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Scorpions make for a cool astrological sign, but in reality, these eight-legged arachnids put the “ack!” in “zodiac,” with stings that can cause pain, swelling and even neurological issues.

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If you live in or are visiting a place where these venomous vermin are common, including the American south and southwest, make sure you know what to do in case of a scorpion sting. Urgent care physician Karl Elser, DO, walks you through the basics.

What to do if you’re stung by a scorpion

Ouch! You couldn’t get out of the way fast enough, and you ended up on the receiving end of a scorpion’s painful wrath. Now what?

Stay calm

First things first, try not to panic, at least if you’re located in North America: Though there are dozens of types of scorpions, the continent is home to only one type of scorpion whose venom is deadly enough to kill. That’s the Arizona bark scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus), a small, beige bugger 2 to 3 inches long — and even its stings are treatable with some quick thinking and careful attention. 

Get out of range

In nature, scorpions are often found hiding in crevices and beneath rocks, logs and other objects; they also sometimes make their way inside homes and other buildings. After you’re stung, be sure to distance yourself from the scorpion that got you (and from the likelihood of others) to treat your injury.

“The biggest thing is to stay calm and make sure you move to an area where you’re not going to get stung again,” Dr. Elser says.

Home remedies for a scorpion sting

Most scorpion stings aren’t fatal or anywhere close to it — but because there’s no real way to know how much venom you’ve taken in, it’s best to see a doctor.

“There are different grades of severity of the reaction to scorpion stings, and it’s hard to tell whether or not it’s going to progress into something worse,” Dr. Elser says. “If the sting is more than just mild to moderate localized pain, you really should go to a medical facility to be evaluated.”

Here are some things you can do to treat lesser scorpion stings on your own.

Lessen the pain

Even the most minor of scorpion stings can pack a painful punch, so take these simple, straightforward measures to address the pain.

  • Clean the wound and apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment.
  • Apply cool compresses to the injured area and elevate it to the same level as your heart.
  • Take an over-the-counter painkiller like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Monitor your injury

As you treat your scorpion sting, try to assess how it’s impacting you. “While you’re taking care of your scorpion sting in the moment, monitor what it’s doing to your body and whether you need to seek additional help,” Dr. Elser says.

Because scorpion stings can have neurological impacts, be sure to let someone else know you’ve been stung, whether it’s a friend, family member or even a nearby stranger if you’d been spending time alone outdoors. It’s important to make sure someone else can keep an eye on you should you take a turn for the worse.

Don’t suck out the venom!

Sorry to break it to you, but adventure movies lied. “Definitely do not try to suck out the venom or make a cut on top of the sting to let out the venom or anything like that,” Dr. Elser says.

These so-called remedies have no positive impact on your scorpion sting and can in fact expose you to additional bacteria and an increased likelihood of infection.

Avoid sedatives

Sometimes, pain makes you want to take a nap — but if you’ve been stung by a scorpion, be sure not to take any medications that will cause sedation or sleepiness. This includes benzodiazepines, which are depressants that lower brain activity.

“If you start to have neurological problems or breathing trouble from the sting, but you’re sedated on top of that, it can make things a lot worse,” Dr. Elser says.

When to seek help after a scorpion sting

Some scorpion stings just plain hurt, while others have a more significant effect on the body. If you’re experiencing numbness, trouble breathing or swallowing, slurred speech or any other unusual health issues, seek immediate medical assistance so a doctor can administer antivenom.

“Go to the nearest emergency department and let them know that you got stung by a scorpion,” Dr. Elser advises. “The standard of observation is four hours to make sure it doesn’t progress into something worse.”

Scorpion Sting – an overview

Public Health Importance

Scorpion sting cases can be categorized as two general types: those involving only localized, transitory symptoms usually lasting from a few minutes to several hours and those involving systemic reactions. Localized responses are characterized by immediate pain followed by moderate swelling at the sting site, often likened to the sting of a wasp or bee. In some cases, the sting may result in a raised, reddened, indurated lesion, even in the case of relatively harmless scorpions (e.g., Vaejovis carolinianus). In cases involving cytolytic toxins (e.g., scorpionids and hormurids), swelling may persist up to 72 h, followed by development of hemorrhages and blood-filled blisters near the sting site. Sloughing of skin may occur, but this varies greatly in severity. Other localized effects include goose flesh, sweating, and muscle spasms near the sting site. In cases of buthid stings, pain usually radiates from the site of the sting up the affected limb. The pain tends to concentrate in the joints, especially the armpits and groin, and often crosses from one armpit to the other.

In cases of systemic reactions, the clinical signs and symptoms are highly variable, ranging from mild to life-threatening. Systemic reactions commonly are mild and are not necessarily indicators of a serious problem. Often there is no appreciable swelling or discoloration of the skin at the sting site. An intense aching and burning sensation may spread to adjacent tissues, which in turn often throb, sometimes becoming numb. The acute pain at the sting site turns into a chronic, dull pain accompanied by a feeling of numbness around the edge of the sting site, which may persist for one to several days. Numbness in the face, mouth, and throat is fairly common. Muscles may become spasmodic, resulting in muscular twitching, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, tightness or cramps in the chest and back, rapid heartbeat, and nausea. Often these systemic responses persist less than an hour after the sting and are not considered serious.

In more severe systemic reactions, neurologic effects can lead to profuse sweating and salivation, restlessness, extreme nervousness, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, mental confusion, and convulsions. As the clinical symptoms indicate, the principal components of the venom of dangerous scorpions are neurotoxins. These toxins act on the autonomic, sympathetic, and neuromuscular systems, causing the wide range of systemic reactions reported in sting victims. They act by disrupting the voltage-sensitive sodium and potassium channels of nerves, which in turn causes neural depolarization, prolonged action potentials, repetitive firing, and uncontrolled release of vasodilators and neurotransmitters, which affect virtually every major organ system. The effect on neurotransmitters results in depletive release of catecholamines (e.g., adrenaline, noradrenaline) that can severely damage the heart and other organs.

The most commonly reported cause of death in scorpion sting cases is cardiac failure. In other cases, respiratory failure may be the cause, especially in patients with upper respiratory infections or related problems. Death usually occurs several days after envenomation. If symptoms subside during the first 2–12 h following a sting, the prognosis for recovery is generally good. Mortality rates are quite variable, depending on the species and amount of venom injected. The rates are much higher among children than adults. For further details on the clinical toxicology and symptoms of scorpion stings, see Dehesa-Davila et al. (1995) and Ismail (1995).

Scorpion venom is a very complex mixture of substances that differs significantly among the various taxa, within families, and among genera. Differences also occur in different geographic populations of the same species and even within the same population. The toxins are low-molecular-weight proteins that are among the most powerful toxins known. They are comparable in some species to the neurotoxins of certain deadly snakes. Two recognized types of neurotoxins are α-scorpion toxin, characteristic of the genera Androctonus, Leiurus, and Buthus; and ß-scorpion toxin, characteristic of Centruroides. Tityus spp. appear to have both types. The chemical structures of two neurotoxins of Leiurus quinquestriatus, agitoxin and scyllatoxin, are shown in Figure 3.7. The effects of envenomation by any given scorpion species can differ significantly, owing to a wide range of contributing factors. These include the quantity of venom injected and the age, size, and general health of the victim.

The sting of most scorpions usually requires no special treatment, although the application of ice to the sting site helps to relieve local pain. Incisions, as used in cases of poisonous snake bites, should never be made. Nor is the use of most drugs recommended in uncomplicated cases because antihistamines, steroids, analgesics, and sedatives usually have little or no effect. In more severe cases involving systemic reactions, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Substances that have been found to be effective in treating scorpion stings are atropine to counter effects on the parasympathetic system, calcium gluconate given intravenously to relieve muscle spasms, and sodium phenobarbital administered intravenously to prevent convulsions. Insulin also has been reported to be beneficial in treating cases in India. Morphine and Demerol generally are not recommended as pain relievers because of their tendency to act as synergists, increasing the toxicity of certain venoms (e.g., Centruroides sculpturatus).

