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Keto influencer: 9 Ketogenic Diet Instagrammers to Follow for Keto Inspiration

Top 25 Keto Instagram Influencers most followed in 2021

1. Megha and Matt

Bio 👫 Keto Couple & 💪🏻Gym Partners • Food Bloggers • YouTubers • New Recipes and Videos weekly! 👇🏼Recipes linked here 👇🏼   Instagram Handle @keto.connect Instagram Followers 486000   Website https://www.ketoconnect.net Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States

2. Julie Smith

Bio KETO 📚Cookbook Author- “Keto Your Way”⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 💯Keto since Feb 2017⁣ ⬇️ 60+ lbs⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 🏔Utah🏔⁣ 🚫No tracking macros⁣⁣⁣⁣ 💪🏽PCOS⁣⁣ @ketomadman👫⁣ 👇🏽Discount codes👇🏽   Instagram Handle @ketomadesimple Instagram Followers 466000   Website https://ketomadesimple.life Location Spanish Fork, Utah, United States

3. Mayra

Bio KETO & LOWCARB ⬇️135 lbs Naturally | Recipes | Weight loss tips 👩‍🍳YouTube: Lowcarblove (Find my recipes) 💃🏻TikTok: Lowcarblove   Instagram Handle @low. carb.love Instagram Followers 425000 Location United States

4. Joe Duff

Bio The Diet Chef 👨🏻‍🍳Recipe Creator 🍕#keto #lowcarb 🍩 GET THE RECIPES HERE: www.thedietchefs.com 🎥 YouTube.com/TheDietChef 👇🏻👇🏻MY LATEST RECIPE👇🏻👇🏻   Instagram Handle @thejoeduff Instagram Followers 341000   Website https://www.thedietchefs.com Location United States

5. Suzanne Ryan

Bio Lost 120 lbs with #keto & #selflove Author of @simply.keto + @beyondsimplyketo Co-Founder @defyfoods 👇Link to my recipes, books & blog   Instagram Handle @ketokarma Instagram Followers 340000   Website https://ketokarma.com Location San Francisco, California, United States

6. Carolyn

Bio All Day I Dream About Food New cookbook = The Ultimate Guide to Keto Baking #ketobakeaholic 🐂 Major carnivore 🐂 🍪Unrepentant sweet tooth 🍪 #alldayidreamaboutfood #ADIDAF   Instagram Handle @fooddreamer Instagram Followers 252000   Website https://alldayidreamaboutfood. com Location Portland, Oregon, United States

7. Sara

Bio 💙Mama Bear of 2 🧢 🎀 ❤️Texas Born and raised 💛Living that Keto Lifestyle 🧡DM to collab/ email [email protected] 📩 ⬇️Check my link for discounts ⬇️   Instagram Handle @ketogalsara Instagram Followers 242000 Location Texas, United States

8. Kyndra D. Holley

Bio 📚3x International Bestselling Cookbook Author 👩🏻‍💻 Blogger sharing real food recipes, non-toxic living, plants, travel, and lots of 🐶 #keto #whole30   Instagram Handle @kyndraholley Instagram Followers 222000   Website https://peaceloveandlowcarb.com Location Seattle, Washington, United States

9. Maya

Bio Wholesome Yum® Easy low carb keto recipes! 👉Tag @wholesomeyum #wholesomeyum 🍽️Keto ingredients @wholesomeyumfoods 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Me = @mayakrampf   Instagram Handle @wholesomeyum Instagram Followers 205000   Website https://www. wholesomeyum.com Location United States

10. Sonia Coronado

Bio 💫Mother | Creator | Self Love | Foodie ✨Body Positive Mama •PCOS• 90lbs ⬇️ 🏡 Life Sharer • Latina • Positivity   Instagram Handle @ketosony Instagram Followers 185000   Website http://ketosony.com Location San Diego, California, United States

11. Maria Emmerich

Bio Keto nutritionist, speaker, chef, International best-selling author @mariaemmerich_recipes #mariaemmerich #mariaemmerichrecipe @ketocondo 🌴   Instagram Handle @mariaemmerich Instagram Followers 178000   Website https://mariamindbodyhealth.com Location United States

12. Emily

Bio a Keto copycat. Down 120 lbs. on a ketogenic diet. Keto copycat recipe developer. The Frugal Keto Cookbook author! Here to share all of my kitchen adventures.   Instagram Handle @keto.copy Instagram Followers 178000   Website https://www.ketocopy.com Location United States

13. Christina

Bio Low Carb, High Yum #keto • #lowcarb • #fasting Creator of #microtacos & #cheesebuns 𝙉𝙚𝙬 𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙞𝙥𝙚𝙨 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙒𝙚𝙙𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙙𝙖𝙮𝙞𝙨𝙝… 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙮. 𝙈𝙖𝙮𝙗𝙚.   Instagram Handle @cheeseisthenewbread Instagram Followers 175000 Location Sunrise, Florida, United States

14. Jen Fisch

Bio 🥑 low carb made EASY 🥓 keto-friendly, sugar free, low carb 🍗 eating out low carb ❤️ single mom, cookbook author   Instagram Handle @ketointhecity_ Instagram Followers 149000   Website https://ketointhecity.com Location Los Angeles, California, United States

15. Christy Galatas

Bio Keto ⚜️ New Orleans ⚜️ YouTube Dat Keto Lady   Instagram Handle @dat_keto_lady Instagram Followers 145000   Website https://datketolady. com Location New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

16. Samantha Marpe

Bio She/Her Helping Others Learn to Cook Low Carb Tester of Recipes Keto 5 years Tuesday: Cook Along @ 630pm CST Daily Life in Stories ketosamiam.com   Instagram Handle @keto.sam.iam Instagram Followers 140000   Website https://ketosamiam.com Location Dallas, Texas, United States

17. Lynn Terry

Bio Eating Keto everywhere BUT the kitchen! Making it FUN to lose weight on the go 😉   Instagram Handle @lowcarbtraveler Instagram Followers 104000   Website https://www.travelinglowcarb.com Location Tennessee, United States

18. Caitlin Weeks

Bio Keto Paleo #carnivorediet 🥩#hashimotos 🦋 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/grassfedgirl #keto 🍳 grassfedgirl. com| my new ebook at www.carnivore30.info   Instagram Handle @grassfedgirl Instagram Followers 94000   Website https://www.grassfedgirl.com Location United States

19. Nick & Christina

Bio The Keto Dad Healthy entrepreneurs living the Keto lifestyle w/kids! Simple recipes, Keto blog, ideas and fun! Watch our Stories!   Instagram Handle @theketodadlife Instagram Followers 66700   Website https://www.simplefunketo.com Location United States

20. Annie

Bio Keto Recipes by KetoFocus Homemade Keto Meals ▫️Oregonian | Doctor of Pharmacy ▫️Recipe Developer | Food Photographer ▫️Email: [email protected] ▫️Website ⬇️YouTube📺KetoFocus   Instagram Handle @ketofocus Instagram Followers 56800   Website https://www. ketofocus.com Location United States

21. Taryn

Bio Joy Filled Eats Hi! I’m Taryn, a food blogger, recipe creator, & mom of 6! I focus on easy Low Carb, Keto, & THM food! 😊 Click ⬇️ for recipes!   Instagram Handle @joyfilledeats Instagram Followers 44400   Website https://joyfilledeats.com Location New Jersey, United States

22. Alex and Lauren Lester

Bio Cast Iron Keto | Keto Recipes 🥓 EASY One-Pan #Keto Recipes 🥑 CIK Cookbook: Available NOW 🍳 Recipe Links 👇   Instagram Handle @castiron_keto Instagram Followers 43100   Website https://www.castironketo.net Location Asheville, North Carolina, United States

23. Jennifer Marie

Bio KETO for life! Keto Recipes – Low Carb Recipes I make Keto FUN!   Instagram Handle @ketofriendlyrecipes Instagram Followers 27300   Website https://lowcarbinspirations. com Location Austin, Texas, United States

24. Ioana Borcea

Bio LowCarbSpark Tested Keto Low Carb Recipes Dedicated #lowcarb Recipe Developer #fitness newbie. 📧[email protected] 🍳🥑new recipes ↓   Instagram Handle @lowcarbspark Instagram Followers 11100   Website http://www.lowcarbspark.com Location United States

25. Kim Howerton

Bio Keto recipes 🧁Keto coaching🗣Helping people achieve their health goals while delighting their tastebuds. Feel good Keto.   Instagram Handle @theketonist Instagram Followers 10700   Website https://kimhowerton.com Location Arkansas, United States

10 Instagram accounts to follow for keto and low-carb tips

There’s nothing quite like scrolling through a gorgeous Instagram feed full of food.

But if you’re trying to cut down on carbohydrates, it might make sense to limit the amount of drool-worthy cake and cookie photos. Luckily, there are plenty of Instagram accounts created solely for our viewing (and tasting) pleasure, to inspire those looking to try a new eating plan in the new year.

Cutting processed foods and carbs has helped plenty of people lose weight. Popular diets like South Beach and Whole30 keep lean proteins and fresh veggies centerstage. But a more extreme example of low-carb dieting is gaining popularity with the ketogenic diet which encourages adherents to eat higher-fat foods and protein (that’s a solid “yes” to eggs, steaks, bacon, butter and avocado). The diet advises followers to consume 60 to 80 percent of their calories from fat, 15 to 35 percent of calories should come from protein sources, and carbs should be kept at about 5 percent of one’s daily caloric intake. The rigid nature of the diet can be difficult for some to follow, so a lot of people turn to (where else?) social media for advice.

Frances Largeman-Roth

There are plenty of self-proclaimed “healthy-eating” accounts out there, so it’s important to always consult with a medical professional before embarking on any serious lifestyle changes.

“The great thing about social media is that it provides visual inspiration and can be helpful in getting people excited to make positive changes to their health,” Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, nutrition expert and author of “Eating in Color,” told TODAY Food. “Just make sure that you’re checking in with a credible health professional before following any advice you see online.”

And while these popular accounts may offer unique recipes and trendy eating ideas, Largeman-Roth, cautions that going keto isn’t for everyone: “While it’s safe for most healthy individuals, it’s not appropriate for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or kids.”

These 10 accounts are full of new recipe inspiration for those looking to lose weight, cut carbs or just try something new . .. with some deliciously eye-catching photos, of course.

Low Carb Yum

Food blogger Lisa MarcAurele specializes in low-carb, gluten-free and keto-friendly foods. She’s been creating recipes since 2010 after she herself adopted a low-carb, low-sugar eating plan. Her motto “keep it simple” is evident in her recipes like baked zucchini chips (which is just three ingredients!) and a low-carb chicken soup recipe that can be made in a slow cooker.

