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How to make women have an orgasm: The request could not be satisfied


Positions to make female orgasm easier during intercourse

Struggling to hit the high notes in the bedroom and hoping to reach orgasm at the same time as your other half? Or perhaps you’re looking for tips to help your female partner climax when you do? Either way, the fact you’re asking this question at all is a good start!

Great sex is all about experimentation, communication and fun, and if something isn’t quite hitting the spot, the best way to boost your sex life and quadruple your chances of achieving mind-blowing orgasms is trial and error.

Therapist, broadcaster and health writer Christine Webber explains how to find the best positions to get you (or your female partner) coming like a steam train:

The female orgasm uncovered

If you’re a woman who finds climaxing easy and can have orgasms during intercourse with little effort – even in a position where it’s difficult for your partner to access the clitoris with the fingertips – then you are very lucky indeed!

For the majority of us, ‘ringing that bell’ is not nearly so simple. Even women who can masturbate to a climax with no difficulty can feel quite anxious about ‘coming’ with a male partner.

The female Vs the male orgasm

This doesn’t seem fair, because apart from the small minority of men who have psychological difficulties with sex and who cannot relax enough to ejaculate into their partner, most males have no problem at all in climaxing during sexual intercourse.

But of course, in a man, the penis is the pleasure-provider. And clearly a penis gets a lot of stimulation during intercourse.

Women, as you probably know, get their pleasurable feelings mostly from the clitoris.

Women, as you probably know, get their pleasurable feelings mostly from the clitoris – which is the bit of them that would have turned into a penis had they developed into a baby boy in the womb, instead of into a girl.

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For that reason, most women need the clitoris to be stimulated during sex – and in many positions this simply doesn’t happen. Now, please don’t feel bad if you’d never really realised this before, because you are not alone.

In my consulting room, I’ve seen many successful women – including lawyers, bankers and TV presenters – who were quite unaware of what it takes for most women to climax and who, as a result, had spent ages blaming themselves and feeling inadequate. But the truth is that:

  • Most women have to learn how to orgasm.
  • The majority of women do not climax through ‘no hands’ intercourse.

    So, how do you learn to climax? Read on…

    The importance of masturbation

    If you’re having trouble in reaching climax, the best thing you can do is to start by learning how to orgasm on your own through masturbation. Once you can climax easily on your own, you’ll find it much easier to have really exciting times with a partner.

    Once you can climax easily on your own, you’ll find it much easier to have really exciting times with a partner.

    But even if you are the queen of masturbatory techniques, you might still find it tough to climax during full sex, and this will almost certainly be because your clitoris is not getting sufficient attention.

    Here are four sex positions to try with a partner that might help you to enjoy intercourse more and to have fulfilling orgasms at the same time.

    1. The CAT position

    Basically this is a face-to-face position, but the man ‘rides much higher’ than he would in the missionary position so that his shoulders and head are about six inches higher up the bed than normal.

    What this means is that his penis doesn’t go all the way into the vagina. Instead, the stem or root of it is pulled hard against the clitoris – producing great sensations in that all-important little organ.

    🐱 CAT stands for Coital Adjusted Technique, but don’t let that technical and boring title put you off!

    The other difference is that instead of taking his weight on his elbows, the man should simply let his bulk rest on his partner’s upper chest. Clearly if he’s a heavy bloke, this might be a problem!

    You can experiment with this position to get it absolutely right for you. Some people do it with the man’s legs outside the woman, but you can also try it with his legs inside yours.

    Many couples find they can’t thrust much in this position so they kind of ‘rock’ together. The CAT certainly produces very different sensations from many other positions, so it’s worth a try, and it might just take you to the heights of ecstasy. I hope it does.

    2. The free-as-air position

    The man lies down on his back. The woman faces the other way and sits down on his penis. Then, in her own time, she gradually lowers herself so that – with his penis inside her – her back is lying fully outstretched on the front of his body.

    The woman can feel genuinely weightless and free-as-air – which is quite a novel sensation. Another bonus is that either partner can touch the clitoris easily. So it’s different and fun – and usually a great time is had by all.

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    3. The Pinner position

    This is a particularly good position if you feel nervous about touching your own clitoris. You shouldn’t be of course because it’s yours – and you should feel perfectly free to stimulate it yourself if you want to.

    But the thing about this position is that many men can’t really tell if you are touching your clitoris or not.

    💟 How to do the Pinner position:

    ✔️ You lie flat on your front and he lies, face down, on top of you. He then penetrates you from behind.

    ✔️ But because you are flat on the bed, you get very different sensations from any rear-entry position where your bottom is up in the air.

    ✔️ And you can slip your hand in between the bed and your body and rub your own clitoris.

    ✔️ Plenty of women who have never ‘come’ during intercourse have found that they climaxed in the Pinner position.

    4. The spoons position

    Then there’s ‘the spoons’. This is the position where you lie on your side and your man lies curled up round your bottom (like spoons in a drawer) and penetrates you from behind.

    Lots of women like this, though not all of them find it easy to orgasm on their sides. But the great advantage here is that either partner can reach down and rub the clitoris. Also, neither of you is having to take the weight of the other.

    The right way to have sex

    There is no right or wrong way to have sex with a partner. Every couple has to experiment to find out what works for them.

    But I hope that trying out these positions will be fun – and that they may help you to have an exciting and orgasmic time.

    Last updated: 16-10-19

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    Orgasm – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Physiology of Orgasm

    Orgasm is a brain event, triggered typically by genital stimulation but also by sleep, stimulation of other parts of the body (including breast and nipple), fantasy, certain medications, and in women with spinal cord injury, vibrostimulation of the cervix. Qualitative differences in orgasm, depending on type of stimulation, are reported by some women. Pilot echographic study suggests that vaginal stimulation involves all of the clitoral-urethral complex including the clitoral rami, whereas with clitoral stimulation (i.e., to the shaft and glans), anatomic/circulatory involvement of the clitoral rami is not involved. 151 Men report diminished orgasm intensity subsequent to loss of ejaculation from radical prostatectomy.

    Orgasm is a subjective experience in both men and women, and it has been difficult to determine an objective marker. In healthy men, there is the associated ejaculation and, in both genders, involuntary (reflexive) muscular contractions of the striated perineal muscles.158 One objective and quantitative measure has been established that shows strong correspondence with the subjective experience of orgasm. The researchers performed spectral analysis of rectal pressure data while volunteers imitated orgasm, or tried to achieve orgasm and failed, or experienced orgasm.158 The most significant and important difference in spectral power between orgasm in both control tasks was found in the alpha band. Outbursts of alpha fluctuations in rectal pressure occurred only during orgasm.158

    Positron emission tomography (PET) studies during orgasm have shown largely similar brain activations and deactivations in both men and women: activations mainly in the anterior lobe of the cerebellar vermis and deep cerebellar nuclei and deactivations in the left ventromedial and OFC. The only major difference between the genders during orgasm itself was the activation in the periaqueductal gray matter in men.159,160 The lateral OFC is thought to be involved in urge suppression and behavioral release, whereas the medial parts encode hedonic experiences, becoming activated with increasing satiation and subjective pleasantness and deactivated with feelings of satiety. The medial OFC is part of the neuronal network that includes the amygdala, whose deactivation during orgasm is associated with a more carefree state of mind.159 More recent PET scanning of the brain during orgasm with comparisons to failed attempts to reach orgasm, and also comparisons to faking an orgasm, has been reported.160 Insertion of a rectal probe measured involuntary pelvic muscle contractions to identify the occurrence and duration of orgasm. The variations in rectal pressure indicative of orgasm correlated to widespread blood flow changes in the prefrontal cortex. 160,161 The researchers noted specific orgasm-related changes in the mid/anterior OFC and suggest that this fits with the proposed role of the mid-anterior OFC in the experience of pleasure. Failed orgasm significantly enhanced left lateral OFC activity: orgasm was not reached possibly due to excessive behavioral suppression. The researchers suggest that the orgasm-related OFC dynamics may reflect one of the main features of orgasm (i.e., the typical sense of loss of control). Prefrontal but not temporal perfusion was inversely coupled to rectal pressure fluctuations associated with orgasm. These changes in the OFC (the dorsal and ventral prefrontal divisions) did not show any clear association with arousal but only with these indicators of orgasm. The researchers therefore concluded that the decreased prefrontal cortex activity may be specific to orgasm. Overall the findings of reduced prefrontal metabolism during orgasm are in keeping with the critical role of the prefrontal cortex in behavioral and emotional control. It may be that successful prefrontal regulation is key to reaching orgasm in keeping with experimental data of exaggerated prefrontal activity with associated sexual dysfunction.

    Pontine control of female orgasm appears to center on a localized region on the left side of the dorsolateral pontine tegmentum recently termed the pelvic organ–stimulating center.161 Another pontine area, the ventrolateral pontine area, recently termed the pelvic floor–stimulating center, is involved in organizing the pelvic floor–contractions during orgasm and has direct projections to pelvic floor motor neurons.

    The role of oxytocin and prolactin in orgasm is unclear. Both hormone levels increase at the time of orgasm: PET scanning has confirmed increased pituitary blood flow in women, but not in men, at the moment of orgasm.162 Both hormones can cause uterine and vaginal smooth muscle contraction, which may contribute to the sensations of orgasm.

    How To Have Multiple Orgasms: 9 Tips For Women

    For many women, having one orgasm during sex can be an uphill battle, so the idea of achieving multiple orgasms might seem like the stuff of fiction.

    But sex expert Tracey Cox said women are more than able to have multiples. “Because women don’t fall to the post-orgasm resolution phase as quickly as a man does, it’s easier for us to climb back up and have further orgasms in succession,” she told HuffPost UK.

    Because we hate feeling left out, and National Orgasm Day (31 July) is fast approaching, we asked experts how to improve the chances of having multiple orgasms.

    RapidEye via Getty Images

    1. Do your Kegel exercises.

    Disappointingly, having mind-blowing orgasms isn’t all just about having sex and will require a little bit of groundwork before you get to reap the rewards, including doing regular Kegel exercises.

    Cox said: “Like the rest of your body, if your pelvic floor muscle is toned and fit, it works better, pumping even more blood to the pelvis (which is great for arousal) and making stronger contractions – giving longer, more intense orgasms.

    “Simply squeeze the muscle you use to hold back urine, hold it for two seconds, then release. Do this 20 times, three times per day.”

    2. Do work on ‘peaking’ techniques.

    They say good things come to those who wait, and no more so than those who don’t just rush straight into an orgasm. Instead, teach yourself to plateau and gradually build to the final moment, rather than rushing ahead.

    Cox said: “Peaking involves taking yourself almost to the point of orgasm, waiting for your arousal to subside, then climbing back up again. This trains you to stay in a high state of excitement, following a ‘wave-like’ orgasm pattern, rather than one which starts at the bottom and steadily climbs higher.

    “Not only does this optimise the release of endorphins, but it teaches your body to stay in a practically permanent orgasmic pleasure zone, able to orgasm over and over.”

    3. Do develop orgasm triggers.

    You might think that having sex is your orgasm trigger, but that’s not quite what we mean. Instead learn about the smaller signs that indicate you’re about to have an orgasm, such as your breathing. The more warning your brain gets, the more it will be able to summon the response when you want it.

    Tracey Cox said: “Focus on what you naturally do on approach to orgasm, then exaggerate it. If you breathe heavier and faster, breathe even heavier the next time you’re about to climax. If you notice you tense your toes and throw your head back, do that.

    “Get to the point where your brain thinks ‘aha deep heavy breathing combined with toe flexing means she’s about to orgasm’! Better get cracking then and make it happen!”

    4. Don’t rush into it.

    When you think you’re ready to start trying to have multiple orgasms with your partner (or by yourself) remember the golden rule – don’t rush it. For example, you could slowly apply lube to your partner and slowly start again, being aware if your partner is in any discomfort.

    Ann Summers’ sex expert Eve Fifer said: “Your body will be much more sensitive after your first orgasm, which means carrying on with heavy stimulation straight away can be painful. And we don’t want that.”

    5. Do use different stimulation.

    No one likes to be bored in bed, especially your brain. And if you’re expecting yourself to orgasm again and again with the same stimuli then you’re probably going to be disappointed, so mix it up a bit.

    “If you have your first via intercourse, you’ve got more chance having another through oral sex than through more penetrative sex,” said Cox.

    “A third might be achievable through you masturbating yourself – it’s going to be the hardest to have, so call in the expert (you).”

    6. Do take a moment to relax.

    There is a big difference between taking a moment to relax between orgasms and just letting your body switch off and go to sleep. Of course it is important to give yourself a brief moment of relaxation (this isn’t meant to be a military boot camp) but stay in the moment and don’t drift away.

    “This is what mindfulness is all about,” Fifer added. “Keep your head full of distinctly inappropriate thoughts.

    7. Don’t forget to breathe.

    As with relaxing, don’t get so fixated on your orgasm goal that you forget to breathe properly, as this can play a massive part in your likelihood of reaching orgasm for a second or third time.

    Cox said: “Some experts say holding your breath on orgasm heightens the sensation, others say if you starve your brain of oxygen, it forces oxygen-giving blood to flow toward it and away from your genitals.

    “Continuing to breathe deeply through orgasm is recommended by spiritual sex devotees who claim it means you’re more likely to be able to have a second one.”

    8. Don’t forget your partner.

    In the midst of all this female orgasm chat, it’s important not to neglect whoever you are in bed with, especially as they may have already had their orgasm and not be feeling in the mood for round two.

    “At the end of the day, a woman’s capacity to experience [multiple orgasms], depends on how relaxed and in tune with her body she is, how motivated her partner is, and how little they both have to do,” said Suzi Godson, sex and relationships columnist for The Times.

    9. Do remember that practice makes perfect.

    As with all things in life, if you want to get good, you’re going to have to put in some practice beforehand.

    Fifer said: “Each orgasm will feel more intense than the one before it, and the more you practice the easier you’ll find it to reach the second, and third, and fourth.”