Antivenins are recommended where available. However, caution in the use of antivenins must be noted since many antivenins are of poor quality and often are administered at doses far below the level required to produce effective results. They may adequately neutralize the larger venom peptides but not necessarily the more important small-molecular-weight toxins. To be effective, they must be administered within the first hour following the sting. Even then, the cessation of systemic symptoms within about an hour may not necessarily reflect the use of the antivenin, since this is the same period of time that symptoms often subside without treatment of any kind. Another limitation is the fact that most scorpion antivenins are very specific, often for a single species, and are produced only on a limited regional basis (Theakston and Warrell, 1991; Lucas and Meier, 1995).

The development of scorpion-specific antivenin (Anascorp) derived from horse serum for Centruroides venom has been shown to be highly effective in treating cases of severe envenomation (Boyer et al., 2009). It has been used in treatment of stings from C. limpidus, C. tecomanus, C. noxious, and C. suffusus in Mexico and C.  sculpturatus in Arizona. In a randomized, double-blind study involving 15 children (ages 6 months to 18 years) in Arizona, all eight children receiving Anascorp had resolution of the symptoms within 4 h, in contrast with only one in seven of the placebo group.

For further information on the nature of scorpion toxins and their potential medical applications for the treatment of various types of cancer and cell-mediated autoimmune diseases, see Chapter 3. Arthropod Toxins and Venoms.

Scorpion Toxicity – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf

Continuing Education Activity

Scorpions are a common arthropod found on every continent except Antarctica. Scorpions may use their long, flexible tails to sting potential predators. Often, individuals unknowingly come into contact with scorpions and are stung, causing painful sensations associated with envenomation. This activity describes the presentation, pathophysiology, and treatment of scorpion stings and highlights the role of the interprofessional team in improving care for affected patients.


  • Describe the types of scorpion envenomation and associated toxicity of each species.

  • Review the signs and symptoms of scorpion envenomation.

  • Summarize the treatment of scorpion envenomation.

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Scorpions are a common arthropod on every continent except Antarctica. If threatened, a scorpion may use its long, flexible tail to sting a potential predator. Frequently, people unknowingly come into contact with these species and experience the painful sensation of envenomation. While the vast majority of scorpion stings do not result in life-threatening situations, scorpion stings can produce life-threatening situations. When a victim of a scorpion sting presents to the emergency department, there are a few things to keep in mind to guide care for the patient safely.[1][2][3][4]


While there are roughly 1750 species of scorpions in the world, only 25 are considered to be lethal to humans. In most cases, the sting of a scorpion causes pain but is relatively harmless to a healthy adult. Species found in Asia, Africa, and South America may need medical attention due to the potentially toxic effects of their venom. Rather than just causing a local skin reaction, these species are capable of producing systemic symptoms, including hemolysis, hemorrhage, and neuromuscular dysfunction. Scorpions may sting many times, but their venom becomes depleted with each sting.


The effect of the scorpion sting is highly dependent on the species. While species like Centruroides and Parabuthus cause neuromuscular issues, Buthus, Mesobuthus, and Androctonus exhibit life-threatening cardiovascular effects. These worrisome effects are mostly seen in the elderly and even more so in infants and young children. In the United States, Centruroides exilicauda is the most common culprit of envenomation, while Centruroides vittatus is the second most common. There are no reported deaths from scorpion envenomation in Arizona since 1968. Supportive care usually prevents mortality.


In Mexico and the United States, many scorpion stings occur each year; however, only a few cause systemic effects. When severe symptoms do occur, they are usually due to the Centruroides species.[5][6] Gradings of the severity of envenomation were created for incidents involving the Centruroides or Parabuthus scorpions.

Grade 1 involves local pain and paresthesias at the sting site. The puncture wound may not be noticeable in this grade. The “tap test” may confirm a provider’s suspicion of a sting by exilicauda by distracting the patient and tapping on the area of the sting, causing increased pain. This reaction does not occur with other species. Care is limited to analgesia. Historical and epidemiologic clues may also help in confirming a scorpion sting.

Grade 2 involves local pain and paresthesias existing at the sting site as well as proximal to the sting site. Recommended care includes analgesia with optional anxiolytics if needed. More distant symptoms can radiate up to the same extremity or even to the contralateral limbs.

Grade 3 includes grade 2 classification factors with added cranial nerve (increased oral secretions, blurry vision, rapid tongue movement, nystagmus), or skeletal neuromuscular dysfunction (flailing of the extremities and tetanus-like arching of the back) and can also be accompanied by autonomic dysfunction. Grade 3 envenomations can sometimes affect airways. Patients with Grade 3 stings require analgesia and anxiolytics as well as antivenom. Centruroides do sometimes produce autonomic dysfunction, and most commonly, symptoms include salivation, vomiting, bronchoconstriction, diaphoresis, and tachycardia. Parabuthus stings can also produce autonomic dysfunction, but uniquely, it can lead to urinary retention.

Unlike grade 3 envenomations where the patient will experience either cranial nerve or skeletal muscle dysfunction, grade 4 envenomations include both. This can cause hyperthermia, up to 104 degrees F, rhabdomyolysis, pulmonary edema, and multiple organ failures. Again, antivenom is critical in this situation. Adults do become envenomed more often than children; however, children do exhibit more severe illness as a consequence more often than adults.


Although less than 10% of scorpion stings cause systemic symptoms, those that do can be serious. Neurotoxins are the mainstay of symptomatology in envenomations. The venom of some species can cause prolonged depolarization by causing incomplete inactivation of sodium channels resulting in a slow influx of sodium. This influx then leads to membrane hyperexcitability and unregulated axon firing by inhibiting the inactivation of an action potential. The neurotoxins also cause the excessive release of acetylcholine from parasympathetic ganglia as well as the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine from sympathetic ganglia and the adrenal glands. In turn, envenomations can produce cholinergic as well as sympathetic stimulation. Typical cholinergic symptoms include diaphoresis, priapism, lacrimation, vomiting, diarrhea, and bradycardia. Typical sympathetic symptoms include hypertension, tachycardia, and restlessness.[7]

History and Physical

Most scorpion stings cause a local inflammatory reaction and pain. When the venom affects the sodium channels, this may manifest as seizure-like activity in the patient and obscure the clinical picture, especially when the child or infant is unable to relay an accurate history. Intubation may be required in these patients, as motor hyperactivity of the pharyngeal muscles and uncontrolled diaphragmatic and intercostal neuromuscular activity may occur. These symptoms may progress quickly, causing impending airway collapse. In the select species causing cardiopulmonary effects, tachycardia, pulmonary edema, and more importantly, cardiogenic shock may be present. While uncommon, there are documented cases of local tissue necrosis days to weeks after the initial sting.


History and physical most commonly diagnose scorpion stings. Usually, the patient can visualize the scorpion, and the practitioner will observe an erythematous area on the skin with local inflammation. Numbness and weakness at the site may also occur. If concern for systemic organ involvement, basic laboratory studies are recommended, including a complete blood count, a comprehensive metabolic panel, PT/INR, PTT, and lipase. Laboratory studies are usually reserved for patients with severe (grade 3 to 4) envenomations. Scorpion stings are known to be an uncommon but real cause of pancreatitis.[4][4][6]

Treatment / Management

Most stings only require supportive therapy, including ibuprofen, cleaning of the sting area, and tetanus prophylaxis. Patients should remain under observation for at least 4 hours, but the onset of life-threatening symptoms occurs much quicker in children, with an average of 14 minutes. In patients displaying severe symptoms such as hypersalivation, clonus, rapid eye movements, or restlessness, immediate intervention is critical. These patients may need endotracheal intubation due to the possibility of a rapid onset of severe pulmonary edema. As cardiogenic shock can complicate this, the administration of dobutamine has demonstrated to be helpful. Intravenous benzodiazepines may be an option if the patient displays muscle spasticity. Antivenom is reserved for patients showing skeletal muscle, or cranial nerve dysfunction who are stung by either Centruroides or Parabuthus It is available in the United States, which is intravenous scorpion-specific F(ab’)2 equine antivenom. It is intravenously dosed at three vials in 20 to 50 mL of normal saline and infused over 30 minutes. It can reduce the duration of clinical symptoms if given within 4 hours of the sting. The recommended dose is three vials, followed by an additional two if symptoms continue.