The Delicious

This Instagram account is designed to help followers “eat beauty every day” and is managed by Sarah Gim, founder of TheDeliciousLife.com. The Delicious is filled with colorful recipes that utilize lots of fresh produce. Many of her posts provide easy swap tips for low-carb dieters, coupled with light-hearted, cheeky captions that are far from preachy. From eye-catching smoked salmon platters to shakshuka made with broccolini, chard, collards, kale, and avocado, there are plenty of refreshing takes on healthful eating.

Recipes like her Wild King Salmon with Wild Citrus and Herbs, got a ton of great feedback for being simple, beautiful and tasty.

Keto Karma

Suzanne Ryan, the author of “Simply Keto,” lost 120 pounds by sticking to a ketogenic diet plan and consuming very few carbs. Her Instagram account has nearly 250,000 followers and plenty of posts with advice that will make it simpler for beginners to get started.

In addition to posting recipes that are easy to make at home, she also shows keto-friendly foods she eats while dining out to help make the super strict diet seem a bit more accessible.

Halle Berry

In January 2018, the Oscar Award-winning actress told fans that she’d been following the ketogenic diet for years but encouraged people to think of it as a “lifestyle change” and not just a diet. In addition to following Halle Berry because she’s, well, Halle Berry, keto dieters or people who just want to try eating like one of the world’s most famous people will find plenty of inspiration. Her page is sprinkled with #FitnessFriday motivation tips, as well as some keto-devoted posts. In her stories, Berry often shares recipes crafted by her personal chef, Christina Shabatian.

On a recipe for Zucchini Pasta with Pesto, Berry wrote that it’s one the whole family can enjoy, “picky eaters included.”

Nom Nom Paleo

Michelle Tam, the award-winning food blogger behind this wildly popular feed (and growing empire), creates umami-packed dishes that are great for easy weeknight meals or fancier dinner parties. Not all of her recipes are super low in carbs but her ability to transform mundane staples like chicken breast or cauliflower rice is pretty unmatched.

Keto Connect

This page created by a keto-loving couple, gym partners, food bloggers and YouTubers provides new recipes weekly. Low-carb dieters who still want to enjoy dessert or those seeking simple tips to eating fewer carbs overall will enjoy Keto Connect’s approach.

“I love their enthusiasm and creativity,” said Largeman-Roth, “just remember that if you’re embarking on a diet overhaul like keto, you should talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian nutritionist first —don’t just rely on Insta wisdom.

“Thanks for this one guys, I’ve been looking for a good pecan recipe,” one pleased follower wrote on the account’s recipe for Pecan Chocolate Chip Muffins.

The Diet Doctor

This Instagram account is entirely devoted to “making low carb and keto simple” with hundreds of keto-approved recipes as well as meal plans. Some plans, even those filled with warm, hearty dishes to alleviate those winter blues, keep carb counts at 25 grams or less for the entire day.

Keto Guido (aka Vinny Guadagnino)

Former “Jersey Shore” star Vinny Guadagnino is a hardcore keto fan — that means no more spaghetti tutorials with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford (unless it’s zoodles with that meat sauce). On his second, food-focused Instagram account, Guadagnino notes, “Not a medical expert. Just a guido who went Keto and never felt better.”

In addition to sharing plenty of before and after selfies, Guadagnino posts tons of photos of very, very simple homemade meals, ideas for eating out and keto-friendly snacks that he eats to keep himself satisfied throughout the day. He often responds to fans looking for more specifics on his diet, too.

“I’ve got to hand it to Vinny for calling out that he’s not a medical professional. But just keep in mind that celebrities and influencers may be getting endorsement deals for mentioning products on their feed,” advised Largeman-Roth.

Keto Adapted

This Instagram feed has lots of low-carb, high-fat meal ideas from around the web that aren’t just keto-friendly — many of them are actually beautiful. Who knew fat could do that? From a hearty breakfast pizza to homemade peppermint patties and grilled shrimp skewers, this page has something for everyone looking to cut down on carbs.

Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry, the Texas-based author of the cookbook “Fit Men Cook,” posts tons of recipes for both men and women who are looking for low-carb foods and transformational food ideas, like healthier takes on hearty chilis, chicken nuggets (he uses quinoa for breading) and more. His 1.3 million followers frequently comment that he makes eating healthy “fun” and that his dishes are packed with flavor. Largeman-Roth also liked many of his recipes.

Curry also claims, “there’s no one on IG who can clean a kitchen faster than me” in a post that showed what actually goes in to a food shoot that involves prepping and cooking 24 dishes.

He’s welcome in the TODAY Food kitchen any time!

Influencer Abby Durlewanger’s Keto Lunch For Daughter Sparks Backlash: VIDEO

A mother demonstrating what she packs for her preteen daughter for lunch sparked concerns from the online community about the child’s diet.

“My 11-year-old daughter is keto,” proclaimed House of Keto influencer Abby Durlewanger in a TikTok video posted in June.

The popular low-carb diet has seen increasing endorsements from celebrities and influencers on social media.

But when it comes kids on the ketogenic—or “keto”—diet, doctors and health experts say more studies are required to determine if it is healthy for children and young teens.

In the clip, Durlewanger first packed a lettuce wrap with shredded chicken, cilantro-lime crema sauce and shredded cheddar cheese.

Next, she added a side of fruit consisting of blueberries, strawberries, and some leftover watermelon from a previous celebration over the holiday weekend as a “nice surprise.”

Durlewanger explained watermelon is typically not included as part of the family’s keto lifestyle because it has more carbs and sugar then they would normally eat but added “this is a nice treat and is something she will enjoy.”

To complete the lunchbox, she placed a hard-boiled egg and two slices of cheddar cheese inside.

“Our entire family eats this way,” she said, “including our 5-year-old, our puppies, and my husband.”

TikTokers had some serious questions after watching the video.









In response to the backlash, Durlewanger argued “it is entirely possible to be keto and lose absolutely no weight.”

She added it was “entirely possible to be keto and gain weight, or “stay absolutely the same.”

[tiktok_embed https://www.tiktok.com/@houseofketo/video/6979409262120422662?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESMgowfIud%2BUXFEXLbXtoJkj7jC6gGcVdDEz4al8iN9WKY6S1u6hIW3XMBdqnYvrCLnOutGgA%3D&checksum=2e869fff5fe44bf2759aa27eebeac792e323024d7b1af540525f56d082755dfc&language=en&preview_pb=0&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAA_sADMfrdGeMZhP3f_NHA8Q-NypM3TxsyJA4T1FHaTKc&share_app_id=1233&share_item_id=6969339963058015494&share_link_id=E4019FFA-3552-4487-A518-6C7AFC4B4FE9&source=h5_m×tamp=1624624840&tt_from=copy&u_code=13dahh&user_id=7439735&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&utm_source=copy&_r=1&is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v1&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6878377712194356741 expand=1]

According to Harvard Health Publishing from Harvard Medical School, the ketogenic or “keto” plan “centers on fat, which supplies as much as 90% of daily calories.

Some parents have turned to the keto diet for their overweight children to lose some pounds and get healthy.

However, dieticians do not recommend the keto diet for children and young teens because “it seriously limits carbohydrates, and children need carbs to be mentally and physically active,” according to Children’s Health.

Registered dietitian Kathy McManus, director of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital said:

“The keto diet is primarily used to help reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures in children. While it also has been tried for weight loss, only short-term results have been studied, and the results have been mixed.”

“We don’t know if it works in the long term, nor whether it’s safe.”

Jameela Jamil wants influencers to stop promoting the keto diet – Celebrity

Are you looking for a fast-track solution to shed that extra weight? Are you considering the heavily social media-promoted keto diet to achieve your dietary goals? Actor and activist Jameela Jamil is here to tell you why that’s a really bad idea. ..

“Celebrities and influencers. Please stop pushing the keto diet (on)to people who do not need to follow the diet for medical reasons,” Jamil began in the message. “It can create all kinds of disturbances for people’s bodies, (including their vital organs), and they do not have the same access to healthcare that you do.”

She also took this opportunity to point out the hypocrisy in ‘before-after’ pictures, stating that the latter is obviously the result of extreme editing.

“Stop with the (often bulls***) before and afters (especially the ones where in the ‘after’ your trousers are higher/your bra is more supportive/your hair and makeup is done/you’re smiling/the lighting is better/you’re using airbrushing) during the predatory time for women especially around their weight.”

Addressing the public, she also debunked myths related to the keto diet in general.

“To anyone seeing these posts about keto and 2-week weight loss, it’s water weight, not real fat loss, and take it from someone who did every diet under the SUN, the weight comes back thick and fast and then some as soon as you reintroduce carbs,” she revealed.

“Most humans need carbs,” The Good Place actor added, before telling fans to “stay away” from fad diets. “If you really want to change your body to whatever, please do it for the right reasons, the right way, slowly, not guided by some newfound thin-fluencer and their fast weight loss guru/predator.”

She also included several screenshots of what appeared to be direct messages from fans, who shared their horror stories following the diet.

From pancreatitis to gall-badder removal and brain level imbalances, the after-effects shared by the people should give everyone pause.

“Don’t take my word for it. Just read every medical journal article you can find on it. Learn the history of it, and if you fit that history, if you need it medically, I hear it can be extraordinary for certain serious health issues,” Jameela added.

“But if not … you are needlessly risking creating health issues because our world not only obsesses over weight loss, but how fast we can do it. That is not sustainable and it’s designed to fail so that you stay on the diet merry-go-round forever,” she said.

Encouraging a healthier relationship with nutrition that doesn’t involve binaries of good and bad, the star hoped her fans would be grateful for the food on their table. A much-needed reminder for all of us.

Influencer’s Keto Lunchbox for Her Child Sparks Outrage on TikTok

“My 11-year-old daughter is keto,” says House of Keto influencer Abby Durlewanger in a TikTok video posted in June. The video shows viewers what Durlewanger packs her daughter for lunch.

The meal consisted of a lettuce wrap, berries, watermelon—which Durlewanger says will be a “nice surprise” because it has more “carbs and sugar” than the family normally eats—a hard-boiled egg and two slices of cheddar cheese.

“Our entire family eats this way,” says Durlewanger, “including our 5-year-old, our puppies, and my husband.”

According to Harvard Health Publishing from Harvard Medical School, the keto diet is a low-carb diet that “centers on fat, which supplies as much as 90% of daily calories. ” Durlewanger’s lunchbox seems to follow the typical guidelines of keto: fruits and vegetables are restricted to berries and leafy greens.

“This is for weight loss purposes,” says TikTok user @Rutherfordsistaz in a comment on Durlewanger’s video. “Not sure kids should be on this, actually I am sure they shouldn’t be.”

Durlewanger responded with a video, stating that “it is entirely possible to be keto and lose absolutely no weight.” She claims that those on the keto diet can gain weight, or even maintain their weight.

Dietician Kathy McManus from the Department of Nutrition at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston told Harvard Health Publishing that a ketogenic diet is “primarily used to help reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures in children.”

