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Lose weight body shape: This Is How You Should Lose Weight, According to Your Body Type


This Is How You Should Lose Weight, According to Your Body Type

Most of us can slot our overall build into one of three general categories (recognizing that there are a wide variety of shapes and sizes even within these categories).

Body composition is liberating because it gives you something to focus on in a good way—lean body mass. No matter what the scale says, if you’re in a healthy body-composition range, you’re all good! Your ideal body composition depends on your goals. If you’re a competitive athlete, your aim is likely the lower end of the body-fat percentage scale (again, taking your somatotype into consideration), but remember that you are never gunning for zero fat, and lower is not always better.

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Women naturally have more fat than men, as we have a greater amount of essential fat (fat needed for bodily functions, from forming reproductive tissue to aiding the absorption of vitamins consumed in different foods). The body-fat ranges for optimal health are 14 percent to 30 percent for women and 6 percent to 25 percent for men. Don’t get too hung up on trimming every little ounce, however. If you’re at the lower end of the body-fat spectrum but your fitness level falls under general fitness or athlete, you’re not going to gain performance benefits by focusing on fat loss. And you might just make yourself sick.

So first, start by identifying your body type. Here’s how to begin:


You tend to be long limbed and not particularly muscular. You can be “skinny fat,” meaning you’re a relatively low weight and/or small size yet still have high body fat.

Ectomorphs are the body type that is the most resistant to weight gain because of a fast metabolism. In other words, ectomorphs are often able to overeat while gaining little or even no weight. People with this body type have little observable body fat, are only lightly muscled, and have a small frame (and joints). Basically your genetic makeup limits your ability to put on muscle mass. When training, focus on power and resistance training to build strength.

To maximize body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) as an ectomorph, eat good-quality fats with moderate protein intake of 25 to 30 grams per meal (four meals per day if you have a pre-training mini-meal) along with good-quality carbohydrates. On non-training/exercising days, skip the pre-training and morning snack: Breakfast is hearty enough to carry you through to lunch. If you have afternoon snacks, you may want to make your dinner intake a bit lighter than what is written here.

Looking for easy healthy breakfast options? Check out these 11 delicious ways to eat avocado toast:


You find it supereasy to build muscle mass, and you are generally proportionally built.

Mesomorphs can lose and gain weight easily, are able to build muscle quickly, and usu- ally boast an upright posture. This body type tends to have a long torso and short limbs. Women with a mesomorph body type are strong and athletic. Mesomorphs excel in explosive sports—that is, sports calling for power and speed. The reason for this talent lies in the type of muscle mesomorphs possess. Mesomorphs have a higher percentage of fast-twitch fibers and will gain muscle mass more quickly than any other body type. Basically your genetic makeup suits power and strength. For training, focus on moderate endurance training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and plyometrics. You can add in Pilates or yoga to lengthen with strength.

To maximize body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) as a mesomorph, eat good-quality fats with moderate carbohydrates and consider timing your protein and branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) intake. On non-training/exercising days, skip the pre-training snack and just have the green tea or coffee in the afternoon. Eat your usual pre-dinner and evening snacks. (Learn how to tone your entire body with workouts from the Women’s Health Woman’s Guide to Strength Training!)

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You are generally softer and rounder and tend to store fat easily.

Endomorphs are the body types that are most likely to feel like they drew the short straw. Endomorphs naturally tend to have curvy, fuller figures and struggle to keep their body-fat percentage in check. The most difficult challenge for endomorphs is perhaps to find out that they are in fact an endomorph. Why? Once you know you are an endomorph, you know that you were born this way. It can be difficult to come to the realization that you are likely to gain weight very easily.

You have the type of metabolism that is not forgiving. However, this doesn’t mean you are destined to be overweight or even obese. As an endomorph, you have to make a conscious, concerted effort to do the things your body should be doing for you auto- matically. If your body isn’t instinctively telling you to move more, you have to make sure that exercise is part of your daily routine. If your metabolism is sluggish, you need to eat the right foods that will fire up your metabolism. Training-wise, high-intensity activities such as HIIT and CrossFit are great, as are weight training and moderate endurance training. As an endomorph, eat good-quality fats and protein and limit your carbohydrate intake to maximize body composition (lean-mass gain, body-fat loss) and to control insulin and blood sugar. On non-training/exercising days, have a flat-belly breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up and skip the pre- and post-training snacks. Be sure to temper your afternoon snack to your appetite.

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Best ways to burn fat and how body shape affects weight loss

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  • Losing weight and burning fat is no easy feat, especially if you’re not someone who loves exercise.

    But there are simpler ways you can alter your lifestyle to burn fat, such as changing your diet and making sure you’re eating the right kinds of food.

    ‘Excess body fat makes us vulnerable to preventable diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and kidney failure,’ says GP and obesity expert Dr Ian Campbell.

    ‘It also causes mobility problems, back, hip and knee pain, sleep apnoea, and significantly increases the risk of some forms of cancer. On average, an obese adult will die nine years too soon.’

    However, if you’re obese and are looking for ways to lose weight, it’s not as simple as trying an extreme weight loss plan. Or a short term solution like the metabolic confusion diet, as you’re likely to fall off the bandwagon since diets to lose weight quickly aren’t suitable for long-term weight loss.

    Check out these better ways to burn fat in the long-run and learn how your unique body type is set up to lose weight.

    These are the most effective ways to burn fat…

    1. Remember that BMI is not always best

    Traditionally, body fat is gauged by BMI (body mass index), but, nutritionist and fitness expert Yvonne Wake says, it can be unreliable. BMI can’t distinguish between fat and muscle, nor detect visceral fat. The most accurate way to it is with a DEXA scan – a dual energy X-ray that’s used to measure bone density. ‘Skin callipers are another good way to estimate subcutaneous body fat,’ says Yvonne. ‘Also, look out for machines in gyms and clinics that can measure fat, skeletal, muscle and water mass, so will give an exact fat weight.’

    2. Note that not all fat is equal

    Did you know that there are different types of fat in the body, and some are better for our health than others?

    ‘Often called “good” fat, it’s found in the upper back and neck, and burns calories to generate heat and keep us warm,’ explains Dr Campbell. ‘Babies have plenty of it and it decreases as we age. Adults who have more brown fat tend to have naturally leaner bodies.’

    Most of our body is made up of large white cells that are stored under the skin and around organs — especially the belly, arms, buttocks and thighs. It’s not all bad, says Dr Campbell. ‘White fat stores energy and produces the hormones oestrogen, insulin and cortisol, as well as leptin — a hormone that helps to reduce appetite.’

    When stored around the liver, stomach and intestines, this ‘bad fat’ causes damage. ‘Visceral fat can build up in the arteries, and increases the risk of many heart conditions, stroke and type 2 diabetes,’ explains Yvonne. Dr Campbell says weight loss will target dangerous belly fat stores to reduce the health risks significantly.

    This is the fat directly under the skin – what we can squeeze. ‘It’s a combination of brown, white and beige fat cells,’ says Yvonne. ‘It’s the majority of our fat that’s found in the buttocksand belly.

    3. Know the fat burning formula

    Yvonne shares her secrets to long-term fat loss…

    • A strength-training programme, such as HIIT workouts
    • Do aerobic exercise such as running, walking or bicycling
    • Improve your sleep
    • Add apple cider vinegar to your diet — it can aid weight loss
    • Eat healthy fats, such as olive oil rather than butter
    • Quit drinking sugary drinks
    • Eat plenty of fibre, and cut down on refined carbohydrates
    • Follow a high-protein diet that includes seafood, eggs, legumes, meat and chicken. This will reduce the appetite and burn more fat. Studies have associated this with a lower risk of belly fat.

    Credit: Getty Images

    4. Remember that body shape is a fat factor

    Your genes and body make-up determine how your body holds on to fat

    Curvy, with a well-defined waistline, fuller hips, bust and thighs. Hourglass women often focus on shrinking fat from their waist — or muffin top.

    Eat more… Lean proteins such as chicken and turkey, as well as low glycaemic-index foods such as sweet potato and oatmeal. Reduce dairy and refined carbohydrates to avoid water retention and bloating.

    Hips are wider than shoulders. Pear shapes tend to carry fat on thighs and hips.

    Focus on… A low-fat diet with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates to burn excess fat.

    A softer, fuller middle with slim thighs and shapely legs.

    Cut down on… Sugar lays down visceral fat, and alcohol triggers the release of stress hormone cortisol, which causes fat storage around your middle.

    5. Learn about the role that fat plays in our bodies

    It’s unhealthy to store too much, but fat has an important job to do in the body. ‘We get energy from our fat stores, and it’s what keeps us warm,’ says Yvonne. ‘The fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K are absorbed in body fat, and these are important vitamins for health.’ Fat – or adipose tissue as it’s medically called – also keeps the internal organs in place, and acts as a physical cushion, protecting the body from trauma.

    6. Remember that eating less isn’t enough

    ‘Dieting gets weight loss o to a good start, but evidence shows that women who diet and also increase their physical activity are more likely to shed fat and keep it off long term,’ explains Dr Campbell.

    Credit: Getty Images

    A really good way to gauge obesity risk is with your waistline measurement, says Dr Campbell. ‘For women, if it’s greater than 80cm, you have a problem.’

    7. Get the good stuff

    Credit: Alamy

    Only a third of UK adults eat the NHS recommended five pieces of fruit and vegetables per day to stay healthy.

    Yvonne’s tip for fighting fat…

    • Eat healthy fats,such as olive oil rather than butter
    • Quit consuming drinks that are high in sugar
    • Eat plenty of fibre, and cut down on refined carbohydrates
    • Follow a high-protein diet that includes seafood, eggs, legumes, meat and chicken, to reduce the appetite and burn more fat. Studies have associated this with a lower risk of belly fat
    • Improve your sleep
    • Do aerobic exercise, such as running, walking or bicycling
    • Add a strength- training programme to improve your muscle and bone health

    During their lifetime, the average person will try a whopping 126 fad diets to avoid being overweight, according to a poll by Love Fresh Berries. But ‘quick results’ diets could be doing our bodies more harm than good, says Emily Rollason, nutritionist at Holland & Barrett. Here, she shares some healthy ways to win the battle against obesity.

