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Pictures of tooth bonding: Dental Bonding Before & After Photos

Dental Bonding Before and After Photos | Smile Makeover

Cosmetic Dentistry |8 min read

You know the saying, “Little things make a big difference”?

Well, that couldn’t be more true for today’s case study.

You’ll get to see how easy it was for Katie, a real patient, to improve her smile.

Best of all?

Her cosmetic dentistry treatments were quick, painless, and affordable.

Why Katie wanted a better smile

In her own words,

“I never liked the spacing between my front teeth and how they looked small.”

She felt that her old smile wasn’t what she wanted to show off to the world.

But she didn’t know her options.

You see, she liked her smile, but she wasn’t in love with it.

She wasn’t looking for an invasive or irreversible smile makeover, just a conservative way to improve her smile’s natural beauty.

So, she scheduled a complimentary consultation with our Fargo dentist, Dr. Derek Harnish.

The solution?

Based on Katie’s desired goal and budget, Dr. Harnish recommended:

  • Esthetic bonding: Hides smile imperfections by adding tooth-colored composite resin onto a tooth.
  • Gum contouring: Reshapes the gum line to alter the appearance of teeth’s length and remove gummy smiles.
  • Teeth whitening: Removes stains and discoloration and whitens teeth, making them look healthy, youthful, and attractive.

The result?

Here’s what each treatment accomplished:

  1. Esthetic bonding (also known as tooth bonding, dental bonding, or cosmetic bonding) closed gaps between her front teeth. It also made her teeth a more proportionate size in retrospect to her facial features.
  2. Gum contouring (also known as gum reshaping) made her teeth appear longer and gave symmetry along the gum line.
  3. Teeth whitening transformed her dull, old smile into a vibrant, memorable smile.

Do you know what all these treatments have in common?

They didn’t remove ANY healthy tooth structure!

This was an especially wise decision for someone as young as Katie to save healthy tooth enamel and structure for down the road.

Katie’s new smile after dental bonding, gum contouring, and whitening

What does Katie have to say about her smile now?

“Now I have no hesitation smiling with beautiful teeth that complement me!”

Katie is a great example that sometimes you don’t need extensive dental work to achieve a better-looking smile.

Treatments like esthetic bonding, gum contouring, and teeth whitening will do the trick!

Plus, they’re generally pain-free, less expensive than veneers or orthodontics, and done in one appointment.

Want to learn more about Katie’s treatments?

Dr. Harnish answers the top FAQs below!

What you need to know about dental bonding, gum contouring, and whitening

These conservative treatments may be all you need to fall in love with your smile!

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry treatment used to fix almost any smile imperfection, including:

  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Chips and cracks.
  • Stains and discoloration.
  • Minor cavities.
  • Mishappen teeth.
  • Uneven or irregularly shaped or sized teeth.
  • Teeth that are too small.
How does dental bonding work?

Here’s a quick overview of esthetic bonding in Fargo, ND:

  • Dr. Harnish chooses a dental composite resin color that matches your tooth shade.
  • Your tooth’s surface is lightly etched, and a liquid agent is applied (this ensures the bonding material sticks and lasts).
  • The tooth-colored composite resin is carefully applied.
  • Dr. Harnish shapes the material to hide flaws, look natural, and achieve your desired result.
  • The material is hardened with an ultraviolet light.
  • Dr. Harnish polishes the tooth to blend in with your surrounding teeth.

Cosmetic bonding usually takes one appointment!

What are the pros vs. cons of dental bonding?


  • Only takes one appointment.
  • Procedure is painless (you may not even need an anesthetic for bonding or whitening!).
  • Lasts up to 10 years.
  • Looks and feels natural.
  • Hides most smile imperfections.
  • Less expensive than veneers.
  • Doesn’t remove tooth structure.


  • Doesn’t last as long as veneers or crowns.
  • Not as durable as veneers or crowns.
  • Not stain-resistant.
  • Subject to chips and breaks depending on use.

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring reshapes your gum line to:

  • Remove excess gum tissue that gives off “gummy smiles.
  • Make your teeth look longer.
  • Give you a symmetrical gum line.
How does gum contouring work?

Before your procedure, you’ll be numbed with a local anesthetic, so you’re comfortable and pain-free.