She also said that although people use the diet for weight loss, “We don’t know if it works in the long term, nor whether it’s safe.” Other risks associated with keto include nutrient deficiency as well as liver and kidney problems.

With the exception of a comment from TikTok user @Heather_May that states that viewers “would be mad” if Durlewanger fed her children “lunchable and junk,” many of the top comments on Durlewanger’s video question why an 11-year-old is on the keto diet in the first place. One viewer even threatened to call CPS.

Durlewanger also makes claims about the keto diet on her Instagram account.

In a recent post, she reassured her followers that those with “little or no access to food” don’t gain weight.

“If you’re not losing weight, you’re eating more than you should be,” she said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Abby Durlewanger.

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*First Published: Jun 30, 2021, 2:05 pm CDT

Tricia Crimmins

Tricia Crimmins is a journalist and comedian based in New York City. She is studying at Columbia Journalism School and is a regular contributor to the Daily Dot. Previously, she has written for Mashable, Complex Networks, and Moment magazine. She can be found on Twitter at @TriciaCrimmins.

Mum divides TikTok by putting daughters, 5 and 11, on keto diet

A TikTok influencer has divided opinion by revealing what she gives her young daughters for lunch.

Abby, who goes by the username @houseofketo, dedicates her social media account to sharing recipes and tips on following a ketogenic lifestyle.

Ketogenic, or “keto”, diets are low-carb and high-fat (similar to the Atkins for those who remember it). The idea is to gain as few calories as possible from carbohydrates in a bid to encourage your body to break down protein and fat for energy instead.

According to health website Webmd: “It’s important to note that the ketogenic diet is a short term diet that’s focussed on weight loss rather than the pursuit of health benefits.

Therefore, some TikTokers voiced their concern after Abby revealed that she and her whole family follow the strict regime.

In a video that has racked up more than 7.6 million views on the platform, the mother-of-two told her 525,000 followers: “My 11-year-old’s keto and this is what I made her for lunch.”

The clip shows her filling up a lunchbox with the dishes of the day, which include a lettuce wrap with shredded chicken and cheddar cheese, a handful of strawberries and blueberries, and a hard boiled egg.

Abby also includes a “nice surprise” for her daughter: some leftover slices of watermelon.

She explains: “Typically we don’t include watermelon in our regular everyday ketogenic lifestyle” because it contains “more carbs and sugar than we would normally eat.”

However, she adds: “But this nice treat is something she will enjoy.”

Abby ends the clip by confirming: “Our entire family eats this way, including my five-year-old, our puppies and my husband.

The TikToker revealed the entire contents of her daughter’s lunchbox


A number of fellow TikTokers praised the food for looking healthy and tasty, with one writing: “I would have loved that over school lunch!”

But others raised concerns over whether it was an appropriate meal plan for a growing child.

“Why is your daughter keto? Health concerns? Or are we projecting societal beauty standards onto an 11-year-old?,” asked one.

“Is it safe for a child’s body to enter ketosis?” asked another, referring to the state when your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy so instead burns fat.

And a third said: “It concerns me that your five and 11-year-old daughters are keto. Every doctor and nutritionist I have ever talked to have said that keto is a diet only.”

And a fourth said: “Registered dietician here. You need carbs. Good ones. Know how to portion them. Keto is a no, please don’t do keto I beg y’all.”

And while Abby couldn’t possibly reply to the 10,300 comments her post invited, she did have something to say to one user who implied she had forced her family to follow her regime.

“So you’re keto and the others have no choice?,” they asked.

Abby responded dryly: “Did your kids get a choice about being addicted to sugar?”

Abby addressed viewers by defining what ‘diet’ means


In a follow-up video, Abby answered another question asking: “Why is your 11-year-old on a diet?”

Looking straight into the camera, she said: “If your child is not on a diet, what is wrong with you?”

She continued: “We have to feed our kids, I know they want to eat all the time but we literally have to feed them – your child has to be on a diet.

“A diet is just food or drink that you consistently consume – habitual nourishment. A diet is not synonymous with weight-loss, a diet is not even synonymous with restriction.”

She ended the clip by saying: “We never use the word ‘diet’ in our videos.”

Still, plenty of viewers remained unconvinced, and just wanted to see her kids eating some bread.

These Keto Channels on YouTube Will Boost Your Knowledge

In 2018, there are numerous ways to learn more about trends, hobbies, and lifestyles that resonate with your own. These educationalg sources of the modern era include podcasts, social media outlets, and good old fashion internet research. But one site takes the cake when it comes to offering a one-stop-shop for learning, entertainment, and fun: YouTube. Find out how you can use YouTube to seriously upgrade your knowledge on the keto diet.

How Can You Use YouTube?

Founded in 2005 by former employees of PayPal, YouTube is a hub for videos of just about every type. Want to learn how to snowboard or see a bunch of people fail at parkour? It’s all on YouTube. Feel like catching up on the news or learning a new home improvement tip? You can find that info on YouTube as well. Ultimately, YouTube can be a useful learning and entertainment tool for a massive array of topics.   

The Popularity of the Ketogenic Diet

Many fad diets will attract some degree of popularity, but they lack the long-lasting appeal of the keto diet. Originally developed to help kids with epilepsy, keto has reemerged in the last decade as arguably the most effective weight loss diet of all time. With proven benefits for those who want to get fit fast, the keto diet has inspired many people to tell their story of how it’s changed their lives. From podcasters to YouTube stars, the commentary from those who love the keto diet can provide the inspiration you need to achieve your own fitness goals.

The Advent of the YouTube Star

While YouTube has been the hub for amateur videos of every type since its inception, some have learned how to gainremarkable levels of popularity using the site. YouTube stars like Jake and Logan Paul or Liza Koshy have attracted tens of millions of subscribers to their channels, resulting in sizeable paydays. This phenomenon of people discussing their ideas and expanding their popularity on YouTube is prevalent in the keto community as well.

The Most Influential Keto Personalities on YouTube

What does it take to garner thousands of followers from making keto-related videos? For many popular keto personalities, all it takes is a plan, some charisma, and most importantly, passion for the keto diet. Discover the people who have gained so much from the keto lifestyle that they use their success to help others.

Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija

As the guitarist in four metal bands, Sahil may not be the stereotypical advocate for the keto diet. But once he saw the powerful effect that the keto diet had on his wife, Sahil went full keto and the rest is history. For an entertaining YouTube channel that has earned155,000 followers, his Headbangers Kitchen is not to be missed.

Metal Bands and Killer Keto Recipes

Sahil’s show initially featured interviews and cooking segments with a wide range of metal bands. Since the culinary side of bands like Lamb of God isn’t usually seen, these videos became extremely popular among fans of both metal and keto. After a few seasons, Sahil switched his focus to keto recipes, and with tempting options likeKeto Cheesy Pork Fried Rice, it’s easy to see why the Headbanger’s Kitchen continues to grow in popularity.

Sahil Makhija In Action:Sahil Makes Black Label Chicken Curry with Lamb of God

Stephanie “Keto” Person

Few background stories are aspowerful as that of Stephanie “Keto” Person. After bringing her mother back to good health with the use of keto, Stephanie became an expert and turned her experience into a career as a keto consultant. Now with 80,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, Stephanie goes deep into her keto knowledge, providing tried and true guidance for her many admirers.  

Stephanie’s Strong Emphasis on Fitness

With Stephanie Person’s videos, you won’t see a lot of cooking or recipes like with numerous other channels. As a lifelong athlete with a true passion for the keto diet, Stephanie is typically wearing a bikini that reveals her impressive six-pack abs and talking about the hardcore facts you need to know to optimize your level of fitness. If your keto goals include working out to get in the best shape of your life, then it’s highly likely that you’ll find Stephanie Person’s videos to be useful on your journey.

Stephanie Person in Action:Ketogenic Diet Snacks with Stephanie Person

Meg Cat

Rising to YouTube fame as a beauty vlogger,Meg Cat has become one of the most influential keto personalities as well. With over 10 million views and 150,000 subscribers, fans love her honest and fun approach to the keto lifestyle. From showing viewers the five best fast foods they can order while on the keto diet to sharing her own personal weight loss progress every step of the way, Meg Cat is a formidable influencer when it comes to spreading the word about keto.

Meg Shows You How to Eat Awesomely On Keto

Would you consider yourself a foodie? Meg’s keto videos are probably exactly what you’re looking for. She’ll show you how to order at Starbucks without breaking ketosis and how to make the best keto chocolate chip pancakes ever. Even her shopping habits are fair game, as she shows all of the groceries she bought during a keto-minded shopping trip at Trader Joes.

Meg Cat in Action:What I eat in a day on Keto

Allie McWowie

Arguably the most credible advocates of keto are those who have impressive stories of their own weight loss.Allie McWowie is such an example, as she’s lost an unbelievable 170 lbs by following the keto diet. Her cheerful, friendly way of discussing her keto ideas and progress has earned her close to 30,000 subscribers.

Get Tips from Allie, the Girl Who Made Keto Work

Allie McWowie’s videos have a very personal tone to them. In her series of keto videos on YouTube, Allie takes viewers grocery shopping, talks about her 10 favorite keto dishes, and celebrates Christmas keto-style. She even gets personal in an episode where she talks about the realities of loose skin after losing 170 lbs. Allie’s fun, light-hearted approach to the keto diet helps a lot of people achieve their weight loss goals – just the way she did.  

Allie in Action:Keto 101: A Beginner’s Guide in 8 Steps

Goody Beats

When was the last time you were incredibly motivated? For Goody Beats, that motivation lasts all day every day, and his goal is to share it with the world. After losing over 60 lbs on the keto diet, he dedicated his life to getting in optimal shape and inspiring others to follow suit. More than 70,000 people subscribe toGoody Beats and his highly motivating videos on YouTube.

Time to get Pumped for Keto and Fitness with Goody Beats

There are many types of influencers – some that have a unique theme that sets them apart, some that are experts on a certain topic, and some that inspire you to action. Goody Beats is here with a purpose, and it’s to get you excited about your progress on the keto diet. With serious muscles and a high energy vibe, Goody Beats will appeal to a lot of people, and may just motivate you to stay strong on keto and hit the gym.

Goody Beats in Action:How to Do Keto While Working a 9-5?

YouTube: Just Another Tool to Keep You Motivated

Ultimately, all forms of media are there to help us meet our goals. From books and television shows to newer forms of media like podcasting and YouTube, there are many resources for boosting our understanding and motivation. As long as people are there to share their stories of success, hard-earned tips, and personal experiences on the keto diet, thousands of fans will be there to watch and listen.  


90,000 Who is he – the most influential person in the world – Forbes Kazakhstan

Photo: vladtime.ru

Every year, Forbes magazine ranks the most influential people in the world. This year, the list includes 75 people, five of them women. Among them, for example, the Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May (14th place), the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad (62nd place), special prosecutor investigating against Trump, Robert Mueller (72nd place) and the ringleader banned in the Russian Federation “Islamic State” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (73rd place).

In 2018, the ranking of influential people in the world was headed by the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping . The choice of the publication is explained by the fact that, thanks to the recent amendments to the Constitution of the PRC, the country’s leader can be in power for an unlimited number of terms. Forbes writes that “the personality cult of Xi Jinping is comparable only to the cult of Mao Zedong.”

On the second place of the rating is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin , who, as Forbes reminds, has headed this rating for four years in a row.

The three leaders in terms of influence are occupied by the American President Donald Trump , who, as the newspaper notes, with varying degrees of success, carries out his initiatives through Congress, while simultaneously being at the center of several investigations. Although Trump remains the head of the country with the most powerful army and strongest economy, he cannot get rid of scandals, both in his personal life and in business, writes Forbes.

In fourth place is the German Chancellor Angela Merkel , “the de facto leader of Europe”.Next are Amazon founder Jeff Bezos , Pope and Microsoft founder Bill Gates .

One of the founders of Google Larry Page closes the top ten. Moscow-born, US citizen Sergey Brin , who developed Google with Page, is in 35th position.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ranked 13th, Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk ranked 25th.

90,000 30 most influential people in esports.Forbes and Sports.ru ratings

As we thought,

Forbes is the second time in the ranking of the most influential people in esports in the CIS. This year, we asked colleagues from Sports.ru to join the compilation and assess the impact of market participants from a professional point of view.

Unlike last year’s list, there are 30 persons in the new rating. Due to the pandemic and the cancellation of tournaments, it was difficult to calculate the real income, so we abandoned the monetary indicator and the placement of points.To compile the rating, the editors of Forbes and Sports.ru collected a long list of 64 applicants. The list includes players, managers and owners of teams and other assets, commentators, tournament organizers and other professionals working in the industry. Then we asked SCAN-Interfax and the Brand Analytics social media and media monitoring system to count the number of mentions of long list members in the media and social networks from September 20, 2019 to September 20, 2020. Based on this data, as well as surveys of market participants, eSports journalists Sports.ru have compiled a shortlist of the 30 most influential persons in the CIS cybersport. It is very difficult to compare players, managers and commentators (for example, for a player, influence on social networks is important, and for managers – financial indicators of companies, transfers and transactions). As a result, we considered each person in this rating (and several dozen more people in the long list) and asked ourselves, as well as market participants, the question: how much will the actions, decisions and words of a particular person affect other companies and people? After all, this is precisely what influence lies in.

A few examples of more specific questions that influenced a person’s place in the ranking:

• If player X moves to another club, how much will this affect his previous team? And will his new team help attract sponsors? How many fans will follow him?

• If player X wants to assemble a new team, how willingly will people run to him?

• To what extent is manager X free in making decisions, is he responsible only for the composition, or is his responsibility wider?

• If someone wants to host a tournament, who will be called to play and show it first?

How to make money in eSports

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most tournaments went online – this hit the industry hard.Due to Valve’s indecision, Russian and Ukrainian clubs, which have always relied on Dota and CS, cannot clearly plan their presence in these disciplines and open lineups for other games. This year, the influence of players has significantly decreased, which is reflected in the rating. Players can still dictate their terms to clubs more than in football or hockey, but contracts play an increasingly important role. In addition, e-sports in the CIS is becoming more and more multipolar: Esforce Holding, with the support of MRG, still has significant weight, but Vitaly Volochai’s Maincast studio, WePlay, Winstrike, NAVI are gaining momentum.

The main income of esports organizations continues to depend on sponsors. Bookmakers play a critical role: every major club and broadcast of every tournament has a sponsored bookmaker. The number of sponsors from other industries is growing, but these are still isolated cases. According to the agency NewZoo, 885 major esports tournaments were held in the world in 2019. Competition ticket revenue was $ 56.3 million, up from $ 54.7 million in 2018. In 2019, the total prize money increased to $ 167.4 million.Despite the crisis, PwC is positive about the prospects for the esports market. According to the research, the average annual growth rate until 2023 will amount to 18.3%, and the total market size in 2023 will amount to $ 1.8 billion.

Most influential

The new rating is headed by Esforce Holding CEO Emin Antonyan. The top manager has been running the holding since 2018 and is responsible for the strategic development of all Esforce member organizations. The top three also included esports commentator and founder of the Maincast studio Vitaly Volochay and Evgeny Zolotarev, CEO of NAVI, one of the strongest esports teams in the CIS.

All rating participants can be divided into two groups – players and managers. This year, the ranking includes eight esportsmen. The most influential of them is Alexander S1mple Kostylev. In 2018, he became the world’s strongest CS: GO player, according to HLTV.org. The total sportsman’s income in the form of prize money is more than $ 652,888.

The 30 most influential people in esports: the players. Forbes and Sports.ru rating

8 photo

There are many more managers than players in the rating – 19 people.Contracts began to play an increasing role, reducing the influence of players in the industry.

The 30 most influential people in esports: managers. Forbes and Sports.ru rating

21 photo

Maria Ermolina did not fall into the category of players and managers, whose influence on the industry is, nevertheless, difficult to deny. She is by far the most popular person in the esports blogosphere, talking about the industry to a wide audience.

Maria Ermolina

Position: blogger

Age: 29 years

Company / organization: ESforce Holding

Maria Ermolina is the most popular person in the blogosphere who talks about eSports to a wide audience.Since 2016 she has been working as the host of the Virtus.pro YouTube channel. As a rule, the heroes of her videos with a duration of 6-10 minutes are the players. The channel has 306,000 subscribers. In April 2018, Yermolina, with the support of her husband Yevgeny Urzov, launched her own channel Mrs. Marple, although Virtus.pro, in her words, remains her “main place of work”. Mrs. Marple – interviews with esports players and documentaries about market participants. For two and a half years, the channel has gained 250,000 subscribers. The most popular video in the history of the channel was an interview with Oleg Stray228 Bocherov.It got 1.1 million views. On Instagram, Ermolina herself has another 150,000 subscribers. Her main income comes from advertising contracts. Among Ermolina’s advertisers were bookmaker Parimatch, Tinkoff Bank, Honor smartphones and Synergy University. “I was honest with myself and with the audience. My message: “I don’t understand something, but I have a desire to do this, show this,” – said Ermolina in an interview with Sports.ru

The most influential person in world history | Iskander

The famous book “The 100 Most Influential People in History” was compiled by the American scientist Michael Hart.It was published in 1978 and in 1992. This is a collection of short biographies of the greatest people in the history of mankind. Biographies are listed in terms of their influence. The book had a basic list of 100 people and an additional list of honorable mentions.

Hart and his team worked on the book for many months. Data on a large number of outstanding people were processed by a computer, which analyzed their goals, deeds, successes, and identified the names of the 100 most-most of them. Those who left the most noticeable mark in the history of mankind.

Michael H. Hart

Michael H. Hart

The list includes scientists, politicians, discoverers, military leaders, artists and other prominent people.

Religious figures have taken many places on the list. For example, the additional list included the church teacher Thomas Aquinas, the patriarch Abraham (in Islam, the prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him), the pharaoh and the Egyptian religious reformer Akhenaten. Hart’s book and the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary – Maryam, who is considered one of the most revered women in Islam, was included in this list.

The main list includes the founders of various religious movements: Zoroastrianism – Zarathustra, Jainism – Mahavir, Manichaeism – Mani, Taoism – Lao Tzu. And also, the reformer of the Christian Church John Calvin, one of the Fathers of the Christian Church Aurelius Augustine, the second righteous caliph of the Islamic Caliphate Umar ibn al-Khattab, the initiator of the Reformation in Christianity Martin Luther.

On the 15th place in the main list of the 100 greatest people in the world was the prophet Moses – Mussa (peace be upon him). The 6th place is occupied by the Apostle Paul.On the 5th place – Confucius. 4th – Buddha.

In 3rd place – Jesus Christ, who in Islam is considered a prophet and messiah, miraculously born by the will of God and performing miracles. Also, Muslims believe that the second coming of Jesus Christ will take place before the Day of Judgment.

But the main sensation of the study was the fact that in the first place in the list of the greatest people of all times and peoples is Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) . This shocked Hart, as well as his colleagues, who, thinking that there was some mistake, insistently demanded to repeat the experiment.After re-checking all the available information, the computer again showed the same result. Researchers repeated the experiment several times, but the artificial intelligence stubbornly stood its ground.

In the end, scientists had to admit this fact and as a result of the experiment the famous book by Hart was published, which was published in 15 languages ​​of the world with a total circulation of more than 500,000 copies. It says, in particular, that “Muhammad was the only person in the history of mankind who achieved the greatest success in both religious and worldly affairs…. And now, after 14 centuries have passed since his death, the influence of this man on the whole world is very great. ”

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90,000 15 US Influencers You Must Follow

Let’s start with 4 awesome fashion influencers who are sure to inspire you for some style …

Influencers fashion in the USA

Alexis Trotman @whatboomerwore Influencer Wilmington

Alexis Trotman or Boomer, as her friends like to call her, is an influential person passionate about women’s clothing, with an emphasis on accessible style, is her strong suit.


Simple yet sophisticated, classic yet modern but mostly AFFORDABLE – something we can all appreciate! Alexis’s style resonates not only among young people, but also among the older generation – everyone will find something for themselves, and we are here for this.

While her feed is full of cute outfits, her signatures are often whimsical, hilarious, and interesting – like how she is actually awkwardly photographed in public, for example. Same!

Her entire feed is available for purchase on her website, so her subscribers are all 24.1 thousand.Of them on Instagram – they can see! Another bonus – she’s on top! Boomer offers discount codes on many of the outfits she posts to make it easier for subscribers to see them. You really can’t go wrong with the collaboration here.

Hope LaVine – @hopelavine – Santa Monica Bridal Stylist

Sunny Santa Monica, California, presented by Hope LaVine – Wedding Stylist. She is energetic, leads an active lifestyle and knows everything about wedding.


I appeal to all wedding lovers! Hope LaVin – ish! She not only has tips for finding the perfect wedding dress (or suit, jumpsuit … whatever you want), but she also has style tips for wedding guests, as well as advice on what to wear if you think he can. ask a question on your next date! We love that she encourages brides-to-be to think outside the box about her style.

Her videos contain a lot of information and inspiration, spiced up with well-crafted humor and creativity – like styling wedding dresses with emojis (which is actually really amazing and probably not what you think).9.0003 9.0002 With 16.7k followers on Instagram and a whopping 113.1k on TikTok, Hope really knows his stuff.

Natalie Him – @nataliehim – fashion authority Sacramento

Natalie Heem, 21, from Sacramento, Calif. throughout the country and beyond.


