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Movies about alcoholism on netflix: 5 Best Movies About Alcoholism


5 Best Movies About Alcoholism


Are you used to drinking alcohol “for fun” but you can’t quit drinking once you start? Do you know someone who gets drunk pretty much every week? Maybe the person you know doesn’t get drunk all the time. They might get drunk every time they drink, though. Usually, if someone can’t control how much they drink or can’t stop once they start, they have an alcohol addiction. If you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism, our Harmony Recovery Group team wants to help you overcome it. In the meantime, it may help to find out what the 5 best movies about alcoholism are. Hopefully, these movies can give you some insight into alcoholism and getting treatment.


28 Days: One of the Top Movies with Alcoholics


One of the movies about alcoholism on Netflix that you may want to check out is called 28 days. This movie came out in 2000. The main stars in this movie are Gwen Cummings and Sandra Bullock. Out of all the films these actresses have performed in, this is one of the best and most realistic.


After crashing the stolen limousine, Gwen had a choice to attend rehab or spend 28 days in a jail cell. In this movie, Gwen is a troubled drinker. It is important to note that while the movie focuses on serious disease, alcoholism, there are also funny moments. These moments help to make the movie feel a bit lighter and easier to watch. In addition, they help the viewer to connect with the storyline. In everyone’s life, there are going to be some fun and good times. These times happen even when the person has a challenging overall lifestyle.


This movie was #2 on the film list during the first weekend it was released. If you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism, this is one of the movies with alcoholism that you should watch.




Barfly is a movie that came out in 1987. It is one of the older semi-autobiographical movies. An American poet, Charles Bukowski, wrote the script for this movie. Time Magazine said he was a lowlife.


In this movie, Mickey Rourke plays the character Henry Chinaski. He is a poverty-stricken alcoholic. Throughout the film, Henry completes odd jobs to get money so he can drink alcohol.


Another character in the movie is Wanda. Faye Dunaway plays this character. She befriends Henry. When it played in the Cannes Film Festival, there were award nominations for Rourke and Dunaway. This movie portrays the real side of alcoholism.


Days of Wine and Roses


There have been 4 Oscar nominations for the movie Days of Wine and Roses. This movie won 1 Oscar. In this movie, Lee Remick and Jack Lemon are the stars. They play a normal married couple that lives in San Francisco. However, they fall into an alcoholic lifestyle. Both of them struggle to gain control over their lives. They end up hitting rock bottom.


For those who struggle with drinking, this is one of the 5 best movies about alcoholism. It allows you to connect with the stars. You get to see that rock bottom may not be what you think it is.


This movie came out in 1962. Even though it is an older movie, it is still a great version of an alcoholic love story. It allows the viewers to see how alcoholism can take a person’s life and flip it upside down.




If you are looking for movies about alcoholism on Netflix, Flight is a great movie to watch. This movie grips the spitting image of drug use and alcoholism. Throughout the movie, there are many remarkable performances by the actors and actresses.


Denzel Washington plays William Whitaker Sr. (Whip) in this movie. He is a pilot that has a drug and alcohol addiction. At one point in this movie, Whip crash-lands the airliner he is flying when it mechanically fails. He saves most of the people who are on the plane.


Following this crash, Whip’s life has an unexpected twist. You will need to watch it to see what happens,


This movie came out in 2012. It is one of the newer movies about alcoholism. There have been Oscar nominations, including Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor,  for Flight.


When A Man Loves a Woman


Al Franken co-wrote the movie When a Man Loves a Woman. It came out in 1994. When a Man Loves a Woman is a drama-based movie starring Philip Seymour, Meg Ryan and Andry Garcia. These are just some of the great stars in this movie.


Meg Ryan places Alice Green. She is a beloved school counselor, mother and wife that becomes reckless with her life. She starts drinking. Alice is violent when under the influence of alcohol.


Garcia plays Alice’s husband. He tries to confront Alice about her drinking after there was an accident at their house. This accident sent Alice to the hospital. The hospital visit is a turning point for both of them.


When a Man Loves a Woman is one of the must-watch movies with alcoholics.

More Movies with Alcoholics


In addition to the 5 best movies about alcoholism, some other movies may help enlighten you about alcohol addictions, as well. Some of these movies include the following:

  • Judy (2019)
  • A Star is Born (2018)
  • Rocketman (2019)
  • Crazy Heart (2009)
  • The Lost Weekend (1945)
  • Smashed (2012)
  • Walk the Line (2005)
  • Clean & Sober (1988)

These are some of the other movies that can help give you a glimpse into alcoholism and rehab centers.


Watch These 5 Movies About Alcoholism and Get Addiction Treatment Today


Have you been struggling with alcoholism? Maybe you know someone that has an alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, millions of people struggle with addiction. Everyone deserves to live their best life. That can happen. Our treatment programs allow people to overcome their addictive lifestyles and turn things around.


If you watch any of these movies with alcoholics and realize you need addiction help, turn to Harmony Recovery Group today.

Top Netflix Movies/TV Shows About Addiction – The Gooden Center

Top Netflix Movies/TV Shows About Addiction

There is more content than ever in the media that deals realistically with issues of addiction and depicts the struggles of recovery, relapse and the sometimes harrowing experiences of substance abuse. Netflix offers some hard-hitting dramas, documentaries and even comedies that discuss addiction and include characters that are relatable protagonists who are vulnerable to their own relationship to alcohol or drugs. The most effective stories of addiction in the media can show both the redemption of recovery and the dangers of falling into the pattern of abuse. These are some of the best movies and TV shows available on Netflix that deal with addiction.

Heaven Knows What

Ben and Joshua Safdie directed this dark drama centered around junkies surviving on the streets of New York City. This is a remarkable film in that it stars a real life former heroin addict discovered by the directors and many of her own experiences were used as inspiration for the story including her relationship with her boyfriend Ilya who died of an overdose in Central Park. Although at times painful to watch because of the subject matter, the gritty realism makes this a memorable depiction of addiction.

White Girl

This movie follows the story of a young college student who becomes entangled in substance abuse and the NY drug world after falling in love with a cocaine dealer. Cocaine begins to take over her life as she descends deeper into addiction and struggles to make enough money selling drugs to get her boyfriend out of jail. The film also takes a hard look at issues of race and privilege that can dictate who experiences more repercussions for using and selling drugs.


Will Arnett co-created, wrote and directed this Netflix comedy/drama series which largely draws on his own experiences with alcoholism and divorce while living in Venice, CA. The show depicts the main characters regularly attending AA meetings throughout the series and coping with their sometimes tenuous relationship with sobriety. Arnett maintains some mystery about the main character’s past which draws you into his story and struggles with alcohol.