Complications are low and comprise mostly serum sickness (0.5%). Newer versions of antivenom are considered much safer than the previous antivenom, which was marketed in 1965 and taken off shelves in 2001 due to its high rates of anaphylaxis (3. 4%). There are no reported cases of anaphylaxis in patients administered the newer formulation. Although effective, the more recent version can be quite expensive, with some hospitals charging upward of $40,000 per vial. IV fluids, epinephrine, and intubation equipment should be made available before the administration of the antivenom in case of anaphylactic shock. If a patient is observed for 4 hours and is determined to have a mild sting, is tolerating oral intake, and has adequate pain control, the patient may be safely discharged home with return precautions. The efficacy of the Anascorp was determined to reduce the duration of clinical signs and symptoms in patients with Grade III or IV envenomations. In one trial involving 15 children, the eight who received the antivenom had complete resolution of symptoms within 4 hours; versus only one of the seven who received a placebo. Although the antivenom can be quite expensive, the cost of the prolonged hospitalization does seem to provide advantages to providing patients with the antivenom in those that have a Grade III or IV envenomation. [8]

Enhancing Healthcare Team Outcomes

Scorpion stings are best managed through an interprofessional approach that includes first responders, ER providers, and a poison control center. Most patients only require supportive treatment with pain control. In rare cases, the patient may need longer observation in the ICU.  When a grade 3 or 4 envenomation is suspected, the provider should always contact the closest poison control center for assistance and further recommendations. Although most scorpion stings are mild and not life-threatening, scorpion stings can cause significant harm to the patient, especially in very young or elderly patients. In these patients, securing the airway is critical if they are unresponsive to antivenom and other medical interventions, as mentioned above.


Scorpion Toxicity/Androctonus Australis, Adult Female. Contributed by Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)


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Scorpions | NIOSH | CDC


Scorpions usually hide during the day and are active at night. They may be hiding under rocks, wood, or anything else lying on the ground. Some species may also burrow into the ground. Most scorpions live in dry, desert areas. However, some species can be found in grasslands, forests, and inside caves.

U.S. Geographic Region

Southern and Southwestern United States.


Symptoms of a scorpion sting may include:

  • A stinging or burning sensation at the injection site (very little swelling or inflammation)
  • Positive “tap test” (i. e., extreme pain when the sting site is tapped with a finger)
  • Restlessness
  • Convulsions
  • Roving eyes
  • Staggering gait
  • Thick tongue sensation
  • Slurred speech
  • Drooling
  • Muscle twitches
  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Respiratory depression

These symptoms usually subside within 48 hours, although stings from a bark scorpion can be life-threatening.

Employer Recommendations

Employers should protect their workers from scorpions by training them about:

  • Their risk of exposure
  • Scorpion identification
  • How to prevent exposure
  • What to do if stung

Worker Recommendations

Workers should take the following steps to prevent scorpion stings:

  • Wear long sleeves and pants.
  • Wear leather gloves.
  • Shake out clothing or shoes before putting them on.
  • Workers with a history of severe allergic reactions to insect bites or stings should consider carrying an epinephrine auto injector (EpiPen) and should wear a medical identification bracelet or necklace stating their allergy.

First Aid

Workers should take the following steps if they are stung by a scorpion:

  • Contact a qualified health care provider or poison control center for advice and medical instructions.
  • Ice may be applied directly to the sting site (never submerge the affected limb in ice water).
  • Remain relaxed and calm.
  • Do not take any sedatives.
  • Capture the scorpion for identification if it is possible to do so safely.

Stinging Scorpion vs. Pain-Defying Mouse

But there is one unlikely creature that appears unimpressed. While it may not look the part, the Southern grasshopper mouse (Onychomys torridus) is an extremely capable hunter. It fearlessly stalks and devours any beetles or grasshoppers that have the misfortune to cross its path. But this mouse has a particular taste for scorpions.

At Michigan State University, Ashlee Rowe studies this evolutionary predator-prey relationship, particularly the way the mice can come away unharmed.

“They are resistant to the toxins,” said Rowe, an assistant professor of neuroscience and biology. “That’s how they’ve evolved to make their living in the desert.”

A Southern grasshopper stalks its prey. (Layne Cameron/Michigan State University)

Rowe’s lab studies the mouse’s hunting technique and the way the scorpion venom acts within the mouse. Rowe and her team filmed grasshopper mice hunting the scorpions in a controlled setting.

“If you see them attack, they are incredibly aggressive, especially if they’re hungry,” she said.

The scorpion venom contains neurotoxins that target sodium and potassium ion channels, proteins embedded within the surface of the nerve and muscle cells that play an important role in regulating the sensation of pain. Activating these channels sends signals down the nerves to the brain. That’s what causes the excruciating pain that human victims have described as the feeling like getting jabbed with a hot needle. Others compare the pain to an electric shock. But the grasshopper mouse has an entirely different reaction when stung.

Within the mouse, a special protein in one of the sodium ion channels binds to the scorpion’s neurotoxin. Once bound, the neurotoxin is unable to activate the sodium ion channel and send the pain signal. Instead it has the entirely opposite effect. It shuts down the channel, keeping it from sending any signals, which has a numbing effect for the mouse.

“If you block those electrical signals you block pain,” Rowe said. “The mouse actually feels less pain after it’s stung. As far as we know this is unique to grasshopper mice”

The Southern grasshopper mouse, seen here with eyes closed for protection, is able to withstand repeated scorpion stings while subduing its prey. (Layne Cameron/Michigan State University)

And that is what makes the grasshopper mouse such an interesting research subject, she said. The hope is that unlocking the grasshopper mouse’s mechanisms of tolerating the scorpion’s venom might one day help scientists learn to make more precise forms of painkillers for humans.

“Medicines could be developed to interact with a single sodium channel in humans,” said Rowe. “Analgesics could be developed to alleviate pain without side effects.”

5 Things You Need to Do When You Get Stung by a Scorpion

Scorpions belong to the Arachnida class, and they are related to spiders, mites, and ticks. The average size of scorpions is about 3 inches long, but other species may be smaller or larger than that. Some people have scorpions for pets, others have them as pests infesting their homes and in some cases, people get in contact with these creatures through their jobs and other activities.

Regardless of how you perceive them, scorpions have venom and they have the ability to sting you. Here’s what you need to know about scorpion stings and what you need to do in case you get stung.

What Causes the Sting?

The sting coming from a scorpion is released from the tail or stinger. The type of venom a scorpion releases is dependent on the species it belongs to. But generally, the venom is a mixture of different toxins that can affect the nervous system.

There are almost 2,000 scorpion species in the world today, but only 30 or 40 of them are said to inflict stings that can cause fatal harm or effect. In the United States, the bark scorpion, which is typically dominant in the southwest regions including Arizona, has a type of venom that can have severe implications.

Scorpion stings are typically harmless and the discomfort coming from being stung is usually manageable. However, there are cases when scorpion stings have adverse effects and may even result to death.

Scorpions are not typically aggressive and they don’t sting every species that they come in contact with. They only sting other creatures, including humans, if they feel provoked. In fact, they can control the amount of venom they release depending on how threatened they feel they are. That’s why some scorpion stings may not be as severe as others.

If you or a loved one experiences a scorpion sting, here are five things you should do:


Determine who got stung.

As mentioned, scorpion stings typically don’t have adverse impact to health, and all they give off is minor discomfort and pain. However, there are cases when symptoms can be more severe, especially for young children and older people who have weak or still developing immune systems.

When a child or an elder gets stung, it always pays to be risk-averse. Pay attention to the symptoms they manifest, and take them to the doctor right away. This helps prevent any severe reactions to the sting and contain the situation before it goes out of hand. Just the same, take your pet to the vet immediately when it experiences a scorpion sting.

When an adult was stung, it’s advisable to observe the symptoms first. At the first sign of a severe reaction, head to the emergency room right away.

But how do you differentiate a mild from a severe symptom? Let’s look into it in the next item.

