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Spn medical abbreviation: Solitary Pulmonary Nodule – StatPearls

What is the SPN medical abbreviation?

3D_USThree Dimensional Ultrasonography
ABAAmerican Board of Anesthesiology
ACHIPPPAssociation of Child Psychologists in Private Practice
ADCAIDS dementia complex
AHVAscension Health Ventures
AMSAAmerican Medical Student Association
APOEapolipoprotein E
ASASAustralian Scale for Aspergers Syndrome
ASOArteriosclerosis Obliterans
BBRIBoston Biomedical Research Institute
BEEMBest Evidence in Emergency Medicine
BIRBiomedical Imaging Resource
BTTRBrain Tumor Translational Resource
CBFcerebral blood flow
CBPchronic bacterial prostatitis
CBVCerebral Blood Volume
CDTVCenter For Diagnostic And Therapeutic Videosurgery
CLAcertified laboratory assistant
CLMRClinical Leadership and Management Review
CMTAConsent To Medical Treatment Act
CNTGCollaborative Normal Tension Glaucoma
COTAcertified occupational therapy assistant
CSScentral service supply
CTC(S)Circulating Tumor Cell(S)
CVMEDCardiovascular, Metabolic & Endocrinological Diseases
DDSTDenver Developmental Screening Test
DMDDoctor of Medicine in Dentistry; Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy
DPCGIDiverse Populations Collaborative Group Investigation
EBLLelevated blood lead level
EODEnd Of Day
EPDSEdinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
ETTExercise Tolerance Test; also Endotracheal Tube
FFLflexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy
FFOMFellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (Royal College of Physicians, London)
GEA/GETAgeneral endotracheal anesthesia
GIBGastrointestinal Bleeding
GMgrandmother; genetically modified
GRNGene Relation Network
HADFHuman Adult Dermal Fibroblast
HASEHIV+ AIDS Search Engine
HBGMhome blood glucose monitoring
HICFHealth Innovation Challenge Fund
HITIHealth Information Technology Institute
HSOCHeartbeat System Of Care
HVACCHigh Voltage Activated Calcium Channel
IBFImmature Brown Fat cell
ICOMOSInternational Conference on One Medicine One Science
IDFLInternational Down and Feather Laboratory
INDIRAIntelligent Natural Dynamic Innocent Reliable Attractive
ITPIdiopathic Thrombocytopenia
L&DLabor and Delivery
LDUHlow-dose-unfractionated heparin
LISALaboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis
LMLeft Main Coronary Artery
MHPRAMedicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
MLPAmultiplex ligation dependent probe amplification
MLPAOMedical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario
MSCSMultiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist
MWmolecular weight; microwave
NEMDNew England Medical Design
NIBDNeurofilament Inclusion Body Disease
NMRnuclear magnetic resonance
NTHWECNail Technicians’ Health and Workplace Exposure Control
OHROpen Heart Recovery
OIopportunistic infection
OMPTOOffice of Medical Products Tobacco Operations
PBSCperipheral blood stem cell
PDHMSPrognostics and Diagnostics Health Monitoring System
PRApanel-reactive antibody; plasma renin activity
RAGEReceptor for Advanced Glycation End
RATLRaytheon Analysis Test Laboratory
RDFRadial Distribution Function
SCGHSir Charles Gairdner Hospital
SSRLSocial Science Research Laboratory
STGshort-term goals; serum triglycerides
SVASSydney Voice and Swallowing
SVDspontaneous vaginal delivery
TDWBtouch down weight bearing
UGRUroGenital Ridge
VCVital Capacity; Vocal Cord
WTFHWomen Together For Health
YFHYour Future Health
ZVHCZumbro Valley Health Center
gGGlycoprotein G
kU/Lkilounit per liter (allergy testing)
qAMEach morning. As in taking a medicine each morning.

What Does Spn Mean In Medical Terms

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What does SPN mean in medical abbreviation?

    In science & medicine, the SPN medical abbreviation is the meaning of Solitary Pulmonary Nodule. SPN: Solitary Pulmonary Nodule. Related Medical Abbreviations. ABHP. Account Based Health Plan. DCPS. Diploma of College of Physicians and Surgeons. DTSS.

What does SPN stand for? – Acronym Finder

    22 rows

SPN Meanings | What Does SPN Stand For?

    What does SPN abbreviation stand for? … SPN Meaning. What does SPN mean as an abbreviation? 300 popular meanings of SPN abbreviation: No terms for SPN in US. Suggest now. 50 Categories Sort. SPN Meaning. 7 … Technology, Mobile Technology, Card. 7. SPN. Superficial Peroneal Nerve. Medical, Dentistry, Neurology. Medical, Dentistry, Neurology. 6

What does SPN mean? – Miscellaneous – Definition Meaning

    What does SPN mean? This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of SPN explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms. SPN Stands For : Solitary Pulmonary Nodule.

SPN – What does SPN stand for? The Free Dictionary

    https://acronyms. thefreedictionary.com/SPN
    Definition; SPN: Solo Para Niños (Spanish: Kids Only; search engine) SPN: Solitary Pulmonary Nodule: SPN: Service Principal Name: SPN: Specifications (TMINS) SPN: Supernatural (TV show) SPN: Specialty Pharmacy Network (various locations) SPN: Slo-Pitch National (sports) SPN: Substitution Permutation Network: SPN: Sony Pictures Network: SPN: Source Port Number: SPN

What does SPN mean? – SPN Definitions | Abbreviation Finder

    SPN: Shift-Pulse Network: SPN: Shipboard Radar Navigation: SPN: Shipment Performance Notice: SPN: Shortest Process Next : SPN: Sialophorin: SPN: Signal Processor/Processing Network: SPN: Signal-Plus-Noise: SPN: Simple Purchasing Network: SPN: Simplest Possible Number: SPN: Sindicato dos Professores do Norte : SPN: Smart Protection Network: SPN: Social Psychology …

What does spn mean? – definitions.net

    https://www.definitions. net/definition/spn
    Definition of spn in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of spn. What does spn mean? Information and translations of spn in the most comprehensive …

SPN Meanings | What Does SPN Stand For?