Then, your dentist will resculpt your gum line with a soft tissue laser or scalpel. If extensive work is needed, sutures may be used for healing.

Gum contouring usually takes one to two hours.

The benefits of gum contouring:
  • You’re done in one appointment.
  • Permanent results.
  • Doesn’t alter any tooth structure.
  • Can improve oral health.
  • Enhances your smile’s natural beauty.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is usually the easiest and most affordable way to improve your smile.

This treatment removes stains and discoloration and makes your teeth whiter and brighter.

There are a ton of different brands, but the two main types are:

  • Over-the-counter teeth whitening: What you buy at the store (like Target), has a weaker whitening solution, and requires multiple sessions.
  • Professional teeth whitening: Provided by a dentist (usually an in-office treatment or take-home trays), has a stronger whitening solution, and can be customized to your goal.
The benefits of professional teeth whitening:
  • Removes surface and intrinsic (deep) stains.
  • Longer-lasting results than over-the-counter.
  • Helps you look healthy, youthful, and attractive.
  • Creates a lasting first impression.
  • Minimizes the appearance of smile flaws.
  • Can whiten your smile up to 8 shades lighter in only one appointment.
  • Ability to minimize gum irritation and tooth sensitivity (common side effects of generic tooth whitening).

Are these procedures permanent?

Dental bonding is not permanent. On average, dental bonding will last 5 to 10 years. It’ll eventually need to be replaced or touched up due to wear and tear or discoloration.

Where the bonding is placed plays a large role in how long it’ll last. Generally, if it’s on a tooth used to bite or chew food, it’ll need replacing more often.

If this is the case for you, you can maximize its longevity by avoiding habits like chewing on ice, biting down hard, or using your teeth to open things like packages. Just remember, tooth bonding is not as strong as your natural teeth!

Another thing to keep in mind:

Bonding is not stain-resistant. If you smoke or drink dark beverages, such as coffee and wine, your bonding material will stain more quickly.

Gum contouring is permanent. You don’t have to worry about it ever again!

And lastly:

Teeth whitening is not permanent. To keep your smile white year-round, you’ll need to maintain it with in-office or at-home treatments.

How long your teeth whitening results last will depend on your habits like consuming stain-causing foods or drinks, oral hygiene, etc. It can vary between a few months and a few years.

But the good news is:

Professional teeth whitening is stronger and more effective than over-the-counter methods, so your results will last longer!

How much do they cost?

The costs vary a lot depending on where you live, the extent of work needed, materials used, etc.

To give you a baseline, here are the average costs in the United States:

  • The average cost of dental bonding… This text opens a new tab to the article on teeth bonding costs… is $300 to $600 per tooth.
  • The average cost of gum contouring… This text opens a new tab to the article on gum contouring costs… is $50 to $350 per tooth.
  • The average cost of professional teeth whitening… This text opens a new tab to article on whitening costs… is $100 to $650.

To find out exactly how much any of these treatments will cost you at Arch Dental, schedule a complimentary consultation!

Are they covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance plans will not cover dental bonding, gum contouring, or teeth whitening because they’re considered cosmetic.

However, if you need dental bonding for preventative or restorative reasons, insurance may cover it.

To find out about your insurance coverage, call them for confirmation.

Are these services worth it?

Generally speaking:

Yes! Dental bonding, gum contouring, and teeth whitening are all worth it if you’re looking for an inexpensive, non-invasive, and quick way to improve your smile. Katie is proof!

But ultimately:

It’s up to you!

To know for certain, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist near you. Then, you can discuss your unique smile, goals, and weigh your different options.

Want Dr. Harnish’s professional opinion?

Contact Arch Dental for a complimentary consultation for cosmetic dentistry in Fargo, ND.

In only three easy steps, you’ll get Dr. Harnish’s expert opinion on how to improve your smile, and he’ll answer any questions or concerns you have.

Or you can:

Our office is located in Fargo, ND… opens in a new window to Google Maps… and serves surrounding communities, including Moorhead, West Fargo, Oakport, Dilworth, Horace, Sabin, Detroit Lakes, Lisbon, Bismarck, and Grand Forks.