2. Examine your symptoms.

The body’s reaction to scorpion stings can either be mild or severe. It depends on a lot of factors such as the person’s overall health, the type of scorpion, and the amount of venom released.

For most adults, scorpion stings will only result to mild symptoms that can be managed without seeking the help of a doctor. Mild symptoms include:

  • Discomfort that gradually decreases overtime
  • Pain
  • Slight swelling on the affected area
  • Numbing, tingling, or burning sensation on the sting and its surrounding area

Meanwhile, a person can also manifest severe symptoms due to a scorpion sting. These include:

  • Muscle twitching
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Unusual head and neck movements
  • Seizures
  • Blurred vision
  • Thick tongue
  • Drooling or salivating
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • High and low blood pressure
  • Accelerated or irregular heartbeat
  • Restlessness

Severe symptoms rarely happen, but when they become evident, you need to seek medical attention immediately.

3. Know the Type of Treatment to Seek.

In most cases, scorpion stings don’t warrant a trip to the emergency room. If you are only manifesting mild symptoms, a scorpion sting can be easily treated at home through these steps:

  • Wash the affected area with soap and water. Take off any form of jewelry or accessory that may affect circulation when the area swells. For instance, if you get stung on your finger and you’re wearing a ring, you should take it off for the meantime.
  • Apply cool compress directly on the sting and the surrounding area. This is advisable for the first two hours after the sting.
  • Take pain relievers to manage the pain and discomfort. But before doing so, consult your doctor about the right type of pain medication to take to avoid any further complications.

Meanwhile, if a child, an elder, or a pet was stung, seek medical attention right away, especially if they are manifesting severe symptoms. Continue to apply cold compress on the affected area on your way to the clinic or hospital.

If you were stung while in a foreign country or travelling, you should seek medical attention immediately.

4. If possible, take the scorpion to the doctor.

The best way to determine the right treatment for a scorpion sting is to know the type of scorpion that stung the patient. If you’re able to capture the scorpion, secure it in a container and bring it to your doctor. However, be careful when trying to catch it, and make sure that you don’t get stung in the process.

5. Prevent future scorpion stings.

Scorpions are generally not aggressive unless they are provoked, but it’s important to know how to avoid their stings and how you can prevent them from inhabiting your home.

If you have a scorpion as a pet, you should know how to properly handle it in order to prevent them from stinging you, your family, and your other pets.

Meanwhile, if you work in an area where scorpions most likely thrive, always wear protective clothing to help prevent any form of contact between scorpions and your body. If you spot a scorpion crawling on your skin, quickly brush it away and don’t slap it. If you slap a scorpion, it may end up stinging you if you didn’t hurt it enough.

There are cases when scorpions leave their outdoor habitat and enter structures like homes and buildings when they search for shelter and water. This is one of the causes of scorpion infestations, and you can avoid it through regular AZ pest inspections. More so, if there’s an on-going scorpion situation in your home, you should rely on professional pest treatments to prevent any form of injury from inflicting you and your family. Please get in touch with us if you need any assistance in Gilbert scorpion removal or Gilbert pest infestation.

Scorpion stings can range from being manageable to fatal. That’s why you need to be aware of what you need to do in case you or a loved one was stung. This handy guide can help you not only with addressing scorpion stings, but also with preventing these creatures from causing any further harm to your family and home. Contact us today!

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Scorpion sting gives desert mice pain-proof superpower 

The sting of the Arizona bark scorpion is known to unleash a searing pain through its victim, but to grasshopper mice, which hunt the predatory arthropod, the venom feels like a soothing dose of morphine. 

Researchers who study the unique pain-proofing tricks of the desert dwelling mice say the rodent’s ability to turn the tables on the venom could inspire new pain-management therapies.

People who’ve been stung by scorpions have vivid memories of their experience. “They say it feels like being burned with cigarette, or like you’ve been branded, or like a nail being driven through your skin,” Ashlee Rowe, a zoologist at Michigan State University, told NBC News. 

But in grasshopper mice, the venom turns off pain receptors instead of activating them, Rowe and her colleagues explain in a new paper in the Thursday edition of Science.

The effect would be “like an injection of lidocaine, but probably more powerful,” Theodore Cummins, professor of toxicology at Indiana University, and Rowe’s collaborator on the study told NBC News. 

The researchers lined up grasshopper mice and common house mice and injected them with a neutral salt solution, formalin — which the mice find slightly painful — and small doses of scorpion venom. 

The grasshopper mice didn’t notice a thing when they were dosed with bark scorpion venom. In fact, when that dose was followed by a shot of usually painful formalin, they shrugged that off as well.

A grasshopper mouse with a mouthful of fresh-killed bark scorpion.Ashlee and Matthew Rowe / Michigan State University

But when Rowe injected house mice with the venom, she saw temporary paralysis, seizures, excessive swallowing and salivation as the toxins cranked up the electrical circuitry in the body. “It’s like the circuits are going haywire,” she said. 

The bark scorpion venom is likely not just one compound, but a cocktail of up to 40 to 60 different toxins. The compounds home in on cellular on-off switches that are embedded throughout a mammalian system, that control the nervous signals and muscle movements. 

Painful venoms target the switches in charge of pain receptors, and wreck havoc with the pain control in mammals (and humans). Like the bark scorpion venom, these toxins offer scientists a launching point to study how pain works, and perhaps create drugs that can better control it. 

For example, in 2005, a synthetic cocktail of cone snail venom was approved by the FDA as a painkiller. Also on the list for study: tarantula venom and centipede venom, to inspire long-lasting, broad-spectrum treatments for chronic pain.

Grasshopper mice seem to have figured much of this out — in addition to hunting stinging scorpions, they also hunt and eat tarantulas, and are known to fight off predatory giant centipedes. For Rowe, the next steps are to investigate if the rodents are numb to the spider venom as well. “They actually are super mice,” she said. 

Ashlee Rowe, Yucheng Xiao, Matthew Rowe, Theodore Cummins, and Harold Zakon are authors of “Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel in Grasshopper Mice Defends Against Bark Scorpion Toxin.”

Nidhi Subbaraman writes about science and technology. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

90,000 Named scary symptoms of scorpion bites in Egypt


Local authorities promise that the antidote will last for a long time

The number of people stung by scorpions in Egypt continues to grow. Poisonous arthropods have intensified due to storms, forcing them to abandon their hiding places in many homes in Aswan province.

According to Egyptian state media reports, more than five hundred people were hospitalized for scorpion bites in southern Egypt after storms forced the creatures to flee their homes.

According to The Guardian, last weekend in the Egyptian province of Aswan rained downpours, hail and thunder that were rare in the region, as a result of which, according to Governor Ashraf Attia, three people died. According to CNN, the victims of the disaster were members of the Egyptian security forces. Thus, the initial reports of the death of three people as a result of scorpion bites have been refuted.

As for people stung by scorpions, they were given doses of antivenom and then prescribed.

Acting Health Minister Khalid Abdel-Ghafar confirmed in a statement that no deaths from scorpion bites have been reported.

Photos and videos shared on social media showed flooded streets and damaged houses, cars and agricultural farms. School activities have been suspended and power outages have been reported throughout the region. Navigation on the Nile has also been suspended and roads closed during storms on Friday.

As noted by CNN, the Aswan area typically receives about 1mm of rainfall per year, making the severe thunderstorms and hailstorms that happened late last week quite rare.

Doctors were recalled from holidays and hospitals were placed on high alert, Deputy Minister of Health in Aswan, Ehab Hanafi, told Al-Ahram daily.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health has assured the public that it has sufficient doses of antivenom against scorpion bites and over 3000 doses are available in Aswan.According to Deputy Minister Hanafi, additional doses of the drug were sent to areas near mountains and deserts.

Scorpion bite victims reported their symptoms included severe pain, fever, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors and twitching of the head.

In the mountains of Aswan, as The Guardian writes with reference to the Al Jazeera channel, the scorpion Androctonus crassicauda lives, the name of which translates as “the killer of people”. Arthropods of this species are considered one of the most dangerous scorpions in the world, they have a very toxic poison, but in reality they cause only a few human deaths a year.

