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10 Hangover Remedies to Cure Whatever Ails You

Our Kitchen Stories colleagues reveal their secrets for the morning after

Did you have a few too many drinks last night? Are you wading through a cycle of regret, self-pity, and an unsuccessful attempt to remember how life was without a splitting headache? We’ve all been there—and we’ll most likely go there again.

A famous quote says, “When you drink alcohol, you are just borrowing happiness from tomorrow”—most of us can relate. In the face of this adversity, we can’t promise an instant miracle; sometimes, the only true cure for a hangover is the agonizingly slow passage of time—but there are a few ways to ease the pain.

We asked our Kitchen Stories colleagues about their personal remedies against a bad hangover—and while everybody agreed that it’s always best to chug loads of water before going to bed, there are a few more tips that could become your lifesaver the morning after a late night out.

Pickled cucumbers & pickle juice

After a night of drinking, your body is zapped of water and electrolytes—which is why you suffer from headaches and dizziness. Pickles are a famous hangover cure due to their electrolyte-boosting salts. You can even have a shot of pickle juice to replace the lost nutrients and put your body back in balance.

Chicken noodle soup

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No surprise that we at Kitchen Stories believe that food is the best medicine for almost everything. While chicken noodle soup is a favored dish when having a flu, some of us even rate it as the go-to hangover cure. A slurpy bowl of hot, salty soup, with a mix of broth, sodium, protein-rich chicken, and high-carbohydrate noodles is soothing and energizing at the same time.

Cup Noodles

If you don’t feel great enough to go outside to grab a bowl of chicken noodle soup from a trusted restaurant, or even make it yourself, one of our colleagues is happy to share his personal hangover healer: Cup Noodles! It’s high in sodium—which your body craves in its dehydrated condition—as well as fast and easy to make: All you need to do is boil water and add it to the instant noodle mix.

Chocolate milk

Believe it or not, a glass of ice-cold chocolate milk can work wonders on your general condition after a night of drinking. As alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach lining, the sweet chocolaty milk helps settle your stomach while raising your blood sugar and rehydrating your body. Plus, for many people, chocolate seems to fix everything.

Bloody Mary

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While experts fight about the validity of the so-called “hair of the dog,” many people swear by this slightly controversial method. Although the treating-alcohol-with-alcohol approach actually seems a bit paradoxical, there is some interesting science behind it. Put simply, consuming a driblet of alcohol the morning after can inhibit the conversion process from methanol to formaldehyde—a toxin that may be partly responsible for several hangover symptoms.

A Bloody Mary is a common hangover remedy, as the lemon and tomato juice additionally replenishes your body with vitamins. You might want to trust your gut feeling on whether or not you’re ready for another drink—if worse comes to worst, you’re back where you started.


A jugful of thick, rich, slightly salty, and flavorful gravy will make you feel better immediately just by smelling it. A very popular hangover combination is gravy enjoyed with hearty (or even sweet!), fluffy biscuits to soak all the heavenly creamy sauce.

Bacon and egg quesadillas

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Depending on how bad you feel, a rich, calorie-packed breakfast is one of the best remedies for a hangover—I’ve pretty much sworn by this method since I had my first drink (which was obviously when coming of legal age). It can help maintain your blood sugar levels, replace fatty acids, and break down the alcohol in your liver. And don’t forget the eggs, as they’re a great natural source of cysteine—an amino acid that counteracts the effects of acetaldehyde, a by-product of alcohol metabolism and a headache-causing toxin.

Prairie Oyster

This adventurous shot contains a raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt, and pepper. As we already learned, eggs contain the amino acid cysteine, which helps your body reduce the effects of toxic alcohol by-products. Good news: If you manage to slug this down, you’re most certainly on the mend!

Espresso tonic

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Nurse your hangover with an ice-cold espresso tonic! The espresso will make you feel less sleepy and weak. Tonic water is a natural source of quinine, which is normally used to treat leg cramps. Add a dash of ginger syrup, as ginger is rumored to assist in the digestion of alcohol, thus easing an upset stomach.

Everything with cheese

For many of our Kitchen Stories colleagues, cheese in all kind of ways is like a culinary hangover panacea. Nothing provides such instantaneous, almost magical relief. Besides its incredible property to coat and sooth your irritated stomach, it’s filled with a lot of good things such as calcium, protein, and enzymes, that help your body to get back on track.

Do you have a secret hangover cure? What do you think about our personal remedies and would you try one of these? Tell us in the comments below!

Published on January 1, 2019

Have a hangover? Some remedies to try


Maybe you don’t remember last night. One glass of
champagne turned into who-knows-how-many.

Welcome to Hangoverville, where pounding
headaches, relentless nausea, dizziness and general malaise are a way of life
that feels an awful lot like death.

Unfortunately, the only surefire way to avoid a hangover is simply not to drink.

revelers have the hangover helpers they swear by, though most have not been
scientifically proven. But let’s face it, if you’re dry-mouthed
and desperate they’re probably worth a try.

Here’s hoping
this will be your last hangover of the New Year.

Over-the-counter painkillers


Over-the-counter painkillers, known as non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), can help to ease a throbbing headache the
day after a booze binge, but aspirin certainly won’t undo the damage completely.

Some people suggest popping a few aspirin before bed to prevent a hangover the next day. However, there’s no science to
back up the claim that you’ll feel more clear-headed in the morning.

However, plenty of research finds these drugs can irritate the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. It’s always best to use NSAIDs with caution. Adding a
few ibuprofen to an empty stomach could actually make you feel worse.

“Hair of the dog”


The Scottish phrase refers to an old folkloric
treatment for the bite of a rabid dog, in which the person puts a few hairs
from the animal on the wound to prevent rabies.

Translated to alcohol it means
to simply keep drinking the morning after you emerge from a binge.

This theory hasn’t been scientifically proven, though some experts
say there’s a reason why that Bloody Mary in the morning could make you feel better. Alcohol
contains the chemicals ethanol and methanol. The latter, found in small traces
in drinks, is converted to acetaldehyde once in the body, which is a toxic
substance. To treat methanol poisoning
doctors give a patient ethanol. Some experts say methanol poisoning is the main
cause for a hangover, and therefore consuming something that contains ethanol
may temporarily alleviate the hangover symptoms — or delay your recovery.