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zahnarzt arbeitet mit dentalpolymerisationslampe in der mundhöhle – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Zahnarzt arbeitet mit Dentalpolymerisationslampe in der Mundhöhle

Zahnarzt arbeitet mit zahnärztlicher Polymerisationslampe in der Mundhöhle. Kariesbehandlungskonzept

afrikanisches paar umarmt lächelnd blick auf die kamera posiert auf grau – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Afrikanisches Paar umarmt lächelnd Blick auf Die Kamera posiert…

Headshot-Porträt Afrikanisches attraktives Ehepaar in Brille umarmt lächelndes Betrachten der Kamera isoliert auf grauem Hintergrund, Liebe und Beziehungen, Kunden von Fotoshootings im Studiokonzept

lächeln! – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder


3d render des unterkiefers mit dental polymerisation lampe und dental-faser – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

3D Render des Unterkiefers mit dental Polymerisation Lampe und. ..

3d render von zahngebundenem retainer am unterkiefer – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

3d Render von zahngebundenem Retainer am Unterkiefer

3D-Rendering von dental bonded retainer am Unterkiefer über weißen Hintergrund

gesunde gewohnheiten pflegen zusammen – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Gesunde Gewohnheiten pflegen zusammen

nahaufnahme, porträt von zwei glückliche alte eheleute, sie umarmen und haben perfekte glänzende weiße lächeln – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Nahaufnahme, Porträt von zwei glückliche alte Eheleute, sie…

furnier-installationsverfahren über zentralschneide- und seitenschneide. medizinisch genaue zahn-3d-illustration – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Furnier-Installationsverfahren über Zentralschneide- und…

3d render von zähnen mit furnieren – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

3d Render von Zähnen mit Furnieren

junge mutter mit einem kind, das morgens zähneknirschend putzt – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Junge Mutter mit einem Kind, das morgens zähneknirschend putzt

Fotoserie einer jungen Mutter mit einem Kind, das zu Hause verschiedene Aufgaben erledigt. Gedreht in Berlin.

älteres paar umarmt sich in einem pflegeheim. ein glückliches seniorenpaar, das neben einem fenster in einem pflegeheim steht, sich umarmt und lächelt. sie haben alle pflege, die sie brauchen. – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Älteres Paar umarmt sich in einem Pflegeheim. Ein glückliches…

Seniorenpaar umarmt sich in einem Pflegeheim. Ein glückliches älteres Paar, das neben einem Fenster in einem Pflegeheim steht, sich umarmt und lächelt. Sie haben alle Pflege, die sie brauchen.

mandibular veneer installationsverfahren über seitlichem schneidezähnen. medizinisch genaue zahn-3d-illustration – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Mandibular Veneer Installationsverfahren über seitlichem…

konzeptsymbol für zahnverklebung blauer farbverlauf – teeth bonding stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Konzeptsymbol für Zahnverklebung blauer Farbverlauf

Dental Bonding-Konzeptsymbol für blauen Farbverlauf. Kosmetische Verbesserung Typ abstrakte Idee dünne Linie Illustration. Wiederherstellung rissiger und gebrochener Zähne. Isolierte Umrisszeichnung. Myriad Pro-Bold-Schriftart verwendet

kosmetische verbesserungstypen nachtmodus onboarding mobile app bildschirm – teeth bonding stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Kosmetische Verbesserungstypen Nachtmodus Onboarding Mobile App…

Kosmetische Verbesserungstypen Nachtmodus-Onboarding-Bildschirm der mobilen App. Exemplarische Vorgehensweise 5 Schritte grafische Anweisungsseiten mit linearen Konzepten. UI-, UX-, GUI-Vorlage. Myriad Pro-Bold, Regular Fonts verwendet

porzellan dental installation – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Porzellan Dental Installation

fröhlich lächelnd paar in liebe umarmt im schlafzimmer – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Fröhlich lächelnd paar in Liebe umarmt im Schlafzimmer

dental obturation – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Dental obturation

zahnpflege – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder


zahnarzt lehre niedliche mädchen über mundhygiene – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Zahnarzt Lehre niedliche Mädchen über Mundhygiene