Fast scrolling through her Instagram posts makes one thing clear – Natalie knows her fashion and style.However, she also shares beauty products and tips (hello red lip for instant glamor) as well as some wellness tidbits. Whatever the theme, you can be sure she’s wearing a really cute outfit. Natalie is also great at coming up with outfits and makeup, for example, where did she get it from so that her 16.8 thousand followers can kill with the same looks – thanks, Nat!

What do we like about this influential man from Sacramento? The confidence she exudes is infectious and her outfits look casual – like, “Hey, I think I can pull off that look too… “

Natalie may be mostly styled, but her partnerships tend to be beauty-based as she has partnered with beauty giants L’Oreal Paris, Neutrogena and Smash Box Cosmetics. Hey, what’s a nice outfit without flawless skin? If you want to partner with a Sacramento influencer who dabbles in fashion and beauty, Natalie is your girlfriend.

Alyosha Grant – @vivakolor – Blogger from New York

Introducing Alecia, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from New York.Through her style, she loves to encourage everyone to accept herself and her talents with confidence.


A quick glance at her Instagram, YouTube and TikTok will tell you that @Vivakolor is the perfect name for her feeds. Alecia loves colorful fashion and I have to say we love her too! Her personality really stands out in her style – and for that, fashion!

While her Instagram page is all about fashion, her YouTube channel also features lifestyle vlogs, fashion tips, relationship tips, and of course, more colors! On her TikTok, you’ll find more fashion and lifestyle tips (there really aren’t many) and, you guessed it, more colors.

Alesia’s vibrant clothing, vibrant hair, and flamboyant personality are sure to make her one of your new favorite New York City influencers.

Fitness Influencers in the USA

Criss DeSandre @kryssdesandre – Powerful person in Salt Lake City

Representing Salt South Lake City, DeSre a certified personal trainer who started fitness to help herself but now uses her personal experience to inspire others.


This Salt Lake City influencer should have the same workout as his social media followers because Chris has a whopping 448,245 Instagram followers and 359,469 Facebook followers. Sign me up to the gym!

You can count on a few workouts in the gym, some realism (for example, how weightlifting makes a girl HUNGRY, swallow hamburgers and onion rings), some life tips – for example, do with you unquestioningly, and super cute sportswear that will motivate you to quit the game.sofa and go to the gym. By the way, this fitness influencer is no stranger to good Collab – she is Fashionnova’s partner!

Shea Smith – @shea_jordan – Houston influencer

Shea Jordan Smith comes from Houston, TX and is a fitness influencer committed to politics and equality for all.


This Houston-based influencer is clearly much more than just handsome, he combines two different disciplines – fitness and politics.However, in the Shi, they go well together. His followers on Instagram and Twitter are currently at around 7K, with a total of over 14K people and an engagement rate of 6.5%.

His post not only talks about fitness and politics, but also a few clothing collaborations that inspire all guys. There is a positive attitude here, and we love it.

Kendall Sides – @ kendallbeth_8 – Dora the Influential

Meet Kendall Sides, a college athlete from Dora, Alabama who loves softball, fitness, fashion and people!


There is no rivalry here, just pure, genuine positive.With nearly 27,000 followers on her Instagram and Twitter together and a staggering 15.6% engagement, Kendall’s channels reflect the highs and realism of softball and the sport in general, engaging you and making it impossible not to smile.

Kendall is also active on TikTok as @kendallsides and this channel offers more in-depth content to find out who Kendall is. She has several collaborations – from clothing to health. If you’re looking for an Alabama influencer who can attract people, hit Kendall!

Ana Snyder – @littlebuffblondie Influencer from NYC

Ana Snyder, an influencer from NYC, loves topics about fitness, health and lifestyle.She’s the ultimate bodybuilder turned stunt double – she kicks ass and takes names!


If anyone can make a workout easy, it’s Ana. Her feed features a variety of workouts that will make you think, “I might try this” instead of “hell no.” In her feed, you can also find partnerships and giveaways with brands in the apparel, food, health and skincare industries, to name a few.

What else do we like about Ana? There is a real atmosphere here that we just cannot understand.Maybe it’s the pinnacle of her daily life or that bright smile. Be that as it may, we think this fitness influencer is worth emulating.

90,000 100 most influential people in Kazakhstan • HOMMES KAZAKHSTAN

We continue the series of ratings of famous people in Kazakhstan together with our permanent columnist, Managing Director of GR Consulting Group Erbol Edilov. After a loud compilation 30 high-ranking children of officials Erbol Yedilov introduced the influential people of our country.The most influential person, by default, remained outside the top 100. Source – Telegram channel @yyedilov.

1. Karim Massimov

Chairman of the National Security Committee

Twice the Prime Minister of the country graduated from the Peoples’ Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba, T. Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University and Kazakh State Academy of Management. He speaks several languages, including Arabic and Chinese.He began his career as a legal adviser to the trade mission of the USSR in the PRC. At the moment, he is the chairman of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Adilbek Dzhaksybekov

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office

Adilbek Dzhaksybekov – candidate of economic sciences, specialty “organizer of material and technical supply”. Later he headed the diversified corporation “Tsesna”, twice was the akim of the city of Astana.Since 2016, he has been the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in 2018 was elected President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation.

3. Timur Kulibayev

Chairman of the Presidium of the NCE RK “Atameken”

He began his career working at the Economic Research Institute of Planning and Standards under the State Planning Committee of the Kazakh SSR. The most famous positions in his biography are leadership in the Samruk-Kazyna fund, the Atameken union and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan.He is also President of the National Olympic Committee and Chairman of the Kazenergy Kazakhstan Association of Oil and Gas and Energy Complex Organizations. He headed the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation.

4. Dariga Nazarbayeva

Member of the Senate of Parliament

The eldest daughter of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dariga Nazarbayeva is now a well-known politician, Doctor of Political Science. She began her career with the appointment as vice-president of the Bobek Children’s Charitable Foundation in 1992, she is also known for the position of Director of the Khabar Agency CJSC.She was deputy prime minister, deputy chairman of the Mazhilis of the parliament.

5. Akhmetzhan Yesimov

Chairman of the Board of Samruk Kazyna

Former akim of Almaty city since 2017 was appointed Chairman of the Board of JSC National Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna”. Earlier Akhmetzhan Yesimov worked as the Minister of Agriculture. And in 2015 he was appointed chairman of the board of the joint-stock company National Company “Astana EXPO – 2017”.

6. Nurlan Nigmatulin

Chairman of the Mazhalis of Parliament

In 1984, Nurlan began his career as an engineer, head of the column of PA “Karagandaoblgaz”. He held the posts of deputy akim of Astana and was akim of the Karaganda region. And in 2016, he was unanimously elected Chairman of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

7. Imangali Tasmagambetov

Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation

From childhood, Imangali was interested in natural sciences and was educated as a teacher of geography and biology.He was able to show his active position in social and political life, working in responsible positions – the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Kazakhstan and the chairman of the State Committee for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he held many high-ranking positions: he was the prime minister, the head of the presidential administration, akim of the Atyrau region, Almaty , Astana, Minister of Defense. In 2017, he was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation.

8.Bakhytzhan Sagintayev

Prime Minister

Bakhytzhan Sagintayev graduated from the Kirov State University, later he began to work there, starting as an ordinary assistant, he became an associate professor of the Department of Sociology. Later he began to engage in entrepreneurial activity. In 2013, he was appointed Minister of Regional Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan – First Deputy Prime Minister. And in 2016 he took the post of Prime Minister.

9. Umirzak Shukeyev

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture

Economist-mathematician by education.In 1986 he worked as a junior researcher at the Scientific Research Institute of the ASPU under the State Planning Committee of the Kazakh SSR. He held the post of Minister of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was also akim of the city of Kostanay, Astana, South Kazakhstan region. Headed “Samruk Kazyna”. December 15, 2017 – appointed as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

10. Bulat Utemuratov

Freelance Adviser to the President

Bulat Utemuratov economist. After graduating from the institute, he worked there as a teacher, then – in the system of the Alma-Ata Department of Trade.He held various positions in the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He took part in the construction of social facilities in Astana. Currently known as the President of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation, member of the ITF Board of Directors, businessman, public figure and diplomat.

11. Mahmud Kassymbekov

Head of the Office of the President

Kazakh statesman and scientist was educated at the Abai State University, a teacher of mathematics.He is also an economist and political scientist. While still a student, he was deputy secretary, secretary of the Komsomol committee of KazPI. He has been the Chief of Staff of the President for 22 years.

12. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

Chairman of the Senate of Parliament

Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in 1975 and was sent to work at the Soviet Embassy in the Republic of Singapore. Then he returned to the apparatus of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.In 1992 Tokayev was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 2013, Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament. On December 26, 2016, he was re-elected President of the Table Tennis Federation.

13. Marat Tazhin

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Marat Tazhin began his career as an engineer-economist of the Council for the Study of Production Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He taught at the Kirov University and completed an internship at the University of London.At the moment, the First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, elected in 2017.

14. Askar Mamin

First Deputy Prime Minister

Askar Mamin is a civil engineer and economist. He held the posts of deputy akim of Astana and later was akim of Astana. For a long time he was the president of JSC NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”. In 2016 he was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

15.Kairat Kozhamzharov

Attorney General

Kairat Kozhamzharov is a lawyer by profession. He began his service career in the Procurator of the Dzhambul Region, for a long time headed the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the fight against economic corruption crime (financial police). Since 2017, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

16. Bauyrzhan Baibek

Akim of the city of Almaty

The current akim of the city of Almaty began his career as an assistant attaché of the General Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Frankfurt, Germany.Later he worked as the chief protocol of the president. In 2015, he was appointed akim of the city of Almaty.

17. Asset Issekeshev

Akim of Astana city

Asset Issekeshev received his first education as a fitter-assembler, years later he graduated from the Kazakh State University named after Al-Farabi, received a law degree. He began his career in the Prosecutor’s Office of the Medeu District of Almaty, was the Minister of Industry and Trade, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.Since 2016, he has been holding the post of akim of the city of Astana.

18. Samat Abish

First Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee

In 2000, Samat Abish graduated from the Academy of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is also a lawyer. He served as an officer in the bodies of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 2013, he was deputy chairman, and since 2015 he was appointed first deputy chairman of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

19. Kairat Satybaldy

Managing Partner Alatau Capital Invest

Kairat Satybaldy was educated at several universities. His seniority includes positions such as deputy akim of Astana city, vice-president of KTZh and secretary of the Nur Otan party. Now Kairat is the managing partner of Alatau Capital Invest.

20. Kalmukhanbet Kasymov

Minister of the Interior

By profession, a lawyer Kalmukhanbet became a senior investigator and head of the investigation department, deputy head of the Iliyskiy district police department of the Almaty region’s Internal Affairs Directorate, also headed the Internal Affairs Directorate of Almaty and Almaty oblast, and was vice minister of internal affairs.Since April 2011 – Minister of the Interior.