Some say scrambled eggs do wonders when you wake up after a
night of drinking and your brain feels a little, well, scrambled. It turns out
this remedy may actually hold some truth. Eggs contain cysteine, a chemical
that breaks down acetaldehyde in the body, which is the toxin that is partially
responsible for leaving you in a slump.

Fruit juice


A glass of juice may provide you some sweet relief. Fructose in fruit juice sends instant energy to the body and may help flush out the toxins. Juice also contains plenty of vitamins, which are
likely to need replenishment after a night on the town.

Greasy foods


At some point in time, who hasn’t gone on a search to fill up their belly with a giant plate of greasy-spoon diner food after a night of drinking? There’s little science to suggest eating
piles of french fries will make your troubles go away. But what is known is that greasy foods may be helpful before you hit the bar, since the fat coats the lining
of the stomach and slows down alcohol absorption.



The brine liquid bathing those cucumbers contains lots of
salt and electrolytes, both of which your body will desperately need after a night on the town.



Some people swear by the sauna to detox and ease a hangover. Soaking up the heat might feel good, but don’t overdo it.

Saunas cause excessive sweating, which can add to
the dehydration that’s already resulted from drinking too much booze. Experts
caution that alleviating a hangover with a trip to the sauna may be associated with
a number of serious health risks, including a drop in blood pressure and heart arrhythmias.

Burnt toast


This remedy must have been thought up by a gaggle
of inebriated college students studying organic chemistry. The theory goes that
carbon forms on burnt toast, which acts as a filter in the body. Activated
charcoal is used as an emergency treatment for certain type of poisoning. But
the burnt bits that arise from toaster use is not activated charcoal. It’s just
burnt toast.



Alcohol is a diuretic so drinking too much of it can lead to dehydration, the reason a hangover feels so rotten. Dehydration contributes to a number of hangover symptoms including headache, nausea and dizziness.
Drinking a lot of water will help the body flush out and eliminate the harmful
toxins from booze.

Staying well-hydrated throughout the night by drinking
plenty of water before, during and after a party can also help you
feel less wretched the following morning.



While some people claim a little alcohol helps to induce
sleep, an oversize nightcap is sure to put a damper on your quest for post-party shuteye. Passing out is not the same as restorative sleep.

Too much alcohol means skipping the REM stage of sleep, and then likely waking up as the alcohol wears off. This may result in a night of tossing and turning.

Other than not drinking, the only tried and true way to “cure” a hangover is to wait it out. Nap the afternoon away and you might finally feel better afterwards.

Jessica Firger

Jessica Firger covers health and wellness for CBSNews.com

What’s the best cure for a hangover? Six ways to recover the morning after a heavy night

IF you hit the sauce a bit too hard while watching England play Italy last night then it’s likely that you’re feeling as sick as a parrot this morning.

But most of us will still need to be fully functioning adults today, so we’ve asked the experts to reveal their top tips to make you feel human again.


It’s likely many people will be struggling with a hangover this morning after watching England play Italy in the Euros

How can I cure a hangover?

1. Rehydrate

Booze can make you expel up to four times as much water, which is why you always feel like a slug in a salt mine the morning after.

Make sure you drink lots of water before you go to sleep, but well, we all know how hard that is once you’ve knocked back a thousand tequilas and passed out on the front step.

GP Sarah Garsed at online health and wellness platform RWL says water is your best friend and will flush toxins out of your system.

Isotonic drinks can also give you an extra boost and replace lost fluids.

2. Snooze

Alcohol loves to rob us of good quality sleep.

This is because it inhibits the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, meaning it can be hard to get to sleep, difficult to have good quality sleep
and you may also find you wake up early unable to get back to sleep.

“Sleep is one of the most restorative things for a hangover so if you
need it, take a nap the following day” Dr Sarah added.

3. Medicate

Reach for the painkillers to help with head or muscle aches.

Stick to paracetamol-based remedies as aspirin can increase nausea.

Take an antacid if you have a dodgy stomach and need it settling.

4. Drink herbal tea

As well as plenty of water, hot drinks can help revive your body and mind.

Ginger tea can help with nausea and milk thistle tea cleanses the liver, while hot water with honey and lemon boosts blood sugar.


Drinking herbal tea can help revive both your mind and body after a heavy night on the booze

5. Exercise if you can

Depending on how bad your hangover is, exercise might seem like the last thing you want to do, BUT it could be the best thing for you, Dr Sarah says.

After drinking a lot of your natural feel-good brain chemicals can be left significantly reduced, leaving you feeling low in energy and mood.

Dr Sarah said: “Exercise releases huge amounts of endorphins and dopamine into the body, helping to give you a big happiness boost while also raising your energy levels.

“Exercise can also help to regular blood sugar levels and can loosen constricted blood vessels that can contribute to those horrible headaches.

“Try a workout or even just go for a walk or cycle to reap the benefits.”

6. Eat something

If your hangover is particularly bad and you are struggling to stomach much food, try a cold orange juice to get yourself back to being match ready.

“Orange juice can have a acid-neutralising effect when it is metabolised by the body and delivers a big does of potassium which helps to rehydrate you and restore any lost minerals.

“Orange juice is also high in natural sugar, which can help bring that low blood sugar up and reduce feelings of nausea”, Dr Sarah said.


Experts say that eating oily fish such as kippers, salmon or mackerel could help you restore yourself to your pre-hangover state

Nutritionist Pauline Cox, on behalf of Wiley’s Finest said that eating oily fish could be the key to helping out your hangover.

She said: “That anxious, jittery feeling you get the morning after? Turns out low DHA levels in the brain could be the culprit.

“Research has shown the protective effects of a particular omega 3 found in high levels in the brain called DHA. DHA has been shown to have neuroprotective effects against the damage of alcohol on the brain.

“Fish oils have the potential to protect the brain cells from the damaging effects of inflammation brought about from drinking alcohol, although more research is needed to confirm these effects.”

How can I prevent a hangover?

Of course, the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink moderately on the night and not give in to offers of shots from merry friends waving their wallets.

Lining your stomach with a carb or fat-heavy meal before boozing slows down the rate of alcohol absorption, something you’ll be thankful for in the morning.

Drinking a pint of milk or a shot of olive oil is said to help too. Nice.

Also, it can be handy to avoid dark-coloured drinks that contain natural chemicals called congeners (impurities), which irritate blood vessels and tissue in the brain and can make a hangover much worse.

What causes a hangover?

