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Pregnancy and Headaches: When Should I Worry?

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to be celebrated, but few people fill you in on the not-so-great symptoms that may occur during the journey. Namely, heartburn, gas, constipation and, for some pregnant mamas, headaches.

While headaches can be just another normal symptom of pregnancy, should they ever be a cause for concern?

“Headaches are common in women both in and outside of pregnancy,” said Kelley Saunders, MD, an OBGYN with Banner – University Medicine Women’s Institute. “But whether they are normal or not should always be discussed with your doctor.”

Here is some insight into what causes headaches during pregnancy, some remedies to treat them and why your doctor should be kept in the loop.

Is it a headache or something else?

It isn’t always easy to tell what kind of headache you’re having, but the most common types of headaches during pregnancy are tension-type headaches, migraines and cluster headaches.

Tension headaches are the most common kind of headache in pregnant women. It can feel like someone is trying to squish your head like a watermelon. If you carry your stress in your shoulders and neck, you may be more susceptible to this kind of headache.

Migraines are a particular type of headache that occur on one side of the head. For some women, migraines can get worse the first few months and then improve in later stages of pregnancy. For others, they may experience no change, decrease or difference in their migraines.

Cluster headaches are less common but can occur during pregnancy. You’ll suddenly have severe pain around your eyes or temples usually about the same time every day.

The good news is that there are plenty of pregnancy-safe things you can do to prevent and relieve the most common pregnancy headaches.

Tips for relieving mild headaches

  • Get plenty of rest. Sleep is especially hard later in your pregnancy but is so important to physical and mental health. Find yourself a comfy prenatal pillow and snuggle away.
  • Drink plenty of water. Pregnant moms require more water than the average person. While you may want to avoid extra trips to the bathroom, adequate fluid intake is important for you and baby.
  • Eat regular, well-balanced meals. To prevent low blood sugar, eat small meals throughout the day. Avoid sugar, like soda and candy.
  • Get a prenatal massage. A full-body massage can release tension in the muscles of your neck, shoulders and back.
  • Use warm compresses on head, neck and shoulders.
  • Avoid triggers. Keep a journal to help identify specific triggers so you can learn what to avoid. Some common headache triggers include strong odors and nitrites or nitrates.
  • Try exercise and relaxation techniques. There’s evidence that regular exercise can reduce stress and boost overall mood. Check with your doctor first before starting any new fitness routines.
  • Take acetaminophen to relieve symptoms (as approved by doctor).
  • Take caffeine in doses less than 200mg in a day (as approved by doctor).

If you have a history of migraines, however, your doctor may treat them differently during pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor what medications are safe to take during pregnancy.

Is my headache a cause for concern?

Sometimes. Headaches tend to be more common in the first and third trimesters, but they can occur in the second trimester as well. While there are common causes for headaches during pregnancy, it’s important to note that headaches during the second and third trimester can also be due to high blood pressure, called preeclampsia.

“Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-related condition that requires prompt evaluation and management with an obstetrician or maternal fetal medicine specialist,” Dr. Saunders said. “Elevated blood pressure prior to pregnancy puts a woman at increased risk for preeclampsia.”

When should I call my doctor?

Whether you experience headaches or not, it’s always important to discuss your pre-pregnancy history, obstetrical history and concerns with your doctor for an individualized assessment and management plan. However, if none of the above treatments resolve your mild headache or your headaches become more frequent and severe, talk to your doctor to determine the cause.

“This includes new headaches that present after 20 weeks, a sudden onset of severe headaches, headaches associated with a fever, mental health changes, elevated blood pressure and vision changes,” Dr. Saunders said. “It’s important to keep an open line of communication with your physician and let them know about any changes in your health so they can rule out anything serious.”

Got questions? We can help!

If a headache is keeping you up at night and your doctor isn’t available, call the Banner Nurse Now line, a free health care service that offers advice 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Call 844-259-9494.

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What Not to Do for Headaches

Headaches can be a mere annoyance, or they can be debilitating. A tension headache caused by work stress might inconvenience you temporarily, but a severe migraine might force you to miss days of work. Regardless of the type of headache, some headache prevention strategies might actually make the pain worse or cause your head to throb more frequently instead of less. Find out what you need to know about what makes a headache worse—and what not to do when your head is pounding.

Don’t reach for caffeine.

While it’s true caffeine may be an effective treatment for migraine, it’s also true that taking caffeine regularly can increase headache frequency and reduce the efficacy of caffeine as a treatment because your body builds up a tolerance for the substance. Caffeine dehydrates the body, which can make all types of headache pain worse, and caffeine withdrawal also can spark a serious headache. In general, if you get headaches frequently you should avoid daily caffeine usage.

Don’t sleep too much—or too little.

Both oversleeping and under-sleeping can increase headache frequency, so try to get a consistent amount of rest every day. You can develop a healthy sleeping pattern by:

  • Avoiding watching television, reading on a mobile device, or gaming while in bed (or just before you go to bed)

  • Avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption within several hours of bedtime

  • Creating an inviting sleep environment that’s very dark and cool

  • Getting plenty of sunshine during the daytime, which helps your body regulate its sleep/wake cycle

  • Going to bed at the same time every night, even on weekends and during vacations

  • Maintaining a bedtime routine that allows you to wind down in a consistent manner every evening

  • Rising at the same time every morning, even on weekends and during vacations

  • Using the bed only for sleep and sex

Developing good sleep hygiene like this might decrease the frequency of your headaches.

Dehydration can make your head throb, as your brain is deprived of fluid that helps it function at optimal levels. Chronic dehydration can cause frequent headaches, and, conversely, rehydrating your body can ease headache pain. Be sure to drink plenty of water daily, along with eating fluid-rich foods like cucumbers, berries and melons. These foods can help you stay hydrated and avoid headaches. Sports drinks may also be helpful in staying hydrated, but many of them contain excessive amounts of sugar and sodium that may not be healthy for some people. Other beverages and foods might provide a better hydration choice, especially for children.

Don’t let your stress get out of control.

Acute stress can trigger a headache or make the pain of an existing headache worse. Mental stress can cause muscle rigidity that leads to a tension or stress headache, so developing strategies to manage your stress levels can reduce the frequency of your headaches. Try yoga, meditation, massage and physical activity to relieve stress—and the pain of that nagging headache.

In addition to the strategies mentioned above for coping with things that make a headache worse, you can take steps to relieve headache pain or reduce the frequency of headaches by:

  • Adjusting your workstation elements for good office ergonomics to avoid tension headaches caused by spinal misalignment or chronic neck flexion

  • Applying heat to the neck, shoulders or upper back to relieve muscle tension causing a headache

  • Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen

  • Taking a hot bath or shower, which can relieve the pain and pressure of a sinus headache and relax the tight muscles contributing to a tension headache

  • Trying butterbur or magnesium supplements to ease migraine pain

  • Using aromatherapy—particularly lavender essence—to reduce pain during a headache episode

No single strategy can prevent every type of headache, including migraine and cluster headaches, but you can take steps to avoid making the headache worse and possibly prevent future episodes.

When is a Headache a Sign of a Brain Tumor?

A common question about severe or persistent headaches is whether they can be caused by a serious underlying health problem, such as a brain tumor.

The fact of the matter is that headaches are more likely a component of primary headache disorders, such as migraine or tension headaches, rather than due to brain tumors. However, certain factors may indicate that a headache could be symptomatic of a larger issue.

Primary vs. Secondary Headaches

There are two major kinds of headaches: primary headaches, which include migraines, cluster headaches, and tension headaches; and secondary headaches, which are caused by underlying factors such as medical conditions. Both kinds of headaches are common in cancer patients; certain kinds of treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy, can cause headaches.

A red flag that a headache could be indicative of a medical issue is if it is a new or unusual headache — for example, one that causes someone to wake up at night, or one that is associated with changes in position. Another red flag is if the headache is accompanied by other symptoms, such as weight loss. Some headaches can be relieved through over-the-counter pain medication, or by having a cup of coffee, for coffee drinkers – but if the headache is persistent and doesn’t improve like it normally would with typical measures, there could be cause for concern and enough reason to see a primary care physician.

When to See Your Physician

If the headache goes on for a couple of weeks without improvement, or is associated with another neurological symptom, such as weakness on one side of the body, it is recommended to discuss your symptoms with a physician.

Headaches that are new or worsening, especially in a person who doesn’t normally have headaches, may warrant a medical follow-up, as do headaches that are worse in the morning or when the person is laying down. These headaches could also potentially wake someone from their sleep, or be accompanied by nausea or vomiting.

Other red flag symptoms

  • Change in quality or severity of headaches, in addition to double or blurred vision or vision loss
  • Headaches that occur in someone who has an active cancer
  • Increasing pressure in the back of the head

The most common brain tumor symptoms

  • Persistent room spinning, dizziness, or loss of balance.
  • A seizure or loss of ability to speak
  • Hearing problems
  • Gradually worsening weakness or loss of sensation in an arm or leg
  • Personality changes such as emotional withdrawal or anger, or becoming easily confused

Consult your doctor if you have any overall concerns about your health.

Help! I Have a Headache and I Can’t Get Up- What You Should Know about Migraines: Health One Family Medicine: Family Medicine

A majority of us have suffered from a splitting headache at one point or another. We’ve been overworked, stressed, worried and we’ve felt a headache coming on. However, not everyone that suffers from headaches finds them so debilitating that they are rendered unable to move, speak, or temporarily even see.

So what’s happening when you have a headache that’s so bad you cannot get up, much less seek the help that you so desperately need?

Most likely, you are suffering from a Migraine.

What is a Migraine?

Not just a simple headache, a Migraine is a neurological disease predisposed by genetics and overly sensitive neuronal activity in the brain. Migraines range from moderate to severe and, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), are equally debilitating as quadriplegia.

Types of Migraine

Migraines can be divided into two basic types: With or Without Auras. An Aura is the sensory disorder that precedes a migraine attack such as lights flashing in front of the eyes or excessively blurred, swimming vision.

A migraine without aura typically lasts anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days while migraines with auras, once they reach the highest level of pain, tend to last considerably longer.

Major Symptoms of Migraine

Just a headache is not the only identifying symptom of migraine. Most symptoms include but are limited to:

  • Pulsing or throbbing headaches, often one sided
  • Visual disturbances
  • Excessive nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Auditory and olfactory hallucinations (hearing or smelling things that are not actually present)
  • Blurred vision
  • Partial or complete temporary loss of sight
  • Flashing lights
  • Increased sensitivity to smells, lights and sounds
  • Hemiplegia or partial paralysis of the body on one side
  • Extreme fatigue and lack of energy
  • Decrease or complete temporary loss of hearing
  • Inability to speak, form or understand words
  • Vertigo or dizziness that increases upon walking or using the stairs
  • Dehydration


Migraine Triggers

Migraine triggers differ for each individual patient. Some common ones include:

  • Chocolate
  • Fermented or preserved foods such as cream, crackers, dried or pickled herring, Brie, Emmentaler, Stilton and Camembert cheese, excessive amounts of caffeine in tea and coffee, and as well as foods that contain MSG.
  • Wine
  • Strong perfumes or food scents
  • Loud noises
  • Dense crowds
  • Flickering bright lights (such as the ones at a club)
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Change in altitude
  • Extreme or sudden shift of weather
  • Exhaust fumes
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Chemical fumes from cleaning products or hair dyes

What Should You Do About Migraines?