    8. Look for fast food substitutes

    ‘While takeaway food can contain a lot of calories and unhealthy ingredients, there’s no need to cut it out completely,’ says Emily. ‘Many chains offer healthy alternatives with much lower calorie counts. Do your research, check ingredient lists andbe mindful of the calorie content.’

    9. Beware of ‘fake’ weight loss

    ‘Crash diets and quick weight loss isn’t always healthy, and can lure you into thinking you’ve lost more weight than you actually have,’ says Emily. This is because initially you lose ‘water weight’, which isn’t ideal long term. Glycogen is a fuel source for the body that is converted from carbohydrates and stored in your muscle. So while low-carb diets may show a weight decrease, as soon as you eat a carb-heavy meal, weight may take a sharp increase. ‘Set a plan that you can see yourself sustaining and enjoying long term,’ says Emily.

    10. Don’t miss meals

    ‘To sustain your weight, you have to reduce the amount of calories you consume and increase the calories you burn,’ says Emily. But skipping meals may cause you to miss out on essential nutrients. ‘This may then make you more likely to snack on high-energy, processed foods, resulting in weight gain,’ she warns.

    11. Not all carbs are bad

    Credit: Alamy

    ‘If carbohydrates are eaten as part of a balanced diet, they won’t mean automatic weight gain,’ explains Emily. Eat wholegrain and wholemeal carbohydrates such as brown rice and wholemeal bread, and potatoes with the skins on, to increase your intake of fibre. This will keep you feeling fullerfor longer and less likely to snack in between meals.

    12. Keep your gut healthy

    There are thousands of strains of gut bacteria, and we’re now discovering their roles in helping our health. ‘Having a poor-quality gut microbiome can be linked to a variety of diseases such as digestive disorders and obesity,’ says Emily. ‘Your healthy bacteria help you digest food, provide nutrients, enzymes and hormones, and strengthen your immune system.’

    How to measure body fat


    Body mass index is the traditional way of measuring body fat. According to the NHS, a person is obese if their BMI is above 30, or overweight if it is between 25 and 29.9. ‘It’s not always accurate though,’ says Yyvonne, as BMI can’t distinguish between fat and muscle.

    DEXA scan

    ‘This is a dual-energy X-ray that’s one of the most accurate ways of measuring body composition,’ says Yvonne. It gives a snapshot of muscle mass, fat percentage and bone density.

    Skin callipers

    ‘They measure the thickness of our subcutaneous fat, which is the fat under the skin, at up to seven different body locations,’ explains Yvonne.

    Smart scales

    ‘Look for the machines that measure fat, skeletal and muscle mass, as these give an exact fat weight,’ says Yvonne.

    Body Type Plan for Apple, Pear, Athlete & Hourglass Shapes

    Defining your body type is a great place to start in your weight loss journey. I tried to lose weight for years, only to put more on every time I dieted or overexercised.

    I was doing it all wrong and want to share with you how to lose weight safely, effectively and permanently without messing up your metabolism or throwing off your hormones.

    In this article you’ll learn:

    • How to identify your body type
    • Why body type eating is so important for weight loss and health
    • Tools that will help you control cravings and hunger


    No two people necessarily gain weight in the same place. You might gain weight through your hips and thighs or maybe through your belly area, and a close friend or relative gains weight through their upper body, dealing with back or arm fat.

    It’s really no mystery. Hormones are responsible for delivering body fat to its respective location. And it’s usually a pattern that persists unless you start eating right for your body type. 

    Unlike fad diets that may work for a few months, or even a year, body type eating is a sustainable, whole food lifestyle that helps to regulate hormones. Eating the right types of foods helps your hormones to send signals to manage hunger, cravings and fat storage

    After I wrote The Belly Burn Plan, the number one question I got was, “What is my body type?” A lot of people couldn’t quite identify exactly which body type they were, or felt that the landed somewhere in between two body types (which sometimes happens). The page is here to help breakdown the four body type descriptions for Apple, Pear, Athlete and Hourglass shapes.

    I hope you find it helpful. If you have a question, go ahead and leave a comment.


    What is Your Body Type?

    This page gives you basic descriptions of the four body types addressed in the The Belly Burn Plan:

    The guide below will help you determine your body type, which is a good first step in figuring out how you should eat to lose unneeded body fat. I really think all of us can rock the body we have, but what we don’t need is harmful fat affecting our health. These descriptions are not intended to be a diet, rather a way for you to control the scale a little better by eating the foods that turn your metabolism on.

    No two people gain weight in the exact same way. The same is true for weight loss. Hormones play a tremendous role in how our body stores fat. Food and hormones have a non-stop relationship with one-another. And this relationship is unique for each and every one of us.

    A vast majority of people will fall into either the Pear or the Apple categories, with a smaller number of people falling into the Athlete and Babyface categories. Nonetheless, by eating right for your body type, you’ll be able to shed weight, whether it’s from your hips and thighs, stomach, shoulders, back, arms, or all over.


    Your Body Type: Controlling Hunger & Cravings


    When you eat right for your body type, you’re telling your body that you’re listening to it, and the many hormones (aka: chemical messengers) that are telling your body to burn fat, store fat, make you feel cold, increase happiness and feel sleepy, to name a few. After we get our hormones under control through diet, all the pieces start to fall into place, and hunger is much more manageable.

    Of course, you may still be in the habit of wanting to eat late at night, or reaching for something sweet after you finish lunch. It’s important to recognize that these are habits and not hunger. That said, many people follow The Belly Burn Plan feel that their habitual cravings all but go away. This is because you’re eating the nutrients in foods that were otherwise missing.

    When most people try to lose weight, they go into reaction mode by eating “diet” foods, counting calories, and sometimes overexercising. This is a formula for failure. It’s ok to get a rough baseline of of the number of calories you’re eating in a day, but beyond that, it does no good to count calories.


    The Body Type Guide


    If you’re having a hard time determining your body type, don’t worry! Just give some thought to where you think your “trouble zone” is. Generally speaking, that zone will be the first place you noticed you started putting on weight. In the Apple Type, for instance, the trouble zone is through the belly area. The Apple might have also gained a little weight in the arms and legs over time, but the area that has always been the greatest challenge remains the belly area.

    The general rule of thumb is “first on the bus, last off.” The hardest fat for your body to lose, whether it’s after weeks or years of accumulation, will be the area that the fat went to first.

    There are three different types of fat: visceral, subcutaneous and brown.

    • Visceral fat: the most dangerous form of fat. This is found deep inside the abdominal region, packed tightly around internal organs. We all may have some degree of visceral fat, but the Apple Type has the greatest amount.
    • Subcutaneous fat: this is the “pinchable” fat found around the hips and thighs, behind the arms, below the belly button and on the bra line. It’s a stubborn fat that is difficult to lose, but responds well to the right diet.
    • Brown fat: this is a healthy fat! It’s found in very small amounts on the body, typically around the neck and spine areas. It helps to keep us warm and is activated in cold weather.

    Let’s figure out which body type you are! Read the descriptions below. Who do you identify with? Are you ready to get started? Remember, The Belly Burn Plan is always there as a guide to help you eat right for your body type.

    The Inverted Pyramid Shape Body Type

    • Triangular-shaped body, with a tendency to gain body fat through the chest, back & upper arms.
    • This type may have a roll of skin over in the back area. Women may have “lunch lady arms.”
    • Foods the athlete craves usually include salty snacks and savory meals.
    • Dinner should be the meal of the day for this type, with a smaller breakfast and lunch.
    • A full six week Inverted Pyramid Shape Body Type Meal Plan is found in The Belly Burn Plan.

    The Apple Shape Body Type

    • This Apple gains weight through the midsection and usually has thinner legs and arms.
    • Weight gain can occur elsewhere over time, but the primary trouble zone is the belly area.
    • The Apple usually craves refined carbs and caffeine.
    • This body type thrives on three squares a day.
    • A full six week Apple Shape Body Type Meal Plan is found in The Belly Burn Plan.

    The Pear Body Shape Body Type

    • The Pear shape is typically a smaller upper body and pronounced hips and thighs.
    • While weight gain can occur in other parts of the body, such as the chest and stomach, this type will usually have a pronounced waist and face challenges shedding weight from the lower body.
    • Pear shapes usually crave spicy foods, high fat dairy, but also keep eating well into the evening hours.
    • This body type does much better with a small breakfast, moderate lunch and good-size dinner.
    • A full six week Pear Shape Body Type Meal Plan is found in The Belly Burn Plan.

    The Hourglass Shape Body Type

    • A rounder, softer shape with weight gain everywhere, but is often obviously noticed through the face first.
    • Weight gain is almost always evenly distributed, including the knees, lower legs and arms.
    • The Hourglass (formerly “babyface”)  tends to crave foods high fat dairy and sugar.
    • This body type should eat like a reverse pyramid, starting with a bigger breakfast working to a smaller dinner.
    • A full six week Hourglass Shape Body Type Meal Plan is found in The Belly Burn Plan.


    All of these body types are outlined in great detail in The Belly Burn Plan. The Belly Burn Plan includes a 3-Day Cleanse, six-week meal plan designed specifically for your body type and six weeks of workout – scalable to beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises. Pick up a copy today.


    This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on them I may make a small commission. 



    Can You Change Your Body’s Shape?

    The grass always seems greener. Far too often, we want the exact opposite of what Mother Nature gave us. This is especially true when it comes to women and their satisfaction (or lack thereof) with their own body shape. Those of us who have skinnier legs and smaller backsides often want more curves. Conversely, the curvaceous among us typically long for more waif-like appearance. 