The main reason people get hangovers is drinking too much alcohol, and there are a number of ways this is caused.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which causes increased passing of urine, which can lead to a dry mouth, headache, fatigue, and nausea.

Ethanol in alcohol can cause damage and irritation to cells and the toxin acetaldehyde can form when alcohol is broken down in the liver.

Alcohol also increases acid production in the stomach, which can irritate the stomach lining and cause a delay in the stomach emptying, which can cause stomach pain and vomiting.

How to Cure a Hangover

“The Old Hollywood trick of plunging your face into a bowl of ice water really does work,” says celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson. “It’s unpleasant, but also weirdly refreshing at the same time.” If you’re brave enough, grab a large bowl and fill it with ice and water. Then, dunk your face in and hold it for as long as you can—the cold will tighten pores, reduce redness, and de-puff you almost instantly.

Of course, that’s an extreme measure. More practical: purchase a face roller—little wands, usually made of metal or crystal, that are designed to give your face a massage. Try Herbivore Jade Facial Roller ($30, Sephora), and keep it in your freezer for emergencies. This magic stick is incredibly simple to use, so don’t complicate it: Roll it under your eyes, vertically across your forehead, and underneath your cheek and jawbones, applying firm pressure as you go. This little massage you’re giving yourself is actually something called “lymphatic drainage,” which you’d typically only get during an expensive facial. “Massaging with a firm touch will help reduce puffiness, and will increase blood circulation so you look healthier right away,” Nelson says.

To top it all off, order an extra of your favorite eye cream, and keep it in the fridge. The same rules about colder temperatures apply.


After you’ve cooled off, you should immediately apply a face and/or eye mask to boost your complexion. “Exfoliating is basically a mini-facial, and it brings back a glow immediately,” Vargas says. “It evens out pigment and takes down inflammation.” Her very own Exfoliating Mask ($75, Amazon) is a life-saver—leave it on for 10 or 15 minutes, avoiding the eye area.

For the eyes, you may have seen “patches” all over Instagram. These stick-on masks are usually made of a gel, which helps to cool, soothe, and hydrate the undereye area for an instantly refreshed look. At the same time you’re allowing your face to exfoliate, stick on a Talika Eye Therapy Patch ($49, Amazon). These things will become your new secret weapon—I promise. (And if the eye mask is too much for you, Vargas recommends a homemade alternative: “Chamomile tea bags are a great solution. Steep them in hot water, then put them in the fridge for a few hours,” she says. Once cool to the touch, just lay them on top of your eyes for five minutes.)


It’s common logic to load up on coconut water the morning after a rough night—so that same methodology of maximum hydration should apply to your face. Always start with hyaluronic acid—this is basically the hero ingredient of moisture, and will supercharge whatever you apply after it. Try The Ordinary Hylaruonic Acid Serum ($7, Sephora). After, your skin will soak up a generous helping of an ultra-rich gel moisturizer like Clark Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream ($115, Amazon). For your eyes, rollerball products like the Clinique for Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel ($33, Ulta) are a life-saver—the metal applicator cools and massages as you apply. Just tap on excess product with your ring finger afterwards.)

*For more affordable alternatives, try Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Gel Cream ($14, Amazon) and the Yes to Cucumbers Cooling Under-Eye De-Puffer ($10, Target).


If you are hungover and need to face the day—a work meeting, a family meal, another event—skincare will only take you so far. In case you’re still in need of a boost, there are a few tricks Nelson keeps handy.

Primers are generally designed to apply under makeup—but in your case, you can use them to create the illusion of smooth, even skin. “Brightening formulas after your moisturizer will add radiance, and they often contain anti-redness ingredients without adding any coverage of color.” You can typically use these formulas all over your face, and even under your eyes (a tiny, dime-sized amount will go a long way). The bonus is that primers usually are made with silicone or silica-based ingredients, which keep oil at bay throughout the day, so they’re often recommended for guys with overactive t-zones. In this case, Nelson recommends the Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer ($38, Sephora).

Next, a bit of concealer goes a long way. “Apply it to the inner part of the hollow of your eye, where the darkness is,” Nelson suggests. He recommends the Dior Forever Concealer ($34, Sephora), which is both self-setting and waterproof. Purchase it in a shade that matches your skin tone.

And finally, if you’re the kind of guy who gets a pale or sallow complexion when you’re sick, a bit of color will help you look healthier. “Liquid bronzer is a great way to give your face a little life—if applied with a light hand. ” The Tom Ford for Men Bronzing Gel ($90, Amazon) can go on right after moisturizer—just put a pea-sized amount on your fingertips, run between both hands, and apply all over the face evenly until it’s completely absorbed.

8 Best Hangover Food and Drink Remedies

Dana Lazarus-Casd / EyeEmGetty Images

The room is spinning. Your head is pounding. You’re thirsty and nauseous and hungry, and you probably want to live in a cave, like forever. You, my friend, are hungover. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. If you’re (silently) cursing yourself for having one too many margaritas, just stop. It’s what you do next that’ll define what happens for the rest of the day. Well, mainly what you eat, according registered dietitian and nutrition and fitness consultant Dana Angelo White.

A recent study found that after a night of drinking, college students desired salty, fatty and overall gross, totally-bad-for-you foods instead of what they normally would eat. Don’t be one of those people. There’s a better way. If it’s morning and you’re feeling the aftermath of last night, these dietitian-approved hangover cures are sure to help! (Sorry, I’ll stop excitedly screaming so you can get back to recovering).

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There’s just one caveat to this, Dana says. If you’re nauseous, drinking coffee could make you feel worse. But if you’re just drained, coffee with some food can perk you up and make you a little more functional.


Smoothies are so easy to make (just cover your ears during the whole insanely loud blending part), and they can be really filling. They help with dehydration, and adding in berries—like strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries) as well as flax seeds and chia seeds, which are high in anti-oxidants, can make a great alternative to an unhealthy meal.


Not only are eggs easy to make, but they’re a good source of protein. You’re gonna need that protein to process all the alcohol in your system. But Dana has a reminder: Just stick with eggs and maybe some toast. “Don’t go the extra step and put the bacon and the sausage on it, you’ll be bringing in all the grease,” she says.

Chicken Noodle Soup

A good ol’ bowl of chicken noodle might just do the trick! You might only be gravitating to salty, fast foods because you want comfort food. Chicken noodle is perfect because you’re going to get the protein from the chicken, electrolytes from the broth, and easy-to-digest carbs. “The same way chicken soup can help you when you’re sick, it’ll fill some of the needs you have when you’re hungover” White says.


