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Keto dining out: The 30 Most Keto-Friendly Restaurants In America


The 30 Most Keto-Friendly Restaurants In America



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You won’t even miss the tortillas when you get one of their burrito bowls, which are packed with flavor. Skip the beans and rice but feel free to load up on cheese or guac instead. Chipotle also has started offering a specific keto bowl, which features carnitas, red salsa, and more cheese and guac.


Red Lobster

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Step away from the Cheddar Bay biscuits (no small feat, we know), and it’s easy to stay keto, as seafood and fish are awesome proteins. Choose items like the steamed lobster and crab legs, or grilled shrimp and scallops, for a diet-friendly treat.


Shake Shack

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Sure, their potato buns are nice, but you can do without them. Ask for your burger with a lettuce wrap instead, or consider the SmokeShack, which is layered in cheese and bacon.

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Red Robin

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Asking for something “wedgie style” is just plain fun, and in this case, healthy. That’s Red Robin’s term for a burger in a lettuce wrap. A bunch of their options are super keto, like the Royal (which adds a fried egg on top) or the Guacamole Bacon (which adds *guess what* on top).


Jersey Mike’s

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Also fun to say? “Sub in a tub,” which is how you can order any sub sandwich at this chain to get it in a bowl instead of on bread.




While the company is famous for its breaded chicken, just look for the word “grilled” to find the keto eats. There are the grilled chicken sandwich and chicken club (making sure to order without buns), the grilled nuggets, and the Cobb salad with grilled chicken, among other dishes.

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Bonefish Grill

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It’s a restaurant geared around fish, so you know it’s a keto-friendly place. Just stick with the grilled and seared proteins, including salmon, sea bass, steak, shrimp, trout, and so many more.



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This chain has a great habit of taking solid keto protein options (sirloin steak, grilled chicken) and kicking them up a notch by adding buttery shrimp on top. These dishes are total keto winners.



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Getting sick of all the lettuce-wrapped burgers? Bareburger offers the option of covering your beef, turkey, or bison burger in collard greens. Plus a lot of their combos are loaded with keto-happy fats like cheese, bacon, avocado, and other veggies.

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Buffalo Wild Wings

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Your keto instincts may recoil at the idea of wings, which are typically coated in sauce with a high sugar content. But at Buffalo Wild Wings, their baseline Traditional Wings have 0 carbs, and there are actually tons of sauce or season options with only a one-to-three grams of carbs. Try Mild, Medium, Hot, Wild, and Blazin’ sauces, as well as the Parmesan Garlic and Spicy Garlic, for tons of flavor.



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Worth the trip alone? The Baconator sandwich, which offers 53g of protein and 60g of fat. Just get it wrapped in lettuce and skip the ketchup, natch.


Ruby Tuesday

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There are a lot of Cajun-style dishes at Ruby Tuesday, which translates to dry seasoning and herbs rather than fried or battered food. In other words, it’s a keto dream, from the Cajun grilled shrimp to the many burgers and steaks to the multiple chicken dishes covered in avocado or bacon.

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All Subway sandwiches can be turned into salads, but avoid the sauce-covered proteins (like barbecue or teriyaki) to eliminate unwanted sugars. The chain itself recommends their Chopped Salad for keto dieters.


Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse

Any steakhouse is a keto dieter’s BFF, as long as you order a salad or other green veggies on the side instead of starchy mashed potatoes or fries. Enjoy all of the steaks, as well as the fishy options like lobster, halibut, crab, and salmon.


Cheesecake Factory

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While the menu at Cheesecake Factory is notoriously stressful (there are around 250 items available), there is a space on those pages and pages for diet-friendly fare, particularly in their Skinnylicious category. The grilled salmon and lettuce-wrap tacos are a solid pick, as are many of the salads, particularly the house, green, and endive options.

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Taco Bell

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OK, so obviously carby things like burritos and tacos are out, but thankfully, Taco Bell’s menu is highly customizable and there are even some standard menu items you can fall back on that are keto-friendly, including things like the Power Menu Bowl. More options here.



Courtesy Chili’s

Like many other places on the list, you’re going to want to stick to things like steak and lean proteins like chicken and fish. Swap out rice and potatoes for salad and veggies, and go easy on sugary sauces (sorry…saucy baby back ribs included!).




Stick to fresh-brewed coffee and simple, non-blended drinks like an Americano with heavy cream. You can find out more keto-friendly Starbucks orders here. As for food? There are plenty of options like sous vide egg bites and cheese and meat trays. Just avoid any starchy sandwiches and wraps, or simply take the breading off!

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Blaze Pizza

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Yes, pizza! The chain has a keto-friendly crust so from there, just go light on the sauce (or skip it!) and make sure your toppings are keto-friendly (think low-carb veggies like spinach and peppers and lots of protein and cheese!).


Olive Garden

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Eating keto at this pasta haven is easier than you may think. Avoid pasta dishes and load up on their famous salad (skip the croutons!), as well as delicious items like Italian Sausages and Herb-Grilled Salmon.

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40 Most Keto-Friendly Chain Restaurants That Won’t Break The Bank

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By Allison Smith/Updated: Jan. 20, 2023 4:38 pm EST

There’s a lot to like about a low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet like keto. According to The New York Times, the keto diet has proven to be an effective method for weight loss. What’s more, keto dieters can load up on foods typically forbidden in other diets, like cheese, red meat, and even butter. Tons of A-list celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Alicia Vikander are keto fans, too, per US Weekly.

But with all the keto myths circulating on the internet about America’s latest dieting trend, it can be tricky to know what you can and can’t eat — especially when eating out. Not to mention the added challenge of avoiding your restaurant favorites like breadsticks and french fries whilst your family or friends help themselves. So, how do you know which restaurants will have keto-friendly options for you to dig into guilt-free?

Like the Boy Scouts say, always be prepared. Thankfully, there are heaps of keto-friendly meals at popular restaurants, but it helps to do your research ahead of time. Check out the chains below for tons of ideas on meals you can have the next time you go out to eat. Just keep in mind that a lot of the time you’ll have to exercise a little creativity and ask your server to nix certain non-keto ingredients from your order.

Panera Bread


Admittedly, the lunchtime favorite Panera Bread sounds like the last place anyone on the keto diet should patron — carb-dense bread is (sadly) verboten among keto dieters. However, it’s easy to hack the restaurant’s bread-heavy menu by simply ordering one of their savory sandwiches sans bread. Voila! Some items require little to no modifications at all, such as the Greek salad with chicken, Caesar salad without the croutons, Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup, and the Ten Vegetable Soup. Bonus: The bakery-café’s website includes a breakdown of all its nutritional information, so you can double check to make sure any customizations you make are keto-friendly.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Disregard the sea of tacos and burritos (easier said than done, we know), and you’ll find that the menu at Taco Bell is easy enough to tailor to suit your low-cab diet. The best way to eat a keto-friendly meal here is to load up on keto items a la carte, such as crunchy romaine lettuce, protein, cheese, veggies, guac, sour cream, and low-cab sauces. In other words, skip the tortilla shell, rice, and beans. The Mini Skillet Bowl is a solid choice if you swap out the potatoes for marinated steak. You can also order other menu items in bowls, such as the Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, Fiesta Salad, and the Power Bowl.