In case you’re suffering from and having to endure more than a few excruciating headaches a month, it’s best that you consult a primary care physician to refer you to a headache specialist as well as to rule out the possibility of other health concerns.

To get a complete evaluation with Dr. Parikh at Health One Family Medicine, call 469-262-5762, or visit www.healthonemedicine.com for more information.



Health One Family Medicine

Covid-19 or migraine? Here’s how to tell and what to do about it

“The current setting we’re in is certainly quite triggering for people who have migraines. People are worried and they’re getting more migraine headaches,” said Dr. Rachel Colman, director of the Low-Pressure Headache Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

In addition, “many of us have our work-home boundaries blurred right now,” said Dr. Merle Diamond, president and managing director of Chicago’s Diamond Headache Clinic.

“We’re working from home, and oftentimes that makes it harder to have an on-switch and an off-switch,” she said. The change in work can be triggering because “migrainers have very sensitized nervous systems that don’t like change.”

Nor are we getting up and moving, stretching, hydrating or sleeping as we should, which can all be significant triggers, Diamond said. She’s the daughter of Dr. Seymour Diamond, who was renowned for shattering common medical assumptions that migraines were psychosomatic, a sign of depression or just an excuse to avoid chores or work.

“Lack of activity makes migraine worse. Change of schedule makes migraine worse. Sleep has been impacted, which always makes migraine worse. And if you get dehydrated, that certainly doesn’t help,” Diamond said.

Is my headache Covid-19?

Of course, in today’s reality, the first thing that pops into any headache sufferer’s head is: Do I have Covid-19?

Longtime “migrainers” may know the difference, but what if you’re a newbie to the world of head pain? From what is known right now, Diamond said, a headache brought on by Covid-19 presents much differently than a migraine.

“You may have fever, you may have persistent coughing and all of those things can predict a headache,” said Diamond, who is a National Headache Foundation board member.

“However, the headache of Covid-19 is described as a really tight, sort of squeezing sensation, and typically worsens with coughing and fever,” she said.

That sensation happens as our immune system rallys in response to the virus, releasing chemicals called cytokines. Cytokines produce inflammation, which is perceived as pain by the cerebral cortex of the brain.

But a migraine presents much differently, Diamond said, with a throbbing pain that is moderate to severe, and can be accompanied with a sensitivity to light and noise and vomiting.

“The best way to describe a migraine is that it is a sick headache,” Diamond said. “Patients describe it as their brain is too big for their skull.

“Then there’s the migraine hangover. For a lot of patients the pain part of their headache might last eight hours, 12 hours, 14 hours, but after the headache is gone, they have cognitive clouding,” Diamond added.

“They’re lethargic, they’re irritable, they may still continue to have light sensitivity or nausea. The whole process for some migraines can take several days,” she said.

While migraine, tension and cluster headaches are the most common forms, there are hundreds of different subtypes of headaches.

Categories include abdominal, hormonal, caffeine, hypertension, post-traumatic and rebound headaches; allergy, sinus, medication, cough, sex or exercise-induced headaches; as well as headaches defined by symptoms, such as stabbing, thunderclap, ice-pick or exploding head syndrome.

Two severe and dangerous types of headaches are caused by meningitis, where the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord become swollen or inflamed, and encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain that is caused by viral infection, with neck stiffness and fever.

In Covid-19 cases, the most severe and dangerous headaches seem to be in people who are extremely sick with Covid-19, said Colman, who is a member of the National Headache Foundation Health Care Professionals Leadership Council.

“There’s been some really bad headache disorders with Covid-19,” Colman said. “it’s too early to know for sure, but it does seem like the very ill patients that have very sick lungs and are really struggling in ICU tend to be the ones that are getting the more serious complex neurological complications.”

What to do?

Anyone who is suffering from constant or debilitating headaches or migraines should reach out to a headache specialist for help, experts say. Most are seeing patients via telemedicine, and will work with you to get to the root of the problem.

“I’m trying to troubleshoot some of the issues that are happening during isolation,” Colman said. “Is it the fact that they’re not sleeping, they’re not leaving work at work, they’re not exercising anymore?

“Or is it the fact that they’re very stressed out with worry about financial and personal and family obligations? So trying to kind of find the root cause for why the worsening is to try and work on it,” she said.

There are also preventative things you can do to keep headaches at bay.

“Make sure you have good hydration at the place that you’re sitting and drink a certain amount every hour,” Diamond said. “It’s also important to get up, breathe and stretch at least once an hour.”

Meditation and relaxation exercises are extremely helpful, as is biofeedback, she suggested.

“I think that’s really helpful and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can do it in five to 10 minutes and it just kinda resets, which is what we want to do,” Diamond said. “Then making sure you’re not skipping meals, and that you’re not overworking. You have to have an off to your day if you can.”

Three signs you may need to see a neurologist for your headaches

Headaches are common but some are much more serious than others. How do you know when yours warrants a trip to a neurologist?

The following signs indicate your headaches may be caused by a neurological issue, says Dr. Greg McLauchlin, assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at Baylor College of Medicine.

You take headache medication often

If you get frequent headaches, it’s tempting to take medication for them regularly. However, McLauchlin says this could be a sign of a more serious condition.

“It is important to realize that some over-the-counter medicines can actually make headaches worse if they are taken too frequently,” said McLauchlin. “Also, over-the-counter medicines can do damage to the stomach, kidneys and liver if taken in excess.”

He suggests that anyone who takes over-the-counter medicine to alleviate headaches five or more days out of the month should go see a doctor.

Headaches disrupt daily activities

A visit with your primary care physician is a good place to start for headaches that are not disabling but more of a nuisance. However, immobilizing headaches may warrant a trip to a neurologist.

“Patients should see a neurologist for any headache that is disabling,” McLauchlin said. “This applies to you if you have to stop what you are doing and lie down during a headache.”

Additional symptoms

If your headaches cause pain in other areas or if the pain is on only one side of the head, you may need to see a neurologist. Sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting, and any weakness or numbness are all symptoms that are cause for more serious concern.

Additional Resources

To schedule a visit with a Baylor neurologist, call 713-798-2273 or request an appointment online.

Headaches: Are yours more serious than the common headache?

– By Alexandria Bland, communications coordinator with the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Baylor

Headaches during pregnancy | Pregnancy Birth and Baby

Headaches in women can often be triggered by a change in hormones during pregnancy. Expectant mothers may experience an increase or decrease in the number of headaches. Unexplained, frequent headaches later in your pregnancy could be a sign of a more serious condition called pre-eclampsia, so tell your doctor if this is the case.

Causes of headache during pregnancy

Many women experience headaches during pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters. If you’re pregnant, you may notice an increase in the number of headaches you have at around week 9 of your pregnancy.

As well as hormonal changes, headaches in the early stages of pregnancy can be caused by an increase in the volume of blood your body is producing.

Other causes of headaches during pregnancy can include:


Migraine is a particular type of headache that mostly occurs on one side of the head – it can be either moderate or very painful. People who experience migraine can also feel sick or vomit, and be sensitive to light or sound.

In pregnancy, migraine may get worse for the first few months, but for many women it can improve in the later stages of their pregnancy when the level of the hormone oestrogen stabilises. Other women may experience no change or a decrease in the number of migraine headaches while pregnant. Some women may experience differences in migraine during different pregnancies.


It’s not advisable for pregnant women with migraine to use migraine medicine. For other headaches it’s also recommended that you try to treat your headache without medicine.

You could try:

  • getting more sleep or rest and relaxation
  • pregnancy yoga classes or other exercise
  • practising good posture, particularly later in your pregnancy
  • eating regular, well-balanced meals
  • putting a warm facecloth on your eye and nose area, if it is a sinus headache
  • putting a cold pack on the back of your neck, taking a bath or using a heat pack, if it is a tension headache
  • neck and shoulders massage

Pregnant women who experience migraine should avoid things that may trigger their migraine. This may include:

  • chocolate
  • yoghurt
  • peanuts
  • bread
  • sour cream
  • preserved meats
  • aged cheese
  • monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • caffeine (withdrawal from)
  • bright or flickering lights
  • strong smells
  • loud sounds
  • computer or movie screens
  • sudden or excessive exercise
  • emotional triggers such as arguments or stress

If you do take medicine for your headache or migraine you should check with your doctor, pharmacist or midwife first. Paracetamol, with or without codeine, is generally considered safe for pregnant women to use but you should avoid using other pain medicine such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

When to contact your doctor

If you experience frequent headaches that don’t go away with paracetamol, it could be a sign of a more serious medical condition called pre-eclampsia. This usually involves an increase in the pregnant woman’s blood pressure and problems with her kidneys. There are also other serious risks for both you and your baby. Pre-eclampsia mostly occurs in the second half of pregnancy.

Contact your doctor, particularly if, along with your headaches, you have a pain below your ribs, feel like you have heartburn, you suddenly swell in your face, hands or feet, or you have problems with your eyesight.

Further information

  • Speak with your doctor or midwife, particularly if you have any concerns about pre-eclampsia
  • Phone Pregnancy, Birth and Baby on 1800 882 436 to speak with a maternal child health nurse.
  • For more information about headaches during pregnancy, visit Headache Australia.
  • For more information about medication during pregnancy, see your doctor or pharmacist, or visit NPS MedicineWise.

Ivan Oseledets, AI specialist: artificial intelligence is now in a strange state

Ivan Oseledets – Director of the Skoltech Center for Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. Laureate of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of science and innovation for young scientists for the creation of breakthrough computational technologies for solving multidimensional problems in physics, chemistry, biology and data analysis based on tensor expansions. Member of the Council for Science and Education under the President of the Russian Federation.

Scientist’s interview – in the TASS project “Conversations with Ivan Survillo”.

– I noticed that during the interview you hardly looked into my eyes.

– When I answer you, I look inside, because I am trying to find the answer inside myself. I am trying to answer your question for myself. Looking eye to eye at this moment is quite difficult. Eyes hurt after that.

About what people should learn from AI, about the prospects of natural sciences and the stochastic way of finding a way of life

– What should people learn from AI?

– In fact, artificial intelligence is in a strange state right now.Indeed, there are GPT models – Generative Pre-trained Transformers that are accustomed to a lot of text. These are hundreds of billions of parameters. When you play with your hands, it’s pretty interesting. You can already learn something from such models.