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Today: Horoscopes / General characteristics of signs / Scorpio

Scorpio is very good at controlling his character, but there are signs by which you can recognize these people. Their eyes radiate hypnotism, the gaze of these people penetrates deep into you. In general, Scorpio is an expression of the EGO. They know their own worth very well and nothing will change his own opinion of himself. Insults bounce off of them, and compliments may not cause any emotion or any other change on their faces.They do not want to hear about their vices or shortcomings from others – they know everything about themselves. Their smile is sincere, the reaction of the body is minimized, tk. their art is to penetrate your soul without being recognized. Be on the lookout for Scorpio as outwardly, they can give the impression of gentle and naive people. Many of them know that their eyes express their nature, so they try to wear dark glasses. Never ask their opinion or advice, as in response, you will hear the naked truth, and you may not like it.They never flatter, and if they say something pleasant to you, appreciate it, because for sure it is said sincerely.

But do not believe that Scorpio thinks only of himself – he can help you in word and deed, they usually attract either loyal admirers or envious and spiteful enemies to themselves. But even enemies respect Scorpio and speak well of him. There is something nice about these people. The typical Scorpio is rarely afraid of anything. These are usually brave and fearless people. They are amazingly loyal friends. For the sake of a friend, they can go to great lengths.They will never forget the kindness shown to him, or a gift, but accordingly they will never forget the insult or wound inflicted by someone. They may plan their revenge or strike with their sting immediately, but more often than not they plan.

Scorpio’s health can be shattered from melancholy or hard work. But this sign has the ability to restore its health at will, if there is one. Usually they rarely get sick, but they get sick, as a rule, seriously, they need a long rest and attentive attitude, they always know more about their illness than the doctors and nurses who treat them.They are prone to diseases of the throat, back, heart, circulatory system, legs. They are very often injured in sports. They should avoid fire, explosions, radiation.

This is a heroic person, they are very attached to the family, they love to protect the weak and children. Among them are either saints or sinners. They have a violent possessive instinct for what they consider to be their property. A Scorpio can do almost anything that he really wants to achieve. The magical and mysterious power of Pluto turns his desires into reality.Scorpio knows the secrets of life and death and he has the ability to win both if he wants to. But astrology warns him that he should not know more than he knows.

He succeeds in almost everything without much effort. This is more like luck than a manifestation of his own will. One of the strangest things in astrology is that someone in a family dies either a year before he was born or a year after he was born. And when Scorpio dies, then in his family someone is born either a year before his death, or a year later.This happens in at least 95 percent. This explains the fact that the symbol of Pluto is the Phoenix bird, reborn from the ashes, and Scorpio personifies rebirth. Scorpion steel is red-hot and tempered in a furnace, then it becomes cold and strong enough to control his soul fire.


If you fell in love with Scorpio and the word passion scares you, put on krassovki and run as fast as if the devil himself is chasing you. And so it is. I do not mean romantic passion, although it may lead everything.Scorpio is passionate about everything: friendship, politics, work, food, children, relatives. This is not the right person for your psyche if emotional stress turns you off. Don’t look back – you better run!

You’ll think I’m out of my mind when you meet this person. So much he gives the impression of a person who is even and calm. And how can anyone suspect that a person with such self-control can be passionate and even dangerously passionate? This is because he is calm only on the surface, inside his passions are red-hot.Don’t touch it – you know perfectly well how long burn wounds take to heal. After your meeting with a Scorpio, your heart may ache for months or years. And all the ambulances are useless.

Remember your grandmother’s favorite saying: “It is better to measure 7 times than cut once.” This refers to the sting of the Scorpio. Therefore, think better about your safety. Know firmly who you are dealing with. If your own sign gave you a reinforced concrete nature that is not afraid of fire, then please feel free to get carried away and play with this dynamite.If you have this nature, then you can keep its flame in check and make it so that it will warm your heart throughout your life. Perhaps you yourself are a burning nature, then everything is in order. Then everything will depend on the degree of heating, if your passions have an automatic thermostat that will instantly cool them down when his passions flare up.

Let’s pretend that you are that kind of person. What is hidden behind these hypnotic, piercing Scorpio eyes? Surely he did not make a neutral impression on you when you first met.Either you thought he was nice and fun, or that he was a perverse and passionate person. The trouble is, he is both. This man is invincible. Hidden behind his cold restraint is a boiling cauldron, which is constantly boiling. If you are lucky, the lid of this boiler will be permanently closed for a long time. But a blow to his pride can blow up this cauldron. Sometimes it is nice to feel that you were not caught in this explosion. Never do anything yourself to cause an explosion.
Scorpio will amaze you with its duality: it combines intelligence and passion.Intelligence and emotion govern him the same way. He’s more than smart. This is a deeply philosophical nature, interested in the secrets of life and coming close to the answers. There are Scorpios who can live without any comfort, but the true nature of this sign is sensuality. He usually surrounds himself with luxury. He is prone to excess in food, drugs, alcohol, and of course, in love. Love never finds him unprepared. She was already in his head when he first got on the tricycle. Of course, you can meet a Scorpio who will look completely innocent, with a disarming youthful charm, and a complete lack of seductive manners.It may seem to you that I am speaking exaggeratedly about his passion. Then ask his wife. Nothing leaves him indifferent in life. These men have an explosive temperament that can wound a lifetime. When he sticks his sting in, it really hurts. But he doesn’t just enjoy the victory, he must win. Something inside him dies when he loses even in actions. When he is disappointed, you will not see the emotions on his face, he controls himself very well. He can brutally torture a woman before deciding to grab her by the hair and drag her into his jungle.

Naturally, there are some Scorpios who will propose to you in a graceful manner on their knees, but do not be fooled, he just behaves as is accepted in society and wants to preserve his dignity. Your reputation must be impeccable. He does not tolerate anything cheap and ludicrous, despite his exotic nature.

Each Scorpio is a lawgiver within himself. He is completely indifferent to what others think of him. Of course he would like to be a respected person, but if this prevents him from realizing his goals, then he does not care about it.None of his decisions are postponed under the pressure of the opinions of friends, relatives, neighbors, and, unfortunately, under your pressure. But wait, despair, this kind of determination usually produces an attractive, free spirit that doesn’t care what other people say about it. Are honesty and courage bad? It is very interesting to watch a Scorpio when he acts in some difficult circumstances at a time when others hesitate, get scared, or do not know what to do. His courageous and strong nature reaches its peak at such moments.He is rarely jealous and self-pitying. And he does not believe that life and its difficulties are exactly what he was born for. He has one very frightening feature – he is attracted by secrets, riddles, he will not miss any of them. And since feminine mystery is the strongest feminine protection, your soul will be constantly exposed to him if you open up completely to him. You will not have a single secret in front of his eyes and shrewd questions.

He has very high standards, and he carefully selects his friends.This is a rare type of man who can drink pure alcohol and share rude male jokes, and then turn into a gentle and gentle lover for a woman. But on the other hand, he does not have such a quality as forgiving, submitting to anything, or just being careful. He can be very cruel for completely inexplicable reasons and can take some kind of sadistic pleasure in bullying you. In public, in public, he may tell you something unflattering, such as that you are fat or stupid. This is one of his entertainments.Smile back, even if it kills you. After all, I warned you that Scorpio does not disclose his motives for doing something. And this tendency towards cruelty is not pacified by love; it may even intensify over the years. He rarely shows his true emotions in front of everyone, but together with you he can say what he really thinks. After marriage, you can feel some kind of security. But up to this point, all his tricks can hurt you very much. It is useless to tell him that you are hurt by his cruel behavior.In this case, he will tell you: “I am not holding you.” It will take time to adjust to his personality.

If you are too soft, you will be constantly worried. Never ask him what he thinks about your new dress or hairstyle if you are not ready to hear the naked, naked truth. But at least you will know that he does not flatter you. And, probably, it is better to hear the brave truth, and from time to time pleasant phrases addressed to you, which you will really like. When it comes to jealousy, you have to be very careful here.It will explode if you just blink an eye in the presence of another man, although in fact, at that moment, a speck was in your eye. But it’s better to pack your jealousy in a suitcase and lock it up. Your tears and reproaches will not make any impression on him. And no matter how he behaves, repeat constantly to yourself: “He loves me, he is true to his deep feelings, he only practices his hypnotic art with other women.” Tell yourself this every day, especially when you go to bed. Women find him irresistible and attractive.But remember that if there is anyone who can resist such attention from women, it is your Scorpio. Are you feeling better now?