Lächelndes Mädchen, das mit ihrem Kinderzahnarzt auf dem Zahnarztstuhl sitzt, zeigt ihr Zahnmodell und bringt ihr bei, wie man Zähne putzt. Zahnmedizin, Mundhygienekonzept

dental furnier: zentraler schneidezahn furnier installation verfahren. medizinisch genaue zahn 3d-illustration – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Dental Furnier: Zentraler Schneidezahn Furnier Installation…

universelle herz ornament schriftzug. abstrakte linie kreative logo-icon-design. – teeth bonding stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Universelle Herz Ornament Schriftzug. Abstrakte Linie kreative…

Universeller Herzornament-Ikonentyp. Abstrakte Linie kreatives Icon-Icon-Design

happy girl putzt sich mit vater die zähne – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Happy Girl putzt sich mit Vater die Zähne

Hochwinkelporträt eines süßen schwarzen Mädchens, das mit Papa im Badezimmer die Zähne putzt und glücklich lächelt

nahaufnahme eines reifen paares, das lacht – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Nahaufnahme eines reifen Paares, das lacht

diastema-behandlung: mikrofurnier-installation über zentralschneidemittel. medizinisch genaue zahn-3d-illustration – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Diastema-Behandlung: Mikrofurnier-Installation über…

porträt eines jungen, lustigen, glücklichen, kleinen, süßen asiatischen mädchens, das auf gelb mit copy-space-studioaufnahme isoliert ist. bildung für den grundschulkindergarten, kleines mädchen trägt eine brille und denkt an das schulkonzept zurü – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Porträt eines jungen, lustigen, glücklichen, kleinen, süßen…

Porträt des jungen lustigen smart glücklichen kleinen süßen asiatischen Mädchens isoliert auf gelb mit Kopie Raum Studioaufnahme. Bildung für den Grundschulkindergarten, kleines Mädchen trägt Brille und denkt an Schulkonzept zurück

oben, unten, runde und runde – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Oben, unten, Runde und Runde

Aufnahme eines Vaters und seines kleinen Sohnes, die sich zu Hause gemeinsam die Zähne putzen

glückliche mutter und kinder töchter umarmen blick in die kamera – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Glückliche Mutter und Kinder Töchter umarmen Blick in die Kamera

romantische verliebtes paar gestikulieren ein herz mit finger – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Romantische verliebtes Paar Gestikulieren ein Herz mit Finger

hund, rassehund – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Hund, Rassehund

es dauert paar lustige selfie! – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Es dauert paar lustige Selfie!

Ein Teenager-Paar macht ein lustiges Selfie.

fuzzy hund liegt auf einem flauschigen teppich – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Fuzzy Hund liegt auf einem flauschigen Teppich

erlernen guter persönlicher hygienegewohnheiten in jungen jahren. – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Erlernen guter persönlicher Hygienegewohnheiten in jungen Jahren.

junge mutter mit einem kind beim zähneputzen am morgen. – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Junge Mutter mit einem Kind beim Zähneputzen am Morgen.

mädchen mit zahnlücke – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Mädchen mit Zahnlücke

glücklich, braut und gesicht für hochzeitsschönheit in aufgeregtem lächeln für kleid, glück und ehe. schöne brautfrau, die mit zähnen vor freude und aufgeregtem gesichtsausdruck lächelt, bereit zu heiraten – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Glücklich, Braut und Gesicht für Hochzeitsschönheit in…

Glücklich, Braut und Gesicht für Hochzeit Schönheit in Aufregung Lächeln für Kleid, Glück und Ehe. Schöne Brautfrau lächelt mit Zähnen in Freude und aufgeregtem Gesichtsausdruck bereit zu heiraten

veneer-platzierungsverfahren. medizinisch genaue zahn-3d-illustration – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Veneer-Platzierungsverfahren. Medizinisch genaue Zahn-3D-Illustrat

kleines vorschulmädchen und preteen-schuljunge beim zähneputzen. bruder unterrichtet schwester zähneputzen. trauriges verärgertes weinendes kind. zwei kinder und morgendliche zahnroutine. familie drinnen. – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Kleines Vorschulmädchen und Preteen-Schuljunge beim Zähneputzen….