Another example is chess. Now chess players cannot beat the computer. They learn from him some things. Magnus Carlsen talked about how he learns some concepts from AlphaZero.

We are now in the library, before it was necessary to search for information in books, but now search engines can do this much faster. That is, people quickly learn to use the opportunities that new tools give them, including artificial intelligence. You need to learn how to use it in general, and not learn some techniques, as in chess.

– What does it mean to use?

– It is necessary to delegate some part of the work to artificial intelligence.

There are so many scientific articles now that no scientist in the world can read them all. And the machine can read them and select some symbolic component.But for this, the AI ​​needs to formulate a text query. Depending on how you do it, you can get something interesting or complete nonsense

By the way, if you perform some simple task that can be completely replaced by automation, then it will be so in the future. Relatively speaking, a call center operator is not a very promising story. But in many professions, AI is a very powerful tool that empowers the human brain. We must learn to use the opportunities that they provide.

– Are you studying?

– I am studying, in fact, there are not so many of them.

Recently, for example, there was such a thing, OpenEye Codec, in which you enter instructions in natural language into programs. Writing programs turns into coming up with instructions. While this is a rather toy level, but the direction is correct: if you formulate the instructions correctly in natural language, then you can delegate the work to the machine. That is, a person gives instructions in natural language and can get some kind of answer.

With the author of the project “Conversations with Ivan Survillo”

© Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

There was an AI interview in The Economist magazine. There he is asked the question: “What are the prospects for the development of artificial intelligence?”, And he generates some kind of text, quite understandable and reasonable.

Some are debating whether a model with a trillion parameters can write a story that will win the Nobel Prize in Literature. In principle, maybe. So what? When we run, we do not worry that the car goes faster

Now in research we are just actively looking at working with language models.They appeared in 2018, but they were brought to acceptable quality only at the beginning of 2021. They look like something fundamentally new. We are still learning to work with such possibilities, the specific possibilities are not yet so clear.

– Ever wanted to be a scientist?

– I didn’t really think too much, in fact. My dad is a mathematician, Doctor of Science, professor of Mechanics and Mathematics at Moscow State University; mother – Ph.D., worked at CEMI, HSE. There was no other way. He lived, studied, then went to the Physicotechnical Institute instead of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, which was a rather strange decision, but in fact it turned out to be very successful.

I just got into the Institute of Computational Mathematics, began to do what I like. In general, all my life I have been doing what interests me. Somehow everything worked out by itself in this sense.

– Is your daughter now also doing what is interesting to her?

– Daughter 11, she does a lot of things: mathematics, swimming, plays chess, sings in the choir of the ensemble. Lokteva, in winter – downhill skiing. It seems to me that all-round development is important for a child. She likes everything, she does everything well.Then let her choose what she wants … Although I think that you still need to go into natural sciences.

– Why?

– There are more prospects. I just do not see that she was interested in one area. She is very interested in different things. Then let him choose. It is clear that I do not think that she will directly choose herself, but the possibilities are different.

– You do not think that she will directly choose herself.

– I and my wife will talk to her. If there is absolutely some kind of game, then, naturally, we will correct the choice. I don’t know, I have my first child, so this is a new story for us … So far, everything is going well, and then we’ll see.

I think that if people know very early what they want to do, it is suspicious. Now there are so many opportunities that you will not try yet – you will not understand that they are yours

It happens that students come and already know what they will do in five years. It seems to me that this is wrong.You have to look at the options – everything can change in five years … Maybe you will meet some opportunity in life that you will like much more than what you are currently planning. Why put yourself in a tough direction right away?

© Valery Stepchenkov / TASS

It is clear that if you want to play tennis from childhood and reach the world level, this is one story. But there they go 0.0001%. In science, the greatest success is achieved by people who receive a general education, then look at different options, but go without the harsh “I want to do this here. “A more stochastic way to find your way of life.

If you want to do the same mathematics, you need to be prepared for it. I have many students who come to graduate school: “Give me some problem, I will solve it,” and they are often better than those who say: “I want to do this kind of work now, then go to graduate school in the West, then find a job there. ” The latter often work worse because they want to go further and for them work now is not the main one, but only a means to move to the next step.

In general, there is no need to reject any options in advance, there is no point.

About how the coin determined admission to the university, about the conservatism of young people and their own conservatism

– Did you have such an opportunity as a child?

– My whole family (parents, grandfather, brother) graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. I said that I would go to the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, but in the end I went to the Physicotechnical Institute. Mom fainted, dad too.

There were three admissions to the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University: March, May and July.I came in March, the situation is stressful, I did not enter. Happenes. I came in May – I didn’t enter either. This is somehow not very good. I applied for the Physicotechnical Institute (MIPT) – I entered there. And he entered the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. And at the Physicotechnical Institute it was just possible to submit documents without bringing the originals, that is, the certificate was then possible. And the original of the certificate was on my Mekhmat.

I remember we were standing with a friend, we both did it – what to do? It is necessary either to take the documents from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics and carry them to the Physicotechnical Institute, or not to take them. We threw a coin – it fell to take it.We came so proud and took away. Now a friend is a professor at Carnegie Mellon [University] in economics, Lesha Kushnir. Basically, it was a super successful solution. For me, for sure, because I lived in Moscow and I had to go to Dolgoprudny, almost everything was focused on my studies, there was no time left for anything else.

– Did you make any other important decisions in life with a coin?

– Just so important – I don’t remember. Sometimes it happens, yes. You have to make a random choice – and that’s fine.Now our life is fun, interesting, we must constantly be able to adapt, including in science.

Previously, there was a measured, slow research, which went on for years, but now all the time there are some new initiatives, projects, difficulties, successes … We must try, in conditions of limited time and resources, to make decisions close to optimal.

Sometimes, by the way, even young people say: we know this technology, we will work on it, we will not change. Here we know how, we work well, we have written a lot of works, but we have not done anything there yet. .. This is actually quite a big problem, because inertia in science is very high in this sense.

– What to do?

– Nothing.

Either we will wash these, or we will give birth to new ones

But I have no prejudice on any issue. If, conditionally, a person has other political views, different from my ideas, then I can work with him, no problem. But when this begins to interfere with a person’s work, then another conversation is already.

© Valery Stepchenkov / TASS

Sometimes, by the way, people start to press with authority: “I know for sure, this is heresy!” This is not only in the scientific world, in the business environment it is the same.I cannot give examples, but there are examples, and it is very harmful. Of course, we must get rid of this. We must try new things, be open to it. I try as much as possible.

Although, on the whole, I am more of a conservative. If I like watching a TV serial, I will watch it. If I am a fan of Spartak, then I will be rooting for Spartak all my life, and not for another team. Why change? But if this is some kind of work-related thing, then you need to look – maybe it is worth fundamentally changing the approach.It’s not always easy.

There is no single recipe. I try to arrange the work in such a way that people themselves come to the maximum solution. And there are scientific groups where a strict authoritarian professor runs after everyone and says: you are doing this, in a week I will see how you did it. But then there is no time for any creativity, you just run and follow everyone. It’s not very interesting. People must themselves. Yes, this sometimes leads to the fact that some things are not done or are not done on time.On the other hand, it can lead to creativity and new approaches.

In general, one of the positive aspects of science is that it does something new, you are the first to understand something. Curiosity is one of my powerful incentives to do science and research.

– Are you curious now?

– Of course, curious. There are a lot of interesting things going on. You are trying to come up with something new, something that no one else has done. Of this, 95% of the options do not work, and 5% may work, and some interesting result will be obtained.

About the importance of being the first and loudly declaring yourself, the specifics of state awards and a conversation with Putin

– What do you want to leave behind?

– Some interesting things have already been invented, which, in principle, will remain. But I want more.

The work of a scientist is simple. You solve a problem, get a result, publish an article, people link to you or implement your developments in some products. An idea that has spread to the people and lives by itself is the greatest scientific achievement.This is the result

– Do you have such a result?

– There is one main one, which is 10 years old, there are quite a few interesting results after that. From the point of view of some citation, they are less, although in terms of internal self-satisfaction from the quality of work, they are quite comparable. It’s just very difficult to guess what will be widely used and what will not be widely used. More precisely, you will never guess it. So you just do what is interesting to you.

Sometimes it’s a shame that some things pass by the scientific community, but you can’t do anything about it.Today there are millions of studies, you can’t reach everyone. This is also an element of competition. Art and creativity are good, but if you do not have the desire to loudly declare yourself and be the first, then your effectiveness as a scientist drops sharply. It is clear that there are exceptions – Perelman and so on, but in general, in the modern scientific world, it is almost impossible to build a career without a competitive spirit.

© Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

– How do you like this?

– I like it. I believe that if you did something, then everyone should know about it. What’s bad about it? Now it is simply quite difficult to single out some problem that everyone needs, but which only you can solve, and this takes five years. All these problems of the millennium and so on … You have to quickly find trends, quickly find free niches, understand how the whole area is being rebuilt, and try to get some results.

Plus in science you may have an idea, and after a few days you see that someone has already written an article about it, because he had already been working on it for a couple of months before.It’s quite stressful in places, because you constantly need to generate some new things. If you want to stay competitive, you have to do it, otherwise you will have no projects, no recognition, nothing. On the other hand, it’s still interesting to do it first.

When we started working on tensors, the first two works came out in 2009: ours and the German ones. We posted an article, and the Germans posted an article, both with very similar ideas. After that, in about six months, we made almost all the algorithms for working with multidimensional arrays and wrote six more articles about it.I remember I came to some conference, I was talking about one of our algorithms, a German was sitting, listening. And he just took a graduate student to build an algorithm for approximating an array. After the lecture he said to me: “Yes, it looks like everything has already been done.” Then the Germans still made an algorithm that works a little better, but the situation was funny.

If a person wants to become a scientist, he must have a competitive moment in one form or another. This is very stimulating to do something. If there should be some kind of person who will kick you: do, do, do, it is better to think that science is not yours.

– You were awarded an award for creating breakthrough computing technologies based on tensor expansions at the age of 34. The prize was given as a young scientist. 34 is young is it?

– Yes, just these medals are given up to 35 years old, and it is clear that they are watching: this one can get it later, but this one cannot . .. In this sense, in all awards, people make decisions, and if mathematics was given last year, then in this will not be given. But it was still unexpected and pleasant. Naturally, it helped a lot in the future.

– How?

– Skoltech is a new university, and classical universities are angry with it. And here a person from Skoltech gets an award. Despite the fact that the bulk of the work was done before I came to Skoltech, it was quite useful for Skoltech’s reputation.

– And for you?

– Also. Helped in career development. I was delighted when I went and gave all sorts of interviews.

It was great – they took him to the Kremlin, looked at the living Vladimir Vladimirovich, talked to him about something, the photographs remained.

– What were you talking about?