Salmon is high in anti-oxidants, which can combat the inflammation that comes from drinking. “If you’re hungover and you’ve done a lot of drinking, you’re likely inflamed,” White said. “In some cases, you’re dehydrated, you’re puffy. You can actually see it visually.” This’ll help with that. Salmon is also high in Omega 3, making it a good food choice.


Carb-heavy foods like bread, crackers, sandwiches, and pasta are typically easy to digest, which is what your body needs at this point. The myth that eating tacos, pizza, and burgers will help “soak up” the alcohol is just wrong. “Greasy food doesn’t soak up anything, it’s not soluble in water,” White says. However, bread and things of that nature have high sodium content, so you’re eating something digestible and you’re also getting the electrolytes your body needs.

Water-Rich Foods

Wondering why drinking the night before can make you so thirsty in the morning? It’s because you’re dehydrated and your body is craving liquids. White suggests having watermelon because of its high-water content as well as its amino acids. “Your liver is obviously affected when you consume alcohol, and when you take in some type of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, then that might help because the liver has been too busy dealing with all that alcohol,” she says. Other fruits and veggies that can help include strawberries, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and zucchini.


If you’re feeling weak or just plain out of whack, it might be because you need some potassium. Bananas are a great source of it. They’re also easy to digest, so your stomach won’t feel upset. On another note, coconut water is a great option and is high in potassium (and will give you some fluids) as well as orange juice and avocados.

Delish: Eat Like Every Day’s the Weekend

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Hangover Cures – Fact and Fancy


The after-effects of a night of heavy drinking can include headaches, muscle aches, upset stomach, mental fog, dehydration, tiredness, and low blood sugar. Although only time can eliminate a hangover, there are a number of things which people can do to alleviate the symptoms–some of which may be helpful, some of which are harmless, and some of which are not medically recommended. Things commonly used as remedies for hangover symptoms include food and liquids, analgesics, vitamins, exercise, stimulants, depressants, etc. Let’s look at these in detail:

Food and liquids:

Rehydration: Alcohol is a diuretic and causes dehydration via increased urination. A lot of the wretchedness associated with hangover is due to dehydration so it is important to rehydrate. Sports drinks such as Gatorade have a balanced electrolyte content so they are a good bet for rehydration. Pedialyte has even more electrolytes. If you prefer to use water to rehydrate then we recommend that you also get some salt intake by eating something like french fries for example.

Warning: drinking a lot of water quickly without getting any electrolytes with it can lead to a condition known as water intoxication which is potentially fatal.

Besides rehydrating people also use food and liquids to settle their upset stomachs and raise their blood sugar back up. The following are some favorites:

Chocolate milk or ice cream: this settles the stomach, rehydrates, and raises blood sugar all at once. Milk is also rich in vitamin D.

Cysteine: cysteine has been shown to neutralize a lethal dose of the alcohol metabolite acetaldehyde in rats. It has not been tested with normal levels of alcohol or acetaldehyde in humans so its efficacy as a hangover remedy remains uncertain. Sources of cysteine include eggs, milk, meat, onions and garlic, many of which are used in traditional hangover cures. For the scientific research on cysteine and acetaldehyde see Sprince et al 1974 and Salaspuro 2007.

Beef bouillon: if you find that you can’t eat anything else at least try to get down some beef bouillon. This can help you to rehydrate and restore missing electrolytes while at least getting some nutrition back into your system.

Vegemite on toast: a favorite hangover cure in Australia. Vegemite is made from yeast and is rich in B vitamins and folic acid which are depleted by drinking.

Tomatoes: many traditional folk remedies for hangovers call for tomatoes. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A and C, beta-carotene, and the antioxidant lycopene. Tomatoes are clearly a healthy and nutritious thing to eat whether they have any magical powers against hangovers or not.

Bacon, eggs and toast: a good meal to settle the stomach and also replenish blood sugar. Both the eggs and the bacon contain cysteine which we just discussed above. Salt in the bacon replenishes the essential electrolyte sodium..

Ocha-zuke: this is a favorite hangover cure in Japan–a gentle dish often eaten when one has an upset stomach. Ocha-zuke consists of a bowl of rice topped with things like chopped nori seaweed or sesame seeds, powdered miso, etc. A steaming hot cup of green tea is poured over the top of the rice and Japanese style pickles such as salt pickled Chinese cabbage are eaten on the side. The tea provides caffeine with less acid than found in coffee.

Kim chee and rice: in Korea kim chee and rice is the cure for everything. Kim chee is Chinese cabbage pickled in red pepper and garlic. Red pepper dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. Garlic contains cysteine. Koreans like to drink barley tea or ginseng tea with their kim chee and rice.

Borscht: Russians use borscht as a hangover cure.

Bananas: good for replenishing the electrolyte potassium.

Taurine: there is evidence that the amino acid taurine works to prevent and reverse liver damage and that it may also work to prevent or cure a hangover. Natural sources of taurine include seafood and meat. The energy drink Red Bull also contains taurine. However, Red Bull also contains caffeine and mixed drinks made with Red Bull such as Vodka Red Bull are controversial. Sweden banned Red Bull after two people died after drinking Vodka Red Bull. For the scientific evidence on taurine and the prevention or repair of liver damage see Kerai et al 1998 and Kerai et al 1999. See also BBC News 2005.

Herbal teas: ginger tea, ginseng tea, and peppermint tea are all traditional treatments for hangover symptoms. Ginger is a natural painkiller and antioxidant. Ginger has been shown to reduce nausea and gastrointestinal distress in clinical studies. Peppermint tea is traditionally used to reduce nausea and gastrointestinal distress. For the scientific research on ginger as an anti-nausea agent see Borrelli et al 2005, Ernst and Pittler 2000, Levine et al 2008, and Ozgoli et al 2009.

Honey: honey consists of sugars, minerals and vitamins it is good for replenishing blood sugar in people with hangovers. People who have been on long drinking benders and have depleted thiamine should be careful about ingesting sugars because this can precipitate wet brain.

Warning: a diet consisting of nothing but alcohol and carbohydrates with no vitamins can lead to an irreversible form of brain damage known as wernicke-korsakoff syndrome aka wet brain aka beri beri. Always be sure to get your vitamins–particularly B1.