    New theory suggests female orgasms are an evolutionary leftover | Science

    Billy Crystal may have been shocked when Meg Ryan so effectively—and amusingly—faked an orgasm in a restaurant during the 1989 movie When Harry Met Sally, but surveys suggest only one-third of women are regularly fully aroused during intercourse. And although poor partner performance, psychological issues, or physiological shortfalls are often cited as the reason, two evolutionary biologists now offer a provocative new explanation. In a paper published today, they argue that female orgasm is an evolutionary holdover from an ancient system, seen in some other mammals, in which intercourse stimulated important hormonal surges that drive ovulation.

    Humans and other primates don’t need intercourse to trigger ovulation—they evolved to a point where it happens on its own—but the hormonal changes accompanying intercourse persist and fuel the orgasms that make sex more enjoyable, the biologists hypothesize. And because those hormonal surges no longer confer a biological advantage, orgasms during intercourse may be lost in some women. This explanation “takes away a lot of stigma” of underwhelming sexual relations, says one of the authors, Mihaela Pavlićev, of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio.

    The new work addresses what David Puts, a biological anthropologist at Pennsylvania State University, University Park, calls “one of the most contentious questions in the study of the evolution of human sexuality: whether women’s orgasm has an evolutionary function.” There are more than a dozen theories about the evolution of orgasms, most proposed decades or more ago. They include arguments that women have orgasms because their reproductive machinery has the same origins as those of men, who need to have orgasms to ejaculate sperm. Others think orgasms are an evolutionary novelty that persists because it helps foster loyal partners. Some have proposed that female orgasms induce physiological changes that increase the chances of conception, but there’s no strong evidence that women who have more have increased fecundity.  

    Orgasm itself may have no evolutionary function, but it is derived from a key part of the reproductive cycle, Pavlićev and her colleague propose today in the Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution. Pavlićev didn’t start out studying orgasms. To better understand the evolution of reproduction, she was compiling data on the ovarian cycle in different mammal species. During this cycle, cells destined to become eggs mature, escape from the ovary, and travel down the reproductive tract. She discovered that in some species, environmental factors control egg maturation and subsequent ovulation; in others, such as rabbits, sexual intercourse with a male or even just his presence causes the release of the egg. In either case, a series of changes involving the hormones oxytocin and prolactin are triggered that cause the egg to mature and migrate. In humans and other primates, the ovulatory cycle has become spontaneous, generally on a set schedule that requires neither an environmental trigger nor a male. Pavlićev then realized that women still undergo the same hormonal changes as species with induced ovulation, but during orgasm.

    To see whether induced ovulation was the evolutionary predecessor of orgasms—in a similar way that fins were ancestral to limbs—she and Günter Wagner, an evolutionary biologist from Yale University, first needed to see whether induced ovulation predated spontaneous ovulation in evolutionary history. Their literature search showed that environmental- and male-induced ovulation are found in earlier evolving mammals and spontaneous ovulation appears in later species, including our own. They also noticed another change. In earlier mammals, the clitoris, which is so often key to a woman’s orgasm, tends to be part of the vagina—guaranteeing that intercourse stimulated this organ and kick-started ovulation. But in later arising species, particularly primates, the clitoris has moved ever farther away from the vagina, even out of reach of an inserted penis. “A shift in the position of the clitoris is correlated with the loss of intercourse-induced ovulation,” says Martin Cohn, an evolutionary developmental biologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville. “Their hypothesis shifts the focus of the research question from the evolutionary origin of orgasm as an evolutionary novelty, which has long been presumed but not demonstrated, to the evolutionary modification of an ancestral character.”

    Pavlićev and Wagner’s theory helps explain why female orgasms during intercourse are relatively rare. “It is new to use [this] innovative, Darwinian approach to understand one of the mysteries of human sexuality—why the male orgasm is warranted, easy-to-reach, and strictly related to reproduction and the female counterpart [is] absolutely not,” says Emmanuele Jannini, an endocrinologist at University of Rome Tor Vergata. The nonnecessity of orgasms for reproduction may also explain why women’s reproductive tracts vary a lot more than men’s—there are fewer constraints, he adds.

    Jannini and others point out, however, that this theory needs more confirmation. So far, it deals only with the parallels between the hormonal surges in females during male-induced ovulation and orgasm, but has not looked to see whether there are also parallels in the neurological components of these activities, says Elisabeth Lloyd, a philosopher of science at Indiana University, Bloomington, who was not involved with this work. And because it’s so difficult to assess whether other mammals feel the pleasure associated with orgasms, the work can only ever address the evolution of some of the components of female orgasm, Puts notes. 

    Others more strongly criticized the new explanation. Two behavioral neuroendocrinologists, Michael Baum from Boston University and Kim Wallen from Emory University in Atlanta, tell Science that Pavlićev and Wagner misinterpret some previously published results and do not have the details about the hormonal changes during ovulation and orgasm correct.  “Their hypothesis remains a good hypothesis,” Wallen says. “But I’m not very convinced by the data they marshal.”

    Lloyd says the work drives home how much more we need to learn about female sexuality in other organisms. Wagner and Pavlićev concede that more data are needed to firm up their theory, though for now they have no plans to follow up themselves. Cohn predicts others will pick up the baton. “Pavlićev and Wagner have taken a fascinating, creative, and thoughtful approach to a problem that has been investigated by many but resolved by few,” he says. “I suspect that many investigators will be stimulated to further test the hypotheses raised in this paper.”

    Is there really a vaginal orgasm?

    by Cathy Johnson

    A quest to experience ‘vaginal orgasms’ can cause women needless anxiety, sex therapists say. But does the vaginal orgasm really exist anyway?

    [Image source: iStockPhoto | IuriiKryvenko]

    It’s been decades since the sexual revolution but many women remain anxious in bed because they’re worried they’re not having the right kind of orgasm, some leading sex therapists say.

    The anxiety is based on the notion that women can experience distinct types of orgasms, including vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms.

    It’s long been a popular idea that a vaginal orgasm is desirable because it’s supposed to be more intense and because it’s more likely to occur during intercourse with a partner.

    But the notion there is a distinct ‘vaginal orgasm’ that is different to any other kind of orgasm is incorrect, many say.

    (A recent paper on the subject also dismissed this notion.)

    Sexologist and author Dr Vivienne Cass says the bulk of research suggests there is only one ‘orgasm response’ in women.

    “There’s not a separate thing called a vaginal orgasm,” says Cass, adjunct associate professor in Curtin University’s department of public health sexology program.

    “I would say there’s not a vaginal orgasm, there’s not a clitoral orgasm, there’s physiologically just one orgasm response. But there are many different ways women can experience that – where they feel it, what they feel, what they feel about it. And there are women who can have an orgasm without being touched at all.”

    Rosemary Coates, also an associate professor in sexology at Curtin University and past president of the World Association for Sexual Health, agrees and says for the past 40 years she’s taught that orgasms are triggered through the clitoris.

    “However, there are physiological changes that take place in the vulva including the vagina and the uterus. Some women feel the rhythmic spasms in these areas during orgasm.”

    But if women want to call certain orgasms vaginal orgasms, some experts have no problem with it.

    “I think we should stop having these distinctions because it’s just academic verbal bandying really,” says NSW president of the Society of Australian Sexologists and former GP Dr Margaret Redelman. “In the practical sense of helping women enjoy their sexuality, we create a problem. Women say ‘I’m not having orgasms the right way’ and I think that’s very damaging.”

    What is an orgasm?

    Finding a succinct yet accurate definition of an orgasm is surprisingly challenging.

    According to the Macquarie Dictionary, an orgasm is “a complex series of responses of the genital organs and skin at the culmination of a sexual act” but other definitions are much more expansive.

    The following description is drawn from information from the Health Education Centre at Brown University in the United States:

    Orgasm is a physical reflex, usually a pleasurable one, when the muscles that were tightened during sexual arousal relax and the body returns to its pre-arousal state. During sexual arousal there is increased blood flow to the genitals and tensing of muscles throughout the body and particularly in the genitals. Orgasm reverses this process through a series of rhythmic contractions. For women, contractions occur in the lower part of the vagina, in the uterus, anus, and pelvic floor. Each person has a unique experience of orgasm but common experiences include changes in breathing, a feeling of warmth, sweating, body vibrations, altered consciousness, or an urge to moan or cry out. During orgasm, endorphins are released into the bloodstream and these chemicals might make you feel happy, giddy, flushed, warm or sleepy.

    Clitoris is more than meets the eye

    The term vaginal orgasm has been used to describe the orgasm some women have when they are receiving stimulation only from penetration of the vagina.

    Some women report that this orgasm feels different from the orgasm they have when they are stimulated more directly through the external part of their clitoris, the glans, which sits a small distance above the entrance to the vagina.

    It used to be thought this so-called “magic button” – that contains around 6,000 to 8,000 nerve endings and is highly pleasurably when touched the right way – was the entire clitoris.

    But since the late 1990s, it’s been known that the clitoris is actually much larger; the glans is just the external tip but there is other tissue that extends deeper inside the body, and wraps around the vagina and the urethra, the tube through which urine passes from the bladder to the outside.

    Both the internal and external parts of the clitoris are made of erectile tissue which swells with blood when a woman is aroused.

    So being able to have an orgasm through penetration of the vagina alone does not mean there is no involvement of the clitoris.

    Yes, yes, yes

    Both Cass and Redelman believe the vagina itself is not a very sensitive organ and say it has relatively few nerve endings. But certain sex positions can enhance clitoral stimulation.

    Also, Cass says “there are short ligaments that join the clitoral hood [the fold of skin surrounding the glans] to the vulva, so when the vulva’s being incidentally moved during penetration, that is actually stimulating the glans of the clitoris.”

    She adds that some women find the pressure of intercourse, both on the vaginal walls and through the walls onto the internal parts of the clitoris and other tissues, perhaps including the cervix, is enough to bring them to orgasm.

    “But when we talk about clitoral stimulation, usually people are talking about touching on the outside of the body and the truth is most women do need that.

    Redelman agrees women vary greatly in their sensitivity to sexual stimuli: “Some women can be sitting on the bus on the way to work and flex their thighs and have an orgasm.”

    What about the G-spot?

    The G-spot was named after German gynaecologist Ernst Graefenberg, who first mooted its existence in 1950. It was first described as a highly sensitive area in the vagina that, when stimulated, gives a woman a powerful orgasm. While it might explain the vaginal orgasms some women report, many experts believe it does not exist at all.

    Cass says the G-spot is not really a spot, but rather an erogenous zone that is an internal part of “the clitoral system” – a group of body parts, including the clitoris, that act together during sexual arousal. She says this erogenous zone is felt through the front vaginal wall in some women when they are aroused. It is erectile tissue that wraps around the urethra and is called the urethral sponge (but is sometimes also known as the female prostate).

    “Some women get a very strong erectile reaction within the sponge and they can feel a firm area, but not a spot. It seems like the vaginal wall is swelling and getting firm. But it’s the urethral sponge on the other side of the wall. Some women could have an orgasm from stimulating this area. But others might not really feel anything.”

    Says Margaret Redelman: “I think the vast majority of women don’t have [a G-spot] and won’t feel anything.”

    Rosemary Coates says she remains “agnostic” on the issue.

    “I have always told my students that if a woman believes she has a G-spot then who is to argue?”

    I’ll have what she’s having

    Many now see the distinction between a ‘vaginal’ and a ‘clitoral’ orgasm as artificial and unhelpful.

    Cass says research and surveys suggests only around 30 per cent of women can orgasm “just through penetration of some sort” but she believes this may be an overestimate because some of the studies were not high quality.

    Says Coates: “The myth of a vaginal orgasm was based on [psychoanalyst Sigmund] Freud’s rather misogynistic views on women’s sexuality. Up until the 1960s, various ‘experts’ assumed that women who did not experience an orgasm during vaginal intercourse were immature.

    “In fact, when the anatomy of the vulva is clearly understood [along with] the biomechanics of the sex act, particularly in heterosexual ‘missionary’ position, one can easily see how a lack of appropriate stimulation of the clitoris will result in difficulty in obtaining orgasm.”

    Nonetheless the quest to climax during sexual intercourse remains.

    “Women come to me and say they can’t orgasm,” says Cass. “But then I find out they actually can very easily have an orgasm, they just aren’t having one during intercourse. That pressure is there.”

    “Some people are fixated on this: ‘My partner has to have an orgasm through intercourse’,” Redelman says. “But of course that kind of pressure actually almost guarantees that she’s not going to do it.”

    Both she and Cass believe couples can be taught ways to provide extra stimulation during intercourse. But focusing too much on this can be harmful.

    “The primary thing is to enjoy lovemaking,” Redelman says. “The brain is the biggest sex organ. If you’re doing things together that give you sexual arousal… to me that’s perfect lovemaking.

    “I think we should just let women be different, be individuals. However they arrive at orgasm, that’s the right way to do it for them.”

    Published 28/10/2014

    All About Orgasms: Why We Have Them, Why We Don’t, and How to Increase Pleasure

    An orgasm can be a mild and sensuous experience, or it may feel intensely physical or even ecstatic, causing a loss of everyday awareness. It may feel different at different times, depending on such factors as: your emotional or physical state; whether you are masturbating alone or sexually active with a partner; the type and amount of stimulation; your energy level and degree of excitement; and where you are in your menstrual cycle.

    Some orgasms are purely physical; others may involve subjective and psychological aspects. Feelings of intimacy may enhance orgasms with a partner and, conversely, orgasms can enhance intimacy.Take a body tour!
    Learn more about the anatomy of women’s genitals >

    One woman describes how she feels afterward:

    Once a lover knows my body well enough to be able to get me off fairly easily, it feels so good to relax and relinquish control over what’s happening. After, I love feeling sexy and pleased with my body, that it responds to all these fun sensations and I can reliably get release in the way that I crave. For someone who’s had a pretty rough relationship with her body over the years, it feels big and important now to be crazy about my body through the way it experiences pleasure.

    Some of us need direct and sometimes prolonged clitoral stimulation both before and during intercourse. Using a vibrator alone when masturbating or during sex with a partner may help.

