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21 Expert Tricks to Prevent a Hangover — Expert-Approved Ways to Prevent a Hangover

If you’re looking to prevent a hangover, the easiest way to do that is to drink in moderation or not at all…duh. You’ve probably heard that a million times. But what does moderation *actually* mean in this case?

For most women, experts recommend having no more than three standard drinks in one sitting. (Yup, even when there are bottomless mimosas involved.) Another easy guideline to keep in mind? Stick to one standard drink per hour, says Laura Veach, PhD, director of the master’s program in addiction research and clinical health at Wake Forest School of Medicine. That’s because your liver typically takes about an hour to process one drink, she explains.

Drink any more than that, and you’re more likely experience a hangover because you’re consuming more alcohol than your body can handle. But good news: According to the pros (you know, actual MDs, RDs and PhDs), there are ways to lower your chances of feeling like a human trash can after a night out.

Oh, and if you’re already feeling hungover and you’re reading this for future reference, there are a few things you can do to feel better ASAP too.

Here, 21 expert-approved tricks to prevent a hangover at every stage of your bender journey. Just promise not to leave your phone in the Uber again, please.

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Before You Drink

Give yourself a food baby. Ok, so nobody wants to feel bloated before a night out, but make sure you’re full. Like, really full. “When you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, it just passes the alcohol right to your intestines and then it’s absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly,” explains Robert Swift, MD, associate director of the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies. That means you’ll get drunk faster and feel way worse the next day. Drinking on a full stomach ensures your blood alcohol stays lower, he says.

Dr. Veach recommends chowing down on foods like red meat, chicken, shellfish, avocados, mushrooms, and whole grains, which are rich in zinc and nicotinic acid, two nutrients that were shown to reduce the severity of hangover symptoms in a 2019 study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Hit the gym. One of the main reasons hangovers happen is because we’re trying to blow off steam and we go too far, explains Leon Coleman, MD, research assistant and professor at the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies at UNC Chapel Hill. That’s why he recommends working out or finding another healthy way to relieve stress before you go out. Then, when it’s time to rage, that work hard/play mentality is gone, says Dr. Coleman. “You can enjoy yourself without going too far.”

Choose your squad wisely. Another reason we drink too much and then feel like death the next day is because we’re with the wrong people. “Who you’re with is one of the main determinants of your behaviors, it’s been well studied,” he adds. Pro tip? Take note of your friends who bail on plans to nurse a hangover every Sunday and steer clear the next time they invite you out.

Avoid sugar. Dipping into your candy stash and then going out for a night of drinking can set you up for a bad hangover. Since alcohol causes inflammation, which is thought to be one of the factors that goes into creating a hangover, you want to avoid adding any additional inflammation to your body—which is exactly what sugar does, explains Dr. Veach.

While You Drink

Mix in a water or a mocktail. Remember how Dr. Veach recommended sticking to one drink per hour? Yeah, easier said than done. So if you find that you tend to down your vodka crans too quickly, try to alternate every boozy drink with a non-alcoholic one. By spacing out your alcoholic drinks, you’ll be giving your body more time to process them, says Dr. Veach. And giving the body more time to process alcohol = less sh*tty symptoms tomorrow. Yay!

Keep track of how many drinks you’ve had. It’s really easy to get carried away with your friends or a few heavy pours and think you’ve had three drinks when you’ve actually had more like five or six. That’s why Dr. Veach suggests keeping track. It can be as simple as popping a little 🍸 emoji into the notes app on your phone every time you start a new drink. Just do something to make sure you have an accurate idea of how much alc you’ve had over the course of the night.

Order beer, wine, or mixed drinks—not shots. If you’re trying to stave off a hangover, it’s best to choose a drink with a low ABV (alcohol by volume) percentage. “Higher volumes of alcohol seem to cause worse [hangover] symptoms in a lot of people,” says Dr. Veach. Sipping on beer, wine, or a mixed drink is typically better than downing a shot too, since you’re consuming the alcohol more slowly. Just be sure not to chug, because that defeats the whole purpose.

Opt for organic wine. Preservatives and pesticides may be why people feel more hungover drinking wine in the U.S. than they do in Europe, says Wendy Leonard, RDN, founder of Rhode Island Nutrition Therapy. (Well, that and the fact that many European wines have less alcohol content than those in the U.S.) So if you can get an organic, preservative-free, or lower alc wine (think 12.5 percent or less) that might help prevent hangover symptoms tomorrow, she explains.

Good Clean WIne

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Make your roadie a Gatorade. Chasing your alcohol with coconut water or a sports drink like Gatorade helps replace the fluids and electrolytes, the nutrients you lose when you drink, says Elizabeth Kovacs, PhD, director of the alcohol research program at Loyola University. She recommends sipping either a coconut water or a Gatorade throughout the night to prevent a pounding headache when you wake up.

Skip the smokes. When 113 college students documented their alcohol intake, smoking habits, and hangover symptoms every day for eight weeks, researchers found that when students drank heavily, smoking significantly increased the risk and severity of a hangover, according to a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

Stick with clear liquor. Clear liquors like vodka and gin have less congeners, which are compounds that have been linked to hangovers, than dark liquors like whiskey and rum, explains Jennifer Maeng, RD, founder of Chelsea Nutrition. This doesn’t mean you can drink all the vodka and gin you want, though—it’s still possible to get a hangover from drinking too much of either.

Wash your hands super well. Drinking alcohol changes the way your immune system works, so if you’re exposed to something like the flu, you’re more likely to become infected, have a more severe reaction, and take longer to recover, Dr. Kovacs says. The same is true for COVID-19, adds Dr. Veach, so make sure to follow social distancing guidelines so you don’t put yourself at risk.

Dance your ass off. It’s hard to hold a drink while you’re breaking it down, so dancing, playing a game like pool, or ping-pong (assuming it involves paddles as opposed to cups of beer) can slow the destructive cycle of emptying your glass and immediately refilling it. Just be sure to stash a cup of water on the edge of the dance floor to rehydrate, particularly if you start to break a sweat.

Before You Go to Sleep

Don’t overdo it on the water. It’s true that hangovers can happen when your body gets too much bad liquid (alcohol) and not enough of the good kind (water).


However, Dr. Kovacs says chugging water can put undue stress on your body. And frequent bathroom runs can mess with your sleep. So after a night of heavy drinking, down a glass of water (and a second one, if you’re particularly thirsty), and leave a full glass on your nightstand to treat dry mouth at 5 a. m.

Slap on a sleeping mask. While sleep deprivation won’t cause a hangover, it can make your hangover worse, per a study published in Current Drug Abuse Reviews. Incidentally, alcohol disrupts the second part of your sleep, according to a study in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, which occurs after the sun rises if you go to sleep particularly late. While you can’t control the quality of your sleep after a litty night, you can minimize environmental disruptions with a sleep mask that keeps light out of your eyes.

The Morning After

Chug some Pedialyte. When you’re hungover, you’re generally super dehydrated because alcohol inhibits your antidiuretic hormone (the one that prevents you from peeing), so you hit the bathroom a lot more often, Dr. Swift explains. “Sports drinks and Pedialyte are scientifically formulated to maximize the rate at which the fluid is absorbed,” he says. In other words, you’ll feel better ASAP.

Electrolyte Solution Hydration Drink



Hit up your fave breakfast place. Here’s exactly what you should order: an omelette with spinach and cheese, home fries, and a glass of OJ, says Leonard. Eggs are high in N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), which helps your body metabolize alcohol. Similarly, spinach is a good source of Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA), which also helps move alcohol through the body. So are home fries, BTW. And OJ has vitamin B1, to promote some of that mental clarity you’re probably lacking rn.

Forget the whole “hair of the dog that bit you” thing. Experts agree that it’s straight-up stupid to booze it up the morning after heavy drinking. It only delays the inevitable: a hangover that’s even worse than the one you’ve got.

Practice some mindfulness. If you wake up with major hangxiety (you know, that super jittery, nervous feeling you get after drinking sometimes), try taking some deep breaths, listening to a guided meditation or journaling, whatever makes you feel more relaxed. We sometimes feel anxious after drinking because our body is trying to counteract the depressive effects of the alcohol, Dr. Veach explains. The only thing that truly cures it is time, but practicing some mindfulness can help you more at ease in the meantime.