If a night of heavy drinking has left you with a headache or muscle aches your first impulse might be to reach for a painkiller–but you should be aware that not all painkillers are the same.

Warning: Tylenol is toxic to the liver and we strongly recommend that people who drink alcohol avoid Tylenol at all costs because of the potential for liver failure. Tylenol is also sold in the US under the generic names acetaminophen and paracetamol. Anacin-3 is also the same as Tylenol although other types of Anacin are not. Tylenol is also sold under the name Panadol in Europe, Asia, Central America, and Australia. For the scientific evidence and counter-evidence about the use of Tylenol with alcohol see Myers et al 2008, Prescott 2000, and Schmidt et al 2002.

Aspirin: Aspirin is safe to take when you are hungover. However, if you have an upset stomach with your hangover aspirin might make this worse. You might also want to avoid aspirin if your stomach is sensitive to it. Buffered aspirin is another option. Try to avoid aspirin for at least six hours before drinking again because it can lead to higher BAC (blood alcohol content).

Ibuprofen: Ibuprofen is gentler on the stomach than aspirin and is safe for the liver. For many people it might be the best bet to take when hungover. It is sold under the names Advil and Motrin. Avoid ibuprofen if you have heart, circulatory or gastro-intestinal problems.


Some people say that hangover symptoms can be cured by mega-doses of vitamins–particularly vitamins C and the B vitamins. These claims have not yet been tested scientifically so we do not know how much truth there is to them. We do know that drinking leads to vitamin depletion and in particular to the depletion of thiamine aka B1. A shortage of vitamin B1 can lead to permanent brain damage in the form of wernicke-korsakoff syndrome aka wet brain aka beri beri. We strongly urge all people who drink alcohol to take adequate doses of vitamins every day–particularly B1. On the average drinkers require more vitamins and minerals than non-drinkers.

Warning: excessive doses of certain vitamins can lead to death by vitamin poisoning. Be careful to avoid exceeding the maximum safe doses of vitamins when mega-dosing.


Mild exercise like yoga stretches or walking can help you to work a hangover out of your system. It is very important to remain adequately hydrated and replenish electrolytes if you are exercising with a hangover since your body is already dehydrated. Be sure to drink sports drinks such as Gatorade. We recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise while hungover because you will be less coordinated when hungover and there is a danger of injury as well as dehydration.


Caffeine: although no scientific studies on the effectiveness of caffeine for treating hangover symptoms have been carried out, millions of people swear by the effectiveness of a big pot of coffee for dispelling the mental fog and morning-after cobwebs which come after a night of heavy drinking. It also goes great with your bacon and egg breakfast. The downside to coffee is that the acids in it might further upset and already upset stomach. Coffee is also a diuretic and can lead to further dehydration–so if you are treating your hangover with coffee be sure to have lots of water with it to help rehydrate.

Nicotine: a lot of people smoke their heads off when they are hungover. Many people report that nicotine helps to dispel some of the mental fog associated with hangover. But if you don’t smoke we don’t recommend that you start.

Other stimulants: Coca Cola was originally invented as a hangover cure and contained a good dose of cocaine. Cocaine is apparently quite effective at clearing up the mental fog that goes with a hangover–however, we strongly recommend that you avoid using cocaine. First it is illegal. Second, many people get into a vicious cycle of using alcohol to come down from cocaine and then using cocaine to wake up form alcohol–this is real bad news. We recommend that you stick to a pot of coffee or tea instead.


Alcohol: a lot of people cannot stand even the thought of alcohol when they are hungover; they are the lucky ones. Although “the hair of the dog that bit you last night” can relieve the symptoms of a hangover we strongly recommend against it. Drinking many days in a row can lead to alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Having several abstinence days a week is the best way to avoid withdrawals.

For those who do insist on having a “hair of the dog” on the morning after, some popular ones are: the Bloody Mary (vodka and tomato juice), the Mimosa (champagne and orange juice) and the notorious Prairie Oyster (brandy, angostura bitters, worcestershire sauce and raw egg). There is also a virgin prairie oyster (1 part olive oil, 1 raw egg yolk, salt and pepper, 1-2 tablespoons of tomato ketchup, a dash of Tabasco and worcestershire sauce and some lemon juice (or vinegar). Yum yum! Because of the danger of salmonella poisoning it is generally recommended that you avoid eating raw eggs.

Other depressants: other depressants such as cannabis or valium can also relieve hangover symptoms but once again we recommend against them. First of all cannabis is illegal and hence best avoided. Moreover, when you are stoned on pot many activities become undoable. Although valium and other benzodiazepines are legal with a prescription, both alcohol and benzos affect the GABA receptors and prolonged use of alcohol and benzos together can lead to dangerous withdrawal syndrome.


Some people say that a dose of Benadryl can help them feel better after a night of heavy drinking.


Much of the information on this page is anecdotal or inferential since there has not been much scientific research done on hangover cures. I have provided references for those bits of information which have some scientific support. The warnings about what not to do are based on researched scientific fact.

Please also visit our web pages:

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BBC News, Wednesday, 28 December 2005, The ultimate hangover cure? By Becky McCall


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6 Desperate Last-Ditch Hangover Remedies

You had a lot of great ideas last night. Starting a blog about urban snakes. Hosting 2am karaoke at your place. Texting your ex the entire lyrics to “Hello.”

No wonder by night’s end, when that seventh drink is trying to lurch its way up your stomach and/or into the very fibers of your brain, you’re plum out of good ideas as to how to stop it. Yep, it’s that most desperate hour: the hour before you surrender to whatever “sleep” you’ll be getting and wake up with the King of Hangovers as your new master.

Is there anything you can do in that tiny interval between you and unconsciousness?

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To burst the bubble immediately, no, there’s no way out of your hangover. If you drink enough—which is to say more than enough, well into the territory of recreational and/or dare-based consumption—you’re going to feel it. As to what exactly “it” is, hangovers are actually still a bit of a mystery. Sorry, we should clarify: the pile-driving headache, deep shame, and hours of dry-heaving aren’t a mystery. The mystery is the exact cause (alcohol withdrawal, congeners, blood sugar fluctuations, dehydration, immune responses—yep) and our varying predispositions to get them (we’ve all heard someone say “Oh, I never get hangovers!” and then tried to slap them, but were too drunk).