Yes, the home of the Baby Back Ribs has keto-friendly options, though we recommend getting a half-rack here and skipping the sugary BBQ sauce. You can also sink your teeth into Chili’s Classic Sirloin, which comes with a side of steamed broccoli. Just skip the mashed potatoes that also come with it. We suggest topping the dish off with olive oil, which is rich with healthy fats. You might also try the chili-rubbed Ancho Salmon or the Steak Fajitas, without tortillas or rice, of course.

Red Lobster


Bad news, folks: Red Lobster’s ever-popular Cheddar Bay biscuits won’t fit your low-carb or keto diet, but thankfully the classic seafood restaurant still boasts quite a few diet-friendly items on its menu you can munch on.

Crack into the Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs, which has zero carbs, so you don’t need to stress about portion size with this dish. Served with a choice of two sides, we suggest you nix the baked potato, fries, and rice and go with veggies or an order of shrimp scampi instead. The butter-dipped crab legs are also a savory choice.

If seafood isn’t your thing, the Filet Mignon is sure to ignite your taste buds. You may also enjoy the Buffalo Chicken Wings with blue cheese dressing.



Despite the fast-food chain’s notoriously unhealthy menu — remember the 2004 “Super Size Me” documentary? — it’s actually pretty doable to order a keto-friendly meal at McDonald’s. Okay, so you should steer clear of the starchy french fries and carb-loaded chicken nuggets, but most of the burgers, including the infamous Big Mac, are fair game. The secret? Just order your burger with no bun and no sauce or ketchup. Feel free to indulge in the breakfast menu, too, such as the chain’s sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin sandwiches — just do so without the English muffin.

Au Bon Pain


Even though Au Bon Pain means “from good bread” in French, it’s precisely the food group keto dieters are instructed to avoid because of — ahem — carbs. It’s no easy feat to navigate a menu filled with sandwiches and wraps when you’re on the keto diet, but with a few simple tweaks, you can find meal options at Au Bon Pain that won’t stray from your diet.

For example, you can certainly opt for the restaurant’s Chef’s Salad, which features fresh diced turkey and ham, smoked bacon, asiago cheese, and grape tomatoes on a bed of romaine lettuce and field greens. Just be sure to choose a low-carb dressing option. You could also order one of their breakfast sandwiches, such as the egg, cheddar, and sausage option, but without the bagel.

Shake Shack

The Art of Pics/Shutterstock

Enjoying a burger at Shake Shack while limiting your carb intake may sound like an impossible feat, especially if you’ve previously tasted the buttery goodness that is the gourmet burger restaurant’s potato buns. The trick is to order a bunless burger. This may seem like a sacrifice, but we promise the ShackBurger’s perfectly juicy patty, layered with cheese, tomato, and the company’s proprietary ShackSauce, more than make up for it. Ask for a lettuce wrap instead of a bun for a pleasant crunch. You could also order a bunless version of their SmokeShack, which comes with cheese and bacon.



It’s rare for restaurant establishments, especially fast-food chains, to cater to specific dietary restrictions, but Chipotle is a cut above the rest. In 2019, the build-it-yourself burrito and bowl eatery found a way to allow health-conscious diners to enjoy Mexican cuisine, which is traditionally high in carbs, with the introduction of its Lifestyle Bowls. This collection of specialty bowls was designed so diners on specific diets could dig in with some peace of mind and not have to worry about crunching the numbers on the nutritional labeling. The flavorful Keto Salad Bowl features lettuce, carnitas, red chili salsa, Monterey jack cheese, and guacamole. In other words, it’s the perfect meal for any keto dieter.



Its locations are on the limited side — this fast-casual eatery has restaurants in New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania — but Dig’s menu options are endless for those on the keto diet. Its build-your-own-bowl sensibility lets you customize your order to your specific needs. Plus, Dig breaks down the nutritional information of its menu, which rotates on a seasonal basis, so you can always be sure your meal is made with the freshest ingredients. What makes Dig special is its talent for taking terrific keto items like wild-caught Alaskan salmon, carrots, and broccoli and taking them up a notch with delicious seasonings for a standout keto meal.



One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of keto options at the family-friendly and casual restaurant Applebee’s. From grilled protein to veggies and seafood, you may need a few extra minutes to decide what you want.

The Shrimp ‘n Parmesan Sirloin dresses up a tender cut of steak with buttery shrimp and Parmesan sauce for an inventive spin on surf ‘n turf. It comes with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes, though we recommend swapping the latter for a side of veggies. You can also go for the Grilled Chicken Breast and top it off with a dollop of guacamole for some healthy fats that are keto-approved.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

We know what you’re thinking: Keto options at a carb-heavy Italian restaurant chain? Rest assured, there’s more to Olive Garden than pasta and breadsticks. For starters, the Herb-Grilled Salmon, which comes with Parmesan garlic broccoli, can be ordered as-is with no modifications. You can also add a side salad to this order, though go easy on the dressing, as this can fill up your carb quota real quick.

Other keto-friendly entrées include the Chicken Piccata, Grilled Chicken Margherita, and Famous House Salad, though you should order that last one without croutons. Bonus: Most menu items can be topped with olive oil, which is a very healthy fat. Who needs breadsticks, after all?

Blaze Pizza


Usually pizza is a no-go for keto dieters, but Blaze Pizza make dieting look easy with its keto-friendly pizza crust, which debuted in 2019, making the pizza chain the first to do so, according to Business Insider. The gluten-free crust successfully mimics traditional wheat crusts and is made from a combination of cauliflower, mozzarella cheese, flaxseed, and eggs (via KetoConnect).

From there, the pizza comes topped with spicy red sauce, more mozzarella, bacon, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach, though you can customize the toppings to your liking. Drizzle olive oil and pesto on top for an extra dose of keta-approved healthy fats. Each slice contains 15g of carbs. Plus, each offers 2g of fiber. Color us impressed!

Outback Steakhouse

Evgeny Karandaev/Shutterstock

Steakhouses are always a great option for keto dieters, and Outback Steakhouse is no exception. The key is to keep meals simple and skip any of the starchy sides like potatoes and fries. Any of the steaks are fair game, such as the Slow-Roasted Prime Rib or the Ribeye but opt for smaller cuts. To up your keto-approved fat, add a dollop of olive oil or butter.