Kleines Vorschulmädchen und jugendlicher Schuljunge, der Zähne putzt. Bruder, der Schwester das Zähneputzen beibringt. Trauriges verärgertes weinendes Kind. Zwei Kinder und morgendliche Zahnroutine. Familie drinnen

molar onlay keramik – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

molar onlay Keramik

Keramisches molares Onlay auf rotem Gipsmodell auf isoliertem Hintergrund

mama und tochter putzen zähne in der morgenroutine. – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Mama und Tochter putzen Zähne in der Morgenroutine.

geschichte, familie und zukunft – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Geschichte, Familie und Zukunft

mutter und tochter beim gemeinsamen zähneputzen – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Mutter und Tochter beim gemeinsamen Zähneputzen

Glückliche junge Frau mit kleiner Tochter in weißen Bademänteln, die sich im Badezimmer gemeinsam die Zähne putzt und die Morgenzeit zusammen genießt

nahaufnahme eines niedlichen sibirischen husky-hundes, der auf einer braunen decke liegt – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Nahaufnahme eines niedlichen sibirischen Husky-Hundes, der auf…

Süßer sibirischer Husky-Hund, der mit offenem Maul auf einer braunen Decke liegt und in die Kamera schaut

morgenroutine des zähneputzens – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Morgenroutine des Zähneputzens

Während die Frau den kleinen Jungen in ihren Armen hält, putzen sie und ihr anderer Sohn ihre Zähne

porträt einer glücklichen, gemischtrassigen vierköpfigen familie im pyjama, die gemütlich zusammen auf einem bett liegen, lächeln und zu hause lustige selfies machen. liebevolle eltern mit zwei kindern. entzückende mädchen, die sich mit den eltern v – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Porträt einer glücklichen, gemischtrassigen vierköpfigen Familie…

Porträt einer glücklichen vierköpfigen Mischlingsfamilie im Schlafanzug, die gemütlich in einer Reihe auf einem Bett liegt, lächelt und zu Hause lustige Selfies macht. Liebevolle Eltern mit zwei Kindern. Entzückende Mädchen, die sich mit Eltern verbinden

herzsymbol vektor. valentinstag-band-logo. abstrakte linie medizinisches logo icon-design. – teeth bonding stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Herzsymbol Vektor. Valentinstag-Band-Logo. Abstrakte Linie…

zwei kinder benutzen zahnbürsten, um ihre zähne im badezimmer zu putzen – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Zwei Kinder benutzen Zahnbürsten, um ihre Zähne im Badezimmer zu…

glückliche freunde umarmen – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Glückliche Freunde umarmen

Direkt unter Aufnahme von jungen Freunden, die sich zusammenschließen. Niedrige Winkelansicht von Mädchen und Jungs, deren Kopf einen Kreis bildet. Porträt von Jugendlichen, die in die Kamera schauen. Konzept der Freundschaft und Einheit.

furniermontage über zentralem und seitlichem schneidezahn. medizinisch genaue zahn-3d-darstellung – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Furniermontage über zentralem und seitlichem Schneidezahn….

porträt einer glücklichen jungen gemischtrassigen familie, die an einem sonnigen tag zusammengekauert lächelt und in die kamera schaut. gesichter fröhlicher eltern und zweier töchter, die sich von unten umarmen – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Porträt einer glücklichen jungen gemischtrassigen Familie, die…

Porträt einer glücklichen jungen gemischtrassigen Familie, die an einem sonnigen Tag lächelnd zusammensteht und in die Kamera blickt. Gesichter fröhlicher Eltern und zweier Töchter, die sich von unten umarmen

kopf erschossen nah aufnahme porträt von entzückenden afrikanischen amerikanischen kleinkind. – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Kopf erschossen nah aufnahme Porträt von entzückenden…

Kopfaufnahme Nahaufnahme Porträt von entzückenden afroamerikanischen lockigen kleinen Kleinkind Baby Junge oder Mädchen mit den ersten Zähnen, lernen, erste Schritte mit fürsorglicher Mutter zu machen, sich von neuen Fähigkeiten in Innenräumen begeistert zu fühlen.

lassen sie uns gemeinsam zähne putzen – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam Zähne putzen

3d rendering der zähne mit zahnärztliche verstärkung faser – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

3D Rendering der Zähne mit zahnärztliche Verstärkung Faser

3D-Darstellung von Zähnen mit Zahnverstärkungsfaser über Weiß

romantisch mit großem lächeln und lachen der älteren älteren asiatischen großmutter und großvater sitzen auf der couch sofa zu hause, ruhestand älteren lebensstil – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Romantisch mit großem Lächeln und Lachen der älteren älteren. ..

porträt von multirassischen freunden, die spaß daran haben, vor der kamera im freien zu lächeln – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Porträt von multirassischen Freunden, die Spaß daran haben, vor…

Porträt von multirassischen Freunden, die Spaß am Lächeln vor der Kamera im Freien haben

gute mündliche gewohnheiten früh beginnen – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Gute mündliche Gewohnheiten früh beginnen

eine glückliche mehrgenerationenfamilie von drei frauen, die sich nur zusammen auf dem sofa entspannen. lächelnde oma, die ihre beiden enkelinnen zu hause babysittet – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Eine glückliche Mehrgenerationenfamilie von drei Frauen, die…

Eine glückliche Mehrgenerationenfamilie von drei Frauen, die sich nur zusammen auf dem Sofa entspannen. Lächelnde Oma babysittet ihre beiden Enkelinnen zu Hause

aufnahme einer schönen familie, die sich zu hause gemeinsam die zähne putzt – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Aufnahme einer schönen Familie, die sich zu Hause gemeinsam die Zä

Sie lehren, indem Sie sie zeigen

platzierung von zahnverblendungen über den frontzähnen. 3d-illustration – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Platzierung von Zahnverblendungen über den Frontzähnen. 3D-Illustr

süße asiatische geschwister putzen sich morgens zu hause im badezimmer die zähne und bereiten sich auf den schulbesuch vor. – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Süße asiatische Geschwister putzen sich morgens zu Hause im…

platzierung von zahnverblendungen über den frontzähnen. 3d-illustration – teeth bonding stock-fotos und bilder

Platzierung von Zahnverblendungen über den Frontzähnen. 3D-Illustr

von 86

Options for prosthetics without turning neighboring teeth – ROOTT

Removable prosthetics Adhesive bridge Butterfly prosthesis Prosthetics on implants Recommendations

The most common method of prosthetics in the absence of teeth is a bridge. That’s just under it to have to grind the abutment teeth. And before that, they are depulped (the nerve is removed). There are 2 problems here:

Psychological. Going to the dentist is not easy to decide, and the prospect of removing the nerve and grinding the teeth will make many people postpone the visit for a long time.

Dental. Doctors do not like to depulp teeth. There are several reasons. The pulp is full of nerve endings and blood vessels. They keep the tooth alive. The blood supplies nutrients, and in return the pulp produces replacement dentine. Due to this, the teeth have the ability to restore this layer, if it is damaged. Nerve endings give signals about a problem with the tooth, so caries, for example, can be diagnosed at an early stage. Without pulp, no nutrition is supplied, tissues are not renewed. The “dead tooth” becomes very brittle. It is difficult to detect infection, inflammation or caries without the pulp, because there are no nerve signals from it. The risk of losing a tooth increases.

Bridge steps

Prosthetics without turning

Dentists are constantly looking for alternatives to grinding. It is long, rather unpleasant, damages the enamel. To date, there are several options: implantation, removable prosthetics, adhesive prostheses. Like any method, each of them has pros and cons. Only a qualified orthopedist can decide which method is appropriate in each clinical case. The doctor takes into account many factors when choosing a method of prosthetics, including the anatomical features of the jaw, the location of the missing teeth, the type of defect (terminal, included) and many more small details that are visible only to a specialist.


I am missing one tooth, what is the best way to restore a tooth without turning the adjacent ones? Neighbors are healthy and with nerves.


If there are completely healthy teeth around the defect, it is really worth considering restoration options without grinding. In this case, it is best to install a classic implant and cover it with a metal-ceramic or zirconium crown in 2-4 months.

Removable prosthetics

To avoid depulpation, removable dentures are used.

There are 2 large groups of partially removable dentures: plate and clasp . The main difference is the presence of a metal arc in the latter. The arc more or less evenly distributes the chewing load, without overloading the abutment teeth.


Their task is to replenish the dentition and unload the surviving teeth at the expense of the basis (base). The basis rests on the jaw and palate, taking on part of the load, but such prostheses cannot fully take on the chewing load.