    SPN Meaning. What does SPN mean as an abbreviation? 300 popular meanings of SPN abbreviation:

What does SPN mean? – Studies – Definition and Meaning of SPN …

    SPN Stands For Simplest Possible Number| Shared Processing Network| Sequential Phase Number| Shift Pulse Network| Signal Plus Noise| Signal Processor Network| Single Pole Network| Spare Part Number| Switch Panel Network

SNP | definition of SNP by Medical dictionary

    single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) a genetic polymorphism between two genomes that is based on deletion, insertion, or exchange of a single nucleotide. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. © 2003 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.

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SPN | it’s… What is SPN?



liver failure syndrome



social support of the population


accompanying passport

in production


under-ice navigation system

Dictionary: Dictionary of abbreviations and abbreviations of the army and special services. Comp. A. A. Shchelokov. – M .: AST Publishing House LLC, Geleos Publishing House CJSC, 2003. – 318 p.


stabilized aiming post

on the ship


Dictionaries: Dictionary of abbreviations and abbreviations of the army and special services. Comp. A. A. Shchelokov. – M .: AST Publishing House LLC, Geleos Publishing House CJSC, 2003. – 318 p., S. Fadeev. Dictionary of abbreviations of the modern Russian language. – S.-Pb.: Polytechnic, 1997. – 527 p.


sapper observation post

Dictionary: Dictionary of abbreviations and abbreviations of the army and special services. Comp. A. A. Shchelokov. – M .: AST Publishing House LLC, Geleos Publishing House CJSC, 2003. – 318 p.


special purpose

Application example

br spn

  1. SPN
  2. SPY

lifting boom

  1. SPN

Dictionary: S. Fadeev. Dictionary of abbreviations of the modern Russian language. – St. Petersburg: Polytechnic, 1997. – 527 p.

  1. special forces
  2. SpN

Special Forces

special purpose part

Special Forces Detachment


  1. special forces

Dictionary: S. Fadeev. Dictionary of abbreviations of the modern Russian language. – S.-Pb.: Polytechnic, 1997. – 527 p.

  1. SPbPN
  2. SPN

St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate

since 2010

non-commercial partnership

organization, St. Petersburg

  1. SPbPN

Source: http://www. abnews.ru/?p=novosti91&news=96189


from English Supernatural

American television series Supernatural

http://www.cwtv.com/​ shows/​ supernatural


oil heating station



pension savings

Dictionary of abbreviations and abbreviations.

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SPN decoding. What is SPN? Values ​​online

SPN decryption. What is SPN? Online values ​​- Sokrascheniya.Ru

Online library of abbreviations and abbreviations

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On this page you can find out how this abbreviation stands for – SPN.

  • Special Forces
  • from English Supernatural
  • Special Forces Detachment
  • St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate
  • Combat Engineer Observation Post
  • Liver Failure Syndrome
  • Under-ice Navigation System
  • Accompanying Passport
  • 9 0093 social support of the population

  • special purpose
  • pension savings
  • constant voltage stabilizer
  • stabilized pickup post
  • oil heating station
  • jib
  • special purpose part


Abbreviations for the construction of enterprises in the regions of the Southern Urals

Abbreviation RDA

  • African Democratic Union
  • early childhood autism
  • automatic pressure regulator
  • Russian Diabetes Association
  • +2

Zna meanings of abbreviation RMZTG

  • area of ​​mass refueling of equipment with fuel

meanings of abbreviation dry closet

  • biological toilet

Abbreviations OBNON

  • department for combating drug trafficking

Abbreviation values ​​ AIS GKN

  • automated information system of the state real estate cadastre

900 02 Meanings of abbreviation Glavmedprom

  • Main Directorate of Medical Industry

Meanings of abbreviation UzKFITI

  • Uzbek Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Institute. A. Sultanova

Abbreviation values ​​ party elite

  • party elite

Abbreviation values ​​ VNIIFIB

    9 0093 All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Physiology and Biochemistry of Farm Animals


Abbreviation values ​​ ISCL

  • Cruise Lines International Council

Abbreviation values ​​ MDH

  • Interregional Deputy Group
  • Management Development Group
  • mobile dispersed genes
  • Moscowskaya drama group
  • +1

Abbreviations acute purulent otitis media

  • State Security Service Department
  • Abbreviation VGPO

    • All-Union Haberdashery and Perfume Association

    Abbreviations Shchenko

    Abbreviations HCC

    • Geocenter-Consulting
    • hepatocellular carcinoma
    • main circulation contour
    • city blood center
    • +2

    Abbreviations SAKS

    • Saxon
    • sulfuric-nitric acid mixture
    • Siberian International Aviation and Space Salon

    Abbreviation values ​​ NFI

    • direction of fundamental research
    • Natalia Fedorovna Ivanova
    • Novosibirsk Property Fund

    Abbreviations NLPU

    • non-state medical and preventive institution

    Abbreviation MSES USSR

    • Ministry of Construction of Power Plants of the USSR

    Abbreviations 0002 Abbreviation values ​​ BRPSS

    • Buryat Republican Search and Rescue Service

    Values abbreviations PDRP

    • transmitting radio station

    Abbreviation meanings car circle

    • car circle

    Abbreviation meanings lev.