    All of which begs the question: Is it possible to completely change your shape?” The short answer is “no,” not completely. But, fortunately, you can radically improve both your health and your appearance with the right exercise routine in combination with proper nutrition. 

    Apple-shaped women tend to hold excess body fat in their waists, arms and breasts with very little body fat stored in their lower bodies. Pear-shaped women, on the other hand, tend to carry extra pounds in their lower bodies, rather than gaining in the waist or upper body. 

    Not only do both body types look significantly different, each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, apple-shaped women typically have an easier time losing weight than their pear-shaped sisters. This is because fat stored in the midsection is more metabolically active.

    What to Do if You’re an Apple

    The biggest challenge of having an apple shape is that fat stored in the midsection is easily released into the blood stream where it can cause a whole host of health problems. 

    The release of this visceral fat into the body is associated with higher triglycerides, lower HDL (“good” cholesterol), greater insensitivity to one’s own insulin, and higher blood pressure, to name just a few. These are often precursors for life-threatening issues such as heart attack, diabetes and stroke.

    Cardiovascular training is especially important for the apple body shape, because it can help improve heart health while burning off toxic body fat. Any rhythmic, repetitive, low-impact activity that gets an Apple moving her whole body and breaking a sweat for at least 20 minutes can be beneficial. However, interval training is particularly effective for this body type. 

    Interval training involves alternating periods of moderate intensity with high intensity. This can be done with many activities including: swimming, walking, biking, cross country skiing, and stair-stepping. One example of this would be: walking at a brisk pace for 3-4 minutes, then switching to a very fast pace for 30 seconds to a minute, and continuing this process for the entire duration of a 30-minute workout.  Studies show that interspersing higher and moderate level intensities increases fat metabolism both during and after the workout, making it easier to burn more calories in less time.  

    Apples should also avoid spot-reducing workouts, such as repetitive sit-ups and crunches. These types of exercises do nothing to burn fat off the abdomen, don’t improve cardiovascular health, and they can even lead to chronic lower-back problems.

    What to Do if You’re a Pear

    On the other side of the shape spectrum, Pears are lucky in that they are predisposed to fewer health problems from having excess body fat than their apple-shaped counterparts. Unfortunately, they are more likely to have body image issues associated with their shape. This is especially true when women strive to look like models and celebrities who often have very thin apple-type bodies with extremely slender legs.  

    If pear-shaped women are trying to achieve that type of look through diet and exercise, they will likely be very disappointed. Pears can expect to become much more fit and toned, but should not expect to have a total change in shape. This is mostly because body fat stored in the thighs, legs and buttocks is less metabolically active and therefore harder to burn off. 

    Resistance training is one of the best ways for Pears to re-sculpt their shapes while slimming down. Ironically, women with pear shapes often avoid training with weights out of fear that they will become “big and bulky.” Fortunately, women don’t need to be concerned with becoming too “built up” from resistance training, because they lack the high testosterone levels (found in men) which are necessary to build large muscles. In fact, when women resistance train, they can transform their bodies into lean, fat-burning machines by increasing sexy muscle tone and reducing body fat.

    Women with more muscle relative to body fat have an easier time losing weight – and keeping it off. Moreover, better muscle tone is essential to reduce the appearance of cellulite, a common complaint of pear-shaped women. Cellulite is just another word for body fat stored directly under the skin of the thighs, butt and hips. The only difference is because of the shape of the fat storage chambers in that part of the body, cellulite can have a cottage-cheesy or orange-peel-like appearance, especially if it rests on top of loose under-developed muscles. When body fat lies above well-defined muscles it lays flatter and looks much smoother. 

    A great way for pears to get in top shape is to do resistance training and get a “cardio” workout at the same time by using something called “complexes.” Complexes are a type of circuit training consisting of body sculpting moves (such as squats, lunges, push-ups and single arm rows) done back to back in a circuit format. The idea is to do one exercise for 12-20 repetitions and then go right into the next exercise with as little rest as possible. This type of workout keeps the heart rate up, revving metabolism, while simultaneously shaping and defining lean, beautiful muscles.

    And while exercise will dramatically change the look of a Pear’s body, women with hourglass curves shouldn’t ever expect to ever have “skinny” legs. Like Apples, Pears will transform into fit and more athletic versions of themselves, but will never completely lose their basic shape. 

    Another benefit of resistance training is that the addition of upper body exercises (particularly those for the upper back) will help bring balance to their frame making their upper and lower body look more proportionate to one another.  

    The one time that Pears can expect a change in shape is after menopause when estrogen levels (responsible for the storage of fat in the lower extremities) will decrease. At this stage of life, many women do notice a tendency to store more body fat in the middle and less below the waist. 

    Like Apples, Pears should keep in mind that there is no such thing as spot reduction. Endless leg lifts, for example, won’t burn off “saddle bags.” Burning sensations felt during exercise are the result of localized muscle fatigue, not localized fat burning.

    While no exercise routine (or diet plan) can change the fundamentals of what nature intended, following these basic strategies can help women become the most fit and fabulous versions of their apple- or pear-shaped selves. Only when women can accept and embrace what they are (and not waste time and energy on what they think they should be) can they begin the journey of discovering their own unique version of health and beauty.    

    What Your Body Type Says About Your Hormones and What to Do About It

    • The shape of your body gives clues to how well your hormones and body systems are working.
    • Conventional weight-loss recommendations say to eat less and exercise more, but there may be more to it than that. If you have certain hormonal profiles, dieting and strenuous exercise could make you gain weight and make imbalances worse.
    • Find out which body types indicate too much stress, too much alcohol or sugar, too much estrogen, or a lazy thyroid.
    • Once you determine the reasons behind your body shape, find out what to do to level things out.

    A lot of people want to lose a few pounds. Conventional recommendations say to eat less and exercise more, but is that the way to go? Depending on what’s going on inside your body, there may be more to it than that. Extreme dieting and strenuous exercise could make you gain weight and make imbalances worse.

    Can you tell what your hormones are doing just by looking? Sometimes, yes, and an experienced professional with a trained eye is even better at making a guess before they even run any tests. Here are a few common body imbalances that lead to specific weight distribution patterns.

    Chubby cheeks, belly and back fat – stress hormones

    A round face and a tendency to carry weight around your middle indicates that you need to dial in your stress. Extra weight in the midsection points to fat around your organs, which has its own set of risks on top of the dangers that fat around the muscle has.

    You can thank stress and cortisol, your main stress hormone, for the extra belly and back fat. You may or may not realize that you’re chronically stressed. You could be experiencing emotional stress that you’re well aware of, like an intense job or a toxic relationship.

    Or, your body systems might be triggering the fight-or-flight response and you have no idea. Things like living in a moldy house, or eating foods with a high toxic burden trip your fight-or-flight response, whether you’re aware of it or not. Something’s causing you to release stress hormones several times throughout the day, and your stress hormones tell your body to hang onto fat.

    What to do

    Here are ways to keep your stress hormones in check:

    • Start a meditation practice. If you’re a beginner, start by quieting your mind or listening to meditation music for just five minutes a day, then work your way up to 15 or 20 minutes as you find what feels good.
    • Write down your gratitudes. Researchers found that gratitude rewires your brain.[][][]
    • Remove toxins in your environment. Make an effort to reduce the toxic burden your body faces. A little at a time, eliminate foods that are highly inflammatory like grains, dairy, and sugar. If you have water damage in your home, have an expert come to assess and remediate mold. Swap out products that you use topically that have questionable ingredients. You don’t have to do it all overnight. Every little bit helps.
    • Figure out what life stressors you can eliminate. Determine whether you can change the way you interact with the people in your life and work to keep stressful encounters to a minimum.
    • Add magnesium. Most people are deficient, and magnesium is incredibly calming. Here’s the rundown on different forms and when to use them.
    • Check your sleep. Most people could stand to go to bed a little earlier, and studies show that you eat more when you haven’t slept enough.[] Take steps to improve your sleep and see if your stress level (and urge to snack) improves.

    What not to do

    Conventional weight loss recommendations can backfire when your stress hormones are out of whack. Here’s what not to do:

    • Avoid strenuous exercise. Exercising stresses the body in a good way. Too much exercise leads to too much stress hormone, which brings your fat metabolism to a screeching halt. To boost weight loss efforts, opt for brief, infrequent high-intensity interval training and daily gentle movement like yoga and hiking.
    • Don’t restrict calories. Eating too little sends your body into a panic as well, whether you feel it or not. Choose satisfying, nourishing foods that keep your cells happy. Here’s what to eat.

    How to lose weight

    There’s a good bit of overlap between practices that support your adrenals and stress hormones, and habits that help you lose weight.

    • Practice mindfulness. On top of stress-reducing benefits, mindfulness meditation can help prevent overeating.[]
    • Sleep. Getting enough sleep reduces the burden on your adrenals[] and helps you snack less.[] If you don’t know where you stand, here are some sleep trackers and apps that clue you in on your sleep quality.
    • Go low-carb. Researchers linked insulin resistance and cortisol, a stress hormone.[][] Cutting back on carbs improves insulin resistance and as a result may reduce cortisol as a result. Less cortisol means better fat metabolism.
    • Do the right kinds of exercise. Excessive exercise elevates stress hormones,[] which is fine, even beneficial, if it’s infrequent. Get out and play every day, and once a week, go hard.

    Large all over, yo-yo weight – low thyroid hormones

    Your thyroid hormones turn on your fat-burning engines. An overactive thyroid makes it hard to store fat, and an underactive thyroid makes it difficult to burn fat. If you’re at an ideal body weight, chances are, your thyroid works, or it doesn’t and you and your doctor has you on optimal levels of thyroid replacement hormones.

    If you have thyroid problems, you might notice your weight has gradually increased over time. Or, you might have periods of weight gain and weight loss that you can’t trace back to diet and exercise. You crave carbs, because your body wants quick energy when your cells have trouble keeping up.