Mystery or no, there may be a few ways to mitigate the pain and throbbing of tomorrow morning’s hangover. And when you think about it, why wait for the delirium of the hangover to try to cure it? You’ll end up with a baloney and ketchup sandwich, literally and metaphorically.

Of course, before we recommend any of these (without medical expertise, just anecdotal evidence and maybe a couple scientific resources) we also have to echo your junior high health teacher, who probably said, per school board dictate, the best prevention—of a hangover—is total abstinence. Ahem.

The Classic: Water & Aspirin

It’s simple and obvious, but drinking water before you retire for the night (or pass out clutching a sofa cushion like it’s a life raft) should always be a part of your post-drinking regimen. In fact, it should really be part of your drinking regimen, as in between drinks, but that’s for another time. Alcohol’s a diuretic, meaning it dehydrates you. And while it won’t totally demolish the hangover, drinking water might take some of the edge off of tomorrow morning’s headache. Aspirin might help lessen the headache, but if you’re a regular heavy drinker, medications like aspirin could exacerbate any alcohol-induced loss of stomach lining. Yeah. Yikes.

Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers

When things are desperate, you’re not going to be sizzling up some eggs and toast (and that’s probably for the best—you shouldn’t be near an open flame for…well, a while). But you are able to shove your uncoordinated paw into a box of peanut butter crackers (or cheese crackers, or the vegan variant of your choice). And this isn’t a nostalgic after-school-snack kick (though bonus points for that). Alcohol causes your stomach to produce excess gastric acid, which leads to a lot of tomorrow morning’s nausea, so putting some protein and carbohydrates in there might give that gastric acid something solid, literally, to focus on. *Ironic Twist: Alcohol can inhibit your body’s ability to absorb protein (plus a bunch of other nutrients), so it’ll be harder to get actual nutrition from the stuff. This is more of a delicious “buffer zone” strategy between your tummy and the impact of alcohol.


Oh, the powers of soup. Curer of colds, defier of winter frigidity, vehicle for delicious croutons. And potential helper of hangovers. Sure, salty soup may seem like a bad choice to follow dehydrating alcohol. But according to the Mayo Clinic, having some simple stock or bouillon soup can help your body “replace lost salt and potassium.” Remember to drink water alongside the soup, since most of us are too drunk to make homemade soup after a night out and the canned varieties are like salt licks. And if you wanna kill three hangover helpers with one stone, chuck some oyster crackers and chicken in there.

Pedialyte Popsicle

Like stealing electrolytes from a baby. Or small children with diarrhea. And while it hasn’t been totally proven that a loss in electrolytes is a major culprit of a hangover (or that electrolyte levels even differ between every hungover person and every sober person), getting some electrolytes could invigorate your system. In fact, adults—including Miley Cyrus—make up about one third of the Pedialyte market. And yes, they come in popsicle form. More sentimental fodder for your alcohol-induced-nostalgia.

Good Ol’ Ibuprofen

Again, putting pills into a system that’s been dealing with alcohol toxins for the last several hours isn’t necessarily the best method. But the Alcohol Hangover Research Group—and yes, thank god, there is such a thing—actually found that at least part of your hangover might be caused by cytokines, part of your body’s natural immune response that cause inflammation. As Wired reported, sober subjects injected with high levels of cytokines actually began showing symptoms of a hangover. So if a hangover has to do with inflammation, an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen might be a good, scientifically-backed last ditch remedy.

Dry Hour

Try to stay awake an hour before you actually go to bed—without having another drink, we should add. For one thing, staying awake an hour (or three) before you go to bed means you’ll have time to drink water, take your medicine, eat your fistful of crackers, and/or chug some Pedialyte. Depending on how much you drank, you may start to feel symptoms of your hangover then and there, but that means less to go through in the morning. Of course, if you drank a lot, you’ll probably still feel pretty drunk, and a hangover—no matter what you ingest tonight—is on its way.

90,000 Light morning: cough suppressant, zinc and pear to help with a hangover | Articles

To relieve the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover, it is better to drink pear juice than cucumber pickle. One popular cough suppressant can also help you recover. Doctors and scientists shared atypical recipes for fighting a hangover with Izvestia. Also, experts note that alcohol poisoning can be especially dangerous for people who have had COVID-19. This condition, like the infection itself, increases blood clots, which is deadly.

Toxic ratios

Alcohol poisoning depends on several components: quantity, quality and type of alcohol, human body weight, meals that a person consumes with alcohol, the candidate of biological sciences, associate professor of the Department of Commodity Science and Expertise of Goods of the Institute reminded Izvestia trade and services of the Siberian Federal University Galina Rybakova.

If a person prefers strong drinks, then with the same amount drunk, fewer manifestations of poisoning will be from those that include a minimum amount of aldehydes and fusel oils.Vodka of all 40-degree vodka is the most refined drink (for which, in fact, it is valued in the world). Whiskey, rum, cognac, tequila, absinthe and others are drinks, the taste of which is formed due to substances that are removed from vodka, and they also participate in the formation of hangover sensations. Therefore, they are often diluted when consumed, thereby lowering the degree and the proportion of alcohol consumed, – noted Galina Rybakova.

Photo: Global Look Press / Lutz Wallroth / imagebroker

As for mixing alcoholic beverages with others: sugary, carbonated, energy drinks, containing caffeine, only increase the harm to health. They increase intoxication, accelerate the absorption of alcohol, which strikes the cardiovascular system. The conclusion is simple: you need to drink such drinks with clean drinking water, the specialist noted.

Alcohol load

If the hangover is frequent and severe, the person may need to check the general condition of the body.

– Speaking about the removal of a hangover and the treatment of alcoholism, attention should be paid to the study of the predisposition to addiction, the state of the human body, its enzymes, the presence of complaints and diseases, – told Izvestia an assistant of the Department of Medical Elementology of the Medical Institute of the RUDN University (a university participating in the competitiveness of education “5-100”) Andrey Skalny.

According to the results of studies of blood biochemical parameters, the level of macro- and microelements, experts can assume how the human body will cope with alcohol stress, the expert explained.

Photo: Global Look Press / J.M. Guyon / CandyBox

However, usually for people in the first place – removing the symptoms of a hangover right now. Canadian physician Shonossy Bishop-Stoll has been drinking alcohol for 10 years, not just out of habit, but with a good purpose – to save millions of people from excruciating suffering in the morning after heavy drinking.He came to the conclusion that a single intake of 1.5 thousand mg of a special amino acid, acetylcysteine, can be a way to relieve a hangover. This is the familiar ACC cough drug. According to the doctor, this amino acid helps the human body to produce a powerful antioxidant – glutathione, which accelerates the elimination of alcohol from the body and has a general strengthening effect.