Drink Sprite or seltzer. When researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China, analyzed the effects of 57 different drinks on alcohol metabolism, they found that the Chinese version of Sprite and regular soda water help speed up the body’s alcohol metabolism, which decreases the amount of time your body is exposed to the harmful chemicals produced when your body digests alcohol. 

Avoid herbal teas. In the same Sun Yat-Sen University experiment, researchers found that herbal teas make your body process alcohol more slowly, so your hangover lasts extra long. No thank you!

Elizabeth Narins
Senior fitness and health editor
Elizabeth Narins is a Brooklyn, NY-based writer and a former senior editor at Cosmopolitan.com, where she wrote about fitness, health, and more.

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A few tips that may prevent a full-blown hangover

Did you enjoy Christmas, albeit on a smaller scale than usual? And what about the new year festivities: are you planning to consume much alcohol on Thursday night?

January is Health Month in The Irish Times. Throughout the month, in print and online, we will be offering encouragement and inspiration to help us all improve our physical and mental health in 2021. See

Exuberant festive drinking carries the risk of waking up with a significant hangover on New Year’s Day. This column has some tips to help reduce the severity of that hangover.

Read on: I may even have the definitive hangover cure.

When considering what your tipple will be come new year’s, watch out for congeners in alcohol. Drinks heavy in congeners include red wine, whisk(e)y and brandy. White wine is more “congenial” than red, while rum and gin also have a lower congener concentration. But the lowest of all is vodka: it has almost no colouring or flavouring, making it theoretically the best type of alcohol if your aim is to avoid a severe hangover.

In addition to the peak blood alcohol levels reached during a drinking session, these characteristics likely play a part in the severity of a hangover: type of beverage(s) consumed; the nature of the drinking occasion; and characteristics of the individual drinker.

Interestingly, the authors of a review could find no research that examined the effects of drinking circumstances on hangover incidence. Whether a social drinking event was convivial or discordant; consuming food prior to, during, or after drinking; the concomitant use of medications or illegal drugs; and predrinking mood and level of fatigue, were cited as possible, but unproven, factors to influence hangover severity.

Tips that may prevent a full-blown hangover
  • Always drink on a full stomach, to even out the absorption of alcohol.
  • Red wine contains tyramine, a chemical that can produce a severe headache, so avoid the reds if this happens to you.
  • Try to alternate alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Because alcohol is hugely dehydrating, try to drink a pint or two of water or fruit juice before going to bed after a party. While dehydration is definitely a factor; the toxic byproducts produced by the liver when it processes alcohol are another; and the reduction of blood sugar levels also plays a role. Dehydration is typically accompanied by electrolyte imbalance. Combining water and an electrolyte supplement can therefore tackle some of the symptoms of your hangover, but by no means all of them.

But what if, despite deploying some preventive measures, you wake up feeling irritable, with a pounding headache, tummy cramps, diarrhoea and extreme thirst?

What if, despite your best efforts at preparation, you still wake up with a hangover? Photograph: iStock

Some classic hangover cures
  • The hair of the dog is well known. A classic example is a 50/50 mix of tequila and Tabasco sauce. The principle behind the hair of the dog is simply to postpone the inevitable. Adding to your alcohol overload the following morning will not help you avoid a hangover and could be dangerous.
  • One of the more traditional remedies for a hangover is a plate of greasy bacon and eggs. But is the fry-up the holy grail it promises to be? Foods such as bacon and eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine, known to decrease the amount of the toxic chemical acetaldehyde, which is produced as your body metabolises alcohol. But eating a meal with protein, fat and carbohydrate – effectively “lining your stomach” – before hitting the bottle, may be a better bet.
  • A quick survey of family and friends produced the following suggestions for hangover cures: breakfast rolls and Lucozade was a popular one; while the junior doctor in the family said a crisp sandwich was her ‘go-to’ remedy, accompanied by a good dose of self-pity.
So what about my definitive hangover cure?

I’m afraid there’s no evidence-based treatment for a hangover. The only surefire way to avoid “the morning after the night before” is to drink alcohol in moderation, or not to drink it at all.

And on that note I’d like to wish readers a happy and Covid-free new year.

[email protected], muirishouston.com

5 prevention tips for a hangover-free holiday season

5 prevention tips for a hangover-free holiday season | One Medical

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Updated December 7, 2018.

Holiday season is in full swing and whether you’re psyched for your annual office party or are dreading an awkward family dinner, you’ll probably be hitting up a ton of social events. Which leads to enjoyment of a cocktail or a glass of wine… or two. Or more. Whoops.

If you’re going to drink, you probably know that you should do it in moderation — health experts say that means one drink a day for women and two for men, max. But it’s normal to bend (or break) certain health rules around the holidays. And while occasionally over-imbibing won’t necessarily de-rail your otherwise good intentions, it can leave you feeling like garbage. Cotton-mouthed, bleary-eyed, hungover garbage, to be exact.

While there’s no guaranteed prevention strategy, research shows that the right preparation can at least decrease your chances of spending New Year’s Day on the couch in sunglasses.

Here’s what our experts and recent studies recommend:

1. Drink a cup of Asian pear juice before a night out.

It sounds weird, but according to researchers down under, it works. A government-funded study in Australia found that people who drank 200 mL (about 1 cup) of Asian pear juice before drinking had less hangover symptoms like headaches, nausea, and light sensitivity than those who didn’t. It also improved their levels of concentration. Researchers think the effect is due to the Korean or Nashi pear’s high water content, plus other factors that actually speed up alcohol metabolism and elimination or inhibition of alcohol absorption. So far, the effect has only been studied in this one specific pear variety, so be sure to buy the right kind of juice if you want to give it a try.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

While it’s not the only thing causing your epic hangover, dehydration can definitely make the discomfort worse. Be sure to sip enough h30 before, during, and after drinking alcohol, and match every alcoholic beverage with a glass of water. According to Erica Matluck, a One Medical naturopath and nurse practitioner, water can do double duty as a prevention tool and remedy. “The best cure for a hangover is hydration, hydration, hydration,” she says. “Then sweat your heart out with exercise, a hot bath, or sauna, and rehydrate with an electrolyte replacement like coconut water.”

3. Skip the bubbles and stick to flat drinks.

Of course, it feels more festive to ring in the New Year — or any occasion — with a glass of bubbly, but it turns out that sparkling drinks and mixers can actually make your hangover worse. Researchers in the UK found the gas bubbles in carbonated beverages cause the stomach to expand and increase the rate of alcohol absorption in the blood. Researchers tested this out by having subjects drink flat and fizzy versions of the very same wine. The subjects who drank bubbly got drunk more quickly and the effects lasted longer. So if you’re trying to stave off symptoms, skip the champagne and opt for wine instead.

4. Avoid liquor high in congeners.

What are congeners, you ask? They’re byproducts like methanol and acetone that are formed when grains are fermented and then aged to create alcohol like tequila, whiskey, and rum. Liquors with high amounts of congeners, like cognac, tequila, and whiskey — especially Bourbon — have been shown to cause more intense hangovers. Clear drinks like vodka, gin, and rum, however, contain lower levels of congeners and may cut down your chances of feeling crummy. Of course, the study notes that no matter which drink you choose, the amount you drink has the biggest effect on hangovers.

5. Eat the right mix of protein, fat, and carbs for dinner and breakfast.

Maybe breakfast burritos are your go-to morning-after meal, but it’s important to also eat a well-balanced dinner before you hit the party. Everyone knows drinking on an empty stomach usually leads to disaster. That’s because food slows the absorption of alcohol, giving your body more time to efficiently metabolize it. Eating a meal with protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates before drinking will help line the stomach, while a balanced breakfast replaces and re-balances the blood sugar that alcohol depletes (hangovers tend to be worse in people with low blood sugar).

What about pre-packaged supplements?

If you’ve been curious to try any of the prevention products sold in stores or online, you’re better off saving your money. While there’s some research to indicate that certain ingredients (like vitamin B) found in these products can help alleviate hangover symptoms, supplements aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it can be impossible to know which ingredients these products actually contain. And while there are some claims regarding the effectiveness of supplements like milk thistle, vitamin C, and activated charcoal, more research is needed to determine their preventative power. Always talk to your primary health care provider before beginning a supplement regimen.

Why do hangovers happen anyway?

In short: it’s complicated. While experts once thought dehydration was the primary cause of hangovers (since alcohol is a diuretic), they now know that even adequate hydration isn’t always a surefire prevention strategy. Dehydration can definitely make the symptoms–headache, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, etc.–worse, but it’s probably not the only culprit. The discomfort in your gut could be due to inflammation of the stomach lining and delayed emptying of stomach contents, and some research suggests that certain compounds that build up as a byproduct when alcohol is metabolized can trigger some of the other morning-after symptoms like memory loss.