    What to do

    If you have characteristic hypothyroid issues like hair thinning, cold intolerance, dry skin, fluid retention, on top of excess body fat, thorough thyroid testing is in order. Keep in mind that not every doctor knows how to properly test your thyroid function. This article lists the tests to request, and Bulletproof Radio podcast guest Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD offers fantastic advice in this episode.

    What not to do

    As with the stressed body type, extreme dieting and intense exercise will do more harm than good.

    How to lose weight

    If your doctor identifies a thyroid problem, there’s a good chance you’ll lose weight by simply starting the right thyroid medication. Of course, eat clean, and get out and move every day.

    Swollen belly – struggling liver

    Apart from your belly, the rest of your body may or may not be obese. But your belly resembles that of someone entering the later stages of pregnancy, whether you’re a man or a woman. When you pinch, your belly fat might not feel like belly fat at all — it feels more like a balloon with a thin layer of fat at the surface.

    That’s because fat isn’t the enemy here. When your liver is overloaded, it secretes a fluid that accumulates in the peritoneal cavity — the area between your abdominal wall and your organs. The swelling is called ascites (pronounced uh-SIGH-dees) and is completely separate from fat.

    Older men tend to show this body type more than women do. Once you’re aware of it, you’ll notice a lot of middle-aged men who look like they’re at a healthy weight with the exception of a seemingly out-of-place potbelly.

    They call it “beer belly” for a reason. A protruding abdomen indicates that your liver is working overtime to break down excess alcohol, sugar and carbs, or foods that contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives.

    What to do

    • Bring up your concern with your doctor. Poor liver function, kidney problems, certain cancers, and heart disease can cause buildup of fluid around your middle. It’s best to rule those out.
    • Cut back on alcohol. Cut it completely out of your life if you have to. If you think you might be an alcoholic, you can start here. Some people will see reduced bloat within a few days, while fluid retention may be more stubborn for others. If you have excessive scar tissue on your liver, you might need a doctor’s help to flush it away.
    • Experiment with diuretic and liver support herbs. If you want to reduce your bloat for an upcoming wedding or event, see if herbs like dandelion, stinging nettles, and burdock help get the fluid moving.

    What not to do

    • Ignore it. An overburdened liver can lead to all kinds of inflammation and disease. Wanting to look better is one thing, but wanting your body to work well is top priority.

    How to lose weight

    • Exercise. As long as the fluid doesn’t compress your lungs, gentle exercise like hiking and yoga can help things along.
    • Go low-carb. Carbs, especially sugar, are hard on the liver if you overdo it.[] Your liver breaks down carbs that you don’t immediately use, and packages it for fat storage.[] Lowering your sugar and carb intake will give your liver a rest.
    • Eliminate processed foods. You don’t need them, and after a short time, you’ll realize you don’t want them. Plus, excess sodium in packaged foods will make matters worse.

    Pear shape – too much estrogen

    Extra weight in the hips and thighs indicates you have too much estrogen. You can have an excess of estrogen for a lot of reasons — estrogen-mimicking chemicals in your environment, perimenopause, post-baby hormone fluctuations, long-term birth control use, low progesterone production, sluggish liver, slow digestion…the list goes on.

    If you have other symptoms of excess estrogen like acne, PMS, breast tenderness, mood problems, or in men, gynecomastia, emotional outbursts, acne, or a pear shape, here’s where to go from here.

    What do do

    • Get off of hormonal birth control. Here are non-hormonal birth control methods to consider. It might be a while before your body finds its natural rhythm again, so it’s best to work with a functional medicine doctor to help you detox from fake hormones quickly.
    • Detox. Look into a regular sauna, massage, or cryotherapy routine to help your body get the extra hormone out of your system. Supplements like glutathione and calcium d-glucarate can support your natural detox systems, too.
    • Work with a functional medicine doctor to balance your hormones. Conventional doctors tend to treat symptoms. Functional and integrative medicine doctors generally look for the root cause, even if it means peeling back several layers of issues before getting to the true origin of the problem. Since there are so many possible reasons your hormones are wonky, a functional medicine doctor can offer targeted testing and pinpoint what’s actually going on. You’ll get faster results than you would by shooting in the dark.

    What not to do

    • Start hormonal birth control. Conventional doctors reach for the pill and other hormonal birth control or hormone replacements to “balance” your hormones, when in reality you’re stacking estrogen upon estrogen. Even when it seems to work, the long-term effects will come back to bite you.

    How to lose weight

    • Eat extra vegetables with every meal. Bonus points for cruciferous vegetables. Extra fiber from vegetables helps keep your digestion moving and keeps you eliminating at a good pace. You get rid of extra estrogen that way. Be sure to incorporate healthy fats like avocado or MCTs.
    • Add resistance training. You’ll lose weight when your hormones level out, but it takes time. Resistance training can get you initial results while you wait for your endocrine system to even out. Weight bearing exercises, even bodyweight workouts, build muscle and improve the way your body uses insulin,[][][] which can help you burn fat.

    There’s no ideal body shape. The key is to be comfortable in your own skin, and pay attention when your body gives you tangible clues about what’s going on with your health. When something’s off, your body has ways of letting you know. Tune in to your body’s rhythms and make changes when it makes sense.

    You may also like

    Dr. Oz – Diet and Exercise Plans for Your Body Type

    Body Type: Apple

    If you’re struggling to get rid of a thick middle, you’re battling visceral fat, the fat located in your abdominal region that surrounds vital organs. While this fat is easier to get rid of than subcutaneous fat, it is also worse for you. Excess visceral fat has been linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. People with large middles tend to have higher levels of cortisol, the body’s key stress hormone. Too much cortisol slows your metabolism and also breaks down muscle, making you hard-wired to store fat.

    Diet Plan: Avoid Refined Carbohydrates and Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

    First, avoid refined carbs like white bread, pasta and rice that are low in fat and spike blood sugar, which can increase stress and make you hungrier. Replace simple carbs with anti-inflammatory foods such as barley, buckwheat and amaranth. These whole grains stabilize blood sugar and help control cortisol surges. Go for other healthy anti-inflammatory fats, too, like olive oil, avocado, sea bass and salmon. (Try Dr. Oz’s anti-inflammatory toast: Toasted Ezekiel bread—sprouted 100% whole grain—topped with avocado, olive oil, lemon and chili flakes.)

    Workout for an Apple Body Type: Metabolic Disturbance Training

    To slim your middle, you’ll want to practice interval training that involves sudden bursts of high-intensity movement alternated with lower intensity movement. Using an exercise stepper, begin by stepping up and down at a moderate pace for two to five minutes. Then crank up the pace for 30 seconds to one minute, until you can feel your heart rate has increased and you’re slightly out of breath. Then go back to the more moderate pace. Repeat throughout the workout. This method boosts both your aerobic and anaerobic systems to speed metabolism and burn belly fat.

    Next: How to look 10 pounds thinner until you reach your goal weight

    How to Exercise & Diet Correctly For Your Body Type

    Let’s talk about our bodies. So without any judgement, look into the mirror. What do you see? Do you see long, slim limbs? Wide hips and perhaps more fat accumulation around the belly area? Or a more sporty, muscular body? We know just how complex our body types can be. But knowing where you fit in, could help determine the best exercise and diet plan for you. 

    We want to find your dominant body type and understand the exercises and diet that works best for your body and help you form more realistic goals. 


    We are all created different but just as beautiful. Typical, there are 3 dominant body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

    Your genetics predispose you towards one of the three body types. You can’t change that, however, with dedication to your training and also eating right, you can get closer to another body type.

    However, do understand that your daily exercise, diet habits, lifestyle and even metabolic changes through pregnancy or menopause can skew your body type. So if you are uncertain where you fit, just think back about how you looked like in your late teens or early 20s.

    So let’s first take a look at the 3 dominate body types:


    Ectomorphs (Traits)

    These are people who seem to eat whatever they want and never gain any weight, because they have a fast/high metabolism.They are usually thin and lanky. They have smaller bone structure with shoulders that tend to be narrower than their hips. Just think of the endurance athletes or a typical model.

    Celebrities include Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Kiera Knightley and Kate Middleton. Typically your goal is to Gain Weight. 


    Mesomorphs (Traits)

    You have a medium bone structure and an athletic body. You are considered to have the “good gene” because you have an efficient metabolism, which means it’s easier for you to gain muscle or lose fat. If you keep to an active and healthy lifestyle, it’s relatively easy for you to maintain your weight. Yes, you can gain weight, but once you get back into eating well and exercising, the excess weight comes off pretty easily too.

    Celebrities include Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson. Typically your goal is to Lean Up. 


    Endomorphs (Traits)

    You have a soft, rounder body. You have a stockier bone structure with a larger midsection and hips. You find that you gain fat so easily just by eating one small chocolate bar. But you struggle to lose weight. Your metabolism is naturally slower, hence you have to pay more attention to what you eat in order to get fit. 

    Celebrities include Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carrey. Typically your goal is to Lose Weight.


    These are the 3 dominant body types. You may fine that you don’t fit perfectly into 1 category but a mix of 2 body types. Hence you may be :

    1. Ecto-Mesomorphs This body type is lean and muscular.
    2. Meso-Endomorphs You are strong but the muscles aren’t well defined, like a rugby player.
    3. Ecto-Endomorphs The “skinny fat” person who is naturally thin but has gained weight due to lack of exercise and a poor diet.

    Once you figured out which body type you fall under, let’s further understand the types of exercises and diet that best suit your goals and needs.


    Ectomorphs (Training)

    Let’s start with Ectomorphs. Since your goals is to gain weight and lean muscle mass, we want to focus on resistance training and limit cardio or endurance-type training. Your training should be focused on strength and hypertrophy, which is to build muscle. 

    In order to gain strength and size, you want to be lifting heavy. The weights should be heavy enough for you to only be lifting between 6 – 10 reps, with longer rest times, 1 – 2 mins between sets, and go for 3 – 4 sets. Aim to strength train at least 3 – 4 times weekly or every alternate days.  