    Women have the potential to respond to sexual arousal throughout the entire body and especially the pelvic region.  Women who have had a total hysterectomy, in which the cervix and the uterus have been removed, may learn to focus on different kinds of sexual stimulation and feelings.

    Women with spinal cord injuries who have no feeling in the pelvic area have reported experiencing orgasm and its sensations elsewhere in the body. And some women experience orgasm from thought or imagery alone, without any physical touch.

    What Happens When I Orgasm?

    Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, early researchers in the field of human sexuality, asserted that all female orgasms are physiologically the same — brought about through stimulation of the clitoris, with contractions occurring primarily in the outer third of the vagina. Yet some women describe orgasms that don’t fit this model.Some women have never had an orgasm, or have difficulty experiencing one. See below: What if I Don’t Orgasm?

    Some women find the cervix and uterus crucial to orgasm. An orgasm that some women describe as feeling “deep” or “uterine” is brought on by penetration of the vagina. The buildup may involve a prolonged involuntary holding of breath, which is released explosively at orgasm, and there do not seem to be any contractions of the outer third of the vagina.

    The Role of the Clitoris

    For many women, the clitoris is the organ that is most sensitive to stimulation and plays a central role in elevating feelings of sexual tension. More than a single spot; it is an expansive network of erectile tissues, glands and nerves.

    You or your partner can stimulate your clitoris in many different ways — manually, orally, or by using body pressure or a vibrator.

    Any rubbing or pressure in the mons area or the vaginal lips (even on the lower abdomen and inner thighs) can move the clitoris and may also press it up against the pubic bone.

    The G-spot

    Some women experience intense sexual pleasure and orgasm when a particular area inside the vagina, approximately one-third to one-half up the front wall, is stimulated. The area was first described by Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, who published his findings in 1950, and was named the G‑spot by sex researchers Dr. John Perry and Dr. Beverly Whipple in his honor.

    “When I try too hard to have an orgasm, it usually doesn’t work and I end up frustrated and bored. For me, it’s best if I relax and let it happen if it’s going to.”

    There is debate among researchers about whether the G‑spot is a distinct anatomical structure or whether the pleasure some women feel when the area is stimulated is due to its closeness to the bulbs of the clitoris.

    If you want to explore whether stimulation of this area is pleasurable for you, set aside a time when you can allow yourself to relax and become aroused. You may want to warm up with other types of stimulation and then use your fingers to explore two to three inches inside the vagina, toward your abdomen. Feel for a rough texture or ridges. It can be helpful to curve your fingers into a “come here” position and explore by massaging and pressing into the area.

    Experiment with different positions, such as lying on your stomach or squatting. It may be difficult to find, especially if your fingers are especially short and/or your vagina is especially long.

    When you first touch this area, it might feel as if you have to pee. That is because the area of the G‑spot surrounds the urethra, the tube you urinate through. The sensation may subside after a few seconds of massage. Your G‑spot can also be stimulated by a partner’s fingers or penis, a dildo, or a G‑spot vibrator.

    Contrary to popular myth, the G‑spot is not a magic button that automatically produces ecstasy when pushed. Yet many find that exploring this area can enhance sexual pleasure.

    Female Ejaculation

    For some women, sufficient stimulation of the G‑spot or the clitoris may lead to ejaculation, the release of fluid from the urethra. Some people doubt the existence of female ejaculation, but from ancient Greek writings to the Hindu Kama Sutra to 16th-century Japanese art-work, female ejaculation has been described and honored.

    Sometimes called spraying or squirting, female ejaculation can bring a feeling of powerful release and pleasure. As one woman describes it:

    The sensation when I’m about to squirt is incredibly intense. All my muscles are rigid and I stop breathing and there is nothing I can do to stop what comes next. Then I feel an incredible release as the fluid shoots out of me and my entire body relaxes. It doesn’t happen often, and I can’t make it happen, but when it does it is pretty wonderful!

    Ejaculation can occur with or without an orgasm. Although ejaculate is released through the urethra, it is not clear what the fluid is comprised of. Research indicates that it is chemically different from urine, and some research has found its biochemical elements similar to what is found in male prostate fluid.

    The amount of ejaculate varies, from about a teaspoon to a gush big enough to create a dinner-plate-sized wet spot on the sheets. It looks like watered-down skim milk and the smell and taste may vary during the menstrual cycle.

    Did I miss it?

    Sometimes it can be difficult to know if you’ve had an orgasm. As one woman notes:

    The way I’ve heard about orgasms is there’s supposed to be a big release, but that’s not the way it works for me. I feel a really intense buildup that feels great, and then suddenly, my clitoris becomes too sensitive to keep stimulating, so I stop. I no longer have a desire to keep going, and I just feel relaxed and tired, in a good way. I always wonder, did I miss the climax? Or was that not really an orgasm?

    If arousal occurs without enough stimulation to orgasm, sexual tension subsides eventually without orgasm, though it takes longer, and your genitals and/or uterus may ache. This is the analogue of “blue balls” for men; it has the same cause and will resolve itself. Many women have been convinced (mostly by men) that the male version of this ache is somehow dangerous and deserves immediate relief, while also believing that the female version is of no real consequence because it will go away if you let it.

    Some women orgasm once, some twice or more in quick succession. But even though multiple orgasms are possible, this doesn’t mean that everyone has them or that you’re sexually inadequate if you don’t. Partners may expect it, too, yet one orgasm can be plenty, and sexual expression without orgasm can also be pleasurable.

    Sometimes orgasms (single or multiple) become one more performance pressure or goal. Try to remember an orgasm isn’t the most important part.

    What if I Don’t Orgasm?

    Keep in mind that even when sexual intercourse feels good, it may not ever lead to orgasm. This is perfectly normal, too. Intercourse can be about pleasure or connection; it doesn’t have to focus on orgasm. You may find that you’re more likely to orgasm during oral or manual stimulation than during insertive sex.

    For some women, experiencing orgasm is complicated by other issues. Shame about exploring and touching our bodies may prevent us from learning to bring ourselves to orgasm through masturbation.

    Sexual, physical or emotional abuse (past or present) may also impair the ability to orgasm. Arousal may prompt mental and/or physical memories of the abuse, even in a consensual and trusting relationship. (For more on this, read How Past Sexual Abuse or Violence Affects Relationships and Recommendations for Healing From Abuse.)

    Sex therapists are specifically trained to help women understand the complex blocks to orgasm, which may include physical issues, negative memories, partner dynamics, education, negative cultural messages, and fear of reaching out for what we want.

    With a partner, here are some problems that may get in the way of orgasm:

    • You don’t really want to be having sex with this person right now, or communication about sex is poor.
    • You and/or your partner need more sex education in order to understand what’s happening during arousal.
    • You’re too busy thinking about how to do it right, why it doesn’t go well or quickly enough, or whether your partner is into it or feeling impatient or tired.
    • You’re afraid of asking for too much and seeming too demanding.
    • You’re afraid that if your partner concentrates on your pleasure, you’ll feel such pressure to orgasm that you won’t be able to—and then you don’t.
    • You’re trying to orgasm at the same time as your partner (simultaneous orgasm), which seldom occurs.
    • You’re angry at, or have unresolved emotional issues or conflicts with, a sexual partner.
    • You’re angry or scared about something that happened in the past, which may or may not have involved the present partner.
    • You’re feeling guilt about having sex and cannot really enjoy it.
    • You’ve bought into the assumption that with a male partner, women should have orgasms through intercourse, and it’s just not working.
    • You’ve fallen into a pattern of “faking” orgasm to please a partner or to get it over with.

    Not being able to have an orgasm with a partner is not by itself a flaw in a relationship, though it can sometimes be a clue that the relationship needs to change in some way. It may also be that you or a partner needs to learn more about your sexual arousal and responses.

    One woman writes:

    Vaginal penetration alone doesn’t make me orgasm, and this is true for many women. I need direct clitoral stimulation, and I need it done right. I’ve only had two partners who have been able to make me orgasm without my assistance at all, out of what I generally count as 11 partners. And even for these two, it took them a good long time to learn how — six months for one and a year for the other — and while both were able to do it via oral sex, only one has been able to do it with his fingers, and then only on occasion. If I’m going to get off during sex, I’m most likely the one who’s going to make that happen, and the best way for me to do that is usually with a vibrator.

    To learn more, head over to Scarleteen and read this in-depth article: With Pleasure: A View of Whole Sexual Anatomy for Every Body.

    Mystery of the female orgasm may be solved | Sexuality

    Female orgasm has perplexed scientists, fuelled an equality movement and propelled Meg Ryan to fame. Now researchers say they might have found its evolutionary roots.

    The purpose of the euphoric sensation has long puzzled scientists as it is not necessary for conception, and is often not experienced by women during sex itself. But scientists in the US have come up with an answer. Human female orgasm, they say, might be a spin-off from our evolutionary past, when the hormonal surges that accompany it were crucial for reproduction.

    “It is important to stress that it didn’t look like the human female orgasm looks like now,” said Mihaela Pavličev, co-author of the study from Cincinnati children’s hospital. “We think that [the hormonal surge] is the core that was maybe modified further in humans.”

    Writing in the journal JEZ-Molecular and Developmental Evolution, Pavličev and co-author Günter Wagner from Yale University describe how they delved into the anatomy and behaviour of a host of placental mammals to uncover the evolutionary origin of female orgasm, based on the hormonal surges associated with it.

    In mammals such as cats and rabbits, these surges occur during sex and play a crucial role in signalling for eggs to be released from the female’s ovaries. By contrast in a variety of other mammals, including humans and other primates, females ovulate spontaneously.

    By tracing these mechanisms of ovulation across the evolutionary tree of mammals, the authors found that so-called “male-induced ovulation” predates spontaneous ovulation, with spontaneous ovulation likely to have arisen in the common ancestor of primates and rodents around 75 million years ago.

    That, they say, suggests that human female orgasm could have its roots in a mechanism for the release of eggs during sex – a mechanism that became redundant with the evolution of spontaneous ovulation, with female orgasm potentially going on to acquire other roles.

    “There is a lot of discussion about whether it could have any functions like in bonding behaviour and things like that – so we cannot exclude that it actually has co-opted some other function after it lost its function in reproduction,” said Pavličev.

    The authors say the theory is backed up by a comparison of the position of the clitoris, which gives rise to orgasms, in different mammals. Species that rely on hormonal surges during sex to ovulate tend to have a clitoris inside or near the female sex canal, making it more likely to be stimulated during sex. But, the authors note, those that ovulate spontaneously have the clitoris further away.

    That, says Pavličev, also helps to explain why many women do not have orgasms during sex itself. “It seems very natural not to automatically accompany orgasm with copulation,” she said.

    David Puts from Pennsylvania State University said the new theory is plausible although, he stresses, it only looks at the hormonal component of female orgasm. “Of course, it is difficult or impossible to investigate sexual pleasure in nonhuman animals,” he said.

    But, he adds, the new research goes a long way to boosting out understanding of the ancestral form of human female orgasm. “From there, we can explore how these components have changed over evolutionary time in response to putative selection pressures,” he said.

    Elisabeth Lloyd, professor of biology at Indiana University and author of The Case of the Female Orgasm, also described the research as important. “I think they are on to some pretty interesting ideas tracing back what occurs today as orgasm and seeing where it came from,” she said.

    But, says Lloyd, she is yet to be convinced by Wagner and Pavličev’s theory, not least because it does not take into account neurological and muscular aspects of human female orgasm. What’s more, she says, very little is known about orgasms in the females of other species.

    Instead, Lloyd favours the theory that female orgasms are simply a happy quirk of embryo development. “It is only at eight weeks that there is a surge of male hormones that turns the genitals into male genitals,” she said. While men need to orgasm in order to transfer sperm, women, said Lloyd, end up with the nerve and muscle tissues for orgasm as “a fantastic bonus”.

    “It all seems to be rather purposeless – except for the enjoyment, obviously,” she said. “It doesn’t mean it is not important, it just means it doesn’t have an evolutionary purpose.”

    90,000 How to bring a woman to multiple orgasm

    The entire Internet is replete with myths that there are as many as 11 types of female orgasm. There is a feeling that a woman can have an orgasm from almost anything in the world. The most popular are: clitoral, vaginal, anal and multiple. It sounds very promising and confusing, so 5-tv.ru decided to investigate this issue together with Nadezhda Petrasova, a sexologist, psychologist and expert at the Center for Sexual and Family Education.

    “There are several stimulation zones. The most famous of these is the clitoris, its outer or inner part. However, the main signal is always sent by the brain ”, – says the expert.

    As a matter of fact, orgasm is a complex psychophysiological process. It lies deep in the brain. Therefore, we can safely say that orgasm is one and can be caused by various erogenous zones during sex. It has been scientifically proven that a woman can have up to four orgasms in one intercourse.This statistic affects 20% of women.

    How to have an orgasm if it never happened?

    “Caress, a man’s voice, his smell can stimulate an orgasm. Especially the smell! If a girl likes the natural smell of a man, then she will get perfect pleasure with him and this particular man will be perfect for her ”, – the sexologist shared.


    Before reaching orgasm, it is important to take time to foreplay.And if a woman helps her partner, directs him to those zones where she gets maximum pleasure, then the probability of reaching orgasm rises to 60%.

    Erogenous Zones

    The second stage is the stimulation of the woman’s erogenous zones. So she not only gets aroused, but also relaxes. And the brain sends signals that today she will have an orgasm. The body begins to prepare.

    Pleasant relaxing environment

    It could be a romantic dinner, a warm bath, candles all over the room, some wine or romantic music.It is important to influence all channels of perception.

    Diversify Sex

    Don’t be afraid to diversify your sex. One pose can quickly get bored, so it is worth changing them regularly, trying something new. Buy vibrators, handcuffs, and other sex products. Experiment.

    Listen to your partner

    It is important to constantly listen to your partner, constantly talk about sex, relax during intercourse, and then you will be provided with an orgasm.

    Earlier 5-tv.ru told about the best way to achieve orgasm, according to Isa.