Too Young to Die

This documentary series focuses on the stories of beloved celebrities whose lives were cut short, many of them due to addiction and overdose. Episodes of the series discuss stars like Kurt Cobain, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Belushi and Heath Ledger who were all unable to escape their drug abuse until it eventually turned fatal.

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6 Netflix Shows That Shine a Light on Addiction Recovery

We’re four months into the new decade, and things already seem bleak with the current state of the world. We’re living in the unpredictable times of COVID-19, new circuit breaker measures have just been implemented, the government has doubled down on us being socially responsible, and we as a nation can do nothing but our best by staying home.

It’s tough; it really is, we feel confined within the four walls of our homes, with nowhere to escape. This is why we have these recommendations, for you to escape reality just for a bit, and for your anxious mind to think about something else other than wonder when’s the next time you can dine in at your favourite dinner spot.

In this edition of Netflix Mondays, I bring you six shows with addiction recovery arcs—and not all of the drug and alcohol nature. Did you know that sex and love is considered an addiction too? The theme of this recommendation is to prove that no matter how many times you fall, you can always get back up and that there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

1. Love

Set in Los Angeles, Love follows the lives of Mickey and Gus, a programme manager at a radio station and an on-set tutor. The duo meets unexpectedly at a coffee shop, unaware of the colour the presence of each other will add into their journeys as twenty-somethings in the city of angels.

Without spoiling it too much, at the end of season one, we see Mickey have a sudden realisation at the common denominator of all her toxic relationships—her addiction with sex and love. Watch on as Mickey tries to navigate healthier dating habits with a heightened awareness of her addiction.

Who should watch it: Perhaps your constant need to find love is a replacement behaviour of sorts. Not that you suffer from sex and love addiction, but you should watch this show to check, just in case.

Love | Watch Here

2. Flaked

Starring Will Arnett, Flaked takes place in a beach town that is Venice, California. The show opens with Chip, a recovering alcoholic, advising fellow alcoholics in a support group of sorts. But is Chip, the self-proclaimed celebrity-guru-recovered-alcoholic who he seems? Is he an authoritarian figure to help others when he bakes himself in lies and half-truths? The beauty of this show lies in the accurate portrayal of recovery, on how recovery isn’t always a straight line, and, like any other journey, has its bumps and obstacles as well. Will Chip eventually live his actual truth?

Who should watch it: For those who want a better understanding of the journey towards recovery and knowing that going cold turkey isn’t as easy as it seems.

Flaked | Watch Here

3. Recovery Boys

Directed by Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Recovery Boys is a documentary that revolves around the lives of four men, Jeff, Rush, Adam, and Ryan and their time at Jacob’s Ladder, a long-term residential recovery program for men in a private farming community. Watch and be confronted by the harsh reality of recovering addicts and their efforts on staying on track for the sake of the betterment of their lives. Self-medicating to soothe our pain is valid, but sometimes we lose ourselves to these vices that comfort us.

Who should watch it: Watch if you’re curious to see how those affected by the opioid crisis in the US retake control of their lives and have always wondered how holistic rehabilitation centres work in the US.

Recovery Boys | Watch Here 

4. Feel Good

Feel Good starts as a sweet ‘girl meets girl, and they instantly fall in love’ type of show. And yes, while that is the central premise of the show, follow Mae and George as the duo deal with the wrench thrown into their relationship—Mae’s past as a cocaine addict.

This comedy romance explores themes of confidence, sexuality, and recovery, quite the trio of what makes a compelling series. Will Mae and George make it through their hardships? Will George finally leave her group of toxic friends?

Who should watch it: If you’re a lover of English and Canadian accents and if you’re a fan of the brilliance that is British comedies.

Feel Good | Watch Here

5. White Girl

While not technically an addiction recovery arc, White Girl does tell the horrors of everything that can go wrong while selling drugs. Written and directed by Elizabeth Wood, we follow the story of Leah and Blue as they experience the high of being successful drug dealers and the lows of Blue being caught and incarcerated.

More than just a film experiencing Murphy’s law—everything that can go wrong will—be enraptured by captivating performances and an explosive portrayal of New York City. Don’t deal with drugs, kids.

Who should watch it: If you’re one to enjoy a good ol’ film on the ‘reality’ of nitty, gritty NYC.

White Girl | Watch Here 

6. 28 Days

28 Days is a film about Gwen Cummings and her time at a rehabilitation centre. Played by Sandra Bullock, we see Gwen go through the throes of confronting her addiction. The pain of denial, withdrawal, and jarring childhood trauma are prevalent topics in this film.

There are many teachable moments in this film, from learning how to walk away from partners who don’t take sobriety seriously to reconciliation with family members. 28 Days is a must-watch for those who want to have a better understanding of what a recovering addict goes through and how they can better support them.

Who should watch it: If you’re a fan of Sandra Bullock and want to know when your drinking problem is an actual problem.

28 Days | Watch Here 

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10 Best Documentaries About Alcohol Addiction

10 Best Documentaries About Alcohol Addiction (BBC, HBO, NETFLIX)

Here we have the 10 best documentaries about alcohol addiction covering a wide range of issues from the affects excessive alcohol consumption has on society, mental health and physical implications.

This list includes documentaries about alcohol that come from various different angles, all are well worth watching with a multitude of insights into what alcohol does to us (including personal accounts and interviews), the exponential rise of excessive drinking, the history behind it and where, if we don’t come to realise the implications excessive drinking may be taking us in the future.


Drinkers Like Me

Adrian Chiles, broadcaster and presenter takes a look at his own drinking habits, following a scan of his liver which reveals mild to moderate fibrosis and also liver fat his self confessed triple figure a week alcohol unit consumption becomes a real eye opener. With experts telling him to stop Adrian discovers that it’s not that easy nor is being told that he is alcohol dependent, cultural issues are touched on as is the normality of daily drinking, overall a great insight into drinking that no doubt many people can relate to.

Director: Laurence Turnbull
Year: 2018
Runtime: 59 minutes


Drinking to Oblivion

In Drinking to Oblivion Louis Theroux heads up this documentary in a style only he can, the program covers problem drinking and engages with several subjects through the system from A&E to the liver unit at Kings College hospital in London. The main take away from this documentary is the almost invisible line between and cultural acceptance of those who we know drink too much and ‘alcoholics’ to which stigma is attached. This documentary comes from a slightly different angle (as you may well expect), is hard hitting and covers many aspects of problem drinking with personal accounts from the patients themselves. Well worth a watch.

Director: Tom Barrow
Year: 2016
Runtime: 59 minutes


Rain In My Heart

Probably the most hard hitting of the documentaries on this list. Rain in My Heart covers four extreme ‘alcoholics’ – warning two people die during filming so not for the faint hearted. The documentary has mixed reviews but director Watson aims directly for the heart of the matter, unbalanced perhaps in places and by no means a comfortable watch this documentary covers the hard core affects of extreme alcohol abuse and in two cases, sadly, right until the very end.

Director: Paul Watson
Year: 2006
Runtime: 99 minutes


The Truth About Alcohol

In this documentary we meet Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim, an A&E doctor who experiments on himself for what is in the main, a science orientated program. The Truth about Alcohol gets down to the nitty gritty covering aspects of drinking limits and why we exceed them, associated diseases and probably all the details from the government you know already, however Abdelmoneim gets right in at the deep end making this both a scientific and enjoyable watch.

Director: David Briggs
Year: 2016
Runtime: 58 minutes


Risky Drinking

Units, units, units… go over the recommend guidelines and you’re a risky drinker. The documentary from HBO and the ‘National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism‘ covers four such individuals and brings up issues such as the effects excessive drinking has not just on health but the risks involved including sexual assault, risk of violence, accidents, self injury and more. Risky drinking offers up a different angle and covers it well however you can’t help but become frustrated watching the four subjects drinking themselves daft.

Director: Ellen Goosenberg Kent
Year: 2016
Runtime: 58 minutes



A Royal Hangover

With Russell Brand and interviews with professor David Nutt and Dr. Sarah Jarvis ‘A Royal Hangover’ covers drinking in the UK and the health implications to the young generation increasingly at risk of liver disease, the documentary tackles cultural aspects as well as binge drinking touching on the toll taken to the National Health Service and society as a whole.

Director: Arthur Cauty
Year: 2014
Runtime: 102 minutes


Dispatches – Drinking Yourself to Death

Drinking Yourself to Death is different, this episode of ‘Dispatches‘ looks at not just alcohol consumption but also tackles the drinks industry exposing its tactics as well as bones of contention such as the scrapping of plans for warning labels on alcoholic drink packaging. The program also exposes what is described as an impending epidemic that the health service will find impossible to cope with in the future, throughout the program there are mobile liver testing clinics – the results are really no surprise. We also get a look inside hospitals and what goes on that largely remains unseen. Highly recommended.

Director: Deborah Davies
Year: 2007
Runtime: 59 minutes


Drugged – High on Alcohol

In this documentary we follow Ryan who is highly dependent on alcohol (drinking three pints of vodka a day), so much so that he shakes violently if he does not have a drink. Ryan agrees to be filmed and take a series of tests,  we get an inside look into what life is like being physically addicted to alcohol. There is no getting around the fact that this is not an easy watch but with alcohol being the most abused drug in the US Ryan’s story is a valuable lesson to all of us who know we are drinking to excess.

Director: Geoffrey O’Connor
Year: 2012
Runtime: 46 minutes


Brought Up By Booze

Brought up by Booze follows Callum Best, son of George Best who died from alcoholism in 2005. As the son of an alcoholic and also one of the worlds most famous fooballers Callum reveals aspects of his childhood and also meets some children who have parent or a parent that abuses alcohol. A documentary that is hard hitting and emotional we get a look at how drink can affect the children of alcoholics.

Director: Katy Sheppard
Year: 2009
Runtime: 60 minutes



Lastly in our best documentaries about alcohol addiction we have Ken Burns’s ‘Prohibition’. Prohibition is a three part documentary and is over five hours long. The 18th amendment banned the sale of alcohol between 1920 and 1933, seen as limiting freedom this government experiment proved an overwhelming disaster and turned many law abiding citizens into criminals instead of quashing ‘drunkeness’.

Part 1: ‘A Nation of Drunkards’. Discovering the reasons behind the thinking of prohibition, where ‘bootlegging’ came from and creative profiteering. It is staggering to think that the US drank three times as much as we do today back in the 18th and early 19th century, part one also covers the temperance effort and the devastating effect on families caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Part 2: ‘A Nation of Scofflaws’. Gang wars over alcohol distribution, Coca Cola shares double and alcohol distribution drops by a third. Over 6,000,000 prescriptions were written for ‘medicinal’ alcohol and the origins of modern day ‘home brew’ come about through loopholes in the law. Part two offers more video footage and covers the height of illegal liquor.

Part 3: ‘A Nation of Hypocrites’. Gang violence is on the rise in almost every city and even mob bosses like Al Capone realise things are out of control resulting in ‘territories’ to stop the bloodshed, criminals grow in power from organised crime through prohibition. Autumn 1929 sees the stock market crash and the great depression follows.

Director: Ken Burns
Year: 2011
Runtime: 330 minutes (three part documentary film)


What to watch first?

From the 10 best documentaries about alcohol addiction and with some gritty viewing which covers modern day issues surrounding alcohol in a broader sense and not just from a health standpoint then you may want to have Dispatches ‘Drinking Yourself to Death’ at the top of your list. For a more educational view on alcohol as well as some surprising and often entertaining facts with stories then ‘Prohibition’ provides an 5+ hour long feast.



If you enjoy a good movie we have you covered! Check out the top 10 movies about alcoholism followed by another 10 highly watchable films from the hard hitting to the funny and entertaining – some of the usual suspects are in there but our list includes a few films about alcohol misuse that you just might not of heard of…


Article – ‘A Journey to Sobriety’
Article – ‘Physical and Mental Changes Produced by Alcohol’


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Top Ten Substance Use Disorder Movies and Series on Netflix

Tarzana Treatment Centersoffersvaluable support forSUD (Substance Use Disorder) Treatment Professionals, including Psychiatrists, Therapists, and Counselors. The goal is to help themsupply quality resources to their patients. For example, well-madeSUD-oriented movies and series that are available on Netflix.

Our carefully vetted top ten list can bean ongoing resource for you.

As an important note, we recommend that you watch these movies and series before recommending them. Many of these movies and series portray the use of recreational drugswith graphic reality and could be triggering to people in early recovery. A film that could be illuminating to one patient, opening their eyes to the dangers of drug abuse, could also prove to be dangerous to another.

Thus, as a disclaimer, we ask you to use your own experienced judgment when deciding whether to recommend these movies and series to patients, particularly those vulnerable and newly sober.

Top Ten Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Viewing Options on Netflix

If you have a client,or afamily memberorco-worker of a patient,that wants to learn more about addiction, below are ten of the best movies, documentaries, and mini-series about substance use disorder presently available. All these videos can be foundon Netflix.