Outback also offers several low-carb vegetable options, such as grilled mixed veggies and rotating seasonal vegetables like zucchini and broccoli. Fish entrées like lobster and salmon are solid picks as well.


Tatiana Volgutova/Shutterstock

Don’t let the word “pancakes” in the name fool you. IHOP boasts several keto-friendly dishes. After all, it’s primarily a breakfast spot, and eggs are an easy way to boost your protein intake. For example, you can build your own omelet with avocado, bacon, and cheese. You can also add spinach and a drizzle of olive oil for an extra punch of nutrients. A word of caution: IHOP adds a splash of pancake batter in their omelets. Although this helps save time in the kitchen and makes their omelets extra fluffy, be sure to ask them to use fresh eggs instead.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

Good news: The Cheesecake Factory offers heaps of keto-friendly meals on its expansive menu — even if those offerings don’t include actual cheesecake. Save time by skipping straight to the “Skinnylicious” section of the menu. The grilled salmon, served with mixed veggies, is your best bet. Drizzle olive oil on top to amp up your healthy fat game. You can also go with the California Omelette, which comes with avocado, mushrooms, sour cream, cheese, tomato, garlic, and green onions. The Cheesecake Factory may be on pricier side, but it’s worth it.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Dmitry Lobanov/Shutterstock

Chicken wings are one of those high-protein, low- to no-carb dishes that make for an excellent option for keto dieters, so where better to enjoy a filling meal and catch the game than at Buffalo Wild Wings? Help yourself to a plate of Traditional Wings, but instead of sauce, you’re better off with the dry seasoning to keep your carb count low. That said, some of the sauces are surprisingly low in carbs, such as hot sauce and Thai Curry Sauce.

Boston Market


Skip carb-loaded fare like cornbread and mac & cheese at Boston Market and opt for chicken and veggies on the menu. Give the three-piece dark meat entrée a whirl for a meal that balances protein and fat — dark meat is more nutrient-dense than white meat. Side dishes include creamed spinach, cucumber salad, and steamed vegetables. The Caesar salad (minus croutons) pairs well with the rotisserie chicken as well.

Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger

Cut out the bread on any of Pret a Manger’s menu of sandwich items and you’ll find yourself with a tasty keto-friendly meal that balances protein, fat, and veggies. For example, the Chicken Salad and Avocado Sandwich makes for an easy lunchtime bite. The Chipotle Chicken Salad, which features avocado, pickled red onions, chili salt, and herb lime dressing on top of a layer of romaine lettuce is a solid option as well. Just skip the corn that comes in it. If you’re in a hurry, it works as a convenient grab-and-go selection.

TGI Fridays

Hajai Photo/Shutterstock

Low-carb dieters often avoid grill-style restaurants because fries, burger buns, and other bread products aren’t keto-approved. But TGI Fridays has found a workaround solution with their “green style” burgers. What does that mean exactly? It means your burger bun will be substituted with lettuce (like in the example burger above). For a dose of healthy fat, you can also add avocado and olive oil. But try to avoid sugary condiments and sauces. You can also enjoy items like the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken, the Million Dollar Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken (lunch portion), and wings.



“Hou” says you can’t eat out while on the keto diet? Houlihan’s makes it easy with its carefully curated menus, including dedicated appetizers, entrées, and sides for vegetarian and gluten-sensitive diners. Head for the entrées, where you’ll find the healthiest options. The Grilled Atlantic Salmon is your best bet, which only has 3 grams of carbs. You can’t go wrong with the Top Sirloin, either, which is a 5-ounce cut so you won’t go overboard on protein. Houlihan’s also serves up fat-rich veggies like mashed cauliflower, along with tasty greens like green beans and broccoli. Avoid starchy sides like potatoes and tortilla chips.

P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s

Chinese food can be challenging to fit into your keto diet since many of the cuisine’s staples — egg rolls, rice, and noodles, to name a few — exceed your carb allotment. Many sauces, such as hoisin, are out of the question since they’re packed with sugar. But at P.F. Chang’s, you can make it work if you look for low-carb options among the appetizers and sides.

Northern Style Spare Ribs and Edamame are tasty low-carb options that are also rich in fat, making them perfect for keto dieters. Nix the croutons and the Asian Caesar Salad (with or without salmon) will do the trick, though keep in mind, at 17 grams of net carbs, it’s pushing your carb quota, so you may want to eat only half and save the rest for later.

Jimmy John’s


Jimmy John’s knows how tough it can be to eat out when you’re avoiding carbs, which is why the sandwich chain has devised a solution that’s perfect for keto dieters: The Unwich. What is that exactly? It’s a sub wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. According to the company website, all Unwich sandwiches are 10 carbs or less, which means they’re a keto dieter’s best friend. Just don’t go wild with cured meats since they’re often loaded with sodium and so not the healthiest meal. But for an occasional treat? Go for it! You can’t go wrong with any option, but an Unwich with tuna salad, mayo, and cheese will give you a high dose of fat.

Red Robin

Red Robin

Maintaining a keto diet at a burger joint may sound impossible, but Red Robin offers a diverse menu, so even low-carb dieters can enjoy a tasty meal. Salads are your friend here, such as the Avo-Cobb-O, which is loaded with keto-friendly goodness like grilled chicken, bacon, Bleu cheese, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, mixed greens, and of course, avocado. Just skip the croutons and opt for low-carb, low-sugar dressing or sauce.

Burgers aren’t out of the question, either. Just order one “wedgie-style,” which translates to a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. We especially love the Royal Red Robin Burger, which adds a fried egg to the mix for a perfect protein-high meal, as well as the Guacamole Bacon Burger.

Ruby Tuesday


The casual dining restaurant Ruby Tuesday is a keto dieter’s paradise since many of the dishes rely on dried herbs and spices as opposed to breaded or fried ingredients. What’s more, the American restaurant boasts a diverse menu, so you’ll have tons of options to pick from. The New Orleans Seafood platter combines tender and flaky tilapia, seasoned with Cajun-style spices, with sautéed shrimp and creamy Parmesan sauce. You can also choose the Asiago Bacon Chicken, which is as delicious as it sounds. Even the decadent-sounding Hickory Bourbon Chicken, smothered in a bourbon glaze, will fit your keto diet, though just barely, at 18 grams of carbs. Polish off your meal with scrumptious veggies like zucchini and broccoli.



As long as you’re willing to go bunless, Chick-fil-A has tasty picks for keto dieters. Spoiler alert: The fast -food chain’s famous breaded chicken isn’t included, but their grilled chicken options are just as delicious and totally keto-friendly. Give their Grilled Nuggets a whirl. You can also order their Grilled Chicken Sandwich without a bun, and the pickles add a nice punch of flavor. Plus, their low-carb and low-sugar sauces like Garden Herb Ranch, Honey Roasted BBQ, and Zesty Buffalo are perfect for dunking.

Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill

When you’re on the keto diet, you learn pretty quickly that seafood is your best friend, and restaurant chain Bonefish Grill serves up a plethora of fresh, fishy dishes that are bound to reel you in. One of the most keto-friendly options is the Grilled Atlantic Salmon, which is loaded with fat and protein. You also can’t go wrong with Chilean Sea Bass or Grilled Rainbow Trout. Add lemon butter, pesto, or olive oil or top for an extra helping of healthy fats. For non-seafood entrées, give their Fontina Pork Chop or Chicken Marsala a try. Round out your meal with keto-approved asparagus and mixed veggies.



Lettuce-wrapped burgers are a delicious alternative to carb-loaded buns, be it’s totally understandable if you’re looking to mix things up. Thankfully, there’s Barebuger, a restaurant chain that’s known for its organic and all-natural burgers made with free-range, grass-fed, and antibiotic-free ingredients. You can even score less common meats like bison. But the real treat for keto dieters is the chain’s burgers wrapped in collard greens. Plus, you can add yummy keto-friendly toppings like smoked bacon or egg for extra protein or veggies like red onions, pickles, wild mushrooms, pickled jalapenos, pico de gallo, guacamole, and more. There’s no doubt about it: Barebuger has obviously cracked the code to healthy yet scrumptious cuisine.

California Pizza Kitchen


Skip the pizzas and pastas at California Pizza Kitchen and make a beeline for the salad section of the menu for keto-friendly foods. The California Cobb, which combines avocado, chicken, eggs, basil, and blue cheese, will treat you right. The Roasted Veggie salad and Power Bowls are great, too. Add more fiber and fat with a drizzle of olive oil.


Nata Bene/Shutterstock

The classic diner Denny’s is known for its breakfast staples, but there are more meal options to choose from, including keto-friendly ones, than you might expect. Their Build Your Own Omelette option allows you to customize your omelet with keto-approved foods like whole eggs, cheese, and avocado. Throw in fillings include bacon, sausage, bell pepper, and spinach. You can also modify the Grand Slam entrée by skipping the pancakes and upping the eggs and bacon. If you aren’t feeling the breakfast options, go with a sirloin steak or wild-caught Alaska salmon.



Roast beef rules the roost at fast-food chain Arby’s, along with chicken, turkey, and other deli-style meats, which means it’s easy to tweak the menu to fit your keto diet. As with most sandwich and burger joints, you can go bunless or ask for a lettuce-wrapped version of one of Arby’s sandwiches. The Roast Chicken Salad is a tasty option as well.



If you can resist the warm, slightly sweet aroma of its freshly baked bread, Subway has a few low-carb salads that are perfect for anyone on the keto diet. The Chicken & Bacon Ranch boasts the perfect fat-to-protein ratio. The Steak & Cheese salad is another tasty yet filling option. You can also convert any of their sandwiches into a salad. Just pay special attention with picking a dressing since one packed with sugar won’t fit your diet.

Smoothie King

Smoothie King

Even though smoothies are typically thought of as healthy meals, they often aren’t easy to incorporate into the keto diet because of their low fat content and overabundance of carbs from milk, yogurt, fruit, and juice ingredients. Thankfully, Smoothie King offers several specialty smoothies designed for keto dieters, which contain as little as 2 grams of carbs. The Keto Champ Coffee is made from almond milk, almond butter, cocoa, a keto protein blend, and of course, coffee, which gives it a sweet flavor. Plus, it’s also filling, making it a great grab-and-go choice. If you’re looking for a more traditional smoothie, go with the Keto Champ Berry, which is creamy and berry sweet. Ask for Stevia if you’re looking for extra sweetness. Steer clear of the “Get Fit” smoothies, which aren’t as keto-friendly as they might sound.

Panda Express

Joni Hanebutt/Shutterstock

Fast-casual Chinese spot Panda Express might not be the first thing to come to your mind when you envision keto-friendly restaurants (hi, noodles, egg rolls, and fried rice). But there are actually several low-carb options available that are also super tasty, like the String Bean Chicken, which features grilled chicken, green beans, onion, and ginger soy sauce. The Broccoli Beef Bowl is another keto-approved dish. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the Kung Pao Chicken, which in addition to being an Asian takeout classic, totals 14 grams of carbs.



If you’re craving a takeout fix, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more satisfying and keto-friendly option than chicken restaurant chain Wingstop. For starters, Wingstop is super upfront about its nutrition information for all the foods on their menu, which makes it easy to stick to your diet. Their Classic Wings with Lemon Pepper sauce has 0 grams of carbs. Other keto-friendly sauces, include the Original Hot, Garlic Parmesan, and Cajun. The sides leave something to be desired, but the menu does have celery and carrot sticks.

Texas Roadhouse


A steakhouse chain that dishes out affordable yet great-tasting steaks, chicken, and seafood, it’s easy to find a keto-friendly meal at Texas Roadhouse. Obviously, any of the steaks are fair game. To add bulk to the meal, ask for a side of sauteed mushrooms or green beans. Their slow-cooked Killer Ribs are to die for, though you’ll want to substitute the fries with veggies instead. Plus, they have a couple of chicken entrées like the Herb Crusted Chicken and Smothered Chicken that will taste even better with the restaurant’s signature whipped butter. Just do your best to resist the steakhouse’s infamous rolls in the process.

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is probably the healthiest keto-friendly restaurant chain on this list, and since it goes out of its way to let diners customize dishes to suit their dietary needs, it’s basically a keto dieter’s dream. The restaurant even has a dedicated keto menu (as well as a paleo menu), which makes it easy to eat out and stick to your diet at the same time. Bonus: The menu changes seasonally so fruits and vegetables are as fresh as possible.

Start your meal with Charred Cauliflower or Roasted Brussel Sprouts, which you can top with kale salad dressing. As for entrées, the options are incredibly diverse, from the Poke Bowl and Grilled Chicken Parmesan to Grilled Salmon and Spaghetti Squash Casserole. Ramp up the healthy fat with add-ons like olive oil, lemon ricotta, cheese, avocado, or pesto.

Yard House


Fast-casual restaurant chain Yard House is a great place to score lots of scrumptious keto-friendly dishes. The company website provides detailed nutritional information, which helps take the guesswork out of ordering. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a meal that doesn’t ignite your taste buds on Yard House’s extensive menu. They offer bunless burgers, fish entrées, and fresh salads. The Shrimp Zoodle Bowl, in particular, is an innovative way to eat out while keeping your carb count low. The Cobb Salad with Salmon is another solid option.