– I asked for a Year of Mathematics, and next year Russia is hosting the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM). I’m not a very pure mathematician, I’m a dirty mathematician, applied, but pure mathematicians asked me, I passed it on.

The President says to the request: “Yes, and you are with computational mathematics?” I answer: “Yes, with computing.” – “Which one is closer to the applied one?” I say: “Yes, closer to the applied one.” That is, it was some kind of meaningful conversation.

About half-year vacation, self-sufficiency, calmness and regularity

– What are you missing?

– Time.

© Valery Stepchenkov / TASS

I got up at 8:30, took the child to school, came to work, held one meeting, the second, phoned, now an interview, then there will be a speech at some online conference, then I have to have time to have lunch, then take the child to swimming again , during her training I will work …

If before I didn’t even keep a calendar, I kept everything in my head, now I’ve already started a calendar and all these meetings. Meetings clog the time, but just to sit quietly – this is extremely small, not enough … Messages, discussions, chats are clogged with time …

I want to disconnect from everything and work, think, fill up 125 notebooks, plan something … I have 150 days or 180 days of vacation. I can, in principle, leave for six months – that’s all. But this, too, cannot be done for a long time, otherwise the roof goes.

I was given a vacation for three weeks, we went to America, drove by car from New York to Los Angeles.Disconnected entirely, very good. Some projects were on fire, but it turns out that they can be extinguished without you. This is also a good experience – sometimes you have to say: “Goodbye! Sort it out yourself as you want.” It turns out that a super-talented team is working in the laboratory, which itself begins to feel its responsibility and cope without me. It warms up.

– How much is your father?

– My dad is a mathematician who is constantly immersed in mathematics. I definitely have a love for mathematics, his carelessness and absent-mindedness are also present.There is, I hope, some kind of obstinacy – this is most likely from my grandfather.

– Is Dad proud of you?

– I think so. He is 81 years old, and his mother is 77. They live well. To be honest, I’m not saying that we communicate very often. I am unavailable all the time because of the schedule, and my mother now realized that if I constantly call, then I will not become less inaccessible, and she began to call less often. My wife now says to me: “Here, mom called you again” – and retells the conversation.

They did everything they needed, I had a perfect childhood.I didn’t feel the game of the 90s at all: my dad traveled a lot, worked in Western universities … Now they just live for their own pleasure. They took root, I, thank God, forced, because there was a classic story with “incomprehensible and not verified.” Both got vaccinated, got sick, but easily – they stayed at home with a runny nose. Then I talked to my dad, he told me: “Covid is such a serious illness, my back hurts.” I say, “Dad, your back hurt even to covid.” – “Oh, yes.” – “Well how are you?” – “It’s okay, we saw you on TV somewhere.”- “Well, fine” – now such a communication has been established.

© Valery Stepchenkov / TASS

It is necessary, of course, to communicate with them more, it is wrong, as everything is now … I think that, probably, they need me to communicate with them more. I can feel it. I just don’t really feel the need for this kind of thing … I have such a temperament that there is no need to talk. Our family communication is self-sufficient in this sense.

– Everything is calm.

– Yes, and I like it, I’m a conservative… Since childhood I have been rooting for Spartak as long as I can remember. I started going to the stadium a few years ago, it was very cool. It turned out to be a strong emotional story. But I don’t like going to the cinema, I’d rather turn on a large projector on the entire wall at home, and we’ll watch the series, that will be enough. I also like to go to good restaurants. Going to a good restaurant in a new place is a good rest and experience.

But again, there are three or four restaurants in Moscow that I like, and my family and I take turns there.It seems to me that something needs to be changed a lot when you don’t like something. And if you are satisfied with what is now – when a good house, a good job, a salary, a family, good health, a wonderful child, then you can, in principle, continue to do what you did. Why look for something spicy?

– Again about calmness and measuredness.

– Well, because there was a lot of anxiety and imbalance. At first we had nowhere to live, for example. We were given a small apartment from the Academy of Sciences on Akademicheskaya, in the house of young scientists, it helped a lot.Then there was the program of housing certificates, we bought our apartment. Now everything seems to have finally lined up well. And there are prospects, so everything is not bad. But it was not easy.

This is the same sequence of big things. This is a great merit, first of all, of my wife in how everything was arranged. There is so much going on. For example, her grandfather first died in winter, then her grandmother within two weeks. Somehow something needs to be done about this, some problems have to be solved. But I do not think that this is anything different from the ordinary life of another person … For about everyone, this somehow happens.Work-Life Balance, of course, is biased towards Work. But now I have swung towards Life much more than five years ago, that’s for sure. Now I just want to work quietly, relax and do what they pay me money for.

About sudden death

– Remember how your grandfather died?

© Valery Stepchenkov / TASS

– 2010, he was 91 years old, there was Moscow smog. He just fell asleep – a stroke, that’s all. And a year before that, he lived alone in the country. He was very strong, and if not for this heat, he would still have lived there. But he was never examined directly normally. But in hindsight, it’s easy to be smart.

My wife’s grandmother died – and all at once: “Did you vaccinate her against covid?” No, we didn’t vaccinate her when it became possible. Maybe, if I had been vaccinated, I would have lived longer. But nothing can be done. I instilled in my parents, and it saved their lives, I think.

About grandfather … It was very sad. I had a feeling that he would live a long time. He was always in a state of absolutely this … Well, he walks and walks with a stick, about the same.In May he comes to the dacha, lives there alone, returns in the fall. We never think about the death of relatives, we believe that they will always be. And then grandfather once – and died. Gosha. I thought that I would live another five or six years …

– If you think about your parents: is there a feeling that they too will always be?

– We are all not eternal. All medical questions that can be done are done. The pope of health has been given by nature absolutely equine reserves. The fact that he lived to this age, in spite of how he treated his health … I feel about it … Yes, I have nothing to do with it.Alive – great. They go to the doctor – well done. They do what they are interested in. They write articles, go on vacation – great.

Speaking optimistically, after 75 the probability of death is already a constant. A person can die at any moment. You lived to 81 or to 85 – you have about the same chances of dying

This is life, how to relate to it? You and I will also die someday. I have never believed in eternal life, therefore, as in a joke: I plan to live forever, and so far everything is going well.

© Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

A person basically never considers the option that one of his relatives or he himself will die. Although, taking into account the cost of land in cemeteries in Moscow, this could be reasonable … A couple of years ago, my wife’s father bought a plot in a cemetery in the Khimki district for four places. I say: “Why did you buy this?” He says: “This is an investment, plus a good place, you flew to the airport and you come to visit on the way to Moscow …”

You always believe that everything will go well, that your parents will never die… It’s human nature. You still try to believe in the best. There is no way to prepare for death. And all this, unfortunately, was somehow created by someone: God, the Big Bang …

– Do you believe in God?

– I believe. Maybe not in any particular religion, but I quite willingly believe in the existence of some kind of design. This does not contradict anything particularly.

Somewhere to contact in difficult moments, to receive some kind of feedback – it seems that it works. In my life there have been many different situations that could turn in different directions, but they always turned in a good direction for me.It means that someone is doing something there, conditionally.

About the irritation caused by the Oselephant, despondency and occupational therapy

– What situations?

– There have been many different stories, I can’t tell you about everything.

© Valery Stepchenkov / TASS

When I defended my doctoral dissertation, I was 29 years old. A crowd of people pounced on me, wrote letters that it was impossible to defend, that everything was very bad, that I had copied everything … I had to defend it a second time in another council, it was rather unpleasant.In the end, the other council listened to my work and said it was a great job. But it’s unpleasant – you didn’t do anything wrong, and they throw mud at you.

“Where are you climbing at such an early age!” Is it okay for me to read articles and citations? “I copied everything from the Germans.” We have a letter from the Germans, everything is written differently there. I was polite then, now I probably would have already said everything I think.

Although this is also wrong: people do not like being told that white is white, black is black.They get very upset about it. It is necessary to say something covertly. If you tell a person: you are an idiot and you are doing complete bullshit, it upsets him

– You annoyed them.

– I caused serious irritation, the roots of which are difficult for me to assess. In fact, it was the last way to prevent – to prevent him from defending his doctorate. I’m a doctor, but who is this? But if I am a doctor and you are a doctor, then this is already incomprehensible. In the end, it turned out to be a good story. But it was fun. I then went to Germany, we came up with some cool things, wrote an article… When you are constantly fixated on something, then nothing good comes of it. We have to switch.

– You can invite any people, dead or alive, to dinner. Who would you dine with?

– Does the family count? There will definitely be a wife, parents, scientific advisor (academician Evgeny Evgenievich Tyrtyshnikov) and grandfather Ivan Osipovich Bezhaev. This almost completely covers the main spectrum of people who have shaped me as a person and as a person.

– How would you like to die?

– I plan to live forever.

How to die … Without suffering. When people suffer, it looks very bad. Ideal – fell asleep and did not wake up. But for now, I definitely don’t want to die. I want to keep doing what I am doing, a lot of things are still ahead.

I look at elderly people – they set themselves the goal of living up to … They set some conventions for themselves. My mother says that her mother, my grandmother, died at 76, and she already lived to 77.

At the dacha, my grandfather made a bet with all the neighbors who would drop their hooves before.All neighbors, by the way, are KGB generals. Grandfather says: “So, this is all, this is all, this one is still there, but he is already completely bad, I will definitely bypass him. Everything, everyone died, I won a prize!”

He was generally positive until the very last moment. Grandfather always had something to do: he could barely walk, but he went to do exercises, then water the beds … There was no despondency.

Despondency, by the way, is quite common at a young age. We must fight him.

© Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

– How?

– Occupational Therapy.

You can also watch funny videos – also switching the brain through the intake of dopamine, but this is not as useful as work. Although, again, there are different points of view. You still need to disconnect, because it is always impossible to work. My grandfather also had a schedule: “Now I watch” Carmelita “, work on the site, do gymnastics, listen to the radio, go to bed …”

The main thing is to do something.

90,000 How to recognize signs of suicidal behavior in a child

04.06.2019 11:05
Views: 8864 90 005

One of the first phrases when children and adolescents contact the Children’s helpline service – “I don’t want to live like this anymore or I don’t want to live anymore.”

Often behind these words there is no conscious and accepted decision to leave life, but for now these are just the first emotional outbursts of powerlessness, a lack of understanding how to cope with a difficult situation at school, in a family or a peer group. Behind each such phrase is intense emotional pain, inexperience and ignorance of what to do and how to get over what happened.And for many children, it is difficult and scary to come to their parents with a conversation about it. Sometimes it seems to them that their parents will not understand them, they will not attach importance to the problem, they will consider it excessive dramatization and attraction of attention, an attempt to get away from difficulties in life and the need to give all the best in their studies, and sometimes it seems to them that their parents will worry and control them even more. therefore they hide and keep everything to themselves, for fear that it will be even worse if they say. Often they do not even know how to start a conversation about it at all and what to expect in response from adults, they can try to commit suicide simply in a depressed state and despair.

