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Why size does matter: Does Size Really Matter? We’re Breaking It Down

Does Size Really Matter? We’re Breaking It Down

Quite possibly one of the first things you ever heard about sex had to do with the size of a guy’s penis. From the big feet and hands test to height, the size of someone’s penis is quite the topic of discussion. Lest we forget the rise of “BDE” just a few years back! It’s a cultural phenomenon between both women and men to debate the size of a male’s penis. 

There’s a cultural perception that bigger absolutely feels better, but is that actually always the case? I spoke with Christie Federico, Relationship and Sexual Empowerment Coach; and Searah Deysach, owner of online sex shop Early2Bed, (and retail store if you’re in Chicago!), to get their insights on if size actually matters when it comes to sex.

Our societal opinions about penis size originate probably before you even ever have sex. Federico explained that most of us learn about sex from mainstream porn and the media, which favors men who are on the larger side. “ … Young people who watch porn assume that large penises are the norm, and anything outside that norm is unacceptable and undesirable,” Federico said. 

But according to both Federico and Deysach, that’s all a myth. “In my experience, I actually find that women are not as focused on size as culture makes us think they are. For sure, there are plenty of people who love how a big penis feels in their body …  but overall, I think this is a cultural myth we keep repeating over and over so much that it sort of becomes true,” Deysach said. 

As an owner of a sex store, Deysach interacts on the daily with women and men trying to up their sex lives. She explained that it’s actually more common to speak to women who are looking for help when their partner is too big, rather than too small. “While penis-havers are often in our shop looking for gear to make them longer or wider, we rarely have their receiving partners looking for such a thing, which leads me to believe that partners are more satisfied with their lovers than the lovers are satisfied with themself,” Deysach said. She explained it’s often more of a perceived problem than one that people experience in their actual relationships. 

Obviously, penis size isn’t just a factor for couples involving an individual with a penis; it matters when it comes to the lengths of sex toys as well. Deysach stated that she actually experiences more women purchasing toys on the smaller side than the opposite. “For sure folks like all kinds of sizes, but for every 9”+ dildo that we sell, we sell three times as many smaller ones,” Deysach said. 


In my experience, I actually find that women are not as focused on size as culture makes us think they are.


In turn, however, she explained that when men come into the shop looking for sex toys for their female partners, they’re more likely to buy products on the larger side than women shopping for themselves, who more often purchase smaller dildos and vibrators (Deysach even said their most popular dildo is only 4 inches!). When it comes to vibrators, she said most products don’t actually resemble the shape of a penis because it’s more about the sensations. This simply furthers the idea that it isn’t that bigger innately feels better, but rather that we’ve convinced ourselves it does—and in reality, it’s about what you can do with it. 


If we’re not focusing on penis size, then what should we pay attention to?

“Women should focus on their partner’s desire to please and connect with them. That makes a better lover than the size of one’s penis,” Federico said. She also recommended that we rethink our definition of sex, as penis-in-vagina sex isn’t the “gold standard” of sex; oral, anal, and any other way you and your partner touch or penetrate each other is sex. “When we have a broader definition of sex, we open ourselves up to a lot more pleasure,” Federico said.

There is such a thing as someone being too big too. I mean, even Samantha Jones, the sex queen herself, experienced sleeping with a man who was just too well-endowed for her comfort. Federico explained that if your partner is so large that it causes you pain, having a conversation about changing up your positions or other ways to pleasure each other that don’t include penetrative sex is a good one to have. “If they’re not willing to make any adjustments to your love-making, they are probably not someone you should be having sex with, and that’s valuable information for you,” Federico said. “Sex shouldn’t be painful, and you deserve to have a pleasurable experience.” 

There is so much more to sex than the physical appearance of your genitals; that isn’t exactly where all the pleasure is coming from. “When seeking out a lover, I would hope people are focused on and looking for someone who makes them feel good—someone who is attentive, who listens to them, and who genuinely cares how good the sex is for them,” Deysach said. So instead of wondering how big they might be, wonder just how freaky they are. 😉

Size Does Matter | Psychology Today

Source: Pixabay/Public Domain

The penis has long been a symbol of masculinity, power, and to a lesser extent virility. This most intimate of male organs has been shrouded in mystery and been the recipient of some bizarre attributions.

#1. Size

A lot of men have concerns about penile length. Many stem from a dramatic overestimation of the average penis length. A comprehensive study of over 15,000 men found the average erect penis length to be just over 13 cm. New research suggests that women consider the ideal penis size to be only a bit longer at just over 6 inches (16 cm). By the way, the world’s largest documented penis belongs to an American named Jonah Falcon, who packs roughly 13.5 inches (34 cm). I’m sure most of us have, at some time or another, come across the statement “bigger is better” in relation to the way women feel about the male love-tool. It seems this is true up until a point only.

Many people will have identified this maxim as being questionable, but a lot of men still regard their ‘membership’ to be inadequate. One study of 200 heterosexual men found that over 68% of respondents had concerns about the size of their penis.

Predicting penis size

Estimates of penis size based on factors such as age, height, or shoe size are unreliable. Ethnicity may be one of the best predictors of the heat a guy is packing. A study published in the Annals of Sex Research found that, contrary to popular belief, height and foot length (and shoe size) were only weakly related to penis length. Unsurprisingly, age was an even worse predictor. There is, however, some evidence that finger length has some predictive power. Although suggestions that hand-size is related are unfounded, finger length is associated. Specifically, the longer a man’s index finger in relation to his ring finger, the more pant-thunder he is likely to be housing.

Size isn’t everything

Male anxiety may be driven, at least in part, by penis size preferences that men assume women have. The fact is that men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis report more problems with their sexual health and have lower sexual self-esteem.

It turns out that all of this is in their heads, sort of. A 2014 study found that although both men and women reported the ideal penis size to be greater than average penis size, men overestimated women’s preferences: they thought that ladies wanted bigger penises than they actually did.

Additionally, a large sample (52,000) of heterosexual men and women found that 85% of female respondents were happy with their partner’s penis size.

Another study found that only around 21% of women actually thought that penis length was important in a sexual relationship. A greater percentage actually thought that it was totally unimportant in a relationship. Considered slightly more important (33%) was girth.

#2. Length of stay

It turns out that women vary their penis preferences depending on the relationship duration being sought. Women seeking a brief encounter are possibly doing so largely for pleasure, and tend to prefer a larger penis than in a long-term context.

#3. Snake oil

Despite the availability of thousands of weird products/techniques, and the outrageous claims and enthusiasm with which shonky marketers peddle their penis-enhancing wares, evidence suggests that it can’t be made bigger by a special exercise regime, diet pills, snake-oil remedy, or any other miracle elixir. However, nearly half of the men in one study thought they could change either the size or shape of their penis through non-surgical means.

#4. It’s a hard life

If you’re a guy, you’ve almost certainly experienced an unwanted erection before. These can, and often do, occur at inappropriate and inopportune times. Adolescents often report suffering from them. Additionally, men will experience, on average, 3-5 sleep-erections per night (nocturnal penile tumescence, commonly referred to as ‘morning glory’). Male babies can get erections in the womb. Corpses can too. From the cradle to the grave …

#5. Two heads are better than one

Yes, having two penises is a thing (NSFW). The rare condition of having two functional penises is called diphallia and occurs in roughly 1 in every 5.5 million live births. Complete diphallia (penile duplication) is often accompanied by other physical malformations. Erections can generally occur in either one or both of the penises, and simultaneous ejaculation has been recorded.

#6. Beginnings

Many people know that boys and girls start out the same. Sex differentiation begins at around 6 weeks after conception So, in a sense, all penises start out as clitorises. What you may not have known is that penises used to have spines (barbs of keratin). Thankfully, evolution removed them around 700,000 years ago.