Hajai Photo/Shutterstock

Smashburger is another fast-casual burger restaurant offering keto-friendly bunless options (as in the example above) for the win. For example, the Smoked Bacon Brisket Burger (sans bun) at Smashburger is especially mouthwatering, featuring a mountain of fatty brisket, smoked aged cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and pickles. Just skip the BBQ sauce for a truly low-carb meal. The Double Bacon Smash Burger provides a hefty dose of protein, too. Round out your meal with one of their veggie sides.

In-N-Out Burger


In-N-Out Burger has amassed a cult-like following for its juicy burger patties, and there’s no reason keto dieters can’t enjoy this burger joint, too. As long as you order one of their burgers “protein-style,” (In-N-Out’s in-house term for lettuce-wrapped burgers) or bunless, you’re in the clear to indulge yourself. Skip the fries and shakes. Give the protein-style Cheeseburger with Onion a whirl. If you want to lower your carb intake even more, nix the special sauce and replace it with a low-carb sauce option like mustard instead.

Steak ‘n Shake


The shakes may be off-limits to those on the keto diet, but this nostalgic restaurant chain has plenty else to offer on its menu. Steak ‘n Shake is happy to customize its high-protein steakburgers for keto diners by serving them bunless or wrapped in lettuce. You can also dig into the Grilled Chicken Salad or the Sausage, Egg n’ Cheese Breakfast Bowl (no hash browns) with zero guilt.

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The ketogenic diet (or keto diet for short) is a low-carb, high-fat eating plan. Following the keto diet is believed to have many health benefits. We will tell you in more detail what keto nutrition gives the body and how effectively you can lose weight on such a diet.


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Keto diet

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Keto diet

We talk about diets and weight loss solely to inform readers. The editors remind: it is dangerous to change your lifestyle and lose weight without full-time consultation with a specialist, risk assessment and identification of contraindications.

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Numerous studies show that the keto diet is guaranteed to help you lose weight and feel better. In addition, ketogenic diets can be useful for diabetes, epilepsy, oncology, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is a detailed guide to getting started on the keto diet and answers to the most common questions about it. Be sure to read, understand and discuss with your doctor.

What is the ketogenic diet?

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat meal plan. In many ways, this is similar to the Atkins diet and the low-carbohydrate diet. But keto involves a sharp reduction in carbohydrates and their replacement with fats. This decrease puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

In ketosis, the body begins to efficiently convert fat into energy (ketones) instead of using carbohydrates. Due to this, ketogenic diets can lead to a decrease in blood sugar levels and normalization of insulin.


Various types of ketogenic diets

There are many versions of ketogenic diets including:

  • standard ketogenic diet: this is a very low carbohydrate, moderate protein, high fat meal plan; it usually contains 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% carbohydrates;
  • cyclical ketogenic diet: this plan includes periods of higher carbohydrate intake, such as 5 keto days followed by 2 carbohydrate days;
  • adapted ketogenic diet: allows you to add more carbohydrates to your diet on training days;
  • High Protein Ketogenic Diet: Similar to the standard ketogenic diet, but with more protein, typically 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbohydrate.

By the way, only standard and high-protein ketogenic diets have been carefully studied and recommended by specialists. Cyclic or adapted diets are more advanced methods and are mostly used by athletes or bodybuilders.

Want to try the keto diet?

Ketogenic diets help you lose weight

The keto diet is an effective way to lose weight and reduce risk factors for certain diseases.

Experiments show that the ketogenic diet is superior to low-fat diets in terms of weight loss. Moreover, the keto diet allows you not to count calories and not limit the amount of food eaten, unless, of course, we are talking about those included in the list of permitted.

One study found that people on a ketogenic diet lost 2.2 times more weight than those who cut calories and fat. An improvement in cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood was also noticed.

Ketogenic diet for diabetes and pre-diabetes

Diabetes is characterized by metabolic changes, elevated blood sugar levels and impaired insulin function. The keto diet will help you shed excess body fat, an indicator that is closely linked to type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

One study showed that a ketogenic diet improved insulin sensitivity by as much as 75%!

In another experiment with participants with type 2 diabetes, it was found that 7 out of 21 people were able to stop taking all of their diabetes medications with the keto diet.

Other health benefits of the keto diet

The modern version of the keto diet was developed as a way to treat neurological conditions such as the aforementioned epilepsy. Some studies have shown that such a meal plan can be useful for various diseases.

  • Cardiovascular disease: The ketogenic diet may improve risk factors such as fat and cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.
  • Cancer: Today, this diet is used to maintain the condition of patients with various types of cancer and to reduce the growth of tumors.
  • Epilepsy: Studies have shown that a ketogenic diet can significantly reduce seizures in children.
  • Parkinson’s disease: Some tests have shown that a high-fat diet can help relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A ketogenic diet will help lower insulin levels, which play a big role in the progression of this diagnosis.
  • Brain Injuries: An animal study found that the keto diet can improve concussion and help patients recover more quickly from injuries.
  • Acne: Lowering your insulin levels and reducing your intake of sugar and processed foods will help improve your skin significantly.

Foods to Avoid on the Keto Diet

Any high carbohydrate foods should be avoided. Here is a sample list of foods that should be eliminated from the diet – or significantly reduce the amount of their consumption:

  • sugary foods: soft drinks, fruit juices, smoothies, cakes, ice cream, sweets;
  • cereals or starches: products derived from wheat, rice, pasta, cereals;
  • fruit: all fruit except small portions of berries or one apple a day;
  • beans or legumes: peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas;
  • roots and tubers: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips;
  • dietary or low-fat foods: these are usually highly processed and high in carbohydrates;
  • certain condiments or sauces, especially those containing sugar and saturated fats;
  • saturated fats: limit consumption of refined oils, mayonnaise;
  • alcohol: due to their high carbohydrate content, many alcoholic beverages should be avoided on a ketogenic diet;
  • Sugar-free diet foods: these often contain large amounts of sugar alcohols, which can affect ketone levels in the body.

Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

Most of the diet during a keto diet should be based on these foods:

  • meat: red meat, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken and turkey;
  • fatty fish: salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel;
  • eggs;
  • butter and cream;
  • cheese;
  • nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, linseeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds;
  • healthy oils: especially extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil;
  • avocado;
  • low carbohydrate vegetables: most green vegetables, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers.

Sample Weekly Keto Meal Plan


  1. Breakfast: bacon, eggs, and tomatoes.

  2. Lunch: chicken salad with olive oil, vegetables and feta cheese.

  3. Dinner: salmon with asparagus cooked in butter.


  1. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomato, spices and goat cheese.

  2. Lunch: if you don’t feel like eating a full meal, you can replace the usual hot dishes with a vegetable or cow’s milk cocktail with peanut butter and herbs.