About 8 out of 10 suicides give warning signs to others about what they are about to do.

How to notice these signs in time, understand that your child is in a dangerous emotional state and is at risk of attempting suicide? How to have time to support and help him before he can take this terrible step?

If you notice the following changes in mood and behavior of your child, then he needs special psychological support and help to avoid risks to his life and health.This is what you should pay attention to and what may be the reason for contacting the psychologists of the helpline for children and parents 8-800-2000-122.

Markers of emotional state and behavior with a potential risk of suicide:

· You began to notice that the child looks teary, heard crying at night, or saw tears in a child who came home from school.

· He became withdrawn and moved away from you and from the previous company of friends, stopped monitoring his appearance, looks detached and indifferent to everything, mostly spends time alone.

· If the level of his activity and energy has dropped sharply, he tells you: “I am tired of everything”, as if he shows you – “tired of life.” He has lost interest in learning and is indifferent even to the previously favorite subjects and activities, which is confirmed not only by the assessments, but also by the experiences of the teachers. It is as if he has become a shadow and simply functions, and does not live the same life as before.

· Does not give a clear answer to the question “What is happening to you?” and pulls back even more, getting off with formal phrases or the words “You still can’t understand.”

· Has stopped getting enough sleep, looks anxious and nervous, breaks down at you.

· Scratches, scars, cuts, burns appeared on the body.

· His social media page became restricted and closed, or he deleted many of his friends. Posts of depressive or aggressive content appeared there. In your search history, you have found queries on the topic of suicide and death.

· The child began to distribute things, say goodbye to someone.

· The teenager began to joke about death and his own death.

· He began to draw gloomy or aggressive drawings, symbols of death, reposts with phrases about death or the meaninglessness of life in notebooks or separate sheets.

· Has begun to spend little time with the family, and you feel that he is hiding something and is not sincere with you.

· In his speech, phrases with a bright color of resentment appeared about the meaninglessness of being and the expression that suicide is the best way to get away from problems, punish everyone, prove that “I am not important to those close to me, they do not value me”, “so as not to interfere with anyone” and “no one will even notice, because no one needs me anyway.”

· Expressions of an aggressive and resentful state may slip through – “what would you do if I died?” “I’m over it”.

· If you praise and celebrate positive actions and successes of the child, he not only does not attach importance to this, but may even devalue them.

· A pronounced feeling of inadequacy, shame, self-doubt may also appear. Negative assessments of yourself, your personality, the future.The idea of ​​oneself as insignificant, having no right to live. About the world as a place of loss and disappointment. Inability to see other than suicide options for solving problems. Also, this syndrome can be disguised as deliberate bravado, defiant behavior, insolence. There may be harsh negative statements about yourself, your body, your qualities: “Anyway, I’m fat, ugly, and nobody needs me”, “Nobody loves me”, “You say that because you are my parents, but in reality I am not needed by anyone and I can’t do anything ”,“ it will be over soon ”.

· His physical condition deteriorated sharply, there were headaches, abdominal pains, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, pressure drops, decreased tone, psychosomatic disorders.

What is important for parents to do if you notice any of these signs:

· First of all, observe your child and assess the severity of the situation. Based on the markers described above, discuss with other family members what changes everyone has noticed, talk with teachers, tutors, his friends, analyze his social media pages, drawings in notebooks.

· First, let him know that you are around. This can be done with a simple phrase “I noticed that recently your mood has changed and you have become a little distanced / distanced. I don’t know what happened or is happening now in your life, I’m ready to listen and talk about what worries you when you’re ready. I promise not to attack with questions, but simply to help understand the situation. Perhaps I can help, because I also had very difficult situations in my life. ”

· Find a calm moment to talk frankly and start the conversation with less difficult questions for the child, which often seem to them as a kind of interrogation and an attempt at control, but with more neutral questions: “You seem upset about something.What upset you today? ”,“ My mood was spoiled a little at work today, and you also seem to be out of sorts, how was your day? ”,“ How are you today? It must have been difficult at school, you look tired. What was difficult for you today? ”

· Support the child and tell him that you are there and are ready to listen to him without blame or punishment if he has a difficult situation and he is in trouble.

· Instead of formal phrases “oh, how much more will you have, it’s not worth your worries, put it out of your head” share how it was in your life and thanks to what and to whom you were able to survive various difficulties and trials, trust people again , to love and be loved.

· Honestly admit and do not deny that it will be emotionally difficult for your child for a while, and this is completely normal.

· Your life experience and a good example are more important and useful than thousands of advice from strangers. Just help your child accept what is happening to him and analyze the situation according to the formula “What exactly are you afraid of and why is this situation so unpleasant for you? What do you feel? What can be done to deal with it or solve it in the best way? How to find the strength to cope with it? (possible step-by-step plan) “.

Your child may need very specific advice on how to proceed with the situation and how to avoid getting worse.

· Support your child more during this period, find out how he is doing not only in matters of study, but in relations with peers and teachers, how much he can withstand school stress and stress.

· Protect your relationship from conflicts and pressure, maintain a balance of honesty of demands and privileges, praise for achievement and criticism for wrongdoing and unfulfilled promises.Teenagers are especially sensitive to the topic of justice and, above all, they cannot stand double standards, when they are already adults in order to “clean the house and sit with a brother or sister”, and for “walking in the evening with friends and choosing clothes” … They will always distinguish your sincere interest and concern for them from control and attempts to shift adult concerns onto them.

If you have even minor doubts and fears that you will not be able to cope with this situation on your own, you are seriously worried about your child, or you need to discuss everything in detail with a psychologist and work out a possible action plan to resolve the situation, then feel free to call the Children’s helpline.

Many parents, even those who have the closest and most trusting contact with their child, after a conversation with him give the number 8 800 2000 122 so that the child can receive professional help from a psychologist and express his feelings.

Share with us all the difficulties and worries of your family! We will be happy to help!

Children’s helpline – a faithful helper for parents in raising children

Source: https: // telefon-doveria.ru / kak-raspoznat-priznaki-suitsidal-nogo-povedeniya-u-rebenka /

90,428 90,000 Igor Akinfeev, CSKA football player: Instagram, family, wife, children, why he left the Russian national team – October 15, 2021

Igor Akinfeev rarely gives interviews. But he is one of those speakers with whom it is really interesting. The events that took place in his hometown CSKA in the last year were abundant. That there are only changes on the coaching bridge. And the captain’s view of the team’s game and results over a long period is very curious. Of course, we talked not only about this – about the national team, and about himself, and about Russian football in general. In particular, from this interview you will learn:

– Why he never changed his decision not to play for the Russian national team anymore;

– When he realized, looking at CSKA, there will be pain;

– What did he say to two CSKA players when they named Berezutsky Lehoy;

– For which they are fined at CSKA;

– Why did he yell at the defenders in the match against Arsenal Tula;

– What he asked Goncharenko shortly before he left;

– What words of Giner, spoken 17 years ago, he still remembers;

– How would he react if Ignashevich became the head coach of CSKA;

– What determines when he ends his career;

– What he never lacks in the refrigerator;

– Why now he can call himself a happy person.

But we started with the national team. After all, the freshest, most relevant.

– In general, I rarely watch full matches, – says Igor. – Mostly YouTube, different cuts – in the morning at the base. But here – how to miss it? This is the national team. Well done guys, that in the first half they scored two goals – this predetermined the course of the game. Yes, the Slovenes tried to recoup. But I think in the second half ours as a whole controlled the course of the match. I watched the game calmly and was sure that the team would win.

– But it was not without luck.Fartit our desperately.

– So what – even if there is luck here. I would like to continue this luck: let it be a bad game, but the desired result. And when you play great, but there is no result – who cares? I would choose luck and result, not the quality of the game.

– How in the recent derby with Spartak?

– Exactly. What’s the difference: a boring match, not boring. My business: I entered the field and beat Spartak. And let it be the worst derby in history. There are no sparkling matches every time. With Krasnodar we had a great game: in terms of quality, shots, moments. And they will remember all the final 0: 0. And the national team will remember 6 points in two matches. And this is the main point.

Leaving the national team: did he ever think about returning, what he talked about with Kafanov and Cherchesov

– When the next wave rises – Akinfeev to the national team – how do you react?

– It’s time to stop these waves. There are guys – Safonov, Maksimenko – who are obliged at this stage of their careers to be in the national team and play in it.All these waves are rising because of the hype – I understand everything.

– Why immediately because of the hype? They just appreciate and remember you.

– Remember and appreciate – it’s good. But I am here, I am alive, nothing happened to me. I just said a long time ago: my story with the national team is over. I have put an end to it, and stop procrastinating on this topic.

– Straining?

– A little angry. There are people who should now play in the national team – and they play in it. Everything.

– Recently Kafanov called you, before that Cherchesov was in constant contact.Is it inconvenient to refuse people?

– What does it mean to refuse? It was not like that: I was offered – I refused. Yes, I talked with Stanislav Salamovich three or four times, recently with Vitaly Vitalievich. But there was not even close to this: they say, let’s go to the European Championship, the World Championship – do not play the qualifiers, but come there. I myself understood: people who play in the selection must go to the final part. Well, how can I get it and come to the European Championship?

– Very simple – like Ignashevich in 2018.I did not play in the selection, but decided to return to the final tournament – and was the king.

– Seryoga had a different situation. At that time, the leading central defenders were injured. He was really needed then. In my case, everything is different. People played, won a ticket to the Euro – and here I come, handsome and smart?

But I will repeat: I did not refuse. We just talked about everyday problems, about the situation in general. People asked my opinion – I answered. There was no such thing: they say, leave me alone, do not call again.

– You made the decision to end your career in the national team even before the World Cup. Since then, at least once there was a thought – maybe replay?

– Never. When you make a decision, you have to be a man and follow him. It’s one thing if I played for the national team for two or three years. He had a successful world championship and quickly dumped – to be remembered as a handsome man. But I have been on the national team for 15 years. Played 111 matches.

It is important to understand that when you are called up to the national team, the season goes on almost seven days a week. All the time training camp, training, games. No respite, normal recovery. Right now is the most golden time for me. You live in a weekly cycle, play the game – you recover for two days. I don’t know about other guys – maybe they need to train more – but when you’re 36 soon, you understand: the main thing is to correctly lead yourself to the games.

How Akinfeev reacts to the failures of CSKA: “He shouted, yelled, got angry, but the effect was zero”

– You said about the golden time.To what extent is the current CSKA a territory of comfort for you? Previously, you constantly took titles with the team, now all this is in the past.

– To begin with, I will never accept the current state of affairs – with the fact that we do not win, we do not take trophies. The enthusiasm at 35 with a ponytail is the same as before. But I understand with my head: the current CSKA is hardly ready to fight for gold. If you want to become the champion of Russia, you have to win in almost every game, as the well-known team does. She constantly wins and overshadowed everyone at some point in time.