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    How to bring a girl to orgasm

    By Mika Miro (Medow) 39 min read Views 5.9k. Published

    In this article I will tell you everything you need to know in order to arouse, bring a girl to orgasm and fully satisfy the vast majority of the fair sex. You won’t need months of hard training. All you need is to discard prejudices about your sexual performance, stamina and penis size, since from now on it will not matter to you or your girlfriend .The most important thing is to just read carefully and open your mind, body and heart to this knowledge, which will help you bring almost any (99%) girl to orgasm and G-spot orgasm.

    There is no one way to different girls orgasms

    Before I start, I would like to immediately explain to all men one small but very important detail, without which all your knowledge and efforts may be in vain. All girls are different – their physiological and psychological characteristics, sexual openness, etc. Therefore, do not be surprised if the technique described below works by 150% on one, and a little worse on the other. Remember that each girl is unique, inimitable and you need to find your own approach to each. How do you find this approach? No matter how strange it may sound to you, the girl herself should help you with this. That is why your main tool and weapon should be your tongue !!))) And you will need it not only to caress the girl, but in order to establish feedback with her, that is, learn to communicate with her about her tastes, feelings and preferences in sex.You can, of course, go the way to her orgasm on your own by trial and error, but how long you will go to it and whether you will reach – no one knows. Most often, no one knows her body better than the girl herself, so if you want to learn how to manage pleasure in her body, talk to the girl and ask her. This does not mean that you need to bombard her with questions during sex. No! After all, this can be discussed later. What she liked more and how, what she felt and what she would like to change. Stop pleasing your ego and mistakenly believing that you know everything about her body, including how to bring any girl to orgasm.After all, most girls are initially altruistic, that is, they will experience pleasure even from the fact that they satisfied you, even if they themselves did not experience an orgasm. Many even go for a simulation of an orgasm, so as not to offend you and not to hurt your ego. That is why, initially, you need to make the girl understand (say) that you really want to bring her to a dizzying orgasm, but you will need her help. Tell her not to be ashamed of you, to suggest something and say what and how it is more pleasant for her.Spend some time researching her sexuality and it will pay off with interest! And the main return will be her stunning orgasms.

    4 Essential Steps to a Girl’s Orgasm

    We will consider and analyze 4 basic steps that you need to complete in order to bring a girl to orgasm:

    • relaxation
    • excitation
    • stimulation of erogenous zones
    • intercourse

    In order to satisfy the girl, first of all, you need to relax her physically and psychologically, relax her body, then excite the girl, and only after that start various manipulations with the erogenous zones, which as a result will lead her to orgasm and ejaculation.It is worth noting that the last 4th step “sexual intercourse” is already an additional step, which is essentially a continuation of the 3rd (“stimulation of erogenous zones”). It’s just that now this stimulation will be done in the usual form for all men, that is, with the help of a penis.

    Only after you have completed the first three steps can you proceed to the fourth, that is, the most sexual intercourse, which will inevitably bring the girl to orgasm. At the same time, with a high probability, she will experience an orgasm even before the very sexual intercourse.But more on that below. I want to practically help every man learn how to give his girlfriend orgasms. Every woman has everything in order to experience orgasm and ejaculation, and a man just needs to help her by applying his knowledge, desire and a little patience to this.

    Psychological conditions conducive to orgasm

    Psychological factors are key. In order to arouse a girl and bring her to the G-zone orgasm and ejaculation, you need to get acquainted with some physical and psychological techniques.I will start with the psychological moments, because no matter how well you prepare physically, if you fail to master some of the psychological moments of dealing with a woman, as well as self-control, everything else you have done may cease to make sense and give absolutely no result. Therefore, I want to emphasize the particular importance of trust, emancipation, and the desire to act at the right time.

    She Should Trust You

    It is possible to satisfy a girl by bringing her to the G-spot orgasm and ejaculation with it, under several conditions, among which one of the most important is trust – she must 100% trust herself and her partner, that is, you.The fact is that if, for example, a clitoral orgasm can be stopped, then the orgasm of the G zone, if it has begun, cannot be stopped by anything, since it rolls in waves one after another on an increasing scale and at these moments the girl loses full control over her body. Therefore, in order for her to allow herself to experience such an orgasm with you, she needs to deeply trust you, even on a subconscious level.

    Many people say to me: “Ok, this is only possible for those couples who have been living together for a long time, but what about my new girlfriend?” .The fact is that a long life together does not at all mean that there is complete trust between partners, that necessary level of it that is needed for an enchanting orgasm. Very often, couples do not succeed due to the fact that the woman does not completely trust herself, which does not allow her to relax enough, or she does not trust her partner enough. These difficulties need to be solved through communication.

    The more relaxed the girl, the easier it is to bring her to orgasm

    One of the main conditions for a girl to reach a G-spot orgasm is relaxation – not only physical, but also psychological.At the moment of your intimacy, she should not experience any worries and worries, nothing should bother her. Her thoughts and body should be entirely in the same place – namely, here and now with you. She should be fully involved and immersed in the process of your love meeting. Only under these conditions can one proceed to her physical relaxation, that is, relaxation of her body.

    The fact is that under the influence of our fears, worries and worries, muscles are clamped, and tense muscles are one of the main barriers to reaching orgasm.Only a completely relaxed body can experience a truly powerful orgasm. Spasmodic muscles pinch blood vessels and disrupt normal blood circulation, which leads to inadequate oxygen supply to tissues. And oxygen is the main transporter in the body and pleasure as well.

    Therefore, before trying to arouse a girl and bring her to orgasm, take care of an atmosphere that should be conducive to relaxation. A comfortable bed, pleasant smells, gentle music that caresses the ear, maybe a little wine to relax (just a little).

    You are probably wondering now: “So how can you relax her body?” The best and most effective way is erotic massage, but we will talk about it in more detail a little later.

    You must like her

    No matter how trite it may sound, in order to arouse a girl you must like her, attract her and she must want this intimacy, want to share this pleasure with you, because in order to achieve orgasm you both have to work a little.If she does not like to have sex or does not want to have sex now, or you simply do not physically attract each other and do not excite each other, then all the recommendations and tips described below will be useless. But if she wants to experience an orgasm with you and achieve new brighter sensations or reach a new higher level of intimacy, then everything will turn out very easy for you.

    She should be focused on sex and not be distracted

    This seems very easy at first glance, but in reality it is not always easy to achieve it.A girl can easily think about her hair or her makeup, or think if she looks stupid in front of you, is she sexy, etc. Therefore, do not skimp on words. Whisper in her ear how beautiful she is and how much she turns you on. Only if she is confident can you focus her attention on her feelings and arousal . This is why erotic massage is so important. In addition to the fact that it relaxes the body, it also helps your beloved to tune in to herself and to you and to those feelings that you give each other with the help of touch.If you suddenly feel that she begins to think about something else as not related to what is happening, ask her something, for example: “Do you feel so good?” or “Do you like it when I do this?” Just do not be zealous and bombard her with endless questions, do it only when you really see that she is distracted. Try to focus her attention on your intimacy.

    Just do not try to do this in your underpants !!!)))

    Men, remember – you must be undressed!)) One friend of mine complained to me that he could not excite a girl enough for her to experience orgasm and ejaculation.I asked about the details and he told me that he was in bed with her in his underpants. I asked him to imagine a tiger in the jungle and asked: “When do tigers do it, they are wearing shorts”? Wouldn’t you like to be a tiger in her bed? This is what distinguishes us from our smaller brothers. Therefore, put all the conventions of civilization aside if you want to satisfy the girl and so that your sex with her was bright and passionate.

    Physiological features of female orgasm

    Now, after we have considered the psychological conditions that must be created in order to bring a girl to orgasm, we need to understand and understand some physiological characteristics that will help us to understand even more the nature of our fair half.

    Accelerates slowly, but travels for a long time

    It is on this principle that female arousal works. In this respect, women and I are completely different. If a man in order to get aroused and start sex will be enough with just one thought or one erotic fantasy, then for women the opposite is true. Her excitement is like a heavy railway locomotive that slowly picks up speed, but if it picks up, then nothing can stop it. Also in women. They slowly gradually become aroused, but if they get very aroused, then their orgasms will go one after another and you will not have to put too much effort for this.That is why we will direct all our efforts just to excite the girl as much as possible.

    One friend complained to me: “I give her an erotic massage, excite her as much as I can, but what about myself?” Of course, sex should bring pleasure to both her and you, but you, as a man, need to take on some preparatory and warming up work. As soon as you start and accelerate the excitement of your partner to the desired speed, sex immediately begins to please both of you. But in the beginning you should act on the principle of getting pleasure from giving pleasure to your beloved .

    The main thing is that you feel comfortable . Your bed or any other place that you have chosen for an intimate meeting should be comfortable, so that you and your loved one feel comfortable, so that you can easily touch any parts of each other’s body.

    Increase her self-confidence through touch

    Constantly build trust in one another through touch.These touches and caresses should apply not only to her obvious erogenous zones – breasts, vagina, nipples, etc., but also to all other parts of her body.

    Remember, have you ever kissed her eyelids or eyebrows, have you caressed her hair slowly with your fingers through it, have you enjoyed sliding the tip of your tongue along her spine, throat, or around her ear? You will rather ask: “Does this really affect the girl’s orgasm?” And I will boldly answer you: “Yes. And again Yes !!! ” In order for a girl to experience the G-spot orgasm, she needs to feel your love, to feel that you like her from head to toe, that every part of her body drives you crazy.Such gentle touching a girl’s body in unusual places can develop her trust in you to such an extent that she will never interfere with you in anything and will allow you to do whatever you want with herself.

    Full erotic massage

    Erotic massage will help to relax, excite and satisfy the girl. Any erotic massage begins with warming up the palms and lubricating them with oil to make the touch warmer, softer and more pleasant. You can start with the palms, gradually moving along the arm to the shoulders and neck.At the same time, it will not be superfluous if you kiss your partner from time to time, and it does not matter where – it can be her finger, her hands, neck or lips. In more detail, erotic massage is described in a series of training videos on the erotic massage page.

    Eye contact

    All of us have often noticed in ourselves and in our partners that when we make love, our eyes unconsciously close. But here it is worth noting that it would be better not to cover them and maintain eye contact with your partner.Such contact helps not to be distracted from what is happening and is constantly physically and mentally in the process. If your loved one closes her eyes, tell her that you would like to see her charming eyes all the time. It is not necessary that you constantly look each other in the eyes, the main thing is that she watches what is happening and gets excited by it even faster. Let her see that you, while giving her a massage, get no less pleasure from it than she herself.

    All parts of the body are interconnected

    Continuing to massage, gradually descend from the neck to her shoulders, and then down along the chest and down along the ribs.It is worth noting the relationship of ribs and breasts, so do not be surprised if a girl tells you that you are stroking her ribs, and she somehow feels her breasts in an unusual way. By the way, the same can be said about the female buttocks, which are closely related to the female genitals and the vagina in particular. That is why girls are very often excited when a man begins to crush their buttocks. Therefore, when you do massage, pay worthy attention to this beautiful part of the female body.

    Do this gently, but at the same time squeeze and squeeze them powerfully.This massage can turn a girl on great. You yourself can get terribly excited and want to enter it. But do not succumb to temptations, since your main goal at this stage is to excite the girl as much as possible, so that she literally flows with desire – only in this case we will be able to bring the girl to the G-spot orgasm. If you want to caress her nipples, but not it is worth sucking them like a nipple, just gently take them with your lips as if you want to taste. Or you can gently move the tip of your tongue around the papilla – this is also very stimulating.

    Don’t touch her vagina

    Continue the massage, going down the thighs to the knees and down the shins to the feet. Cover all these parts of the body with kisses, but remember that her vagina should not be touched until the very last moment. You can rise to the shoulders and chest as much as you like, then again lower to the feet while circling around and around the vagina, but in no case touch the vagina itself. This will tease your partner even more and dispel her arousal.

    Do not forget about your feet, many women love when they have a foot massage. Although I am not a fitishist in foot massage, if I want to suck her thumb, I will. If you also want to do this at some point, then do not deny yourself this. You should strive to completely relax absolutely her entire body.

    Relationship between physical and psychological factors

    After massaging the front of the body, ask your woman to roll over on her stomach.Continue the massage, going up the back of your legs. Rising from the feet to the buttocks along the back of the legs, pay attention to the popliteal region, which is very sensitive to kissing. If you move your tongue over it, it will give the girl an unusual and very pleasant sensation, which will represent a mixture of something ticklish, but at the same time pleasant. The inner thighs are also very sensitive to kissing, which should also be given attention. Then rise higher to the buttocks.

    I have already spoken about the close relationship between the buttocks and the vagina, so when you massage her buttocks, imagine and keep this relationship in mind.Notice how the lips of her vagina move. All parts of our body are interconnected with each other, so when you stimulate one, you automatically affect the other, forming a chain reaction that can lead to incredibly strong arousal of erogenous zones.

    Breathe on her cunt

    My favorite stage of erotic massage is to breathe on her vagina. I get as close to him as possible and begin with an effort to breathe on him and on the inner thighs.Unlike men, women love this kind of arousal. I myself am excited by the way the girl moans with pleasure. When I breathe on her vagina, I try to wrap my lips around it completely. At such moments, I want to go into her with my tongue as deeply as possible, but I don’t, because I want to excite the girl as much as possible. After that, continue to move up to her buttocks, while not ceasing to massage, lick and squeeze them. Then on the lower back and back, rise even higher to the very shoulders, continue the massage there.

    When you move from her buttocks to her shoulders, it will be more comfortable to sit astride in such a way that your penis rubbed against her buttocks or between them – this will have a very exciting effect on your partner. You don’t need to deliberately focus on it, just keep doing the massage. The girl, feeling your “excitement”, which rubs against her buttocks, will get even more excited. The massage should last as long as necessary in order to completely relax and arouse your partner.There are no clear boundaries here, but on average it would not be bad to do a massage from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Remember that being attentive to your partner’s feelings is one of the core skills of being a great lover.

    Is it time to move on to vaginal stimulation?

    It is clear that we will hardly be able to bring the girl to orgasm with one erotic massage. But we remember that this massage lays the foundation for her future orgasm – it allows a girl to be aroused.