21. Kairat Mami

Chairman of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kairat Mami was born into a large family and speaks three languages: Russian, English, Kazakh. He began his career in 1971 as a laboratory assistant at the Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization and Electrification. He was educated as a lawyer and was a judge and deputy chairman, chairman of the Guryev regional court.For a long time he was the chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 2017, he has been appointed Chairman of the Constitutional Council.

22. Zhakip Asanov

Chairman of the Supreme Court

Zhakip Asanov, after graduating from the university, was accepted as an intern in the Kyzylorda regional bar association. In the period from 1986 to 1993 he worked in the prosecutor’s office of the Kyzylorda region. He was the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 2017, he has been appointed Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

23. Vladimir Zhumakanov

Former Assistant to the President – Secretary of the Security Council

The first step of the career ladder for Vladimir Zhumakanov was work as a research fellow at the Kazakh State University named after I. SM Kirov, where he received his education. In 2015, he was appointed chairman of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From 2016 to 2018 – Assistant to the President – Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

24. Abay Bisembaev

Chief Executive Officer of the President

Abai Bisembaev is a political scientist and economist-financier. He began his career in 1984 as a worker in the construction and assembly board, Kokchetav region. After graduating from the university, he was appointed a junior researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. Since 2012, Abai Bisembaev has been appointed as the Chief Administrative Officer of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

25.Erbolat Dossaev

Deputy Prime Minister

He began his career in 1993, was engaged in entrepreneurship, headed banking institutions. In 1997 he was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Bank TuranAlem CJSC and Chairman of the Board of ATF Bank CJSC. To date, Deputy Prime Minister.

26. Sauat Mynbayev

Chairman of the Board of the National Company KazMunayGas

In 1985, Sauat Mynbayev graduated from Moscow State University named after Lomonosav with a degree in economics-cybernetics, after which he completed his postgraduate course with the defense of his Ph.D. thesis and began to work as a teacher at the Almaty Institute of National Economy of the Kazakh SSR …In 2010, he served as the Minister of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 2013, he has been the Chairman of the Board of the Joint Stock Company National Company KazMunayGas.

27. Krymbek Kusherbaev

Akim of Kyzylorda region

State and political figure, Krymbek Kusherbayev, before becoming akim, began his career as an engineer. Then he became chief of staff of the All-Union shock Komsomol construction site.Was akim of WKO and Mangistau region. Since January 2013, he has been the akim of the Kyzylorda region.

28. Berdibek Saparbayev

Akim of Aktobe region

Berdibek Saparbayev Doctor of Economics, statesman and politician. He began to work at the age of 16 as a worker at the Zadarinsky state farm, was educated as an economist. Then he began to work as an economist of the Republican Department of State Labor Savings Bank. In 2007 he was appointed Vice Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan.He was also the akim of the Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan regions and at the moment the akim of the Aktobe region.

29. Danial Akhmetov

Akim of East Kazakhstan region

Danial Akhmetov is a civil engineer. At first he was a foreman, then a foreman at the house-building plant of the Pavlodarzhilstroy trust. Years later, he was appointed akim of Pavlodar region. He was prime minister and minister of defense. In 2014 he became akim of the East Kazakhstan region.

30. Alik Shpekbaev

Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption

He began his career in the internal affairs bodies, held the position of the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Almaty region, vice minister of internal affairs, before being appointed chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan he worked as deputy chairman of the agency. In 2017, he was appointed Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption.

31. Askar Zhumagaliev

Deputy Prime Minister

Zhumagaliev Askar has two specialties “radio communication, broadcasting and television” and “jurisprudence”. He worked as a chairman in Kazakhtelecom, Kazatomprom. In 2006 he was elected the chairman of the board of Kazakhtelecom JSC. In 2010 he was appointed Minister of Communications and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the moment he is the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

32.Kanat Bozumbayev

Minister of Energy

Kanat Bozumbayev is the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His career begins in 1993 in government agencies and private companies. He held the position of akim of Zhambyl region, and was also akim of Pavlodar region. He took the place of the chairman of the board of “Samruk Kazyna”. He received his current position in 2016.

33. Kairat Kelimbetov

Manager of MFC “Astana”

Kairat Kelimbetov graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics.He became a member of the Supreme Economic Council. was the head of the presidential administration, headed the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund JSC. In 2015 he was appointed Manager of the Astana International Financial Center.

34. Bakhyt Sultanov

Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan

He began his professional career as a leading economist of the corporation and licensing department of the Financial Market Securities Department at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Over the years of his career, he was Vice Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Statistics Agency, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2013 he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

35. Vladimir Kim

President of Kazakhmys Holding LLP

Vladimir Kim began his career as an instructor of the district party committee of Alma-Ata, then as deputy chairman of the district executive committee. In 2005, he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kazakhmys Company prior to the Company’s listing on the London Stock Exchange, later left this post, but retains his membership in the Board of Directors of KAZ Minerals PLC as a Non-Executive Director.Today he is the president of Kazakhmys Holding LLP.

36. Nurlan Smagulov

President of “Astana Group”

Nurlan Smagulov is a well-known entrepreneur, Honorary Consul of New Zealand in Kazakhstan and a member of the City Planning Council of Almaty, philanthropist. The founder of “Astana Motors” was educated at Kazakh State University with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. Today “Astana Motors” represents 9 well-known automobile brands in the market of Kazakhstan.Now Nurlan Smagulov is the owner of Astana Group, which, in addition to Astana Motors, also includes Mega Development.

37. Dauren Abaev

Minister of Information and Communications

Dauren Abaev graduated from the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University with a degree in international law. At the beginning of his political career, he worked as an assistant, attaché, and third secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. Since 2011, he was the Adviser to the Head of State, left the post in 2016 and was appointed Minister of Information and Communications.

38. Amantay Kurenbekov

Head of GSO

Amantai Kurenbekov began his work experience as an engineer in the management of the State Construction Inspectorate of the State Construction Inspectorate of the Kazakh SSR. He served in the state security bodies, worked in the security department of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In May 2015, he was appointed head of the State Security Service.

39. Nurali Aliyev

Chairman of Capital Holding

Nurali Aliyev is a Kazakhstani economist and prominent businessman.Graduated from the Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Abai, later studied in the USA and Australia. From 2014 to 2016, he was the deputy akim of the city of Astana. He is the founder of Transtelecom, Capital Holding. He is also the founder of the “ZHANARTU” charitable foundation.

40. Dauren Zhaksybek

Chairman of the CenterCredit directors

Educated at prestigious US universities, worked in finance in New York and Vienna, after which he returned to Astana in 2005 as a member of the Board of Directors of Tsesnabank JSC.From 2006 to 2015 – Chairman of the Management Board, from December 2015 – Chairman of the Board of Directors. Ranked fifth in the ranking of the most influential businessmen in Kazakhstan according to Forbes. One of the title sponsors of boxer Gennady Golovkin.

41. Rashid Sarsenov

Shareholder “Nurbank”

Rashid Sarsenov began his career as a teacher. He is also the founder of Nurbank JSC, the Helios gas station network and a successful entrepreneur.

42. Kairat Boranbayev

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FC “Kairat”

Kairat Boranbayev graduated from the university in 1989 and was educated as a physical education teacher, and later as a lawyer. He worked as a coach for several years, and since 2015 he has been the President of the National Paralympic Committee of Kazakhstan. He is the chairman of the supervisory board of FC Kairat.

43. Berik Imashev

Chairman of the CEC

Berik Imashev’s career began in 1982 as an intern, then he was appointed prosecutor of the department for enforcement of laws on transport, investigator for especially important cases under the Prosecutor of the Kazakh SSR, prosecutor of the Moscow region of Almaty.In 2016, by the decree of the President of Kazakhstan, he was appointed Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

44. Gabit Baizhanov

Director of SVR “Syrbar”

Gabit Baizhanov holds the rank of Major General, which he received in 2010. His work experience dates back to the deputy director of the Barlau Service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in 2015 he was appointed director of the Syrbar Foreign Intelligence Service.

45.Kairat Abdrakhmanov

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kairat Abdrakhmanov worked as a teacher at the Department of Political History at the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I.Lenin, then became a graduate student at KazSU. He was the ambassador of Kazakhstan to Austria. In 2016 he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

46. Zhanseit Tuimebayev

Akim SKO

Zhanseit Tuimebayev has a scientific degree of Doctor of Philology, worked as a senior teacher.He has work experience as a Minister of Education and Science and Ambassadors of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Turkey and was appointed Head of the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Istanbul. Since 2016, he has been the akim of the South Kazakhstan region.

47. Askar Myrzakhmetov

Akim of Zhambyl region

A zoo engineer by education, worked as a researcher in the Eastern Branch of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He was akim of South Kazakhstan oblast and vice-premier-minister of agriculture.Since 2018, he has been appointed akim of the Zhambyl region.

48.Saken Zhasuzakov

Minister of Defense

After graduating from a military school, he was appointed commander of a reconnaissance platoon, then – chief of intelligence and deputy chief of staff of a unit. By the decree of the President he was promoted to Colonel General. Since 2016, he has been the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

49. Gulshara Abdykalikova

State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The former Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan began her professional activities in the person of the senior inspector, head of the department of the Kyzylorda regional department of social protection of the population.In 2014 she was appointed State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

50.Dinara Kulibayeva

Director of the N. Nazarbayev Educational Fund

Dinara Kulibayeva received a Russian education, a few years later she received another education at the KIMEP University. She began her activity in 1998 in the person of the director of the Nursultan Nazarbayev Educational Foundation. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KBTU JSC.

51.Amandyk Batalov

Akim of Akmola region

Amandyk Batalov was born in the city of Nukus, was educated as a hydraulic engineer and eventually took the position of a senior foreman, chief engineer, head of SMU-37 of the Almaataotdelstroy trust. Since 2014, he has been holding the post of akim of Akmola region and his powers have been extended until 2022.

52. Kairat Sharipbayev

Executive Vice President for Gas Transportation and Marketing NC KazMunayGas

Kairat Sharipbayev is a scientist-agronomist and economist-marketer.He graduated from the Almaty State University named after Abai, was the deputy akim of Taraz, headed the KazTransGas JSC, was the head of the Frunzenskiy ORPO. At the moment, he is the Executive Vice President for Gas Transportation and Marketing at KazMunayGas.

53. Zhenis Kassymbek

Minister of Investment and Development

Zhenis Kasymbek’s career began in 1997, becoming an intern-researcher at the Kazakh Head Architecture and Construction Academy, later he was the chief specialist of Temirbank OJSC.Since 2016, he has been appointed Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

54. Maulen Ashimbaev

First Deputy Chairman of the party “ Nur Otan”

Having received his education, Maulen Ashimbaev worked in the system of the Ministry of Press and Mass Media. He is a candidate of political sciences. He headed the KIFI under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since February 1, 2018, he is the first deputy chairman of the Nur Otan party.

55.Kenes Rakishev

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “SAT & Company”

Kenes Rakishev received a diploma from the international business school Oxford Saïd Business School, as well as a certificate from London Business School in the discipline Developing Strategy for Value Creation. Today he is a well-known businessman, shareholder, chairman of the board of directors of Kazkommertsbank JSC, chairman of the board of directors of SAT & Company holding, Net Element, member of the board of directors of Fastlane Ventures.

56. Aliya Nazarbayeva

Chairman of the Board of Directors “Elitstroy”

The youngest daughter of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan received her education abroad, returning home, held the position of assistant director at the radio station “Europe Plus” worked in the legal department of “TuranAlemBank”, worked in the secretariat at my father’s in Astana. Now Aliya is the owner of a fitness club and runs one of the well-known construction companies “Elitstroy”.

57. Aydin Rakhimbaev

President of the holding “BI Group”

Aydin Rakhimbaev has been working in a construction team since the age of 16. In 1995, together with fellow students, he created the AzTEK trading company, and later the BI Group holding. Since the year the company was founded, he has been its CEO. He is also a pilot of the Astana Motorsports presidential club.

58. Vyacheslav Kim

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Kaspi Bank”

Professional experience in the biography of Vyacheslav Kim begins in 2001, becoming the owner and creator of the electronics retail chain “Planet Electronics”, and is also a patron of the charitable project “Mom’s House”.Now he is the chairman of the board of directors of Kaspi Bank JSC and the president of the Taekwondo Federation of Kazakhstan.

59. Alexander Klebanov

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Central Asian Electric Power Corporation JSC

Alexander Klebanov was educated at the Alma-Ata State Medical Institute. He worked as a doctor in the sports team “Chrome” of the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant. Now he is the chairman of the board of directors of Central Asian Electric Power Corporation JSC.

60. Nurlan Ermekbaev

Assistant to the President – Secretary of the Security Council

Nurlan Ermekbayev speaks four languages: Russian, Chinese, English and Portuguese. He graduated from the Red Banner Military Institute of the USSR Ministry of Defense and became an officer with knowledge of Chinese and English. After he graduated as an engineer-economist, since 2016 he has been the Minister of Religious Affairs and Civil Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He left office in 2018 and is now Assistant to the President and Secretary of the Security Council.

61. Talgat Donakov

Chairman of the Judicial Council

Lawyer Talgat Donakov in 1991 became the scientific secretary of the Institute of Philosophy and Law, State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. He is also a candidate of legal sciences. He was the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan and now holds the post of Chairman of the Judicial Council.

62. Daulet Ergozhin

Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee

Daulet Ergozhin graduated from three universities, one of which is Suffolk University in the USA.In 1998, he was a specialist in the Clearing Department of NCTN KazTransOil JSC. He was the chairman of the tax committee, vice minister of finance. Since 2016, he has been the Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

63. Beibut Atamkulov

Minister of Defense and Aerospace

After graduation, he worked as a smelter at the copper-smelting plant of the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine named after V.I.A.P. Zavenyagin. He was akim of SKO. Today he is the Minister of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

64. Bakhytbek Baiseitov

Chairman of the Board of Directors of CenterCredit JSC

Bakhytbek Baiseitov graduated from the Russian University, worked as an economist in the Alma-Ata regional office of the State Bank. He was the chairman of the supervisory board of the Kazakhstan International Bank, the president of the financial and investment corporation “Atameken”.Is the main shareholder of Bank CenterCredit.

65. Arystanbek Mukhamediuly

Minister of Culture and Sports

Having received a musical education, he began to work as an artist of the State Symphony Orchestra of the Kazakh State Philharmonic named after Dzhambul Dzhabayev. He was the general director of the Republican State Enterprise “Directorate of Republican and International Cultural Programs” of MKIOS RK. In 2018, Arystanbek Mukhamediuly joined the board of directors of the national company Kazakh Tourism.

66. Nurlan Nogaev

Akim of Atyrau region

Nurlan Nogayev holds a Master of Business Administration degree. His career began as an electrician at the Kandagach station in Oktyabrsk, Aktobe region. Later he was the Akim of the West Kazakhstan region. And since 2016 he has been appointed Akim of the Atyrau region.

67. Kanat Alpysbaev

Chairman of the Board of JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Temir Zholy

Kanat Alpysbayev began his career at the enterprises of the Tselinnaya railway, then became the head of the department, the head of the budget department, later – the director of the DGP “Locomotive” of the republican state enterprise “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, for a long time was vice president.In 2016, he became the chairman of the board of NC Kazakstan Temir Zholy JSC.

68.Daniyar Akishev

Governor of the National Bank

Trained as an economist and became a leading economist at the Central Asian Stock Exchange. Later he worked in various positions in the Research and Statistics Department of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Currently he is the chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

69. Azat Peruashev

Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “Ak Zhol”

Azat Peruashev studied as a political scientist and is now a deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.At the beginning of his career, he worked at the National Higher School of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a public administration manager. Since 2011, he has been the chairman of the Ak Zhol Democratic Party of Kazakhstan.

70. Daniyar Abulgazin

Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee

Born in Almaty and speaks three languages. By his specialties, Daniyar Abulgazin is a military radio communications engineer and economist.He began his career as a junior detective of the 1st department of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Until 2015, he was the chairman of the Oil Industry Committee of the Presidium of Atameken NPP. Now he is the General Secretary of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

71. Ablai Myrzakhmetov

Chairman of the Board of NCE RK “Atameken”

Ablai Myrzakhmetov graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University.MV Lomonosov, becoming an economist. Then he took the position of financial director of Concern Altyn-Alma JSC. He was the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 2013, he has been appointed Chairman of the Board of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

72. Serikzhan Seitzhanov

President of SOUTS-OIL LLP

Serikzhan Seitzhanov began to build his career as a foreman at the materials plant of the Shymkentpromstroy trust. He was the head of the shop, chief engineer and later director of the plant.Since 2003, he has been the president of the oil company “SOUTZ-OIL” LLP, built the RIXOS hotel in Shymkent.

73. Galimzhan Yessenov

Chairman of Directors of ATFBank JSC

Galimzhan’s career began in 2002 in the agro-industrial complex “Golden Grain” as a manager of the department for the operation of equipment and supply of fuels and lubricants. Today he is a Kazakhstani businessman, the owner of the Kazakhstani commercial ATF Bank JSC. He is also the vice-president of the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation.

74. Dinmukhamed Idrisov

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ordabasy Corporation

Dinmukhamed Idrisov was educated at the Alma-Ata branch of the Ust-Kamenogorsk Road Construction Institute. Years later he worked as a foreman of the housing department-1 of the Ministry of Avtodor of the Kazakh SSR. He also worked as a managing director of the National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC. Since 2006 he has been working as the chairman of the board of directors of the Ordabasy corporation.

75.Marat Beketaev

Minister of Justice

Marat Beketayev’s work experience began with the position of head of a sector in the department for work with diplomatic missions. He worked as a deputy in the presidential administration. Since 2016 he has been serving as Minister of Justice.

76. Timur Suleimenov

Minister of National Economy

After graduating from a Kazakh university, Timur Suleimenov graduated from R.Smith University of Maryland. After that he started working in the company “Ernst & Young” Kazakhstan. Since December 2016 – he is a statesman of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Minister of National Economy.

77. Ondasyn Urazalin

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office

Ondasyn Urazalin is an English teacher by education and at the beginning of his career worked as a teacher at the Aktobe Pedagogical Institute. Until 2017, he was the head of the Department of State Control and Organizational and Territorial Work of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, after which he took the position of Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

78. Erlan Sagadiev

Minister of Education and Science

Received a Master of Science degree in the United States. In 1990, Yerlan Sagadiev’s career began, becoming the second secretary for the development of international economic relations of the Department of Applied Economics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was the general director of FoodMaster Company LLP. In September 2016, he was re-appointed as the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

79.Umut Shayakhmetova

Chairman of the Board of Halyk Bank JSC

Umut Shayakhmetova graduated from 2 foreign universities – Russian and the USA. Her work experience begins with the position of a specialist in structured finance at SB ABN AMRO Bank Kazakhstan CJSC. Since June 2016, he is the Chairman of the Financial Sector Committee of the Presidium of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” and also the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Halyk Bank”.

80.Erlan Koshanov

Akim of Karaganda region

In 1986 Yerlan Koshanov worked as a mechanic, then as a foreman at the Dzhezkazgantsvetmet concentration plant. From 2012 to 2017, he was the head of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since March 14, he has been holding the post of Akim of the Karaganda region.

81.Serzhan Zhumashov

Chairman of the Board of Directors “Capital Partners”

Serzhan Zhumashov is a major Kazakhstani developer, co-owner and chairman of the board of directors of Capital Partners.An art connoisseur and also one of the sponsors of the opening of the first British private school Hailebury in Kazakhstan, has built the “Esentai Tower”.

82. Malik Murzalin

Akim of Akmola region

Educated in Russia and at the Yale University School of Management. Malik Murzalin’s career began in 1996, when he became an assistant, attaché, and first secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation. Since 2017, he has been holding the position of Akim of Akmola region.

83. Yeraly Tugzhanov

Akim of Mangystau region

Candidate of Law and Doctor of Political Science was engaged in teaching activities. In 2001, he took up the post of deputy akim of the Karaganda region. He was the head of the Secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. Since March 14, 2017 he has been the akim of the Mangystau region.

84. Kumar Aksakalov

Akim NKR

Kumar Aksakalov is a mechanical engineer by profession.At the beginning of his professional career, he was the chief engineer of the Krylovsky state farm in the Uritsky district of the Kostanay region. Since March 2017 akim of the North Kazakhstan region.

85. Altai Kulginov

Akim WKO

Altai Kulginov studied at the Kazakh-Turkish University in Great Britain under the Bolashak program, worked in various positions in the Ministry of Justice, the Civil Service Agency and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was the akim of Uralsk.Now he is the akim of the West Kazakhstan region.

86. Archimedes Mukhambetov

Akim of Kostanay region

Archimedes Mukhambetov at the beginning of his biography worked as the director of a private enterprise, was the akim of Aktobe, Aktobe region. Today he holds the position of Akim of Kostanay region.

87. Yelzhan Birtanov

Minister of Health

As a toxicologist and doctor of medical sciences.In 1994, he worked by profession, as a resuscitator, head of the Information and Consultative Toxicological Center of the BSMP. Since 2017, he has been appointed Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

88. Bulat Bakauov

Akim of Pavlodar region

Bulat Bakauov is a lawyer and economist by profession, he began his career with entrepreneurial activity. In 2014 he was Akim of Pavlodar, now Akim of Pavlodar region.

89.Mukhtar Kul-Muhammad

Dupatat of the Senate of Parliament

Born in China, in the city of Chuguchak, graduated from the Kazakh State University. S.M. Kirov. He is a Doctor of Law, Professor. He held the posts of Minister of Culture, Akim of Kyzylorda Region, First Deputy Chairman of the Nur Otan party, in 2018 he was appointed deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

90. Alik Aidarbayev

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Samruk Kazyna NWF JSC

Alik Aidarbayev is a candidate of technical sciences, graduated from the oil faculty of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute and after that he worked as an operator, foreman, technologist, and shop manager at NGDU Zhetybayneft.He was the general director of the KazMunayGas Exploration Production Joint Stock Company, akim of the Mangistau region, the first vice minister for investments and development. In 2018, he took the post of deputy chairman of the board of the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund JSC.

91. Raimbek Batalov

Chairman of the Boards of Directors of JSC “Raimbek”

Educated at the Kazakh Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, specializing in civil engineer.Today, he is a well-known entrepreneur and public figure who founded the Raimbek Group holding in 1992, which produces food products and retail. Raimbek Group includes Raimbek Bottlers, Raimbek Agro, Raimbek-Alko, City Fair Trade, Arzan Optomarket, Alma Prodex.

92. Aidan Karibzhanov

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “VISOR Holding”

Aidan Karibzhanov is a specialist in international economic relations with knowledge of a foreign language, his career dates back to 1992, when he worked as a consultant to the State Property Committee.Today he is the chairman of the board of directors of JSC “VISOR Holding”.

93. Nurlan Aldabergenov

Head of the Office of the Prime Minister

In 1988, Nurlan Aldabergenov worked as a junior researcher at the Alma-Ata Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Years later, he became a member of the board of directors of NK Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC and Small Business Development Fund JSC. He was also the Chairman of the Agency for the Regulation of Natural Monopolies.In 2017, he became the head of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

94. Aida Balaeva

Head of the Internal Policy Department of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Aida Balaeva, a teacher of Russian language and literature by education, later received a second specialty – a lawyer. In the civil service since 1999, she held the post of deputy akim of Astana until 2014, today she is the head of the Internal Policy Department of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

95. Bekbolat Tleukhan

Member of the Mazhalis of Parliament

Graduated from the Almaty State Conservatoire. Kurmangazy with a degree in concert performer. His labor activity began in 1996, when he was the artistic director of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was the chairman of the culture committee, vice minister of culture, president of the Association of National Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Since 2016, he has become a deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the 6th convocation.

96. Alikhan Smailov

Aide to the President

Born in Almaty and educated at the Kazakh State University named after I. Al-Farabi and Master of Public Administration. He began his career as a chief specialist in the investment and privatization fund “A-Invest”. Since 2015, he has been an assistant to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

97. Nurlan Onzhanov

Aide to the President

Graduated from the oldest university in Berlin, in 1992 worked in the Ministry of Information and Press of the Republic of Kazakhstan.He held the post of vice minister – chairman, ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Germany for CIS affairs and regional cooperation, ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Kingdom of Denmark concurrently. In 2014 he was appointed Assistant to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

98. Bakytzhan Abdirayim

Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions

Fluent in four languages: Kazakh, Russian, English and Turkish. He is a candidate of sciences, doctor of legal sciences, honorary academician and professor.Work experience began with the position of a legal adviser of the Aksai UPH. He was the chairman of the judicial administration committee at the Supreme Court, the representative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the rector of the ENU named after Gumilyov. Since 2017, he has been the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan.

99. Madina Abylkasymova

Minister of Labor and Social Protection

Madina Abylkassymova’s career began with the post of chief specialist of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Strategic Planning.She was Vice Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2018, she was appointed Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

100. Natalia Godunova

Chairman of the Accounts Committee

Economist and candidate of technical sciences by education. She began her professional career in 1993 as an economist at Agroprombank “Oral” in Uralsk. She was the secretary of the Nur Otan party. Since 2018, she has been appointed chairman of the Accounts Committee for Control over the Execution of the Republican Budget.

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  • Big (important) lump – Spread. Iron. An important, significant person.SHZF 2001, 22; Mokienko 1989, 56; Glukhov 1988, 8; BMS 1998, 638 … Big Dictionary of Russian Sayings

  • important person – n., Number of synonyms: 36 • big shot (30) • boss (43) • bosyara (14) • … Dictionary of synonyms

  • important person – n., Number of synonyms: 34 • big shot (30) • boss (43) • trash (14) • … Dictionary of synonyms

  • important bird – n., Number of synonyms: 35 • big shot (30) • boss (43) • trash (14) •… Dictionary of synonyms

  • important figure – n., number of synonyms: 32 • big shot (2) • big shot (30) • boss (43) • … Dictionary of synonyms

  • LUMP – Give lumps to a coma. Psk. Beat, beat smb. SPP 2001, 82; Mokienko 1990, 48. With what cones? Zharg. pier Why, for what reason? UMK, 246. Big (important) bump. Spread. Iron. An important, significant person. SHZF 2001, 22; Mokienko 1989, 56; … … Large dictionary of Russian sayings

  • LUMP – LUMP, and, female 1. Inflorescence and fruit of conifers and some other plants of round or oval shape, covered with scales.Pine, spruce, alder sh. Kedrovaya sh. (filled with nuts). 2. Tubercle, rounded bulge. Fill a bump on your forehead. 3. Solid … Ozhegov’s Explanatory Dictionary

  • big shot – twists, bum, he won’t let you a mile away, von baron, important person, ace, important person, high-flying bird, big-shot, high-flying bird, flies high, gog and magog, big hand, trump card, authority, important, will not let you on the threshold, cool, … … Dictionary of synonyms

  • big shot – an important person, an important figure, a boss, cool, authority, person, in ranks, won’t let you on the threshold, a big shot, won’t let you a mile away, you can’t reach it with your hand, ace, important person, important bump, important bird, bird of the highest flight, bird of high flight, high … Glossary of synonyms

  • 90,000 Blogger Zubareva received the main prize for pseudoscience

    Instagram blogger Natalya Zubareva was awarded the anti-award “Honorary Academician VRAL” for pseudo-medical books about leaky gut, chakras and the treatment of hormonal imbalance with dietary supplements.What is Zubareva’s mistake and who else was in the final of the award, says “Gazeta.Ru”.

    The anti-prize “Honorary Academician of VRAL”, awarded for achievements in the field of pseudoscience and pseudoscience, was awarded to Instagram blogger Natalya Zubareva. This is reported on the website of the awards.

    The prize was established by the Antropogenesis.ru scientific and educational portal and the Evolution Foundation and has been awarded since 2016. The prize every year is a statuette with a “sad reptilian”. The winner did not appear for the award.

    In Instagram, Zubareva called the founders of the award “schizophrenics”, lecturers and visitors of the forum “Scientists against myths – 11”, in which the award was presented – “idlers”, and then restricted access to her account.

    On her Instagram page, Zubareva advertises the books “Waltz of hormones”, “Waltz of hormones – 2” and “The gut is all over the head” and the Academy of Doctor Zubareva created by her, sells menus and training programs for people with excess weight, diabetes, gout and other diseases, and advertises dietary supplements.

    On the still open YouTube channel, Zubareva positions herself as “a doctor, endocrinologist, therapist, cardiologist, nutritionist, children’s nutritionist, sports nutritionist. Member of the Russian Society of Dietitians and Nutritionists, the Russian Union of Nutritionists “.

    Such an abundance of regalia, however, does not prevent her from making gross mistakes in her books.

    So, for example, Zubareva writes that the analysis of hair for microelements is supposedly more informative than a blood test and on its basis it is possible to select therapy for the patient.However, it is impossible to establish where this or that substance came from in the hair – from food, water, care products. In addition, the experts of the Committee on Skin Health and Cosmetics of the American Medical Association as early as 1974 established that, “although severe deficiency of vital nutrients can be accompanied by their low content in the hair, there is no evidence that would indicate that a low concentration of nutrients in hair means its low content in tissues, the same applies to high concentrations. “

    Zubareva also tries to convince readers that hormonal balance can be restored simply with the help of a properly selected diet. And, of course, supplements will help with this. The fact that in the USA 20% of cases of liver damage are associated with intake of dietary supplements and some of the victims require liver transplantation, the “doctor” does not bother.

    “The thyroid gland is the center between the physical body of a person and his throat chakra (energy center),” writes Zubareva in a book allegedly related to medicine.“It determines how much a person is able to manage his life, take responsibility for himself and make decisions, live as his own desires and preferences dictate.”

    To treat diseases of the thyroid gland, the doctor suggests giving up whole food groups. How exactly nutritional deficiencies are supposed to defeat disease is a mystery.

    The reason for many diseases (psoriasis, asthma, acne, diabetes mellitus) and even just a bad mood, according to Zubareva, is that the patient has a leaky intestine, and its contents enter the bloodstream.The fact that this version was outdated 2-3 centuries ago does not bother Zubareva.

    Perforation may indeed occur in the intestines due to certain diseases or certain medications, but this does not in any way affect the risk of developing asthma or diabetes. And in those cases when this condition requires treatment, it is by no means carried out with dietary supplements, as Zubareva recommends.

    “The author is incredibly lucky that she works in Russia, for such opuses in many countries she would simply be deprived of her license,” notes cardiologist Anton Rodionov.

    Zubareva does not give references to research, but says that she is a sixth generation doctor, and her father treated people for all diseases with massage, herbs and a gluten-free diet, and also talks about “women-Muses” and “women-Vests”, claiming that all women are controlled by hormones, insidiously masquerading as “the voice of reason” or “the call of the heart.” Despite such an abundance of factual errors and dubious statements, the doctor’s audience on Instagram is 2.5 million – it is difficult for readers without medical education to distinguish reliable information from Zubareva’s esoteric fantasies.

    The propagandist of conspiracy theories and author of pseudo-historical books Nikolai Starikov and instagram blogger Ekaterina Filatova (“Katia Txi”), a “naturopath” promoting alternative medicine, refusal of vaccinations, treatment with coffee enemas, homeopathy and horse doses, also reached the final of the award. vitamin C. The winner was chosen by secret ballot by a jury of 12 renowned scientists and popularizers of science.

    Starikov, an engineer-economist in the chemical industry by education, is known for his books on geopolitics and history, where he promotes all kinds of conspiracy theories.His work has repeatedly become the subject of critical analysis by historians and other specialists.

    However, opuses with titles like “Who finances the collapse of Russia?” and “All evil comes from the West” remain quite popular with certain segments of the population.

    Filatova is a designer who on Instagram gives advice on treatment for various diseases, including cancer. Katya offers to be treated with homeopathy, wheat germ and dietary supplements. She is responsible for 90,101 deaths of 90,102 people who, in desperation, seized on her recommendations as the last chance for healing.

    Earlier, the prize was also awarded to biologist Irina Ermakova, who believes that the technology for creating GMOs was given to mankind by aliens, Metropolitan Hilarion, who achieved the creation of departments of theology in Russian universities, and homeopath Oleg Epshtein.