Fixing methods: clasps, locks, attachments. For the upper jaw, the prosthesis is equipped with a palatal plate, which provides tight suction.

Such products are made from polymeric materials:

  • Acrylic

The rigid base distributes the load, but is not very comfortable to wear. It takes a long time to get used to such structures. Acrylic wears out quite quickly, cracks and shrinks a little. Such a product must be changed at least once every 5 years. The main disadvantage is the presence of substances that can cause allergies.

  • Nylon

The material is flexible, getting used to it is not so difficult and the mouth feels more comfortable. But when chewing, it sags and distributes the load worse than acrylic. Hypoallergenic, biocompatible, nylon lasts longer than acrylic.

  • AcryFree is a new polymer that combines the advantages of the previous ones. It is rigid like acrylic but hypoallergenic like nylon.


Artificial teeth are attached to a metal arch. It strengthens the entire dentition, acting as a splint. Fasteners are the same as for lamellar structures: clasps, telescopic crowns, attachments. They are made from alloys of cobalt and chromium, precious metals, titanium.

Technological research has made it possible to manufacture clasp prostheses without the use of metal.

Quadrotti prostheses are made of durable polymer. It is light, but so strong that the basis of it is smaller than that of ordinary clasp and the palatal bridge is very narrow. If missing 1-2 teeth , in a prosthesis without turning, the archwire is dispensed with.

Adhesive bridge

There are no crowns in this design, therefore, it is not necessary to grind the teeth. An artificial tooth is attached to the neighboring ones with the help of “processes” made of fiberglass tape. The tape is fixed from the inside, it is not visible. A groove is cut in the fiberglass tooth so that the tape does not protrude above the surface and interfere.

The product is not strong enough to be used on posterior teeth or as a permanent denture. Typically, such a bridge without turning adjacent teeth is a temporary measure in preparation for permanent prosthetics or implantation. With care, the structure can last up to 3 years .

Bacteria can accumulate at the bonding sites, increasing the risk of cavities. The prosthesis poorly distributes the chewing load, the abutment teeth are overloaded. In addition, such orthopedics does not prevent bone atrophy.

Butterfly prosthesis

They named the design because of the external resemblance to a butterfly. Apply in the absence of 1-2 units. Consists of crown and base. This is a prosthesis without turning, it is attached to adjacent teeth with clasps.


  • Classic polymers: acrylic, nylon
  • Innovative polymers: Acry Free, Dental D

The prosthesis does not participate in the distribution of chewing load, does not prevent bone loss. It is quite fragile and beyond repair. Use it as a temporary measure, although they can last one to two years.

Implant prosthetics

This method is good because it can be used in the absence of one or more teeth. With complete adentia, it is also used, but there is no talk of preparation. A metal pin is inserted into the place of the lost tooth, and dentures are already put on it, without turning the neighboring teeth.

What are the advantages:

  • neighboring teeth are not affected, remain “alive”;
  • the number of artificial teeth can be any;
  • method is used to restore the anterior and chewing teeth;
  • implant prevents bone tissue atrophy;
  • implants come with a lifetime warranty.

For prosthetics on implants, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Removable prosthetics

On a part of the jaw or on the entire dentition, a removable denture is fixed much better than on natural teeth. Removable structures do not fall out arbitrarily, but the patient is able to remove them himself for hygiene procedures. Conditionally removable are fixed on screws, only a dentist can remove them.

  • Fixed prosthetics

The classic bridge design has proven its worth. This is a reliable way to restore the dentition. When fixed on implants, all the disadvantages disappear: prostheses without turning, which means that there is no need to depulp the abutment teeth. A metal pin is stronger than a natural root, the design will last for many years. Implants prevent bone resorption. There are no restrictions on the choice of materials for crowns, and the number of artificial teeth can be is greater than 2 .

Unfortunately, sometimes there are contraindications to the installation of implants. In such cases, other methods of prosthetics are used without turning adjacent teeth.


Whatever type of prosthetics you choose, the durability of the structure will ensure careful care and adherence to recommendations. Any prosthetics excludes the use of aggressive products: crackers, nuts, lollipops. Removable dentures are removed for hygiene, while non-removable dentures are taken care of like regular teeth. Brush twice a day, use dental floss. Visit the dentist once every six months. Regular professional teeth cleaning will help to avoid infections, cavities and inflammation.