However, Russian experts advise to take such experiments seriously, since any medicine has its own contraindications. The instructions for ACC indicate that the drug should not be drunk by those who have gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage, as well as people with fructose intolerance. There are safer micronutrients that can improve poor health, says Andrey Skalny.

– First of all, it is worth noting the role of zinc in the utilization of alcohol. That is why this microelement is often used in drugs used to eliminate hangover symptoms and to restore the liver in case of alcohol damage , the expert noted.

Also, do not forget about the B vitamins and vitamin C , he added.

Natural ambulance

Food can also remove the post-intoxication state. Pear, sweet lime and coconut work best at activating liver enzymes and have powerful antioxidant effects , experts from the Department of Food Engineering and Technology of the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai found out. Scientists advise preparing a drink from the juices of these fruits to fight a hangover.

Photo: Global Look Press / West Coast Surfer / moodboard

Drinking this drink with cheese, cucumber and tomatoes can further relieve hangover symptoms. ,” the article concluded. As for the cucumber brine, the increased sodium content can lead to an increase in pressure, which will only aggravate the condition.

Do not forget about adsorbents (formulations that absorb toxic substances).In addition to the classic activated carbon, you can buy more exotic products in pharmacies. For example, an extract of the herb Zosteria (Zosterin). As Izvestia wrote, this is a natural adsorbent that removes from the body not only traces of alcohol, but also heavy metals and radionuclides.

COVID warning

Excessive alcohol consumption greatly reduces immunity, and this is important to take into account during the pandemic, Denis Baranenko, associate professor, head of the international scientific center “Biotechnology of the Third Millennium” at ITMO University, told Izvestia.

Photos: Pixabay

– Instead of alcohol, you can make cocktails based on mineral water, fruits (oranges, pineapples, lemons) and syrup, for example, from dates. Analogs of many alcoholic cocktails can be made, for example, Aperol Spritz, – the expert noted. – Do not forget that more and more scientific data lead us to the conclusion about a safe dose of alcohol per day in the amount of one teaspoon.

People who have already had a coronavirus infection should be wary of even a slight hangover , psychiatrist Igor Lazarev told the media earlier.According to him, COVID-19 promotes thrombus formation – this is the formation of blood clots inside the vessels. A hangover triggers a similar pathological process. As a result, the likelihood of a thrombus tearing increases. Doctors believe that this could result in disability or even death.

Ideal hangover cure named

Ayran, known for its healing properties, can serve as an ideal hangover cure.

Ayran, a fermented milk drink that became widespread among nomadic peoples 15 centuries ago, does not lose its relevance now.It is rich in vitamins and minerals, has a beneficial effect on many processes in the body, improves digestion. Phytotherapist, candidate of biological sciences Mikhail Lushchik told about the unique properties of this fermented milk product in an interview with Sputnik radio.

– Ayran is an acidic product, therefore, naturally, it increases the acidity of gastric juice. Everything that is not digested is digested additionally. Its proteins themselves are an easily digestible nutrient substrate, – noted the phytotherapist.

Thanks to these properties, ayran is excellent for fasting days and for cleaning the body.

And this drink can be a salvation for those who overdo it with alcohol and feel a hangover in the morning.

– An excess of hydrogen always prevails in acidic foods, which is a reducing agent and plays a positive role in cells. It is quite clear that ayran to some extent helps with a hangover. This does not mean that you can get drunk and get ayran out of any situation, but it certainly gives relief, ”the specialist concluded.

As reported by “Kubanskie Novosti”, a scientist from the University of Brighton in the UK Hal Sosabovski spoke about alcoholic beverages that lead to rapid intoxication and cause the greatest hangover.

So, the effect of drinking a drink is influenced by the ethanol content in it, the proportion of which usually ranges from 5% to 40%.

According to Hal Sosabovski, sherry and port are the easiest to get drunk. These drinks are distinguished by their high alcohol content (about 20%) and fast absorption.

The list includes whiskey and other spirits. At the same time, due to the high degree, they are slowly absorbed by the circulatory system, since they suppress the work of stomach cells. Sparkling wines also lead to rapid intoxication, due to the fact that aeration increases absorption.

Researchers from South Korea’s National Jeju University and the Institute of Health Sciences have named asparagus and soda lime and lemon juice as the best hangover cures.

Natural hangover cure found

https: // ria.ru / 20200501 / 1570877805.html

A natural remedy for a hangover has been found

A natural remedy for a hangover has been found – RIA Novosti, 05/01/2020

A natural remedy for a hangover has been found

Extracts of some plants can alleviate the malaise associated with excessive drinking , found out German scientists from Mainz … RIA Novosti, 01.05.2020

2020-05-01T23: 22

2020-05-01T23: 22

2020-05-01T23: 25


in the world




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https: // cdnn21.img.ria.ru/images/152894/05/1528940533_0:106:2000:1231_1920x0_80_0_0_f0450c65e9fc6f5aea906a87bd3ad308.jpg

MOSCOW, May 1 – RIA Novosti. Extracts of some plants can relieve the ailment associated with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, German scientists from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz have found. According to MedicalXpress, they conducted an experiment with 214 people aged 18 to 65, who were divided into three groups. 45 minutes before drinking and immediately after, the volunteers were given a special solution to drink.In the first case, it included extracts of ginger root, Barbados cherry, prickly pear cactus, ginkgo biloba, willow, magnesium, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, zinc, riboflavin, thiamine and folic acid, as well as steviol glycosides and inulin. The second group received a supplement without herbal extracts, and the third received a placebo. Study participants drank alcohol for four hours. Before and after its use, as well as after 12 hours, they took blood and urine tests and measured their blood pressure. The volunteers were also collected data on their condition the next day.The results of the experiment showed that in all groups the intensity of hangover symptoms was different. Those who received the supplement with herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals felt the best. Compared to the participants who took the placebo, the first group had a 34% decrease in headache, nausea by 42%, a feeling of indifference by 27%, anxiety by 41%. In the second group, no significant improvement was noticed, according to scientists, the effect was caused by the polyphenols and flavonoids contained in plants.Exactly which mechanisms influenced the participants’ well-being in this way remains to be seen, and researchers noted that vitamins and minerals alone did not help people cope with hangovers. This calls into question the opinion that his symptoms are due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. In addition, the findings suggest that alcohol does not always lead to significant fluid loss in the body.


https: // ria.ru / 20200419 / 1570262081.html



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MOSCOW, May 1 – RIA Novosti. Extracts of some plants can alleviate the ailment associated with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, found German scientists from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.This is reported by MedicalXpress.