Easily accessible, such shows couldhelp open the door to long-term recovery.

Top Ten SUD Viewing Options on Netflix


1) Heroin(e)(2017 Documentary)

Three women fight to save a town in West Virginia ravaged by heroin addiction and overdoses.

2) 6 Balloons(2018 Drama)

A young mother struggles one nightto find a rehab for her brotherafter he relapses on heroin.

3) Take Your Pills (2018 Documentary)

A look at how Adderall and Ritalin became the number one drug of the Millennial generation.

4) Flaked (2016-2017Series)

By Will Arnett,the show reveals the SNL actor’s own experience with alcoholism, includingrealistic depictions of AA meetings.

5) Recovery Boys (2018 Documentary)

Four young men in a farming-based rehab come together to overcome their addictions.

6) 28 Days (2000 Drama)

The story follows a young woman as she goes to rehab, eventually finding the path of recovery

7) Dope (2019 Documentary Mini-Series)

An unflinching look at the war on drugs from the perspectives of dealers, users, and the police.

8) The Pharmacist (2020 Documentary Mini-Series)

A Louisiana pharmacist exposes the rampant corruption behind the opioid addiction crisis.

9) Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy (2020Documentary)

A deep investigation into the history of crack cocaine, and how it tore families asunder.

10) The Business of Drugs (2020Documentary Mini-Series)

A 2020 look by a CIA analystinto the economics behind six illicit substances.

If you wantto know more about substance use disorder, these resources can provide a good start with easy access.

7 Best Drug Addiction & Recovery Documentaries on Netflix, Hulu &Prime

As an unintended by product of the opiate epidemic in this country Drug Addiction, Recovery, and Drug documentaries have become wildly popular in the last few years. We have compiled a list of what we believe are the best netflix drug documentaries, hulu drug documentaries and just drug documentaries in general. Some of these documentaries can be graphic by their very nature.


This is an epidemic that is sweeping the nation and we are finally beginning to see an impact in the media. Education and awareness are the best tools we have to fight this deadly crisis. For instance, knowing that drug overdoses now outnumber auto accident deaths impresses the severity of how serious this issue is.  You can learn insightful facts about addiction and alcoholism from watching the recommended films we listed below. As a warning for those who are in early recovery we have included trigger warnings on the more graphic ones.


IMDB rating: 7.8/10

This Netflix documentary series follows the drug supply chain from start to finish and the horrors that entails. The series documents tracing, production, export, sale, and even consumption.

Trigger Warning: This documentary shows the entire supply chain in graphic detail. That being said Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center recommends this documentary main due to its educational value. We believe for someone struggling with addiction or their loved ones Drugs, Inc. can provide valuable insight into the world of drugs and all of its pitfalls further reinforcing the benefits of a recovery oriented lifestyle.


Rotten Tomatoes rating: 100%

Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center recommends this documentary because it shows the everyday struggles of those suffering with addiction as well as the impact that a compassionate approach can have on those struggling with addiction.


Trigger Warning: This Oscar nominated Netflix documentary follows three women on the front line of the opiate epidemic in Huntington, WV. West Virgina is the state with highest age adjusted rate of opioid overdose deaths in the nation. It is estimated that as many as 10% of the adults living in the huntington area are IV drug users.


IMDB score: 6.9/10

In this moving documentary Russel Brand, who has starred in multiple hit comedies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, gives an uncensored and unedited look into his addiction and how he finally changed his life for the better and found recovery.


Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center recommends this film due to its raw depiction of the struggles of addiction and its uplifting and motivational story of finding recovery.


IMDB score: 6.1/10

In this film Sandra Bullock plays a big city newspaper journalist who is forced to enter rehab after a particularly bad binge involving a stolen limousine. The film chronicles her time is rehab and the changes she makes while there.


Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center recommends this film for its light and entertaining but honest depiction of the rehab and ongoing recovery process. This is a must see for anyone who has been to or may need to go to rehab.


Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%

This documentary by the same Director as Heroin(e) follows four men at an inpatient treatment program as they try to find and sustain recovery, reinvent their lives, and mend broken relationships.


Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center recommends this documentary for its no holds barred depiction of the obstacles people in recovery face on their path to long term sobriety. We feel this documentary does a lot to kill the stigma surrounding addiction.


            IMDB score- 7.4/10  

This gritty documentary features a retired army ranger in Seattle who runs a homeless shelter for addicts in Seattle. He attempts to build up their confidence and give them hope by leading them up one of the most dangerous mountains in the country, Mt. Rainer.


Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center recommends this amazon prime documentary because it is both thrilling and inspirational. It highlights the notion of there being multiple pathways to recovery and no one size fits all approach. This definitely aligns with our mission statement to provide high quality INDIVIDUALIZED addiction treatment.


IMDB score: 6.4/10


This film provides a sobering look into the harsh realities and dangers of ADHD drugs such as adderall, vyvance, or ritalin. It also provides a glimpse into how our culture is a perfect storm of factors ripe for ADHD medication abuse.


Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center highly recommends this documentary for anyone who may be addicted to prescription medication, especially those who are legally prescribed. If you think just because your doctor prescribed it that you are safe we highly recommend you watching this film.


Many film critics have declared this the “golden age” for documentaries. Addiction Drug, and Recovery documentaries are no exception. We could increase this lis ad infinitum. We hope you enjoyed the best netflix drug documentaries, hulu drug documentaries, and amazon prime drug documentaries as much as we did!

As always if you are in need of addiction treatment Harbor Wellness and Recovery Center is available to help. Please don’t suffer alone! Send us a message on the site by clicking here or call us at 855-698-3554.

3 Sobering Documentaries on Netflix, Fandor and Field of Vision

The documentary filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon has a particular affinity for her home state, West Virginia. Her previous films about it include “Hollow: An Interactive Documentary,” produced specifically for the internet, which chronicles the struggles of McDowell County.

Her 2017 film, “Heroin(e),” a Netflix original, centers on the opioid crisis in Huntington, W.Va. It’s told largely from the perspective of law officers, judges, faith-based volunteers and others negotiating streets practically teeming with addicts. One of those confronting the challenges is Jan Rader, the town’s fire chief, who was named one of Time magazine’s most influential people of 2018. Discussing the far-reaching consequences of opioid abuse, Ms. Rader says when you add “hopelessness, unemployment and lack of education on top of that, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

Ms. Sheldon’s new film, “Recovery Boys,” which had its Netflix premiere in late June, steps away from the larger social impact of addiction and homes in on personal stories. It begins at a new rehab facility — Jacob’s Ladder, in Aurora, W.Va. — in a house attached to a working farm where the men are undergoing treatment work. The film follows four patients over 18 months; the first we meet is Jeff, a young father of two who’s just been released from prison, where he was serving a sentence for robbery. Jeff’s a wiry fellow with a disarming smile, and of the four, he seems to throw himself into recovery with the most enthusiasm.

We are then introduced to Rush, a ginger-bearded veteran of recovery programs who admits “I’ve never given it my all”; Adam, who seems a babe in the woods; and Ryan, who comes in off the street, without even having detoxed. They are nurtured under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Blankenship, the founder of Jacob’s Ladder. Hazards abound as the patients rack up day counts: A community barn dance that serves alcohol is approached with dread, and it’s a nice comic note when the event turns out mostly populated by townspeople about three times the patients’ age and not exactly hard-partying types.

I’ve been sober for almost a decade now, and I’m obliged by tradition (and also by my own inclination) not to go into detail about my specific situation publicly; so I’ll just say that I interact daily with addicts in recovery. As a result, I can’t process a movie like “Recovery Boys” with the detachment that a person who can drink or use recreational drugs safely might be able to muster.

The narrative Ms. Sheldon constructs invites the civilian viewer to speculate as to which of the four subjects has the best chance to “make it;” I could not look at the story in that way. What the film powerfully demonstrates is that — and this is something that’s hard to say without sounding glib, but it’s just the way it is — you never can tell. The person seeking recovery who seems to come in with the best possible attitude versus the person who comes in looking beyond hopeless prods the viewer to make a distinction that is ultimately false.

The beauty of the West Virginia landscapes captured by Ms. Sheldon’s camera puts the struggles of the movie’s subjects into melancholy relief. “Recovery Boys” depicts a tough battle, but one that is not necessarily Sisyphean.

“The Pain of Others,” a new documentary directed by Penny Lane that had its debut on Fandor on July 1, is a much more disquieting hardship story. Ms. Lane’s film, which is made up almost entirely of found footage — personal videos posted online, and TV news reports and interviews — by and about those suffering from Morgellons. These people describe symptoms that include skin rashes and threads of an unidentifiable fabric emerging from the sores. The condition is self-diagnosed and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention described it as an “unexplained dermatopathy.” Many in the medical field believe it’s a delusion.

But the subjects in this picture, mainly the three women who documented their condition in self-made videos, are clearly suffering from something. Their stories, intercut in linear progression in this short feature, seem like descents into madness. One woman shaves her head on camera. Another, describing a solution that she thinks works, tells the camera “Yeah, drink your pee, it’s awesome.” One of them takes a thread that she says emerged from her lesions and puts it in extreme close-up under her camera, and narrates as the thread undulates, spelling out, according to her, a word. It’s only at this point that the movie seems to overtly editorialize, with its electronic music score (by Brian McOmber) growing more low-key and menacing.

Ms. Lane’s approach here is dramatically different from that of her 2016 film “Nuts!,” which used animation and comedic narration to deflate the tragicomic story of a medical charlatan from the early 20th century. The movie’s unadorned quality makes it genuinely harrowing.

And while we are on the subject of “harrowing”: The French nationalist politician Jean-Marie Le Pen has often been called a fringe figure. Mr. Le Pen is now 90 and no longer an active campaigner, but his daughter Marine Le Pen and granddaughter Marion Maréchal-Le Pen are luminaries of the National Rally political party, a descendant of Mr. Le Pen’s National Front. The two women are ostensibly more moderate than Mr. Le Pen; their rhetoric nevertheless carries more than a whiff of racism. In April I reviewed a fictionalized film story of the Le Pen effect, “This Is Our Land,” which demonstrates how fascism finds an acceptable face.

Field of Vision, the website for streaming documentaries, recently had a premiere of a short film, “Dancing With Le Pen,” directed by Nora Mandray. Among other things, it should put to rest any speculation that the National Rally party is going away any time soon. Indeed, the film begins with graphics showing that although no Le Pen has won a presidential election, the percentage of the electorate backing Marine Le Pen was at a high in the 2017 election that brought Emmanuel Macron to power.

Alternating with the data and archival footage are thumbnail sketches of a few National Rally supporters, including one resident of Fréjus, a French port town whose National Rally leadership sued to block the opening of a mosque in 2015. (The suit failed.) In a surprise, one of these supporters is a person of color. The tidy film impresses a stark fact: This dance is just beginning.

90,000 15 films about alcoholics – Articles on KinoPoisk

The drama “The Crew” is released in Russia, the protagonist of which, pilot Whitaker, finds himself in the center of a scandal due to his addiction to drinking. KinoPoisk recalls the brightest alcoholics in cinema and cult films about this bad habit.

Alcohol in general often appears in movies as an irresistible force, however, most often it is for some reason abused by writers and screenwriters. It seems that the latter often project their own dependencies on the characters being created.Although a movie was once made about a drunken pilot: in 1980, Cliff Robertson already played a pilot who never parted with a bottle.

There are a great many films about addiction to alcohol and its consequences, and KinoPoisk decided to recall cult tapes, unusual approaches and the most striking alcoholic characters. It should be noted that drunkards in cinema are not always men, women also crawl into the bottle with enviable regularity.

“Crew”, 2012

Denzel Washington plays a pilot who skillfully lands a plane in an emergency and thus rescues passengers.But here’s the bad luck: he is about to turn from a hero into a defendant, because he has been drowning his problems in alcohol for a long time, and before the ill-fated flight he refueled not only intoxicating, but also cocaine.

Lost Weekend 1945

An extremely successful film in its time, which collected both an impressive box office and many awards, this tape by Billy Wilder was one of the first dramas about the problem of alcoholism. The protagonist – New York writer Don Burnham – gradually gets drunk, is in a creative crisis and gradually sinks to the very bottom, unable to understand either himself or his relationships with women.

“Days of Wine and Roses”, 1962

A dark film about a young family gradually sliding into the abyss thanks to their hobby for alcohol. The film, which is important, scrupulously shows all the stages – from a couple of cocktails to delirium tremens and meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. The black and white image only enhances the effect: the life of Joe (Jack Lemmon) and his young wife is moving from a bright beginning to a dark ending.

Leaving Las Vegas 1995

Screenwriter Ben Anderson, brilliantly played by Nicolas Cage, after all the troubles that have fallen on him, goes into a binge with all the ensuing consequences. Finally, he decides to drink himself to death in Las Vegas, where he meets a prostitute no less confused than him. Cage managed to create an extremely realistic portrait of a man driven to despair and drunk to death.

When a man loves a woman, 1994

A cautionary tale about an almost destroyed family. The heroine Meg Ryan drinks more and more, drinks aspirin with vodka, children cry, a heartbreakingly positive husband (Andy Garcia) supports, but a rehabilitation clinic cannot be avoided.A woman gets rid of dependence, but depression and emptiness force her to take out her anger on her husband. However, the hero of Andy Garcia is so perfect that it seems that it annoys not only her, but sometimes the audience.

Whitnale and I 1986

Unemployed actor Whitnale, whose role is now played by the not-so-popular actor Richard E. Grant, is driven by alcohol and drugs to a state of constant aggression and endless headache. If there is no bottle of wine nearby, he is physically ill. When his friend, more resistant to addictions, finally gets a role, Whitnale only has to scream a meaningless monologue with a bottle in hand.

“Drunk”, 1987

Mickey Rourke as Henry Chinaski’s connecting rod (aka, in fact, the writer Charles Bukowski), not crawling out from behind the bar. His simple joys are listening to classics on the radio, best of all by Mahler and Mozart, writing stories on crumpled sheets of paper, and in the evenings punching the upstart bartender played by Frank Stallone in the face.An alliance with the same drunken Wanda (Faye Dunaway) and booze with his thuggish friends are worth more than hundreds of dollars and the posh house of the publisher Tully. “You can’t write anything worthwhile in peace, baby.”

“The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn”, 2012

What does a children’s cartoon do on this list? All thanks to one of the main characters – Captain Haddock! This sailor is alcoholized so well that the water makes him sick. But in rare moments of sobriety, he is able to recall information valuable to Tintin.The moral is clear: dear children, drinking the way Haddock does is not worth it.

“28 days”, 2000

Another addicted lady, of course, is a writer. The heroine of Sandra Bullock spoils her sister’s wedding, after which she smashes the newlyweds’ limousine and smashes someone else’s garden. At first, the rehabilitation center seems like hell to her (here everyone is singing and hugging!), But then the life-giving cleaning in the stables with Viggo Mortensen together does their job.

Julia, 2008

Tilda Swinton is a pleasure to watch in almost any role, and in Julia she got the part of an aging alcoholic with bright red hair, short skirts and provocative makeup.The film is far from the most outstanding, but the unusual path of the heroine, who is corrected thanks to a strange crime story with guns and abductions, is worthy of attention.

“I will cry tomorrow” 1955

One of the first and most powerful portrayals of the female alcoholic in film. Susan Hayward as actress Lillian Roth, brought to life with a glass in hand by a difficult childhood and the death of her groom. And alcoholism clouded the mind completely, leading to a suicide attempt.

Bad Santa, 2003

This is, of course, a comedy with a good ending, but Billy Bob Thornton manages to show his character and his problems in all their glory.Willie Stokes is an unfortunate drunken robber, a lonely unfortunate man who has nothing in life except drink. And the contrast with the kind grandfather Santa, whom he portrays in the shopping center before Christmas, only emphasizes his unpleasant, alcohol-tainted character.

Poor Rich Girl, 2011

And again, the alcoholic writer. The world of Mavis, played by Charlize Theron, is rather illusory: she seems to think that she just graduated from high school, even though it was twenty years ago.The world of illusions helps her to maintain alcohol – bourbon, again bourbon and again bourbon. And she doesn’t seem to think about changing her lifestyle.

Factotum 2005

Matt Dillon followed in the footsteps of Mickey Rourke and also embodied on the screen the image of the drunkard Hank Chinaski, that is, the writer Charles Bukowski. His hero also does not stay for a long time at one job, meets with the same alcoholics as he does, and, no matter what happens to him, does not want to change his lifestyle, because writing stories and drinking is all he needs.

Friend, 1987

The strange story of the relationship between a drunken Kolya (Sergey Shakurov) and a dog named Friend. The dog turns out to be a speaker and dissuades the former intellectual from drinking alcohol, makes him run in the morning and almost temper, however, without moralizing, but like a real friend. The dog speaks in the voice of Vasily Livanov, which makes this film even more amazing.

What movie alcoholics do you remember the most?

“I have to watch this”: Finnish films and TV series noteworthy

An unusual romantic comedy set in Finnish Lapland; a Scandinavian crime drama in the southeastern city of Lappeenranta; a drama set in the suburbs of Helsinki.Contemporary Finnish filmmakers tell stories that are unlimited in language, genre or geography.

Contemporary Finnish films reflect a genuine exploration of the feelings of instability, uncertainty and isolation that young people face today. The films and TV series below have gained recognition at home and abroad. While the themes and approaches may differ, each tells a very Finnish but impressive story about the state of the world. [Editor’s Note: The trailers and links below are in English.]


Director Miya Tervo, 2019

In this romantic comedy, manicurist Aurora (Mimosa Villamo) from Finnish Lapland agrees to help Darian (Amir Eskandari), an Iranian refugee seeking refuge for herself and her daughter. The film, which was recently written about Variety , is filled with surprising humor and witty jokes, but also tells honest stories about alcoholism, poverty in the Arctic region and prejudice faced by refugees on a daily basis.Film Aurora addresses global themes and global issues through a Finnish lens.

Baby Jane

Katya Gauriloff, 2019

Baby Jane is an arthouse adaptation of the novel of the same name by Sophie Oksanen. She is the best-selling contemporary Finnish author. She is known all over the world for the novel Purification (Finn . Puhdistus , 2008). The memorable film follows the tragic love story of two young women, Pika (Maria Yulipää) and Yonna (Rusa Söderholm), meeting in Helsinki.Jonna’s patience is tested by Piki’s ex-lover – Boss (Nelly Kerkkäinen), who is still an important part of her life. The film explores Pica’s struggles for mental health, and its impact on those close to her is as impressive as it is compelling.


Miikko Oikkonen, Juri Kyahonen and Juuso Syurja, 2016–

Sorjonen is the most famous Finnish crime drama. As of this writing, the first two seasons are showcased by Netflix, with the Finnish premiere of the third season expected in October 2019.After reading that filming for the third season was underway, Stephen King tweeted, “I have to watch this.” The Scandinavian crime series Sorjonen tells the story of Criminal Police Inspector Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen), who is appointed head of the Violent Crimes Unit in Lappeenranta, 25 kilometers from the Russian border. Sorjonen moves there with his family to lead a quiet life. Needless to say, more drama unfolds than he could ever foresee.

Karppi (“Headwind”)

Rike Jokela, 2018–

In Headwind, recently revamped for its second season, 40-year-old Sofia Karppi (Pihla Viitala), the homicide investigator returns prematurely to work following the death of her husband. The 12-part series follows Sofia and her colleague Sakari Nurmi (Lauri Tilkanen) as they investigate a mysterious murder. The series received international acclaim from Bustle and The Verge , and also attracted numerous fans in Finland.

Hölmö nuori sydän

Selma Vilhunen, 2018

This is a heartbreaking drama about a couple of teenagers living in the suburbs of Helsinki, who know that they are expecting a baby even before they leave school. As the story of the unusual love between Kiira (Rosa Honkonen) and Lenny (Jere Ristseppä) unfolds in front of viewers, the film challenges audiences to reflect on issues such as teenage pregnancy, class division, multicultural society, and a far-right worldview.Foolish Young Heart premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. The film won the prestigious Crystal Bear Award for Best Film in the Generation 14plus program at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival.

Cold Courage

Agneta Fagerström-Olsson, premiere spring 2020

Cold Courage is set in Helsinki, Dublin, London, Antwerp and the Finnish eastern region of Kainuu.The film is based on the bestseller of the same name by Pekka Hiltunen.Photo: Luminoir

Cold Courage is an English-language crime drama that will premiere on Scandinavian streaming service Viaplay in 2020. The series is set in Helsinki, Dublin, London, Antwerp and the Finnish eastern region of Kainuu. This is the story of two young Finnish women, Lia (Sofia Pekkari) and Mari (Pihla Viitala), who live in London and belong to Studio, a secret agency that challenges the legal system and tries to restore justice where the law can no longer help.The series of eight episodes is based on the bestseller of the same name by the Finnish author Pekka Hiltunen (fin. Vilpittömästi sinun , 2013 – literal translation from Finnish – “Sincerely yours”). The international cast of the series includes British actors John Simm and Caroline Goodall.

Text: Tabata Leggett, June 2019

90,000 List of the best films about alcoholism. A movie about alcoholics.

Alcoholism, or a morbid addiction to alcohol, can be safely classified as a kind of substance abuse.Since the earliest times, people have suffered from this devastating disease, but the number of people dependent on alcohol is not only not decreasing, but, on the contrary, is growing every year. It is not surprising that such a negative sociocultural phenomenon is reflected in the cinema.

Revision AllBestMovies recalls the best films about alcoholism and alcoholics. The list of ten selected paintings is listed in the order of the tapes’ release on the big screens.

Lost Weekend (1945)

The plot of the picture is based on the novel of the same name by Charles Jackson.In the center of the story is the writer Don Byrnam, who has sunk to alcoholism. One day, his friends decide to arrange an exit weekend in honor of the fact that he has not been drinking for ten days, but Don refuses the trip under the pretext of important work, but starts drinking again.

The noir drama of the legendary American director Billy Wilder has earned critical acclaim all over the world, and is now considered a true classic. Lost Weekend won Best Film at the Academy Awards in 1946, and won awards for Best Actor, Directing, and Adapted Screenplay.Actor Ray Milland for his role was awarded, in addition to an Oscar statuette, the Golden Globe and the Palm Branch of the Cannes Film Festival.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)

Another classic film could also have triumphed at the Oscar awards, but did not receive any of its six nominations. Nevertheless, the picture awaited audience recognition – with a budget of $ 3 million, Richard Brooks’ drama raised $ 17.5 million.One of the catalysts for audience success is a stellar cast starring Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor.

The script of the film is an adaptation of the play of the same name by the American playwright Tennessee Williams. Former American football player Brick Pollit suffers a career-incompatible injury and goes into heavy drinking. Meanwhile, his father is being diagnosed with an even more disappointing cancer. An inheritance dispute ensues among family members, and, amid the turmoil, Brick exacerbates the relationship with his father.

Afonya (1975)

Perhaps every Russian cinema lover has watched this film, directed by the recognized Soviet comedy master Georgy Danelia, and if he hasn’t, he has definitely heard about it. The picture became the leader of the USSR distribution in 1975 and even acquired a cult status – the audience was happy to take the tape for quotes.

The story tells about the good-for-nothing plumber Athanasius, whom everyone simply calls Athos. He moonlights on hacks, and spends his free time with his friend Fedul, with whom they are looking for any opportunity to get drunk.Nevertheless, Afonya is not averse to hitting on girls – one day he even falls in love, and this event changes his whole life.

Tender Mercy (1983)

The main character of the picture is an unlucky country musician who has lost the meaning of life. Only alcohol helps him to get rid of severe depression, which he uses every day more and more. However, there were people who decide to get a man out of depression – a pretty young widow and her son. These two will make the main character look at the world with sober eyes again and breathe full life with his chest.

Bruce Beresford’s film won two Academy Awards – Best Screenplay and Leading Actor. It is noteworthy that the great American actor Robert Duvall has as many as seven Oscar nominations, but he received a gold statuette only for this film.

Drunk (1987)

The film tells about a drunken writer and poet named Henry. He takes part in street fights and spends his life in bars, where he drowns his problems in alcohol. Once in a bar, he meets a girl who, like him, is a lover of strong alcohol.A love relationship begins between them. However, a rich patroness comes out to Henry, who wants to print his works. What will he choose – a rich calm life or true love?

The script for the painting was written by the famous American novelist Charles Bukowski. The stages of work on this film are detailed in his autobiographical novel “Hollywood”. It is noteworthy that the main role in the tape was played by Mickey Rourke, although another famous actor, Sean Penn, was so eager to embody this image on the screen that he even refused the fee.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Mike Figgis’ drama is a tidbit for professional film critics. The love story between an alcoholic and a prostitute was filmed on 16mm film, which adds to her art-house charm. However, at the box office, the film lasted quite well, beating off production costs eight times.

To prepare for the title role in this film, the popular American actor Nicolas Cage drank alcohol in large quantities and visited addiction clinics.However, the Academy appreciated Cage’s efforts and awarded him a golden statuette, which became the only one in his career.

Perhaps Hancock is one of the most unusual people with supernormal abilities embodied on the screen. He is superhumanly strong, overly brutal, can fly and is almost always drunk! Honest taxpayers don’t like his destructive methods of fighting crime, so Hancock has no choice but to change his image for the better.

Comedy fantasy action movie directed by Peter Berg (Battleship, Survivor) grossed $ 624 million, and Will Smith’s image of Hancock has become one of the most recognizable of the American actor’s career.

Crazy Heart (2009)

Scott Cooper’s musical melodrama, like the film “Tender Mercy”, tells the story of a country performer. A once famous, elderly musician named Bad Blake is forced to drag out his existence playing the guitar in small pubs. Gradually drinking himself intoxicated, he becomes more and more disillusioned with life, but, having met a young journalist, he decides to change his life and renews his relationship with his student, who has become a country music star.

The film is a real benefit to Jeff Bridges, who more than deservedly earned an Oscar for Best Actor in 2010. His image was based on three country musicians popular in the USA at once – Merle Haggard, Chris Christofferson and Waylon Jennings.

Director Robert Zemeckis is known all over the world, first of all, as the creator of excellent family films – “Back to the Future” and “Forrest Gump”. However, in 2012, he told with great success the story of an experienced passenger plane pilot, William Whitaker, who is very addicted to strong alcohol.During one of the flights, the plane suddenly loses control, but William manages to make an almost impossible emergency landing. During the investigation, traces of alcohol are found in his blood. Now the main character will have to endure more than one court session.

The painting was highly appreciated by the world community – both critics and viewers. Denzel Washington was nominated for three honorary film awards for his performance as William Whitaker – Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe and Oscar.

The drama by Alexander Veledinsky is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Russian writer Alexei Ivanov. The main character of the film is a biologist named Viktor Sluzhkin, who is forced to go to the most ordinary provincial school to teach geography. Victor’s wife openly cheats on him with a friend, and his students do not respect him. Sluzhkin finds no other way out but to drown all his problems in alcohol, and just tries to live.

The film has collected many major Russian awards, including the main prizes of the Kinotavr festival and the Golden Eagle and Nika awards, and the acting work of Konstantin Khabensky was highly appreciated by all professional film critics.

Films “Brother” and “Brother 2” by Alexey Balabanov will appear on Netflix

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The main prize of the Venice Festival went to a drama about abortion – Culture

The award was presented by a jury headed by the director of the film “Parasites” Pong Chung Ho, Tengrinews.kz reports with reference to Reuters.

The plot of the film is set in France in 1963. Student Annie learns about her pregnancy and wants to get rid of the baby, but the country has a ban on abortion. The main character is trying with all her might to extricate herself from this situation.

It is noted that the film was released after a new law was passed in Texas, prohibiting abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat (after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy – author’s note).

The Grand Prix of the jury went to the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino for the film “The Hand of God”, which tells about his youth in the southern city of Naples.New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion won the Silver Lion for Best Director in the 1920s drama Reign of the Dog starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Maggie Gyllenhaal wins Best Screenplay for The Lost Daughter opposite Olivia Coleman. Penelope Cruz received the award for Best Actress in Parallel Mothers by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. Best Actor was Filipino John Arsilla for his role in the crime thriller On the Job: The Missing 8.

It should be noted that the 78th Venice Film Festival took place from 1 to 11 September.

Venice International Film Festival is the oldest international film festival in the world, founded in 1932 at the initiative of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, annually held on the island of Lido since 1934 in the second half of the year.

90,000 Comedian Alexander Chaliapin passed away. Read on UKR.NET

The famous Russian stand-up comedian Alexander Chaliapin was found dead in Moscow.According to media reports, the cause of death was suicide. The man was only 41 years old.

This sad news is reported by the Telegram channel Mash.

Alexandra was found dead at home by her wife early in the morning. She called an ambulance, but it was too late for help. Now law enforcement officers are working on the spot.

It is noted that Chaliapin’s body was found at home by his wife. The woman called an ambulance. Currently, there are doctors and police officers on the spot. Law enforcers understand the circumstances of the incident.

According to Russian federal TV channels, the 41-year-old comedian lived in an apartment on Khoroshevskoye Highway, where his body was found.

According to his wife, Chaliapin had problems with alcohol for the last 20 years, and in recent years he was being treated at a clinic in Belgorod. He arrived in Moscow a few days ago.

Chaliapin’s manager has already confirmed that it was a suicide:

“He was depressed, his wife confirmed everything. We have not communicated with him for a long time.Recently, he was in rehabilitation, being treated for alcoholism. Went out on Thursday, came home and never recovered! We have confirmed concerts for February … “

Alexander Chaliapin is best known as one of the participants in the Stand Up Show on the Russian TNT channel. Channel 1. In recent years, he has played in the performances of THEATRA.DOC, and was also a presenter on the Russian TV channels A-one and 2×2.In addition, he played a number of roles in films, including the film “Boomer.The second film “. The deputy chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association Dmitry Tvilik died in Bukovina at 71.

Also, “Know.ia” wrote that the famous billionaire was poisoned to death: he became famous for “Game of Thrones” and worked with Netflix

90,000 15 Russian genre films that can be watched on Netflix – Afisha-Kino

In April 1986, the careless firefighter Alexei Karpushin (Danila Kozlovsky) was going to transfer from Chernobyl to Kiev, but then he met his love ten years ago in a hairdresser’s shop – Olga (Oksana Akinshina), after which: a) convinced in the fact that she has not changed at all, b) I learned that she has a ten-year-old son, Lesha (Petr Tereshchenko), terribly similar to him.However, the young people did not have time to sort out their feelings and family relations: at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the 4th power unit exploded, which completely destroyed the reactor.

Making a movie about the Chernobyl accident after the grand mini-series by Craig Mazin and Johan Rank is the same hopeless task as diving into a tank under the emergency block, but the director (and also the leading actor) Danila Kozlovsky and producer Alexander Rodnyansky took up this topic simultaneously with HBO, so at least they cannot be accused of opportunism.For Rodnyansky, a resident of Kiev, this is generally a personal story, so his interest in Chernobyl is understandable – and the catastrophe that accelerated the half-life of the Soviet empire (including because of the era of glasnost in the USSR: for example, about a similar incident at the Ozersk PO Mayak as before, no one heard it in a dream or in spirit, because the case was in 1957, they managed to hush up).

However, from good intentions (in particular, from the desire to once again tell the world about this catastrophe), a successful movie is not always born.Here is Kozlovsky’s “Chernobyl” – a strange case. Not to say that the picture is not interesting to watch: it is staged dashingly and rather dynamically. Two hours with a hook fly by almost in one breath (which could not be said about the debut of Kozlovsky, “Coach”). First of all, this is a genre work – a disaster film, and only then a drama (including a family one). However, despite the abundance of suspense (the most spectacular scene of the picture, of course, when storks fall on Karpushin’s car – this is how, in fact, the tape was originally supposed to be called: “When the storks fell”), in the film there is not only an excess of radiation, but also heroic pathos.

From all this, a powerful story could be born about how a Russian man is so afraid to take responsibility (in particular, for an almost unfamiliar, but dear son to him) that he is ready to jump into a nuclear reactor. However, Kozlovsky loves his hero too much (and, possibly, himself), therefore, from the ambivalent Karpushin, closer to the finale, he molds a purely positive hero who rushes into the pool to save the life of his irradiated child, and at the same time the whole world.