In Moscow, at MCDI ROOTT, doctors carefully study the clinical picture before choosing a method of sparing prosthetics. Only after the diagnosis, study of the anamnesis and clinical picture, they draw up a treatment plan, taking into account the wishes of the client, but based on the specific situation. The price depends on the type of construction. It should be borne in mind that the most durable prostheses are on implants. Their initial cost may be higher, but in the long run, the costs justify themselves.

The process of restoring a front tooth destroyed by super glue

A 48-year-old patient came to me with a complaint of unsatisfactory aesthetics of tooth 1.1, this is the first upper tooth on the right .

At home, she had the missing part for the tooth – this is a filling, quite large, which our patient broke off about a month ago. And the patient periodically glued the old filling on … superglue , that is, on cyanoacrylate – a substance that can cause cancer. She probably wanted to achieve this result with this glue:

But, unfortunately, such beauty “for some reason” did not work out ((. The woman glued part of the front tooth on super glue several times, and when it completely collapsed, she decided to turn to an orthopedist. So she got to see me.

A slight departure from our example. I would like to emphasize that if your chewing tooth has broken off, immediately leave all thoughts about its self-restoration alone, you will not be able to securely glue the broken part: a huge load acts on the teeth in the chewing section and you will only worsen the condition of the tooth. It is better to immediately contact an orthopedic dentist and restore the missing part of the tooth with a tab. This is a very fast and reliable solution in case the restoration is carried out using CEREC technology. Watch the following short video and everything will become clear:

Why the tooth broke

FOR REFERENCE: Cyanoacrylates are esters of cyanoacrylic acid, the main component of cyanoacrylate adhesives used for fast bonding of materials, including in everyday life. Chemical formula CH{2}=C(CN)COOR. Liquid cyanoacrylate is capable of anionic polymerization under the action of weakly alkaline agents, including ordinary water. The continuous curing of “superglue” in thin layers (within 0.05-0.1 mm) leads to moisture adsorbed on the surfaces to be glued or contained in the near-surface layers of the material (which, along with the effect of animal amines, explains the excellent gluing of fingers on the hand if a person gets dirty with glue).

Superglue is poisonous for body and teeth

Is it possible to glue a piece of tooth with this glue? Of course not. Octyl-2-cyanoacrylate, the least toxic of the cyanoacrylates, is used medically to seal wounds and stop bleeding. For different cyanoacrylates, toxicity can vary significantly.

Of course, such a careless use of super glue at home, and even in such a delicate matter as restoring a tooth in an aesthetically significant area, could not but affect the condition of the upper front tooth, which was completely destroyed due to exposure to toxic substances and chemical reactions in the tissues of the tooth upon contact with super glue.

Therefore, the reason for the complete destruction of tooth to the root was the carelessness of his mistress and medical illiteracy.

How the tooth was restored

The tooth was previously depulped, that is, the tooth was dead. I removed absolutely all the filling material, only a healthy root remained:

on which we decided to make a cerek 3D construction in A3 color: this is a multicolor with a color transition in one step.

It turned out a tooth with a root part – our missing module. The crown matched the color so perfectly that it didn’t even have to be tinted. The manufacturing process of the CEREC module is shown very well in the following video :

Watch video in:

The tooth was glazed. In fact, patient had a tooth restored in one visit to a fresh surface. Only the tooth and only the missing CEREC module in the form of a whole tooth with a root.

Sergey Samsakov

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The patient was extremely satisfied!

Moreover, pay attention, there is a tooth with a ceramic-metal crown nearby and this crown has a dark gum. Naturally, we cannot copy a dark gum, and we do not need to do this.

The patient, seeing such a wonderful result, wanted to redo her already old, standing metal-ceramic crowns on the left and right side. That is, the patient was impressed, so we made her new tooth natural. But that is another story. ))



2011 — Graduated from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. A.I. Evdokimova

2012 – Internship in the specialty “Orthopedic Dentistry”, Moscow State Medical University named after. A.I. Evdokimova

2014 — Residency in the specialty “Orthopedic Dentistry”, Moscow State Medical University named after. A.I. Evdokimova

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