    After you massage her whole body, you need to understand if she is ready for vaginal stimulation. How to determine this? Very simple – ask her to roll over onto her back. When she rolls over, pay attention to her legs. If, when she rolls over, she spreads them enough so that you can put your palm on her vagina without touching her inner thighs – this is a sure sign that your beloved is ready and passionately wants you to start interacting with her most erogenous part of her body – her vagina.

    Is she relaxed enough?

    When you turn your partner over and make sure she is ready to stimulate the vagina, lie on your side and hug her. Pay attention to whether she responds to you with a mutual hug. If this happens, it will indicate her great sexual desire, which she wants to share with you. It is not possible to issue this. Therefore, hugging your partner, you will make sure that she is sufficiently relaxed and trusting in you.

    Is the girl horny enough?

    There are several indications that she is already aroused and ready for further developments.

    1. Deep rapid breathing
    2. She often licks her lips and swallows saliva
    3. Her vagina secretes copiously . If you take it on your finger and rub it with others, you will feel how slippery it is. You can see her visually when the woman is very aroused. It literally flows down from her vagina in a thick drop. Or you can feel it by lightly touching your fingers to her vagina.
    4. Movement of her body .The main sign that a woman is quite aroused and ready for sex is the undulating movements of her hips and the squirming movements of her entire body. They may be subtle and expressionless, but always sensual and sexy. When you notice that she begins to do all or part of the above, this is a sign that you can start touching her vagina and try to bring her to orgasm, as she already desires it passionately.

    If you feel and see that nothing like this is happening to her, continue to do erotic massage, touching her more and more with your penis.Rub your cock on her thighs or belly, while kissing her belly and ribs gradually down to her pubis. Lick her thighs (where the torso meets the thigh). These areas have very delicate skin and are therefore very sensitive to kissing and tongue contact. If all of this does not help and your partner still does not show any signs of arousal, take care of the psychological conditions I mentioned earlier. Most likely you missed something earlier. Your loved one may not be relaxed enough.She may not trust herself or you enough, she may not be confident enough or have any other problems.

    Many do not know and do not even realize that the area above the pubis is very erogenous in women. During arousal, a large amount of blood begins to circulate here. Rub this area gently across your torso for about a minute, but not more as it may be useless. When rubbing this place, be very careful and gentle and at the same time you can iron her hair on her head, kiss her neck, lips or ears, but at the same time do not forget that this is another living person, and not a toy for sexual pleasures or experiments.

    Vaginal stimulation

    We have checked and made sure that she is relaxed and aroused enough. Now you can safely proceed to one of the final stages of bringing a girl to orgasm, namely, to stimulate her most erogenous zones, which is her vagina.

    Body position for vaginal and G-spot stimulation

    You can stimulate the G-spot in different positions – when the girl is lying on her stomach or back, you can also do this while standing. But when you first try to stimulate a girl’s G-spot, it is better not to complicate your life and allow your beloved to take the most comfortable position for her, lying on her back or stomach.Try this or that and determine the most acceptable and comfortable option for yourself and your partner. Vaginal massage is shown in more detail in the following videos:

    Touching her vagina

    Place your palm on her vagina with your fingers around it. Let her feel the warmth that your palm radiates. If she is aroused enough, she may try to make counter movements to you in order to more tightly press her vagina against your palm – avoid this and do not increase the pressure.Just keep your palm on her vagina, letting her feel the warmth of your touch. Remember that before performing any manipulations on the vagina and even more so on the clitoris, you need to lubricate your hand with oil or moisten it with saliva, since the girls’ skin there is very delicate and sensitive.

    Then, very gently, run your fingers over her outer labia majora. You may already be dying of the desire to enter her and she may already want this passionately and beg you for it, but be patient and do not give in to your desires.Gently continue stroking her vagina with your fingers, keeping in mind the clitoris (see where the clitoris is), the labia minora and the inner walls of the vagina. Then rotate along the outer large lips of the vagina. Your girlfriend by this time may already have a clitoral or radial orgasm or be very close to it – this is quite likely, but this is not exactly what we are really striving for, so try to control yourself.

    Place two middle fingers on her vagina and slowly, without haste, slightly apart the labia majora, drown them inward so that each of the fingers is in the hollow between the labia majora and the small one, which borders on the entrance to the vagina.If you place your hand correctly, your clitoris will be between your two middle fingers. Hold your hand in this way, swinging it slowly from side to side or making circular motions. Try to feel its moisture, which by this time should already be released in abundance. As you do this, imagine her clitoris being stimulated by your fingers. It’s like it’s a little tongue licking between my fingers.


    Many, trying to satisfy the girl, actively focus on the clitoris.Understandably, it is easy to find and easy to stimulate. But we will go further and bring her to such an orgasm, which is much more comprehensive and sensual than a clitoral orgasm. Therefore, we will use the clitoris not to bring the girl to orgasm, but as an additional means to excite the girl. Stimulating the clitoris is one of the steps towards bringing a girl to a G-spot orgasm.In the end, you yourself will understand that the clitoris is not the only arousal zone in women or a magic button for achieving orgasm for a long time.


    I still have not talked about cunnilingus, because if you are trying to bring a girl to a vaginal G-spot orgasm for the first time, it will rather distract than help, because it violates the necessary level of intimacy, which is not desirable to lose. Plus, cunnilingus takes a woman a little away from that necessary place where she should focus her attention and collect all her feelings – namely in the vagina. But if you and your beloved are already familiar with the G-spot and the sensations that it can give, cunnilingus, on the contrary, can become another helper for arousing your partner.You can just gently play with your tongue with her clitoris and lips, or you can additionally help yourself with your fingers, introducing them inside and making rotational movements along the walls of the vagina. More detailed and detailed information on how this is done can be found on pages:

    Control your excitement, but don’t hide it

    Although a man should control himself, he should not hide his excitement. On the contrary, you must show your desire in every possible way with words or sounds.The girl needs to feel that you are as good as she is. Otherwise, she will subconsciously feel distrust and will not be able to completely surrender under your control. At the first stages, it may seem difficult to you, because you will constantly think about what and why you need to do, and in addition, you also need to monitor your partner’s reaction to certain caresses, the degree of her arousal, and so on. But over time, when you to some extent master everything written here, it will be much easier for you, since you will no longer think, you will feel.And this, in turn, will free your head from a heap of thoughts, allow you to plunge more into the whole gamut of feelings and sensations that you will give to each other and will allow your excitement to manifest in all its strength.

    Don’t let the girl touch your dick

    You have been with a girl for a long time in such an intimate setting and naturally you yourself really want to experience the sweet feelings of touch in your penis. And she, perhaps, herself is already eager to do it.But giving in to her at some point and allowing it to do so, you may not notice how you are distracted from the G-spot and focus on your feelings. If you want to bring a girl to orgasm and satisfy her, do not give in to her persuasion to enter her, do not be a weakling. Be patient, because you want to give her something special, something stronger.

    G-spot and its stimulation

    When your partner is sufficiently relaxed and aroused, insert your middle finger into the vagina and slide it gently along the front wall of the vagina just below the pubic bone.You will feel roughness and peculiar irregularities there – this is the so-called zone or point G. See where point G is (photo). In principle, you can explore and stimulate the G-spot with any finger that is more convenient for you. Some prefer to use the thumb, some use the middle, and others use the knuckles altogether. Remember, whatever pleases and satisfies the two of you will do.

    To begin with, try to find the G-spot with your finger, and do not forget to gently hug your beloved with your other hand to let her know that she can trust you and that she is safe with you.Take advantage of this to feel her entire body. Caress her hair, try to feel her breasts fill and fall as she breathes, let your hips and legs feel the heat of your bodies. From now on, she can begin to communicate with you using the sounds and language of her body, showing her pleasure from the sensations that you give her. You can answer her, hug her even more tenderly, or tell her how much she turns you on and how much you want her.

    So with each step you will act on each other more and more, feel the parterre and be excited to enjoy just like her.Caress your vagina as gently as possible by inserting your finger into it. Run along the middle wall of the vagina, try to feel the protrusions and find the G-spot. Then place your finger on the G-spot and let your partner feel it. You have to find the G-point and, as if teasing, continue to hold your finger on it and then it will move to your fingers the way it wants to be touched. All this time, you should continue to hug, kiss and caress the girl, without stopping to carefully monitor all the smallest movements of her G-spot, because if you touch her gently, she will show you the way to her.

    Continue to massage the G-spot by moving your finger up and down for about a minute. When rubbing, you may feel that the roughness and bulges will begin to gradually smooth out, and her papilla will begin to release moisture abundantly. Gradually and carefully increase the pressure, while at the same time imagining how these protrusions are smoothed and leveled. Watch your movements so as not to scratch the delicate surface with your nails – use only the pads of your fingers.

    What if the ridges and bumps are not flattened?

    If the protrusions and bumps do not smooth out or appear again after a while, move on to softer and more gentle movements.These bulges and roughness work in the same way as the nipples of a woman’s breast – their structure changes. You need to ensure that they become soft, so you need to touch them as gently as possible.

    Technique and methods of G-spot massage

    There are 2 main ways to massage the G-spot.

    • Rhythmic pressure . Imagine that the girl is lying on her back and you insert your finger into the vagina, holding your palm with the inside towards you. Find the G-spot on the front wall and simply press on it rhythmically.
    • Slip . The second way is that you press it once and then just slide your finger along it, as if trying to rub it. In this case, you should not press too hard, but slide your fingers very slowly and gently. Once you understand how to do this, you can increase your speed and pressure.

    When you’re just trying to figure out what turns a girl on more, try both of these approaches in turn. While doing this, pay close attention to not only her breathing and body language, but also how the G-spot reacts to your touch.

    Cervix during G-spot stimulation

    You yourself can feel how the cervix itself strives to meet you for stimulation. A woman is not able to experience an orgasm in the G zone from stimulation of the cervix, but it is great for some, while others do not like it. Personally, I think it’s just amazing.

    Vaginal Contractions – Time to Get More Stimulation!

    During the G-spot massage, pay attention to the vaginal walls and you will feel that they contract slightly at intervals of 10-20 seconds.Once you feel these contractions, then it is time to connect the 2nd finger and insert 2 fingers into the vagina together to increase pressure and stimulation. When you insert another finger, hug and caress the woman even more, demonstrating that she has nothing to worry about and that you can be trusted, you will do everything to give her maximum pleasure and so that you do not do you do not harm her.

    Vaginal convulsions are a sign of approaching orgasm!

    Finally, you will feel that the walls of the vagina move apart, tremble with a small tremor when you touch them with your fingers.You will feel that a vacuum has been created in the vagina, which sucks everything into itself. The walls of the vagina have expanded and the space inside has increased. These are all signs that the girl is boldly approaching a G-spot orgasm and subsequent ejaculation.

    Perhaps you have already come to something like this, but yours did not experience the G-spot orgasm, because you did not know, firstly, what to do next and what stimulation to carry out, and secondly, the whole thing was in the psychological factors that I spoke about earlier, the main of which is the woman’s trust, the ability to give herself under your full control.And finally, she did not experience ejaculation due to the fact that she was simply afraid to wet herself in front of you, but more on that below.

    Pre-ejaculation – she’s about to cum!

    Before ejaculation and orgasm, the girl’s vagina will be filled with liquid. This fluid is fundamentally different from vaginal lubrication. Firstly, it is more liquid and not as thick, and secondly, it is released instantly in one second. This is the same as the liquid that is released from a man before he ejaculates. When you feel this liquid in her vagina, you can be proud, because until then you did everything right.So, hug, fondle, kiss and keep doing what you did, because you almost brought the girl to orgasm and it is about to come.

    Just before orgasm, it may seem to her that she wants to write

    The G-spot and bladder are very close and until a woman experiences ejaculation she will not be able to tell the difference between ejaculation and urination. Therefore, quite often girls, when stimulating the G-spot and approaching them to orgasm, it seems that they begin to want to go to the toilet.

    Fear of writing

    Usually women who have never experienced a G-spot orgasm and never ejaculated at the same time begin to experience fear of such an orgasm. This is due to the fact that during the approach of this wave, the girl experiences sensations as if she is losing control of her body and is now describing herself. Of course, what kind of girl would like to wet herself in front of a guy. It is this fear that often prevents you from relaxing and allowing this wave of orgasm to cover you. Treat this fear and anxiety with understanding, hug and caress her, let her feel that you are there and take care of her and that everything is good, that she can relax and allow ejaculation to occur and that you want her juices to come out.

    This is not piss

    Despite the fact that urination and female ejaculation are similar processes, nevertheless, they are not the same thing at all. Some men don’t know anything about female ejaculation at all, so they think their woman is peeing when in reality she’s just ejaculating. Medicine has already accurately determined that the moisture that is released during ejaculation is not urine.

    The onset of orgasm and ejaculation

    A woman’s vagina may contract so much that it may even push your fingers out of it.And the point is not at all that the girl does not want them to be there, it is just that she actually loses control over herself and her body. Be sure to keep your fingers in her and continue to stimulate her G-spot as before. Ejaculating orgasm can come at any time. When this happens, you will feel or see a powerful jet of liquid bursting out a few centimeters, tens of centimeters, or even to the very feet, splashing you and her thighs. And this will continue as long as you continue to stimulate her G-spot.This can happen quickly in a few seconds, or it can take longer in waves. Do not forget to caress, hug and kiss your loved one, expressing your delight and pleasure with your body language and sounds. Tell her how you like it, how good you are with her, how she turns you on, etc. I think you will not have any problems to come up with something of your own.

    What to do during a girl’s orgasm?

    A girl’s reaction during orgasm and ejaculation can be completely unpredictable: she can tremble, scream loudly or hug and hug you to her with unprecedented strength.One way or another, continue to caress her as hard, say that she is yours, that she is so hot, that you love her so much, etc. Even a simple “Yes” can show her how much you are enjoying what is happening. Affectionate and diminutive references to her such as “Kitten”, “Zaenka” or “Sun” also mean a lot.

    How much can a girl ejaculate?