They conducted an experiment with 214 people aged 18 to 65, who were divided into three groups. 45 minutes before drinking and immediately after, the volunteers were given a special solution to drink. In the first case, it included extracts of ginger root, Barbados cherry, prickly pear cactus, ginkgo biloba, willow, magnesium, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, zinc, riboflavin, thiamine and folic acid, as well as steviol glycosides and inulin. The second group received a supplement without herbal extracts, and the third received a placebo.

May 4, 2019, 08:00 ScienceBeer or vodka? How to Drink Properly to Avoid a Hangover

The study participants drank alcohol for four hours. Before and after its use, as well as after 12 hours, they took blood and urine tests and measured their blood pressure. The volunteers were also collected data on their condition the next day.

The results of the experiment showed that in all groups the intensity of hangover symptoms was different. Those who received the supplement with herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals felt the best.Compared to the participants who took the placebo, the first group had a 34% decrease in headache, nausea by 42%, a feeling of indifference by 27%, anxiety by 41%. In the second group, no significant improvement was noticed.

April 19, 2020, 13:38

The doctor dispelled popular myths about alcohol

According to scientists, this effect was caused by polyphenols and flavonoids contained in plants. Exactly which mechanisms had such an impact on the participants’ well-being remains to be seen.

Researchers noticed that vitamins and minerals on their own did not help people cope with hangovers.This calls into question the opinion that his symptoms are due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. In addition, the findings suggest that alcohol does not always lead to significant fluid loss in the body.

April 26, 2020, 02:02

The doctor told how to survive the consequences of alcohol poisoning 90,000 Features of a national hangover – Vedomosti

A severe hangover on the morning of January 1 is not the best result of a New Year’s party. So that the morning of the new year is not painfully difficult, the day before it is worth listening to the advice of experts.

Prevention of a hangover

Do not drink on an empty stomach, as in this case alcohol will quickly enter the bloodstream. Once at the New Year’s table, first of all, you need to have something to eat. As a snack, protein foods are recommended – fish, lean meat – and complex carbohydrates – potatoes, rice, pasta.

Water can help cope with dehydration caused by alcoholic beverages. You should not drink alcohol with food, for this there are juices and water.It is advisable to take alcoholic drinks only during toasts.

It should be remembered that the effect of the “dose” taken can be felt in full after 20 minutes. And if “frequent”, the portions will quickly overlap each other and the consequences will become unpredictable.

Do not drink too much champagne or other carbonated drinks. Usually, on New Year’s Eve, champagne is followed by other drinks, and the carbon dioxide contained in the “fizzy” increases the absorption of alcohol.Therefore, whenever possible, you do not need to mix strong alcohol with champagne, as well as other drinks. If, nevertheless, it is necessary to break this iron rule, then this should be done “without lowering the degree.”

A walk in the fresh air will help you to come to your senses. After that, it’s best to switch to soft drinks. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from large amounts of tea or coffee, which will only aggravate dehydration and therefore hangover.

It is not recommended to abuse salt, as it will increase thirst and lead to an increase in the dose of alcohol.Also, do not lean on sweets – simple sugars quickly enter the bloodstream, are quickly excreted from it and accelerate the absorption of alcohol.

Treatment of a hangover

If you still feel a hangover in the morning, you need to drink as much water as possible and take activated charcoal. By the way, in England of the 19th century, instead of modern drugs, they drank a mug of warm milk with a spoonful of soot.

In the morning, if possible, you should have a light snack with low-fat food, for example, toast.Then go out into the fresh air.

If the above tips did not give the desired effect and the headache reminds of “yesterday”, the classic recipe comes to the rescue – cucumber pickle. The effectiveness of this most popular hangover remedy has even been proven by experts. If there is no brine, then you can replace it with kvass. Relatively effective “folk” hangover remedies are kefir, low-fat milk, sauerkraut, pickled apples, pickles, kvass, tomato juice with red (at least black) pepper.

Italians “in the morning” eat and drink only white – rice, wine, pasta – and refrain from red – sausages, tomatoes, etc. The French cook onion soup and strong black coffee with salt. The Mongols came up with the idea to fight the hangover by eating pickled sheep’s eyes, which are washed down with tomato juice. But the Finns save themselves with a sauna and cold beer with pickled herring.

As soon as the first symptoms of a hangover pass, you need to have a hearty breakfast and take multivitamins, ascorbic acid, one or two tablets of glycine, which improves the state of the nervous system.During the day, it is better to avoid physical activity and, moreover, you should not go in for sports. But walking in the fresh air will improve blood flow and speed up the elimination of alcohol from the body.

There is no cure for a hangover

There is not a single remedy that has proven real effectiveness in the fight against a hangover. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the Peninsula Medical School, who analyzed the results of published studies on this topic.

Scientists led by Max Pittler (Max Pittler) managed to find only eight works that studied the preventive or therapeutic effect of popular drugs to combat hangovers. The effect of traditional medicines was studied: propranol (cardiological drug), tropisetron (antiemetic), tolfenamic acid (analgesic from the aspirin group), fructose / glucose, and food additives: borage, artichoke, prickly pear (cactus genus) and products based on yeast.

A review of scientific studies has shown that none of these drugs and supplements are effective enough to prevent or relieve hangover symptoms.

British scientists complained about the apparent lack of research on hangover. However, they noted that a huge number of “effective hangover treatments” are advertised in print and on the Internet, according to the British Medical Journal.

Referring to the results of the studies, the British researchers stated that only a complete refusal or moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages can be the only real way to prevent a hangover.In the case of an already developed hangover, all that remains is to “allow your body to recover on its own and learn the lesson that nature has taught you,” scientists say.

Moderate alcohol consumption usually means taking up to 8-9 grams of alcohol per day for a woman, and no more than 16-18 grams of alcohol for a man. For example: 100 g of beer contains 3.6 g of alcohol, and 100 g of vodka or rum contains 38-42 g of alcohol.