    Follow a simple routine with heavy compound movements and minimal isolation movements per muscle group. Compound movements are basically exercises that work several muscles or muscle groups at once. Because compound movements recruit a large number of muscle fibers, it’s the most effective way to build most muscle mass and quickest to increase overall strength. Examples include, squats, lunges, bench press, push-ups, dead lift and pull-ups. 

    Go for short cardio sessions, between 10 – 20 mins, twice weekly. You can treat it as your warm-up to avoid burning too much calories or muscle mass, but it’s still important to improve your stamina and heart health. 


    Ectomorphs (Diet)

    When it comes to your diet, you should eat a mass gain-focused diet. Because your body tends to burn off energy faster than other body types, your calorie intake needs to be higher. You should be consuming 750 – 1000 calories more than what you need to maintain your current body. 

    The low carb, fat-loss diets are NOT for you! Aim for Higher Carb, Moderate Protein and Low Fat. Go for 50% Carbs, 30% Protein and 20% Fat.

    Here’s an example of what your portion should look like: 

    Ectomorph Men

    • 3 portions of carbs
    • 2 portions of protein
    • 2 fists of vegetables.
    • 1 thumb of fat dense food.

    Ectomorph Women

    • 2 portions of carbs
    • 1 portion of protein
    • 1 – 2 fists of vegetables.
    • ½ thumb of fat dense food.

    Since your metabolism rate is very high, you need to keep “fueling your engine”, try to eat more frequently, every 2-4 hours. For some who are extremely thin, incorporating “mass gainer” nutritional shakes into your diet can help too, as they are very high in calories. 

    If you aren’t sure how to calculate your BMR, TDEE, macros or food portion, do watch my video on “How to Calculate Food Portions & Macros”. Watch the video HERE:


    Mesomorphs (Training)

    Well, count yourself lucky because you are naturally strong and respond quickly to exercise, making it easier for you to gain mass, lose weight and stay lean.

    For this reason, you want to aim on a wide performance spectrum, focusing on strength, size and endurance. You can dedicate a block of exercises to strength, a block to hypertrophy and a block to endurance training. 

    Mix it up and avoid focusing only on one type of training because you will lose muscle mass if you are too focused on endurance conditioning, and you may gain excess fat if you only perform heavy resistance training. 

    So for example, incorporate moderate to heavy strength training 3 -4 times weekly and mix it up with HIIT workouts as your cardio 2 – 3 times weekly.


    Mesomorphs (Diet)

    Typically, your goal is to lean up. You want to maintain your bodyweight, but to lose fat and add muscle tone.

    Mesomorphs fall somewhere in the middle, so your macros should be split pretty evenly between carbs, protein and fat. 35% carbs, 35% protein and 30% fat. 

    Here’s an example of your food portion:

    Mesomorph Men

    • 1.5 portions of carbs
    • 2 portions of protein
    • 2-3 fists of vegetables.
    • 2 thumb of fat dense food.

    Mesomorph Women

    • 1 portion of carbs
    • 1 portion of protein
    • 1-2 fists of vegetables.
    • 1 thumb of fat dense food.

    Your food intake can also be adjusted according to your training days. For instance, reduce on carbs and increase on protein on strength and conditioning days. Whereas on HIIT workout days, you can increase your carb intake post-workout to fuel your body. 

    As for your total calorie intake, you want to eat enough to maintain your current body weight, but if your goal is to lose a little bit of weight, then consume slightly less.


    Endomorphs (Training)

    As an endomorph, you may feel like you are destined to be overweight. If you are thinking that right now, it is absolutely NOT TRUE! You can CHANGE your body by making changes to your LIFESTYLE! If your metabolism is sluggish, you need to eat the right food that will fire up your metabolism. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, get moving and make exercising part of your daily routine. You need to do what’s right for your body and not blame it on genetics. 


    When it comes to exercising, resistance training is still key, but adding more endurance training will help to increase your metabolic rate and shed fat. A higher muscle mass will increase your BMR, hence making your body more efficient in burning fat. 

    Aim for 3 – 4 days of strength training. Your aim is to complete more work in less time, that means shorter rest periods, because we want to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the majority of a session. Go for moderate weights, where you can perform between 8 – 15reps per set, and only rest between 30 – 60 seconds. Incorporate compound movements, because it helps you to burn more calories. Interval and circuit trainings also are very effective as well, which is what most of my workout videos are structured upon.

    You should also know that your muscles are strong, especially your lower body, so you can really lift. Powerlifters or rugby players are often classified as endomorphs. 

    As for the remaining days, go for endurance training. It can be 2 days of lower-intensity conditioning for 30 – 60 minutes such as inclined walk, light job, biking, hiking or swimming. And once a week, do a HIIT workout. Don’t forget to also dedicate at least one day to rest and recovery.


    Endomorphs (Diet)

    What’s even more important is your diet. You tend to be more insulin resistant and a have lower carbohydrate tolerance. Hence, you should limit your carb intake. You do better on higher protein and fat, with lower carbs. So 20% carbs, 45% protein and 35% fat. Hence, that is why most overweight people do well on a KETO diet. 

    Because your body do not tolerate carbs very well, the best method is to AVOID high carb or starchy carb foods outside of the workout window. Only consume starchy foods such as rice, whole grain breads, quinoa,corn, barley, yams, potatoes AFTER exercising. That means, outside of the workout window, your diet should consist mainly of protein, healthy fats and vegetables. 

    Here’s an example of your meal:

    Endomorph Men

    • 2 portions of protein
    • 2-3 fists of vegetable
    • 2-3 thumbs of fat dense food

    Endomorph Women

    • 1 portion of protein
    • 2 fist of vegetables
    • 1-2 thumbs of fat dense foods at each meal.

    In order to lose weight, your total daily calorie intake should also be at least 500 – 700 calories less than your Total Daily Calorie Expenditure (TDEE), but still enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    DO NOT undereat, because that will damage your metabolism, workout performance and will only hinder your weight loss. 



    What’s your body type and what are your goals? Remember that there’s no one simple solution to achieving your health and fitness goal. 

    If you’ve been eating well and exercising, but you are not getting the results you’re looking for, then perhaps you are not doing it right according to your body type. You have to keep trying different methods, see how your body respond and keep tweaking and progressing through the journey. 

    And there’s no shortcuts. It’s all about being consistent with your workouts, eating a clean and well-balanced diet, managing your stress levels and just trusting the process. It’s not an overnight transformation, not even few weeks, it will take months and even years. Hence, I always believe that fitness is for life, there’s not deadline to it. 




    90,000 How to lose weight in a specific part of the body

    How often do we delve into ourselves, look for flaws, try to correct something, reduce one part of the body, tighten the other, and increase the third. Most girls are tormented by the question: what to do to lose weight only in the legs or only in the hips. And, of course, the eternal question: how to lose weight so that the breast remains in the same volume and shape? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

    Is local weight loss possible?

    First of all, I would like to say about a few rules:

    1. Problem zones are problem areas because they tend to grow in volume first, but decrease last. Everyone has their own: legs, arms, sides, stomach, buttocks, thighs. If you entertain yourself with illusions and hopes that after going in for sports and starting to eat right, subcutaneous fat will immediately begin to leave the problem areas, then you are mistaken. The conclusion is this: your problem area will be the last to leave, and only as a result of an active “sports war”.

    2. Exercising only for the abs, you will not get rid of the belly. You can tighten muscles, strengthen them, but your layer of fat will remain in place.

    3. And the most important thing – it is impossible to lose weight only in one specific part of the body! Yes, it’s sad, bitter and I don’t want to put up with it, but it’s true. The weight goes out evenly! Do not believe in diets with loud headlines “diet will help you get rid of belly fat in 5 days.” You will lose volume in parallel in the area of ​​arms, hips, buttocks.

    Hence, a completely logical conclusion arises – it is impossible to lose weight locally. But this does not mean that you need to lie on the couch and do nothing. You can help your body, direct it. In the fight against obesity, the best helpers are sports and proper nutrition. And do not forget about the main rule – you should spend more calories than you consume.

    Exercises to tackle a specific problem area

    Correctly selected physical activity is of great importance in the fight against problem areas.However, all the recommendations below will be useful and effective only in the case of a balanced diet.

    Abdomen area. To lose weight in the abdomen, you should actively engage in cardio loads and do special exercises for the press. For maximum effect, you can visit fitness 1-2 times a week, so you will keep your whole body in good shape and strengthen your muscle corset.

    The area of ​​the thighs and buttocks. Jumping exercises (plyometrics) and any aerobic training will be effective.Ballet classes will also be a plus. It is the work at the machine that will allow you to get rid of the hated breeches.

    Waist and side area. Interval training will be relevant. In this case, twisting, bending from side to side is ineffective and is unlikely to bring you a decent result.

    Hand area Cardio and light weight exercises. In the future, in order to shape your arms and pump up a little, do more upper body exercises.

    If you are a beginner in the gym, but you really want to be a slender and beautiful person, then immediately seek professional help from a fitness trainer.

    How to preserve your breast size?

    We are sure that this question worries every girl. Of course, when you lose weight the whole body and the breasts will decrease. You cannot fight physiological processes, but you are able to make sure that after losing weight your breasts have a beautiful shape.Several rules for breast preservation:

    protein food. Eat as much protein as possible, it stimulates the process of collagen production, which makes tissues more elastic and muscles strong;

    correct nutrition. Diets, fasting days are nonsense. They make the connective tissue less elastic, which is bad for maintaining the shape and volume of the breast;

    protein shakes. Promote the synthesis of collagen fibers, so try to drink protein shakes regularly;

    good sports bra. Having a quality, expensive sports bra is very important.

    Include more vegetables, dairy products, cereals, lean fish in your diet. Forget about pastries, chocolate, smoked meats and then you yourself will not notice how you will forget about the concept of “problem area”.

    90,000 How to maximize weight loss and gain in 10 days?