I understand that now we cannot give a similar result. It’s the same with us recently: we win two matches, draw one, and then we can lose two. Champion teams don’t go that way. Even if at the end of the tournament you get together and start taking points, they will not be enough for a title, for a place in the Champions League zone. Plus, the quality of the game itself is objectively not the best yet.

– Was it hard to accept the thought that now you live in a different reality?

– In the first year after the veterans left, I did not understand at all: what’s next, but is it sure that we will fall? We beat Real twice – at home and at the Bernabeu, confidently endured Zenit in the championship.It was 5-6 months of fantasy: the team ran, played, everything worked out. I thought to myself: will the generational change be painless? The team is young, but can it continue to trample on emotions? But the training camp passed, we joined in the spring, and I realized: probably, there will still be pain. Although I did not think that everything could take so long. Still, my ambitions were and remain high. I want to win, but in the current situation, the quality of the game does not allow us to be much higher in the table.

– But you have not calmed down? Didn’t you ever accept the situation and let it go? Like, what’s the point of worrying if the current CSKA is objectively weaker than the previous ones?

– No, I have not calmed down.I also screamed, yelled, got angry, but the effect of this was zero. Although I was torn apart from the inside. Yes, and now sometimes breaks. A fresh example is the game against Krasnodar. Players cannot hit the goal from four meters – and not the worst players – and how can you win? Although if we had scored, we would have won 1-0 for sure.

Football is not running in a circle: they said, run five kilometers, and you run stupidly. There must be some kind of inner anger, character to manifest, emotions! And with us sometimes it happens like this: your player is pushed, shoved on the field, and the other guys looked in different directions and dispersed. Teams where your partner is offended, and you just looked at it from the outside and moved on, will achieve nothing. This is not how you bring up the winners.

– Well, what is the main positive for you here and now?

– In the understanding that I have been in this club for more than 20 years. If I were in some other team – I think I would not have such a beautiful fairy tale. In other clubs, everything is different: either the management will change, then the course. Today they want one thing – tomorrow another. And in CSKA – even if you played an unsuccessful match, even a failed one, but the fans, the management … no, they don’t pat you on the head, but you understand that this is yours, dear.And this is encouraging. You understand that for the sake of these people you must break yourself and be even stronger.

Longing for the old CSKA, communication with young people: “When I don’t like something, I can say it”

– Do you miss that CSKA, where there were peers or older guys? Are you missing them?

– I miss the champion CSKA. For example, on the team, from which 11 people have recently left. Then rivals came to us from 7th to 16th places and received 5-6 goals in their gates.I will always remember this – just like the UEFA Cup, those Gazzaevskie teams – both early and later. I also remember the teams in which I played. Then we had a very strong generation. We made a nice noise. And I was lucky that I participated in this “disgrace”.

– How about everyday life? Aren’t you bored with the boys today?

– No, our guys are completely normal – Vanka Oblyakov, Kuchai. There is no such thing: they are young, and I am an old grandfather. We communicate completely on equal terms.

– Isn’t anyone shy? You’re really a legend.

– Listen, you have some stereotypes: why should someone be shy? We are all people, we all walk the earth. Yes, there are times when I don’t like something, and I can express it. And it’s up to the guys how they will perceive it. But there is definitely no such thing that I am in charge here, above everyone else and everyone should look into my mouth. This is a team, a team, you can’t do that. On the contrary, the guys need help. As for the word “legend” itself – no matter what interview you open now – there are legends all around.

– From the team that took the UEFA Cup – besides you, Wagner is in the ranks.Surprised by its longevity?

– Waga always loved the game and devoted himself to it. There were moments in CSKA when he could not train for a week, and then go out on the field and put a decisive goal or even two. And now, moreover, it is clear that he began to take great care of himself. He takes off his shirt – and there is such a press, which even during the game for CSKA was not there! This is correct because a person wants to play football. This requires sacrifice. When you finish, do what you want: drink, smoke, eat to the bone.

– When you’re done, are you going to chill?

– I am not.I will take care of myself. I do not want a fat belly and other radical changes in appearance.

– Do you think that Wagner could have played at Barcelona or Real Madrid according to his potential? And instead, half my life at CSKA.

– Probably could. But it all depends on the proposals. Nikola Vlašić could have played in Milan too – but ended up in West Ham. This is a matter of chance and some agency stories. Each person, if he shows himself and plays well, can end up in a cool club. A recent example is Eldor Shomurodov.The man played in Rostov, then left for Genoa, now in Roma with Mourinho. He surrenders to football – and this is the result.

“Hear, you – what kind of Lech is he to you?” Berezutsky-coach, fines, new rules

– The fact that Lesha Berezutsky, with whom you played for CSKA for 15 years, is now your coach – is it cool or are there nuances?

– What does it mean – cool? Man strove for this, studied. He is still studying and will soon receive a Pro license. I don’t want to be a coach in the future yet. Therefore, I am not going to study. And he wants to. This is his element. Yes, I was lucky to have been entrusted with the position of head coach at CSKA. And it’s even good that now we have young guys in our team. If they were more experienced, everyone would say: “They play themselves, without a coach.” And here you have the opportunity to develop your talent. Whether you can steer a team or not depends only on you. But you have a chance, use it, prove it.

Lesha, or not Lesha at the helm of CSKA – it makes me neither hot nor cold. Yes, he is my friend. But Olic was also a friend.And before that, everything was in order in relations with Viktor Mikhailovich, Leonid Viktorovich.

– But then your head coach is nowhere closer to the person. So many matches side by side!

– So what. This is the head coach of CSKA, that’s it, period. There are no close friends when you are at work.

– When you are alone with him, is he not Lech for you?

– I call him Alexey Vladimirovich. He was furious at first, but that’s the way it should be. They put this in me since childhood: if a person is your leader, be kind, call him by his first name and patronymic.

– That is, he was appointed head coach of CSKA – and immediately became Alexei Vladimirovich?

– That’s right.

– And when I was an assistant – I was Lehoy.

– Yes. I can reveal a secret. In one of the first days, when he was appointed, a couple of footballers – without names – also started: “Lech, Lech.” I told them: “Hear, you – what kind of Lech is he to you? This is Alexey Vladimirovich, head coach of PFC CSKA. ” I don’t know if they were offended or not – I said this in a harsh manner, but I think that there should be subordination, especially when it comes to young guys.For me, he can be Lehoy outside of work – but at the stadium, the base – the only way, by name and patronymic.

– Berezutsky on the bench is calmness itself. Missed, scored – zero emotion. How do you like it?

– I already told him that we need to add a little emotion. “You look at you, and you yourself become so calm, comfortable. You think: here is a person who knows how to control himself. ”

In general, he is from the old, Gazzaevskaya school. We all went through it when we were young. When Alexey Vladimirovich became the main one, everything became clear.A meeting of staff and teams was immediately held – he outlined his requirements for the work, one might say, tightened the nuts. It happens that people relax. And by the way, that’s okay.

– How about an example?

– Let’s say that now, before 15:00 after training, everyone should be at the base. Previously, as it was: trained – jumped into cars – drove. There were a couple of people who – such a feeling – did not even wash, so quickly they left. And now – there are clear rules: we are in no hurry, we come to our senses after training, we go for a massage, a bathhouse, and only after three are we allowed to leave.

– Under Gazzaev, discipline at CSKA was based on a tough system of penalties. Does Berezutsky have them?

– They are conditional. Although there have always been penalties for being late or not showing up for training. But there are also minor fines. Let’s say the head coach says not to touch the ball during warm-up and running in a circle. Someone took it, knocked – come on, pay. We have already raised some money – we bought a large column and put it in the gym. Everything for the team.

– How much does it cost to touch the ball?

– We will not make it public.But everything is loyal. Alexey Vladimirovich is not a monster.

Before the derby with Spartak, Akinfeev talked with the team: he had to shake it up

– CSKA taught us that this club = stability. Did your head spin over the past year from what has been going on with you?

– What was going on with us?

– The departure of Ovchinnikov and Onopko. Then Goncharenko left. Olic’s strange invitation. An even stranger parting with him. Isn’t it a little?

– So, what do the players have to do with all this?

– You live in this reality.

– So what? The goal of a football player was and remains to do his job, to come to the base, train, play, devote himself to football. I do not see any other way how we can influence this or that situation. I don’t sit in the office with the management and do not discuss: let’s put this or that? Does it make sense for me to climb somewhere where no one will ever ask me?

– By the way. You are a key player in CSKA, you have an impact on the dressing room. Why not consult with you sometimes?

– Some football moments related to the team are discussed with me – for example, when you need to talk to someone.Recently we talked with Roman Yuryevich in front of Spartak – he said that we need to gather the guys, talk to them so that they cheer up.

– Have you spoken?

– Yes. But the things related to the appointments of coaches – they do not concern me at all. Not my story.

– As it seemed from the outside, Olic was a little unprepared for the new role. Outwardly, there was a feeling that he was floating a little.

– Well, there was a rather spontaneous appointment. Until the end of the championship there were several rounds, it was necessary to urgently switch on.I talked to him, he had his own vision of the team. But something did not grow together … After the championship, we went on vacation, returned – and our chief is Alexei Vladimirovich.

– There was a feeling that Olic consulted with you a lot. What did he ask, what was he interested in?

– I asked about the guys. I said: all the guys are normal, but you need to talk to them personally. How can I tell you what’s in their head? As for football itself, there was very little. I’m not a fan of digging into tactics.Small things – where and which player to put on the corner – yes, it was. They also remembered old games.

Akinfeev examines in detail the episode when he recently yelled at the defense: why exactly it was

– Olic during these three months at CSKA – what was he like, what did you remember?

– Ivica hasn’t changed much since he was a player. You look at him – always calm, a little relaxed. Perhaps this is the way it is in Europe.

There were no differences from him at all – only positive.It is clear that after defeats he was upset. It was clear that he was in pain, bad. Maybe he wanted to show emotions, but he didn’t throw it out. With Alexei Vladimirovich they are similar in this. Nobody yells even if something goes wrong. It happens that you sit during a break and I personally want to tear and throw. But we meet the eyes of Alexei Vladimirovich, and he shows with his palm: calm down. I answer: good. And he calmly explains how and what to do to the guys.

– Don’t you just yell at this command?

– I understood one thing: I have been yelling for four years, but things are still there.I’m kidding, of course. But what does it mean to yell? For example, they criticize me: I missed it myself, but yells at others. But no one initially sees the moment that preceded the goal! What could have been done to avoid it, but people did not.

– Good. Here is a specific episode. You bounce in front of you in the match with Tula. They are finishing you. You yell at defense – it seems, at Biyol and Vasin. Unscramble to the public: what’s the complaint?

– Please. They hit me from 20 meters from the rebound and 20 players in front of me.There you do not have time to think where to transfer the ball – you need to somehow beat it off. This time. Second: there was a specific directive from the head coach – to help the goalkeeper with every shot. I immediately said: the missed goal in the match against Dynamo is completely my mistake. There I caught the ball, in the end it bounced off me, and Fomin finished it off. But here I was hitting the ball just where it was – it was unrealistic in a different way. And not a single defender ran to knock him out. All raised their hands and looked at the side. It’s just that when I help them out, I clean up the jambs – this is normal, in the order of things.There, no one sees someone’s mistake. And here I have to help – and where is the protection? Why do defenders exist at all? Passing passes, diagonals? Defender is to protect. This is a guarantee that we will not miss. Yes, even 500 times I beat in front of me – he knocks out 500 times, and nothing will happen! And when you raise your hands with the VAR system in effect – well, raise it further. Only then do not forget to take the ball to the center.

Therefore, when people try to condemn me somehow, without understanding the episode, I want to sit them together and give a lecture. And then I think: why do I need this? One will understand, the other will not understand, the third will not care at all – he just wants to write or say something caustic. But when you play at a professional level for 20 years, you are no longer surprised. Even if you are not guilty of the goal, you know – all the same, the name Akinfeev will appear. Let it be indirectly, but it will be.

– One of CSKA’s defenders – Diveev – hero of the week, scored for the national team. He can, according to his qualities, become a leader of defense for years?

– Can.Everything depends on him. Let him take the reign and lead.

– What is he missing?

– Well, ask him when you interview him: what is he missing or missing. But in the last matches, I personally have enough.

– From him?

– And from him, and from the defense, and from the team as a whole. It can be seen that the guys are playing with desire. But when there is hopelessness, you have to delve into the head of every football player and ask: why is this? When people ask me, I try to answer.And others should be chained. Specific questions are asked: explain what is wrong.

Giner’s words, which Igor still remembers: “Now I remember with humor, but then there was a shiver”

– Should young people go to Europe? The same Diveev? You haven’t left.

– So, stop. Where did I not go? Have you made me at least one specific proposal in 20 years? If, in essence, the question is: you have to leave in order to play. And not like some of us: they sit on a bench, and things are getting worse and worse every month.If you are going to play, of course, there will be progress. Both for the national team and for you personally. Like Sani Golovin. The only thing was that his injuries were tortured.

But in any case: you must weigh any step. The only pity is that our young players often do not belong to themselves. Everyone has an agent, a lawyer, a lot of advisors. There is no deal yet – and people are already counting who will earn how much, someone is listing something to someone. And the footballer becomes dependent on other people. Whether he wants to leave or not, others do not care.

For example, the Berezutsky brothers and I have never had an agent in our life. We never went to Giner to ask for a salary increase. They never said: give us an apartment, a car. Each of our salary increases was preceded by football achievements – a victory in the UEFA Cup, or the Russian championship. Not after every trophy, of course, they added, but the salary grew slightly. And now a 20-year-old guy signs a contract and walks with a cigar. He knows that 8-10 million will drop for him every month, and football will wait.

– Why you didn’t need an agent to increase your salary at CSKA is understandable. But finding a decent club in Europe is for that, isn’t it?

– I don’t know. But we weren’t looking for agents. And I’m glad I never had them. If I had an agent, I would not have spent 20 years in my home club and I would not have here 20 titles and such a history.

– But perhaps you would become the star of Manchester United.

– Everything can be. But I chose this path.And I personally go through it. I chose it myself. A person who belongs to himself. Nobody thinks for me – and I am doubly pleased. And no Manchester United or Arsenal will ever stand next to CSKA for me.

– You didn’t leave because you got used to CSKA – is this wording correct?

– And if you turn a little? Maybe they got used to me – because I did my job well? I can’t say now what I would have thought if I had a real offer.But I know for sure: we would have sat down with Yevgeny Lennorovich and agreed on something. This is an experienced person. He always helps in life when you communicate with him on some topics. But now, at 35, it makes sense for me to talk about what might or might not? We must live for today and look ahead.

– What advice from Giner do you remember in your life?

– I’ll tell you one story. Now I remember her with humor, but then there was a shiver. 2004, we play with Torpedo at the Dynamo stadium, our coach is Artur Jorge.We are leading 2: 0, everything is going well, and then balls start flying into my goal – one after another. Bam – and already 2: 3 we are losing. Moreover, the balls were almost impossible to take – they actually scored from dimes. Well, maybe in one moment he could help out. It is good that Kirya equalized at the end – played 3: 3.

We are sitting in the locker room after the match. Evgeny Lennorovich enters. Looks at me. So intently. And he says: “We need to help out, Igor. I could help out in at least one thing. ” I think: oh-pa. And I can’t say anything in return, young.

Then I realized: we must ask ourselves even more strictly. When you lead 2-0, and then you get three, something is wrong. Then after every good game I thought: what will he tell me now? And somehow he comes in, and I say: “You see, Evgeny Lennorovich, there was such a story with Torpedo…”. And he answered: “Don’t worry, that’s what I said. Everything is fine”.

What about advice? Well, you don’t come to him with a question: Evgeny Lennorovich, where to invest the money?

– Ignashevich told how Giner once talked him out of business.

– Well, Seryoga had such a case. I did not have. If I go to his office, we talk about football, family, some business. He said more than once: “If anything – come in, I will help.” But he really is like a father. Not for me specifically, but for each player, for the whole team.

How would Akinfeev perceive Ignashevich as the head coach of CSKA and what Goncharenko asked for

– By the way, about Ignashevich. I saw the information: they say, if he was appointed head of CSKA, would this situation categorically not suit you?

– Again rumors … Yes, I read it.But this is complete nonsense. Who will ask me: to appoint Ignashevich, not to appoint? Or do you really imagine that I come to the management and say: if Ignashevich is the head coach, I will not play?

– Wait. Gazzaev, on the other hand, seemed to have been removed from the team in 2008 precisely because some of the players could no longer work with him, they were tired of the rigidity, the requirements of the old school.

– There was no such thing there. Valery Georgievich left, because in the summer he made such a decision himself.Maybe he wanted to stay in the end, but he had already made a decision. And the journalists wrote: Soviet methods, the players were tired … But he was sociable and could change.

– Did he really want to stay?

– I don’t know exactly, but it seems to me that yes. After the last match with Nice, when we won 4-3 away, he was really upset.

And about Ignashevich – well, it’s really nonsense. I don’t understand where these rumors come from. Yes, I have normal relations with Seryoga! Yes, on the field for 15 years there has not been anything, including scandals.But this is normal, these are emotions. I have no dislike for him. But what am I now: to prove this to every lamppost? If there were Ignashevich, then Ignashevich, period. This guide decides. There are too many rumors around that are not supported by anything. Akinfeev has a shadowy influence on decisions in the club – this is the same as they say about Messi. Like, does not want to play with one, second, third. But this is nonsense.

Or else I heard to myself: Akinfeev has hardly been training lately, his knee is falling off.Well, Christmas tree-sticks: how do you know? Do you walk around the base with me? Are you on the field? Or watch workouts every day? Okay, figs with them, let them think and say what they want.

– There is a video: Vasya Berezutsky says goodbye to the team, you are like wiping a tear. Vasya then told me in an interview that you were kidding. Yes?

– Of course it was a joke. Moreover, I knew everything in advance. I then told him: “Come on, Vasek, good luck – we will cry without you.” Really eyes were in a wet place when they finished their playing career – Vasya, Lesha, Seryoga. There was a meeting with the fans and a video was shown on the scoreboard with a cut of their game. It was very sad – I understood that the era was gone.

– And on what note did you leave Goncharenko?

– Which one could I part with? He was my coach for 4.5 years and all this time we fought for each other. What can I say bad about him?

A lot of different information was thrown in that some of the team got tired of him.

– There was no such thing. It happened that he pressed emotionally.But we talked with him, and I said: “Mikhalych, we need to let go of the team a little.” There was nothing beyond that. On the contrary, recently he removed some theories so that the guys were a little calmer. It just happened: his cycle ended. And he himself understood this, and the leadership. They met, discussed everything, and decided that it would be better this way. Hands shook and parted.

“Everything was written on his face.

” Is it true that Vlasic asked not to release him in St. Petersburg

– CSKA has been tied to Vlasic in recent years.Did you realize in the summer that he would leave?

– It was clear from his condition that he wanted to leave. He walked gloomy – everything was written on his face.

– Has he really served a number in the last couple of months?

– It is important to understand here: when any player has an emotional recession, he can no longer turn himself around. I also had this. You are driving yourself into a hole, and it’s hard to get out of it. You seem to do the same thing – but nothing happens. Nikola worked at all trainings, did not skip.I just emotionally crushed myself – and nothing went. Although there was both diligence and desire.

– Did you see the insider that he asked not to release it in St. Petersburg?

– Again, this was not the case. He went to Peter to play. But the head coach decided that he would only come out in the second half. His emotional state did not allow him to play for the entire 90 minutes. At that moment he was not an assistant here.

– Can Ejuke replace Vlašić as the most creative person in the attack?

– It depends on him how he will progress.Now he has a good stretch. But here it is important to emphasize: Alexey Vladimirovich asked him not to overexpose the ball. “Then you won’t have a price,” he said. – You won’t get tired quickly. You don’t have to run around 10 people to make the whole stadium gasp: how cool! This is zero efficiency. ” And now he really started to play a little differently, if you noticed. One-two-three touches – parted with the ball. And that’s all, another Ejuke on the field.

– When he hits you in training, did you become more tense? Has he improved this quality?

– In principle, he does not have a powerful blow from the rise.When he hits, he always tries to spin the ball somewhere. In training, he tries to strike at different points. But usually, wherever he hits – I’m already standing in that corner. I don’t even fall.

– In one of the interviews you spoke warmly about the newcomer Mukhin. Why did you like him so much?

– I heard what many said: this is not the level of CSKA. I strongly disagree. On the contrary, this is one of the best acquisitions in recent years. Perhaps few people notice how much he works on the field, how many balls he takes.Everybody thinks: he didn’t get there, there. But he, in fact, plays alone in the center. For me, this is an unambiguous player in the first team. If it continues to progress, it can rise to the top.

End of career: what will be the signal for Akinfeev to quit football

– Surprised by Mario’s departure from the Russian national team? Sounds like your story.

– As far as I know, Mario wanted to play the World Cup in general – and that’s where he ended up in the national team. But you see – somehow they held me back. You can understand it – there are so many injuries. And they smashed their heads and tore their ligaments. It’s one thing when you hardly break, like Cristiano Ronaldo. Plus Mario is a middle-aged player, he is already over 30. He is also more comfortable now with a more light mode – playing once a week. Because on the field he is always worn out.

– In the former CSKA, almost everyone was like that. Who is your main example of selflessness?

– There is no one like Pontus. Do you remember the match against Dynamo, when his leg was torn with a spike? They carry him away from the field, and he sits on a stretcher, looks at this lacerated wound and laughs.Pure Viking.

– Do you yourself have a high pain threshold?

– I can stand it. When I arrive at the base and see someone lying there with some kind of microdamage, I say: “Look at my knee! In the morning I have to get out of bed for 40 minutes and unbend, then go to the base. And you say it hurts. ” I pin them, of course. My threshold is normal. I feel pain, but I’m used to it.

– How is the leg in general?

– Normal. I’m watching her.

– Now there is at least a rough understanding – how much is the maximum ready to play?

– It all depends on health. If you have it – at least up to 43 you can play like Buffon. The second point is the trust of the management. If you are needed, you can always find common ground. If not, you have to either finish or go somewhere. Now I feel the strength to continue playing. But it may happen that in a year I will not feel them. And I’ll get tired of all this.

– What will be the signal? Knee, feeling that football no longer grabs, or conventionally understanding that jumping differently than before?

– Fatigue.Whatever one may say, in our life everything is in a circle – the road to the base, training is the same every day. It is sometimes depressing. Yes, football is a job and a passion. But I understand guys who suddenly click and finish. I will say one thing: if I understand that I have to leave, I will leave so as not to torment myself or others. Sometimes you have to say to yourself: “Stop. Don’t make people laugh. ”

– Your contract ends in the summer – but this is not the topic that you are worried about?

– What’s the point of worrying? You should worry about your family, children – but definitely not because of some kind of contract.Dzaga now went without a contract for training camps – so what? We agreed in the end. When you get hung up on something, nothing will work out for sure. The main thing is to calmly do your job. Our leaders are competent people, they see and understand everything.

– Everyone was confident that Messi would end his career at Barça, but he left. Is there at least one percent chance that you will play for some other team besides CSKA?

– Today – no. Although Messi said the same.But I don’t really see myself anywhere else.

– What is your motivation now? Surely unlikely to earn another million?

– Of course not. Motivation is football. While everything suits me, and I live by it. And one more motivation is to win something. And preferably not a Cup or Super Cup, with all due respect to these trophies, but a championship. I do not lose hope that CSKA will do it.

– I understand that you can love the game at the age of 30 plus. And what about training?

– Why not – if they are playable? For example, under Olich, under Berezutsky, goalkeepers are attracted to the squares, we have a lot of football.At CSKA, the warm-up is now only 10 minutes, although it used to be 20-30.

Yes, there are exercises for standards, there are tactics, but there are not so many of them. Still, this should mainly be worked out at the training camp. I don’t understand when in a season we start to play 500 hits over the wall. I say all the time: if you don’t know how to beat, you don’t have to go there. Or if you don’t know how to catch, you will never learn in your life. I was lucky that since childhood I had strong coaches, real lumps – Pshenichnikov, Astapovsky, Dasaev, Chanov.This is my great happiness. Here they taught.

– You worked with Dasaev in the national team.

– Not only – he coached me in the youth team of Moscow. What do you remember? That he had very tough training. They really had to plow, sweat. He did not give a slack.

Family: Ulybak daughter and son, who studies at the Juventus academy

– If you imagine that you could turn to 20-year-old Igor Akinfeev – what advice would you give him?

– That wouldn’t be really advice.I wish myself that I did not have two operations on crosses. If not for them, everything would be even cooler for me.

– And, for example, advice not to freak out over trifles? Or could you not do otherwise?

– No. Football is about emotions. Advice not to freak out can be given in other situations. For example, in a family – not to freak out because the children throw everything away or do not obey you. Don’t make noise at your wife over trifles. Or don’t get annoyed on the road. And in football – no. The path that I am going through is, of course, not ideal.But I’m comfortable in it. Most importantly, this is my path. And I did it. Himself, not someone else for me.

– What can you say about the future of our goalkeeper school, about your colleagues?

– The first people who immediately come to mind here – Matvey, Sasha Maksimenko – because they are young. They can progress. I would like to have goalkeepers for a decade, there was no leapfrog in the national team. And the guys themselves should understand that now they have a very cool chance. And their trump card is precisely that they are still young.You have 10-15 years ahead when you can give everyone the heat.

– You said that you do not see yourself as a coach.

– I’ll clarify – bye. Not a coach, much less a coach of goalkeepers.

– But you essentially trained goalkeepers – when did Kramarenko leave for the national team? How do you feel about giving something to the young?

– Oh, there is a funny story. The guys got together, just Ilyukha Pomazun returned from the lease, I give a warm-up, exercises. A few days later, Kramarenko arrives.I ask him: “Sergeich, how do you train in general?” – “What is it?” – “Yes, in the third minute all the exercises were over. How do you come up with all this? ”

– How do you like the young guys from CSKA? Will you be calm about your post when you’re done?

– I want to believe it. It all depends on them. Probably more from me. And from the goalkeeper coach. I want them to grow. We need to give impetus, help and believe. Hurry has now begun to be called up to the youth team. Danya Bokov played quite well against Nizhny Novgorod.But the main thing is they themselves. You can put your whole soul into a person, but it may not bear fruit.

– There is a feeling that in recent years you have found spiritual harmony.

– Yes, it is.

– Does the family give it?

– Not only. Although the birth of a third child added a thrill. My daughter is such a “ulybaka”: if you hold her, lie down with her – happiness! The more children, the better. But I’m also glad that there is no need to be torn between the two teams anymore – this also adds psychological calm.Now I can call myself a happy person.

– Did your son seem to go to play hockey?

– Yes, I went to hockey, tennis. Now – for football. He studies three times a week at the Juventus Academy. As long as he likes it, let him walk.

– About 15 years ago – when you still did not have a family – you gave me an interview in which there were the words: “My son will never be a football player.” The main idea is that there is a lot of dirt in football and you want not to involve children in it.

– I will not give up these words even now. Moreover, it has only become dirtier lately. But for now, I do not want to take away from the child what he likes. It’s like with me: as long as I like football, I’m here. Stop – and my story will end.


– What is never lacking in your refrigerator?

– In Borjomi.

– What you don’t know how, but what would you like to learn?

– Play the piano.Standing at home, his wife playing. But it is not given to me.

– What do you dislike about being a goalkeeper?

– To concede goals.

– What was the last thing you gave your wife?

– Oh, it was so long ago. Oh, child (laughs).

– What trait of your own would you get rid of?

– From excessive emotionality.

– What do you lack for complete happiness?

– Now – there is just enough! But let CSKA become a champion at least once with me.

What happens to the body after a jar of energy drink. Per-minute guide: November 24, 2016, 21:12

Despite warnings about the dangers of smoking and the use of energy cocktails, a huge army of users continues to smoke and drink. The British portal Personalise presented an infographic explaining what happens to the human body after one can of energy drink.

First 10 minutes : Caffeine begins to enter the bloodstream. Heart rate and blood pressure rise.

15-45 minutes : If you drank the drink quickly, then after 15 minutes attention and concentration increase. The same effect occurs after 40 minutes if you drink it slowly.

30-50 minutes : Caffeine is completely absorbed into the bloodstream. The pupils dilate. Blood pressure rises and as a result, the liver releases more sugar into the blood. Drowsiness is blocked in receptors in the brain. High sugar levels cause an insulin spike.

After 1 hour : Blood sugar decreases.The effects of caffeine wear off. Feeling of tiredness increases. All liquid from the drink leaves the body, flushing out valuable substances from the body.

5-6 hours : The level of caffeine in the body is halved. For women who take oral contraceptives, it takes ten hours.

12 hours : caffeine is completely removed from the blood. However, the rate of caffeine elimination depends on many factors, including age.

12-24 hours : the body is completely ready to take another dose of the same high dose of energy drink.If you are accustomed to the daily use of such cocktails, then after this period you will feel tired and lethargic. Headaches and constipation may occur.

After 7-12 days : Research has shown that this is how long it takes for the body to get used to drinking an energy drink every day without disturbing sleep patterns.

© Personalise.co.uk

90,000 how the GirlPower club breaks the mold in Russian football, why it is supported by Adidas, Nike, European clubs, and also Varvara Shmykova

Volodya, at first a little history, because I am confused, because even on the TagSport website it is written: eight years ago, I got confused, in my mind …

In years?

In years, yes.

I, too, all the time get confused in years, because, indeed, instead of at least once to write “in such and such a year”, all the time it is written “so many years ago”, and I keep trying to understand when you are wrote. It seems like TagSport came in 2013 and GirlPower came in 2014, if I’m not mistaken.

Tell me, please, do you have any idea now that both schools have existed for quite a long time, what has changed in society during this time? Just by the way people come to you, and by the way people react to your idea that we will arrange football for you now, only without violence, without humiliation, without any hardships, and we will leave only beauty and Bliss.

It seems that there has been some normalization of attitudes towards this. If indeed, when we launched TagSport, we were, conditionally, the first, the first such football school, now there are already quite a few schools that declare this at least. It is difficult to comply with this further, but it is always difficult. And in general there are a lot of them, and not only in Moscow.

The idea that sport is always an achievement, always through pain, always through resistance, including a coach, is gradually disappearing.And she even leaves, which is nice, so far only in words, but nevertheless, even in professional schools, such as in the academies of professional clubs and so on, there coaches also start talking at seminars and conferences, which seems to be children do not have to be yelled at to make them, and it seems cool if they are interested in what they are doing.

Roughly the same thing happened with GirlPower, that is, again, when we launched, we were, conditionally, the first, now in Moscow there are a lot, well, okay, several dozen football teams, in which a person, a girl can come without any football experience.And in general, if tomorrow you say that you kind of decided to go to training, you will not surprise anyone with this, most will not even react, well, yes, it’s okay.

This is no longer there – what are you doing?

Yes. This is Moscow. In other cities, of course, everything is much more complicated. So this year we launched, as a matter of fact, in five new cities, and there, of course, the attitude so far, it is there, conditionally, three or four years ago in Moscow, where it raises questions, raises doubts, and so on.First of all, it concerns little girls, fears of parents and everything else.

Tell me, in which cities, it is still important, in which cities you are now.

We have been in Moscow and St. Petersburg for a long time now, and we launched in Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don.

Very cool. But there is still this here …

Well, this is really difficult, because the consciousness is of course different, the understanding of why this is needed, why a girl can play football at all, why this is normal, why this is not a protest against society.And this is not always a protest, that is, someone has a protest, someone has just a desire to play, well, that is, why this should not require any explanation. This, of course, is not always the case.

Although it is also different in different places. For example, in Kazan, where in general there is a fairly traditional society, Tatarstan and everything else, 250 girls registered for a trial training, that is, there is a very, very high interest in this. It is, on the contrary, the fact that we launched something that society has been waiting for there for a long time, or, on the contrary, it coincided, or because Kazan as a whole is a very modern city, it is not clear.