  3. Dinner: meatballs, cheese and vegetables.


  1. Breakfast: Ketogenic Milkshake – The basic recipe we mentioned can be tweaked to your liking.

  2. Lunch: Seafood salad with olive oil and avocado.

  3. Dinner: pork chops with cheese, broccoli and salad.


  1. Breakfast: tortilla with avocado, pepper, onion and spices and sour cream sauce.

  2. Lunch: a handful of nuts and celery sticks with guacamole and salsa.

  3. Dinner: chicken stuffed with pesto and cream cheese, with garnished vegetables.


  1. Breakfast: unsweetened yogurt with peanut butter, cocoa powder and stevia.

  2. Lunch: Veal stew with vegetables.

  3. Dinner: Bacon, egg and cheese hamburger with low-carb almond flour bun.


  1. Breakfast: ham and cheese omelet with vegetables.

  2. Lunch: a few slices of ham and cheese with nuts.

  3. Dinner: white fish, eggs and spinach cooked in olive oil.


  1. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon and mushrooms.

  2. Lunch: Hamburger with sauce, cheese and guacamole.

  3. Dinner: steaks with eggs and salad.

As you can see, the ketogenic diet can be very varied and insanely nutritious.

Keto Snacks

If you feel hungry between meals, here are some examples of healthy keto snacks:

  • fatty meat or fish;
  • cheese;
  • a handful of nuts or seeds;
  • cheese with olives;
  • 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs;
  • dark chocolate with 90% cocoa;
  • low-carb milkshake with almond milk, cocoa powder and peanut butter;
  • whole milk yoghurt with nut butter and cocoa powder;
  • strawberries with cream;
  • celery with sauce and guacamole.

How to follow a keto diet if you have to eat out

Today, finding a restaurant with a keto menu or diet-friendly positions is not that difficult. Most establishments offer a large number of meat and fish items, and you can take vegetables as a side dish.

Egg dishes are also great options for the keto diet, such as scrambled eggs or bacon with eggs.

Another ideal dish is a burger, but it is better to remove one half of the bun. Replace french fries with vegetables, and ask for more cheese, sauce, or a piece of avocado in the filling.

It is better to refuse dessert in the usual sense of the word in restaurants. But you can order a cheese plate, berries and cream or panna cotta.

Side effects of the keto diet and how to minimize them

Although the ketogenic diet is safe for healthy people, you may notice some side effects at first as your body adjusts to the new eating plan. For example, in the first few days, many people experience the so-called ketogenic flu.

Ketoflu is a condition where you experience increased hunger, decreased energy, and may also experience sleep problems, nausea, and indigestion.

To minimize this problem, try a standard low-carbohydrate diet for the first week and then add more fat to the diet. This will prepare the body to burn more fat before the carbohydrates in the diet become much smaller.

Supplements for the Ketogenic Diet

While supplements are optional, these supplements can be especially helpful during keto:

  • flaxseed, olive, or any other vegetable oil – feel free to add to meals or drink on an empty stomach in the morning to boost levels ketones in the body;
  • caffeine will help maintain energy and also speed up fat burning;

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  • creatine – improves performance and is especially recommended for intensive training while on a keto diet;
  • Whey Protein: Add half a scoop of whey protein to smoothies or yogurt to increase your daily protein intake.

Keto Diet FAQ

1. Can I return to my normal carbohydrate intake?

If you go on a keto diet, and then abruptly return carbohydrates to your life, the results of losing weight will go down the drain. It is best to eat fewer carbs after the end of the ketogenic diet than you could afford before. Moreover, you will have less cravings for high-carbohydrate foods!

2. Will I lose muscle volume on the keto diet?

There is a risk of losing muscle mass on any diet. However, a high protein intake and controlled ketone levels can minimize muscle loss – especially if you’re doing strength training.

3. Can I build muscle on a ketogenic diet?

Yes, but it won’t be as easy as on a moderate carbohydrate diet.

4. Should I sometimes have carbohydrate days?

No, but it may be helpful to include a few days with more calories than usual in your diet plan.


How much protein can I eat?

Protein intake should be moderate as high levels can cause insulin spikes and ketone drops. The upper limit for protein intake is 35% of total caloric intake.

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6. What should I do if I constantly feel tired and weak?

You may not be following the ketogenic diet correctly, or your body may not be using fats and ketones correctly. To reduce the discomfort, try eating even fewer carbs and continue following the tips we’ve given to get you into ketosis for sure.

7. Why has the smell of urine changed – become more pronounced?

Don’t worry, it’s just the result of ketosis.

8. What should I do if I have bad breath?

This is a very common side effect of the keto diet. Try drinking more water or chewing sugar-free gum.

9. Is it true that ketosis is very dangerous?

People often confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis. The first condition is a natural procedure for processing fats, and the second appears only with uncontrolled diabetes.

Ketoacidosis is dangerous, but the ketosis that occurs during a ketogenic diet is completely normal and even beneficial to health.

10. What should I do if I have digestive problems, constipation or diarrhea?

This side effect usually resolves 3-4 weeks after starting the keto diet. If this persists, try eating more fiber-rich vegetables. Magnesium supplements can also help with constipation.

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Ketogenic diets are good, but not for everyone

The ketogenic diet may be useful for people who are overweight, have diabetes, or want to improve their metabolic health. But if you are interested in gaining muscle mass, it is better to look at other nutrition options.

Also, like any diet, a ketogenic meal plan will only work if you stick to it diligently. The results will appear in the long term – it is better not to wait for quick weight loss.

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Keto diet for beginners. Where to start a diet? Ketosis

By Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MDD, medical review by Dr. Bret Scher, MD

The keto diet or ketogenic diet is a diet that involves eating low-carb, high-fat foods that results in faster weight loss. This diet has many health benefits that have been demonstrated in over fifty studies(*). The keto diet is medically recommended and may be helpful for weight loss(*) without feeling too hungry and for controlling type 2 diabetes(*). On this site, you can learn how to properly follow a ketogenic diet using natural products. Here you’ll find visual aids, recipes, and a simple 2-week meal plan to help you succeed on a keto diet.

What is ketosis? How to enter ketosis?

Energy for the body comes from the food we eat. The main components obtained by the body from food are fats, proteins, carbohydrates. Our body processes them into simpler molecules: carbohydrates – to glucose, proteins – to amino acids, fats – to glycerol and fatty acids. At the same time, the main “fuel” for us is precisely glucose, into which all the rest can turn. However, during fasting or under conditions of a ketogenic diet, ketone bodies synthesized in the liver become the main source of energy. Ketone bodies are an alternative source of energy for the body, which is used when there is a lack of glucose.

Ketones are formed when a person consumes a small amount of carbohydrates with food, which quickly break down into glucose, and a small amount of protein (excess protein is also converted ultimately into glucose).

The brain is an energy-consuming organ that consumes a lot of energy during the day. The brain receives energy from ketone bodies and glucose.