The best hangover prevention tip

No one wants to hear it (especially during the holidays), but the only reliable way to avoid a hangover is to drink less. Remember that “moderate” alcohol consumption is typically defined as one drink a day for women and two for men. If you’re concerned about your drinking or the drinking habits of a loved one, talk to a primary care provider–he or she can help answer any questions and point you to the right resources.

How do you stay healthy during the holidays? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Michelle Konstantinovsky

Michelle Konstantinovsky is an experienced writer, regularly producing content on a variety of wellness-oriented topics ranging from breaking health news to fitness and nutrition.

Michelle has a master’s degree from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and has written extensively on health and body image for outlets like O: The Oprah Magazine, Slate, SPIN.com, xoJane.com, and The Huffington Post. To read more of her work, visit www.michellekmedia.com.

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Tips To Prevent A Horrible Headache : The Salt : NPR

Seeing double after toasting? Just wait for the hangover that’s coming, thanks in part to those bubbles in sparkling wine.

Chris Nickels for NPR

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Chris Nickels for NPR

Seeing double after toasting? Just wait for the hangover that’s coming, thanks in part to those bubbles in sparkling wine.

Chris Nickels for NPR

The first time I ever got tipsy was during a champagne toast at a cousin’s wedding reception.

All was good, until the room started spinning — and the sight of my cousin’s bride dancing in her wedding dress was just a whirl of lace.

Of course, if you’re an uninitiated teenager, any amount of alcohol can go straight to your head. But, decades later, bubbly wine still seems to hit me faster than, say, beer. It turns out there’s a reason.

“Some of the dizziness you can feel after champagne is due to both the brain getting [a little] less oxygen and also the [effects] of the alcohol at the same time,” explains researcher Boris Tabakoff at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

All the bubbles in sparkling wine are carbon dioxide. The C02 competes with oxygen in our bloodstream, says Tabakoff, who studies the effects of alcohol on the body.

And according to a Princeton University explainer on alcohol absorption, carbon dioxide “increases the pressure in your stomach, forcing alcohol out through the lining of your stomach into the bloodstream. ” That can speed up the rate of alcohol absorption — albeit temporarily.

So if you want to stay steady on your feet, sip that bubbly slowly. And if you want to prevent a hangover, swap your next glass of bubbly for water. Alternating between alcoholic beverages and H20 can help prevent the dehydration that accompanies a night of drinking.

“What happens when you first start drinking,” Tabakoff explains, “is that a hormone that controls your water balance, an anti-diuretic hormone, is suppressed.” And this leaves us heading for the ladies’ or men’s room — which can precipitate a pounding headache in the morning.

But Tabakoff says dehydration is not the only reason we get a headache.

“High levels of alcohol in the brain have fairly recently been shown to cause neuro-inflammation, basically, inflammation in the brain,” he says.

This is why taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines, such as ibuprofen, can help us feel better.

Now, alcohol isn’t the only headache-producing culprit in our drink glasses. Many alcoholic beverages, such as wines and beers, contain toxic byproducts of fermentation, such as aldehydes. And Tabakoff says if you drink too much, you can feel the effects.

“If these compounds accumulate in the body, ” explains Tabakoff, “they can release your stress hormones, like epinephrine and norepinephrine, and as such can alter function in a stresslike way” — paving the way for a hangover.

Tabakoff says distilled spirits contain fewer of these toxic compounds than other types of booze, which explains why some people report feeling fewer hangover effects if they stick with vodka or gin.

Obviously, the only sure way to avoid a hangover is to not drink alcohol. But if you are going to indulge, Tabakoff says the tried-and-true advice — eat something before you drink, and while you drink, makes good sense.

“Food is very good for the purpose of slowing the absorption of alcohol,” he says.

Adding liquid calories to your cocktails — say, Coke, ginger ale or sugary punch as a mixer — is a good way to slow absorption, too. In fact, a study we reported on back in 2013 determined that a diet soda and rum will make you drunker than rum mixed with sugary Coke.

Cecile Marczinski, a cognitive psychologist who authored that study, found that the average breath alcohol concentration was .091 (at its peak) when subjects drank alcohol mixed with a diet drink. By comparison, BrAC was .077 when the same subjects consumed the same amount of alcohol but with a sugary soda.

“I was a little surprised by the findings, since the 18 percent increase in [BrAC] was a fairly large difference,” Marczinski told us at the time. She says the difference would not likely have been as large if the subjects — who were all college age — had not been drinking on empty stomachs.

And here’s another self-evident tip when it comes to drinking: Pace yourself.

“We can get rid of most of the alcohol we drink if we [limit] drinking to one drink per hour,” Tabakofff says. This way, “our blood alcohol levels don’t start accumulating.”

One drink per hour is a rule of thumb, but that can vary depending on height or body size. Bigger people tend to be able to handle a little more alcohol, and smaller people a little less.

And remember, Tabakoff says, a single drink is less than you might think. It’s 5 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, or a shot of liquor.

4 Tips To Manage A Hangover At Work

“I just got promoted to partner, we are going to celebrate tonight!” This text message illuminates your phone around 5 p.m. while packing up your work bag. Your best friend finally got the promotion of her dreams! Filled with excitement, you leave work and head straight to the bar to join the celebration. One toast leads to another and before you know it, you’re waking up feeling completely floored.

A hangover has hit.

The bigger problem is, it’s Wednesday and you now have to go to work.

This happens more often than you would think, 75% of U. S. employees admit to coming to work hungover. So the next time you join this statistic, work through these four tips to curb the hangover and hold onto your career success.

1. Evaluate whether you should come to work, period.

On average, people use two sick days per year to stay home and nurse a hangover. Although it may be tempting to save those days, if you are pretty sick it would be in your best interest to stay home.  

Begin to get ready for work and when you are ready to walk out the door evaluate if you still don’t feel well, then make the call. I hate to say this, but if you have a breathalyzer, give it a go. Driving to work and showing up still intoxicated would be a major issue, beyond work respect. Don’t take chances, many DUI’s still happen the morning after.   

Consider speaking with your boss about working from home or taking that sick day. Honesty is the best policy, sometimes. Sixty-six percent of people that informed their boss of the true reason for their ailment received no repercussions. But tread lightly, you want to ensure you are respected and understood at work. Instead of spilling your nights’ dirty laundry, if questioned for your missed day at work share your symptoms (headache and nausea) but leave the culprit of them at bay.   

2. Prepare for the day properly.

Take a contrast shower, by alternating the water temperature between high heat, and extreme cold. This will increase the blood flow circulation in your body, in turn, helping you wake up and recover from inflammation and the detriments of drinking alcohol. Not only that, but it will remove that layer of sweaty booze likely covering you.

When your body is metabolizing alcohol the liver gives off a great deal of heat and your endocrine system (balances hormones) is damaged, sparking hot flashes. Prepare for this by dressing in clothes that are comfortable, breathable and will reduce any potential sweat lines. Put on natural fabrics like cotton or linen and avoid light or bright colored clothes. Try a loose-fitting patterned shirt paired with linen pants to keep you comfortable and sweat stains at bay.

3. Have a nutritious and hydrating breakfast.

If you are going to head into the office make sure to get hydrated and walk in with a healthy meal down.  

I suggest eating a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, the complex carbohydrates in the oatmeal have been proven to improve mood and reduce that late-night fatigue while the nutrients in blueberries help fight off the inflammation your body is managing.

Caffeine helps reduce headaches, but be aware that coffee is a diuretic which actually induces dehydration. Swap this out for a mild green tea, take aspirin with your breakfast and drink red ginseng which has been proven to relieve the effects of alcohol consumption and hangover symptoms. Be sure to add honey to your tea, which has been shown to reduce alcohol elimination from the body and reduce overall hangover symptoms.

3. Improve your work environment.

Feeling dizzy? Change your computer background to grayscale. When the emails popping up on your inbox appear in a grey hue, as opposed to stark bright white it will reduce eye strain and headaches.  

Turn on your desk side diffuser. Fill the diffuser with lavender and peppermint to reduce nausea, headaches, and provide calming energy around your workspace. If you cannot use a diffuser in your office, peppermint essential oil can be placed on your belly, low back or temples.