    The first thing to start with on the path to an ideal figure is to radically change the diet. The general rule is: maximum protein, minimum carbohydrates and fats.By strictly observing it, you can quickly get rid of extra pounds. The following products must certainly be present in the daily menu: low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, eggs (only protein is better), chicken or fish, vegetables and fruits (in reasonable quantities), herbs, water (at least 2 liters) and green tea.

    And here is a list of what should be discarded (and preferably forever).

    1. Sweet – sweets, chocolate, cookies, cakes, etc. Their use will quickly backfire with an increase in the size of the waist and hips.Returning them to their previous indicators will be very problematic.

    2. Flour products – buns, croissants, cakes, bread. If you really want to, you can eat one small bun with bran, a slice of grain bread or diet bread, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

    3. Salt. It retains water in the body, which leads to the appearance of unwanted pounds. To prevent salt-free dishes from being too bland, cook them with lots of spices and herbs.

    4. Oil. First of all, we are talking, of course, about creamy, although one should not get carried away with vegetable. The most you can afford is a spoonful of olive, flaxseed, or almond oil. It is better to dress salads with low-fat yogurt with the addition of lemon juice.

    5. Fast food. It is better to forget about pizza, hamburgers and other representatives of this “family” once and for all.

    6. Sauces. Ketchup and mayonnaise are the enemies of a perfect figure. So don’t even buy them to avoid temptation.

    7. Semi-finished products (dumplings, dumplings, khinkali, manti, etc.). If you want meat – eat a slice of turkey or chicken fillet, preferably boiled.

    8. Sweet soda. It contains a lot of sugar, which you definitely don’t need. And all sorts of sweeteners are, in principle, very unhealthy!

    diet and exercise tips


    How to lose weight for different body types: diet and training tips

    How lose weight different types of figure: advice on diets and training

    If you do not want to harm the body with the wrong approach to nutrition and weight loss, you need to take into account all the features of your body type.Sputnik decided to open … 27.02.2021, Sputnik Belarus

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    weight loss

    body types


    not only diets: we eat right!

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    it loses weight everywhere – the most “problem” zones lose weight last. And do not forget that now there is a large selection of certain nutritional systems and training that help to adjust the figure, starting from the individual characteristics of each. Body type – “pear” “Hanging pear, you can’t eat “- this type of figure can be easily identified by the fragile top and rather massive bottom.Women with this type of figure claim that their “problem areas” are the buttocks and legs. All they want is to remove the hated cellulite and reduce the volume of the thighs. Women with such a figure are advised to devote time to cardio training and exercises with an emphasis on “top”. Rock your back, arms and shoulder muscles and put the myth of the Schwarzenegger figure out of your head. Forget about fasting and “mono-diets” once and for all, if you do not want to remain “herring” on top with excess fat on the buttocks. Task number one is calculating the calorie content of dishes.With the help of calorie counting, you will not be able to go beyond the limits of what is permissible and exclude harmful foods. Choose sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats – cereals, vegetables, fish and meat and forget about sugar, flour products, smoked meats and sausages. The “apple” figure Women with this type of figure should introduce into the exercise habit and reasonable dietary restrictions. Excess weight “apple” is deposited mainly on the arms, stomach and chest. The main mistake is swaying the abdominal muscles with the good purpose of “removing the stomach”. But you need to follow other unspoken rules of losing weight.It is recommended to pay more attention to aerobics and Pilates – the classic version or step. Pay attention to trendy training and functional training aimed at increasing flexibility and coordination of movements. Balanced diet: Pay attention to foods that cleanse the body: kefir, bran, flax seeds and chia seeds. Cleansing, diet and exercise are your best allies in the fight against belly deposits. Hourglass figure The wasp waist, rounded chest and wide hips are ideal proportions for hourglass women.How to maintain natural balance and not spoil your figure? Choose functional training: combine exercises with a treadmill and cardiovascular equipment. This fitness approach will help get rid of unwanted deposits and maintain your natural proportions. Observe the symmetry of the loads and do not be afraid to consolidate the result. People with an “hourglass” figure are considered real lucky – excess weight of this type is evenly distributed throughout the body, and the waist continues to cause envious sighs. In order to get in shape, try to adhere to the principle of “dinner three hours before bedtime” (and forget about the myth “do not eat after 18”).And if you can’t do without sweets, then take the habit of pampering yourself before lunch. Figure of the “rectangle” type A distinctive feature of the “rectangular” type of figure in the absence of a pronounced waist line. This type of thigh is usually straight, and being overweight is not their story. “Rectangles” may suffer from loss of muscle tone and lack of waist “like Gurchenko’s.” But here you just have to accept. Never choose exercises for the oblique muscles of the abdomen. From this, your waist will “expand” even more in width.The good news is that you can add volume to your hips and buttocks, which will visually narrow your waist and add a feminine touch to your curves. What you should look out for are traditional lunges and squats with dumbbells and other exercises for the legs and buttocks. Due to the fact that women of this type of figure are not inclined to be overweight, they often have bad eating habits. You can skip the main meal, overuse sweets or, with a clear conscience, go to the “night watch” to the refrigerator.For all these “joys” of life, you run the risk of forgetting about your health and preferring fried potatoes to fish. It is very important to eat regularly and not forget about nutrients and vitamins. Remember that the right habits are the key to beauty and health, and together with the right physical activity, they will help you “sculpt” a beautiful silhouette. Inverted triangle figure The inverted triangle figure is broad shoulders and narrow hips, medium or large breast size and flat buttocks.Task number one is to shrink from the top and add volume to the bottom. The workout program should include exercises that increase the volume of the buttocks and hips. Usually these are all kinds of lunges and squats. It is not worth working with heavy weights to adjust the upper, but rather choose a medium weight and frequent repetitions. Do not be ashamed of “doll” dumbbells and touch the “strong” part of your gym. But for the bottom, take a serious weight. Focus on cardiovascular equipment, and give the “rowing” option to the enemy. If you want to make the buttocks and thighs more “appetizing”, then choose foods rich in protein – seafood, meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs.Carbohydrates in the diet should be complex: buckwheat, whole grain bread, and brown rice. But it is better to refuse simple carbohydrates or use it only for breakfast and not every day. In the morning, all sugar and flour can go into problem areas. Read also: 5 myths about weight loss, in which it is high time to stop believing Is it bad to eat late? Scientists have named the optimal power scheme

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    If you do not want to harm the body with the wrong approach to nutrition and weight loss, you need to take into account all the features of your body type. Sputnik decided to open the curtain of the “fitomir” and explain the “golden rules” of losing weight for each type of figure.

    To begin with, the first rule of losing weight, which is worth memorizing as “Our Father”: the body does not get rid of the “surplus” locally, it loses weight everywhere – the most “problem” zones lose weight last.

    And do not forget that now there is a large selection of specific nutritional systems and training that help to adjust the figure, starting from the individual characteristics of each.

    Type of figure – “pear”

    “Hanging pear, you can’t eat” – this type of figure can be easily identified by the fragile top and rather massive bottom. Women with this type of figure claim that their “problem areas” are the buttocks and legs. All they want is to remove the hated cellulite and reduce the volume of the thighs.

    • Fitness approach for a “pear” figure

    Women with this figure are encouraged to devote time to cardio and exercise with an emphasis on the “top”. Rock your back, arms and shoulder muscles and put the myth of the Schwarzenegger figure out of your head.

    • Feeding for pear-shaped figures

    Once and for all, forget about fasting and “mono-diets”, if you do not want to remain “herring” on top with excess fat on the buttocks.Task number one is calculating the calorie content of dishes. With the help of calorie counting, you will not be able to go beyond the limits of what is permissible and exclude harmful foods. Choose sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats – cereals, vegetables, fish and meat and forget about sugar, flour products, smoked meats and sausages.

    The “apple” figure

    Women with this type of figure should introduce into the exercise habit and reasonable dietary restrictions. Excess weight “apple” is deposited mainly on the arms, stomach and chest.The main mistake is swaying the abdominal muscles with the good purpose of “removing the stomach”. But you need to follow other unspoken rules of losing weight.

    • Workouts for the “apple” type

    It is recommended to pay more attention to aerobics and Pilates – classic version or step. Look for trendy workouts and functional training to improve flexibility and coordination.

    • Nutrition for apple-type figures

    Balanced diet: pay attention to foods that detoxify the body: kefir, bran, flax and chia seeds.Cleansing, diet and exercise are your best allies in the fight against belly deposits.

    Hourglass figure

    Wasp waist, rounded chest and wide hips – ideal proportions for women with an hourglass figure.

    How to maintain the natural balance and not spoil the figure?

    • Fitness approach for an hourglass figure

    Choose functional workouts: Combine exercises with a treadmill and cardiovascular equipment.This fitness approach will help get rid of unwanted deposits and maintain your natural proportions. Observe the symmetry of the loads and do not be afraid to consolidate the result.

    • Food for hourglass figures

    People with an hourglass figure are considered to be real lucky – this type of excess weight is evenly distributed throughout the body, and the waist continues to cause envious sighs. In order to get in shape, try to adhere to the principle of “dinner three hours before bedtime” (and forget about the myth “do not eat after 18”).And if you can’t do without sweets, then take the habit of pampering yourself before lunch.

    Figure of the “rectangle” type

    A distinctive feature of the “rectangular” type of figure in the absence of a pronounced waist line. This type of thigh is usually straight, and being overweight is not their story. “Rectangles” may suffer from loss of muscle tone and lack of waist “like Gurchenko’s.” But here you just have to come to terms.

    • Fitness approach for a “rectangle” figure

    Never choose exercises for the oblique abdominal muscles.From this, your waist will “expand” even more in width. The good news is that you can add volume to your hips and buttocks, which will visually narrow your waist and add a feminine touch to your curves. What you should look out for are traditional lunges and squats with dumbbells and other exercises for the legs and buttocks.