    This is a very individual matter. But many women, like one of my friends, simply run out of fluid, although at the same time some of my other women could have up to 11 ejaculations and it seemed that they could ejaculate indefinitely.Most likely, the body’s water balance plays a role here, which in the process of ejaculation and the release of a large amount of lubricant and fluid is depleted. Therefore, if you want the girl to experience multiple ejaculations, have some juice or water on hand so that the girl can drink and replenish the fluid reserves in her body during lovemaking.

    Only now you can and should enter it as a member!

    Excellent! You aroused enough and brought the girl to orgasm, and maybe more than once.She is already all overflowing with love juices and is looking forward to the continuation of events, and you want to give it to her with even greater impatience!)) Moreover, so far you have been satisfied exclusively with her orgasms. But now the time has come when you can and should take care of your orgasm, especially since the girl herself wants to give it to you.

    It is so great from the beginning to strongly excite the girl, and then enter her with your dick and rise together to the top of sensual pleasures.Another plus of all this technique is that you don’t need to be super hardy or have a big dick in order to really please a girl. You just need to thoroughly arouse her before entering, or it is better to bring her to orgasm at least once with your fingers and tongue. Then when you enter it, you will already have great pleasure in equal measure.

    In order to stimulate and excite the girl for many orgasms and ejaculations, you can periodically switch from using the penis to fingers and vice versa.Such transitions are very teasing and arousing the girl. They may even seem very attractive to you.

    Imagine a penis and a G-spot during sex

    During intercourse, imagine how your penis rests against her G-spot or rubs against her. Imagine and replay it in your head. Stimulate at different angles with different strength and intensity movements.

    Simultaneous orgasm and ejaculation

    The peak of sex is orgasm.And how exciting and wonderful when it comes at the same time for you and her. By the way, this is much easier than it might seem at first glance, and a thousand times easier than achieving the same orgasm during normal sex without prior stimulation. Ejaculation of a man on the cervix inevitably leads to the girl’s orgasm, and together they simultaneously experience it. And vice versa – orgasm and ejaculation of a girl around a man’s penis leads to ejaculation of a man and brings him to orgasm. It may work out right away, or it may take several times to get used to each other and master the technique.But one way or another, it will be a powerful experience and a lot of enjoyment. Almost any couple can take advantage of these tips for their sex life and use this knowledge during lovemaking. In the future, you can experience a simultaneous orgasm whenever you want.


    You reached orgasm yourself, brought the girl to orgasm, but this does not mean that everything is over. Further caresses after this are very important for me personally, and even more so for the girl.It is so nice to lie next to your beloved and feel her warmth, which simply gently envelops you from all sides, to be inside her when our juices are mixed. I have no doubt that you experienced something similar while making love with your beloved, but using the knowledge presented in this article, you can enjoy this aftertaste for much longer and the power of sensations from it will be much larger and brighter.

    All girls are able to experience orgasm and ejaculation

    Every girl has a G-spot and everything you need to get orgasm and ejaculation.To prove this scientifically, you need to experiment with at least 1000 women. I’m not an amazing lover to do this, but I can say that in 95% of cases, all women are able to reach orgasm and ejaculate with some stimulation.

    Common Causes of Inability to Have Orgasm

    Unfortunately, quite often, due to some psychological reasons (blocks), girls are deprived of this opportunity. This can be influenced by a number of factors, including:

    • Childhood and upbringing of a girl – family and relationships in the family in which she grew up greatly affect her ability to enjoy sex with a man.In particular, the relationship with her father strongly influences the model of relationships and behavior with her future men.
    • First sexual experience – very often, due to an unsuccessful first sexual experience, a girl is closed and with it her opportunity to experience orgasms is closed.
    • Unsuccessful love is also one of the common reasons why a girl later experiences difficulties in achieving orgasms.
    • The mission of a woman – historically it so happened that for many centuries a woman served a man to meet his needs and procreate.The man rarely thought about the pleasure of the woman. And in this regard, the woman ceased to know how to experience orgasm and ejaculation and there is no man who could teach her this.

    These reasons can be different, but in most cases they can be solved with the help of a sexologist and his psychotherapy.

    Girls should use their full sexual potential, and men should do their best to help this. This is what this whole article is about. I want to help men unleash this potential in their beloved girls, so that together they can experience vivid orgasms and live a full sex life, enjoying each other.

    Statistics of satisfied women in the world

    “How to bring a girl to orgasm?” – this question is often asked by young and sexually inexperienced young men. And for many more mature men, this question often seems banal and even ridiculous, since from the height of their rich (as they think) sexual experience they think that they are real males and are able to satisfy any girl. But let’s turn to statistics and see how things really are with female orgasm in the world and in our country.American researchers who conducted surveys in various countries collected the following data:

    The following are the countries and the percentage of women who have no orgasm problems and are quite satisfied with sex:

    Mexico ……………………………… 51%
    South Africa …………………………………… .48%
    Italy …………………………………… 48%
    Russia ………………………………… .37%
    Japan ………………………………… .11%
    China ………………………… ………… .8%

    And what do we see? At best, 50% of women and girls are satisfied, that is, they get orgasms during sex.And in Russia, in general, only 1/3 of the girls. Dear men, maybe you shouldn’t be so self-confident? Of course there are men who know a lot about love affairs, but as we see from statistics, there are not many of them. Why is that? In fact, there are many reasons, but one of the most important is the elementary illiteracy of men in relation to female sexuality. The fact is that many men and young teens get information from porn films that disfigure the idea of ​​how to really satisfy a girl or woman in bed.


    So you have learned all the essentials and now you know how to bring a girl to a G-spot orgasm and, in general, how to satisfy a girl. And I sincerely hope that all of the above tips will help you and your loved one get the utmost pleasure.

    8 tips on how to bring a girl to orgasm

    All of us men want to know how to bring a girl to orgasm. This is what we all want to achieve during intercourse. It is very pleasant to watch how it appears before our eyes, when we make it with our fingers, tongues or penetrate it with our members.

    However, helping her to reach orgasm is a real mystery.

    While some of you have already achieved this, others are still struggling to figure out how to achieve it.

    Before we proceed, let me say this. It’s not just how good you are in bed and how well you treat a lady.

    She also needs to be a part of it, relax her body and mind, and enjoy the journey. You both need to work together to make it happen for her.

    How to bring a girl to orgasm now?

    You may be asking yourself this question over and over again. The riddle is about to be solved.

    With the help of the wonderful YouTuber, Laci Green, here are 8 tips every man should know how to have a female orgasm.

    The whole process is not as difficult as it might seem, however, listen carefully, study and surprise your partner the next time you both have sexual moments together.

    Remember, sex is not a science or a set of steps. It looks more like art. Also, make sure that your appearance is not an obstacle to you. Build confidence, be proud of yourself, and take matters into your own hands.

    Tip # 1: Make sure you are in a good mood

    First things first, make sure you two have a good relationship outside the bedroom if you want a good atmosphere in the bedroom.

    Simple Mathematics.

    Leave your stress behind and make sure you are on the same page.Good communication is hot, not to mention foreplay. This is fine?

    Tip # 2: Take your time

    Hold the horses! Slow down a bit, no rush. Yeah, yeah, I know we guys love to shove this inside right away. Of course, it’s hard to hold back. But stick with it and you will have a better fucking experience.

    Touching, kissing, oral sex – all this, combined with a slow pace, is a prerequisite for achieving an orgasm for a girl.All of this is just as important as the actual penetration.

    Tip # 3: Make sure you know your partner’s anatomy.

    Yes, this is the clitoris we are talking about. It is located at the top of the inner labia and is a kind of orgasm control center. Not to mention point G.

    Hint: Go ahead and try to stimulate the outer and inner clitoris at the same time. This is one of the top tips for making a woman cum. If it doesn’t explode, it will at least get wet and warm.

    Do not touch the clitoris with your fingers. Create anticipation, take time to caress other parts of the body, excite her, and only then leave and take care of her intimate parts.

    Tip # 4: Make sure you are gentle and lubricate well

    Unless your partner tells you to be a little rougher, you should always be very gentle when it comes to delicate body parts such as the clitoris. Take it slowly and grease it (or use a skewer) as it is a very sensitive part of the body.If it is overstimulated or you press too hard, it will hurt.

    Tip # 5: Don’t forget to ask your partner what they like

    To really help a girl reach orgasm, use words to get to know your partner better. Ask what you like, which parts of your body to touch. Don’t be afraid to talk and get to know her body.

    Knowing which parts of the body are more sensitive and which are less will excite her even more.

    Tip # 6. Make sure you are steady and consistent when it reaches the point of no return.

    When she gives you a sign that she is about to cum, do not increase the pace.

    Keep it steady and consistent. In other words, just keep doing what you are already doing.

    Tip # 7. Keep everything fresh

    Again, we’re back to communication. You can keep fresh by keeping up a conversation about what things you think are sexy, what you dream of, and more.And also what you could try together. Hint: Sex toys can be very helpful. I’m just saying.

    Tip # 8: Make sure you learn different sex positions

    This is additional advice from me.

    Not all sex positions feel better. Some may even be in pain.

    However, make sure you change your position, talk about what you like best, and find that special sexy position that will thrill your woman more than ever.Once you’ve found the perfect fit, you’ll be on the perfect track to bring your girlfriend to orgasm.

    That’s all the tips and tricks to make her cum. It is now up to you to decide how much of this you will implement in your sexual activity.

    My last words: Surprise her!


    Have you ever wondered if pornstar orgasms are real or fake? You’d better get to know and hear it from the adult performers themselves.

    90,000 How to bring a girl to orgasm?

    A satisfied girl is always gentle, obedient, in love and cooks deliciously.But for this you need to bring the girl to a real orgasm, and not force her to imitate pleasure in sex. How to bring a girl to orgasm and be the perfect lover?

    “In an ideal relationship, pure love and dirty sex are complementary, not mutually exclusive.” Brianna Reed

    Any man can bring a girl home, but far from all to orgasm. According to studies, about 45% of women are unhappy with their intimate life. They often have to fake an orgasm or indulge in self-satisfaction even though they have a boyfriend or husband.This can push the girl into quarreling, cheating, or breaking up. Do you need it?

    Pay attention to a girl after great sex and high-quality orgasm? She becomes gentle, smiling, kind, cheerful, soft and happy. She breathes femininity and love for you.

    If your girlfriend constantly endures brains, and you have conflicts and difficulties, then it may be because of bad sex? A dissatisfied girl is like an aggressive fury who takes revenge on a man for his selfishness and lack of zeal in sex.The girl will shake the nerves of the man until he understands what the matter is.

    Girls are too shy to talk about their desire to have sex. Sometimes they themselves do not realize the reasons for their inappropriate behavior. The upbringing of a girl and male selfishness do not allow them to get 100% pleasure from sex. As a result, relationships get worse and worse.

    Sex is the foundation of any relationship and is no less important than love and likeness of characters. But if the intimate foundation is bursting at the seams, then it will not end well.How to satisfy a girl and bring her to ecstasy in bed?

    Contents of the article

    How can you bring a girl to orgasm?

    There are many myths about sex that prevent couples from developing an intimate life. Myths are very tenacious in the brains of people who learned sex from romantic films or adult films.

    • Sex like in a movie. Sex myths say that everything should be like in a love movie. We watch romantic films, where stereotyped declarations of love, clothes swiftly flying to the floor and quick in front of intimacy.In adult films, girls are immediately ready for sex, incredible somersaults, uncomfortable positions and rough sex. But in real life, sex looks very different. Movie sex does not lead to pleasure, but to chagrin and imitation of orgasm by women.
    • Haste in sex. Many men want to quickly bring a girl to orgasm. But this is the main mistake in sex. In most cases, it will not work to bring a woman to pleasure quickly. If you want to do something well, then you need to make an effort, not quickly or somehow.In sex, freebies will not work. You do not want to shift your “work” to other people who will do better?
    • Penis size, friction and orgasm. Men focus on penis size and friction speed in sex. The stronger, faster and deeper you planted, the better? No. For women, it is important to stimulate and caress the clitoris, where there are many nerve endings. Only 10% of women reach orgasm with one vaginal act. About 45% of women need intercourse along with clitoral stimulation.30% of girls reach orgasm during clit play. The main erogenous zone of a girl is her clitoris.
    • Simultaneous orgasm. Another cinematic myth is the simultaneous orgasm. In reality, it happens quite rarely. First one comes to the finish line, and then the second. Usually men try to satisfy the girl first, and then finish themselves. But you can do it in any order. The main thing is not to leave one of you dissatisfied. A split orgasm helps you focus on the pleasure of one of you, making sex an unforgettable experience.

    How to bring a girl to orgasm

    “The female orgasm is completely different. It is multi-layered, it is brewing somewhere in the head, there are some layers, a bunch of everything should converge there. The female orgasm is like psychedelic music. Only the author understands what is going on there. ” Stas Starovoitov

    Everyone considers themselves the kings of sex, but many are just amateurs in bed. Why lie to yourself? How can you become a more experienced lover and a better male?

    1.How to start sex with a girl who is not yet warmed up?

    What is the most important thing in sex? This is the mood, enthusiasm and sexual tension between a man and a woman. Sex always begins in the head and ends in the interweaving of hot bodies.

    It is advisable to give the girl the opportunity to prepare in advance for sex and get into the appropriate mood. Help the girl to relax, get off the hassle, have fun, relax and recover. A playful feminine mood can help increase the chances of good sex.

    Compliment the girl, admire her appearance, flirt and flirt. Give the girl the opportunity to feel wanted, loved, hot and sexy. Speak beautiful words, whisper in your ear, take care and touch.

    Create an appropriate environment. Women love to have sex when the atmosphere is right. Romance, music, privacy, soulful conversations, candles, wine and an erotic setting. All this evokes sexual images in the girl’s brain.She gets goosebumps and is all in anticipation of intimacy.

    A man should take a shower, smell delicious and look beautiful. The romantic setting and erotic tension will do the trick. After all these preparations, the girl will be more inclined towards intimacy and the desire to be naughty. She, perhaps, will attack you herself, having lost control over her sexual desire.