It is possible that he will be a very demanding father. His children will not be able to be lazy and naughty. He will teach them to respect themselves. And although he loves them with sincere love, like everything else, he will protect them, but at the same time he will teach independence.

Scorpio will never allow his wife to dictate anything to him. He is a man and you are a woman.If you have any doubt about this, he will remove it quickly, and it only takes one lesson. However, with a wife who understands him, he will be gentle and attentive and will repay her with loyalty and such love that many women have only read novels about. Do not try to resist this man, if he decided that he needs you, he will still hypnotize you. Its magnetism is almost physically palpable. A woman must be very brave to live with him and not break.

Hold on tight so as not to fall and keep your eyes wide, and you will see a horizon that is not accessible to the timid.Look up the trees, have you ever seen the sun rise like this ?! And from such a height? Its sunset will be just as great.


She has a deep mysterious beauty. She is attractive, proud and absolutely confident. She secretly regrets not being born a man. But she is sure that she is an expression of true femininity. She has enough charm and is very seductive. But I’m not saying that she looks like a man. She just would rather be a man subconsciously, to have more opportunities than charm.But she doesn’t even admit it to herself. The Scorpio woman looks down on those women who are suited to the role of a gentle woman and mother. But she knows how to control her desire to dominate, perfectly acting as a feminine creature. And he does it with greater grace than signs, in which (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) there is also a masculine side.

Sometimes a man may be surprised by a change in her behavior. She knows how to present her nature at the right time and attract a man with subtle perfumes, exotic looks and other tricks.She knows very well not to light herself a cigarette match or blow smoke in your face. She will move towards you slowly, seductively, silently, enveloping you with her charm. This woman looks good in jeans and sneakers. You shouldn’t expect her to adore you blindly. She perfectly understands what is on your mind. You can whisper something romantic in the ear of another woman, and Scorpio will simply look at you with his piercing gaze and immediately understand all your true intentions.This woman is a real X-ray machine. Therefore, you shouldn’t play with her. If you are not serious about it, you are wasting her time and thereby offend her. And I would not advise you that.

I can say that this real femme fatale can hide her nature behind a charming smile, good manners, a quiet voice, seem like an angel. But you need to be on your guard. She can be dominant, sarcastic, and then hot to 100 degrees, or she can hate you very much, but she can also love you very much.This woman has a gift for making goosebumps run on her skin. She possesses almost black magic and uses it so deftly that sometimes it seems like a real witch. Because of her mystical feeling, she can very often recognize her future partner at a glance. Naturally, you will feel its influence on yourself. At the same time, you can have two reactions: either you will be completely seized by her charm, or you will have a desire to run away. Wait a bit – she can teach you a lot.In any case, you should consider yourself flattered by her interest in you.

She does not recognize weaknesses in a man. She needs a man with ambition and courage. He must dominate her, but at the same time she must be able to maintain her individuality. He must be strong, courageous and look better than others, possess a highly developed intellect more than mere knowledge of philosophical works. You will think that you are higher than others because she paid attention to you, your stakes will rise greatly.By getting close to her, you will feel like a unique and unusual person. Surely, her love cannot be compared with your previous hobbies. You will be her most important hobby and interest in life. She will try to please you with all her passionate assertiveness. Apparently the word “passionate” has already caught your attention.

Most men have already heard the exciting rumors about the passion of these women. It is true, inside she burns with passion, which is under control. At the same time, she shows a cold attitude towards strangers, and her external calmness resembles black velvet.But man, the word “passion” refers only to love. For this woman, such a definition does not fit.

Passion is present in all her deeds and actions. She’s never just interested. It is impossible to imagine her indifferent. She rarely likes or dislikes something, she either completely denies, adores or ignores. However, she remains calm on the surface. She has many virtues, but there can also be strong vices. Therefore, you better think about her virtues, since she is attracted to exploring all the dark sides.Since she has no fears, her research can be carried too far.

But the typical Scorpio woman always remains strong and pure. She can experience a lot in life and enrich her knowledge and experience. But somehow suspicions and rumors don’t stick to her, she remains above other women. She can keep other people’s secrets, although on her own soul you can hang a sign “No unauthorized entry”. She loves to listen to secrets, but she herself will not confess to anyone. Do not try to find out her secrets – she has a part of her soul that is not worth touching and which belongs only to her.This does not mean that she is untrue or deceitful, on the contrary! But there are things that she will never tell anyone.

She is very loyal to those whom she considers strong and deserving of attention and respect. But she does not even honor the weak with a glance. The dignity she maintains in relationships sometimes makes her snobbish and somewhat aloof. To some extent, this is how it is. She adheres to her own caste system, which is more pronounced than that of other women. All Scorpios are very selective about friendship.She will keep a standing friend for life, but she will freeze her relationships with small and uninteresting people. She has great determination and endurance. This helps her to overcome many temptations, for example, addiction to alcohol, drugs, depression. She needs to be a lawful wife in order to bring love and affection to a man.

If circumstances do not allow you to get married, she will love you, regardless of what the neighbors say. And often these relationships are better, more honest than in marriage.She has her own laws. Despite her strong personality, she allows the man to be the master and helps him achieve his goals. Your future will be important to her, she can sacrifice her career for this. She can fight you in private, but fiercely defend you in public. Your happiness comes first for her. She will patiently help you in everything, she will not whine and complain. She loves her home, where cleanliness, taste and comfort reign. Food is served on time, everything is in order.

For a Scorpio woman, spring cleaning is like a vacation.She loves to clean corners, but be careful not to find any notes that smell like perfume. She is very suspicious even when there is no reason. So be careful. You shouldn’t suspect her, although you will have many cases for this. And you will want to ask her some questions. You better swallow them. Your questions will not be answered. You say that this is not fair, but she is. Live with her or leave her, perhaps you will stay with her, tk. leaving it is almost impossible. She will be in your heart all your life.Better to adapt to her nature. Nobody leaves the Scorpio woman. Didn’t you know that? Then let those who left her teach you something.

She often lacks the ability to keep her mouth shut and contain a harsh tone while analyzing something or someone. When it comes to budget, her behavior is unpredictable. She can save money, then she becomes a spender. But one thing is for sure – money gives her pleasure. She cares about prestige, so she does not like a lack of money. She loves power.Remember that she is too proud to live in an environment that does not suit her, but for your sake she can do it if it helps your career. She will either try to improve her financial situation, or pretend that poverty gives her pleasure, but inside she will be deeply unhappy.

She may be the owner, but will not allow anyone to consider herself the property of someone. One of her bad traits is her reluctance to accept anyone’s point of view other than her own when her nerves are on edge.In the midst of a quarrel with her, you need to remember that she always strives to be the winner. The last word should remain with her. If you lie to her even once, she will lie to you twice. If you didn’t kiss her goodnight after a fight, she won’t kiss you for a month. Her sense of justice is as strong as her sense of vindictiveness. Most people forget about it. She will remember all the good things that you have done to her and in response to your kindness she will respond doubly.

With children, her expression of love may lack tenderness.She will teach them courage, but can be blind to their shortcomings. Sometimes a Scorpio woman can drown you in her passions, but in a real storm, her mind and steel will will be salutary. She may be a little dangerous, but very attractive. When you have had your coffee, ask her to tell you fortunes on the coffee grounds. She can if she wants to. Are you saying you didn’t know this? But I said that there is something in her that belongs only to her.

horoscope for November 14, 2021 – News of Samara and the Samara region – STRC Samara


Nobody is interested in your excuses.But a clear position will help you achieve what you want. You need to take responsibility for what is said and done. Be sure to talk, and do not hide the resentment somewhere deep in your soul.


You need to think about yourself. The whole beauty of life is forgotten in the working rhythm. Breathe deeply. Treat yourself to a new thing or a necessary thing in the house. The money spent will be returned to you, and you will be satisfied.


Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.Quarrels and small misunderstandings with a loved one are possible, but this can be avoided if you do not succumb to emotions.


It’s time to sort out all the financial issues. Be that as it may, remember that the most important thing is close people, and the material should fade into the background. Do not be rude and do not offend your family – they are your support.


The stars advise you to build specific goals and tasks in your head.So you will move forward much faster and more confidently, realizing all your ideas. With regard to health, exacerbations of chronic diseases are possible.


It will be ideal to spend time with friends. Relax with a company outside the city by the lake or river. But if this is not possible, then feel free to go to the cinema or take a walk in the park. It is not the location that matters, but who you spend time with.


Libra will be able to carry out all their plans and goals that they wanted to achieve for so long.The family will help with this, because you have been trying for them for a long time, they will reciprocate you. Quarrels with colleagues at work are possible, but you will be able to quickly resolve them.


Scorpios, get ready for an interesting offer. Try to attend some interesting events, preferably a cultural one. This will help you make interesting acquaintances.


You can hurt very open and kind people.You may need to be in the role of a vest. Oddly enough, you can do it one hundred percent. Be empathetic and people will be drawn to you.


Astrologers advise to show all your abilities and talents. It is very important to reveal yourself to the fullest. You have the potential for many forms of art and creativity. The main thing is to start and then you will definitely succeed!


It’s time for you to think about what your calling is.But in no case associate your activities with risky organizations, the stars say, for investments, at the moment, the period is unfavorable.


Auspicious day for communication with Pisces. I manage to calmly and constructively discuss many important issues. It is possible that it is on this day that decisions will be made that will affect your professional future.

Read about what not to do on November 14 here. Http: // tvsamara.ru / news / 14-noyabrya-nuzhno-zharit-kocheta-i-prosit-o-krepkoi-seme-primety-i-zaprety-na-kuzminki /

90,000 All about Scorpio: interesting facts and features of the zodiac sign | Lifestyle

Useful tips

The sun begins its movement in the sign of Scorpio at about from October 24 and ends its journey here in about a month – November 22 . The time of entry of the Sun into signs varies from year to year , so the exact date may float a little (+/- one day).

Scorpio is perhaps the most controversial and most mysterious of all signs, and this is no coincidence. There are in his character so many facets that not every person can understand and appreciate all the qualities.

Due to the fact that some of the traits of Scorpios are very complicated, and Scorpio himself is often capable of intentionally or unwittingly hurting another person, this zodiac sign is sometimes feared by and bypassed by .

For example, one of the very noticeable qualities of Scorpios is rancor and vindictiveness, which are feared by those who live side by side with them.

But whatever the negative traits of Scorpios, they always remain attractive and alluring. They know how to manipulate and press on weak points, but if feel the safety of , they can be gentle, caring and very attentive.

Zodiac sign : Scorpio

Ruler Planet : Pluto (Mars)

Sign quality : fixed

Positive traits: 9017; decisiveness, reliability, passion

Negative features of : rancor, tendency to manipulate, revenge, possessiveness, secrecy

The symbol of this sign is stinging scorpion .Like their natural “brothers”, representatives of this sign know how to sting more painfully and when it is best to do it.

The graphic symbol of Scorpio ♏ has an arrow, which, on the one hand, resembles the tail of a living scorpion, on the other, it denotes the manifestation of free will, activity and purposefulness. The planet of activity Mars is the minor (i.e., junior) ruler of the Scorpio sign.

In the horoscope Scorpio is a symbolic reflection of the 8th field, the field of death and rebirth.Scorpio is a sign of fixed water, which can essentially be called ice. But if we speak metaphorically, stormy hot springs splash under the layer of ice of the Scorpio soul, because outwardly cold Scorpio always has serious passions boiling inside.

Another 20 interesting facts about Scorpio:

© Dzhulbee / Getty Images Pro

Fact 1 : Scorpios do not like monotony in life and often go to extremes. These extremes are inherent in their essence, character, behavior and even thoughts.If you have been with a Scorpio for a long time, you can understand how different he can be.

Fact 2 : It is Scorpios who are able to love to oblivion and also hate fiercely. In their love affairs, they can go through all stages from love to hate, or even vice versa: from hatred to love.

Fact 3 : Scorpios do not tolerate invasion of their space and defend their own in every possible way. Never encroach on what is sacred to Scorpio and what he truly considers his own!

Fact 4 : At a lower level of development, Scorpios do not like to give their own, but demand a lot from others.Sometimes such individuals do not mind encroaching on someone else’s. But, of course, it all depends on the level of personality development.

Fact 5 : Scorpios are very secretive and will never reveal what lies very deep inside. If you know the typical Scorpio very well, rest assured that you will never get to know him until the end!

Fact 6 : Scorpios have an incredible innate quality to influence other people, so they know how to manipulate and impose their point of view.Often such people are good psychologists without any psychological education.

© Allexxandar / Getty Images

Fact 7 : Scorpios have tremendous willpower, they know how to wait for the right moment and act purposefully. They will not be guided by instincts alone, but will include reason and an analytical mindset, if they realize that this is how they can get what they want.

Fact 8 : Inside the representatives of this sign are always full of hidden passions, which, upon close approach, are subconsciously read by other people, pushing or bringing them closer to Scorpios.

Fact 9 : Passions and internal contradictions, if you do not know how to transform them correctly, can bring harm to Scorpios: it is sometimes difficult for a person of this sign to keep everything in himself, but he also cannot otherwise.

Fact 10 : Scorpios often start acting with a strong need for inner transformation, and this is usually accompanied by heavy feelings. The inner feelings of Scorpio can be very strong, although no one can guess about his suffering.

Fact 11 : No matter how bad it is for Scorpio, he is able to relatively quickly regain strength and regain what he has lost. But if someone hurts them, they will take revenge, and often quite sophisticated and cruel.

Fact 12 : Scorpios are quite tough in a moral sense, and their willpower is almost impossible to break.

Fact 13 : Representatives of this sign are very distrustful and prefer to check the facts and words of people, even if it may take a long time.Scorpios can be skeptical about many things, and it often takes a lot of effort to prove something to them.

Fact 14 : Scorpios have a strong intuition, like other water signs, but they do not always trust her.

Fact 15 : Scorpios love to search and get to the bottom of things, they are usually attracted by everything secret and unknown.

Fact 16 : Scorpios love money and treat them with respect, at a lower level they are, to put it mildly, tight-fisted and thrifty personalities, at a higher level – people who know how to use other people’s money to increase the number of their own.

Fact 17 : Scorpios can show their fighting side of character even when there is no particular danger and nothing serious threatens them. However, it is better to be on the alert and be ready to defend yourself at any time, they say.

Fact 18 : Scorpios will most often tell you the truth, no matter how hard-hitting it may be for you, but they will hardly express any criticism if they are not asked about it. If you are interested in the opinion of a Scorpio, ask him, and you will hear a very precise definition without flattery and embellishment.

Fact 19 : The most vulnerable places for any Scorpio are the groin and genitourinary system.

Fact 20 : Scorpios are not always strong personalities, among them there are many cowardly, weak, and notorious people who do not know how to use the strength that is hidden in them. As a result, those around them see the dangerous and vindictive side of Scorpio, considering all representatives of this sign as such. Scorpios are often hated or feared, and those who have encountered the dark side of Scorpio bypass all other representatives of this sign.

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Evolutionary levels of Scorpions

Did you know that Scorpions are of several types, depending on the “ floors” or levels of their development.

If you are familiar with Scorpios or have ever encountered them at close range, what qualities do you think prevailed in them?

Remember your friend Scorpio and try to determine which type he could be ?

1.”Tarantula”. How do you recognize it?

These Scorpios are at the lowest stage of development and generally show not the most pleasant qualities. They can be cruel and bloodthirsty , will not stop moving towards their goals in front of anything and often go to victory over the heads, they can commit crimes. Among the tarantula scorpions, there are enough sadists, rapists and maniacs.

They are quite dangerous and often harm others. If the “tarantula” has not won over their soul too much, such people can simply be deceitful and hysterical , they do not like to reckon with someone’s opinion and generally behave very selfishly.