    • Power supply for rectangle shapes

    Due to the fact that women of this type of figure are not inclined to be overweight, they often have bad eating habits.You can skip the main meal, overuse sweets or, with a clear conscience, go to the “night watch” to the refrigerator. For all these “joys” of life, you run the risk of forgetting about your health and preferring fried potatoes to fish. It is very important to eat regularly and not forget about nutrients and vitamins. Remember that the right habits are the key to beauty and health, and together with the right physical activity, they will help you “sculpt” a beautiful silhouette.

    Inverted Triangle Shape

    Inverted Triangle Shape – broad shoulders and narrow hips, medium to large breasts and flat buttocks.Task number one is to shrink from the “top” and add volume “from the bottom”.

    • Inverted triangle workouts

    The training program should include exercises that increase the volume of the buttocks and hips. Usually these are all kinds of lunges and squats. It is not worth working with heavy weights to adjust the upper, but rather choose a medium weight and frequent repetitions. Do not be ashamed of “doll” dumbbells and touch the “strong” part of your gym. But for the bottom, take a serious weight.Focus on cardio equipment, and give the “rowing” option to the enemy.

    • Inverted triangle power supply

    If you want to make the buttocks and thighs more “appetizing”, then choose foods rich in protein – seafood, meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs. Carbohydrates in the diet should be complex: buckwheat, whole grain bread, and brown rice. But it is better to refuse simple carbohydrates or use it only for breakfast and not every day. In the first half of the day, all sugar and flour can go into problem areas.

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    Make friends or fall in love with a fitness instructor and you will have a greater desire to exercise. Trainings should be regular, at least 2-3 times a week. You can replace them with swimming , especially if swimmers are training at the same time in the pool.

    Get a dog and walk with it every day for an hour in the morning and evening, doing jogging or walking at an intense pace. Walk to your floor, to the office, to the final transport stop. Back home, do a simple set of exercises: exercises, gymnastics, do yoga .

    The very busy can do 10 full push-ups in the morning and in the evening and take a contrast shower. This will keep your body in good shape.

    2. Eat by the rules

    Buy food at one time to cook and eat right there, and there was no temptation to sneak into the refrigerator at night while your conscience sleeps! In case of hunger attacks, put kefir, yogurt without sugar or something else light and non-nutritious in the refrigerator, on the table – apples and pears. Your “want” will glance at them, eat and calm down. And you won’t get extra calories.

    3. Find like-minded people

    Many friends, looking at your built body, will begin to sore – “and how long will you last?”Therefore, you need an environment that will help you, support and encourage you to maintain your figure.

    Find like-minded women: girls who are ready to go on a diet with you, hide from you sweets and stimulate you in every possible way. Your environment and mood are very important, your mood and the level of happiness hormones depend on them. After all, when you are happy with yourself, you literally soar in the clouds, and you don’t even want to eat! But if the hubbub of happiness is not enough, you seize sadness and stress, and your hand involuntarily reaches for the chocolate bar.

    4. Get plenty of rest.

    Stressful body is one of the reasons for your problem weight. This applies not only to nervous overstrain, but also to prolonged lack of sleep. First, because you can eat several times before you go to bed.

    How to start? | Tervisliku toitumise informatsioon

    If you decide to lose weight, first of all you need to find out how much excess weight n you have and what should be your healthy weight .

    Based on these data
    • set a goal for yourself in the form of your desired weight
    • calculate how many calories you need to consume per day to achieve this goal
    • set how long it would take you to achieve your desired body weight

    To begin with, you can set a weight as a goal, which is still greater than normal .In the process of losing weight, it can be reduced. If your weight is at the upper end of the normal range, you can only lose weight to the middle of the range while doing it. If your weight is in the middle of the normal range or even below it, but you feel a bit fat, the first step is to increase your physical activity and do the right exercises to keep your body in shape, and not try to lose weight.

    For example:
    If your height is 170 cm and your weight is 90 kg, it is undesirable to set an “ideal weight” of 55-60 kg as a goal, preferably 72 kg, which corresponds to the maximum body mass index with a normal weight.If, with a height of 170, you weigh 75 kg, then for a start you can target 65 kg.

    Daily amount of energy

    The next step is to find out how you are currently eating: how much energy you are getting, whether you are getting balanced amounts of various nutrients, whether you have enough fiber, vitamins and minerals in your diet.

    If your body mass index is between 25 and 29.9, for weight loss you could choose a daily diet of 1600-1700 kcal, if the index is higher – start with a diet of 1800-2000 kcal.

    The energy deficit (ie the amount of energy that you will not receive) should be 500-600 kcal per day (depending on the basic, ie basic energy requirement). Of these, 300-400 kcal should be obtained from food, and 200 – due to an increase in physical activity (this is about 60 minutes of active movement every day).

    The energy received during the day with food should not be lower than the basal one, i.e. such that is required for the smooth operation of the main systems of the body – circulatory, respiratory, excretory, for tissue metabolism and maintenance of minimal muscle tone.There are also a variety of electronic scales that assess body composition and calculate the need for essential nutrients.

    Time to lose weight

    If you know how many pounds you want to lose, calculate the time it will actually take. Slower weight loss is more beneficial for the body, its results are more stable. The rate of weight loss should be 0.5–1 kg per week, even 1 kg per month is not a bad result at all.

    Weight loss is recommended to be divided into stages.

    Each stage can last 10-12 weeks. If you chose a 1600 kcal diet, your estimated body weight loss would be 0.5–1.0 kg per week (based on your starting weight), ie. in 10-12 weeks, you can lose about 5-10 kg. After this time, weight loss often reaches a plateau, and body weight no longer falls.

    Now you have two options: adjust your daily calorie intake or increase your physical activity. It is recommended to choose the second option.

    Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week. It is advisable to do this in the morning, before breakfast, since body weight fluctuates during the day.

    When the desired weight is reached, the hardest part is yet to come. Studies show that only 10% of people manage to maintain the achieved body weight within a year. Thus, new eating and physical activity habits should become an integral part of life.

    Body correction after weight loss

    Operations and procedures

    After significant weight loss, many people suffer from sagging skin.As a result of significant weight loss, the skin shrinks to some extent, but many patients have excess skin that looks like wrinkles.

    This often leads to decreased self-esteem in patients. Some of them begin to avoid communication with people and intimate relationships even more than when they were overweight. This often interferes with daily activities. For example, large folds of skin around the abdomen can interfere with movement, cause infections, and back pain.They also distort the anatomy of the body in the genital area and can interfere with intimacy.
    The last decade has seen the development of a unique branch of plastic surgery combining aesthetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery with the aim of correcting the body after significant weight loss. For example, during a tummy tuck operation, we not only remove excess skin, but also perform plastic surgery on the anterior abdominal wall and raise the descended genital area.After these operations, many patients feel like they have been reborn. These operations help them regain self-confidence and look good, both in their own eyes and in the eyes of others.

    Among the personnel of the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Shamir Medical Center – “Assaf Arofe” there are doctors who have passed specialization in this field in the United States.

    The advantage of the clinic is an integrated approach to the needs of the body

    The Body Correction Clinic of the Shamir Medical Center – “Assaf Arofe” offers the most progressive body correction procedures.Our main advantage is an integrated approach – we take into account the needs of the body as a whole, and not just its individual parts.

    • Patients with excess skin after significant weight loss are interviewed and thoroughly examined, after which they are offered an appropriate treatment plan, which is the final step in the process of losing weight. This plan is drawn up taking into account the physical and medical condition of the patient (in accordance with the results of the tests performed), as well as taking into account the wishes of the patient.
    • The clinic offers a wide range of procedures, including unique surgeries for complex buttocks and breasts.
    • A holistic surgical and medical approach that takes the medical, physical and mental well-being of patients into account, with an individualized treatment plan that enables rapid recovery and a return to a fulfilling and fulfilling life.


    In the course of these operations, excess skin and subcutaneous tissue are removed from the abdomen (“skin and fat” apron “).There is also a tightening of the stretched abdominal muscles and, if necessary, liposuction in various areas to obtain a flat, toned abdomen as a result. In some cases, the excess tissue is pulled in the direction of the waist and back, and the operation is extended to these areas in order to correct the entire circumference of the abdominal wall and back.

    The “skin and fat apron”, which affects many people, can negatively affect self-esteem, make it difficult to choose clothes, maintain personal hygiene and during sexual intercourse.As described above, the goals of abdominoplasty are to remove excess skin and correct the abdominal wall to significantly improve the appearance of the central body region. Improving appearance and functionality significantly affects self-esteem and increases self-confidence and mood.

    Lower body lift – Body lift

    In a lower body lift, abdominal correction is performed, including muscle tightening, waist fat correction and skin tightening. The navel, lateral thigh and buttock lift are also performed.Often, volume is added to the area of ​​the buttocks using their own adipose tissue or tissue from the upper part of the buttocks. The shape of the buttocks becomes beautiful and round, and they feel soft and natural to the touch. The use of advanced methods of general and local anesthesia allows patients to recover quickly.

    Upper body lift

    Surgery to correct the arms, chest and back to improve the appearance of the upper body.

    • Shoulder surgeries: these surgeries are designed to narrow the circumference of the shoulders and remove excess skin that hangs in this area, which can sometimes reach the lateral chest wall, which requires the expansion of the operation to this area.
    • Hip surgeries: These surgeries are divided into two types, depending on the area: the lateral thigh is corrected by lifting the lower body, and the inner thigh is corrected with liposuction (if necessary).
    • Rejuvenation of the face and neck: correction of skin laxity in the area of ​​the face and neck after weight loss is carried out by means of a forehead and eyebrow lift, upper and / or lower eyelid correction, as well as face and neck skin tightening.
    • Liposuction in various parts of the body: Some patients undergo the removal of excess adipose tissue to shape different parts of the body as needed.

    Breast and mammary gland operations

    The female breast is another area of ​​the body that is subject to changes as a result of weight loss. The operation appropriate to each specific case can only be selected after examining the breasts. If the breasts are sagging, but full, you can limit yourself to breast lift surgery. If the breast shape is good, but the patient wishes to increase its volume, the doctor may recommend breast augmentation surgery. In case there is excess skin in the lateral chest wall, this excess tissue is moved into the breast and enlarged without the need for silicone implants.

    In men, the abdomen and chest are the most frequently operated areas. Breast correction in men is performed through surgeries to remove excess fat (gynecomastia). In both women and men, it is sometimes necessary to extend the operation to the upper back if there is excess skin there too.

    90,000 Slimming wraps – do which wraps help to shave

    Wraps are an effective cosmetic procedure for modeling specific areas of the body.Slimming wraps were first practiced in Egypt (during the reign of Cleopatra). Today the technique is generally available and widely popular. It allows you to increase the attractiveness of the image and improve the health of the skin.

    What is wrapping

    Slimming wrap is a simple and affordable way to correct problem areas of the body. Specialized formulations are applied to the surface of the skin that affect metabolism and microcirculation. Then the area is covered with cling film and tightly wrapped in a blanket.After a few hours, the composition is washed off with warm water, and moisturizing creams are applied to the skin.

    Effective slimming wraps have the following benefits:

    • improvement of local hemodynamics, stimulation of the sebaceous and sweat glands;
    • skin rejuvenation and saturation with vitamins and minerals;
    • Improving the smoothness and elasticity of the skin;
    • increased breakdown of adipose tissue and general metabolism;
    • increasing local immunity and resistance to any infectious agent;
    • normalization of lymph flow.

    The wraps rejuvenate the skin, reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat, create conditions for favorable work and the growth of muscle fibers. The procedure can be performed both in beauty centers and at home. The practice of losing weight with body wraps at home is no less effective than in beauty salons. All ingredients for the procedure can be purchased at grocery stores or pharmacies.


    Wraps can cause significant harm to the human body in the presence of the following violations:

    • infectious and inflammatory skin diseases of any etiology;
    • deep cuts and wounds;
    • long-term non-healing ulcers;
    • exacerbation of chronic gynecological diseases;
    • any pathologies from the cardiovascular system;
    • pregnancies;
    • diabetes mellitus types I and II.

    In the presence of the deviations described above, a mandatory preliminary consultation with a doctor is required. Only a specialist can competently assess the state of health and make a decision regarding the advisability of wrapping.

    Varieties of wrapping

    There are several types of slimming wraps, which differ in the technique and mechanism of action on problem areas of the body.

    Hot wrap

    The principle of the method is the local effect of elevated temperature on various areas of the skin.Compositions are used, warmed up a little more than body temperature (37–38 ° C). Heating the skin triggers a local stress response that dilates the blood vessels and stimulates the flow of oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood. To meet the energy needs, the cells of the adipose tissue disintegrate.

    After 30 minutes from the beginning of the procedure, the pores open, through which the “melted fat” is partially removed; toxins and other harmful substances. Slimming hot wraps recommended for:

    • treatment and prevention of cellulite;
    • reducing the volume of adipose tissue in problem areas;
    • to prevent stretch marks and sagging skin;
    • making the skin smooth and elastic;
    • enhance aesthetics.

    Cold wrap

    This option uses a mixture of room temperature (15 to 22 ° C). This wrapping, on the contrary, reduces the lumen of the capillaries, which leads to an increase in the blood flow rate and activation of metabolism. Procedure shown at:

    • skin laxity and fatigue;
    • swelling of tissues;
    • an excess layer of subcutaneous fat;
    • active cellulite.

    Effective cold slimming wraps are of several types, depending on the formulations used.

    Oil wraps

    The base is almond, olive or wheat oil. Less commonly used are oil extracts from lemon, lavender, pine needles and sea buckthorn. After applying the component, the skin is covered with a woolen blanket or thermal blanket, which allows it to keep warm. Valuable oils not only improve blood flow, but also enrich tissues with nutrients (vitamins, minerals).

    Honey wraps

    Honey is considered one of the most powerful anti-cellulite agents.The active substances that make up the beekeeping product penetrate deeply into the pores, improve tissue trophism, increase the body’s resistance, and eliminate the signs and manifestations of cellulite. The effectiveness of slimming wraps is undeniable.

    Chocolate wrap

    Cocoa, from which chocolate is produced, has firming, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging potential. The product saturates the skin with valuable proteins, iron, magnesium, calcium and other minerals.This slimming wrap can be used for other purposes as well:

    • deep cleansing of the skin;
    • elimination of age spots;
    • acne treatment.

    Algae wrap

    The use of algae helps to tighten the skin, eliminate edema and cellulite. Kelp and bubble fucus are more commonly used. A specific feature of the procedure is the high frequency of development of local or systemic allergic reactions, which requires special vigilance during the execution.

    Anti-cellulite and detoxifying slimming body wrap should be considered separately.

    Anti-cellulite wrap

    Cellulite and excess fat are the targets of this type of wrapping. Shown are mixtures based on clay, milk, honey and egg yolk. The active components are quickly absorbed through the skin, accelerate metabolism, and cause increased breakdown of adipose tissue. It should be remembered that in case of any inflammatory skin diseases, carrying out a slimming wrap is contraindicated.Failure to follow the rule can lead to the generalization of infections.

    Detox wrap

    Compositions for this type of procedure are made on the basis of seaweed. They are mainly used in beauty salons. This slimming wrap helps to improve the appearance of the skin, open pores and eliminate toxins, slow down aging, and prevent the formation of stretch marks.

    An additional advantage of the method is its antioxidant effect, which manifests itself at the systemic level.The detoxification wrap prevents the development of many chronic diseases on the part of all organs.

    Belly slimming wraps

    Not always diets and vigorous exercise can effectively eliminate belly fat. Visceral fat is especially difficult to target. Wrapping can be a valuable addition or the only weight loss aid. Effective mixtures used for slimming wraps are:

    • 50 ml of liquid honey and 100 g of chopped kelp;
    • 30 ml lemon juice, 3 egg whites, 100 g chopped kelp;
    • 100 g of chopped seaweed and 50 ml of kefir heated to 40 ° C;
    • 100 g of blue clay, 50 g of cinnamon powder, 20 ml of honey and 5 ml of water;
    • 50 g clay, 10 g ground red pepper, 50 ml warm water.

    The algorithm for an effective slimming body wrap is extremely simple. The procedure is carried out in several stages:

    1. Cleaning the skin with a scrub or foams.
    2. Towel drying.
    3. Gently rubbing the composition in a circular motion over the entire surface of the abdomen (the skin should not redden).
    4. Wrapping with cling film (2-3 layers).
    5. Wrapping in warm clothes (woolen sweater, plaid).

    In order for weight loss with wraps to achieve positive changes, you need to stay in a similar state from 40 to 80 minutes (depending on the expected effect).Failure to comply with the time interval will adversely affect the results of the procedure. If the time is exceeded, skin irritation will occur, if the duration of the manipulation is insufficient, there will be no visible result.

    After the lapse of time, the film is removed (it is recommended to cut it), the mixture is thoroughly washed off the stomach. Then any moisturizer is applied or a warm saline bath is taken to keep the belly skin supple and smooth. To achieve the effect, a minimum of 12-14 procedures are required with an interval of 2-5 days.A repeated course can be performed in at least 2-3 months.

    Slimming wraps for thighs (against cellulite)

    To improve the health and attractiveness of the thighs, relieve fatigue and eliminate edema, it is recommended to use hot wraps (only in the absence of varicose veins).

    The effective formulations of mixtures are:

    • 2 st. l. mustard powder, 2 tbsp. l. honey, 30 ml of warm water;
    • 2 tsp ground natural coffee, 1 tsp.l. red pepper, 30 ml of olive oil;
    • 20 ml of liquid honey, 10 ml of olive oil, 3 tbsp. l. sea ​​salt;
    • 150 g of pharmacy blue clay.

    Before carrying out a slimming wrap, you need to warm up the composition to 38 ° C.

    The technique of the procedure is similar to that of an effective abdominal slimming wrap. However, there are a number of features:

    • the film is applied from bottom to top, while the surface layer should overlap the previous one by 2/3;
    • must be worn with warm loose pants on top;
    • the duration of the event is 90 minutes, and the number of sessions is 5.

    Side Slimming Wraps

    Slimming wraps for the sides emphasize the contours of the waist, reduce the lateral volume of the abdomen and contribute to the overall cleansing of the body.

    The same formulations are used as for wrapping the abdomen (clay, red pepper, cinnamon, honey, seaweed, egg yolks and kefir). These two types of treatment can be combined, achieving simultaneous weight loss of the abdomen and sides.

    The mixture is applied exclusively to the lateral abdominal regions: in front – from the outer edge of the rectus muscles; behind – to a vertical line passing through the angles of the shoulder blades.Duration – from 50 to 120 minutes. As part of the course therapy, 8-10 sessions are performed. Re-therapy can be performed after two months.

    Slimming hand wraps

    Excessive fat on the arms is of the greatest concern to women and requires wearing long clothes. In order to quickly correct the situation and achieve the desired changes in appearance, the method of carrying out a truly effective body wrap for weight loss must be aggressive.

    The following compositions are shown:

    • 50 g ground red pepper, 30 g mustard powder, 30 ml olive oil;
    • 100 g of cinnamon powder and 50 ml of kefir;
    • 150 g of blue clay mixed with 20 ml of liquid honey.

    The problem area of ​​the skin (as a rule, this is the inner surface of the shoulder) is well cleaned, then the composition is applied and a cling film is wound. A snug fit is required! A warm woolen sweater or scarf is put on top.

    If during the session there is a slight burning sensation or tingling sensation, you should endure it. If unbearable pain appears, the procedure is stopped urgently. The reason for the end of the wrap is also a feeling of numbness, tingling and goose bumps below the problem area.

    Duration of the procedure – 40 minutes. The course is from 5 to 10 sessions.

    Slimming body wraps – an easy-to-use and extremely effective method of combating excess fat deposits on problem areas of the body and cellulite. Just a few sessions allow you to achieve graceful contours and high attractiveness of your own body.