    2. How to fondle and engage in foreplay before sex?

    Male erection comes quickly, but girls need time.Women don’t get wet right away, as shown in adult movies. They need time to develop enough lubrication and to become more aroused. Do you want to bring the girl to orgasm? Start with long lasting quality foreplay. How to excite a girl and do foreplay?

    • Turn on the music, dim the lights and create a romantic stop
    • Kiss each other gently and then more aggressively or using your tongue
    • Cover exposed parts of the body with kisses: face, neck, shoulders and arms
    • Say compliments, words of love, etc. dirty vulgarities
    • Hug, touch, touch and caress the girl through her clothes
    • Bare the girl little by little by stretching the buttons, pulling up the clothes and kissing naked parts of the body
    • Throw off the clothes yourself or let the girl undress you
    • Leave the girl underwear on and start the caress of her seductive body
    • Smooth, kiss, caress and influence her body in other ways
    • Use your hands, lips and even teeth for a love game
    • Take off the bra and caress the girl’s breasts: smooth, kiss, gently squeeze and press
    • Play with girl’s nipples, pull, suck, lightly bite and pinch
    • Do not concentrate Rush only on one part of the body, and act in different erogenous points
    • Pull off the girl’s panties, caress her thighs, touch near the genitals and tease the girl
    • Proceed to stimulate the clitoris and insert a dick into a girl who is already exhausted from desire

    Time foreplay, before fondling the clitoris and the introduction of the penis, should be at least 15-20 minutes.This will help the girl to get turned on and horny.

    3. How to have sex and give a girl an orgasm?

    There are several ways to bring a girl to pleasure. It is better to first help the girl “see the stars”, and then the man to get his pleasure. Sex positions can be any, but most often women reach orgasm in the missionary position.

    In the sandwich position, it is recommended to use the coital alignment technique. In this position, women reach orgasm in most cases.The man enters the girl and rises a little higher without removing the penis. Now the pubis of a woman and a man will rub when moving. The man presses and rubs the girl’s clitoris with his pubic bone, and the girl moves towards. This method has a positive effect on clitoral fondling and pleasure.

    In the riding position or doggy-style, a man can caress the girl’s clitoris with his hand. First, caress, rub and press gently. Later, you can increase the stimulation if your partner reacts with inspiration to your actions.

    In sex, it is important to observe the reaction and behavior of the girl. If you do everything right, then the girlfriend will moan and wriggle more. It means that you are on the right track and you should not change your previously chosen strategy. Just keep doing what you do.

    What to do if during sex your penis is bad or falls? We agreed on fatigue and give the girl pleasure in another way. Give the girl cunnilingus or satisfy her with your hands. Fingers can bring a girl to orgasm even faster than a penis.Stimulate her clit and caress. Use your drool as a lubricant. The girl will be in seventh heaven from orgasm and happiness.

    A man should not be silent during sex. You can moan, growl, say compliments or vulgarity. Many girls like to hear dirty words that turn them on even more. Here is a list of dirty words you can use during sex. This will help satisfy the chick and give her an unforgettable pleasure.

    • Bad girl, dirty slut, lustful bitch
    • Appetizing ass, juicy tits, beautiful milkings, seductive melons
    • Pussy, peach, pubis, hole, bush
    • Fry, rip off, thrust, whip or spread
    • , suck, lick, open your mouth

    4.How to improve your sex life?

    “Everything that you do in bed is wonderful and absolutely correct. If only they both like it. If there is this harmony, then you and only you are right, and all those who condemn you are perverts. ” Sigmund Freud

    Do you want to bring the girl to orgasm every time? To do this, you should forget about the monotony, boredom, predictability, laziness, stereotypes and prejudices. Show imagination and inspiration in sex. When a man really wants it, it really excites girls.This will allow you not to get bored in bed and keep your relationship in good shape.

    • Have sex in different positions, study the Kama Sutra and try new tricks
    • Play role-playing games, create intrigue and play inside sex
    • Buy various sex toys and be sure to use them in bed
    • Please yourself with beautiful erotic lingerie and provocative from a sex shop
    • Try aphrodisiacs and vitamins to improve sex life
    • Watch adult films, spy on interesting ideas, try and do in parallel with them
    • Use accessories, pillows and other things for sex
    • Stock up on lubricants, gels – lubricants and condoms
    • Be interested in educational programs about sex
    • Try in different parts of the apartment, retire in unusual places, have sex in the car
    • Share your sex fantasies, vulgar dreams and vicious dreams
    • Talk about sex, share Be secrets and be open about getting pleasure from sex

    5.What to do after sex?

    “The whole world is concentrated in a second of orgasm.” Henry Miller

    For full satisfaction you need to behave correctly after sex. Having delivered a girl an orgasm, you do not need to immediately run away on business or fall asleep, which is what many men sin. Even if sex was good, such behavior can neutralize all male achievements in bed. You will be considered a selfish and weak lover.

    Many women want to prolong intimacy and a feeling of intimate tenderness.Take a shower together and wash each other. Hug, chat and share secrets. Show care and tenderness for the girl, being with her. Attention and affection will help you leave a great impression of your previous sex. Sex, in the eyes of a woman, will become even better and more wonderful.

    How to bring a girl to orgasm with every sex? Follow the tips in the article, show enthusiasm and imagination. A high-quality intimate life will have a good effect on relationships and make you happy. Pure love and dirty sex complement each other.All sex, orgasms and love!

    How to bring a woman to orgasm – how to have sex

    How to bring a woman to orgasm is the same as how to have sex

    THE CONTENT OF THE ARTICLE answers the following questions:

    How to bring a woman to orgasm? – not an idle question in sex

    Sexuality education and the level of sexual culture of the population are inexorably creeping up. Therefore, the question of how to bring a woman to orgasm worries more and more men.

    For they, gradually, begin to massively understand that sex is not only pleasure from their own pleasure, but also, often, even greater pleasure, from the fact that a sexual partner is brought to the peak of HER pleasure – to orgasm.

    Even if it is not only a wife or mistress, but any sexual partner, be it casual sex or a prostitute.

    Indeed: one sexual pleasure – one’s own – is good, but, at least for a sexually adequate man, the pleasure of having a partner orgasm is a double pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

    And, importantly: increasing your sexual self-esteem.

    And therefore, how to bring a woman to orgasm is more and more relevant and topical for most men, especially for those who are just gaining their sexual experience.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm? – recommendations of experienced men

    How to bring a woman to orgasm? – remember not as a dogma, but as a basis for a creative attitude to sex in your sex life:

    Basic rule of how to bring a woman to orgasm

    The road will be mastered by the one who is walking and having a goal.Therefore, if you do not have a sexual algorithm: sex is not only the pleasure of two, but also mutual efforts to achieve it, then the question of how to bring a woman to orgasm disappears as unnecessary.

    For if in sex you are aimed at getting your own pleasure, and you perceive the pleasures and orgasms of a woman as an optional attachment and part of your sexual pleasure, then it is difficult or even impossible for a woman to get sexual satisfaction from sex with such a man.

    Conclusion 1: If you want a woman to have orgasms with you, then you need to establish yourself, preferably once and for all, a simple rule of sex:

    To engage in sex not only for oneself, but also for a partner: the purpose of sex is for a woman to have an orgasm, and not only for a man to finish.

    Any man who has at least primary sexual skills and knowledge will agree that male pleasure from sex, if a woman experiences an orgasm with him, grows at least an order of magnitude.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm – no rush to sex

    A man must understand that a female orgasm and his orgasm are, in fact, the same thing – this is the peak of sexual arousal – a mental and biological sexual release of the body from a given sexual arousal.

    But, this is not the most important thing in the question of how to bring a woman to orgasm. The main thing here is that, knowing that, on average, all sexual activity lasts at least 40-60 minutes, a man must understand:

    1.Sex is not only direct sexual intercourse, which can last from a minute to 30 minutes without interruption, but with short interruptions – up to several hours.

    Moreover, in the first case, as in the second, a woman can finish – experience an orgasm, BUT, she can also remain unsatisfied – not have an orgasm.

    2. The problem is, here, that the sexual arousal of a man and a woman, as a rule, never coincides, namely, in time and intensity.

    If a man has a crush on this woman and foresees sex with her, then he has already begun to get aroused.

    Whereas a woman, not only does not begin to get aroused, but in general, is still mentally not ready for sex with this man – after all, she still needs to be seduced and tuned into sex.

    That is, usually, a woman’s sexual arousal begins later than a man’s arousal.

    3. It rarely happens that the duration of sexual arousal before sex itself and during it, for this man and for this woman, are the same – they coincide in time and intensity.

    Therefore, anxious about how to bring a woman to orgasm, a man must understand that a partner may need, for arousal, respectively, to orgasm, much more time than him.

    For various reasons: from the difference in psychomotor dynamics of a man and a woman, to “mood” or lack thereof.

    4. A man should understand, if he keeps in mind, how to bring a woman to orgasm, that not only does one need to start having sex when a woman is ALREADY sexually aroused, but her orgasm entirely depends on the duration and intensity of this arousal.

    Conclusion 2: How to bring a woman to orgasm: always keep in mind that – a woman’s sexual arousal, with rare exceptions, takes more time than a man’s.

    Even if it takes the same amount of time, which is also rare, but it usually starts later. Sometimes, even when the man has already finished.

    In practice, if a man thinks how to bring a woman to orgasm, this means that he must take into account not only the speed and intensity of female sexual arousal, but also calculate his own strength – his sexual potency.

    For the easiest thing is to “do your job and fuck off”, but to make a woman experience an orgasm, it takes time, some knowledge, patience and skill.

    BUT, and sex turns out to be qualitatively completely different and promising, both with this woman, and “in general”.

    Note: Men, the fact that a woman agreed and went to bed with you or allowed to have sex with her elsewhere does not mean that she is necessarily ready for this sex – she is sexually aroused.

    And if so, then, do not forget the above and below said how to bring a woman to orgasm.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm? – start falling in love with her in advance

    A man must understand a simple thing: a woman will experience an orgasm only with the man in whom she is IN LOVE – she wants this particular man, here and now.

    Unlike a man who can use a woman as a machine for sex, he will end up, it doesn’t matter.

    This is how the mechanism of female sexual arousal works: she gets aroused and has an orgasm only with those men that she likes.

    For, only on them she produces sex hormones. The basic female instinct says: Have an orgasm with this man so that, literally, conception from him occurs.

    That is, in practice, if a man does not really like a woman, but he “really wants to”, then he can “at least with someone and at least how”. Whereas a woman, even if she is “sexually hungry”, needs at least to like her sexual partner.

    Conclusion 3: How to bring a woman to orgasm: if she does not feel sexual feelings for you, read: not in love, then you cannot count on good sex and orgasms of a woman.

    Unless, of course, she imitates her sexual pleasures and her orgasms, which is also not bad for a man, but here, he is spoiled by the feeling or understanding of falsehood – sexual deception.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm: get her excited

    A man should know and understand that his arousal and female sexual arousal proceed in different ways.

    The nature of sexual arousal in women and men is determined by their different roles in sex, which are determined by the very nature of sexual relations between men and women.

    A man is assigned an active sexual role, both mentally and physiologically, and a woman, literally, needs to be persuaded to have sex – she is assigned a more passive, and, at the same time, more selective sexual role.

    That is, roughly speaking, a man is self-excited in sex, and a woman, from a man’s side, needs not only to show that she needs this sex, but also to arouse her for this sex.

    In other words:

    1. If it is enough for a man to want sex and, moreover, to have a source of sexual arousal in front of him in the form of a woman who seems or sees him sexually available, then this provides automatic arousal and readiness for sex.

    2. For a woman, to get sexual pleasure, and even more orgasm, she needs not only to want this man sexually, but also to be sexually aroused and aroused by him, both before sex itself and during – before bringing her to orgasm.

    Moreover, ideally, a man should excite a woman after sex. This, you see, in order to prevent the rejection of the semen of this man – this is the mechanism of the Basic Instinct.

    Conclusion 4: How to bring a woman to orgasm? – do not think that if a woman agrees to have sex with you, then she is as horny or aroused as you are.

    What is a man? – the member got up and the process started. And the woman? – with difficulty, but still, she can surrender to a man without any arousal or with minimal arousal – without getting pleasure and without even approaching her orgasm.

    To bring a woman to orgasm is to continuously excite her to the point where this excitement does not explode with orgasm or multiple orgasms.

    How to turn her on like that? – more on this below, but clearly not the way many men think: I inserted a member, began to move, and she was already all excited and ready for an orgasm.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm: it also depends on which woman

    Even in one woman, just like in a man, sexual excitability is different, depending on various factors: health, age, hormonal state, mood, fatigue, alcohol or drug exposure, and so on and so forth.

    All this, of course, must be taken into account when thinking about how to bring a woman to orgasm. Moreover, you need to understand that it happens that, here and now, this woman cannot be brought to orgasm in any way.

    And this happens not so rarely, for example, if a woman is distracted by something from sex – she is not properly aroused.

    And anything can distract a woman from sex, as well as from sexual arousal, from the smell of socks to light or a fly on the glass.

    Moreover, the same thing, depending on the condition of a woman, can either distract her from sex or excite her – it all depends on HOW and WHICH man excites her.

    But, you should always remember that, especially with new partners, that women are “turned on” in different ways: depending on their genetically determined sexual constitution.

    Roughly speaking: in one woman, the Basic Instinct can be developed to the level of nymphomania, while in another woman it can be inhibited to the level of “but I don’t need sex at all”. This, of course, must be taken into account when thinking about how to bring a woman to orgasm.

    Conclusion 5: The question of how to bring a woman to orgasm should be approached specifically: And how to bring this woman to orgasm?

    How to bring a woman to orgasm: admire her female charms

    A man should take into account, if he is puzzled, how to bring a woman to orgasm, that if, in principle, he does not care whether a woman likes him or not: the main thing is that she “gave” him, then a woman has a different attitude.

    For sexual arousal, a woman needs to feel that she, first of all, as a sexual partner, is admired. This removes her eternal complex “what if he doesn’t like me naked and in sex”, and, in itself, excites.

    Because she begins to feel both, precisely, her need for this man, and a certain power over him: I am a sexual value for him. All this excites a woman and makes her orgasm much more likely.

    Conclusion 6: How to bring a woman to orgasm: with eyes, words, gestures and other body movements, touches, in every possible way show a woman your admiration for her obvious or, albeit dubious, female charms.

    Like: How I adore your small breasts, and even hanging like the ears of my beloved spaniel, and your narrow and flat bottom is just crazy. Or, to say to a 40-50-year-old woman: How beautiful is your mature female body, not like those of these young professional girls!

    It is not hard for a man to do this, in the heat of sexual passion, but it is even easier for a woman to believe it: the main thing is not to lie to her insolently and openly. And it is better to believe in it yourself – after all, you were tempted to have sex with this woman – that means “there is something like that in her”.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm: caress her a lot and gently

    Many men, physical affection are not only disliked, but even unpleasant, but with women the opposite is true: bodily affection is the basis of female sexual arousal.

    How and where to caress her? Many authors write entire treatises on how to caress a woman, rightly saying that caressing can bring a woman to orgasm, even without having intercourse.

    BUT, the point is that both the body and the psyche, and the Basic instinct of EVERY woman are strictly individual.Moreover, so much so that, that one can excite, and the other repel.

    The same, universally recommended, caress-stimulation of a woman’s breasts, and even a clitoris with a vagina, one woman can “start to the fullest”, while another can be unpleasant and disgusting.

    The same G-spot, they say, is the key to female arousal and orgasm, maybe the woman is not at all where the man is looking for her from THIS woman.

    And so on, and so on – here, literally, a woman’s body, its sexual excitability is a mystery for a man for whom there are no ready and identical answers.

    BUT, is it really hard, long and difficult for a man who thinks how to bring a woman to orgasm to walk with gentle and gentle touches, hands or lips, over all possible erogenous points of a woman?

    To find and see what: here, a place, touching which, a woman turns on?

    The usual scheme for finding and using erogenous zones in a woman looks like this:

    1. Hands – palm, back and fingers, lips, tongue, sometimes a member or other parts of the body – all this is individual, and you need to proceed from the desire and reaction of the woman herself, first of all.

    It is necessary to gently and tenderly, and sometimes quite roughly – again, depending on the reaction of the woman herself, slowly move along the main possible erogenous places of the woman.

    2. The usual sequence is:

    – Lips, tongue, face, ears, the entire surface of the head, including the neck. You need to use erotic kisses, which, in principle, if the partners wish, you can not stop the entire period: from preparation for sex and to orgasm.

    – Shoulders, back, chest, nipples – from kissing and stroking to pinching.

    – Belly, navel, pubis – light touching and stroking.

    – Legs, from toes, ankles and up: knees, popliteal region – stroking, such as massage.

    – Hips, with a transition to the butt, anus and inner thighs – stroking, touching, possibly pinching and clapping.

    – Perineum, labia majora and labia minora, clitoris, vagina – touching or kissing, imitating movements and touching during intercourse.

    It is by skillful actions in this area that a man can not only understand how to bring a woman to orgasm, but also do it.

    Actually, the manipulation of a man directly with a woman’s genitals is a kind of masturbation for a woman, but with the hands and efforts of a man.

    Most women, who tend to experience arousal and orgasms while engaging in masturbation, are very arousing.

    And sometimes not: the main erogenous zones of a woman may be in another place.For example: chest, lips, anal and, even, it happens, legs or butt and, often, anus.

    Conclusion 7: If a man wants to know how to bring THIS woman to orgasm, he must, excuse me, “by typing” to find her erogenous zones, the caresses of which really “turn on” her.

    Stimulate them, arousing the woman more and more, in order to put a victorious point directly with sex – to bring a woman to orgasm, one-time or multiple.

    You can, of course, make a woman orgasm without sex, but what about a man?

    Then you need sex after a woman’s orgasm, which is also not bad, because, as a rule, repeated orgasms occur and occur in a woman much faster than the first.

    Well, or, there, it happens that a woman, in a fit of gratitude for her orgasm, gives a blowjob to a man or he forces her to do it, softly or hard.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm: some more practical tips

    1. If a woman is aroused by anal or oral sex and, moreover, she can experience an orgasm from this, then: it is up to the man to decide whether he should have sex with such a sexual partner.

    But, I will say right away: do not undertake to retrain a woman to have sex in a different way: it is almost impossible to break sexual stereotypes.

    For, having experienced pleasure and orgasms in this way, she will follow the prevailing stereotypes and ideas.

    Along with this, a man sometimes has a chance, when dealing with an inexperienced woman, to lay her own ways of arousing her and getting an orgasm – to be a sexual pioneer for this woman.

    2. How to bring a woman to orgasm: But, adhering to the prevailing stereotypes of getting orgasms from a constant sexual partner, a man can and should experiment.

    It so happens that what she did not like and did not excite yesterday, today she already wants and seems necessary. For various reasons: for example, a friend said that “it’s so very good,” or the degree of trust in this man has grown.

    For example, a woman may not allow touching the anal for a while, but suddenly, from one touch of the anus, she can “start”.

    That is, it is not necessary, either for oneself or for a partner, to turn sex into a routine – when everything is known in advance, and this alone is sexually chilling.

    Of course, you will not invent the “Kamasutra”, but, after all, it happens very simply: the new is the well-forgotten old.

    Remember what you once got up there in your sex life: for example, let her lie down in a “layer” with your legs closed, you lie down on her and rub. Old? – but excites “not childishly.”

    Either throw her legs on your shoulders or spread them all the way, or let her bend them, as if on her haunches – but you never know what can be done?

    And the orgasm will be almost guaranteed, the main thing is not to finish prematurely on your own from the excitement of the novelty of sensations.And so that your sexual experiments are pleasant and aroused by your partner, of course.

    3. Not all women outwardly show their sexual arousal and, even, can have their orgasm in silence.

    Therefore, a man who is thinking how to bring a woman to orgasm must learn to feel the degree of a woman’s sexual arousal before sex, during sex, and to see the onset of her orgasm.

    It should be borne in mind that some women, including wives, and not only prostitutes and mistresses, can skillfully imitate both arousal and orgasm.

    To determine the degree of arousal of a woman, before the start of active sex, it is possible by the state of her excited nipples, a somewhat detached look.

    But, the simpler and most reliable, of course, is the state of her penis, which becomes, literally, ready to accept the male genital: lubricating secretions were released, and an increase-swelling-opening of the vagina occurred.

    By the way, if a man starts sex before this readiness, then it is almost 100% that a woman will not experience an orgasm.For he will not have time to get aroused to the state of orgasm.

    It is important to understand that every woman’s orgasm manifests itself in a peculiar way: from almost imperceptible convulsions-contractions in the uterus region – the lower abdomen, to violent emotions and body movements on the verge of inadequacy.

    That, by the way, when a new and unfamiliar partner has an orgasm, can frighten a man: when a woman starts, literally, screaming and tearing her back with her nails when a woman starts to orgasm, not everyone likes it.

    4.Female sexual arousal tends to be interrupted very easily.

    Therefore, a man who has a desire to bring a woman to orgasm should know that even an insignificant suspension of frictions during the “ripening” of a woman’s orgasm can “break everything off.”

    That is, if you want sex to end with a female orgasm, then “catching the wave” of her sexual pleasure and arousal, do not change your position, do not pause, do not end yourself.

    You can only accelerate the rate of frictions and increase the depth and intensity of penetration. Let her finish, and you: only then, somehow, what is the problem for a man? – to finish after the woman?

    5. Do not allow any discussions with a woman on the topic: How to give a woman an orgasm, how to bring a woman to orgasm? – in general, and with her, her, in particular.

    Always remember that sex is a sensual, instinctive passion, only slightly humanized by men and women, and not the fruit of reasoning and thinking about sex.

    In any case, during sex itself, the brains should be turned off, and work only for moments regarding the safety of sex.

    In the sense: not to break something or hurt yourself and your partner.

    Had to hear and read, for example, about torn bridles of male members, torn anal sex of women and men, when a woman, in a fit of passion, attracts a man by the buttocks, broken members, and so on.

    6. Thinking how to give a woman an orgasm, do not be afraid and do not be ashamed of either your own or female sexual manifestations: act, try everything that your intuition and your sexual fantasies tell you.

    A woman will always react to male body and articulation movements.

    If she doesn’t like something, which is easy, if a man wishes, to see or feel: there is no need to rape and force her. For example, insist on oral or anal sex.

    Or “climb” into her vagina with hands or tongue, if she removes her hand or squeezes her legs.

    And if you feel that something specifically excites her, then feel free to “sit on this wave” and guide her on it, this wave of excitement, to her orgasm.

    Summary: How to give a woman an orgasm – how to bring a woman to orgasm?

    Understand that a female orgasm increases your male pleasure from sex and your sexual performance, by orders of magnitude.

    Take, and deliver-bring, after analyzing and considering the above information. Good luck in your sex life!

    What can you, man or woman, add about female orgasm and how to bring a woman to orgasm?

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    90,000 How to bring a woman to orgasm with hands, tongue and various sexual techniques

    Men get pleasure in bed not only from their own orgasm, but can also please their partner.Not all representatives of the stronger sex (especially young people) know how to bring a woman to orgasm. This is due to the fact that each lady is individual, and what one likes may not suit the other, and vice versa.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm correctly?

    A guy who seeks to please a girl in bed must first become familiar with the anatomy of the genitals. Not all men know about where the clitoris and the G-spot are located – the most erogenous zones on the body of women., therefore, to understand how to bring a woman to vaginal and other types of orgasm, you need to devote a little time to theory. It is better to find out in advance from the chosen one in what environment it is more comfortable for her to be and what she loves.

    For a woman to have an orgasm, the foreplay must last at least 20 minutes. It may include:

    • touching erogenous parts of the body;
    • 90,069 kisses;

    • massage;
    • 90,069 gentle words;

    • affection.

    How to bring a woman to vaginal orgasm?

    How bright sexual contact will be depends on both partners.The completeness of sensations from sex in women is influenced by the skills and efforts of a partner. A few tips that men should follow in order to bring their beloved to vaginal orgasm, so, it is important:

    1. Talk to your partner regularly and establish a relationship of trust. This will make it easier to relax and surrender to your senses completely.
    2. Consider the lady’s preferences in bed. A conversation or analysis of the partner’s behavior during intercourse will help to clarify these wishes.
    3. Finding the right position for orgasm. Don’t be shy about experimenting. The more a man experiences poses, the higher the likelihood that he will find a G spot in his partner.

    How to bring a woman to a clitoral orgasm?

    A man should immediately tune in to the fact that the contact will be long. Women, unlike young guys, cannot experience ecstasy from a momentary touch or several frictions. Before you bring the darling to a strong orgasm, you need to relax her.After all, the correct masturbation technique will not give results if you ignore the psychological aspect. Basic process recommendations for men:

    1. Wash hands with soap and water before touching the clitoris.
    2. Take care of lubrication first, because initial touching this part of the body can cause discomfort for the woman.
    3. Gently and gently touch the erogenous zones. At first, it is advisable to caress the clitoris with your tongue or fingers soaked in lubricant.Light stroking of the area is allowed, its light sucking and impact with fingers.
    4. The clitoris stimulation time can last from 4 to 15 minutes. A man needs to patiently continue to fondle his chosen one before she experiences an orgasm.

    How to bring a woman to anal orgasm?

    It can be very difficult to get ecstasy out of this kind of sex. This is especially true when a woman has anal sex for the first time. At first, a man needs to be patient, since sexual intercourse can cause pain and discomfort to a lady.Tips on how to bring a woman to a violent orgasm anally:

    1. It is worth starting sexual intercourse with a massage of the buttocks. It is recommended to regularly change tactics so that the touch is gentle and affectionate, and then a little persistent. The goal of a man is to make the girl move in time with his movements.
    2. After the massage, go to the caressing area near the anus. They can be done using greased fingers or tongue.
    3. Go to the caress of the anus after the partner has completely relaxed.Actions are performed carefully and slowly. The finger should be inserted shallowly into the anus. If the couple is practicing rimming, then after stimulating the area near the anus, you can immediately go to the “closer-further” technique.
    4. Gradually accelerate finger movements. After they begin to move freely in the anus, you can proceed to the introduction of the penis into it.

    How to bring a woman to a jet orgasm?

    This kind of pleasure is the most powerful. You can bring a woman to a jet orgasm in the following way:

    1. Place your partner with her back on any surface.
    2. Feel for the G-spot, which is located about 5 cm deeper than the entrance to the vagina.
    3. Stimulate the point with the pads of the middle and ring fingers, first bending them towards the anterior wall of the vagina.

    You can also bring pleasure to the chosen one in a standard way. The man needs to choose positions so that the head of the penis stimulates the upper wall of the vagina. At the same time, he can act on the clitoris so that the girl experiences a wide range of pleasure.At the moment of the onset of ecstasy, a man needs to remove his hand or penis from the vagina for a surge of fluid to occur.

    Secrets of how to bring a woman to orgasm

    For a girl to experience a strong orgasm, you can use sex toys. They stimulate the G-spot, while simultaneously acting on the walls of the anus. The pace of movement of the toy and penis can be constantly changed. As a result of the correct actions of the partner, the girl will receive multiple or jet ecstasy from the stimulation of various erogenous points.There are also secrets of how to quickly bring a woman to orgasm with hands and tongue

    How to bring a woman to orgasm with her hands?

    The first recommendation that a man should adhere to is to perform all actions with warm fingers. Because of the cold, the severity of sensations can be reduced and instead of pleasures the woman will experience discomfort. Another rule, how to bring the chosen one to orgasm with your fingers, is to act slowly and carefully at the very beginning of foreplay or intercourse. As the girl gets excited, you can change the touching technique to more intense and strong ones.

    How to bring a woman to orgasm with her tongue?

    This method allows you to quickly give pleasure to your partner. An experienced man brings a woman to orgasm with his tongue with the following actions:

    • caresses the clitoris with the entire length of the tongue;
    • simultaneously stimulates several erogenous zones: the clitoris and labia or the entrance to the vagina and the G-spot;
    • during caresses uses not only the tongue, but also the lips.