4. Reflect on the future after the workday ends.

You have successfully made it through the day, congratulations! Now ask yourself, was the night out worth that painful day that hurt your productivity and potentially your reputation at work?  

Before you walk out of the office, refocus your priorities and make a list of the top five things you want to accomplish this year. Put it in your wallet and the next time you are out having Taco Tuesday with friends take a glance at it before agreeing to have that third, or fourth, or fifth margarita.

Working through a hangover is possible, but clearly not preferable. Be your own mom the next time you are out on a weeknight and keep the drinking to a manageable limit. Cheers!

How to cure a hangover: tips from doctors that actually work – as the UK returns to the pub

Lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease across the UK and with people beginning to head back to bars and pubs, celebrating with a round of drinks or two looks to be on the cards for many.

But those who spend a heavy night drinking may find themselves feeling worse for wear the next day, and looking for ways to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover.

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So, is there an effective hangover ‘cure’ and can anything prevent or alleviate the symptoms of one?

Hangovers can generally cause splitting headaches, sickness and dizziness (Photo: Kim Mogg)

What are the symptoms – and can you prevent them?

Hangovers can generally cause splitting headaches, sickness and dizziness, with dehydration from drinking alcohol causing many of the symptoms.

Dr Deborah Lee, from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, said that “despite extensive research, sadly, no products have been identified as perfect hangover cures.”

However, there are still certain things that can help prevent and alleviate them.

Dr Lee explains the best option is to avoid getting a hangover in the first place by making sure to drink responsibly and stay within recommended limits.

But let’s face it – that’s not always possible – especially given that lockdown is easing and we’re all heading back to the pub to catch up with friends and family we haven’t seen in months.

So, if you are planning a bit of a session, there are certain things you can do to try and prevent a hangover from occurring. Here are some tips for preventing a hangover:

– Don’t drink on an empty stomach – always drink with food.

– Drink plenty of water – one glass of water for each alcoholic drink.

– Drink slowly and savour your drinks. This helps you drink less overall.

– Avoid fizzy drinks, as bubbles speed up the absorption of alcohol.

– Avoid dark coloured drinks, such as dark coloured spirits and red wine, as these contain increased amounts of congeners – substances that are

produced during the fermentation process.

– Don’t mix your drinks.

– Make sure after drinking you get plenty of sleep.

– Eat and drink the morning after, to raise your blood sugar levels.

What are the best cures for a hangover?

If all else fails and you still feel terrible in the morning, there are some simple tips and tricks for making yourself feel better.

Some people suggest ‘hair of the dog’ but according to the NHS, drinking again soon after a night out does not help. The NHS says: “drinking in the morning is a risky habit,” as you may “simply be delaying the appearance of symptoms until the extra alcohol wears off.”

If you’ve been drinking heavily, doctors usually advise that you wait at least 48 hours before drinking any more alcohol – even if you don’t have a hangover – in order to give your body time to recover.

You can also ease the symptoms of a hangover by taking painkillers to help with headaches and muscle cramps, rehydrating and eating sugary foods to make you less trembly, according to the NHS.

There are certain foods and drinks which can help to prevent or alleviate a hangover, according to Sian Baker, Head of Wellbeing Services and Registered Nutritional Therapist at health and wellness testing company Check My Body Health.

Ms Baker says these seven foods and drinks can help to prevent – or even beat – a hangover:

Dairy – if you’re anticipating a session of heavy drinking, lining your stomach first with dairy products such as milk, or yoghurt can help to reduce the effects of any alcohol consumed.

Water – ensuring that you’re adequately hydrated will help to ease the hangover effects. You can also add a little sugar and salt to your water to make your own rehydration drink and replace the water you have lost, as well as the sugars and essential salts.

Fish – protein and fats, such as the healthy oils found in fish, will remain in your stomach for longer, so are another great food to consume before starting to drink. Taking omega-3 and 6 capsules both before and after alcohol will also help to coat the stomach and replenish your fatty acid levels the next morning.

Spinach – magnesium is one nutrient that is often depleted during a session of drinking, so magnesium-rich foods such as spinach will help to replenish your magnesium levels. Spinach also has anti-inflammatory properties, so makes a good basis for a meal to help you get over your hangover.

Bananas – drinking alcohol can create electrolyte imbalances through increasing fluid loss and increasing electrolyte excretion, so rebalancing your electrolyte levels will help you to recover. Bananas contain good amounts of potassium, so will help to bring up your levels after a heavy night of drinking. Avocados and other potassium-rich foods will also help make a difference.

Pineapple – nausea is a very common hangover symptom, but pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps to ease digestion and reduce pressure on your liver.

Ginger – eating a little bit of ginger is another great way to help reduce feelings of nausea. Ginger can reduce inflammation and help to settle your stomach.

Am I actually allergic to alcohol?

Ms Baker adds that if you are being mindful of both your hydration and eating when drinking, but still find that you’re very rough after a drink, then there’s “the possibility that you could be suffering from an intolerance to alcohol, or some of the specific ingredients in it.”

She says: “Gluten, wheat and yeast can all be found in alcoholic beverages such as beer, ale, and lager, and are among the most common food intolerances.

“Headaches, bloating, constipation and diarrhea are all symptoms that are often assumed to be due to a hangover but can also indicate an intolerance.

If you do think that your symptoms could be more than just a hangover, then a food intolerance test at your GP could help to reveal if you do have an intolerance.

Alternatively, opt for a gluten-free alcoholic drink instead of your usual drink of choice to see if your symptoms persist.

The best anti-hangover tips for the day after

The best anti-hangover tips for the day after – MILESTONE Living

Partying is an essential part of student life as a counterbalance to the hard day-to-day study routine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an overflowing flat-sharing party with humid drinking games or the seductive happy hour in your favourite bar: Too much wine, beer or hard alcohol is bound to cause headaches and nausea the next day. You’ve had another long night out and had too much to drink? Here you’ll get lots of tips on how to fight a hangover or be prepared for an emergency.

How does a hangover develop?

A hangover has many faces. Some people feel sick to their stomach because of the alcohol. Others simply feel tired and listless the next day or have a heavy head. Dizziness is also a common side effect. The fact is: being hungover is annoying and it is not uncommon for people to swear that they will drink less next time. In fact, this would be the most effective way to prevent a hangover. This is because alcoholic beverages disrupt the regulation of fluid balance by inhibiting the release of the hormone vasopressin. In short, the more beer, wine and hard alcohol you drink, the faster your body dehydrates. As a result, your electrolyte balance becomes unbalanced. Important minerals are lost. In addition, your liver has to work hard to break down the alcohol. The resulting substances lead to the well-known unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol also irritates the stomach lining. The full extent of this usually only becomes apparent when you wake up the next day.

Goodbye headaches: 10 tips against hangovers

Depending on how your body reacts to too much alcohol, different things can help. Try out for yourself how you can prevent a hangover and which of the following tips help best after a hard night of partying.

1) Eat enough before drinking

The next party is coming up? Then make sure you have a good foundation by eating enough and as richly as possible. Carbohydrates, for example in pasta or pizza, are especially recommended. Fatty meals also slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. The drop in blood sugar levels caused by alcohol consumption often leads to cravings. However, instead of visiting the kebab, pizza or sausage stand late at night, you should rather eat a good sandwich. After all, your liver has enough to do with the alcohol. Greasy food would be counterproductive.

2) Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of fluids, not only the next morning, but also the day before. Non-alcoholic, of course. During the party, keep reaching for a glass of water and compensate for the loss of fluids. You should also drink plenty of water before going to bed. In this way, you can prevent dehydration, which manifests itself the next day in the form of headaches, dizziness and tiredness. By the way: The well-known counter beer is not a good idea. Even if you feel relief for a short moment, the alcohol in the beer only causes you to lose fluid again and your liver has to work even harder. You should therefore disregard this myth.

3) Avoid sweetened drinks

There’s no question about it: liqueurs, cocktails and mulled wine simply taste good. However, the sugar in sweet drinks causes the alcohol to enter the bloodstream more quickly. This also applies to sweet wines. Stick to tart drinks like beer or dry wine instead.

4) Hearty hangover breakfast

Your head is pounding? Then replenish your mineral reserves. The best way to do this is with a delicious breakfast after a night of drinking. Ideally, it should be hearty, salty and light. Fatty foods are hard to digest. If your stomach is offended, only light food is called for. A nourishing broth, an omelette with vegetables, sandwiches or smoked salmon will provide you with plenty of essential nutrients and healthy fats that your body craves.

5) Ginger tea

Ginger is an all-rounder and belongs in every student’s room. Finely chopped ginger slices also help with nausea. To make a wholesome tea, simply cut the fresh ginger root into small pieces, pour hot water over it and let it steep for a few minutes. With a healthy ginger tea you can often do without the tablet, as the miracle root can provide relief from headaches. And if your breath still reminds you of last night despite brushing your teeth and using mouthwash, just chew a slice of ginger to fight bad breath.

6) Tea from willow bark

Willow bark is known as a natural remedy and has a long tradition. Therefore, willow bark tea should not be missing from our list. Pour hot water over the tree bark and treat your troubled stomach to a portion of natural healing power. The salicylates contained in it help against pain, which in a similar or synthetic form in well-known headache tablets help against these very complaints.

7) Honey

This sweet gold helps with sluggishness and fatigue to get you going again. Add a spoonful of honey to your anti-hangover tea, for example. Of course, you can also sweeten your hangover breakfast with honey, like your muesli or yoghurt. And if you want to give your body a good energy boost, mix warm water with a dash of lemon juice, freshly ground pepper and honey.

8) Tomato juice

Puree some tomatoes, add water and lemon juice. Season the drink with salt and pepper. This will get your circulation going again and provide your body with important minerals that were flushed out the day before. Marjoram is also known for its anti-hangover effect and can give the tomato juice a pleasantly tart note.

9) Peppermint oil

If you have a headache, put a few drops of peppermint oil on your wrists and rub it on your temples and neck. Peppermint is pleasantly cooling and therefore beneficial for tension, migraines and headaches. You can also put the oil in a fragrance lamp. If you prefer to apply the peppermint oil but find the scent too intense, mix the peppermint oil with natural oils such as olive or almond oil beforehand.

10) Exercise in the fresh air

Once you’ve regained your composure, make sure to get outside. A few laps around the block can be enough to make you feel fitter. If your hangover allows it, even a light workout is advisable. The positive side effect: as soon as you make your body sweat, you will burn off some of the calories you consumed through yesterday’s alcohol.

Conclusion: The best remedy for a hangover is to avoid the last glass.

An alcohol-induced hangover is a physical reaction to having had too much to drink. The best remedy is, of course, to refrain from drinking too much alcohol. Drinking a glass of water regularly and switching to non-alcoholic drinks in good time will save you the morning after. Have fun at your next party!

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90,000 How to get rid of a hangover: 10 tips for those who went overboard at a party

Yesterday it was a lot of fun when you washed down sparkling vodka and tasted all the cocktails on the menu, but today you want to die or at least turn back the clock. You vow to never drink again and to live a healthy life altogether, if only someone explains how to get rid of a hangover.

We, of course, do not believe you and are almost sure that in a maximum of two or three weeks you will go to a bar or to a party again, especially since getting rid of a hangover is, frankly, much easier than it seems.Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do if your level of intoxication can’t be corrected.

1. Water

In whatever state you return home in the evening, strain and put a two-liter bottle of water with lemon next to the bed. You can even do this before you go to the party. Believe me, at night and in the morning it will save your life.

2. Sleep

The best way to survive a hangover is to sleep. The sooner you get up (and the alcoholic’s sleep is extremely fragile, you will constantly wake up and worry), the worse you will be.Therefore, try to lie in bed all the way so that the harsh reality covers you as late as possible.

3. Breakfast

Fatty, heavy, high in calories and harmful so much that it is almost illegal. Such a breakfast will save you, because the body will stop digesting pure alcohol alone and will flavor it with food that requires a lot of effort. This means that you are likely to fall asleep again. Great plan.

4. Shower

When you’re ready to finally leave the house, or at least spend ten minutes on your feet, go to the shower.Just turn on fresher water, not boiling water, to freshen up and invigorate.

5. Anageltic

The headache will not go away on its own, sorry. If your head is cracking from a hangover, then don’t waste time and take a pill rather. Look at the dosage: if the instruction allows you to take two at once, then you can do it. The sooner you get rid of the headache, the easier you will get through the hangover.

6. Sangrita

This spicy Mexican drink is great for relieving hangovers.If you’ve already had breakfast, make our sangrita recipe and enjoy life.

7. Walk

Fresh air helps to get rid of a hangover, as does a shower. So try to walk at least 100 meters or get out onto the balcony and open the windows wide. Our playlist will help you tune in to recovery and resurrection.

8. Sex

Many people advise to go in for sports in case of a hangover, and we suggest – sex. Are heavy kettlebells and pancakes in the gym able to distract you as successfully as love and affection? We hope that your beloved also resists the hangover, because your sex will be very lazy.

9. Series

Turn on Netflix or Amediateku, play your favorite TV show (the dumber and funnier the better), stock up on chips and beer in advance and just lie there and degrade. In the end, once a week we all have the right to distract ourselves from endless self-development and improvement.

10. Sweet

The higher the alcohol content in your blood, the more acutely you lack glucose, so you need to urgently replenish its stores. Our recommendation is ice cream, which will cool your sore hangover head at the same time.

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How to get rid of a hangover at home: quickly and effectively


How to get rid of a hangover quickly and effectively: expert advice

How to get rid of a hangover in at home: quickly and effectively

How to get rid of a hangover quickly and effectively: expert advice

A hangover occurs when a person drank too much alcohol and there was a serious intoxication of the body.How to get rid of a hangover at home … RIA Novosti, 13.10.2021

2021-10-13T20: 36

2021-10-13T20: 36

2021-10-13T20: 56



health – society


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MOSCOW, October 13 – RIA Novosti. A hangover occurs when a person has drunk too much alcohol and there is a serious intoxication of the body. How to get rid of a hangover at home quickly and effectively – in the material RIA Novosti. Its other name is withdrawal symptoms. A hangover can last from several hours to a day or more.Ethanol in alcoholic beverages, after ingestion, is first converted to acetaldehyde (ethanal) and then to acetic acid. This process takes place in the liver with the help of a special enzyme – alcohol dehydrogenase. With an excess of alcohol in the blood, the enzyme systems cannot cope with the complete conversion of acetaldehyde into acetic acid, as a result, it accumulates in the body. Acetaldehyde is significantly more toxic than ethanol itself. In addition, alcohol triggers the production of the enzyme CYP2E1, which itself can form toxins and free radicals.According to scientists, even the smallest amounts of alcohol can cause serious harm to health and significantly increase the likelihood of premature death from heart disease, cancer and accidents. The causes of the processes leading to a hangover syndrome are still poorly understood. This condition can be caused by a large amount of acetaldehyde, because with frequent intake of alcohol, it accumulates in the body and can cause poisoning even with small doses of alcohol. Other Causes: Symptoms A hangover causes the following symptoms: Typically, a hangover occurs three to eight hours after drinking.In fact, the body fights toxins, tries to get rid of them: Psychologically, a person feels bad too, he develops: How long a hangover can last up to 72 hours, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the amount of alcohol consumed. Usually, unpleasant symptoms disappear after a day. Sometimes two or three times if the person does not tolerate alcohol very well. Consequences Alcohol is known as a depressant. During its use, mood often rises, but as soon as ethyl alcohol leaves the body, a person may show symptoms of depression – low mood, increased fatigue, tearfulness, irritability, unwillingness to do anything, paranoia, etc.Alcohol irritates the stomach and intestines. The resulting inflammation can lead to abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. It also depletes the body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals, causing fatigue, weakness, and mood swings. Hangovers can be both painful and dangerous. During this state, a person’s coordination and ability to make decisions, sensibly assessing the situation is impaired. How to get rid of a hangover When a hangover has occurred and a person is feeling unwell, methods can be applied to help improve overall well-being.If the condition is too bad, you should call an ambulance. Treatment at home If a hangover occurs, you need to take a contrast shower in the morning, drink tea with sugar or honey. During the day, drink as much liquid as possible without gas so that ethanol leaves the body faster. Also, with a hangover, it is better to eat a heavy meal, even if there is no appetite. Products Pathophysiologist Alena Paretskaya and neurologist Yevgeny Mosin talked about products that help get rid of a hangover. According to them, eggs are a source of a special amino acid called L-cysteine, which is necessary the liver to break down the toxin that builds up in the body when drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.So eating a breakfast with this product will help fight a hangover. If you fight fluid deficiencies with coconut water, it can additionally replenish electrolyte balance due to its potassium content, experts say. Ginger and bananas containing potassium electrolyte. Ginger will be effective for nausea and vomiting and should be chopped and added to water, and bananas will also help with indigestion.A sweet soda based on lemon or lime helps to eliminate alcohol from the body more quickly. Citrus juice has a beneficial effect on the intestines, suppressing nausea, the high sugar content helps to restore strength, and water replenishes the loss of fluid from dehydration, doctors noted. Korean scientists consider common asparagus to be an effective hangover cure. Experiments on human and rat liver cells have shown that the amino acids and minerals contained in young asparagus reduce the oxidative stress to which the body is exposed to excessive amounts of alcohol.The plant had a positive effect even on the liver cells of chronic alcoholics. Folk recipes for a hangover Cucumber pickle, light chicken broth, herbal teas are believed to help with hangovers, which soothe the nervous system and help to sleep easier. To reduce the level of alcohol intoxication, you can dissolve a little baking soda in water and drink a liquid. Medication for a hangover There are a number of medications that can relieve withdrawal symptoms and relieve hangover symptoms.These are the so-called sorbents that bind harmful substances and remove them from the body. These drugs are much more effective than activated charcoal. The headache can be relieved with one of the painkillers. The help of specialists The help of a narcologist may be needed in case of severe alcohol poisoning. It is also better to consult a specialist in case of a hangover for the elderly, those who have chronic diseases. …At higher doses, to minimize the risk of a hangover, you need to follow the recommendations:




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society, alcohol, health – society, health

MOSCOW, October 13 – RIA Novosti. A hangover occurs when a person has drunk too much alcohol and there is a serious intoxication of the body. How to get rid of a hangover at home quickly and effectively – in the material RIA Novosti.


Hangover is a post-intoxication condition due to alcohol abuse, which is expressed in unpleasant physical and psychological sensations. Its other name is withdrawal symptoms. A hangover can last from several hours to a day or more.

Ethanol in alcoholic beverages, after ingestion, is first converted to acetaldehyde (ethanal) and then to acetic acid. This process takes place in the liver with the help of a special enzyme – alcohol dehydrogenase. With an excess of alcohol in the blood, the enzyme systems cannot cope with the complete conversion of acetaldehyde into acetic acid, as a result, it accumulates in the body. Acetaldehyde is significantly more toxic than ethanol itself. In addition, alcohol triggers the production of the enzyme CYP2E1, which itself can form toxins and free radicals.

According to scientists, even the smallest portions of alcohol cause serious harm to health and significantly increase the likelihood of premature death from heart disease, cancer and accidents.

“Now we can very clearly state that the negative effects of alcohol disappear only if the amount drunk tends to zero. The myth that one or two servings of alcohol are good for health has been debunked,” said Emmanuela Gakidou of the University Washington (USA).


The processes leading to hangover are still poorly understood.This condition can be caused by a large amount of acetaldehyde, because with frequent intake of alcohol, it accumulates in the body and can cause poisoning even with small doses of alcohol. Other causes:

  1. 1

    Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance: Alcohol consumption increases urine production, dehydrates the body, leading to many common hangover symptoms, including thirst, weakness, dry mucous membranes, dizziness.Some may experience increased sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea.

  2. 2

    Gastrointestinal disorders: Excessive alcohol consumption can cause acute gastritis. Alcohol can irritate the stomach and intestines, causing inflammation of the stomach lining and delayed emptying. As a result, alcoholic beverages can lead to fatty liver, increased secretion of the pancreas and intestines, which can cause abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

  3. 3

    Low blood sugar: Drinking alcohol can suppress the body’s production of glucose and deplete the stores stored in the liver.Since this substance is the main source of energy for the brain, low blood sugar can cause symptoms of fatigue, weakness, and mood disorders that come with a hangover.

  4. 4

    Disruption of sleep and other biological rhythms: Alcohol-induced sleep is shorter and worse than usual. This can lead to fatigue during a hangover. Alcohol can also disrupt the body’s daily temperature rhythm, the secretion of growth hormones at night, and the release of cortisol.

  5. 5

    Headache: alcohol intoxication temporarily leads to dilation of blood vessels, which is fraught with migraines.

  6. 6

    Avoiding alcohol: excessive drinking depresses the central nervous system. When the supply of ethanol stops, the central nervous system can go into a state of unbalanced hyperactivity, or overload. The consequence of this is tremors and heart palpitations associated with a hangover.


Hangovers cause the following symptoms:

  • headaches;

  • nausea and vomiting;

  • tachycardia;

  • bowel disorder;

  • lack of appetite;

  • dehydration;

  • dry mouth;

  • tremor;

  • apathy, loss of strength.

Typically, a hangover occurs three to eight hours after drinking alcohol. In fact, the body fights toxins, tries to get rid of them:

Psychologically, a person feels bad too, he develops:

  • apathy;

  • decreased concentration of attention;

  • irritability;

  • mood swings;

  • feeling unwell;

  • general weakness;

  • feelings of shame and guilt;

  • lack of mood.

March 23, 08:44

The doctor named the best way to avoid a hangover

How long does

A hangover can last up to 72 hours, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the amount of alcohol consumed. Usually, unpleasant symptoms disappear after a day. Sometimes in two, if the person does not tolerate alcohol very well.


Alcohol is known as a depressant. During its use, mood often rises, but as soon as ethyl alcohol leaves the body, a person may show symptoms of depression – low mood, increased fatigue, tearfulness, irritability, unwillingness to do anything, paranoia, etc.

Alcohol irritates the stomach and intestines. The resulting inflammation can lead to abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. It also depletes the body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals, causing fatigue, weakness, and mood swings.

Hangovers can be both painful and dangerous. During such a state, a person’s coordination and ability to make decisions, sensibly assessing the situation, are disturbed.

How to Get Rid of a Hangover

When a hangover occurs and the person is feeling unwell, methods can be applied to help improve overall well-being.If the condition is too bad, an ambulance should be called.

Home treatment

If you have a hangover, you need to take a contrast shower in the morning, drink tea with sugar or honey. During the day, drink as much liquid as possible without gas so that ethanol leaves the body faster. Also, with a hangover, it is better to eat a large meal, even if there is no appetite.


Pathophysiologist Alena Paretskaya and neurologist Yevgeny Mosin told about products that help get rid of a hangover.

According to them, eggs are a source of a special amino acid called L-cysteine, which the liver needs to break down the toxin that accumulates in the body when drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Therefore, breakfast using this product will help cope with a hangover.

If you fight the lack of fluid with the help of coconut water, then it will additionally be able to replenish the electrolyte balance due to the potassium content, experts say.

Ginger and bananas containing potassium electrolyte can help with alcohol-related gastrointestinal problems.Ginger will be effective for nausea and vomiting and should be chopped and added to water, and bananas will also help with indigestion.

Sweet soda based on lemon or lime promotes faster elimination of alcohol from the body. Citrus juice has a beneficial effect on the intestines, suppressing nausea, the high sugar content helps to restore strength, and water replenishes the loss of fluid from dehydration, doctors noted.

Korean scientists consider common asparagus to be an effective remedy for a hangover.Experiments on human and rat liver cells have shown that the amino acids and minerals contained in young asparagus reduce the oxidative stress to which the body is exposed to excessive amounts of alcohol. The plant had a positive effect even on the liver cells of chronic alcoholics.

January 2, 05:30

A doctor named an easy way to defeat a hangover

Popular recipes for a hangover

It is believed that cucumber pickle, light chicken broth, herbal teas, which calm the nervous system and help to fall asleep easier, help with a hangover.To reduce the level of alcohol intoxication, you can dissolve a little soda in water and drink a liquid.

Drugs for Hangovers

There are a number of drugs that can relieve withdrawal symptoms and hangover symptoms. These are the so-called sorbents that bind harmful substances and remove them from the body. These drugs are much more effective than activated charcoal. The headache can be relieved with one of the pain relievers.

The help of specialists

The help of a narcologist may be needed in case of severe alcohol poisoning.Also, it is better to consult a specialist in case of a hangover for the elderly, those who have chronic diseases.

How to prevent a hangover

The best way to avoid a hangover is not to exceed the conventional “norm” for adults (20 grams per day), in which the harm to the body will not be too serious.

At higher doses, to minimize the risk of a hangover, follow these guidelines:

  1. 1

    Always drink on a full stomach to even out alcohol absorption.

  2. 2

    Red wine contains tyramine, a chemical that can cause severe headaches, so red varieties should be avoided to prevent this from happening.

  3. 3

    It is better to alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones.

  4. 4

    Since alcohol is very dehydrating, it is best to drink one or two glasses of plain water before bed. Dehydration is usually accompanied by electrolyte imbalances. Thus, a combination of water and electrolytes can eliminate some of the symptoms of a hangover, but by no means all.

January 1, 08:00 New Years – 2021 Extreme Circumstances. How do you save yourself from a hangover in different countries? 90,000 How to quickly get rid of a hangover at home

How should you drink to survive the New Year holidays without serious consequences? We learned everything from an expert and are ready to share with you (we don’t want you to have a headache after fun parties).

On the one hand, alcohol allows you to relax and relieve tension, makes it easier for people to communicate, and in small doses it can even be an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals.On the other hand, it can serve as a source of intoxication and poisoning, destroy liver and brain cells, cause antisocial behavior and poor health.

What can help reduce hangovers

1. Drink less! Skip, do not finish the glass to the end, often leave the table and communicate with friends.

2. One hour before the holiday, drink a glass of strong drink – then the production of enzymes that break down alcohol and thus reduce its toxic effect will start.

3. It is useful to eat fatty foods, vegetable salads with a lot of vitamins and fiber, drink a spoonful of oil before the holiday, and generally eat more – this will reduce the absorption of alcohol. Also for this purpose, one hour before the holiday, you can drink activated carbon or Enterosgel.

4. To reduce intoxication and dehydration, you must drink water! Three times the amount of alcohol consumed (for example, a glass of water after each glass).

5. The quality and composition of alcohol is important: people get drunk more from carbonated, sweet and moderately strong (up to 30%) drinks.Strong drinks irritate the mucous membrane more strongly, due to which absorption may be somewhat inhibited. Of course, surrogates should also be avoided!

6. Do not mix different alcohol!

7. It is dangerous to drink a lot outside (during barbecue), and then go into the warmth!

8. It is important to move during the feast (for example, dance, move for the purpose of communication, go out into the air), and also move immediately after the holiday (for example, go home on foot).

If a hangover happens, then it follows …

1.Sleep well!

2. If it is really bad – induce vomiting, give an enema.

3. Drink water. Mineral water with honey will also improve the condition.

4. Take a shower, you can moderately contrast – it will help to cheer up.

5. Take a walk in the fresh air.

6. Eat fruit (such as bananas) to replenish your vitamin supply.

7. Eat vegetable soup, say okroshka or borscht (potatoes or sauerkraut will also help).

8. You can drink water with six drops of ammonia or one or two teaspoons of baking soda, drink aspirin (it cannot be combined with alcohol – only two hours before or six hours after), take Alka-Seltzer or Activated carbon.

9. From folk remedies, mint with hops (1/2 tablespoon per glass of boiling water), cardamom seeds (two or three seeds three times a day) and, of course, cucumber pickle can help. It is good to drink tea with ginger, mint and lemon, rosehip or chamomile decoction.

What not to do during a hangover

1. Drinking coffee and strong tea is an additional burden on the heart!

2. For the same reason, it is undesirable to take a very hot shower or go to a bath.

3. Do not eat smoked and canned food – take care of your stomach and liver!

4. Stop smoking at least for a while.

5. It is not recommended to “treat” yourself with a glass and beer – you can only aggravate intoxication and repeat the cause of your hangover.

And remember, visual deception! British scientists have proven that people drink much more from wide and low glasses than from tall and thin glasses. Go for the trick and put the beakers on the table.

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90,000 The doctor gave advice to Russians on getting rid of a hangover: Society: Russia: Lenta.ru

Doctor-narcologist Maxim Salnikov gave advice to Russians on getting rid of a hangover. He told Vesiskitim that there are several ways, but sometimes the hangover state will have to be endured, then it will pass by evening.

The doctor recalled that the main burden of neutralizing ethyl alcohol falls on the liver, in which alcohol decomposes to harmful acetic acid and acetaldehyde, and then to harmless carbon dioxide and water.

According to him, the liver is able to effectively neutralize about 10 milliliters of pure alcohol per hour.However, anything that comes in excess of this amount will lead to negative consequences. In this case, the liver will not have time to neutralize all the ethanol and aldehydes, poisoning of the body occurs, in which a person experiences a condition called a hangover.

Materials on the topic

00:01 – December 27, 2020

00:03 – January 1

Salnikov said that the first thing to do after such intoxication is to go to the shower. “After going to the toilet, it is imperative to take a warm shower with a hangover so that the vessels dilate in order to remove the jitters from the body.After that you need to drink. But not just water. I recommend a well-salted soup. The body needs salt, since with the massive use of alcohol, minerals and vitamins are washed out. When you drink in moderation, this does not happen, ”the specialist warned.

Strong lemon tea without sugar, brine is also suitable, but it is better to refuse instant or ground coffee. The narcologist noted the uselessness of plain water in this case: “With a hangover, salts left the body. Plain water quickly passes from the intestines into the blood and kidneys, then into the bladder and out.Water puts unnecessary stress on the kidneys, and the thirst does not go away. Therefore, we drink salty soup or pickle. Salt in this case helps to dilate blood vessels and restore body functions. ”

Earlier, the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov spoke about a fatal hangover mistake. According to him, going to the bathhouse after severe dehydration caused by alcohol consumption can lead to a person losing consciousness or dying.

Nutritionist Daria Rusakova noted that it is possible to slow down drunkenness and ease a possible hangover by diluting or drinking some alcoholic beverages with water.Water is considered a good solvent, has a diuretic effect and removes harmful substances from the body. Water can be substituted for any other sugar-free drink, but drinking strong alcohol will be ineffective.

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90,000 8 simple hangover tips that will help you forget about a stormy rest

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is especially useful in this matter. This is due to the fact that he draws in undigested alcohol.That is why it becomes much easier after coal. Many people advise drinking activated charcoal before the party, arguing that in the morning there is no hangover at all.

Pure water

Dehydration is one of the main causes of a hangover. This does not happen from a lack of fluid, but from an improper distribution of water in the body. What to do? Drink water. Moreover, it is abundant – at least a liter of water per hour.


Honey is one of the safest and most effective hangover treatments.It is he who neutralizes the effects of alcohol on the body. This is not the end of his useful qualities for a person. Due to the high content of trace elements and minerals, honey improves metabolism, thereby accelerating the breakdown of alcohol. Approximately 100 grams of natural honey combined with warm water will help the body fight the effects of a stormy party.


Two cups of coffee or yesterday’s tea will relieve the headache.It’s all about caffeine: it tones the body and brings the heart rhythms back on track.

Fermented milk drinks

Kefir or other fermented milk drinks (buttermilk, yogurt) are a favorite folk remedy for treating a hangover for a Russian person. Such drinks provide the body with vitamins, minerals, protect the liver, remove toxins from the body. However, do not overdo it: you need to drink on an empty stomach in small sips and no more than 0.5 liters.


During the feast, this wonderful fruit is irreplaceable, and in the morning it can become your best assistant.After citric acid accelerates the breakdown of toxins. Squeeze juice from two lemons, dilute with water and drink.


Everyone probably knows about this tool. However, we cannot pass by and not mention it. The secret of the action of the brine is explained by the fact that it saves from dehydration, satisfying thirst well. Plus, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. But remember that you should not drink more than one glass a day.


Juice is one of the best ways to beat a hangover.Drink tomato, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange natural juices. They contain citric acid, which improves metabolism and removes toxins from the body.

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New Year’s life hack: how to save yourself from a hangover | Study and work in Germany | DW

They say how you will celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it. The mood at the beginning of the new year is also considered significant for its further course. However, after a long, cheerful and stormy New Year’s Eve, the presence of an elated mood in the first days of January is far from a fact.Often the alcohol consumed on the holidays makes itself felt.

“A hangover, probably, happens to everyone – regardless of origin and passport. A hangover is an absolutely international thing,” says Artem, a student at the University of Dortmund. The head, the main working tool of students, suffers the most. Therefore, if the surplus of alcohol at the festive table cannot be avoided, then you need to take all measures to save yourself a loved one from the dire consequences of the party.

Only the song is not about that at all…

By the way, in Germany, students are directly related to the origin of the word “hangover”. In German, the expression denoting the state of the hangover syndrome sounds like “Ich habe einen Kater” (literally: “I have a cat”).

The fact is that in the 19th century, students suffering from a hangover asked a doctor to write them a sick leave, complaining of catarrh (in German Katarrh), that is, inflammation of the mucous membranes. Due to the similarity of the pronunciation of the words “Kater” (“cat”) and “Katarrh” (“katar”), the students jokingly said not “I have a cathar”, but “I have a cat”.Over time, this expression has become firmly entrenched in the German language.

How to deal with a hangover? Since the century before last, this topic has not lost its relevance for students. So, even the “Student Cookbook” (“Studenten-Kochbuch”) did not bypass this issue and offers a recipe for an anti-hangover cocktail of cucumber and tarragon.

It is prepared like this: rub a cucumber on a coarse grater, salt and let the liquid drain off. Then finely chop the tarragon leaves. Mix milk with natural yogurt well, add grated cucumber, tarragon, pepper, salt and mix everything well again.The hangover cure is ready – get healthier!

Time-tested recipes

German student Louise distinguishes three phases of hangover control. “The first hangover cure is water,” she says. “Drink as much liquid as possible during and after the party.” The second phase, in her opinion, begins upon returning home. “Before going to bed, you need to eat well. The basis of the anti-hangover menu is salty and fatty: herring, cheese, sausage, bread, butter – you should not think about extra calories,” recommends Louise.

Hungover Breakfast in German

It would also be nice to take a headache pill at night, she said. Well, if in the morning you still feel bad, then, according to the student’s method, you need to eat a piece of bread, take another pill, washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice, and go back to bed.

“Those who are sick from drinking alcohol, eat special buns made of corn flour – the so-called arepa,” says Oscar, a Venezuelan about “an ambulance on a critical morning.”- The best arepas help if you drink them with cold beer. “Since Oskar studies in Germany, he, by his own admission, tries not to drink too much.” that I bake buns from corn flour “, – smiles Oscar.

In China, in such a situation,” they drink liters of a special kind of green tea, quite bitter in taste, “says the Chinese student Chin-Chin. But in Brazil, where the holidays are accompanied by abundant consumption of alcohol, there are recipes for a hangover in almost every region.

“It is customary for us to cook very thick and salty soup from special cereals. Naturally, it must be cooked in advance so as not to waste time cooking in the morning,” says the Brazilian Rodrigo. “In Germany, I try not to get too drunk. I can’t find it here. All the ingredients for the Brazilian hangover soup

“The best recipe for a hangover is to have no hangover at all,” said Amalia, a student from Georgia.“You just have to drink the right way!” She urges. “First, do not mix different types of alcoholic beverages.

There are a lot of Soviets, but there is one universal one. “In order not to wake up with a headache on the morning of January 1 … I do not go to bed at all, but I celebrate all night and all day long – until January 2!” – reveals a secret Oscar from Venezuela.

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    On a river walk

    Meeting the New Year on board a pleasure motor ship, which ply, for example, on the Rhine, Moselle, Spree and others, can become really bright rivers of Germany.The program of the festive walk includes dinner, a colorful show with the participation of famous artists, an incendiary disco with dancing until the morning. The apogee of the holiday is a fantastic midnight fireworks.

  • New Year in a special way

    At culinary courses

    What New Year’s Eve is not complete without gluttony! But how to make a festive table really tasty and elegant? Sign up with your friends for the New Year’s Cooking Classes (Silvester-Kochkurs), which are held on 31 December at culinary schools in various German cities.With the help of experienced chefs, the participants prepare a five-course dinner and then celebrate the New Year with it.

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    Those who like to walk can go for a walk in the winter forest. In Germany, on New Year’s Eve, travel agencies and private guides arrange hikes, for example, in the mountainous regions of the Harz, Black Forest, Siebengebirge. No less picturesque and near Lake Tegernsee (pictured) or Chiemsee.

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    On the train with friends

    How would you like this idea – to take a commuter train with your friends and drive around the nearby places all night? At the stations you like, you can get off, get acquainted with the sights, and after a walk, go further.

  • New Year in a special way

    Star party at the planetarium

    Why not spend New Year’s Eve at the planetarium and light up on the dance floor under the stars – among satellites, comets and meteorites? Such “space” parties are offered in the planetariums of several German cities – for example, Bremen and Berlin.

  • New Year in a special way

    At the New Year’s fair

    In many German cities on the Baltic Sea coast, not only for Christmas, but also for New Year’s, colorful fairs work.Here you can buy funny souvenirs, enjoy sweets, drink mulled wine, watch theatrical performances and knightly tournaments. In the evening, big bonfires are lit here, and a festive fireworks display starts at midnight.

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    On a deserted island

    The same one who is not delighted with holiday fireworks can escape on New Year’s Eve to one of the picturesque German North Sea islands – Sylt, Usedom, Amrum. Fireworks have been banned there since 2009.So for those who crave a relaxing holiday, these places are just paradise: you can walk along their endless embankments from morning to evening.

  • New Year in a special way

    At the youth hostel

    An excellent opportunity to celebrate the New Year “in a different way” – to celebrate it at the youth hostel. There are many such complexes in Germany. And practically in each of them a large program is being prepared for the New Year’s holiday – hiking, ice skating, a festive dinner, singing with a guitar in the open air by the fire, discos.

  • New Year in a special way

    In the sauna

    Have you already celebrated New Year in the sauna? Many thermal complexes offer this opportunity in Germany. On New Year’s Eve, visitors can relax in the steam room, a great dinner and, of course, fireworks.

    Author: Natalia Koroleva


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90,000 Tips on how to quickly and painlessly drive out a hangover

Tips on how to painlessly and quickly drive out a hangover

Although everyone knows that drinking a lot is not worth it, and even mixing alcohol, but still each of us periodically “steps on this rake” – and here: in the morning the head hurts, nausea and in general – the light is not nice.And then it’s time to go to work and you have to hardly look for an answer to the sacred question: how to get rid of a hangover? An old Russian remedy – home brine is now not in every city house. But there is a lot of other things that will help restore clarity of thoughts and get rid of the unpleasant consequences of yesterday’s drunken fun.

Why a hangover is dangerous

Morning (although it may well be evening or daytime – depending on the time of alcohol intake – comes in about 12 hours) post-alcohol syndrome is in several variants.A light one is simply accompanied by heaviness in the head and stomach. A moderate hangover is more unpleasant – the head hurts, feels sick, the right hypochondrium feels heavy – this is the liver saying its “fu!” A severe degree is already dangerous to health and even life. It is accompanied by wild headache, palpitations and dizziness. This is due to the fact that the blood vessels are strongly narrowed, as a result of which the tissues experience a sharp lack of oxygen. In severe cases, and even if there are chronic cardiovascular diseases, this can even lead to cardiac arrest! In a severe hangover, be sure to take some alcohol.

Hangovers and alcohol

This is an effective way to quickly relieve hangover and return the body to a state of euphoria. But, not the best one, especially when there is a working day ahead. First, you cannot drive. Secondly, the bosses are unlikely to like the specific smell and slight inadequacy. Third, it will be extremely difficult to work. And, fourthly, the hangover will still come back later. We’ll have to “improve” health again – and so far from alcoholism.But, if the hangover is very heavy – take up to 100 g of vodka, but always, with a dense snack. You can also drink 1-2 bottles of beer at intervals or make a Bloody Mary cocktail: 100 g of vodka and tomato juice in half and salt.

Get rid of a hangover in 4 steps

Step 1 – any pharmaceutical preparation (Medichronal, Alkazeltzer). If not, take 2 aspirin (or asparkam) tablets with a glass of water and a cup of very sweet coffee.

Step 2 – contrast shower.You need to start with the usual – comfortable temperature, then make the water cool enough, then hot enough (through a smooth transition, not abruptly). It is recommended to finish the water procedures at a cool stage, after which it is intensively rubbed with a terry towel. If you have a little strength, squats will be beneficial.

Step 3 – Take a packet of Enterogel. This unique medicine adsorbs toxins and alcohol breakdown products. Drink preferably with mineral water – you can drink a glass before and a little after taking the gel.In general, Enterosgel must be in your home medicine cabinet. Buy a couple of bags today and let them lie.

Step 4 – hearty breakfast. Even if the sensations in the stomach are not the most pleasant, food will significantly improve your well-being: an omelet with sausage, scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese, a good sandwich and hot tea with lemon – that’s what you need to eat after a meal.