Under the conditions of the keto diet, since the consumption of carbohydrates on the keto diet occurs at low doses, the level of the hormone insulin decreases and the level of contrainsular hormones increases. Under their influence, the body begins to actively break down fat reserves to obtain energy with the formation of a large number of ketone bodies.

Keto diet promotes rapid weight loss, while there are other benefits of such a diet: reduced hunger and increased “vital energy”. The ketogenic diet makes us more energetic and focused. When the body produces ketones, it enters a metabolic state called “ketosis”. The fastest way to get into ketosis is to fast, eat nothing – but no one can sustain fasting for long. However, a competent keto diet can be followed long enough to keep your body in a state of ketosis.

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Ketogenic diet contraindications

For most people, the keto diet is safe. However, in some situations it is contraindicated in the following diseases and conditions:

  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Pancreatitis
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Primary carnitine deficiency
  • Deficiency of carnitine palmitoyltransferase, carnitine translase, pyruvate kinase enzymes
  • Porphyria
  • Chronic gastrointestinal tract

Restriction to the keto diet is: 9 0003

  • Taking antidiabetic drugs

Warning : against the background of a keto diet, a false positive breath alcohol test can be. While the ketogenic diet has many proven benefits, it is still controversial. For people with type 2 diabetes, doses of antidiabetic medications should be adjusted according to diet. Discuss any changes in medication and lifestyle with your doctor.

What can you eat on a ketogenic diet?

The following are suitable foods for a ketogenic diet.

The numbers mean – amount of carbohydrates / 100 grams

The most important thing for achieving ketosis is to avoid eating a lot of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate intake should be kept below 50g/day, preferably below 20g/day. The fewer carbohydrates you consume, the faster you reach ketosis and, as a result, weight loss. First, counting the amount of carbohydrates can help. But if you stick to our recommended foods and recipes, you can stay in ketosis without the hassle of counting.

Complete Keto Food List

What to avoid?

One thing to definitely avoid on a keto diet is carbohydrate foods that are high in sugar and starch: bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes.

The numbers mean the amount of carbohydrates / 100 grams

It is extremely important to completely avoid sugary and processed foods (crackers, chips, etc.) when on a keto diet. The food should be high in fat and moderately high in protein, as excess protein will be more quickly converted into glucose in the body. To maintain ketosis, the body needs to take about 5% of energy from carbohydrates, 15-25% from proteins and 75% from fats.

What can you drink on a keto diet?

Water is the perfect drink, coffee and tea too. It is better not to use sweeteners, especially sugar.

The numbers mean the amount of carbohydrates/100 grams

A small amount of milk or cream in coffee or tea will be appropriate (but beware of latte). Sometimes you can afford a glass of wine.

Check out our complete guides to drinks and alcohol.

Visual Keto Instructions

How low-carb is the keto diet?

The fewer carbohydrates you eat, the more effective your diet will be for appetite suppression, weight loss and type 2 diabetes control. The keto diet is a strict, low-carb diet containing less than 20 grams of carbs per day and is therefore highly effective. Below are three possible examples of what a low-carb meal might look like, depending on how many carbs you plan to eat in a day. Note that only the leftmost image reflects an example of a proper ketogenic meal:

The numbers mean the amount of carbohydrates/100 grams

We advise you to start by strictly following our nutritional recommendations. When you reach your desired weight, you can expand your diet with carbohydrates.

Keto Diet 2 Weekly Weight Loss Meals

Keto Diet Health Benefits

The benefits of the ketogenic diet are similar to other low carb, high fat diets, but the keto diet is the most effective and capable bring maximum results.

Weight loss

The keto diet turns your body into a fat burning machine. The process of losing weight is significantly accelerated due to a decrease in the level of insulin in the blood – the hormone of accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Over 30 scientific studies(*) show that the ketogenic diet results in more effective weight loss than other types of diets.

Appetite reduction

The keto diet improves appetite control. The feeling of hunger is drastically reduced, which is confirmed by scientific studies (*). The keto diet allows you to eat less food and lose weight without much difficulty. On a keto diet, many people only need to eat twice a day (skipping breakfast), and some even reduce the number of meals to once a day without discomfort for themselves. Therefore, an additional bonus of the keto diet can be saving time and money due to the lack of frequent snacks during the day.

Lowering blood glucose and controlling type 2 diabetes mellitus

The ketogenic diet lowers blood glucose levels and is therefore one of the possible mechanisms for controlling type 2 diabetes mellitus and its precursor carbohydrate metabolism disorders (“pre-diabetes”)(*) . Against the background of a keto diet, it is highly likely that the need for hypoglycemic drugs will decrease.

Improved health outcomes

Many scientific studies show that the ketogenic diet is a non-drug treatment for some risk factors for cardiovascular disease: improves blood pressure control (*) and lowers “bad” cholesterol in the blood.

Energy and intelligence

Some people use ketogenic diets specifically to increase mental performance. Animal studies have shown evidence that fasting in ketosis provides benefits such as resistance to stress, injury, and disease. An explanation has been proposed for this: mammals that excel at surviving long periods without food have adapted to optimal brain function in a state of ketosis. The ketogenic diet leads to improved focus and mental clarity.

Better Digestion

A keto diet can lead to better digestion, less gas and flatulence, less cramps and pain in the abdomen, and relief from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. For some people, this becomes the most significant benefit of the diet, and it takes only a few days for the effect to develop.

Increasing physical strength

Ketogenic diets increase physical endurance, provide access to a large amount of energy from fat depots. Glucose stores in the body, stored in the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen, “burn out” in just a couple of hours of intense training, while there is enough energy in fat depots to feed the body for weeks.

Treatment of epilepsy symptoms

This diet was originally developed for people with epilepsy in general (primarily therapy resistant children), and studies have shown that the frequency of seizures on such a diet becomes less. This is probably due to the ability of ketone bodies to inhibit foci of excitation in the brain. Traditionally, therapy was used mainly for children, but in recent years it has been successfully applied to adults as well. In addition, the ketogenic diet has shown itself well in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, autism spectrum disorders, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Other Benefits of the Keto Diet

In addition to the above benefits, the keto diet helps treat acne and may relieve symptoms of PCOS.

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How to quickly enter ketosis on a keto diet?

Here are the seven most important things to get into ketosis, ranked from most important to least important:

1. Limit carbohydrate intake to 20 grams per day or less: Follow a strict low carbohydrate diet. At the same time, fiber does not need to be limited, it can be useful for ketosis.

What does 20 grams of carbohydrates look like? Use our visual guide to find out. Or just use our recipes and meal plans, they count up to 20 grams of carbohydrates per day and do not require them to be counted. Often carbohydrate restriction alone is enough to bring the body into a state of ketosis. But the rest of the list will help you achieve even more success.