#7. Shrinkage

I think it’s universally known that cold temperatures cause the external male genitalia to temporarily shrink, retracting inward like a turtle trying not to get eaten. It’s also true that smoking can cause permanent penile shrinkage (up to 1 cm), and is strongly associated with erectile dysfunction.

Penis myths and maxims have been around a long time, and will probably persevere for a lot longer. Guys, be comfortable with your own penis. Size really isn’t that important. Avoid cigarettes, cold weather, and dodgy merchants selling penis-growth pills, and you’ll be OK. Also, don’t bother buying extra-large shoes to impress the ladies.

To read more from this author, visit thelovereport.com.

Science suggests that size does matter

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MONASH U. (AUS) — Asked to rate 3D, computer-generated male bodies, women in a new study preferred taller figures, as well as those with larger penises.

The study also shows that taller men with larger genitalia were considered more attractive than shorter men with larger genitalia.


The researchers showed the male bodies to 105 female participants with the images differing in height, body shape, and penis size, and asked them to assess the figures’ sexual attractiveness.

As reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers found that penis size influenced how the female participants perceived attractiveness—and the bigger, the better.

“There is always much debate on the subject and we wanted to address the notion of whether size matters using a valid scientific approach,” says Bob Wong of the School of Biological Sciences as Monash University.

“Our study altered several male body parts at once using used life-size, 3D figures to show for the first time that penis size has different effects on attractiveness depending on height and body shape.”

In line with popular belief, height and shoulder width were also influential, with women preferring taller men and men with broad shoulders and narrow hips—V-shaped—rather than pear-shaped.

“We found that penis size affected a man’s sexual attractiveness, but height was equally as important, with taller men considered more attractive,” Wong says.

An overall impression of attractiveness to women, without focusing on any particular body part, is what distinguished the research from previous findings,” says lead author Brian Mautz of the Australian National University.

“The only previous study of this topic in humans used five small drawings of male figures that differed only in penis length. It was very obvious to the female participants which character they were being asked to assess. In that situation, it’s easy for people to self-deceive or lie and distort the results,” Mautz says.

Wong says the results support the theory that female mate choice could have driven the evolution of larger penis size in humans.

“Our results hint that humans might have larger penises because before humans wore clothes, females may have been more likely to mate with well-endowed males,” Wong says.

Source: Monash University

Apparently This Matters: Size (Yes, THAT kind of size)

Story highlights

  • New study confirms that when it comes to male anatomy, “size does matter”
  • Computer-generated male figures were shown to Australian women
  • Overall body figure is still most important, but males with bigger appendages were rated higher

Abraham Lincoln once said, “In life, what counts is the size of a man’s heart, not the size of his disproportionate willie.”

Lo, there was an awkward moment of silence among those standing in the open shower at the old White House CrossFit gym, as the 16th president nervously added, “I’m serious, guys. That’s what counts. Seriously.”

But despite Lincoln’s largely unknown and forgotten “Wee-man-cipation Proclamation” — which I may have just completely made up — a recent study appears to have proven this belief scientifically incorrect.

Yes, gentlemen, when it comes to the preference of heterosexual women, perhaps our worst fear is true.

Size does matter.

At least according to a new study that quickly found its way around the Internet.

Because, of course it did.

We like this kind of stuff — anything about genitals or cats. Whereas, if they found a cure for cancer, maybe six people would give it a tweet.

“They cured cancer. But check out this cat! LOL. #Kitteh

You’re all weirdo sinners. And I like that.

The big buzz about this study started when research results appeared this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Which is one of those fancy journals where normal people understand about every 15th word. And even fewer if you cheated your way through Mr. Ware’s high school physiology and anatomy class.

“Psst. What bone is this?”

“Dude, Bellini, that’s not a bone. That’s your pencil.”

The point is that it’s a super-science-y journal. And it’s difficult to read. But, on the plus side, for those of us more intellectually suited to watching a good episode of “Cops,” if you sound out the publication’s acronym, PNAS, it makes a delightfully funny word that brings us right back to the topic at hand.

Package size. And why it matters.

Brian Mautz, an American biologist now at the University of Ottawa, was the lead author of the study, and conducted his research while in Australia. Which I believe completely invalidates the results.

Not for any particularly scientific reason, but it helps me sleep at night.

Even Conan O’Brien took solace in the technicality: “The Good news? My wife isn’t Australian.”

Regardless, just how does one come to a scientific, unbiased conclusion on the importance of large manhood? You know, without mixing in other result-skewing personal features like a lush ginger beard and a bald head.

Those kind of horrible things.

Well, that’s where the computer models come in.

Down in Australia, 105 lucky ladies were asked to rate the sexual attractiveness of about 50 life-sized computer-generated, naked male figures with different body structures. Some were tall. Some were short. Some were thin. Some of them may have been John Candy. (Full images of the figures here. Warning: Featureless, gray full-frontal)

We’ll never know, because the gray-colored figures did not possess any other features. Just unique body types and varying amounts of Speedo filler.

The figures were then projected on a screen so the women could rate them from 1 to 7. Which absolutely bothers me. All rating scales should go to 10. I’m a metric guy, and it’s just the natural order of things.

Especially when it comes to rating attractiveness. Otherwise, there’s not enough wiggle room for minor beauty flaws.

Like fuzzy earlobes. Always a three-point deduction.

But never mind such little things. For these women, overall height and body shape seemed to be the most important factors. Which isn’t a big surprise.

However, a man’s nether region was definitely an important factor. And as the overall size down below increased, so, too, did the sexual attractiveness scores.

The women also spent more time actually staring at the goods.

Which is so rude. Hello? Our eyes are up here!

Just kidding. Enjoy the view. We’ll just watch some baseball.

But here’s the thing. For taller men, size was even more important. Quite simply, it’s a matter of proportion. When your canvas is bigger, Waldo is harder to find.

That said, if it actually LOOKS like Waldo, you need to see a doctor. Today, if they can schedule you in.

(But put it on Reddit first. They’re into that. Mega up-votes!)

Now, for shorter men, being bigger downstairs was also important. But only when compared to other short men. If you bring a taller man into the mix, not even an actual Ponderosa Pine will help you compete.

Though you might make it on TV.

Sadly, even if the tall guy has but a sapling, he still has the advantage. So long as he’s fit. Because, under these scientific conditions, that’s still the biggest factor. Body shape.

Fortunately, though, humans aren’t computer-generated gray figurines projected on walls. We have skin. And hair. And courtside seats to the Lakers.

And that’s what really counts.

Just as long as you don’t have fuzzy earlobes.

Does size really matter? – Sexual Health

Q: I feel like my penis is too small. What is the average length? Does size actually matter?

The average length of a flaccid male penis ranges from 3.1 inches to 4 inches and the average length of an erect penis is 5 inches to 7 inches. There is little relationship between flaccid size and erect size. However, the penis of men whose flaccid penis size is near the lower end of the average tends to grow more when erect than the penis of men whose flaccid penis size is near the high end of the average.

Regardless of measurements, penis length doesn’t really matter when it comes to the physiology of heterosexual penetration. A woman’s vaginal canal contains lots of nerve endings that are receptive to touch. However, the majority of these nerve endings are in the outer one-third of the vagina, so 5 inches is plenty long to reach and stimulate that section.

Q: I get very little pleasure out of penetration alone, but when I touch myself while he is inside of me, I am able to have an orgasm some of the time. Is this normal?

Many women are unable to reach orgasm with penile penetration alone. Depending on the position you and your partner are in while having sex, the penis alone may not be able to sufficiently stimulate zones on your body that bring you to orgasmic climax. A common solution to this is manual clitoral stimulation or partner clitoral stimulation, a widely encouraged way to enhance your sexual pleasure.

However, if you are concerned about this and would still like to orgasm without manual stimulation, experiment with different positions to see how your bodies fit together. Aim to find a position where the pelvic bone of your partner rubs against your clitoris. Have fun with each other and explore what feels best for the both of you.

Q: What does an orgasm feel like for women? I’m not sure if I’ve had one or not.

There are different ways to measure what an orgasm feels like, and it is a very difficult sensation to put into words for many women. However, physiologically speaking, you will experience increased blood flow to your genitals, colouring and swelling of your genitals, a strong tension throughout your body, and then rhythmic muscular contractions that expel the blood back into the other organs. This will feel like you’re having a muscle spasm through your whole body, with concentration in the genitals, but the intensity is different for everyone. Some women experience a pulsating sensation in their genitals; others experience a full-body muscular spasm.

Also, some women find there are marked differences between clitoral orgasms and G-spot orgasms (also known as deep orgasms). Clitoral orgasms are usually more like the sensation described above, and G-spot orgasms are a deeper, sometimes more intense feeling that may resemble the need to urinate right before occurring. Also, a feeling of release has been said to accompany the G-spot orgasm. However, some research suggests that it is false to think there are different types of orgasm for women and that although there are different methods to reach the orgasmic plateau, the physiology of an orgasm is identical regardless of the site of stimulation.

Q: Do orgasms for my boyfriend and me feel the same? What is the difference in an orgasm for a guy and a girl?

There are a lot of similarities in the experience of orgasm in men and women, such as general spasms, emotional intimacy, a feeling of ecstasy, and pleasurable satisfaction, although the intensity of these feelings may differ between women and men. The primary difference is that men experience “shooting sensations,” where this has not been widely reported by women.

However, it is quite difficult to define what an orgasm feels like and many people report having difficulty coming up with the words to describe the sensation. Although self-reports are most valuable for this type of personal experience, there are other ways of assessing the experience. Physiologists have observed objective signs such as bodily sensations, endocrinologists have looked at hormones and neurotransmitters, and brain imagers have looked at activations in the brain. All of these investigations suggest the physiology of an orgasm is very similar between men and women.

Q: I am 6 months pregnant with a boy and the topic of circumcision came up with my husband the other day. Is it necessary to circumcise our son?

Male circumcision has received a lot of attention recently. Circumcision is a surgical procedure where the foreskin of the penis is removed.

A lot of people are posing questions about whether the surgery is necessary, and a concrete answer to that has yet to be reached. Male circumcision is designed to eliminate a site where smegma (a thick secretion that collects beneath the foreskin) may accumulate. However, with proper hygiene, this is not an issue for most people. Also, research has shown that circumcision may reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other bacterial infections.

Currently, approximately 32% of babies born in Canada are circumcised; this number is decreasing. Ultimately, it comes down to the preference of you and your partner, but it is certainly not necessary for the health of your son.

Q: How do I have a G-Spot orgasm? How do I know if I’ve had one?

The G-spot is a large area composed of the lower anterior wall of the vagina, the underlying urethra and surrounding glands. It can be reached by applying deep pressure on the area using two fingers. It will have a different texture than the rest of the vagina. The rest of the vagina may feel like the soft tissue on the cheeks inside your mouth, the G-spot will feel more similar to the roof of your mouth. You may experience initial feelings of discomfort and perhaps the urge to urinate, but this will be followed by pleasure, swelling, and intense orgasm. Some women experience ejaculation when they reach orgasm through G-spot stimulation. Be patient, and have fun with it!

Q: I’ve heard about how the prostate is supposed to pleasure my boyfriend – how do I get to it, and can you explain how this works?

The prostate is located right below the bladder and is rich in nerve endings. It plays a role in the production of seminal fluid for the urethra. It lies very close to the rectum and can be reached through the anus. Many men have found this spot to be quite pleasurable through rectal penetration (by a finger, sex toy, or the penis of a partner). Some men do not find pleasure in this experience, and this can be due to stretching of the anal sphincter or lack of relaxation.

Others however, experience their best climaxes when being stimulated anally, it is described as being “just more intense” than an orgasm they have without the extra stimulation. This is because the prostate is directly connected to the kegel muscle, a muscle that stretches from the base of the penis back toward the anus and is believed to be responsible for both the length and intensity of orgasm. Make sure you are careful when stimulating the prostate, as it can be bruised or the sphincter can be torn if you are rough, and that can be painful.

Q: Is it normal for me to fantasize things that don’t involve my partner?

Fantasy is very healthy and is often suggested by therapists to intensify orgasm during intercourse with a partner. Fantasy helps direct and define erotic goals, provides an escape from dull or oppressive environments, brings novelty and excitement to the relationship, and allows us to plan and anticipate future situations. However, fantasies don’t reflect dissatisfaction with real life and most people don’t act on their fantasies. In fact, those who engage in more frequent sexual activities or whose sex lives are more satisfying, tend to engage in more erotic fantasy. Of women in their 20s, approximately 49% think about sex once a day or more. In general, 46% of men and 11% of women think about sex several times a day. In short, it is very normal for you to fanaticize outside of your romantic partnership; in fact, it is healthy and may even serve your sex life with your partner well.

Does Size Matter to Women or Is There More To It?

Does size matter to women? The simple truth? Yes, size does matter. But not in the way you think. Read this to understand how size really matters.

Have you ever felt self conscious about how well you’re endowed down there?

You’re not alone.

Unless you’re hung like a horse, almost all men have found themselves asking this question through the years.

It starts in the school showers and lasts all the way through their adulthood.

But with all the emphasis that men give their members, does size even matter to women?

[Read: 20 things that turn a girl on sexually or otherwise when she sees a guy]

Does size matter to women?

Well, this is not an answer that can be answered simply with a yes or a no.

As a woman, I can tell you that it’s not just the length of the pole that matters entirely. It’s what you do in the hole that really counts.

Even before we get to the details, here’s something you need to remember. Don’t let your penis decide how much of a man you are.

If you’re a guy with a less than memorable penis size, you could end up shying away from the opposite sex just because you feel less than well endowed down there.

And just imagine how that’ll affect your morale and confidence!

Feel more confident about your assets down there, and focus more on pleasuring her through extended foreplay instead of sending your little guy into the tunnel and waiting for him to work all the magic. [Read: 10 things women want in bed to feel sexy and loved]

After all, your sexual abilities and confidence as a person can definitely compensate for your lack of girth or length any day.

Men, women and their oversized obsessions

Women obsess about the size of their own breasts. They constantly wonder if they’re too small. But as a guy, you don’t always care, do you? Okay, maybe you do. [Read: 8 ways to get any girl you like to notice you]

Some guys are obsessed with big breasts while some guys love breasts anyway they come. But if you fell in love with a girl who’s extremely beautiful, smart and fun, would you still care if her breasts are smaller than average or mosquito bites?

For women, it works the same way with a man’s size down there. If she likes you for who you are, she’d be willing to accommodate your less than satisfactory package.

But then again, if she does find out that she’s dating a guy with a bigger penis, she’d obviously be happy to know that. It feels great to date a man who’s well endowed down there. And just the thought of something that big going into her can excite her or even turn her on! [Read: How to make a girl want you sexually]

And let’s face it, a girl gets bragging rights if the sizes conversation ever does come up with her own girlfriends on a drunken night.

So does size matter to women? Well, even if a small penis functions just as well when it has to do its job, she would definitely prefer an average or a slightly above average one over a tiny one for all the other reasons.

What’s the average size of a male member?

There’s no hard and fast rule about the size of a penis. But to put your mind at ease, anywhere between five to six inches is definitely considered average. Anything less than that and you’d get a sympathetic smile. Anything more than that, and she’ll plaster a wide smile of awe that is directly proportional to the length of your penis!

Almost everyone in the world is average, so don’t fret about it. Girls are fine with an average sized member. All said and done, being average is okay, but when you’re too small, it can be quite a letdown when she slips her hand in and find’s a baby penis in your shorts. You know what, it may even freak her out! [Read: Are attractive girls actually mean to guys?]

Does a big penis make a difference while having sex?

Do girls like a big member while having sex? Well, this is the most confusing part of all. Many girls are happy to snuggle with an average member, while many other girls want something that’s way bigger than just the average.

Some girls say a bigger penis means better sex, while other girls hate a big member because it hurts them. So what’s the deal here?

Does the size of a man’s member actually affect the outcome of sex?

The truth – Yes, the penis size does matter

The size of a man’s penis definitely does matter when it comes to having sex. And your size does play a huge role in whether you’ll be able to help your woman orgasm better.

There, I’ve said it! Size definitely does matter to women. But then again, it’s really not in the way you think.

If you have a considerably big penis, you may have experienced this. Some girls love the way you feel inside them. And some girls may actually cringe in pain and ask you to slow down or avoid penetrating fully. So what’s happening here? The same penis brings pleasure to some girls, but hurts other girls? Isn’t that weird? [Read: 10 ways to build sexual tension with a girl you like]

Kama sutra and the sizes

The Kama sutra is a manual of love written over 2000 years ago in India by a man named Vatsyayana. In one of the chapters on sexual union, he explains about the division of men into three kinds based on the size of their lingam (penises). Additionally, he also divides women into three types based on the depth of their yoni (vulva) *the depth of the yoni here signifies the depth of the vagina*.

According to the Kama sutra, based on the size of his lingam, a man can either be a hare, a bull or a horse. And a woman, based on the depth of her yoni, can either be a female deer, a mare or a female elephant.

And the outcome and pleasure of sexual union between a man and a woman can be determined by these divisions.

Men  (size of the lingam)        –           Women (size of the yoni)

Hare (small lingam)                –           Deer (short yoni)

Bull (average lingam)              –          Mare (average yoni)

Horse (large lingam)               –           Elephant (deep yoni)

The sexual union between a hare man and a deer woman, a bull man and a mare woman, and a horse man and an elephant woman would lead to more pleasurable orgasms and a better sexual union than any other type of combinations of men and women. These three unions are called equal unions or perfect unions.

On the other hand, if a horse man penetrates a deer woman, that is, if a man with a longer member penetrates a woman with a short vagina, it’ll end up causing discomfort to the woman. The only way around this is for the man to penetrate her halfway or to the point where she is comfortable.

Another scenario is when a hare man penetrates an elephant woman. In this case, a man with a short member penetrates a woman with a deeper vagina. In this case, the woman may never be able to experience heightened orgasms or sexual satisfaction with him because the man would never be able to reach deeper into her. [Read: The step-by-step guide to having tantric sex for the first time]

Sizes and pleasurable sex

According to the Kama sutra, if a male’s erect member goes through the vagina of a female and touches the entrance to the cervix when the vagina is penetrated *the cervix is the opening to the uterus*, it leads to powerful orgasms and a much better sexual experience.

So does size really matter? Now you know that it definitely does. And the constant confusion over a few women saying size doesn’t matter and size does matter can actually be answered by keeping the Kama sutra in mind.

An elephant woman with a deeper vagina would definitely prefer a horse man with a longer member. While a deer woman with a shorter vagina may be fascinated by a large erection, but she’ll be able to experience the best sex with someone like a hare man who has a small member. [Read: How to sit next to a girl and make her horny]

Big isn’t always better. Small isn’t always snug.

Of course, we can’t all go measuring the lengths and depths each time we date someone. And you can’t really figure the sizes of someone’s privates by just looking at them.

But at the end of it all, when you do have sex with someone, what matters is how comfortable both of you are down there while having sex. If it’s too big for her, you’ll hurt her. If it’s too small for her, she won’t feel what she wants to feel. [Read: 20 dirty questions to text a girl and make her wet]

A guy who feels small about himself down there may actually be able to give better orgasms to many girls than a guy who’s hung like a horse. [Read: How to hook up with a girl you just met and have sex with her]

So however well or less than well endowed you are down there, fret not, there’s a perfect match or an almost perfect match in all of us. Just as long as you avoid the contrasting opposites as a sexual partner, you’ll definitely have a great time in bed.

So how do you recognize a contrasting sexual partner? Well, just have sex. You’ll know the next morning, won’t you?!

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So if you’re still wondering about the big question now, does size matter to women, well, you do know that big is not always the best, after all. A perfect match is way better!

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Size does matter in food portions

How much you eat is just as important as what you eat. Keep portion sizes in mind when planning and preparing meals and snacks.

Measure your food

Use a scale and measuring cups, or dishes and glasses that you already know the size of to measure portions of your food.

Take control

Instead of mindlessly eating from the big bag of potato chips, read the label and put the correct one serving into a smaller bag or bowl.

Eat mindfully

Make your plate at the stove or counter, then sit at the table, not in front of the TV. Slow down. Take the time to taste and enjoy your food. You’ll find yourself feeling much more satisfied.

Dish it

Do your portion sizes look too small? Try using a smaller plate for your meal, instead of large dinner plates.

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This infographic shows that size matters in food portions.

For one serving of meat, you should aim for three ounces of meat, poultry, or tofu or a three-ounce hamburger patty. Each of these would be equal in size to the size of a deck of cards. One serving of fish is four to six ounces and that is about the size of just a little under two decks of cards.

One serving of bread, deli meat, sliced cheese, or a six-inch tortilla should be one ounce in weight which is about the size of one DVD disk.

One serving of dry, flaked or round cereal, chili, or vegetables can be measured out in one-cup servings. A medium-sized piece of fruit like a medium apple, or a small muffin, or a medium bagel are also equivalent to a one-cup serving size.

A half-cup serving size can be measured out with an ice cream scoop and is the portion you should seek for food items like canned fruit, cooked pasta, cooked rice, or ice cream or frozen yogurt.

One tablespoon is the portion size you should use for items like peanut butter or other nut butters.

One teaspoon, which is about the size of one poker chip, is the size you should use for one serving of salad dressing, one serving of butter or similar spread, or one serving of olive or vegetable oil.

When size is

Usually men are not inclined to talk out loud that they are unhappy with the shape or size of their penis. But according to statistics, most of the representatives of the strong half of humanity are in one way or another dissatisfied with how their main “tool” looks like.

Women, by the way, are also often not satisfied with the size and thickness of male dignity, especially when the fair sex does not get an orgasm during sex. Women’s forums are full of messages about how important the appearance of the male genital organ is for women.Sometimes they contain statements that are very offensive for men.

But in fact, the female orgasm does not depend on the length of the male genital organ. To a greater extent, it depends on its thickness and strength. There are two types of orgasms: vaginal and clitoral. The clitoral happens due to the fact that the penis pulls the labia minora, and they, in turn, pull the legs of the clitoris. And the more the tension, the more the clitoris is stimulated. Vaginal orgasm also depends not on the length of the penis, but on its thickness: the denser the manhood, the more chances he has to “grope” the Grafenberg point, or, as we usually call it, the G-point, which is located three to five centimeters from the entrance to the vagina and is 1-3 centimeters in diameter.

Thanks to the development of pharmaceuticals and genital surgery, doctors can correct almost any cosmetic imperfections that limit the sexual life of men. Glans augmentation is one of the most difficult surgical procedures due to its structural features.

One of the non-surgical methods of changing the appearance of the penis is a technique that enlarges the glans by injecting hyaluronic acid into the soft tissues of the coronary sulcus. As a rule, the head of the penis should exceed the thickness of the male organ itself by 1–2 centimeters.With hyaluronic acid, you can increase its thickness by 2-4 cubic centimeters. An important advantage of this biopolymer is that hyaluronic acid is absolutely safe for humans, since it is a natural matrix of tissues, it is biocompatible with the cells of the body.

An injection capable of increasing the volume of the glans penis is now being done at the Hippocrates Medical Center. The procedure takes just a few minutes. Half an hour before her, an anesthetic cream or anesthetic cream is applied to the man, after which the doctor performs local anesthesia at the base of the head.During the injection of hyaluronic acid into the coronary sulcus, the patient may experience uncomfortable sensations, he may feel tissue expansion, but within a few days after the procedure he is able to return to a full sexual life.

The introduction of hyaluronic acid is also the most modern method of treating premature ejaculation, since , in addition to the enlargement of the glans penis, the duration of intercourse also increases – at least twice. This is due to the fact that irritation of the branches of the pudendal (genital) nerve is reduced.

The effect of this procedure is enough for one to two years, it can be repeated as many times as you like as the hyaluronic acid is absorbed. In addition, the amount of drug administered will decrease with each procedure.

Scientists explain why “size matters”


Researchers from Scotland have debunked the myth that “size does not matter”

According to scientists, contrary to popular belief, the size of a man’s penis is of great importance in sex, but only for some women and in the case of certain types of orgasm.

A new study has shown that women who frequently experience vaginal orgasms during penis-vaginal sex are more likely to achieve vaginal orgasms in bed with plus-sized men. The new findings were published by the researchers in the September issue of the online version of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

“The worries of men about the size of their genitals are in vain, since this is far from the most important condition that influences a woman’s decision when choosing a partner.Intelligence, character, sense of humor, social status, height, weight and many other data also play an important role for women, depending on their preferences, “- said Stuart Brodie, a psychologist at the University of the West of Scotland.

However, some researchers do not quite agree with this statement, writes globalscience.ru.

“As many women as there are preferences,” says Barry Komisaruk, a researcher who studies women’s sexual responses at Rutgers University.Women who achieve orgasm by stimulating the vagina may indeed prefer men with a larger penis, Komisaruk notes, but not all ladies prefer to enjoy this way. “There are many other different factors,” Komisaruk stressed. “I assume that everything here is different for each woman.”

In a new study, Brodie and colleagues asked 320 women, particularly female university students in Scotland, to recall their recent intimate relationships. Women had to talk about their preferences and behavior during sex. They also had to report whether the size of the penis affected orgasm when the vagina was stimulated.

Having tentatively determined the average size of a male genital organ – 14.9 – 15.5 cm in length – the researchers asked women if this size would be enough to stimulate the vagina so that they could experience an orgasm. It turned out that 160 women experienced only vaginal orgasms, and they had enough sexual partners to compare the sensations depending on the size of the man’s penis.

Thus, 33.8% of them preferred a size larger than average, 60% said that size does not matter to them and 6.3% said that they prefer a size smaller than average.

In support of the hypothesis that size matters, Brody and his colleagues did find women who reported consistently experiencing vaginal orgasms when the man’s penis was larger than average. “This may be due to the fact that a longer penis stimulates the entire length of the vagina, while also affecting the cervix,” Brodie concluded.

Size doesn’t matter: it’s all about penises

According to statistics, 85–90% of adolescents who visit doctors for prophylaxis or with questions about puberty, hygiene and health are girls.

Boys and then men turn to urologists and andrologists usually already in critical situations and almost never ask questions about the structure of their own bodies. It is extremely rare that experts consider it necessary to tell this themselves and even less often have tact for this.

Therefore, before we dwell on penises in more detail, here is a small educational program on male puberty.

How puberty in boys is

Puberty follows a fairly consistent and predictable scenario, despite the fact that its onset and duration depends on genetics, nutrition, health status and psychological factors .

Average rates are as follows: 98% of North American boys start puberty between 9 and 14 years old, on average 11–12 years old (about two years later than girls).

The process is divided into five stages , which go something like this:

  1. The testicles increase in volume (up to 4 ml or more) and length (2.5 cm or more).
  2. The size of the penis is increasing. First in length, then in diameter. Pubic hair begins to grow.
  3. Approximately one year after the enlargement of the testicles, the first emission occurs.
  4. Growth rate increases (peak rate – from 5.8 cm per year to 13.1 cm per year), voice breaks. Gynecomastia may begin – a thickening of the mammary glands, often painful.It passes on its own within 1-2 years, it happens in 70% of boys.
  5. Hair grows on the face and armpits.

The process ends with the finally transformed testicles – 15 to 25 ml in volume and 4 to 6 cm in length.

After the beginning of the first stage, it is usually four years before the completion of puberty .

Delayed puberty is the absence of signs of testicular enlargement in volume or length up to 15 years. This is a reason to see a doctor, but not a reason to worry.In boys, delayed puberty occurs 8 times more often than girls, and is often associated with constitution or heredity.

Despite the fact that the problem often resolves on its own, there is still a risk of illness, and researchers also note a direct link between emotional instability in adolescents, learning problems and delayed puberty.

The trigger is not the delay itself, but the young man’s lack of adequate information about what is happening, his own alarming conclusions and concerns .

Premature puberty is often a more significant cause for concern. It includes an increase in the testes up to 8 and a half years and the appearance of pubic hair up to 9 years . This always requires consultation with a doctor, and the risk of pathology is greater here than in girls with early development.

The psychological consequences are also significant. The researchers note that because these boys appear to be older than their peers, they face increased social pressure to conform to the “adult” norm. Their cognitive and social development can lag 90,049 far behind their physical appearance. It is also known that such boys start sexual activity earlier and are prone to risky behavior.

What is a penis and what is it for

The penis is a muscle formed in the womb from the same tissue as the clitoris. Fully grows during puberty.

Consists of several parts:

  • Glans penis. In the uncircumcised, the head is covered with a pink moist tissue called the mucosa.The foreskin is located on top of it. In the circumcised, the foreskin is removed, and the mucous membrane turns into dry skin.
  • Paired corpus cavernosum (corpus cavernosum) – tissue on the sides of the penis. It is them that are filled with blood to induce an erection.
  • Unpaired spongy body (corpus spongiosum) – spongy tissue between the cavernous bodies, ends in the head. It also fills with blood during an erection, keeping the urethra that runs through it open.
  • The root of the penis (radix penis) is the fixed back of the penis covered by the skin of the scrotum, attached to the anterior surface of the pubic bones.
  • Urethra – removes urine from the body, as well as seminal fluid during ejaculation.


The functions of the male genital organs are the production and transport of sperm, ejaculation and the production of testosterone and other sex hormones responsible for maintaining the male reproductive system.

How penis size affects its functionality

Nothing. An exception is the micropenis: it is 2.5 times smaller than the standard one (up to 7 cm when erect).Micropenises are found in 0.6% of men 90,049. It is important to remember that this is not the norm, but a pathological condition, a consequence of the disease, which is usually detected soon after birth. Most often, this disease can be cured.

Pornography has created the impression that penises are only small and large. But this is completely wrong. Penises are as varied in shape and size as clitoris.

The average length of a non-erect penis is from 8 to 10 cm, although the entire range is much wider – from 5 to 15.5 cm.The average erect penis length is 15.1 cm, the range is 11.4 to 19 cm.

There is an even wider range that includes singularly known penis sizes, so these numbers are not particularly useful for a sample of the world, but for information: from 4 to 24 cm at rest, from 9 to 34 cm when erect.

In Russia, according to Evgeny Grekov, andrologist, urologist, head of the urology department of the Clinic of Professor Kalinchenko, the average figures are slightly different: from 11 to 21 cm in an erection state, on average about 14 cm.

There is no relationship between resting penis size and erect penis size.

Any penis, if its owner has not been given any diagnosis that affects the functioning of the organ, is capable of performing all its functions.

How penis size affects the ability to deliver and experience orgasm

None. First, let’s prove this with the ability to experience orgasm and ejaculation.

These are not just processes independent of each other, they are physiologically different.The brain is responsible for orgasm, the autonomic nervous system is responsible for ejaculation .

A man’s ability to have an orgasm depends on the same things as in women: a feeling of comfort, relaxation, readiness for what is happening, self-confidence and his body and many other parameters necessary for a particular person to get an orgasm.

Also, studies show that orgasm from deep prostate massage is more intense and longer than from stimulation of the penis: 12 contractions of the pelvic muscles versus 4–8 .

Since men can ejaculate without orgasm, the question arises, what triggers ejaculation? And even scientists cannot fully answer it. But they found curious details.

For example, dopamine is known to be of great importance for ejaculation. The researchers gave a systemic injection of dopamine to rats awake and anesthetized, and in both cases, ejaculation occurred. The same has worked with other mammals.

It turns out that ejaculation does not even need arousal and special intervention of the person himself: this is a complex process involving several anatomical structures with extensive neurochemical and hormonal regulation.

So if your penis is healthy it will ejaculate. Perhaps even without your consent.

Orgasm is also difficult, but a different physiological process, which depends on your mood, desire and comfort. And your dissatisfaction with your body can affect him.

This must be borne in mind when speaking about the possibility of bringing a partner to orgasm. His orgasm also depends on psychological factors – this is in the first place.

Secondly, most of the nerve endings are located at a distance of 1-3 cm from the entrance to the vagina, so many women, in principle, do not feel deep penetration.One of the components of penetration pleasure is a feeling of fullness, and this is achieved when the nerve endings are involved. It turns out that there is no point in influencing the areas where there are very few nerve endings.

And Dr. Lindsay Doe once joked about trying to fill the entire vaginal space with her penis in one of her videos: “Children come out of there, you cannot compete with this in size.”

Urologist Evgeny Grekov also confirms this information: “The length of the penis does not affect the quality of sex.But his firmness and mutual consent of the participants in the process – influence. For orgasm, frictions are required at the entrance to the vagina, and this requires only the hardness of the penis. ”

Despite this, the survey results show that only 55% of 90,049 men are satisfied with the length and girth of their penis (interestingly, 85% of women are completely satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis).

However, single owners of a genital organ longer than 19 cm have a harder time than one might think.

Not all partners agree to take a big dick, they can literally hurt even with gentle sex. With a big dick it becomes more difficult, and sometimes completely oral sex is excluded. And even more: it is harder for the body itself to “lift” it, that is, fill it with blood and lead to an erection. Plus, if your sex life is limited to using your penis, it’s boring.

Just keep in mind that heterosexual girls have fewer 90,049 orgasms than all other categories of people.And this is directly attributed to less oral sex in such couples.

On numerous forums or under the same Dr. Doe video, people say something like this:

“I prefer to spend time with a well-controlled small sports car than with a bus.”

“Dude, at 19 I was 23 cm long and 7 cm wide. I only get to one stage in sex: “I was curious.” Now I’m 30 … Women really don’t want that big cock. “

“Guys with small dicks, are you serious? You have the perfect option for oral sex. No matter what porn shows, few people like to gag on a member, but almost everyone has a gag reflex. ”

Size. Has the meaning? – RU.DELFI

Of course, men become more secretive over the years. Nevertheless, the size of male dignity continues to be a hot topic, and sometimes a source of pride or, on the contrary, a source of complexes.In addition, this problem worries the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. So, a penis of a very modest size can lead them into slight confusion, and too large – into an ecstatic state, causing subconscious associations with the image of a macho … True, a large penis, upon close contact, can frighten … About how to adapt to such circumstances, and do not go wrong, it will be discussed below.

Small size

Although there is a proverb “It’s not about size, but about skill (its more intricate version is” it’s not about length, but diameter “), the small size of the penis causes complexes in many representatives of the strong half humanity, and sometimes some embarrassment among their companions.This is actively used by those who send spam advertisements “Enlarge Your Penis” by e-mail. Meanwhile – if we are not talking about pathological cases – this is absolutely not necessary.

There are several sex positions that are perfect for this occasion. These are positions with so-called deep penetration. Among them – all variants of the well-known pose “rider” when a woman sits on a partner.

Another “advantageous” position is when the woman lies on her back with her legs resting on her partner’s shoulders.

In “serious” cases of imbalance, you can use as an additional means special pads, covering the manhood of your friend. And if you are using condoms, bulging condoms are ideal.

Large size

Of course, men are proud of their large size, but it can also become a certain problem for a partner. I remember when one day I ran into a partner whose dignity exceeded anything I had ever seen before, a slight confusion and fright seized me … At first I really felt painful sensations, but soon we somehow “adapted” to each other.

As for the poses for this case, there are also some tricks here. In this case, it is better to choose positions with shallow penetration. Among them – the classic pose (man on top, woman below) and “spoon” – when both partners lie on their side (man – behind the woman’s back).

Women’s issues

In some cases, the size of the vagina can also create certain inconveniences. This can happen, for example, after childbirth, during which the intravaginal muscles can weaken.As a result of this, the feelings of partners during intercourse lose their sharpness. In this case, the man can call his fingers to help and use the famous G-spot.

In addition, the muscles of the vagina can be trained. Specialty stores sell special balls to strengthen them. Using them, you can significantly improve the situation. However, there is another way of training that does not require special adaptations. During the day, you need to strongly strain the muscles of the vagina and quickly relax.For a successful result, it is worth doing 30 to 40 repetitions per day.

In general, with some effort and sincere feelings for each other, you can achieve sexual harmony in any case.

90,000 Does size matter? | Psychology of Life | Health

“Is he really … small?” – probably, men will never ask their companions this question. But it is he who is most often found in the practice of a sex therapist, every third patient asks him.At least Anatoly Tolcheev, MD with this particular specialization, faces this problem every day.

“And it also bothers me …”

“Incidents also arise: fathers ask about how to help their son cope with anxiety, and then turn the conversation over to themselves,” Anatoly Vasilyevich admits. – But most often men come in order to get advice on a completely different matter, and only at the end they ask “about the innermost”: “And it also bothers me …” In my practice, most often such an unexpected turn appears in a conversation with men aged from thirty years. “

The doctor found out that the hidden background of such anxiety in most cases is the fear of manifestations of erectile dysfunction.

“At the level of common sense, it is clear: the size of what is called“ manhood ”is absolutely normal for the overwhelming majority of men. Moreover, in one of the American medical centers for the control of sexuality in Los Angeles, a study was conducted of men with complaints: it turned out that only 1 in 10,000 had a really rare anomaly of the development of the penis.What’s even more surprising, 200 out of 1000 could boast of not just normal, but rather impressive size. When the researchers tackled the accompanying problems of patients – the same erectile dysfunction came out on top.

“Super large capital”

By the way, in real life men with a really small size may not have problems with sexual activity at all, but the owners of “super-large capital” often have significant difficulties in the intimate sphere.

Various polls have shown: approximately 45% of men want a bigger size. However, 85% of heterosexual women say they are satisfied with the parameters of their partners. A problem from scratch?

But women feel its consequences on themselves in full: underestimation of their “manhood” is rightfully recognized as one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Proven that most men have no idea what is normal! According to an international survey, only 15% of respondents indicate a more or less correct figure (length in a non-erect state is 13 cm).It is believed that the boom in Internet pornography also contributed to this widespread delusion. By comparison, the men received a distorted picture of normal male anatomy.

Therefore, most sex therapists, realizing that it is illogical to treat a non-existent disease, are treating dysfunction.

“And they are absolutely right, – Anatoly Tolcheev is sure, – after all, a full-fledged erection is the way to increase a man’s self-esteem and, accordingly, to a more positive perception of his body.Traditionally, drugs of a special group are used for this (“Viagra”, “Dynamo” and others, the so-called PDE-5 inhibitors), for which the main characteristics are a fast reaction rate of the body and a “special hard” effect.

In some cases – even with an erection – they significantly improve its characteristics, which allows them to be classified as a group of drugs that improve the quality of life.

“If earlier it was a rather expensive pleasure to improve your sexual health with the help of such means, now there are high-quality and affordable drugs on the market, such as“ Dynamo ”.They provide such, I would say, a striking result that it helps the man to perceive his body positively, and the partner to get more pleasure and attention. The more harmonious a couple’s sex life is, the less likely a man will look for a problem from scratch! ” – emphasizes the sex therapist.

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90,000 Size matters: Scientists have found a new way to determine the sex of birds


Size matters: Scientists have found a new way to determine the sex of birds

Size matters: scientists have found a new way to determine the sex of birds – RIA Novosti, 28.09.2020

Size matters: scientists have found a new way to determine the sex of birds

Scientists from Tyumen State University (Tyumen State University) have developed a new method for determining the sex and age of birds by the size of their humerus. This method … RIA Novosti, 09/28/2020

2020-09-28T03: 00

2020-09-28T03: 00

2020-09-28T03: 01


Tyumen State University

Applicant Navigator

university science

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https: // cdnn21.img.ria.ru/images/07e4/09/18/1577694396_0:435:2865:2047_1920x0_80_0_0_4ec834f4c619c3d77035d887562717c0.jpg

MOSCOW, September 28 – RIA Novosti. Scientists at Tyumen State University (Tyumen State University) have developed a new method for determining the sex and age of birds by the size of their humerus. This method will allow to study cases of mass mortality of birds to assess the state of populations and to specify their age and sex composition without using expensive equipment, experts say. The scientific article was published in the “Zoological Journal”.Experts from Tyumen have developed a new, cheap and simple method for determining the sex and age of birds by the size of their humerus. Scientists can easily apply it in their research without expensive laboratory equipment, with only a vernier caliper at hand. Previously, determining the sex and age of dead birds, the carcasses of which were badly damaged during death, could only be done using genetic research, but it is economically expensive and inaccessible. According to him, the open method can be used even in cases where only the skeleton is preserved.This is promising for identifying featherless bird carcasses, especially in illegal hunting. With the help of the developed method, data on the composition of the populations of Muscovites in the Nizhny Novgorod region have already been obtained, Mitropol’skiy noted. Experts fleshed out the statistics using a new method, together with known methods for determining the sex and age of birds along the length of the wing. In the course of the work, tits were examined that broke against glass windows of buildings. “We determined the range of values ​​for indicators of total wing length, humerus size and other anatomical parameters for females and males, young and adult Muscovy tits (Periparus ater).After analyzing the anatomical and morphological characteristics of the wing, it was possible to draw up a rather narrow range for each indicator, “Mitropol’skiy said. According to the results of the study, the wing length of females ranged from 56 to 64 mm, on average 59.7 mm, and in males from 58 to 64, on average 61.3 mm. Individuals with the same bone length, but a thinner diaphysis (the main part, the “body” of the bone), belong to young males, and thickened – to adult females. The authors of the study reported that the technique can be applied for any species of birds, but you need a reference dataset, that is, all possible values ​​of anatomical parameters.In the future, scientists plan to expand the initial data on species: to cover different geographical populations and develop similar approaches to determining the sex and age of mammals.



RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

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RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

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RIA Novosti

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RIA Novosti

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RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

Tyumen State University, applicant’s navigator, university science

MOSCOW, September 28 – RIA Novosti. Scientists from Tyumen State University (Tyumen State University) have developed a new method for determining the sex and age of birds by the size of their humerus. This method will allow to study cases of mass mortality of birds to assess the state of populations and to specify their age and sex composition without using expensive equipment, experts say. The scientific article was published in the “Zoological Journal”.

Experts from Tyumen have developed a new, cheap and simple method for determining the sex and age of birds by the size of their humerus.Scientists can easily apply it in their research without expensive laboratory equipment, with only a vernier caliper at hand. Previously, it was possible to determine the sex and age of dead birds, the carcasses of which were severely damaged during death, was possible only with the help of genetic research, but it is economically costly and inaccessible.

“This method is unique in that, regardless of the safety of the dead bird, in the presence of a whole bone, it is possible to determine the species, sex and age with a reliability of up to 95%. Such studies help to study cases of mass mortality of birds in order to study the state of populations and their age and sex composition.” , – commented the chairman of the Tyumen branch of the Union for the Conservation of Birds of Russia, operating on the basis of the Institute of Biology of Tyumen State University, Maxim Mitropolsky.

According to him, the open method can be used even in cases where only the skeleton is preserved. This is promising for identifying featherless bird carcasses, especially in illegal hunting.

Using the developed method, data on the composition of the populations of Muscovites in the Nizhny Novgorod region have already been obtained, Mitropolsky noted. Experts fleshed out the statistics using a new method, together with known methods for determining the sex and age of birds along the length of the wing. In the course of the work, tits were examined that broke on the glass windows of buildings.

September 19, 2020, 08:00 Good news Ornithologists and power engineers of Khakassia have teamed up to save birds of prey

“We have determined a range of values ​​for indicators of total wing length, humerus size and other anatomical parameters for females and males, young and adult Muscovites (Periparus ater After analyzing the anatomical and morphological features of the wing, it was possible to draw up a fairly narrow range for each indicator, “- said Mitropol’skiy.

According to the results of the study, the wing length of females was from 56 to 64 mm, on average 59.7 mm, and in males from 58 to 64, on average 61.3 mm.Individuals with the same bone length, but a thinner diaphysis (the main part, the “body” of the bone), belong to young males, and those with thickened ones – to adult females.

The authors of the study reported that the technique can be applied to any species of bird, but a reference dataset is needed, that is, all possible values ​​of anatomical parameters.

In the future, scientists plan to expand the initial data on species: to cover different geographic populations and develop similar approaches to determining the sex and age of mammals.

23 September 2020, 12:27 Articles

A military parade held in Pyongyang on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea became a demonstration of military power designed both for the population of the DPRK and for external players and strategic opponents of North Korea. There were many novelties at this military show, but analysts were most impressed by the new intercontinental ballistic missile – according to experts, one of the largest ICBMs in the world, capable of reaching any target in the continental United States. About what experts think about the new armament of the DPRK presented to the world and what the foreign policy goals of the parade on Kim Il Sung Square might be – see Izvestia.

Convincing the citizens of the DPRK of the complete reliability of the national armed forces and their readiness for modern challenges, as well as showing the world the full power of North Korean weapons – such goals were clearly pursued by the military parade, which was held in Pyongyang on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea. The military show was shown to the audience in the morning of September 10 in the recording – most likely, the parade was held late at night.

