found myself going back to these kicks, again and again, thanks to their support, comfort, and versatility.

Most shoes in the fitness realm tend to excel in either bodyweight movements or weightlifting, but not both. The HOVR Apex 2s CrossFit Shoes have been just as comfortable on Olympic lifts like cleans and snatches as they are on box jumps and 400-meter sprints. The TriBase sole is grippy and low-profile, while the 3D printed reinforcement on the mesh upper adds durability and protection on rope climbs without sacrificing breathability.


Onnit Primal Kettlebells

Onnit’s Primal Kettlebells are a great way to add some style to anyone’s home gym setup. Kettlebells are one of the simplest yet most versatile pieces of fitness equipment globally, and Onnit’s feature a great grip, excellent balance, and a very cool tweak: each bell sports a cool primate profile on the bell.

They vary in weight from the 18-pound Howler monkey bell to the 90-pound bell sporting a growling sasquatch head. I’ve got the 70-pound kettlebell, which sports an intimidating gorilla head for the bell. The balance is excellent, and I’ve been able to maintain my grip in max-effort overhead swings with no issue (until my forearms failed).  The style is a great twist to a simple piece of workout equipment, and it’s the one that people usually race for when getting ready for a workout.


RX Smart Gear EVO G2 Speed Rope

For people who use jump ropes in their gym routine, a good speed rope is essential. And the EVO 2 Speed Rope from RX Smart Gear is the fastest, most well-built rope on the market.

The dual-bearing swivel assembly gives this rope an almost friction-free spin and excellent speed during jumps. For precise rope control, the machined aerospace-grade aluminum handles are designed with a pinch grip and sport aggressive knurling and rubber traction bands. Also, each EVO G2 Speed Rope comes with a custom carrying case to keep your rope organized and prevent tangling in your gym bag.



Flume Botanicals Flow Pre-workout

If you’re as old as I am, you remember when ephedrine was the best pre-workout supplement until it was outlawed in the United States because it was shooting people’s blood pressure and heart rates through the roof.

Flume’s Pre-workout avoids the chemical rush that you get with other pre-workouts by using only natural ingredients from nootropic and adaptogenic plants from the mountains and jungles of South America and India. Ingredients like Maca, Guayusa, and coconut water give you that energy boost without the spikes in heart rate, blood pressure, and potential life span drop.

Flume’s blend gave me heightened energy and alertness without the requisite tingles and jitters before the workout. I could power through anything from 10-minute sprint workouts to 45-minute metcons with steady energy levels throughout. Plus, I wasn’t jumpy and snappy afterward and was able to get a great night’s sleep, which dials this in as one of the best gym gifts for keeping your guy healthy as well as energetic.

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Sleep Number True Temp Ultimate Pillow

One of the best workout gifts for him is a good night’s sleep. And the perfect pillow goes a long way towards helping your guy get those much-needed zzz’s after a killer workout. Sleep Number’s True Temp Ultimate Pillow is the best pillow we’ve seen, thanks in part to its ability to dissipate heat and stay cool throughout the night. In addition, three removable inserts allow you to adjust the pillow for sleeping in any position.

The first time I put my head down on my demo pillow, I sank into it and had a hard time keeping my eyes open. This cooling pillow is an unusual blend of soft and supportive, and the contoured top was perfect for my side-sleeping self. On nights when I wanted to sleep on my back (or face), I pulled one or both of the smaller inserts out to lower the pillow’s profile, and I was out like a light.



HOKA Men’s Ora Recovery Slide

You know that the first thing you want to do after a long run or killer workout is to kick off your shoes. HOKA knows that too, which is why they made the Ora Recovery Slide. This amazing sandal sports a super-soft top layer EVA that immediately cushions the foot and a deep heel cut that supports and cradles the feet. The upper is ventilated to help your foot dry out post-workout, and the tough rockered outsole provides traction and a smooth stride.

Putting these slides on after hammering my feet with a box jump and double-under workout was an absolute joy. I had to consciously prevent myself from saying “aaaahhhh” every time I slid them on. And for early morning Saturday workouts, they’re perfect for trudging into the gym to shake off the previous evening’s festivities.


Injinji Ultra Run Socks

Blisters are the bane of any runner’s existence. One of the most common places to get blisters in between the toes, especially as the feet swell during long runs. While moisture-wicking socks help reduce friction in the heel or ball, they don’t prevent friction between the toes.

Injinji socks sport individual toe sleeves, enclosing every toe in material to prevent any friction between the toes and the blisters that may ensue. Also, they sport terry padding in high-impact zones and light compression in the midfoot for added support. They may look a bit strange out of the shoe, but they feel great in it. Full disclosure: I hate having my toes feel like they’re crammed together, so these socks are a godsend for me. I wear them on everything from long runs to multi-day backpacking trips and have never had a toe blister while they were on my feet.


Saxx Kinetic HD Boxer Briefs

One of the best gifts for a fitness guy is a good pair of workout underwear. These sport boxers from SAXX Underwear sport a semi-compression fit and four-way stretch for a full range of movement, flat seams to prevent chafing, and a soft touch for comfort. More importantly, they have what SAXX calls their “Ballpark Pouch,” which is an individual pouch for the man-parts, which keeps athletes comfortable and supported where it matters most.

As an athlete who’s prone to chafing in the inner-thigh region (too many squats), these boxer briefs have been my daily go-to boxers for years. The Kinetics have been fantastic for workouts – the mesh Ballpark Pouch keeps the boys from overheating, and the legs of the boxer briefs never roll-up. And the Kinetic’s material dries extremely quickly. After everything from summer WODs to a quick dip in a glacial lake on a dare, these boxers were bone dry in minutes.


California Cowboy Wagyu Fleece Hoodie

Made with a ridiculously soft blend of bamboo and spandex, the Wagyu Hoodie from California Cowboy is designed for lounging. After trying it on for the first time, I never wanted to take it off. I’ve worn it on runs, during workout warmups, and, of course, for lounging around during recovery.

This mid-weight fleece hoodie has plenty of stretch and plenty of rebound, which means that it doesn’t get all loose and sloppy after a few wears. The bamboo blend material is soft both on the inside and outside, so it’s comfortable for both you and whoever happens to be touching you as well (a perk for everyone involved). Bonus: there’s a hidden pocket in the back hip that can carry your wallet, sunglasses, or even a beer bottle when your hands are full.


Saucony’s newest iteration of their lauded Guide shoe, the Guide 14, combines lightweight with plenty of cushioning. There are many things to like about this running shoe, but the star of the show here is the perfect blend of cushioning and speed. The thick, cushy-yet-supportive midsole foam is soft and comfortable but firm enough to provide plenty of response.

On test runs, my feet never felt like they took a pounding despite my 200-pound frame, and when I needed to speed up, the shoes rebounded and helped me push the pace when I wanted to. The mesh upper is light and breezy, but the TPU cage over the midfoot provides plenty of support. The extra padding around the ankle cuff adds a bit of luxury while minimizing any chance of irritation.


SPY Optics Dirty Mo Tech

If you’re looking for sunglasses that work as well for everyday use as they do on a run, the Dirty Mo Tech from SPY Optics should be your pick. The styling on these sunnies looks great walking around town, but the coverage and durability make it equally at home on a run or mountain bike ride.

During testing, the Grilamid frame has survived drops, kicks, and knocking around in a gym bag on the way to the gym. On long runs, the nose and temple pads held the frames in place, and an ingenious set of hidden sweat channels helped shunt my excessing sweat away from my face.

SPY’s Happy lenses are designed to allow long-wave blue light through while blocking UV and short-wave blue light. According to SPY, the result is a physiological uplift in mood and alertness. I can’t speak for this effect on a clinical level, but anecdotally, I had a hell of a good time wearing these.  

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Klean Kanteen Food Boxes

One of the best fitness gifts for men who lift is a good way to fuel that lifting. These stainless-steel boxes with silicone lids from Klean Kanteen are plastic-free and come in three different sizes so that you can keep your meals fresh for the day. The containers are durable, machine washable, and watertight. We love the extra snap-and-lock tabs on the bigger boxes that make sure your lids don’t pop open during your commute.

I’ve found these meal prep containers perfect for storing all of my premade meals for the week. I’ve been throwing brown rice and ground turkey in these and stuffing them in the fridge. They stack well, have vent-able lids, and can keep food hot or cold for hours.


JLab Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds

When it comes to wireless earbuds, a good fit is essential. This is part of why we love the Epic Air ANC buds from JLAB. They come with various bud options so that you can find the right fit for each ear.

We also love the nearly 50 hours of playtime with the included charging case and active noise canceling. The audio comes through clear and crisp, and the Bluetooth connectivity is quick and reliable. The little details are great as well – the wear detection mode is brilliant. Each earbud has a sensor that detects when you take a bud out and pauses whatever you’re listening to, then starts playback again when you put the bud back in.

Most importantly, probably, is that they stick to your ears like glue. Runs are no problem, but I was hugely impressed when I wore them during a workout that included 250 double-unders, and they never fell out. So far, in my years of testing, these are the only in-ear buds that have passed that test, locking these buds in as one of the best gifts for men who workout.

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If you’re looking for a GPS, it’s hard to beat the Suunto 7. This watch comes so loaded with features that it’s hard to narrow down which one we like best. It has settings for over 70 sports, precise GPS tracking, a wrist-mounted heart rate monitor, and free offline outdoor maps. For everyday use, the watch sports features from Google’s Wear OS, including Google Pay, Google Assistant, and Google Fit.

I’ve tracked trail runs, my heart rate during CrossFit workouts, and I’ve found out that I log about 1,200 steps every time I coach a CrossFit class. The 7 works great as a fitness tracker, but it also works well with everyday use, thanks to the myriad face displays, Google Pay, and connectivity with my phone for instant access to emails, calls, and texts.


USA-Iron Adjustable Dumbbells

One of the best weightlifting gifts is a home gym. And adjustable dumbbells go a long way. These made-to-order adjustable dumbbells are not only adjustable but are also beautiful. Each set of these American-made dumbbells is lathe-turned by machinists, which not only ensures a precision weight and feel, but they also look way better than the prison-yard dumbbells that we’re used to seeing in our garage.

Available in 50- or 70-pound sets, these dumbbells are adjustable in 5-pound increments and sealed with an included hex key and steel shaft collar. The plates are machined steel with a durable black coating, and the handle is chromed with light-medium knurling for grip.

You essentially get a full rack of weights that takes up about a square foot of space. And, since these are made and shipped from within the US, there’s no need to wait for international shipping and no getting bogged down trying to contact customer service. Also, since each set of these adjustable dumbbells is handmade, they can also be customized.

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This is categorized as a bike bottle, but we’ve been using the Bivo One for everything from cycling to runs, hikes, and running to the gym. Designed in part by Bivo’s in-house ex-NASA engineer, the company has developed a bike cage-friendly stainless-steel insulated water bottle that offers a high-flow sports nozzle.

That high-flow nozzle means you get a free-flowing water delivery that requires zero squeezing. The bottle is coated with a matte silicone exterior that minimizes rattling and helps you grip it with sweaty hands.

Gifts For Weightlifters 2021 (Cool Gift Ideas For Gym Goers)

Finding the best gift or gifts for a friend or family member can take some time – you want it to be thoughtful and unique, but also something they will use.

If you know someone who’s a weightlifter or fitness fanatic, you might be wondering what type of gift you can give them.

Shaker Bottle or Water Bottle

As an avid gym goer myself, I know I can be a little hard to buy for – but I’ve received some lovely weightlifting gifts from friends and family that have fit me to a tee.

If you’re stuck on gift ideas for weightlifters or gym lovers, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here I’ll be sharing my top ideas for weightlifters that are perfect for that very special someone.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the top items from the whole lineup…

Top Gifts For Weightlifters

Here are the top products from the lineup…

Gym Bag

Everest Unisex Adult Gym Bag

A practical but lovely gift for any gym-goer. It’s spacious and large to fit enough your gym gear, it also has a side pocket intended for wet gear.

A gym bag can be a practical but lovely gift for a weightlifter or gym enthusiast, and this one from Everest is a great choice.

It’s spacious and large so you can fit all your gym gear inside.

Shaker Bottle or Water Bottle

Weightlifting can sure be a sweaty time, so a water bottle can be the ideal gift for a gym lover.

Better yet, the Hydra Bottle doubles up as a shaker bottle and shaker cup.

That’s 3 gifts in one handy device!

Gym Towels

When searching for gifts for lifters and gym freaks, you can’t go wrong with gym towels. In fact, you can never have enough gym towels as a commercial or home gym goer.

Sweating is a given when you’re in the middle of an intense fitness session, so towels are accessories you always need on hand.

Not only do they help you feel a little bit less icky, but they’re also useful for wiping down gym equipment before and after you use it (just don’t use the same towel you use for yourself!)

Gym Watch

Atlas Wearables Wristband

If you know someone who loves gadgets and lifting weights, a work out watch like the Atlas Wearables Wristband could be one excellent gift.

If you’re after technology gift ideas to buy for your lifter friend, I fully recommend the Atlas Wearables Wristband, a nifty tool that makes every fitness session simple.

It features adaptive motion tracking technology to record your activity, analyze your body form, and count your reps. It also has a wrist-based heart rate monitor.

Tank Tops

T-Rex NO Like Push-UPS Tank Top

A comfy tank top constructed out of 100% cotton. Its ultra-soft texture and adorably funny t-rex design can surely make someone’s day.

The T-Rex NO Like Push-Ups tank shirt is a good gift to add to your buy list for a lifter. It has a humorous and cute design that not only looks great but feels it too!

The material is soft and lightweight, as well as durable – this is everything you want to buy in a shirt for the gym.

The fit of the shirt is also unisex, so it’s suitable for men and women.

Gym Equipment

Gym equipment can make a wonderful gift for a weightlifter as it’s something they can use in their next session.

The Ader micro plates set is a great choice for any lifter as it helps progress bench, power clean, and press sessions.

Best Gifts for Weightlifters – Top 11 Reviewed

Now let’s take a look at the full review of each product from the lineup…

Gym Bag

Everest Unisex Adult Gym Bag

A practical but lovely gift for any gym-goer. It’s spacious and large to fit enough your gym gear, it also has a side pocket intended for wet gear.


It’s made from 600D polyester and comes with a side pocket that’s ideal for storing shoes or wet gear.

The main compartment is roomy with a zippered clamshell opening for ease of use.

This bag has 2 front zippered pouches with a mesh pocket for even more storage.


For added comfort, this bag features a padded and loop close handle and shoulder pad. The shoulder strap can also be adjusted up to 50 inches long to ensure the right fit and grip.

My only gripes with this great Everest bag are its cardboard and non-waterproof base.

The former can cause the bag to be a little unsturdy, but I don’t think this would be a huge problem once the interior is full.


  • Product Dimensions: 18” x 11.5” x 10.5”
  • Product Weight: 1 pound
  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Color: Black and Red


  • Spacious compartments – great for fitting all your work out equipment in
  • Comes with lots of pockets, including one targeted for wet gear/shoes
  • Quality padded loop and close handle/shoulder pad for comfort
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • Cardboard base is a little flimsy
Protein Powder

Protein powder is a great gift for a fitness fanatic, especially if they lift weights.

The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard powder uses pure whey protein as its primary ingredient.

Protein helps build muscle, repair tissue, and produce hormones and enzymes.

A lot of people who workout use these as supplements as they can be an efficient way of ensuring you get your daily intake of protein.


This powder provides 24 grams of all-whey protein and 5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) in a single serving.

The formula is gluten free too!

It’s instantized to prevent clumps and lumps forming when you mix it. If you’ve ever had a powdered drink mix, you’ll be familiar with how frustrating and just plain unappetizing clumpy beverages can be.

Easy To Mix

Similarly, as a weightlifter, there’s nothing worse than drinking a lumpy supplement shake. As the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is instantized, this definitely makes every weightlifter’s life a lot easier!

The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard comes in every flavor and size, but I personally like the double rich chocolate one.

If your special someone enjoys working out and happens to be a chocolate lover, then this is a great gift for them.


The only downside of this supplement is the zip-lock closure on the container.

The zip-lock breaks after a short period of time, so the powder may find you need to be moved to another container well before life expiration to ensure its freshness.

Fortunately, you’ll find this is only a problem with larger sizes (10 pounds).


  • Product Dimensions: 8” x 8” x 11.25”
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs
  • Flavor: Double Rich Chocolate


  • Find it can be a perfect gift to buy for weightlifters and athletes
  • Instantized and gluten free formula
  • Comes in a range of delicious flavors


  • Zip-lock closure on container can break prematurely
Foam Roller

I think a foam roller is one of the best gifts for weightlifters you can buy from this list.

This nifty tool can assist in the release of tension and soreness in your muscles.

It also improves your flexibility and range of motion.


You can’t go wrong with the 321 STRONG roller as a gift as its lightweight but solid core mimics the sensation of getting a real life massage.

It’s made from medium-density foam to provide a firm touch and support the back.


It’s ideal for both beginner and experienced gym goers, effectively reducing muscle pain and increasing workout performance.

The roller is suitable to buy for weightlifters, swimmers, runners, crossfit athletes, and yoga and pilates students.

Color Options

You can buy this in a variety of colors, including aqua, black, blue, pink, red, and purple. Why not get your special someone a roller in their favorite color?

The only downsides of the product are its short size and stiffness, the latter of which can cause it to be a bit hard to use initially.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.4” x 5.3” x 12.7”
  • Product Weight: 0.72 lbs
  • Material: Foam
  • Color: Aqua


  • Lightweight and solid core to mimic a real life massage
  • Great for reducing muscle pain and tension
  • Suitable for all types of fitness lovers, from lifters to swimmers
  • Available in a variety of stylish colors


  • Material is a little stiff
  • Size is a little small
Bar Grips

If your favorite friend/family member has been complaining about the usability of their barbell or pull-up bar, why not get them a Harbinger bar grip?


These tools convert pull-up bars, handles, and pull-up bars into thick bars to assist with grip strength development.

Using thick bars also activates more muscles in the body when lifting, as well as effectively develop upper body strength and muscle mass.

They’re great for training and fitness lovers who enjoy a vigorous fitness session.

The Harbinger bar grip attaches to a bar like a clamp without compressing, even when deadlifting big weights.


They can be used at a home or commercial gym, and are easy to clean and transport.

However, even with their tight grip, these bar grips can still slide around a little when attached to a barbell or pull-up bar.


  • Product Dimensions: 5” x 1” x 1”
  • Product Weight: 1 lb
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Red


  • Provides thick bar for effective upper body strength and fitness
  • Can be attached to a barbell, pull-up bar, and handles
  • Suitable for use at a home gym and commercial gym


  • Bar grips can slide barbell around when attached
Shaker Bottle or Water Bottle


The water bottle is designed to be used for both pre and post workouts, saving you time on preparation and gym bag space.

Instead of taking 2 shakers for your pre and post workout drinks after the gym, you can now just use one – you can strike usability off the list!

The shaker isn’t just limited to post workout drinks – you can also add BCAAs to it.


Working out how much powder you need is made more precise thanks to the bottle’s measurements in ml and oz along the side.

The Hydra Cup holds 30 oz of liquid in total (15 oz on one and 15 oz on the other).

It has a rubber gasket seal, and the lid snaps on securely unlike twist-on lids. A lot of other shakers have the latter, which are more prone to bending over time.

Rounded Base

To ensure that the bottle is easy to clean after every use, it features a rounded base.

This also prevents powder clumping to the bottom.

As much as I like this water bottle and think it’s a great gift for a lifter, I do have one minor gripe with it.

The seal can leak slightly from time to time if it’s placed on its side which isn’t ideal for some searching for the ideal gift ideas.


  • Liquid Capacity: 30 oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Clear/Black


  • A water bottle, shaker, and shaker cup all in one
  • Makes adding supplements to your fitness session drink more precise
  • Features one rubber gasket seal and snap-on lid
  • Easy to clean


  • Bottle can leak from time to time
Gym Equipment

The Ader Plates Set includes 4 pairs, one pair of each size.

This means you get 4 gifts for the price of one! If you’re not sure what these plates are, they’re small and lightweight plates that fit any standard Olympic barbell.


Fractional plates are also known as “micro plates” – they’re used to aid progression on power clean, press, and bench exercises.

As most weightlifters perform these types of body workouts, micro plates can make one of the greatest gifts for weightlifters.


The plates are constructed out of solid steel which is powder-coated.

The grey plate weighs 0.25 pounds, the blue weighs 0.5 pounds, the red weighs 0.75 pounds, and the black weighs 1 pound.

Each plate is clearly marked with its respective weight for readability too.

However, the paint finish on these micro plates is not the best as it’s prone to chipping after a short period of time.

This doesn’t affect the usability of the plates though, so it’s not a huge issue.


  • Product Dimensions: 4.5” x 4.3” x 2.7”
  • Product Weight: 5.15 lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Red, Blue, Grey, and Black


  • Perfect gift for weightlifters who perform power clean, press, and bench exercises
  • 4 pairs included
  • Each plate has a different weight


  • Paint finish on the plates is not the best
Gym Watch

Atlas Wearables Wristband

If you know someone who loves gadgets and working out, a watch like the Atlas Wearables Wristband could be one excellent gift.

If you know someone who loves gadgets and working out, a watch like the Atlas Wearables Wristband could be one excellent gift.

This device is one of my best gift ideas as it for one helps you progress your fitness goals quicker as it exercises through a way of science based guidance.


It features adaptive motion tracking technology that automatically records data on your exercises – it even counts your reps and analyzes your body form.

The wristband also provides wrist-based heart rate monitoring.

The wristband is available in 2 stylish colors: green and yellow. Both look lovely, but my personal favorite is the green.

Battery Life

One of the main drawbacks of the Atlas wristband is its poor battery life. The device doesn’t last for very long after it’s fully charged.

For this reason, the watch is best for workout use rather than everyday use.


  • Product Dimensions: 0.36” x 2” x 1. 2”
  • Color: Green


  • Ideal for lifters who like gadgets
  • Can help you take your work outs to the next level
  • Features adaptive motion tracking technology to log your exercise data
  • Includes a wrist-based heart rate monitor


  • Battery doesn’t last very long
Gym Towels

SINLAND Microfiber Gym Towels

Sweating is a given when you’re in the middle of an intense fitness session, so towels are accessories you always need on hand. You can never have enough gym towels as a gym-goer.


The SINLAND Microfiber Gym Towels are one of my personal favorites that I like to use for all my exercise routines.

They’re affordable while also being high quality, and you also get 3 in a pack.

Made out of microfiber (like their name suggests), these towels are lightweight and compact. They have a unique terry texture design that can absorb moisture relatively well.

Fast Drying

The SINLAND gym dry 3 times faster than traditional towels, which is why they’re a must have for any lifter or fitness fanatic. The towels are also very durable and can withstand up to 500 washings.

My only complaint with gym towels is their slight lack of absorbency, at least compared to cotton towels.

However, for the price and quality, I think this is a small flaw for an otherwise lovely gift for weightlifters.


  • Product Dimensions: 16” x 3”
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Color: Blue


  • 3 towels in one pack
  • Lightweight and compact – great for wiping down sweat and equipment
  • Durable and high quality – can withstand up to 500 washings
  • Dries quicker than traditional towels
Food Storage and Meal Management Bags

MIER Adult Lunch Box

Weightlifting is a way to work up an appetite, so a premium lunch box can be a great present for someone who needs to pack food and replenish energy.

Weightlifting is a way to work up an appetite, so a premium lunch box like the MIER lunch box is one great present for someone who enjoys working out.


The unit has 2 sections that keeps cold and warm items separate, as well as a spacious pouch that’s ideal for storing cutlery and napkins.

You could also use it for fruit, drinks, and snacks.

The upper compartment on the lunch box can be easily accessed through the front opening which has a 2-way dual zipper closure.

This also makes your lunch more secure, ensuring no food items make their way onto the floor!


The square bottom compartment is used for storing your lunch, and the front zipper pocket is perfect for small valuables like keys, cards, and money.

It has a shoulder strap with a comfortable grip to make carrying the bag hassle free.

The MIER lunch box has an insulated PEVA lining which is easy to clean, as well as being food safe and eco-friendly.

Color Options

The bag is available in a range of colors and patterns like black, purple, camouflage, and dark red.

Even with all its great aspects, the MIER lunch box can struggle to keep some food items cool.


  • Product Dimensions: 10.2” x 7.9” x 11”
  • Product Weight: 0.85 lbs
  • Material: PEVA, PU, Fabric
  • Color: Black


  • Comes with 2 sections to keep hot and cool food items separate
  • Easy to access due to 2-way dual zipper closure
  • Includes extra pockets for additional storage
  • Simple to clean


  • Can sometimes struggle to keep food items cool

BTB 2.3” Programmable LED Interval Timer

It allows you to set the duration of your fitness session and breaks to ensure you always push yourself to the limit, and give yourself enough time to recover in between exercises.

Still stuck on gift ideas for your gym-goer friend or family member?

The BTB LED interval timer is definitely one to add to your buy list to help your special someone make their exercise routine more efficient.


It allows you to set the duration of your fitness session and breaks to ensure you always push yourself to the limit, and give yourself enough time to recover in between exercises.

The timer has one sturdy aluminum case with bright red and blue LED lights (which have 10-year lifespan!).

It has 4 different functions, including a stopwatch, countdown and count up, clock, and the ability to alternate timing for working out and rest.

Remote Control

The timer is easy to use as it comes with a remote control – you don’t even have to get up and change the settings so your workout has your full attention.

For a lifter who enjoys strength or barbell exercises at home, this timer can be a really valuable asset to their weightlifting routine.

However, the remote control for the timer can be a bit unreliable as it doesn’t always work well.

The instructions for the different timer functions can also be a bit hard to understand as they’re a little vague.


  • Product Dimensions: 19.8” x 5.93” x 3.19”
  • Product Weight: 3 lbs
  • Material: Aluminium Case
  • Type of Battery: 2x AAA


  • Makes body routines more efficient and
  • Timer has 4 different functions
  • Comes with a remote control to add more convenience
  • Sturdy aluminium case


  • Remote control can be a bit unreliable
  • Manual instructions are a little vague
Tank Tops

T-Rex NO Like Push-UPS Tank Top

A comfy tank top constructed out of 100% cotton. Its ultra-soft texture and adorably funny t-rex design can surely make someone’s day.

After some fashion gift ideas for weightlifters?

This adorable T-Rex tank top is a great choice for any lifter or gym lover.

It’s constructed out of 100% cotton that is ultra soft so you can be as comfortable as possible during your regime.


The shirt is made with a high-thread count so it feels smooth and light.

As working out is sweaty work, you want to be wearing lightweight gear to help you cool down.

Even though this tank shirt is lightweight, it isn’t see-through, which is a mark of quality.

The inks used in the design are vibrant and durable, in addition to being crack resistant.


This means the top can withstand plenty of washings without the design fading or distengrating. Now you can look great for even longer!

The T-Rex tank top is suitable for both men and women thanks to its unisex fit – the shape is slightly tapered to be a bit less boxy.

However, the arm holes on this tank top can be large, and the length of the garment is fairly long.

As the top is more of a loose fit, you might want to go with a smaller size.


  • Product Weight: 1.76
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Black


  • Cute and fun design
  • Soft and lightweight material – perfect for a sweaty commercial or home gym session
  • Unisex fit – suitable for men and women
  • Made with durable and crack resistant inks


  • Arm holes are a bit large
  • Length is a little long

Types of Lifting

To help buy gifts for weightlifters that they’ll like and how it will benefit their life, as well as it being important to know what type of weightlifting they do.

This list will allow you to find a gift that’s perfect for their fitness needs, especially if you’re thinking of getting them gym equipment or accessories.

Below you’ll find the different types of lifting and what they entail.


Woman Lifting a Barbell

Powerlifting is a type of strength building that is very popular among weight fanatics and fitness lovers.

It involves using large movements to engage more muscle, allowing you to efficiently lose fat and build muscle.

Powerlifting Exercises

Some examples of powerlifting exercises are power cleans, deadlifts, snatches, and squats. When you perform exercises like these, they involve your full body and provide an effective total-body workout.

Powerlifting is a more advanced type of strength training. 

Incorporating more muscle into your exercises and you will find it can deliver great results, but not without its risk.


Powerlifting exercises can be dangerous if you push yourself too far. If done incorrectly, they can lead to serious injury like joint dislocations in the back, muscle tears, and even broken bones as well!

Full Body Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Full body circuit training involves using a list of light weights in a range of motions to work out all of your body.

This type of weight training is common among users who are new to weights.

The format of the program reduces soreness in your muscle groups and you’ll find that helps you get moderate weight loss over a prolonged period of time.

Explosive Dynamic Training

Woman Doing Box Jumps

Explosive dynamic training is commonly performed by athletes. It provides fantastic strength building and incorporates cardio activity.

Some examples of this are rope pulls, box jumps, and lighter weight powerlifting workouts (squats, cleans, snatches, etc.).

Explosive dynamic training looks a lot like powerlifting, but it involves faster movements to get cardio and strength into your fitness routine at the same time as well.

Muscular Isolation Training

Woman Doing Bicep Curls at a Gym

Muscular isolation training involves working one or two muscle groups in a day, well.

With this type of training, you want to cause muscular contraction in a single muscle for each training session.

Exercises you can add or find on the list of muscular isolation training include tricep kickbacks, leg extensions, and concentration curls.

Beginners and advanced lifters benefit from muscular isolation training, so it’s a versatile form of strength building.

Push-Pull Training

Woman Using Lat Pulldown Machine

Push-pull training involves breaking down your body into 3 different components.

Each part is worked on a separate day.

In the “push” day you work all of your upper body pushing muscles (chest, triceps, and shoulders). In the “pull day you work all of your upper body pulling muscles (triceps and back).

Add, in the “legs” workout you work your full lower body (quads, calves, hamstrings, and core).


Push-pull training is great for building strength in your whole body, and is ideal for experienced weight lift enthusiasts or yogis.

What Kind of Gift to Give a Weightlifter?

Think Purpose and Will They Use It?

The ideal gift for a weightlifter isn’t just thoughtful but also something you know they will use.

Think about the type of gift you want to get your friend or family member and whether it’s an item or piece of apparatus they’ll get value out of.

For example, if you know your special someone has been complaining about the quality of their set of resistance bands, get them some brand new bands – bands are actually really useful!


Woman Holding a Bottle and a Gym Mat

Alternatively, if you’ve noticed their gym bag is a little old and worn out, a new bag could be the perfect present.

It also shows the person your attentiveness and that you notice the little details.

On the flipside, if your friend or family member has recently got some dumbbells, then you might want to avoid getting them a second pair.


Additionally, if you know they don’t use supplements or watches, then these might not be the best gift ideas. Perhaps get a gym towel or water bottle instead.

What Makes the Best Gifts for Gym Lovers?

The best gifts for gym lovers and lifters are items or tools they can use in their next workout.

As someone who enjoys the gym and weightlifting, I always appreciate when a friend or family member gets me a gift that’s fitness related.

A Little Thought Goes a Long Way

Even if it’s something small, a gift that shows the receiver you made the effort to get them an item connected to their interests goes a long way.

Not only does it show thoughtfulness, but it’s also a little different than your standard gift ideas like toiletry sets and gift cards.

Final Thoughts

Shaker Bottle or Water Bottle

While I think any of the products in this list would be a lovely gift to get for a gym or weightlifting lover, my personal favorites include the Everest Unisex Adult Gym Bag, Hydra Bottle 30 oz Shaker Bottle, and SINLAND Microfiber Gym Towels.

Finding the perfect gift for a person who loves weightlifting isn’t too difficult once you know what sort of items to look for.

Make Someone Happy

I hope this guide gave you some creative and unique gift ideas for weightlifters.

What gift ideas for weightlifters did you settle on?

Be sure to let me know on our social media platforms.

And, if you have some spare time, check out our other fitness guides and gym equipment product reviews to allow you to get the next workout of your journey so far!

Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers | 2021 Edition

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Ahh yes, the gift guide for fitness lovers. AKA Amanda’s own personal Christmas wish list. If you are shopping for a runner, a home exerciser, or a gym rat, this list is for you! There are quite a few pink items on this list, but it isn’t just a gift guide for fitness girls – it’s for guys too! This ultimate list of fitness gift ideas covers all ages and sizes, with fitness stocking stuffers to big ticket items. And if you missed my holiday gift guide for men, be sure to check it out too!

Honestly, whether you use these gift guides to shop for someone else or just for yourself, I’m really enjoying sharing some of my favorite things with you! These are either items I own and love, or ones I have tried and have been begging Santa to bring me. I’m like your own personal Yelp or Amazon review system. Only with more personality.

So here they are, my top gift ideas for the fitness lover in your life. Click each product name to easily purchase. And if you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself and see something you like, email it to the person who you want to buy it. Or just leave this window open on your computer for Santa to find. 😉

Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

BOSU Balance Trainer

This one has been on my list for like 10 years now, and I know some of my fit friends have had their eyes on it as well! The BOSU is sooo much fun to work with, and really adds that extra challenge of balance to your workouts! Balance training strengthens your core and helps you to stay fit (and safe) even as you get older. Read more about that on the BOSU site. And can you imagine how much your kiddos would love to exercise with one of these? I’ll admit, I’m a bit partial to the pink version. Haha I’m such a girl, I know.

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

I bought these weights in 2014 when I moved into a tiny two-bedroom apartment with my kiddos. After debating over the purchase, I finally decided I would just go ahead and buy them. I had been hemming and hawing over it since I saw Chalene using them in ChaLEAN Extreme when I started that program in March 2013. It just felt so expensive to spend over $200 on weights at once!

But then I realized the value I was getting — dumbbells that ranged from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds, with the ability to increase in 2.5 and 5 pound increments as I gained strength. Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy two dumbbells each of 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15 pounds…and so on up to 52.5?? When weights typically cost about $1 per pound, that cost adds up quickly. And all those weights would take up SO much space, while these are easily stored in the corner next to my TV stand. Hands down, one of the best fitness purchases I’ve ever made – and we are still using them 5 years later.

FitSnack Subscription Box

People who exercise like to eat. A LOT. Especially if they want to gain muscle (yes, even the women). So one of the best fitness gift ideas is FOOD! Or in this case, snacks. FitSnack is a subscription service of healthy snacks, nutritional tips, and fitness inspiration to support an active lifestyle. Their mission is to teach their subscribers how to enjoy living a fit and healthy life in a fun way – through smart snacking and education. They also give back to kids in need which I LOVE.

They sent me a box to check out and I was happy to open it and see some of my healthy snack brands that I already know and love! FitSnack features high quality, craft, whole food, consciously made snacks that taste great and are chosen by a nutritionist. They offer a variety of plans and gift options, and are worth checking out! But don’t think your gift recipient will share any snacks with you. Get your own box.

Stealth Plankster

I got the Stealth Plankster earlier this year to try out, and it was so much fun that Arien and Hunter had to play with it too! The Plankster turns exercise into a fun game. By using an app on your phone, you complete challenges in a game while you plank on the stability device. Stealth uses your core strength to control the action on your mobile phone screen, making static exercises like the plank more engaging — for your muscles and your brain. And if you’re competitive, watch out! You’ll find yourself trying to beat your best score – or beat your spouse’s. Nothing has ever made me want to plank just a few seconds longer – until I got the Plankster.

Apple Watch

This is probably on every gift guide for fitness lovers out there – and for good reason. But it’s difficult to explain exactly why. A friend recently asked, “Why do I need an Apple Watch.” And honestly the best answer was: Once you have one, you don’t want to NOT have it.

It helps me find my phone and it tells me the time, obviously. But the best fitness reason is that I love to close my rings each day. I want to move enough, stand enough, and exercise enough. Every single day. And for the fitness instructors, it helps to be able to pause music without running to the sound system every 5 minutes. Seriously LIFE CHANGER. Especially when you’re very pregnant and trying to get up from doing barbell chest workouts on your bench.

Heal at Home Moms

Heal at Home Moms is something every mom should check out – no matter how many kids she has. After pregnancy, our bodies are just different. No matter what type of birth you have, your body changes and it can be difficult to get it back. Heal at Home Moms provides education and exercises to help heal your body from the inside out. Split abs, urinary leakage, back/hip pain, painful sex – these are all issues they address.

I have been trying out the program myself and it’s amazing how much it helps. After baby #4, my core is a mess! I’m thrilled to finally get this help (at my own home) and I want to tell everyone how amazing it is! Seriously. Once you try it, you just get it.

Healthy Human Water Bottle

You may have seen this mentioned in one of my other lists of fitness gift ideas. While there’s a certain brand of water bottles that’s super popular with the VSCO girls this year (ahem), Healthy Human is my favorite brand. And apparently my kids’ favorite too since they constantly take them.

Healthy Human water bottles are also available at a lower price point that the other brand I won’t mention. With a mission for sustainability and giving back to the community and planet, Healthy Human is my go-to for on-the-go. (And they are really pretty too!)

Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody workouts were the way I first found my love for fitness back in 2013. And that’s how my blog originally started! These days, I still don’t have time to go to the gym – but I do workout at home. And for a super affordable cost of $99/year, I have access to every workout program Beachbody has ever made.

Beachbody on Demand is a great option for people who can’t go to the gym – or those who prefer not to. There are exercises for every level of fitness. And you don’t need a lot of equipment! Some require no equipment at all.

Cheeky Chickadee MAma & Mini Activewear

I’m that mom who basically lives in fitness leggings. So of course in my gift guide for fitness lovers, I have to include something I wear almost daily.

Plus there’s nothing I love more than making my little girl happy, and there’s nothing she loves more than being able to match with mommy! These mommy and me matching activewear sets from Cheeky Chickadee are just too cute!

From Cockatoos to Chameleons and every animal in between, Cheeky Chickadee has a zoo full of prints! Cheeky Chickadee is the Australian childrenswear brand with one of a kind animal prints that make kids smile. Each print is hand-painted lovingly with the utmost care, by the founder and mom of four (soon to be 5!), Connie, then transformed into vibrant and fun styles for little ones (and moms) to adore.

Apple AirPods

So far I don’t own a pair of AirPods, but Arien does. And he uses them constantly, which is why they were included in my gift ideas for men. I would love love love to have a pair so I can listen to music while I exercise without having to worry about corded headphones. And I’d also want this pink case to go with them. Are you reading this, honey? Don’t say you didn’t know what to get me for Christmas this year.

Stability Ball

These stability balls can be used for so many things – wall squats/sits, crunches, as a bench for chest exercises, and to bounce/roll on when in labor. Stability ball workout is coming to the blog soon, so get your ball and get ready!

PainCakes Cold Packs

These things are amazing when you need to put a cold pack on a sore spot. Just chill, peel, and stick wherever you need it. No awkward positions as you try to keep a cold pack in place. Makes a great gift guide for fitness lovers stocking stuffer! Try saying that 5 times fast.

Invisibobble Ponytail Holders

I know scrunchies are back in these days, but the Invisibobble is all I ever use for ponytails anymore. They hold my hair in place (hello messy mom bun) without pulling my hair out. And my hair is fine and thin, so that’s important! Another great stocking stuffer idea – and get more than one pack!

Manduka Yoga Mat

Another fitness gift guide repeat, but it’s worth mentioning again. My Manduka yoga mat is just my favorite mat ever. It’s great quality and after lots of use is still in amazing shape.

Dr. Teal’s Bath Salts

No exaggeration – I have 3 bags of these in my bathroom right now. All different scents. When my muscles are super sore, a hot bath with Dr. Teal’s Bath Salts really relaxes me. For a fun fitness gift idea – bag these up with a soft towel and a coupon for a massage – or with the foam roller below.

Resistance Loops

Resistance loops do amazing things for your butt. That’s the best reason to use them.

Foam Roller

I’ve mentioned the importance of foam rolling before, but I bet none of you do it enough. Because I know I don’t. Either way, you need at least one of these in your house.

Fitbit Versa 2

If the Apple Watch is out of your budget – or if you avoid Apple for personal reasons – the Fitbit is a great alternative. I used to have one and I loved it. Great for tracking exercise/steps, and lots of other smartwatch capabilities. And it’s pink. I mean really.

Vitamix Blender

If you’re like me, you are probably thinking that this is a ridiculous cost for a blender and no way would you ever spend that much on…well…a BLENDER. Yeah, I know. I felt the same way. That’s until I got my Vitamix for Christmas a few years ago. Even when I opened it, I had two thoughts: 1. Did I seriously just get a flipping BLENDER for Christmas??!, and 2. Whyyyy did he spend so much on a blender when we have one that works perfectly fine??!

And then I used it. I can’t even describe the difference between a regular blender and a Vitamix. It’s so smooth. It’s so efficient. I can make shakes and smoothies and soup and sauce and all kinds of things! And it comes with a nice warranty that helps you to feel a little better about investing in this powerful machine. If you’ve never tried a Vitamix, I think it’s an experience you need to have.

Nutribullet Blender

Cheaper than a Vitamix, good for on the go. Kaiden uses our Nutribullet almost every day to make a protein shake. It’s compact, easy to use, easy to clean.

Wrist Wallet

Better than a fanny pack, the Wrist Locker Wrist Wallet keeps all your stuff safe – right on your wrist. It can even hold any size smartphone! Keep your keys, money, and ID safe at all times. Perfect for runners, gym-goers who don’t want to use a locker, or even travelers. (You’ll get 10% off by using my link too, woop woop!)

Weight Bench

This is the exact weight bench I have owned for years, and I love it. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles. But it’s exactly what I need when doing bench presses, incline presses, step up/downs, tricep dips, etc. I could’ve just used my inflatable stability ball instead, but this weight bench is worth the investment for me. I can stay home and get a good strength workout whenever I want. In my pajamas. With dirty hair and no shoes. If I want to. Just sayin’.

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Food Scale

This goes on the gift guide for fitness lovers who are obsessed with macros. Or something like that. Whether using IIFYM or just making sure you’re getting enough protein in a day, a food scale is the way to go.

Meal Prep Food Storage

And to bundle with that food scale, add in these Pyrex food storage containers. Do you even meal prep, bro? These glass containers keep your food ready to eat and safe without all that plastic junk. Meaning they will last FOREVER. Even after you microwave that leftover spaghetti.


One last stocking stuffer on this Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers! This set of fitness dice is a fun way to make exercise a little more exciting. Do it with your kids for a challenge and some laughs. Do it with your partner for a sweaty intro to some romantic time. Either way, you’re bound to finish breathless and with your heart racing.

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What’s on your fitness wish list this year? Any favorite gadgets or toys you think a fellow fitness friend would love to get? Share below!!

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21 Trendy Gift Ideas for Fitness Freaks in Your Life

We all have that one fitness freak in our family or friend circle who will not miss their exercise routine or alter their diet regime for anything in this world. So when it is time for gifting them something for their birthday, anniversary or even a promotion, you want to present them with something that adds punch to their passion.  From slick shoes, sports gear, accessories to health food, there is definitely something that you can gift to a fitness enthusiast.

21 Business Gifts for Exercise Enthusiasts

People who are into fitness will constantly need things to motivate them to stay fit and there is always something new available in the market to gift them.

1. Multipurpose Gym Bag

What could be ideal gifts for gym lovers? Well they do need a case to carry their stuff to the gym and bring it back safely. Multipurpose gym bags in a variety of colours and designs are an ideal gift. With waterproof compartments for dirty sweaty clothes, shoe compartment for gym or work shoes the bags are great for the workaholic who likes to hit the gym before a long day ahead. With a good ventilation system, the bags stay fresh and keeps the stink away and cool enough to tote around all day.

2. Jogger Pants

If your man is a fitness freak and you are clueless about what to get, then this is your best bet. With limited choices available, fitness gifts for men are a hard choice. But men’s jogger pants are designed for the runner and gym lover. Most jogger pants by different brands like Nike, Adidas as lightweight and designed to minimise sweat and eliminate any odour. All these pants are easy to wash and care and durable. They are sure to become favourite workout pants.

3. Wireless Headphones

Music while doing exercise or running is like an additional thrill to the senses to complement what one gives to the body. Headphones now come in various varieties and most of them are wireless for ear fittings. Panasonic and JayBird X4 headphones are the most preferred ones as they have customisable sound settings and offer up to eight hours of uninterrupted play at full charge. Most headphones are also sweat and waterproof.

4. Latest Additions of Smartwatches

Women have lots to choose from when it comes to gifting and women into fitness have an additional buffet of choices. But the newest smartwatches in the market are one of the best fitness gifts for her.Samsung, Giomee, Fitbit and Apple have flooded the market with smartwatches that come with a larger display, additional features for workout trackers, movement trackers which make them a perfect gift. The watches also have great features for the runners like pace alerts and GPS. For the Yoga gurus they are loaded with settings for pose progressions. It also has monthly challenge targets, awards , music connectivity and personalised coaching features for the marathon lovers.

5. Books on Yoga

Job stress, aging, aching joints or just plain lethargy- books on Yoga are an easy to follow guide for someone who wants to incorporate Yoga for a mind, body and soul balance. Simple instructions, pictures of poses and great ideas make these book helps to learn yoga by the minute. The books also have delightful insights into the benefits of Yoga through the eyes of a Yoga Guru. Yogaminute by Anita Perry is one of the best books for beginners.

6. Blenders for those Healthy Shakes

A personal blender with a ready-to-go handy bottle to whip up delicious and wholesome smoothies in the morning. Heath freaks swear by their shakes and smoothies and blenders are perfect for someone who wants to whip up something before heading off to work and save money. Most blenders come with a ready-to-go bottle, are BPA free and dishwasher friendly.

7. Health Planners and Trackers

The market now has planners and trackers for health freaks to chalk down their goals to program their subconscious minds to train. The planners come with daily health and exercise trackers to chart and compare one’s achievements. Some of them even have a page dedicated to Daily Intentions for health enthusiasts to get into the mindset of an everyday regime.

8. Stylish Jackets

Runners always want to block the wind and stay dry. Stylish Jackets from brands like Brooks, Nike and Adidas are lightweight with large pockets for phones and keys while pounding the road.

9. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

It is no secret that water is essential to stay hydrated for every workout regime. A stainless steel water bottle will definitely help your fitness loving friend to stay hydrated all through the day.

10. Tension Toners

Tension Toners are workout bars that support resistance bands and make them more effective. Portable and easy to operate, it is an ideal gift for someone who likes to work out within the comfort of his own home.

11. Yoga Mats

One just cannot go wrong when gifting a Yoga mat.   Completely free of toxins, made of latex and rubber, the double-sided- mat is a great gift for the ones who practice yoga within the confines of their own home or even take yoga lessons. The mats are ultra-thick and provide complete balance.

 12. Books on Healthy Recipes

To stay fit, you don’t just exercise right but eat right too. Gift books which are full of delicious recipes to the fitness maniac in your life to throw in that needed nutrition to supplement the fitness regime.

13. Sneakers or Running Shoes

The market is filled with running, walking shoes and sneakers for every kind of exercise lover. You even have running shoes with LED light displays for the ones who prefer to run in the night or evenings. Pick branded shoes to add a touch of panache to the shoe closest of your loved one.

14. Hoodies and Jumpers

Most jumpers and hoodies are made of soft and comfortable fabric that have thermos-regulation to warm the body when the sweat wears off. These stylish hoodies as a gift will win your friend’s nod hands-down.

15. Jumping Ropes

Jumping ropes are an integral part of the exercise regime of fitness freaks and you will find several varieties of jumping ropes that will help your loved ones to burn calories and tone up. Jumping ropes help in improving balance and coordination and also are great for people with lifestyle illnesses like diabetes, blood pressure etc.

16. Infusion Pitchers

An ideal gift for the ones who cannot get themselves to drink plain water to stay hydrated, this pitcher helps to conjure a preferred flavour of fruit, veggie or herb drink.

17. Cute Workout Leggings

Why can’t you hit the gym in style? Well tights with graffiti, psychedelic and floral prints  are fun and super stylish which make working out even more exciting.

18. Battle Ropes & Resistance Bands

An epic cardio workout- Battle Ropes & Resistance Bands strengthen the arms, legs, shoulders and abs. All you need to set this up is an anchor strap and a sturdy place like a pole or tree to hang it.

19. Subscriptions to Health Magazines and Sites

To make sure your fitness pals always have an option of churning healthy recipes, gift them a subscription  With over five new recipes sent every week and a box full of ingredients to make smoothies, it is pretty much a perfect gift.

20. Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

It is always a struggle to hold the phone while running or jogging. Water proof armband cases with a key holder will untangle the mess of gripping the phone and wire knots of headphones.

21. Running Medal Holder

If your loved one is a marathoner, runner or any other medal winner, then this is a nod to their achievements. This holder could adorn their walls and when filled with their medals it also displays their effort.

You do not want to gift cliché items to loved ones and would definitely earn a few brownie points if you pick a gift from the above for those health and fitness freaks in your life.

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90,000 What to give a man to an athlete – the best gift ideas

Men love gifts too. And there is nothing better than to present a loved one with something desirable for him, and at the same time – useful.

Sports gifts are ideal: those who are already involved in sports will be happy with a thing that comes in handy in the gym or on a morning run. And for someone who needs to be encouraged to an active lifestyle, an unexpected present can become an excuse to go to training for the first time and by this fateful step significantly improve the quality of his life.

Gifts for active athletes

If your other half already has his own predilections for a particular sport, then, of course, it is worth considering gift options that are directly related to the hobby.

Practical gifts

For example, if a lover is a longtime fan of playing sports, then a certificate from a specialized store is suitable as a gift. Because you are unlikely to be able to independently choose sports equipment or shoes that fit for sure: they usually have very specific and individual requirements.

Such practical gifts are convenient because boots or a ball tend to deteriorate over time and require replacement, so your present will always come in handy.

Universal Gifts

A sports jersey, a T-shirt, sports shorts, sneakers, a watch with a stopwatch and protection against moisture and shock, headphones for listening to audio during classes, etc. will be universal gifts for a regular at the gym or for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

All this you can already choose on your own, knowing exactly the size of your companion’s clothes and having the opportunity to always look at reviews on the Internet about this or that convenient device for outdoor activities.And even if there are only a couple of days left until February 23, most online stores are ready to deliver such a gift on time.

A sports bag is also always needed and worn out. Moreover, any athlete needs it, and sometimes more than one. For example, a small sports backpack for everyday workouts, a rubberized waterproof bag for visiting the pool, and a large bag for long trips to competitions.

A person who leads an active lifestyle always needs a lot of convenient little things.To be in good physical shape, you need to monitor your diet and drinking regime. Surely your loved one spends a lot of time outside the house and has to snack on the go. Believe me, he will appreciate a functional lunch box or a thermos plate, which will contain delicious homemade food prepared with caring hands. A convenient water bottle, thermos or thermo mug are also essential items for an athlete.

Hygiene products are also necessary for an athlete not only on the shelf of the bathroom: shower gel and antiperspirant should always be in your man’s backpack so that he can take a shower after training, right in the fitness center – so do not forget about such presentations for him.

For a comfortable road

If a person goes in for sports professionally and often goes to competitions, then you need to take care of good rest on the road. In this case, a neck pillow, earplugs and a sleep mask will obviously not be superfluous for him. In addition to online stores, such a pillow can be purchased at car dealerships or pharmacies.

A camera is, of course, a status gift. But when traveling, an iPhone will definitely not replace a good camera: in addition to the sports themselves, you always want to capture new places and vivid impressions.

What gifts will encourage a loved one to go in for sports?

If your significant other does not yet have the habit of going to the gym, swimming pool, or does not start to ride the bike you bought last summer, you can encourage him to take classes primarily with practical gifts, having received which, he will regret your efforts and his floating opportunities to become more. strong, enduring and fit.

It is even better if the present has a status: this can also be an impetus to study.

  • For example, a subscription to a gym or a pool can work well: a practical person will try to use it, because the validity of the document is limited. Just start still not with an annual subscription, but with a monthly one, so that the recipient does not have the opportunity to postpone its use.

  • You can also purchase a certificate for individual training with a trainer, which also includes the development of an individual training program.

Sometimes a man is stopped from the first trip to the gym by his physical unpreparedness. The usual stereotype works: a real man must be a priori strong and muscular.

And if a woman, who first came to fitness, is looking for any reason to go to a team, and not to work out at home under the video, then a newcomer man often prefers to start with home workouts in order to come to people already more or less prepared.

Therefore, for a gift to your second half, who is not too eager to go to the fitness center, something from sports equipment will do:

  • Dumbbells, weights for arms and legs, weights, resistance bands and other exercise equipment for different muscle groups.

  • A good gift for all times is a sports bench, which is a universal exercise machine for people with any physical fitness.

  • For a man who loves and appreciates technical devices, a stepper, exercise bike or treadmill is even more suitable. But these are, of course, premium gifts, both in price and in the hopes for efficiency that are usually placed on them.

  • A beginner to an active lifestyle can be encouraged by a fitness bracelet, “smart” watches.And if he just feels embarrassed that he looks ridiculous in an old ski hat or uncomfortable tracksuit, then your concern for ammunition or sports equipment will make him appreciate your efforts.

An attentive and loving woman can always make her companion talk and find out delicately, but for sure, what can really captivate him: good skis, skates, Nordic walking sticks or swimming goggles. The list of sports gifts is so extensive that any man can find the most desirable and suitable present.For the most desperate, it is suggested to choose the best simulator for the home.

90,000 At Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020, Doberman Fitness Club will give away gym tickets and massage sessions to visitors

On November 11, at Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020, guests will receive speeches from diverse experts, master classes from speakers and a demo zone with products and gadgets to maintain health.

Also at the event there will be raffles of gifts and physical education from the information partner of the event – fitness club Doberman .

What gifts will be raffled among the visitors of the event?

Doberman is a gym with all the necessary conditions to improve your physical fitness. Currently, a gym and more than 10 types of group classes are available to clients of the sports club – yoga, Pilates, fitness, TRX, martial arts, stretching, Tabata, free Golden Age workouts, etc. Classes are held for different age groups.

Doberman employs only experienced and highly qualified trainers.They select a personalized training program, develop individual nutritional systems and monitor the results of their clients.

At Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020, Doberman Sports Club will give away:

  • two subscriptions to the fitness room;
  • One discounted gym membership;
  • two massage sessions;
  • discount for 10 massage sessions.

Only Business ticket holders will be able to participate in the prize drawing.The winners will be selected at random.

Conference activities

In between the speeches, the trainers from the Doberman fitness club will conduct physical exercises. They will show light yet effective exercises that help you quickly restore energy and stretch your muscles.

All conference attendees will be able to take part in physical education.

About Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020

The event will take place on November 11 at the Oasis conference hall in Kiev. Scientists, geneticists, biogerontologists, face fitness and meditation coaches, virologists and other specialists will speak at the event.

Experts will talk about the characteristics of the human body and explain what factors affect health and life expectancy. They will give recommendations for improving the body and brain, as well as analyze methods that help to effectively prevent diseases, maintain youth and beauty.

Join the event to find out how to pump your body and improve your health!

Program and details of the event >>>

90,000 Platinum gym – Fitness Centers

Inna – 06-07-2016

Yes, I agree not without excesses there.Some things are inappropriate for a club that positions itself as premium. But on the other hand, there are a lot of shares, especially in the summer. A trifle, but nice

natalia – 03/12/2016

the administration of the club can call you at home at any time with claims that you once (just not clear when) left the club a few minutes later. Although I always strictly follow the time, thereby spoil the mood.The impression was that no one there cherishes the permanent members of the club. I didn’t understand – why call home, and not tell about it in the club itself ?!

Cosmo_KOT – 08-02-2016

The barmaid in the cafe WILD! rushes at people =) buy her a sedative or I won’t buy a subscription anymore, and TELL THE STAFF TO STOP SMOKING !!!!!!! It stinks, it’s impossible to train! NO BOOK OF COMPLAINTS !!!

Vyacheslav – 27-10-2015

90,020 photos are not from this room…. probably projects of unfulfilled desires …

I agree that the infrared sauna does not work at all, but it does not work at all, and everything else, pools often smells of chlorine, especially with hydromassage … it’s not worth it)))

Andrey – 24-10-2015

Platinum has deteriorated, and the crisis has probably reached it.The staff is always kind of sad, unfriendly. The men’s locker room has been closed for a month now, you have to run in your shorts along the cold corridors from the third floor. Workers walk with fumes. And throughout the club, the clock is steadily rushing for 5-10 minutes, as if hinting – get out of here faster. Many visitors have probably forgotten what an infrared sauna is, because it has probably not been working for half a year.

Irusik – 21-07-2015

Yeah, while I read all the reviews, the picture is not very good.But I have been going to this club from the first days, and I can say that there was a period with a level that was not reached, but as a non-picky person, everything in general was fine with me (there are flaws in any place). Right now, I can say for sure, everything is very cool! The reception works quickly, regular customers know their preferences and wishes, they are friendly. The rest of the staff is also good. There are very cool ones, it is clear that they are professionals (it used to be worse). There are gaps with the bar, but over time you realize that they cook quickly, and that you need to order early, just plan ahead (at least go and ask the girls – they will tell you).And the summer playground, which opened this summer, is just cool. No other club in Belgorod has such a summer area. And the club lives more fun, various events are held, and children’s parties. In short, it is better to come and see everything with your own eyes. Many of my friends have moved here, happy.

Alexandra – 11-12-2014

I liked the club very much, it is equipped with high-quality simulators and the latest equipment, the trainers treat their clients with understanding, group classes are held at a very good level and always with a positive attitude, as for the swimming pools, everything suits especially the pool with hydromassage).When you go to the reception, the feeling that you really got into a good premium club is always welcoming, just more smiles from the girls). The bar is also on a good level – the only thing is that sometimes you have to wait longer for a meal than expected !! In general, I recommend this club, I think you will not regret it.

Karina – 08-12-2014

Good evening everyone! I am running out of my annual card. and I’m going to buy a card in Platinum again! All clubs have their drawbacks (but I am completely satisfied with the service and coaching staff! I boast to all my friends)) and of course I recommend the club!)

Tatiana – 08-12-2014

I want to join this club for a long time! All good! And the staff is friendly, polite, everyone will tell you) she brought a lot of friends here, everyone likes it.There are not always a lot of people in the Club, and this is a big plus. There are small remarks on the speed of cooking the dishes that we order, but this does not interfere with our rest).

Marina – 30-11-2014

Another place for “golden” youth and not only,
many go not for fitness, but to establish the necessary connections and contacts, because those who have “rustles” in their pockets gather there.The price of the subscription is exorbitant … but apparently this is not a problem for many in Belgorod …
And what about those who have a salary of 15,000-20,000 per month? apparently jumping at home on the rug …

Taisiya – 21-11-2014

I went to the platinum gym for a long time, but I had to give up their services. Recently, my impression began to gradually deteriorate: a dirty pool with slime, at the reception they gave out towels that were not the first freshness, you won’t wait for anything from the bar, it’s better not to order at all.But the last straw was the picture that I observed: the staff, together with their boss, were discussing one of the clients in front of me, who did not like something. acquaintances who go there also think so.

Alexey – 05-05-2014

I come from Moscow often to Belgorod on monthly business trips! I take visits there until the bad times! The hall is certainly beautiful, everything is at the highest level! The reception is generally not stupid trainers as in the market, as if they sell whitewash, I wait for hours! crazy))) !!! the level of the club is good and who walks at all funny)) such as important, but in communication vidish stupid cattle are not adequate! towels and the pool smell awful! I had to change a similar club on the mountain but without a pool! The level of the club is super and the staff is polite and they will find everything and bring everything!

Vasily – 24-03-2014

It’s okay.Only now there is a smell from towels that is not fresh, in a cafe it takes a very long time to cook food, you have to order at least 45 minutes in advance. There are fitness clubs and more interesting !!!

Anna – 27-06-2013

A big request to the girls at the reception, give out the keys to the wardrobes in different areas of the locker rooms, and not as it happens to me, for example, it happens all the time, several women came in at the same time and they give everyone keys 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and we stand and push to change.I specifically checked, there were many free lockers in other areas of the locker room. And also thanks for the fact that pleasant music is playing now, which does not get on the nerves, because before that something aggressive, psychedelic was constantly sounded. But, in general, everything is at a very high level.

Anita – 01-05-2013

Good day everyone !!!! Everything is great in terms of: the location of the club, decoration, equipping with high-quality simulators and fitness accessories, group classes are beyond praise !!! There is, however, related to instructors, why is the service of personal training presented so unprofessionally in such a high-class club? Why can’t you train your staff on the intricacies of selling? Dialogue at the level: I am the best instructor, well, what we take, evokes persistent associations with a grandmother who sells pies on the market! From such an intrusive service, all desire to train disappears.Please give them business trainings, because it is much more pleasant to communicate with professionals! I would also like to add about the reception, remember about the theater, which begins with a hanger? So girls very often look indifferent and sad, smiles are the exception rather than the rule. I go to this club almost with pleasure … When these nuances are eliminated, I think many will appreciate it! Thank you!

Alik – 22-04-2013

The service suffers a lot, the reception, the bar is not clear, the food was waiting for 1 hour.not always clean, they gave me a towel ….. it doesn’t look like a premium class, a pool with mucus, for that kind of money, a Belgorod service in one word. And the idea is very good … was …

Elena – 11-04-2013

card for a year costs about 40,000, recently it has risen in price. Not only for the golden youth, for everyone. And young people and people of the age, many go with children. I like the club, it’s nice, cozy, friendly atmosphere.At the reception, the queens look a little funny with arrogant looks.

90,020 Jan – 06-04-2013

this is all for a party of golden youth, as I understand it – the card is about 50 thousand!

Olga – 03/30/2013

How much does the Club Card cost?

90,000 What to give a pig trainer for a holiday: original and unusual gifts

What to give a pig trainer for a holiday with a full description of original and unusual gifts from the organizer of festive events Lena Artemova.

What to give a trainer on Trainer’s Day: ideas for original gifts

The life of a modern active person is not complete without sports. Working in the office, caring for young children, and just wanting to warm up and keep fit brings people to the gym. Rarely does anyone do it on their own. In most cases, their beauty and health are entrusted to the hands of a professional . A trainer is a person who will select the optimal balanced diet and will tirelessly make you Aphrodite or Apollo.The profession is quite new, but it also has its own holiday. Coach Day in Russia is celebrated annually on October 30. A great opportunity to thank the mentor and prepare a surprise for him. What to give a coach for Coach’s Day?

Remember – the coach is also a woman. She will be pleased to receive as a gift the same as any other woman, regardless of the type of activity.

Flowers – a stylish bouquet (not necessarily large) will not leave indifferent a woman coach, even if she is a titled weightlifter or sumo wrestler.

Gift certificate for a master class in creative direction.

For a person with great physical activity, to relax in the art space is the very same

Each coach, as a rule, has a lot of keys: from the gym, the locker room, the shower, and three bunches of his own keys. And they are all so the same! Opening the door with the right key the first time is an unprecedented success! Therefore, it is worth paying attention to such a gift as key rings. Made of silver, they are available in a jewelry store. An elegant small trinket – on the one hand, a valuable gift – on the second, a useful thing – on the third.

Silver keychain, SOKOLOV (price by reference)

A woman trainer can be presented with a functional diary with a beautiful handle. Useful for notes. You can’t remember everything – you will have to write something down! How this gift will look like – complete freedom of choice.

A cup with a funny picture and original inscription – no one will remain indifferent! Better to customize the theme of the image to match the holiday.

Sports equipment (rope, dumbbells, ball – depending on the sport) is always a welcome gift for a coach. A safe bet is a towel. Comments are superfluous. You know everything yourself.

Gym towel – indispensable item

A stern man with steel muscles and a cyborg gait – this is often what a male trainer looks like. Despite the seeming severity, a gift for a professional holiday will delight him. What to give?

No need to carry flowers.If you have information that the coach is fond of extreme sports, you can present a gift certificate for entertainment not for the faint of heart: jumping with an elastic band from a bridge, paragliding, parachuting and the like. He will appreciate it!

There is no video topic for this article.

Video (click to play).

Sports equipment – a gift beyond time and circumstances. Always relevant. True, there is one “but”: the equipment must correspond to the practicing sport. Boxing gloves are unlikely to cause unbridled joy in a yoga coach.

Sports equipment as a gift to the coach

A classic gift – a diary and a pen in discreet colors will always come in handy for a person whose work schedule is not from bell to bell. Fixing changes in the schedule, a list of tasks and phone numbers of new clients without the risk of not saving, accidentally deleting or “where did I write this down?”

Like a woman trainer, a man trainer, even a fiftieth towel will never be superfluous.Give without a doubt!

With the key fob – the same story. Believe me, your mentor in the world of sports will be delighted. And if the keychain was also bought not in the subway passage and is made of metal more expensive than steel, such a gift will also emphasize the status of its owner.

Carbon keychain, SL (price by reference)

It is difficult to choose a gift for non-relatives and non-friends when not much is known about a person. There are basic rules , following which, you will leave a pleasant impression of yourself and please the coach:

  1. Carefully think over the gift to the smallest detail: you can’t make it unpleasant to a person or hint at flaws.
  2. Eliminate anonymity. It is more pleasant for a person to know from whom he received a sign of attention.
  3. Don’t forget to remove the price tag. Gifts with a price tag are bad form.
  4. Pay attention to the design of the packaging. A hastily tucked gift into a bag with the logo of a nearby supermarket will ruin everything. Take some time to get the gift from a specialized department.

It is worth supporting the new tradition of congratulating coaches on their professional holiday. After all, these people do not spare mental and physical strength , so that you become a little better today than yesterday.A small gift made from the bottom of your heart is sure to please a sports mentor. Good luck in the gym!

For people who are actively involved in sports, a coach is not just a sports leader, but also a teacher with indisputable authority. A good coach does not just work with his students in training, he strives to ensure that his students surpass him over time. And for this it is necessary not only to mechanically transfer knowledge and skills, but also to invest the soul in the learning process.

If contact between the coach and his charges is established, then it is quite natural that when the holiday approaches, the students strive to please their mentor not only with achievements in sports, but also to make a gift to the coach. Let’s try to figure out what kind of presentations you can prepare.

As a rule, when trying to find an answer to the question of what to give a coach, the first thing that comes to mind is a sports form. This is a really practical gift that will suit any person in whose life sport takes up a lot of space.

Of course, it is worth choosing the form of the brand that the coach prefers. Usually, it is not difficult to find out this question, it is enough to pay attention to what he puts on for training. Sizes are harder to guess.

In order not to miss, you can donate not a uniform, but a certificate to a sports store. This gift is really universal, because, having a certificate, the hero of the occasion will be able to purchase the thing that he needs. For example, not a suit for sports, but good running shoes or the necessary sports equipment.

A universal gift – a sports bag. It is enough to pay attention to what size and style of bags the trainer prefers in order to choose the right model for him.

Another option for a coach presentation is a sports watch. This thing is indispensable for active people. They have a shockproof (and in some models, waterproof) housing. In addition, they may contain various useful options: heart rate counter, stopwatch, etc.Of course, branded sports watches are not cheap. But if you plan to make a group gift from all the students, then it is quite possible to buy it for your favorite sports mentor’s birthday.

A whistle can be purchased as a gift for the trainer. This thing will always come in handy in training. Today you can buy a variety of whistles, including a very original design. But, of course, a brutal martial arts coach should not buy a model with a pink case, decorated with rhinestones.They may not appreciate this kind of creativity.

Both a man and a woman can work as a trainer. When choosing a gift, you can focus on the gender of the recipient. For example, a woman trainer can be presented with a subscription to a spa salon or a certificate to a cosmetics or jewelry store. It is possible to give cosmetics or perfume only if the tastes of the recipient of the presentation are known exactly. Otherwise, it will be difficult to guess which products and fragrances should be chosen.

A male trainer can be given a gift according to his hobbies. After all, for sure, he has other interests besides playing sports. So, if a coach drives a car, he can be presented with a navigator or a video recorder. If he is fond of fishing, then you can buy a spinning rod or a certificate from a fishing store.

When choosing a gift, a coach should also take into account his specialization, that is, the kind of sport that he does and teaches others.

So, as a gift for a fitness trainer, you can prepare:

  • nice towel , on which you can embroider the initials of the recipient of the gift or the phrase “The best coach”;
  • electronic gadget , which allows you to calculate calorie consumption and select the calorie content of the diet;
  • a set of a beautiful bandage on the forehead , wristbands and gloves;
  • planner with a beautiful cover , in which you can enter plans and training results.

If the gift is for swim coach , a waterproof player might be worth considering. For a less significant occasion than a birthday, for example, for the new year, you can give a swimming cap with a funny pattern or inscription, a large terry towel or a bathrobe. But giving swimming trunks or a swimsuit is not worth it, these gifts are too personal.

In , a gift for a basketball coach can be purchased as a practical thing, as well as souvenirs.As a practical gift, you can pick up a convenient backpack bag or thermos. You can order the production of the “Basketball Star” statuette according to the coach’s photo. Such a figurine will have a portrait resemblance to the recipient of the gift and, for sure, will take pride of place on the shelf with cups and awards.

In the gift boxing coach should choose things that emphasize his strength and masculinity. You can give, for example, a wall horizontal bar so that the recipient of the gift can keep in shape.If the coach has a sense of humor, then you can present him with a table punching bag so that he can “train” at the writing table. Another gift option is a shaker for making sports nutrition and protein shakes. Such a thing was created specifically for cooking food, so it looks comfortable and stylish.

What to give a rhythmic gymnastics coach ? You can choose something from sports ammunition or donate a convenient stopwatch.A good gift is a CD with the trainer’s favorite music, perhaps listening to the compositions will inspire you to create new programs. Since almost all coaches in this sport are women, it is possible to give various “female” gifts – accessories for creating hairstyles or cosmetic sets.

In the gift for the dance coach you can give a variety of accessories: bags, sunglasses, belts, silk scarves or shawls. It is not worth giving special dancing shoes, although this is a necessary thing.Just buying shoes without trying them on is fraught, so it’s better to donate a certificate to a specialized store than a specific model.

On general holidays or on Teacher’s Day, it is quite appropriate to present a comic original gift to the coach.

For example, a white T-shirt is a universal gift. It can be decorated with a funny inscription, such as “The best coach in the world” or a photograph of the recipient of the gift or his entire sports group.

Nowadays, photo printing technology allows you to get good image quality on a wide variety of surfaces.Therefore, a photo can be decorated not only with a T-shirt, but also with other things – tea mugs, covers for sofa cushions, etc.

If the coach is aged, then you can surprise him with such a gift: order the production of the newspaper Pravda or Sovetsky Sport, in which a large photo of the hero of the occasion and an article about him will be printed on the first page. You can write the article yourself, or use a template version by inserting the coach’s surname and first name into it. The newspaper looks like a real one, it can be placed in a baguette frame with glass.

It is possible to order the production of a commemorative cup and medal, which will be engraved with the inscription “The best coach of the millennium”. You can look for various funny knick-knacks in the souvenir shops. For example, a boxing trainer can be presented with a figurine depicting a pair of boxing gloves. Give a tennis teacher a souvenir with a picture of a tennis player or racket.

Interesting gifts can be made with your own hands. For example, you can make a beautiful bouquet or souvenir from sweets.Such a gift is suitable not only for a girl, but also for a man’s trainer. You just need to choose the right topic. Candy souvenirs can be made in the form of sports ammunition or award cups. You can include a bottle of good brandy in the exhibition. If you show imagination and apply diligence, then such a present will be remembered for a long time.

An original gift – a portrait of the hero of the occasion. In many photo salons there is a service when a portrait is made from a photo, which looks like one painted in oil. This can be both an individual portrait of the coach, and his image by favorite students.If the trainer is a person with humor, then you can order the execution of a cartoon, however, this gift will cost more, and it will take more time to make it.

When choosing a gift for your favorite coach, do not rush to buy the first thing that comes to hand. Try to find a present that will really delight the person.

Winter is not only cold and snow, but also a whole series of merry holidays, the most important of which is the New Year. At this time, the main thing is not to forget to choose gifts for everyone – relatives, friends, as well as other people who play an important role in our life, for example, the coach, during the fun and festivities.Choosing a present is not always easy and often requires outside help. Our tips will definitely help you decide what to give the coach for the New Year 2019.

If you know little about the coach’s life, tastes and interests, you should give preference to universal sports gifts. They will appeal to any athlete, regardless of the sport. Good options for gifts for the trainer for the New Year 2019 include:

  • Sports bag. It is convenient to wear a uniform and equipment for training in it.
  • Cool mug. It is better to make a drawing to order, according to the tastes of the recipient and taking into account the favorite sport.
  • T-shirt with a comic print. It is also better to make it to order, draw something interesting, perhaps a joke that is popular in your gym and understandable only to its visitors.
  • Cool water bottle. Keeping water balance is very important for athletes, so your present will definitely come in handy. A good bottle will definitely not be superfluous.
  • Protein shaker. Contrary to popular belief, sports nutrition is consumed not only by “pitching”. For example, many fragile girls eat protein to lose weight or to keep fit more easily.
  • Bluetooth headband. It looks like a regular sports headband, but at the same time it is equipped with a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with any device. It allows you to listen to music or answer calls without being distracted from your workout.

These things will appeal to both a male coach and a woman in any sport. You can supplement your present with a cool cup made of sweets. You can make such a surprise yourself. Wrapped candies are easily glued using double-sided or even the most common adhesive tape.

If you do not know what to take, what to present, good advice will help out. We offer TOP-10 original presentations for the coach, which the mentor will surely like:

  1. Sports bag
  2. Water bottle
  3. Shaker
  4. Bluetooth Headband
  5. Christmas tree toy
  6. Chocolate pig
  7. Gift Cup
  8. Engraved Whistle
  9. Adventure
  10. Fitness towel

It is quite possible to give an inexpensive holiday souvenir for the New Year.At this time, they are sold in all stores, the main thing is to take a walk and buy something interesting and, preferably, useful. Choose an inexpensive but pleasant gift for the New Year 2019 for the trainer and it will remind you of the donor for the whole next year and even longer.

According to the Chinese calendar, the patron saint of 2019 is the Yellow Earth Pig. Gifts with the image of this cute animal will be appropriate and enjoyable.

Interesting themed New Year gifts for the trainer:

  • Piggy bank in the form of a symbolic pig. This is a cute and traditional present, which, moreover, will help you save money for the things you need.
  • Food Basket with healthy, healthy treats that won’t hurt your figure and won’t hurt your workouts.
  • Christmas tree toy. Choose something beautiful and unusual, preferably a handmade product. You can order something in a sporty style, for example, in the form of a dumbbell or with a themed pattern.
  • Warm blanket with a New Year’s theme.
  • Knitted socks featuring snowmen, deer and other popular characters.
  • Christmas candies with a themed pattern on the box.
  • Chocolate pig in festive packaging. If the trainer is closely monitoring the calorie content of his diet, it is better to give preference to the less nutritious dark chocolate.
  • New Year’s composition with fir branches and sweets.
  • Christmas candles. You can choose scented candles with a pleasant scent or ordinary candles with a beautiful pattern.

Useful gifts for the coach for the New Year 2019 include all things related to his sport, what he does daily. If you often attend workouts, then you probably notice and know what will come in handy for a respected coach. Most Lucky Ideas:

  • Fitness instructor will need fitness balls and dumbbells, jump ropes, weights, training mat.
  • Weightlifting coach will need special sports nutrition. Surely you are discussing these issues in the “rocking chair” and you know very well what products your coach prefers.
  • A football, volleyball or basketball coach can be gifted with a nice ball, training jersey or leggings.
  • Boxing instructor can also be gifted with a uniform, as well as gloves or a cool boxing glove-shaped mug.
  • Dance coach will love a wireless speaker that lets you play your favorite workout music anywhere, even without access
  • Swimming instructor can be presented with a quality cap or goggles, a waterproof watch or special non-slip pool shoes. Also, a stylized lifebuoy will become a cool gift, for example, in the form of a decoration or a funny figurine.

In any sport, a coach can be presented with a symbolic cup for merit.Write on it what you thank the mentor for and hand it over before the New Year. This will surely create a good mood for all the holidays.

If you are on good terms with the coach and you know about his or her hobby, it will not be difficult to make a nice present for your coach. You just need to buy something related to a hobby and the recipient will definitely like it. But you can give such things only if the coach himself is happy to tell others about his hobby. If you found out about a hobby by accident, it is better not to focus on it.

If your coach lives only in sports, having no other hobbies, give something related to work and do not worry that your present will be uninteresting.

Good Hobby Present:

  • Tourists, hunters, fishermen will need everything that makes their stay in nature useful, for example, a multifunctional knife, a flask, a thermos, a dynamo-flashlight or a solar-powered charger.
  • People who cannot imagine life without their favorite summer cottage will love tools for gardening, yard decorations such as solar-powered lanterns or garden gnomes.
  • If, in addition to sports, your coach is passionate about his car, he or she will love any gift for an iron horse, such as a car wash certificate, seat cover, car vacuum cleaner, trunk organizer, or even a cool handcrafted interior fragrance.
  • A trainer who loves to do needlework in his free time will like any supplies for creativity, relevant literature, an invitation to a master class.
  • The Intelligent Trainer will love books, puzzles, chess and other brain games.

Do not forget that any gift must be beautifully wrapped. In this New Year, yellow and gold colors in the design of the gift will be relevant. You can also choose other shades that the pig will like – pale pink, light green, olive. And acorns and chestnuts, which pigs adore, can also be used as decoration.

To please your beloved coach, you can choose something unexpected, extraordinary, original as a gift. A gift for the New Year 2019, chosen with imagination, will be accepted by the trainer with joy and gratitude.It can be something useful or just cool, uplifting and pleasing to the eye. Good ideas:

  • Comic medal. It can be either a real copy or a cool one made of chocolate or other sweets.
  • Gift diploma. It should be cool and at the same time pleasant, flattering pride and pleasing to the eye.
  • Oral “Komandirskoe”. This is a gift for a coach who complains that his recommendations are not heard.
  • Whistle with personalized engraving. It is desirable to engrave, besides the name, something funny, but pleasant.
  • Fun fridge magnets , for example, with the coach’s favorite food phrases printed.
  • Funny slippers , for example, in the shape of a duck to the swim coach. If you want something more serious, you can order original embroidery on classic home slippers.

An adventure will be a good and very original gift for your favorite coach.Fans of extreme sports will like parachute jumping, rafting on a mountain river, paragliding. You can also present a visit to the spa or a certificate for massage with bamboo sticks or stones.

An interesting idea – to give something personal, unique. Such a gift will show that you not only bought a good thing, but created something personally for the customer. Good ideas:

  • Sofa cushion with a photo of the coach or his favorite team, if you are giving a gift together;
  • Portrait of the mentor , drawn from the photo;
  • Umbrella with photos from the competition;
  • Video greetings in the creation of which a group of the trainer’s pupils will take part;
  • 3D-figurine , taken from the mentor’s photo;
  • Notebook with personalized embossing on the leather cover;
  • Fitness towel with embroidered monogram.

Be sure to complement your gift with a beautiful postcard. You can buy it in a store, but it is better to order it in a photo studio or do it yourself using the scrapbooking technique. Such cute little things make gifts more emotional and memorable, warm the heart and soul.

What to give a trainer to a man: choosing a birthday present

A coach is a mentor that students look up to. He is an authority and role model. If a coach does not just transfer knowledge, but puts his soul into the learning process, you need to respect the person.Therefore, students should show signs of attention and give presents on important dates. In this article, we will tell you what to give a trainer a man for his birthday and share some good tips.

A team or individual students can please the coach with an unusual thing. The stores sell a lot of birthday products. We have selected the most interesting options:

  1. T-shirt with the slogan “This is what the best coach looks like”.
  2. Nominal award in the form of a cup.
  3. Portrait from photo on canvas.
  4. Order with the inscription “The best coach”.
  5. Beer mug depicting a hockey player or football player.
  6. Extreme Adventure Certificate.
  7. Wrist watch in the form of a speedometer.
  8. Oscar “The First in Everything”.
  9. Fitness set, which includes a towel and a flask.
  10. Smartphone case with a sports theme.

T-shirt – the best coach in the world

This is a great solution.Choose a present that matches what the person is doing and what he teaches his charges.

We have a lot of great ideas:

Football field cake

The best gift for a male coach is a student’s victory in a competition. Such achievements are not within the power of every person. Therefore, you need to think about other options. For students who want to make symbolic gifts to their mentor, we have prepared many ideas:

  1. Towel with the inscription “For a real man”.
  2. Thermo glass with a sealed lid and a hinged drinking valve.
  3. Sports phone case that attaches to the arm.
  4. Shoe bag made of waterproof material.
  5. Piggy bank in the form of a soccer ball.
  6. Shaker.
  7. Whistle key ring.
  8. Men’s Racer T-shirt.
  9. Dumbbell shaped alarm clock.
  10. “Bodybuilder” mug.

Phone case with wrist strap

A mentor, a man who does not like banal things, can be given something unusual for his birthday.The choice of presentations for trainers is large. We looked through many options and selected what the hero of the occasion will definitely like:

  • Aerofootball is a great game for those who like to have fun. This is a great alternative for spending time in the winter when you can’t play real football in the stadium. The ball in aerofootball is made in the form of a hemisphere. There is a rubber material around the edges to protect the furniture from damage;
  • tabletop punching bag – the product is easily attached to the surface and takes up little space.The pear carries loads very well. It deflects in the opposite direction and, with the help of a spring, returns to its original position. This is a useful gift, thanks to which you can get rid of negativity and get distracted from bad thoughts;
  • Leg hammock is a practical product that acts as a stand. It is attached under the table and gives the legs a rest while a person is playing games at the computer or reading articles on the Internet;
  • Basketball player alarm clock – a device with which your coach will easily wake up in the morning.Its principle of operation is simple. The alarm clock rings until the ball hits the ring;

Men love the thrill. Therefore, the trainer for his birthday can be presented with a certificate for some kind of adventure. Let’s list the common options:

  1. Parachute jump.
  2. Dog sledding.
  3. ATV ride.
  4. Diving lesson.
  5. Hot air balloon flight.
  6. Airplane piloting.
  7. Climbing master class.
  8. Water skiing.
  9. Off-road motocross.
  10. Jump from a bridge with an elastic band.

Buy an item for your trainer that will differ in functionality. Choose a product for work or for everyday life. The mentor will be delighted with a useful gift and will constantly use it.

We have many options for practical gifts for a trainer for a man’s birthday:

    smartwatch is a device with extended functionality.It provides a variety of options: chronograph, GPS-navigator, barometer, accelerometer, calculator. With the smart watch, you can track routes, count steps, view the weather forecast and receive phone calls;

Present the trainer man a gift that will be useful or interesting. As a supplement, make a wall newspaper dedicated to the important day. Prepare your workout photos and stick them on a Whatman paper. Write funny greetings.Hang a wall newspaper on the gym door. The coach will see her and will be very happy!

Football is a great game that brings players and fans together. The result of the match, the mood of the game, the nature of the game depend, for the most part, on the coaches. What to give a football coach, they ask, he is lucky with a mentor and who wants to please and surprise a person with an unexpected and original present.

Consider a few of the most worthwhile, in our opinion, presents.

The first thing that comes to mind when answering the question of what to give a football coach is a high-quality sports gift.But most likely a real professional has everything for practicing his favorite sport. Therefore, first of all, we recommend paying attention to the awards as a gift. The idea to present each other with awards, stylized as real ones, was born quite recently. Therefore, orders, medals, cups and award figurines cause such feelings as surprise and joy in the heroes of the occasion.

Give your dear coach the “Best Athlete” or “Outstanding Achievement” award, he will be pleased that his abilities are so highly appreciated.That being said, many will love the opportunity to purchase custom-designed awards. In this case, the award you have chosen will be decorated with an inscription invented by you. It can be a congratulatory phrase or a motto of a sports team, personal congratulations or a catch phrase of a great athlete. For example, present your mentor with a custom engraved Large Goblet. For every athlete, even one who is a coach today, the award cup has a special meaning. Your cup will be received with the same enthusiasm as the prize taken for a daunting match.

Another good example of what to give to a football coach is the Beer Mug * Russia Champion *. A little beer will not hurt anyone, and if you enjoy your favorite drink from such a patriotic dish, the hero of the occasion’s wards will certainly bring victory.

An alternative to such a present would be a football beer helmet. This gift is suitable not only for those who respect beer and football, but also for those who value comfort in watching football matches and at the same time have a sense of humor.To use this headdress means to enjoy your favorite drink without straining your hands. By the way, instead of beer, cans with any drink can be placed in special containers. The main thing is that it is tasty.

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By making original gifts to your sports mentors, you will show respect for their pedagogical talent, life and sports experience, and turn another holiday date into an unforgettable amazing holiday.

The author of the article: Lena Artyomova

Good time of the day. My name is Yelena. I have been organizing events for over 11 years. Considering myself a professional, I want to teach all site visitors to solve various problems associated with the choice of gifts for people we know and are close to. All materials for the site are collected and carefully processed in order to convey all the necessary information as accessible as possible.

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“Tatarbunar Maldives” or how to make a resort out of Raseyka – PHOTO

Raseyka is a village in the Odessa region on the very seashore, which few people know about.But there is a wide white sand beach and clear sea. Of the minuses – it is difficult to get there and the low level of service.

Oksana Podnebesnaya wrote about her impressions of the “real Ukrainian tropics”, we present them without changes. Heading “People’s Tribune”.

“Kick on the dawn of the Independence Buv Brazilian Serial” Tropikanka “, maybe hto pam’yatє) For me, at 14, I wanted to go to the ocean shore, on the lookout for a moron, hang out at the dark, curly-haired young man) like Asgodomen) , Mabut pidsvidomo brought me to the gym for bachata and merengue, – that price for Dominikana from the rock in the rik put it more expensive in the box …

І from demand, it was more stubborn, I had to eat on a very beautiful coast, which is often called the Ukrainian Maldives, but it’s really possible to get overwhelmed and with a lot of food, і color of water, and it’s like a special calm, through the clam-mate.

Khati syudi from Odessa treba dovgo, here it is 2.5 years old, the alene road was laid down to the city market. And zvidsi through the mistki on the estuaries – and to the beach !!! I would like the resort #Rassuyka still to be pragmatic, before turning the service up, – the nature of the possibilities is unique. There is a whole lot of mud, like in the middle estuary and in the sea, the area is ecologically clean, in the distance from the cities and industrial buildings.

There are marvelous “sivi” willow willows, which grow along the roads – why not palm trees ?; for marabelki, as I still love and imbue the demand for the creation of the brand name; kavuni, dini, peaches – tasting juicy nizh yakis coconuts; before the speech navkolo often a little bit of talk “romaneshti” (Moldavian, ale іspanska movna group, what is not Brazil?), and delicious stravi from the gifts of the sea! First of all, cocktails on the beaches are even more expensive, there are not many, and the Tatarbunar people will replace the old hair, but they will change their stomachs), – I think that the most expensive one will be drinking on the tourist tourism soon enough to change everything.

Acceptance, small hospitality, creating their own hotels for tourists, like the head of the community, Vasyl Reznichenko, who knows how to improve the amenities, to put things in order, to promote the competitiveness of the center. Zmіni razuchi, I want the village of Primorske, to which the resort of Rasuyka is located, only pivroku yak went to the warehouse of the Limanskoi community. Also, I may be a fountain of ideas, if we could spin up a great place (education, thematic locations, festivals?! Investors, see!? …)

Shorter, – I am in thought, and in the cold from the sparse Ukrainian paths)) I will cross over: one of those who are respectful, literally those who can walk with their feet, – abi more cinuvatiyu know your money get ready, look more beautiful at the hwilyahs with the sea breeze “

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How the decisions of Odessa developers can make residents healthier and even happier

How decisions of Odessa developers can make residents healthier and even happier

In search of a balance between life and work, people reassessed the importance of their homes: the needs for an ecological environment, safety and comfort, including emotional ones, came to the fore.According to the WHO, 20% of human health is determined by the environment. Now this figure has grown to 50%. This led to changes in the requirements for modern residential complexes. Consider how a developer’s decisions can make residents healthier and even happier.

Stepping availability of infrastructure

Kindergarten, school, pharmacy, clinic, gym, shops and coffee shops near home have become an important factor in choosing a home: confidence in comfort and close access to all necessary resources increases the level of happiness in general and reduces anxiety in particular.Thus, it is no longer enough for a developer to simply plug in another skyscraper on a vacant plot – he must seriously approach the construction of infrastructure.

European cities live on these principles and the residential town ARTVILLE from ZEZMAN is being built. The project is located in Odessa, more than 3 thousand people already live here, on the territory you can take a walk, drink coffee, and visit a gym or a beauty salon.

Comfort 360 is only achievable if it is possible to satisfy any need.Anticipating the demand for services among the rapidly growing population of the town, the developer has developed the infrastructure highlight of the whole area – living mall Urban Market. This is a large-scale project, the concept of which was developed jointly with the Lviv architectural office Zelemin. Its main idea is to concentrate all the infrastructure necessary for life within walking distance. There will be a kindergarten, a school, a business center, a farmer’s market, a food court, and a medical center. center, fitness club, green areas, public transport stops, etc.And above the infrastructural part there are apartments with large terraces. That is, to use the service, it is enough to go down the elevator “into the courtyard” where life is in full swing.

Already today the town is provided with its own fire brigade and multilevel security. The territory is guarded, the streets are patrolled around the clock, and access to the courtyards, front doors and free wheelchairs is possible only with magnetic cards. Cameras are installed in public areas.

ARTVILLE has its own management company, sports facilities, a free barbecue area, shops and cafes on site, and a coworking space.

Points of attraction

The atmosphere in an ordinary sleeping bag can be different: in concrete parking lots, public areas are always empty, and life is in full swing in the courtyards, adults are relaxing and children are playing. To do this, you need to make the local area interesting and think over both standard and non-standard areas where residents can communicate with each other.

ZEZMAN pays a lot of attention to the organization of public spaces and demonstrates that modern urbanistic ideas can be implemented not only in premium properties in the central districts of the city, but also in comfort-class houses.For example, ARTVILLE together with the team of urbanists “Agenti zmin” created their place of attraction for residents of the town and other complexes – the Capsule Park with a total area of ​​2.2 hectares.

The main idea of ​​the object is the zoning of the area in such a way that people of different ages and interests could rest on the same territory without interfering with each other. Among the capsules there are play areas for children and teenagers, a skate park, quiet recreation areas, gazebos and benches for communication, green gardens, a barbecue area.In autumn, mature trees will be planted inside the round benches.

ZEZMAN / hub operates in the capsule park, where, thanks to functional zoning, you can both usefully spend time at master classes and do creative work, gather neighbors for playing board games, rent a room for a family celebration or immerse yourself in the workflow in coworking …

The existence of such points of attraction nearby motivates residents to leave the house more often and communicate with each other.So, residents with similar interests regularly meet here: parents with children, athletes, dog owners, grill lovers.

Neighborhood and Tradition

The more time a person spends on the road, the less it remains for social life in general and communication with loved ones in particular. Therefore, it is so important that the external and internal environment of the place of life is conducive to communication, and the neighbors, regardless of their income level, feel their importance and involvement.

Artville residential town is a project of Zezman company, which not only provides a high quality of life to its residents, but also forms a strong community out of them.

It has its own football club, the team of which was created from the moment the first houses were settled and trains at the stadium equipped by ZEZMAN in the village of Avangard. The volleyball team also gathers there.

Residents often gather for holidays, relax and have a good time without leaving the residential town.For example, on July 11, ZEZMAN COMMUNITY DAY was held here, timed to coincide with the opening of the second stage of the Capsule Park.

A program of social events has been developed here, aimed at uniting people with the same interests: there is already a zumba and Pilates, which are being conducted by residents, a mini-football field and a basketball court will soon appear. There is also a treadmill and a bike path, outdoor exercise equipment. The Capsule Park lawn is well suited for yoga, Pilates and stretching.

The town’s management company is ready to support initiatives and help creative people. Many of the street art objects that decorate ARTVILLE are created by its inhabitants. ARTVILLE itself inspires creativity with a vibrant environment and a large number of lawns.

“By creating a comfort-class town, our company is rethinking the very concept of comfort, not limited to parking, intercom and round-the-clock security at the entrance,” says the ZEZMAN group of companies. – Creating a safe and barrier-free environment, we take into account the peculiarities of the lifestyle, hobbies and wishes of all residents from 0 to 120 years old.In such an environment, residents receive aesthetic pleasure, feel security and peace, become more open in communication with each other and feel their importance in the neighboring community of a European-style residential town. ”

* Zezman Group of Companies is an Odessa developer implementing the European concept “city within a city”. When designing residential towns, the developer engages Ukrainian and European architects, designers and urban specialists. Today, the portfolio of projects of the group of companies includes the Artville residential town for 28 houses with its own park and the Urban Market complex, as well as the first stage of the KEKS residential town, which will consist of 40 houses, is being prepared for commissioning.The developer is implementing both projects in Odessa, in the area of ​​7 km of the Ovidiopol road.