2. Limit those proteins to a moderate amount. The keto diet is not a protein diet. This is due to the fact that excess protein in the body turns into glucose. Try to stick to about 1.5 grams of protein per day per kilogram of your weight (about 100 grams of protein per day if you weigh 70 kilograms). A common mistake that prevents people from getting into ketosis is eating too much protein. Our keto recipes are designed with the right amount of protein in mind.

3. Eat enough fat . The keto diet is a high-fat diet. There is a difference between a keto diet and fasting, which also leads to ketosis: diets are easier to stick to for a longer time. Long-term fasting can make us feel tired and hungry, while a ketogenic diet is more stable and allows us to stay in good health. If you feel hungry while on a keto diet, you should add more fat to your food (for example, more butter). Our keto recipes are designed to contain the right proportions of fat.

4. Avoid snacking when you are not very hungry. Eating more often than you need to, just for fun and because there is food around, will reduce ketosis and slow down weight loss. But snacking is normal when you’re hungry.

5. If necessary, you can add intermittent fasting . For example, skip breakfast and eat only during an eight-hour window, fasting for the remaining sixteen hours (diagram 16:8). It is very effective in increasing ketone levels as well as speeding up weight loss and controlling type 2 diabetes.

6. Add exercise – Adding any type of physical activity can significantly increase the level of ketones in the body. Exercise also helps speed up weight loss and improve type 2 diabetes control.

7. Get enough hours of sleep and reduce stress. Most people need at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep can make it difficult to follow a keto diet due to its effect on eating behavior, reduce self-control, and make you succumb to the temptations of unnecessary extra food.

Conclusion : to enter ketosis, you need to limit your carbohydrate intake to a low level, preferably below 20 grams per day

How do you know that you are in ketosis?

How do you know if you’re in ketosis? The level of ketone bodies can be measured by taking a urine sample, blood test or breath test. But there are also obvious symptoms:

Dry mouth and constant thirst. If you don’t drink enough water and don’t get enough electrolytes such as salt, you may experience dry mouth. Try 1-2 cups of broth a day, plus as much water as you need. You may also experience a metallic taste in your mouth.

Frequent urination. Ketone bodies can cross the renal threshold and enter the urine as concentrations increase, allowing testing for ketosis using urine dipsticks. Due to the fact that more water is “pulled” into the urine along the osmotic gradient with ketone bodies, urination becomes more frequent and thirst increases.

Keto Breath. A ketone body called acetone is released into exhaled air. It can make a person’s breath smell “fruity” or smell like nail polish remover. The same smell can come from sweat. After exiting the state of ketosis, the smell will disappear.

Other more pleasant symptoms include:

Loss of appetite. Many people report a noticeable decrease in appetite on the keto diet. Many people on a ketogenic diet feel great eating once or twice a day and can end up automatically switching to intermittent fasting, which saves time and money and speeds up weight loss.

Increasing energy levels.

After a few days of feeling tired (the “keto flu”), many people experience a clear increase in energy levels, which can manifest as increased clarity of thought, instead of a “foggy mind” or even a feeling of euphoria.

Ketosis Monitor

There are three ways to measure ketones: 41 Blood ketone meter

How to achieve optimal levels ketosis?

Getting into ketosis on a ketogenic diet is not a black or white choice. That is, you cannot be completely “in ketosis” or completely “not in ketosis.” There are different levels of ketosis as shown in the chart below. The figures given refer to the values ​​obtained when testing the level of ketone bodies in the blood.

Practical Guidelines for the Keto Diet


What food should you start your day with? If you like scrambled eggs with bacon, this is a good option. If not, then there are keto breakfasts that do not contain eggs at all. Have you been told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? This is a common misconception, but it is still a myth. If you’re not hungry when you wake up, don’t be afraid to skip breakfast or just have a cup of coffee or tea. Reduced feelings of hunger are characteristic of the keto diet, so don’t worry about skipping any meal. If you’re hungry when you wake up but are short on time, there are plenty of delicious, filling, and quick-to-make keto breakfasts. All keto breakfasts.

Lunch and dinner

What is for lunch or dinner? Daily meal planning can become easy. Animal and poultry meat or fish with salad, or vegetables with melted butter, cheese and delicious sauce. We have hundreds of options for delicious keto meals.

How to Eat More Fat

Although the idea of ​​limiting dietary fat has long prevailed, current research shows that low-carb and ketogenic diets can also be effective. Like a low fat diet. The fats contained in foods contribute to better satiety and make food taste great. How to return fats in food? What fats to use: vegetable oil or butter? And how much fat should you consume each day? Tip: If you constantly feel hungry on a keto diet, then eat more fat.Here’s how you can add fat.


One of the most common foods people don’t eat because of the ketogenic diet is bread. However, there are many types of good low-carb breads.

Eating out

How to follow a keto diet outside the home: in buffets, at parties or in restaurants? Avoid starchy foods (bread, rice, pasta) and ask for an extra serving of fats such as olive oil or butter.

Don’t trust “low carb” refined foods

Don’t trust creative marketing for “low carb” specialty foods. Remember that an effective keto diet does not include refined and industrially processed foods. Unfortunately, misleading advertisements are circulating that actually promote unhealthy carbohydrate foods under the guise of “low carb” foods.

Possible side effects of the keto diet

Keto flu

Most people experience “keto flu” symptoms. Here is a list of what you may feel – to a greater or lesser extent – a few days after starting the keto diet: 42

  • Lack of motivation
  • Irritability
  • Symptoms usually disappear within a week as your body adapts to getting energy from fat. The cause of the “keto flu” is not exactly known. There are suggestions that these manifestations are associated with dehydration against the background of an increase in the formation and release of ketone bodies. Other possible causes include an immunological response and changes in the gut microbiota. As a rule, manifestations of the “keto flu” affect people whose diet was relatively “unhealthy” (in particular, contained a lot of fast-digesting carbohydrates). You can reduce and even eliminate these symptoms by making sure you get enough fluids and salt. Easy way to do it – drink a cup of broth 1-2 times a day.

    Learn more about the keto flu and how to minimize it

    FAQ how much will my weight drop on a keto diet?

    Results vary greatly. Most people lose 1-2 kg during the first week. Basically it’s liquid. After that, people on average lose about 0.5 kg of weight per week. But variations are possible, depending on age, gender and body condition. As your body mass index approaches “normal”, weight loss will slow down. It must be understood that for everyone within the framework of a “normal” BMI there will be a weight, which depends on growth. No need to strive for what the popular media or “public opinion” broadcast, focus on your well-being and self-awareness.

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    How can I track my carbohydrate intake?

    If you use our menus, you will consume up to 20 grams of carbohydrates per day without having to count them. Using our food guide will help you estimate how many carbohydrates you are consuming per day.

    What happens after I reach my health and weight goals on the keto diet?

    Once you reach your goals, you can either continue to eat keto foods (to maintain the effect), or you can try expanding your diet.