North Korean giant

Soldiers of the national armed forces dressed in updated equipment marched through Kim Il Sung Square, but military experts paid much more attention to the military equipment shown there. The alleged new products (North Korea is often suspected of not displaying active or promising models for parades, but only mock-ups) were enough – this is a self-propelled artillery unit on a wheel base, and a self-propelled anti-tank missile system, and new or at least modernized weapons for infantrymen …

Military parade on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK Labor Party in Pyongyang

Photo: TASS / KCNA

However, the highlight of the program was the “monster rocket” shown at the parade – a liquid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). “According to analysts, the missile, which was demonstrated on an 11-axle tractor, if adopted, will become one of the world’s largest ICBMs on a mobile soil launcher,” , Reuters notes.

According to preliminary estimates, the dimensions of the rocket itself are about 24 m in height with a diameter of about 2.5 m.The director of the non-proliferation and nuclear policy program at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Michael Elleman, believes that the launch vehicle can be designed for a throw weight from 2 tons to 3.5 tons. In terms of its range (this is supposedly over 13 thousand km) and other technical parameters, this ICBM will surpass the currently most powerful North Korean missile “Hwanson-15” (North Korea carried out a test launch of this ICBM in 2017 ).Given the size of the larger novelty, although its technical and tactical characteristics have not yet been disclosed and confirmed, it becomes obvious that further work to increase the range of North Korean ballistic missiles will no longer have to be carried out.

“Very bulky and vulnerable”

The key point is the fact that the new ICBM, presumably, will be able to have MIRVs with individual warhead guidance. Geoffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the US Institute for International Studies in Middleberry, notes that the new weapons are “clearly designed to outperform the US’s Alaska-based missile defense system.””To defend against each of these North Korean-built missiles, the US will have to spend about $ 1 billion. I am almost sure that with such costs, North Korea will be able to build up the number of warheads faster than we can increase the number of interceptor missiles,” he tweeted .

New ICBM on parade in Pyongyang


According to expert Markus Schiller, such dimensions suggest that the capacity of the carrier’s fuel tanks can be up to 100 tons, which means that it will take a lot of time to refuel.Because of this size, questions arise about how practical this complex can be. “The rocket cannot be transported fueled and cannot be fueled on the launch pad. In fact, there is no point in it, except perhaps as an element of such a game of threats: it seems to be giving the following signal: “We now have an ICBM on a mobile installation with a MIRV, so be scared properly,” Schiller said. in conversation with AFP.

Military expert Vladimir Khrustalev also points out that the new North Korean heavy mobile ICBM has a “very nontrivial concept”: it is “very cumbersome and probably requires a decent prelaunch preparation, and therefore vulnerable.”The specialist also drew attention to the large space under the rocket fairing. “With such a design, this ICBM will be capable of carrying not only just a nuclear block, but, for example, a heavy thermonuclear block for megatons, as well as decoys, or several conventional nuclear blocks and decoys,” Khrustalev said. “This is probably why its creation by the top leadership of the DPRK was considered expedient.” According to him, “the DPRK’s arsenal in the field of intercontinental ballistic missiles will grow not only qualitatively, but also quantitatively, including the number of launchers,” and “in the foreseeable future, the DPRK will repeatedly show us“ leaps ”in combat effectiveness to a new level “.

“Do not underestimate the DPRK”

In addition to the “monster” missile itself, the mobile launcher on which the ICBM was shown is also noteworthy. Until recently, according to the United States, North Korea had six mobile launchers to launch ICBMs. They were created by upgrading the WS51200 trucks purchased in China. “These machines are of such value that the Koreans put them away before launching a rocket because it would be very difficult to replace them in the event of an accident.At this parade, we saw more than six of these trucks for the first time, and the new models have undergone major upgrades, ”says Melissa Hanham, Deputy Director of the Open Nuclear Network, in an article for BBC News.

Military parade in Pyongyang

Photo: TASS / EPA / KCNA

“So it is clear to that North Korea, despite sanctions and export restrictions, still has the capacity to receive components for launchers for the heavy missiles.It is also clear that their industrial sector has stepped up to modify – and now perhaps produce – their own launchers on their own, says Hanham. “The new ICBM shown in the DPRK, which was created in a very difficult year, is a message to the world – do not underestimate this country, its leader and the technological capabilities of its people.”

Colonel-General Viktor Yesin, ex-chief of the military security department of the Russian Security Council apparatus, former chief of the General Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Missile Forces, 1994-1996), noted that “the appearance of a new intercontinental ballistic missile shown in Pyongyang on a mobile transport-launch The installation makes it possible to assert with high reliability that the DPRK has not yet reached the level of rocketry that Russia and China have in creating ground mobile missile systems. “At the same time, in this segment of weapons from North Korea, “visible progress is clearly visible,” Yesin said.

“Domestic political gains without international risks”

Military parades dedicated to important anniversaries, which demonstrate the latest models of military equipment, are held in almost all countries. In the case of North Korea, it is noteworthy that Pyongyang has not made presentations of new ICBMs in the past couple of years – neither in the form of military reviews, nor as part of tests.

In this regard, , some experts are inclined to view the appearance of a super-rocket at a review in the DPRK capital as the final symbol of the fiasco, which, despite the early successes, suffered negotiations between the team of US President Donald Trump and Pyongyang, the purpose of which was to completely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula when sanctions are lifted from the DPRK.

For example, Malcolm Davis, senior analyst at the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy, admits that a major new nuclear test in North Korea, which has clear signs of provocation against the United States, is a matter of a few months . “Whether it’s the Trump administration if he gets re-elected, or it’s Joe Biden, they will have to admit that North Korea is now an aggressive nuclear power,” Davis told 9News.

Leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un at the military parade on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK Labor Party in Pyongyang

Photo: TASS / KCNA

The fact that the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un “adheres to the voluntarily declared moratorium on nuclear tests and long-range missile tests indicates that he still wants to preserve opportunities for diplomatic communication with the United States,” the AP notes.At the same time, the DPRK may go to new tests in order to “obtain additional instruments of pressure on potentially possible new negotiations with the United States – regardless of who is the winner in the elections,” the agency writes.

Demonstration of the power of the North Korean Armed Forces could be designed for an internal audience. The country is ending a very difficult year for itself, in which there were devastating floods, international sanctions, and restrictions imposed against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic (the DPRK authorities, however, claim that there is not a single case of infection in the country).In such a situation, it seems that Kim Jong-un considered it necessary to raise the morale of his fellow citizens – his speech, as observers note, was extremely soulful and humane (as far as it was possible in principle).

“Kim’s regime is focused on domestic challenges and will not start a new cycle of provocations and diplomatic moves until the US presidential election,” said Professor Leif-Erik Izley of Ewha Womans University in Seoul. In an interview with The New York Times, he suggested that the demonstration of the new ICBM in the parade “provides domestic political benefits without the international risks that would be threatened by a missile test.”

“It’s better to negotiate now, not later”

Expert of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) Alexander Ermakov believes that the demonstration of a new ICBM may well be associated with the upcoming presidential elections in the United States. “Thus, the DPRK would like to remind that its issue is still on the agenda. After the first stage of negotiations with Trump, although they did not take the path of nuclear disarmament, they slowed down their nuclear program , – the specialist noted in an interview with Izvestia.- However, now that his first presidential term is coming to an end, Pyongyang decided to remind that they would like to take some reciprocal steps in response to the moratorium on nuclear tests. New sanctions against the DPRK were not introduced, but the already existing, very tough restrictions were not eased. ”


According to Ermakov, in recent years, just during the Trump administration, a consensus has been formed according to which North Korea “is highly likely to have the ability to send several charges into the United States.” “The new rocket does not change this situation. Now the Koreans declare that they continue to develop their missile program.