This type gets real pleasure from someone else’s pain, so he often looks for a victim in the immediate environment. It is these people who are called “energy vampires” in the harshest sense of the word. Tarantulas have no concept of “remorse,” and they usually do not regret their deeds at all.

2. “Lizard”. How do you recognize it?

Scorpions of this type are one step higher from the previous type, but they are also capable of not the most noble deeds.Usually they are quite cowardly and vulnerable, they just hide it. They violently take revenge on , if they are hurt, they can use other people for their own purposes, without caring about their feelings. For example, women of this type are often referred to as “bastards.”

And although the “lizards” are not capable of big crimes, in ordinary life their behavior cannot be called always worthy of . They know how to subtly feel the shortcomings of people and put pressure on them. Mostly they behave decently, but in case of danger or when they have already been hurt, they are capable of revenge.

This type of Scorpio can also be classified as a “vampire”, but unlike the first type, they do not vampire for pleasure, but for protection. The lizard can play with feelings, knows how to manipulate and cause guilt if it sees another person as a danger to itself.

Lizards are quite petty , are greedy for various temptations, love money and often live only in the material world, ignoring the spiritual world.

3. “Eagle”.How do you recognize it?

This type of Scorpio is the most common. It is already a more developed soul, capable of compassion, experience and a sense of responsibility . Such people will no longer just hurt others and will think well before they want to take revenge on someone.

However, the eagle still wants power, a sense of its superiority, and loves to occupy firm positions in this material world. He is attached to loved ones, is ready to protect them with all his might and usually enters into a fight if his peace of mind is encroached upon.Such people usually have many friends, but they also have enemies.

4. “Dove” How to recognize it?

This type of Scorpio is the highest octave of the sign’s manifestation and is quite rare. Such people have come a rather long way of soul development and came into this world to direct people on the true path, and by their example to show how to turn evil into good.

They are incapable of causing any harm, but they can build good defenses by transforming those who try to harm them or those they care for.You don’t feel heavy feelings around such people and you are not afraid of anything. They are quite open and benevolent, they help the weak, they will always come to the rescue when asked about it.

Write in the comments to this article, what kind of Scorpions have you met and what qualities were most striking in them?

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Author: Denisova N.Yu.

SPRAY for joint pain SCORPION


SPRAY for pain SCORPION, 80 ml.

Scorpion Spray is formulated with ingredients that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine for many centuries. The combination of new scientific technologies with ancient recipes of traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine has made it possible to create the most effective product in a package that is convenient for use and storage. Modern scientific research and development of Chinese medicine, combined with the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine healers, helped to preserve all the active substances of the drug and greatly enhance their effect.

Ingredients: scorpion, clematis, safflower, false larch (golden larch), white moss, cochia scoparia, cloves, pepper, centipede, miconazole, glycerin.

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Indications: specialists in traditional Chinese medicine and modern Chinese medicine recommend using Scorpio spray for the treatment of bruises, rheumatoid arthritis and polyarthritis, chondrosis, radiculitis, pinching of the sciatic nerve, muscle fatigue, and numbness of the extremities.

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CONTRAINDICATIONS: pregnancy, open wounds and other skin lesions, allergy to the components of the preparation.


Keep tightly closed in a cool place.

Manufacturer: China

90,000 Bitten by a scorpion in Thailand

Bitten by a scorpion in Thailand

This morning I was bitten by a scorpion right on the veranda of our house in Ao Nang .That’s how it happened, I began to put on sneakers in order to run for the morning jog, and they spend the night on my veranda. This bastard apparently climbed there at night.

By the way, I want to note that if someone bites you, be sure to see who that someone is. In my case, it was a small yellow scorpion, its bite is not fatal, but unpleasant, of course. Note that the bite of a black scorpion is much more dangerous and can lead to death.

So, he bit me on the toe … Not a pleasant sensation.The bite is slightly more painful than a bee or wasp sting. At first, the pain was very sharp, but gradually began to subside. But something else worried – the leg began to grow numb, dizziness and general weakness appeared. I lay down for a while, came to my senses. Nothing happened to the leg, there were no visible injuries at all, nothing was swollen, even the bite site could be seen with difficulty. There was a dull pain in the finger and some kind of numbness, which brought pain when he touched or touched something with his foot. The poison spread to the limbs and had this effect.Gradually, within about 25-30 hours, the poison completely dissipated and all the pain went away, as if nothing had happened.

This villain is at the scene of the crime:

Relax and be mindful in the tropics.


  • If you are still unlucky and you were bitten by a scorpion like me, then first look at which scorpion bit you
  • A little tip on how to distinguish a poisonous from a non-poisonous scorpion. Look at the claws and sting of a scorpion, if the claws are small, and the sting on the tail is large, then with a high degree of probability you have a poisonous scorpion in front of you.If the claws are larger than the sting, then the scorpion is non-poisonous
  • The first aid you can give yourself for a scorpion bite is to cauterize the wound to weaken the poison. This can be done with any hot object: coal from a fire, a heated knife, a lit cigarette or a match. After you have cauterized the bite site, it is better not to move the limb and apply a tourniquet above the bite site. You also need to drink a lot

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magical properties of the stone, what is the sign of the zodiac, turkvenite, turkenite, caulite, chaolite

Howlite is a calcium borosilicate mineral.Small rounded formations are often light gray in color. Since the mineral is not entirely attractive in appearance, experts often resort to coloring it. So, when processed in blue, chaolite becomes like turquoise, and in red, it looks like corals.

Description and magical properties

The blue mineral is also called by the same name as turkvenite. It is also known as pressed turquoise, although it has nothing to do with it, or caulite.This name has been fixed since the 70s of the last century. It should be noted that the mineral is quite rare in nature. The largest deposits are located in the USA (California), Eastern Canada, Serbia and Scotland.

Howlite is mainly used in jewelry and decorative crafts. Its weight can vary from a few grams to hundreds of kilograms. The largest Howlite stone was found in California – its weight was 500 kg. And the discovery of the mineral belongs to the geologist Henry Gow, in whose honor it was named.

The magical properties of caulite are well studied by astrologers. White means purity and human dignity. That is why white turkvenite helps to cope with disturbing thoughts, to “extinguish” anger. The mineral is especially popular with dream interpreters. It is believed that turkenite helps to remember and then correctly decipher dreams. Magicians and shamans meditate with a stone in order to take a trip to past lives. Howlith is put in place of the “third eye”, and then he reveals some information from the past incarnation.

The mineral is considered the talisman of students. Turkvenit helps its owner to easily master new knowledge, awakens interest in science. Patronizes those who have linked their lives with learning. He constantly pushes his owner towards self-improvement. It is recommended to take an amulet made of stone for a job interview or study. Turkenit helps to make the best impression on the examiner / employer.

The stone is also known for its soothing properties.Turkenite relieves stress, helps to relax and forget about worries. Its owners are constantly in a comfortable emotional state, which is reflected in their lives.

By the way, astrologers recommend putting Howlite products in an office with a tense atmosphere. They relieve difficulties in communication, help colleagues find a common language.

Howlith, among other things, helps to get rid of a difficult past. He relieves of mental pain, unnecessary connections, depressing past events.Thanks to this, the owner of the stone gains confidence in himself and his future.

Healing properties

Lithotherapists note the healing properties of howlite stone. Since the chemical composition of the mineral includes calcium, it is used to treat diseases of the osteoarticular apparatus. The constant wearing of the mineral maintains the required level of the element in the body, helps the rapid healing of fractures. Howlite talisman is recommended for pregnant women.

Turkvenite has a calming effect on the entire body, relieves muscle tension.It is used to relieve pain associated with a nervous breakdown. Howlite beads and bracelets have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, help to cope with stressful situations. It also relieves of ulcers, rashes obtained on a nervous basis.

Crushed caulite is drunk to relieve insomnia, relieve nervous tension, treat pain in teeth and joints, with convulsions and to normalize the endocrine system. It should be said that turkvenit is often used for massage.It keeps warm well, and therefore has a beneficial effect on the joints.

In the zodiac sphere, there are 4 signs of the zodiac who need turkenite – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio.